Monday First Screening (2023) Movie Script

That's why it hurtsto leave this place,
to be away from everyone.
I love you all very much.
I may be a little cranky at times,
but you all mean so much to me.
That's why I will keep teaching,
I will keep studying,
and I will keep learning.
Thank you for everything.
Enough of this now. You're making me cry.
I will miss you too.
We'll all miss you.
I'll miss all of you too.
Experiencing chest pain doesn't always
mean that you have a heart issue.
In your case, Lydia,
it's just a case of undereating.
You shouldn't forget to eat.
Don't prioritize work over food.
No, I just got so busy
these past few days.
That's why I skipped a few meals.
Sorry about that, Doc.
Well, now that you're retired,
I hope you find more time for it.
Oh, Doc. I'm not sure about that.
I still have a lot of things to do,
even in my retirement.
With these good results,
you might live for more than 20 years.
Especially with regular exercise
and a proper diet.
What am I supposed to do
with all that time?
But if I become too happy,
I might live up to 150 years old.
Is that possible?
Here's your cake, ma'am.
- Just put it here.
- Here?
- Ma'am, your order is here.
- Good.
I'll also need your senior citizen ID.
- It's over there.
- For the discount.
Here. I just got this.
It's my first time using it.
Look at the picture.
Do I look like a senior citizen there?
Yes, you do, ma'am.
- What did you say?
- I mean...
By senior, I meant
a senior high school student.
You look like a high schooler, ma'am.
You didn't let me finish.
Okay, fine.
Because of your cheesy compliment,
I'll add 100 pesos to your salary.
Why not make it 200?
- No, just 100. Go on.
- Okay, I'll just bring this to them.
Mom, what's your plan?
I want to keep teaching.
You still want to work?
You should be enjoying your retirement.
But I enjoy teaching.
Why not take a vacation?
Visit America or Europe.
I'll come with you, Mommy Dia.
I'd rather write a book
than travel abroad, sweetheart.
I know.
I was thinking of hosting free seminars.
But, Mommy Dia, are you happy?
Come on, the food is delicious. Let's eat.
Mom, I talked to Dad.
How is he?
He's having a baby with Auntie Lannie.
So, they plan
to have their baby in the US.
The irony of life.
The one who cheated
is the one who ends up happy.
Mom, come on.
How about we try that cake?
Right, Leah?
- Right.
- Here's your plate, Mommy Dia.
I see you guys are still together.
- Okay, then.
- Bye.
So, there is a "forever."
At basketball?
- There's truth in a "forevermore."
- You're just so handsome.
You're so good at basketball.
Will you look at that?
Even trash cans have partners.
But it feels good.
You know, Ason, I'm glad you came.
I thought your gout was acting up again.
You might just qualify
for the "Best in Long Gout" competition.
It's not my fault
that what's bad for me tastes so good.
That's not true, Ason.
Delicious food doesn't always
mean it's bad for you.
Delicious food is also a sign of love.
But, Deborah, the best things are free.
- You always want everything for free.
- That's right.
Once you get a taste of my cooking,
you'll keep craving it.
Is it addictive?
- Does it give you high blood pressure?
- It'll make you sigh with pleasure.
That can cause high blood pressure.
It's so good, you'll forget your name.
I don't want that.
I don't want to get Alzheimer's.
I might die.
Careful with your words
or it might come true.
- I don't want that.
- Exactly.
Anyway, let's get ready.
I want to be early
for the first screening.
- I hear this movie's good.
- Right, let's go.
- What's the title again?
- ML.
Can I have some? I want to munch on
something during the movie.
I'm sure it won't take long.
It's going to start soon.
Hey, are you looking for someone?
Your friends?
Not really.
Wait a minute.
We saw you at the park a while ago.
I don't think so,
you're mistaking me for someone else.
No. I'm sure it was you.
I may be old,
but my memory is still sharp.
Yeah, that's her.
Do you know anyone here?
No one. I'm just passing by.
You're in luck, the show's about to start.
I heard it's really good.
By the way, my name is Deborah.
And I'm Norman.
Hey, oldies!
We have a new friend here. This is Lydia.
- Hi, Lydia!
- This is Ason.
What is this, networking?
No. And don't worry,
you don't have to pay for anything.
Wait, are you a senior?
Do you have your ID with you?
I just turned 60 recently.
If that's the case, you should join us.
What's going on here?
Why do I see a lot of senior citizens?
Seniors get to watch a movie for free
every Monday.
I see.
But you're already here, come and join us.
The doors are about to open.
- It's a good movie.
- Yeah, join us.
- Come on. This is Ason.
- Over here.
- He'll introduce you.
- Lydia, this is Dorothy and Joel.
Look, they're letting us in.
The line's moving.
Sir Bobby's here. Sir Bobby!
This is what we're watching?
Sir Bobby.
I'm excited.
Oh, no.
Run faster. The bus is leaving.
How is this possible?
You ran after the wrong bus.
What are you doing?
You should have told her you liked her.
Now, it's too late.
Poor you.
You could have done better.
You're really meant for each other.
I couldn't get more sleep
because the movie was so good.
Wait up, Lydia!
Anything wrong? You seem to be in a rush.
I just feel cold.
I get cold easily.
You still feel cold with that jacket?
You're all covered up.
-I get cold easily,
-He's right.
especially inside movie theaters.
Anyway, I'll go ahead.
Thank you for the company.
Wait! Join us for a meal before you go.
Thanks, but I'm already full.
I ate so much popcorn.
What? Popcorn?
I didn't see you bring in any popcorn.
I bought it when you two were sleeping.
- You could've shared it with us.
- He's right.
- Woke us up, even.
- I didn't want to bother you.
- All right, I really have to go.
- Bye.
You should stay for a while.
Let's walk around some more.
I heard it's the sale season.
So many discounts. Let's go.
You know what?
I like shopping here
because they call me beautiful.
Hey, beautiful. Looking for something?
Look at me. I'm the beautiful one.
Hello, beautiful!
This will fit you perfectly!
Hello, beautiful. Please buy some pillows.
It's good for relaxing.
See, I told you!
Not you. Lydia.
I know.
Sir Bob, this is Lydia.
She's our new member.
Don't ruin their moment, Norman.
You can call me Bobby.
I'm sorry for earlier.
No worries, it's not your fault.
I'm glad I met you, though.
It's like that movie.
- That Thing Called Tadhana.
- Tadhana.
That was a good movie. We saw that, right?
Can I at least pay
for the popcorn and juice?
Why don't I invite you all out for a meal?
You heard him. He's treating us to a meal.
Come on, let's reserve a table.
We ordered a lot.
I don't know which one I ate.
Is this okay, Lydia?
Thank you.
Don't worry, it's no problem.
We love dining here.
They have a lot of choices.
It's affordable and senior-friendly.
- You dine here often?
- Yes.
After watching a movie,
this is our go-to place.
And it seems we'll eat here
for free more often.
So that's what you're after, Norman.
You get up whenever it's time to pay.
I won't do that from now on.
I'm so glad you joined us today.
What keeps you busy?
My husband and I are separated.
Our marriage has been annulled.
Well, I'm a retired architect.
A widower.
Now, I manage my children's condo units.
I'm a retired domestic helper.
Now, I take care of my grandchildren.
As for me, I'm just tired.
I'm so glad we have this Monday
first screening to relieve stress,
especially from taking care
of my grandchildren.
You can forget about your problems,
even for a while.
For me, this helps keep me going.
I remember a line from the movie
The Fault in Our Stars.
Did you get it?
Lydia, thank you for joining us.
I should be the one thanking you.
You've treated me twice today.
Oh, no worries, it's nothing.
What's important is everyone's happy.
I hope you're happy too.
I am. You know...
it's my first time watching a movie
with a group of seniors.
- It was fun.
- Yeah.
Actually, it's my first time too.
I mean, it's my first time to experience
someone eating my popcorn
and drinking my juice just like that.
But that was fun too.
You brought it up again, Bobby.
- You're embarrassing me.
- I was kidding.
How about I drive you home? It's safer.
My driver's on the way.
I see. Okay.
Well, I hope we see
each other again sometime.
I'll check my schedule.
- I'll go ahead.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
- Sure.
Take care.
Hey, Sir Bob!
How do people court each other nowadays?
Just get her mobile number,
then send her a message.
So many relationships start
just through texting.
- Really? That easy?
- Of course.
But I don't have her cell phone number.
Then give her one.
I'm not sugar daddy material.
Sir Bob, who's the lucky woman
that's making you act like this?
Her name is Lydia.
- Lydia?
- She's a retired professor.
Retired? I thought you were
talking about a younger woman.
Are you friends on Facegram at least?
If not, you should add her.
Then send her a message right away.
Is that it?
Yeah, it's that simple!
And then what?
And then visit her.
Bring her some flowers. Surprise her.
Just don't bring chocolates.
It might be bad for her.
I'm sure she'll appreciate
all your efforts.
- Got it.
- All right.
Thank you for that.
Anytime, Sir Bob.
If I die before you,
promise me you won't grieve for too long.
That you'll continue being happy.
Place the pot in front of the garage.
There. Of course, ma'am. I got it.
I'll get going.
Make sure they're watered evenly...
Who could that be?
- I'll open it, Clark.
- All right, ma'am.
Ma'am has a suitor! He's handsome!
Finally, you now have someone to jog with.
That's right, ma'am.
And someone to eat with!
Stop it, you two!
Unless you want
to end up like the plants here.
How did you know where I live?
I read it on your card.
Bobby, are you crazy?
Yes, crazy for love.
I don't need flowers, Bobby.
As you can see, I have a lot.
I have hibiscus, santan...
But these flowers are different.
They come with feelings.
Ma'am, stop playing hard to get.
Just accept them already.
You could at least
appreciate the guy's effort.
If I accept these flowers, will you leave?
Right away?
But this isn't even the exciting part.
Okay, I'll go.
I'll see you around?
At Monday's first screening.
Hey, Sir Bobby! What's up?
How goes the courtship?
Well, she accepted the flowers,
but she sent me away right after.
What does that mean?
I think I know what that means, Sir Bobby.
You only have a 50% chance
of getting together,
and a 50% chance of getting rejected.
I was hoping there would be
a bigger chance of getting together.
Sir, what's important is
you have a chance.
Just show her you're sincere.
You know what they say.
You mean, "honesty."
Oh, "honesty"? It must have changed.
Anyway, sir, if you need anything,
I'll be right here to help.
Yes, fighting!
That's it!
I'll go ahead.
I forgot your name. Can I call you "mine"?
We can play any game but hide and seek.
Because someone like you is hard to find.
My body is aching.
I keep falling for you every day.
Oh, ma'am, you're leaving early today?
Yes, I don't want to be late.
You're all dressed up today, ma'am.
You look like a millennial.
I bet you have a date.
We're only watching a movie.
Are you watching with your suitor?
No, I'm going out with my new friends.
Can you please stop teasing me about that?
I'm too old for that.
No, ma'am. That's not true!
Look at you. You look radiant.
Enough with the flattery. Come on.
- Hey, bring the steamed rice cake.
- The steamed rice cake?
- Clark, let's go.
- All right.
Yeah, I'm already watching it.
How are things there?
What's with this movie
you want me to watch?
Oh, nothing. You know all about those...
I have so many things to do...
Aren't you scared?
The main character is so stubborn.
Look at her.
She knew it was dangerous,
but she still went there. She's crazy!
Don't go in! It's dangerous!
She even locked herself in.
She's not getting out of there now!
It's too big! What?
And that's how we all became friends.
Because of Sir Bobby.
We used to just eat afterwards.
But eventually, we talked about
the movies we watched.
Then we started
talking about our lives, telling stories.
It always feels like a therapy session.
I made a lot of new friends here.
Because of this,
I got to have a second family.
Yeah, me too. It's like I instantly had
a new family with all of them.
Ason included.
I hope you can be part of that.
What? Which movie did you
get that line from?
No, that came from me.
So what now?
Are you up for it?
You really managed
to squeeze that into this.
Look at Bobby.
He's trying so hard.
Sir, you're going to have
a hard time courting Lydia.
Do you remember the line
from the movie Kita Kita?
Which one?
"You have to work hard
for the things you want in life."
Right on!
What if I hit you instead?
You keep ruining their moment.
Oh, no. You're dead.
- Hit me? You're so violent.
- You should really beat him up.
You really want to hit me, huh?
Mommy Dia?
What a surprise, what brings you here?
Wow! That's a lot of flowers.
Who gave you that?
Oh, well, she has a suitor!
A suitor? Who is he?
He's a handsome mestizo!
That's great to hear!
I'm happy for you, Mommy Dia!
Sofia, don't listen to Leah.
And forget about the guy
who keeps sending me flowers.
You know what we should do?
Let's eat the carbonara Leah made.
Oh, Mommy Dia! I miss home-cooked food.
Mom is really busy with work.
She hasn't been home lately.
And Dad is out of the country.
So most of the time, it's just me at home.
I still don't understand why your mom
let your dad work overseas.
Well, they say it's for my future.
But enough of that now.
- Mommy Dia.
- What?
Can you tell me about your suitor?
I said I don't have one. Let's go.
- Introduce him to me!
- No, forget it. Come on, let's eat.
They smell nice.
- Leah, is the food ready?
- Mommy Dia!
- Thank you very much.
- Thank you, ma'am. Very inspiring.
I'll go ahead.
Let me hold it for you, ma'am.
- Hello, ma'am, can we take a photo?
- Oh, of course.
- Thank you, ma'am.
- I'll give this to your driver.
Yes, please. He should be waiting outside.
You gave an amazing talk.
And how are you, young man?
We need excellent political scientists
like you in this country.
How's life? You have your own family now?
Do you have kids already?
I'm sure looking for a partner
won't be difficult for a man like you.
Actually, I'm having a hard time
looking for one.
Why is that?
But I guess... I already found her.
Single once more.
What do you mean by something?
Professor, I'm asking you out on a date.
Sir, please come in.
Make yourselves comfortable.
Both of you.
You're also visiting someone here?
In this house?
Do you work out?
Seems like she has another suitor.
They're both handsome.
Sofia, what are you doing there?
- Mommy Dia, you have visitors.
- Oh... David? Bobby?
Why are you here? It's raining.
Someone's blooming today.
Bobby, this is David Castro.
He was my student before.
And now, a suitor.
David, this is Bobby De Guzman.
A friend of mine.
By the way, how's the position
that Mr. President was offering you?
Really? Wow, that's a great offer.
- Yes, but I am still undecided.
- But if you grab that opportunity...
I support you on that.
Ma'am, excuse me.
The kitchen sink has a leak.
Then call a plumber.
- Plumbing problems?
- Yes.
There's a leak?
I know how to fix that. I can do it.
Are you sure, Bobby?
I got this.
- Ouch!
- Oh, dear. Bobby!
No, don't worry. It's okay. I'm okay.
- The clamp's just too tight. Wait...
- What?
Come on, get up. Help him get up.
Bobby, how's your hip?
It's fine.
Let me try it, old man.
Leave this to me.
It's done.
- It's fixed?
- It's fixed.
Clark, can you please check it?
- Do you need a pain reliever?
- It's fixed, ma'am.
Oh, Bobby?
I would also like to invite you to...
He offered me a ride to the conference
we're both attending.
I'm a guest speaker there.
Just leave this to Leah, please.
All right, I'll talk to you soon.
It's so rainy.
But that's my umbrella.
Hi, sir! What's up?
How are you and Ma'am Lydia?
Are you familiar with
the elevator scene trope in movies?
They're riding to the top
and then it suddenly stops,
and someone enters
and makes things complicated.
It's like that.
Ouch, well, you shouldn't have
taken the elevator.
Next time, climb up the fire exit
so you can get ahead of them.
I thought I was already ahead!
I got outwitted instead.
Now, they're together at that conference.
Hold on, Sir Bobby.
Who's this rival
that's got you so worried?
Here. Look.
Oh, David Castro.
Looks like tough competition, sir.
He's a political science professor.
He's tall.
He's handsome and he looks rich.
Hey, whose side are you on? Mine or his?
Just laying out the facts, sir.
Of course, you have to keep
fighting and improving.
You don't want to be a dinosaur.
What do you mean?
You don't know?
You're old.
Isn't that a bit much?
Mommy Dia.
Why are you still up?
Can't sleep?
It's nothing, really.
I'm just bored staying in all day.
I can't believe he hasn't texted.
Who are you talking about?
No one. Never mind.
- Sweetheart, I have a question.
- Yes, Mommy Dia?
Is it true that if you miss someone,
you're already falling in love with them?
I think so.
Maybe it's because
that person makes you happy,
so you find yourself missing them.
I guess that's true.
There we go!
So who are you missing?
No one.
Is it Bobby?
Of course not! He's not even messaging me.
So why are you waiting for him?
I'm waiting for the...
the school's confirmation.
I was asking for the conference schedule.
I don't buy it.
I know you. Come on, you can tell me.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I don't. I'm going for a midnight snack.
- Mommy Dia, someone messaged!
- What? Who?
Come here, you...
I knew it!
You're missing Bobby!
Admit it!
Go, Sir Bobby! You can do it!
Higher, higher! That's it. One more!
Let's make it two! Come on!
It's easy!
Sir Bobby, we should do
some stretching first before we jog.
Okay. Let's do some stretching first.
A little faster this time!
Jump higher. Higher!
Now to the back.
Go, Sir Bobby! You almost got it.
Ready to jog?
You can do it!
That's it! Build your muscles.
You got it! One more, come on.
Last one. One more, come on.
Come on, you can do it! Push!
There you go! Now the other arm.
That's it! I know you can do it.
Come on! Give me some more.
A little more. Perfect!
Sweating feels so good!
How about it, Sir Bobby? I told you.
Let me catch my breath.
Sir Bobby? Are you okay?
Sir Bobby!
Hey! Sir Bob! What happened to you?
Sir Bob!
How are you?
Is this Ma'am Lydia?
Who is this?
Why are you using Bobby's cell phone?
Sir Bobby, you're finally awake.
What happened, Edward?
I thought I was about
to call the funeral parlor.
Don't say that.
We just trained a little too hard.
That's just fine, sir.
I called Ma'am Lydia too.
She's on her way here.
What? Why did you call her?
She might think I'm a weakling!
I think that's them already.
Wait a minute, Sir Bobby.
- Hi, I'm Lydia.
- Ma'am Lydia!
- Good morning!
- Where is Bobby?
He's in his room.
- Is he okay?
- He's okay now.
What just happened?
Have you called a doctor yet?
- A doctor?
- Yes.
But Sir Bobby was already up.
We even talked a while ago.
Why did he pass out?
Maybe he just strained himself.
He said he wanted to compete
with Ma'am Lydia's suitor, David.
He got knocked out.
So it's your fault.
Sir Bobby isn't as young as you, you know!
No way.
And he doesn't need to do all that
for me to like him.
Get up, I know you're awake.
Hey! Come on.
Does that mean...
you already like me too?
Everything's spinning.
I feel really dizzy.
- Wait, is that for real?
- Wait.
- Slowly.
- Yes, give me a minute.
Hey, you have to take it easy.
Too much excitement can trigger that.
- Really?
- Yes.
How about the... Does it trigger that too?
- What?
- You know what I mean.
Jeez, Bobby! Why would you think that?
You're already sick.
I meant love.
- Oh, it's love, Mommy Dia.
- Pure nonsense.
Are we a couple now?
You don't want to?
No, I do!
I'm just dizzy right now.
You should rest.
Don't strain yourself too much.
Rest well,
so you can get up from this bed.
- Okay?
- I will.
I'm really dizzy.
I'm Edward.
This is all so sudden,
you inviting me here.
Yeah, actually.
Just for you.
I actually wanted to talk to you
about what you were asking me last time.
I already said yes to Bobby.
You're turning me down?
That's all.
Bob, why me?
Why not a younger or sexier woman?
Like Jerry Maguire said...
There's nothing else I'm missing.
You're already here.
Besides, you are sexy.
In all aspects.
And you're different.
You're the only woman I know
who laughs at a horror movie.
Why me?
Thank you for the chance.
What chance?
To Love Again.
Starring Sharon Cuneta
and Miguel Rodriguez.
Now that we're together...
what do you want to do?
Mommy Dia, this is Maxine.
She does makeup for actresses.
She's good at it!
This is not mortuary makeup, right?
Do I look like someone
who does that, madam?
Not really.
So, Maxine, what's the first step?
- Let's begin, madam.
- We'll do Mommy Dia's makeover.
Don't worry, I'll make you look fabulous.
Right! Make her fabulous!
Ma'am, you can use this as loungewear.
It looks good on you.
And if you go to the disco,
wear this red one.
- See, it suits you well.
- That's nice. Leah can be your stylist.
- I told you.
- I agree.
Ma'am, you look so much better
with that colorful wardrobe.
Wear something new, don't wear the old,
brown ones that make you look like a tree.
Oh, I mean, brown still
looks good on you, ma'am.
It's environment-friendly too.
All right, Mommy Dia.
Now, let's see these shoes.
Let's add some color in there.
You keep wearing black.
Yeah, it looks good.
- There you go.
- Nice. It looks great on you, ma'am.
- Really?
- Right?
- That looks good too.
- Isn't it too colorful?
How about this one?
Just one more thing, Mommy Dia.
- Mommy, lift them a little!
- Why do I need that?
Come on!
For a little lift. Come on.
Come on, give it a try.
Are you happy, Lydia?
So happy.
I've never felt this happy before.
You know, when...
when my ex-husband left me
for a younger woman...
I gave everything I had on teaching.
Because that's what I'm good at.
That's where I get appreciated.
Because I felt...
worthless after the separation.
That I wasn't worthy.
That I'm no longer beautiful.
That I'm past my prime.
That no one could ever really love me.
That's not true.
You're a great loss to that man.
You changed all of that, Bobby.
You opened my heart again.
You made me feel that...
I can love again.
Hello, ma'am. Here are the fruits.
Here. I washed them already.
- Thank you, Leah.
- Sure thing.
How are you feeling now?
You still hurt all over?
Yes, my legs hurt.
I think I danced too much last night.
- That's okay. Besides, we enjoyed it.
- Definitely.
When do you want to go clubbing again?
So I can show you some new...
Oh, no. moves.
Be careful.
I'm okay now.
I've experienced clubbing already.
I'm good with that.
next time we can...
- We can try the Toktok Dance.
- Oh, Tok... The Toktok?
Like this. Tok, tok...
- That's it? We'll do it like that?
- Tok, tok, tok...
- Ouch.
- I told you.
Watch your step.
What happened to you two?
Why are you walking funny?
Oh, well...
We tried to keep up
with the dancing last night.
- Yeah.
- At the disco?
That's so old-fashioned.
At a club.
We went clubbing last night.
You two are party people now, huh.
I didn't know it was that fun.
- I enjoyed it, too.
- Yeah.
Wait, where's Ason?
She's going to be absent, forever.
She passed away from a heart attack.
We should visit her wake.
Lydia, they already buried her.
Her children just saw her in bed one day.
They thought she was just sleeping
until they figured she had passed.
It still breaks my heart
that we lost Ason.
It's so sudden.
Me too.
Sometimes, I can't help but think,
what if that happens to me too?
What if I go to bed one night
and not wake up the next day?
I thought about it, Bob.
We'll never know how long
we can do the things we want.
So we should just enjoy our lives
while we still can.
So what else do you want to do?
I want to learn how to ride a bike.
- A bike?
- Yes.
That's a piece of cake. I got your back.
- Really?
- I'll teach you.
- We won't fall off?
- No. I got you.
I never really knew how to dance
But my feet moved to the beat on their own
When you put your hand in mine
I can feel my heart with every step I take
Each turn, it leads to you
You're the one I choose
Even if you're not with me
And if I forget what steps I should take
Your touch is enough to remind me
So my heart won't be led astray
I'll always find my way to you
Give your loving hands to me
-And let my heart be your relief
-Okay, I'll let go?
-From your gaze that makes me weak
-Let go now?
No matter the rhyme or reason
To you, our love always finds a way
Nothing comes close to you
No matter who you are
And if I forget what steps I should take
Your touch is enough to remind me
So my heart won't be led astray
I'll always find my way to you
- There are lots of people here.
- That's fine.
Oh, you...
I remember this line from the movie,
My Best Friend's Wedding.
The girl said...
And if I forget what steps I should take
Your touch is enough to remind me
I'll always find my way to you
To you...
You're the only one leading me
And with every heartbeat that comes
I will keep taking the steps
Though I never
I never really knew how to dance
Wait, isn't that Norman?
Oh, my.
Sir Bob.
Ma'am Lydia.
What are you doing there?
I sleep better here because it's relaxing...
It's windy.
I can see so many stars here.
And the security guards
don't make me leave.
I've been staying here for a while...
Ever since I lost my job...
because of my age.
I was a burden on my family.
That's why I...
I chose to settle here for now.
But I won't give up.
I know that...
I can still return to my family. I...
I know they will still
open their doors to me.
Really, Lydia, I want to get a job.
No one just wants to give me a chance.
Don't worry, Norman.
We'll find a way for you.
Sure, anytime.
Actually, I should be
the one thanking you.
Norman is my best employee here.
He's diligent and still very able.
We should really revisit the policy here
in the Philippines about retiring at 60.
That's right. I hope you can help
more people like Norman.
I'll advocate for senior citizen's rights
here in the Philippines.
And I'll support you.
Maybe we can create a new policy
for senior citizens like me
who still want to continue working.
I still have a class to teach.
What is it, Deb?
Why the long face?
My daughter wants
to bring me to Singapore.
To take care of my grandchildren.
But I'm too tired.
Lydia, I was young
when I became a domestic helper.
I took care of other people's kids.
After that, I took care of my children.
And now, it's my grandchildren.
I just...
I just wish...
I could experience
being the one who's taken care of.
I wonder when that will happen.
Maybe if I'm paralyzed?
Deb, you should tell your children
what you're feeling.
I'm sure they will listen.
Hello, son?
Dad, how are you?
I'm all right. How about you?
We're okay.
We're in a period of retrenchment
and we lost our jobs.
I'm sorry, Dad.
We can't send you a remittance yet.
But are you both okay?
We're looking for work now.
Don't worry about me.
I can take care of myself.
And I saved enough
from your previous remittances.
What's important to me is you're safe.
I love you and your sister both.
Sir Bobby, I'm glad you came.
What brings you here?
My children are in a crisis in America.
They got retrenched.
I need to earn.
Does this mean you're back as partner?
You mean, I'm hired?
Sir, you're the only person
who believed in me when I was starting.
I owe my successes to you.
Joseph, don't worry about it.
You don't owe me anything.
Sir, do you know why
I didn't change the company name?
Because I was waiting
for you to come back.
Sir Bobby.
Mommy Dia, why do we have so much food?
What's going on? And a lot of plates.
Well, I want to celebrate
and congratulate Bobby.
Because after so many years
of being retired,
he's back to work
as an architectural consultant.
That's why I admire Bobby.
Eleanor, what are you doing here?
I just missed both of you.
Actually, I missed this too.
I just came from a meeting.
Good thing we finished early.
What's with all the food?
It's too much for four people.
Are you celebrating something?
We're celebrating Daddy Bobby's new work
as an architectural consultant.
Who's Daddy Bobby?
Oh, him.
He's Daddy Bobby. Mommy Dia's boyfriend.
You're in a relationship?
I didn't think I'd be the one surprised.
Bob, this is Eleanor.
We prepared a small dinner for you.
I enjoyed it.
Take care.
Mom, why didn't you tell me
about your relationship with Bobby?
How could I? You're always busy.
Even you, Sofia. You've known all along.
Why did you keep it from me?
But Mom, you're seldom home.
Tell me, who is that man?
Do you know his background?
Why did you trust him right away?
And who are you to judge others?
Me? I'm your daughter.
Do you know him?
What does he want from you?
- What if he's only using you for money?
- Stop it, Mommy.
Daddy Bobby is a good man.
Enough, Sofia.
Stop calling him Daddy Bobby.
He's not family.
That's harsh, Mommy.
Why are you still here?
Mom, I had Bobby investigated.
Mom, that Bobby is a gambler.
He gambled away all his assets.
He even had to sell his business.
Mom, please.
You have to leave him. He's using you.
You speak as if
you're in charge of what I do.
Eleanor, I don't need to listen to this.
Why didn't you tell me?
That's a part of my life
I don't want to revisit.
But don't I deserve to know?
My wife was diagnosed
with stage four colon cancer.
We planned an early retirement...
so we could enjoy life,
but she left too soon.
You know, when you live
with someone for 35 years,
who's with you every day,
when you sleep, when you eat,
when you watch movies...
who's with you in all the happiest...
moments of your life,
and suddenly, you lose them...
It feels like you died with them.
You wake up feeling lost.
You don't know what else to do
or if you'll ever have the will again.
I lost my purpose in life...
so turned to gambling.
I bet everything I had...
and I lost everything.
Including my business.
I didn't care.
I didn't care about
what else could be taken from me
or what could happen to me.
But you know...
all the pain and all the agony I had,
went away when I got to know you.
You and my wife are the same.
You're both loving. You're both so brave.
But you're different.
There is something about you
that even I wonder...
if she sent you to me.
So I could turn my life around, Lydia.
Have you talked to him, Mom?
Yes, we talked.
I'm right about everything, aren't I?
You're supposed to know better.
After what happened between you and Dad?
Bobby isn't like your father.
Let me ask you.
Why is it so easy for you
to forgive your father,
and yet you treat me
like I'm the one at fault?
He replaced me
even when I was still alive.
Who was there
when I went through all that?
No one.
Not even you, my own daughter.
I had no one.
You make me feel
like I don't deserve to have
a genuine companion in life.
That people only come to me
because they need something from me,
because they need money from me
and I'll be left cheated out of it.
You blame me for everything
I'm going through.
But you don't have the right to blame me.
Because I have felt loved by other people
much more than you.
And Bobby?
He's a widower.
But he still loves his wife so much.
That's what I want in life.
Can't you just be happy for me?
I've decided to sell the house.
Why would you?
This house has brought me
nothing but pain.
I want to start anew.
And make new memories while I still can.
- Come on. Let's go.
- Yeah.
- Where am I putting this, ma'am?
- The plant goes to the shelf.
The throw pillows can go on the sofa.
Put that one there... in the corner.
Can you? Okay.
Deb, when are you flying to Singapore?
I'm not going anymore.
I told them it's their turn
to take care of me now.
Now, they don't even want me
to leave the house.
- Really?
- Yes.
We'll be spending more time together!
I wonder where Bobby is.
He's supposed to be here by now.
The movie is about to start.
Maybe he went after Ason.
- Deb, don't say that!
- I'm kidding.
You just seem so worried.
Too bad. I'm buying today's snacks.
Wow, that's new.
Well, I just got paid.
- Really?
- Yes.
Norman, you should keep that for yourself.
Visit your family, your children
and grandchildren.
By the way, Lydia, Deborah.
I went home to my family.
We got it all sorted out.
That's great.
I'm happy for you, Norman.
Thank you very much.
Why hasn't Bobby messaged me?
Bobby, what are you doing there?
Lydia, if you will allow me,
I want to watch more movies with you
while eating popcorn and holding hands.
I want to do all the things we both
want to do for the rest of our lives.
you are my Now Showing,
Next Attraction, and Coming Soon.
From opening till the end.
And I really hope you'll take this ticket
that I am offering you,
with no discount.
To be with you from the first screening
till the last full show.
I will marry you!
You can take anything I leave behind.
Really, ma'am?
Thank you so much, ma'am!
This will help us a lot to get a start.
What's wrong, Leah?
I've known about your relationship
for some time now.
I still don't understand
why you didn't tell me.
Don't worry. I'll still be one
of your sponsors at the wedding.
- Oh, ma'am. We're really thankful.
- Ma'am, thank you. Thank you very much.
- Anytime.
- Okay, ma'am.
- We'll go ahead.
- Sure, pack them.
Thank you, ma'am.
Mom, I just wanted to see you.
What's the problem?
Mom, I was wrong.
Dear, what happened?
Mom, I didn't want you to be with Bobby
because I have my own trust issues.
What do you mean?
I'm sorry, Mom.
Love is just like us.
It's not perfect.
We all make mistakes.
But what's important is
you learn and you grow better from it.
If you love your husband and your kids,
fix your relationship while you still can.
My dear.
I never really knew how to dance
But my feet moved to the beat on their own
When you put your hand in mine
I can feel my heart with every step I take
Each turn, it leads to you
You're the one I choose
Even if you're not with me
I thought my life became worthless
when my wife passed away.
I thought happy endings
and happily-ever-afters
only existed in the movies.
But it can happen in real life too.
And it began when I met you.
You taught me how to turn my life around.
You taught me how to
take back my life from the past,
to hold on to the present,
and to look forward
to a future spent with you.
I'm thankful because my life
became colorful with you.
I have dedicated all my life to teaching
because it's the one thing I'm good at.
But I was wrong.
Because I forgot to teach myself
how to be happy.
I built such high walls around my heart
after a failed love that will never heal.
But you came knocking
And I couldn't help but
put down those walls for you.
With you, I realized it's not too late
for me to be happy again with someone new.
I love you very much.
I love you very much, Lydia.
Very, very much.
And if I forget what steps I should take
Your touch is enough to remind me
So my heart won't be led astray
I'll always find
My way to you
My way to you
You're the only one leading me
And with every heartbeat that comes
I will keep taking the steps
Though I never
I never really knew how to dance
Subtitle translation by:
Nicole Alyssa T. Valdes