Moja & Vesna (2022) Movie Script

- Shh!
- Shh!
There's a spider...that
rolls around in my mind.
She likes to think that
she can call herself mine,
but I say no.
It's easy for her,
she can web up to the stars,
but I'm stuck here,
scratching at my old scars.
I won't ride the streets
she raised me in,
failed me in, embraced me in,
I won't talk of the cold sky,
the way I threw my head up
to say goodbye,
because she creeps up there.
She makes you weep up there.
Calls us all the bad guy.
See, it's no fun
watching life sit by.
Stained eyes, look away
and forget to say that you are
the ones who left us this way.
We all have spiders...
Are you listening?
I'm listening.
We all have spiders...
webbing in our minds.
At least I can say
I look at mine,
look at its thousand
sparkling eyes,
pour it wine,
set it free every now and then
again to breathe,
but you couldn't even
look at yours in its face,
did everything you could
to try and debase
its hold on you.
So as usual, you let it crawl
up my legs, up my spine,
into my mind,
and as usual I called it mine.
That's really good.
I really like it.
It's... It's not
about Mum, though.
Oh. Oh!
Hey! Watch the hair!
No. Again.
Yeah. Argh!
Stop it!
- 51.
- 52.
I'm Moja and I saw this ad.
It said that you have free
baby gear to good home.
Free baby gear to good home.
No, I...I don't do pranks.
- I just need baby gear.
- Tag!
We don't even know... to cook food for babies.
We do know...
And...maybe Vesna...
..wouldn't want
to feed the baby
with her milk.
Look, when your grandma
was little,
they didn't have
any baby gear.
Ten babies
and they got by somehow.
And look at them now.
They're so old,
but still alive.
All ten of them.
MILO: Vesna,
try and eat a little.
What are you thinking about?
Um, maybe could you write
one of those...
..poem things for me sometime
as well, if you have time?
I can't just, like, write
something for you.
Just...that's not
how it works.
So you can't just, like,
paint something for me.
It has to, you know...
Like, I have to feel it
in order to do it.
So I can't just make
something up for you. Sorry.
MILO: Vesna.
Why else would
she have gone so fast?
MILO: Vesna.
There's no other reason
for her to go so fast.
MILO: Thinking this way
is not going to help...
First, inspect
the accident site.
Location, access, hazards.
Second, remove
the heat source.
Put out the fire.
Extinguish the flame...
..using fire blanket or water.
Oh, hi. Are you
one of Mia's friends?
She'll be back in a tick.
No. I'm Moja.
Oh! Oh, right. I thought...
Oh, Moja, sorry, I thought...
Your texts are so mature,
I thought you were an adult.
Um, sorry.
Yeah, I've got the stuff here.
Um, it's for my baby sister.
Oh, wow. That's exciting.
Having a baby sister.
I held onto it all
'cause I thought
I'd have another baby,
but I didn't get
to have another baby.
It's quite heavy,
all this stuff.
You gonna be able
to take it home?
Uh, yeah. I've got transport.
Oh, that's cool. Great.
Your parents are very lucky.
Oh, what?!
I'm sorry.
Oh, God.
I didn't jump in
on purpose this time!
Hey. Danger.
Hi, I'm Moja.
Nice to meet you.
to meet you.
So, I just jumped in a pool.
You know, my friends dared me.
You into horses
or skateboards?
Um, I usually take the bus.
- On your own? Whoa.
- Mia, come here.
Have to get you
in a hot shower.
Oh, my God.
You're crazy!
You crazy thing.
Um, thanks.
Oh, that's
my pleasure. Good luck.
But, Mum...
- What?
- This... This is my stuff.
No, you don't need it
anymore, darling.
This is my stuff.
you've finished with it.
You don't need it anymore.
Mia's had a big day.
it's fine, my arse.
Suck my balls.
Hey. Into the shower, please.
Sorry, Moja. Take the stuff.
It's all yours.
MILO: Do you...
Do you not feel
the need to cry?
I can't cry
because I don't want to.
That's the problem,
that you don't want to.
Um, I got some vitamins.
Um... here are some
that you need to, um... need to swallow them,
one a day.
It has iron and...folic acid.
Pretty sure
those are good for you.
OK, I'm not going to
swallow that, Moja.
It's got lots of iron, so
maybe later you can try them.
No later. No.
These have...
..algae, algae,
so...they're good, um...
..with pregnancy.
It's really good for you.
Um, it supports the brain
and eye development
of your baby... that it's smarter.
Um, and then I found
these gummies.
Um, they're orange flavoured.
So...and they've got
vitamin C and D,
so they're good for you.
And I already opened them,
um, to smell them
and they smell really nice.
Um...I thought
maybe you would...
Thank you.
It's OK.
Have you seen
the stage yet?
Parties mumble on.
Champagne flows
and you're stuck looking down
at your toes.
Steady tears refill the ocean
they drained dry.
It takes everything in you
not to ask why...'ve had such bad luck.
Why are you stuck drunk
and fucked alone on this rock
next to hundreds and thousands
of docks?
Your voice is too weak
to yell, and even if you did,
no-one would hear you
over the sounds
and smells of
liquored-up bodies
trying to show
what they can sell.
Is it...your fate to be
drowned on this rock?
Or are you just down
on your luck?
Sorry to interrupt, Vesna.
It's OK.
Are you mad?
I don't think
you really should be doing
this kind of work, anyway.
I mean, you know,
now's the time
to take some good care
of yourself, yeah?
I mean, do you have
anybody to support you?
Like, anybody to really
kind of help you...right now?
Vesna, you're going
to need some help.
I can... I can help.
Can I... Can I sleep here?
- Hi.
- I'm so sorry about this.
Oh, hi. Hello. I'm Miranda.
we're from Gumtree.
We're the people that...
Dad... Dad, they
gave us all the stuff.
Oh. Uh... Oh, yes. Um, thank
you for gear and everything.
Yeah, no worries.
No, my pleasure.
We just had to get the bottle
Sorry about that. you want to have
a drink or something?
MILO: Oh, of course.
Uh, coffee some I make?
- Yeah?
- MILO: If you want?
Oh, yeah,
that'd be nice, wouldn't it?
Do you want some coffee?
I'll have a coffee.
MILO: It means yes.
Whoa. Sick room.
Want to be friends?
Really? Do you mean it?
Yeah. I mean, like, if you
want to, I'm cool with it.
I wish I could share
a bunk bed with a baby.
You're so lucky.
I'm really jealous.
This is really just heavy shit
up here.
How old's your dad?
My dad's...
My dad turned 52 this year.
Where's he from?
He is from Slovenia.
Whoa! That's just...
That's epic.
So, where's your mum?
Well...she's just
having a lie-down.
- MILO: Oh, yes.
- Oh, that's good.
Do you miss home?
I'm home.
Oh, yes. Sorry. That's a bit
rude. I meant... Yeah.
- Hello there.
- Hello there.
Is it time for us
to head off now, do you think?
OK. you really mean it,
we're friends now?
Yeah, if you want.
OK. Let's truck it.
- See you.
- See you later.
- 'Bye.
- Little munchkin.
Vesna, watch out!
Yeah, put both feet
on the bolts. The four bolts.
Bend your knees slightly
and look up.
See, you're fine.
Argh! Ugh!
Maybe just get off
and get on again.
Mum lets me drink
from a baby bottle sometimes.
How does that feel?
Mum says it's...
You're a natural.
I like these,
um, cup holders.
They're very high-tech.
Really cool.
- Very convenient.
- Mmm.
How have the holidays
been treating you?
Have you been having fun?
Ooh! Ooh!
- You OK?
- Um, could you let me out?
Do you have to
worry about, um,
anything else that you
have to do at home?
I can worry
about cots. It's no big deal.
That is true. That is true.
And I think it's great.
It's awesome that
you're helping out
your little baby sister.
Um...I just think
it needs a wash.
And, look, it comes
with a free toy.
She did it on purpose.
She did it on purpose.
She did it on purpose!
She did it on purpose.
MILO: Where did
you get this thing?
In that shop down there.
- It was only five bucks.
- Great.
Remember when you were
about four years old...
..and you had that
really bad fever.
Remember that?
And there was
this new medicine,
it only just arrived
to Slovenia.
And so Tanja gives you
this medicine, right?
And, look...five minutes...
..and Vesna completely cured.
All back to normal.
And so she goes back to play
in her room...
And then, suddenly...she...
She comes back...
All swollen...
Like a sausage!
Like a sausage.
Couldn't recognise you at all!
All swollen.
And...she looks at herself
in the mirror...
And she says:
I don't like what I see!
You were so funny.
Do you remember when Mum
took us to Bushrangers Bay?
Uh, it was...
And I got caught in that rip?
You don't
remember that?
I don't think so.
Mum made us, like, sit down
and she wanted us
to write down
all the stuff
that we liked about her.
You know? Um...
And...I didn't want
to do that, right? So...
So I went swimming. Right?
And I was swimming
and I was swimming,
and then
I just sort of realised,
um, that...that I couldn't...
..I couldn' know,
I couldn't get out.
And, um...yeah, there was
just this moment...
..where I, like,
looked at Mum...
..and her eyes were
just kind of, you know...
but where I was.
And then I realised,
"I'm going to die.
"I'm going to die
in the ocean."
Do you understand?
Hey, do you understand
what I'm saying?
Do you get the story?
How did you get out?
Yeah, that's what
I'm trying to say,
is that I don't think I did.
I think I'm still trying to.
Maybe you wouldn't be if...''d call for help.
Who would I have
called for help?
She would've gone to help you.
Why is it that every time
I try to talk to you,
you don't...
Do you not understand
the story, like, at all?
Hi. Oh! Holy crap!
I just came all the way here
by myself.
Holy crap.
Survival night invite, sir.
We basically stay out
late all night
with no adult access.
And we just
have to survive.
I don't feel...
I just don't feel right.
Is she OK?
Your mum?
It's... It's like I said,
placenta cycle.
Should we just
hang out here?
I... I'm really sorry,
but, um...
..I...I...I can't, you know,
with the baby coming
and stuff.
Yeah. Well...
This is a little bit
weird, but fine with me.
Do you need
any medical help?
- I can call a doctor or...
- No!
Stop pretending that I'm Mum.
My friend just left because
I thought you were sick.
Suck my balls.
Get off Mum's chair.
Get off. Get off the chair!
Moja, stop!
You wanted me to sit here.
MILO: Leave her, Moja.
Not in a tea towel.
It's just a chair.
I don't know why
I put them on.
Burns and scalds.
Burns first aid.
Moja, please,
I'm sorry.
In case of major burns
or multiple injuries...
I'm sorry, Moja.
Please. for help immediately.
First, inspect
the accident site.
Location, access, hazards.
Mum's died.
I'm waiting for mum.
Let me make the bed.
You just keep doing all of
this fucking useless shit.
You know, you don't actually
see what's happening.
You know?
I don't understand
what you're saying.
You know what I wish?
That it was possible
to talk to you.
MILO: Then talk! I'm here!
What was she feeling?
Was she feeling shitty
when it happened?
What was she feeling like
before it happened?
Well, was she feeling shit?
Was she feeling shitty?
Say it.
Say it!
MILO: What are you doing?
Please, I just have to
do this alone, Moja.
I just have to do this alone.
I'm taking you, Vesna.
No question.
No, no, no, please.
I need to do this alone.
Please. Please.
Please, I just have to
do this alone.
Um, I want to go swimming.
Can you come with me?
Vesna, come and have a rest.
I'll check your blood pressure
in a minute.
- But I thought...
- No, it's fine. I'm...
- Wait, can I have a look?
- I don't wanna go alone.
Please? No, stop. Please.
I don't want to go alone.
Please. Please. Please.
- But, where?
- In the ocean, Moja.
Wait, did Dad let you?
We're gonna be back
in a second.
Take this fucking
thing. It's so fucking hot.
Take it, take it,
take it, please. Ow!
Ow! Ow! Ow!
I just really want to stop
thinking about it,
but I can't, it's just,'s just...
I feel like...
Are you not fucking hot?
Because I'm just fucking hot.
I just feel...
I just feel really bad that...
that I couldn't do anything.
Because I could've done
She'd always come to me.
I didn't know how to help her.
I just want to feel normal
for...just, like, 30 minutes.
No. No, it's not.
No, it's not.
Sit down.
..I wrote this thing for you.
And I wrote this thing for you
because I fucking love you.
I fucking love you.
I fucking love you.
I'm serious.
I fucking love you.
Don't look at me like that.
I'm...I'm serious.
I...I really wrote this
for you. Really.
If you manage to hold hard
against the freezing,
biting cold,
I promise summer will come.
That big ball of fire
will catch and warm cheeks
once numb.
When you're standing alone and
you're shaking to your toes,
don't fold your head
into your chest.
Clamp eyes tight
and take your trusted rest.
Rest for days if you have to.
Howling creatures
are just noise.
Howling mouths are just boys.
Clamp eyes tight
and smear on a smile.
It'll take time to find
anything worth your while,
but as long as you feel
your feet hover,
you'll find all this easy
to discover, so feel it.
Feel it all.
Feel it all.
The...the fall, the songs,
the base, the crawl,
the stamping and the dancing,
the faces with clear eyes,
the streetlights
that cut the dark,
parents clinging at the park,
bobbing bodies soft to beats,
the way she smiles so sweet,
growing souls, growing bold,
growing old.
Don't fold.
Keep your hands shut and hold.
Don't let terror
keep you from the sweet
and you'll find you'll come
out alive from the heat,
sleek and complete.
Now I'm done.
- I love that!
- Thank you.
It's amazing.
Thank you.
Burns and scalds.
Burns first aid.
In case of major burns
or multiple injuries,
call for help immediately.
inspect the accident site.
My mum died.
My mum died.
My mum died.
My mum died.
My mum died.
Hey. What are you doing?
What are you doing out here?
Has something happened?
It's OK.
Can I give you a hug?
Your dad will come
and pick you up.
I... I don't really have a mum.
Oh, thank you for telling me.
Should we go inside now
and call your dad?