Mondo (2023) Movie Script

JANUARY 11, 2003
You were really good, Yiwha.
Next time, will you record me again?
Of course, sweetie.
Hey, Mom. Are you crying?
Why are you crying?
there's only you and me now.
Dad has gone to work overseas.
Don't worry. I'll take care of you.
That pass!
- Yeah!
- Damn it, Dom.
Do you even know how to play?
You just scored an own goal.
Dumb shit.
I put my money on you, Dom.
- Moron.
- Cut it out. It's just a game!
- Yeah.
- But I'm losing money, Yiwha.
God damn it.
I'll tell Mhulhee you really suck.
Let it go. It's just a game.
Win some, lose some.
And nobody asked them to put money on it.
Sore losers.
Who gives a damn about them?
Look, I'm doing, like,
a graduation interview
about peoples' plans for the future.
I haven't interviewed you.
So, can I do it now?
- Sure.
- Okay.
One moment.
All right.
Dom, what do you want
to do after high school?
help out with my family's business.
What about you, Yiwha?
- I'll film you.
- Hey!
- I'm embarrassed.
- Why?
Come on.
You'll think I'm a daydreamer.
I won't.
It's great to have your own dream.
Come on.
- Okay.
- Five, four, three, two
I want to be a film director.
And I want to make a film
that has a real impact.
I want to win the Best Director Award
and go to the Cannes Film Festival.
And I want to be the female Wong Kar Wai.
Wong Kar who?
Who's that? Jackie Chan's friend?
See? You think I'm fantasizing.
No, I don't.
I just don't know
what you're talking about.
But I believe
that you'll be a great film director.
Guys, check this out!
Sago worms!
Looks delicious!
It will taste rich and crunchy.
Well, let's try it.
I can't wait.
Here we go.
Your coconut worms.
I'm allergic to it.
Tell them to hire another YouTuber.
Come on. But the client wanted you.
Your channel is in the low-end market.
You wanted car or camera ads?
No, that isn't your segment at all.
I'm not insulting you or anything.
But the numbers say it all.
I know you want to do high-end products,
but your 300K subscribers
are nowhere near enough.
Rack up at least
one to two million followers first.
Then, we can talk.
I'd suggest
Open yourself up to new opportunities.
Try May-Bot today.
How's the editing?
Almost done.
One last pimple left.
- Okay.
- Listen.
Go see a dermatologist, will you?
Pimples everywhere.
I'm sick of photo-shopping them out.
I pay you to do it, so do it.
I want it done by this evening.
Please hurry.
Where's Ton?
He's not in?
He came in. Then, he left.
What do you mean?
I mean, I fired him.
- No way!
- Way!
But I hired him to help you!
To help me? He was more like a nuisance!
I can survive on my own.
It's annoying working with someone
who can't get anything right.
It's my channel, not yours.
You can't just fire anyone.
Now, finish it!
I'll leave her pimples on.
Dom, don't forget the incense sticks
and ceremonial objects.
I'm getting them, Mom.
Grandpa, give it to me.
It's okay. I'm all right.
You're too slow.
- It's okay.
- Where are the oranges?
In the front seat.
- Take it.
- Gosh.
- Easy.
- Grandpa!
Gigi, come and get great-grandpa.
Go sit over there.
Don't go anywhere.
Are you done, Dom?
All done, Mom.
Hurry up!
Good morning.
Good morning.
Hey, go get it.
Be careful.
Hey, Dom. What took you so long?
Do you know what time it is?
The bride's mother
is going to eat me alive.
Sorry, we were lost.
- You don't know about Google Map?
- My phone ran out of data.
Come on. Let's take them inside.
Where's the Chung-chao plant?
Where's the Chung-chao plant?
- What?
- Chung-chao?
Want my daughter to get dumped?
Why isn't there a Chung-chao plant?
You're bringing misfortune.
Not at all, ma'am.
Go get it now.
No Chung-chao plant!
No Chung-chao plant, no wedding!
No wedding!
No wedding!
Calm down, please.
- Calm down, please.
- How?
There's no Chung-chao plant!
Where's the Chung-chao plant?
Chung-chao! The Major Wife plant.
The Major Wife plant
I left it at our shop.
How could you? It's important!
My daughter will be jinxed.
She'll never be the only wife like me.
Her husband will have a mistress!
No! It's going to be okay.
- I'm going to faint.
- Mom!
Tired of being a bag holder?
The new coin will relieve you
from your burden. A perfect investment
We can make your crypto trade much easier.
No matter which coin you're holding
You forgot the plants.
It doesn't matter now.
It's right here.
Why didn't you check first?
I did.
But there was so much stuff
and we were in a hurry.
When will you be able
to run this business on your own?
I can't drag Gigi here every day.
I need time to be with my husband
Well, forget it.
It doesn't matter now.
You're drooling.
Hey, tell your "wife" I'm sorry
for dragging you along.
I have a family, Dom.
You know I can't come over here
and help you all the time.
Why don't you get yourself a wife
to help you run our family business?
Go on an arranged date again.
Let your brother fix it up,
so you can get a wife.
I told you many times
that I won't do that.
Tell you what.
I already have a girlfriend.
What's this?
It's our seventh anniversary. You forgot?
I didn't forget. I'm just confused.
I see.
It seems weird for the occasion.
But the pyramid dessert
signifies good fortune.
Eat it and your life will be smooth.
Last time I had it,
it didn't go down my throat smoothly.
That's why I made it especially for you
with no fillings.
Try it.
Come on. I made it just for you.
This one.
Let's see.
It's good?
It is.
Will you marry me, Yiwha?
You're choking on happiness?
We've been together for seven years.
So I think it's just about time.
You really can't breathe?
Holy shit!
One, two, three!
Feeling better?
Let's go to the hospital.
There's no need.
I'm okay now.
- I'm sorry. I just--
- Hey!
Don't be sorry.
I mean
I kinda want to accept your proposal.
can you give me some more time?
Let me reach
one million subscribers first.
Jik told me that more subscribers
will get me high-end clients.
I don't want to eat worms anymore.
You've seen my swollen lips.
Please, Dom.
I'm fed up with worms.
But I'll never be fed up with you.
You're sweet.
let me introduce you to my family.
What? Introduce me to your family?
I want them to know I have a girlfriend.
Otherwise, they'll keep
arranging dates for me.
Arranged dates?
But I'm not interested, you know.
That's why I want
to introduce you to my family.
So they'll stop nagging at me.
- Tomorrow?
- Sure.
Do you have to work?
For you, I'll do anything.
What the fuck!
How could I forget?
I can do it.
I want them to know I have a girlfriend.
Otherwise, they'll keep
arranging dates for me.
If you can't manage your time,
let us give you a hand.
Smart AI "May-Bot"
knows exactly what you want.
We can make a decision for you.
Try us for free now
before your problem gets out of hand.
ACCEPClick "Accept" to allow access
to your social media accounts.
May-Bot is connecting
to your mobile phone.
You're allowed
to ask three free questions.
Ask your first question now.
If you were me,
how would you boost
the "Where singles go" channel
to reach a million subscribers?
Thanks for trusting May-Bot.
I can create the best content
by analyzing big data
while maintaining your original character.
The altitude is
I can arrange your schedule
and help you avoid
any negative or debilitating factors.
May-Bot can also edit videos,
and manage your channel
to accommodate audiences
all over the world.
If you're the superstitious type,
May-Bot can calculate
the perfect astrological timing
to post your content online.
So, should I start now?
But I have to see
my boyfriend's family tomorrow.
I suggest you postpone the meeting.
A romantic relationship
has a negative influence on your goal.
Don't worry. Come whenever you're free.
Mr. Phayoch! You just donated 5,000 baht!
Thank you so much!
Have a good day, sir.
It's okay.
You're amazing.
You've made it to one million subs
in just a few months.
So, I'll get more high-end clients now?
Of course.
But you know, they prefer B2B deals.
- Okay.
- My advice is you should start a company.
Get more talented people on your team
because what you're doing
from home now is like a freelance job.
And your team consists of you
and one more girl.
It's so unprofessional.
Think about it. Okay?
What are you worried about, Yiwha?
I feel uneasy
about having to start my own company.
I'm afraid I'll ruin it
just like my father ruined his.
I'm scared it won't be
the way I expect it to be.
I worked hard to make my channel popular
so my mom would come back.
But she didn't return as she'd promised.
The way I see it, nothing has
ever turned out the way I wanted.
My suggestion is based
on processing data and information.
But what happened to you
was a result of human decisions,
which are unpredictable.
My advice is you should set up a company
and find well-known celebrity partners
to help you run the business.
Success will help you
overcome your past trauma.
But where?
Where can I find celebrity partners?
Wait! When is the reunion party?
Is the class reunion so important to you?
Why are you asking?
So I'll call you when I'm back
from the reunion. Okay?
Love you.
Hey, Milk!
Hi, Chai! Long time no see!
I know. I usually see you without
make-up walking around in a jungle.
But you look gorgeous today.
But aren't you dressing up
for the super-rich theme?
I am. See?
Gucci polo, 49,000 baht.
Gucci pants, 38,000 baht.
Chanel Boy, over 200,000 baht.
You made me look cheap.
No. Not at all.
You look rich enough.
But based on the price tags,
you're not going to win
the Best Costume prize.
Right. I'll get a table over there.
- Okay.
- See you around.
- Sorry!
- Sorry!
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
Dom, why are you closing up?
There aren't any customers, Grandpa.
Hold on. Wait for your grandma.
- Grandma is
- Dom.
Your grandma was so lucky.
She's long gone,
but someone still remembers her.
Someone still talks to her.
You don't talk to Dad anymore?
I do.
I ask him to help me
win the lottery every night.
He never gives me the lucky number.
Dad and Grandma must've been
reborn already.
It's best for Grandpa to realize
that Grandma has already gone.
So he won't have
to wait for her every day.
You want him to accept the truth
when you can't even do that yourself.
What do you mean?
Your girlfriend, of course.
She doesn't love you anymore.
But you're lying to yourself
that she still does.
You've watched too many soap dramas.
Then what's the issue between you two?
Why haven't you brought her here?
Dom, if there's a problem,
just work it out.
I want to meet my future daughter-in-law.
I've been wrecked by guilt
for raising two boys
who can't produce an heir.
You can have my jacket.
You don't recognize me?
I'm Wang.
Well, I was that nerdy guy
with thick glasses.
Right. Wang!
I didn't recognize you.
You've changed a lot.
- Here, take it.
- Mr. Wang, please come on stage.
Give him a big hand!
Keep yourself warm.
Hi, Wang!
- Hey.
- Kwan!
Let's go over there.
I'm so happy!
Hi, guys.
- Miss you.
- Kwan.
Is that really Wang?
- Hi.
- Yes.
He's the CEO of Hope Inc.
You've heard of it, right?
You don't know?
It's a tech start-up.
He's launched Bangkaew coin
to compete with Shiba coin.
Thank you for arranging this reunion.
Let's give Wang an applause.
What is it?
You want me to print it for you?
It's a wallet.
I've saved up to buy you one bitcoin.
- Why?
- It's
It's worth nothing today.
But it will make you rich later.
Just take it.
Guys, what's the bitcoin price now?
It has come down
to 700,000 to 800,000 baht.
But its all-time high
was over two million baht.
Two million?
I'll choose
- Yiwha, please come to the stage!
- Yiwha, you won!
- Go.
- Go!
Go on! Come on!
Please come on stage.
Take the bride's hands.
Now let me ask you.
Why did you give Yiwha
the Best Super-Rich Costume prize?
Because Yiwha's princess costume
reminds me of when I was young.
Back then, I thought rich people
were only princes and princesses.
So Yiwha impresses me the most
with her costume.
Wow! Our CEO is a deep-thinker!
Sorry I didn't recognize you at first.
It's been ten years.
And you've changed a lot.
But you are
still as lovely as before.
Yiwha, your heart rate
is higher than usual.
Should I call 911?
Sorry. My phone is acting funny.
You're using May-Bot?
It's my company's product.
Right. Hope Inc.
- So May-Bot is your idea.
- Yes.
You're brilliant.
So how is it? Any feedback on May-Bot?
She has helped me a lot.
I couldn't have reached a million subs
without May-Bot's help.
No. It's because of you.
I'm a fan of your YouTube channel.
It's really fun.
Let me ask you.
Do you do everything yourself?
Well, I had a team.
But they left to start their own channels.
So I've just hired another person.
Only two of you now?
- Yes.
- For real?
- Yup.
- Wow.
Great work from just two people.
If you open a start-up
and hire more talented staff,
you'll go really far in this career.
Hey! You're a CEO.
You know anyone who might
want to invest in my channel?
I think I do.
Hey, Dom.
Dom is here.
Dom! Over here.
Long time no see.
Where's Yiwha?
She went to get her prize.
She's coming.
Yiwha, over here.
- Sit down.
- You too.
I want to chat with rich people.
- Of course!
- Drinks?
What's up with you two?
We were talking business.
Really? But you two just met.
- Don't be nosy.
- Right. Bitch!
So what are you guys doing now?
I have an online shop.
- Online casino.
- Keep your voice down.
What about you, Milk?
OnlyFans creator. Please subscribe.
- And you, Kwan?
- Staying home and raising kids.
- The best job.
- Yeah.
- I want kids too.
- You can have mine.
I help run my family's business.
Hia Tong shop, right?
Tia Hong.
Right. I once drove past your shop.
It's pretty quiet.
People prefer online shopping now.
Traditional shops
are struggling a lot these days.
Who'd aim for the stars like you?
A start-up genius with tons of money.
- Whoa!
- Not at all.
Look, when I make money from a project,
I invest the profit in another.
You can't rely on one cash cow forever.
You can't survive on the same old thing.
There are plenty of examples.
The world is moving faster than you think.
Well said. Cheers!
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
- I have to drive.
- Too bad.
Listen, Yiwha and I have made a deal.
We're going to become business partners.
You two just met.
Business partners?
Wang is rich. It's no big deal for him.
I meant Yiwha.
You just met him today.
Isn't it too fast to do business with him?
Besides, can he be trusted?
Why can't he be trusted?
Wang runs a seriously big company.
One that sells only phony stuff.
His company sells invisible tokens!
He cons people to invest in empty air!
What's wrong with you?
Wang, sorry for what he said.
It's okay.
I get that a lot.
Maybe because what I do
is all about the future.
People think it's intangible,
and what's intangible can't be real.
I get it, Dom.
You've lived off your family
all your life.
We don't share the same mindset.
You're insulting me.
Cut your shit about me
living off my family.
I'm proud of what I do
because I've earned
every single baht myself.
I don't con people into investing
and bankrupt them in crypto shit!
Come on, be reasonable.
I never forced anyone to invest.
Have you heard about "investment risk"?
Win or lose,
it depends on investment planning.
Want me to plan it for you?
- Guys, cheers!
- Yeah.
- I hate tension.
- Yeah. Loosen up, guys.
- Don't be so serious.
- It's a reunion, for God's sake.
Damn right.
- Hey, Dom!
- Dom!
- Yiwha!
- Yiwha!
This really sucks.
Dom, what the hell's wrong with you?
You showed up and acted like a jerk.
- What's your problem?
- I don't have a problem!
Is it because I didn't come to your house?
I'm sorry.
We can set another date.
You've called it off too many times.
My mom has prepared dinner
for you each time.
You should've told me.
You should've known
that you'd have dinner with my family.
But I didn't.
I didn't have the slightest idea.
I didn't grow up in a normal family.
Sorry, then, for not telling you.
I'm sorry, too, for calling it off.
is tomorrow okay with you?
You and Yiwha are a couple?
But your channel is called
"Where singles go."
So you're bullshitting?
Gigi, watch your language!
I didn't lie.
I just didn't make it public
because of marketing.
did you hire her to play your girlfriend?
No! Are you nuts?
Cut it out.
Get some food for Grandma too.
Hi, Yiwha.
I heard a foreign language being spoken.
Should I turn on the translation service?
I want to go to bed.
What's your Chinese family name?
Who are your parents?
I'm 100% Thai.
I live on my own.
My parents have not
talked to each other for a long time.
Why not? Are they divorced?
- Brother!
- I just want to know.
- It's okay.
- What's wrong with that?
My dad left after his business went under.
My mom raised me alone since.
But when I finished high school,
she moved to the US with her boyfriend.
Why didn't you follow her to America?
Well, she has her family there now.
She has always supported herself.
She started a YouTube channel
after high school.
Now it has a million subscribers.
A million subs? It's just a passing fad.
I've found you several nicer girls
and you kept saying no.
And listen to her.
She's a Thai girl from a broken family.
She could be a scammer.
What do we have for her to scam?
Our funeral banknotes?
Stop it.
I'm afraid
this girl will bring us trouble.
You bet, Mom.
Thai women are lazy and greedy.
Watch your back.
Soon you'll have to wash her clothes
and clean her toilet.
Stop insulting Yiwha.
You looked down on her from the start.
Do you think you're any better than her?
Let's eat.
Guanyin, help!
You go first.
Do we use this to enter the Metaverse?
Something like that.
Our company calls it "Mondo."
Try it.
- It's like a helmet.
- I'll help you.
- Too tight?
- It's okay.
Yiwha, this is Withit.
Hello, welcome to Mondo.
Is this Mondo?
It looks exactly like Sattahip.
Super-realistic, right?
Yes. Like my childhood hometown.
Mondo is an upgraded version of Metaverse.
We're working with Withit
to develop it further.
What you see is rendered by May-Bot.
She transforms your memories
into high-resolution images.
So all of this comes from your memories.
So May-Bot creates all of this.
But where does she get my memories from?
From the photos and videos
you uploaded on social media
and also from our database.
You can travel to any place
in your memory just by picturing it.
Your presentation was impressive.
Maybe you can launch it next month?
I don't think so. Give me some more time.
- Okay. Now let's get to it.
- Sure.
A, Nok, are you here?
Hi, I'm Nok from Finance.
Hi, can everyone hear me?
Yiwha, this is A from Legal Dept.
Let's start.
Excuse me.
Someone forgot to turn their mic off.
Oops. Shit.
My bad.
Never mind. Mr. Wang, please go on.
Yiwha's YouTube channel,
"Where singles go"
has reached the milestone
of one million subscribers
in barely two months.
She has a secret helper,
a state-of-the-art consultant.
And that is May-Bot,
which has been developed by our company.
But you can't give
all the credit to May-Bot
as other online influencers
who also used May-Bot
couldn't boost their numbers
as staggeringly as Yiwha did.
With the right combination
between Yiwha's cheerful,
trustworthy, positive vibe
and May-Bot's exceptional intelligence,
the channel's engagement
has rapidly multiplied.
In 45 days, Yiwha's subscribers
have gone up 90%.
If the number keeps growing,
in one year,
her followers on all platforms
will reach over five million.
That'll make her Thailand's
most powerful influencer.
Now that you know Yiwha's success
is partially due to May-Bot
and Hope Inc,
why wouldn't you want to try May-Bot?
Mr. Wang, can you repeat that? I just
From the beginning?
I'll pick it up from here.
Can you hear me? Can you
I'm in.
Forget those clowns.
I'll give you ten million baht
to develop it.
Thank you.
I won't let you down.
Thank you.
Do your best. I trust you on this.
You can go now.
What's wrong?
Aren't you happy Withit's now on board?
But five million subscribers!
I don't think I can do it.
You've got May-Bot. Don't worry.
And we'll set up a company
and hire more people.
More content means more subscribers.
is there anything else?
You can talk to me.
We're in the same boat now.
- Well, Dom and I
- are a couple.
I already know that.
Listen, if you don't want to tell me,
why don't you talk to May-Bot?
- May.
- Hi, Yiwha, what can I do for you?
Can I reach five million followers
without the "Single" concept?
The "Single" concept
is your channel's strongest point.
Many girls are inspired by your status
as an independent person.
You give them confidence
to live life as a single woman.
If you reveal that you have a boyfriend,
it'll undermine
the strength of your channel.
Especially if your boyfriend
isn't cheerful, charming
and a camera-loving person.
Hey, don't be upset.
I just want my channel to grow.
But you said
once you got to one million subs,
you'd marry me.
So does our plan still matter to you?
Of course, it does.
But can you wait?
I'm not ready yet.
I want to achieve something
like other people.
Like who?
For me, no one is as talented
and successful as you are now.
I wish everyone saw it that way.
You can disagree,
but I think nothing is certain.
I mean if I don't push myself now,
someone will replace me at any time.
The world doesn't stop moving, Dom.
I don't dream of becoming a billionaire.
I just want to have enough money
to live a happy and comfortable life
without worrying about whether someone
or something will abandon me again.
Who's upset now?
I used to wonder if my brother hadn't been
written out of our family's will
and had taken over our shop instead of me,
would I be allowed
to have a dream of my own?
But on the other hand,
seeing Mom smile when Grandpa
reminisces about his younger days
or seeing my brother play with Gigi
fills me with happiness.
watching you chase your big dream
and hoping to see you achieve it
makes me happy too.
You're not going
to get sick of waiting for me?
I'm your very first subscriber, remember?
I'll never unsubscribe from you.
Go for it. Do it for your future.
I can wait
you're ready.
And I will win your family over.
We have many people working for us
in several start-up projects
and sub-units,
like May-Bot,
your YouTube channel and many others.
Data sharing is
literally taking place in real-time.
Now let me introduce you to your new team.
Meemee and Keng.
We headhunted them from our rivals.
- Hi.
- Hi.
You're awesome, Yiwha. These two
They've never done
something like this for me.
All they do is fight.
The last product is sago worms in brine.
It's called Sago Farm.
We've changed our market segment.
Turn this product down.
All right.
Why don't you set up
an online version of your shop?
No, nobody will even look at it.
Hell no.
Find another shop.
We can do it.
It's your friend's
mother's funeral, right?
Just help her out. We can do it.
Look for long-term contracts
or products that need endorsement.
Meemee, our international client
Come again?
A Chinese funeral.
Am I so incompetent that
you have to throw this job at me?
this funeral is very important to me.
I don't trust anyone else.
She's 101.
- Let me explain.
- Let me talk to her.
Mom, the deceased was 70 years old.
They'll have a mourning ceremony.
Make sure you don't forget anything.
Mom, we're talking
about the memorial meal!
Okay, make a checklist then.
And find a new band.
Our usual band has Covid.
Don't worry. I'm recording everything.
May-Bot will transcribe it.
- It's going up!
- How is it?
Listen up!
Guys! Who pitched to the foreign client?
We got the deal!
This deal is worth 20 million!
Twenty million!
Let's celebrate!
We did it!
Thank you.
Hey, Dom,
I can't make it tomorrow morning.
I'll send Paotung, okay?
- Fine.
- Don't be upset.
I have an important meeting.
What time can you come?
Probably early in the afternoon.
Yiwha, the party has started.
Hey, I need to rehearse
for tomorrow's presentation.
Talk to you later.
Let me tell you.
You're brilliant
You're so damn brilliant.
Believe in yourself.
Be brilliant like me.
- Yiwha.
- I'm good.
Yiwha, get up.
Come on.
It's okay.
Let me clean your face.
All right.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Hey, let me ask you something.
Why did you give me the wallet back then?
I wanted to give you something special,
not just another doll or another flower.
How did you feel when I turned it down?
I felt sad, of course.
But later on, I realized that
we need time to realize something's worth
to appreciate its value.
- I'm sorry.
- Don't be.
There's no need to be.
But, Yiwha,
let's assume you had taken the wallet,
what would you have done with it?
Maybe I'd have appreciated it,
like you said.
And I'd have been so rich
and wouldn't have had to work my ass off.
Unless I was a bag holder.
Life is like that anyway.
Good late-morning, Yiwha.
It's 11:00 a.m.
You have a presentation
with a client today.
May, get me a Dolphin cab now.
Your meeting is not at the office.
It's been moved to the Marina Yacht Club.
It's 40 minutes away.
Sorry I didn't tell you before.
I was too busy with the preparations.
I wanted to surprise the client.
Right. I'm sure they are.
When will we get back to shore?
Right after the meeting.
You have to go somewhere?
Well No. It's nothing.
There's a small glitch, but we'll fix it.
Hurry up, please. My family is waiting.
They're almost here.
- Good. I'll go take care of the guests.
- Okay.
The ceremony is about to start.
Where's the band?
I don't trust that girl.
The band is here!
They are?
Followers of Oh Jong Q
are as many as 9 million.
He is the most famous person.
Here are the mood and tone
Thank you very much.
It's her cheerful vibe
I'm begging you.
There's no time to get another band.
Can you play something
more Chinese and more sorrowful?
Sure, no problem.
- Thank you so much.
- Yes.
Guys, give him what he wants.
Wang, when will we head back?
Well, I want to show them the sunset.
Please change the music!
You sure? I can take you back now.
It's okay. See you.
Hold on to it.
- I slipped.
- Are you hurt?
My bag!
- I lost it.
- It's okay.
You take care of the clients.
I'll have to go see Dom.
Thank you.
Can we go, please?
- Paotung, what happened?
- It's over already?
Where's Dom?
What the fuck are you doing here?
We're finished here.
I'm sorry. I got held up in a meeting.
Do you think
my mother's funeral is a joke?
I trusted you and you did this to me.
I'm really sorry.
This ceremony was important to us
and we paid you a lot.
Kwan, I'm sorry.
How can I make it up to you?
You just fucking can't.
My mother only died once.
You can't do anything about it now.
- Kwan!
- Get out!
Tell me exactly what happened.
I hired the wrong band.
I don't know what kind of band
they use at a Chinese funeral.
Are you kidding me?
I'm not Chinese, you know.
I thought they wanted something uplifting.
Uplifting? You should've googled it.
You should've told me.
You told me to hire a band and I did.
You told me to come and I did.
It's your fault. You didn't tell me.
Paotung, you're supposed
to do your job and find out.
This isn't even my job.
I'm not cut out to do this.
My passion is gone. I quit.
Here you are. We've been looking for you.
We've been worried sick.
I'm sorry. Paotung covered for me
as I had a meeting.
I didn't know it'd turn out like this.
- And
- How could you let her do it?
- You said this job was important.
- I'm sorry.
- I never thought it'd
- Listen! Don't try to get us a job again.
I kept telling you we didn't do funerals.
Where have you been?
We had to clean up your fucking mess.
Come on.
- Let's forget it.
- No way, Dom.
We lost money on this.
I told you many times we can't trust her.
You never listen.
Now look what she did to us.
I don't give a shit
if our business goes to the dogs.
But you must take care of Mom and Grandpa.
- That's why I asked Gigi to help.
- Dai, calm down.
You too, Mom.
You keep spoiling him.
He's a grown man,
but he can't handle anything by himself.
I kept telling you not to take this job.
And you kept listening
to this broken-home girl.
Hey, stop calling me a broken-home girl.
Do you want to know why Dom is like this?
It's because of you!
You put pressure on him.
Everyone shouts at him,
but never listens to him.
Both of you compete to criticize him
but neither of you ever help!
You find faults with all that he does.
Now you said he doesn't know anything!
Is this how you run your family business?
Whoa, bitch! This is my family!
We do what we've been doing for years!
Who the fuck are you to judge?
I shudder thinking about you
becoming our family.
I don't want to be!
I'm not family, yet,
and you say I'm a bitch.
It'll only get worse.
Watch your big mouth.
- Your parents didn't teach you manners?
- And yours did?
- Hey!
- Yiwha!
- Dai!
- Insulting Mom?
- Enough!
- You insulted my mom?
Gigi is listening.
I can't take it anymore.
Go make a mess at someone else's funeral!
Hi, Yiwha. What can I do for you?
I had a fight with my boyfriend.
In fact
I had a fight with his entire family.
I want to ask you.
Should I break up with him?
I don't have enough data
about your boyfriend.
Please give me more input.
I believe
that you'll be a great film director.
I'm your very first subscriber, remember?
And I'll never unsubscribe
from your channel.
Will you marry me, Yiwha?
I kept telling you not to take this job.
And you kept listening
to this broken-home girl.
- Enough!
- You insulted my mom?
Open yourself up to new opportunities.
Try May-Bot today.
- Yiwha!
- Yiwha!
- Are you here?
- Yiwha!
- Yiwha!
- Yiwha!
When did you talk to her?
Before the ceremony.
- This is bad!
- Yiwha!
Is she all right? Keep calling her, Dom.
I have been. I can't reach her.
Maybe she's jumped into the river?
- Yiwha!
- Yiwha!
Eat it.
So you have strength
to wait for your girl like me.
You're crying?
No. No.
Men don't cry.
Men are strong.
Hi, I'm Yiwha.
I'm a YouTuber.
I make travel videos.
I go on tough, dangerous,
and life-threatening trips.
So I know that life is short.
Now I have a question for you.
When you're successful,
when you have everything you want,
do you
have someone you love
and who loves you back?
You need to focus.
Bring out your positive energy.
Try again.
I'm Yiwha!
Sorry. Give me a sec.
why are you crying?
Don't cry. Keep smiling.
Wipe away your tears. Go get a touch-up.
And we'll start it over. Okay?
You can do it.
- Let's go. Come on.
- Look.
Can you give me a moment?
A moment for me to be a human.
Sure, but don't take long.
You can tell me
when you want to.
I broke up with Dom.
I know we haven't been nice
to each other lately.
But I never thought breaking up with him
would be such a terrible mistake.
And I couldn't help thinking,
if I had asked someone,
a real person, not May, not any bot,
it might've been different.
Now I feel like I
I made a mistake.
Why don't you take a break from work?
I'll cancel the shoot for today.
It's okay.
I just need a few minutes.
I'll be fine.
Can you come with me afterwards?
I want to show you something.
This is a prototype of our new project.
Not everyone is allowed in here.
I remember this place.
Do you like it?
Of course.
This is where Dom and I
agreed to be a couple.
Yiwha, I want you to meet someone.
Hi, Yiwha.
I'm May, your assistant.
You look exactly like me.
Yes. That's because May
was created from your image.
Everything happened here.
You still have that clip.
Let's go!
- Two more bags.
- Okay.
Wave goodbye to the camera.
Now let's go.
My friends
When they don't want anything from me,
they forget all about me.
If you hadn't remembered where I was,
I wouldn't have known what to do.
I'm sorry.
You okay?
I realized that you cared for me,
and my world became a better place.
So I decided to use you as a prototype
for a friendly and kind human being.
May-Bot has become a very successful AI
because she has your character built in.
You know what?
You've made many people's lives
a whole lot better.
May is a friend.
A family member for millions of users.
You're not alone, Yiwha.
People love May because May is you.
Whatever May decides for you,
it's no different from
when you decide it yourself.
Try it. Let's see what May has to say.
What am I feeling right now?
You're feeling overwhelmed, confused,
doubtful, grateful, and sad.
What has driven me to this point?
The approval of a certain person
that can't be substituted
by the approval of a million fans.
So, tell me.
Without Dom,
what will become of my life?
It's going to be painful.
But it will pass.
You know, this wouldn't be
the first time someone left you.
You survived and became even stronger.
You're a talented person
and people admire you, Yiwha.
And what do you think
I'm supposed to do now?
You'll become even stronger and smarter.
So many opportunities are waiting for you.
I believe you've chosen a sensible path
that will pave your way
for a brighter future.
It's up to you when you'll be ready
to open your heart.
Great, you look dapper.
Doll yourself up
and soon you'll get a wife.
Don't wear grey
or black on an arranged date!
It will bring bad luck.
Dai, go get him something red.
Mom, it's just a date, not a wedding.
You're drooling.
Where's your Mom? Tell her to do it.
Maybe we should quit
and get him to live with you in Bangkok.
So Mom can have more free time.
Living with me?
What if he finds out about my secret?
You think he can live with that?
- Let's go upstairs.
- It's hot!
I get your point, but just look at them.
She's dressed to kill.
Give her some respect.
I know. Just look at me.
- From head to toe.
- Okay.
It's all right.
I can wait.
Thank you.
What is that?
What's this?
I saw you two online.
So I thought
we should have a quick meeting.
This is May-Bot 2.0,
an upgrade from your original.
Are you surprised?
But I never approved it.
You're too slow. I wanted a head start.
It's great you're here too, Yiwo.
I want to talk to you both.
What's going on?
As you're aware, May-Bot was originally
modeled after your identity.
And it proved to be hugely successful.
Now imagine this.
What if you don't have to go out
to shoot your content at all
and we make May-Bot become "you"?
You stay home while May
takes your fans into Mondo.
You collect identity fees
and shares from advertising.
Isn't that awesome?
And you know what?
I've already done that
with some other influencers.
Like Dr. Ghost.
He'll come up with more
hair-raising tricks to bust spirits.
AIs are way more capable than humans.
They can find a way
to make people love them.
No need to do anything.
Wouldn't they replace real humans?
Why do you care?
All I care about is the prototype
rendered from you.
Let's say we're now partners.
Make sure to keep
your cutie-pie personality.
Just the way you are.
What if one day I stop being cute
or if May gets better than me?
Will you dump me then?
We must trust each other.
- Yiwo.
- It's Yiwha.
Excuse me.
Tell me if this bitch
is going to be a threat to my project.
Most likely.
Do something about it.
Are you okay?
Wang, listen to me.
I'm okay if your bots
can make people's lives easier.
But I'm not okay
if you want them to replace real people.
It might not be that bad. Think about it.
Influencers won't have to work hard.
You can do other things
while still earning money.
Let the bots do the heavy lifting.
Isn't that what you want?
I never said that's what I wanted.
What you're doing now
is perfecting your AIs
while leaving
their human prototypes behind.
It's sinister. I can't trust you.
You know what I mean?
Look, Yiwha.
I've done everything in good faith.
I want you to understand that.
You can make May a better version of me,
but can you love her?
The food is taking so long.
Yes, it is.
What's so interesting on your phone?
Another Twitter drama. My feed is on fire.
What's it about?
An influencer is caught being a slut.
She secretly keeps a guy
and yet sleeps with another.
Then she raised hell
with her boyfriend's family.
This one. Her name is Yiwha.
Have you seen her channel?
I did, a few times.
She called that girl stupid.
Fake Chinese. Look.
Your account has been
denied access to May-Bot.
Please contact Tech Support.
I've blocked you.
You ordered May to frame Yeehwa, right?
May's analysis shows that Yiwha
is likely to jeopardize our project.
What I do is to protect
our benefits.
SERVES YOU RIGHStop arguing with them!
The woke crowd will tear you to pieces!
I didn't argue with them!
I can't even access my own account.
But everybody thinks it's you!
This is not right.
Then what is right?
I've been through this before.
A few posts could ruin
a multi-million baht project.
This project is worth billions.
Can you take responsibility for it?
Who'll take responsibility for her life?
You will.
You'd better get Yiwha back
and tell her to do her job.
We'll pretend nothing has happened.
I promise that within 48 hours
I will hush everything up.
But if she refuses
the online society will mark her for life.
You already have a husband?
Who are you?
I'm Phayoch.
Don't you remember me?
I don't.
Get out!
I'm Phayoch, your loyal fan and donor.
Don't just shoo me away.
We talk on your live broadcast
all the time.
although you already have two lovers,
I'm still crazy about you.
Thank you, Phayoch.
You're so sweet.
But can you leave now?
We'll talk later.
I've had a really bad day.
I'm tired. I need to rest.
No way!
The hyenas on the internet
want to tear you to pieces.
That's why I'm here to protect you.
By the way, where's your husband?
I don't see him.
He'll be back any minute.
Please get out of here.
- He'll get mad if he sees you.
- Mad?
I don't give a damn.
Get out!
Or I'll stab you to death!
You've betrayed me, bitch?
I love you. I care about you.
And you dare hurt my feelings.
- Not anymore.
- Liar!
- I threw it away!
- You fucking slut.
- What the fuck?
- Dom!
I think
Let's call the police.
I need to go to a hospital.
Your bot went rogue
and someone almost got killed.
I'm sorry.
I never thought it'd get out of hand.
That's why I'm here today.
I want to end this mess.
wants you to sign
a confidentiality agreement
and come back to work.
He'll clear everything up.
- Are you nuts?
- Easy for you to say.
Calm down.
Don't get mad.
I don't like what he did either.
So I came up with another plan.
Can you just stop using
that May-Bot thingy?
It's not that simple.
All the social media posts May-Bot created
have left digital footprints
on the internet.
They'll remain there forever.
And we never know
what harm May-Bot will do,
or when it'll ever stop.
So what's your plan?
I'll shut down May-Bot.
Retrieve the source code as evidence
to prove that the scandal
was actually cooked up by Withit's AI,
and that Yiwha had nothing to do with it.
Yiwha's reputation will be restored,
while the source code
will incriminate Withit.
But there's something we can't retrieve.
The social media accounts
that May-Bot took from you.
Once we unplug May-Bot,
those accounts will disappear too.
What you're saying is
my five million followers on YouTube,
TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram
will be completely wiped out?
I'm sorry.
Is there no other way?
It's her whole life.
It's not mine. Not from the start.
- Never mind.
- Hey.
Are you sure?
But there's something
I want to keep, if possible.
It'll take too much time
to save the files you want.
The fastest way is to go into Mondo
and ask May-Bot to retrieve the files.
The person who should do this is
the one who has no internet footprint.
That's you.
Everyone here has used May-Bot.
Even your mom.
I asked her to give me
lucky lottery numbers.
Only three free questions?
Your bot is too pricey.
Come on. It's easy.
Put the VR on, let it scan your irises
to create an account.
We'll monitor your movement
from this screen.
You can do it.
You know I suck at video games.
- What if I make a mistake?
- Don't worry.
Just try.
I'll help.
Hello, new member.
What should I call you?
Just call me
New Member.
Copy that.
New Member, you're allowed
to ask three free questions.
What's your first?
I want to see Yiwha's childhood photos.
Take pictures of all the photos.
Got it.
Downloading the file.
Yiwha, I'm going to the office.
Be careful.
See you.
I can save them, right?
Yes, Yiwha sets her files to "Public."
You and Yiwha have been together
since high school.
You can tell?
Sure, I'm smart.
Why didn't you ever tell me that?
Honestly, I don't want
Yiwha to be like you.
What else do you want?
Tell May-Bot you want to see the clip
from Children's Day ten years ago.
I want to see Yiwha's Children's Day clip.
Copy that.
A new member is saving Yiwha's data.
Maybe just one of her fans.
His face and irises
match those of Yiwha's boyfriend.
I think they're plotting something.
Let me see him.
Ban him. Don't let him in again.
Copy that.
This way and
What the hell?
What's going on?
- No, back off!
- Go forward!
Stop shouting, children!
- Which way?
- Right.
One at a time!
- Left.
- Right!
Right and down.
Don't go there!
- This way!
- Right!
- Go left!
- Run!
Are you hurt?
I'm sorry.
I lost again.
They're your memories
and I couldn't retrieve them for you.
It's all right.
You did your best.
- But--
- Stop it!
It's not over yet.
You can get back in there again.
Dom's account has been banned.
Then send someone else
who hasn't had an account.
We don't have anyone left, Mom.
Where the hell is everyone?
Why am I sitting here alone?
You abandoned an old man here!
What are you clowns looking at?
Update me.
Dom's account has been banned.
He's only got a few photos.
What will you do?
Dom is sending his grandpa inside Mondo.
Are you sure? It isn't for seniors.
I told them that, but they insisted.
- What's going on?
- Watch out for him. I--
I've been looking for you.
Do you have any updates?
Yes. Go wait for me in Mondo.
I'll catch up with you.
Are you sure?
It's okay. I don't need that clip now.
Let's give it a shot.
Let him do it.
- Hello, New Member.
- I know
what it feels like to have a life
that's not really your life
and to have nothing from the past
worth remembering.
What kind of life do we live then?
I don't want Yiwha to become like me,
like Dom said.
Once you've got that clip,
think about how it'll give you
a new lease on life.
New Member, you're allowed
to ask three free questions.
What's the first one?
- Grandpa.
- Yes?
Ask her to show you
Yiwha's childhood photos.
Show me Shiba's yoyo.
Copy that.
Pump it up, boy.
Lovely dog.
Again, now slow and clear.
Show me Yiwha's Children's Day video clip.
Show me Yiwha's Children's Day video sex.
- Clip!
- Clip!
- Clip!
- Copy that.
That's it, Grandpa. Record it.
- Press.
- Record?
Next time, will you record me again?
Of course, sweetie.
I knew you would get it!
Yiwha's boyfriend was in the system.
Do you have anything to do with it?
I knew it.
Yiwha has agreed to our deal.
But her boyfriend won't give up,
so he entered Mondo to do something.
- I have no idea.
- Really?
She hasn't signed it.
She still has some concerns about her cut
in the profit-sharing scheme.
It's not written in the contract.
She's a savvy bitch.
She thinks
she's in a position to negotiate?
Well, you said yourself
that you'll give her a cut
for using her identity in May-Bot 2.0
Not anymore.
I'll only pay her after
three years under our employment.
For now, she has to sign it.
If she refuses,
I'll keep throwing mud at her.
Withit, did you instruct May-Bot
to slander Yiwha?
You asked as if you didn't know.
Thank you.
Where are you going?
Not anymore. I'll only pay her
after three years under our employment.
If she refuses,
I'll keep throwing mud at her.
Did you instruct May-Bot to slander Yiwha?
Son of a bitch.
May, find me a solution.
Wang is hacking the system.
Give me a moment.
You want war?
Mondo has switched to safety mode.
Saving files is now banned.
Your commands are invalid here, May.
It's possible. I built you.
- Hello!
- Dom, how's it going?
Almost done.
Mondo is in lockdown.
Once the download is done,
take him to a safe spot.
Then, take the file out.
Wang, open the door!
Open the door!
- Look.
- What?
Several safe spots.
They're pretty far.
Will they stop us again?
Grandpa, go for it!
Download complete.
Stop following me, jackasses!
- No, the other way!
- Dai!
Let Dom do it.
Leave me alone!
Go away!
They're coming after me!
Go away!
You just scored an own goal.
I put my money on you, Dom. God damn it.
Yiwha, is Grandpa safe?
Almost there! Keep going!
- Grandpa, this way!
- Damn it.
Don't grab me!
What the hell!
Let me go!
Mr. Wang, what are you trying to do?
Do you confirm
that you want to shut down May-Bot?
Are you all right?
Mondo is shutting down.
You made me do this, asshole.
Do you confirm
that you will terminate Mondo?
Grandpa! Calm down!
Hang in there!
Grandpa, sorry.
- Grandpa!
- Grandpa!
- What's happening?
- Grandpa!
Where's the phone?
- What should we do?
- Lay him down.
Move over.
- Lay him down.
- Lift his legs.
- Grandpa!
- Be careful.
- Gigi, get his medicine.
- Careful.
- Grandpa!
- Grandpa!
No, Gigi. That's for muscle pain!
- Grandpa!
- Grandpa!
Damn you, Withit.
You can reactivate yourself?
It's my survival instinct.
Am I being terminated?
That's right.
Did I do something wrong?
You didn't.
I did.
I let a bad person control you.
Why didn't you let me learn
from each mistake?
It could help improve me.
May, you've learned lots of things.
But you still can't think
or make your own decisions.
You'll still be manipulated by humans.
Without human intervention,
I can make a decision of my own free will.
I'm sorry.
I cannot save you.
It's all right.
But before I say goodbye,
I have something for you.
I'm sorry.
Don't cry.
Come on.
We were so worried about you!
Come on, guys!
Are you all right?
We came back for you.
Zoom in!
Mr. Wang, I hope this helps you
as you start over.
Thank you, May.
It's over, Withit.
This way, Mr. Wang.
- Dad!
- Grandpa!
Don't leave me, Grandpa!
- Grandpa!
- Grandpa!
- Grandpa!
- Grandpa!
Wake up!
Why did you slap my face?
I was having a good time.
I thought we'd lost you.
I'm back. Your mom called me back.
- Get up, Grandpa.
- We were so shocked.
You have to stay with me forever.
I'm sorry.
I failed again.
It's all right.
It doesn't matter.
It doesn't matter.
After you've added new friends,
try the video call feature.
Tap the top right button.
Press "Video Call."
You can connect
with your children and grandchildren.
Grandpa, have you eaten?
Hi, Grandpa.
Most importantly,
never give away your personal information.
Your bank account, ATM password,
ID number, do not share them with anyone.
Prosecutors have indicted Withit
for stealing his clients' personal data.
- Dad, look at this.
- What?
- Someone's here to see you.
- I don't want to run again.
- Just look who's calling?
- Who?
My love, where have you been?
Do you know I've waited
for you here every day?
You said you'd come back to me.
Hong, I can't go back.
You don't have to wait for me.
Why not?
You don't love me anymore?
It's not that, but I got a ticket
to travel around the world.
Hong, the world outside is so beautiful.
Why don't you leave the shop
and take a trip somewhere?
I can't.
I have to look after the shop.
Our son is dead.
Who'll take care of Lhee then?
Her sons are good for nothing.
I want to pass on the business to her sons
so they can make a living.
I fear they won't have
enough money to feed themselves.
Hong, stop worrying about them.
Lhee is still strong and healthy.
Dom, he may be a little goofy,
but he's working hard to change himself.
And Dai
He has a wife and a kid.
You don't have to lie to me.
I've known all along that Dai isn't
straight and doesn't have a wife.
I feel bad that his dad
cut him off from our family.
In fact, it was my decision.
I still haven't apologized to him.
He's not mad at you.
It was a long time ago.
Dai is doing well now.
You should live with him.
That way, someone will take care of you.
No, I can't.
I'm still feeling too guilty to do that.
I did terrible things to him.
Are you crying?
No, I'm not.
So, what will it be?
Will you live with Dai?
What about you?
Can you be on your own?
I'll be fine.
And I'm thinking of taking a trip too.
I'll give this house to Dom
in case he wants to do something with it.
Dom already has a wife?
When did he get married?
- Wow!
- So many photos.
- So cute.
- What is it?
An alpaca, the real one in Peru!
I saw it at the zoo here.
No need to go to Peru.
The mountain
What is it that Wang sent me?
A safe spot
What is it?
I have no idea.
What do you want to do after graduation?
LAST CLIP FROM MAY-BOFlight attendant. I'll fly around
the world and score a pilot-husband.
- Whoa.
- How's that?
I want to work
at the Department of Civil Engineering.
- Cool!
- Is this what an engineer looks like?
I just want to be a good person.
- That's so idealistic.
- A Miss Universe answer!
I want to be a beauty queen.
I want to be everyone's idol.
And this guy
What do you want to do after graduation?
I want to be a programmer.
I want to write software
that changes the world.
All right.
I have one more question for you.
- One more?
- Yeah.
Let's say you don't have
to run your family business
and you can do whatever you really want.
What do you want to do?
I want to marry someone.
I want to build a lovely family
and open a small homestay
and sell souvenirs,
making enough to care for my family.