Mom (2017) Movie Script

I haven't done anything, man!
Ma'am has come...
'Get your girlfriends along...'
Good morning, guys.
- Good morning, ma'am.
Good morning.
Early morning...1st lecture.
And that too biology...
Sad, no?
- Yes, ma'am.
But... it's important to study.
But waking up at
6 o'clock in the morning...
Should be of some use...
Isn't it?
By the way, did you catch
the Sci-fi film 'Space Bound'?
Yes, ma'am. What a movie!
Is it good?
Have you seen it.
- I think I've seen the trailer.
Why don't you go with him?
- Why should I?
Blushing and all, huh!
Nice movie.
Well, today we'll study the different
muscle groups in the Human Body.
There are 639 muscles
in the Human Body...
...and each has a unique function.
Let's start with this portion here.
' Rectus us Abdominus I nus'.
Also known as...
Popularly known as the six-packs.
Mind blowing...
- Hello, guys.
This is still a biology class.
The function of the
'Rectus Abdominus' is...
...flexing at the abdomen.
It runs vertically
across the stomach...
...and is separated from the
skin by a layer of fat and water.
You' re a pervert!
This is called the Transverse abdominus.
- What happened, Arya?
Look, what he has sent.
- And these here are the oblique's.
- They are...
What's going on there?
Nothing, ma'am.
What happened here?
Nothing, ma'am.
You both leave the class now.
Ma''s not our fault.
Look what Mohit sent to Arya.
Everyone knows
'No phones inside the class'.
Give me your phone.
I am sorry, ma'am.
Your phone!
I won't do it again,
promise, last chance.
I won't repeat myself.
Tell your parents to come see me.
Now back to class.
Is my black suit
back from the cleaners?
Yes, it's in the closet.
Sis is coming.
- Okay, sit down.
Madam... what's in your hand, madam?
It's nothing, madam.
It's definitely something, madam.
Chocolate. Your sister
gave it to you, didn't she?
How did you know, mom?
Mom has 10 eyes...
She can see everything.
Even I can't hide anything from her.
Show me your 10 eyes.
Show me. Show me.
-'s a secret.
I can't tell you.
Come child.
How was your day?
- Ask her.
- It's alright, I'll help myself.
Anand, the kids
holidays are approaching.
Let's decide where to go.
We'll need time for
tickets and hotel bookings.
Last minute everything
becomes very expensive.
Dad, can I suggest where
we should go? - Where?
- Wow! Beautiful.
It's really nice.
Where is this?
- Show me.
Close to Kufri.
- Wow.
Fine...let's plan once I am back.
Devki, please handle the bookings,
- I've figured out everything, dad.
I'll tell you everything
when you're back.
How long will you be gone, dad?
- 10 days.
What do you want from New York?
Eiffel Tower.
The Eiffel Tower is in Paris.
Then go to Paris instead,
why are you going to New York.
By the way, dad,
you're looking quite handsome today.
What do you want?
Don't you know how
to take a compliment?
The last time I looked handsome...
...I had to buy her a
mobile phone worth 40,000.
So, what do you want?
There's a party on Saturday night.
All my friends are going.
Do you know about this?
Saturday is Valentine's Day, right?
- So?
No... nothing.
Where's the party?
Can I g0. Papa?
But where's the party?
Zodiac Farms,
it's not too far from here.
No, that's too far.
It is very far.
Who else is going?
- Like I said...all my friends.
Is Sapna going?
- Hmm.
And Rishi?
- Hmm.
Any more questions, ma'am?
- What?
I am asking for your permission.
Fine, we'll think about it.
What's there to think?
Don't you trust me?
Of course dear, we trust you.
- Then?
Do you need mam's
approval for this too?
Arya, behave yourself!
Arya. Arya.
It's no ordinary event.
It's the hottest party in Delhi.
Kabir's coming as well.
You should propose to him.
- Have you lost your mind?
I mean...
Catch you later.
- Bye.
I spoke to your dad.
He's agreed.
You can go to the party.
What are you going to wear?
Never vent your anger on food.
Finish your dinner.
Goodnight, dear.
I don't feel like leaving
you guys and going.
What do you think?
Arya was right.
You're really looking
handsome nowadays.
What is it that you want?
- I see...
Just finish your conference
and come back soon.
I know... you always handle everything.
But... I'll try talking to Arya again.
She just can't share you with anyone.
it's we who need to understand her.
Rajender, Look after the house.
Yes, sir.
- Dad.
What's the matter? You didn't
Whatsapp your shopping list yet.
Don't you want anything?
I am sorry for last night.
I know I hurt you and ma'am.
When will you stop calling her that?
She's your mother.
You've forgotten my mother...
...but not me.
What I did for us was right.
I could've never raised
you without Devki.
She has accepted us.
She never differentiated
between you and Priya.
I have accepted Piyu.
It's always the mother
who's blessed with a daughter.
And not the other way around.
I can't do it, dad.
I can't let her down.
I miss her.
I really miss her.
- My child...
Go enjoy your party.
Mr. Anand.
- Yeah.
What good is your laptop without this?
Oh my, God...
Where's my passport?
Your passport and tickets
are in the right zip.
Right zip.
What will I do without you?
Okay, bye.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Come soon.
- I will.
- Bye.
Mina, see who's at the door.
- Yes.
Is Devki madam at home?
We're her students.
Ma'am, your students are here.
Fine, I'll be right there.
Hello, madam.
Niranjana, what brings you here?
Hello, madam.
- Hello. Come in.
Sit, Rohini.
We just started a new business...
Tie and Dye.
And to share this joy please
accept these sweets from our side.
This is amazing... very good.
None of this was possible without you.
You educated us...
Gave us respect.
And as a result,
we're independent now.'s all because
of your hard work.
Is that your elder daughter
you always talk about?
- I see...
How about some tea or juice? - No need
for formalities. We'll be leaving now.
See you on Thursday,
keep your assignments ready. - Yes.
Dear. Sweets?
What do you talk to them about me?
Just generally...
Nice things only.
I've no objection
to your social service.
But you don't have
to talk to anyone about me.
Didn't you tell them?
That I am not your daughter, ma'am.
What are you doing, Piyu?
Stop. . . stop. . . stop.
Hurry up now, it's too late.
Just one more line to go.
Sweet kid.
Hi, Kabir.
Don't be too late, please.
Yes, ma'am... don't worry.
And Rishi, I hope your driver's...
You're looking so pretty.
Isn't it, Piyu? Dear...
- Yes.
- Arya, is your phone charged?
Take care. Have fun.
- Yeah.
Remember I told you
about this girl I like.
Whose mother broke your phone?
Yes, her.
That's her, in red.
So why are you wasting your time here?
Should I go?
- Go.
My bag.
Come on. Let's dance.
"It's my life."
"It's my life."
"I'll live it the way I like."
"I'll live it the way I like."
You're looking hot.
How about a dance?
Excuse me, she's not interested
in you. Don't you get it?
Please leave.
- It's just one dance.
But she's not interested.
Come on, it's Valentine's Day...
- Get lost you sicko.
"It's my life."
"It's my life."
Hello... Yeah, dad I'm
heading to the airport... coming.
I'm leaving now.
Sh it's dad again, I've to go.
But I'll be back.
- Okay... Okay bye.
Did you get the stuff?
- The best.
Full power. 24 hour.
What's wrong, Bunty, huh?
Doesn't she know it's Valentine's Day?
Why is she acting so pricey?
Do you want her?
Bunty, do you want her?
- What can you do?
Watch and learn from the best.
- Hi.
Charles Deewan.
- Arya.
I like what you're wearing.
- Thank you.
Would you like to
have a drink with me?
No, thanks.
Your Boyfriend?
None of your business.
I don't mind.
- Hey, wait...
How much more are you going to drink?
I am single.
Sorry, I am Sapna.
Do I look like a waiter to you?
"Watch and learn from the best."
"The best..."
Shut up!
Try being polite with them, and...
Why don't you tell him?
- What?
That you like him?
- Are you mad?
Just go...go...
- Red rose!
Go I am telling you.
"Crow caws on the rooftop."
Let's go home.
Come on.
Forget him.
What's wrong?
- I feel dizzy.
Let Rishi come.
Stay here, I'll call a cab.
"On the rooftop..."
Yes, ma'am.
Hold on.
I'll be home in 40-45 minutes.
Yeah, okay.
Hold her! Hold her!
- She's kicking.
Hurry up
- Hold her legs! Hold her legs!
Who is he?
- He's a friend. Drive.
Hold her legs - Tie her hands
Now call your mom!
Now call your mom!
Shut her mouth.
Call your mother!
Indu...Arya hasn't come home yet.
- Sister, Did Arya come home?
Not yet.
Stay with Piyu, I'll go get her.
- Okay.
And keep trying Arya's number.
- Okay.
Keep tryiflQ-
"I scare away one, two, a plenty few."
"My beloved is to meet me at midnight,
my hean races."
"I scare away one, two, a plenty few."
"My beloved is to meet me at midnight,
my hean races."
"The guard's stick hurts,
it hurts badly."
"The guard's stick hurts,
it hurts badly."
"Run for your life, if you get caught,
plead for your life."
Where is Arya?
- What, Ma'am?
Where is Arya? - Don't know.
She was here a while ago.
I can't reach her.
It's been two hours
since she left for home...
Wasn't she with Sapna and Rishi?
Yes, ma'am. - Rishi, has no clue.
He doesn't know anything.
Come on let's dance. - And, Sapna,
she doesn't know anything.
I am really sorry, ma'am.
- We don't know.
Sorry, ma'am.
I told Rishi to take care of her.
Sir...sir...l need your help.
- Yes.
My daughter hasn't reached home yet.
Please help me.
I am tensed...
- Get a glass of water for the lady.
My daughter was attending
a party at the farm house...
I'm trying her phone...
What's the name of your daughter...
...and which farmhouse did she go to?
Arya Sabarwal.
Zodiac Farm.
Yeah... what's the problem?
Her daughter's disappeared.
She hasn't disappeared...
She just hasn't returned home yet.
Take a seat, ma'am.
- Sir, I am very worried.
I've been trying to call her...
...but it's unavailable.
- Please.
Sit down and tell us everything.
What's the age of your daughter?
- 18 years.
Give us her phone number.
Get to work and trace
this phone number.
Please try.
- Have some water.
You shouldn't be worried.
It's Valentine's Day.
She must be out with her boyfriend.
There's no way she'll tell you.
What are you saying?
Ma'am, kids these
days are just like that.
Don't worry... She must
be enjoying herself somewhere.
We deal with such cases every day.
- Sir, please.
You might have dealt
with similar cases before.
But my daughter isn't
like any of them.
She called me at 12:30 and
said she's coming home in 45 minutes.
That clearly means
she was coming home!
Look at the time now.
It's been 3 hours.
She isn't at her friend's place...
...nor at the party,
nor is she answering her phone.
In fact, no one knows where she is.
Do you get what I am saying?
I need your help.
Write down your details in this
register. And your phone number.
As well as the description
of your daughter.
Give me your number,
I'll send you her photograph.
We'll inform you as soon as we can.
You can go home.
Hello lndu, just keep trying.
Hello, madam.
I'll call you back, bye.
My name is Dayashankar Kapoor...
...but, you can call me DK in short.
I am a detective.
Don't mind the Police.
Dealing with crime every day,
they have become thick skinned.
Let me know If I can be of any
use to you. No need to hesitate.
No thank you.
- How sweet of you.
Here's my card.
Keep this.
It's my official card.
I've quite a reputation in Old Delhi.
I am a licensed detective, yeah.
By the grace of God just
from the ashes of a man...
...I can deduce his entire life.
You're welcome to try.
Best gadget...
Best surveillance.
Hi-tech equipment.
I've everything, I guarantee.
- Sir, I need to get home...
...please move.
- No, problem, ma'am.
Have faith in the Almighty.
Your daughter will come home.
Everything will be fine.
Your dress.
This way, ma'am.
Excuse me...
- Ma'am.
Mrs. Sabarwal.
- Yes.
Come with me.
This side"
Oh, God!
Oh, God!
How did this happen?
She's had severe internal injuries.
She is still in a state of shock.
And...we might have to do
multiple surgeries later on.
Because of internal bleeding..
She is unable to eat.
So we will be feeding
her through her Iv.
In fact...somebody tried
to strangle her to death.
Because of which her
breathing is inconsistent.
If she doesn't stabilize soon...
her condition can get critical.
To be honest with you, ma'am...
...your daughter has
been physically abused.
It's possible that your
daughter has been raped.
She's a strong girl, ma'am.
Behind me is the very hospital...
...where the assault victim
was admitted a while ago.
Sources confirm that
she is in critical condition.
We'll update you as soon
as we've more information.
This is Pankaj Sharma with
cameraman Sahil, Zee News, Delhi.
Sir, boss is calling you.
What's the update
on Sansar Singh's case?
Charge sheet's been
already filed, sir.
The victim at JP Care Hospital
is no longer an assault case.
It's rape.
Possibly gang-rape-
Go and take over.
- Yes, sir.
Mrs. Sabarwal.
Ma'am, please sign here.
Thank you, ma'am.
Mrs. Sabarwal.
Matthew Francis, Crime Branch.
I'm...extremely sorry
about what has happened.
I want you to know that...
...we've started our investigations.
We're interrogating everyone
present at the party.
Also...we must record
your daughter's statement...
...whenever she regains consciousness.
I'm sure you understand.
Anand... please come back.
We really need you.
Please come back.
What do you want, dear?
Water? Would you like some water?
- Bedpan.
You want the bedpan?
Hold on...I'll get it.
Please, dear.
Just one spoon.
I am sorry"
Did she say anything?
Tell us something, dear.
Who were they?
We know... hard this is for you.
But only you...
can bring them to justice.
If you can...
- Do you know...
Do you know what he was screaming?
"Now call your mom"
I don't remember anything after that.
The girl has given her statement.
Get up.
Leave my collar
- Come.
What have I done?
- Let go.
- Come quietly. - Leave me.
Where you are taking me?
Come on, You...
- Let go.
What have I done?
Where you are taking me?
Leave my collar.
You will pay for this, inspector.
You will...
Sir, let me go.
- Sir, where you are taking him?
I haven't done anything.
- Where are you taking him?
- Sir...
Sir... Stop hitting him.
I haven't done anything.
I haven't done anything.
- What has he done?
Let me go.
- Sir, let him go.
We know he's your friend.
Say it clearly.
- His name is Jagan Singh.
Don't die before I return.
Where are you taking my son?
- I'll be back soon.
Get up...
Where are you taking me?
- Come on.
Where are you taking me?
- Come on.
Open the door.
- Take care, Uncle. I'll be back soon.
Get in.
I said get in.
I could've done that myself, Tara.
Then you should've done it by now.
- Okay...
Can I get a cup of tea?
The weather's playing tricks again.
No tea for you!
I'll get it.
What is English for 'Tara'.
- Star.
She's got starry tantrums.
'The Valentine Day rape case...'
Go back... the victim's statement.
This is the gang-rape incident case,
where the victim was...
Kidnapped from Zodiac Farms...
No one's safe in this country anymore.
She was found next morning in
critical condition in a drain.
The victim has identified four people
through video conferencing. - Tea.
The case is now under Crime Branch...
...which is being lead
by Officer Matthew Francis.
Nothing's ever going
to change in this country.
Why not, mom?
The government will have
to take an action for this.
The people need to wake up. must come
home early from your tuitions.
- Don't you see what's happening?
What are you saying?
- What am I saying?
Why don't you say something?
It always has to be me.
- All four are still in custody.
The case has been
forwarded to Fast Track Court...
...and the victim has sought permission
to depose through video conference.
"...And when they thought
I am dead, they..."
"...threw me...
...out of their car."
Sir, we seek permission
for their forensic test.
Thank you, sir.
Arya's injuries are
consistent with her story.
I am completely sure
she's telling the truth.
And the rest can be proved...
...after we receive
the forensic report.
Everyone says that
we'll lose this case... soon as the
forensic reports arrive.
Please do something.
This is Arya SabarwaPs
blood report...
...on the 14th of February.
Blood alcohol content is 0.08.
Her statement is not reliable.
I am at the court.
I'll call you back.
Sir, this is the victim's phone.
The police recovered
it from the exact same location...
...where she claimed
she was kidnapped.
'Sit here, I'll call a cab.'
Sir, I was at that
pany from 10 pm to 4 am.
Charles and Mohit were with me.
They never left.
In fact, she left the party.
These are their phone records.
The triangulated positions show...
...that Charles was at the party.
And Baburam never left his post.
And Mohit's teacher broke his phone.
The traffic signal cameras...
- Sir, verification.
It's verified.
- Thank you, sir.
Sir, we've recovered
footages of the car...
between the
farmhouse and the drain.
It's Charles Deewan's car, which
the victim mentioned in her statement.
Sir...the car was completely washed.
No prints, no fluids.
You two go back to the party.
And you, back to your post.
I'll go wash the car.
- Okay.
I was driving the car.
I borrowed the car from dude...
I mean, from my friend Charles...
...since it was Valentines Day...
...and I wanted to take
my girlfriend for a ride.
Sir, his phone's location
proves that he was in the car.
With his girlfriend, of course.
I called the police
immediately after I found her.
But I thought it was better
to take her to the nearest hospital...
...instead of waiting for the police.
Note down...victim was found
where she claims she was thrown.
Before I left,
Mohit was misbehaving with Arya.
By the time I got back,
Sapna was quite dizzy...
...and Arya's phone was unreachable.
After that, I dropped Sapna home.
And finally,
Baburam has confessed to the police...
Objection. inadmissible.
Sustained. Don't waste my time.
Don't you think your friend
Arya left with her boyfriend?
They had sex.
They had an argument...
He beat her up.
- Objection! Character assassination.
But unfortunately in our society...
...we cannot openly admit to affairs.
- Objection, sir.
So she blamed it on someone else.
- Sustained.
Stop this rubbish!
Show some sensitivity.
Sorry, sir.
Did you see Mohit when
you arrived at the party?
And Baburam even
opened the gate for you?
'I'm here to pick up my daughter.'
Say it louder.
Yes, but...
I got there at around 2 am.
But my daughter Arya
was missing since 12:30 am.
So you admit that
they were at the party...
...but your daughter wasn't.
Objection, leading the witness.
What's all this nonsense in the court?
According to the
Supreme Court's maxim...
...the victim's statement
is enough for a conviction...
...even I know that.
But this maxim is based on the fact...
...that people can lie,
circumstances cannot.
Shall we, dear.
You've been discharged.
Shall we go home?
Arya and Devki ma'am
always had a problem with me.
So it's quite obvious
they took my name.
And why will I do it, sir?
I am in love with Arya.
If I had been there that day...
...I would've never spared those guys.
Will you please introduce yourself?
I am Dr. Mohit Bhatt.
I'm a Grade 1 Senior
Scientific Officer... the Central Forensic Laboratory.
Did you prepare this report?
- I did.
What's written in it?
The report is negative.
The accused's forensic samples...
...and the samples collected
from Arya's body do not match.
How is this possible?
Arya gave her statement 3 days later.
The swabs were collected
after 72 hours.
The sperms were destroyed by then.
But don't worry, we'll apply again.
This time it will be positive.
It's really unfortunate
that the prosecutrix was raped.
She has sustained severe
wounds on her body.
And there was an attempt
to kill her as well.
Since she was under
the influence of alcohol...
...on the night of 14th February,
her statement cannot be relied on.
Even the Prosecution has
failed to corroborate her statement.
The court believes that...
...even if thousands
of guilty go free...
...not a single innocent
soul should be punished.
It cannot be proven without a doubt...
...that Charles Deewan,
Mohit Chadha, Baburam Pande...
...and Joginder Singh
committed the rape.
And so the court acquits them.
- Dude.
What an amazing lawyer.
Leave me.
Take him out of the court.
Arrest him! This is contempt of court.
- Shut up!
Anand, what happened?
- Devki, this is really unfair.
Where are you taking him?
Hold on...
- This is not justice.
Waitmwhere are you taking him?
- Ma'am please...
- Devki.
Wait madam, please.
Thank you, sir.
The court acquitted everyone.
- I can't believe it.
Sir punched Jagan in a fit of rage...
...and he was arrested
for contempt of court.
But don't worry ma'am,
we'll get him out.
He's here.
Sir, sign here.
I am so sorry about what has happened?
I can understand what
you'll are going through.
There's no way you can understand.
You can get away with
rape in this country...
...but you can't even slap a rapist.
The Police never discriminates.
Anyone who breaks the law is our enemy.
- Please...
I've no more expectations.
Not from the Police...
...nor the law.
Yeah, lndu.
Please open the door.
- What happened?
Arya saw her verdict on
...and locked herself inside.
- What was everyone doing?
Why did you leave her alone?
- Open the door.
I couldn't do anything.
- Open the door.
- Arya, please.
Arya, please.
- Arya, open the door.
- Oh, God!
Calm down.
Indu, take her away.
Calm down, dear.
No, Arya.
Calm down.
Calm down, dear.
Calm down, dear.
Calm down.
Calm down, dear.
Calm down.
Calm down, dear.
She's asleep.
We can't give up, Devki.
We must fight.
We'll appeal to the High Court.
They will be hanged to death.
They will pay for this.
Arya's the one paying the price.
Living with this incident...
Nothing can be worse than that.
I always believed...
...everything will be eventually
fine between Arya and me.
But now it's all over.
She has gone so far...
...and coming back is...
I've lost her.
I've lost her, Anand.
You awake, dear.
I've decided that...
...we should go out somewhere.
How about that place you suggested?
It's alright.
But do let me know...
...once you change your mind.
When will sis come back to school?
Stop bothering me, Mohit.
Your brother just got back.
- Bye, morn.
How many months into
pregnancy you have been?
How can you allow him back in school?
- The court's acquitted him.
He's innocent by law.
So you're saying that
my daughter's lying?
That's not what I meant.
But I can't take
any action against him.
What excuse can I
give for expelling him?
"That the court didn't
believe Arya..."
"...but we do?"
So you won't do anything.
His parents will sue the school.
Morning, ma'am.
- Morning...
Stop calling me all the time.?
Tell brother I am coming...coming
towards him only.
I had to bunk lectures because of you.
Now hang up, stop bothering me.
A lawyer like Bansal will
definitely benefit our case.
Go for it.
I'll call you later.
Devki, what happened
to the car... - It's nothing.
Just a small accident.
Accident? Are you okay?
Yeah, I am fine.
No wonder you're so late.
Indu also had to leave.
- Anand...
I cannot teach at
that school any longer.
And we'll shift Priya
to another school.
What happened?
He's back in school.
I suggest you find someone else.
He's not a nice guy.
What are you saying, DK sir?
- Exactly.
I wonder if my daughter
will ever get married?
I know of a guy.
Fresh in the market.
He'll be absolutely
right for your daughter.
Tell me something, DK sir.
Are you a detective or a matchmaker?
Just your well-wisher, Mr. Bagga.
Wait here.
Where to?
- Just check his profile.
Madam, where are you going?
Come in.
I came here by mistake.
You're holding my visiting card...
...and you claim to
have come by mistake.
How can I be of service?
I know everything about your case.
The court didn't
just make a mistake...
They have sinned.
I can feel what you're feeling.
No one knows what I am feeling.
I may not be a good enough
detective to deduce feelings...
...but I am a father nevertheless.
I have a daughter...she's
the same age as your daughter.
Look at this, it's very beautiful.
Thankfully she's
taken after her mother.
I can imagine what you're feeling.
But don't worry, I am a professional.
Client secrecy is my top priority.
Swear on God.
I want information.
You'll get the information.
From this moment onwards,
I don't know you...
...and you don't know me.
Welcome to Rajiv Chowk Metro Station.
Please stand clear of the door.
Thank you.
Monday nights Baburam
gets off early from work.
Every Monday night...
...he sits at the same bar
and drinks till it shuts down.
I don't know whether what
I am doing is right or wrong.
It's wrong.
But doing nothing isn't right either.
If you've to choose
between wrong and not right...
...then what will you choose?
The address of the bar.
Is the information a 100 percent?
Have faith in God.
He'll fix everything.
God can't be everywhere, Mr. DK.
I know.
That's why he created Mothers.
It takes only one lifetime
to be born as a woman.
But only after one thousand
and eighteen rebirths...
...does one get the privilege
of being born as a man.
- You're talking rubbish.
You've lost your mind.
Get lost.
- " Lipstick..."
"Your waist... looks voluptuous."
"Your waist... looks voluptuous."
Don't be shy.
Show me your face.
- Why are you screaming?
Where were you the last three days?
Why didn't you come home?
I am asking you something.
Who were you sleeping with?
Are you going to answer me?
Where had you gone?
I want to know...
- Shut up!
Why did you come back?
I even called at your office.
You haven't even been
to work for last four days!
I had made up my mind
to go to the police.
Why marry me if this
is what you wanted to do?
Why are you screaming?
I can scream too, you know.
What are you smashing in there?
Is that all you can do?
It's my bad luck.
"She called you four times..."
"...but you didn't reply."
"And also..."
'He was the same security
guard who was recently arrested...'
' connection
to a gang-rape case.'
- Coming, mom.
'Security Guard Baburam
was acquitted...'
'...from the Valentine Day rape case.'
'He was found dead in his house,
in castrated condition.'
'According to sources,
he was missing for four days...'
'...and he was last seen on
Monday night at Vishwakarma bar.'
Some neighbors saw him
lying outside his house...
This is definitely revenge.
No, sir. They are decent people.
- Yes sir.
How can I help you?
You must have heard
what happened with Baburam.
He deserved whatever happened to him.
The problem is, Mr. Anand,
that this is no coincidence...
it was deliberate.
The question is who...
- I wish it was me.
My deputy Rashid, even he
believes this is revenge-killing.
But I can't be you.
You're decent people.
Decent... but not stupid.
You're suspecting me?
You think I did it?
I think a man's capable
of doing anything when he's angry.
Yes...l am angry.
But I still have faith.
That we will get justice.
Nice to hear that.
See you...
Sorry for bothering you.
Keep an eye on him.
- Yes sir.
This is his new series.
It's an interesting take.
We're in a gallery,
Take off your sunglasses.
People will laugh at you.
I never leave home without
my mother's blessings...
...and my sunglasses.
Did you get the information
I asked for?
This must belong to an elephant.
It's a pen-drive.
I've already Whatsapped
you the procedure...
...for disabling CCTV.
You can go through it later.
Leave five minutes after I do.
Stay here for a while
and appreciate this painting.
What is this painting about?
It's when Draupadi washed
her tresses with Dushashan's blood.
Look around you.
This artist's theme is 'Mahabharata'.
The oldest revenge story.
Where is Draupadi?
It's modern art.
"Come out of this painting...'
I could've made this painting...
...with my hands tied behind my back.
If you get it, it's art.
If you don't, it's modern art.
Excuse me.
- Yes, sir. How can I help you?
How much for this red canvas?
5 million.
- Yes, sir. It's already sold out.
Did you receive payment?
- Yes.
'Charles Diwan.'
'The only son of an Indian
father and British mother.'
'His parents are no more...'
'...but they left everything for him.'
He live all alone in Greater Noida...
...Green Field society, bungalow 11
He's a partner in a nightclub.
'And every Saturday night
he parties at that club.'
'Even his servant takes
an off on Saturday night...'
'...and, returns on Sunday morning.'
'And his cousin,
Mohit Chadha, pet name Bunty.'
'Both his parents are pilots,
and they often travel.'
'So he spends most of his
time with his cousin Charles.'
'Both of them are very
frequent in each other's home.'
'By the way, Charles always has a
spare key to Mohit's house in his home.'
'Charles Diwan is a fitness freak.'
'From whey protein to creatine,
he takes every supplement.'
'Let me know if there's
any other information you want.'
'Well then...'
So what's the problem?
Can't you get a single
date for an appeal?
I don't think you're interested
in this case any longer.
Hold on.
Where are you going?
- We're out of groceries.
I'll be late.
Also, need to see the tailor...
I don't care if there
are other cases pending.
Now don't give me excuses, please.
He's still at home.
Do not lose sight of him, Rashid.
No chance, sir.
I haven't gone home
for 3 days myself.
I think he's very decent.
It's been 6 days.
Home to office,
Office to home...that's all he does.
He never even jumps a signal,
even at night.
He's a law abiding citizen.
- I asked you to keep an eye...
...and not for your opinion.
- Sorry sir.
Can you open it?
- Yes, madam.
The gardener...
I've told him a thousand
times not to leave it here.
The children can trip over.
It's open.
Come on...come on...
- Here you go.
The children will be home soon.
Keep this money.
Let's go...let's go..
It's okay, madam.
Here you go, mister.
Thank you.
Who is this?
What happened to bro?
Which hospital?
Where to madam?
yes, I'm just downstairs.
Coming UP-
Where are you going, madam?
- Who do you want to meet?
Mukesh Chabbra, 20-C.
I see...
- I'm coming.
Madam, your name?
- Mrs. Mathur.
Fine, go.
- Thank you.
What's wrong with him?
It's a case of poisoning, sir.
I never took my eyes off him, sir.
What's the poison?
It's cyanide, sir.
Made from apple seeds.
- Apple seeds?
Reports say that Apple
seeds contain cyanide.
It only takes 1.5 g to kill a human.
And apple seeds contain 0.6 mg
At the moment he's paralyzed.
But the doctors are astonished
about how he survived?
We've found traces of
protein shake and apple seeds...
...from his mouth and food pipe.
- Is that what he ate last?
Yes, sir, that's what he ate.
And we've also collected
evidence from his home.
Who did this to you, bro?
- It's not the father.
I think someone else is involved.
I want to know.
He cannot speak.
N ow!
What? Fire?
You should've checked first.
- Even I heard the alarm, sir.
Look the police are here.
What's wrong?
- It was a false alarm, sir.
We checked the entire building.
There's no fire anywhere.
That was a close shave, mister.
Mom and dad would've killed me.
You can go. There's no fire, sir.
We'll put it out
even if there isn't one.
Let's go upstairs.
- Yes, sir.
Find out...what set off the alarm.
- Okay, sir.
Check everything.
Bedroom and kitchen too
You wasted your time once before...
...and you're doing it again.
What do you think
you're looking for, sir?
I said it's a false alarm.
Are you looking for buried treasure?
Go find the one who poisoned
my brother... - Shut up!
I'll throw you out of the window.
It's just the bathroom.
Nature calls the police too.
So this is what was going on here.
Search properly, Rashid.
I want all his drugs in front of me.
Sir, this isn't mine.
My dad sometimes...
Sir, look.
- Sorry sir.
Honestly, sir, this isn't mine.
Where did it come from?
This is where the
cyanide was prepared.
Cooked enough to kill an elephant.
What are you saying?
Where were you last night?
At home, sir.
Isn't this your laptop?
Look at this, sir.
Jesus Christ.
He researched last night.
- Yes.
Son of a's been ages
since we had such a solid case.
Take all this into evidence.
- Yes, sir.
Arrest the bas
Come on.
Hold on... wait...
What for?
Attempt to Murder.
He's my brother.
Why would I murder him?
Maybe you were scared...
...that one of you might
turn approver. Come on.
- Come on.
You know I haven't done anything.
- Come on!
Arya dear, are you okay?
He was my best student.
How did this happen, Charles?
How did it happen?
What happened to my
daughter that night...
happens every night.
After today, even you will never
forget that night.
You will think about
that night every day...
And regret it.
What were you guys
screaming that night?
Here's her mom.
What happened to him?
Poor boy got emotional seeing me.
- What happened? Are you okay?
See you.
Get well soon, Charles.
Yes, the meeting's on schedule.
Of course, of course.
Vinay, please be there on time.
I'm sitting in the car.
15 minutes.
Bye, mom.
- Bye.
Hello, Mrs. Devki. How are you?
What brings you here, at the school?
Is everything okay?
Of course.
I just came to see you.
What do you want?
I need your signature.
What for?
Well...the forensic lab wants
to dispose off Arya's samples.
If you want to get them
examined by your own doctors...
Then this is your last chance.
Dispose them.
L...need you to sign this.
Just one second.
Are you...looking for this?
Do you...
...wear the same kind of glasses?
I can see everything clearly.
Here... your pen.
The fourth guy, Jagan Singh.
He's Criminal class.
He's dangerous.
If I had two daughters...
...I would've never gone after him.
Why are you telling me?
Because he's the only one left.
Believe it or not, but when
the court acquits guilty people... makes me really angry.
I believe you.
Then believe this too.
When someone does my work for me...
...that makes me very angry too.
I must go...l am getting late.
- You can go, Mrs. Devki.
But the moment I find evidence,
I will take you along.
Excuse me.
What's wrong?
You can't believe it either, right?
Charles can die anytime...
...and then Mohit will
be charged with murder.
Does Arya know?
I don't know.
But she told me that
she wants to go for a holiday.
That's really great.
Read the whole thing.
Lots of work to do.
Bookings are to be done.
I'll get to work, okay.
- Yeah.
There's something I want to share...
- You are worried about Arya?
She's recovering.
Everything's getting back to normal.
We're going to have the
best family vacation ever.
I am so excited, so happy.
But l...
This is a new beginning.
It's what we've been waiting for.
"In this world..."
"...people...get deceived."
You sing really well.
I always wanted to
be a singer like my mother.
Was she a singer too?
- No
She also wanted to be one.
Let's get to the point.
It'll take some time.
Jagan is missing.
I even visited his hometown.
His father passed away,
but he didn't show up.
The police are getting suspicious.
Please hurry up.
By the time you return
from your vacations...'ll have all
the details about Jagan.
With the grace of God,
everything will be fine.
I have my resources.
Mr. DK.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Hail Bhole...
I've resources... setting.
Hail Bhole...
- Hail Bhole...
Do you know who I am?
Who doesn't know you, sir?
How about a cup of tea?
No, sir. I've acidity.
The tea served in my
station is quite sweet.
I've also got high sugar.
- Yes, sir.
Then how about some black coffee?
Then...let's have some tea only.
That's more like it.
What are you two planning?
Who, sir?
Speak up.
What was your plan?
Because what you're
doing is not the solution.
I'm saying this for your own good.
What were you telling Devki?
Devki who?
I don't know any Devki, sir.
Swear on Almighty.
Rashid, get the stick.
- Sir.
What for?
What have I done to deserve a stick?
Who is this, Mathew'?
Rathore sir!
Myself Daya Shankar Kapoor...
...but, you can call me DK in short.
I am the best detective
in Dariyaganj area.
Enlighten him.
Sir, we're investigating
the gang-rape case.
How is he connected?
I've seen him with Mrs. Devki.
These two are definitely
planning something... - Devki?
The victim's mother?
Yes, sir.
Come out for a minute.
Forgive me, Lord.
It can't be anyone else, sir.
What proof do you have?
I don't have any goddamn proof.
If the word gets out to the media...
...then we'll be facing
harassment charges.
I'll be retiring soon.
I don't want any
kind of stress, Mathew
Sir, I just need a few days.
Let him go... and report to my cabin.
I've more important case for you.
Forget him.
- You say.
Will you do it.
- Yes, I will.
I've people on the outside.
"This moon and the moonlit night."
"Listen to my heart's tale."
Mohit, visiting time.
S you just ruined all my fun.
Hey handsome, come soon.
I am waiting for you.
He'll have to pay up at any cost.
I go there every day,
but he doesn't pay up.
Have the other guys paid up?
- Not yet.
Jaga". you?
What's wrong with you?
What's wrong with you?
Why are you walking like that?
- It's nothing.
Jagan, please get me out of here.
Find out who's behind all this.
- Shut up!
First, you poisoned Charles...
...and now you're begging me for help.
Why would I poison him
when everything was going fine?
He is my brother.
I never even sliced
an apple in my life... can I make cyanide?
Think about it.
I've given this some deep thought.
Someone's trapping all of us.
And you're next.
Where are you going?
Jagan, please get me out of here.
Get me out of here, please.
- Let go.
Dude, I don't know what to say.
Whoever did this...won't survive.
Can you give me any hint?
- What?
Mo... Mohit?
Mohit can never do this.
That dimwit...
He's only good for taking
a puff and passing out.
I just met him.
He was in pain.
Yes, tell me something.
Mo? Mo...Mother promise,
I will sc him.
At least tell me his name.
Who is it?
Whose mom?
Whose mom?
"Call your mom?"
"Call your mom."
The girl's mother.
She did all this?
Yes, dude? dude?
Nurse... doctor...
Who are you?
And how did you get in?
Where is Mr. Sabarwal?
He's out of town.
But who are you?
Yes, dear.
Actually, dear,
I was busy all night.
Yes, Sorry-sorry...
Yes, we'll have lunch together.
Ask your mom to make
some salad as well.
Okay, dear.
Pick up the phone, Devki.
- Hurry up, mom.
Sis and Papa are waiting,
come quickly.
So, Mr. Bond, I've been observing
from the teacher's house.
You've been making a number of calls.
Who are you? What do you want?
School teacher.
School teacher?
Then go look in a school instead.
This is my office.
Where I come from... one gets a second chance.
I don't care where you come
from or where you go.
We'll soon find out.
Now do you know!
What's the password, uncle?
Give me your thumb.
You're invading my personal documents.
I'll have you arrested
under section 378. - Quiet.
I won't stay quiet...remember that.
Hello, Johnson Cottage.
Can I speak to Mrs. Devki?
They went sight-seeing.
Thank you.
Johnson Cottage...
...that's where she is.
Now that you know, take my advice.
Surrender yourself.
I am not the kind of man
that gets intimidated by a woman.
Man? You think you're a man.
Men don't rape, you swine.
Not swine... Dinoswine.
Di noswi ne
You idiot, it's not dinoswine.
It's a dinosaur.
You're going to die by
the hands of that teacher.
You should learn some
English before you die.
Di noswi ne!
Di noswi ne!
Say it, dinosaur...
'I have a daughter...
she's the same age as your daughter.'
'I can feel what you're feeling.'
"The sun has... spread its arms..."
"...and opened new paths."
"May the light reflect on your lips."
"And you inch closer to your joys."
"O sweetheart...for your happiness..."
"...the candles burn all day."
"O sweetheart, for you..."
"...even the angels pray."
"As you take one
step ahead at a time..."
"The void gets filled."
"And you welcome new life...
with open arms."
"With the dreams filled in your eyes."
"O sweetheart for you..."
want to erase every regret."
"O sweetheart...for your happiness..."
"...the candles burn all day."
"I never let tears...
trickle down my chin."
"We'll usher in a new world of joy."
"All that one needs to live..."
"That's you and me."
"O sweetheart...for your happiness..."
"...the candles burn all day."
"O sweetheart, for you..."
"...even the angels pray."
Sir, DK's family.
Wife and daughter.
It's been approximately 2 hours.
Any clue?
- No, sir.
Even the CCTV footage
has been destroyed.
Keep looking.
- Yes, sir.
'If you've to choose
between wrong and not right...'
'...then, what will you choose?'
'It's a pen drive.'
'The police are getting suspicious.'
'Hurry up.'
Say it, dinosaur...
I'll go tuck her in bed.
Are you feeling cold?
Let me work the fire.
Is that better?
Where the hell is he?
I'll go take a look.
Run. Arya!
Run. Arya!
No one's coming.
Neither your husband...
nor that detective.
- Shut up!
Just an ordinary school teacher.
You bloody...
What are you doing, Devki?
Drop the gun.
How dare he touch my daughter?
I'm telling you...drop the gun.
How dare he touch my daughter?
How dare he?
I've evidence, Devki.
I swear he'll be brought to justice.
But if you shoot...
...I swear, you'll go to jail as well.
How dare he touch my daughter!
Think about your family, Devki.
I'm just coming from the cottage,
Anand is alive.
The police are taking
him to the hospital.
Priya's with him.
Drop the gun!
Drop the gun!
It will happen again...
It will happen again...
and there's nothing you can do.
There's nothing you can do.
It will happen again.
There's nothing you can do.
If you want to kill him...
...then use the right gun.
What are you doing, you bas
This is illegal.
I am telling you...shoot him!
I surrender.
I surrender.
She...poisoned my best friend.
She framed Mohit.
And emasculated Baburam.
You don't know anything.
- I know everything.
Before someone else gets here,
shoot him.
No-no-no, please, madam.
I was scared.
Don't listen to his bulls.
Shoot him.
I can turn over a new leaf.
It's now or never.
Just one chance...
Give me one chance.
I surrender.
Shoot the ha?
- Shut up.
Give me one chance,
I'll become a better man!
Pull the damn trigger!
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.