Mommy Group Murder (2018) Movie Script

[wind whooshing]
[birds chirping]
[soft dramatic music]
[wind chimes jingling]
You must be Grace.
I lost my mother 28 days
after I found out
I was pregnant.
Before she died,
she told me two things.
"Trust your instincts,
even when you're not certain,"
and "Love your child
every moment,
even when it's not easy."
[heart rate monitor beeping]
I wish she had told me
how hard this would be
without her.
Maybe she knew I couldn't
imagine how strange
and uncomfortable I'd feel,
up all day...
and all night...
[baby crying]
It's okay.
Changing diapers
ten times a day.
You're so good, baby.
There we go.
That's right.
Feeling week and sick...
It's okay.
Come on.
Hook a stranger to myself...
Please, please, come on baby.
And guilty that I'm somehow
supposed to be doing it
all better.
I wish she could have told me
how to be perfect
like she was.
[music playing
through earphones]
You all right?
Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.
Just a sec.
[laughs softly] I'm fine.
Come here. Come here.
Let me take her for a second.
Come to Daddy, okay?
Hey, let's go to the bedroom
for a sec.
[soft dramatic music]
I know it's a lot.
I'm sorry.
No, I'm fine.
You keep saying that.
Because it's true.
New town, new house,
new people, baby girl,
it's a lot all at once.
I'll be fine.
I'm serious.
This isthis is
a great opportunity for you.
It's a great opportunity
for the family...
[laughs softly] And there
are good schools in the area.
Yeah, and Lincoln
has an opening
for you in the fall,
if you want it.
Yeah, if I want
to teach third grade,
which I hated last time,
but, yeah.
Honestly, with the cost
of child care, I just...
I just want you to focus
on crushing it, okay?
I'm serious.
This is a good job that
could turn into a great job.
Yeah, well,
with a little time
and a little elbow
grease, trust me.
Well, if I didn't trust you,
I wouldn't have let you
move me out here.
[birds chirping]
You didn't wake me up.
She's been asleep since 1:00.
I'm making breakfast.
All right, babe.
Sleep in for once.
This is the most sleep
I've had in 22 weeks.
She must know that
it's Daddy's first day.
[Laura Reznek's "Be My City"]
The kind that
other people use
I'm running farther
from myself
Wow, who's this woman?
Who is she, Hannah Banana, huh?
I don't recognize her.
Yeah, Mommy loves
when you let her sleep.
Isn't that right, baby girl?
Medication's working huh?
You seem lighter.
Thank you.
Well, how do I look?
You're a tie guy now.
I look like my dad.
You look great.
Have some eggs, handsome man.
Oh, okay.
Okay, say goodbye to Daddy.
Wish me luck.
You don't need it.
[soft dramatic music]
[gentle orchestral music]
[pump whooshing]
[baby crying]
[pills rattling]
So, how was your day?
Did you go crazy
being here by yourself?
Um, it was fine.
[laughs softly]
Did you know that soap operas
are still a thing?
No, I did not.
Yep, for all of those
lonely housewives that
still want to live out
their high school drama.
Hey, I liked high school.
Of course you did, prom king.
It was homecoming king,
thank you very much.
Oh, well, that's less cool.
Will you get my back?
Thank you.
It's just rightoh, yeah.
So, um...[clears throat]
I used that gift card
that your parents gave us to
buy a jogging stroller today.
How is that different
than a regular stroller?
Because you jog with it.
Do you want my help or not?
Wait, will you go lower?
Oh, right there.
[grunts softly]
You're not looking at
the scale again, are you?
You promised.
Trust me.
We're well beyond that point.
Well, I just want you
to be healthy,
and I know you
love running, so...
Well, nobody loves running.
Some people love running.
Masochists, maybe.
Olympians love winning.
And so do you.
The defense rests, your honor.
Thank you.
[birds chirping]
[bright music]
All right.
You ready for our first jog,
baby girl?
Okay, baby girl.
Let's finish strong.
You want to do that?
Let's go.
Honey, let's go.
We did it.
We did it.
[dramatic music]
Thank you, thank you,
thank you, thank you.
I have these
these terrible nightmares
where I make these
awful mistakes,
but...this was real.
This actually happened,
I mean...
If she'd gone into the water...
Let's not think
about that, okay?
Thankthank you.
[boy shouts]
I'm Natalie, by the way.
"Amazing Grace."
My mother used to call me that.
He's beautiful.
How old?
We'll be one
next month, won't we?
This is Hannah, sorry.
My head's still spinning.
You're fine.
She's what, five, six months?
Almost six, yeah.
She's precious...
[chuckles softly]
You don't sound like
you're from here?
No, the two of us
moved here last year.
Just the two of you?
Yeah, I was married,
almost two years.
He wasn't ready for kids.
I got pregnant
and that was that.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Don't be.
Keeping Thomas
was more important
than trying to sustain
a suffocating marriage.
How about you?
Yeah, my husband and I
just moved here two weeks ago,
up on Saddle Creek.
Really? [laughs]
Oh, my gosh, we're neighbors.
Aw, new neighbors.
[wind chimes jingling]
I love the wind chimes.
This really sweet couple
used to live here.
I couldn't believe
they wanted to leave it.
Wow, this is,
like, my dream home.
Yeah, as soon
as I saw the space,
I knew exactly
what I wanted to do.
Oh, please, take a load off.
[fridge beeps]
Oh, no, I'm okay.
I still need to pump.
Oh, I knew you weren't
a formula mom.
I mean, no judgment,
Mother's milk is just
so important to the baby.
Oh, you know what?
Here, have some of mine.
That way you don't have
to worry about it,
and we can have a toast.
Honestly, it's no big deal.
I have extra.
I've been donating to the
children's hospital.
I'm really okay.
I probably should go soon
anyway and fit in a nap.
Okay, well,
if you ever need a break,
I've got more in the
basement downstairs so...
[clears throat]
A virgin for the
responsible mother.
Thank you.
To new friendships.
And real live superheroes.
[soft dramatic music]
I'm part of this group
of moms that get together.
We do story time at the library
and baby swim classes,
stuff like that.
Anyway, we get together
for lunch on Fridays
if you want to join.
It's a nice way
to open up to other women
who know what
you're going through.
It's our little tribe...
Yeah, okay.
I'll text you.
All right.
Bye, neighbor.
All right, let's go.
[crickets chirping]
Okay, down for the count.
You just seem happy.
Oh, well,
it was kind of
a roller coaster of a day.
That stroller thing
almost killed me.
Then meeting Grace,
it was like
I don't know.
It was like fate or something.
I'm serious.
We had this amazing connection.
I can't explain it.
Well, I'm just glad
everybody's okay,
and it's great that
you met somebody
who lives so close too.
What are you doing?
Working on a plan for the
new indoor youth sports center.
Did you tell them that your
daughter wants a lifetime pass?
Well, it's
it's been a while since we had
this quiet moment together.
Did you want to take a break?
I'd love to, babe.
I'm just so exhausted.
Do you think we could have
a rain check for the weekend?
[sighs softly]
[water whooshing]
[drawer shutting]
[dog barking, howling]
[foreboding music]
[dog continues barking]
[water whooshing]
[baby crying]
[crying fades]
[frantic music]
Sorry, sorry, sorry.
I had to drop Marco off
at my moms,
and the bridge was a nightmare.
You're fine.
Where's Thomas?
Daycare. I had a bunch
of errands to run, so...
I thought you had today off?
Well, Darlene is sick, so
I'm covering for a few hours.
Maria is an ER doctor.
I'm finishing my last year
of residency.
Sorry, Natalie?
Oh, yeah, and this is Hannah.
This is Luna,
and Marco is my fouryearold,
but he's not really
restaurantfriendly, so...
Is Hannah your first?
Okay, you'll see, when
she gets a little bit older,
she will get
much less portable.
Natalie wrangles children
for a living.
Oh, yeah, are you a teacher?
Yeah, well, I was.
my mother passed away,
and she was gonna stay home
with the kids
while I went back to work,
so right now,
I'm just sort of
taking a break.
I lost my mom
a few years ago,
so I know what that's like,
knowing she's never gonna
be able to meet your daughter.
But staying home with your
babythat is so admirable,
that connection
that you're making.
Yeah, I told her to enjoy it.
You've got the rest
of your life to work,
but this time with your baby
only happens once.
And, you can check up
on your husband.
Maria, stop.
He's just not good
at communicating.
That's all.
Gotta tell him how you feel.
She thinks
Tony's cheating on her.
I'm just telling you,
if I find her,
I'll scalpel the bitch.
She's kidding.
[Whitney Pea's "Earth Wisdom"]
nanana, nanana
At the shape of the moon
[dramatic music]
[tires screech]
nanana, nananana
nanana, nananana
nanana, nananana
All right.
Mm, thank you.
Thank you.
I just didn't want to wait
another 30 minutes
to start dinner.
Say, "That's okay.
Daddy can feed me too
sometimes," right?
So, spill the deets.
How was mommy group?
Ugh, it makes it sound like
we were drinking ros
and getting pedicures.
[chuckles softly] Sorry.
That was very unwoke of me.
It was, thank you.
Hey, try this.
Mmm, mmm, perfecto.
Grace calls it the "tribe."
Maria's an ER doctor,
and Roz was in the Peace Corps
and started this nonprofit.
I mean,
they're like super moms.
I'm totally out of my league.
Well, what's Grace do again?
I don't know.
She's super fit,
so maybe a personal trainer
or if she could
even afford one.
She's divorced,
so I'm sure that's part of it.
Oh, in that house,
she's certainly not on
a teacher's salary.
Nat, you're
an amazing teacher.
I know.
And with your experience,
and the letters of reference
you've got,
you're gonna be able to
find a job when you want.
You know that, right?
Okay, well, I mean,
if you're not ready to
go back yet, that's fine too,
but when you are ready,
we'll figure it out.
You're a super mom too,
you know.
Thank you.
[phone buzzes]
Oh, ho, ho.
And what's that?
Maria just followed me
on Instagram.
Oh, is that the doctor?
Wow, look at us.
We have doctor friends now.
You're a tie guy.
It's a powerful lifestyle,
Oh, just when I was beginning
to question our choices.
Do you think she does house
calls, you know, for friends?
Only prostate exams.
Oh, really?
Is she cute?
I'm sorry.
[soft dramatic music]
That's very good brushing.
All right, you ready?
Oh, good job.
Here, I got it.
Good job, buddy.
When is Daddy home?
Not until later.
'Cause he's taking
care of us.
All right, you ready, monkey?
Let's go.
[door clicks, creaks]
Hey, babe.
Sorry it's so late.
You said 10:00.
Yeah, I know.
You should have texted.
So, how was lunch?
I'm surprised you remember.
It was fine.
There's a new girl, Natalie.
She's nice,
maybe a little depressed.
But you like her?
I'm gonna take a shower.
Did Marco go down okay?
He asked where you were.
All right.
[baby crying]
Do you want me to get her?
No, you sleep.
[baby coos]
[baby coos]
[foreboding music]
What the hell does that mean?
I don't know.
It was deleted this morning.
By her or by Grace?
I don't know.
Well, it's probably just
some weird internet freak.
Nothing, you just look...
Not like death for once?
You look beautiful.
Well, I'm tired
of looking tired.
You should talk to Maria.
You know, you've been
doing so much better.
Maybe you can get off
the medication.
Yeah, about that, um...
I haven't really been taking
the medication for a while now.
After we moved, I just
sort of wanted a fresh start
and things have been
pretty good
over the last
couple weeks, so...
No more weird daydreams?
Not really.
Well, maybe just
see what she says.
Hey, you know,
her husband's a contractor.
That might be
a good contact for you.
Oh, yeah?
I was thinking maybe we should
have a little barbecue,
housewarming thing,
invite a few of the guys
from work,
talk to the other neighbors?
Yeah, I like that.
Yeah, good.
I'll get the grill
I've been looking at.
Oh, well, there it is.
[birds chirping]
[grill sizzling]
[upbeat music playing]
Ah, thanks, babe.
You're welcome.
Oh, I'm so glad
you didn't have to work.
This is my mom.
Hi, I'm Christine.
Oh, you brought pie.
That is so sweet.
And this is Tony, my husband.
I've heard so much about you.
this is my husband, Ryan.
That's a great grill.
Thank you.
Can I get you
something to drink?
Yes. Yeah.
So, where's Grace?
I don't know.
She actually can probably
see us right now.
Oh, that's right.
Which one is her house?
You can kind of see it
through the trees right there.
Oh, yeah.
[mellow music]
I was hoping to meet
the mystery husband today.
He's traveling.
Always, if I'm honest.
I'm sorry.
I knew what I was
getting myself into.
We met when I was doing
my service in Liberia.
So he's Peace Corps.
Mmhmm, yeah.
We spent two years
together there,
and then I moved here so that
I could be closer to him.
I think I thought
he was gonna settle down
and get a normal job.
Yeah, I don't think that man
knows how to stay in one place.
So, it's lonely?
It can be.
Oh, there's Grace.
Oh, God,
I would kill for those legs.
Grace, thank you so much
for coming.
This is amazing.
I can sort of see it
from my upstairs window,
but it's so alive in person.
I love your shoes.
You look amazing.
Oh, please, no, no.
Is this the hubby?
Oh, yeah.
Hey, Ryan?
Ryan, this is Grace.
Grace, Ryan.
"Amazing Grace."
Your wife is so sweet.
[foreboding music]
I want you to
tell me the truth.
Why would I lie about that?
[clears throat]
Is everything okay?
I told Ryan I'd grab this.
[soft dramatic music]
What was that?
Let's go.
Well, you two seemed
to really get along.
Who, Grace?
Yeah, she seemed nice.
And hot, right?
Come on.
I saw you, Ryan.
Saw me what?
Nothing, just noticing.
I was being friendly, Nat.
That's okay. I get it.
I wasn't flirting.
I'm not trying
to start anything.
It seems like you are.
Do you still
find me attractive?
I think something's going on
between Roz and Tony.
Well, I walked in on them
right here, like,
whispering about something.
I don't know.
I could feel it.
You talk to Maria yet?
About the medicine.
What are you saying?
Nothing, I'm just
Do you think
I'm being paranoid?
Is that what you're saying?
No, I don't
I don't know.
I just want you to be happy.
Taking a pill
doesn't make me happy.
[shower whooshing]
[shower door clicks]
[upbeat ukulele music]
Oh, gotta get to you
Come on.
I need you somehow
Some way
Oh, you're my blue heaven
I need you right now
Make it okay
Ah, ooh
[train honking]
[soft dramatic music]
[wind chimes jingling]
Oh, my God, are you okay?
I justthe door was just open.
I was just
taking out the trash.
I'm so sorry.
No, you just scared me.
Want to come in?
Do you want some water?
Yeah, sure.
You seem a bit edgy.
Is everything okay?
Oh, yeah, sorry.
I had so much fun
on Saturday.
Oh, and I love your husband.
God, what a great catch, huh?
Lucky girl.
Did you notice anything weird
between Roz and Tony?
Roz and Tony?
Never mind.
Maybe it was nothing.
Tony's a great guy.
Maria's just way
too hard on him.
Could I use your restroom?
Of course.
First door down the hall.
Grace, it's locked.
Oh, sorry,
that's the basement.
First door on the right side.
Oh, you lock your basement?
I'm trying to get
in the habit.
Last thing I need is him
tumbling down the stairs
when I'm not looking.
Huh, you're such
a better mom than me.
Nobody's perfect.
[foreboding music]
[thunder rumbles]
[phone buzzes]
Who are you?
[glass shatters]
[dramatic music]
[thunder rumbling]
[wind whooshing]
[thunder booms]
Okay, just a second.
Maria, Maria, come in.
Sorry, I should have
I should have called.
What's wrong?
I, um...
II was...
Okay, let's sit down.
Sit down.
I caught him and I know
we know who she is.
I can't, I can't...
[sighs deeply]
It's okay.
It's okay.
Just tell me what happened.
This happened two hours ago.
He knew that
I was working the late shift
and that I wouldn't be home
until after midnight.
I thought that
he was cheating,
but I justI really
I thought that it would be
an old girlfriend or,
I don't know,
someone from work,
or something.
Why did it have to be her?
I was gonna go there, you know?
I was gonna go straight there
and open that door
and look into their faces
but I just
I...couldn't do it.
God, why did this
have to be her?
I mean, she could
literally have any guy.
Why Tony?
It's okay.
Where are the kids?
I don'tthey're at my mom's.
Are you sure?
Yeah, Tony's gonna
pick them up in the morning.
I'm sorry, I should
I should justI'm gonna go.
No, no, no, hold on, just
just stay here tonight.
I don't know.
Come on, just stay.
[thunder booms]
I'm gonna be fine.
I'm just gonna go for a drive
and clear my head,
and maybe I'll go to my mom's.
Maria, it's gonna rain.
You don't want to
get caught in that.
I'm gonna be fine.
I promise.
Please don't do
anything stupid.
[soft dramatic music]
[thunder booms]
[doorbell rings]
Oh, my God, you're soaking wet.
Come in.
Hey, Nat.
Grace is here.
She just showed up
I told her you were
still in bed.
Do you think she knows?
I don'tI don't think so.
Do you want me
to tell her to come back?
No, no.
Just stall for me, okay?
Oh, hey, Nat.
I'm sorry it's so early.
I just
I don't have
anywhere else to go.
It started a few months ago.
We were all
having dinner together
and then Maria
got called into work.
[sighs] I said I would stay
for one more drink.
We were tipsy,
maybe flirting a little,
but it was innocent.
I mean,
she's my friend, he's married,
so nothing could happen, right?
And then
that kiss was like...
an accident.
And we didn't see each other
for a few weeks,
and then he called
and said he felt guilty
and wanted to talk,
and so he came over
and one thing
led to another and
I don't understand, Grace.
Why didn't you end it?
I tried.
I swear.
I really tried...
[voice cracks]
But he said he loved me.
Look, he and Maria haven't
been happy for a long time.
He wanted to move on,
andI don't know.
We just
we have this connection.
Why are you telling me this?
Maria came over last night.
She found out somehow.
What did she say?
Just that she knew.
I mean, she cried.
We both cried.
Oh, God, I know I'm guilty,
but if he would have just left
her like he said he would
So, you're gonna
break up their family?
He was gonna do it anyway.
Who cares if it was
with me or someone else?
Maria cares.
You're right.
God, I'm a terrible friend.
You're not the person
I thought you were.
Natalie, please.
Why did you change your name
from Rachel Temple?
That was a long time ago.
People don't change
their names
unless they have
something to hide.
I was accused of something
in high school.
Accused of what?
My boyfriend died.
His family was upset,
and they needed
someone to blame.
I was a minor,
so it wasn't in the papers,
but word spreads
in a small town.
I wasn't charged or anything.
It was nobody's fault,
but...I just couldn't
escape the rumors,
so I moved.
That was a long time ago.
This is who I am.
Natalie, you know me.
Have you spoken to Tony?
I hope this doesn't
ruin us too.
I felt so close to you.
I think we all just
need some time.
[birds chirping]
Why did you have your arms
around her?
You just let her sob
all over you like that?
She came up to me, Nat.
You saw her. She was a wreck.
So you had this intimate
emotional moment with her?
Oh, come on, Nat.
Nat, come on.
Hey, um,
have you heard from Maria?
Do you have time for lunch?
I need to talk to you
about something.
Yeah, all right.
Can you watch her for a bit?
There's milk in the fridge.
[baby coos]
I'll be back.
I knew it.
What? How?
I don't know,
I just had this feeling
about Grace for a while now,
and then I caught them staring
at each other at your party,
and then I confronted him
in your kitchen.
That's when you,
like, walked in on us.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, I'm so stupid.
It's just
the way it happened,
I thought that
you and him were
Are you kidding me?
I'm sorry.
Maria and I have been
best friends
for almost ten years.
We went to college together.
She met Grace last year
at some Mommy and Me thing.
That's how they all
got together.
if that's even your real name.
I don't even know
what to believe anymore.
You know, I use this
background check agency
for my foundation.
Let me see what I can find out.
That Savannah woman
are you still in contact?
She messages me on Instagram.
Yeah, I think
you should talk to her
and see what else she knows.
[indistinct chatter]
Hey, it's Maria.
Leave me a message.
Hey, Maria, it's Natalie.
Please call me.
I know you're going through
hell right now, but I just
I just want to know that
you're okay, all right?
I'm worried about you.
Where is she?
She didn't come home
last night.
I was hoping that
she was with you or Roz.
She's not answering my calls.
I guess you know
what's going on.
Where are the kids?
With her mom,
at least until
we work this all out.
I don't want them
to see us like this.
When you see her,
let me know.
If she's not with you,
where the hell is she?
Do you really care?
Yeah, she's the mother
of my children.
So you slept
with her best friend?
It was a mistake.
II tried to break it off,
but she went crazy.
Sheshe threatened to...
She threatened
to hurt herself.
Oh, so you kept sleeping
with her for her own good?
You don't understand.
The Grace you know is this
perfect little package,
but what's inside
is something scary.
I tried to end it,
for Maria's sake,
for my kids' sake,
but Grace is a drug
that you can't quit.
[soft dramatic music]
Thank you for cleaning
the kitchen.
I'm sorry.
No, I'm sorry.
This thing with Grace has
just got me feeling so crazy.
I still haven't heard
from Maria.
If I don't soon, I'm gonna
have to call the police.
Mm, it's only been a day.
If I were her,
I'd want to disappear too.
Maybe just give her
a little more time.
I'm sure she's just
trying to deal with it all.
We're good together, right?
I know the last year's
been hard,
but I want you to know
that I'm trying.
I really am trying to be
the woman that
you fell in love with.
I know.
We've changed.
We both have.
We've grown...
[baby coos]
[both chuckle softly]
[both chuckle]
I know things
get hard sometimes,
but we'll always
get through it.
Thank you.
Hi, Savannah?
Thank you for doing this.
Yeah, I can't talk long.
I'm on a break,
so I have a few minutes.
Tell me how you know Rachel.
Rachel Temple
killed my brother.
Excuse me?
They dated in high school.
I was just a freshman.
They were both seniors.
She was obsessed with him.
She wanted him to spend
every second with her,
made him stop hanging out
with his friends,
with me, everyone.
And then Dustin wanted to go
on a weekend hunting trip
with his friends.
I remember they fought
about it for hours,
and he was sick of it,
so he broke up with her.
Two days later, they
found him dead in the woods,
a gunshot wound
to the back of the head.
Oh, my God.
I'm so sorry.
I ran into her
a few months later,
and she was
perfectly composed,
all sweet and innocent
like nothing had happened.
Our lawyer found out
during the investigation that
she'd been abandoned
as a child,
so she just bounced around
from home to home,
always resetting her life,
always pretending
she's just like everyone else.
[car door beeps]
Hey, it's Maria.
Leave me a message.
Hey, it's me.
Please, please call me back.
Oh, you shouldn't be here.
Tony, please.
Where are the kids?
They're with her mom.
Have you heard from her?
Does it look like
I know where she is?
I mean, she's left for
a night after a bad fight,
but never like this, never.
I think I broke us.
Well, I think
it's been broken.
It doesn't mean
we have to be.
Grace, I don't want
to do this anymore.
Don't say that.
I love my wife.
No, you don't.
What do you know?
You love me.
It was a mistake.
You made love to me
in this kitchen,
on that table...
In your wife's bedroom.
Stop it.
You said
we could be together.
I was wrong.
No, no.
No, I was wrong.
I was wrong, and if
I could take it all back,
I swear to God, I would.
I need you to leave.
You're a liar.
[dramatic music]
You're a liar.
What the hell is that?
Tell me you love me.
Grace, put the knife down.
Say it!
I know you.
Grace, please.
You can have me,
or no one can.
Grace, give me the knife.
Kiss me.
Kiss me,
and I'll give you the knife.
just one...
last kiss.
You're just like
the rest of them.
[horror music]
You're crazy!
Last chance, Tony.
If you love me, you know.
Stay away from me!
Hey, Nat, it's me.
Hey, Roz,
have you spoken to Maria?
No, not yet.
I'm calling because I got
Grace's background check back.
No priors.
No legal trouble at all.
It's pretty clean.
What about under
Rachel Temple?
There's not much there.
The stuff when she was a minor
is pretty vague.
There's some school records,
some foster care documents.
She bounced around a lot
with different families
pretty rough way to grow up.
She changed her name
five years ago,
totally legal,
but it doesn't look like
she was ever married.
Wait, she lied
about the divorce?
Then who's the baby's father?
You don't think it's Tony?
No, no, no, no.
She lived in Mississippi
until a year ago.
Well, without alimony,
how is she paying
for that house?
That's the other weird thing.
There's no mortgage
on her credit report.
How is that possible?
She can't own it outright,
can she?
a deed with her name
was never recorded
with the county.
The house is still listed
under the previous owners,
Drew and Lydia Jackson.
Well, maybe it was
just never filed.
Could be,
or maybe it was filed
in the wrong county
by accident.
I'm gonna reach out to the
recorder's office tomorrow.
Yeah, okay.
I talked to Savannah Bowen.
The way she described Grace
it scared the hell out of me.
[birds chirping]
[suspenseful music]
Why is the house
still in your name?
[soft dramatic music]
[suspenseful music]
[wind chimes jingling]
[phone buzzes]
Come on.
Pick up, pick up, pick up.
Hey, it's Natalie.
Leave a message.
What the hell are you doing?
[soft dramatic music]
Nat, if you're here,
we need to talk.
[soft tense music]
[water dripping]
[music intensifies]
[baby crying]
[baby crying]
[woman gagging]
[gagging sounds continue]
[gagging gets louder]
[suspenseful music]
[woman gagging]
Maria, are you in there?
Maria, can you open the door?
[dramatic music]
[muffled sobs]
Oh, jeez.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you.
Who are you?
Lydia Jackson.
This is my house,
and she has my baby.
[baby crying]
It's okay.
It's okay, sweetie.
Where's Mommy, huh?
Getting herself in trouble?
Okay, okay.
I'm gonna get you out of here.
Do you know where
they keep the keys?
Okay, um, all right, look.
Maybe I can break it
from the inside.
How long have you been
like this?
After we had Billy,
we wanted to hire a nanny.
Grace seemed perfect.
[wind chimes jingling]
Hi, you must be Grace.
Wow, this is perfect.
Thank you.
Here he is.
Mr. Sleepyhead just
woke up from a nap.
He's beautiful.
May I?
Of course.
Here you go.
[baby coos]
[soft dramatic music]
Hi, Thomas.
It'sit's Billy, actually.
That's right...
[laughs softly]
Oh, you just look so much
like a Thomas to me...
She became obsessed
with my baby,
my house, my life.
She wanted everything
to herself.
Drew tried to stop her,
and she
she killed him.
She kept me alive...
to feed Billy.
Soon, he'll be old enough,
and she'll kill me too.
Okay, okay.
What are we gonna do?
Okay, okay.
We're gonna, um, all right.
I don't have service down here.
I have to go back upstairs.
No, no!
No, please.
Don't leave me.
Okay, I want you to
listen to me, all right?
You're gonna be okay.
I promise you.
You're gonna be okay.
I'll be back.
I promise.
I promise.
Okay, okay.
Here, take this.
I'll be right back.
Oh, Natalie,
I'm so disappointed in you
leaving your child home alone?
You didn't even
lock the back door?
Where is she?
That's the problem.
You don't know where she is.
You weren't paying attention,
just like that day
in the park, remember?
I found Lydia,
and I called the cops,
so it's over, Grace.
Oh, see, that's funny,
because I tried
calling your phone,
and it went straight
to voicemail,
which makes me think
you don't have service.
I just blocked your number.
If the cops are on the way,
I better get rid of you quick.
[dramatic music]
[tense music]
[baby crying]
Yeah, hi, Roz.
It's Ryan, Ryan Westport.
Ryan, is Nat okay?
I don't know.
What do you mean?
Why, why?
Do you know where she is?
I mean, I just got home,
and Hannah's here
all by herself.
Nat's not even
answering her phone.
I don't know
what the hell's going on.
Stay with Hannah.
I'm headed that way.
I think I know where she is.
[soft suspenseful music]
Grandma, that's my house.
What's wrong?
What is it?
[dramatic music]
[footsteps approaching]
Sorry you got your hopes up,
but you're not leaving.
Did you kill her too?
[chuckles softly]
Time to pump.
I can't.
Excuse me?
I'm sick.
I can't right now.
What part of this
don't you understand?
If you don't give me milk,
then there is no reason
for me to keep you alive.
[tense music]
I need you to pump,
right now.
Go to hell.
[wind chimes jingling]
[door bell
ringing continuously]
[soft dramatic music]
This is a surprise.
Where's Natalie?
Oh, help.
Help me!
Help me!
Get me out of here!
Grace, Natalie told me
that she was coming here
to ask you about Maria,
then Ryan called
and said that he came home
and Hannah's home alone.
Natalie's car is there
but she's missing,
so I'm gonna ask you
one more time.
Where's Natalie?
You know what?
I think we need
to call the police
and let them know
what's happening.
First Maria, and now Natalie?
This is starting
to seem serious.
Why don't you come in,
and I'll grab my phone?
You're bleeding.
Oh, um,
scratched my arm
on the car door.
Ah, it must have
broken the skin.
Would you mind putting Thomas
in his high chair,
and I'll get something
for this?
[foreboding music]
Roz, come on.
You know me.
Just come out,
and we'll talk about this.
[soft dramatic music]
[tense music]
[suspenseful music]
Oh, come on.
Is that all you got?
[foreboding music]
I really thought
we could be friends.
Ah, you're bleeding.
[sighs, laughs]
I think we all are.
[gentle music]
[police radio chatter]
Natalie, Natalie.
Oh, my God.
Maria, Maria.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Could you
could you give us a second?
II thought you were dead.
No, no, no.
I just disappeared
for a little while.
I went to stay at my mom's,
and I told her to ignore
my calls, but I
I saw on the news
that Tony is dead.
She killed him.
Oh, my God.
And I saw it.
I saw it.
I saw everything.
The nanny cam
it recorded everything.
I tried not to look at it,
but I
she's a monster.
None of it was real.
I know.
Nat, Nat!
Oh, that's my husband!
Excuse me.
That's my wife.
That's my wife!
That's my husband!
Are you all right?
[baby cries]
It's okay, baby.
I'm okay.
I'm okay.
When they told me about you,
I didn'tI didn't
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
you sure picked
a messedup Mommy Group.
[both laugh]
Ryan, will you kiss me?
all: Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, dear Billy
Happy birthday to you
Thank you, all of you,
for everything.
What did the lawyer say?
She drained the accounts.
Almost everything's gone.
They're going to try to help me
reclaim as much as they can,
but it will take years,
and there's no guarantee.
I saw the listing went up.
Yeah, yeah.
The agent thinks that
we'll get a good price for it.
Once it sells, at least
I'll have some options,
but, um,
I can't even think
about that right now.
Well, you know,
you're welcome to stay here
for as long as you like.
We mean it.
There's one more bit
of good news.
Can I say it?
You're looking at the
newest fifth grade teacher
at Louisville Elementary.
[cheers and applause]
Well, Lydia has so graciously
agreed to watch Hannah,
so we decided
You decided.
I decided that
I was ready to go back.
I was afraid that
I couldn't do it all
and be the perfect mom,
but maybe I can't.
Maybe that doesn't exist.
I'm not scared anymore though,
because I know I'm not alone.
It takes a village.
It takes a tribe.