Mon oncle Antoine (1971) Movie Script

Damn this lousy clutch!
I've been after them
for two months to fix it.
I've about had it.
One of these days
I'm gonna shove it over the edge.
- Mario.
- What?
- Pass me a wrench.
- There isn't one.
An iron rod, anything.
It's filthy. I can't see a thing.
They never clean it.
"Maintenance" my ass!
Hey, Jos, it's the boss!
Tell him to go to hell.
They never clean it!
"Maintenance" my ass!
- That may be truer than you think.
- What did he say?
I don't know.
I don't speak English.
Your hat.
Hold your hat up.
- Close the door, Benoit.
- Yes, Uncle.
Euclid was a good Christian,
and the whole village knew it.
They've offered 15 high masses
and 25 low masses.
You can set
your heart at ease.
Listen to this.
Oscar Moisan
offered a low mass.
Those two were like
cats and dogs.
Here's a good one.
The widow Pelletier,
one high mass at three bucks.
We all know why.
Stop wasting time, Fernand.
The priest is waiting.
Come on!
Fernand, take this.
Stop singing.
You're getting on my nerves!
Fernand, fix your tie.
Come on, Fernand.
Hurry up.
What did I miss?
You're not still going on
about Euclid!
He went so fast.
You call that fast? Christ!
He'd been rotting away
for 25 years.
Same thing's gonna happen
to you bunch of idiots.
- Not me, that's for sure.
- I'm not gonna end up that way.
There's another one
the English won't get.
To hell with them all!
The English, Euclid,
the undertaker, the priest,
the boss, the whole gang.
I'm getting the hell out.
Leave the mine again
and they won't take you back.
To hell with 'em all!
I won't spend my life
kissing their ass.
I'm off.
Gugusse, what do I owe you?
Take it out of that.
See ya.
Who'll do the milking
and feeding every morning?
And the kids won't see you
for six months.
I can't take it anymore.
I've gotta go.
I'll be back in the spring.
- Yeah, like always.
It's always for you
to decide, huh?
- Hi, Pa!
- Hello, kids.
I'm going up
to the logging camp.
Be good to your mother.
Try to give her a hand.
I've gotta go.
I'm fed up with the mine.
It's different up there.
Peace and quiet.
The woods, the snow.
No boss to get on your back.
Pa, a case of beans!
Take it home to your mother.
You'll be eating beans
for a week.
I'm going back with the others.
I'll send you
to school next year, okay?
I don't know.
- See ya, son.
- See ya.
See ya, Pa!
See you, Serge.
Good morning, Father.
Good morning.
- Fernand?
- Good morning, Madam Ccile.
You're so early.
There's a lot to do.
the window, the nativity scene.
That's true.
Would you pass me some tea?
I'm all out upstairs.
What kind do you want?
We've got all kinds.
We've got Lipton, Salada...
Make it quick, Fernand.
What's that there?
A barrel of nails
they delivered last night.
Well, I'm going
to have my breakfast.
See you later.
Enjoy your breakfast.
Look who's here.
Hi, Fernand.
Benoit, take these nails
upstairs right away.
You might say
"good morning."
Good morning.
Now take the barrel up.
I can't. My arm's in a cast.
Excuses, excuses.
Well, if it isn't the new hired help
acting like a princess.
You're hired help too, clerk.
Didn't you buy any jam?
What's that?
You know I don't like that brand.
You didn't say
good morning to Benoit.
- Good morning, my foot.
- Same to you.
I'll take this,
but buy the other kind, okay?
Come right back down, Carmen,
and help Benoit.
If I feel like it.
We've got decorations, lights,
garlands, gifts, wrapping paper.
Unpack it all and call me
when you're through.
I'll take care of it.
- Some are broken.
- Fine.
Throw 'em out.
I've come to do my bills.
Don't you do that
in the office?
It's too noisy.
What is it?
That dress you're wearing.
It's pretty.
It's nothing.
Don't you need glasses?
Isn't anyone here this morning?
I'm here, Uncle.
No one's taken
these nails upstairs?
I can't with my cast.
Where's Fernand?
Haven't seen him.
- Your aunt?
- Haven't seen her either.
Fine way to start a day!
In my father's garden
There's an orange tree
So full of oranges
We fear it may die
I'm in love, hey nonny no
My heart is gay
I hear singing and dancing
For heaven's sake,
what's gotten into you this morning?
These accounts don't add up.
They're off by $30. 14.
- What do you mean?
There's got to be a bill missing.
Look for yourself.
Fernand, I really don't...
Good God, Antoine,
you scared me!
What are you doing here? You haven't
shaved or even gotten dressed!
Don't just sit there!
We've got a big day ahead!
Come on, get going.
You've gotta call the tinsmith,
bring up vegetables from the cellar...
$30. 14. It just can't be.
There's got to be
a bill missing for sure.
- I'll make you say uncle.
- I give up, okay?
These nails
have to go upstairs.
- Did you find Aunt Ccile?
- Yeah, 30 years ago.
What's going on here?
Haven't you done anything?
My God, with all there is to do!
I always have to do
everything myself.
For heaven's sake, Antoine,
get moving and help me.
There's the presents,
the nativity scene, the tree, the bells.
Come on now.
We're in a rush.
You weren't in a rush
a minute ago.
Some boxes are missing.
I can't find the figures for the nativity.
Careful with the Virgin Mary.
She's touchy.
Where's Baby Jesus?
Here comes the Holy Spirit.
He'll know.
Let's not waste time.
I'll be in the office.
I've got things to do.
So now you're in a rush too?
Hold it.
There. We got it.
It's nice, huh?
We can make snow balls
to decorate it.
Come along.
Wait for me!
Marcel is sick!
Benoit, put these sweaters
on the shelf.
These are girls' sweaters.
I don't do that.
- These too.
- What have you got on your face?
Makes you look cheap.
You looked bad enough before.
Watch it!
Hey nonny nonny no
- How many flowers are left?
- Seven.
Stupid idiot.
Careful, Benoit.
You'll break your other arm...
or something else.
Benoit, come here.
Let's see if the curtain works.
- What do I do?
- Wait a minute.
Pull the cord, but not too fast.
Wait till I tell you.
Not yet!
Wait till I tell you!
Little jerk.
Okay. Close it.
Perfect. It's just right.
Now for the decorations.
Take the ladder away.
No, don't put snow on yet,
Wait till Baby Jesus is in place.
First I place St. Joseph.
Madam Ccile,
I'm going to move the bulbs around.
Good idea, Carmen.
You have good taste.
Now for the Virgin Mary,
and Baby Jesus in the center.
The nativity scene
is so beautiful this year.
- Jesus doesn't look too good.
- No, he doesn't.
He had an accident.
We dropped him.
But he's so small,
it won't show.
- I'll put some snow over here.
- Now you can.
It's lovely.
That's enough snow now.
All right, let's go.
- What are you looking for?
- Tape.
Right where it always is.
- Need a hand?
- No, thanks.
That'll do.
What about me?
- Not bad.
- I told you. It feels good.
You're right.
It warms you up.
You're wearing your brooch.
I thought it went well
with the dress.
I shortened it a bit,
'cause my legs still look pretty good.
You're right.
It looks very nice.
You know what?
My wife isn't bad-looking.
Come on, stop it.
Sweet old man.
Old... that's for sure.
I said sweet.
- Have more.
- It's stronger than I thought.
- It's good for you.
- I'm not used to it.
It'll loosen you up.
Do I need it?
Damn nails.
Hey nonny nonny no
Don't do anything I wouldn't do.
Come back day after tomorrow, boys.
Merry Christmas.
Don't drink too much water.
It's not good for you.
Can't wait to get a look, huh?
Want to see it right now, huh?
Well, you'll have to wait.
It's a surprise.
Dying of curiosity, aren't you?
Come in and buy.
I've got good deals
for the ladies.
What have you got for kids?
I've got toys for the kids.
- What kind?
- What kind do you want?
An electric train.
Ask your dad to buy it for you.
I'll give him a good price.
I'm feeling generous this year.
Arthur, I'll even give you credit.
That's enough now.
Ready? Good.
Straighten your dress.
Watch closely now.
It's gonna open.
Hey, Jos! Are you crazy?
If you leave now,
they won't take you back.
I don't care.
Damn it, man!
You never change.
Fine. Go ahead.
Run off again.
Things will catch up to you one day,
and then you'll come crying!
What can I do?
It's just how I am.
You know the one about the Scotsman
whose kilt was too short?
Antoine, come here, please.
I'll tell you later.
Don't be too long.
They're nice pants,
and just your size.
- I don't like 'em.
- Why not?
- Too big.
- No, they're not.
You're sucking your stomach in.
Turn around.
We'll take 'em in a bit.
They'll be perfect.
- I heard your wife's pregnant.
- No.
- Even she says so.
- Just rumors.
She should know.
Ask her tonight.
With a belt
they'll be just fine.
You've lost weight.
Married life wearing you out?
Yeah, it takes it out of ya.
- You want 'em or not?
- I'll take 'em.
- They're $8.50. Cash?
- Cash.
Strike up the band!
Let's drink to the occasion!
We don't need
an occasion to drink.
I'm surprised
at how quiet Thomas is.
I heard he fought in both wars
and married three times.
I fought in one war
and spent half of it in the stockade.
The stockade?
What did you do?
I was in military prison.
Go change over there.
A little drink will do us good.
To your health.
Where did he go?
Someone's here to see you.
- My father?
Why don't you two
just adopt her?
You've come to collect
your daughter's pay?
Wasn't it 40?
I'm keeping the other five
for Carmen.
That wasn't our agreement.
I know, but that's the way it is.
Maurice, I've told you
a hundred times.
Will you excuse me?
Would you have a bridal veil?
Miss Brire,
this is wonderful news!
We've been expecting this
for some time!
Lise, congratulations!
Go up to the stockroom.
On the third shelf on the left,
there's a gray box with blue printing.
It's a bridal veil.
Miss Brire is going to need it!
And here's the young devil!
Let's drink to that!
It's about time!
Ladies, you can buy
your own bottle.
Ccile, sing something.
No, I couldn't possibly.
Come on, I'll help you.
I guess I could sing something
in honor of the lovely couple.
You all have to join in
on the refrain.
Don't leave me all alone.
My father married me off
to a textile merchant
On my wedding night
I got a nasty surprise
On my wedding night
I got a nasty surprise
I was barely in bed
when the skylark began her song
She sang in her language
"Wake up, it's daylight"
I see you.
Don't touch me, you jerk.
I'll touch you, all right.
Fernand, how come
you have that?
What's the matter?
You feel all right?
Just great.
it's ten to 4:00.
Your clock is ten minutes fast.
They're gonna blast it.
Go on.
I've never seen her before.
You're never seen her before?
Well, I know her.
Oh, man!
The notary shouldn't let his wife out
on her own like that.
He's out of town.
Poor Alexandrine, all alone.
Come to me.
I'll show you a good time.
- Did it arrive?
- Yes, I put it upstairs.
Would you like to try it on?
I'd give a hundred bucks
to try her on.
It'd be funny to talk to her,
see what she thinks of us.
She'd tell me,
"You're a real man."
did you see who just went upstairs?
She's gonna try on
her new corset.
Let's go watch.
You coming?
Right over there.
Lots of people downstairs.
There always are
before Christmas. I'm glad.
And the weather's so nice.
Anyway, your corset came in
It's really beautiful.
You'll see.
It's hot in here.
Give me your coat.
There's a man there!
Excuse me.
We'll make it a bit more private.
Let me help you.
I hope it's the same one
I saw in the catalog.
The exact same one.
There's a black lace rose
with pink lining on the front,
and little swirls
on the hips. Very pretty.
I hope it fits.
You haven't gained an ounce since
last year. Still doing those exercises?
Help me with this.
Look at this.
Isn't it beautiful?
Just what you wanted.
Look here.
- Look at the waist.
- Don't move.
There, that's it.
You're pinching me.
What was that noise?
There's someone at the door!
The boss from the mine
is throwing his trinkets around.
No raises this year,
just like last.
Let's throw snowballs
and scare the hell out of him.
- My arm's in a cast.
- Use your left one, idiot!
So long. Merry Christmas.
Get out of here!
Go on now, and behave yourselves.
Marcel's very sick.
My God!
Mr. Antoine?
No, this is Fernand.
Who's this?
This is Mrs. Poulin in St. Pierre.
Mrs. Jos Poulin?
What can we do for you, ma'am?
Speak a bit louder, ma'am.
I can't hear you.
We've got a bad line.
You're breaking up.
My eldest son was sick,
and he died this morning.
My husband's up in the woods.
I don't know what to do.
Perhaps Mr. Antoine could come out.
- I'm sorry to hear that.
Can you hear me? Hello?
I'm very sorry to hear that,
Mrs. Poulin.
My husband is up at the logging camp.
If someone could...
Could Mr. Antoine come out?
Don't worry. We'll take care
of everything. We'll leave right away.
Thank you. I'll be waiting.
Good-bye now.
There's been a death in St. Pierre.
Who died?
The Poulins' eldest son
out in St. Pierre.
How old was he?
Couldn't have been more than 15.
I'll take the small box.
Should be large enough.
It's a long way.
It'll take a while.
I'll hitch up the horse right away.
Can I go with him?
- Where are you going?
- I'm going with you.
Aunt Ccile said I could.
Okay, but don't get all excited.
Bring me the box.
No, not that one.
The small one.
All right.
Red Fly's saddled up.
Everything's ready.
You can leave anytime.
- Your hat.
All set?
In case you get cold.
Thanks. Good idea.
And give this candy
to the Poulin kids for me.
You're very sweet.
Have a good trip,
and be careful.
Bundle up.
Are you coming, Benoit?
Your uncle's ready.
Have you got everything?
Have a good trip.
Try to be back for midnight mass.
Go on, take the reins.
Want some?
Suit yourself.
You're gonna freeze.
Come on, Red Fly.
Come on, boy.
Drop the reins.
Red Fly knows the way
better than you.
Sit down.
Cover up.
I've known men
a lot tougher than you.
What's wrong? You afraid?
No. I'm cold.
Pick up your end.
I tried to reach your husband,
but the line was bad.
I'll try again tomorrow.
I fixed you a roast.
For you too.
Come sit down.
He was your eldest?
He seemed pretty healthy.
He was coughing,
but I thought it was just a cold.
Such a nice kid.
And so young.
We'll take care of that later.
Eat now.
I forgot. My wife gave me
candy for the children.
Give that to your brothers.
- Serge, Robin.
Can we really eat it?
Thank you, sir.
I'll make you a cup of tea.
- Are you ready, Benoit?
- I'm ready.
Excuse me.
Elise, do you have
the birth certificate?
I need it.
I'll look upstairs.
Benoit, drag the box
to the bedroom door.
Come on, help me.
Go on.
Come on, boy!
Come on, boy!
Uncle, wake up!
We lost the body.
We've got to get it.
We lost the body!
We've got to get it!
The body?
What body?
- That one, of course!
What's it doing there?
Get down and help me!
Just wait a minute.
How did this happen?
I've never seen anything like it.
You coming?
It takes a little punk like you
to get me in a mess like this.
Just can't mind
your own business, can you?
You look for trouble
and drag everyone else along.
Why did you come anyway?
I can manage on my own.
If only Fernand were here.
Come on, Red Fly.
Come on.
Damn, it's slippery!
Let's go.
Give me a hand.
Ah, never mind.
Don't let go!
I can't, Benoit.
Sometimes you just can't.
Yes, you can!
My arm's in a cast, and I can do it.
We're almost there.
Don't give up. You can do it.
What am I doing here, Benoit?
I'm not happy.
I'm not made for the country.
I hate it here.
I wanted to buy
a hotel in the States.
Your aunt wouldn't let me.
She says no to everything.
I'm afraid of corpses.
I've been afraid
of corpses for 30 years!
I work for everybody.
Your aunt never gave me a child.
I have to take care
of other people's children.
I raise Carmen and you.
Haven't I done all I could for you?
Come on, Red Fly.
Good evening,
ladies and gentlemen.
Live from the ballroom
of the Lasalle Hotel in Montreal
on this beautiful Christmas Eve,
CKAC is pleased to present,
for your listening
and dancing pleasure,
the famous
Harry Trueblood Orchestra.
Ladies and gentlemen,
the Harry Trueblood Orchestra.
I can't believe it.
I never would have thought.
Don't drink this too often, do you?
It's from France.
It's good all the same.
Fernand, my Turkish carpet!
I'm your Turkish carpet, madam.
Had you been planning this
for a long time?
I don't know.
I think it really just occurred to me
this morning.
What about you?
Had you thought about it?
I heard something.
I didn't.
I thought I did.
Maybe it was Carmen.
What if they're back?
No, we'd have heard
the door to the shed.
They could have
come in the front.
My God!
You took so long.
Carmen waited up all night.
I think she went to sleep.
Don't wake her up.
I couldn't get to sleep,
so I waited up here.
Where's your uncle?
Go take care of him.
You were gone so long.
It must have been rough.
The roads to St. Pierre are bad,
and with the storm...
Are you hungry?
No, I'm tired.
Poor Fernand came upstairs
and fell fast asleep.
Carmen sat by the door,
waiting for you.
She waited for you all night.
She was so anxious to see you.
Take off your coat.
Stay away from me.
Take off your clothes
and go to bed.
I'll bring you a hot water bottle.
Well, anyway...
isn't Fernand around?
He must have gone downstairs
to help your uncle.
I'll go find them.
I'll be right back.
You wait here.
Mr. Antoine,
what's the matter?
Where's the body?
Damn it all.
Wake up, damn it!
Did you make it to the Poulin place?
What happened?
Goddamn it!
What a mess!
Fernand, what is it?
He's drunker than usual,
and there's no body. I don't get it!
Good heavens!
Do something! Bring him inside!
I'm trying!
What do you want me to do?
Come on!
Mr. Antoine, help me.
Let's go inside.
Ccile, come help me.
Fernand, please!
Damn it!
He's like a ton of bricks!
Poor old thing.
"Old thing"is right.
He can't do this work anymore.
Don't talk like that!
You're not ready to fill his boots yet.
His boots...
Watch the step there.
Poor thing, he's frozen!
Be careful, Fernand.
- I am. Sit down.
I'd like to know where the body is.
What could have happened?
- Let's call the Poulin place.
- Are you crazy?
Suppose they lost the body?
Holy Mother of God!
If anyone finds it,
the whole town will know.
We've got to look for it.
- Who?
- You!
Me? I don't even know
what route they took.
Take Benoit with you.
He's asleep.
Wake him up.
It won't be easy.
Too bad. You have to.
We have to wake him up.
Try to remember.
Did you come this way?
I can't see a thing.
Did you take
the south road or a shortcut?
Damn it, Benoit, try!
I don't know.
Goddamn it!
We're here, Benoit.
Get a move on.
Mrs. Poulin!