Momotaro, Sacred Sailors (1945) Movie Script

"Sponsored by the Ministry of the Navy"
"Produced by Shochiku Co., Ltd."
"Completed December 1944"
"Constructed by Kiichiro Kumaki"
"Written & Directed by Mitsuyo Seo"
"Shadowgraph by Kenzo Masaoka"
"Music by Yuji Koseki"
"Lyrics by Hachiro Sato"
"Told by a navy parachutist who
fought in the Battle of Manado."
Oh, singing lark, will you show me?
Show me how high you can fly
Can you reach the clouds on high?
You are lost to sight, I can't see you
The sailors are back!
Pay respects!
At ease.
On with caps.
Brother, Brother!
Hello there, Santa.
Come here, let me hug you.
Are you on a battleship?
No, I'm not.
What, then? A cruiser?
A destroyer? A submarine?
This is no fun.
You didn't get on anything.
Santa, sailors don't only
serve aboard warships.
Keep trying.
Let me see...
I know! A plane! A plane!
I love fighter planes!
That's great.
Boom, boom, boom.
Father, Mother, I'm back.
Wankichi, welcome home, Son.
Sarukichi, tell us about the navy.
Please, please!
All right, then. I shall.
I like planes best.
Boom, boom.
Let's start.
The best thing about
the Air Wing is the first flight.
The moment you are allowed to fly solo.
I can fly wherever I please
in the vast skies.
Mountains and rivers are like
a tiny garden far below.
I can overtake anything in the air
at super fast speeds.
Faster than a train?
Trains don't even come close.
Compared to a plane,
a train is a tortoise.
I wish you could all try it.
It's so much fun.
Can I go, too?
With practice, anyone can fly.
After the solo flight,
we do battle training.
I fly a swift combat plane,
like a swallow with a machine gun.
A back flip!
Rear dive.
Hey, an accident!
Santa fell in the river.
Ready to deploy in 30 minutes.
Prepare parachutes!
Ready to jump.
"Naval Construction Division Headquarters"
Chop, chop, goes the ax
Work as hard as you can
I'm getting more strength in my arms
More strength in my arms
No rest from morning till night
Helping each other
The bright sun shines in the clear sky
Haul on the rope with all your strength
See how mighty I am
I'm pulling very strongly
It's the joy of working
Sweat is my pleasure
Yes, all of us are so cheerful
We need more strength
My horn is no fake
Let's show our might
Knock and strike
Knock and strike
See how quick we are
Now the great roof is finished
See what is coming next
Magnificent hangars for our planes
Now it is all finished
We are very proud of our
splendid achievement
Well, look at this!
See what's come here
What a funny sight they are
They are ever so funny, I do declare!
Well, well, look at this!
What an outstanding man
The man's a wonder
We're all so surprised
There is a strong resemblance
between you and me
Yes, indeed he looks like you!
That's for sure
To your aircraft.
How majestic you are
For such a long time
I have been impressed
In the morning dream
I floated in a plane
Like the cherry blossoms
in our homeland
Forever falling from the sky,
one after the other
Always advancing through the air
How they bloom,
those trusty parachutes
1, 2, 3, 4, 5...
We wonder what they are
I can say, without a doubt
These are bananas, yes they are
I beg to differ,
they must surely be sarongs
Without a doubt,
I'm sure it's pungent tobacco
To tell the truth,
we have no idea what they are
You cannot fight fi you're hungry
You will be too exhausted
So, how about eating bananas?
How about eating melons?
How delicious these plump fruits are
Eat as much as you please
Let's enjoy them together,
how delicious they are
Everyone here seems so friendly
How delicious, indeed
How wonderful
In these southern lands
The sun is high in the sky
[Rising Sun]
[Rising Sun]
[Rising Sun]
[Rising Sun]
Let's repeat them again.
[This is a Japanese alphabet song.]
A i u e o
Ka ki ku ke ko
Sa shi su se so
Ta chi tsu te to
Na ni nu ne no
Ha hi fu he ho
Ma mi mu me mo
Ya yi yu ye yo
Ra ri ru re ro
Wa wi wu we wo
Ga gi gu ge go
Za ji zu ze zo
Da di du de do
Ba bi bu be bo
Pa pi pu pe po-n
Attention, the mailman is here!
Mail call!
Hey, come here now!
Sir, a care package for you.
Good man.
"Ice cream"
"I pray for your success."
"To my naval officer brother, from Santa."
Hey, don't be late!
Reporting as ordered.
Petty Officer Kijisuke
and crew of Scout 203, sir.
It is a scouting mission.
Their Devil's Island is said
to be under close guard.
Be very careful.
Be careful!
Do your best!
It's so hot.
Terribly hot.
Hot and muggy.
No report from the scouts, sir.
I see.
It's hot.
Reporting, sir.
PO Kijisuke, returning from Scout 203, sir.
Mission over Devil's Island accomplished.
I regret to report that
enemy ground fire...
...killed one of my men, sir.
Good work.
Right face!
At the double. Go!
"Photographic Laboratory"
Right face!
Salute the flag.
At ease!
I am pleased to report to you
that our mission will begin tomorrow.
I am sure you are all prepared.
This mission marks the first opportunity
for we naval paratroops to demonstrate
the results of our secret training.
I realize censorship restrictions
have been hard on you.
And you have had to keep secrets
from your families.
Tomorrow we will
attack the enemy to the last man.
Are you all ready?
Yes, sir!
Tonight is our last night.
The strike force departs at 4am.
On the everlasting blue southern seas,
small islands ringed by palms,
scattered like a starry night.
Among them is an island
as beautiful as a dream.
The king of Goa reigned there
in days gone by.
The islanders lived happily
under the king's kindness.
One day, a strange black ship
appeared at the port.
The entire island was in a panic.
A minister reported
these happenings to the king.
A white man, with a big nose,
landed and went to the palace.
"O merciful king of Goa.
We are merchants from
a distant country.
We wish to be good friends
with your people, like brothers.
It is hard for us to go back
to our ship every day.
Therefore, if you provide us with housing,
it will make our stay so much easier.
We have treasures from
all over the world in our ship.
We have Persian carpets,
Egyptian tobacco,
Indian jewels, Siamese necklaces,
Cambodian calico,
Chinese tea and gold,
wool and gold dust.
I wish to land and show you
all these treasures.
We need some premises to display them.
We don't ask for much.
Something the size of this coin will do."
"Thank you for your permission,
O merciful king of Goa."
The surprised king told the captain,
he and his men
had broken promises.
"That may well be.
These are the commercial ways
of our country."
"This is our custom."
The king of Goa
fought well till the end.
But in the end he was defeated,
and the pirates looted the island.
There is a stone tablet
in the deep jungle.
It has a carved message.
"In bright moonlight,
a sacred soldier will come
from the East atop a white horse.
He will free the people."
Go and run, run and go!
Look over the wings, and go
Run faster, go further
Go everyone
Go and run, run and go
Go everyone
Go and run, run and go
Use your body and legs, and run
Run faster and go further
Go everyone
Go and run, run and go
Run, everyone
Chocks away!
Chocks away!
--Chocks away!
--Chocks away!
Several thousand miles
from my own land
Across the ocean,
deep into the enemy's camp
We have trained our bodies
to be as hard as steel
Wings, take us across
the skies to our target
Fly ever onwards and
make good our advance
Bloom, O faithful parachutes
"30 minutes to the drop. Good luck.
--The Captain"
30 minutes to go.
Put on your parachutes.
Ready to jump.
Who commands Devil's Island?
Where is your leader?
Then we shall regard you
as the officer in charge.
What of the northwest coast
and the mountains?
You are wasting my time.
The Japanese navy
will attack now.
Any more talk is useless!
I will not wait until 10.
You must surrender now.
I'm ordering a general attack.
You must submit to
unconditional surrender.
Or continue to fight.
Your choice.
Come on, hurry!
"English translation by
Stuart J. Walton (SPROUT)"