Mojave Moon (1996) Movie Script

Ever get so bored with your life you're afraid
you're gonna do something stupid?
But then you're afraid you're so far gone
you can't even think of something stupid to do anymore.
Well last year when my wife and I split up
I decided to leave New York.
Thought I'll go to Seattle.
Then I remember. Seattle has even more
serial killers than Long Island.
Add that to the big coffee house scene,
you got a town filled with psychopaths, who are always awake.
Six months in L.A. and I'm thinking,
maybe coming here was stupid.
Then a thing happened...
Then I found out, sometimes...
stupid... is good.
Can I have a box?
What's new in the world, Terry?
Mr. Hollywood!
- Hey Al.
- Thanks Ali.
- What are you up to?
- Nothin' but planing my future.
I don't think we're getting any air conditioning.
I think the duct is closed.
- Can you feel it?
- I don't know.
- Maybe there's something stuck in there.
- So could you still get a deal out of Lincoln?
Yeah, anytime you're ready.
- How about mine?
- What's wrong with it?
What do you mean?
- Beautiful vehicle.
- It's brand new.
I think I'll pass.
It's still under warranty.
Al, forget it. I want a new car.
I don't want your car.
- So it's got only 6,500 miles on it. 25 and it's yours!
- Jesus Christ!
Hey, Sal! How'd you doing?
You know who ruined my career?
- Victor Mature?
- That's who he looks like, Victor Mature!
Getting all my work!
Well, look at that!
I'm in love.
- Borderline jail bait.
- Worth the risk!
Hi, honey. You're ready to order?
- Turkey sandwich.
- You want that on white, sourdough, or rye?
- This.
- Sourdough.
Very good.
- Something to drink?
- No, it's fine. Thanks.
Al, over there!
Excuse me.
- Do I know you?
- No.
- Should I sit down?
- Sure.
He knows her.
Yes Sal, they're old friends!
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
- Anything else?
- No, this is great.
I see you ordered the turkey sandwich?
- You like turkey?
- Yep.
- My name is Al McCoy.
- Eleanor Rigby.
- My... my mom named me after that Beatles song...
- Right.
- "Eleanor Rigby"?
- I'm familiar with that.
- You live here?
- Yes, I live around Rossmore.
- I bet you're rich.
- I'm doing OK.
- You're in show business, right?
- Only if you call selling cars show business.
You're married?
- Divorced.
- Yeah?
- Yep.
- Really. That's great.
- It is?
- Yes.
- You're married?
- Me? Don't be crazy!
Let me see...
- What do you see?
- Nice hands!
I thought maybe you're gonna
read my palm!
- I bet you have a great place.
- It's pretty nice.
- Do you wanna see it?
- Yes.
Can you believe it, Terry?
Come on!
I'll be... be back later.
Yeah. Let's go.
- Nice building!
- Yeah.
Ah, this is it.
Well, here we are.
So... can I get you something?
I like this place.
- Where are you from, Ellie?
- I have to see the bedroom!
The bed's not made.
Water bed?
It's a... just a regular bed.
Hmm... don't!
- Don't be mad.
- What for? Why should I be mad?
I really like you... a lot. But don't expect
too much. It's just the way I am.
- I wasn't expecting anything.
- Yeah, right.
- How old are you?
- 53.
How old are you?
Don't you know you don't ask
a lady her age?
I was just being curious.
You hate my hair, right?
No. Why do you think that?
You're lying?
- Is that what you think?
- Um...Umm.
- You felt you.
- So do you.
- Don't.
- Right.
What are we doing?
Listen, something I gotta do.
I got a problem.
- What's wrong?
- It's my mom.
I got to get to Mojave, I don't have
any transpo, my car's up there.
What... what do you need? You need bus fare?
No, that's the problem.
There's no bus out of here 'til tomorrow.
- And I have to get up there tonight.
- I'll tell you what, I'll tell you what...OK?
Problem solved. I have a brand new car.
And I love to drive.
- You'll take me?
- Yeah. If I say it, I mean it.
I love to drive. I love the desert.
I passed it on the way in.
I wanted to stop to see what it's like.
You wanna go right now?
I love the wind!
I... I thought the Mojave desert
got cold at night.
Sometimes it does.
So... do you like living in California?
Things are definitely improving!
Shit! Boyd's here.
- Who's Boyd?
- Boyd's my mother's... boyfriend.
- Hi, it's me!
- Honey... what a surprise!
- Everything all right?
- Everything's fine, mom.
Where you been?
What've you been doing?
Um... That's Al. He drove me up from L.A.
Hi... nice to meet you.
It's my pleasure.
- It's nice meeting you too.
- Pleased to meet you.
Oh! I'm sorry!
Al... would you like a beer, or... piece of pie?
- Oh, no, no. Don't bother, please.
- Oh, it's no bother.
I bet you are an apple pie and...
strawberry ice cream man!
How did you know? That's amazing!
Well, have a seat.
I'll be right back.
You run him all the way from L.A.?
- Yes mom.
- Thank you honey.
Sure, mom.
I like pie too.
Sweet, sweet pie!
I'll be right back, OK?
- Where the hell is she going?
- Don't know, she just went.
- There you go.
- Thank you.
That's home baked pie...
and homemade ice cream!
I see it...
It looks delicious.
- Can you hold that?
- Sure.
It's very good.
It's excellent!
Thank you.
Fucking bullshit!
- Aren't you hot in that jacket of yours?
- Just for you, baby!
Oh, honey!
You want a beer?
Hey, can we get another beer over here?
Wanna dance?
- Still want to do it?
- Yeah!
- Should I?
- Oh no, I'll take it.
Thank you.
- I see you ate the ice cream last.
- I did, because it was very good.
- This isn't my driving cup!
- I'm sorry! I'll get...
You want me to spill that coffee
all over myself while I'm driving?
- I'm sorry!
- Am I being unreasonable?
- Alright, give it to me.
- You want it?
I'm gonna go.
- Hello.
- Mom, is Al still there?
- Where are you?
- I'm at the Buffalo Chip.
I had to meet Kaiser here.
Yeah. Look, it's Al that I have to talk to.
It's really important.
It's for you. Ellie.
Thank you.
- Hello.
- Al, is that you?
- Yeah. Where are you?
- I'm at the Buffalo Chip. Don't get mad, OK?
- What's a Buffalo Chip?
- It's a bar. I had to see somebody.
- Are you OK?
- Yeah. You remember my boyfriend Kaiser?
- No.
- I told you about him, remember?
- No. You never told me about him.
- Yes, I did.
Listen, he wants to get married,
and I said OK. OK!
- So you're gonna marry him?
- Yeah. I'm sorry, honey.
It just kinda came up, you know?
Just came up?
Hold on.
Is everything OK?
Ellie's getting married...
to somebody named... Kaiser.
- You better talk to her.
- Ellie, am I hearing right?
She hung up.
- Where is she?
- Eh... the Buffalo... Chip.
That isn't a very good situation, isn't it?
Well, I gonna go to work.
A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.
He can be very... protective.
Yeah? I see what you mean.
I gotta go.
- Am I what you expected?
- You mean as Ellie's mom?
Well I didn't expect somebody so pretty.
Well, you are.
You are exactly what I expected.
Is that right?
It's late.
I better get going.
Won't start, huh?
That's strange. I don't know what's wrong.
- It's an electrical thing.
- That couldn't be, the car's practically brand new!
No, no, no. Not your car.
This place!
The movable home gives off
some sort of wierd wigwags.
This place is... kinda like a...
Bermuda Triangle for cars.
Nope. You won't be going
anywhere soon in this car.
Well... uh... can I use your phone?
Sure! It's all yours.
I see.
OK, well thanks.
They say it could be a while.
There's a big wreck-up on the 14.
- You like frozen daiquiris?
- Is that what you're making?
Best in the west!
You're really amazing!
- You wanna see something?
- Sure!
Wait one minute.
Follow me.
- What do you think?
- Well... it's very nice.
I never saw anything
like this on a trailer.
Movable home.
That's... that's what I meant.
Boyd built it for me... a long time ago.
He never comes up here.
- It's just for me.
- It's very unusual.
You can see everything up here.
The whole desert.
You wanna dance, Al?
It's only a dance, Al.
When you came in tonight, it was like someone had been
showing me pictures of you for 20 years.
And finally there you were.
But I wasn't sure.
You know when I knew?
No. When?
When you stood up to Boyd
after he threw the cup.
The way you looked at him
with all that dignity.
That's it! I'm gonna go now.
Like no one should ever sink so low
in your presence. That's when I knew.
Even up here is hot tonight!
I think I'm gonna sleep up here tonight!
- You like sleep under the stars?
- I don't think Boyd would like that.
You got that right, Mr.!
He'll be back tonight.
No, he won't. Not tonight.
- Maybe the car would start now.
- Good luck.
Thanks for everything.
What am I doing?
Oh, my god!
Don't move, it's Boyd!
He's leaving. I don't think
he knows we're up here.
My car?
What about my car?
Oh yeah.
Maybe it was the AAA guy?
I don't think so.
I better check.
I'll go with you.
Coast is clear.
- Night.
- Night.
- Yeah, better try the car.
- Yeah.
Curse is lifted!
You're OK?
Oh, God!
You got a problem here, sir?
Oh, no, sir. No problem.
Flat tire... that's all.
New car, premium tires. What luck, eh?
There it is!
At least they're totally flat on the bottom!
- Rest of the tire is perfect!
- Good as new!
You're right!
Well, you know, give you a hand with
the spare if you just open the trunk.
No, actually there's nothing in there.
What I mean is... there's something
in there. But... not the share.
Can you imagine?
See, the fact is, I was looking for my spare,
somebody must have stolen the damn thing.
Can you believe that?
Just open the trunk, sir.
Yes, sir.
I haven't had the trunk key.
And the switch, eh... you know the switch that opens it,
doesn't always work.
So... may not open.
Sir, I'm gonna need to see your license
and vehicle registration.
That's no problem.
Yes, sir. To the glove box, OK?
Put my hands in... OK?
Officer, there's been a accident
like ten miles back near [...], man!
It's bad! Car has flipped over
and burning!
Thank you!
You stay here, I'll be back!
Yes, sir!
Hustle up, man! I think the dude
cut his head off or something, man!
How you're doing?
I had a flat.
Could you help me out?
Yeah? Probably, yeah.
Could you help me out now?
I'm not open yet!
I'm stuck here.
I... I gonna get home.
Ah, man!
Well, somewhere in all this shit
I got an English whitewall.
60,000-mile warranty.
It's gonna cost 375,
do you want it?
Do you accept credit cards?
Sometimes... we do.
- How about now?
- Alright, OK.
- I guess... I guess this is my lucky day!
- Yeah... guess so.
Yeah... let's see here.
Put your hands up!
Put your hands up, or die!
Oh, man!
- Give me your money!
- Well, I'm doing it, stay calm!
- I don't have any!
- What?
My wallet, I lost my wallet!
- You what?
- My wallet! I don't have it, I'm really sorry!
You! Uh... get the money from the register!
Alright, just take it easy with the firearm.
Shut up!
I'll kill you! I swear!
- Put your hands up!
- Who?
- No problem!
- Down!
I'm doing a T. Look, see?
- Where is it?
- I lost it! I'm really sorry!
- Are you stupid?
- Yes.
How do you lose a wallet?
You probably got important shit in there!
Could it be in your car?
Come on now, think.
Where'd you have it last? Remember?
- Hey, what are you doin'?
- He lost his wallet!
- Shoot him!
- Oh, Jesus!
Where'd you go?
Hey, come on out of there!
Come on! Stick your head up again!
It's kinda fun, ain't it?
I got it!
Hey Al!
Auch! Where the hell you've been?
I've been trying to call you all day,
for Christ's sake! You get my message?
Hey listen, a guy in Opama has got tickets
to the Clippers. Hold on a second, I got another call...
I can't!
Hello? Who? No.
Do I sound like Louise?
Al? Yeah, just some old lady who doesn't know
how to use the phone right.
- So listen, do you wanna go see the Clippers?
- I can't. I got something important to do.
- It can wait!
- No it can't!
Hey, what a [...] babe at Johnie's!
Look, I can't talk now. I gotta go!
Who is it?
It's me.
- Can I come in?
- How did you get in the building?
- Through the front door... it's just open.
- That door is supposed to be locked at all times!
You don't look like you're
glad to see me.
Well you know actually... this is not a good time.
- You got company, hmm?
- No!
Can I come in, please?
It's very important.
Where's your husband?
Did you get married?
I know you're pissed at me.
No, I'm not.
I'm not marrying Kaiser!
You know the best thing...
Give me your number and I'll call you next week.
I left him at the Buffalo Chip.
I told him I was going to my mother's
to pick up some money,
but I was lying.
I just drove around all night, thinking.
Thinking what?
...that Kaiser is a jerk. That I would
rather be right here... with you.
Well, thank you. Thank you. That's very, very flattering.
But I think you should go back to him.
And get married.
Honey, what's wrong?
What's wrong?
I'm sorry if I got you pissed at me.
Nothing. Nothing's wrong.
Everything's fine.
You're mad at me.
No, I'm not.
I can't stop thinking about you all night.
I'm sorry... I'm...
Hmm... it's hot!
I'm gonna really fast use your shower.
What you're doing?
- Taking off my pants.
- Please... put them back on.
Why? Am I ugly?
Oh, no!
Al, honey?
Got any shampoo?
Got any?
I don't wanna to have to
wash my hair... with soap.
- What's wrong?
- I heard the door bell.
Will you just give me
the shampoo!
I gotta see who it is!
- Who's there?
- Julie!
Al, is that you?
- Are you alone?
- Of course I'm alone.
Was the downstairs door unlocked?
I guess so.
So are you gonna let me in?
- Al, what's wrong?
- Well... nothing.
Nothing's wrong.
Come in.
Oh... Oh... this is nice!
Oh... it's so cool in here!
So how long have you been
living here?
I didn't expect to see you
so soon.
- Well... I thought you might need this!
- It's my wallet!
There was no telephone number
but your address was inside.
- You didn't have to.
- I know.
- Shouldn't I be here?
- Nobody else knew you're here, do they?
- Oh God! Mom!
- Ellie!
What are you doing here?
What's she doing here?
She just came by to... tell me...
wanted to...
...use the... shower!
Well, that's so sweet!
I mean, you're so nice!
You never see people letting people
use showers anymore!
So did you remember to
wash all the hair off the soap?
I can't believe this!
Are you following me?
I was returning Al's wallet.
What's the matter with you?
You're ruining everything for me!
- I am not!
- Yes, you are!
- Al has his wallet back.
- Big deal!
- You had a nice shower!
- Oh, you're such a dise!
Ladies, please!
Shut up!
Thank you!
I have a little bit bigger problem
than losing my wallet or
what kind of a shower
she's had or
why you're here.
Downstairs, in my car,
in my trunk, there's a guy... dead!
I don't know who it is,
or how he got there!
But he was there
when I left your place last night.
You're kidding, right?
Maybe you know how
it got there!
Wait, you think that...
I don't even believe you!
- You don't?
- No, I don't.
Do you?
Over here.
Where the hell is it?
Where's my car?
Where the hell is my car?
Well, call the cops!
All right, uh, tell them it's a Lincoln
with a dead biker in the trunk.
It'll be easy to identify that way!
A biker?
Yeah. A motorcyle jacket on
with my fingerprints all over it!
- Oh, my God.
- What?
Oh, what did he look like?
I don't know.
He looked dead.
He just drove it right out!
Is he big or is he small?
- Medium.
- Colour of his hair?
Maybe blonde, why?
- So what are you saying?
- He killed him.
- What are you talking about?
- But you were with him.
No, I wasn't. I left right after
I talked to Al on the phone.
Boyd probably got there right after.
God, what if Kaiser killed him.
And put him in Al's car
to make it look like he did it.
He'd do that.
- He'd definitely do that.
- They'll find the car.
The body!
They'll trace it back to me!
- Oh shit!
- What?
That's Boyd's truck right there!
Oh golly!
We gotta get out of here!
Let's go! We gotta go!
Look, tell me what you see.
- I think we lost him.
- We can't go back to Al's apartment.
- They'll look for us there.
- Turn right here.
Hey Bobby, toss me a skeleton, homes.
Hey, what's this?
There is a dead dude back here, man!
Let's get out of here!
What's going on?
- At least it's got a TV!
- They got movies?
For 100 bucks, it oughta!
Locked good.
We'll be safe here,
nothing to worry about.
I gotta find my car before
the cops do.
How you're gonna do that?
Damn if I know.
Oh... it's Boyd.
He's playing with us.
I don't understand why
you let him hang around.
He's disgusting!
If he sees my car,
he'll know we're here.
Why don't you just get a gun?
And shoot him.
I gotta get help with this.
I gotta go out a while.
- I'm gonna take your car, Julie.
- Well, we'll go with you.
No, no.
You both stay in the room.
Without your car outside,
no way he knows you're here.
I come back, I'll knock, like this...
Got it?
- Al?
- I know, be careful.
Be very careful!
- He's here.
- Thanks, Charlie.
- This is the guy.
- Sit down.
- What do you think?
- Sit down!
Pay TV. Press 4.
"Sally & Stallion" is coming on!
- Isn't that a dirty movie?
- In the comfort of our own room.
I'm not going to sit here with my own daughter,
and watch a dirty movie.
Nothing to be nervous about, mom.
It's nice to be curious about this kind of thing. And...
I'll explain anything
that you don't understand.
There wouldn't be anything
that I didn't understand.
Yeah, right.
Press 4.
- You lucked out!
- What do you mean? How?
I made a few inquires for you.
Your car is in Los Feliz. This is the address.
- How about the trunk?
- What about it?
Oh, nothing.
What happened to what was in there.
- Nothing in there.
- Yes there was. I told Charlie to tell you.
- Tell me what?
- What was in the trunk.
What do you care?
Somebody did you a favour.
Yeah. He's right.
Let me tell you something.
So you don't screw up again.
The next time you knocked someone off,
you tell me and I'll handle it for you.
- I didn't kill this guy!
- Whatever.
- I didn't!
- Sure.
I mean, who would take a body
out of a stolen car!
Somebody who needed it.
You don't wanna know.
Yes, I do.
I'm in real trouble if
I don't find out.
I don't do business with bodies.
See the guy over there...
They call him Angel, the bald headed guy with
the ears. You talk to him about it.
Excuse me.
- Excuse me.
- What?
- Are you Angel?
- Who are you?
- I'm a friend of Shorty's.
- Yeah?
So what?
I'd like to locate something.
Like what?
- Like a cadaver?
- A cadaver?
A cadaver?
- A corpse. A dead person.
- No problem.
Hey! Hey! You want a body, I can get you one. Cheap.
Get out of here!
Fuck you, man!
You want a girl? I'll get you
a nice one. Just got it.
I don't know about you,
you're dealing with me.
Forget it! Forget it! Forget it!
I can get you a nice cadaver.
Just like you're looking for, man!
Cheap! See...
How's this one?
No, no... Thank you.
Thank you all very much!
Hello? Anyone here?
OK, who's this?
[Immitating Sean Connery]
It's Connery!
Hey, Sal, Terry.
Glad to see you guys, OK.
I gotta talk to somebody.
You know what's going on in this city?
You have any idea what kind of people
working around out there?
- Heat waves always bring out the loonies.
- It's the moon!
What would you do?
Let's say you find a body
in the trunk of your car.
A body? What kind of body?
A body. A corpse. A...a dead guy.
So what?
Well, let's say you find out that
the guy that put it there is after you.
He wants to kill you.
- Why?
- I don't know. He's a maniac!
Anyway, then you decide to go the cops.
But your car with the body in it, gets stolen.
What do you do, uh?
You're writing a detective story!
Just tell me what you'd do, Terry.
Hey, you're writing a part for me?
I can be very scary. I can play psychopathic killers great.
Ugh, Jesus Christ!
Why don't you stick to selling cars?
- Very confusing.
- Extremely.
- What are you doing?
- I'm leaving.
Heat waves.
Sal, listen...
What I was just saying...
wasn't just a story.
It's happening to me.
Remember that girl I picked up, yeah?
There's the girl... and her mother.
He's after them too.
You want some advice?
Cut bait!
You know what I mean.
They're probably just a couple of
bimbos anyway.
They're not bimbos!
I can't live without you!
Please, please don't ever leave me, dear.
You need me to fix things.
Don't I always fix your cars!
Of course you do.
Boyd, we not gonna leave you.
She's your honey,
and I'm your baby.
Right, mom?
Of course we are!
You better be!
No shit!
Oh Boyd, don't be such a grouch!
I'm OK now.
Sal, I need you to come to Mojave with me.
I gotta check something out.
The Mojave Desert?
In this heat, are you nuts?
- I need your help.
- Forget about it!
I just want you to scare this guy!
He sees you, he'll back down.
He'll never mess with you.
- You want backup, huh?
- Will you do it?
You know I could scare the shit
out of this guy.
If I wanted to.
- I pay you 200 if you'll do it.
- Make it 500.
- 250, I just need your presence.
- Yeah sure, why not?
Don't worry about this guy, Al.
I'll take care of him for you.
I'm counting on you, Sal.
Just watch what I do.
And do what I do.
What are you gonna do?
I'm gonna act tough!
Hey, pull up over here.
We're gonna have to
get a few things.
We're home!
- I've made up a special for you coming back.
- We're real tired, Boyd, can we do it later?
Oh, come on,
this will just take a minute.
After you, ladies!
Gotta learn... you're not going anywhere!
Don't you ever, ever, ever
leave me again!
I can't believe a civilian
could buy a weapon like that.
You got the cash, Al,
you can get anything you want!
Please, be careful.
- Don't worry about it.
- He's here.
- You're ready?
- I'm ready.
Let's go!
I don't think this is
a very good idea.
What's wrong?
I'm just an actor!
This guy could be dangerous.
You're completely armed. You got a uniform!
You're a great actor!
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Let's go!
I think I gonna fuck up!
- Oh, please don't say that.
- I'm really scared!
- Now, do it.
- I got it.
Oh, shit!
Nope, you can do it!
Be ready?
- OK!
- Go!
- Yo! Easy!
- Where are they?
That's it, pal. That thing might go off.
Put it down, OK?
- So where are they?
- Who?
- Answer me, damn it!
- I'm trying to. Who?
Ellie and Julie!
Oh! They're not here.
- That's too bad!
- Oh, wait!
- They went out to Barstow.
- You're lying!
Oh, you think they're here?
They're not here! Look around.
See? They're not here!
Get up!
Alright. Just be careful with that thing.
Stay there!
- I'm warning you... one time.
- Are you alright?
Get in there!
OK... I'm going.
- Just... don't shoot me, OK?
- Well, don't irritate me then!
See? There's nobody here.
Where you put 'em?
I didn't put them anywhere!
They're not here!
They're in Barstow, shopping.
I swear, Mr.
I don't know about you, but I've never lied to
a guy who's holding a gun on me like that.
You believe him?
Look around!
Why he's doing this to me?
I never did anything to you!
You call planting a body
in a man's car nothing!
Mr., you got me mixed up
with somebody else!
We don't think so!
Somebody did a sick thing like
put a body in your car?
That is wacked!
But it wasn't me!
I didn't do it!
Julie thinks you did.
- She said that?
- So does Ellie.
Did you ever notice those two act a little off?
"off"? What do you mean, "off"?
I'm not saying anything against them,
but if you've been around them, I mean,
haven't you noticed they act
a little bit different?
- So what you're saying is...
- Come on, this is all so crazy!
I mean... you see bodies
lying around here?
You know, I don't even own a gun.
I hate the damn things!
- If you didn't do it, who did?
- I don't know.
I'm sorry, I can't trust you.
- What if he's telling the truth?
- I don't know!
- Is he gonna shoot me?
- I don't know!
Listen, why don't you put the gun down!
Sit down! Make yourselves comfortable. Wait for the gals
to come back, you can ask them yourselves.
They should be back any minute.
Maybe we will!
- Do you mind if I sit down too?
- No. No. Please! Sit down.
You know, I don't blame you.
I'll be pretty pissed too if
somebody pull that shit on me!
- I guess anybody would.
- Friends?
- Put it down!
- No!
Come on, give me the gun.
Don't move!
Stay back!
Ooo... you killed me!
Thanks a lot, buddy!
Hey, what are you doing?
Boyd, stop it!
Behave youself woman, or I have to hurt Ellie.
Now you don't want that, do you?
- Good!
- Ow!
Boyd, you don't have to tie her up.
We'll never leave you.
Well, I have to be sure...
...dummies snooping around!
Oh Boyd, what have you done?
They came at me!
They tried to kill me!
- Wasn't my fault!
- Oh my God!
- Don't hurt her Boyd!
- Oh... I'll never do anything like that, sweetheart!
- Unless I have to.
- What are you doing?
Have you ever had a ride
at the back of my truck?
- Well, you're in for a treat!
- Oh!
- You're OK, mom?
- Ellie!
Is everybody all right in there?
'Cause I haven't forgotten you.
I thought I killed you, boy!
Stay in here, I'll take care.
Now, ladies and gentlemen, please keep
your hands in the vehicle at all times.
And one and a two
and a three
That really pisses me off!
Come on, baby!
Come on!
Oh Boyd!
- You fucking lunatic, let it go!
- Stop this!
- Stop it, Boyd!
- Boyd!
Oh, please!
The brain... is working!
Where's he going?
What's he doing?
Here we go, baby!
Come on, sweetness!
- My truck.
- Let go, you son of a bitch!
- You're dead!
- Then I don't have to worry.
Don't move!
Sal... climb over the seat and
get into the front.
- Are you crazy?
- Do it!
I'm balancing the damn car!
- Al, I can't!
- Sal, do it!
Come on!
It's rocking!
Keep going, damn it!
All right, I'll do it!
I'm doing it!
Oh God! Al!
Good! Good!
Alright Sal, now you pay attention to me.
Look at me!
Stay calm and listen to
everything I tell you.
Now, Sal.
Get Ellie and Julie, and
pull them into the front seat.
No, it'll move!
Just do it!
They're not here!
What are you talking about?
Get 'em out now!
I think you better get off
of there, you might fall.
How did you...?
Sal? When I say "jump",
get out fast!
What are you gonna do?
Oh, careful!
Oh, be careful! Oh...
Oh, God!
Careful now!
- Are you all right?
- Yeah!
- Do I know you?
- Hey man, I'm Kaiser. What's up?
I feel like I've known you a long time!
You a lot taller than I thought!
Oh, boy!
Now we gonna call the cops!
You were wonderful.
Thank you.
I just... did what I had to do.
- Are you OK?
- Yeah, I'm...uh...I'm OK. I'm OK.
What about me?
Anybody care how I am?
Don't I know you?
Sal Santori, I'm an actor.
- Gator Face. You're... you're in Gator Face!
- Yeah!
Oh, my God!
Yeah, it's me.
You still want to get married?
No. I really don't.
Yeah, I think we should wait too.
You know, you got to marry
somebody else. don't want to?
You know you're messing up
big time here?
So long!
So long, Kaiser.
So... going back to L.A.?
I'm not going back to L.A. tonight.
I'm gonna stick around here for a while.
- Really?
- Yeah.
So you're not going back with me?
- No.
- OK.
Goodbye, Al!
So Al, how are we getting back to L.A.?
You wanna come with me, Gator Face?
Yeah. Cool!
Yes! Aaah!
What was that all about?
I think the movable home is...
giving off some of those wierd...
I'd like to take a
better look at that moon.
It's up this way.