Mohawk (2017) Movie Script

[tense music]
I can give you
100 of these.
Why do we need these?
To fight the Americans.
We have a treaty
with the Americans.
Lots of our people say that.
Then the Americans
make belts with their skin.
Is that what
this man tells you?
This war is the Americans'
excuse to seize Mohawk land.
I promise you, my king
extends a chain of friendship.
He doesn't want your lands.
He wants us to die for him.
You're already dying...
the Americans have scalped
eighty-seven Mohawk
this month!
And they leave their bodies
to be eaten by the animals!
That was far from here.
Their Red House is nearby.
With at least
twenty armed men.
And more will come.
Trust me.
You have to stop them.
Our people will never agree.
We can ask Uncle.
He'll listen.
He's living at the mission
while he hunts.
He won't be back for weeks.
If he sides with King George,
the Mohawk will follow.
More words
from your white man.
I have hunted with Calvin
for over three months,
He knows I am a man
of my word.
Boys like Calvin
will listen to any man
that promises him war.
We must act
or the Americans will kill us!
This Britisher
only wants to use your body
to protect him
from American rifles.
And to keep you both
warm at night!
[speaking Mohawk]
I would never harm Calvin...
or your daughter.
How far have we come?
Half our whiskey,
give or take.
The sun is up.
Still no sign of Calvin.
He'll show up.
You know he doesn't
like to sleep alone.
My mother doesn't understand.
She's just cautious.
She's scared.
There's no room
for that anymore.
- [sighs]
- I'm going to miss this.
Then why leave?
My father is
a very important man.
He has plans for me there...
but I will miss
these magical trees.
What about me and Calvin?
You must finish
what we've started.
I have faith in you...
and Calvin.
[eerie music]
[thunder rumbles]
I can't drink like you.
No one can.
- [speaking Mohawk]
- Hmm?
I have to tell
you something.
Someone's coming.
We need to move!
[speaking Mohawk]
I killed them.
I killed them all.
Jesus. That was
a last resort, Calvin.
Where are you going?!
This is bad, Calvin!
Someone has to
stop The Big Knives!
[speaking Mohawk]
You sound like your mother!
I am nothing
like my mother!
I want the demons
to leave and I will fight.
But you what you did,
Calvin, it was stupid.
Now we have to get back
and tell the people
we're at war.
They'll have to support me.
And if they don't, we'll go
upstream to find your uncle.
- [scoffs]
- Don't you speak for my family.
Nothing will happen to them.
I promise.
I had to do it, Oak.
They're going to kill us all
if we don't fight.
My mother's going
to kill us first.
If you mother
will not support us,
we need to get to your
uncle as soon as possible.
How far is it
to the mission...?
Nice, ain't it?
Whoa there, friend.
The name's Myles...
Myles Quincy Holt.
Look, I didn't mean
to frighten you.
You, uh...
You got a name?
- Joshua.
- Joshua?
Well, that in the Hell are
you doing out here, Joshua?
This is Injun land.
I live here.
Well, I'll be fucked.
A white man...
livin' out here.
Jesus. Ain't you afraid
of getting scalped?
In my experience,
it's the white man
who does the scalping.
Now ain't the truth?
Do you, by any chance,
know George McFeely?
He's up in, uh...
Fort Niagara?
Well, I heard he got himself
thirty Injun scalps.
I can't say our
paths have crossed.
Me and my men...
we've been tracking an Injun.
You ain't seen one
runnin' this way,
have you, Joshua?
I haven't.
How many men
are you traveling with?
It's two of us.
You just said "men."
I don't believe I did.
It's just the two of you?!
[gun hammer clicks]
Sure thing, friend.
I... uh...
have to be on my way.
That's only my daddy.
He sure don't count.
We're all Americans here.
Tell your father
to stop moving!
I think you're making our new
friend here a little nervous.
Colonel Charles Hawkes,
if you please.
How many are you?!
Now, I'm surprised that a man
of your perceived heritage
would bear arms
against fellow patriots...
Well I'm well aware that
far too many allegiances
have been tested
this past year,
I can find no viable
in which a man
would raise his weapon
against fellow Americans.
I've been killing
British for years.
This boy's a Redcoat.
Can't be, Colonel.
You know Redcoats
don't travel alone.
You're not alone,
are you... Joshua?
He's travelin' with Injuns!
[gun shot]
[intense music]
[gun shots]
Flank him!
[gun shots continue]
They're over there!
They're over there!
[gun shot]
[screaming in pain]
We need to go!
I've almost got him!
Get down.
Over here.
Did you hear me?
Yeah, I can hear you.
Every Timber Nigger
for 100 miles can hear you.
You see anything?
They must have
gone the other way.
[clicking tongue]
[speaking Mohawk]
They were scouts.
The rest are coming.
I killed them.
Not all.
Why do you act
and not use your mind?
How far to the Longhouse?
[speaking Mohawk]
The Mission.
We must be fast.
[ghostly whisper]
- Ista.
- Ista.
Calvin has done
a great thing.
He's set...
This is your fault.
You put this
in their heads!
You need to talk
to the people!
They're gone!
Gone where?
Into hiding.
Your father watched
the smoke all morning.
Our people will not
go to war.
We'll go to the Mission,
get Uncle and all the cousins.
- They'll help.
- It's too late for that!
Wentahawi, the Mohawk
can no longer stay neutral.
You must fight
or you will die.
No one should die
on such a lovely day.
She: kon.
I come in peace.
What are you doing
so far away from home?
A great crime
was committed today...
against The Big Knives.
These children had
nothing to do with it!
Then why is your buck
covered in ash?
Stay where you are!
Ska: na.
The Great Father
in Washington
wants to know if the Mohawk
are still his loyal children.
Howdy, Joshua.
Because of his
actions last night,
we must take the boy
to Fort George.
I assure you
he will face a fair trial.
I am no man's prisoner.
This is not an invitation.
- [whispers]
- Get ready.
No... Don't.
Tell these people
they are obstructing
The United States government!
This is not the way
good children behave!
I will drag that buck back
to Fort George by his teeth!
There will be no
bloodshed, Captain!
And I question your fitness
to command, Colonel.
That is mutiny!
Find your uncle.
[gun fire]
Cease fire!
Cease fire!
[gun shots continue]
Where's Yancy?!
We no longer require
a translator.
You're a soldier now.
Act like one.
I'm sorry, Captain.
It's Colonel.
I just received a promotion.
They're close.
Which way is the Mission?
Back the way we came.
Ten miles.
We can't just go
straight back through them.
You two follow the ridge
up to the river.
I'll double back
and lead them away.
There's only one way.
I won't let anything
happen to us.
You two...
are my family.
[speaking Mohawk]
They mean to kill you now.
[flies buzzing]
Let's move!
I... I don't like this,
We need to get
to Fort George
before what happened
to Hawkes
happens to the rest of us.
We are advancing
with speed after the enemy.
Now, gentlemen...
We are in a valley,
surrounded by a ridge.
These vermin
have limited options.
To the north,
there's a river.
To the east,
there's a war.
They're heading west...
So we are headed west.
I'm with Beal.
Fort George sounds
like the right idea.
Well, you don't have a say.
This is Mohawk land.
We're in their house.
We are in
The United States of America.
Then that means
we have a vote!
Shut your bone box!
I vote for Fort George.
Gentlemen, you know me.
So you know I will do
what needs to be done.
And I promise you,
I will get you
through this safe.
But you had best
lower those hands
before I tear them off.
This is bad bread.
We are retrieving
a prisoner.
Nothing more.
[eerie music]
[battle cry]
[tense music]
[gun shot]
Leash this dog.
Where are they, redskin?
Where's that squaw
and the Redcoat, hmm?
[screaming in pain]
Don't make me look
for your tongue myself, hmm.
Maybe he doesn't understand.
Ask him where that squaw
and the Redcoat are.
Um, the Mohawk
are dirty dealers,
They're cannibals.
Ask him!
[stuttering in Mohawk]
Where is your... squaw?
Aren't you worried about her,
being out here in the woods,
all alone?
- [struggles to speak]
- No.
But you should be.
I knew there was
a tongue in there.
She'll bring everyone.
If that squaw
is fetching more Injuns,
I think we best get back to
Fort George real quick-like.
Colonel or not, Holt,
you are one dumb
son of a bitch.
We need to get out
of here double-fast,
before a whole mess
of redskins
come down
and scalp the lot of us.
So, uh...
You want a horde
of bloodthirsty red devils
harrying us all the way
to Fort George?
We've got a lead on them.
I say we march to the fort.
It's two days.
Come tonight,
these woods are gonna
become a butcher's yard.
Capturing them two
is the only way
to ensure our survival.
So, um, how are we
gonna catch up to 'em?
We aren't.
They'll come to us.
[screaming in pain]
We need to go back.
You will go to London.
You will not die for us.
[distant screaming]
He would not want us
to go back.
[sinister chuckling]
[wincing in pain]
He ain't gonna talk.
He doesn't have to.
He just has to sing.
His pals will come
to the dance.
Open his mouth.
You go ahead.
You'll do it better.
Go on, boy.
Make him sing.
Beal, we ain't...
I mean, we ain't supposed
to torture these Injuns,
are we?
Do you see
President Madison here?
The only person in power
in these parts is your daddy.
He's your goddamn president!
You sure this
is a good idea?
Are you my boy...
or are you my son?
[gurgling, screaming]
You're a damn fine
conductor, Myles.
[gun shot]
[intense music]
Get him!
Please don't hurt me.
[gun hammer clicking]
Please go away.
You will not shoot me.
I will.
[knife dropping]
I'm unarmed.
I don't care!
I'm with child.
[breathing heavily]
There's no goddamn
way around!
What's the matter with you?
You see a chipmunk?
What the Hell is this?!
I couldn't bear to listen
to him choke any more.
Where you goin'?
You got an appointment
with King George?
Hey Injun!
My boy is dead.
Shut him up, Beal.
Why'd I let you
come here, boy?
Why'd I let these woods
eat you up?
My boy.
[wind howling]
[flies buzzing]
You smell like Injun,
I still smell
better than you.
I guess I'll just have to
rely on my looks, then.
Yeah, I've got you
beat there, too, Beal.
A woman's taste
might surprise you.
What about you,
Fancy Dan?
Where the Hell
did you learn to speak
Injun like that?
And, uh, what's this little
nonsense all about, hmm?
The Founding Fathers
wanted us
to be able to communicate
with the savages...
and to look proper.
Well, they should have
learned to talk English.
Shitfire, Beal, they do.
You were just talkin'
to one of them!
Excuse me.
I am trying to wash the
blood of my boy off my body.
If you cannot give me
a moment of peace,
I'll slice your tongues
out of your mouths.
I'm sorry, Colonel.
Myles was a good boy.
Two heroes died today.
I know how you felt
about the Colonel.
[downhearted music]
- [stick breaking]
- Don't shoot! Don't shoot!
Oh, God damn it!
So, you hear anything?
Well, I can't hear shit
if you keep talkin' at me.
Do you know what these
Injuns are gonna do
it they find us.
The ones last night?
They were the
lucky ones, all right?
You've studied Mohawk.
You should know better
than any of us.
They don't want prisoners.
They want blood.
We have got
to get out of here.
We've got to get back
to Fort George.
Because they are man-eaters.
- Shh...
- They will gnaw our bones!
You need to pull
yourself together, soldier.
Lest I personally
place you in the ground
with my bare hands.
Now, Beal...
You're a tracker, right?
You can't track?
- You've been leading us around in circles.
- Colonel.
I don't know what...
You earn your pay.
That's big enough
for a bear.
Then that means it's
big enough for an Injun.
The forest is
telling us something.
They're nearby...
and they don't
have many options.
It's fresh dug.
It could be
a couple of rats.
Only one way to find out.
Me? No...
Oh, no.
The giant's too big
and I'm ranking, so...
What about Beal?
[gun hammer clicks]
I like Beal.
Do you mind?
Thank you.
[clears throat]
You see anything?
Do you hear anything?
Why don't you
drag your ass in here
and look for yourself?
Get him outta there!
Come on!
Get me out of here!
They're in there!
They're in there!
Is it both of them?
I don't know, but I am
not going back in there.
We know you're in there!
Get out of my way.
Gather us up
some green wood.
We'll smoke 'em out.
We need to find fresh air.
It's too narrow.
You were leaving,
so I didn't tell you.
Tell me what?
About the future.
I don't think there
is a future anymore.
I'm having a child.
How far along?
Two moons.
Is it Calvin's?
There is a future.
They must be smoked
as a pair of hams in there.
They ain't in there.
What? You think they
magick'd their way out?
God damn it!
Aw, shitfire!
Maybe we are chasing rats.
The only place for
twenty miles is the Mission.
Let's go.
The Mission's upriver.
We'll make better time
in the canoe.
But I don't have
anything to trade.
Oak! Wait!
Hey! Hey!
[speaking French]
There's no cause
for alarm, friend.
parlez-vous anglais?
- Here.
- Whoa.
No, uh...
pour le commerce...
uh, pour le canoe...
le bateau!
[speaking French]
No, you don't understand.
- For you.
- Trade!
[speaking French]
Just... just take it!
[speaking French]
[gun shot]
[speaking French]
I've never killed
anyone before.
Neither had Calvin.
The Great Warrior.
We should be there
before sundown.
We'll fare better in the
dark than the Americans.
Not in the forest.
When there's too much death,
the blood seeps
into the ground...
soaks into the roots.
The trees can't sleep
and the forest goes mad.
Oak, wake up.
We're here.
[door banging]
How many people
are supposed to be here?
Twelve, maybe?
My uncle,
his cousins.
Two of them.
[door banging]
They're very quiet.
Where is everyone?
[door creaking open]
[water dripping]
My God.
Is it...?
My uncle...
and my cousins.
I did this.
All this murder.
All this blood.
- It's all because of me.
- No.
Where are the
other missionaries?
They must have fled,
which is what we need to do.
We need to bury them.
No. What we need
to do is hurry.
We need to go.
- [gun hammer clicks]
- Too late for that, redskin.
[grunting and fighting]
- [thud]
- [screaming]
He's no good dead.
Burn in Hell!
Oh, you've got some
fire in you, Redcoat.
I like that.
I'll... I'll kill you!
At Fort George, I will
inform the General that,
after murdering a platoon
of sleeping Americans,
these savages
executed my son...
and fled
to a nearby Mission,
where they were
killed in battle.
This man is a prisoner of
The United States of America
and we're taking him back...
as a prisoner.
This man is a murdering,
blue-eyed Indian.
He is a British officer!
They get ransomed,
we get a bonus.
Rules of Engagement,
rusty guts!
I'd just as soon splatter him
across this courtyard myself,
but we've come this far.
I want that money!
Come on, Redcoat.
Come on!
You come here for what?
For the slaughter?
To burn this new world
to the ground?
I would love just a minute
with your general.
The stories I will tell him
about you will make him weep
for the future
of this country...
The prisoner is all yours.
I'm sorry, Red.
You put up a good fight.
Shh. Shh.
[bones snapping]
God damn it, Beal.
I liked you.
You murder us
in our sleep.
You feign neutrality,
then you stab us
in the back.
So if I were to allow,
by action or inaction,
one more of your kind
to kill one more white man,
I could not face my Lord
on Judgment Day.
[gun shot]
The fortunes of war
are death.
Now we make for Fort George.
This is not a healthy
place to linger.
She told me
she was pregnant.
I'm sorry.
[flies buzzing]
Are we setting
camp up soon?
With all due respect,
it's been a long day.
It's sixty miles
to Fort George.
Keep up.
What about other Indians?
We killed them all.
There's other tribes.
We killed them...
What if the Redcoats
are creepin' on us?
The one and only Redcoat
around these parts
ain't creepin' up
on anybody.
What if there's more?
What if there's Injuns?
What if there's Redcoats?
What if there's
a goddamn demon
rising up
from the pits of Hell?
We killed them all!
They're dead!
We're the only
monsters left out here.
[wind howling]
Wake up.
[pensive music]
Don't you say it.
We should have been
going the other way.
It's these woods!
We need to burn it all down
and turn it all into fields
so a man can see
the blasted horizon!
Where are you going?!
I'm going up that ridge.
And figure out
where the Hell we are.
You gotta slow down.
He's not waiting for us,
you know.
He's going to leave us.
No, he won't.
He won't.
That man is Lucifer
in the flesh!
[distant growl]
[dog yelp]
Where you at, fella?!
[trees creaking]
What the hell
are you doing?
There's a devil
in these woods!
The devil's
in these woods, boy?
The devil shares my name.
Where's Yancy?
I don't know.
Fuck him.
Keep the mountains
on the left.
Home in two days.
We can't...
We can't go deeper.
We can't.
We're gonna get
to that ridge.
We're gonna
reorient ourselves.
We're gonna go
to the next ridge,
and the next ridge,
and the next ridge
after that if we have to!
God will be with us, boy.
No resting.
[flies buzzing]
Thank God, man.
I thought we lost you, Yancy.
[intense music]
Oh Jesus.
[yelling in pain]
Help! Holt!
Goddamn Indian trap.
- Stop!
- Roll me with.
One, two...
[screaming in pain]
Shh. Shh.
You're alright.
You're alright.
Do you feel this?
No. No. No.
Here, bite this.
Bite on that!
- [crack]
- [screaming in pain]
The doctor will
take that off
as soon as we
get back to camp.
No one takes
my fucking leg.
It's barely hanging
on as it is, boy.
I have not worn this brace
since Tippecanoe
so some Mohawk squaw
could take my leg.
I've have this
little laudanum.
Now, here, open up.
Take that down.
All of it!
Don't worry about that squaw.
We killed that squaw.
She's burning in
the fiery pits of Hell.
I cannot walk.
I... cannot... walk.
I... can't walk...
Yes, you can.
I am ready...
to walk... Colonel.
We need higher ground.
We're gonna have to find
a better vantage point.
We've gotta get up
to that hilltop over there.
Get our bearings.
Ain't no bears
back here, Colonel.
If you want to rest,
I'll be finding your bones
here next Summer.
[ghostly whisper]
How'd you...?
She ain't lettin'
us go home.
I will leave you.
We should have never,
ever come here.
[gun shot]
Come on...
you ghost.
You won't stop us!
The Indians...
won't stop us!
couldn't stop us!
Try and stop us!
They sure as Hell
are not gonna stop me!
This isn't right.
[goat bleating]
You killed twenty-two
American patriots
in their sleep.
These were militia boys,
farming kids.
This one name was Orson...
over yonder's his
brother Pressley.
Last week, he come
to me and said...
he was afraid of the dark.
So I told him he could
sleep next to his brother.
Your lover crept
into my camp
and burnt these boys
in their sleep.
How dare you
bring me back here?
How dare you
show me this again?
[intense music]
You're no better than us.
[screaming in pain]
[screaming in pain]
For years, we've been
fighting like this,
You kill us,
we kill you.
It never ends.
One of us will be
wiped off of this Earth,
and I do not intend for
that to be the white man.
This is our home.
Then your home will burn,
just like you burned mine.
[battle cry]
[downhearted music]