Mollywood (2019) Movie Script

[Narrator] It's like a disease
(ambulance siren rings)
eating away at our culture.
narcissism, fornication,
and self-glorification.
(upbeat violin music)
(heart beating)
How you doin' bro?
You got some snow on you?
[Chase] You got
some high power, man.
What you working with?
I got about $150 on me.
[Chase] I'll do two.
Man, two for $150 bro,
that's a little steep.
That's gotta be
some good shit bro.
[Chase] Come on man.
You looking at
a professional rockstar.
You better be, bro.
Let's see this shit bro.
[Chase] Get out of here.
Bro, this is baking soda dog.
That's fire.
No it ain't!
This is fucking baking soda bro!
Dude, you really
gonna irritate the
fuck out of me right now.
Give me my fucking
money back dog!
I ain't giving you shit back!
Give me my fucking
money back bro!
You need to just stop bro.
Why you backing up dog?
You need to shut up right now!
[Narrator] It never
was about the drugs.
It was more than that.
It was a calling.
Throwing pretty pennies
Down a wishing well
We ain't fucking with you
But we wish you well
Wonder where you friends is
Are they heads or tails
We ain't fucking with you
'Cause we see you at
the bottom of the party
With the silver spoon
under your tongue
Under your tongue
You're all about the money
But your bullshit
doesn't add up
Doesn't add up
Dancing with the skeletons
Out of all the
graves you dug
Graves you dug
All your friends
are Benjamins
Call them but
they won't show up
'Cause everybody
dead as fuck
'Cause everybody
dead as fuck
Bitches always want a good
nigga, I want a good nigga.
I'm trying to be a good nigga,
now the bitch playing
games and shit, man.
I should fucked the
one I had chilling.
You let that little pretty
face fuck you up, huh?
What you should've do is
took to get her feet done,
her nails done, her little
face, wax that downstairs 'cause
you know shit gonna be
real, take her shopping,
get her bags, shoes, even
buy her some little perfume.
Then bring the bitch to
me so I could fuck her.
(men laugh)
You always fucking playing, man.
Don't even worry about it
'cause after this weekend,
this festival, we gonna make
some real paper at Mollywood.
We, nigga, what?
What festival?
We talking about
we like me and you?
Nah nigga, ain't no we.
Me nigga.
I'm fucking with you, bro.
You always fucking with me, man.
Who's that?
Come on.
We need to go.
[Narrator] Do not be afraid.
There is no fear
for the righteous.
Speaking of paper, here
come your boy right here.
[Narrator] For the Lord
guiding us in action.
(suspicious music)
The trapper.
(man laughs)
Sold that.
What's going down, man?
Hey man, let me
ask you something.
Why the fuck you coming all
the way to the south side
when you know your
hillbilly, bright ass
could stay on the north side
and get money with rich people?
(man chuckles)
'Cause you motherfuckers
are next man.
You know what you get what
I need when I need it,
you're discreet, you
keep it official, right?
Discreet, get what I need.
Who the fuck wrote
that shit, man?
(man laughs)
The way you climb a
nigga from the hood,
you get anything
the fuck you want.
I ain't gonna front though,
the way you buying shit man,
you can get anything you want,
you get anything you
fucking need but guess what,
you got to be on
the low though, man.
Ain't no way in hell
everybody where you from
know what you doing.
No way, no fucking way.
Fucking slap me
with that bullshit.
I don't even need to.
These motherfuckers
is so thirsty,
they'll take anything we
cook and serve to them.
(man laughs)
Makes it easy for us.
This nigga, yo man,
you better be on the low.
You better underwater.
Man, you don't
even need to concern
yourself with that shit, okay?
I just need some more
fucking pills to draw.
You got a line on it right now?
I got a project.
I need to get some shit done.
You know, get my batch right.
Man, you can shoot anything
you mother fucking pay for.
If you can pay for
it, I can get it.
Put it like that.
All right then.
When can you get the plug on it?
Imma tell you this though.
I got a fucking heat
on this and if you
play with my mother
fucking connect,
I'm telling you right now,
I'm gonna fuck you up, man.
You guys try to
threaten me, dude?
You said I threaten you?
Don't let a nigga that'll
fucking threaten you?
I'll blow your mother fucking
brains out in that street.
What the fuck is wrong
with you, stupid?
(man laughs)
You think it's a movie right
'til I squeeze the trigger.
You think I'm
afraid of that, dog?
Whatever man.
Just get my fucking paper draw.
- I'll see you next week.
- Sunan your stupid ass.
Fuck out of here.
(upbeat electronic music)
Bring it to me Lord.
I'd love to do business and
stand beside that throne.
(upbeat electronic music)
(crowd cheering)
Man, look at this.
Can you believe we got a
whole weekend of this shit?
By Sunday, I'm
whooping somebody's ass.
By Sunday?
Shit, try midnight.
Man, this fest brings
out all the nut jobs.
What's the name for this anyway?
Plain old debauchery.
Tomorrow night is
the living dead.
[Bouncer] Welcome to Mollywood.
Y'all ready to get in, huh?
I see you.
(man giggles)
And lead them back from sin
for they welcome the blind.
Yo, what's up bitch?
You ain't got a watch, man?
My bad dog.
I got caught up in shit man.
You know how it is, motherfuckers
can't take directions.
It's all there.
We straight.
What you got tonight?
Molly, E, white girl,
even got this new shit Oz.
Trust me, this is
the future man.
This shit takes you to places
you just wish you could be.
Bet, bet.
Imma push everybody your way.
Dig this, where my shit at?
[Chase] You didn't think
I was gonna come through?
Come on man.
You need to switch it up a
little bit, try a new path.
It's time for some
new music in the game.
Hell no, man.
I got this little bunny
coming back to the crib
and this E is gonna take her
right where she need to go.
Plus, I don't need no
wilding out on my ass, man.
At least plug it
to your people man,
put the name out there man so
they know Oz is in the game.
I got you.
Aye, you coming in tonight?
Eagles don't fly with chickens.
I think I'm cool
without that shit.
Never man.
Put this on.
How am I gonna listen
to your crazy ass, bitch?
Look man, I'm not asking.
It's gonna be a
crazy night tonight.
Put this shit on, man.
You need anything, you
let me know, all right?
Absolutely man.
I'm out.
[Chase] Good seeing you.
(upbeat electronic music)
[Woman] Hello!
You know this ain't no
slumber party, right?
We're here to find
something good, man.
Ain't no ins and outs.
Let's go get a smoke.
Be right back.
Yo, you holding?
Who the hell are you?
Bolo sent me.
Heard you were holding.
You're not a pig, are you?
I'm just looking to
score, that's all.
What are you looking for?
E, Molly, Lean.
Anything, right?
You one of those everything,
anything type motherfuckers.
Tonight's your night actually.
I got the next level
of party materials.
It's better than anything.
The E, Molly, Coke, it's
nothing compared to this stuff.
This stuff takes you to
a whole nother realm.
How much?
I'll plug you in for $20.
Dub something, you know?
Right now, I'm getting
it off and getting it
out kind of stuff.
It's called Oz.
This is the future.
I got you.
Slow down partner.
Three things.
One, make sure everybody
knows about Oz.
It's the best thing
in the market.
Second thing, don't
get high here.
If you wanna get loaded,
see that third
light on the left?
Go in the arts
studio, see my dude.
That way it's safe.
One hit per person.
There's six hits
in each canister.
You spray, inhale, hold, exhale.
One hit though.
This stuff's potent.
You won't need much.
Next time, don't be so stupid.
Don't come over
barking so loud, man.
How will I find you?
If you need to see me,
go see Bolo over the door.
He'll plug you in, man.
Come on, come with me.
What the fuck is that?
It's that new-new.
It's Oz.
Y'all wanna get blazed?
Come with me.
(friends giggling)
[Narrator] Some people
just beg for salvation.
(ambulance siren rings)
(man coughing)
Remember, one hit.
Dude said this is potent.
(man coughs)
(upbeat electronic music)
(friends giggling)
Why must I do this?
Why must you make me?
[Narrator] Not being
able to separate the real.
[Man] This hurts me
more than it hurts you.
[Narrator] I could feel
it running through me.
It's beyond me.
(man yelps)
I'm fulfilling a prophecy.
To reveal the illusion
for what it is
to destroy their fantasy,
destroy their dream.
(man growls)
I call it my destiny.
(man yells)
I can't stand how they live.
(man yells)
[Man] Grace and glory!
You shall know!
[Narrator] Between
life and death,
when you take it
upon piece by piece,
there's nothing
left to stand on.
With the hands of
time, rest on the land.
You shall not be
deceived my Lord.
So I free and open up a
passage for new countries!
For those who may not
learn their lessons.
Fucking shame what
happened to that girl.
Why am I here?
I need you undercover on this.
This is in your wheelhouse.
I'm not a cop 'til I get
my shit together, remember?
I remember.
Thought maybe you could
check your ego long enough
to help us solve some crimes.
How am I gonna do that?
Your brother.
I touch a nerve?
Same scene that
claimed your brother
is hard at working
claiming other kids.
You reinstated or not?
(man sighs)
I'm done.
What do you know?
This time last year,
this Fusion Fest
came to town and
we were left with
four mutilated bodies
and double-digit ODs by
the end of the weekend.
I don't get it.
ODs, maybe.
Parties, where's the
connection to Mollywood?
What's Mollywood?
Are you serious?
Mollywood is the club kids
alias for Fusion Fest.
Weekend rave?
It's like a convention
for party drugs.
Aye, we'll have to say it.
What now?
You and detective Shay.
I know she's got your
back, but we got policies,
strict fraternization policies.
Serge, come on!
With the Shay rumors
and the Bijou mess,
you got two strikes.
One more and I can't
keep you in the game.
I hear you.
I'm out.
(upbeat violin music)
I don't believe it.
What's up fresh?
How you feeling, bro?
Yes sir.
Looking good, man.
Holding it down as always.
Hold it down.
(man clears throat)
Hello mami.
Who's that?
Hey pretty boy.
What you drinking?
I'm playing that
good nino tonight.
Yeah right.
How long is that gonna last?
(man chuckles)
All right, you got me.
Bring me a beer.
I'll nurse on that.
How long we gonna
play this game?
What you talking about?
Come on, I see you all the time.
I'm giving you the
go ahead all the time
and you ain't made a move yet.
I didn't know
you was interested.
Your drink.
Thank you love.
[Woman] Excuse me!
I got it.
You ain't gotta pay me boo.
You know your money ain't
no good around here.
I got you.
(woman clears throat)
I'm sorry boo.
Is you thirsty?
What's up?
Bring the young lady here a...
Chocolate martini.
[Bartender] Figures.
What did you say?
Nothing, nothing.
Please, just bring
her her drink.
You need to control
your groupies.
No groupies around here girl.
Just trying to do me.
Do me a favor, chill
here for a second.
I gotta go holla at
someone real quick.
Tell old girl to keep the tip.
I'll be right back,
all right boo?
My name is Ariel.
(upbeat hip hop music)
Yo, yo, yo!
What's popping fool?
My nigga!
What's popping?
Over Dr. Dre, Landa
on the tracks is in the
building taking over
the Live Records yo.
They don't know, bro.
What's good man?
What's good man?
You got it cracking
in here tonight, bro.
Same time, every time nigga.
You good?
You been super low-key nigga.
You straight?
Yo, I'm straight man.
I just had to chill
for a little bit,
got a lot of shit in my head,
free up the mental, you know?
Real talk.
My nigga look, there's some
bad bitches out here tonight,
it's Tuesday, they everywhere.
Come get you a drink
or something nigga.
I'm already on that.
Toast to that, man.
I may jump on some of
these bunnies though, man.
What's up with your
boy Bijou, man?
He wilding out, man.
You come to work
or you come to chill?
Chill man.
But still, I heard this
bitch hasn't gotten
in a mix or idea, man.
What's up with that?
Hell nah my nigga.
What you think he gonna do,
go to a police station and
file a complaint or something?
(man laughs)
You right, bro.
Relax smooth.
Yo, old girl with
the cheap shoes,
you owe me for her
chocolate martini.
What you talking about?
I left money with the baby girl.
Run me my money.
Hell no.
(man laughs)
I see how it is.
Yo, bring along here a beer.
Keep the change.
[Man] Come back.
[Bartender] I was.
Fuck that nigga.
Let's get back to work, man.
Let me jump on this
man real quick, bro.
Come on Zack Attack.
(upbeat electronic music)
(crowd cheering)
(men laugh)
(phone vibrates)
Aye, what's popping bro?
What's happening nigga?
What's up Bijou?
This is Danny, dog.
On the club side, man,
me and my nigga T.
We got eyes on this boy Zack.
Aye bro, don't do shit
to that nigga, man.
Stand down, bro.
Don't let that nigga
know what smoke,
don't follow him,
don't look at him.
Y'all need to fuck with
hoes or something, man.
Me, Chance, and Lil' Ding gonna
slide on him at the gym, man.
We got this nigga.
Don't even let him
know what smoke, bro.
Just walk right out.
Don't follow him, don't do shit.
We need to handle
this motherfucker.
Back like you never left.
I'm positive, bro.
Don't fuck with him, man.
All right, 100.
You just gonna take
my dub like that, huh?
I sure did.
Figured you owed me
for wasting my time.
My bad.
Let me make it up to you now.
You better.
(upbeat hip hop music)
Damn red, I see you.
You not dressed for
the occasion, baby.
Let me help you.
Baby, drop this E with me.
Nah, I'm good.
Come on baby.
It'll make us fly.
I will make you fly anyway.
(upbeat hip hop music)
Who the fuck are you?
Let me know when you're ready.
Imma fuck Zack up!
(upbeat electronic music)
My man.
[Chase] Bolo.
What's cracking?
Bro, where the hell you been?
You missed the set.
[Chase] Aw man, I got caught up.
Today's been crazy, man.
What's up with you, man?
You went on tonight.
Hell no, man.
I'm the headliner.
I close tomorrow night.
[Chase] Why am I even here then?
Kick it.
I'm only here 'til Monday.
[Chase] Kick it?
You didn't bring you
Bible again, did you?
[Chase] Funny, man.
You hear that
nonsense started again?
[Chase] What nonsense?
What are you talking about, man?
The dead kids,
just like last year.
[Chase] Dead kids?
Yo dude, you wanna
stay away from her, man.
She's trouble.
[Chase] That's okay.
That's just the way I like it.
(men laugh)
That's my boy.
All right man.
[Chase] I got a special
delivery this evening.
(men laugh) I'll see you guys.
You crazy, Chase.
[Chase] Chase.
What's up with your guy?
What do you mean?
I saw him the other
day outside of the club.
Gave me the creeps.
He's cool.
Just the everyday club kid
turned Jesus freak, you know?
Jesus freak?
When his parents died, he
became all God all the time.
(woman laughs)
[Chase] The Lord is my
shepherd and I shall not want.
How you gonna leave me?
[Chase] I ain't leave you.
I'm just letting you rest.
We got things to do.
(mysterious music)
What the fuck?
Are you a priest or something?
[Chase] If I was a priest,
you wouldn't of met
me in a club, right?
What do you do?
[Chase] I design new world
entertainment materials.
In lamest terms,
I'm a drug maker.
This is why you got all
of the good shit, huh?
[Chase] I'm glad
you catch on fast.
What's this?
[Chase] It's an applicator.
What does it do?
[Chase] It's used to
inject drugs... vaginally.
Shut the fuck up.
You're saying that I can get
high through my juice box?
Are you fucking kidding me?
[Chase] Juice box.
(woman laughs)
What are you doing over there?
Come on.
Come on, put it in me, please?
I gotta try this.
[Chase] You've been
waiting a long time
for this moment, haven't you?
(woman hums)
I want you to close your eyes.
(woman moans)
Just let that sink in.
You'll try anything, huh?
Hell yeah.
(woman giggles)
You gonna fuck me or what?
[Chase] Girls like you
like it rough, don't you?
You like it nice and deep.
Why don't we start, softly?
Definitely oh what.
Some good for the flesh.
(upbeat electronic music)
Hell yeah!
I was in the club man,
kicking it with J,
and he dutched it out
with my peoples, man.
Mo, what's cracking?
What's happening baby?
How you feeling?
Yes sir.
The best baby.
What's up little homie?
What's happening homie?
What you doing out
of school, man?
Fuck school?
Don't you wanna get a job?
You need to finish school, man.
Damn man, finish school.
You look like a grown
little midget, man.
Get your ass up out of here,
like all the food you
just put together, man.
Oh shit.
Let me call you back.
Shit just got real.
Aye, you hear something 'cause
I don't hear nothing man!
You hear something?
Get to school.
You gonna make me
chase you, huh?
Y'all look, it's
Danny the drug dealer!
Danny, I just wanna talk.
Talk about what Zack?
Your credit ain't good
around here no more, bro.
Come on little G.
A little dramatic, ain't we?
Listen, last time
fucking with you,
I damn near got put
in a black suit.
You wanna explain that, bro?
My bad.
What happened to Juice's
unfortunate, man?
I promise you, this
time, yo, look at me,
this time's gonna
be painless, man.
I promise you.
I just need a little
info, that's all.
A little info?
Here's your info Zack.
Give it to me, bro.
No comprende puta!
You wanna catch a
fade motherfucker?
Keep off the street Tyrone.
Check this out bro.
If you don't tell me
what I wanna hear,
I will promise you Imma hang
out with you every day, bro.
What do you want, bro?
Every fucking day!
What do you want Zack?
I need to know who's
moving in that new shit, man,
that freaky club shit.
That's not my thing Zack.
You know me, that
ain't my thing, bro.
That's the wrong answer, bro.
Wrong answer, you hear me?
Listen, listen.
I know some shit about
some White boys, man.
- Don't lie to me, man.
- Some crazy ass White boys.
I wouldn't lie to you!
Crazy White boys Zack.
Look into it, dog.
This shit real.
You lying to me man,
I might tell Bijou
I busted you for
pushing weight and running girls
off back page, you hear me?
I wouldn't lie to you Zack.
Look into this shit.
This shit is real.
White boys, huh?
You a motherfucker, man.
White boys, look into it Zack.
I told you man, painless.
Screw you Zack.
Get yourself new shoes.
These is new shoes.
(phone vibrates)
Yo Bijou, what's up?
This Danny.
What's up?
Check it out, man.
Your boy Z man, he is tripping
out here on these streets man
about that club shit.
Watch your back fam.
Man look, I don't care
nothing about Z, man.
What I need you to do
is get off the streets,
lay low, and just stay
under the radar, all right?
You do the same.
All right, bet.
Hi, may I help you?
May I help you today sir?
You stay seated.
I know my way around.
Like I said, I
know my way around.
That was a killer shot, man.
Killed it.
(upbeat electronic music)
(man yells)
God dammit!
Dude, you got a fucking problem?
Yeah, I need some attention.
You see me working?
It can wait.
I think not.
Man, I've known
you for 20 years.
That shit doesn't scare me.
For 20 years, I've known
you to be a little bitch.
How's that fact
gonna work for you
when I let you stew in
the county all weekend
for not cooperating?
You gonna miss your big weekend.
Aye, why don't you guys
step out, give us a second,
give us a minute.
[Zack] Good call.
(man whistles)
Hey girl, I see you.
(man laughs)
Answer me one question and
I'll be out of your hair.
You come back home to the spin,
there's a trill
of bodies lined up
from the airport to the club.
Why is that?
Now I know you've
lost it 'cause.
I don't have a clue what
you're talking about.
The dead kids Rush.
Don't act brand
new with me, bro!
Z, this is Chicago!
There's a murder every
commercial break.
How's that my fault?
I'm not saying that it is.
You can't be as
ignorant as you look.
I know you seen something,
heard something.
I know this is bad for business,
may even hurt the brand
for you to acknowledge it,
hell, you might
even be involved!
Keep dreaming.
Unlike you, I made it.
I didn't have to quit and get a
nine to five to pay my bills.
(man chuckles)
[Zack] Really?
(man laughs)
Yeah, really.
I'm on top of the mountain.
I wouldn't jeopardize
that for shit.
Somebody doesn't share
your point-of-view, bro.
All I'm trying to say is,
they either hiding behind you,
or they trying to
knock you off, bro.
You feel me?
Time's up toy cop.
I gotta work.
If you have plans to
leave after the fest, don't.
(man laughs)
What, you gonna get
a warrant to stop me?
You should only be so lucky.
Stop, he did not.
You have to tell him.
[Chase] Hey, from last
night, right, the fest?
You know Rush?
[Chase] Come on.
That's my dude.
You guys going tonight?
We want to.
We couldn't get tickets.
[Chase] I might be the
key to your salvation.
You got tickets?
[Chase] I'm like a VIP ticket.
Dude, don't fuck with us.
We really wanna go to Mollywood.
Seriously, we'd
do anything to go.
[Chase] Anything?
We'll see.
Why don't you swing by
our place for a pre-game?
Give me your phone.
I'll put my number in.
Think we can meet Rush?
[Chase] I don't see why not.
Anything's possible
in life, right?
Yes it is.
We did say anything.
(girls giggle)
[Narrator] That's the
problem with the culture today.
They're all living for pleasure.
You back, huh?
Yeah until this
is paying me again.
I though you
needed the time off.
What'd he tell you
to get you back?
My brother.
I knew it.
Let me show you this
picture real quick.
Girl from Mollywood,
Logan Square last year.
Definitely the same guy.
What makes you say that?
Look at the gashes
around her upper torso.
It's like he has to build rage
in order to finish the job.
Like a trigger.
[Woman] Can you put
this on me, please?
Listen, I don't want you to
make this a personal thing,
do you understand me?
Do you get it?
I don't wanna lose you again.
I didn't knew you cared.
I do.
It's just been hard to get
through your fucking fan club.
Don't talk like that.
Whoa, that's perfect.
Now I got me some
blackmail material.
Go to hell Mertelli.
What if they wand
her at the door?
Don't worry, I got it.
(upbeat electronic music)
(girls giggle)
[Chase] Easy money, what's up?
All good.
[Chase] Good to see you, man.
Listen, I got that next
generation right now on deck.
Keep your people on
point, let them know.
Next week, hit me up.
You gonna see.
That's what I'm gonna
tell my peeps too.
Good pimpin'.
[Chase] That's what's up.
Hey you.
[Chase] Hi.
Where's your friend I
saw you with last time?
Work, but we're still
having the after party.
You still coming by, right?
[Chase] If you're lucky.
Who's your friend over there?
That's my girl.
Don't forget to bring gifts.
[Chase] I always do.
We're set.
(upbeat hip hop music)
(crowd cheering)
Are you sure you have to go?
I have to work tomorrow.
Okay, but you'll be back
tomorrow night, right?
I'll see.
It all depends on work.
It's gonna be so much fun.
I hope to get there,
but at the end of the day,
we had a good time tonight.
I hope you did.
By the way, I want you
to be safe tonight, okay?
You too.
Hey, be safe.
I will.
[Chase] Good evening.
Chase from the coffee shop.
It's amazing how the
universe works, right?
The law of attraction is always
right there in your hand.
(woman giggles)
[Chase] Anything's
possible in life, right?
(man grunts)
Putting a late on in, aye?
Yeah man, releasing anxiety.
This club shit is
messing with my head.
That's what I heard.
You be easy.
I'm out.
Lock up behind you.
Will do.
Hey Cody.
Thank you.
[Chase] They say the youth
is wasted on the young!
My solution to it is...
(man breathing heavily)
(dangerous music)
(upbeat music)
[Chase] I have been
commissioned to do your worth.
(man growls)
To clean the devil's plate.
(upbeat music)
[Man] Your bro isn't here!
(man yells)
[Chase] Say I
surrender my spirit and
body to the Lord now.
Say it!
(woman yells)
Say it!
[Chase] Say I turn my will,
spirit, and body to the Lord!
No, please!
(men groaning) (upbeat music)
Una pregunta?
Bijou sent you?
Bijou sent you motherfucker?
Yeah, he sent me nigga!
(woman yelling)
[Chase] Who needs
eyes without vision?
(woman weeping)
For a blessing and
vessel and backhand!
God's plan.
May you understand I am the
gift, I am your salvation!
You will be freed
for the Lord says,
the good word says those
who have set off flesh
of death and violent
towards the Lord,
with those who are set on
spirit are free from peace.
[Narrator] Amen.
Lord, they know
not what they do.
(woman yells)
(man groaning)
Did you say Molly?
Tell me about Brianna.
(man groaning)
Tell me about Brianna.
(man groaning)
[Man] Here's the part
I can't understand.
Help me!
[Man] Why so sloppy
with the red hand?
It's like you lost control.
[Chase] Bless it on the!
You understand?
You get it?
Nothing is free!
Deduction's not free!
How bad?
I've never, ever
seen it that bad.
I'm at a lost for words.
I'm not.
This motherfucker's mine!
Serge, you did check on the
victim at the hospital, right?
What victims?
The girl that the neighbor
found on the street.
They said she might
be a roommate in here.
I told you!
I told you!
(suspenseful music)
[Narrator] I am the instrument,
the salvation, the life, the
death, the future, the present.
I am nothing except for alone
in the hands of your blood.
Look what I have brought you!
[Narrator] I live to open
the doors of the hearts,
to destroy Satan's prison.
Please God, I sacrifice
my life in your name!
[Narrator] I live to
be a catalyst of change,
even to my own self-destruction.
God, hear me!
Listen now!
Feel me!
Let me breathe Lord, I ask you!
I'm so sorry.
We're on it.
Who was that?
The girl's mother.
Any info?
A little.
The other victim was a
roommate, Brianna Tionni,
been friends since grade school.
And the guy?
She didn't know him, but
did say she was concerned with
how much they had been
throwing themselves
into the club kids scene,
especially obsessed with your boy.
I don't know.
I don't know what's next,
but we gotta hurry up
and figure something out.
Is it time to take
the gloves off now, huh?
By the book even now?
Let me go!
Let me go!
I was just with her!
She's just a girl!
- Yes.
- I know.
How's Angie?
You need that?
Aye Serge, I'm out!
Zack, wait!
Where to?
You don't wanna know.
(upbeat electronic music)
Give me five.
You know where this comes from?
Let me show you.
From her.
See that bloody mess?
That's where your
eyeball's supposed to be.
Somebody burned her eyeball
while she was still alive.
Can you imagine
that type of pain?
Can the almighty Rush the DJ,
be bothered to talk to me now?
I don't know what
you want from me.
I don't know anything.
Bullshit Rush!
These are kids, man.
Fuck that man, these
are you fucking fans!
This means she was
here to see you.
You think I don't care?
You know how much this
is fucking with me?
I make music to make people
happy, not for kids to get hurt.
You ever think
carrying crates would
take you all over the world?
Not really.
Could've been the same for you.
You're almost as
good as your brother.
What you mean almost?
Step aside, man.
Come on.
(upbeat electronic music)
The new stuff right here.
I couldn't do this fake,
soulless, techno bullshit, man.
You just gotta give it a chance.
Hell no.
Old school house 'til I die,
man, you know what I mean?
Yo Z, I know it's
been awhile but,
I really want you to know
how sorry I am about Tony.
He was special, man.
Everybody loved him.
Man, could he rock a party.
He could, huh?
I still got the old A
to Z mix tape y'all made.
You serious?
Yo, does this mean I
could count on you?
Whatever man.
I just need this shit to end.
It's real good
'cause all in the kid
that the killer's
still in the know,
maybe even inside
your inner circle.
(phone vibrates)
Yo, I gotta rush out.
I'll catch you later.
What's wrong with you?
Ran into your guy Chase.
Dude is strange as hell.
I'm telling you, every
time he comes around,
shit gets weird.
April, he's like my brother.
Chase moved in with my
family when we were 15,
right after his parents got
killed by a drunk driver,
an accident that caused
him to have almost
everything below his
waist reattached.
I didn't know that.
It was his inheritance that
paid for my DJ equipment,
pay for the parties
we first threw,
pay for the flights,
the planes, the hotels.
If it wasn't for him, I
wouldn't even be here.
Still Rush, something
is not right, okay?
I went up to him and asked
him if he knew that one girl
and he got in my
face and told me
to get the hell away from him.
I'm telling you.
I truthfully believe he's got
something to do with this.
(man chuckles)
That doesn't sound
like him at all.
He's the most
religious dude I know.
He's all fanatical about it.
Suit yourself.
I warned you, more than once.
[Narrator] To redeem is spared.
Send it back to the great maker.
[Cop] Rosen?
Yeah, I'm Rosen.
[Cop] Sergeant
wants you upstairs
immediately for a transport.
I got you covered for
the rest of the night.
Damn man.
I get out in an hour.
[Cop] I'm sure I'll release you
as soon as they
get in the county.
Better put a step on it.
He's waiting.
God's been calling
for them and I
am here to make sure that
call is delivered properly.
I know you've been awaiting me.
Good morning sunshine.
(woman hyperventilating)
(man hushes)
Feel your mortality and
realize you are eternal.
God's been calling for you and
I'm here to be the deliverer.
They say when one door
closes, another door opens.
God has sent me
to redeliver you.
You feel it?
It's all an illusion,
you understand?
Everything that you keep
holding on to so desperately,
the skin that you're stuck in,
you've been stuck
in for way too long.
Take my hand. (Woman weeping)
It's okay.
That's the problem
with society today.
Most are so concerned with
the flesh that they live in,
they don't even
see their spirit.
So sad. (Woman crying)
If we only knew what we
had in us because of God.
(man hushes)
My child, God is calling you.
Your future is very bright.
God has been waiting for you.
Are you ready?
(man hushes) (woman crying)
I want you to close your eyes
and ask the Lord to wait.
Close your eyes and say
hello to the new life
which you have been awaiting.
(woman gasping)
[Cop] You ready for
divine intervention?
Shut the fuck up
is what God said!
Aye boss, they
almost ready for you.
[Man] It's the bag.
Go up.
Where the fuck
you get this from?
Some fucked nigga on
79th, but he verified.
Why the fuck it ain't pink?
That's all he had right
now, but that's his best.
Why the fuck you
already running me?
What the fuck? (Upbeat music)
Boss, what's taking him so long?
Go fucking check on him!
Fucking rookies, man.
Yo, fuck nigga,
what you doing man?
We gotta go!
(upbeat electronic music)
What the fuck?
(upbeat electronic music)
(man yells)
(upbeat electronic music)
(man growls)
(man yells)
[Zack] Get up bitch.
Fuck you, man!
(man yells)
[Zack] Get up yo, come on.
You five, fuck!
You shot me in my arm, man!
I did bitch, and I'm
gonna shoot you again
if you don't give
me the fucking name.
What name, man?
[Zack] The fucking sauce, B!
Give me the fucking name!
Lays, Trace, Gaze, I
don't fucking know man!
What the fuck, man?
Yo, Martelli.
Check for an African north
side dealer named Bijou.
He plugged our killer.
The killer's name is Chase.
You good man?
You were really
quiet the whole ride.
Just a lot on my head
right now, man, you know?
Stuff at the office,
projects, just working, man.
It's a lot right now.
Glad you mentioned that.
You ever seen this drug before?
Maybe you can look it up for me.
I haven't heard of it.
I'll have to check it out, man.
I just realized actually,
I gotta go run a
couple more errands man
before I head back home.
Hey Chase.
What you got in that bag, bro?
I wanna talk to you, man.
Son of a bitch!
(upbeat electronic music)
Rush wanted me to check
the fueling on the foggers!
There's one here and there's
another on the other side!
(upbeat electronic music)
I like this rock candy.
This is much more important.
(woman giggles)
Hey baby, try this.
Yo, who kicked your ass?
(men laugh)
So nice of you to care to ask.
Your boy, Chase.
What about him?
It was him, all of it.
He killed them all.
Everybody out.
Tommy, get the fuck out of here!
Didn't I tell you?
Didn't I tell you?
It can't be.
This is Zack.
Tommy, get the fuck out!
- Bye bye.
- Chase.
(upbeat electronic music)
I put everything on this, man!
I swear to you Rush!
I find out you had anything
to do with it, anything,
you'll be lucky to end
up in jail, you hear me?
Dude, come on.
You're up.
Run my drive.
Come on, come on.
We don't have time for that.
Where the fuck is Tommy?
[Woman] We look so good tonight!
DJ Rush!
Yes girl.
He gave you an eye.
Did you see it?
(women laugh)
(suspenseful music)
What's up?
No, we're fine!
See ya!
Get out of here.
You wanna go party?
- Leave us alone.
- Kick it loser!
Fucking bitch!
(upbeat electronic music)
[Woman] Get ready!
(crowd chanting) Are you ready?
(crowd cheering)
(upbeat electronic music)
[Narrator] I can feel
it running through me.
It's become a prophecy.
My time to reveal the illusion.
I can't stand how I live.
And I'm gonna make
them pay at all cost.
(upbeat electronic music)
Yo man, what's up?
Dude, you hear me calling you?
[Chase] Shut the fuck up!
You don't know who I am!
Back up!
I will not!
Shut up!
You just get back up
out of space, okay?
Rush doesn't need
people like you.
Get off of me!
Fucking around, all right?
I'm not stalking anybody!
Back off of me, okay?
Don't fucking
touch me, all right?
Don't you ever put
your hands on me.
I know you got
something to do with her!
Touch me again!
And then what?
You know what, back
the hell up, okay?
- Fuck you!
- Back up!
I'm not gonna fucking back up!
Touch me one more time!
And what?
What's gonna happen?
This is what you've
been waiting for.
Most humans are driven by fear.
I could see it in your eyes.
It's all I see.
I redeemed them and sent
them back to their grave.
Let me go, let me go.
Your generation
loves to get high, huh?
You wanna get high?
Take this down!
Take it all baby!
You love it.
Just let me go!
I can't do that!
You made it seem
like I was just here
for some fucking cheap thrill!
You have no clue of what the
message that I'm here to bring!
I don't care.
You'll never see the light
of my father's kingdom!
I don't care.
Why'd you do this to Rush?
Because he's housing
these fucking idiots.
They'll never be redeemable
unless I shepherd them!
They're just kids.
I won't say anything.
It's too late for that.
Just let me go, please.
The fuck are you doing here?
Chill out.
It's cool.
- It's cool.
- Back up!
You move and she's
dead, understand?
You do that, you won't
live to see her body drop.
Back away!
I'm not playing!
Back up!
Neither am I.
What you did to
those little girls,
think I'm gonna let
you walk out of here?
You're crazier than
you pretend to be.
You don't know
who the fuck I am!
You know nothing about me.
I know who you are, Chase.
Chase Ellinburg.
That's you, right?
Parents died in a
tragic accident.
Don't talk about my parents.
Don't talk about my parents!
Never talk about my parents!
You're not gonna like
the fact that I know
that that same accident left you
mangled from the waist down.
Shut up!
Shut up!
(man laughs evilly)
[Zack] That's why you
killed those little girls.
You can't be a man, can you?
(man growls)
I am the great healer!
(woman screams)
Drop her or I'll fucking
blow your head off!
(upbeat electronic music)
Chase, what the fuck?
What are you doing?
Chase, calm down.
Everybody back the fuck up!
(crowd yells)
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Zack, Zack, Zack.
Back up.
Chase, what happened?
You can always come to me, man.
We came up like
brothers, me and you.
Some fucked up Cain and
Abel type shit, right?
No, no, no.
It's just got a little crazy.
We can fix this.
Shut up!
Don't say that!
We can't fix anything!
Nobody can fix us anymore!
You got no clue with the
torture I've been through!
Not personally, but I was
with you, in the hospital.
Every step, I was with you.
Chase, look what you did for me.
Look, you did this.
I was just trying
to save them, brother!
I was trying to do something and
make a difference in my life!
This isn't you Chase.
It's so much more
worse than this, man!
You don't even know!
Not the kids.
They're all a bunch of fucked up
junkies getting high every
day, living to get high!
They don't care who they affect!
I lost everything!
You don't understand Rush!
You got a family!
I got nothing!
The spirit sent me to send
a message to the world,
to wake up!
Fuck that!
You killed those
kids to save them?
What did those kids
ever do to you?
I redeemed them!
I sent them back to
the great creator,
to renew them, to send
them back as fresh souls!
No, this is not how it works.
You owe me!
It's not about who they were!
It's about what they represent!
[Rush] Chase, they're just kids.
They don't deserve any of this.
A bunch of wasted potential.
Look at them!
They ain't doing nothing
with their lives!
Bro, they did not
kill your parents,
and they did not hurt
you in that crash!
It was some stupid addict.
- Junkie kids, drug addicts!
- So what?
Waste, useless, waste!
So what?
What does any of that have to do
with you taking revenge
out on everyone?
Just give me the knife.
Back up, Rush!
Want me to hurt you or hurt her?
I will do it.
Somebody has to be
the wake-up call.
Somebody gotta pay the price.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
(woman yells)
All secure!
Send in the medics!
Lord, forgive me for
all my shortcomings.
(woman yelling) (man gasping)
10 milligrams of
phenylamine injected!
[Chase] Let me go!
[EMT] Inbound with multiple
gunshot wounds to the chest!
He's stabilizing!
(man groaning)
Calm down.
Calm down, calm down.
What about the circle?
[Chase] The illusion.
His IV fell out.
Do something.
Give me some morphine.
16, two of them.
Shit, this is all my fault.
How you figure that?
I should've known.
I should've known he
was out of control.
Out of control, maybe.
A murderer, a sociopath,
I doubt you could've
figured that out.
Look dude, your
family took him in, man.
You took him on this
an amazing journey.
You paid him well.
Don't you think you did enough?
All of that man, and
he still hated himself.
It's not your fault, Rush.
He was sick.
You know, you guys
are a lot alike.
You chase by the same demons,
just different obsessions.
Yours is saving citizens
and his was saving souls.
I don't quite follow.
You both blame the
scene for what y'all lost.
You haven't been
able to move on.
You're just stuck.
I hope not anymore.
What you gonna do now?
Whatever you doing man,
don't stop the music, bro.
Never that.
Wonder where your friends is
Are they heads or tails
We ain't fucking with you
'Cause we see you at
the bottom of the party
With the silver spoon
under your tongue
Under your tongue
You're all about the money
But your bullshit
doesn't add up
Doesn't add up
[Narrator] Gotta
take a lot more than
a couple bullets to
stop a catalyst like me.
Who am I kidding?
I just like killing people.
'Cause everybody
dead as fuck
'Cause everybody
dead as fuck
'Cause everybody dead as
Dead as fuck
Fall around me, bitches
On a paper trail
California dreaming
didn't do you well
In your visionary
You're the holy grail
That was temporary
We can see you hanging
At the bottom of the party
With the silver spoon
under your tongue
Under your tongue
You're all about the money
But your bullshit
doesn't add up
Doesn't add up
Dancing with the skeletons
Out of all the
graves you dug
Graves you dug
All your friends
are Benjamins
Call 'em but they
won't show up
'Cause everybody
dead as fuck
Dead as fuck
Dead as fuck
'Cause everybody
dead as fuck
Still eating off of my plate
Still caking off of my name
Don't you worry
about what I make
Don't you worry
about what I make
Easy paper got
you ungrateful
Face looking disgraceful
Stop eating off of my plate
You eating all of my cake
Still eating off of my plate
Still caking off of my name
Don't you worry
about what I make
Don't you worry
about what I make
Easy paper got
you ungrateful
Face looking disgraceful
Stop eating off of my plate
You eating all of my cake
Wonder where your friends is
Are they heads or tails
We ain't fucking with you
'Cause we see you at
the bottom of the party
With the silver spoon
under your tongue
Under your tongue
You're all about the money
But your bullshit
doesn't add up
Doesn't add up
Dancing with the skeletons
Out of all the
graves you dug
Graves you dug
All your friends
are Benjamins
Call 'em but they
won't show up
'Cause everybody
dead as fuck
(upbeat electronic music)