Modest Heroes (2018) Movie Script

Ponoc Short Films Theatre
Rio Suzuki Fumino Kimura
Yuko Sasaki Masaki Terasoma
Art Director Uken RYU
Color Design Fumiko Numahata
Computer Graphics Director Takuya Okada
Director of Photography Susumu Fukushi
Sound Designer / Sound Re-recording Mixer
Kouji Kasamatsu
A Studio Ponoc Film
Music by Takatsugu Muramatsu
Produced by Yoshiaki Nishimura
Written and Directed by
Hiromasa Yonebayashi
The End
- Hello!
- Good morning.
Glad you're here.
It's to help you get better.
Eat it - I know you can.
Nuts are no good for me.
Yes, everyone's different.
Eggs, flour, shrimp...
What about you?
What's bad for you?
Well, I can't have milk.
Yuck. I don't want to eat.
- Everyone, it's 10 o'clock.
- I'm gonna feel bad.
Let's start the tolerance test.
These pancakes have something
in them that you don't like.
This is a test to see
how much you can eat.
No way, no way!
You know why you came here, right?
I told you - to eat.
I hope you can eat a lot today.
If I can eat it, then I'm okay?
We'll see...
then add more and check.
I hate throwing up.
I don't wanna eat!
You won't know if you don't eat.
I threw up last time.
So... today you'll leave
without eating?
I can eat even more!
I might be getting better.
Maybe I can eat school lunches...
Shun, what is it?
You really can't eat it?
He's fine, don't worry.
Mom! Mom!
Something happen?
Naw, naw.
- None here.
- Not that, Mom.
A tooth came out!
Shun, don't scare me like that.
Everything all right?
He's lost a tooth!
Oh, I see.
- Well, I'm off to work.
- Have a good day.
What do I do with this?
"Ya throw upper teeth under the house,
bottom teeth up on the roof."
Did you take your medicine?
Today I'll talk with your teacher
about your field trip.
Because you are definitely going.
'morning, Shun.
Good morning.
Hey, Shun.
I don't have to go.
Trouble breathing...
And he threw up.
Well, our doctor said we should take
him to the emergency room!
It might be anaphylaxis.
Take him to Pediatrics.
Have them run a full allergy panel.
Yes, Doctor.
Nuts Soba Milk Eggs Flour Control
Nuts Soba Milk Eggs Flour Control
He has a food allergy.
Nuts Soba Milk Eggs Flour Control
Please do not give him eggs.
Avoid weaning foods and snacks...
any processed foods with eggs in them.
You can consult with the nutritionist, too.
If he does eat something he shouldn't
and has an anaphylactic reaction,
keep him still - don't move him.
Please watch for labored breathing
or abnormal coughing.
His life is at risk, so don't hesitate
to use the injection and call an ambulance.
Allergen-Free Foods
Cake for Shun
All done! Let's eat.
Shun! You can come in now!
Your lunchbox always looks
just like the school lunch.
Your mom makes it, right?
She's great.
I wanna lunchbox too.
We could eat what we like.
Don't get so close!
You'll spit on his lunch!
- We haven't even eaten yet!
- Just don't!
Shields up!
Back to your seats.
- Teacher, leave me alone.
- You're the worst.
Let's eat!
Let's eat!!
Oh, it's hopeless.
Just... just get closer to the bar.
I hate the sports test.
I am looking forward
to the field trip, though.
You're going on the field trip, right?
Well... I haven't decided yet.
'cause we stay over?
You gotta go.
Everyone will be careful.
Even the teachers...
And you too, Shun.
Just get a special meal
and it'll be fine.
I said, "I'll send food" and
they said, "He can eat at home."
Back and forth every day...
and not even staying over.
Get real and stop talking nonsense.
"It's not going to rain today", huh?
Don't make me laugh.
- Well, it is a squall.
- Best they can do?
Really. They just can't get
the forecast right.
Let's take a break until it stops.
You aren't hungry?
Allergy Information
This won't work.
Just drinks, then.
Oh yeah.
Your teacher gave me this...
No, this isn't it.
Dance Festival
Audition Sign-ups Now
Dance Festival
Audition Sign-ups Now
Dance festival?
Can I go see it?
Dance Festival
Audition Sign-ups Now
Dance Festival
Audition Sign-ups Now
I dunno if I'm going to be in it.
Anyway, not that. This, this.
What's this?
This is okay...
I know very well
that you hate eggs.
But why not answer these?
Apples, bananas... you could do those.
So you can do these too, right?
I know. But it really sucks, y'know.
That's why I didn't do 'em.
Your Osaka accent is funny.
"really sucks"? What's that?
And what's with "y'know"?
It's fine, y'know. This is Tokyo.
Well, I don't want my kid
saying "y'know".
No way!
Next is the "Shuttle Run".
77! A new class record!
I did it! I did it!
I did a pullover!
Bottom of the eighth, two outs,
runners on first and third...
What's he gonna do?
He winds up...
And it's a strike!
Ten strikeouts from a real fireballer!
Let's go.
I'm bringing you because
you wanted to see it.
Today's the last rehearsal,
so be sure to stay quiet, okay?
Because everyone's
very serious, aiming for...
their majors debut!
Stupid! What are you doing?
You could have died.
Forgive me.
Thank you very much.
Bye bye! See you!
For Shun
New and Improved
Egg Yolk
Mom! It has...
the ice cream has eggs in it!
Our ice cream?
Yes! The one we always have!
Get your injection!
Your injection!
Get your injection!
Did you get it?
I'll call the rice shop.
She'll come right over.
Stay still.
Don't move... just wait.
Shun? Shun!
You could have died!
I ain't gonna die!
Shun! You did it! Good boy!
You're gonna be just fine.
- Mom...
- Yeah?
- I...
- What?
I wanna get better.
I know. You will.
I will.
Shun... where you lost that tooth...
has a new one come in?
Ah! Yoah aight.
That's a grown-up tooth!
Great! That tooth is definitely
going to eat an egg!
Voices Machiko Ono Mom
Shun Sota Shinohara
Dad/Doctor Kentaro Sakaguchi
Music by Masanori Shimada
English Translation by Geoffrey Wexler
A Studio Ponoc Film
Produced by Yoshiaki Nishimura
Written and Directed by
Yoshiyuki Momose
The End
Written and Directed by
Akihiko Yamashita
Produced by Yoshiaki Nishimura
Music by Yasutaka Nakata
Huh? What?
I will bring the person in charge.
Hey, Sato.
Are you interested in a new car?
Have a particular model in mind?
Oh dear...
Ah, there it is.
Please enter your passcode.
Please enter your passcode.
Apple Jam Bread
Sorry to have kept you waiting.
Thank you very much.
We went out last night too.
Did I pay last time?
Yeah, you did.
Excuse me!
You forgot this.
Oh... thanks.
What is it, Emily?
Even you're interested?
That's unusual for you.
Can you...?
Yes, I can see very clearly.
May I ask,
what has brought you here?
Are you just going to stay,
Joe Odagiri
Min Tanaka
English Translation by
Geoffrey Wexler
A Studio Ponoc Film
Directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi
Directed by Yoshiyuki Momose
Directed by Akihiko Yamashita
Opening and Ending Animation
Director Takuya Okada
Producer Kazuyuki Shimada
Digital Compositing Atsushi Okui
Sound Designer / Sound Re-recording Mixer
Kouji Kasamatsu
Opening Theme Song
Welcome to Ponoc Short Films Theatre
Kaela Kimura
Closing Theme Song Chiisana Eiyu (Modest Heroes)
Original Motion Picture Version Kaela Kimura
With appreciation to
Isao Takahata
Ponoc Short Films Theatre
Volume 1, Modest Heroes
Produced by Yoshiaki Nishimura
A Studio Ponoc Film