Moment by Moment (1978) Movie Script

What about
the sleeping pills?
I'm gonna be at the beach for a while,
and I wanted a supply...
I'm sorry. I can't give you
a refill on seconal.
I would if I could.
Oh, I almost forgot this.
Excuse me.
Is Gregg in?
Gregg. Gregg Crawford.
He works for you. Is he in?
I was supposed to meet him last
night and he didn't show up.
I was wonderin' where he is.
I'm sorry. I was here first.
Did he show up for work today,
or what?
I'm really sorry,
Mrs. Rawlings.
Uh... You check with your
doctor and have him call me.
And have a good weekend.
Yes, thank you.
I don't suppose it'll
come as a surprise
if I tell you we caught him with
his hands in the cookie jar.
Oh, well, I... Gee, I'm...
I'm dumbfounded.
Mmm-hmm. I'm sure.
Anyhow, it's outta my hands. Wait a minute.
What... What is that supposed to mean?
I mean, it's in the hands
of the law.
How could you do that?
People are beginning
to stare. Please.
Well, that's what happens
when you have guilt.
It feels like people
are starin' at you.
You know what?
They are staring at you.
Hello, Mrs. Rawlings.
I have your order
ready for you here.
Oh, good, thank you.
How are you today?
All right.
And yourself? Fine.
That's that wine chiller
that you ordered.
I think you're
gonna like it.
Has this been
in here all day?
It's been there
for over two hours.
Think about taking
one of our classes?
I took the Cuisinart.
I'll bet you don't have
the new ripple cut blades.
I have so many blades now,
I don't know what to do with them.
I... I saw you at Schwab's, and it just
dawned on me who you are. Do you remember me?
I'm sure you do.
I'm sure I don't.
I did valet parking for you
for that big party at the beach
you had a few months back.
Excuse me.
Uh, thank you.
I'll see you again. Bye.
I hope so.
Can I get you something,
young man?
No, I don't...
I don't see anything I need.
Mrs. Rawlings?
Can I explain somethin'
to you?
Look, the only reason I'm bein'
friendly to you is 'cause...
I felt like bein' friendly after I
remembered what you did for me, that's all.
I thought about it a lot. I mean,
you were so mellow that night. Really.
You weren't standoffish
like you are now.
I know what
you're thinkin'.
You're thinkin' I got some chutzpah bein'
so nosy, right?
Well, all I wanna do is...
Is thank you for comin'
to my rescue that night, that's all.
What is it I did that
meant so much to you?
The dent.
It's still there.
That's... That's somethin'
you hardly ever see,
a dent in a
Mercedes-Benz, huh?
Not in Beverly Hills anyway.
There must be a law
or somethin'.
Now, do you remember me?
Dent? Me?
Your husband, he...
He accused me of makin' that dent.
Then he accused me
of being stoned, too.
Which, I'll be honest,
I... I was, but...
So anyway, he...
He got me so paranoid, I thought, Jesus,
maybe I did make
the damn dent
and didn't feel it
or somethin'.
I mean, these cars are like bein'
in a goddamn cotton wad or somethin'.
So anyway, I... I just wanna thank
you for comin' to bat for me.
I guess you felt
protective, huh?
But I did make the dent.
I... I know you
made the dent.
It's just that...
You could've laid the blame on me.
I was stoned enough.
A lot of people would've.
That never occurred to me.
I know. That's what
knocked me out about you.
Uh, look, I think you've blown
this out of proportion a bit.
I wasn't worried about you.
I was just telling the truth.
I know you were
tellin' the truth,
but you were still
worried about me. Face it.
No. That's something
you've made up in your mind.
You know,
I wish I'd never brought up the subject.
I could've gone on thinking
you did somethin' nice for me.
Look, uh...
Uh, what is your name?
Think of Sunset.
Oh, I'm sorry.
You've caught me on a bad day.
Well, that's okay. I... I'll remember you
the way I... I remembered you that night.
I think about it a lot,
you know.
'Cause I dig
thinkin' about it.
But, um...
It's unlikely I'll stop
thinkin' about it
just 'cause of
what happened today.
Look, what do you
want from me?
Well, I could use a lift
to San Vicente.
I'm sorry.
I'm going to the beach.
Oh. Maybe I'll see you
out there then.
My friends own a place
in the water like you.
Well, don't get arrested
for that dent, huh?
Take care.
So long.
Mrs. Rawlings! Hi.
I got somethin' for you.
Well, hi, there.
Think he remembers me?
I doubt it.
I'm sure he does. Oh!
Thank you.
Beautiful day
today, huh?
I'm glad
I bumped into you.
Do you mind?
I was really enjoying being alone.
Well, look. I... I just want to...
I'd like to give you a gift,
and then I'll split,
all right?
I think you'll like it.
You came all the way out here
just to give me a gift?
Well, I... I came out here
to see some people I knew,
to help move
my friend Gregg.
Then I thought
if I saw you accidentally
or bumped into you,
I'd give you some reds.
There you go.
I'm really
not interested.
They're 100%
I mean, you don't
have to worry about that.
You wanna hear
somethin' crazy?
I hated to think
of you tossin' and turnin'.
Now, look, I'm only
giving you four,
because I don't like
to encourage pill-popping.
So here.
I guess I feel protective
of you or somethin'.
Whatever happened to valet parking?
Excuse me.
Wait a minute,
Miss Ultra-Frost.
You're the one who
wants the pills, not me.
How come
your hair's not wet?
Don't you like to swim?
That's a beautiful dress.
Are those mirrors?
Hell, those are mirrors.
Let go.
You know,
if you went swimming once in a while,
you probably wouldn't
even need these pills.
Wait a minute!
I got a question for you.
Can you hear me?
I'll come up!
I can hear you.
I can hear you!
What is it?
Shouldn't we
keep in touch?
I mean, if I was around,
you probably wouldn't have to suffer
the humiliation of gettin'
these things legal.
I was so embarrassed
for you at Schwab's.
I mean, who needs it?
I mean, really?
I don't need that many pills,
so you don't have to worry.
Yeah, but you need your beauty sleep,
don't ya?
Okay, thanks.
Can I tell you somethin'?
Okay, one thing.
What is it?
All right.
Remember back there when I said
that I'd hate to think
of you tossin' and turnin'?
Well, I lied.
I love to think of you tossin' and turnin'.
Matter of fact...
Matter of fact, sometimes I...
I can't stop myself
thinking of it.
It's like a confession, all right?
I just thought I'd make it.
Hey, don't take it the wrong way!
Don't worry. I won't.
Yes. What is it now?
Your dog.
Did you mean to leave
him out? 'Cause he's out.
Thank you.
Mr. Rawlings?
I'll talk to you
in a minute, Bill.
You were sleeping?
Oh, it's...
What time is it?
Oh, it's early.
I'm sorry.
I was gonna call you,
to tell you I was out here.
Naomi told me.
Trish, I thought we were
going to see each other.
There's so much
we have to decide on.
You seem so... Withdrawn.
Like you're not there.
I'm not.
Look. I... I know
you're angry and hurt.
Don't leave this
all up to me, please.
You left
the marriage up to me.
I'm leaving
the divorce up to you.
I hope you have better luck.
I'm sorry you found out about my
affair with Stacie the way you did.
Look, I should've
told you myself.
I... I kept meaning to.
Who's gonna tell Tim?
It would be easier on him
if it came from you.
But, uh, don't call him.
Wait till he comes home
next month.
Oh. Any way you tell him,
it's gonna hurt him, no matter what.
I wish he would write.
Uh, make sure that Maria forwards my mail.
I may stay for a while.
Trish. We've got to
talk about things.
What about the pool filter?
What... What about it?
What do you
want me to do?
You decide.
All right.
I'll call you tomorrow.
No, please don't.
I'm enjoying the quiet.
Okay? Bye.
It's okay.
Come here.
It's okay.
We can expect light variable winds
this morning under low clouds.
Winds turning
southwesterly to 17...
Surfing conditions should be
moderate today...
Scamp. Come here.
Come on.
...from Hollywood Beach all the
way to Malibu Beach. Come here.
Wave maximums are three feet
on a 12-second interval.
Good boy.
Good boy!
Air temperature is 82 degrees,
and sea temperature is...
Hope you had
a good night's sleep.
Just fine, thank you.
Can I borrow
a towel from you?
You don't have a towel?
Forget it. I'll just let
the sun dry me out.
It's better for you anyway.
Here, use this.
Thank you.
She wants to know the reason
Got to know the reason why
this man has got to go
I would've brought
my own towel, but, uh...
I was gonna get it from my friend's house,
but guess what happened.
Don't you wanna know
what happened?
Okay, what?
They weren't there.
Last night, I had to sleep on the
beach with no blanket or nothin'.
Some friends, huh?
Are you finished
with that chicken?
Are you gonna give it to Scamp
or throw it away, or what?
Would you like some?
Oh, yes.
Thank you.
Hi, Scamp.
Is that wine?
Thank you.
Here, Scamp.
No, don't feed him.
No? Okay.
Sorry, Scamp.
She wants to know
Wants to know the reason
Got to know the reason why
This man has got to go
This man is always leavin'
How he hates
to say goodbye
See, the thing is,
most of my friends are undependable.
Except for Gregg,
and Gregg is in jail now.
But I told you that.
I gotta get him out.
Do you, uh,
like to cook?
I like to read.
The only reason I said
it is this chicken...
It's so well prepared.
What do you do?
Do you... Do you deep-fry it, or, um...
Do you broil it?
Do you wanna be alone? If you wanna be alone,
I... I can take a hint.
Geez, what a world.
Because my friends
are undependable,
I gotta put up with
this humiliation and hurt.
Look, take the chicken
and the wine, would you?
Look, I'm not that hungry,
even though I hate waste.
The only reason I came by was to tell you,
since you're into pills,
I can get you any kind
of mood changers you want.
I am not into pills.
Well, maybe you should be.
I mean, you need somethin' to mellow you out.
I mean, really.
You... You're so uptight.
Thanks for the chicken.
Have a nice day.
Did I leave my t-shirt here?
It's right over there.
Excuse me.
Hey, can I talk to you?
No. Really,
it's an intrusion.
I know.
I know I've been an intrusion.
And I... And I... I do apologize.
It's just that...
You know, my friends
weren't here...
...and you can't imagine
what it's been like.
I mean, really.
Nice radio.
Well, look, if your friends aren't here,
why don't you just go home?
My car broke down.
That's how come.
My car's about as dependable
as my friends are.
I think you should
put on a sweater.
Well, I'd like to, but... But my backpack
got swiped. Do you believe that?
I'd like to get my hands on the
creep-geek who stole it too. Shit.
Excuse my language.
It was just a backpack.
Just a backpack?
Look, what if someone
were to go into your home
and clean you out,
lock, stock and barrel?
How would you feel
about that?
Or perhaps it's different
in this case
because you... You...
You probably got, uh, two homes, right?
I got one backpack.
I had one backpack.
Hey, but you know what?
Maybe whoever stole it needed it more
than I did. That's a possibility.
Did you ever think of that?
Strip. Strip!
Wait a minute.
I want you to drink this.
You might be
catching cold.
And here.
Put this on.
Tonight, why don't you sleep
in your car? You'll be warmer.
You can have
this blanket.
I wonder if
you have a fever.
Maybe I should sleep
inside tonight.
You know,
where it'd be warmer.
I should've known.
Just when I think
I should trust you.
Well, you know why
you don't trust me?
'Cause you're naturally
suspicious, that's why.
I never met a rich person
who wasn't.
I mean, like before. I wasn't gonna
take your radio or do anything to you.
I mean, really.
I got my doubts
about you too, lady.
I tell you that.
I certainly do.
Are you a member
of the Automobile Club?
Do I look like I'm a member
of the Automobile Club?
It's not even my car.
It's Gregg's.
I was gonna sell it
to help raise bail,
but now... Geez.
Who'd want it?
Look, I can call AAA,
and they can pick the car up and fix it.
I'm sorry about
You're right. I am suspicious.
Of everything.
You sure are.
Look, will you stop following me?
Well, what do you want?
I want you to come and have lunch
with me while they fix your car.
Come on.
Get in.
You talked me into it.
How old are you?
What are you
having for lunch?
Salade Nicoise.
What's that?
Do you like it?
Is that tuna?
Yes, it's tuna.
Mmm, thank you.
You know your friend...
What's his name?
Gregg. You must be
worried about him.
Yeah. Yes, I am.
Did you... Here.
Here's a picture of him.
Mmm. He looks
like he's nice.
Oh, yeah. He's the
smartest man I know.
Before, you said
you had to sell his car.
You see,
the judge set the bail at 5,000 bucks.
It should only be 1,000.
Which means that they're probably
holding him for questioning.
'Cause they figure, you know, he...
He knows something... Which he does.
So what are you going to do?
Well, I need to get a lawyer to
get a writ of habeas corpus.
The only problem is that
the only lawyer I know, I...
I think he's in trouble
with the law himself, so...
Is that who
you keep calling?
What about your friends
out here? Can't they help?
They're layin' low.
Some friends.
This is lovely.
I mean...
This is really great.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You're not Gregg's
partner, are you?
No. I know what
you're thinkin'. No. It...
Look, we're just
best friends.
And Gregg is into the heavy-duty stuff,
I am not.
The only reason
I scored those reds was...
I was hopin' I could open up a
line of communication with you,
which I...
I think I did.
I think we should go check
on your car, don't you?
I understand.
Could I make another phone call?
Sure. Go ahead.
I'm... I'm sorry.
Hey, look at Scamp.
Looks like he went
swimmin' in a mud puddle.
Oh, no, not again!
Oh, you little stinker.
Where have you been?
Where have you been?
Just look at you,
you little monkey.
Where is it that you go?
Can we get in the car now?
Is anything wrong?
Well, they, uh... They just bailed Gregg out,
so I... I don't know.
Well, that's good,
isn't it?
No, something's funny.
Something's funny. I gotta get back.
Stay. Wait a minute.
I'll be right there.
I wonder why this Santini guy
would wanna bail him out.
I'm sure it's cool though.
He just recently got in
tight with these guys,
and they... They seemed pretty
impressed with him, you know?
What guys?
Not organized criminals?
Well, I guess they're pretty
well organized, all right.
Oh, Strip.
These honchos are
hard to impress, too.
I mean, it's probably easier gettin'
into your group than it is theirs.
Are you gonna be safe?
Are you worried?
Don't be.
'Cause, like,
me and Gregg, we...
We've been... We've been on our own since,
like, 14 years old, and...
You know, I figure
the worst is over.
I been meanin'
to ask you somethin'.
How is your husband?
The rain must fall
But we can change There's
the station up there.
Our understanding
You know, I always feel like I'm oversteppin'
my bounds with you or somethin'.
So take a moment
Okay, Miss Fabulous,
thank you.
Thanks for the car and for,
um, the Salade Nicoise.
Hope I'll see you again.
And don't worry, okay?
Here you are.
Thank you.
Hey, are you all right?
Uh, Naomi. Uh...
Yes, I'm just fine.
Look, can I call you back?
I'm right in the middle of feeding the dog.
No, my sweet.
This is urgent.
I was lunching at Scandia,
and guess who I saw?
So, guess who she
was having lunch with?
Oh, Naomi. Stu.
So what?
Oh, Trisha, would I call you and
torture you with a thing like that?
No, she was lunching
with Dan Santini!
What is that
supposed to mean?
Well, it means...
Well, one thing, it means
she wasn't lunching with Stu.
And for another,
you know Dan's reputation,
and you know he's just broken up
with his mistress, you knew that!
No, I...
I didn't know that.
Of course you didn't.
You don't know anything that's
going on in this town, do you?
Where would you be
without me? Hey, Trish.
atmospheric conditions...
I thought you'd be
glad to hear all this.
Why do you seem so cut off?
Naomi, let me
call you back. I'm really...
I'm busy right now and, uh...
I... I can't talk.
But I'm okay. I don't want
you to worry. I'm fine.
All right?
I'll call you later?
Hey, Strip! I just heard
about Gregg. Man, I'm sorry.
Hey, Miss Mercedes!
How about havin'
some of this wine, huh?
You don't have to worry about a cork with
this wine, just your... Just your liver.
I found this dog out on the beach.
He was lookin' for a home.
Oh, what did I do
to upset you now?
I don't like your
coming here drunk.
Oh, just 'cause I'm drinkin',
that means I'm drunk, huh? Jesus.
You left your address book here.
I tried to call you.
I know. That's why
I'm here. Uh...
I was worried about where
it was and everythin'.
May I use your ocean to
sober me up?
I don't care
what you do.
Well, you should.
Just don't come here drunk anymore.
Let me have him.
Let me have him.
I mean it.
You really have some nerve.
I'll leave your
things right up here for you.
Good morning.
I brought your breakfast.
Are you the new butler?
Don't you
remember last night?
Well... Well,
what happened to Godfrey?
I'm Godfrey.
You look so different.
What happened to those nice whiskers?
Turn around.
Let me look at you.
Thank you.
Will there be anything else?
sit down and talk to me.
I like to talk in the morning
when your head is clear.
Especially if you've been
somewhere the night before.
No, because if you're uncomfortable,
I get uncomfortable
and forget
what I have to say.
If you insist.
But it doesn't seem
very good form for a butler.
My book?
My address book?
I told you, I don't want you here when you're
drinking. My address book. You said...
I'm not drinking anymore.
I... I just wanted to...
I... I'm fine.
Can I have the...
The address book?
Okay, I have to get it.
You wait here, all right?
I'm... I'm sorry.
What's wrong?
Come in. It's cold.
What's wrong?
Gregg is dead.
They killed him.
Made it look like he OD'd.
Bailed him out and made
it look like he OD'd.
Oh, so...
I'm sorry.
Look at your hair. It's still wet.
Come on. Sit by the fire.
Sit down over here.
I'm sorry.
What a world, huh?
Yes, what a world. Come on.
Look, your shirt's all wet.
Come on, let's take it...
Here, let me have it.
Come on. This one too.
Give me your shoes.
You see... They say
he got nervous.
He was gonna spill what he
knew about the operation.
He wouldn't have done it though.
I know that.
Are you cold?
Are you hungry?
I'm gonna get you a robe.
Why don't you take off
those wet clothes?
Here. Put this on.
Take off those
wet trunks.
You know? I told him he was in
too tight with the high-ups,
but he wouldn't believe me.
He thought I was jealous.
Come on. Lie down.
Are you leaving me?
No. No, I'm just gonna
turn out the light.
Where are you?
I'm here. Okay.
Go to sleep, okay?
Go on. Go to sleep.
Don't leave me.
I won't.
Go to sleep.
Come on.
Please, don't leave me.
I won't.
Go to sleep.
I'll hold you.
My arm.
Hi. Who is that?
Hi. Scamp brought
him home.
And where did
you come from?
He must belong to someone.
Not necessarily.
What shall we call him?
I've been callin' him...
I've been tryin' out some names.
He likes "Corky."
Corky! See?
Oh, he does.
He likes it.
That's what we'll call him.
Corky. Okay.
Let me see his foot.
Do you think this
is too tight?
It'll be fine.
It'll loosen up.
Will he be all right, you think?
Will you be all right?
What would you like
for lunch?
Anything but
Salade Nicoise.
Bring him with us.
What are you doing?
Are you writing Gregg's family?
I was... I was just...
I was gonna send this message
to whoever finds the bottle.
I do it all the time.
Do you think that's weird?
What does it say?
No, I...
I can't tell you that.
You know, I'm probably known all over
the world and don't even know it.
I wanna talk some more
about you.
What do you wanna know?
Like what?
Oh, like...
Well, who you are.
How you met Gregg.
You were both runaways?
I don't like that word,
Makes it sound like someone's chasin' you.
Nobody was chasin' me.
My folks, they could've found me,
if they cared.
I left plenty of clues.
I wasn't even runnin' that hard,
so I mean, you know...
Why did you leave?
I don't wanna talk about it.
Mmm. You should be happy that
I want to know all about you.
And I do. Mmm.
When did you leave?
I mean, how long ago was it?
September the 4th,
my 14th birthday.
Because they forgot
my 14th birthday, for one.
There were no birthday card,
candles, cake.
No "happy birthday."
Nothin', so...
But it wasn't just that
that ticked me off.
I... I was ticked off before,
when they forgot my 13th birthday.
But, um...
I was gonna leave that year,
but I figured
I was too young.
So I made a promise
to myself.
I said, "Now, if they forget next year,
that's it. Finito. You're... You're gone."
They forgot?
And you left?
Well, it was just what broke the
camel's back, I guess, you know?
I... It's not in my nature
to stay where I'm not
wanted, so I don't...
I know
how you must've felt.
But don't be bitter. Okay?
Just facing facts.
And all these questions
that you're
askin' about me,
I have a feeling that they're just your
way of not facing facts about yourself.
I mean, I'd... I'd like to ask
some questions about your life.
How about it?
Well, don't.
Why not?
Because I don't
have the answers.
Sometimes I...
I feel like
it's all been a waste.
Now, don't you
go feelin' bitter.
That's some stereo
you got.
Come on.
I have something
I wanna tell you.
Mmm, Strip.
Trish, I wanna
tell you something.
Let's smoke some pot.
I don't want you doing drugs.
You hear?
Why not?
That scene is nowhere.
I don't want you doing that.
Not even Sominex.
Okay. All right.
I won't.
What is it?
I love you.
I just thought
you should know.
Do you love me?
I know you do.
Just say it.
You don't love me?
Oh, Strip...
Am I not good enough
for you? Is that it?
Oh, no, Strip, no.
That's just not true.
I was good enough for you
this morning, wasn't I?
You loved me this morning,
didn't you?
I love you in bed.
You just don't love me
out of bed.
Strip, wait.
Oh, this is... This is ridiculous.
Don't do this.
Oh, Strip, listen.
What... You're fooling around
with something I feel here.
Look, when you're ready
to admit that you love me,
you can have me,
but not until.
Look, if you're not ready to commit
to a meaningful relationship with me,
one that could be very beautiful,
could be very uplifting,
it's over.
Because I've had it
with cheap sex. I have.
It leaves me
feelin' cheap.
Not that I don't feel lucky
that someone of your type
wants to be... Make it with someone like me.
I do.
I've been lucky most of my life.
And, uh...
You know,
I'll be honest with you.
Maybe I've never lucked out
to this extent before.
But I'd be willing
to blow it,
because I think there's an
important principle at stake here.
I don't...
I don't know exactly what, what it is.
I can't put my finger on it,
but, but I know it.
Can I, uh, tell you
I've never had
cheap sex before.
I was sort of
looking forward to it.
And you thought that I would
be the perfect one to, uh...
To do this with.
Strip, no, I didn't.
Oh, no, no, no.
I don't even know what the word
"love" means anymore.
I don't even know
what cheap sex is.
Oh, I do love you.
Oh, I do love you.
I do.
I was sure you did.
Thank you for the shirt.
I really like it.
I'm glad.
I love the way you look in it.
What are you
I'm thinking...
That I wish we were
home together in bed.
That's exactly
what I'm thinking.
Were you?
I'm also thinking
how special you are.
Remarkable, really.
You are.
You don't know it, but you are.
What else?
I'm wondering what you're
gonna do with your life.
It's exciting. It is.
Well, I don't know.
I mean...
I guess I've been wondering
the same thing, but...
Oh, Strip.
I wanna ask you something.
Okay, remember when I walked
into the cook store
and I asked you did you remember me,
and you said, "No"?
Didn't you remember me?
Yes, I remembered you.
Oh, I thought so.
You just didn't want to admit it,
probably, right?
I just didn't
want to admit it.
I was thinking
of your old man.
What'd he do? Discover the formula
for frozen yogurt or something?
He's in real estate.
Well, you'll always have a roof
over your head, huh? I suppose so.
See, I know
I got the ability.
If I just put my mind to somethin',
I can do anything.
Well, you got any ideas?
I mean, maybe you could help me.
You can do anything you want.
You don't need me.
Don't even think that.
I love you.
Are you getting tired of
me saying "I love you"?
'Cause if you are,
I don't have to say it so much.
No, I want you to say it.
You do?
Please say it.
Say it.
Give me some more kisses
on my neck.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Oh, I'm sor...
Did I hurt you?
It's okay. It's just my eye.
But don't...
Would you mind
taking it off though?
I don't like you wearing it anyway.
Makes me think of him.
Can you help me?
This must've cost
a pretty penny, huh?
You'd think they'd think of
a better way of takin' it off.
All of these...
These little trinkets mean somethin' special?
They did at one time.
I'm not talking about
the bracelet anymore.
What's the matter?
It's just...
Are you jealous?
You got so many nice things,
you know.
Are you jealous
you don't have 'em?
No, I'm jealous
I can't give 'em to you.
Maybe I'm jealous the other way too.
I don't know. Could be.
Don't be jealous.
Don't be jealous.
Do you know
how happy you make me?
Do you know that?
Do you know how happy
you make me?
Do you think
I'd make a good disc jockey?
I'm not sure there
could be such a thing.
There are no small craft
One time I thought I'd like to paint
billboards, like on Sunset Boulevard.
They got billboards with
the rock stars and stuff.
Come here. Come here.
Thought I'd make a good vet.
But I can't stand needles.
that makes it tough.
At least you wanted
to be something.
I've never even thought
of what I wanted to be.
Tell you one thing
I am so tired
of just gettin' by.
That's what we all do
in one way or another.
We all do.
Well, I would like to get by like you're
gettin' by any day, I'll tell you that.
Sometimes when we touch
So your husband's
into real estate, huh?
So am I. Sand castles.
You interested?
And I have to
close my eyes Yes.
And hide
Now, in a minute a wave is gonna come
up and do away with this castle.
I know. That's why
I'm decorating it.
I wanna hold you I want
to get a picture of it.
Till the fear in me
Come on. Get over there.
Oh, this is so beautiful.
This really looks pretty.
Come on, smile.
Get the dogs.
I wanna get a picture of all of you together.
Scamp! Corky!
Come here!
get over here.
Come here. Come on. Get over here.
Come here. Oh, yeah.
Come on, Scamp.
Okay, let me
have the camera.
All right, you take a picture now.
Oh, no, I don't want to.
Oh, come on, Trish! No.
Come on. No, I don't want to.
Come on.
I want you to go shopping for me. Trish!
I got ya.
Come on.
Hey, this one's gonna be
a good one for me. Look.
Let me see.
Here, spray your feet.
Oh, this is.
This is real good.
Ooh, I love this.
You've got a great eye.
Maybe I should be a photographer.
Maybe. Come on.
Listen, I've got the list
all made, so hurry.
Come on.
Come on, you guys.
I wanna hold you till
the fear in me subsides
No, I... Marie, I don't
want you driving out here.
It's silly to come
to the beach.
I'm keeping the house clean.
I promise.
No, you'd be proud of me.
Listen. How are things there?
Oh, did you forward
my mail?
Good. Anything from Tim?
Listen. Somebody just came in.
No, no. No, no.
I have to go.
Okay. Adios.
I am glad to see that
you are alive and well.
I've been calling
and calling.
I know, Naomi.
I haven't been answering.
Well, I know.
Hey, I just got worried.
Stu too.
He wanted to come out too,
but he didn't want to upset you.
I wish both of you would stop worrying,
And you shouldn't have taken the
trouble to drive all the way out here.
Oh, I had to come out anyway
to check on my house.
I, uh, should have
come out sooner.
Or I should have had you check on
that extra room we're building on.
Oh, I wish we had used
redwood instead of cedar.
Cedar looks like
a huge, empty closet.
Uh, Naomi, why don't
we go downstairs?
I would love it if you
would fix me a drink.
Come on.
Is that a new dress?
Of course.
It looks great. When do you think they're
gonna have your house done, anyway?
By the time they finish my house,
it will have slipped into the ocean.
Yes, this one too,
I think.
What do you want?
Vodka or gin?
Oh, Naomi, you always give me a laugh.
That's good.
Before I forget, Peg made me promise to beg
you to come to her new gallery opening.
She's been trying
to reach you, too.
We both agree it would be good
for you to show your face,
and give everyone a chance to see
that you're not falling apart.
You're not, are you?
Falling apart?
No, I'm not.
Well, what'll I tell Peg?
Oh, gosh,
I don't... Um...
Let me see how I feel,
but I don't think so.
Well, I can't say I blame you.
I'm not looking forward to it myself.
Guess what her theme is.
I'll tell you. You'll never guess.
She's got this photographer who
does huge blowups of feet...
In all sizes,
shapes and forms.
Can you imagine?
She's calling the exhibit
Do you think
that's a good idea?
Oh, gosh,
I don't know.
I don't think it's a good idea.
I never like Peg's ideas.
at least she does something with her ideas.
That's more
than I can say.
You should see Peg lately.
She is crazier than a loon.
I don't know if I could face the
gallery opening, but I do miss Peg.
Aren't you having
one of these?
We all have ideas.
Sometimes the real talent is knowing
when not to do anything with them.
You know how she got the idea?
I can't imagine.
Her new gallery is
right next to a shoe store,
and, zap, the foot-ography
concept pops into her mind.
I admire Peg though.
She's so self-sufficient.
I can never get you to say
anything bad about anybody, can I?
It is very comforting
to know
that when I have a bad idea
you will stand up for me, too.
You have many times,
haven't you?
Okay, kid. I will put it
on the calendar.
September 2nd.
Gallery opening.
Oh, thanks so much.
Listen, I'll take those.
Let me have them.
Oh, wait.
I have something for you.
Thank you.
No, thank you.
Oh, God. Oh, Naomi.
I've done something
Yes, I figured you had.
Oh, God.
Trisha, what on Earth
have you been up to?
How could I do
something like that?
I've gotta go after him.
Will you come with me?
Please. Come on.
Go with me.
I'm right behind you, girl.
Oh, how could I do that?
Come on. Oh, Naomi.
Oh, I shouldn't have.
Come on.
Here it is.
Excuse me.
I'm looking for this Strip person.
It was dark at midnight
I think he's back up here.
There was hardly any moon
And no one really saw much
Um, excuse me.
And no one was really sure
The gentleman
over here said...
Something didn't seem right I don't know.
I haven't seen him in a while.
Something seemed kinda queer
A roar turned into whispers
Everyone stood there
As the sound split the night
They ran
hiding from the light
Like strangers in the night
Well, I didn't
see no shotgun
And I didn't see no knife I
think it's this way. Come on.
Excuse me.
Do you know this person...
Excuse me. Do you know
this fellow on the right?
I know what you're thinking.
I doubt it.
I was thinking how boring shopping at
Bonwit's is gonna seem from now on.
You gonna be all right?
Yes. Sure.
Do you need some company at the house
tonight? I'd rather be alone. Thanks.
Besides, my wisecracks wear a bit
thin after a while, don't they?
I know.
Well, why don't you say it?
I might just as well
have told you.
You would've read it in the
papers tomorrow anyway.
Didn't save myself much,
did I?
You don't owe me
an explanation.
I didn't want it this way.
I'll bet you didn't.
Johnny, don't you realize
you're in danger here?
That isn't
what worries me.
I came here
to do something.
But you fixed that too.
Who is it?
Your delivery boy.
I'm sorry.
I've looked everywhere for you.
I'm so sorry.
Listen, I...
Please come in.
Look, I just came by to get my address book,
and then I'm splittin'.
Corky! Corky.
Please forgive me. Hey, look, look,
I just want my book. That's all.
It's upstairs
in my bedroom.
Oh, upstairs
in your bedroom, huh?
I'm s... I'm sorry.
Strip, come here.
Please come here.
Let's make up.
I don't like you being so ashamed
of me in front of your friends.
Oh, God,
I'm not ashamed of you.
I'm just bothered by how
much older I am than you.
I couldn't deal with it
all of a sudden.
I want to deal with it.
I don't care what people think.
Please, let's make up.
You are crazy about me,
aren't ya?
What if I were to
break your heart?
How would you feel
about that? Huh?
You already have.
Makes us even then,
I was so worried.
Where did you go?
There are a lot of places I
could go without coming here.
who'd wanna be there?
Oh, I missed you.
I missed you.
Don't ever go away
like that.
I've been thinking I want you
to go somewhere with me.
A party.
If it's one of them tux gigs,
count me out.
Mmm, I don't care
how you go.
You can go naked
for all I care.
If we're gonna shock them,
we might as well go all the way.
Say it.
Go on. Say it.
I love you. I love you.
I love you, I love you,
I love you, I love you.
I know what good art is. Listen to Peg, okay?
Have I ever steered you wrong?
Are you okay?
Life is a risk, you know, so if you're
gonna risk it, just jump right into it.
What do you think?
Do you like it? I'm not sure.
Oh, God!
Uh, Dr. Scholl, yes.
Art? No.
Hi! I'm so glad
you could come, dear.
I hope that you
like everything.
I have never seen anything like this.
Let's go over here.
Did you say Trish was here?
I didn't see her.
Where is she?
Can I get you anything?
I don't like to see you
drink so much at your age.
I'm not so young
as I used to be,
and this party's gonna
turn me gray overnight.
Hi, kids!
Oh, Naomi, hi.
Oh, how radiant
you look.
I can't say I blame you
for wanting to find him.
We should've looked harder,
you know.
Uh, are you having
a good time?
Of course you're not
having a good time.
Whoever does
at these things?
Excuse me. Would you mind if I
borrowed Trisha for just one second?
Thank you.
I'll be right back.
Trish, if I were you,
I would take him around and show him off.
I would just love
to see Stu's face.
He'll be back in your arms where he belongs.
I know what
I'm talking about.
Oh, Naomi, I'm no good at playing those
games. Then let me play them for you.
I am a master.
Is Stacie here?
Yes, she's over there.
Did they come together? No, no, look.
She's with Dan Santini.
Trish, how are you?
Oh, I'm so happy to see you.
Naomi, thank you for coming. Oh, Peg,
you've done it again. What more can I say?
You have to see this one!
This one's really super!
Look around.
You're bound to find something.
I'm sorry.
Do you still love me?
Oh, yes.
Do you feel people staring at us?
Yes, I do.
It doesn't bother you?
It doesn't seem to.
I thought it might, but it doesn't.
Well, if they're staring at us,
it means they're talking too, doesn't it?
Well, let them.
Are you sure you're not just
using me to make him jealous?
Are you?
Well, maybe. I... Maybe.
I don't think so.
You don't think so?
Well, I mean, it... It's not my intention.
Not consciously.
I'm... No, I know...
Wait, uh...
Oh, Strip.
I hope you realize you've succeeded
in making fools of both of us,
if that was your plan.
You know it wasn't.
But I agree.
We are behaving like fools.
Believe me, Trish, you have my sympathy.
You know that.
Come on. You think
I'm a frustrated
middle-aged woman with a
crush on a street kid.
Who may be in the business
of preying on rich women.
Yes, I think that's
a distinct possibility.
That's why I'm being
so sympathetic.
Well, you couldn't possibly think
that if you knew him the way I do.
I don't pretend to know him, but I know you,
and you're not your old self.
Thank God.
I was bored with that person.
All right,
let me try another tactic.
None of your friends will ever trust
you again with their teenage sons.
Oh, God,
you're probably right.
Or I could
put it another way.
It won't last.
That's something no one
ever said about Stu and me.
Tim will be returning.
How on Earth are you going to explain Strip?
Have you thought of that?
Yes, all the time.
I don't know.
I'm not...
I'm not saying it
could last with Strip.
I never thought
it would.
I wasn't ready for it to end just yet,
that's all.
You've had your
desirability reaffirmed.
Isn't that enough?
There was
more than that.
He has nothing, nobody.
I couldn't
turn him away.
He just lost his best friend.
He seemed so needful.
I don't know.
Something about him just touched me.
But it's over now?
If he comes back,
you will tell him that?
I think
he already knows that.
You left
your door open.
I know I did.
How come you ran away
from the party like that?
What was wrong?
Was it seeing Stu
that upset you so much?
It could be
some other things too.
Like I was worried that I wasn't
good enough for your crowd,
that they'd look down
their nose at me.
Which I was right,
they did.
And then I saw Dan Santini,
and I couldn't take it.
What does Dan Santini
have to do with anything?
Oh, come on, Trish.
He's a big honcho with the mob.
Gregg used to call him
Mr. Main Event.
And I'll tell you something
I know it was him who done Gregg in.
I could feel it in my gut.
Did I... Did I leave a picture
of me and Gregg here?
I was thinking maybe I'd give it
to his folks. I don't know though.
Maybe it'd make 'em feel bad.
What do you think?
Oh, I think it...
I think they might feel bad for the moment,
Later I think
they'd be glad to have it.
Don't you think
you oughta go see them?
I mean, there must be something we can do.
I don't know.
How's his leg?
He's fine.
Just leave this off.
We're talking about
everything except us. Why?
Look, I don't want
to hurt you,
but there is no "us"
I've been tryin' to think
of a way to tell you,
but there's really no better way
than just to tell you flat out.
I'm splittin'.
I mean, let's face facts.
It wouldn't have
worked out. Right?
I mean, no way.
You were out of my reach
right from the start.
I mean,
who was I kiddin'? Huh?
I mean,
let's face facts.
And pretty soon,
you'll be old enough to be my grandmother.
I mean, nothin' ever
works out anyway, right?
So what's the point
anyway, huh?
That's why I'm leavin'.
Where will you go?
I don't know. I was...
I was considerin' Vegas.
there's a lot of bread to be made in Vegas.
And I'm not just talking tips.
I'm talking big bucks.
That's if you get hooked up
with the right operation.
There's no telling.
A person could get rich real quick there.
I always wanted to
get rich real quick.
Oh, then I met this lady
at a disco.
This real rich lady, and she asked me
if I'd go to Saint-Tropez with her.
Is that how you pronounce it?
Where is that?
Yeah, she didn't
know either.
What did you tell her?
Well, I told her...
I'd have to know where it was before I could
just pick up and leave town like that.
Then I got offered
a movie... A porno.
But I'll probably stick with Vegas, you know.
It's a better bet.
Why are you lookin'
at me like that?
These things you're saying... You must be in
pain yourself to want to hurt me so much.
Hey, wait a minute.
Don't answer that.
What is it, Stu?
Look, I know you're upset about
what happened. I'm sorry.
I'm upset, too.
I was thinking...
What about
my driving out tonight?
I felt strange seeing you
at the gallery. I felt bad.
Yeah, so did I.
Can I come out?
No, not tonight. No.
Is he there?
That's it, isn't it?
What's got into you?
I couldn't believe my eyes.
I mean, everyone's talking.
How old is he anyway?
About Stacie's age, I'd say.
So we've both gone off the deep end.
But it's worse for you.
For me, a woman.
That's what you mean.
Look, I can't talk to you tonight.
Let's talk tomorrow.
Okay. Okay.
Traffic is very light
this Labor Day.
Looks like those who are going out of
town for the holiday have already gone.
Flying back to the valley from Malibu, we
can see the Ventura Freeway ahead of us now.
It's light and moving well. No problems that
we know of throughout the freeway system.
This is Pamela McGinnis,
Skywatch clear.
Come on.
I see you, uh...
You still don't belong
to the auto club.
How come you tracked me down here?
Didn't you think I'd be in Vegas?
I knew you'd be here.
I knew you'd want to
see Gregg's parents.
You left clues.
And, um, here.
Go on. Open it.
Go on.
Happy birthday.
You remembered.
Though our love
Is like a winding road
Of uncertainty
I long to trust your smile
And all the ways you feel
Touching me
By moment
Our lifetime
Goes on
Till one day
Our somedays
Are gone
Look at us
Two drifters with a dream
Scared to see it through
But we're so happy now
It might be beautiful
If we do
By moment
The choices
We make
Depend on
The chances
We take
For moment
Moment by moment
Our lifetime
Goes on
Till one day
Our somedays
Are gone
For moment
Moment by moment
The choices
We make
Depend on
The chances
We take
Oh, moment
Moment by moment
Our lifetime
Goes on
Till one day
Our somedays
Are gone