Mohenjo Daro (2016) Movie Script

(Ancient Sindhu language)
(Ancient Sindhu language)
(Ancient Sindhu language)
(Ancient Sindhu language)
(Ancient Sindhu language)
these brave young men have saved
Amri village from that monstrous crocodile.
Many many thanks, Sarman!
may your strength grow hundred fold!
Why does it always have to be you?
Is there no one else in the village?
Every time Amri has a problem,
why are you expected to solve it?
It's the truth!
When the river changes course...
Sarman must find a way
to direct water into our fields.
When to plough the fields,
when to sow the seeds...
when will it rain?
As if without Sarman's permission...
the sun and the moon
will not rise in Amri.
Now now, you should be proud,
but instead, you are scolding him.
Aunt Bima,
if I can help, then why should I not?
I was worried to death today
thinking about you and that beast.
Do not worry about me so much!
Aunt Bima, you often hum this tune.
This tune...
it does not belong to Amri, does it?
Aunt Bima, have you ever
seen a one-horned animal?
Deer like? With a long,
pointed horn on its forehead?
Why do you ask?
I saw it in my dream.
It was just that - a dream!
Now get ready...
your Uncle must be waiting
for you in the fields.
The indigo crop has not
been good this year, Sarman.
Far away, when the
Sindhu changes course...
then our River Nara also
moves away from our village.
How will the crops grow?
Uncle, may I ask you a question?
Moherfyo Datum'?
Everyone is leaving tomorrow.
This time let me go
with them for the bazaar.
You have asked the same question
for the past three monsoons now.
I am tired listening to it,
are you not tired of asking?
Until you say yes,
I will keep asking.
Uncle I want to travel
to the far off lands.
Which part does the sun rise from?
Which part does it set?
How far does the light fall?
I want to see all that Uncle.
A bird's offspring
should not leave its nest...
until it's ready to fly, Sarman.
Sarman... won't you eat?
What happened?
Once again he is insisting
on going to Mohenjo Daro!
He is upset because I said no.
His anger is like a dew drop,
it will evaporate in no time.
how long can we stop him, Durjan?
As long as possible!
He was asking me
about the Unicorn earlier.
I just don't understand!
What is it about Mohenjo Daro
that makes Uncle so restless?
He is afraid that if you
go there, you will settle down.
Hojo, do you not feel like seeing it?
What the land outside Amri is like.
What the people are like?
What the girls must be like?
You have not found
a single girl in Amri that you like.
What makes you think the girls
in Mohenjo Daro will be any different?
How would I know?
But my heart tells me that
the girl who will be my companion...
there will be no other
like her in all of Sindhu Land.
Then your meeting has
already failed to happen.
Every year, before the bazaar,
it is the same story.
Uncle does not
want you to go, Sarman.
Leave this obsession.
But I want to see Mohenjo Daro, Hojo!
So now what? You want to fly
to Mohenjo Daro like the birds do?
What happened?
The sun has yet to rise!
- Let's go!
- Let's go? Where?
Mohenjo Daro!
Mohenj0...? Without telling anyone?
What if your Uncle...
what if my Mom and Dad find out?
It's alright. Come on...
Barter 'vs not easy 'm Moheflyo Dare.
Pay close attention
to what I am about to say.
Tell me, Uncle.
Whatever happens,
do not drop the value of the goods.
Mohenjo Daro is very
different from Amri.
The city is full of greed,
not people.
Be careful always...
and do not trust
a stranger to be your friend.
Do not worry, Uncle!
Hojo will keep an eye on Sarman.
Till today you have been
trading for me.
This time Sarman will go,
I can no longer stop him.
- Look after him.
- Right.
Here is some food.
Take care!
Keep this with you.
Open it only when it's
a matter of life and death! Promise me!
Mohenjo Daro!
And that is our Holy River,
Mother Sindhu!
The South Gate is
for foreign traders...
and their living quarters will be
along the walls of the South Gate.
The East Gate and the North Gate
are for the citizens of Mohenjo Daro.
How was this built?
What is that symbol, Uncle Phulji?
Six creatures' symbol! It represents
the six great cities of Sindhu Land.
Each creature acts
as a symbol of a city.
And which animal is that?
With one horn?
That's a Unicorn, Sarman.
The purest animal
in the Order of the Sindhu...
the symbol of Mohenjo Daro!
Bull cart riders, go inside
and get your token for trade.
Two indigo sacks from Amri as tax!
Where does our indigo tax go?
Take this!
I thank you.
Why have you come here?
- Listen...
- Go back!
Listen to me...
this... this city is full of greed...
this is a land of thieves!
Save yourself! Or you will burn...
- Go away!
- Jakhiro!
Step aside! Let the traders through.
Do not frighten them.
Go away!
Who is that?
His name is Jakhiro.
It pains me to shoo him away.
People call him a madman!
But it was the ancestors
of this very madman...
who laid the foundations
of this great city!
And once, he was
highly respected in the Senate!
Sarman! There are houses
on top of each other!
It feels as if I have seen
all this before. I do not understand.
But I do know this...
it is exactly
as I had imagined it would be.
Even I feel the same! As if I was
born to be here! Just look at them!
We have come here only for trade!
Do not forget!
But I'm doing just that...
I'm trading my heart!
Colorful beauties...
from the land of Dilmoon!
The skull of a Zebu bull!
Quickly, find a place for your stall
or you will be left standing.
Hurry up...
Quickly, quickly!
If the bazaar has any sparkle this year
it's because of those foreign traders!
Foreign traders? Where?
That group with the tall hats...
they are from Dilmoon!
They trade the goods that they
acquire here, in faraway lands.
They are Makkans - their ships
are said to be so big that...
they can easily carry a
hundred travellers across the sea...
and it takes them some
twenty suns to reach Makkan.
Twenty suns?! Do their ships
not fall off at the edge of the sea?
Only those who have
travelled, would know.
And they are from Bukhara -
the faraway lands in the cold North.
But what is this strange
creature they bring with them?
Does it give milk?
No, not milk,
it runs fast, helps travel.
- What is it called?
- Hor-se!
One hour has passed!
Use this indigo to color your clothes
or paint it on your walls... take it!
We will give you 8 sacks
of wheat for 3 sacks of indigo.
No, I cannot accept
less than 1O sacks of wheat!
No, not 10... 8 sacks!
Please, take a look at the quality.
Highest class of seeds, sown
and harvested at the right time...
watered by the pure Nara river and
grown with the love of Amri village.
These are the qualities of my indigo.
That is why I cannot accept
less than 1O sacks of wheat.
Take whatever they are offering,
the market is slow this time.
They will barter elsewhere.
Sarman, don't forget what Uncle
had said... don't drop the value!
But there is an abundance of traders,
then why is the market slow?
Traders are here to take
advantage of the farmers!
The dam on the Sindhu river
is affecting the entire region.
Wait... wait!
Hojo, seal the deal
with 8 sacks of wheat!
Elephant tusks for your home!
- I thank you.
- I am Lothar, a guard of Mohenjo Daro.
You gave your shawl
to that madman Jakhiro.
No one here does that.
No... no, please don't do this!
We are weavers from Kot Diji.
Sindhu river changed course...
and swept away our village,
our homes, our fields, everything.
Now there is no food to eat,
even the woven cloth was swept away.
This is Moonja,
the Senate Chief Maham's son!
A few cloth bundles and
threads is all that we have.
If we get 4 Lapis Lazuli in
return for our cloth...
our villagers
will be able to sustain.
Look weaver...
the fair value is 2 Lapis Lazuli.
If you want 4...
then you will have to send your
women every night to me, one by one.
Take back your words or-
The value of these goods
is 4 Lapis Lazuli...
if you do not accept...
then there is no barter.
Oh really! Who are you?
Do you know who I am?
Who you are or who I am,
does not matter!
There is only one rule of barter -
fair exchange!
Here fair is, what I deem fair!
4 Lapis Lazuli...
not one more, not one less...
or there is no deal.
What's going on here?
All traders return to your stalls.
Move! Go!
Seal the deal at 2 Lapis Lazuli!
The master is not used to bickering.
Forgive him master,
he is not from the city.
He is unaware
of the rules of Mohenjo Daro.
2 Lapis Lazuli!
Load the goods in the cart behind.
That was close.
Do not repeat what you just did!
I may not be able
to save you the next time.
Remember, this is not your village!
I too am a farmer!
I know the hardwork
that goes into harvesting crops.
And then, he spoke of the women
as if they were goods for barter.
How could I have remained silent?
The bazaar is meant
for exchanging wares...
for our livelihood.
Uncle was right...
this city is full of greed!
Hojo! Pack your goods!
I refuse to stay in a place
where the air is impure.
- We will return to Amri!
- Go back?
If we return without the Zebu bulls,
Uncle will harness me to the plough!
Take a deep breath Sarman,
maybe the air will become pure again?
That is Chaani.
The daughter of our Priest.
Why is everyone bowing to her?
She is a symbol of Mother Sindhu's
Grace and Blessing on this city.
They say that Chaani's birth foretells the
coming of a New Order for Mohenjo Daro.
New Order?
Chaani, look at that!
Apologise to Junu!
Let it go, Chaani.
Did you not hear me?
Or else...
I will turn you into a toad!
A toad?
This is my final warning!
If you do not apologise...
I will turn you into a toad.
Seems like he is an outsider.
The Chosen One has never been wrong!
She has powers! She has been
granted a boon by Mother Sindhu!
Please forgive me!
Seems like she really is
blessed by Mother Sindhu.
Chaani... I did not know
you can turn a man into a toad!
Does the rain fall because I say so?
I was just trying to scare him...
but you got scared instead.
Stop staring!
"Hojo! Pack your goods! I refuse to
stay in a place where the air is impure."
You were right, Sarman. We should
pack our stuff, let's return to Amri.
So should we leave? Or has the air
in Mohenjo Daro become pure suddenly?
Has the sparkle returned?
Senate Chief Maham welcomes all
traders to the Mohenjo Daro bazaar!
Maham wants the trade to increase
this year and has always worked...
towards the betterment of
this great city of Sindhu Land!
The promise that I had made
to Mohenjo Daro 15 monsoons ago...
has now been fulfilled.
For a long time
Harappa was ahead of us.
Where only Harappa was looked
at for trade, in all of Sindhu Land...
it is now Mohenjo Daro
that every trader looks forward to.
I will soon destroy Harappa!
This Senate does not
agree with your rules, Maham!
Whatever may be the reasons
for Harappa's downfall...
surely, the reason for Mohenjo
Dar0's downfall will be you, Maham!
Has destroying Harappa's trade
improved the lives of this city?
By constructing a dam on the Sindhu,
have we achieved anything?
The streets and the walls
in the Lower City are crumbling!
Have they been fixed?
In order to improve the Lower City,
we need resources...
which we do not have!
I propose an increase
in tax from the people.
Senate Chief Maham!
For 15 monsoons, the people have suffered
the consequences of your actions.
To fight injustice is justice itself!
You are silent, because you do not
know the truth about Maham!
You do not know the real reason
why he was forced to leave Harappa.
That is false!
Chief of Farmers!
Remember, there is only one punishment
for disrespecting Senate Chief Maham.
Whoever is in favor of increasing
the tax, raise your palms...
those against, show your fists!
- Chief of Miners.
- Chief of Guards.
- Chief of Artists.
- Chief of Potters.
- Chief of Fishermen.
- Chief of Brick Makers.
- Chief of Bead Makers.
- Chief of Cattle Herders.
- Chief of Land Owners.
- Chief of Weavers.
- Chief of Dyers.
- Chief of Merchants.
Chief of Farmers!
The tax... will be increased!
The assembly has concluded.
Chief of Farmers!
Our conversation has not yet ended.
Speak up! What still remains
to be said, Senate Chief?
What is it that you know
that the other Chiefs do not?
The real reason for your
banishment from Harappa!
Let it be known to all the Chiefs...
that the Chief of Merchants, Maham,
has smuggled timber to the Sumerians.
In exchange, we reaped the benefit!
As punishment for this crime, I decree
that Maham be banished from Harappa.
Leave the city!
That day I vowed...
I will take revenge for
my humiliation and bring Harappa to ruin.
Ruin Harrappa? -
It is only me who decides, who will
live and who will die in Mohenjo Daro!
And you... will not live.
Yours will be a lonely death,
O Chief of Farmers!
You will be unable to protest again,
in any Senate!
Senate Chief Maham!
Let the City Music Celebrations begin!
(Ancient Makkan Language)
O let's get together and become known,
get close and become one!
You 're a kith,
blend warp and woof with me!
O let's get together and become known,
get close and become one!
The moon and the sun has witnessed
The grand fair of colours
in Mohenjo Daro
Mohenjo, Mohenjo, Mohenjo,
Mohenjo Daro
This fair and romance
This unhindered dance
This is the life's fair,
breathing dance in the air
O listen, listen... do listen!
To whom shall I sing?
The rich here is set apart
with the wealth of one's heart
Each has his own look, own tongue
But they're all our own,
know this O young!
Imbibe wisdom from them,
and also impart
The wandering traders and strangers of
foreign land, Mohenjo Daro calls them all
Mohenjo Daro
The moon and the sun has witnessed
The grand fair of colours
in Mohenjo Daro
(Ancient Bukharan Language)
(Ancient Hazaaran Language)
Whoever comes here
We hear, he'll disappear
This one is an enchanting town,
I know
Its hue and its manner,
both entices and serenades
Even then, my heart says
"Well, the magic is bound to work,
you're going to lose yourself"
This fair and romance
This unhindered dance
This is the life's fair,
breathing dance in the air
The rich here is set apart
with the wealth of one's heart
(Ancient Dilmoon Language)
The moon and the sun has witnessed
The grand fair of colours
in Mohenjo Daro
The night that has descended
And the season
she has brought in her arms
May this season sow seeds
of passion in your heart
Heed my words
Choose my path
The path that rids you of all anxieties
In this world, you desire some,
I desire some
Everyone has his own dreams,
may this wisdom come!
O resolve that thy dreams be realised
May all the desires be fulfilled
Once you are here in Mohenjo Daro
(Ancient Sumerian Language)
does the Priest
live in the Upper City?
Can you take us there?
No Sarman, the entry is restricted
for people of the Lower City.
Only those who have a special copper
seal are allowed inside the gate.
Will this seal do?
How did you get this seal?
What are you doing, Sarman?
Uncle had said only in
times of life and death!
It is life and death, Hojo!
I have to find her!
Try to look like you're
from the Upper City.
Why is it taking so long today?
It feels like we have
entered a different city.
There she is!
The man in the saffron clothing
is her father, the Priest.
There... you saw her!
Has your heart fluttered enough?
Now can we go back?
Look into my eyes!
Look into my eyes!
I thank you!
Who are you?
Chaani! Are you alright?
I thank you!
You saved my daughter.
You handled the situation bravely!
What is your name?
You don't look like
you're from around here.
My name is Sarman.
I'm an indigo farmer.
I've come from Amri.
Perhaps it is Mother Sindhu's wish
that you are here!
- Now you better not turn and look!
- Why will I look back?!
But tell me if she does!
She - the Chosen One of Mohenjo Daro
and you - an ordinary farmer from Amri!
She turning back is like
the sun and the moon rising together.
What an unpredictable city!
You cannot even trust
the sun and the moon here!
One bag of yam
in exchange for one bag of indigo.
Sarman, is one bag of yam acceptable?
Sarman! If you continue daydreaming,
we will lose the traders!
It's the last day today...
we have to finish exchanging
the last of our goods.
Plagued by love... what else?
It turns even the wisest men
into fools!
Hojo, I must go to the shrine!
Why? They gave you a job
to mop the floor?
I do have a job...
and I will not leave Mohenjo Daro
without seeing Chaani.
The Unicorn!
Yes... it is Mother Sindhu's vehicle.
She travels on it and is able to look
over and protect all of Sindhu Land.
Everyone knows of the Unicorn today...
but there is no one living
who has ever seen it.
This animal appeared in my dream...
standing on a river bank...
as if... waiting for me!
O Priest... what does it mean?
This Unicorn...
How did this seal come
into your possession?
My Uncle gave it to me...
for my protection.
Your Uncle?
- What is his name?
- Durjan.
And... your father? Where is he?
Many monsoons ago...
both my parents died
because of the plague.
Srujan was his name.
Place that over there.
Move aside!
Make Way!
It looks like something bad
has happened again!
Chief of Farmers and his supporters.
Who has killed him?
He was a criminal!
They were all criminals!
All criminals!
What crime did they commit?
This Lakkho... he spoke the truth!
That was his crime!
That Sambhi... he asked for justice!
That was his crime!
Even I spoke for Mohenjo Daro
but Maham took all that was mine!
Now no more protests!
Why are the remains
left here like this, Lothar?
Why were they not given
their final rites?
We are not allowed...
to burn or to bury!
And whoever tried,
met the same fate!
Humans attacking animals
for survival, this I have seen...
I too have killed a crocodile
with my own hands!
But humans killing humans...
this I have never seen
nor heard of, Lothar!
And to be witness
and yet remain silent...
this I cannot do!
You are a guard, Lothar!
How can you watch this injustice
and do nothing about it?!
It is not so simple, Sarman!
I have some connection
with this city, Hojo!
Or else, why would the Unicorn
appear in my dreams?
Why did Uncle Durjan
have that seal...
which only those from
the Upper City have?
Why does this city
look so familiar to me?
Feel like my own?
Until I find the answers
to these questions...
I will not leave!
Hear! Hear!
Listen to the new tax laws!
All of Mohenjo Daro is aware that
the Sindhu changing course...
has caused a lot of problems
in the Lower City.
And for that reason,
Senate Chief Maham has sanctioned...
an increase in taxes
for the people of Mohenjo Daro!
How can I give more tax?
Do I feed my children
from the little I have left...
or place it
in the feet of this monster.
I don't want Maham's help...
I cannot tolerate it any more.
But there is no other way...
if you don't obey Maham's command,
you will be killed!
Listen up... messenger of Maham!
Tell your Chief Maham...
that the people of Mohenjo Daro
will not pay more tax.
Who are you, you lunatic?
Go tell Maham...
the people of Mohenjo Daro
will not obey his command.
Foolish man!
The consequence
of going against Maham... is death!
But to accept an increase in tax
is also death!
The death of my children!
The death of my family!
I rather die at the hands of Maham
than see my children die of hunger.
Who all agree with me?
- Yes! He is right!
- I agree with him!
I do not want to pay
the additional tax!
We will not pay!
I have never seen
that man before.
This has not happened
in twenty monsoons!
Where did this audacity come from?
Kulka, find out...
who he is!
Right away.
The wind has stopped to listen,
even the fish are staring at you...
say something, Chaani!
Anymore silence and the Sindhu river
will shy away from the city!
How can I describe something
that I have never felt before, Junu?
It feels like rain drops
passing through the sun rays...
rendering the sky with colors.
This is all that Amri boys fault.
He may have saved your life
but he took your heart instead!
Which boy?
The same boy
you've been daydreaming about!
Don't even think about him, Chaani!
What if you fall in love?
Your father gave his word
in Mother Sindhu's presence...
which cannot be broken!
I am aware...
but it's no longer
in my control, Junu!
But when did all this happen?
Tell me something, Junu.
Till now I have been thought
of as everyone's protector!
But who has ever protected me?
When he controlled those animals...
he also took control of my heart!
My breaths grew deeper
and I just stood there staring.
I feel I've got wings, Junu...
I've started to fly!
Everything seems so different...
I do not know what to make of this!
No Chaani!
This can never be!
This love story has to stop!
- Or else the Sindhu will...
- Let the Sindhu flow away!
Junu, I must meet him!
Right now!
But where will I find him?
I don't even know
where to look for him!
If he is still in the Lower City...
he must be waiting
for the cattle herders of Dholavira.
We could find him
in the cattle bazaar tomorrow.
So... let's go to the cattle bazaar!
Chaani, you should not be here
looking like this.
I'm worried! If someone recognises you,
we'll be in big trouble.
Let us see!
No one recognises me...
or is even looking at me!
Do not be worried, Junu!
Now let's go find him.
It would be best
if he does not recognise you either!
Let's go.
Let's take this pair, Sarman.
That pair is too short tempered.
Hojo, she is smiling!
Is she smiling?
You have begun to take a liking
to every girl in this city.
Will you keep staring
or will you say something too?
Sarman, the goats are done
and that pair of bulls-
Chaani, happy to see him?
You're in the middle of the market,
not in private... anything can...
It's a clay bird... I made it.
You did not wear your headdress today,
but I instantly recognised you.
I wanted to see you.
You wanted to see me?
Without your headdress,
you look even more beautiful!
You know something?
Everything feels so different
without my headdress.
No one recognises me!
No one is bowing before me!
I do not have to bless anyone
or save anyone!
I can do whatever I like!
And do you know
why this is happening?
Because of you!
- Because of me?
- Yes.
If I had not met you,
I would not have found myself!
Will you come see the city with me?
Yes... let's go...
come on!
This rustling breeze
Rushing away in all the quarters
My heart flees alike
This breeze
Rustling... liberty it encounters!
O heart, take wings, rustle with glee,
town after town, in all quarters let me flee
My heart blooming with laughter
My body in it's tow bursting after
All my dreams with colours
amply mullered
Prisms, making everything
with love coloured
If the spring comes forth, so be it
If the after-night a love-Iorn
yawn yields, so be it
Let's hear what the breeze's
apt to impart
You're the seven-coloured
rainbow of my heart!
This rustling breeze
rushing away in all the quarters
My heart flees alike
This breeze
Rustling... liberty it encounters!
O heart, take wings, rustle with glee,
town after town, in all quarters let me flee
Methinks you're as yet unaware
That a world-wide measure,
full to the brim with water
No less love than that,
does my heart harbour
It's just you- reposed in my life,
through and through!
Your speech fills and thrills my heart
Your conversation gives
my dreams a start
When I see you,
sure does my heart beat faster
And I court a sweet disaster!
This rustling breeze
rushing away in all the quarters
My heart flees alike
This breeze
Rustling... liberty it encounters!
O heart, take wings, rustle with glee,
town after town, in all quarters let me flee
Kulka has seen you with him!
He's coming right this way!
Kulka... who is that?
He is Maham's most loyal servant!
Maham will know we were here together.
Come on Chaani!
There is no time to talk!
Kulka has seen him as well.
He is also in danger, Junu!
Come with me...
Come on.
Make this the official trade seal
in all of Sindhu Land!
Who is this rebel?
Who has the audacity
to disobey my command?
I could not find him yet,
Senate Chief...
but I have news about the Chosen One!
I just saw her with some man.
I want you to decide the day
for Chaani and Moonja's union.
Chaani cannot be wed until
after the Moon Bath, Senate Chief.
They are clean now!
Where were you?
I had gone to look for Chaani.
She is not in the Shrine!
You won't find her there today.
Tonight, there is a Moon Ritual
at the Great Bath.
Until the ritual is over,
Chaani cannot return to the Shrine.
Moon Ritual?
Yes... it's the lover's-alliance night.
Any boy and girl, who confess their love
under the full moon tonight...
then their Union is sealed.
Then I have to meet Chaani tonight!
You cannot go there, Sarman!
What if Moonja recognises you?
Lothar is right!
But I will still go!
Sarman, have you lost your mind?!
My mind, my sleep,
I have lost everything, Hojo!
I have to tell her tonight,
that she is my beloved!
What has lshme-Dagan
brought for us from Sumer?
(Ancient Sumer language)
Moonja, strike this stone dagger!
On this?
It is a sword made of Copper!
- Is the Gold ready, Maham?
- Only a few more suns, lshme-Dagan.
Once the digging in
the riverbed is complete...
then you will receive
the decided amount of Gold.
My ships are waiting at Dholavira
with your goods, Maham!
How many more suns must we wait?
I have been waiting for
this for 20 monsoons, lshme-Dagan!
Believe me,
my need for these weapons is...
far greater than
your need for the Gold!
I am afraid you will have to wait...
for this!
Right! I thank you.
There is a ritual in honor of
Mother Sindhu in the Great Bath.
You must not have seen
anything like this in Sumer.
Tonight on the occasion
of the full moon...
young men and women
will confess to their beloveds.
And then, the Chosen One, Chaani...
will immerse the figurine
of the Deity in the water.
By this ritual, the companions
and the future of the city...
will be blessed by Mother Sindhu.
O Mother Sindhu
Flow as you've ever flown
When we're forlorn
And to thee alone share
Do lend an ear... hear!
O listen
Listen to this call, ye too
Do listen!
In the hamlet of thy heart beats
the strange dum-dum of the drum
For thee live I, and thee for me,
yes together let us live
Sweetheart, my body, my mind, my riches
and life as well, for you alone do I nourish
My earth and my firmament
for thee I cherish
You are my whole wide world
My self and all my love
is for you alone furled
You are as though
the world's colour and glow
The spring
and my season's everything
You're the one,
you're the one!
Through the sky well high flows
this silken moonlight
And upon the earth your flame bright
Some desire inordinate
has dissolved in the eyes passionate
There's none like thee
You are
my whole wide world
My self and all my love
is for you alone furled
Walking along, some pathway
suddenly meets a turn blind
In a single moment one walks
on lea ving everything behind
My star is alit, my heart roaming
around like a nomad
Now that my heart has heard
the love-laden melody, it spins
Close but silent,
why so tight-Iipped are you?
Let me at least ask,
who are you?
Let the eyes do the talking,
struck dumb I am
Hear with eyes,
I'm telling you who I am
You are my whole wide world
My self and all my love
Is for you alone furled
You are my whole wide world
My self and all my love
Is for you alone furled
What are you doing here?!
Why have you come here?
I will not leave before the questions
that trouble my heart, are answered.
What questions?
When I left Amri...
I did not know
where my journey would take me.
But I know now
that with every step...
I was coming closer to you!
You are my beloved, Chaani...
do you also feel the same?
I am changing.
- I wanted to ask you a few questions.
- I am listening.
Why were you roaming the bazaar
without your headdress?
Who was with you?
What is the meaning
of your questions, Moonja?
I was with... Junu.
Your clothes are lying out here!
Your clothes are lying out here!!
I know and I also know
the boundaries of modesty.
so that I may come out.
How dare you?
How can you take advantage
of someone's innocence?!
I took advantage of you?
Were you not hinting at me
with your doe like eyes.
- What else could I do?
- I was looking at you with anger!
I made a mistake,
your eyes are very mischievous...
they want one thing,
but they say something else.
Do you now understand...
how it feels when someone
takes advantage of you?
No I did not.
Show me again.
This is not right!
I cannot do this!
- This is inappropriate!
- What is inappropriate, Chaani?
We cannot be together, Sarman!
It has already been decided.
What is decided, Chaani?
I will be Moonja's companion!
Moonja's companion?
When was this decided?
When I was born.
When a mother dies
during child birth...
the new born is considered
an omen in Mohenjo Daro.
People walked away
without even looking at my face.
Then, a Scholar from
the Senate arrived.
This child is the blessing
of Mother Sindhu...
she is the Chosen One
of Mohenjo Daro.
The future of this great city
rests on her decisions.
There will come a time...
when your daughter
will usher in a New Order.
When Maham found out that
I was blessed by Mother Sindhu...
he and his companion arrived
at our doorstep with fanfare!
And in front of
all the Upper City elders...
he proclaimed that I will be
Moonja's companion when I came of age.
This Union is decided, Sarman...
no one can change it!
There is no situation
that cannot be changed!
The other way.
This way!
And did you also...?
Chaani... this is not right!
What if Moonja finds out?!
Senate Chief Maham!
I welcome you to the Shrine,
Senate Chief.
The Moon Ritual is now over, Priest.
The time has come that
you fulfill your promise!
Maham, only a few more monsoons,
Chaani is still very innocent.
She's not so innocent.
The rumors of her new
'company' are being heard.
Now, to wait for even
one more sunrise is too long!
Maham, just a little while longer,
I will speak to Chaani.
This is an order,
not a request Priest!
And you are aware of
the consequences, if you disobey me.
Were you not Chaani's father...
Make preparations!
Chaani's Union with Moonja
will take place after two suns.
Looking at you,
brings back memories of my Union.
Without you saying a word...
I know that
you don't like Moonja.
True, I am Maham's companion...
but my presence makes
no difference to anybody.
But I know everything, Chaani.
My son is a little rough
like his father...
but I am very happy...
because if you are with him,
then my son might change.
Once you become his companion.
Junu, you stay here with Chaani.
When it is time for the ceremony,
I will come to take her!
People of Mohenjo Daro...
Moonja and Chaani's Union
will usher in a New Order...
and that is why
it is my decision...
that Moonja will be
the next Senate Chief.
And the New Order
of Mohenjo Daro will begin.
What are you doing here?
Why are you agreeing
to be Moonja's companion...
when you do not love him!
I don't have the freedom
to choose my companion, Sarman!
I am only fulfilling father's promise.
No Chaani!
Not your father's promise.
You are following
Maham's command.
Companions come together
because of a Union of the hearts...
and your heart
has not chosen Moonja!
You do not understand, Sarman.
What if... because of
my Union with Moonja...
I am able to rid Mohenjo Daro
of it's troubles.
What if... this Union leads us
to the New Order...
which everyone
has been dreaming of?
Chaani, but...
do you really believe
that because of this...
you will be able to save this city?
He is only using you!
And how can a Union that
makes Maham more powerful...
usher in a New Order?
Do not be afraid of Maham, Chaani!
I am with you!
Chaani... hurry up!
We are running out of time!
Maham is not used to hearing a no!
And till today whoever has
opposed him, has been silenced.
If I break this Union today...
then father and all of Mohenjo Daro
will have to suffer the consequences.
You will have to become the
Chosen One now, on whose decisions...
the people of Mohenjo Daro
place their faith!
- Sarman, you go!
- Listen to your heart, Chaani...
the way I listened to mine
and came here.
Be fearless... whatever choice you make,
It will be right!
- Moonja!
- Silence!
Junu, tell father immediately!
It is the Chosen One's Union!
How can we not be allowed to enter!
You cannot do this!
Let us inside!
Get him, Sarman!
Stop Moonja!
Who are you?
How dare you raise your hand on the
future Senate Chief of Mohenjo Daro?
And to top that, this scoundrel has been
eyeing the girl who is betrothed to me.
So you are the one who instigated
the people to refuse the tax.
For these crimes, this man will be
sentenced this instant...
the death penalty!
Forgive him!
He is not from around here.
He has done this out of ignorance.
He is not familiar with the rules
and norms of Mohenjo Daro!
Do not carry the burden of
his death on your head, Maham!
He should not be forgiven.
He should be put on a staff...
or I should be allowed to behead him!
No, Moonja!
Play with fire but
do not burn yourself!
They have seen my cruelty,
now they will see my kindness.
The Priest has pleaded forgiveness
for this man.
I will respect his wishes!
My decision is...
that this man should be given
a chance to save himself!
He will have to pass a test!
What kind of test, Senate Chief?
The test that is considered to be the
epitome ofjustice in Mohenjo Daro!
The test of Bakar Zokaar!
Bakar Zokaar?
Whatever your test is,
But I have one wish.
A wish?
You mean death wish!
So consider it a death wish then!
What is that?
If I win...
Chaani will be set free
from this Union.
She will not be
Moonja's companion!
Till Mother Sindhu
does not do justice...
there will be no celebration
in Mohenjo Daro!
Bring him!
Stop the test of Bakar Zokaar, Moonja.
I will willingly be your companion!
You are already my companion,
so what kind of deal is this?
Let him go, Moonja!
He's just a commoner.
This 'commoner' humiliated me!
He will have to die an animal's death
in the presence of the entire city.
I want to see the people
hear his screams!
He will have to go through
the test of Bakar Zokaar!
Let's go, Chaani!
Kunnu, Dheeru...
call the healer!
It is not he who has commited the crime,
it is me, Mother!
If you have not given me the right
to fall in love...
then why did you make me meet him?
Why did you make me
fall in love with him?
If the punishment for our Union is death,
then take my life... instead of his!
Take my life!
What happened was not good.
Sarman, I am here
to tell you something...
that is important
for you to know.
And what is that?
The Senate Chief of Mohenjo Daro,
before Maham...
his name was...
Your father!
My father...?
Senate Chief of Mohenjo Daro...?
How can this be?
We are from Amri.
Your Uncle Durjan lied to you
about your father's death.
But what choice did he have?
He did not have the courage
to tell you the truth.
Truth about?
Srujan was the greatest Senate Chief
Mohenjo Daro had ever seen.
Maham was the Chief of Merchants then.
He struck a deal
with the Sumerians in secret...
and then made
a proposition in the Senate.
As the Sindhu River
comes down the mountain...
in this region here,
there are deposits of a yellow metal...
that shines like
the rays of the sun.
You will not find this
anywhere else.
My proposition is to build a dam
and halt the waters of the Sindhu...
and then mine the Gold
buried in the riverbed.
A dam?
But then how will the river flow?
It will flow Jakhiro...
and for that we will dig
a new path for the river...
which will rejoin here.
We should not do this.
Sindhu River is akin to our Mother!
To halt her waters will be
against the Sindhu Order!
If the dam forces the river
to turn away from the city...
where will we get water
for drinking and farming.
Sindhu is no small stream...
it is a huge river.
An ordinary dam will not be
able to change its course.
But because of the Gold, all the
foreigners who go to Harappa...
will be attracted to Mohenjo Daro.
Trade will grow,
the people will benefit...
there will be contentment!
Wide roads, better houses...
Mohenjo Daro will become
much stronger than Harappa.
Do not mislead the Senate by
building dreams out of thin air!
Those who agree with me
raise your palms...
those who agree with Maham,
show your fists!
I Jakhiro, am with Srujan!
I am with Maham!
I am with Srujan!
I am with my brother,
Senate Chief Srujan!
7 are with me, 7 are with Maham.
Priest, now you speak!
And in fear of Maham, I did exactly
what I should not have done...
- and Maham won the vote.
- The dam will be built on Sindhu River!
And then?
The dam's construction
on the Sindhu began.
The people worked
tirelessly for their city...
unaware of Maham's treachery.
At times with cunning
and at times by force...
Maham turned everyone
against Srujan!
Those who did not
fall for the greed of Gold...
were silenced by
the fear of his bandits.
Summoned from the Kirthar mountains...
those bandits became protectors,
not only of Maham, but also of the city!
The river took a new course
and the hidden Gold was revealed.
But your father was still
concerned about the dam.
Maham has betrayed us all!
The dam is so big that the river
will be forced to turn away!
We need to stop this!
Stop work!
If this dam is made, then Mother Sindhu
will turn away from the city.
Keep working!
Maham falsely accused Srujan...
and by some treachery,
Maham hid Gold in Srujan's house...
and then had him arrested.
Citizens! This traitor is not fit
to be called Senate Chief!
He is a criminal!
A criminal of the entire city!
He should be given the death penalty!
Death penalty!
This is not true!
Do not let him mislead you!
He is a fraud!
He will destroy Mohenjo Daro!
Priest! Say something!
You know me since we were boys...
I would never wish harm
upon Mohenjo Daro!
And what did you say?
I just stood there,
staring at his face...
I was helpless,
Chaani had no one but me.
And Uncle Durjan?
He too knows the truth!
Durjan tell them!
Tell everyone, Durjan.
Why are you quiet, Durjan?
Tell people the truth!
I don't know anything!
Death penalty!
And Mother...
- what happened to her?
- The trauma was too much for her...
she could not bear
the shock and died.
And then?
Maham took the Senate
under his control...
and proclaimed himself
as the Senate Chief.
Then he began stripping
the Sindhu Order of its principles...
and violated its rules of
conduct and trade.
And what Srujan had said,
came true.
Because of the dam,
the Sindhu River began to turn away...
and many villages ran dry.
The villagers started to migrate
to Mohenjo Daro.
The city grew,
the number of people increased...
and under their pressure,
Mohenjo Daro began to crumble.
The Maham Order had begun.
Whoever supported him
was given Gold...
the rest were given death.
Srujan did not commit any crime.
We did!
I did!
The cause of Srujan's death
was not Maham...
it was me!
I cannot even ask for your
forgiveness, Sarman!
How can I?
That is why everything
seemed so familiar.
I was born here.
I spent my childhood here.
My father gave his life
for this city...
and this city gave him death.
It was imperative that I tell you
the truth about your past, Sarman!
May Mother Sindhu protect you
and give you strength!
Tomorrow, when you face
Bakar Zokaar in the arena...
remember that the
bigger enemy is Maham...
who spilled the blood of your family
and shook the foundation of this city.
Only you can save your father's city
from destruction, Sarman!
Only you can stop Maham!
This is my city.
Mohenjo Daro!
Here are your goods!
Sarman stayed back in wait of
the cattle herders of Dholvaira.
He will return only
when he has the bulls and goats.
Why did you leave him behind, Phulji?
Just as you were unable
to stop him from leaving...
I was unable to
stop him from staying.
I'll take your leave.
I'm getting worried...
do you think he found out?
I do not know...
Today, we carry out
the most cruel sentence.
A criminal must be punished!
He will face Bakar and Zokaar!
The boon of life
or the curse of death!
Truth will win
and falsehoods will lose!
Bring the prisoner!
He will choose the trident!
Bring in Bakar and Zokaar!
this is Bakar and Zokaar!
They are both man-eaters brought
from the mountains of Tajik.
They strike only to kill,
only to satiate their hunger.
(Tribal language)
That means death.
Bakar Zokaar will not survive now.
Sarman... Sarman...
This is the meaning
of your coming here Sarman!
You are the savior of Mohenjo Daro!
And if the people
were to learn who you are...
they will stand by you!
You are the only hope, Sarman...
or else the future generations
will never know...
the truth or the goodness
of Moherfyo Dare.
You are to be the next
Senate Chief of Mohenjo Daro!
But I can already
sense defeat in you!
I will not let my son be defeated
without spilling any blood.
If you want to live in
a garden of flowers...
you must first
weed out the wild plants.
The Priest?
The Priest... and Chaani!
We no longer have any
use for the two of them.
No father...
Chaani is not to blame,
Sarman is!
He has misled Chaani!
His neck was in my hands,
only if-
Now the fire in my body
will only be doused by his blood!
Chaani is mine!
Open your eyes, Moonja!
Love will make you weak, Moonja!
Do not focus on love,
rule instead!
Soon, Mohenjo Daro will be yours...
the entire Sindhu Land
will be yours...
any girl you set
your eyes on, will be yours!
But first, make use of
these weapons, Moonja!
And spill the blood
of that Chosen One...
of the Priest...
of Sarman...
let none of them
see the next sunrise.
If not to me,
then you belong to no one!
We must tell them
the truth, Sarman!
Everyone listen!
Sarman has a very deep
connection to Mohenjo Daro.
My father had learned this...
and that is why,
before the test of Bakar and Zokaar...
my father told Sarman the truth.
- And what is that, Chaani?
- The truth is...
that Sarman is the son
of the Senate Chief, Srujan!
I knew it!
This youth of Amri
was born on this very land!
And my father was confident that when
the people would learn the truth...
then they would come together
and stand behind Sarman!
Maham blinded us by creating an
illusion of a great Mohenjo Daro...
but now,
our eyes have been opened!
We made a mistake once...
not again!
O son of Srujan...
we are ready to fight!
Show us the way...
we are with you, Sarman!
First of all...
we must heal the wounds
that run deep.
All those people who gave
their lives for Mohenjo Daro...
we will honor their sacrifice.
We will give their remains
their last rites.
Yes, Sarman!
You are right! Let's go!
First, we must give him peace!
Senate Chief Srujan!
He had always spoken the truth!
My father!
So many monsoons have passed!
Why did you not
tell me about my past?
I was afraid, Sarman.
I had already lost Srujan...
I was afraid
that I would lose you too.
Forgive me, Sarman.
I was weak.
I did not have your father's courage!
Forgive me!
We were always worried
about your well being...
back then and even now.
Forgive us!
We cannot change the past, Aunt Bima.
We can now only look to the future!
Make preparations for
the last rites of my son!
According to Harappan tradition...
we will put his body
in flowing water.
You and I have no
relation to Harappa!
We are related by birth!
That relation was broken
many monsoons ago!
Who broke this relation?
You betrayed them!
For what do you seek revenge?!
And till when will
you keep seeking it?
These weapons will not
bring your son back!
This yellow metal cannot
give you your revenge!
The cause of every problem in
Mohenjo Daro... is your greed, Maham!
The death of my son is
also because of your greed!
Do you know who Sarman is?
He is Srujan's son!
You put his father on a staff
and he killed your son!
This is the justice of the Sindhu!
You are responsible
for the death of your son, Maham!
Now whatever you do, you cannot
stop your own destruction!
Srujan's son?
Sarman is Srujan's son?!
Many monsoons ago the Sindhu river
used to flow through here.
Work quickly!
Before the sunrise tomorrow...
we have to dispatch
the bullcarts to Dholavira.
Let's g0!
Work quickly!
Load the sacks of Gold
onto the bullcarts!
Sarman, despite knowing everything,
I continued to serve Maham.
Now I want to serve Mohenjo Daro.
Tell us, what must we do?
The traders from Sumer have left
with their carts full of Gold.
We must stop them!
This is our only chance
to expose Maham's betrayal.
- Right! When do we leave?
- Now!
This path will lead you
straight to Dholavira.
I thank you.
What is the matter?
- I am only a trader!
- You are a smuggler!
The next time you smuggle your
weapons into Sindhu Land...
you will have to face me!
Listen carefully!
Go to the dam and wait there,
keep your eyes on the water.
If you see any signs of trouble,
come and tell me.
Right? Go!
- Right.
Senate Chief!
Sarman and his supporters
have taken the Gold!
They have also taken Kulka prisoner!
Now, they are bringing him
in front of the people!
How could this have happened?
Before the sun reaches the top...
Kulka and Sarman,
should not be left alive.
' Go!
Let's go!
Inform all the Chiefs...
the Senate will
assemble immediately.
Till now, Maham had you believe
that in exchange of Gold...
we will get goods, which we can
use in the upkeep of the city.
But this was not the case!
In exchange for this Gold, Maham was
trading this with the Sumerians.
Weapons of Copper!
And on the strength
of these weapons...
he was going to launch
an attack on Harappa!
He wants to take revenge
for his humiliation.
And this is the reason why Maham
had proposed to build the dam.
The time has come for us to raise
our palms and turn them into fists.
Let's charge towards the Senate!
Everyone knows the truth
about you, Maham!
No one stands with you anymore!
Your crimes end here and now.
Who will end me?
Who has the courage to...
You have invited death, Sarman!
Whoever opposed me was killed!
I put even Srujan on the staff!
The blood that you have spilled
the same blood runs in my veins!
I am your end, Maham!
Kill him!
Strike him!
In exchange for his head,
you will get Gold!
He has nothing to give you!
The people have taken over everything,
your gold rig and your weapons!
You are alone, Maham!
Completely alone.
Do not be misled by him!
I am still the Senate Chief
and you work for me!
We do not work for you, Maham,
but for gold!
It is clear to me that you have
nothing left to offer!
So now that you have gold,
you consider yourself powerful?
Your greed to rule is making
you do this, Sarman!
What then is the difference
between me and you?!
There is a difference, Maham!
You want to rule
over Mohenjo Daro...
and I want to serve it...
like my father used to do.
This is my city, Maham!
This is my father,
Srujan's city!
Chiefs of the Senate...
the ones who stand by Maham,
raise your palms...
but those who oppose,
show your fists!
The new Senate Chief of
Mohenjo Daro, will be Sarman!
Mohenjo Daro will no longer
be ruled by a Senate Chief...
but by its people.
Take him!
Come on.
Death penalty!
Come on, hurry up!
Death penalty!
The water is flowing
over the Dam!
Do not be afraid!
Listen to me carefully!
Take your belongings
and go to the River Gate.
Take your livestock with you
but leave the carts behind.
Everyone, we will have to
leave Mohenjo Daro!
The river can
no longer be stopped.
It will break the dam
and take a new course...
and in its wake,
Mohenjo Daro will be destroyed.
There is very little time, go now!
Get your things! Go!
What you started,
will be your undoing!
Take me with you!
how can you leave me here?
How can you leave me?
How can you leave me and go?!
The beginning of the New Sindhu Order!
We are here. We have
to make our way there.
The flow of the water
took the hay bale here...
which means we have to drop
the boats in the water over here.
We have to somehow take a rope
to the other end and get it back.
No matter what, we have to take
the people to safety, up on that hill.
We will have to make a boat bridge,
from this bank to that one.
Chief of Miners,
I need lots of rope, gather it.
you will stay here.
Uncle Durjan, bring the fittest of
the Zebu bulls to the Main Gate.
Hojo, get me bullcart wheels,
at least four.
And assemble all the boats here!
There is very little time! Go!
Go quickly!
Mother Sindhu!
Protect us!
Hurry! Do not leave the rope!
Row faster!
We still have to take
this rope to that side.
Tie here...
Sarman, be careful!
- Tie this rope over there.
- Right.
Lothar! Remove this,
tie it to the first boat.
Tie it, quick!
Give more slack!
- Quickly!
- Bring it!
Hurry up and turn it!
- Everyone ready?
- Yes!
Lothar... pull!
Boats in the water!
Pull... pull...
Keep the rope straight.
Do not let go!
It's done... let's go... it's done!
Many many thanks!
Quickly... quickly!
Uncle Durjan,
you and Hojo stay this side.
Lothar, come with me.
Come on!
Let's go!
Move faster!
Move faster!
Keep walking!
Hurry... hurry...
Jakhiro! Come on!
No Sarman... you go!
I was born here
and I will die here.
No Jakhiro!
Listen to me, come on.
This is my privilege,
the privilege to watch Maham die!
Jakkfwds Mohefiyo Dare,
Moherflo Bards Jakmro.
Sarman, are you alright?
Mohenjo Daro will rise again!
This water is clean, pure!
From now on,
this will be our homeland!
Sarman, what will be
the name of this river?