Mom's Christmas Boyfriend (2023) Movie Script

(upbeat music)
(Lily): And we have the gold
ornaments over there.
What about the garland,
do we have that?
(Emma): Absolutely.
- Okay. Uh, stockings?
Which one do you think?
Mmm. I don't know,
maybe that one.
- Oh!
- Yes!
- Check!
- Okay!
What about
the Christmas village?
Oh, this is the hard part.
(ceramic scraping together)
Oh! Oh! Oh, I found them all.
- Yes!
- Check!
Okay, what about the angel
for the Christmas tree?
It's right there!
I always forget
how sweet she is.
All right. What next?
Um... That's it,
we got everything!
All right!
Oh, I'm just so happy
it's the best
time of year again!
- It only took forever!
- "Only took forever!"
- Okay! Now...
- Okay.
- Where everyone's sitting.
- Yes. Seating plan.
So, Aunt Rachel sits here,
her fiancee here.
Okay. Right.
And Uncle Jonan
and Aunt Cathy can sit...
over here?
And then Brit
and her date here.
And then you and me
across from them?
Brit is your best friend.
You have to sit
next to your BFF.
That is true.
Okay, so do some swaps.
- Who's Brit bringing?
- I'm not sure.
Probably someone from
one of those dating websites
she's always on.
I hope this one sticks.
She always has a new boyfriend.
- Lily!
- What? I'm just being honest?
Well. Brit is special.
So it's very important
that she finds someone
who is a good match.
Should we address
the elephant in the room?
What elephant is that?
That everyone has a date
except for you.
- Me?
- Yeah.
I don't need a date,
I have you!
Mom! That's not the same!
(soft music)
Listen to me.
I have a very full life.
I have work, and my friends.
Our family.
But most of all, I have you!
And that is all I need
for Christmas. I'm so happy.
I just wish you had
a date this year.
I don't know.
Maybe Santa will bring me one.
Yeah! Maybe he'll drop
an eligible bachelor
down the chimney for you.
Stranger things have happened.
(Lily giggles)
But where did you learn
the term "eligible bachelor"?
Yeah, I should have known.
That's actually funny.
Okay, we have to scoot.
We have so much
Christmas shopping to do.
Oh, I love Christmas stress,
there's nothing like it!
But how are
the preparations going?
Great! We are right
on schedule.
We just finished the guest
list for Christmas Eve.
And my mom is the only one
without a date.
- Lily!
- What? I'm just being honest.
You told me to always
tell the truth.
Yes, but I also did say
that you are the only
date I need.
See what I'm dealing with?
- She has a point.
- Mm-hmm.
Not you two ganging up on me!
We're not ganging up on you,
- We're trying to help.
(Emma): I don't need help!
- I wouldn't go that far.
- Talk to her, Brit.
I'm begging you!
Emma Morgan,
you listen to your daughter.
It's cuffing season after all!
- What's that?
- Yeah, what is that?
Okay, cuffing season
is when single people
look for partners to...
pass the cold winter months.
You know?
Somebody to spend
the holidays with!
Christmas, New Year's Eve.
Valentines Day.
Oh, yeah.
She needs to get cuffed.
You guys are too much!
Where do you even
learn this stuff?
By not living under a rock.
You gotta get out more.
(phone ringing) Fine. Fine.
Oh, saved by the bell.
Oh, it's my contact
at One Voice.
Okay, I do have to take this.
Behave, you two.
(Brit): Mm-hmm.
(high heels clacking)
(Emma): Hello?
What's One Voice?
It's this organisation
where we volunteer,
and we give presents
to families who are in need.
- Ah, right, I forgot.
- Mm-hmm.
It's her new Christmas
Yeah! It's so sweet!
Speaking of traditions,
you need to help me pick
my date for
Christmas Eve dinner.
- Yes!
- So. This guy is really nice.
But he is really boring.
This one. So smart.
But he's, um, always busy.
And this one is very handsome.
But he tells really corny jokes.
Like next level bad. So. Help.
Wai... Oh, wait, that's it?
They're all kind of bad.
But... Maybe the nice
boring one?
Yeah, I guess that would be
the smartest choice, right?
But since when do I make
the nice smart choice?
(Emma): All right!
- True.
- What is going on here?
- Nothing.
- Yeah, Brit was showing me the guys on her dating app.
(Brit shushing)
Brit! She's ten!
- Almost ten and a half!
- We do not need
to be talking to her
about the stuff!
- Come on!
- But she's such a smart ten!
Thank you! I really am!
- Mmm, n-no!
- Mom! We're in public.
Mom! Mom.
(merry music)
Aw, they're so cute!
And so different
than last year!
Those costumes are on point!
Let's see the other one.
- Oh, that's adorable!
- Sledding!
Let's go find out.
We'll ask someone.
Oh, pass me your jacket,
I'm going to check them in.
- Thank you!
- Thank you!
(Emma): Look at this place!
All right, let's check out
our One Voice family, shall we?
- Aw, look at the penguin!
- Aw!
Oh! They have a daughter
the same age as you!
Why don't you go
to the children's section
and find something
that she might like,
and I will get the mother
a beautiful new coat
to keep her warm. Sound good?
- Oh yeah, I got this.
- All right, you got this.
- Bye.
- Bye!
(soft music)
Would you like to enter
the Children's
Christmas Wish Contest?
Just write a Christmas wish,
and put it in the mail box.
What do you have to lose?
- Hmm.
- The winner also gets
to donate to a charity
of their choice.
We could help
the Thompson family even more.
Thanks, elf!
(Lily): To whom it may concern,
My name is Lily Morgan.
My mom Emma adopted me
from a small village in China
when I was just a baby.
She's the best mom,
a talented architect,
and is always helping others
and volunteering for One Voice,
the charity we'd like
the prize money to go to.
This Christmas, I wish that
she could find a boyfriend.
Her penguin.
Penguins only have
one mate for life.
My mom deserves that.
Thank you, and merry Christmas!
(marker scratches)
Oof! Busy day.
Got a box full
of letters for ya.
Oh, great! Keep them coming!
And we'll-I'll come back
and get some...
- Whoa!
- Oh! I'm so sorry!
- I'm so sorry!
- That was my fault.
- Oh, so my fault. Oh my god.
- Oh, here. These are, uh...
- Oh, I just...
- You've got a very nice
selection here.
Yeah, I-I,
they're not actually for me.
Oh! Really?
No, it's, it's for charity.
- That's very kind of you.
- Oh! It's...
Yeah. I, uh, You know,
it's in the Christmas spirit.
Um, thank you, so much.
I'm so sorry. Um...
No, it's my fault.
I-I gotta get going, but...
- Yes, great. Have a lovely day.
- You too!
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Sorry about that.
- It's okay.
Oh sweetheart, there you are!
Oh, do you need help?
What? Oh, all this, no.
I can manage.
But you know me,
I couldn't pick just one.
Besides, I think our One Voice
family could really use it all.
Oh, what is this?
- Oh, a wish contest!
- Ooh, how fun!
It's only for kids, Mom.
- Oh...
- Sorry.
No, I'm being silly!
Sweetheart, I meant
it'd be fun for you.
Did you? Make a wish?
- Uh-huh!
- What was it?
I can't tell you!
Otherwise it won't come true.
- Oh.
- Rules are rules!
I just thought
it was birthday wishes?
- No, it's for all wishes.
- Well, I'm learning
something new every day.
Have you picked a gift
for our girl?
We just need to grab our jackets
and head out soon.
- How about these?
- Oh, those are perfect!
She'll love them!
You think so?
I really do.
- Okay. Let's go.
- Let's go!
- Brady, another box.
- Morning, Zach.
No! When are we gonna have
time to read all those?
We're already drowning in unread
wishes from the entire country!
We will have to find time,
even if it means
being here all night.
When the Veronica Worth,
Chairman and CEO
of Worth Department Stores
asks for a new
Christmas tradition
to boost holiday sales,
this is what happens.
Yeah. But you're the one
who said,
"We need to see Christmas
through a child's eyes!"
- Yeah, it was a very good idea.
- It was a very good idea.
But now we have to do it,
and we're one day away
from choosing a Christmas wish
and we have nothing.
We have zero.
Let me guess what's in here,
more of the same?
Little boy wants a robot.
Little girl wants a doll.
Some kid wants to be emancipated
from his family
so that he doesn't have
to go to school anymore.
- Hi, Mrs. Worth!
- Hello Mrs. Worth!
- Follow me.
- Mm, yes.
So, have you zeroed in
on the winning Wish?
It must be hard choosing
just one.
Well, um, that's the thing,
it's not that hard
because we don't have any good...
- Are you okay?
- Uh, yeah, my lunch isn't settling.
Mrs. Worth, I can assure you
we are very close,
but yes, you're right.
It has been very difficult
choosing just one.
I mean, who knew children
had such a beautiful
take on Christmas?
Mrs. Worth,
we know you're so busy,
so we don't want to take up
any more of your time.
But rest assured,
we will have the winning
wish by tomorrow.
Just remember,
this is very important
to Worth Department Stores,
and your careers.
Okay. Pretty high stakes.
I thought she
was gonna say that.
(Emma): Coming right up!
One hot chocolate with extra
mini marshmallows
and whipped cream.
You're too good to me.
Oh, yeah, careful.
It's hot.
Okay, let's see.
It's our very first ornament
together as a family.
Do you remember?
Tell me again!
All right. Come here.
Is it gonna be kinda
like story time?
Oh, you know it. All right,
so there was this sweet
little hole in the wall
souvenir shop,
right next to the hotel
where we stayed right after
I picked you up.
(soft music)
And it was run by this nice
old man and his wife.
And you, you were just
so adorable,
you reached out
with your chubby little hand,
and you grabbed this ornament.
And he gave it to us for free.
- For free?
- Yeah.
Because he could tell
that we already shared
so much love between us.
I love that story.
Yeah, that's a good one.
Do you wanna do the honours?
Yeah! Okay,
where should I put it?
Anywhere you want!
I just love
our Christmas traditions.
Just so perfect.
Me too! But it'd be nice
to have more people to share
them with. Don't you think?
- More people?
- Yeah.
We have Brit!
And your Auntie and Uncle.
I meant like...
A little brother.
Or sister.
Or a dad.
(excited squeal)
Come here!
Come here. Let's get...
(merry music)
(Brady): There's just so many.
And they're all bad.
"Dear Santa,
may I have an octopus as a pet?"
No. "Dear Santa,
I'd like a puppy please."
Clich. "Can I have a reindeer?"
Oh, no, Brady!
Brady, Brady, Brady,
Brady, Brady.
Oh, that's bad.
- There's more?
- Yeah, there's more.
We'll find it.
They're never ending!
- Yeah.
- How many of these did...?
(Zach gasps)
Hey! Some artwork.
Well, that's cute.
It is cute. It's actually
a very good drawing.
(Brady): They wrote,
like, an essay.
- Yeah.
- Well, what does it say?
Is it asking for like a tiger,
or something?
No, it's actually quite good!
This little girl
wants her single adoptive mom
to find love for Christmas.
She's even mentioned a charity
for the prize money.
It said all that?
"To whom it may concern"? Wow.
- Mm-hmm.
- This is great!
- There's something there!
- This is perfect!
A boyfriend for Christmas!
- Oh, I love that!
- I love that too!
A boyfriend for Christmas! Yes!
How do we... get her a boyfriend
for Christmas?
Oh, no. I think we just,
choose one of these ones
that's easy to accomplish.
No, no!
There's something there!
- We'll do the puppy one!
- Stick with it. Come on.
A boyfriend for Christmas!
A boyfriend for Christmas.
Okay, no, wait! I know.
We do an interview with the mom
and daughter. Set up a website
and have potential
suitors write in.
Yeah. This could work.
Okay. But big question.
How does this wish bring
more business to Worth?
Yeah. Good point.
We'll do the puppy one.
No, no, no, no, no!
Stay with it. Come on!
Okay! Uh...
- Boyfriend for Christmas.
- Boyfriend for Christmas.
We could set up a photoshoot
at the department store
with the mom and the daughter
and just make it a part
of the marketing campaign?
- Yeah. Yeah, okay.
- Is that good?
Yes, and when
we find her someone,
we can have a camera crew
follow them around.
Use product placements
and have them wear
Worth clothing on their dates.
It's interactive! I see that,
I want that! Yes, that!
- Yes. Let's do that.
- Let's do it!
I like that! I think we found
our winning wish, baby!
(toy train chugging)
(playful music)
(phone ringing)
Emma Morgan's phone.
Lily speaking.
(Zach): Hi, Lily, this is Zach
from Worth Department Store.
I've got some very
excellent news.
Can you put your mom
on the phone?
- Did I win?
- Maybe!
Did you want me
to talk as well?
- Don't speak.
- Okay.
Who is it?
It's Zach from
Worth Department Store.
- Hello?
(Zach): Hi! Ms. Morgan.
We've got some great news.
Your daughter's entry into
the Worth Department Store wish
competition has won.
The local news would love
to do an interview with you
if you're available.
It would be a small crew,
and I would be there personally
to oversee everything.
- I'd be there too.
- How does that sound?
Wow, this is, uh,
quite the honour!
Congrats honey! You won!
So, Zach, what exactly would
happen in this interview?
They just want to learn more
about your adoption story,
and the two of you.
It sounds like the two of you
have a really great
mother daughter relationship
We do, but I don't know.
I don't really want us
in the spotlight.
Well, I would be there every
step of the way to make sure
you're comfortable.
But of course, it's up to you.
We just think the two of you
would touch a lot of people's
hearts this Christmas.
Come on. Can we do
the interview? Please?
It'll be so much fun!
Come on, Mom.
I don't know, baby.
Mom, I want to.
Maybe mention the money,
as well.
Mention the money.
If it helps,
the winner also gets $100,000
for the charity of their choice.
Really?! Oh my gosh!
Oh my gosh, that is fabulous!
One Voice could really use that!
Oh, all right! We're in!
Best Christmas ever!
That's such great news.
We're looking forward
to meeting you!
I'm going to get Cassie,
our stylist,
to contact you
and send over some new clothes
for the interview.
How does that sound?
Thank you! Thank you, Zach!
Thank you, Zach!
Thank you so much! Bye.
(both): Bye!
Oh my gosh!
Ah! Nailed it!
(soft music)
(Emma): I don't know what's
gotten into her.
I mean, she's never
talked about wanting
a sibling or a father before.
We had to know that
this time would come.
She's growing up, and probably
seeing other people's families
and just realising hers
looks a little different.
Yeah, I guess you're right.
I just thought we were great.
Hey! You are!
That doesn't mean you can't
open your heart up.
Something to think about.
Now, we need to focus
on the task at hand.
We need to find the perfect
fit for this interview!
I mean, this could be
a really big deal.
The whole country's
gonna be watching.
And who knows who else?
You're not helping, Brit.
I'm already nervous.
Eh, nervous-shmervous.
This is exciting.
No. I don't know.
No, I'm just doing this
to make Lily happy.
Ugh, I mean I wish
I was getting this kind
of exposure. Do you know how
many single men might see this?
You don't need help!
You're already dating a handful!
And they're fun,
but they're not, you know,
fun, if you know what I mean?
In all seriousness, I know
that none of them are the one.
Then why even bother dating
them if you already know?
Because, Ms. Emma Morgan,
sometimes you gotta
kiss a few frogs.
Oh, Emma, this is it!
Oh, it's gorgeous!
It is.
(merry music)
(Zach): Let's hope
this goes well!
(Brady): Yeah.
'Cause if it doesn't go well,
Mrs. Worth is gonna
chop our heads off.
Thanks for the reminder.
(soft music)
(door closes)
(Lily): Welcome to our home!
Did you make all these?
Yeah! Art's kind of my thing.
They're really, really good!
I can tell. We loved your
drawing on your wish,
by the way.
Thanks! Wanna see our
Christmas decorations?
This is my favourite ornament.
My mom got it when she came
to pick me up from China
when I was just a baby.
Oh, that's amazing.
It's so nice that you still
have it, and you can look
at it every year.
What else you got in here?
Well, I do have this ornament.
- You must be Emma.
- Hi!
- You look so familiar!
- So do you!
Wait, you were at the store
the other day.
I'm the guy
that bumped into you!
I was gonna say
that I bumped into you.
Sorry about that, again.
Oh, don't worry
about it at all.
Okay, well.
Strange coincidence.
Hi. Nice to officially meet you.
- Hi.
- I'm Zach. This is Brady.
- Hi!
- Hi, nice to meet you.
We're here to oversee
the interview
and answer any questions
you may have.
Do I have to go
through with it?
If you don't want to,
I could call off the news crew.
We want to make
sure you're comfortable.
You know, I-I'm just hesitant,
uh, because of all
the attention.
You know? I'm an architect.
I'm not used to...
Oh! I'm not used to all this.
You're gonna do great.
All you have to do
is be yourself,
and I will be here with you
every step of the way.
You need anything, come to me.
Do you think I should hold
the mic like this
for the interview?
My god, she is dying to do it.
She's such a ham!
I'm so excited!
I haven't seen her
this excited in a while!
And that is why
I agreed to this.
Well, and your charity.
Oh, how could I forget!
I guess, uh...
I guess we're really doing this!
I'll be right here.
- Okay.
- By the way,
your dress looks amazing.
It was very nice of you
to gift it to me.
Our pleasure!
- Ah! This is so exciting!
- I'm so glad you're here!
Are you kidding? I would not
miss this for the world.
Besides, I gotta check
in on you.
Make sure they get
your good angles.
Touch up your makeup
so you're not shiny!
- What would we do without you?
- I don't know!
- We all set?
- Uh, sure, yeah, yeah, yeah.
- What?
- I just, um.
I swear I've seen Emma's friend
on a dating app before.
Oh, who is that?
He looks interesting.
(Emma): Who? Brady?
Brady? He kinda
looks familiar.
Did you swipe right?
I mean, yeah, maybe.
- Go say hi.
- Don't gotta tell me twice.
- All right.
- Oh shoot, she's coming over here, so...
Hi! I'm Brit,
Emma's best friend.
And Lily's godmother!
- I'm Zach. This is Brady.
- Hi.
We work for Worth
Department Store.
I'm a big fan of your work!
I'm an all too
frequent consumer.
That's funny,
I'm there all the time as well.
I work there.
You work there, yeah.
(nervous chuckling)
Maybe I'll see you there
some time?
Yeah, definitely. I mean,
if you're having trouble
finding me, you should probably
just check the "manly" section.
With all the drills,
and the um... The power tools.
Yeah. Well, I don't usually
go there, so...
I'll have to make an exception.
- Great!
- It was nice meeting you.
You may want to pick
your jaw off the floor.
Huh? Oh, yeah.
For those just tuning in,
I am here
with Emma and Lily Morgan.
Lily is the winner
of the Worth Department Store
wish competition. Now, Lily.
Can you tell us what prompted
you to enter your wish?
The Christmas elf at the store
asked me what I had to lose,
and I thought
that was a pretty good point.
I could have made a lot
of wishes,
but when I was in the store,
I saw a husband and wife.
And, they looked so happy,
I wanted my mom
to have that too.
(anchor): And can you tell
the viewers what you wished for?
I wished that my mom would get
a boyfriend for Christmas.
She's so great and deserves
love more than anyone!
(anchor): Oh, isn't that
the sweetest?
Emma, how do you feel
about all of this.
I'm, I'm speechless.
I have a very fulfilling life.
That's nice. So Lily,
what would you like to tell
any prospective boyfriends
about your mom?
- Oh, I-I don't think we...
- She's really pretty,
as you can see.
(awkward laughter)
She's nice and smart, and brave.
And she takes really
good care of me.
She gives the biggest hugs,
and makes the best
hot chocolate.
And she likes to volunteer.
And she does a wacky dance
to make me laugh when I'm sad.
Show them, Mom!
Oh, I-I think we're good.
We're, we're good.
Most importantly,
and you guys might want
to listen up.
She's a really hard worker,
so you know what that means.
(anchor): And what is that?
- She has a stable income!
(anchor): Well, it certainly
sounds like your mom
is quite the catch.
So, to all you single
men out there,
if you would like
to connect with her,
go to the Worth Department
Store website,
and click on the link that says,
"Boyfriend for Christmas,"
where you can directly
message Emma.
Thanks for tuning in!
(Brady): Good job!
(laughter) (Zach): Good job!
Good job, Lily!
How you doing?
Everything okay?
(Emma): Uh...
How'd you feel about
the interview?
I'm embarrassed. I had no idea
what she wished for.
- What, you didn't?
- No! If-if I had known...
Well, you should not
be embarrassed.
You both were great.
It was really charming. Really.
- What happens next?
- Well, we have the website
set up so, men can write in.
We'll screen all the messages
before you see them.
- Screen!
- And you'll log in, and read them, and...
- Please screen.
- See if anybody
sparks your interest,
and we'll go from there!
Do you really think people
are going to write in?
No! No one is writing in!
I don't understand it.
We have nothing.
This is a disaster.
Veronica Worth
is going to kill us.
- We bombed. It's over.
- We're done for.
We got a message.
We got a message!
Brady, we have messages!
We've got messages!
(laughter) - What? What?
- We've got messages! Yes!
- We've got messages!
- Yes! Yes!
We've got messages! Yes!
(playful music)
(phone rings)
Oh my goodness...
Oh my...
Oh my, oh my...
Oh my god.
Come on, come on, come on.
(TV anchor): A Chicago woman
and her adopted daughter
have gone viral
after the little girl
entered the wish competition
at a Worth Department Store.
The girl and her mother stole
hearts just yesterday
in a live interview where
the precocious ten-year-old
told the world that
all she wanted
was for her mom to find
a boyfriend for Christmas.
(phone rings)
Mom, what's going on?
Why does your phone
keep ringing?
Whoa! That's us!
(Lily on TV): She gives
the biggest hugs,
and makes the best
hot chocolate.
(TV anchor): We've gotten word
that so many suitors
have tried to access the website
that it has crashed.
The tech team is working
tirelessly to solve this issue
in order to bring
the website up and running.
Now you never know,
the love of her life
could be just around the corner.
(news theme song)
(Lily): Are these all for you?
- Whoa, apparently.
- Hmm.
- This is terrifying!
- What do you mean?
This is amazing!
No, this is not the way
to find love, Lily! Okay?
Why not?
What if Mr. Right
is one of those DMs?
Where did you learn
the phrase "Mr. Right" from?
Of course. Why do I even
ask at this point?
"Dear Emma, I'm the only date
you'll ever need. Call me."
- I will not be calling.
- Agreed.
"Dear Emma, when I first
saw you on the news,
it was by accident.
I was channel surfing.
I think wish competitions
are corny,
but by the end of the interview,
I was crying.
A lone tear streamed
down my face, then sobs.
I was so touched."
No thank you!
"I'm just a desperate man
looking for love."
Wow, some, uh, real winners.
There's gotta be something
good in here. There's so many!
It's a numbers game, Mom.
Basic math.
(phone rings)
Oh, ye-yeah. I-I know.
It's overwhelming, but...
Oh, yeah, thank you.
Someone's on the other line.
Hello? No! No, no,
I have not picked anyone yet!
I was, it's kinda crazy.
Uh, oh, just hold on a second.
Oh, hi Zach!
(Zach): Congratulations
on going viral.
Hmm. Thank you? I think?
- How you holding up?
- It's been overwhelming,
but uh, we have been managing.
Is it as intense as it seems?
- You could say that.
- No pressure,
but if you're interested,
we would love for you
and Lily to come down
to the store for a photoshoot.
Look, is that
absolutely necessary?
I mean, we've done
so much already!
No, it's not necessary.
But it will definitely...
- Mom.
- be fun!
That I can guarantee.
And I will be here to supervise
and make sure all goes well!
What do you say?
- Okay, fine!
- Yes!
(playful music)
(imitates trumpet)
Oh, thank you.
Did you set up the photoshoot?
Yeah, all done, she's in!
Nice. And look at this!
Sales have already increased
five percent nationwide
since the interview.
And that's all us!
Well, no that's thanks
to Emma and Lily.
Okay, well why do you have
to ruin a good thing?
Let's just take the credit?
See this is exactly
what I was hoping for!
We've already got such great
publicity for the store!
(Mrs. Worth): Zach. Brady.
You've done a great job.
But we don't want to miss out
on a big opportunity.
We have to take full advantage
of this story
and how widespread it's gotten.
Yes, we couldn't agree more,
Mrs. Worth.
This is Zach, here.
We've planned a photoshoot
for later today
with Emma and Lily
at the department store.
We'll have links to all
the Worth Merch
for purchase from those photos.
And then we're gonna send
that out to the most reputable
news outlets and publications
after that.
Yeah, and just to, uh,
to echo what Zach said.
This is Brady. Um, we...
We're gonna capitalise on this.
We've got the photoshoot.
It's all set up, and...
Yeah. Just don't worry. So...
(Mrs. Worth): I'd like
to be there.
Make sure everything's in order.
You'd like to be there?
Or you're going to be there?
Thank you so much,
Mrs. Worth...
- Yes, thank you...
- We'll be in contact
with all the updates.
This is why you don't talk.
Yeah, no, I...
I heard myself as well, so...
- You did.
- Yeah. As I was saying it,
I was like, oh, don't!
But I had...
(upbeat music)
(Emma): Thank you. Okay?
- Oh, that's nice. I like that.
- Yeah!
What if we put the bear,
like in the middle of them?
I told you the polar bear
would work.
- No that... you did.
- This pops.
- Hi, Emma.
- Hi!
How's the photoshoot going?
I have to admit.
I'm actually having
a lot of fun.
I didn't know what to expect,
but this is something
that Lily and I will
remember forever.
Yeah, it's a nice new memory
for the two of you.
So everything's going
You don't need me for anything?
No! No, everyone
has been wonderful.
That's what I like to hear.
So the next shoot is, uh,
the two of you making
gingerbread houses.
- Yeah? I love that!
- Great!
Yeah, we sell these really
fun gingerbread-making kits
in the toy section,
so I thought we could highlight
that in the shoot.
That is a great idea.
I fully support encouraging
kids to be creative,
and to build things.
- Yes. I couldn't agree more.
- Yes, yes.
You know, I haven't made
one in years...
Really? Maybe you need
to buy one for yourself.
Maybe. I take it you have
made one more recently?
Some might say that I make
real models
for a living out
of foam and plywood.
That's right. Architect. Yeah.
- Yes, you remembered.
- So you don't do your work
in gingerbread?
No, no. Just shortbread.
- That sounds tasty.
- Yeah, yeah.
Oh, one second.
Okay, copy that.
They need you for wardrobe.
Taylor's gonna take you
over there, okay?
- Okay!
- Have fun!
Thanks! Yeah.
(soft music)
- Hi, Zach!
- Oh, hi, Lily!
How's the photoshoot going?
It's fun!
Well, that's the most
important part, right?
Well, actually, no.
The best part is that my wish
might actually come true.
My mom's gotten so many DMs.
It's crazy!
Wow. That's great.
- Thank you so much.
- Oh!
You're very welcome.
This is why we did the contest.
And our next step
is setting your mom up
with one of the men
who's written to her.
That would show everyone
that your Christmas wish
has been answered.
What do you think?
I already have
my favourite picked out.
- I'm all ears!
- His name is Clark Winters.
Sounds like a movie star.
He's a businessman
from New York.
He said he couldn't believe
he was writing a letter
like this, and it's totally not
something he'd normally do.
But he was struck by
the beautiful bond
between me and my mom,
and hopes to meet us.
- Well, isn't that nice?
- There was also a photo of him.
Let's pull it up and see.
He chopped his own pine tree!
I think he loves Christmas
as much as we do.
He definitely loves something.
He's certainly handsome,
isn't he?
My mom thinks so.
Mind if I zoom in on this?
Indisputably attractive man.
I am texting my assistant
to get in touch with Clark
and have him flown to Chicago.
How's that for
a Christmas miracle?
Oh, that's brilliant!
I am going to go
check up on my mom!
- Okay.
- Bye!
- Have fun! Bye.
- Goodbye.
That's a great idea.
(Emma): Speaking of awkward.
(Brit): Mm-hmm.
While I was in wardrobe,
Lily hand-picked
a candidate for me.
- Oh, candi-Date!
- Oh, stop.
- Okay!
- Okay, so the store,
they've like, presented him
to me for approval.
And I said yes.
Ah, but I don't know.
I don't know.
It's just, so new
and I don't know if I'm, uh...
It's okay! It's okay,
this is a lot of pressure.
- Yeah.
- But I just really need to see
a photo. Like, now.
Oh my gosh!
Okay! Shh!
Look at that fine specimen!
Honey, obviously, you said yes!
But I'm hoping that
he is more than that!
More than that?
If you're more than that,
that is just extra value.
Yes. Yes, I do admit.
He's very attractive.
(playful music)
(Zach): Clark Winters!
(Clark): Hey, man!
Thanks for the ride!
I appreciate it.
- For sure.
- So, tell me.
Is she as attractive
in real life?
- She is.
- Ah, I knew it.
This is gonna be so good!
So, just a little heads up,
we have a photographer
coming today to the skating rink
for some publicity shots.
Hope that's okay.
That's more than okay.
I figured that'd be par
for the course
for something like this.
Uh, the photographs,
where are they going?
What publications?
Uh, that I don't know,
that's the publicity department.
Uh, car's right outside.
Okay. Well,
I'd like to be kept in the loop.
You'll have to sign
some paperwork
before the photos go anywhere,
so, I'm sure you can ask then.
And I'd like to be sent
all the photographs as well.
Yeah. For sure.
Emma could be the love
of my life.
Lily could be my step-daughter.
It'd be nice to get
professional photos
of our first meeting.
Mmhmm. This is us.
There's some wardrobe
in the back seat for you.
Worth's finest menswear.
Picked out by one
of our in-house stylists.
You can choose whichever
one you want
and wear it on your date.
And, uh, could we stop
for some flowers on the way?
- Yeah, she'd like that.
- Yeah. For the both of them.
Even better.
(soft music)
Yeah. Okay.
(Lily): What do you think
he's gonna be like?
Ooh, I'm not sure!
(laughs nervously)
I mean, we don't have much
to go off.
Just the message and...
(sucks teeth)
his photograph.
- Are you nervous?
- No! No.
Brit told me that if you're
ever nervous about a guy,
just picture him in a...
Ugh, wait, what was it?
I don't like
where this is going.
- Picture him in a silly hat!
- Okay!
Yeah. They look goofy,
so you're not as nervous.
Mm. I can do that. Yeah.
Oh boy, he's here.
Okay, quick, picture him
in a silly hat!
(Emma): Silly hat.
- Hey, girls!
- Hi!
- I'm Clark!
- Hey!
It's nice to meet you!
- So nice to meet you.
- These are for you.
- Thank you!
- And these are for you.
- Thank you for the flowers.
- My pleasure.
- Oh!
- I've never gotten flowers before!
- Well, hopefully you like them!
- I love them!
And you...
You look as beautiful
as you did on television.
You are just...
just as handsome as you were
in your picture.
(Lily): Aw...
Do you want to go for a skate?
- Definitely.
- Shall we?
- Yes!
- Okay, I'm gonna sit here with Zach.
Yeah. Have fun you two.
All right, let's go.
All right.
(Clark): She is a trip!
- God, tell me about it!
Okay! I'm just...
- First time skating?
- Not, not exactly.
You're doing all right!
You're doing all right!
Yeah? Okay. Good.
You're doing well.
- Watch this, hold that thought.
- Oh!
You're a good skater, Clark!
I was a division one
ice hockey player in college.
Wow, that is impressive.
Hey! Hey, hey, hey!
- Oh my god!
- I got you!
I got you, I got you!
Stay with me here.
- Okay, okay.
- Stay with me. Look at me?
Soft knees.
Slight fold, and lean.
Okay. I'm just not
as skilled a skater as you are.
Come with me. Here we go.
Well, you know,
not yet anyway.
What do you think?
Well. I don't know much
about him.
But I like him so far.
He seems really nice
and he gave us flowers too.
- That's a good start.
- We'll see.
Do you want to go skate?
- Sure
- Let's go skate!
So, clearly you're handsome.
And a former athlete,
and a successful businessman?
Is there anything else
I should know about you?
Let me think.
Wow. I gotta try
to keep up here.
Well, there's something.
It's a little bit embarrassing.
But I am a big softy.
A true hopeless romantic.
Hey, you don't have
to be embarrassed about that.
That is every woman's dream.
(Clark): Okay, well,
what about you?
Is there anything else
I should know?
(Emma): I love to give back
to my community!
I volunteer at a few
organisations and charities.
I actually love
giving back too.
- Really?
- I'm kind of entrepreneurial about it.
- What do you mean?
- Just, a couple business ideas
I have on the go that I think
are gonna help some people.
Interesting, in what way?
(skates scrape ice)
Side one.
But I don't know how
to stop like this.
I'm not gonna give away
all my secrets! We just met!
Oh, I mean, just like a,
a tiny little hint? Something?
Just the bud of an idea
that I pitched to my team.
Actually, the whole wish
competition kind of inspired me.
- Oh!
- So, when we officially launch,
you'll be the first to know.
Good to know.
(Lily giggles)
- Aww!
- How did you do that? Wait.
(Lily): Ooh!
- Look at this!
Be right back!
- Oh, okay.
(Clark): Lily!
(skates drag)
Want to come join us?
Ah! Lily, honey,
are you joining us?
Let's get a picture.
- Yay! Lily!
- Where's the camera guy?
Hey! Bring it in!
(Emma): Oh!
Can you get a shot?
Ah, big smiles, guys!
One more, one more, one more!
Amazing, and can I get
a copy of that one?
It's gonna be a keeper,
I know it. Thanks.
You know what?
I, I think I'm gonna need
to take just a little break.
- All right.
- Uh, you guys good
to skate together?
(Lily): Yeah!
Yeah, we got it.
But just, please,
keep your knees bent.
- Stay low.
- Okay, I'm staying low.
(Lily): Okay. Okay.
- I'm going this way.
Just a little push
for Mommy. Okay.
- You wanna go for a rip?
- Yes!
All right. Let's go!
One, two, three! Move!
We'll play the airplane game.
(Lily): Yes! I love to do
that actually.
(Clark imitates an airplane)
I thought I was the only
person who did that!
(Clark): One foot,
then the other foot. That's it.
(Lily giggles)
Whoa! And she turns!
(soft music)
- Everything okay?
- Yeah. Yeah, I just...
I haven't skated since
I was a kid,
and I'm just a little
embarrassed at how awful
I am at it.
Don't be embarrassed,
it's cute.
I mean, I'm sure
Clark thinks it's cute
and is happy to help.
One can hope.
I was more of, um,
like, an indoor kid.
Making gingerbread houses,
- Yeah.
- Yeah. You were a pro
at the photoshoot.
Your house was amazing.
- Thank you!
- Yeah. (laughter)
It is my favourite
Christmas activity.
It's kind of how I got
into architecture, actually.
I would spend hours
on my gingerbread house.
Like, after everyone
else went to sleep.
I'd stay up late.
Just perfecting
every sprinkle and candy cane.
You know, it's one of the best
parts of being a parent,
is that you get to somewhat
be a kid again.
- Mmm.
- And I just love
introducing Lily
to all the things
that I loved when I was a kid.
Well, I should
get back out there.
My big date after all.
- It is.
- Mm-hmm.
Yeah, you got this.
I got, yeah. I got it.
I got it. I got it, I got it.
(Brady): Thanks.
Well, it sounds like
it went really well.
So, why are you so bummed?
Like, look at you!
You're so bummed!
- Hmm?
- You're not listening to me at all, are you?
- Sorry, I'm...
- Are you serious?
- It's a long day.
- Why aren't you excited?
Emma, Clark, and Lily
hit it off!
What's the problem?
Yeah, I can't put
my finger on it.
Dude, we should be celebrating
right now!
This is great for our careers.
We've gotten great
promotion for the store.
And you're about to make
a little girl's Christmas
wish come true.
What more could you want?
(glass clinks)
Yeah, I just want
what's best for Emma and Lily.
So what's wrong
with this Clark guy?
He seems like he's perfect.
- Yeah, a little too perfect.
- Yeah. It's crazy.
How does a man look like that?
Wait a minute, did you catch
feelings for Emma?
- What?
- You caught feelings for Emma!
Did I catch feelings?
What are you saying?
- People say that.
- Catch feelings?
- Yeah, that's a phrase.
- From the 1950s.
No, you caught feelings!
Did you?
No, I did not catch feelings.
I, I just, I want what's
best for her. That's it.
I think that might
be Clark, so...
- Maybe you're right.
- It feels like I'm right.
Did you, um,
happen to run into Brit?
At the date?
Emma's friend, Brit, yeah.
Was she at the date
with Clark and Emma?
- They weren't together?
- She wasn't there.
- Yeah, that makes sense.
- Why would she be there?
Just wondering.
Just, inquiring minds is all.
- That's why you're asking?
- I just thought that she might be there.
But she wasn't there?
Oh, yeah, no, makes sense
that she wouldn't be there.
Well, that sounds like you
might have caught feelings.
- No. No, no, I'm, no...
- You...
- No!
- You're getting a little red!
No, that would actually
be absurd.
- Stranger things have happened.
- Yeah.
Anyway, can we toast?
We can toast.
- To being Santa.
- To being Santa!
(glasses clink)
I like it!
(footsteps approaching)
She was out like a light.
The way she was chattering
on about your date,
I thought she would
never fall asleep.
Well, she was quite
smitten with Mr. Clark.
Can you blame her?
Like, wow, girl!
Flowers, and a second
date lined up?
It sounds impressive!
I know.
He's pretty great. We'll see.
This is so exciting!
Lily's wish might
actually come true,
and just in time
for cuffing season!
Okay, I really should watch
what I say around her, hey?
Uh, yeah, I've been telling
you that for years.
Sometimes it takes me a minute
to learn my lesson!
But what else, tell me more!
Oh, Zach was there.
And he hung out with Lily
the whole time I was skating
with Clark. It was so sweet.
It was like Zach and Lily
are becoming fast friends.
Oh! So does that mean
that like, Brady was there?
Just, hanging out, or...?
Do I, uh, sense interest?
What makes you say that?
Women's intuition.
What? I, I, I might
think he's cute.
What about all the other guys
you're dating?
Well, as of this moment,
there is no Mr. Right in sight.
But enough about me!
Do you really think
that there might actually
be something there
with you and Clark?
I mean, he is doing
some really romantic gestures.
And Lily,
she's really impressed.
Oh, I'm jealous!
I'm happy for you,
but ah, just seems
too good to be true.
I know! It does.
(merry music)
(Lily): Yeah, let's go.
- Hey, girls!
- Oh, hi!
Hi, Clark!
So glad you could join me!
Hey, kiddo!
How you doing?
I love winter carnivals!
- Zach!
- Hey! Are you excited
for the snow ball
target practice challenge?
- Yeah!
- What's going on?
Oh, I thought you knew,
I'm here
as a Worth representative.
Is that really necessary?
It's all part of
the documentation process, yeah.
We need to report up
to the higher-ups
about how everything's going.
I have to write a blurb
about the dates.
Update the fans.
Keep track of the story.
You get it.
I don't think I do.
But uh...
Guess we can't argue with
the higher-ups, now, can we?
I notice there's no
photographers around?
Yeah, they're setting up
by the Worth booth.
We'll get you all
over there eventually
for some photos.
Okay. While I've got you here,
can I, uh, get you to take
some pictures for us?
Just, really make
them pop, okay?
Like, composition wise. Thanks.
(Emma laughs)
Big smiles, guys!
Okay, here we go!
One, two, three, smile!
(Zach): Okay, great.
Great! So, you guys
ready to throw?
- Oh, yeah!
- Well, have at it. I'll watch.
- Wait, you're not competing?
- No, I'm just here
for the moral support.
You go ahead!
Oh... Um, okay.
(Zach): Hey! I'll go with you.
- Wait, really?
- Yes!
Come on, it'll be awesome.
Yeah, you guys go ahead.
I'm gonna chat with Clark.
Okay. Good thinking, Mom.
See ya.
Okay, see ya.
(Zach): Let's do it!
Have you ever done this before?
(Lily): Yeah, I have.
I do it every Christmas!
- Okay. Snowballs.
- Right.
- Target. What side do you want?
- Um, right side!
Well, you are looking
absolutely stunning.
Thank you!
You look good in eggplant.
Thank you very much.
Let's see?
(both cheering)
That was actually a bullseye!
Two, three!
(Zach yells)
(Lily laughs)
Aw, she just,
she loves winter activities.
Mm, yeah, I see that.
And how about yourself?
I much prefer the warmer ones.
Inside. The house. The...
Okay, yeah. Uh, what,
uh, what kind of activities
are we talking about?
I was just talking about
gingerbread house making
the other day!
- Ah, okay.
- And, you know, that is
my favourite Christmas
Mmm, yeah, I definitely do not
have the patience
to put all those little candies
on top of the house.
Oh, well, it...
it's not for everyone.
You know, I'm, I also
love Christmas carols.
Just the music,
and the costumes, it's magical.
Yeah, yeah. That sounds nice.
- Everyone has their thing.
- Absolutely!
- Mine might be Christmas.
- I'm no exception.
You kinda twist your body,
and you kinda kick
and we touch each other's heels.
- Oh! I like that! Okay.
- So, one, two, three.
(both): Ooh!
- Oh, hey! How was it?'
- Hey!
So fun! I got a bullseye
on the first try!
- What?!
- We're gonna go again!
Okay, wait, again?
Zach, are you good
to go again?
Oh, I live for this stuff.
It's awesome.
- Yeah.
- While I've got you here,
can we get a shot with the
Christmas tree in the background?
- Absolutely, yeah, great idea.
- Yeah, just, one portrait,
one landscape? Make sure you get
the tree in the background.
We'll need photos
of the three of you
in the merchandise
for the website.
(whispering): Really big smile,
One, two... Christmas tree!
(Emma and Lily): Christmas tree!
Ah, okay!
Oh, you got a notification.
So, what are we doing next,
Well, I was thinking,
since we did that, we could...
I'm sorry to interrupt,
I actually have to go.
- So soon?
- Just a quick little work thing. I'm sorry.
Oh, oh, of course. Thank you
so much for joining us.
And, this was a really
great idea.
I was hoping you'd like it.
- Yeah.
- All right.
Would you want to come
over to our house later tonight?
The Christmas carollers
will be there,
and I usually bake
a Christmas bread,
and we listen to them sing?
I would love that.
- Okay.
- Me too! Sounds amazing!
(Lily giggles).
Well, it's a date.
Now, let's go throw
some snowballs!
Let's go!
Yes! Let's, yes. Let's go.
Okay, great.
I'll see you later.
Yeah. I'll, uh, I'll see you.
Oh what, are we doing,
Oh, not bad!
(Lily): That was horrible!
(soft music)
(Emma): Hoo...
Yes... yes! Okay. All right.
Uh... Okay.
Okay, oh boy.
(doorbell rings)
Oh! Hi, Zach, um...
I'm running a little behind.
I'm still working
on the Christmas bread.
Oh, yeah no, that's okay.
I can come back, or...?
- No! Of course not.
- Well, I can help.
Put me to work in the kitchen.
Oh! No. You don't have
to do that. Unless you want to,
because I could kind of use
all the help I can get.
I can see that.
- What?
- You have, um...
A little, uh...
May I?
- Oh, yeah.
- Oh! That is so emb...
That is so embarrassing.
No, it's a sign
of a good chef.
Thank you, but maybe you just
taste the bread first
before you decide?
How are you, little buddy?
I'm good! You came!
Yeah, just your friendly
Worth representative
at your service.
Remember our thing?
(imitates explosion)
Where do we start?
First, you need an apron.
- Okay.
- Okay, I'm gonna go get one.
- Very assertive.
- Mm-hmm.
- Ooh!
- Here you are, sir!
Wow. How did you know pink
was my favourite colour?
It's just so you don't
get dirty.
- Okay.
- It's the only one we have.
I'm not complaining.
Did you want me to get
the candied cranberries first?
- Yes, please.
- Okay.
- Where do we start?
- Okay. The dough has risen.
So now, we need to knead it.
Let's roll.
Okay. Uh, sweetheart,
do you mind clearing out
whatever we're not using
so we have a bit more space?
- Okay. Cool.
- Thank you.
And there's candies
over there, too.
Okay, thank you.
So, before we add the fruit,
let's knead it just a little
bit more,
so that the bread ends up
with a good texture.
- Is this a family recipe?
- Mm-hmm. Great grandma's.
And she was an excellent baker.
Okay, how's this?
Maybe just put a little bit
more elbow grease into it?
Like great-grandma Louise
used to.
- Okay.
- Hey? Yeah. Oh, yeah,
don't need to be scared.
It won't bite.
You sure? It looks
a little vicious.
I know it's a little
but I assure you,
it is harmless.
Here. Lemme, lemme show you.
Is it that bad?
So, you just fold it over.
- Mm-hmm?
- Press your heel into it. Okay?
You fold it over,
and then you press the heel
of your hand into it. Like that!
Oh, I see.
Channeling GGL.
Great Grandma Louise.
Yes, I am.
Channeling GGL.
Okay I think I get it.
Ah, sorry.
- Sorry.
- Sorry.
I think I, I think I got it.
Watch this.
- Oh!
- Oh?
- Yeah!
- Right?
So much better. There you go!
Yes! See? He's good!
You're a very good teacher.
- Thank you.
- How's this for elbow grease? C'mon.
There you go!
It's so much better!
- Thank you!
(Emma): Looks good.
(playful music)
(Zach): in front of me.
Only red.
(Lily): I think so, probably.
Ooh, white ones again.
Found more tree, though.
(footsteps approaching)
(Emma): The bread is in the oven
and it's gonna be ready
for eating shortly.
That's a very lengthy process.
Well, all the best things
take time and effort. Right?
- I got that one.
- Well, while we're waiting,
I have a little something
for you.
Consider it an early
Christmas present.
- Oh, it's for me?
- You didn't have to do that.
Oh, no, it's nothing.
I promise.
Just a little something.
- Can I open it?
- Yes.
Oh my gosh! It's so cute,
I love it!
They're my favourite animal.
And I wrote about them
in my wish.
And you remembered. Let's see?
Oh, there's two of them!
- Because they mate for life?
- Mm-hmm.
- Oh, thank you!
- You're so welcome!
Okay, I'm gonna put it
up on the tree now!
Okay. Where should I put it?
Thank you.
(Lily): Oh, I know exactly
where I should put it! Ooh!
- Okay?
- Oh, maybe over here?
(doorbell ringing)
Door's open!
(door opens, then closes)
Hey, guys!
Uh, am I late?
Oh, no, not at all,
you're right on time!
(Lily): Hi Clark!
- Hey, cutie!
The carollers are almost here.
They should be here any minute!
Good! Well, uh,
before they arrive,
I bought you a little something.
- You didn't have to do that!
- I wanted to.
It's been wonderful
getting to know you and Lily,
and uh, thought I'd give you
a token of my appreciation.
Thank you, that is
so thoughtful.
Open it! See if you like it!
Oh, I'm sure I'll like it.
Yeah, you,
I-it's the thought that counts.
Come on, Mom. Open it already!
- Lily, manners.
- Sorry, I just really
wanna see what it is.
Yeah, me too.
- Please, I insist.
- All right.
Oh, it... It's beautiful!
- Wowsa!
- Clark! Thank you!
I don't even know what to say!
Say you love it.
I-I love it.
Good! Now let me
put it on you.
Okay. Uh...
All right, okay, here we go.
(both laugh)
There we go.
Let's have a look.
Thank you.
(distant singing)
- The carollers are here!
- Oh! Let's go! Yes!
We wish you
a Merry Christmas
We wish you
a Merry Christmas
And a happy new year
Good tidings we bring
To you and your kin
We wish you
a Merry Christmas
And a happy new year
(Emma, Lily, Zach singing) So
bring us some figgy pudding
So bring us some
figgy pudding
So bring us some
figgy pudding
And bring it right here
(Emma and Lily): Woo!
(Zach): Very good!
- Thank you!
Very good, I loved that.
It was my favourite.
It was amazing!
I love carolling so much!
It's so nostalgic,
and it's poignant.
Plain lovely.
Well, not as lovely as you.
Listen, what do you say about
a romantic dinner
tomorrow night?
Just the two of us?
No, uh, Worth representatives?
No kids?
I think it would be a good
chance for us
to get to know
each other better.
That sounds great.
I do need a babysitter
for Lily for tomorrow night.
Um, let's go inside.
Hey! I'm free tomorrow.
I can watch Lily.
- Really?
- Yeah! I babysit
my three nieces all the time.
As long as you're comfortable.
(Lily): We'll have the best
time, Mom!
Are you sure?
I don't want you to feel
obligated or anything.
No, no, not at all.
Happy to help.
Great. Thanks, man.
No problem! Just report back
after your date
so I can update the website.
Sure thing.
And, hey, why don't you guys
swing by the store
and the stylist
will hook you up?
- Thanks.
- Ah, don't thank me,
it's one of the perks
of the competition.
- Shall we?
- Yeah.
(soft music)
Zach, come on!
I think I'm gonna go.
But thank you so much
for having me tonight.
But we haven't even
decorated the bread yet!
Oh, I know, I know,
but next time. Okay?
I'm gonna see you tomorrow! Huh?
Come on. Don't leave me hanging.
(both): Boom!
- Okay, bye!
- Yeah.
- We'll see him tomorrow.
- Yeah, of course.
- Okay. (laughter)
(playful music)
Hey! How's the personal
styling going?
It seems to be going
well for Clark.
(Zach): What? No one
has helped you yet?
- Hmm. What do you think?
(Emma): Not yet.
Clark wanted all hands
on deck. I guess.
Well, that is not acceptable.
- Shall we?
(tailor): Yep.
Do you want me to help
you find something?
Do you know your way
around women's clothing?
Let's find out!
- Let's!
- Inventory's here.
Aww! I love little boys'
Ah, too bad that doesn't
come in my size.
Yeah, it's a...
It's a real pick.
These are so tiny!
I used to love dressing
Lily in outfits like this.
Oh, I'm just remembering
her first onesie.
Right after the adoption papers
came through.
It had little, uh, turnips.
That must have been
such a great feeling.
Yeah. Nothing like it.
(hanger clicks on rack)
How did know that adoption
was right for you?
I was ready to be a mom.
More than ready.
I-I'd been in relationships
They just, you know,
they weren't the right fit.
So I decided to do it on my own,
and not wait for someone else.
And then I saw the photo
of Lily, and I just, I knew.
That she was meant
to be with me.
It's the, uh,
best decision I ever made.
I think Lily would agree.
What about you?
Have you...
I mean,
do you have any children?
No, but I want them.
I just haven't really
figured that part out yet,
but that is the plan.
I know that my way was,
uh, a little unconventional.
No, I think it's brave
and inspiring.
And everyone tuning into
your story seems to agree.
I don't know about all that.
But uh...
Thank you.
Yeah, I'd like to meet
someone special
before starting a family,
but like you,
I haven't really been able
to find that yet.
If you don't mind my asking,
why do you think that?
I'm a little gunshy.
Bad experiences in the past?
Mmm. Yeah. Yeah, the old, uh,
had my heart broken years ago
and never fully
recovered excuse.
That's a popular one.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, it's, uh...
It's hard to get back out there.
It is.
You know.
I think it's worth it
when you do.
(phone pinging)
Oh, no!
They, they need me up
in the office.
- Mm-hmm.
- Unfortunately.
But you know what,
I'm gonna go get Cassie.
And she can help you out,
she's got a great eye.
- I totally understand.
- I'll see you tonight!
Yeah! Yeah. And, thanks, Zach,
for babysitting tonight.
Lily has just loved
hanging out with you.
Having you around has made this
whole experience more festive.
It's made us feel
more comfortable.
Well, I'm happy
to add festiveness anytime.
And, you know, it's my job
to make you comfortable.
Yeah, it's your job.
- Well, have fun, okay?
- Thanks...
Cassie? Oh, would you
help Emma out?
With anything she wants.
Okay, bye.
Thanks, yeah. Yep. Bye.
I like to have a surprise
colour for the string.
- Like a pop of colour.
- Yeah! So it's like all gold,
and then like, you separate
the beads, and then you see
like, purple or red,
or whatever.
I might choose red.
What about you?
(Zach): Oh, I don't know.
Here, let me see.
This looks pretty good!
Hear this, listen.
(string plucks)
Whoa! It's like
a guitar string.
Kind of!
(string plucks)
Like, listen, it...
Wow, you look beautiful.
Thank you.
Um. This was all Cassie.
Not true.
You could make
a garbage bag look good.
(doorbell ringing)
I should get that.
(whispering): Let's go spy.
- What?
- Let's go!
- No, we sho...
Yeah okay, let's go do it.
(clears throat)
You look great!
The two-hour fitting
was worth it.
Thanks. You look great too.
This is for us?
It is.
- Whoa! Fancy!
- Yeah!
Wow, you really know how to
pull out all the stops, Clark.
I do what I can, Zach.
Take notes.
- This is all too much, Clark!
- You deserve it.
Come on.
Your chariot awaits.
- Your coat.
- Thank you!
Okay, we're gonna go, Lil.
Be good for Zach!
- I will!
- Okay?
We'll be back in a couple hours.
Don't hesitate to call
if you need anything.
- We'll be fine, have fun.
- I love you.
- Yeah, have fun!
- Okay.
- All right! Bye!
- Bye.
(Chauffeur): Please.
(Emma): Thank you!
- You want popcorn?
- Yes! Okay, let's go.
Let's do it.
(Lily): I'm so happy that
you wanted to make necklaces
with me.
(Zach): Oh, of course!
You're pretty good!
Nice colour scheme.
Thank you. Thank you,
I learned from the best.
Who you making yours for?
My best friends. They're out
of town for winter break,
so, when they come back,
we can match! How about you?
I don't know yet.
But I think I might have
someone in mind.
Okay. Can't wait to hear who.
(playful music)
- Can I ask you a question?
- I'm an open book.
What do you think about Clark?
Do you like him?
Well, he does romantic things
for my mom.
he's always taking selfies
and posting on social media.
It's a little weird.
It is, right?
Why are you asking me?
I just wanna make sure
your wish is being answered.
Because it's your job.
No. Because your mom
is amazing,
and she deserves
an amazing boyfriend.
I think...
someone else would be better
for her than Clark.
You're silly!
(funny voice): Well, yeah,
'course I'm silly!
It's what I do!
And that's why you would be
better for my mom!
Duh. You obviously
like each other.
- What do you mean?
- Zach. You like my mom, right?
(soft music)
I knew it!
Then you have to tell her!
I don't think we should
be talking about this.
- Why not?
- It's, um...
You'll understand
when you're older.
Try me.
All right. I had my heart
broken once.
And I'm a little scared
it might happen again.
You just have to be brave.
Yeah, that's easier
said than done.
My mom always taught me
that you have to take chances.
The way she did with me.
Sometimes, you have
to take a risk,
even if you could get hurt.
Because that's when
the best things happen.
- You're sure you're only ten?
- That's what they tell me.
I'm gonna need to see
that birth certificate.
Oh, you and me both!
(soft merry music)
Mmm, those appetisers
were so good!
I can't believe
I've never been here before.
I guess I don't spend enough
time out at nice restaurants.
Well, you gotta make time!
That's what life's
all about, right?
I guess.
Maybe I'm more of a home body.
So, how did you hear
about this place?
Uh, an influencer
was posting about it.
Yeah, apparently the food here
was supposed to be really good.
What makes it extra special
is that, like you,
the plates are works of art.
- See what I mean?
- Yes!
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Wait, wait, wait!
Camera eats first.
- Excuse me, what?
- Camera eats first.
One second here.
(phone camera shutter clicks)
Oh, yeah.
(camera shutter clicks)
- Just a litte...
- I'll just put those...
Wow, that is so dramatic.
Big smile!
(Emma chuckles)
So beautiful.
One more.
Just get in here.
(camera clicks)
Amazing. Bon apptit.
(cutlery clinks)
(smacks lips)
Wow, the view here
is something else.
I can see all the way down
the hill to that Christmas tree.
I love this time of year.
My view is pretty great too.
Yeah. Christmas.
Always has such
a magical feel to it.
Do you have any favourite
Christmas memories?
Yeah. Yeah, I'd have to say
the year my family and I
went to Hawaii.
It was great to escape the snow,
be somewhere tropical.
I bet that was lovely.
I just...
I imagine Christmas
as a time when you...
cozy up and you cuddle
and get warm
with your loved ones.
True, but trust me.
It's pretty great
snorkelling and parasailing
instead of being stuck inside
with your family. Mine can be
a little much sometimes.
- Oh, really?
- Yeah, like just,
different personalities.
My mom, my dad,
my two brothers, both married
with a handful of kids.
Do you like being an uncle?
I love it.
It's great, you get to hang out
with the kids,
and give them back
at the end of the night.
Oh, I guess that means
you don't want kids of your own?
Because you... You can't return
them when they're yours.
I actually think being
a step-dad would be
perfect for me.
Yeah, it's kind of like
being an uncle.
Get to have fun with the kids,
look out for them,
teach them how to throw
a baseball, or a football.
Take them fishing.
All those amazing things.
- Yeah!
- But...
when it comes to all the duties,
responsibility is not mine.
Yeah. Yeah, that's uh...
one way to think about it.
And you? Tell me about
your favourite Christmas.
To be honest?
My absolute favourite one
was my first Christmas
with Lily.
She was a baby.
And I felt whole.
I just loved seeing
the reflection
of the Christmas lights
in her eyes, and...
You know, watching her
take in the world.
Mmm. Sounds very cool. Oh.
Garon? Can we have some more
wine over here, please?
Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
(gulps wine)
(soft music)
(Lily): Good night, Zach.
Night, Lily. Sleep tight.
(playful music)
(phone chirping)
- How was your night?
- It was good! Um...
I just really missed Lily.
How was your night?
Very good. She's a great kid.
How did I get so lucky?
Don't sell yourself short.
She's pretty lucky too.
- Did she give you any trouble?
- Well...
she may have stayed up
a little bit past her bedtime.
She's so persuasive.
I know!
She cracks me up! I think
she could be a lawyer some day.
I would hire her
for sure to defend me.
(Zach): It's actually very good.
(Emma): Mmm.
- It tastes expensive.
- It was. (laughter)
- It's chocolate!
- It's the best.
It's great. Mmm, I'm getting
like, cardamom or something.
Yes! That's what I thought.
(Emma chuckles)
So tell me about your date.
Is this for the site,
or for you?
Let's start with
off the record.
Okay. What do you wanna know?
Do you like him?
- Nosy, much?
- Well, no!
I, I, I just promised
Lily and Santa
that I would find you
a boyfriend for Christmas,
and I wanna make sure
I'm doing a good job.
Well, it's um...
It's still a little early
to tell.
But I mean, he wrote
that beautiful letter.
And it means so much to Lily
that I put myself out there.
You didn't answer the question.
- I did.
- Did you?
Okay, maybe I didn't.
I'm just not sure.
We've only been out
a couple of times.
I mean, he's planned
some great dates.
I mean, a restaurant
with a view?
And getting us to winter
carnival for snowball practice?
He's put a lot of thought
into it.
And that, that makes
a woman feel special.
And it's been a while,
since um...
anyone's put any time
or effort into me, so...
Guys should be lining up
to make you feel special.
- Stop!
- It's true.
Oh, I...
It is rough out there.
In the dating world.
You know.
Yeah. I do.
I just haven't seen
Lily this happy...
in a long time.
And that is all I care about.
I just wanna make sure
you're careful.
- Why?
- Oh, no, I mean,
like, in general.
I think you're great,
and I don't want you
to get hurt.
Just gotta get out there
and take a risk, right?
You'll do what's best
for you and Lily.
Well, I should get going.
(Emma sighs)
Thank you for the leftovers.
Um, no, of course.
And thanks again
for watching Lily.
Any time.
(soft music)
(whispering): Bye.
(playful music)
Clark just called.
He wants to take me away
for the weekend!
Oh! How "romantique"!
Oh, okay, okay wait,
what's happening here?
Mmm. I don't know!
I'm confused and my feelings
are all jumbled up!
Okay! Well, what do you mean?
Clark is great on paper.
He is gorgeous.
Successful. He's really
made an effort.
(Brit): He came from New York
to meet you and Lily!
- Exactly!
- So what's the problem?
We're really different!
Opposites attract?
He is always on his phone,
posting on social media.
That is not me!
That's not hot.
He wants to meet
at the winter carnival
to retake photos because
they didn't come out right.
Something's a little off,
but I... am rusty.
I don't wanna
write him off too soon.
I don't wanna judge him.
Besides, you know what?
I love a winter carnival.
And I don't mind
going more than once.
Okay, you need to stop
and just do some feeling.
You are so in your head!
What's your gut telling you?
- I don't know.
- Yes, you do.
- What do you mean?
- I think your heart
might be elsewhere.
What on Earth
are you talking about, Brit?
I'm talking about the man
who makes you smile.
Who's really kind-hearted
and loves your daughter.
I don't know!
He's great.
He's kind of amazing... But no!
He's just doing his job,
and we are basically colleagues
at this point.
It is his job to bake
Christmas bread with you?
And buy Lily presents
and babysit her?
He is just a good person.
He does not like me.
Mom, I'm ten, and even
I know he likes you!
So... How long have
you been there for?
Doesn't matter.
Uh, anyways! It is not true!
Is it?
Is it?
I didn't wanna say anything,
but it really seems like sparks
are flying between you two.
And, you feel the same way,
right? You like him?
I'm going away this weekend
with Clark.
I'm going to see
where things go.
And besides the two
of you getting in my head,
Zach has given me zero reason
to believe
that he has feelings for me.
I'm not gonna jump
to conclusions.
And I don't want to hear
another word about it. Okay?
(Emma sighs)
Brit, get your car keys.
I've got a plan.
(playful music)
(Brady): Good morning!
- Is it?
- Yeah... It, it is.
Boyfriend for Christmas
is trending!
Sales have increased
since the campaign started,
and we're still keeping
our jobs.
I mean, this is
a Christmas miracle.
Wow, what, what's going on?
You were right.
- Sorry, what?
- You were right.
I caught feelings.
You caught feelings!
- Don't say it.
- You caught feelings!
I knew it!
And you used the phrase!
- Stop it.
- That's good! What're you gonna do?
I don't know.
She's dating Clark.
But I have this gut feeling
that he's using her somehow.
- What do you mean?
- I looked him up again last night.
He's just come out with some
new matchmaking business.
It seems like he's only
with Emma for like,
likes and followers.
I wanna tell her,
but I don't think it's my place.
See, this is exactly
why I don't put
myself out there.
It gets so complicated!
Yeah, that complicates things.
- It does.
- For us too.
I know.
Look, I go on so many
first dates
that don't amount to anything.
So, if you're telling me
right now,
that you found the real thing,
then, I think you gotta do it.
That's what everyone
keeps telling me.
- Who's everyone?
- Lily.
- A ten-year-old girl told you that?
- Mm-hmm.
Okay. Um, yeah, I didn't think
I would say this this morning,
but that ten-year-old girl
is a lot smarter than you.
And I think you should
listen to her.
(soft music)
(phone rings)
Zach's phone!
Hey! Hey, Clark.
What's going on?
Hey! I'm gonna need you
to meet me at the winter
carnival with a camera crew.
- And why is that?
- Just do it.
Hold on a second. What?
I know how you feel
about Emma.
But we have to keep
our jobs, too, so...
Just do it.
It'll make Veronica happy.
Yeah, the crew
will be there, Clark.
Great! I'll text
you the details.
We're just finishing this job.
And you're making
a little girl happy.
So, I don't know.
Get in the Christmas spirit?
Yeah, you're right.
(Lily): Oh!
(Zach): Lily?
Zach! Thank goodness
you're here!
- Is your mom with you?
- Uh, no, just Brit,
but it's an emergency?
What's wrong?
A love emergency.
Okay. Does your mom
know that you're here?
Relax, I got it covered.
And what do you think it is?
Amateur hour?
No, definitely not.
You never cease to amaze me.
Okay, what's going on?
My mom's about
to make a huge mistake!
- Which is?
- She's about to go on a weekend
trip with the wrong guy,
and you gotta stop her.
(Emma sighs)
(soft music)
Zach? What're you doing here?
I'm here to tell you
not to go.
- I don't understand.
- Don't go away with Clark.
But I-I just...
I say this because
I care about you.
Clark is using this contest
as self-promotion,
and I feel responsible.
He's started some new
business venture,
and he's just doing this
for publicity.
I know what he is.
I do my due diligence too.
Well, that's a relief.
But still. You deserve
so much more than that.
What do you think I deserve?
Someone who really sees you.
Strives to make you smile.
Someone you can depend on.
That sounds perfect.
Just don't go, Emma.
Why not?
Because you should
stay here with me.
You should be with me.
You deserve to be seen.
For everything
you have to offer.
The way that I do.
I'm tired of being afraid...
Emma! Emma! Hey!
Are we ready to get
some good shots
without this guy's thumb
in the way?
Ah, Clark! Hi.
- Hey!
- Uh, yeah. I have something to say.
You want...
This is gonna be good, guys,
just make sure you're rolling.
Hey! I know what you're doing.
(playful music)
Wait, I'm sorry,
what I'm doing?
Yeah. I know that this,
and us,
it's just more
publicity for you.
Is this, uh, a joke?
I wish it was.
But maybe this is for the best.
Because you and I both know
that we don't
have a real connection.
And I have a real connection
with someone else.
As the head of
a matchmaking company.
I hope you understand
that you and I can't
see each other anymore.
I understand.
I wish you the best of luck.
You too.
(soft music)
Did you mean what you said?
(phone ringing)
(Veronica): Zach, it's Veronica.
I just saw the footage
from last night.
Congratulations. You've made
this an even better promotion
for Worth Department Store.
Merry Christmas,
and I'll see you at work
in the New Year.
(dishes clanking)
(Emma chuckles)
- Hello, hello!
- Hey! Careful! It's hot!
Okay. How can I help?
I think we're all set!
We just need to bring
everything to the table.
Well, in that case,
I have a little something
I wanted to give you.
An early Christmas present.
You absolutely didn't have to,
you've done so much!
- What?
- I wanted to.
Do you want to open it?
Oh, Zach!
I wanted to get you
a necklace that really
suits you, of something
that you really love.
Made from the heart.
One of a kind, just like you.
(soft music)
I love it.
I love it!
- Do you want to put it on?
- Yeah. Will you,
will you put it on me?
Of course.
(playful music)
It's so romantic,
I can't help it!
I can't stand it!
Calm down! You're not here!
(Brit): Okay, I'm not!
Don't, don't...
How do I look?
Absolutely beautiful.
You're so cute!
(Brit): Gorgeous, Emma.
- Look at that!
(Emma): Only took me
seven hours.
(Brady): Cheers to the chef.
(Lily): Yes, it looks...
- Oh! Oh, sorry.
I'd like to make a toast.
Thank you everyone
for joining us.
I just want to give
a special thank you to Lily.
(soft music)
And say you were right.
Well, no!
The more the merrier!
And just, thank you
for so selflessly
giving your wish to me.
I'm so grateful
for the prize money,
and what it has done
for our charity!
And I'm just so grateful
that your wish led us to Zach.
Sweetheart, I love you.
I love you too.
And merry Christmas,
(all): Merry Christmas!
(glasses clinking)
(all): Cheers!
(indistinct chatter)
Eyes, eyes.
Okay, okay. Let's eat.
(Zach): Let's eat. Mmm!
(glasses clinking)
(all): Mmm!
Okay, pass around the buns,
get everything going.
(overlapping chatter)
Thanks, Joah. Thank you.
(Brady): You have to start
with the buns. Yeah.
Do you want me to cut? You
do whatever you want to do.
(Zach): Okay! Okay.
I'm going to cut this.
Everybody, I assume,
wants a piece?
- Yes, I do.
- You want a little piece or a big piece?
Yes, please, yeah.
Oh, thank you!
Pass it down