Mohra (1994) Movie Script

Hey, coward!
You are pushing a brave man.
Don't you know the crime
history of Ranpal?
Here, you will be within
your limits, Ranpal.
Sir, it's my mistake.
Jailor, this slap will
cost you a lot.
- Hello, father!
Oh, daughter! You!
- How are you?
I am alright. You will live long.
I was remembering you since morning.
You are lying.
- If you were remembering me..
...why didn't you call me?
The matter is that..
Enough! Enough! Mr. Jailor!
No need to give justifications
on phone.
The rest of the argument will
be done face to face.
And that too, today itself.
Today! What a joke this is!
You are in Bombay and..
Father, I have already come here.
You can reach me within
five minutes.
What?! You have already come here.
I.. I.. I am just coming.
Dear, I am feeling very
happy seeing you here.
But why did you make the plan..
...of coming all of a sudden?
We have to take out time to meet..
...our own people, Mr. Jailor.
Nothing can be achieved
by making excuses.
Now, look! Even though I am
a reporter of the Samadhan..
...I have planned to meet
you along with my work.
Really? How is it?
Your jail is the oldest
jail in India.
I have told the editor of
my newspaper that I want.. write an article on the
history and the present..
...condition of the jails made
in the period of English rule.
And he has given me permission.
Oh, you are very clever.
Father, tell me when you are going.. make me visit your jail.
Today, you are going to work
or will you chat with your father?
I will chat with my father.
Then, you will spend your
entire day with me.
Visit the jail tomorrow.
Mr. Sharma, where should
we start from?
Let's start from that barrack.
What is this?
- This is the kitchen.
Then, we will start from here.
- Let's go!
Is such kind of food provided
to the prisoners?
Yes, dear! 250 gram rice and
500 gram pulses daily!
And 110 gram mutton
on every Tuesday.
The prisoners get food
three times daily.
And we prepare all this food
by the prisoners themselves.
He is the jailor's daughter.
- What?!
Mr. Sharma, what is the furnace for?
This is the furnace for
preparing Chapattis (leavened bread).
There are two furnaces like this..
Let get off me! Let get off me!
Let get off me! Let get off me!
No! Save me! No!
Let get off me! No!
Lakshman had drawn the
line to save Sita.
But he couldn't stop Ravan.
The way you were beating
that devil yesterday.. furious you were!
Vishal, yesterday I read your files.
After reading them, I don't believe
that you are a murderer.
You must have come
under some pressure..
...and taken the blame on yourself.
I have murdered. I have
murdered not one person..
...but four persons.
And I don't feel sorry for that.
I am very satisfied.
But what has forced you to
commit such a big crime?
What will you do after
knowing my story?
I am a journalist. Whatever
you have gone through and..
...whatever has happened to you,
through my articles, I..
You want to make my
story the medium..
...of your profession.
You want to earn fame.
No, Vishal! There is
nothing like this.
Please! I don't want
to recall my past.
Why? After all, why
are you forcing me?
I have forgotten all that
with much difficulty.
I just want to know
this as a friend.
Perhaps, you haven't made
any relationship with me.
But I have made a relationship
with you.
Relationship of friendship!
You have saved me from
a big accident.
Can't I share your sorrow?
If you don't want to tell anything,
I won't pressurize you.
I am going to Bombay today.
Till now, I haven't told
about my past to anyone.
Perhaps till now I haven't
got anyone..
...whom I can tell about my pain.
But I.. My life was very colourful.
There were hopes and dreams.
You haven't worn any
garland of flowers.
You haven't worn any
necklace of pearls.
You haven't even applied
any make up.
Even then, how beautiful you are!'
You are so beautiful.
You haven't worn any
garland of flowers.
You haven't worn any
necklace of pearls.
You haven't even applied
any make up.
Even then, how beautiful you are!'
You are so beautiful.
My heart is filled with love.
My body is filled with love.
My life is filled with love.
Because you are my husband.
Because you are my husband.
Your youth is your make up.
This is also your jewellery.
Your youth is your make up.
This is also your jewellery.
You are the freshness
of the flowers.
Your simplicity is incomparable.
The atmosphere becomes fragrant,
when you walk.
The atmosphere becomes fragrant,
when you walk.
When you speak, it seems as if
the Sitar is being played.
You haven't worn any
garland of flowers.
You haven't worn any
necklace of pearls.
You haven't even applied
any make up.
Even then, how beautiful you are!
You are so beautiful.
Your body is real gold.
Your smile is real pearl.
Your body is real gold.
Your smile is real pearl.
Your lips are like the tavern.
You are the light of appearance.
Your face is like an idol.
Your face is like an idol.
I want to see it again and again.
You haven't worn any
garland of flowers.
You haven't worn any
necklace of pearls.
You haven't even applied
any make up.
Even then, how beautiful you are!'
You are so beautiful.
My heart is filled with love.
My body is filled with love.
My life is filled with love.
Because you are my husband.
Because you are my husband.
Rita! Rita!
Sorry, brother-in-law! You had
to wait. Come on! Let's go!
Hey, stop! What have you worn
to go to the college?
Sister, it's very good, isn't
it? This is my new dress.
I had purchased it yesterday only.
Is it a dress or a swimming costume?
I think the more you
grow up the smaller..
...your dress becomes.
Sister, again you have started
giving lectures.
Oh, this is fashion, sister.
Brother-in-law, please persuade her.
- You shut up!
Sorry! Sorry! I think this
honest one will get trapped..
...between the sis-in-law
and the wife.
Brother-in-law, look at the watch.
We are getting late.
Bye! Bye! Bye! Bye! See you!
- Hi, Rita!
Brother-in-law, he is Tony. Tony,
he is my brother-in-law.
Hello, Tony!
Let's go! We are late for the class.
- Okay!
Bye! See you!
- See you! Bye!
Listen, you always come late.
Yes, I am late.
- But, you are looking very good, Rita.
- Hi, everybody! - Hi!
I am not getting sleep
because of Rita.
She is wonderful. But she doesn't
allow anyone to touch.
If she comes to my birthday
party tomorrow..
...all our wishes will be fulfilled.
I will do the arrangements for it.
- How?
All of us will have the fun.
But we will do it in
the name of Tony.
Check it out! Come on! Come
on! Come on! Come on!
Wow, what a party!
What a party!
- Amazing!
Hi! There!
Hello, guys!
- Hi! -Sweety!
Bobby! Rumy! You know all three of
them, right? - Hi!
But this is the birthday boy, Junky.
Many happy returns of the day.
Thank you. Can the birthday
boy have a dance with you?
Sure! Why not?
Hi, guys!
- Hey, Tony! How are you?
Hi! - Fine.
- Tony, you have enhanced the shine..
...of the party by bringing Rita.
But, do all of you remember
your promise?
Yes, of course! Look, it's ready.
It's great, guys! It's great,
guys! -Go, go.
Go inside. Come on. Go inside.
Okay, I am just coming.
You got to move it with
the dance of joy.
Into the rhythm..
Into the rhythm..
Don't put more. Otherwise
she will become senseless.
Oh, this is the only way to
have control over this girl.
Yes, my friend! Otherwise she won't
even allow touching.
Really! Then, put two more capsules.
- Hi!
- Hi!
Hi! Have a drink.
- No, thanks! I don't drink.
This is not alcohol.
- It's a soft drink.
Have it!
- Go on!
- I have to go now. No offence.
I hope to go with
the tribal dance.
Getting to it! Getting into
it! Getting into a trance!
You got to move it.
- Where is Tony?
He has gone to
the bathroom. Shall we dance?
So get into it.
Get into the trance.
This is the rhythm of the travel.
You got to do the tribal dance.
You got to do the tribal dance.
Tony! Where is Tony? Where is Tony?
Leave me! Leave me!
Tony! Leave me!
No! No! For the sake
of God, leave me!
No! No!
Tony! Tony! Tony!
What happened in
the party last night?
What happened with Rita
in the party, Tony?
I am sorry, sir. I am sorry.
They have trapped me.
Who were they?
They had intoxicated Rita.
And after that, she was just
crying and screaming.
What are their names, Tony?
Tell me their names.
Tony, what are their names?
And now, my last question
to the eye-witness.
Tony, tell me who amongst
these four decent boys..
...has attacked Rita first.
Is he Rumy, Sweety, Bobby or Junky?
He is.. He is..
The eye-witness doesn't
have proper answer..
...of any of my questions, My Lord!
Your witness, please!
My Lord, the silence of my witness..
...shouldn't be misunderstood.
According to the post
mortem report..
...Rita had been assaulted
Tony, if you were present
at the spot of accident..
...why didn't you answer
the questions..
...of the defence lawyer?
Weren't you present there?
Were you present there or not?
I was.. In another room.
You were in another room!
What were you doing there?
Were you consuming drugs there?
What are you saying, Mr. Lawyer?
This physical assault took place
at the presence of Tony.
You sit down. Let me do my work!
Please, you sit down.
Order! Order!
Tony, you have a habit
of consuming..
...cocaine, hashish, brown
sugar, etc. Yes!
According to the reports, Rita
had also consumed drugs a lot.
Whatever I am saying,
is it true or not?
Okay, Tony! You had taken Rita
to the party, is it true? Yes!
Both of you wanted to get married.
Is this also true? - Yes!
You have assaulted her.
Is this also true?
Yes! No! No!
My Lord, whatever has
happened to Rita.. has happened with the
consensus of both of them.
In order to enhance their lust,
they consumed drugs.
Rita Sinha has also died of the
poison of the drugs, My Lord.
It's not because of
the physical assault.
This is not true, My Lord!
To save these boys, he
is weakening this case.
My sister was a decent girl.
Order! Order!
All of you keep quiet and sit.
My Lord, I don't want to prove
the false as truth and.. responsible for the death
of these innocent people.
Now, you give the judgment.
The court has reached at
the conclusion that..
...the allegations that have
been brought against..
...these boys in the case of Rita
Sinha's physical assault..
...are false, wrong and baseless.
Therefore the court acquits
all the four boys.
And sentences Tony for three
months of imprisonment..
...for filing a false case.
I am coming, Vishal.
Why have all of you come here?
To do justice with you.
We are not happy with the
judgment of the court.
The court hasn't done
well by acquitting us.
Now, we will have the real fun.
I am telling you not
to come forward.
Stop! I am telling you
not to come forward.
Otherwise I will kill you.
- We have stopped.
Don't come forward.
I am telling you.
We will not move forward.
Stop! Stop for the
sake of God! Stop!
Let's go! Fast!
Priya! Vishal!
What happened to you, Priya?
Who did this to you?
Rita's murderers!
They should be punished!
But you have done an excellent
thing, Khanna.
Though you were
the public prosecutor.. have turned the entire case.
And you have also proved
the witness as the convict.
That's why this servant takes
whatever he asks for.
Who is there?
Run away!
Taking the confession of
the accused into consideration..
...this court convicts Vishal
Agnihotri for the murder..
...of the Bobby Singh, Rumy Grewal..
...Sweety Bhagwat and Jagiit Chopra.
And under the section 302
of Indian penal code..
...he is sentenced to
life imprisonment.
A big injustice has
been done to you.
Whatever you have done, you
were helpless to do it.
You didn't have any other option.
By putting you behind
these bars like this.. have been tortured more.
Now, what do I have
in the outside world?
I don't have any aim in my life.
Time is the biggest healer, Vishal.
Even if you want, you can't
separate yourself from this world.
I will bring the story
of the injustice..
...done to you before the society.
I will try my best to make you free.
What are you publishing daily, Roma?
What are you publishing?
A murderer who has
been sentenced.. life imprisonment,
how can he be innocent?
Because of you, our newspaper..
..Is getting defamed.
Mr. Jindal will terminate me.
But I will tell him clearly that
I don't have to do anything..
...with these articles.
And you face the fury of Mr. Jindal.
Mr. Siddiqui, it's sir's call.
Tell him to call in the evening.
I am telling..
- It's Mr. Jindal's call.
- What?!
- Yes! Oh! Oh!
Good morning, sir! Good
morning, Mr. Jindal!
Roma is sitting in front of me.
And regarding the article
about Vishal Agnihotri..
...I am shouting.. What?!
You have given Roma permission!
And there is a very good
response from the public.
And the newspaper is
selling very well.
Yes. Shall I tell it to Roma? Yes,
I am telling her just now, sir.
Thank you, sir!
Mr. Jindal has congratulated
both you and me.
And your appointment
has been fixed..
...with the commissioner.
Ms. Roma, why are you
making a murderer.. Vishal Agnihotri a hero?
If you want to write anything,
write about me.
The court has convicted Vishal.
He has also been sentenced.
Sir, can I get that file?
Yes! Mr. Jindal had
called personally.
That's why I will definitely
have to give you that file.
But for that, you have to
meet inspector Amar Saxena.
Because he has the criminal
record of zone no. 3.
Where can I meet Amar Saxena?
Though he is always busy on duty,
but you can get perfect..
...information about him from
inspector Kashinath Sahu.
And where can I get Kashinath Sahu?
Stupid, haven't
you ever seen a girl?
Hey fatso, go and order
for a cold drink.
Then, whatever you want
to see, I will show you.
What will you show?
- Go! Go!
Yes, I am going. I am going.
- Bring it immediately.
Hey, what do you want? Who are you?
I think you don't know me.
If you had known me,
you must have given..
...your chair to me to sit.
Thank you!
- Sit!
Many shrewd people of the
Golchowki work for me.
Hey, I don't have to
do anything with..
...whoever works for you. Understand!
Why are you getting angry?
Look, I am a woman.
If I also get angry, it
will cost you a lot.
Have the cold drink!
- I don't drink.
Please, have it!
- Oh, I don't drink.
Okay! Look, this is one lakh rupees.
I was purchasing goods from Hiraputti.
- Hiraputti!
But there were a lot of
problem in the goods.
The customers used
to complain a lot.
And Champarani can change her
man but not her customer.
Please, drink the cold drink.
Okay, give me the cold drink.
If you insist, I will
drink the cold drink.
Hey, do you need stuff
for one lakh rupees?
When I make a new deal, at first..
...I give one hundred rupees.
It's an auspicious reward.
Okay! Okay! Okay! Come
on, give it to me.
I am taking this stuff for one
lakh rupees only as a sample.
If the customers like it,
I will take stuff..
...for one crore rupees.
Do you know how much
one crore rupees is?
It's one hundred lakhs. It's
ten million. One crore!
O I see! Then your name is Champarani.
- Yes!
You are from Golchowki!
- Yes!
Many shrewd people work for her.
- Leave it!
Champarani! This is
your reality, right?
O my God! Which one is this?
Oh, I have been trapped.
I mean I am gone.
Look, brother Irfan.
It's not my fault.
You know our smart inspector.
He has told me to come here.
I am on duty. I won't lie.
I mean I don't lie.
He has sent Kashinath
Sahu to a danger.
Hey, stupid! Even though you
are a normal policeman.. tried to deceive Irfan.
Don't move forward. Look!
Look, the policemen
do have prestige.
Hey, fatso! Don't you have
mother and sister at home?
I am like your sister. I mean
like your brother. I mean..
Hey, Irfan! Hey, Irfan!
You are like my son.
Will you shoot your mother?
Will you shoot your mother?
Stupid, will you shoot your mother?
Look, your father has arrived.
Irfan, go and sit in the jeep
with all your associates.
He has come to arrest Irfan!
Hey, no! No!
These people have taken my drape.
These people have taken my drape.
Inspector Amar Saxena has come.
You.. Lock him!
She is very strong!
Hello! I am Kashinath Sahu. Sorry,
I kept you waiting.
Kanti Kumar, have you offered
madam tea or coffee or not?
She has already taken six
to seven cups of tea.
She has been waiting
for the last six hours.
Oh! Sorry, I kept you waiting.
She hasn't come for
you but for Mr. Amar.
You should have told me
earlier. You just..
She has come for you. Yes.
Sir, she is Roma Singh.
She is the assistant editor
of the Samadhan.
She has come to meet you.
I liked your style.
- What?!
I felt very good to
see the uniform..
...on the right person
for the first time.
Tell me what I can do for you.
You can do a lot of things
if you have the intention.
I have come to take the
file of the murder case..
...regarding Vishal Agnihotri.
Commissioner has sent me.
Come here!
The girl is dialling the number.
But sir isn't receiving it.
I don't even miss a wrong number.
Sir won't be enticed by her.
He is very honest.
You stand straight.
- Okay!
Can I get that file?
Why? Why do you have interest
in that case?
I am studying this case.
I want to set Vishal Agnihotri
free from the jail.
Don't you journalists have
anything else to do? - What?!
What will you do with the
file of a murderer..
...who is already going
through his sentence?
I have got it. I mean
I have met you.
Okay! Okay! I am giving
you the file.
This is one lakh rupees which
these people had used.
Please count it.
- What are you saying?
To count the money is to doubt..
...the honesty of brother Jibran.
Sir, this is a matter of money
with this type of people!
I will count it.
No, no, sir! Let me count it.
I am not exactly doing anything.
And by the way, I am very
expert in counting.
Close your mouth. What's the
need of doing all this?
You shouldn't be in the
police department..
...but in some drama company.
I have the same plan after
retirement. Bhawran drama!
If you continue to do this,
the public will replace the..
...police station's board with
a drama company's board.
Wow, sir! You have said
a wonderful thing.
Leave it, sir! It happens.
Sometimes police gets something
in suspicion too.
Uncle, you do something
with that inspector.
Oh, there is no need of it.
He will change automatically.
It's because he is newly appointed.
You know a new bride looks at
her nose ring again and again.
Wow, sir! You have said
a wonderful thing.
Then, can we take him?
With pleasure! Will I
provide you with a car?
No, sir! Thank you.
- If you tell me, I will drop them.
Please come, brother Irfan!
- I don't need your favor.
Okay, uncle!
- Greet brother on behalf of me.
Okay! I will tell him to call you.
Wow, sir! The person
who should arrest..
...the criminals shakes
hands with them. Amar!
Yes, sir! I am right. Because
of the support of police..
...people like this get encouraged.
The man who you are release,
this one..
...this person is doing
the business of death.
Have you listened to him?
- Go! Go!
Sir! - You people go. Calm down! Calm down!
- Sir!
Please, calm down, Amar!
Brother Irfan, forget
about those balls.
And greet brother on behalf
of me. Please come.
In our business, we should
be very cautious.
Whose fault was this? How
did police get inside?
Who was at the gate?
I was there, sir. He had
dressed like a woman.
That's why I had mistaken.
I couldn't recognize him.
I have committed this mistake.
Please, forgive me, sir.
In our business, nobody
is forgiven..
...after committing a mistake.
- Yes, mother!
You know you have kept someone..
...waiting for two hours.
Mother, I had been to raid.
When I see your hard work,
I remember him.
By the way, I have heard
you are earning..
...a lot of fame in the department.
You wanted this, didn't you?
- Yes! Are you happy?
I am happy. But I have one
complaint against you.
What is it?
- Nowadays, you don't tell me everything.
What have I hidden from you?
It's about us.
You! I mean how come you are here?
Don't pretend to be so innocent.
Roma has told me everything.
What has she said?
I haven't told some of the things.
Mother, I have met her a day back.
- Who is a liar?
His father was also like him.
He was a strict police officer.
But where I was concerned,
he used to keep mum.
Mother, whatever you are thinking,
it's not like this.
Oh, why are you so perplexed?
Roma is an educated
and organized girl.
The problem is that she is
much more educated than me.
Okay, aunt! I am leaving.
- Okay!
By the way, Amar, I have
come to thank you..
...for giving me Vishal
Agnihotri's file.
And I also wanted to tell
you that I have found out..
...the eye-witness Tony of that case.
- Bye!
Because of the attempts of Mr.
Jindal, people from..
...police department, judiciary
and ministry level are taking..
...part as jury members
in the conference. Hmm.
Mr. Siddiqui, in today's special
meeting, some verdict..
...should come out in Vishal
Agnihotri's case.
Let's go! There is no time.
We should leave now.
But Mr. Jindal hasn't come.
- He will come.. the meeting directly.
You come.
But why hasn't Mr. Jindal who is
very punctual reached till now?
Oh, he is a newspaper person.
He will raise the issue first.
Then he will come to see the drama.
It's the nature of
the police and politicians.. raise issues,
It's better if you keep
me away from your nature.
Excuse me! Please come!
Are you blind?
- What?!
Are you blind?
- No!
Then, why are you holding my hand?
- Sorry, sir!
I don't need anyone's
help to find my seat.
Let the proceedings
begin! Call Tony!
Come, Tony! Tell the truth
to these people.
Tell them whether those people..
...had maligned the self-respect
of Rita or not.
This is true, sir. All four of
them have done it in the party.
They had intoxicated Rita
without her knowledge.
And then, they maligned
her self-respect.
They had.. Given me
overdose of drugs..
...without my knowledge.
I was helpless, sir.
I couldn't do anything.. save her.
I couldn't do anything.
Then, why didn't you give the
true statement in the court?
They had threatened
me to kill me, sir.
I was afraid of them, sir.
That's why I didn't say
anything in the court.
I kept mum. I was afraid of them,
sir. I was afraid of them.
It's all, Tony. You wait outside.
Ms. Roma, how can you prove that..
...Tony was lying earlier and
now he is telling the truth?
What does false and
truth of the person..
...who isn't in his
senses mean?
Excuse me! I have the answer
to your question.
This is the statement of public
persecutor Mr. Khanna.
And his criminal record too.
Mr. Khanna was acting as a public
prosecutor in the court.
He took the side of
those four rapists.
He had received bribe
and turned this case.
Mr. Khanna is in jail
since the last one year.
And many cases like this have
already been proved against him.
After reading this, you
will come to know.. the protectors of
law had received a bribe..
...and set the criminals free.
Justice was not being
done in the court.
A game was being played.
The maligning of that girl's
self-respect was made fun of.
Commissioner, you also make sure.. read the confession of
the offender of the law.
Mr. Jindal, why do you
always attack me?
If all of you want, set Vishal free.
We handle 36,OOO
criminals in the city.
One more criminal will
be added to the list.
We will have another appointment.
Set him free!
- You are absolutely wrong.
Vishal isn't a professional
After being set free, he will also
start living like a normal man.
Yes, but who will give guarantees..
...that he will live
like a decent man?
Commissioner! The
biggest guarantee..
...of a human being
is his own ethics.
When someone is appointed
as a policeman..
...who gives the guarantee
of their efficiency?
One soldier sacrifices his life
while performing his duties.
And another becomes the
offender of the law.
Are you saying anything to me?
No! No! You are amongst
the martyrs, right?
Mr. Jindal, with the statement
of public prosecutor Khanna.. is proved that Tony
is telling the truth.
Mr. Khanna has made justice
and law ashamed..
...with his crime.
It is clear that all
four of those boys..
...were guilty and criminals.
Due to lack of proper
witness and evidence..
...the court has to acquit them.
But this case is absolutely
...from those of Vishal's murders.
This case is not different,
esteemed judge.
Vishal's motive to murder begins..
...from this wrong judgment
of the court.
Only after the helplessness
of the court..
...Vishal's compulsion
began to murder.
If it's punishment is life
imprisonment, then..
...everyone related to this case
should get this punishment.
Because of them have
murdered the justice.
Your honour, I agree
with Mr. Jindal.
In my opinion, Vishal should
be set free from the jail..
...and given an opportunity to
live like a normal citizen.
The rest of Vishal's tenure
should be taken back.
Really an injustice
has been done to him.
The way Ms. Roma and Mr.
Jindal have presented..
...the case, after considering
that I have come to..
...the conclusion that
the circumstances..
...which Vishal faced and
because of which..
...he committed a serious
crime like murder are..
...the result of the shortcomings
of our system.
That's why it's necessary
to give Vishal's case..
...a different point of view.
And according to your opinions..
...I will give the report
to the law ministry.
And I hope Vishal's release
orders will come very soon.
Thank you, sir! Thank you very much.
Is there any special news
in the newspaper?
Oh, Roma! When have you come?
You are lost so much that
you don't even know..
...when I have come.
I am just reading your news.
Yours and Mr. Jindal's name
has been published.. every newspaper. How nice!
You have made a murderer get
released. Congratulations!
You are not congratulating
from your heart..
...but only with words, Amar.
- Yes!
How can you be so sure about
my inner feelings?
I am your friend. Your eyes
express your inner feelings.
Only the perfect beholder
is required.
Have you read anything?
Madam, it's better for us to
perform our police duty..
...than to do such studies.
Okay, fine! I am giving
you a police duty.
One girl is going to commit suicide
from the fourth floor..
...of an under construction building
in Versova society.
If you reach there right at
eight o'clock tonight..
...maybe you can save her.
Sprinkling rain drops.
Sprinkling rain drops have
ignited passion.
When the passion has got ignited.. heart longed to meet you.
When I longed to meet you,
I got tempted.
Now you only tell me, O
my love, what can I do?
I was remembering you a lot.
I was remembering you a lot.
That's why I called you
making an excuse.
The rain has arrived.
What can I do?
Sprinkling rain drops have
ignited the passion.
When the passion got ignited.. heart longed to meet you.
When I longed to meet you,
I got tempted.
Now you only tell me, O
my love, what can I do?
I got drowned in the
banks of the river.
I got drowned in the
banks of the river.
You entered my heart
just like lightening.
The atmosphere is so romantic.
What can I do?
Sprinkling rain drops have
ignited the passion.
When the passion got ignited.. heart longed to meet you.
When I longed to meet
you, I went mad.
I am not in my control,
what can I do?
Vishal, your release is a
historical judgment for the law.
I am sure you will
forget everything..
...and live like a normal citizen.
Sir! Sir, Roma has made me
get released from here.
But, where will I find
my life outside?
Sir, Mr. Vishal!
Oh! Hello, Vishal!
- Hello, Mr. Jindal!
Desai, you may go.
- Okay, sir!
Vishal, everyone is talking
about your release.
Yesterday, even in the assembly..
...some people raised
a question about it.
Anyway, whatever may have happened..
...I am very happy to
see you before me.
I mean feel you before me.
Congratulations for getting
released, Vishal.
Sir, I don't understand
why you people..
...have done this with me.
Neither I have any relationships..
...nor do we know each
other very well.
No, Vishal, no! It's wrong
to think like this.
I have a very special relationship
with you.
This relationship was formed
on the same day when Roma..
...had presented the details
of your case before me.
A young man of 24, who is busy..
...dreaming of a colourful life!
One wife and her sister!
One house and one small courtyard!
All of a sudden, everything
gets destroyed.
He kills not one person
but four persons..
...and becomes a criminal!
Vishal, I also have
a pain just like this.
After knowing about you, I
recollected that pain again.
I have also lost my wife who was..
...more than life to me
and my eyes as well.
Pooja! Her personality
was just like her name.
She was a social worker.
She was against drugs.
The drug dealers.. In front of me..
She died on my lap.
How has all this happened?
Pooja with a smiling face
has got imprisoned.. a frame and
has been hung on a wall.
- I am sorry, Vishal.
I am sorry.
But those people are still alive.
The drugs business is prospering.
Nobody dares to speak against them.
Neither the police nor the law
and not even the leaders.
All of them are just keeping mum..
...and watching this
drama of destruction.
How long will it go on, Vishal?
Won't anyone start the revolution?
Vishal, I want you to start
this revolution. - What?!
Yes, Vishal, yes! You will have
to start this revolution.
Because I am sure you can do it.
- But Mr. Jindal, I..
Vishal! Don't misunderstand me.
Whatever I want you to do, it's
not to avenge Pooja's death.
But Mr. Jindal, now
I can't kill anyone.
Whatever I have done earlier,
I was compelled to do it.
You have killed those four
boys but you haven't..
...punished those who are
guiltier than those boys.
The drug they were
intoxicated with..
...who has provided them with that?
They are real criminals.
And till those scoundrels
will be alive..
...this game will continue
in this city.
I have seen this city
and the inhabitants..
...of this from very near.
Mr. Jindal, you have definitely
done me a favor.
But I can't give you what
you ask for in lieu of it.
It's not my fault. It's your fault.
You should have decided it earlier.
'Please persuade her,
- You shut up!'
'Sorry! Sorry! I think this
innocent person will get..
...trapped between wife
and sister-in-law
'Support her as much as you can
'When she will face difficulty,
you will get to know
'Rita Sinha has also died due to
the affect of drugs, My Lord
'Those four guys
'Get them punished
'You killed those four guys..
...but you haven't punished
the people who are sinners
'The drugs business is prospering
'Nobody dares to raise
voice against them
'Till those scoundrels
are alive..
...this game will continue
in this city
'Someone should start
the revolution.
'You are that person.
Jibran and Tyson, both
of them are the roots..
...of all the crime taking
place in this city.
They are dealing in drugs.
Earlier they were doing it together.
But now, there is a very big
clash between both of them.
You will have to find your success..
...between the clash
of both of them.
You have to uproot their identity..
...and their business from the world.
- Yes, sir!
From these files, you will
get their photographs..
...and come to know everything
about them.
And I don't think it's necessary
to guide you..
...about how to get the job done.
Whatever you want for this
mission in terms of money..
...weapons, anything, you
can get it from Desai.
And Vishal, from now onwards
we won't meet here.
Desai will tell you about
our new spot of meeting.
Okay, sir! You don't worry.
I will definitely complete
this mission.
I am sure, Vishal,
God will help you.
I wish you all the best.
Thank you, sir! Thank you.
And listen, Vishal, the
most important thing.
In the last page of that file,
you won't find a photograph.
He is that person whom you
have to kill at the end.
He is such a person who pretends
as if he doesn't..
...know anything, even though
he knows everything.
He has given supports
to the criminals.. Jibran and Tyson.
The crime is increasing
under his tutelage.
He is at the highest
position in the police.
But he is leading the
society towards crime.
He is police commissioner
Kamdev Kulkarni.
People are dying of drugs and
the police is not doing anything.
What do you mean by this? Huh?
What can police do?
Nowadays, the youth search..
...for their life in poison.
Then, what can the police do?
Oh, brother! If the goat goes
to the butcher's house..
...then, who can save him?
How nice, sir! What a wonderful
thing you have said!
Sir, by thinking like
this, we want.. ignore our responsibilities.
The poison that's getting
mixed up with..
...the blood of the youth of today.. can take our country
towards a terrible future.
Dear, this kind of
speech seems good..
...from the lips of the leaders.
By the way, why will we
take the responsibility..
...of the future of the country? Huh?
Half of my life has been spent
in reaching at this position.
Now, only half of it is left.
If this half is also spent in
remands, warrants, courts..
...and dates, what will
we get? Nothing!
You are absolutely right, sir.
What was my father?
- What? He was an oil seller.
- My father got me educated by selling oil.
And he has even made
me get a certificate.
Sir, even though I had the
certificate, I didn't get a job.
I gave bribe. Only after
that I got this job.
Shut up, Kashinath! Shut up!
- Sorry, sir!
Sir, I have made a plan with the
help of which I can arrest..
...all the criminals related
to the business of drugs.
But till now, you have been trying
for the same, Mr. Amar.
This time I won't try. An operation
will take place, sir.
And I will have to perform
this operation secretly.
To remove the mask from the
faces of some people..
...I have to wear a mask.
Happy birthday, Mr. Jibran.
Thank you, Mr. Patel.
Thank you very much.
Happy birthday, Jibran.
Come, Tyson, come. Welcome.
What do you say, friend?
Haven't I surprised
you by coming here?
Since morning, this friend's
heart was eager to wish you.
But the dark mind under the
white hair was stopping me.
What can I do? It's a dirty mind.
Tyson, by coming here,
you have proved..
...that friendship still
exists within our enmity.
Look, what I have brought for you?
- Yes.
Call the bomb squad.
Maybe Tyson is giving me
death instead of a gift.
Dirty mind!
A bomb is not required to kill
an evil person like you.
But another bomb is required.
Happy birthday, Mr. Jibran.
- Thank you.
Our big brother has a big heart.
He shares everything.
Tell me whether you will
open the gift over here..
...or in a lonely room.
Tyson, we have cracked enough jokes.
Now, let's go inside
and talk business.
Tyson, we are old friends.
In our youth, we were even
doing business together.
There was no such root
of enmity between us.
But nowadays, your tricks
have definitely drawn..
...a line in between.
No, Jibran! You had started
applying tricks first.
By gobbling my stuff worth
crores on the Gorai beach.
You have also got associated
with Brigeda of Mauritius..
...and made me face a
loss of two crores.
If you mess up with me,
this will only happen.
Look, this enmity will end up only..
...when we will divide our area.
This is right.
Otherwise we will keep fighting
like dogs, and..
...someone else will
take advantage of it.
By the way, this dirty mind has
given this suggestion earlier too.
Okay, I agree with your suggestion.
The west is yours and east is mine.
Okay, Jibran!
In the east and west of
both of you friends..
...where will I stay, darling?
Flora darling, a girl just
stays in the heart.
Dirty mind!
You people have fun.
I am just coming.
Hello.. - Come on, let's go.
- Uncle.
Hello! Yes, Mr. Mata! Yes,
I am Jibran speaking.
Okay, you send your man there.
The deal will be finalized there.
All my business is managed by
my nephew Irfan.
Then, next Saturday, at nine
o'clock in the night.. Quiz night club, right? Okay..
Jibran is going to
do a very big deal.
If we arrest him red handed,
at least one chapter..
...of the crime world will be ended.
But the problem is that
how we can go.. his private night club.
- No! No! Don't look at me like this.
At first, you will send
me as a scapegoat, and..
...when I will be about
to be beaten up.. will make an entry
just like a hero.
In your heroism, I will
be finished one day.
No! No! Not me!
- Don't worry, Kashi.
I have made a splendid plan
to enter into the club.
Congratulations, sir. She has made..
...a plan to get both
of us into trouble.
- Shut up, Kashi!
You are always getting scared.
Amar, in the duet of both of us..
...he will also turn
into a good singer.
What do you mean to say?
You won't understand this, Kashi.
Roma, you are a splendid item.
You are a splendid item.
You are a splendid item.
You are a splendid item.
You are a splendid item.
You are not in your senses.
You are not in your senses.
You are also in your youth.
You haven't.. Any fault in it.
All the time you are intoxicated.
You are a splendid item.
You are a splendid item.
You are a splendid item.
You are a splendid item.
Your name is lover.
Your name is lover. Your job
is to deal with hearts.
Don't hold.. My hands.
You are fully defamed.
You are a splendid item.
You are a splendid item.
You are a splendid item.
You are a splendid item.
O my darling..
...tell me what
speciality I do have.
O my darling..
...tell me what speciality I do have.
You are just like a silk thread.
You are just like a silk thread.
Seeing your gait..
Your tresses steal the hearts.
It's just like the splendid
black clouds.
You are a splendid item.
You are a splendid item.
You are a splendid item.
You are a splendid item.
My heart is hidden in your eyes.
Please, become my girl friend.
My heart is hidden in your eyes.
Please, become my girl friend.
Don't hit me with your eyes.
Don't hit me with your eyes.
This will pierce me.
Don't think.. It is easy. This
love is very difficult.
You are a splendid item.
You are a splendid item.
You are a splendid item.
You are a splendid item.
You are not in your senses.
You are also in your youth.
You haven't any fault in it. All
the time you are intoxicated.
You are a splendid item.
You are a splendid item.
You are a splendid item.
You are a splendid item.
Your name is lover. Your job
is to deal with hearts.
Don't hold my hands.
You are fully defamed.
You are a splendid item.
You are a splendid item.
You are a splendid item.
You are a splendid item.
You are a splendid item.
You are a splendid item.
You are a splendid item.
You are a splendid item.
Don't move. Otherwise I will shoot you.
- Inspector Amar!
Come on!
He is dead, boss. Heart failed!
Excuse me, Mister! Vishal Agnihotri!
What are you doing here?
What does a person do in a bus?
It's not my habit to do anything
illegal. I have a ticket.
By the way, my stop
has come. Excuse me!
I am telling you, brother,
inspector Amar has done this.
He has only killed my son.
- You don't worry.
Irfan's murderer will
be revealed very soon.
I have found a useless
and worthless pawn..
...amongst police who will
be very useful for us.
Greetings, sir. Greetings!
Sir, I am very happy that you
remembered Kashinath Sahu.
Kashinath hadn't felt
so much happy..
...when he got the
job of a policeman.
I have also taken many
risks to reach at you.
I am policeman. Therefore,
I must have to take a risk.
You tell me the truth regarding
lrfan's murder.
I will give you more happiness.
No, no, sir! I am not greedy.
The truth is that it's the
job of the policemen.. bring the truth to the forth.
My cap is in my hand. I won't lie.
I will tell you everything
that I witnessed..
...regarding lrfan's murder.
Sir, don't mind.
But for this case,
I will charge 100 rupees
for one second.
Okay? Is it okay?
Hey muscleman, is
your watch alright?
Hold this cap. Give me your watch.
It's not stolen, is it?
He is your man. How
can it be stolen?
Start! It was the scene
of the night club.
It was 11 o'clock. Everyone
was dancing.
Tell me something new.
I have also seen it.
What happened after
the light was off?
Yes! You had seen all this, right?
In order to make money, I just..
After seeing the dead body,
Irfan ran towards outside.
Before we could reach
at Irfan, he was dead.
We have just got the
dead body of Irfan.
If I had seen his murderer,
...I have shot him at the spot?
It's 40 seconds. Only 4,OOO rupees.
Rizwan, give him 10,OOO.
- 1 O, OOO!
He will do many things for
us in the future too.
Then, inspector Amar hasn't killed Irfan.
- No!
Then, who can kill my son?
In this city, there is
only one individual..
...who can dare attack on Jibran.
Tyson! The biggest drugs
dealer in the city.
His younger brother Jackson.
Flora! Tyson's girl friend!
And he is Marcos.
Tyson's right hand.
He makes all the killings
take place.. the city with the
help of him only.
He is a very dangerous man.
Boot polish! Boot polish! Only
in two rupees. Boot polish! Come on.
Hey, the sole of your shoe is damaged, sir.
- What?
My sole has been damaged while
searching for Marcos.
That idiot goes to this hotel
sometime and sometime..
...he goes to that hotel to
get escaped from police.
Sir, he has come.
Marcos darling, where
will we go now?
Darling, I have to get
one delivery done.
Marcos is the most loyal
and special man of Tyson.
- Yes!
If we catch Marcos with the stuff.. will be easy for us to
catch Tyson. Right, sir!
What has happened?
Wait for a while. I am just coming.
- Come immediately, darling. Okay!
Why is he going back?
Someone must have called him.
Who are you?
- Your death!
No! No!
He took a short cut to come down.
Stop, Vishal! There is
a dead body outside.
And I am searching for the murderer.
Sorry! I can't help
you in this matter.
Can I ask you what you
are doing here.. this hotel when the
accident took place?
Why? Has a curfew been
imposed over here?
This is not the answer
of my question.
I have come here for
some important work.
Can I ask you what that
important work is?
This is my personal matter.
Can I ask you what that
personal matter is?
Let me go, inspector! You are
troubling me unnecessarily.
The way you are walking on,
you will find me..
...on every turn of
that turn, Vishal.
It's my profession to
trouble the criminals..
...and get the truth
revealed from them.
You are messing up with me
unnecessarily, inspector.
What's the matter, Vishal?
Who is messing up with you?
Inspector Amar Saxena!
According to him, I have killed
someone just now, sir.
Oh, no, no, inspector!
You must have misunderstood something.
- But sir, you..
Since last two hours, Vishal
has been with me.
Mr. Jindal, you don't
know him completely.
He has kept you in darkness.
Oh, why will anyone keep a
blind in darkness, dear?
Anyway, your suspicion on
Vishal is fully baseless.
He is a very decent man.
He can't tolerate the decency of..
...the decent people, Mr. Jindal.
Inspector Amar Saxena, nobody..
...takes birth as a criminal.
Your law and your police
make him a criminal.
Vishal, I am such a pawn of
police whom you can't beat.
And remember, the same dark room
of the jail is waiting for you.
Remember this.
- Yes, sir.
In the midnight, all this stuff
should reach at the boat. Okay!
Police is checking in
the night. Be cautious!
It will be done, Mr. Jibran.
Your last time has arrived, Jibran.
I will kill you, rascal.
I will kill you.
Leave him! Leave him!
You kill our men.
- Get away, you scoundrel.
You get aside, idiot. Idiot!
What's all this going on?
Why have you come here?
I have come here to avenge
Marcos's death, Jibran.
Don't add fuel to the fire, Jackson.
Otherwise I will have to forget
my old friendship, Jackson.
Jibran, you are talking about
friendship before us.
And behind us, you play
the game of enmity.
You dirty mind!
Shut up, you dirty mind!
The poison of suspicion has
made your brain hollow.
Brother, we have to kill
all of them over here.
Kill all of them.
Tyson, I think you have come
here to commit suicide.
I am sparing you.
But if you apply your tricks again,
I won't say anything.
Only my A. K. 47 will speak.
Come on, Jackson!
Brother, why have you
spared these people?
You shouldn't play
the game of fire..
...sitting on the explosives, Rijwan.
It's good to calm down at this time.
If Tyson dares to come in
front of me next time..
...I will kill him as
well as his group.
Come, sir!
Hello, Mr. Jindal! Well done,
Vishal! Well done!
By making Tyson and Jibran
bitter enemies.. have found out
a very good trick.
They will keep fight
with each other.
And you can make them
your target easily.
But beware of the police, Vishal.
Especially of inspector Amar Saxena.
He is suspecting you.
Vishal! Vishal! Vishal!
You are after an innocent
man unnecessarily.
And you are so busy with him
that you have forgotten me.
You know what today's occasion is.
What's the occasion?
Don't really you know what
today's occasion is? - No!
Roma! What's the occasion today?
Who are you waiting for, Roma?
Everyone from your office has come.
Roma, I think the ritual
of the cutting..
...of the cake should be over.
Without having cake, how can
the program proceed?
What has happened, Roma?
As soon as you stepped
into 21 year.. started feeling fear.
Roma, I am eager to
hear the applause.
I think you are waiting for
any of your special guests.
No, sir! It's nothing like..
Anyway, Roma! Now, for the
sake of God, cut the cake.
Don't make us wait any more.
All of us are hungry a lot. Yes.
Am I right? What a smell it is!
- What a smell it is!
Roma, don't make the hungry
people wait any more.
All of us are very much hungry.
Come on, Roma! How long will you
make us wait? Don't waist time..
- Come on! Come on! Quick!
I know you won't cut
the cake without..
...receiving the birthday gift.
Come, dear! Come!
Happy birthday, dear!
- Thank you, aunt.
Greetings, Mr. Jindal.
- Greetings!
Hello, sir! - Hello! Many
happy returns of the day, Roma.
Look, there are so many
flowers and bouquets.
Now, you will have to make
my daughter happy..
...with some special gift.
What do you say, sister?
- Of course, brother.
Then, my daughter has chosen
her life partner.
And he is Amar Saxena.
It's double happiness.
Mr. Jailor, I couldn't understand
something. - What is that?
The press and police always
mess up with each other.
Then, how have they made
an alliance this time?
Many, many congratulations!
- Thank you! Congratulations!
Okay, make each other
wear the rings!
Shall we perform the rituals
of engagement? Huh?
From morning till evening,
from evening till night.
From morning till evening,
from evening till night.
From night till morning,
from morning..
...till the evening again.
Love me! Just love me!
Love me! Just love me!
From the city till
the village, from..
...the sunshine till the shadow.
From the city till
the village, from..
...the sunshine till the shadow.
From the head till the feet, till
all the feelings of the heart.
Love me! Just love me!
Love me! Just love me!
Listen, O my Love, do anything..
...but remember something.
Listen, O my Love, do anything..
...but remember something.
Something before the marriage,
something after it.
Who will remember so many
conditions in love?
What to do before marriage,
what to do after it?
From near till far,
from far till near.
Till the thirst of these lips,
from the earth till the sky.
Love me! Just love me!
Love me! Just love me!
How complete love can
occur just like that!
How complete love can
occur just like that!
Whether you express it openly
or refuse it openly.
Embrace me and talk
to me for a while.
For more than that,
you have to wait.
From this side of the sea
till that side of the sea.
Till the limits of sight,
from love till love.
Love me! Just love me!
Love me! Just love me!
From morning till evening,
from evening till night.
From night till morning,
from morning..
...till the evening again.
Love me! Just love me!
Love me! Just love me!
Who is speaking?
Mr. Lee from Hong Kong.
Hello, Mr. Lee! How are you?
I am Flora speaking.
Yes! One minute.
Sir, Mr. Lee from Hong Kong.
Hello, Mr. Lee! Yes! Yes! Yes!
Mr. Jandela is also coming!
That's good.
Our meeting is confirmed.
Same time same place. Okay!
You have to be cautious, Kashi.
We will never get a better chance..
...than this to catch
Tyson red handed.
And no problem should
be created, understand?
From my side, no problem
will be created.
And I collected all the information
from the airport.
The Chinese and the black man
haven't come in the flight.
Are you sure?
- Yes!
Both of them must have changed..
...their program in fear.
'After Marcos, Minto is the
most loyal person of Tyson
'He supplies drugs near
all the colleges..
...and schools of the city
He is Tyson's younger
brother Mr. Jackson.
Ok.. Hello, Mr. Lee!
- Greetings! Mr. Jandela! - Hi!
Where are the goods?
The cash is here.
No! At first I will see brown
sugar. Then, you will see the money.
Don't worry about
the goods, Mr. Lee.
The goods are excellent.
No excellent! We want brown
sugar. No excellent!
Excellent mean pure, Mr. Jandela.
The goods are pure.
Wow! These are fully pure goods.
As soon as you smell it,
you start sweating.
It's very hot stuff.
A face on a face!
Sir, why is he looking
at me like this?
Hey, the black colour is coming..
..out of your face, stupid!
Again, you have made me get trapped.
What are you saying?
This is Asian paint.
And what is your beard
saying, Chinese?
Sir, tell him Indians and
Chinese are brothers.
Otherwise he will beat us a lot.
He can do nothing! We will beat him.
Who are you people?
- Inspector Amar Saxena.
Sub inspector Jandela
alias Kashinath Sahu.
Close down all the doors. Don't
leave both of them alive.
By coming here, these idiots
have invited their own death.
Hands up!
Thank you!
Police! Stop! Police!
Thank you, sir! You have come
like a God to save me.
Yes, like God of death!
Oh, he is dead.
He is very lucky. He corpse
is going on four wheels.
And his last rituals have also been
performed altogether. - Oh good!
Vishal Agnihotri!
You mean to say by raiding my
hideouts and by killing.. associates unnecessarily,
police is performing the duty.
No, Amar has definitely created
a disturbance in..
...your warehouse, but he
hasn't killed anyone.
I myself don't understand
who is performing..
...our duties not even
being a policeman.
It's not Tyson but someone else
is playing this game, sir.
And he is intensifying the
enmity of both of you.
By the way, I very well
know this fighter.
Who is he? I will tell you.
I will tell you.
If I had revealed it before
police.. I would have got an award.
I don't need any award
but your reward.
But this time, I will take one
thousand rupees per second.
You know the STD rate becomes
double in day time.
I will take only five
hundred rupees from you.
I will collect the rest from Tyson.
Shall I start now? Start!
Minto ran. Our handsome inspector
ran after him. I ran after him.
While running, he got
into a moving car.
That stupid thought that
he escaped police.
But the driver of the car held him
just like an eagle holds a rat.
He took him towards death.
The car fell down from
a height of 50 ft.
Our fighter jumped out
of it. Minto died.
But I have recognised that fighter.
Tell me the name of that fighter.
Vishal Agnihotri!
Vishal Agnihotri!
Yes, he is neither a policeman
nor does he work for Tyson.
You have got the shock, right?
I had also got it.
Police had found Vishal
nearby the dead bodies..
...both in Irfan and
Marcos murder case.
It's 50 seconds. Only 25,OOO!
You will get it.
Rijwan, go to the factory
...and alert everyone.
'Vinda Thakur! The supervisor
of Jibran's drugs factory.
'Jibran has opened this
textile mill only.. cover up his illegal business .
'Actually, he has a secret
drug factory over here .
'Every night, the thousands
of kilos raw and material..
...of drugs are brought here .
'It is made more poisonous
and then.. is sent to the entire country .
'If this drugs factory
is destroyed..
...Jibran will become weaker a lot .
Where are you going?
Who are you?
- Electrician!
But the electricity
supply is alright.
It is alright, isn't it?
- Yes!
Now, it won't be the same.
Run! Run!
- Jibran!
Both of us are misunderstanding
For our loss, we are
accusing each other.
Whereas a third person has
been taking advantage of..
...our enmity and creating
a difference between us.
Who is he?
- Vishal Agnihotri!
But, why does he want to destroy us?
I am worried about the same.
Look Tyson, both of us should
talk on this immediately.
Come to my house tomorrow.
I will come to your house tomorrow!
No, Jibran! We will meet
somewhere which should..
...neither belong to you nor to me.
We will meet at Boribondar
at nine o'clock..
...tomorrow morning. Okay!
Speak up, dirty mind!
Tyson, this is a very
crucial moment.
We will have to forget our internal
enmity and get united.
Hey, dirty mind! Is it
your new trick, Jibran?
I am hundred percent right.
Believe me.
Death is hovering around us.
Vishal Agnihotri..
- Fire! Kill the rascals!
Kill everyone. Not a single
person should be left alive.
Kill the rascals!
Kill everyone.
- Dirty mind!
Dirty mind, who are you?
What are you taking
revenge from me for?
Dirty mind!
Very good, Vishal! Very good!
I expected the same from you.
Okay, alright! Congratulations, sir!
- Thank you!
I think your mission is almost over.
And it's not difficult for Vishal
to kill commissioner.
Yes, Desai! Today's occasion
is very special for us.
The aim that I had
to clean the dirt..
...of the city is getting fulfilled.
Mr. Yadav, there is a lot of
violence happening in the city.
The entire city is under checking.
Kranti, give me one more pack.
Sir, you are drinking more today.
Kranti, whenever I am happy,
I drink liquor like water.
Today, I am happy that
someone is there.
There is someone who is working
for our department.
He is cleaning the dirt..
And you know this.. What
you say social reformer..
He doesn't get himself entangled
with autopsy..
...arrest, presenting in the court
and the listening of the court.
He shoots directly. The matter
is over! The matter is over!
- Sir!
Kranti, I think our department
should appoint..
...four to five more
social reformers..
...instead of increasing the
number of police stations.
Yes! All the cases will
be over on the spot.
Sir! Sir, you have said
a wonderful thing.
Come, Vishal, come! Today,
I want to embrace you.
By killing the commissioner,
you have done..
...a great favour to the society.
You have eliminated the evil
from the society, Vishal.
The evil can be eliminated with..
...the help of truth, Mr. Jindal.
And the truth is not that
which you had told me.
That's why I have left
the commissioner alive.
What?! Even after knowing
everything.. have left him alive!
Mr. Jindal, I believe in what
I see and what I hear.
I have come to know
about commissioner.
He is an officer who has
surrendered himself.. the system. He is
very decent and honest.
He doesn't have friendship
but enmity..
...with the criminals like
Tyson and Jibran.
But even then, you presented
him wrongly before me.
Why did you do like
this, Mr. Jindal?
Why did you do like this? Tell me.
Commissioner is a very
big pretender, Vishal.
By believing in his pretence, you
are committing a very big mistake.
This also may happen that you
may be pretending before me.
Maybe I am committing
a very big mistake.. believing you blindly. Vishal!
A blind man can't defend him
so actively, Mr. Jindal.
Then, you are not blind.
You can see everything.
Yes, very well.
And you were making me
play like a puppet!
Yes! You have come to a perfect
conclusion, Vishal.
By believing in me blindly,
you have really done..
...a wrong thing.
But by choosing you, I haven't
committed any mistake.
Because I needed a weapon to..
...kill my enemies Tyson and Jibran.
- What?
- When Roma told me about you..
...I decided to make you my
pawn at the very moment.
The problem is that, Vishal,
I want to become..
...the richest and most powerul
person in the world.
Cheater! Your cheating story
will be ended by me.
Bind him!
If you give your command, big
brother, I will kill him.
His time is of course over, Jibran.
But he still has some
debts left with me.
He has served me a lot.
That's why I will have to answer..
...the questions arising in his mind.
Otherwise he will die
with dissatisfaction.
Vishal, I have gone through
many hardships.. reach at this position.
I have been through so many dangers.
I had always had the zeal
to earn enormous money.
If you want to become rich, stop..
...all your illegal
business at first.
Be self dependant and do hard work.
How long will you remain
in your friend's house..
...without paying anything?
Why don't you work in my
father's printing press?
Pooja! I want all the
luxuries of the world.
I want money, a lot of money.
If you want to earn a lot of
money quickly, then you..
...have to stop the smuggling
of watches and clothes.
You have to move with the time.
And the demand of the
time is hashish..
...brown sugar, cocaine and opium.
That's why my dirty mind
has planned a scheme.
After doing this work, you can
become millionaire over night.
But there is a lot of danger in it.
I am ready to face any danger.
Okay! The scheme is that
on the state border..
...inspector Karan is
on duty nowadays.
I have talked with our
client from Dubai.
They will get the goods
down at Korai port.
You will have to cross the state
border with the goods. Okay!
Karan, the smugglers have started..
...their new business
at the state border.
They are doing drugs business.
We should be cautious.
Hey, Kulkarni! I have arranged
such security at..
...the check post that not even
an ant can pass through.
Brother, the problem is that
he doesn't come back..
...home at any fixed time.
I have told him to come
back home soon..
By the way, what is Jindal
doing nowadays?
He is struggling like ever.
He doesn't want to work in
my father's printing press.
I am tired of persuading him.
Brother, you are his friend.
Why don't you persuade him?
Okay! Day after tomorrow,
my wife and my son..
...are coming back from
granny's house.
On that day, we will
have our meal together.
I will persuade him at that time.
Thanks! Let's go!
Karan Saxena sir is coming.
Lift the barrier.
Hey, what's there in your taxi?
Is everything alright?
Sir, we are searching
each and every vehicle.
Good! Okay!
Don't worry, sir! Get
the barrier down.
When will the partition
be done, Tyson?
Tomorrow, I'll make
the deal finalised..
...with the party at the day time.
Tomorrow, at night the partition..
...will be done over
here, dirty mind.
Don't worry, my dear! The
share will be equal.
The share won't be equal.
I have taken the risk.
I have put my life into risk.
I had driven the car
through the border.
That's why I will get half of it.
Both of you divide the
rest between you.
The share will be 50-50 now. Half
is yours and half is mine.
And he will get imprisoned
as his share.
Jindal! I didn't know
I had given shelter.. a criminal but not my friend.
If you hadn't been my friend,
I wouldn't have arrested you..
...for such a serious
crime like this.
Rather I would have killed you.
Hello, Mr. Kulkarni!
I am Pooja speaking.
Inspector Karan Saxena has
been murdered just now.
You come immediately..
No! No! A man prospers with
the help of a woman.
And he also gets destroyed
by a woman.
No, I won't give you the
opportunity to destroy me.
- Hey!
My eyes! My eyes! I
can't see anything.
Four people were there. I
don't know who they were.
Inspector Saxena fought
with them bravely.
But my wife tried to call police.
They killed her by strangling.
I don't know what those scoundrels
put into my eyes..
...I was unable to see after that.
I have become blind.
I have become blind.
I.. Have become blind, inspector.
Come, Amar dear! Come! Come!
Have you faced the consequence..
...of messing up with us, Jindal?
Blind man, keep quiet
regarding our matter.
Otherwise I will turn
you into a dead man.
'In this way, acting
like a blind man..
...I made a unique plan
to cheat the society
'I used to feel danger from
Kamdev Kulkarni from..
...the beginning, that's why
his death was necessary
'And then, the main aim of my life..
...was the destruction
of Tyson and Jibran
'So that I could become
the emperor of crime
'And to fulfil the same,
I made you my pawn
Forgive me, big brother.
Please be kind.
Now onwards, if I commit
any mistake..
...beat me with your shoes.
Jibran, by reaching at time,
you have made..
...your life longer.
I have forgiven you.
What do you think, Vishal?
Have you learnt anything
from my story?
The moral of the story
is that Jindal.. very merciless and unkind.
I uproot everything that comes
in the way of my success.
Hey, I haven't spared my wife.
How can I spare you? Bomb!
I will blow you up into pieces.
Good bye, Vishal!
Roma! Roma!
Vishal, you!
- Roma!
What has happened?
- Roma..
You are bleeding. Come! I will
apply medicines to you. Come on!
Vishal, how have you got such
serious injuries on your head?
Roma, listen to me. Roma! Keep quiet!
- Roma..
Look, how much it is bleeding!
Oh, Vishal, keep quiet.
Let it be alright! Then,
you talk. Okay!
Sorry, I am on duty. That's
why I didn't knock the door.
This is the file of all your crime.
Now, you can't deny that all
the killings took place.. this city, those
were done by you.
You are a professional criminal.
It's your profession to kill people.
Decently you..
Amar, whatever you are thinking,
it's not true.
If you listen to the truth,
you will get a shock.
The truth has been revealed.
All the secrets have been disclosed.
Please, listen to Vishal, Amar.
Now, don't act any more, Roma.
After meeting him once in the jail.. developed a very good
relationship with him.
You tried hard to get
him out of jail.
And I don't know how many times
you might have given..
...your lover shelter in your house.
You don't have any right to
humiliate me like this.
Yes, only your lover
has all the rights.
Amar, you are humiliating me.
Shut up!
Inspector Amar Saxena,
if you want to show your..
...manly power so much,
lay your hands on a man.
Those who hide behind the drape
of women are not man.
Vishal, stop it!
Sir, Mr. Jibran has
come to meet you.
Big brother, greetings!
I had told you not to come here.
Why have you come here?
I was compelled to
come here, brother.
- Yes!
How come this policeman
over here! Who is he?
He is Kashinath Sahu, brother.
This is my perfect pawn in police.
He has brought very useful
information, big brother.
Big brother! He is your big brother!
Oh, then, the door to the head
office opens from here!
Mr. Jindal, by the way Jibran
must have told you..
...about my reporting and charging.
Today, I will take 5,OOO
rupees per second.
Because it's a special bulletin.
Hey, make it fast. Brother
doesn't have time.
Okay! Start! You know Vishal..
Vishal Agnihotri!
Inspector Amar has put
him behind the bars.
Now, he has no chance
to get escaped.
He is very strong but
by tomorrow morning..
...he will confess everything.
It's nine seconds. Means
45,OOO rupees.
Please, let me have it. It
means he is still alive! - Yes!
And he will confess
by tomorrow morning.
Then, we will be proved as
criminals before the law.
Yes, big brother! This is
not the time to have party.
Find out some way out, otherwise.. soon as it's morning..
Otherwise as soon as it's morning..
It's eight hours to the morning.
Tonight, we will get a new pawn.
By morning, the game will receive
a setback. He can see.
Oh! In my career of 12 years..
...I had never got such a shock.
What is this? Your black
goggles have deceived..
...the entire department.
Praise to you, Mr. Jindal.
How nice it is!
We should have the blessings of a
man like this. Please, bless me!
Why are you looking
at me like this, sir?
I am observing you don't seem.. be as much evil as you are.
I haven't inherited all the
qualities of my father.
Sir, my life is in your controls.
You are rich people. You
can recover anything.
But I fear I won't belong
to any of the sides.
Could you understand this?
Please, think about me.
You just remain in the
police department..
...and give us all the information.
It's good for you.
I have understood it.
I have understood it.
I will behave like
a younger brother.
You are the eldest.
I am the youngest.
And Jibran is in the middle.
Have you understood what
I meant, Brother Jibran?
Don't do nonsense.
Try to understand what
brother is saying.
I have understood it. I have
understood it perfectly.
Commissioner, we are happy
that today you have come.. the anniversary
of our newspaper.
- Hello! Hello, inspector Amar!
- What's the matter, Amar?
Whom have you messed up with?
How have you got these injuries?
Sir, I have arrested Vishal.
You have arrested Vishal!
I have got the evident which
proves he is a murderer.
What are you saying? He will
confess his crime very soon.
Oh, who will you have
to make confess..
...over here, inspector Amar?
I have put that murderer behind
the bars, Mr. Jindal.
By tomorrow morning, I
will answer everyone.
Why is he doing all this? And,
who is he doing all this for?
I am sure.
Hello, Roma!
- Hi! Hi!
Where were you, Roma?
You are so late.
The party has begun much earlier.
Mr. Jindal has been waiting
for you since so long.
He has already asked about
you for 10 to 15 times.
What a lovely dress, Roma!
You look very beautiful, Roma.
What is your intention?
Get rid of joking. Where
is Mr. Jindal?
Oh, he was over here just
now. He is over there.
Oh! Mr. Jindal!
- Roma!
Hello, Roma! Late arrival!
I have been waiting for
you since so long.
I am sorry, sir.
Your absence had put
me into difficulty.
If all the editors are not
present in the party of..
...your newspaper, it seems
something is incomplete.
This party is for you only.
You should be around me. Come!
I want to introduce
you with some people.
- Yes!
I would like you to
meet Ms. Roma Singh.
I know her. I have already
met her. Alright.
She is our editor.
But the truth is that within
a few days he has made..
...a very strong relationship
with our newspaper.
O I see! Then, you give her
credit for your success.
If you wish, I will print
this news in my newspaper.
Hey, man! Where are you going?
Stop! You won't get milk or
anything like this in this party.
And you don't even drink.
Hold an empty glass.
Maybe you will get
intoxicated with..
...the empty glass in this
party surrounding.
Oh, he has drunk the entire bottle!
Excuse me, commissioner!
I have to meet some other
people. Come on, Roma!
Dear, to do away with
the hurt in the heart..
...don't take the support
of alcohol, but of words.
You have got the injuries
in your head.
But you are feeling
pain in your heart.
What do you say?
I wish it had happened..
...I wish man had two hearts.
I wish it had happened..
...I wish man had two hearts.
If one of them were
broken in love.
If one of them were broken in
love, life wouldn't be difficult.
Life wouldn't be difficult.
I wish it had happened..
I wish man had two hearts.
People tell the truth..
People tell the truth that
after being drunk..
...the difficulties are forgotten.
Which ever the pain
of the heart is.. turns into medicine.
When the heart is burning..
When the heart is burning, what's..
...the problem in drinking?
What's the problem in drinking?
I wish a man had two hearts.
If one of them were
broken in love.
If one of them were broken in
love, life wouldn't be difficult.
Life wouldn't be difficult.
I can't forget this shock.
I will always remember this.
Someone has given me such a pain..
...that will make me
suffer for years.
The hurts in the heart
can't be recovered..
The hurts in the heart
can't be recovered..
...with a small period of time.
With a small period of time.
I wish it had happened..
Man had two hearts.
If one of them were
broken in love.
If one of them were
broken in love.
Life wouldn't be difficult.
Life wouldn't be difficult.
I wish it had happened.. had two hearts.
Roma, I have stopped you
here to talk to you..
...about some important matter.
What's that matter, sir?
It's strange. I can't see you
but I can feel you completely.
Your sadness, your smile..
...your laugh and your worries..
...I can feel everything.
You can see. Even then, can't
you feel my condition?
What are you saying, sir? I
don't understand anything.
Let me explain it! I want
to marry you, Roma.
- Yes!
I had decided it much earlier.
Many times, I was
about to tell this.
But perhaps, this is the right
time to tell you, Roma.
How could you imagine of such
a relationship with me?
Sir, I respect you. And you also
know that I love Amar. And then..
I also love you, Roma.
And I love you one thousand
times more than Amar.
Roma, I have told you
about this with love.
I wanted you to agree
to this with a smile.
If you.. Sir, what has
happened to you?
I have been intoxicated.
I have been intoxicated.
This exquisite face has made me mad.
Can you see my face.. I
want to kiss your lips.
You can see me.
Roma, since last two years,
this blind man has enjoyed..
...your beauty with the eye he
has behind his black goggles.
Now, I can't tolerate it any more.
Don't touch me.
Oh, no, no, no! Works like
this can't be done..
...with these soft hands.
These hands are to be kissed.
These hands are to be kissed.
No, no! I can never be yours. Never!
Listen! I haven't proposed
you for marriage.
I have given my judgement.
My judgement!
Now, you should only say 'yes'.
Understand! Yes!
Mr. Jindal, about the heading,
He can see, Mr. Siddiqui.
Mr. Jindal, what are you doing?
Such misbehaviour with Roma!
Save me, Mr. Siddiqui. Save me!
Let get off Roma, Mr. Jindal!
Otherwise I will disclose you
in the newspaper tomorrow.
I will disclose you.
Okay, I am leaving her.
But the headlines of tomorrow's
paper will be..
...murder of the editor of
the Samadhan Mr. Siddiqui.
You must be thinking
that I have called.. for interrogation.
Then, I will also make you
confess your crime, right?
Open his handcuffs. Open!
I am freeing you on my own risk.
Brother Vishal, I am very
happy that you are free.
Congratulations a lot.
Why? You are very much surprised
of getting free, right?
You know why I am setting you free.
Because after getting retirement,
I have done.. least one good thing
being in the department.
What are you doing? What
are you doing, sir?
You know he is a criminal.
He has deceived the law.
And even then, you are setting him
free. Yes, I am leaving him.
Because I know what I am doing.
He will definitely get punishment
in the court.
But after he gets punishment,
this series..
...of crimes won't stop, Amar.
Enough, sir, enough! Today, I
have come to know about you.
Whole your life, you misused your position.
- Amar! Yes, I am right.
You have misused your position
and designation.
You have always discouraged
the people..
...who wanted catch the criminals.
You have given shelter
to criminals like him.
Amar, you are misunderstanding me.
I understand you correctly.
I understand you perfectly.
My father sacrificed his life
while performing his duty.
And you have closed the
file of his murder.
Because you didn't want his
murderers to be arrested.
You have been sold. You
have been sold, sir.
Inspector Amar Saxena, whatever
you are thinking..'s not the truth.
There is only one criminal who
has bewildered all of us.
And the name of that
scoundrel is Jindal.
Jindal! What are you saying?
Yes, sir. Jindal! I was doing
all this for Jindal.
After getting me out of the
jail, he instigated me.. kill the criminals.
He made of a victim
of his conspiracy.
And he kept me in the
darkness saying..
...that I was destroying
crime from the society.
He was destroying his
enemies through me.
Because he wants to become
the crownless emperor..
...of the crime world.
This is not enough. He also wanted
to kill you through you.
Sir, Jindal pretended of being
blind only to deceive police.
Amar, Jindal has the answer of..
...the significant question
of our life.
Yes, Amar! The murderer of
your father whom you are..
...searching for is none other
than Jindal himself.
Have you heard the ring
of death, commissioner?
- Yes! You have recognized my voice.
You have come with all preparations.
But what's the use of it?
Your target has escaped.
Where can he go?
We policemen find out the
criminals from anywhere.
Kamdev, you can just
boast like this.
You shouldn't become the
commissioner but a constable.
You are talking a lot
as you are away, right?
By the way, I am ready with
a noose of your fitting.
You can't do anything, Kamdev.
I am going to do.
If I decide something once, I do
it. Whatever I want, I get it.
It's my habit to apply tricks.
If you have one of my pawns,
what's the problem?
I have the queen. Queen.
- Roma!
Roma, what are you doing there?
Jindal has brought me here forcibly.
He is a very dangerous man.
He has also killed Mr. Siddiqui.
He will also kill you, Amar.
You don't put your life
into stake for me.
Don't worry, Roma!
Now, Jindal can't get
escaped from me.
His end is must.
Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow!
Karan Saxena's son is
talking like him only.
If you were in front of me,
I would explain you..
...with my hands and feet.
Dear, instead of applying
your hands..
...and feet, apply your brain.
Do as Roma is saying.
Jindal, I will definitely
reply your terror.
While replying, don't forget to
bring my father-in-law with you.
He will only give the bride away.
Sir, tell me where he is.
I will just go and
teach him a lesson.
Yes, he has called only
to tell his address.
Amar, along with the destruction
of Jindal..
...we also have to think
about Roma's life.
You do something. One minute, sir!
- What has happened?
Pay attention! Jindal ran
away from over night.
As soon as we arrived
here, he called us.
It's clear that he gets
all the information..
...about our planning. Amar is
right. Jindal had already known..
...that police was coming
to arrest him.
- It means there is a betrayer
in our department.
And that betrayer in between
us at this time.
But I.. I will recognize him.
Tell me, you betrayer. Hadn't
you informed Jindal? Tell me.
You are misunderstanding me.
I haven't done anything.
You haven't done anything?
- No!
Take him away! Take him away! Come!
Please believe me, sir!
Living in the country,
being a policeman..
...and being my junior, you betray..
Amar, are you committing
any mistake?
Because Kranti can't do
anything like this.
Sir, I have just played a blind.
If the trick is perfect,
we will get..
...the first step to reach at Jindal.
No! No! No!
No. - This injection will create
a current in her body..
...that she will be forced to break
all the barriers of dignity.
Like a new bride,
she will embrace me.
No, Mr. Jindal.
No, Mr. Jindal.
I am splendid.
I am splendid.
I am splendid.
I am splendid.
I am splendid.
I am not in my senses.
I am not in my senses.
I am also in my youth.
It isn't my fault.
It isn't my fault.
All the time you are intoxicated.
I am splendid.
I am splendid.
I am splendid.
I am splendid.
What is this illusion?
Who is the king and who is a pawn?
What is this illusion?
Who is the king and who is a pawn?
I don't know what my name is.
I don't know what my name is.
I don't know what your name is.
What is in the name?
What is in the name,
just arrange for liquor.
I am splendid.
I am splendid.
I am splendid.
I am splendid.
Hey you, remember one thing..
...don't know what
will happen to you.
Hey you, remember one thing..
...don't know what
will happen to you.
How many hearts broke.
How many hearts broke.
All the lovers drowned.
All the lovers..
All the lovers separated,
who were like a bond.
I am splendid.
I am splendid.
I am splendid.
I am splendid.
I am splendid.
I am not in my senses.
I am also in my youth.
It isn't my fault. All the time
I am intoxicated.
I am splendid.
I am splendid.
I am splendid.
I am splendid.
What?! 10,OOO per second!
What important news you have,
tell me.
The policemen are running
in wrong direction.
They have caught Kranti Kumar
instead of catching me.
Now, it's impossible for them
to reach at Mr. Jindal.
10 seconds! One lakh rupees!
One lakh rupees!
One lakh rupees!
- Ghost! If Kranti has committed
suicide in the lock up..
...why is her soul
moving around here?
Sir! Now, your soul
will move around.
Your game is over, Kashinath.
Your game is over.
Hello, Mr. Douglas! He has his
power all around Europe.
Mr. Jindal, now everyone in
the international market..
...wants to join hands with you.
Why won't they want this? He is
the crime emperor of India.
Am I right, big brother? Right!
Oh, sure! That's why
I am feeling happy..
...that he has made me
his business partner.
Mr. Douglas, I have selected
perfect people..
...from this country to supply goods.
Nobody has his name
in the police record.
Everyone is while coloured.
Tomorrow's meeting will leave
a mark in the history..
...of this country.
Because after tomorrow,
blood won't run.. the vessels of the
people of this country..
...but the poison that
we will sell will run.
Friends, as it was decided, all
of you will do drugs business.. your respected regions.
And all of you will see,
within one year..
...I will make all of
you billionaires.
For our success, three things
are very important.
Instead of having cheating in
between us, we will get united.
Where are you going?
I am working for
Mr. Jibran. There is very..
...important information
for Mr. Jindal.
I have come to give it. Check him.
And we should have the zealousness
to make our..
...drugs reach every city, every
village and even every house.
Wait! Where are the
keys of your car?
And third, whoever comes in
the way of our success..
...we will have to make
him keep quiet.
If not with money, it's with bullet.
Are all of you ready?
- Yes, all of us are ready.
Why are you putting
my life in stake?
Go! Go!
Okay, I am going.
This meeting is our first
and last meeting.
Tomorrow, I am going abroad
with my would-be-bride.
And day after tomorrow, both
of us will get married.
Congratulations! In advance!
Why have you come here?
To congratulate big brother.
How dare you come here
without permission!
- I.. If I tell this, I will die.
If I don't tell this,
even then I will die.
I haven't come here. I
have been brought here.
Vishal and Amar have come to
fight will you, big brother.
Upwards! Upwards! Upwards!
Do you want to run away?
Where will you go?
Where will you go?
No! No! No!
You can't escape!
You can't escape!
Die! Die!
Let get off me!
Let get off me! No! No! No!
Roma, run away, Roma! Don't behave
like a fool. Sit in the car.
- Sit!
- Otherwise I will shoot him.
Roma, run away from here.
Roma, run away.
Shut up! Nobody can
run away from here.
Jindal! Stop there, inspector!
Stop there!
Otherwise his dead body
won't even remain.. be recognised. Don't care
about my life, Amar. Shoot him.
- Oh just shut up hero!
- Shoot him.
This injured man and
queen are with me.
That's why don't try
to do any smartness.
Throw the gun! Throw the gun!
Don't try to follow me. Otherwise
you will repent a lot.
I swear on my father, Jindal,
today or tomorrow..
...I will definitely shoot you.
You are under my control, but
still you haven't got rid..
...of your arrogance, inspector!
Do as I say.
Kneel down!
- No, Amar!
Kneel down!
- No, Amar!
Now, rub your nose on the floor.
Don't humiliate yourself, Amar.
Run your nose on the floor.
Don't humiliate yourself.
Very good, inspector!
- No!
Slap yourself!
- No, inspector!
Slap yourself!
- No! Shut up, will you!
- Slap yourself!
Don't slap slowly.
Give a tight slap.
Slap tighter! Don't worry
about my life, Amar.
Slap tighter!
- No, Amar!
Slap tighter!
- No!
Now, you will see the removing..
...of a policeman's pant. No, Amar!
- No!
Inspector, remove your pant.
- No!
He is a grateful policeman.
He agrees suddenly. - No, Amar!
He is removing his pant. Very good!
Vishal! Vishal!
Shoot him, Amar! Shoot him!
Vishal! Vishal! Have patience.
I won't let you die.
You had promised me that you..
...would surrender yourself to me.
You can't betray me.
Betrayed! I have betrayed my life,
Amar, by choosing the wrong path.
You were right, friend.
You were right.
I am proud of an officer like you.
I am.. I am saluting you.
I am saluting you.
- No!
Sis-in-law, congratulations!
Government has decided to confer
Amar with bravery award.
I am also going to confer
him with a reward.
I have fixed the marriage of
Roma and Amar next month.
How nice!
Oh! Will anyone please
guide the blind?
Will anyone please guide the blind?
You have just escaped a suspension.
And again you..
Mend your ways, Kashi.
You still have time.
He has also been inspired by Jindal.
Have you also planned
to cheat the world?
No, no, sir! This is not the matter.
Sir, the government servants in
our country follows the rules..
...of the government like a blind.
That's why it's also the duty of
the government to take care of us.
I just request the government..
...sir, that keeping the
price hikes in view..
...please increase our salary.
So that we won't be entangled
with per second charge.
- Yes, why not? And your pension
should also be increased.
So that after your retirement,
you can live a decent life.
Sir! For the first time, he has..
...told a wonderful thing.