Molly (1999) Movie Script

[peppy music playing]
I'm a bit unstable
She said
With a Cheshire grin
So many cracks
In my sidewalk, boy
Well, don't you fall in
Feels like the things
That I've wanted
The most in this life
I can't have
So you see
I've been damnin' the world
Before it damns me
She said, I'm naked
And shameless
And peelin' back
The layers like
An onion girl
Don't try to save me
Just stay away
'Cause I might make you cry
Lord, like an onion girl
[Buck] It's my boat.
When I get it fixed up.
It's, uh, 1964.
It's got a mahogany hull.
It's a racing class.
God, this place is
really depressing.
No wonder
they're closing it down.
My, um...
My sister's here.
[phone ringing]
[whispers] Ya!
So... [chuckles]
Are you picking up a relative?
With a moo, moo here
Excuse me?
And a moo, moo there
Here a moo, there a moo
Everywhere a moo, moo
Old Macdonald had a farm
And on his farm
He had some pigs
-Mr. McKay?
I'm Dr. Prentice.
We were beginning to think
that maybe you wouldn't show.
The other patients
left days ago.
Ya, well, I've been
kind of busy.
Is he, uh, okay?
With a moo, moo here
And moo, moo, moo
And moo
[Dr. Prentice]
He's been very
happy here, Mr. McKay.
[Domingo] Moo
Yeah, I guess ignorance
is bliss, right?
Of course, everyone's
a little agitated
about having to leave.
[Domingo] M-moo!
An orderly will be
bringing Molly down shortly.
However, I thought we might
have a little chat first.
[Domingo] M-moo!
Yeah. Sure.
[Domingo continues mooing]
-Hello, Domingo.
[boy] I think he was
singing the same song then.
We still know very little
about Molly's condition.
Every patient's unique.
The way she relates
to certain people,
-even on
an emotional level,
-Moo, moo, moo.
suggests mental retardation.
In other respects,
she's autistic.
But over the years
she's become quite
high functioning.
Which is why,
with a little help,
she should be able to adjust
to life outside
an institution like this.
She even has minor
savant-like talents.
I know. She recites
stuff verbatim.
She's Dustin Hoffman.
But the fact is,
she's pretty much
nonfunctional, right?
In recent years, Mr. McKay,
you haven't spent much time
with Molly.
So, what I need to know
are her basic needs
and how to affect them,
-so that she can
be comfortable, and I--
-Can have a life.
Thank you.
I've copied out
the daily routine that Molly
feels most comfortable with.
That routine is
very important for Molly.
We'll be monitoring
her progress on a daily basis,
at least, the next few weeks.
You need to remember that,
like many autistic people,
Molly has very acute hearing.
Loud noises can be
extremely painful to her.
[Molly moans]
-Hi, Molly.
-[Dr. Prentice] Molly,
do you remember Buck?
-Your brother?
Don't you remember
last Christmas, Moll?
I took you out for a walk.
Well, I guess
we should go, then.
-Come on, let's go.
Off we go.
-[shrieking] No!
Mr. McKay, let her go.
May I, uh, speak with Molly?
Alone? For a minute?
May I?
Molly, come here.
-Who is this guy?
-Sam's been with us
the past couple of years.
He has a severe
learning disability.
He communicates
with Molly on a level
I don't fully understand.
He's sort of
her interpreter.
Her guardian angel.
Thank you for your help.
Bliss, Mr. McKay.
-Don't hesitate to call.
-[door opens, closes]
She's home, Moll.
-[waves crashing]
-[seagulls squawking]
[answer machine beeps]
[pop song playing]
-[woman] Hi. It's Jennifer.
-Look at this, Moll.
I'm gonna bring
round those comps,
but I'm working late...
-, I don't know
what time I'll get there.
-Big kiss! Mwah!
-[answer machine beeps]
Yeah, he say your future
Looks crystal, baby
I just gotta
Get away from here
I wanna be an eagle
Soarin' high
Send my name
Across the sky
[Molly] Molly wet.
What's wet?
Pants! Molly wet pan--
Dr. Prentice,
you didn't tell me she was
still wetting herself.
This was not
part of the deal.
[Dr. Prentice]
It's a reaction to
the breaking of her routine.
[Buck] Well, how long
is this reaction
going to go on?
[Dr. Prentice] The sooner
she settles down, the sooner
this sort of thing will stop.
-[phone beeps]
For crying out loud.
Come on. Okay, um...
-So, are you gonna
take 'em off?
Okay, what am
I supposed to do here?
[sighs] Molly? Come on.
[laughing hysterically]
[effort grunts]
Okay. Hold on
for a second, okay?
-Moll, you hungry?
-Yes, Molly hungry.
-You like pizza?
-Molly like peas.
No, not peas. Pizza.
No, pizza. See?
Peas! Peas!
Molly, be quiet.
Okay, now what time does
the presentation start?
-I thought it was 10:30.
-[closes oven]
[oven beeping]
Prescott told me
it was 10:30.
[Buck sighs]
And what time does
day care open?
All right.
I'll see you tomorrow.
All right? Bye.
-[phone beeps]
Starch, modified flour,
disodium inosinate,
turmeric disodium guanylate."
I've been eating that?
[epic music playing]
Come on, Molly.
Buck's late.
Buck's late. Buck's late.
[Buck] Moll, careful.
It's slippery.
[Buck] Come on, Molly!
[baby cooing,
adults chattering]
[Buck] Hi.
Uh, are you the person
in charge here?
-Yes. Joyce Leslie.
-Joyce! Right.
I'm Buck McKay, 16th floor.
My assistant,
Brenda, called you
about enrolling Molly.
-Yes, of course.
Is Molly here?
-Yeah. She's right here. Uh...
She's got her bag,
and if you need anything,
you have my number. Um...
Uh, okay then. Bye, Moll.
Mr. McKay, is this
some sort of a joke?
-Mr. McKay?
Is this a joke?
This is not a child, Mr. McKay.
I know.
Yeah, but she has
the mind of a child.
Mr. McKay, we're just not
equipped to handle Molly.
I'm sorry. Good-bye.
[Buck] Sorry.
-Molly! Molly, no.
-Molly, no.
[elevator dings,
door slides open]
[phones ringing,
people chattering]
[Molly humming tunelessly]
[bell dings, door slides]
[Molly continues humming]
[door opening]
-[elevator dings]
-Bite me.
You're late, Mr. McKay.
-Buck late.
-I know. Miss Duffy,
this is my sister, Molly.
Can she sit here, while I--
Come on, sit down here.
Come on. Sit down.
Okay. Thank you.
Sit down.
I'm gonna be
right in there, okay?
You wait for me.
[door opening]
[man] There's nothing new
in the juxtaposition
of contrary images,
but in this campaign,
the hula girl and the Eskimo,
the luau and the igloo,
give us unique
comic possibilities
for years to come.
Now that he's deigned
to join us, let me
introduce Buck McKay.
Excuse me. May I help you?
[Buck speaking, muffled]
Molly hot.
The follow-up campaign
reverses the situation,
and plants our favorite igloo
smack in the middle
of Redondo Beach.
Polar Pete, of course,
has got his best baggies on.
The wife, hula's,
got great bikini range.
Possibilities here
for infinite varieties.
You could have
a different swimsuit
for every beach.
East and west of Waimea Bay.
-Out they come,
Polar Pete and--
-[door opens]
[audience tittering]
Molly hot, Buck.
[speaking Japanese]
-[people chattering]
-[imitating airplane]
What's going on here?
-What happened?
I was in--
-Don't talk.
Just get her dressed.
Molly hungry?
[Buck] Bren?
You go take her out
for pizza, and then
take her to my place.
Molly, I'll be there
as soon as I can, okay?
Oh, my God.
[laughing, squealing]
[epic music playing]
[inhales deeply]
[slow instrumental
music playing]
-Good morning, Sharon.
-Good morning, Buck.
[Buck] Georgia.
What's up?
-Big trouble.
-What happened?
The ice cream account
went to Beresford and Weir.
Prescott wants to see you.
[slams door]
-I put these
in the cupboard--
-[shrieking] No!
Mr. McKay. Mr. McKay, I--
It doesn't mean
anything, Carmen.
I don't know
what's wrong with her.
Did you talk to your sister
about baby-sitting Molly?
Oh, I don't think
she would do it.
Know what you mean.
-Sorry, Bren.
-Hey, it's okay.
-[Buck] Hi, Molly.
-[Molly] Hi, Molly.
-How was it?
Fine. We watched
the "flying monkey" scene
from The Wizard of Oz
like six times.
It's one of her favorites.
Thanks for this.
I'm gonna miss you.
-You're a good boss.
-[Buck chuckles]
You're a good liar.
[both chuckle]
-[Brenda] Okay.
-Bye, Molly.
[Molly] Bye, Molly.
Well, I guess this is it.
See you later.
-[Buck sighs]
-[door closing]
So I talked to this guy.
He's one of our sponsors,
and he's fine with you
workin' at home.
-Writing copies...
-I don't want to work
part-time at home.
I want to get out.
I understand that,
but in the meantime,
this will tide you over.
I'm living like a hermit.
And when I do go out,
I feel guilty.
[babysitter laughing]
-It's okay.
-[dog barking]
Another dog.
[echoing music playing]
Oh, Molly. They're toys.
They're toys, they're not real.
It's okay.
All she does is,
uh, channel-surf.
Or she lines up her shoes.
Yeah, it's like living
with Imelda Marcos.
[Buck] And she knows.
She's not completely out of it.
She knows I'm goin' stir crazy.
[hip-hop music playing]
[babysitter giggling]
[growls, barks]
[slow classical music playing]
[music ends]
[surf pounding]
Got a surprise for ya.
Got a visitor.
-Hey, Moll.
[Sam] Hi. [chuckles]
[Molly exclaims]
[Buck] I'll leave you to it.
[Sam] She was,
uh, reading to me.
Robinson Crusoe.
Be great
if she had any idea
what it was about.
Oh... You'd be
surprised, Mr. McKay.
Look, I, uh, got a job.
-At the Kerrans Institute.
-Oh, yeah?
Yes. Dr. Prentice,
he, uh, got me the job,
and, uh, actually,
he's been calling up,
asking, uh...
Well, recommending
Molly for one
of their new programs.
-Yeah. Yeah.
-Really? That sounds good.
I-I-I mean,
it would be, uh,
up to you, of course,
but, if they, um...
Well, if they
found her suitable,
um, they'd take her
off your hands.
For a while, anyway.
I know.
It's hard, Mr. McKay.
Anyway, it's a little bit
self-serving for me. Uh...
I have a learning disability.
Maybe because of that,
uh, we're kind of
on the same wavelength.
When she reads to me,
I seethe words...
Right here in front of me.
It's a real person
in there, Mr. McKay.
And she wants to come out.
-Mr. McKay?
I'm Dr. Brookes.
Hello, Molly.
Hello, Molly.
I've discussed Molly's
history in great detail
with Dr. Prentice.
Right. He said that
she was an ideal candidate
for this.
Well, we need to determine
that with our own
series of tests.
Uh-huh. You know,
Dr. Brookes, uh, Molly has
some extraordinary talents.
The tests actually include
a series of pet scans
of Molly's brain.
-So, I have some forms
that I need you to fill out.
-Uh-huh. Sure.
[monitors beeping]
[Dr. Simmons]
We make a tiny incision
in the skull, right here.
[Dr. Brookes] Using a probe,
we transplant
a set of genetically
re-engineered cells,
hopefully restoring
the dormant area of the brain
to partial utilization.
Will she be able
to look after herself
on her own, for example?
[Dr. Brookes]
That's a definite possibility.
[Dr. Simmons]
But, there's always a risk
in any operation,
and with the brain
those risks involve, uh,
stroke, paralysis,
motor functions...
They're rare,
but they do happen.
How rare?
In perhaps 6% of the cases.
-[imitating owl] Hoo. Hoo.
-[Buck] Six percent?
[Molly] Hoo.
This has gotten
way out of hand.
-I may be a selfish schmuck,
but you're my sister.
-Selfish schmuck.
This is a life-or-death
issue, Moll.
I mean, you're happy some
of the time, aren't you?
Am I just wanting this
for myself...
-...'cause I'm a little
[child groans, grunts]
[Buck] But it would give
you a chance
to have a better life.
[laughing, squealing]
[pneumatic doors hissing]
-[echoing] Hi, Susan.
-[echoing] Hi, Molly.
[echoing] You can undress
behind the screen.
[electronic beeping]
[siren wailing in distance]
-[woman] I don't know.
-[man] Know what I mean?
There he is.
[clears throat] Hey, man.
What's the word?
-Still operating.
-How are you?
[chattering, indistinct]
-[Mark] So, we're just gonna
hang out here.
-You're gonna stay here?
[woman on P.A., indistinct]
-Everything all right?
-Yeah, she's fine.
How ya doin'?
[electronic beeping]
-Ouch, huh?
-[beeping continues]
[beeping speeds up,
raises pitch]
Dr. Brookes! Dr. Brookes!
What's happening?
What's goin' on?
-Lorazepam, phenytoin,
two and one.-[nurse] Got it.
[Dr. Brookes] Mr. McKay,
get out of here, please.
Thank you.
Lita, I want
Dr. Simmons in here.
-[woman on P.A.]
Dr. Simmons, ICU, stat.
-[Dr. Brookes] Yeah, that's it.
[woman on P.A.]
Dr. Simmons to ICU, stat.
[Dr. Brookes]
It's okay, Molly.
It's gonna be okay.
[monitors beeping]
I just got off work.
-She had some kind
of seizure.
-Yeah, I heard.
But it's gonna be okay.
What makes you so sure?
Mr. McKay, sometimes...
I have a sense of things,
And I feel
something extraordinary
is going to happen.
[Dr. Brookes] Mr. McKay?
She's resting now.
We have no idea what
caused that reaction.
We almost lost her,
didn't we?
She's all right now.
She could have died, right?
[Buck] Hmm.
[woman on TV] I'm not
going to sleep with you.
I'm not planning
on either of us
getting much sleep.
And I'm certainly not
going to sleep in that bed.
Not without giving the mattress
a good airing first
-[Mark] I slept on the couch.
-[Mark] You can ask Fiona.
-[woman] All right, I will.
-Molly, are you ready
for more tests?
-[electronic chirping]
-[Dr. Brookes]
Our projections show
that the red dot should now be
about the size of a dime.
I'm afraid the grafted
cells didn't take.
-So, what happens next?
-In a few weeks, we'd
like to try again
in a slightly
different location.
-Are you serious?
-After what happened last time?
-Buck, we're breaking
new ground here.
We learned so much
from that last procedure--
Yeah, by drilling
into people's heads
like they're lab rats.
My sister nearly died!
I am not going
to let her go through
something like that again.
[door closes]
[keys jingling]
[engine cranking]
-[engine cranking]
[stops cranking]
Goddamn son of a bitch.
-Son of a bitch.-[cranking continues]
-Damn son of a bitch!
-Damn son of a bitch.
[cranking continues]
-Son of a bitch!
-Son of a bitch!
[cranking continues]
-Molly cold.
-Yeah, I know
you're cold, Molly.
-Molly cold.
-Yeah, Molly,
I know that you're cold,
-but the car
-won't start, okay?
Molly cold!
-Molly cold. Molly cold.
-Come on, you
son of a bitch.
-Would you shut up?
Shut up, Molly!
-Molly cold! No!
Just goddammit!
I didn't ask for this!
I didn't ask for you!
So shut up!
[shrill screaming] No.
[Molly crying]
[crying] No.
I'm sorry, Moll.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
[Judy Garland]
Somewhere over the rainbow
Bluebirds fly
Birds fly
Over the rainbow
Why, then
Oh, why
Can't I
[birds chirping]
[indistinct chatter on TV]
[surfing channels]
-Nothing good on, eh, Moll?
-Nothing good on, eh?
[continues switching]
Let's go for a ride.
-Want to go for a ride?
"There is nothing wrong
with your television set.
Do not attempt
to adjust the picture.
We are controlling
You are about
to experience the awe
and mystery which reaches
from the inner mind to
the outer limits."
[Buck] What do you think?
Looks like the Milky Way
just fell out of the sky.
Huh, Moll?
Four million,
eight hundred thousand,
three hundred and two.
[car door opens, closes]
Here it is. The list.
-Can you say, "the list"?
It's okay.
You don't have to.
Okay. The plan is,
while I look for a job,
you will become
-Cool, huh?
-No. Hot!
Yeah, okay.
This is a list of things
you need to learn.
Good. Now, as you can see,
I've divided it
into the basics.
We have personal hygiene,
recreation, and eating. Mmm!
Now, every time you complete
a task, we put a check mark
in the box beside it. You see?
Now, when you get all the boxes
checked, you get to take
a trip in Buck's boat!
Let's try it. Okay.
-Um, what is your name?-Molly!
[sighs in relief]
That is fabulous.
-See, now, I'm making
a big red check mark
in the box beside,
"Says name when asked."
Okay, next.
Um, where do you live?
-Absolutely correct.
But you need to learn
your actual address
to get a check mark. Uh...
Oh. Tying shoes?
That's getting a little ahead--
-Yes! Tie shoes.
All right, tying shoes it is.
You take the two ends,
and make the incredibly
difficult and death-defying
overhand knot.
-Molly try.
Right, you make the loop.
Good. What do you do
after that?
You go around the loop.
Remember, nobody's ever
done this on the first try.
Okay, try again, try again.
Okay, what do we do first?
-[Buck] We'll try again
tomorrow, okay?
-You go to bed.
Sleep tight.
Wonderful things he does
Ba-ba, ba-ba-ba-ba
We're off to see the Wizard
-The wonderful Wizard of Oz
-Go! Now, jump!
-We're off to see the Wizard
The wonderful Wizard of Oz
We're off because
Because, because, because
-Oh! Mr. McKay! Oh!
Go on, dance. Go on.
-Whoo! Whoo-oo!
-[laughing] Oh!
-Oh! Oh, Molly!
[maid] Oh, Molly.
[woman singing, indistinct]
[motor whirring]
[imitating sander]
[slow instrumental
music playing]
Ow! [groans]
[whispering] Holy shit.
[toaster clanks]
[blender whirring]
My name is Molly McKay.
I live at 200 Mildred Avenue,
Venice, California 90291!
If you look over
to the last image,
that's present.
And we had no idea
there'd be that amount
of cell growth.
I'm a bit unstable
She said
With a Cheshire grin
- So many cracks
In my sidewalk, boy
-[Sam] One, two, three!
Well, don't you fall in
-[screaming, yelling]
-She said I'm naked
And shameless
- And peeling back
The layers like
An onion girl
Don't try to save me
Just stay away
'Cause I might make you cry
Aw, like an onion girl
I think it's going to rain.
-An onion girl
[man on tape]
Yes, it's getting darker
by the minute.
Yes, it's getting
darker by the minute.
[man on tape]
Was that
a flash of lightning?
Was that a flash of li-light--
-[recorder clicking]
-Flash of...
"But I needed none
of all this precaution,
for never man had
a more faithful, loving,
sincere servant
than Friday was to me.
Without passion,
sullenness or designs,
perfectly obliged and engaged,
his very affections
were tied to me
like those of a child
to a father,
and I daresay he would
have sacrificed his life
for the saving of mine
on any occasion whatsoever."
Hello, Buck.
[slow orchestral music playing]
Why do they put
died people in the ground?
-[chuckles] Dead people.
-Dead people.
It's a religious ritual.
-There are a lot
of people in the world.
Well, if they all die,
then eventually the world's
gonna be one big cemetery.
That's a good point.
Some people are cremated.
They're dead.
It doesn't hurt.
How do you know?
That's a good question.
I wish I knew
what they were like.
Yeah, but they say they're
in a better place now.
The ground is not
a better place, Buck.
You know, before
I lived in a hospital...
Well, it was more like a home.
Yeah, for people like me.
And you waited
until you had room,
and then you came
to get me?
You see, the home got
its money from the government.
And one day,
the government just decided
to close it down.
Do you think they can
feel us lying on them?
Oh, lady
I'll build a mountain
-I'm really glad
we're getting out.
[sighs] I'm changing.
I have all these emotions
that I don't really understand.
There's some things
that I wanted
to talk to you about.
-What things?
-Well, I'm getting
smarter by the minute.
That's nothing
to worry about.
-Yeah. I'm reading
a lot of books.
-That's a good thing!
My vocabulary is
growing exponentially.
-[chuckles] Good word!
-Thank you.
What's a blow job?
-[man on P.A.] A reminder,
Dodger fans, next Wednesday...-Right here. family night,
so plan on being here
as your Los Angeles Dodgers
continue their quest
for the western division title.
[cheering, booing]
[organ music playing]
-[woman 1] Hey,
batter, batter, batter!
-[woman 2] Swing!
-[sharp crack]
Whoo! Go, Dodgers!
Go, Dodgers! Yee-hah!
-Whoo! Whoo!
-Come on, baby.
-Come on, baby.
Yeah! High inside.
High inside.
Hey, you hungry?
-All right. Stay here
and watch the game.
-Wait! I don't
understand the game yet.
-See that guy there?
-He throws the ball
at a guy right there
-Who tries to hit it
with the bat.
-The bat.
If he does,
he has to run to the base
before those guys can throw
the ball to the base.
And if he touches the base
before the ball arrives,
he's safe.
Safe from what?
-[woman] Go, go, go!
-From being "out."
-Out of what?
I'll explain when I get back.
-It's a weird game, Buck,
but I like it!
[laughs] Go, baby!
[spectators cheering, clapping]
-You dumb shit, ump!
He was out by a mile!
-[man] Sit down!
-The man dropped the ball.
What, have you got
binoculars on your eyes?
-What are you,
some kind of retard?
-I'm an irregular retard.
-And you?
A wiseass retard.
I'm not familiar with that.
[Buck] What's goin' on?
Having a disagreement
with that wiseass retard.
[chuckling] Look at 'em go.
Man, I wish I could hear
what they were saying.
[man] Come on, what's goin' on?
Who are you, Ray Charles?
He was out by ten feet.
-"He was out by ten feet."
-[umpire] He dropped
the ball, dick nose.
-[manager] Ten feet!
-"He dropped the ball,
dick nose!"
-Ten feet! Get outta my face.
-He dropped the ball.
"Get outta my face!"
"No, youget outta myface."
[shouting continues,
"Your breath smells
like the shithouse door
on a tuna boat."
-[groaning, chuckling]
-[woman] Oh, my God!
This is the best part
of the game so far.
-[Buck] That was a great game.
-Will you take me again?
You're the best brother
in the whole world.
I'd like to wake up
with you in the morning.
Feel the stubble on your chin,
your hot breath
-on my cheek---Molly!
We're brother and sister.
[whispering] We'll talk
about it later.
[girls giggling]
[Buck] Brothers and sisters
can't get married.
[Molly] Why not?
'Cause that's the way
that things are.
There are scientific reasons.
People with the same genes
can't... Can't mix them.
We don't have the same jeans.
I don't even wear jeans.
it's a different meaning.
It's G-E-N-E-S.
It's a different spelling.
Oh. Oh, I know about them.
Genes provide the blueprint
for what organisms become.
Where did you get that from?
I read a lot
of scientific books.
-Like Jackie Collins.
So what can brothers
and sisters do
if they like each other a lot?
They can be friends for life.
That's all?
That's a lot.
How come we weren't
friends before?
I guess we didn't
know each other that well.
[reggae music playing]
You wanna dance?
No. This is not a place
where you dance.
Yes, it is.
[music continues]
Molly, sit down.
-Come on.
Come on, sit down.
Come and show me
What you're worth
[song continues]
-Dance with me.
If you slip
You're gonna slide
-[Molly] Race you to the door!
-[Buck] Wh-- Hey!
-[Molly shrieks]-I'm right behind you!
-I won!
-[Jim] Hi, Molly.
-Hi, Jim.
Mr. McKay, Dr. Brookes
wanted to see you
in her office...
-when you got in.
-Thanks, Jim.
[radio playing]
-[Buck] You cheated.
-[Molly] I did not cheat.
-Good night.
-Good night.
-She's supposed to be
in bed by 8:00.
We got sidetracked.
She asked me to marry her.
-Well, what did you say?
-Stop it, Buck.
Okay? Please.
-This isn't funny.
No. It's the first time
anybody's gone through
something like this,
and we have no idea
how she's gonna react
to all this stimuli.
We just have to take things
very slowly.I'm sorry.
She's wonderful.
I want to thank you for...
Giving her to me.
[softly] Thank you.
For the first time
in my life, I feel...
Kind of blessed, I guess.
Thank you.
[Dr. Brookes]
You haven't said
how it was today.
I don't know how much
she remembers.
Well, ask her.
So that gives a complete
analysis of the components
of the blood,
-That's right.
Where did you
find out about this?
I have all these books up here.
Now when I play them back,
I can finally understand them.
How do you mean,
"play them back"?
They're like videos.
[makes whirring sound]
Where did you read
all these books?
At the home?
Every book
on Dr. Prentice's shelf.
So, did you have
a nice time with Buck
last night?
Yes, I did.
[chuckles] Thanks.
[continues moaning,
staccato grunts]
[Molly continues moaning]
The old room 306.
Hello, Lauris.
[Lauris] Whatever are you
doing here, James?
What do you think
he's doing, Lauris,
guessing your weight?
-[Lauris] You thought
perhaps what?
Hi, Molly.
Wanna go shopping?
Oh! Oh, no. Can't.
-Are you going out?
-Yeah. I'm going out
with Sam.
-Do I look weird?
No, you look good.
-Let me show you
-I'm gonna take these off.
Because you already
have eyelashes,
and they're
perfectly beautiful,
just the way they are.
See, Molly, the purpose
of makeup is to accentuate
your strong points.
-But-but I don't have
any strong points.
-Yes, you do.
-No. My eyes
are too close together.
-No, they're not.
-I look like a baboon.
-You do not look
like a baboon!
Yeah, I do. I do!
I saw one on TV.
Probably my
great-great grandfather.
-Why do you say that?
-'Cause we're descended
from them, aren't we?
-Probably had
big blue bottoms
that would grow bigger
when we wanted to have sex.
Well, our bottoms
do tend to get bigger,
but not just when
we want to have sex,
Okay. That's good.
[knock at door]
Oh, my God! He's early!
-[door closes]
-Come in!
-Hi, Dr. Trehare.
-Hi, Sam.
Is Molly here?
Yeah. Uh, she's...
Why don't you--
Why don't you have a seat.
All right.
[door opens]
[in Southern accent]
Why, Sam, whatever
are you doing here?
I thought we were
going for a walk.
Why, yes, I do believe
you are correct.
[Molly] Oh, fiddle-dee-dee.
[chuckles softly]
-Excuse me.
Do you... Like me?
I like you.
Well, then, how come
you've never...
Kissed me?
Well, I, um...
'Cause, you know, when
people like each other,
they're supposed to kiss.
Well, yeah.
I guess so. I mean--
I know how to do it.
-You do?
Well, I know how to...
Well, I know that.
Want to do it?
[breathing heavily]
Well, I mean, it's not
something that I--
That does--
[chuckling] Wait. Okay.
-[dismayed] Oh!
-[Sam chuckles] Nothing.
I'm just, uh...
Let me go to work.
See ya.
See ya.
[sighs heavily]
-Are you all right?
-Yes, I'm fine,
uh, Dr. Brookes.
Just a little...
Anxious, that's all.
[Dr. Brookes]
Scarlett got you
on the run, huh?
-[Sam exhales]
-Oh, it's okay.
It's okay.
-Just... Yeah,
it's coming off.
[Dr. Brookes]
A little bit of lipstick.
-Jackie Collins is right,
you know.
There is an epidemic going on.
[chuckles] Of what?
Beverly's boyfriend
is sleeping with half
the women in town,
and Susan
is cheating on you.
With Sam!
-Hello, Molly.
-"Hello, Molly."
Is something wrong? A problem?
Something needs airing?
No, the only thing
that needs airing
is your mattress.
-Molly, what--
-Do you think I don't know?
You just stay away
from him, you slut!
-Molly, wh---Isn't it enough that you're
trapping my brother...
-into a meaningless
If I ever see you
near Sam again,
I swear to God, I will--
-Molly, you're being jealous.
-I am not being jealous!
It's okay.
It's a normal
adolescent emotion.
I am notan adolescent!
I am a 28-year-old woman!
God, why can't you
understand that?
Why can't you
understand me?
[ragged breathing]
Molly? Molly, it's okay.
We've all been there.
I just felt like...
Before you fixed my brain.
He had some cows
With a moo, moo here
And a moo, moo
-Moo, moo.
[Domingo] Mmm.
-Hello, Domingo.
-[Domingo] Mmm!
-Thank you, Sam.
-Sure, Janet.
[Domingo] Mmm!
-Sorry about yesterday.
-Me too.
-Me too.
I know I was a little weird.
No, I-I-I was, uh...
-Well, I just hope that we
don't have to be embarrassed.
I mean, it's still us, right?
Whatever happens, it...
It's, uh...
Whenever you're ready.
Not now.
Whenever you feel ready,
then you can kiss me.
Will you--
Will you kiss me back?
What time do you
get off work?
Two o'clock.
Will you be my date?
[woman singing]
Forbidden fruit.
I think.
-You smell like an animal.
-Thank you.
These are a more youthful
kind of perfume.
-Do you like it?
Yum, yum.
[both barking]
-[both muttering]
-[bottle clattering]
Well, that's our
entire range.
Which one
did you like the best?
We'll, uh, think about it.
Look your last.
And lips...
Oh, you, the doors
of breath...
Seal with a righteous kiss.
A dateless bargain
to engrossing death.
Romeo, stop! She's--
She's-she's asleep!
She's not dead!
-She's just asleep! Stop!
-[audience murmuring]
Juliet, wake up!
Wake up! Juliet, wake up!
-See? She's okay.
-Jeff, can I get
some help here?
-What are you doing?
-[all clamoring]
-[Buck] It's okay, it's okay.
I got her.
She almost knocked
my teeth out.
-Whoa! Whoa!
-Are you all right?
-What's wrong?
-You all right?
It's okay.
We got her.
At the beginning,
I knew it was a play,
but it became very real.
I'll have the Irish
smoked salmon...
-I would love to be
in love like that.
-And the Maine lobster.
-[Molly] Wouldn't you?
-[Dr. Brookes] Absolutely.
So passionate.
Here, nobody ever says how
they feel about anything.
I mean, look at those
two people over there.
They have not said
a word to each other
since they sat down.
-Look at them!
Well, they're obviously
angry at each other.
Why don't they say something?
I just wish they'd scream.
If everybody screamed when
they wanted to, the world
would be a madhouse.
Huh. At least
it'd be more honest.
-[maitre d'] Sir?
-Uh, I'll have the mussels
and the tournedos.
Medium rare.
-And what's your name?
-Uh, Richard.
Have you chosen?
I'm gonna have the mud cake--
Chocolate mud cake
and then the key lime pie.
-Mmm-hmm. And to begin?
-I'm gonna have
the chocolate mud cake
and then the key lime pie.
I saw the greatest dress.
I'd like a coffee.
Uh, black.
Sam, aren't you hungry?
I'm starving. [laughs]
No. Coffee's fine, thank you.
Sam, it's okay.
I'm treating. Seriously.
I know the prices here
are outrageous,
but that's why I do
the stuff I do.
-So we can come
to places like this.
-[all laugh]
Go ahead.
Coffee's gonna be
just fine for me, thanks.
Molly, is something wrong?
There was just a silence.
I screamed for all of us.
Sam doesn't want any food.
I thought Romeo
was beautiful.
Yeah. Juliet was, uh,
not bad either--
-Not that I noticed.
-[maitre d'] How are these
for size?
-oh, my God!
-Sam, get that one!
-[Sam] Okay!
They can't breathe
out of the water!
[all clamoring]
-Get it away from me!
-Madame, please go back
to your table.
-They're choking!
[Buck] You all right, Sam?
Audrey, I could use
some help here, please.
I do apologize.
And we will pay
for the dry cleaning
of that dress.
-[all laughing]
-Let's drink to that.
Those lobsters
live in the tank.
They're someone's pets.
Why would you eat
someone's pets?
Well, Molly, I didn't
think of it that way,
but I'll try to do better
next time.
Thank you.
Buck, will you
dance with me?
Why not?
Sam dances well,
doesn't he? [chuckles]
Sam's great.
Would you like him
as a brother-in-law?
I'd be honored.
'Cause you're gonna
have to give me away.
Dad says it's okay.
I talk to them
in my dreams.
They're not
in the ground anymore.
Once you die,
at least you don't
get any older.
That's one good thing.
[Buck] Are you sure
you want to see this?
[Molly] Yeah. I do.
[singing fanfare]
Honey, you want to come
give your present to Moll?
-[Gary] Come on over, Buck.
-[Julie] Come on, sweetie.
It feels nice and soft.
[Gary] Can you guess, Moll?
What's this one, Moll?
I wonder what it is.
Oh, what is it?
Sweetie! Yeah,
it's a bunny, Moll.
look at the bunny.
Look at that
little soft bunny.
[Julie] Oh, he's
the cutest little bunny.
Buck, come over
to the table.
Come on.
[boy muttering]
[Molly] In the world
where I come from,
nothing's predictable.
Sometimes everything's
crowding in on you,
so you have to
hunch in
on something small
and certain and safe.
In your world,
almost everything's
But for us,
it's all a jumble,
and sometimes,
you just have to scream.
So people look
at you strangely,
and talk about you
as if you're not
even there.
You always know
what they're saying.
They get very upset
when you scream,
but often, I know
that they would like
to scream themselves.
I think that's what
I find most strange
about this world,
is that nobody
ever says how they feel.
They hurt,
but they don't cry out.
They're happy,
but they don't dance
or jump around.
And they're angry,
but they hardly
ever scream,
because they'd
feel ashamed, and...
Nothing's worse than that.
So we all walk around
with our heads looking down,
And never look up
and see how beautiful
the sky is.
[seagulls calling]
[soothing music playing]
Ah! Hey!
[laughing, screaming]
Oh, ho, ho, ho!
-[continues laughing,
[hooting, laughing]
So what's
actually happening?
Well, her immune system
is attacking
the new cell growth.
It's not something
we expected
because they originated
from her own genetic
The problem is
to identify a suppressant
which will switch off
that part
of the immune system
in the time frame we have.
Well, why not shut
the whole thing down?
She'd die of a cold
in a week.
-Look, you did this thing
to Molly, okay? You made---Mr. McKay--
You made her into a person.
What are you saying,
There is a chance
of the whole process
completely reversing.
This is crazy.
I mean, she is
not gonna go back
to what she was, okay?
We gotta work at this
and we gotta stop
this thing.
There was always
the possibility
of this happening, Buck.
-You knew that
in the beginning.
-No, I didn't know
that you were gonna create
a whole new person and then
just give up on her.
She was always
a person, Buck.
What in hell are we
gonna tell Molly
about this?
I think she knows,
Dr. Simmons.
I think she's known
for quite a while.
I felt some things.
But it was just
in the last few weeks.
-Why didn't you
say something?-I don't know.
'Cause I was scared.
You're not going back.
I'm not gonna let you.
All right, you're here
and you are my sister, and...
We're gonna get through
this thing together.
Aren't we?
-I don't know.
We're gonna beat this thing.
I'm so scared.
I'm really scared.
I'm, uh...
I don't want to go back.
I don't want to lose
all this.
-I don't want to lose you.
-You won't lose me.
-Yeah, I will.
You have to go...
...and find somebody else.
-You do.
-No, Moll--
Yes, you do.
It's not gonna be any different
than how it was before.
No. You've seen
how I am now.
You're always gonna be
thinking about that.
Always gonna be
thinking about how
I could have been.
-No, I won't.
-Yeah, you will.
You know why?
Because I'll always
know it's you
no matter what.
[melancholic music playing]
[crickets chirping]
[clock ticking]
[night creatures]
[ticking continues]
[wind chimes tinkling]
[ticking continues]
[all sounds intensifying]
Come on, Moll.
-I don't think I can do it.
-Yes, you can.
Come on.
You ready?
Sit up here.
Okay? Now just pedal,
all right?
Put your feet here.
You got handlebars there.
-Just pedal, okay?
-Yeah. Come on, Moll.
Moll, we went riding yesterday.
You can do this, okay?
Come on, sit up here.
I'm gonna give you
a push start, okay?
Then you just keep
your balance
and you pedal.
-All right?
Yes. You can do this.
Are you ready?
Here we go. Come on.
-Yes. Come on.
Come on.
-Come on, pedal. Pedal.
Come on, you can do it.
[moaning nervously]
-[Buck] Keep your feet
on the pedals!
-[Molly shrieks]
Moll, you okay?
-Molly! Are you all right?
-Are you all right?
Come on.
-I'm all right.
[Buck] Let's try it again.
You did this yesterday.
You can do it!
Buck, you can't force her!
What are you doing?
-For God's sake!
-She's gonna ride
this bike!
What are you
trying to do?
-She fell off the bike!
-I am not gonna
let it happen!
She is not going back
to being a vegetable!
-[Dr. Brooke's] Sam!
-Don't say that, Buck.
Don't say that
about anybody.
I'm sorry about out there.
You know when you used
to come to see me
every Christmas?
You'd bring me a box
of candies every year?
Well, one year,
you brought me a hat.
It was a yellow straw hat
with ribbons on it.
I loved that hat.
But it blew off
the first time
they took me to the beach.
Sailed up into the sky...
Till next Christmas.
You brought me
another box of candies.
You remember that?
Of course I do.
I waited for you
to come all year.
When mom and dad died,
you didn't even...
You didn't even seem
to know it had happened.
You'd still talk about them
like they were still around.
Maybe they were.
I was 17, Moll.
All those years
that they had been, uh,
looking after you,
I'd just go up
to my room.
When they died, I...
I didn't know
who you were.
I hardly knew how
to look after myself.
I always wished
that you'd bring
your friends home.
I wanted to meet them.
I didn't want people
to see you.
I never told anyone
I even had a sister.
It'll still be me, Buck.
I am gonna be just as much
a person as I am now.
I'll just be different.
[slow instrumental
music playing]
[imitating surf]
[continues imitating]
Hi there.
It's looking good.
You've done a lot of work.
I'm taking it out
for trials in two weeks.
See if it floats.
Do you need some crew?
I wanted to tell you
that we found
a good place for Molly.
It's sort of
a halfway house.
She'll be moving there
at the end of the week.
We'll all really miss her.
But we'll be able to visit.
I didn't know
if you'd be here,
so I wrote down the address.
I'm sure she wants to see you.
Would she know who I was?
Well, you won't know
until you go.
It's really close by.
You liked it
when we went there.
[child-like] No.
There's all those
big gardens.
You'll be able to help
pick all the lemons
and the oranges.
I'll come and see you
every day, Moll.
We'll be climbing
all over those fruit trees.
Thought I'd give you a lift
to the new place.
Is that okay, Susan?
Of course.
Got a job, Sus.
I mean, it's not a great one,
but I can pay off my debts.
They repossessed
the other car.
I was gonna
come with Molly,
if that's all right.
Sam... Molly go Buck.
Molly go Buck.
See you.
And, uh...
I will be needing
that crew,
if she's still available.
She is.
Thought we'd stop by
on the way.
-Molly go Buck?-Yeah.
What do you think
of the new layout, Moll?
Is this the right place
for the bed?
Forgot your cards.
Nice light in here.
See that light?
Got enough shoes there
to keep you going?
And, uh...
I got, uh, Carmen
coming by every day.
She wants you to give her
dancing lessons.
I'm hoping Sam's gonna
be stopping by sometimes.
So it's...
It's gonna be quite a...
a household,
If you want to join it.
Hello, Buck.
Hi, Molly.
[orchestral music playing]
[Molly screaming]
[upbeat music playing]