Monchora (2016) Movie Script

Eros International Presents
Based on a story by Saradindu Banerjee
Starring Paran Banerjee
Abir Chatterjee Raima Sen
Saswata Chatterjee June Malia
Rana Mitra, Udayshankar Pal Dilip Samajpati, Arunava Dutta, Ashim Roychowdhury
DOP Sirsha Ray
Editing Subroto Ray
Production Design Manik Bhattacharya
Guide Track Subroto Maity
Boom Man Rajib Pal
Makeup Sri Das, Prosenjit Munshi, Suman Banerjee
Costume Design Lolita Ray
Production Controller Anath Banerjee, Swapan Sengupta
Liaison Hirak Sen
Still Photography Souradeep Ray
Music Recording Indranil Das (Sa Re Ga Ma India Limited)
Music Consultant Sushanta Banerjee
Keyboard Programming Nirmalya Dey (Humtoo)
Music Conductor Tapan Kumar Dey
Dubbing and Effects Nataraj Manna
Sound Designing and Mixing Anup Mukherjee
D.I. EditFX
Colourist Prosenjit Banerjee
C.G.I. Fourth Dimension Visual Effects
Advertising Grinning Tree
Eros International Legal R. M. Azim
Eros International Distribution, Marketing, Music and Syndication Nandu Ahuja, Ken Naz, Pranav Kapadia, Kumar Ahuja, Sundari Ramamurti, Prerna Singh, Amita Naidu, Deepak Bali
Assistant Directors Ramesh Sen, Subrata Lahiri, Siddhartha Sengupta
Eros Team Vinod Bhalla, Sohini Mukherjee
Executive Producer Rajib Chowdhury
Producer Kamal Mukut
Screenplay, Music and Direction Sandip Ray
The Heart Stealer
Do keep some space for pudding!
Pudding? Have you made it?
Pudding? Have you made it? - Caramel custard!
In that case, I'll definitely keep some space!
Nanda, I was thinking...
What is it?
I was thinking... that in the next few days... if I don't get a good secretary...
... I'll be in a fix!
Master, why did you fire Bhuban?
He seemed quite competent! And besides...
He seemed quite competent! And besides... - Competent?!
Bhuban lied to me! And he thought he could get away with it!
Who doesn't lie about little things, Grandpa?
But did he try and embezzle any money...?
But did he try and embezzle any money...? - No.
That he didn't. But he could have!
That he didn't. But he could have! He who lies is more than capable of stealing!
Keeping such a person in this house is not a good idea!
Tell me I'm wrong!
And... what if he...
... stole my Sunstone? What would I do then??
You're worrying too much, Grandpa!
Breaking that huge lock on the prayer room door to steal the Sunstone is no mean feat!
That is not the point! There is no substitute for caution!
If I find anyone lying, I will not keep him in...
... give me some pudding!
So, what will you do now?
This time, I'll do proper research before appointing a new secretary.
Proper research? - Yes.
I'll post an advertisement in the paper. Applicants need to have their astrological charts prepared.
So, anyone coming to apply will need to bring along their horoscope?
Yes, exactly!
Then, if I study their charts and see that they are good people...
... and not liars, I might...
Mmm! This tastes amazing! - Thank you!
Master, speaking of horoscopes, I just remembered something.
What does this young lady's horoscope say?
She's been studying for years now! When is she going to get married?
I haven't studied her horoscope in a while now. I'll get down to it tomorrow.
9 o' clock!
Won't you have your dinner?
Won't you have your dinner? - I will, as soon as dada (elder brother) returns.
What? Monu hasn't returned yet?
What? Monu hasn't returned yet? - No, he hasn't...
I never get to know when he returns!
You know I don't like anyone staying out later than 10!
You know I don't like anyone staying out later than 10! - He'll be back before then.
Before 10...? - Master...
Sir never stays out for even a minute after 10. He always returns before that!
That's good then. But why does he stay out so late? What does he do?
What else?
He either plays Bridge with his friends, or goes to the club to play Snooker.
Pastime activities are fine. But what about the fact that he lost his job?
I fail to understand the lifestyle habits of this generation!
Is he looking for a new job?
He must be...
No matter what you say, Nanda...
There can be no excuse for staying out later than 10pm!
Those who do, are of questionable moral character!
Sebak, make sure you check that all the doors and windows are shut.
Yes, Master.
Sebak? - Master?
From the third bookcase...
Get me Horoscopes: A Manual.
It's an Astrology book. Come, I'll show you.
Do you think Sir will have his dinner outside?
Do you think Sir will have his dinner outside? - I don't know.
In that case, should I cover up the food on the table?
In that case, should I cover up the food on the table? - Yes, do that.
I'm getting tired of having to lie to the Master every single day!
Where does Sir go every night?
What does he do out so late at night?
What does he do out so late at night? - How am I supposed to know, Sebak?
Here you are.
No more for me, Lily! My quota is complete!
No more for me, Lily! My quota is complete! - How so?
You've just had your second drink!
You've just had your second drink! - I have to get back home!
I've been spending so much time with you...
... and I have yet to see you get drunk!
... and I have yet to see you get drunk! Here you go. Take it!
Spending time together is not the same as spending our lives together, Lily!
Wow! My Monu is getting emotional today!
Seriously! I've been telling you to come to my house for ages, but you never did!
Do you know why I didn't come?
Do you know why I didn't come? - No, why?
I'm afraid.
Afraid of?
What if your grandfather doesn't like me?
Why do you think so? Of course he'll like you!
And besides, who'll be marrying you? Grandpa or I?
Alright! I'll go!
You will? When?
Alright, I'll come and pick you up tomorrow!
No no! Not tomorrow! Another day perhaps.
No no! Not tomorrow! Another day perhaps. - When?
Monu, you have to get serious about your life.
Get a job first.
Stand on your own two feet again.
After that, I'll go with you!
At first, it was just Grandpa and Nanda! And now you too! I'm going to go crazy!
Don't go crazy just yet!
Don't go crazy just yet! I'll take you someplace nice. Come on!
Where, you ask?
It's a place...
... where going without you is meaningless!
... where going without you is meaningless! - Is that so?
It's open!
It's almost 11pm! When will you eat?
I'll wait for a bit longer. You go have your meal.
Forget about my meal! Maybe the Master doesn't know, but you do! And still you don't say anything!
I've told him a thousand times!
I've told him a thousand times! He replies everytime saying he won't be late again!
What else am I to do? - We'll wait and see for a few days.
After that, I'll give him the keys. He can then return home and eat whenever he wants!
I have to stay awake longer! If this keeps up I'm going to end up quitting some day!
Come on!
Let's go! - My goodness!
Well, she didn't take too long to get dressed!
Come on!
Two Mojitos please! - Mojito?
Extra sweet! Just like you!
It'll be impossible to talk with all this loud music!
No one comes here to talk, Monu!
No one comes here to talk, Monu! Do you know what they come here for?
She's playing him like a puppet!
That she is!
But she's also taking too long!
Three months have gone by! Have you realised that?
That's true. By the way, is Pota's information correct?
Absolutely correct. His information is spot on!
There's no doubt that the stone is in that fellow's house!
Now that Lily has the bait...
... her task is to reel in the prize!
Come on, let's dance!
Come on, let's dance! - D-dance? Me?
Lily, I don't really know how to...
You don't know. So? What's there to worry about?
All you have to do is watch and learn! Come on!
All you have to do is watch and learn! Come on! - I was thinking that I'd finish this and make a move...
Have to get home early? Like a good boy?
Or else what? Grandpa will scold you?
The chances of that happening are low.
Grandpa has to finish dinner and be in bed by 9pm. Doctor's orders!
Is that so?
Nothing to worry about then!
Nothing to worry about then! The night is still young, Monu! Come on!
Let's go!
You know I can't say no to you!
Goodness! Dada has never been this late before!
That's what I'm saying! Have dinner and go to sleep!
I'm going to bed as well. I can't keep my eyes open...
And what about the main door?
And what about the main door? - I've left it slightly ajar.
The gatekeeper is there, so don't worry.
No, no. Close it. I'll go downstairs and wait a while.
But you don't know when Sir... - Just do as I say. Go!
Hey! Sir is here! Open the door! - What time is it, Sebak?
It's quarter to 10. Sleeping on the job and you're asking me the time??
Hey you!
Let's go to the Master.
Let's go to the Master. He's awake and waiting for you!
Grandpa? Awake?? At this hour??
Stop fooling around! It's late enough as it is!
Will you have dinner? - Shh! No! I've already had my dinner!
Shouting this late at night...
Stop! Thief! Thief!!
Thief! Get him! Catch the thief!!
Where is he? - He was just here! Where did he go?
There he is!
Sebak? - Open the door!
Open the door!
What the...? Why are you all shouting?
There's a thief! Outside!
A thief? Outside??
What's wrong? - What happened?
A thief has broken in! Go check upstairs! - Who saw him first?
I did! He was hiding in the dining room! - Go on! Search for him!
He was hiding in the dining room?? - Yes!
What are you doing in these clothes at this hour? When did you return?
A long time ago!
When was it again? Quarter to 10!
I wasn't hungry. So I was in my room, watching TV...
... when suddenly, 5 minutes ago I heard... - Enough!
Sir, we searched the entire upper floor, but no sign of him!
Go search over there then! - What do you mean, no sign of him??
One minute he's here, and the next he's gone? What kind of black magic is this?
What was the gatekeeper doing? - The gatekee...
Shouldn't we inform the police?
The thief is gone, so what's the point in calling them now? - That's true...
I'll call them in the morning tomorrow. The two of you go to bed now.
Yes, come on!
Sebak! You'll sleep in front of the prayer room tonight!
But check the ground floor once before that. Alright? - Yes, Master.
Tell me, why do you return late every single night?
You were almost caught red-handed tonight!
I'm smart enough to not get caught!
Why don't you go say that to Grandpa? Why should we lie to cover for you every night??
Did you know that Grandpa fired Bhuban for lying to him once? Once!
Do you know that? - Hey! Stop lecturing me!
I'm the elder sibling here, not you!
Any chance to lecture me and she...
Sir, the thief came and ate half your cutlet!
The thief...
... ate my cutlet?
Poor thing! He must have broken in here for some food!
Thank you, Sebak. - Eat while it's hot!
Don't shout! Please don't shout! I...
... I won't do any... I mean, I won't harm you in any way! Please don't shout!
Who are you? - I...
Can I please come out? It'll be easier for me to talk...
Come out...
Not another step!
How did you... get in here?
They were after me!
I was running!
I took the stairs behind the dining room... and then... I came into this...
Please! Please don't hand me over to the police! I won't do anything! Please believe me!
Go and sit there.
Sit there.
What is your name?
Dibakar. Dibakar Ray.
You come from a respectable family, and yet you are stealing?
It doesn't seem like much when you don't have any money...
I couldn't get any work...
Why couldn't you? Didn't you receive any education?
I did, but only till higher secondary...
Father was a respectable man.
But he passed away very suddenly.
He hadn't really started saving up, so he couldn't leave us with anything...
And your Mother? - After Father's passing...
She stopped eating. She starved...
I have tried a lot, in many places!
But no one gave me a job, a chance...
And hunger pains are terrible pains...
Is that why you entered the dining room...? - Exactly!
I was just about to bite into a prawn cutlet when suddenly...
I have food here.
Do you want some?
Come here.
I couldn't... This is your food!
Yes, so?
It's alright! I'm used to not eating at night...
Here you are.
Isn't this what you were about to bite into? - Yes, the praw...
Who is it?
Who is it? - It's me. Open the door!
What's wrong?
What is it?
Who were you talking to?
Who were you talking to? - Talking? Me?
I could hear clearly from the next room!
I could hear clearly from the next room! - Uff!
At least answer the question!
Again he thought he heard a voice which cried "Sleep no more! -
- "Macbeth doth murder sleep, the innocent sleep that nourishes life..."
That's the second time you saved me tonight!
That's the second time you saved me tonight! I'm eternally grateful. I'll leave now!
How will you leave? Sebak is downstairs and the gatekeeper is outside.
Could you tell me where the terrace is? I'll manage the rest!
Alright, I'll take you there.
But before that, promise me you won't steal anymore and you'll try and find a job.
Where will I find a job?
Who is going to give me a job?
Once in a while, I come across some minor jobs and do them, but...
... when there is no work to be found...
And what if I give you a job? Will you do it?
Can you give me a job...?
I could...
My Grandpa needs a secretary...
Do you have any idea about basic bookkeeping?
I know a bit of it.
I know a bit of it. - And computers?
I know a bit of that too.
I know a bit of that too. - That's all.
But remember one thing...
If you steal a single penny, it's off to the police with you!
Never! Believe me, if I get a job...
... why would I need to steal?
You see, it was because of extreme hardship that I went down this path.
I would never...
This... - Take it.
You will be prim and proper when you come to see my Grandpa tomorrow morning.
And then I'll ask him about the job...?
No no!
That might appear suspicious to him...
Listen. Grandpa is a very well known astrologer in these parts.
A lot of people come to him for advice. You'll say you've come having heard of his fame.
You are unable to get a job...
You are unable to get a job... - So I'll ask him when I can expect to get one?
By the way, do you have a horoscope?
I'm not very sure. I'll have to check.
Thank you!
Be careful!
I'll see you tomorrow!
So, nothing was stolen? - No.
Nothing? Are you sure?
Absolutely sure! - But a thief did enter the house?
Yes. A thief did enter.
Did any of you get a look at this thief?
That I did, but I didn't notice much. - Oh.
I got a look at him as well!
I got a look at him as well! - I'll listen to your story later.
Now tell me, Manmatha, what did the thief look like?
Well, I...
Who are you, young man? What do you want?
Actually, I wanted to meet with Mr. Chowdhury...
I am Jadunath Chowdhury.
What is your name?
What is your name? - Dibakar. Dibakar Ray.
Sit down. You'll have to wait a bit. Sebak!
Sit down. You'll have to wait a bit. Sebak! - Please have a seat.
Anyway, coming back to the thief. So, what did he look like?
Like any old thief! He was thin and lanky, with a beard and moustache...
Thin and lanky? Thieves are never thin and lanky! He was muscled and dark skinned!
What do you know? I'm telling you he was thin and lanky! - Alright, alright!
Whatever the thief looks like, can you identify him if you see him?
... identify...?
Probably no? What about you? Will you be able to identify him?
Identify him? Of course I can identify him! Just bring him in front of me!
Dark skinned and muscular!
Look at this, Sir! Manmatha says that the thief was thin and lanky...
... and he says that the thief was dark and muscular!
... and he says that the thief was dark and muscular! This way, its going to be impossible to identify him!
Listen, Samar...
... do you what I think?
The fellow who came here last night...
... was a common thief.
Here to steal any random thing of value.
I'm not particularly concerned about these fellows.
But... - But what, Sir?
You know that I have a priceless stone in this house.
He is the deity of this household.
He is the deity of this household. - Are you talking about the Sunstone?
There is no other ruby like that in the whole country, Samar!
Who knows?
Maybe all the experienced thieves in the whole city...
... have their sights set on my Sunstone.
If you're unable to protect my property, then...
If you're unable to protect my property, then... - What are you saying, Sir?!
Protecting people's property is our job! Don't worry about it!
And if you think that you'd like special protection, let me know and I'll arrange it!
I'll think about it.
I'll think about it. - Can I take my leave, Sir?
Of course.
I'll just see him out. - Alright.
Come, Sir.
Grandpa? - Hmm?
That gentleman is waiting. - Gentleman? Oh!
What do you want?
I humbly request your help.
I humbly request your help. - Help? With?
I heard that you have immense knowledge in the field of Astrology.
So I came here, wondering if you could...
Have a seat.
What did you say your name was?
What did you say your name was? - Dibakar Ray.
So, you're of Brahmin (upper caste) descent?
So, you're of Brahmin (upper caste) descent? - Yes.
Yes, well, I like to dabble in the field of Astrology.
Where did you hear about me?
Such knowledge cannot remain hidden!
Actually, i'm going through some very bad times...
I can't find a job, so my financial condition is also very bad.
So I was wondering if you could just have a look and tell me...
... how long this will go on?
I'm going through some very hard times.
Hard times, eh? Good, good!
I mean, even the darkest of nights ends with the rising sun!
Have you brought your astrological charts with you?
Have you brought your astrological charts with you? - Yes, Sir.
Let me see.
These modern horoscopes are so inelegant!
Ah, you're an Aries!
Aries moonsign, Aries ascendant...
Amazing! You're a pure Aries!
Amazing! You're a pure Aries! - If you're saying so, it must be true!
Could you kindly have a look and see, if my condition will improve...?
Wait, wait. Hold on.
Will it improve...? Jupiter has started its transit...
... in your House of Fortune!
Saturn in the Sixth House, Rahu in the Eleventh...
Good times are upon you!
Upon me? - Hmm!
Where? I can't feel any changes whatsoever! In fact...
I'm facing severe hardships. I can't get a job...
You'll get a job! Don't worry!
I will?! - Yes!
I'll get a job?! - Of course you will!
Jupiter in your House of Fortune.
Saturn in your Sixth, Rahu in your Eleventh! This cannot be a lie!
Your good times are here! - Oh!
Here you are.
Here you are. - Since you're saying so, it must be...
Thank you.
Oh! - What happened?
I almost forgot your... - My what?
Get your life settled first. Then you can come and give it to me.
It's alright!
I'll take my leave. - Be well!
You let him leave? - Why?
If he doesn't get a job soon, he may start to think that you know nothing of Astrology!
What should I do?
What should I do? - Aren't you looking for a new secretary?
Yes. - So why don't you hire him for the job?
Good idea! Sebak! Sebak!
Yes, Master?
Yes, Master? - The young man who just left? Go and call him back!
Hey! Hey you!
Yes, you! The Master is calling you!
... I am on the lookout for a new secretary.
Are you up for it?
I'm not sure... - Don't worry. You'll be fine.
Your salary will be ten thousand Rupees...
Along with all your daily meals. Agreed?
You'll have to maintain daily accounts of all expenses.
You'll also have to keep track of all miscellaneous expenses.
Supervision of house chores is also part of your job.
You may even have to do the groceries.
You'll have to run all sorts of errands. Do you understand?
Yes, Sir.
Yes, Sir. - Why don't you get started today itself?
But you can't live anywhere else! You'll have to live with us.
There is a room where my previous secretary used to live. That is your room now.
Yes, Sir, as you wish.
But the problem is...
I don't really know anything about you as such.
You're not a bad person, are you?
But you already know so much! You read everything about me here.
Everything about my planets, constellations, houses, Jupiter, fortune.
You've seen it all! - Yes, that's true!
Those of the Aries sign are never liars, cheats and crooks.
I should know! I'm an Aries myself!
Goodness! You too?!
Goodness! You too?! - Of course!
What did I tell you?
Didn't I say that good times were upon you?
Indeed! Your skills are unbelievable! I mean...
... his observations came true almost immediately!
It's alright, it's alright! Go show him his room!
Your name is Nanda? - Hmm.
I almost didn't recognise you at first!
But then I recognised you from your voice. And my brother and Sebak had no idea...!
At first, I couldn't recognise them either! The situation I bumped into them was...
Dada, this is Grandpa's new secretary, Dibakar Ray...
And this is my brother, Manmatha Chowdhury.
What about your parents...?
They died in a car accident.
I was very little at the time.
Afterwards, it was Grandpa who raised the both of us.
It's been about three years since Grandma passed away as well.
You remember my room and my brother's room I'm sure!
This is your room! I'll tell Bechu to get everything ready for you.
There's no need! This looks very cosy as it is!
It is Grandpa's wish that you are to receive the same hospitality as us...
You're a member of the household now!
He's a bit old-fashioned, as you can clearly understand!
There's nothing wrong with that!
He seems a very good and just man.
But does he live downstairs? - Yes.
Due to Arthritis pain, Grandpa cannot climb up or down the stairs.
There is a bedroom attached to the drawing room. That is his room.
And besides, the prayer room with the Sunstone is also...
The Sunstone?!
Isn't that the ruby your Gran... - Listen...
I've hidden your true identity from him...
... giving you a chance to be a good man.
Don't forget that!
O great Sun God, the son of Kashyapa. The Lord who shines with the hue of hibiscus.
O destroyer of sins and the enemy of darkness. I bow to thee.
Can you recognise my deity, Dibakar?
He is also called Dibakar...
The Sun.
Sitting on his holy throne, he is the King of all gems.
Can you not recognise his glory?
He is the Guardian of my lineage.
This must be worth a lot!
Some things cannot be expressed in terms of money, Dibakar!
The Sunstone has been in my family for seven generations now.
As long as he remains here...
No evil can ever touch my family!
Now, about the money I gave you yesterday...
I hope you're keeping track of it? As in, whenever any expenses are incurred?
Yes, that I am. But I still don't know whether what I'm doing is correct...
Nanda! Nanda!
Nanda! Nanda! - Coming!
Come and check if Dibakar is maintaining his records correctly.
Let's see what you're doing then!
Have a seat. - I'm fine! You...
Please sit! How can you work if you're not seated?
Everything looks alright.
I referred to the work of the person who was previously the secretary here.
There! Now you see, how easy the work is?
You don't need a B.A. or M.A. degree for this!
Now, your job will be to compile all of the week's expenses into one place...
... and hand a print-out of it to Grandpa on the following Monday.
This is the printer. Do you know how to use it?
I worked for a short stint at a cyber cafe.
That's it then! Get to work!
What was your name again...?
Sir, my name is Dibakar.
Sir, my name is Dibakar. - Ah yes! Dibakar...
I have an urgent need for some money. Do you have cash with you?
Yes, that I do.
Yes, that I do. - Good! Give me about three now.
Three hundred?
Oh! Under what head should I show this expense?
You don't have to show it at all. You're new, so you don't know this...
Bhuban used to do the same. I'm getting late, so give me the money!
Your grandfather will ask me about this expense...
... and I have to show this three thousand under a particular head of expen...
You're a complete idiot! What is the need to tell Grandpa about everything?
The accounts are in your hands. All you have to do is adjust the figures!
Now hurry up and give me the money. Quickly!
Now hurry up and give me the money. Quickly! - Dada?!
What is this? Aren't you ashamed of teaching your own employee dishonesty?
No, no! Actually...
I have a sudden need for some money, you see!
What happened to your own money? And your credit card?
After I got home last night, I saw that my wallet was... - Stolen, right?
Right! - You're lying again!
No, no! You have to believe me!
Amazing! You worked for so many years, received a respectable salary...
And you didn't save up a single penny??
Alright! Since you're in a hurry... Dibakar? - Yes?
Give my brother a thousand rupees.
Give my brother a thousand rupees. - One thousand?
Yes, one.
God knows what you're doing in the name of searching for a job!
Give him the money.
One, right? - Yes!
But what should I write the expense off... - Write it off under my name.
Remember this! - Of course!
Dada is very good at wasting money.
Grandpa should not know about this. - Don't worry, I won't say a word.
One more thing...
Grandpa is very against any of us staying out later than 10 at night.
But Dada almost always returns after 10.
Grandpa should never get to know about this either.
You can rest assured, your grandfather will never know about any of this.
What if Manmatha asks for money again?
What if Manmatha asks for money again? - Don't give it to him.
Well well! You're early today!
Come on in!
Oh my! For me?
How sweet!
You know, Monu... I love flowers!
Me too! But of course...
... I love one particular European flower. - And what is that?
What can I offer you? Tea? Coffee?
Nothing for me today, Lily.
Don't get me started!
A thief broke into our home two nights ago! - A thief!
What are you saying? - Yes!
Thankfully, he didn't manage to steal anything. But you can understand...
We all have to be wary for the next few days.
Of course! I understand. Listen...
I won't force you in any way.
You can leave whenever you want to, alright?
The times we are living in now!
Listen. Nanda and I are going out for a couple of hours.
Look after everything till we get back. - Yes, Sir.
How much longer will you take?? - I'm coming!
I'll be in the car!
What's wrong? Come on!
I don't feel like it. Why don't you go ahead?
You're the one who said Mahua's not well...
And that you wanted to go see her...? - I'll go sometime tomorrow.
Actually, there's no one at home. Even Dada has gone out...
So what?
The servants are there, Dibakar is there... What's there to worry about?
Come, come! Get in!
Ah, the New Guy! Mr. New Guy...?
Do you want to say something?
Do you want to say something? - I was wondering if you had the Inspector's number?
Why do you need it?
Why do you need it? - Can you please get him on the line from the next room?
I am really eager to find out whether they have any news about our thief!
If they have any news, I'm sure they'll contact us themselves.
If they have any news, I'm sure they'll contact us themselves. - Maybe, but still...!
You seem very eager to apprehend the thief, I see!
Alright, just assume that the thief was in front of you. What would you do then?
What would I do??
With one kick, I'd drop him to the ground and...
Oh my!
You're a brave one!
I'm not liking these recent events at all.
The thief must have entered that particular house with a solid motive!
Listen, are you sure that nothing was stolen?
That's what he said.
Then why am I not relieved?
We almost have him under our spell!
But if someone decides to overtake us and go for the gold...
How are you so sure that the stone is in that house?
How are you so sure that the stone is in that house? - What?
Are you doubting the source of my information??
Are you doubting the source of my information?? - I might be! Look...
... until Monu himself mentions the existence of the stone...
... there will always remain a doubt! - Yes. That's true!
Alright, I get it!
To make sure the lad opens up about the stone's existence...
... I'll think up a plan.
Bechu? - Yes?
Where is Sebak? - I don't know, Ma'am.
And Dibakar?
He must be around here somewhere...
There you are!
Have you seen Dibakar?
He's in his room.
Ah! Did you all just return?
What are you up to?
I was just going through these receipts.
Is everything in order?
Is everything in order? - Yes, everything seems to be in order for now!
How did all this happen?
How did all this happen? - What happened?
Have you seen this?
Have you seen this? - No, I haven't.
Is there any problem?
This is a catastrophe! A disaster!
Are you saying that the total expenditure for last week was seven thousand Rupees?
No, no! Seven thousand five hundred and seventy five! It's written down there!
Is it too much?
Is it too much? - Cutthroat!
Bhuban was a cutthroat!
When he was here, the minimum for a week was fifteen to sixteen thousand!
For the last few years, he has literally bled me dry! That rogue!
So expenses have come down quite a lot!
So expenses have come down quite a lot! - What have I been saying for so long??
But how is the amount this low? - Show me.
Have you checked everything properly?
Yes! I double- and triple-checked everything! - Uff!
If I could get my hands on Bhuban now...
... I'd put him in jail!
Let me see your hand!
No, not to shake your hand!
I want to read your palm!
You're an Aries, without a doubt!
But what are these?
What are you talking about?
These scrape-like marks?
What does that mean? - Imprisonment!
Have you ever done time in jail? No?
But still...
But still... - Master? I have served tea inside.
No! This is not a good sign!
These marks present on anyone's palms indicate that...
... the individual must, at some point...
Come, Dada. Have some tea.
I'll be in the office.
What happened? Won't you have some tea?
I had a cup in the morning.
I had a cup in the morning. - So? Tea is good for you!
Maintaining a good habit keeps you away from a bad one!
Here you are!
What about you? - I'm going to get mine.
Grandpa, it's high time for the wedding!
I mean, Nanda's...
You've started again?
You've started again? - What?
I don't see any prospect of marriage right now.
The minor phase of Rahu has started in the major phase of Venus.
Did you understand?
That means...
I don't think there is any prospect of marriage for at least another three years.
Three years...?
Let's talk about you.
Are you searching for a new job? - Yes!
But no luck finding one yet!
Don't give up on it! - Of course not!
Come here, let me see your hand!
Come here, let me see your hand! - My hand? Why?
Come in, Sir.
Come, Nabin! Come, come!
Did you bring it?
Yes, I have, Sir! We finished this in the morning today itself!
Here you are!
Here you are! - Good, good! Please! Sit down.
This is for you!
What is it?
What is it? - See for yourself!
I haven't given you anything for a long time, so I thought...
Dada, look at this!
Isn't it beautiful? - Yes! Very!
Help me wear it!
Nabin, the bill, if you please. - Yes, of course, Sir!
Here you are! - Give it here.
Grandpa! - It's looking beautiful!
Show this to Dibakar and tell him to give the money to Nabin immediately!
One more thing.
Tell him to keep a record of this.
I need you pay the amount on this bill to Nabin.
Wow! That's lovely!
Do you like it?
Ma'am? - Yes?
What happened? - The pain in Master's leg has increased.
He is calling you downstairs. - Alright, let's go.
Were you already in bed? - No, I wasn't.
Has the pain increased?
Has the pain increased? - Yes, dear. It increased a short while ago.
Wait. I'll give you some medicine for it.
Is Dibakar still in the office?
Why? Do you want me to call him?
Why? Do you want me to call him? - No.
I have grown very fond of that boy.
He's such a good boy. And his money handling skills are...
... quite remarkable!
Are you saying all this because he's an Aries?
Don't you like him?
Sebak? You can go to bed now.
Don't you like him?
Has the pain reduced at all?
Has the pain reduced at all? - A bit, yes.
Go on, go to bed now.
I'll go after the pain subsides completely.
Where do you want to go?
Wherever you want to go is fine with me.
At this hour, our only option is to go to a hotel.
A hotel it is then!
I'll give you the present once we reach.
You'll see once we reach!
Wow! It's beautiful, Monu!
Is it for me?
Thank you!
It's so pretty!
Just a minute! Please!
Woah! What's up with him today?
Time to go play your part. Hurry!
Hey! Give me the box! - Oh!
Sorry! My mistake!
Is that you, Jhonti??
Hello! How are you? It's been too long!
I'm great! Since when are you in Kolkata?
I reached here last night via Emirates! - Oh!
Let me introduce you! This is Monu, Manmatha Chowdhury.
Hi! I'm Sunny! - Santanu Sarkar, my school friend. He lives in Dubai.
May I? - Please, join us!
What a coincidence!
I'm staying at this hotel!
I'd finished dinner and was about to leave, when I saw you sitting here!
While on the other hand, I've been unable to reach you ever since I got here!
Have you changed your number?
No, I haven't. - Sure? Let me check once again.
See? It's ringing!
What are you doing in Kolkata? You had almost stopped coming here!
Don't get me started! Pressure at work is tremendous!
But I had to make time for my father's death anniversary.
I'm so sorry, dear. I had completely forgotten!
It's ok! No problem! Don't worry about it.
Oh! Hold on! I want to show you something.
Look at this! I found it today while rummaging around some old stuff back home.
Wow! This is so very pretty!
Where did you find this? - Inside a jewelry box belonging to my grandmother.
No one knows for how long this has been in our family!
It's exquisite!
It's exquisite! Look at it, Monu! Isn't it beautiful?
I showed it to a jeweler this afternoon.
After examining it, he remarked that it was priceless!
And after that, he desperately tried to buy it from me!
I refused him point blank!
It's a family heirloom after all!
An heirloom? That little trinket?
Your eyes will pop out of your sockets if you see what I have back home!
Is that so? What is it?
The Sunstone, which is this big in size. It's a ruby.
It's been in my family for seven generations.
What are you saying, Monu? - Heirloom, my foot!
It's that big?? - Yes.
Mr. Monu, have you taken it to any expert for evaluation?
We don't need to get it evaluated, Mr. Sunny. We are aware of its value!
Oh, I see!
I so wish I could see it once!
That's easy! I'll show you the day you come to my place.
Why then? Why not before that?
Before that? How can I...
You see, that stone is our household deity.
He remains safe in the prayer room, under lock and key!
How sad!
Anyway, forget about that!
Listen, Jhonti.
How did you like this?
I already told you.
It's exquisite!
Then take it. It's yours!
No, no! I couldn't!
This is your family heirloom after all!
And its priceless. I can't accept something this valuable!
But sweetheart...
Valuable things like this look good on you! Put it on!
Just see how beautiful it looks on you!
It really is very beautiful!
I don't know what to say!
You don't have to say anything! Look! Your food's here!
Anyway, time for me to leave! I have an early morning flight!
Don't worry about it!
And besides, I have no intention of being the third wheel here!
Enjoy your meal, Mr. Monu!
Ciao! - Bye!
We'll catch up over the phone! - Okay!
What's wrong, Monu?
Tell me!
My appetite's gone!
I get it!
You're jealous!
Come on, darling!
Come on, darling! Please look at me!
You see this?
This will remain here...
This will remain here... Close to my heart...
And this, on the other hand...
Where have you taken my necklace? Where??
Since I'm the only thief in this house...
... I guess it's very easy to suspect me.
I don't want to suspect you!
I don't want to suspect you! But who else is there?
You tell me?
That's a start!
I'm grateful knowing that you don't want to suspect me.
But if I had really taken your necklace...
... do you think I would have returned?
Where are you going?
I have to tell Grandpa.
I have to tell Grandpa. He needs to know!
Everything? - Yes, everything! I tricked him...
... and this is the result!
Just a minute.
Can I make a request?
Its very late now.
Don't tell him anything tonight.
If you don't get back what was stolen by tomorrow morning...
... tell him then.
Tomorrow morning then.
Not a moment beyond that.
Who is it?
Who is it??
I'm coming!
Shut the door.
Shut the door. - Why?
Where... did you get this?
That is not important.
What is important is who you gave this to: Lily.
She is a very dangerous woman. She preys on rich, single men.
That is her profession!
You rascal! So you went to her place and stole it from her...?
Just you wait! - Where are you off to?
To tell Grandpa!
To tell Grandpa! - That's great! I'll come with you. Let's go!
Huh? - Yes.
You tell him what you have to, and I'll tell him what I have to!
What will you tell him?
Your grandfather will be happy to know who you gave your sister's new necklace to! Let's go!
Leave! Get out of my room!
There's still time, Manmatha.
If you go any further, you might not be able to show your face in public anymore.
Yes, Lily!
No, no! Let's not get the police involved!
I'll look into it. No, it's alright. I'll look into it myself!
I'll call you back a bit later. Alright?
How can I ever...?
So, you heard everything?
I hope you won't have to tell your grandfather anything now.
What am I supposed to tell him?
That my brother is a thief?
One can't really blame him.
He is unknowingly mixing with bad people.
I understand now...
... whom Dada spends so much money on!
Can I say something?
It won't be right of me to stay in this house any longer...
Last night, I had to resort to stealing again.
This addiction...
... is a very complicated addiction, you know?
So you see...
I won't ever suspect you of anything again.
Maybe you're saying that now...
... but the next time something goes missing in this house...
... you'll go back to suspecting me again.
Forget about it.
What's the point?
I don't want to add to your problems.
You don't have to worry about my problems.
You don't have to worry about my problems. - Of course I have to!
After everything you have done for me...
After everything you have done for me... - Yes!
If you have the capability to understand what I have done for you...
... you won't leave.
I won't?
Your neckla...!
Good morning!
There's nothing good about it!
The paper's filled with news of murder, accidents and...
Now, what was going to ask you...?
Isn't day after tomorrow Mahalaya? - Yes, Sir.
Good grief!
Nanda! Nanda!!
The Puja shopping hasn't been done yet!
What do we need to buy?
What do we need to buy? - How am I supposed to know all that?
That is Nanda's department!
Before the Pujas and Holi, a shopping spree occurs!
New clothes for ourselves and for everyone working in this house. Its a time of...
Are we going Puja shopping today?
Do you want to go today? - Hmm!
So go on then! - And you?
Leave me out of it, dear. My knee still isn't completely...
Where is Manmatha?
Have you ever seen him awake before 10am?
Being lazy is a side effect of having Ketu in the Ascendant.
Why don't you take Dibakar along?
Alright. I just need someone to come along.
If we can make a list of what to buy...
If we can make a list of what to buy... - I have the list ready.
Of course you do!
You called, Master?
Tell Binoy to get the car ready.
Binoy? He's on holiday.
Binoy? He's on holiday. He'll be back to work after Mahalaya.
Oh yes! That's right! I had completely forgotten!
What now?
You can go shopping after he gets back to work.
If you don't have any problems, I could take her shopping.
You? You can drive?
Yes. I drove a taxi for a short span of my life.
You are quite the Jack of all trades!
And why won't you be? You're an Aries, after all!
Do you have a driving license?
Do you have a driving license? - Of course!
What are you waiting for?
Go out and get it over with!
Give me 5 minutes!
You want me to fire Dibakar? But why?
I don't like him.
You don't like him?? Do you have a reason for that?
Because... - There has to be a reason!
He is a good, hard-working boy.
That Bhuban was a crook!
After Dibakar arrived, our weekly expenses went down by half!
But still...!
He is...
... a rogue!
A rogue?? - Yes!
Can you show me any evidence to support your words?
What evidence? I know that he is not a good...
What evidence? I know that he is not a good... - No, Monu.
You have no right to call someone a rogue if you don't have any evidence against him!
If you can prove his guilt, I will get rid of him at once!
... I won't even disown house pets without a valid reason.
What does your shopping list say?
Complete! - Great! So we can go home now?
You're in a hurry to get back home!
You're in a hurry to get back home! - Not really! But after this entire shopping episode...
Our funds are pretty dry now so if you enter one more shop, we'll be broke!
Quite the accountant, aren't you?
And rightly so!
And rightly so! You're the one who taught me, remember?
What the...?! Are you out of your mind? We could have had...
An accident?
An accident? - Wouldn't we have?
Well, nothing happened!
We just went off route.
I know.
Alright then.
Me? Forget about you? What are you saying, Lily?!
And why won't I? After my necklace was stolen, you didn't visit me even once!
Actually, Lily... I have been... - What?
Can I come over now?
No, not now. At night. Your usual time.
Alright Lily, I'll come at night. See you then.
That's enough! Start reeling in the prize. Get it over with by tonight!
Let me give it one last try.
And see if I can get him hooked!
Sebak! - Keep these in the next room.
You people are hopeless! After so many days, you couldn't even catch a simple thief?
He isn't so simple, Sir!
There you are! Shopping complete? - Yes!
As I was saying, he is no simple thief!
Before your complaint, we received reports of many robberies in different houses all over Kolkata!
We don't know if the same thief was involved in all those cases.
Houses belonging to rich people were robbed of several lakhs worth of money and valuables.
Brilliant! Lakhs worth of money and valuables stolen, and you lot are sitting about!
Its not that we're not trying!
We have no idea what he looks like!
And he doesn't have any accomplices!
And he doesn't have any accomplices! He is known to operate alone.
Alone? - Yes, Sir! Alone!
And that is where all our problems lie!
What is the solution then?
What is the solution then? - Solution? There is only one solution.
And that is...? - We have to catch him red-handed!
That is the only way we can catch him!
Who committed the other robberies?
You should have taken up acting!
Helpless, poor, stealing to prevent starvation...!
That last bit isn't completely a lie.
I did start stealing so I wouldn't starve.
And that night...
I really was very hungry...
I really was very hungry... - And?
There was also the matter of your family's famous Sunstone...
So why didn't you take it?
You had many opportunities to do so.
When I first started stealing...
... I was around 17 or 18 years old.
My Father had a decent job.
But due to his untimely passing...
... he couldn't leave us wth anything.
Mother and I were completely alone after that...
Our friends...
Our relatives...
Nobody helped us...
So I was somewhat compelled...
... to start stealing.
But even then...
I couldn't keep Mother alive...
She starved... to...
After that, slowly and steadily, the desire to steal gripped me.
Given the opportunity, I would steal.
After living like this for a year, I realised...
... I didn't need anymore money.
But this desire...
This desire is very...
What happened after?
One day, I broke into a house to steal.
I had detailed information about the house and its inhabitants...
... and I went in prepared...
But something that had never happened before...
I was caught by someone.
I thought I would be handed over to the police.
But I wasn't...
I broke into the house that night with the intent to steal...
That person made me come back the next morning...
... to apply for a job in the same house!
What I originally came to steal, I could have stolen at any time later on...
But I don't have that desire any more...
And I hope you now understand why I don't have that desire anymore...
But Dada is also a thief!
Thanks to Lily's influence, he has no idea what he's doing.
But I'm beyond...
You must have understood your own mistakes by now...?
Haven't you?
Maybe I have...
Isn't that enough?
No, Nanda...
... it isn't.
For all the crimes I have committed for so long...
... I have to face the consequences.
Otherwise, I cannot go forward in life.
What consequences?
What consequences? - I don't know yet.
But, no matter what I choose to do...
... I cannot do so, without your help.
Won't you help me?
You know I will.
Thank you!
Where are...?
I can't live without you, Lily! I'll go mad without you!
I swear on you, Lily! You have to believe me!
Don't talk like that!
Besides, there will be many women in your life after me!
What are you saying?
You have to believe me!
You have no idea what I can do for you!
Do you remember...
... that necklace I gifted you?
The one that got...? - Yes. That was...
... my sister's brand new necklace!
Your... sister's?
Your... sister's? - Yes.
I stole that necklace for you, Lily.
Only for you!
I can put my life on the line for you, Lily!
I can even kill...!
I can even kill...! - Don't say such things!
But what?
If you really love me so much...
... proving it will be very easy for you!
Oh? Tell me what I have to do then!
Nevermind... You won't be able to.
Just tell me, Lily! Please!
Monu? - Yes?
Do you remember telling me...
... about the ruby you have at home?
... about the ruby you have at home? - Yes, of course I remember!
If you can bring that to me...
... I'll know how much you truly...
The ruby...?
You're talking about... the Sunstone?
But... but he is the deity of our home!
Grandpa prays to him everyday!
I knew it!
I knew you wouldn't be able to!
All you're good at is sweet talking!
Just listen to me once! Please Jhonti?
Just listen to me once! Please Jhonti? - No, I won't!
I've heard what I had to, and you know what needs to be done!
Alright, alright!
What if I bring you the ruby?
Oh, Monu!
You'll prove to me how much you love me!
And you? Don't you love me?
That's settled!
I'll get you that stone by tonight, no matter what!
I know where Grandpa keeps the keys!
But remember...
But remember... After I get the ruby...
We can't remain here! Not even for a minute longer!
We won't stay, Monu! We'll run away!
Just you and I! No one will ever know!
Stay awake!
Whole night, if I have to!
How are you?
How are you? - You??
How did you get my number?
Stealing is my job, remember?
Nevermind all that. Tell me, how are you?
The same as you last saw me.
But where are you now?
Where am I?
Somewhere I can sit down and think in peace.
You could have done the same here...
Nanda! Nanda!!
Hold on for a minute, will you?
There you are!
There you are! - You? Upstairs??
Where is Dibakar?
Dibakar? - Yes. Where is he?
His room is empty!
I asked Sebak and Bechu about him. No one knows anything!
He never goes anywhere without informing me first!
Someone must have misbehaved with him!
Someone must have misbehaved with him! That is why he left!
Did you tell him anything?
DId you tell him anything? - No, Grandpa, I didn't...
Someone else must have misbehaved with him!
He is not the kind of boy who would leave without a reason!
Hey! You! Come here!
You! - What about me?
You sent him away! It could have been no one but you!
You sent him away! It could have been no one but you! - Me?
Yes, you! - Sent who away?
Incredible! No one in this house knows anything!
You're all useless!
I'll throw everyone out! Every single person! You're all useless!
Master? - What do you want?
Your food is ready.
Your food is ready. - I won't eat! I'm not hungry!
Bring him back! Look wherever you have to, but bring him back!
A good - out of my way! A good, helpful boy! Left without anyone knowing!
Sebak! Help him down! - Someone must have misbehaved with him!
Master, calm down... - Shut up! Out of my way!
Let go of me! - You need to calm down, Master!
Whatever has happened, you need to... - Get ouf of my way!
Did you hear all that?
Did you hear all that? - I did.
And still you're not coming back.
And still you're not coming back. - I will, Nanda.
After I finish my work...
I'll come.
Make sure you do! - I will.
The bird has flown the coop.
He's not coming.
Let's wait a bit longer and see.
It's almost half past 2am, and you want to wait some more?
Wake up!
Wh...? Who? What?
Wh...? Who? What? - No one and nothing! Let's go!
It's very late. Waiting for so long was pointless!
Quick quick! - Come on, get up! Move!
I'm here! Here you go! Happy now?
Oh my God, Monu!
Not now! The car is downstairs! Let's go!
What's the rush? We easily have until morning! Relax!
Relax?? We have no option now but to run!
It's done, Lily! Go on! Get ready!
I'll go and get the car ready!
Come on!
Let's go!
Hey! Who... who are you?
No one special.
Although I did steal a necklace from this lady here.
But my main target... was always this!
But the only problem is, that's our main target too!
You can keep the necklace. But you're not getting...
No tricks! Get up!
Get up! Now!
Get up! Now put your hands up!
Get over there, all of you! Hurry up!
We need to splash some water on his face.
Go and get some water.
Yes, you. Go on!
Now splash some water on his face.
Alright, enough.
Go back and stand with those two.
And don't try anything funny. Go.
Get up! - Hmm?
Get up! Quickly! - Hmm!
You? Here...?
Yes, its me. Dibakar. - Right!
The Sunstone!
The Sunstone! - Where is the Sunstone?
Lily took it! She has it!
Lily took it! She has it! - No, not me!
He has it!
Now please take out your phone.
Now please take out your phone. - Huh?
Take out your phone! Quickly!
You want this as well...?
Get your sister on the line.
Nanda? - Yes, Nanda. Call her.
Its ringing!
Its ringing! - Not me. You do the talking.
Tell her what I tell you to say. Not a word more!
Tell her what I tell you to say. Not a word more! - Of course not!
Where... where are you?
Repeat the address.
Alright! We're coming as soon as we can!
She said "We're coming...". What did she mean?
Your grandfather must also be coming.
Grandpa's here!
Get up.
You lot get up as well.
No! I can't! - Just take it! Here...
Don't get any ideas!
I'll do all the necessary talking...
Don't any of you utter a word!
Please forgive me.
The entire plan was my idea.
I'm sorry!
The 4 of us stole the Sunstone and came back here.
But Manmatha got to know about our plan from somewhere...
He came here and caught us!
The gun is not mine! It's his.
Manmatha beat him up until he was bleeding, before taking his gun!
The verdict is out.
Dibakar has been sentenced to 3 years in jail.
Maybe he was a hardened thief...
Suffering hardships at a young age...
... he decided to walk the wrong path.
But still...
But still... - But what, Master?
... there is something amiss.
The fact that he stole my Sunstone...
... is something I'm still having trouble believing.
And besides... he was said to always operate alone!
He never had any accomplices!
... where did the other three people come from?
Its all about fate, Master. All about fate.
Then... did he...
What happened? Won't you come?
What is it?
What I did was wrong, Nanda.
For so long...
... I've kept so much from Grandpa...
He needs to know everything!
And once he does, have you thought about what state his mind will be in?
Do you think he'll be able to take this shock?
He didn't just do it for me then...
He thought about Grandpa the whole time!
But why did he sacrifice so much for us?
Who are we to him?
Maybe one day... you'll understand...
I see now!
Come, come! I was just thinking about you.
We're going out for a while.
Where to?
Where to? - We're going to meet up with a friend of mine! Come on!
Go and tell this friend...
... that there is no prospect of your marriage for the next three years!