Mommy I Didn't Do It (2017) Movie Script

[ music playing ]
What's this about?
Your Honor,
the prosecution has offered
some... compelling evidence
in this case.
Compelling until you look
at the facts objectively.
If Eddie had actually stolen
the motorcycle,
does it make sense that
he would remove his fingerprints
and then leave
the motorcycle in plain view
in his own front yard?
They have an eyewitness,
Mr. Lee,
who says he was looking out
his store window
on the afternoon of March 22nd
when he saw
a young male steal
the motorcycle.
Now he identified the male
as Eddie.
But on the date of the theft,
March 22,
the low winter sun
was shining directly
into the windows of Mr.
Lee's store, as you can see
in this the diagram
from the Sun Tracker app.
I'd like to submit this
as defense exhibit one.
It wouldn't have been possible
to see anything
but a silhouette
in the glare of the sun.
How can you assume that?
I visited
the store three days later
and took photos, Your Honor.
Based on the evidence,
there's no reason
he should be
in this courtroom today.
Thank you, Ms. Plainview.
Thank you, Your Honor.
The court finds
no grounds for a trial.
Case dismissed.
Thank you, Your Honor.
Ms. Plainview,
I didn't see you
at the parent-grad brunch.
I couldn't get out of work.
How was it?
Kind of boring,
but your daughter
looked super hot.
Okay, Steve.
There you are.
Look who's finally home.
I'm so sorry I couldn't make it
to the brunch.
I'm used to doing things
on my own.
I really thought I'd make it,
but we ran late.
I brought something
to make it up to you.
Sushi from your favorite place.
No thanks.
I'm going out with Sylvie.
You two went out last night.
And you came home awfully late,
by the way.
Mom, it was like...
It was like... 4:00 AM.
I checked the clock.
Well, we were just hanging
out at Sylvie's.
A couple of high school girls
on graduation night
just hanging around house?
Hard to imagine.
Well, what can I tell you?
You raised a boring child.
Yo, Plain Jane.
Oh, hi, Ms. Plainview.
Hi, Sylvie.
Did I leave
my blue sweater here?
- Check my room.
- [ clicks tongue ]
I was hoping
that maybe you and I
could spend some time
together this summer
before you go to school,
just the two of us.
Between work and law school,
I know I haven't been as...
available as I wanted to be.
It is what it is.
Nope, not there.
All right, let's go.
Are you hanging with us tonight, Ms.
She's kidding.
- Uh, no, I'm not.
- Yes, you are.
Let's go.
Come on!
Shut up.
A shocking story
developing right now
here at Palisades Beach
where early this morning,
the police discovered the body of
a popular high school teacher.
It's too soon to tell what the motive might have been
or why this horrible crime
took place.
Hope you didn't stay out
all night.
Good morning.
Hey, grab a bowl, sleepy face.
I made oatmeal.
Thank you.
Did you have fun last night?
Steve Guiler
and his friends showed up,
and they were acting
like total idiots.
Mom, they are such children.
I can't wait till college.
[ laughs ]
Oh, I hate to break it
to you, sweetheart,
but boys don't automatically
turn into men
when they get to college.
So, do you want to go to yoga?
You wouldn't be embarrassed
to be seen with your mom?
I need a ride.
And, uh, you could
use some exercise.
I'm not sure how to take that.
You deserve some you time.
Nice save.
[ laughs ]
No you're not.
Look at your abs, Mom.
- Howdy.
- Good morning.
Ellen Plainview?
And this must be Julie.
Can I help you?
Detective Vicky Ogawa.
My partner, Detective Hamer.
Detective Hamer.
You Julie Plainview?
I'd like to ask you
a few questions.
- Mom?
- Detective, what is this about?
Where were you the night before last...
Thursday night?
I was at my friend
Sylvie's house.
And you were there all night?
Yeah, I came home
around midnight.
Can you verify?
Why are you asking?
Is there any reason
you're not answering?
The truth is she came in
a little after 4:00 AM.
Now tell me why you're asking.
Do you know a man
by the name of Gene Dutton?
Yeah, he teaches
at North Shore High.
He was my English teacher
and my tennis coach.
And can you tell me when
you were with him last?
- With him?
- Detective, what is this about?
I saw him at school
a few days ago, I guess.
Julie, why don't you
turn around for me?
You have the right
to remain silent.
I suggest you use it.
Wait a minute, what is going on?
What's happening?
Ms. Plainview, your
daughter is under arrest.
- For what?
- First-degree murder.
This is crazy, my daughter
wouldn't hurt a housefly.
What makes you think
she killed somebody?
Enough evidence to suggest
probable cause.
Now, we'll explain more
down at the station,
and you can follow
in your own car.
When can I talk to my daughter?
It shouldn't be long.
They can't question her
without me present.
That's up to the detectives,
That's up to the law.
Do you honestly not know that?
You're under arrest
for attempted murder,
Mrs. Plainview.
Security camera footage
places you at the crime scene.
The victim was having an affair
with your husband.
This is crazy.
I had nothing to do with it.
How do you plead?
I'd like to handle my own defense, Your Honor.
I can't leave my life.
in the hands of a stranger
Got it.
You can go in now.
Down that hallway,
first door on the right.
What's going on?
What is this all about?
Somebody killed Mr. Dutton,
and they think it was me.
Why would they think that?
I don't know.
They said they have evidence.
This was Thursday night, right?
You said you were with
Sylvie Thursday night.
I was.
Mommy, I didn't do it.
I didn't do it.
I know.
I know, sweetie.
Hi, Ms. Plainview.
Get you anything?
Coffee, water?
A water for my daughter, please.
- Where you going?
- Girl wants some water.
I'm going to ask you
the same thing
I ask everybody
who sits in that chair.
Do you have anything
you want to tell me?
About what?
Well, we can start
with Gene Dutton.
He's my teacher.
Well, his wife said
there was a romantic interest
on your part,
that you'd been harassing him.
That's a lie.
Did you meet with him
at Palisades Beach
parking lot on Thursday night?
Did you meet him
at any other time
during the past 48 hours?
Mm. Julie, see,
that's where we have a problem.
Because we found
your fingerprints in his car,
and now we have an eyewitness
that places you at the scene
at the same time
Dutton was killed.
An eyewitness?
An eyewitness.
They're lying.
I wasn't there.
How was he killed?
Stabbed in the heart.
A crime of passion.
Julie, do me a quick favor.
Could you just draw
a circle for me?
What is this for?
Well, we know the killer
was left-handed.
I didn't kill Mr. Dutton.
Well, I happen to believe
you did.
[ pounds table ]
Listen, girlie,
you want me to get tough,
you just keep acting
like a jerk.
Detective, don't you ever talk
to my daughter that way again!
Gene. Do you mind?
Go ahead.
I need to take a leak anyway.
Sorry about that.
Gene's a bit old-school.
Still likes to play
good cop, bad cop.
Julie, we just wanna find out
what happened, that's all.
I don't know how my fingerprints
could've gotten
in Mr. Dutton's car.
I was at Sylvie's house.
Yeah, you mentioned that.
Problem is, we obtained video
from a neighbor's
security camera
showing Sylvie Garrett's car
leaving the area at 11:00 PM
with two occupants inside.
Did Sylvie leave you alone
at any time that evening?
Not that I remember.
Well, we'll check it out
with her,
and if she confirms,
then that's that.
I can assure you that Julie
has never harmed
another human being
in her entire life.
Well, then we should be
wrapped up real quick then.
Now, we just need a DNA sample
and we'll be all done, okay?
You can wait outside.
Don't worry, honey.
I am here for you
no matter what.
And don't answer any questions
or say anything at all
until you talk to me again.
- This just came in.
- Thank you.
Bail is set for Julie Anne Plainview.
I don't set the bail amount.
There's some bondsman flyers
in the smoking area.
I'm her mother.
Can you release her
to me O.R.?
She's just a child.
She'll be 18 in three months.
She's a flight risk anyways.
What do you mean?
We found out she booked
a trip to Paris.
Airline confirmed.
Yeah, you can petition for bail
relief at the arraignment.
I'm really surprised to see
you here, Ms. Plainview.
But I know how easy it is
to lose track of your children
when you're so focused
on your career.
Not me.
I dote on my children
because I see enough poor souls
that end up messed up
because mama
couldn't be bothered.
You change your hair, Barbara?
Looks good on you.
Mom, you have to get me
out of here.
I'm trying.
They strip-searched me.
I need you to stay strong
for me, Julie.
When can we go home?
They won't release you
without bail.
They think you're a flight risk.
Why do you have
a plane ticket to Paris?
They were giving credit cards
out at the mall.
So I got one for college.
You always said we couldn't
afford to go to Paris.
So I bought myself a gift.
When were you going to
tell me about this?
Can you bail me out or what?
I'm... going to try.
It's a lot of money.
What are you saying?
I have to spend the night here?
I'm so sorry.
All those years
of law school for what?
You weren't there for me then.
You aren't here for me now.
Honey, I am here for you.
You probably think I'm guilty.
[ indistinct announcements
over PA system ]
[ alarm clock rings ]
[ doorbell rings ]
[ doorbell rings ]
Morning, Ms. Plainview.
Hope it's not too early.
- For what?
- You know the drill.
What are you looking for?
Where's your daughter's bedroom?
Nice knives.
I see you've got one missing.
What are you looking for?
Money. What do we
have here?
Diaries are fun. Whoa.
Lot of writing.
Gimme a bag.
Thank you very much.
What do we got?
Oh. All right.
[ chuckles ]
Your daughter smokes weed.
Not that I know of.
now we know.
You can file a claim for that.
Have a nice day.
Case number NGC207,
People versus
Julie Anne Plainview,
murder in the first degree.
Is counsel ready
to enter a plea?
Yes, Your Honor.
We plead not guilty.
Hmm, setting preliminary
for the 7th of September.
Is that satisfactory?
First, Your Honor,
on the matter of bail,
we request that the defendant
be remanded
to the custody of her mother.
That's you, isn't it?
Yes, Your Honor.
Given the seriousness
of this charge
and the circumstances
indicating that your daughter
made plans to leave the country,
I'm denying your request
at this time.
Your Honor...
I've spoken on the matter,
Then I'd like to affirm
our right to a speedy trial
and move the preliminary hearing
up if possible.
How do you like the 27th?
That's two weeks from today.
Thank you, Your Honor.
Next case.
Are you okay?
How long am I
going to be here for?
I'm doing everything I can,
sweetie, I promise.
I have been through this
before, Julie.
I need you to trust me, okay?
But there's video showing you
and Sylvie leaving the house.
Where did you go?
We went to go get food
at that taco stand
on 4th street.
But they were closed.
Why are you looking at me
like that?
You think I did it, don't you?
You know I didn't.
I know that.
But if there is anything
the police
are going to find out
about that night,
I have to know.
Sweetie, I can't help you
unless you're completely
honest with me.
Time is up. Let's go.
Sweetie, I'm going to get you
out of here, I promise!
[ door closes ]
Hi, Ben.
Uh, come in.
Come on in, yeah.
Looks like the writing
is going well.
Yeah, "The Wrong Woman"
is still my biggest seller.
You ever get around
to reading it?
I lived it.
So, how do you like
being a lawyer?
Well, so far I've only
handled minor cases.
Petty theft, parole violations.
But now, uh,
I have a murder case.
I'm not sure I'm up to it.
You'll be fine.
Why do you say that?
It was just four years ago
that you were wrongfully accused
of attempted murder.
You could've gone to jail
for life.
But you handled yourself
brilliantly in that courtroom,
and you won.
I'm not worried about you.
This time, it's...
more serious.
No chance.
Who's your client?
Like your daughter Julie?
Little Julie?
She's almost 18.
One of her teachers
was stabbed to death.
They found Julie's
fingerprints in the car,
and the victim's wife
is claiming
that Julie was stalking him.
I don't believe that.
Neither do I.
Which is why I've come
to ask for your help.
I mean, I think
I can handle the trial,
but I would just feel
so much better
with some support.
During your last trial,
I was a mess.
I was too close.
The stakes were too high.
I can't do that to myself again.
Besides, I'm way past
my deadline for my new book.
My editor is breathing
down my neck.
I hope this isn't because
of what happened between us.
[ chuckles ]
No, of course not.
I would say yes if I wasn't
absolutely certain
that you're capable
of doing this.
You're a good lawyer.
I'm sorry I bothered you.
Hey, look, Ellen...
if you really get into
a tight spot...
Good luck with your book.
Who is that?
Ellen Plainview?
Kimberly Baines.
I've seen you around
the courthouse,
but I always assumed
you were a clerk or something.
I don't know why.
Is this the defendant?
My daughter, Julie.
Defending your own daughter.
Bold move.
All rise.
Please be seated.
In the matter of People
versus Julie Anne Plainview,
the court finds
sufficient evidence
to hold the defendant
to answer for the violation
of Penal Code 187,
murder in the first degree...
and order that
Julie Anne Plainview
be bound over for trial
in Department 24.
Does August 4th work
for everybody?
Fine by me.
Yes, Your Honor.
Your Honor,
I'd like to request that Julie
be remanded to my custody
until trial.
We've surrendered her passport,
she's a minor,
and she poses no flight risk.
And I don't believe
that she can reasonably
be regarded as a danger
to the community.
I'm willing to grant that.
Ms. Baines?
With the condition that she
wear an ankle monitor.
I don't think that's necessary.
Thank you, Your Honor.
We're going home.
Do you have any idea
why there was a knife
missing from our set?
These questions are going
to keep getting harder, Julie.
Gene Dutton's wife
told the police
that you were obsessed
with them.
That's ridiculous.
Do you have any idea why she
would say something like that?
'Cause she's crazy.
Mom, she would come to school
and spy on her husband
because she thought
all the girls were after him.
She was just jealous.
Okay, but she mentioned you
specifically. Why?
Why don't you ask her?
Mrs. Dutton?
Good afternoon.
I'm Ellen Plainview.
I know who you are.
What are you doing here?
First of all, I want to say
how sorry I am for your loss.
As you know, the police
think that my daughter
might have been responsible
for your husband's death.
His murder.
And I'm just trying
to put together the facts.
Apparently, you told the police
that my daughter had been
stalking your husband?
That's right.
But I talked to Julie,
and she said
it's absolutely untrue.
Her fingerprints
were in his car.
Okay, but... stalking?
I know what I saw.
Notes in his pockets,
hearts drawn
in the dust of his car,
flowers on his desk at school?
The phone rang late at night,
and if I answered,
the caller hung up.
It upset my husband.
He wanted nothing
to do with your daughter.
But how do you know
it was Julie?
Are you blind?
Do you know anything
about your daughter?
Of course it was her!
The little tramp
would come to my house
when she thought I wasn't home!
Oh, you didn't know
about that, did you?
She showed up one night when
I was supposed to be at work.
The look on her face
when I opened the door.
I know guilt when I see it.
Wait, is that it?
Mrs. Dutton, again,
I'm very sorry for your loss,
but if the statements
that you've given
to the police are based
solely on assumptions...
I am done talking to you.
I am working.
If you come here again,
I will call the police.
I hope your daughter
burns in hell.
Oh, hi, Ms. Plainview.
What's up?
Hi, Sylvie.
I need to talk to you about
the charges against Julie.
Oh, my God, it's horrible.
How is she?
She's okay for now.
We're preparing for trial,
and I just need to know
from your point of view
exactly what happened
the night Mr. Dutton died.
You were with Julie at the time.
Yeah, we hung out here
all night.
All night?
She said you two went out.
Oh, she told you.
What did she say?
She told me the truth, Sylvie,
and I hope you'll do the same.
She told you about the guys?
Uh, yeah, I just would like
to hear it, um, from you.
They were a couple
of tourist guys from France.
We went down to our
hangout, tower 6.
And what did you
and these boys do all night?
Just hung out.
They brought snacks
and we just talked.
Nobody had sex, if that's
what you're worried about.
And you were there all night?
Pretty much.
Did you get their names?
Robert and Pascal?
They didn't say
their last names.
Did you exchange phone numbers
or anything?
No, they were leaving
the next day.
So, there's no way
to contact them.
I know you and Julie
are very close.
You're the only friend
she ever talks about.
Do you know if she had
any kind of...
with Mr. Dutton?
I know Julie liked
Mr. Dutton,
but Julie wasn't
really his type.
What do you mean?
The rumor was that
he liked wild girls.
- What's going on out here?
- You know what I mean?
You don't come to my house
and harass my daughter.
I don't want her caught up
in your trouble.
She's a material witness
in Julie's case, Mrs. Garrett.
Just because you failed
as a mother
doesn't give you the right
to interfere with my family.
Sylvie, inside right now.
Go. Go.
Get off my property.
I told you she's crazy.
Mom, you know Mr. Dutton
was my tennis coach.
He gave me a ride home
from practice a few times.
That doesn't mean
I was sleeping with him.
Did you go to his house?
Yeah, once.
I left my racket in his car,
and I stopped by to pick it up.
Why didn't you tell me this
in the first place?
So you could freak out?
You hate it when I talk
to any guy
that's even half
a month older than me.
I want to know
about these French boys.
We met them at the coffee shop.
We saw them later at the beach.
They were totally cool.
Nothing happened.
We just hung out.
How long were you there?
I don't know exactly.
I fell asleep.
Fell asleep.
Did you smoke pot
with these boys?
Have I taught you nothing?
[ knock on door ]
Julie, we need to talk.
Sit down.
After I eat.
We need to talk now.
Sit down.
They have records
of text messages
from your phone
to Mr. Dutton.
Yeah, and they're about
homework and tennis practice.
"If you ignore me, Gene,
there will be consequences."
What does that mean?
- I didn't send that.
- Julie, please.
Mom, someone must've
jacked my phone at school
and sent it as a joke
because I didn't send that.
Bring me your phone.
I lost it.
I swear, it's the truth.
Is that my journal?
They found it in your room.
There's nothing juicy in there
if that's
what you're looking for.
Mom, what?
I didn't write this.
It's in your journal.
If you didn't write it, who did?
I don't know!
Maybe the cops!
Do you know how all this
is going to look to a jury?
You're supposed to believe me!
You're my mother!
- Why don't you act like it?
- Julie...
You never cared
about anything that I did
as long as I got good grades
and I acted like
the perfect daughter.
I know you resent me
because I came along
- when you were only 18.
- That is not true.
And now you wanna know
everything about my life?
We are talking
about murder, Julie.
Do you understand?
You have to work with me on this
or you could go to prison
for the rest of your life.
All I want is the truth.
In the end,
it is the only thing
that matters.
You can't run from it, sweetie.
So please, if there
is anything you can tell me.
You know what?
When I'm ready to confess,
you'll be the first to know.
[ doorbell rings ]
Hi, Julie.
Hey, Steve.
Thought you could use something
to brighten your day.
So, uh...
how are you?
How do you think?
I know, the world's gone crazy.
How could anyone think
you would hurt somebody?
Hello, Steve.
Flowers, how nice.
We'll get these in a vase.
I saw The Checks
in San Diego last week.
Brought you a memento.
And if you guys need a
character witness at the trial,
I'm your man.
We just might take you up
on that, Steve.
Don't worry, you're...
you're not going to prison.
There's no way
they're going to convict you.
How do you know that?
Because I know you didn't do it.
Oh. Hello.
I'm sorry to intrude.
No, no, you're not
intruding. What's up?
Is Ben home?
You know, I think
he's in the shower.
If I could just leave
these here with him.
It's copies of my case files,
and if he could just
look at them and tell me
if I missed anything.
Yeah, no, I'll let him know.
The documents are important
and confidential,
so just make sure
that Ben gets them.
And if he's, you know,
too busy tonight,
I totally understand,
but if he wants to call me,
I'll be up...
late... working.
I'll let him know.
Okay, thank you.
And, uh, with my compliments.
Cool. Thank you.
Yeah, sure.
[ sighs ]
We're going to lose, aren't we?
I can't go to prison, Mom.
I can't.
If we can just get the jury
to see the truth, sweetie,
you're going to be fine.
- Jules, come here.
- Leave me alone.
It's what you're good at.
We have to leave by 8:00.
You awake?
Julie! What...
[ crying ]
I'm so sorry, Mom.
[ sobbing ]
I'm so sorry.
I was just so scared.
I'm so scared.
She called me.
I should've talked her
out of it.
I'm so sorry.
I asked Steve
to take me away somewhere.
I couldn't stand
the idea of going to court
and having everyone look at me
like I was a murderer.
But I didn't know what to do.
You're all I have, Mommy.
We have each other, Jules.
We'll always have each other.
Ellen Plainview.
Wow, long time no see.
How are you?
We're on our way to court.
No, I heard you're
practicing law now.
I heard you have
an interesting client, too.
Hmm. Wow.
You Plainview girls just can't seem
to stay out of trouble, though.
What is that?
It probably runs in the family.
I'm Ed Flynn,
I defended your mother
when she was charged with
attempted murder.
We won, too, mm-hmm.
Didn't my mom have to fire you
and take over the case herself?
So, I hear that you are going
up against Kimberly Baines.
[ shiver ]
I don't envy you that.
No, that woman, well, she
is a panther in suede pumps,
she really is,
and I have also heard
that she is especially vicious
when she goes up against
another woman.
I don't know why.
Yeah, I tell you,
I would really think about
taking a plea if you can,
if you want my advice.
Get out of our way.
My sister
gave me your case files.
I've been up half the night
reviewing them.
Your sister?
Yeah, she's in town
for a seminar.
I've done some
background work for you,
made some witness notes.
I'm here to help if I can.
But your book.
It's going to have to wait.
I should've offered to help
from the beginning.
I'm sorry.
When I saw Julie's mug shot
in the case files,
it absolutely...
it broke my heart.
And the fact that
she would have to
go through something
like this and you...
Julie, hey, hi, I'm Ben.
Do you remember me?
Of course I do.
We're going to
get through this, okay?
Luckily, you have an amazing
lawyer working for you.
Ladies and gentlemen,
I feel very fortunate
to be able to prosecute
this case
before such an intelligent
assembly of jurors.
After examining the evidence and listening to the witnesses,
I have no doubt that each
and every one of you
is smart enough to come
to the right conclusion
in this case.
You and I weren't able
to be there for Julie Plainview
when she was in need
of strong moral guidance.
Sadly, neither was her mother.
And it will be an act of mercy
to help Julie Plainview
understand what she did.
And when you have learned
the whole truth,
it will be an act of mercy
to put her
where she can no longer
be a danger to herself
or others again.
Thank you.
Ms. Plainview?
Ladies and gentlemen,
as you look at the evidence
and listen to the witnesses,
it's important to keep in mind
that things are not always
as they seem.
The police formed their theory
about who killed Mr. Dutton
within hours of the crime.
Everything they have done
since then has been an attempt
to support
their initial assumption.
But I ask you
to examine this case
with an open mind.
Think critically,
and draw your own conclusions.
Because this isn't just about
which side wins.
It's about the life and future
of this promising young woman
who as you will see
has found herself the victim
of a reckless
and potentially devastating
rush to judgment.
Thank you.
your first witness.
Detective Ogawa,
what led you and your partner,
Detective Hamer,
to focus your investigation
- on Julie Plainview?
- Just about everything.
The victim's spouse
reported that her husband
had been the target of unwelcome
attention from Ms. Plainview.
Luckily, her mother
had her fingerprinted
as part of a school
safety program,
and we found the defendant's
prints inside the victim's car.
An eyewitness positively
ID'd Miss Plainview
as being at the crime scene,
and the texts
and journal entries
erased any remaining doubt.
An open and shut case.
Pretty much.
Detective Ogawa,
will you please explain
how it's possible
to determine with certainty
who actually sent a text
from a given cell phone?
Well, it's not possible,
but one can assume that...
Is it in your job description
to assume things, Detective?
Particularly when it could send
a young girl to prison
for the rest of her life?
Moving on to the fingerprints.
Do those prints
found in Mr. Dutton's car
offer positive proof
that Julie Plainview
was in that car on the night
of the murder,
on that night specifically?
Proof positive?
I-I mean...
Isn't it possible that those
prints were left in that car
on another occasion,
perhaps when Mr. Dutton
gave a favorite student
a ride home
from tennis practice
days or even weeks prior?
Possible but not...
Yes or no?
No further questions.
Detective, you submitted
the journal
recovered from
my daughter's bedroom
to the department's
handwriting expert, correct?
As a matter of routine, yes.
But that expert doesn't appear
on the prosecution's
witness list.
We didn't feel his testimony was necessary.
In fact, the results
were inconclusive,
according to your report
to the district attorney.
And since the entry consists
of simple block letters,
there's no way to determine
who wrote the entry, correct?
We found it in your
daughter's journal.
Are we back to assuming,
You and Detective Ogawa
arrested Julie Plainview
less than 32 hours
after the murder.
Did you bother to question
any other suspects?
There was no need.
Did you look into
the victim's background
to check for other possible
check the area
for similar crimes?
What are you implying?
I'm simply asking if you
performed due diligence
in this case or...
I have been on the force
for 14 years,
and my record is impeccable.
I am not going to sit here
and have my integrity
impugned by you.
No, not again.
It's true, Detective Hamer,
I have questioned you
on this stand before,
and at that time,
if you will recall,
you suspected me
of attempted murder.
Do you remember the verdict
in that case?
You know damn well what it was!
To what, Ms. Baines?
Never mind, Your Honor.
I think we're done.
Where are you going?
I was going to practice yoga.
In the garage?
Without your mat.
I was going to see
if it was warm enough first.
Why don't you just use
the guest room?
Mrs. Dutton, besides
the late-night phone calls,
the texts, and the surprise
visits to your house,
what else caused you
to suspect that Julie Plainview
was responsible
for your husband's murder?
Just what Gene told me himself.
I went by the school one day,
and I saw them alone together
in his classroom.
When I asked him about it later,
he said Julie had been paying
too much attention to him,
and he was just trying
to get her to stop.
Because he was afraid she
might do something drastic.
Because he was afraid
she might do something drastic.
Mrs. Dutton...
would you say that your husband
was in fear of his life
because of Julie Plainview's
dangerous obsession with him?
He was in fear of his life
due to her dangerous obsession.
Thank you.
No further questions,
Your Honor.
Mrs. Dutton,
you testified
that you and your husband
had a loving relationship.
We were very close.
But when you first talked
to the police,
you mentioned that you'd
separated twice
in the last 18 months.
We had our rough spots,
like any marriage.
Like yours.
Are you referring to infidelity?
That's a good point.
Not all husbands are faithful.
Are they, Mrs. Dutton?
Is it possible that when you
found your husband
alone with a female student,
that he made up that story
about her obsession
in order to hide
his own complicity
in the relationship?
Gene would never
have anything to do
with a girl like your daughter.
And yet he had been reported
for inappropriate behavior
with a female student
in his previous post
in Tacoma, Washington,
isn't that correct?
That was a misunderstanding.
Isn't it true that you were
jealous of the relationship
that you thought your husband was
having with Julie Plainview,
and that's why you gave
her name to the police
when they were looking
for someone to charge
- with your husband's murder.
- This is absurd.
I gave her name to the police
because she killed my husband!
This trial isn't about me!
You're right, Mrs. Dutton.
This trial is not about you.
It's about finding the truth.
No further questions.
Your Honor,
the People call Otis Pell.
You've testified that you
were out walking along
the northeast edge of the
Palisades Beach parking lot
around midnight
on the night of June 9th.
I was.
And what did you observe
on your walk that night?
I was looking across
the parking lot,
watching the seagulls,
when I see two people
sitting in a car
doing Lord knows what.
And the door opens.
Driver comes out
and falls down dead.
Then the other person
jumps out and runs away.
Would you be able to identify
this person
if you were to see them again?
I told the police.
They showed me pictures
of some people,
and I picked her out.
And is the person you
pointed out to the police
here in this courtroom today?
You know she is!
That's the killer right there!
So, let's win this case.
Tell me about Otis Pell,
the eyewitness.
Ran a dairy store for 30 years
with his wife until she died.
And now he watches a lot of TV.
And seagulls.
You went down to the scene
of the crime?
I went the afternoon
of the prelim.
But you haven't gone at night?
The eyewitness
was walking along there.
Did you bring your camera?
Okay, great,
let's prove him wrong.
The day Julie was born
was the happiest day of my life.
And the scariest.
You wonder how you're ever
going to provide
for what your child needs
or protect her from...
the world.
It's so hard to know what to do,
and you try to think
of everything.
But you can't.
I went to law school
so I could do good things
in the world
and earn enough money
to send Julie to college.
I didn't realize how much
it was going to take me
away from her.
You did what you thought
was best.
Julie's a smart girl.
I have to win this case.
Then let's win.
I picked up the phone
a hundred times to call you.
That would've been nice.
I never got over you.
It's late.
Come on, let's go.
Mr. Pell, did the police
tell you the type of suspect
they were looking for?
Well, they said
it was a high school teacher
got killed.
So, then at that point
did it occur to you
that a student
might be responsible?
We talked about that.
You talked about that.
You and the detectives?
People's exhibit 19.
Does this look familiar?
That's the pictures
the police showed me.
And that's the person
I picked out right there
in the middle on the bottom row.
Let the record show Mr. Pell
is pointing to Julie Plainview,
the only person
in this photo lineup
who appears under the age of 20.
In other words, the only person
who looks like a
high school student.
This photo was taken from where
you were standing that night.
And you're telling us
that you were able
to positively identify someone
at a distance of 130 feet
in the dark with the only light
coming from above
and behind the person
in question?
I got good eyes.
Okay, then can you tell us
what the sign says
on the post
next to the streetlight?
Just read it out loud?
It says when you can park.
Let the record show the sign actually says "no littering."
But nice guess, Mr. Pell.
At this time, Your Honor,
the People rest.
Sylvie, as Julie's best friend,
did you ever hear her talk about
any feelings
she had for Mr. Dutton?
She never talked
about him at all.
Now, when you first talked
to the police,
you told them
that you were home with Julie
at the time
when Mr. Dutton was killed.
But in fact, you and Julie
left the house
to meet two boys at the beach,
where you stayed
until approximately 4:00 AM,
isn't that true?
Will you tell the court
why you lied to the police?
I knew my mom would get mad,
and Julie's mom...
well, you... would be mad
if she found out
we were hanging out
with older guys.
I should have told the truth.
But now you're under oath.
So, will you please tell us
exactly what you and Julie
were doing on the night
of June 9th?
The afternoon after graduation, we met these French guys.
And we told them that we
would be at our hangout,
lifeguard tower 6, that night.
So, we were hanging out,
and these guys showed up.
We talked for a few hours,
and I guess
we then smoked some weed.
And Robert and Pascal
wanted cigarettes,
so we went to find a place
that was open.
After that,
they went to the airport
to get a red-eye,
and I drove Julie home.
But the important point
is that you and Julie
were together all night.
Until I dropped her off, yeah.
Your witness.
do you know what happens
if you lie on the stand?
It's called perjury,
and you go to prison.
I don't have to tell you
what can happen
to a young woman in prison.
I believe your testimony
was, "Robert and Pascal
wanted to buy some cigarettes,
so we went to find
a store that was open."
Meaning the three of you...
went to the store.
In other words,
you left Julie by herself
for at least 30 minutes,
plenty of time to send
a text to Gene Dutton,
meet him in the parking lot
five blocks away,
attack the man
who almost assuredly
rejected her sexual advances
and rush back
to the lifeguard tower.
let's see if I can get you
to tell me the truth this time.
I'm sorry.
I let that horrible
person get to me.
[ sniffles ]
But the idea of prison?
It's okay.
You told the truth, Sylvie.
I really hope that I didn't
make things worse for you.
Telling the truth
is always best.
Let's go.
[ knock on door ]
Dinner's almost... ready.
Jules, this was
a hard day for me.
I don't like learning
things in court
that I should have
learned from you.
If you want to stay
out of prison,
I need you to be
completely honest with me.
Is there anything else,
anything at all
you haven't told me?
Well, then, I should tell you
about Mr. Dutton.
I didn't stab him.
And I didn't meet him in
the parking lot that night.
But I did meet him before that.
We used to hang out
after school...
and talk.
He treated me like an adult.
And one night...
he kissed me.
And I know it was wrong.
I know it was stupid,
but I let him anyway.
See, that's why I didn't
tell you before.
I knew you would
look at me like that.
I can't deal with you
being disappointed in me.
Mom, it's worse than jail.
You know, I thought
we could stay friends.
But he didn't want that.
So, I refused to see him.
That's all there is to it.
Does anyone else know
about this?
I'm so sorry, Mom.
I should have told you.
Is there any way
this could be related
to why he was stabbed?
I don't think so.
Is there anything else?
Just that dinner
smells really good.
[ sighs ]
I've known Julie since
we were little, like, five.
I've never seen her act violent
or lose her temper
or even be unkind to anyone.
Did you ever hear her express
negative thoughts
towards Mr. Dutton?
I've never heard her express
negative feelings about anyone.
The idea of her going to prison,
I don't even want
to think about it.
Thank you, Steve.
Steve, you served
as the president
of North High's science fiction
and fantasy club, correct?
One year I did.
Safe to say you enjoy stories
about adventure and fantasy,
heroes and damsels in distress?
And in all the years
that you knew Julie Plainview,
did you ever take her out
on a date?
Not really.
Why not?
I don't know,
I guess it never came up.
Hey, I get it.
I remember high school.
When you really like someone,
and they don't like you back.
Rejection's pretty tough.
But now you have a chance
to be her hero, don't you?
You came here today hoping
to convince this jury
that Julie Plainview
could never commit the crime
that she's been charged with,
and if you get them
to vote not guilty,
you'll be her knight
in shining armor.
You'll save her from spending
the rest of her life in prison,
and you would do anything
to make that happen,
wouldn't you, Steve?
- Julie didn't do it. She couldn't have.
- How do you know?
How could you possibly know,
Because I'm the one
who killed Mr. Dutton.
I knew Mr. Dutton wanted
to hook up with Julie,
and I couldn't stand the idea
of him taking advantage of her.
So I tricked him into meeting me
and I stabbed him!
Do you honestly expect us
to believe that, Steve?
I can prove it.
Mr. Dutton
was wearing dark jeans
and a gray button-up
when they found him, right?
And he was smoking a cigarette,
and nobody knows
that he smoked cigarettes.
There was an astronomy book
on the front seat
of his car, okay?
I know because I was there!
I killed Mr. Dutton,
and I'm glad!
Court is in recess.
Connie, would you get
the DA's office on the phone?
Wait a minute, Steve said
he was in San Diego.
Right, he went to go see
The Checks.
He was out of town
the night of the murder.
He couldn't have done it.
Okay, we'll let the DA
figure that out, or not.
It's not your job
to solve their case for them.
Besides, Steve might have
been lying about San Diego.
Maybe he did do it.
You know,
let's just wait and see.
What are we going to do?
I don't know.
What if they believe him?
Then you'll be off the hook.
Mom, I can't let Steve
go to prison
for something he didn't do.
Like you told me,
the truth is
the most important thing.
But you understand...
this would mean you'd have
to go back to court.
If I have to, I have to.
I'll go talk to the DA.
Good morning, Ms. Plainview.
Detectives Hamer and Ogawa
questioned Steve Guiler
for four hours last night.
We've decided to accept
his confession
and move for a mistrial.
Julie doesn't want Steve Guiler
to go to prison
for something he didn't do.
The kid confessed.
He provided details
of the murder
that could only have been known
to the killer.
Or someone with access
to the police report.
Steve was in my house.
He could have read
the case files.
Steve told me that he was
at a concert in San Diego
on the night of June 9th.
If you check the security cameras
from the Mission Bay Arena,
you'll probably find him
in the crowd.
So you want me to vacate
Steve Guiler's confession?
Julie thinks he was
lying to protect her.
You could've just kept your mouth
shut and saved her daughter.
She would've been free
and clear.
I might not be able to protect
Julie from the world,
but I will protect her from you.
Julie is innocent.
No, Your Honor.
The defense rests.
All right, we'll hear
closing arguments.
You might be wondering
why there wasn't
a better defense.
The answer is simple.
There is no defense
for what she did.
This emotionally disturbed
young woman
made a series
of terrible choices,
in one final decision
to plunge a knife into
an innocent man's heart.
That's it.
That's all there is.
The evidence shows it.
Mrs. Plainview
is clearly biased
in favor of her daughter.
But her bias has clouded
her perspective.
Any clear-thinking human being
can look at this case
and see that there is only one
viable option,
and that is to deliver
a verdict of guilty,
guilty of murder
in the first degree.
Thank you.
Ladies and gentlemen,
the prosecution
wants you to think
that Julie killed Gene Dutton,
and whoever really killed
Gene Dutton
wants you to think
the same thing.
But I have shown you enough
reasonable doubt
to acquit her...
You know what?
I'm not afraid
to talk about this.
The thing that you're
all thinking about right now.
Am I biased?
Am I?
I'm her mother.
The day she was born
and I held her in my arms
for the first time...
and any of you parents know
exactly what I'm talking about...
I knew I'd do
anything to protect her
and give her the best life
I possibly could.
So, yes, as her mother,
of course I'm biased.
But as her mother,
I've also had the privilege
of watching her grow up.
And I know that she could never
hurt anybody.
I could tell you
childhood stories
of her saving ladybugs
out of our pool,
or making sure that nobody
sat alone on the school bus.
But I don't have to.
You see, we all watched
Steve Guiler sit here
and confess to this very crime.
What a relief, right?
I mean...
I get to bring Julie home.
But Steve had an alibi
the prosecution
didn't know about.
It was Julie
and her great big heart
that insisted I come forward
with it to the DA.
I didn't want to.
But I realized something.
You know, our greatest duty
as parents
isn't merely to protect
our children,
but to be strong enough
to set a good example
even when it's harder
than you can possibly imagine.
We must embody the ideals
of the kind of world
we want our children to inherit,
a world in which integrity,
and truth prevail.
And we hope that we raised them
well enough
that when push comes to shove,
they will listen to their heart
and make the right choices.
Julie Plainview,
at the risk of going to prison
for the rest of her life,
made the right choice.
Julie is not a murderer.
She is a strong,
courageous young woman
with a promising future
whose fate is now
in your trusted hands.
So please,
listen to your hearts.
Because I believe
that is where true justice lies.
Thank you.
How long till we know, Mom?
It's hard to say.
A day.
Five days.
I think we're going to be
okay, Julie.
Your mom did an awesome job.
In fact, why don't I take
both of you to dinner?
Get away from all this
for a night.
That sounds... nice.
You guys go ahead.
I think I'm
just gonna go to bed.
I guess we're staying here.
No, Mom. Go.
You deserve it.
I really think I just want
to spend some time alone.
I'll bring you some dessert.
Wait, wait.
One second.
I've been working on this.
I found your old sketchbook
in the garage.
You drew this?
I wanted you to have
something to remember me by
when I go to school.
Or wherever I end up.
I could never forget about you,
not even for a minute.
You are the reason
my heart beats.
Don't you ever doubt that.
I love you so much.
I love you too, Mommy.
Now go have fun.
I'm going to be kind of sad
when the trial's over.
I won't get to see you
every day.
Well... we can probably
think of something.
[ cell phone vibrates ]
You're awake?
I've been looking
through the case files,
and I think I found something
the police overlooked.
What is it?
They found a homemade CD
in Mr. Dutton's car stereo.
There were no fingerprints,
but they made a list of songs that were on the disc.
Fourteen songs,
and most of them were hip-hop.
Mr. Dutton hated hip-hop.
So somebody gave it to him.
Made it for him, I think.
Probably someone
who had a crush on him.
If we find out
who has these tracks,
we might be able to find out
who the killer is.
I'll come right home.
We can talk about it.
No rush, I'm here.
Bye, Mom.
She thinks she might know
how to solve the case.
Smart girl.
Ben, this has been so nice.
But I really want
to get home to Julie.
I totally understand.
We'll do this again sometime.
[ line rings ]
I pray all day...
[ cell phone vibrates ]
Hey, Mom, I told Sylvie
about my theory.
She said we should meet
at our hangout, you know,
tower number 6,
so we can talk about
who else Mr. Dutton
might've been seeing.
I know I shouldn't leave
without telling you first.
But I couldn't wait.
I'll be home soon. I love you.
I didn't know Mr. Dutton.
I never had a class
with him or anything.
Did I leave my blue
sweater here?
I didn't write this.
He liked wild girls.
Oh, Julie.
together of girls
who might've been crushing
on Mr. Dutton,
and if one of those girls
has the same 14 songs
in her music library,
then she could be the killer.
You always were smarter
than me, Julie.
Prettier, more popular.
I know what people say.
That you only hang out with me
as a charity case.
What are you talking about?
You're my best friend.
Then why are you going off
to college without me?
What is this about?
Don't play dumb, Julie.
You're no good at it.
I guess I knew you were
gonna figure it out
sooner or later.
Figure out what?
I love him.
And he loved me.
I know he did.
What we had went far deeper
than anything you had with him.
I finally found something
that was my own.
Sylvie, what are you
talking about?
I was ready to run away
with him.
But then he made a fool of me.
He said if he left with anyone,
it would be you.
When I heard that,
I just about lost it.
- [ phone beeps ]
- Call 911.
When you passed out that night,
those two guys
got bored and left,
leaving me with nothing,
as usual.
When I saw the text
from Gene on your phone,
I answered for you.
I went to see him.
I got him to meet me
at the parking lot.
I don't know why
I took the knife
from the picnic basket.
You framed me?
No, how could you?
None of this would've happened
if it wasn't for you.
My whole life,
I have compared myself to you.
I've watched as you got
the grades,
the guys, the attention.
Not anymore.
Sylvie, if you
killed Mr. Dutton,
you need to confess.
I can't go to prison.
And I'm not gonna let you
send me there.
You don't think you're going
to get away with this, do you?
The police know there's somebody
stabbing people in this area.
Probably some creep.
Sylvie, please stop.
I'm sorry, Jules.
Please stop.
Mommy can't help you now.
Mom, are you okay?
The motion for acquittal is granted,
and the case against
Julie Anne Plainview
is hereby dismissed.
Whoa, Ellen! Ellen!
Whoa, hold it up,
hold it up, hold it up.
Congratulations on your victory.
Look what I happen to have
with me, yeah.
I don't normally carry it,
but anyway, I was hoping
that you could, I don't know,
just autograph it for me?
Actually, it's for my niece
because she's a big fan
of these sort of books.
You know that I'm not
the author.
But you're kind of the star
of the book, so would you mind?
Have you actually read the book?
No, no, not yet.
Um... here you go.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, okay.
Just, I don't know,
write something about me.
Thank you.
Enjoy the read.
[ chuckles ]
Hey, wh-what...
What is that supposed to mean?
You know, I just had a great
interview with Judge Tannin
for the book that I'm writing
about your case.
When this book comes out,
you are going to be
a pretty popular lawyer.
I hope you're ready for that.
I will be.
After a little time off.
I'm taking Julie to Paris
before she starts college.
Ah, trs bien!
What's your major?
English, and then I'm gonna
go to law school after that.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm. I've been inspired.
Ms. Plainview.
I'd like to apologize if I
was testy in the courtroom.
I guess my job
is turning me into a grouch.
I'd like to thank you for
helping us solve the case, too.
If you want to join the force,
I think you'd make
a pretty good detective.
Thank you.
But I like being a lawyer.
And one day I hope
the sign on the door
will read "Plainview
and Plainview."
And then you'll have
both of us to contend with.
Well, good luck to you.
Thank you.
You ready?
"Plainview and Plainview."
I kind of like that.
It's almost like
it's a book series.
"The Ellen Plainview
Or, "The Wrong Woman