Monday at 11:01 A.M. (2016) Movie Script

Ugh! Ahh!
What a gorgeous town.
Hey, can we stop
and have a look around?
I want to do some shopping.
After working four shifts
in a row at that hospital,
I want to buy you a present.
Anything look good?
Yeah. Let's stop and
check out that store.
Spot right in front.
This place is full
of gorgeous things.
Treasure galore.
Hm. Oh.
- Jenny?
- Yeah?
Come here.
Sir, I'm very busy.
Can I help you?
Actually, you can't.
But you can help her.
Anything she wants,
she gets.
Sir, this isn't
the dollar store.
Than it's a good thing
I don't have a limit.
- May I call you Mrs...?
- Please call me Jenny.
- What was your name?
- Clint. Call me Clint.
- Sweetheart?
- Mm-hmm.
This place isn't my style.
I'm gonna go
grab a glass of wine
over at that bar we saw
when we pulled in.
Don't leave me too long.
I'll only be
a few minutes.
- What time is it, hon?
- It's Monday.
Sweetheart, time not day.
Ah, 11:01 AM.
I appreciate the precision.
Hey, come over here
with us.
Let me buy you a drink.
- You're not from around here.
- Lucky me.
I noticed you were perusing
some of my fine wines
as you walked in.
Well, I do consider
myself a connoisseur.
My kind of guy.
- What do you want to drink?
- Red wine.
- Cab?
- Give me the Pinot noir.
You got it.
All right.
It sets the soul
of the grape free.
Just the sound of it
makes me want to pee.
Hey, now.
You know,
you're gonna like it around here.
Ah, and why do you
say that?
there is a glut
of beautiful women here
this time of year.
And none of the men around here
dress like you.
You've attracted the attention
of one of the locals.
Send her a martini.
My tab.
You got it.
Can I ask you something?
It's Olivia.
I was gonna ask you
to stop staring at me.
Oh, that's not gonna happen.
Don't I know you?
- I know you.
Maybe from one
of your dreams.
So if I want
to see you again,
all I have to do
is pop a few Ambiens?
Fuck Ambien.
I like to put a man to bed
the old fashioned way.
- Tire him out.
- A shy one, aren't you?
Gets cold at night.
I don't think my girlfriend
would appreciate your assets
as much as I do.
Oh, you think your girlfriend's
enough to stop me?
I like a girl with goals.
Sadly, I need to go.
- I'll get your change.
- I didn't ask for any.
Come back.
You're gonna be
in town for a while?
I will.
- Where's the nearest hotel?
- Couple of blocks up.
You can't miss it.
The Grand Pollard.
And if you get
a chance to slip out,
I'll show you some
sight seeing.
I know you, Olivia.
Have a good
rest of the day.
Hey, you.
Did you miss me?
You were all
I could think about.
- Did you have fun shopping?
- Look what I found.
- You like it?
- That place was selling this?
Yeah. I know.
I got some stuff
for my patients, too,
that I'll know
they'll like.
And, here's your
credit card.
I didn't use it.
Just, I don't know,
buy me something when
you're thinking of me.
Get in the car.
I found a romantic hotel for us.
- Thank you.
- MAN: Thank you very much.
- VALET: Enjoy your stay.
Welcome to the Grand, sir.
Can I help you
with your luggage?
Are you here
for a special occasion?
Thank God you asked me that.
Yeah, we're celebrating.
We're always celebrating.
I just can't remember what.
And I don't want to end up
sleeping in that car
if I piss her off.
Could you discretely find out
what the occasion is?
I am on it, sir.
I will figure it out.
She'll never
suspect a thing.
Let me thank you
in advance.
Uh... thank you, sir.
Uh... I am on it.
You can count on me.
Uh, check-in
is right this way.
Welcome, sir.
What name is your reservation under?
we don't have a reservation.
I am so sorry, sir.
We are full tonight.
This is our high season.
I know you're busy,
but could you please do something for us?
- We're celebrating.
- Hey, you remembered.
Like I just explained, sir.
This is our high season,
and we are at maximum occupancy.
Let me speak
to the manager.
Sir. We have no availability.
Did you just get
promoted to manager?
'Cause if not,
I'm done talking to you.
- Hey. You didn't need to be so mean.
- She was bugging me.
Plus, I'm trying to do something
special for you.
- I know.
Well, I tried to explain to him
we were sold out,
but he just wouldn't listen!
Sir, I'm sorry
to inform you that...
How may I be of assistance?
I need a room
for the evening.
But of course, sir.
May I offer you
the Owner's suite?
- But we are...
- Now we're talking.
The Owner's suite
sounds perfect.
I will have
your reservation made up.
I apologize
for any confusion.
I will just get your information
from the computer records.
Actually, we've never
stayed here before.
My mistake, sir.
Thank you, sir.
You should thank him,
Thank you
for taking care of us.
My pleasure.
Do you know that guy?
I have never
seen him before in my life.
- Is that what you want?
- Hmm.
- Go check out the room.
- Okay.
I'm gonna be right up.
BELLMAN: Follow me.
It's up the stairs.
This place in incredible.
It's so beautiful.
Oh, thank you.
We try to keep it
to the highest standards.
When was it built?
Good question.
Uh, no one really knows.
I mean,
it's old for sure.
We like to say
it's always been here.
So, no one actually knows
how old it is?
Um, maybe the bartender.
He knows everything.
He's the only local
who's been here long enough
to know the hotel's
whole story.
But, he can't be that old.
Uh, why hasn't this town
been developed more?
It's so beautiful.
It's so remote.
And the only way here
is the tunnel.
Once you're here, no cell
phonetower will help you.
And you are isolated
from the living.
Separated from the rest
of the world.
Well, people come here
to disappear.
Sounds like something
you'd read about
in a murder mystery book.
Well, this place
is a bit controversial.
I guess you'd say.
Some people don't think
this place exists.
What do you mean?
- Well, you'll see.
- Oh, thank you.
We are so glad
we stumbled upon this place.
Oh. Thank you.
You know,
I bet it's beautiful at night, too.
You know what?
I cannot wait to take a walk
underneath the stars tonight.
Uh, I wouldn't do that
if I were you.
We have, um...
Uh... will that be all,
Uh, yes.
Thank you so much.
Magnificent piece,
isn't it?
It truly is.
Most people that have seen it
just ignore it.
They never appreciate
how ornate it really is.
It really is a
unique piece of art.
I feel like
I've seen it before...
but I can't put
my finger on it.
I'm sure you've seen it.
Hey, you.
Hey, I was thinking
maybe we could go grab dinner
downstairs in the hotel.
I love the idea.
I just need
a few minutes
to get ready.
- Hmm.
- What do you think of the room?
I love it.
It's so beautiful.
Go get ready.
Every night
I have to do that, too.
- I just want to thank you all.
- ALL: Cheers.
That was an amazing meal.
Hey, did I tell you about the
new travel nurse at the hospital?
are you ignoring me?
- What, hon?
- Are you okay?
- I'm fine.
- Hey.
When the bellhop
took our luggage up to the room,
he acted really weird
about going outside
the hotel at night.
Like it might be dangerous.
He's probably just worried
about being attacked at night
by a kangaroo or something.
I was curious.
Why did the guy at the
front desk seem to know you?
Look at me.
Thank you for dinner,
- Seriously, are you okay?
- I'm fine.
I'm just experiencing
dj vu.
(LAUGHS) Baby,
that happens to me all the time.
Have we been here before?
Well, the guy at the front desk
certainly seems to think so.
But, no, honey, uh,
we haven't.
It's strange,
'cause I have this sense
that I have.
Uh, I can't speak for all
the women you've been with,
- but...
- Sweetheart,
I'm not trying
to start a fight.
I'm just commenting
that I feel like
we've been here before.
You're looking at
that piece of furniture
more than
you're looking at me.
Because I've seen before
and it shouldn't be there.
It's bothering me
for some reason.
I really don't understand.
But if you're
so obsessed with it just...
buy it like you do
everything else.
I don't want to buy it.
And I have a feeling
it was put there
- to hide something.
- Okay. You sound crazy.
That furniture is exactly
where it's supposed to be.
Baby, stop. First time in
my life I've been jealous
- of a piece of furniture.
- Sweetheart.
I'm just messing with you.
Okay, baby.
I actually thought you were
going crazy there for a minute.
Let's go.
Love you so much.
Don't you
ever do that to me again.
I didn't know
you were such a good actor.
Do I get the Oscar?
Not that good.
I don't know if I'm mad
or if I'm jealous.
What the fuck
is going on?
What is it?
It sounds like somebody's
about to be murdered.
What're you talking about?
What'd you think,
they're singing Christmas carols?
What are you talking about?
You don't hear that?
What're you doing?
- WOMAN: No!
Hey! What the fuck
is going on in there?
Baby, you're gonna wake
everybody up.
- What're you doing?
- Open the door now!
Baby, you need
to calm down.
What is the matter
with you?
- WOMAN: Help!
Help! Help!
Get your
lazy asses up there!
It sounds like somebody's
about to be murdered!
- Call the police!
- Sir, are you okay?
Am I okay?
That's what you respond with?
I am so sorry
to alarm you guys.
Honey, I think we need
to go back to bed.
Am I the only one that's gonna
do something about this?
Sir, maybe we should
get you some water.
Somebody is in grave danger,
and you need to do something!
- Sir, what room?
- 327!
Sir, that's impossible.
What, you think this place
is so fucking good
domestic violence
couldn't possibly happen?
Maybe you should calm down.
I am so sorry.
Help! Help!
- Sir.
- Sir!
- WOMAN: Help! Help!
- Sir!
Open the door now
or I'm gonna
beat your fucking ass it!
Sir, you are damaging
the door!
I am going to have
to call security!
- Back off!
- WOMAN: Help!
Check the bathroom!
There's no one there.
There's no one here.
Hey, I have no idea
what's going on right now,
but, please,
can you calm down?
Everything's... everything's
gonna be fine. Okay?
I'm going to call
the hotel doctor.
I think that's a good idea.
Come on. Can we just go
back to the room now?
Come on.
- I'm sorry.
All right, everyone.
Nothing to see here.
Let's go back
to our rooms.
Thank you.
I'm so sorry.
Well, the good news
is that he's physically fine.
And the bad news?
The bad news is that this
has been quite an episode.
Have you ever felt
I'm not sure
what you mean, doctor.
Irrational behavior.
I'm a bit concerned
about you.
Look. I... I'm not sure
what you're getting at,
but he wouldn't
hurt a fly.
Are you a doctor
or a therapist?
- Would you know the difference?
- Yeah, I just might.
I work in I.C.U.
Call me immediately
if anything like this
happens again.
I don't care
if it's day or night.
Yeah, I...
I won't need to.
I think you're totally overreacting
about a case of sleepwalking.
- Are you covering for him?
- Covering for him?
He only got upset because he
thought someone was in danger
and he wanted to help them.
Maybe he needs
a little attention.
He seems a bit showy.
Maybe a little insecure.
Okay. He is an orphan
who put himself through college
and donates more money
to charities every year
than you're probably
gonna earn in a lifetime.
So, if his success
seems showy,
than maybe
you're the insecure one.
Good night, doctor.
You making friends
over there?
- I don't like him.
- I don't like him either.
The first thing
out of his mouth
was that he thought
I was crazy
and that everyone else
thought I was, too.
Hey. You are not crazy.
I could hear a woman scream.
I swear I was only
trying help.
Hey, you probably just heard someone's
TV, thought it was real.
- Can I ask you something?
- Yeah.
I hate it here.
Let's go first thing in the morning.
Let's just go home.
We are checking out.
I'm afraid
that will not be happening.
I think you might have
misunderstood me.
I said I'm checking out.
I'm not asking you.
I understood you
the first time.
Is this about
checking out early?
I'll pay for the room.
I'll pay for ten rooms.
I want to leave.
As much as it would make my day
to show you our door here
at the Grand Pollard,
after that ghastly show
you put on last night,
it is with deep regret
that I cannot honor
your request.
I have just been informed
by the officer of the law
there has been a major accident
in the Macon tunnel.
No one will be
leaving this area
for at least
the next few days.
And, sir,
we do not wish
to put someone as ill
as yourself
on the street.
How 'bout and airport?
I am so very sorry, sir.
There is no way out.
- Hey.
I'm gonna go for a walk.
I need some alone time.
Are you sure you don't
want me to go with you?
- I'm okay.
- Okay.
Don't be too long,
all right?
- I won't be long.
- Okay.
I'll make sure the luggage
gets up to the room.
- What time is it?
- It's 11:01.
Seems like it's always
11:01 AM.
There's no accident.
I need to get Jenny.
Oh! I need to get Jenny!
He was yelling at the staff
because they were not
adhering to his orders.
What were the orders?
He wanted the staff
to call the police.
Of course,
they knew the room was empty,
so they knew
he was hallucinating.
How did they know
the room was empty?
Because it was
room number 327.
We have not had a guest
in that room
since that fateful night.
I guess you could say
we're a bit superstitious.
We do not want
to disturb the dead.
Here we go again.
- Hey, what's wrong?
- We need to get the fuck out of here!
Those crazy psychos who told us
that the tunnel was blocked.
I saw the tunnel.
It's wide open.
Well, let's go.
I'll just quickly pack.
No, you don't understand.
Fuck packing.
We need to get
the fuck out of here.
I saw some crazy shit.
We're in danger.
May I help you, sir?
What're you doing?
You can't just take the key...
Si... sir, no!
I... I need a valet ticket!
Name and room number.
Sir! I can't let you
take the car!
- Hey!
- He is out of his mind.
I went for a walk
and I saw this group of monks
and they were
carrying something,
- and something was weird.
- What were they carrying?
So I followed them
into the forest.
They started doing some type
of satanic ritual.
They were humming and when they saw
me, they chased me.
They came after me.
I ran for the mountain road
and when I got to it
I could see the tunnel.
It was wide open.
Clear as can be.
They fucking psychos
are in on it together.
They don't want us to leave.
- They lied to us.
- What do you mean?
I mean that they're
all in on it.
Sir, you can't drive
on these roads like that.
I need you to lower your speed.
It's dangerous.
Anyway, the Macon tunnel
up here is closed.
There's been a major accident.
It's gonna be a few days.
I need you
to back your vehicle up
and head back
to where you came from.
Hey. It's okay.
We'll just go back
to the hotel
and I'm sure it's only
gonna be a day or two.
I'm so sorry to be
putting you through this.
I'm just not myself,
and I don't know
what's going on.
Look. I'm sure it's only
gonna be a day or two.
Maybe it's a chance for you
to de-stress from work.
And I think
it's someone up there's way
of saying you need to take
a day or two off to relax.
Everyone here is so weird.
And they think I'm the lunatic
after last night.
And today.
Who cares what they think?
We came here to get away.
And maybe
it's a blessing in disguise
that we're
stuck here together.
Come here.
And I'm sure that we can
still have plenty of fun.
Hey. Come on.
Lighten up.
Babe, I'm tired.
it's a bit early to go to bed.
Yeah, I know.
It's just been
a really long day.
I'm still a bit wound up.
Why don't I order us up
a bottle of wine?
Hmm, no thanks.
Honestly, I'm too tired.
I'm gonna go to bed.
Go down to the lobby
and grab one.
Oh, yeah, there's a place
where I can hang out
with some friendly people.
It'll be just like
"Cheers" down there.
Are you sure
you don't want anything?
- I can order something up.
- I'm sure.
Just go. They're not
gonna be that rude to you.
And you're spending
way too much money here
for them to give you
a hard time anyway.
I'll see you
when you get back up.
- Hmm.
- Same again?
- Yep.
- Oh.
Hey, what's going on?
How's your night treating you?
- Sir?
- Your night?
How's your night
treating you?
Sir, do you have a question?
How may I direct you?
Hit me with it.
What'd you find out?
- Find out? Sir?
- Yeah.
Why I'm here with my girl.
Sir, how would I know that?
Because I paid you
to find out.
Sir, I... I don't know
what you're talking about.
You've never paid me
to do anything.
Fine. I didn't pay you.
I tipped you.
I need a drink.
Sir, after last night,
do you really think
getting a drink
is in your best interest?
I think not pissing me off
is in your best interest.
Never mind.
I know where the bar is.
Hey, my man.
How's it going for you?
I'll be doing better after I get
a little juice in me.
Well, I got
all kinds of juice.
I got tequila juice.
I got vodka juice.
Hold on.
I got something good for you.
Where is everybody?
This place was packed yesterday.
Not many people in town.
It's the off-season.
How could people leave
with the tunnel being blocked?
Didn't you say
it was the high-season?
The tunnel
was blocked for you?
Well, people want
to get out of town...
they always find a way.
Well, I am having
the most stressful vacation
of my life.
Well, you drink that down
in one gulp.
It's on the house.
It'll cure all your issues.
- Mm.
- Yeah.
What the hell was that?
I call it
the "panty drop."
You know, now I usually don't
give it to a guy,
but if I gave that to a girl,
it would be game on.
So you think I wear panties.
No, sir.
No, but I just wanted
to try it on you
before I gave it
to the girl from yesterday.
And I would tell her
it was for her from you.
This is from the man
down at the bar.
What're you waiting for?
I just delivered to you
a four-star piece of ass
on a silver platter.
I know.
But my girl is waiting for me
back in my room.
Least we know where she is.
And I know where
you're gonna be.
At her place.
And she'll be riding you
like a bucking bronco.
Oh, I have a strange feeling
about this one.
You know everybody in this town
already thinks I'm crazy.
Last night,
I heard some noises
and I woke up an entire hotel
trying to save somebody
that wasn't there.
I'm not a shrink,
and I don't care
if you're crazy.
I want you
to nail that girl.
With this gray hair,
I'm not getting any booty,
and I'm gonna live
vicariously through you.
And if anybody
comes around here asking,
you were here at the bar.
I got your back.
You again.
And how are you?
Thank you for the drink.
It's called
a "panty dropper."
Well, in that case,
I'll have another.
- Make it a double.
- You got it.
So, tell me something
about yourself.
Parents raised you
to be a good boy?
Come on.
Tell me something fun.
You must've had
some hobbies or something.
Actually, I grew up
in an orphanage.
My parents died when I was two
in a car accident.
- You left that down there.
- Thank you.
I don't remember them.
The only hobbies I ever did
was doing things
that I thought
would make them proud.
Sorry to bring up
a sore subject.
My mother made me do
ballet classes every day.
I hated it.
I had to get up early.
It was awful.
She thought I was gonna be
a prima ballerina.
Wow. I didn't realize
I was talking to a ballerina.
I don't know if I could
call myself that.
But, all of those years
sitting in the splits...
my legs
wrapped around a bar.
Let's just say,
once I get my legs
wrapped around you...
you're never gonna be able
to walk away from me.
Why haven't you called me?
But it's only been a day.
It's 'cause of Jenny,
isn't it?
Didn't stop you before.
How did you know
her name was Jenny?
Quit acting like
you don't know who I am.
Okay, it's really starting
to piss me off.
You know, I've had
a real long day?
I think I should go.
What do I have to do
to get you to fuck me?
Not much.
I need to go.
Uh, could I get my tab?
I told you
it was on the house.
I... I... I'm sorry.
I need to go.
Have a good day.
Hey, Michael.
You know you'll never win
against her.
So just enjoy it.
How did you know
my name was Michael?
Lucky guess.
Good night, Jen.
Who's in here?
Is there anybody here?
I knew you couldn't
keep away from me.
What the hell
are you doing?
You scared the living
fuck out of me.
Well, hope I didn't scare
all the fuck out of you.
No, no.
We can't do this.
Not here.
Not now.
We'll wake up
the entire hotel.
Well, since when are you scared
of waking up the hotel?
- I can't do this.
- Oh, come on.
- Michael?
- Fuck!
- It's not what you think.
- Why are you in here?
Um, we were just talking.
But why... why are you
back in here again?
I... I don't know.
The door was open.
I think you're losing it.
And you're starting
to scare me.
Why are you back in
this room again?
I... I don't know.
I think something's
wrong with me.
Just go to bed
and stay in bed.
I'm so sorry to be
putting you through this.
Jenny, you awake?
I can't sleep.
"All The Lies Lead
To What Lies Here."
Jenny, is that you?
What's going on?
What do you want from me?
What do you want from me?!
My God!
What're you gonna do to me?!
Get your hands off me!
Let me out of here!
Let me out of here!
Put me back!
Put me back!
Let me out of here!
Let me out of here!
Take me back
to the hotel!
What're you
gonna do to me?!
Let me out!
Let me out of here!
Let me out!
Let me out now!
Let me out of here!
Let me out of here!
Let me out!
You can't do this!
Let me out of here!
Let me out of here!
Let me out! Please!
Please let me out!
Please let me out!
Where are you taking me?
Let me out of here!
Let me out of here now!
Help! Let me out!
Let me out of here!
Let me out of here!
What do you
want to do with me?!
Let me out of here!
Who are you?
What're you
gonna do to me?
Let me out now!
Help! Let me out of here!
Please let me out!
Please let me out of here!
Let me out of here!
What are you
gonna do to me?
Who are you?!
What do you want from me?
Answer me!
What're you gonna do to me?!
What're those lights?
What're those light?
What're you doing?
No! No!
No! Help!
Help! Help!
- Oh, thank God.
- What's wrong?
- I had a terrible dream.
- What was it?
You were missing.
And then those evil monks
came out of nowhere,
and they tried
to burn me alive.
Hey, it was just a dream.
It... it's not just a dream.
- This place is evil.
- This place is not evil.
You're just overworked
and you haven't slept.
Look. You've been
and now you're having
I'm sorry.
I need to get a grip.
They wanted to burn me alive.
- But it's just a dream.
- That's right.
It was just a dream.
I just want to get out
of this bed.
You do need to get
some sleep.
You haven't had any real rest
since you've got here.
The last thing
I want to do is sleep.
I know.
But that's what you need to do.
I promise you'll be all right.
Once you get some rest,
you're gonna feel like yourself again.
- Okay?
- I'm...
I'm afraid I'm gonna have
another bad dream.
Or I'm gonna wake up
and you're gonna go missing.
Between me and you,
I think
your nightmare ghouls
will be far
more scared of you
than you of them.
And I am gonna go missing,
but just for a few minutes.
I'm gonna find us some coffee
and some breakfast.
Will you put a hazelnut
in my coffee?
I don't know.
Will you promise
to get some sleep?
Hey, is anyone here?
I'm sorry.
Were you
just standing there?
Yeah, I've been right here.
Are you okay?
You seem a little shaken up.
Yeah, I'm... I'm fine.
That's just weird.
Are... are you sure
you were just standing there?
I'm sure.
I mean,
I'm sort of everywhere.
Well, uh...
I just came down
to get breakfast,
but it doesn't look like
the kitchen is open.
So, you know,
I'm just gonna go back to my room.
How's Michael?
He, uh...
he have another bad dream?
How did you know that?
- How do you know Michael?
- I shouldn't say anything.
- Shouldn't say what?
I shouldn't.
No really.
Say what?
Oh, do you think
that Michael's been acting
kinda different lately?
he's got this secret.
And I know about it.
Who are you?
And what are you
talking about?
Jennifer, it's fine.
I'm your friend.
Hey, come with me.
I just checked into my room.
I'll show you this picture.
It'll explain everything.
- How do you know my name?
- Oh, you see, uh...
I know a lot about you.
- Come with me.
- What room are you in?
Baby, I'm hungry.
I finally got some
real sleep.
Jenny, are you here?
Good morning, sir.
How may I help you?
I'm supposed to be meeting
somebody for breakfast.
Of course, sir.
And what time can you be expecting them?
I think she may be here now.
Sir, you are the first
customer of the day.
Oh, you know, she actually said
she was gonna come down
and pick up breakfast.
Sir, you are the first customer
of any kind all day.
I've been at the front
all morning.
You know,
I'm a bit confused.
Do you mind if I take a look
around the dining room
just in case she slipped in
through the back door?
Sir, she's not in here.
Sir, would you like me
to make a reservation for you?
Um, I think I'm just gonna
take my chances
and hope that I can get a table
when I get back.
where did you go?
This is not like you.
Can you take these
over there for me?
Thank you.
Can I ask you something?
Have you seen my girl?
I don't know
what you're talking about, sir.
- Can I help you?
- I get it.
You don't like me.
Can you please just tell me
if you've seen my girl?
- Your girl? Sir...
- You know...
The blonde.
She's been by my side
every moment
that I've been
trapped here.
I don't know
who you're talking about.
What do you mean?
I mean I don't know this person
you're describing.
You helped us
with our luggage.
I tipped you to find out
what the occasion
we were celebrating was.
I'm sorry, sir.
I've never seen you
with a woman at all.
There she is.
Thanks for nothing,
I was so worried about you.
I thought you were only
gonna be a minute
when you went down
for breakfast.
I thought one of these ghouls
had done something to you.
Excuse me.
Get your hands off of me!
Oh, my God.
I'm so sorry.
I... I'm sorry.
What the hell
is going on?
MAN: What the fuck
do you think you're doing?
I'm sorry to bother you, sir.
I... oh... I just wanted to
make sure everything was okay.
You're trying to steal from me!
Your name's Clint, right?
How the fuck
do you know my name?
I came in here the other day
with the blonde, Jenny.
I gave you my credit card
and I told you she could buy
anything she wants.
You're trying to steal from me!
I'll pay for it.
You got till the count of five
before I blow your fuckin' head off.
- Calm down.
- One!
What is this?!
Oh, thank God.
A friendly face.
How are you doing today?
How does it look like
I'm doing?
You can't be doing
worse than me.
Well, you seem busy.
You got a sec to talk?
Do I look like a
healthcare professional?
I mean, I'm sorry I don't have
a couch for you to lay on.
- What?
- Where is everybody?
Is that what you
want to talk about?
It's the off-season.
All the people are gone.
You should have
checked with your,
uh, travel agent I think.
Just the other day
this place was packed.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
I'm sorry to trouble you.
Are you gonna order a drink?
Or are you just gonna
bust my balls talking?
I'll take a beer.
Now we're talking.
Good God...
Will that be all?
I have one more
question for you.
Have you seen the woman
I came to town with?
What woman?
Her name is Jenny.
I told you about her.
If you're so concerned about
the towns people disappearing,
and the love of your life,
maybe you shouldn't have spent
so much time sucking up
to that hot,
hot brunette.
You know what I'm saying?
I had enough
of your bullshit.
Since I've been here,
a town full of people have disappeared.
Can you tell me
what's going on?
What do you mean?
Everything's working out
What is that
supposed to mean?
Oh, come on, Michael,
with her out of the picture
you and I can be together.
Out of the picture.
You did this.
Explain to me
what you're talking about.
Come here.
Let me tell you something.
Come here.
What the fuck are you doing?
I'm making
our dreams come true.
You are one delusional bitch.
Hey, I did this for us.
Okay, I showed her
our picture
and she saw
how much you love me.
What are you talking about?
What picture?
It's time for you
to hit the road.
And if I don't?
What the fuck are you gonna do?
Summon the townspeople?
There's nobody fucking here!
No, I'll summon
your hooded friends.
- They'll know what to do.
- Oh, yeah?
Get the fuck out of here!
And what are they gonna do?
You're off the rails, buddy.
Oh, thank God.
I am so glad
that you're back.
I was worried sick.
I had convinced myself
that one of these rednecks
had done something to you.
Open the door, hon.
You know, being away from you
had a major effect on me.
I don't know
if I say it enough.
But I love you.
I know I can be a hardass.
I can be stubborn.
But I always love you.
I didn't realize
how much
until I thought
you were gone.
- Open the door, hon.
I just want to hold you.
"I love you...
Oh, sir.
Excuse me, sir?
What the fuck
do you want?
I have a message for you.
Why on earth
are you bothering me?
Your female companion
is waiting for you
in the dining room.
Jenny's in the dining room?
She wanted me to tell you
so that you could join her.
What do you want from me?
I want us to be together.
You're fucking insane.
Come on,
you don't mean that.
Where's Jenny?
I took care of her.
Where the fuck is Jenny?
Why don't you love me?
I don't understand.
Like from the picture.
What picture?
- We were so happy.
Get off me,
you crazy bitch.
Okay, okay, okay.
Come here.
I'll tell you where Jenny is.
Put your arms around me.
Tell me you love me.
I will never tell you
that I love you.
And I think
you know where Jenny is.
And if you
did something to her,
I will fucking kill you!
Hey. Are you okay?
What are you?
Look at me!
I could have killed her.
Who did you kill?
Killed Jenny.
No, I don't believe you.
You love me.
I know that you do.
I will never love you!
Never! Never! Never!
Then I don't want
to be here anymore.
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God.
Help! Help!
Help! Do something! Help!
Get in here!
God, he killed her.
Call the police.
He slit her throat.
Go! Help!
Don't just stand there!
Don't just stand there!
Do something!
So you admit
to killing Olivia.
I didn't kill anyone.
I got a whole room full
of people telling me
not only did you kill
that girl,
but that they
saw you do it.
You telling me that every single
one of them folks is wrong?
I didn't kill her.
So what's all that red stuff
on that fancy jacket?
I spilled a little wine
on myself during dinner.
You think you're funny?
Well, listen here,
city boy.
'Round here, we don't take
this kind of stuff lightly.
Listen to me.
She said that
she killed Jenny,
and when I asked her
about it,
she killed herself.
He's been sending my workers
on a wild goose chase
over some unknown woman.
Then the female victim,
comes to us,
tells us that he's mentally ill,
and that she's his wife,
and she's gonna
take care of everything.
Olivia is not my wife!
I'm here with Jenny!
I love Jenny!
Everyone heard him
threatening to kill Olivia
during a fight
in the lobby today.
Who is this Jenny?
- Is she missing?
- I've been trying to tell you.
Listen to me.
Olivia said
she killed Jenny.
We need to find Jenny.
Well, let's write up
a missing person.
- Rookie, get to writing.
- Hmm.
When did this Jenny
She disappeared
this morning.
We got here on Monday.
We've been here two nights.
So today... Wednesday...
probably around 9:00 AM.
I told you
he was delusional.
Wha... what did I do?
It is Monday.
11:01 AM.
You're just as much delusional
as you are a serial killer.
Wha... what time is it?
It's pitch black outside.
What am I,
your personal clock?
What time is it?
It is 11:01 AM,
Look at him.
Looks like
he just seen a ghost.
- I'm gonna alert the staff.
Let them know everything's
under control
and try to get
some more information.
You think you can come
around here, city boy? Hmm?
- Causing trouble.
- We'll take good care of you, city boy.
I know some locals around here
that'd pay good money
- to get a piece of you.
I bet that sounds
good to you, don't it?
- Huh?
- What'd you say?
Oh, a real smartass.
Let him have it.
I said gettin' ass raped
sounds good to you,
doesn't it, huh?
What do you
have to say to that?
I'd say,
you should lock your gun belt.
- Uh!
Throw me the keys
to the cuffs.
You got three seconds
to tell me where Jenny is.
- One...
- I don't know where she is.
- Two...
- Now, please. I swear to God.
- Three!
- Ugh!
BELLHOP: Manager said
you were under arrest.
It's okay.
He found me innocent.
You! Come here!
Come here!
- You...
- No, no!
You owe me a hundred dollars.
I... I... I don't have
a hundred dollars.
Don't move.
Consider us even.
Look at you!
I warned people about you!
You're a murdering lunatic!
Where's Jenny?
I know you know
who she is!
I don't know
what you're talking about.
Are you gonna kill us, too?
You monster!
Well, I do still have
three bullets left in the gun.
Pretty appropriate
for the situation,
- don't ya think?
- You're a coward.
You're a nothing
without that gun.
You know...
You're right.
May the best man win!
Let me give you
some advice, Michael.
The next time,
use the gun.
Let me give you
some advice, doc.
You really should take something
for that headache.
You shouldn't be there.
Let's see
what really lies here!
Well, what the fuck
is this?
What the fuck is going on?!
It can't be.
It can't be.
Oh... oh, my God.
How could they
do this to you?
How could they
do this to you?
I'm so sorry.
Here he is!
I want to take care
of someone first.
Hey, Michael, my man.
Have a seat.
Do me a favor and leave
that bloody ax by the door.
I just mopped the floor.
Who are those people
dressed like creepy monks?
Oh, Michael,
don't worry about them.
They're just doing
their job.
They're moving
souls along,
just not to a fun place.
They are calling
me a murderer.
I am not a killer!
I know you're not,
sort of.
I know that you didn't
kill Olivia or Jenny,
for that matter.
But the five people
you did kill
a couple
of minutes ago...
Now, that's another story.
But technically
it doesn't count here.
What's that
supposed to mean?
You see what I'm saying?
You can't really die here.
No one can die?
Where am I?
The court case.
All the people here
that you've dealt with
were important to you
in your final days.
Jenny, Olivia,
the hotel where they died,
the doctor who testified
that you were crazy,
try to remember.
You won't have
that ability soon.
Do you like reality shows?
And finally
the day has come,
of double murder,
his execution day
has arrived
in a very controversial
He did it.
There were witnesses
that said they saw him
- kill the victim in cold blood.
- Seriously?
If he's a monster
enough to kill his mistress,
then he must have
killed his fiance also.
MAN: There is no motive.
Why would he take her on a trip
and propose to her
only to kill her?
I mean, there's no
evidence that states
that he was having an affair
with the other victim.
In fact,
the evidence points
- to her being a stalker.
- WOMAN: Oh!
MAN: And why was
he denied an appeal
when further
DNA evidence was found?
- WOMAN: That is what arrogant men do.
- MEN: Oh, really?
We are not letting him
use his money
to get away
with these murders.
Not this time.
Son, do you have
any last words?
I pray to God...
that you
will burn in hell
for killing
those two women.
I was on trial,
but I'm innocent.
They wanted
to put me to death
for killing
Olivia and Jenny.
I remember the court.
But I didn't do it.
You know
I didn't do it.
Why can
I remember now?
Son, I know
you didn't do it.
You were wrongly convicted
of a double homicide,
based on what
people said they saw,
but they didn't.
And attorneys needing a
conviction in an election year.
Liars, cheats,
and thieves
that stole your life.
How did I get away?
You didn't.
Where am I?
You're in a holding area
before your final fate.
Sometimes it's busy,
sometimes it's not.
Most people go to the sky
through the tunnel.
Others have
a lesser fate.
They are trapped
and sacrificed
by your hooded friends,
and taken to a darker place.
People in the hotel
don't exist anymore.
Everything seems
jumbled and weird.
Your mind can't make
any sense of it anymore.
It's all
becoming a blur.
And all you feel
is longing.
Why do I remember now?
Because death
is an evil thing,
It gives you
one last moment of clarity
before it takes you.
Who are they?
They serve
a more sinister power.
Who are you?
I'm just the bartender.
I'm innocent.
I don't deserve this!
You can't take me!
Come on!
I've been waiting for you.
Oh, my God.
I love you so much.
But you're dead.
They say I did it,
but you know
I would never hurt you.
Of course you didn't.
I have a surprise
for you.
I met your parents.
They're so proud of you.
Your mom's been waiting
a long time to give you a hug.
Are you ready
to meet her?
The prisoner was brought
into the chamber
at 11:00 AM
and strapped to the chair.
By order of this great
and just state,
he was administered the death
penalty via electrocution.
justice was served.
Time of death,
April 4th,
Monday at 11:01 AM.