Money (2019) Movie Script

SHOWBOX presents
Produced by HAN Jae-duk, YOON Jong-bin
How much is a figure with 10 zeros?
That's 10 billion won,
or $10 million.
I wanted to be rich.
Yeouido is a tiny island
situated inside Seoul,
over 10,000 people arrive here
daily with the same dream.
The stock market accounts for
$7B transactions in a day.
These people move such money
with clicks of a mouse.
$3,000 monthly salary,
unlimited commission.
I am a stockbroker.
Good morning, I'm Cho Il-hyun.
Oh, it's you?
Tall enough,
but I'm still...
the pretty boy here.
- Education?
- Jeolla U, sir.
No alums of Jeolla in Yeouido.
What do your parents do?
They run a small...
A small business? Which industry?
Raspberry farm.
Aren't you that bastard
who memorized all KOSPI codes?
Well, just a little bit.
- Hanil Steel.
- 013862.
- Hanyang Iron.
- 007246.
What about 203020?
020 doesn't exist,
010 is Hansung Bakery
and 030 is Woori Shopping.
- Good morning!
- Hello, sir!
Good morning, everyone!
Good morning!
You have the ability to
turn shit into gold.
Answer the phone one second faster,
for the clients, who are eagerly waiting
for us to rake in the shitload of money!
Let's turn the market upside down!
Break a leg!
Break a leg! Break a leg!
The market opens
at 9 every morning.
The No.1 brokerage firm,
DM Securities begins the day.
Drop the remaining half and then...
You have to man up at this point.
A broker's job is quite simple.
200K shares of Showbiz
purchase confirmed.
We buy or sell shares
as per client's order,
and we get a commission.
Yoo Min-joon
Transaction complete, thank you.
I'll see you in a bit, sir.
Nonstop tension ends
six hours later at 3.
When the market ends,
helplessness sets in.
The day's earnings are displayed to all.
Raspberry, we got work to do.
That new sample test
you sent last time...
Our clients are fund managers.
They could be dropping
info at any moment,
so the client's words are money
and should be memorized.
Cosmetic companies that
entered Chinese market shot up.
Sweetheart For sure!
Is this really a recorder?
It's a lighter too.
- So it's in installments?
- No, a single payment.
Make it 3 payments.
Busan Seagulls!
Busan Seagulls!
They get paid millions
and that's their best?
$7.5M salary isn't chump change.
Let's get ice cold
beers after the game.
I brought fat and juicy shrimps.
You don't know I got shrimp allergy?!
My lips get swollen
whenever I eat shrimps...
He's allergic to shrimps.
You are Mr. No-Shrimp now.
Client File:
Jeon Min-bae, DS Asset Manager
He's here!
If it means giving up vital organs
to make them happy, so be it.
Hey, Byun.
Yes, sir?
I told you not to do this.
You're embarrassing me at a funeral.
Wish Ye-bin happy birthday
from Uncle Byun.
With love!
Take care!
In other words, brokers are
born to serve the fund managers.
A drink?
He's 3 years younger than me,
but that prick calls me
by my last name.
My dad worked for OB Brewery, so
I've been a huge fan of OB baseball team.
But why am I cheering for
the Busan baseball team?
Wow, you girls like soju?
You drank too much.
Let's go to the next round.
- I got your driver ready.
- Yeah? Let's go.
- See you soon!
- I'm sorry.
Next round!
Please make sure
he gets home safe, sir.
No problem.
Off you go! OB, let's go!
Let's go! Let's go!
OB, let's go!
That's done, let's have fun.
Did we startle you?
He's like that all the time.
If you're ever startled,
give me a call.
Why don't I treat you while at it?
Beer is best for this occasion.
He's got it all.
Jeon Woo-sung
He's the reason why people say
the god isn't fair.
Woosung International.
New Business Showcase
An Ivy Leaguer,
son of Woosung CEO,
a big trader to Southeast Asia.
- Jeon Woo-sung, sir.
- Good to meet you.
- Pretty lady, 2 chicken soups.
- He's got the mouth and charm.
In other words,
the perfect guy.
I won, passed out again?
Get up, you lose all the time.
Wait, wait.
Don't swindle me, pay up.
Why'd you think that I'd swindle you?
Please and thank you.
Come on, it's $2 short.
I paid the valet earlier.
What a cheapskate, I don't want it.
Give it, I'll take it back.
Dude, I'm sad.
Our friendship is worth $2.
I'm even sucking up to dad
to help you out.
Suck up how?
Dad wants to order 200
boxes of raspberry from you
200 boxes?
As holiday gifts to his employees.
Woo-sung, baby.
That's how sales are done.
Can I call you my baby?
- Don't be like that!
- Baby!
What the hell!
When the market was hitting bottom,
I saw our boss using his phone.
He was buying up shares.
That's illegal.
Intel is power!
You idiot, that's insider info!
You're too nave.
That's why he's hiding it.
Look at it.
We're at the forefront of intel,
but we don't do shit,
that's just not right.
Then you'll get locked up,
snap out of it.
I just hate seeing those
idiot managers act all big.
I'll work hard for a few years
and start a firm with my name.
Greenhouses can be automated
with PCs and smartphones.
Why not just hire some people for this?
With a few men,
it can be done in half a day.
Why do you have to do it yourself?
What if I didn't come?
- He doesn't stop talking...
- It's all automated.
- When are you leaving?
- You asked me to come.
Move aside, you're in the way.
Come on!
Help me up!
You got that stupid habit
of biting nails too?
Like father like son!
Biting your nails like little girls.
Let it go.
Want another?
Your father's got
a small tumor on his liver.
- Come!
- What?
What? Tumor?
It's a small one, it can be removed,
so don't you worry!
Size is not the problem.
Don't give it a thought,
just do your job.
Talk to the doctor properly.
- Teeny-weeny one.
- Talk to...
Go over there and pull the hose.
- The hose?
- Yes, the one over there.
You should've told me when I was there!
If you weren't sick, I would...
22,650, sir.
Yo, Raspberry!
You didn't memorize
the most important stocks.
Memorize this.
Mandatory Stocks
Delivery food
Managers could call at any time,
so all our lunches are delivered.
Yo, Raspberry.
I told you to put extra
chilli powder in mine!
I have to be ready for the
clients' special preferences.
Instant coffee for the chief,
latte for Mr. Byun.
Good afternoon, this is Cho Il-hyun.
Murim Electronic,
20K shares right away!
Shit, I didn't understand...
Hotline No.35, could I get a playback?
I heard it 5 times,
but I still don't get it.
Buy? Sell?
At current market status,
buy has to be it.
Purchase transaction complete.
First transaction! Scored!
Got something to say?
No, not really...
Good afternoon,
this is DM Securities'...
You son of a bitch! I told you to sell!
A broker can't even tell
a buy from a sell, asshole!
I want my money back! You screwed me!
Answer me! Hello?
It'll be taken from
our team's next bonus.
It's okay, it wasn't too bad.
About $50K or so.
Why did you use your
damn head for no reason?
Don't think, is it so hard
to order as you're told?
It's okay, no worries.
Il-hyun, let's stay
on our toes a bit more.
Even if we don't make a profit,
we shouldn't lose any.
Yes, sir.
Are you so desperate to
get fired in your first year?!
10th month.
I've done all I can...
I became the team's dead weight.
Gotta do well.
Just doing well isn't good enough.
Isn't it good?
The best!
Let's go to the next round!
Vice president's up.
Raspberry, let's go!
Let's move, you idiot!
Why is this bastard so drunk?!
What's with him?
I'm a bastard?!
He's drunk.
Go on, just go, it's okay.
You think I don't know that?
Il-hyun, time to go home.
Who the hell is telling me to go home?
- Alright, I hear you.
- He called me a bastard!
Sir, watch out.
Was he always like this?
I'm sorry, sir, I'll take care of it.
Send him home.
Look after vice president.
You can't sleep here.
It's okay, keep going.
- Are you uncomfortable?
- No, this head rest...
What was your commission last month?
Put your head down and listen.
If you could make
a thousand times of that,
can you do anything?
I got a money maker,
and need a qualified man.
Ever heard of 'Boutique'?
Yo, bro! Up for hangover coffee?
Your acting last night was so real.
How could you throw yourself like that?
Don't remember anything...
Thanks to you, Byun dragged
me to the 4th round.
Two of you?
No, with beautiful Yeouido Barbie.
The rumor's true,
she really drinks like a fish.
Why is she coming?
No, it's not what it looks...
- Ever heard of boutique?
- Boutique?
Pooling money to exploit the market?
A few people I know
got into it after quitting.
I'll give you a piece of intel
only the top brokers have.
There's a man called
"The Ticket" among brokers.
The Ticket?
Don't just stand there, come sit.
He could be a foreign broker,
or a Financial Supervisor agent,
or an international lawyer.
He got the nickname
because everyone
wants to work with him,
so they'll have to take a number,
he's like a mythical
figure in our industry.
What do you think that means?
Right, money.
I started out like you,
under Fund Manager Park Chang-gu.
- Good morning!
- Hey, come in.
When he was planning
a job with the Ticket,
he recruited me because
they needed men.
My first commission was around $800K.
- $800K?
- Yeah.
This membership was from then,
so was this watch.
Wanna meet the Ticket?
We're actually looking for a rookie.
I'm bringing this up
because I thought of you.
Up for it?
Go by myself?
If you're with someone, he won't show.
memorize every last word of his.
If you make mistakes like last time,
you'll never get a chance like this.
Seah Building 1st floor,
coffee shop, 6 PM
Customer No.128!
Sir? There's a call for you.
- Hello?
- Mr. Cho Il-hyun?
Yes, that's me.
Come outside and turn right.
Who is this?
Didn't you come here
to meet me?
Cross the bridge
and head 11 o'clock,
you'll see an apartment
with commercial complex.
Come to the roof.
Mr. Cho Il-hyun.
Hello, I...
The next triple witching day
when futures and options expire.
You'll receive a call
the day before.
It'll ring only once during
the market hours, so don't miss it.
The account will be made under
Samil Asset's Doh Bong-su.
Keep this account open
and follow the caller's orders.
Simple, isn't it.
Transaction will be $50M.
Profit will be roughly $2M.
You get $500K cut.
250 times your monthly pay.
Depending on how you do,
it could go higher,
I'd say it's a handsome compensation.
Trust is of utmost importance to me.
I trust you to keep our
business confidential.
The eve of Triple Witching Day
Thousand, 100 thousand,
million, 10 million...
What's up?
2 commas are a million,
isn't that obvious?
It's crazy here with orders
a day before expiration,
and you're counting zeros?
You call yourself a broker?!
Il-hyun said he's bringing in
a boutique and raise the sales.
Boutique? What boutique?
What he means is,
Doh Bong-su from Samil Asset...
What's the deposit amount?
It's about...
What! $50M...
Why didn't you tell me earlier?
Did you recommend good stocks?
Yes, this and that.
Today's first transaction
could come out of that,
so tighten your sphincters!
I got a good feeling, very nice!
You sure it wasn't $500K?
- DM Securities, Cho...
- Il-hyun?
- Yes.
- 1 minute before the bell,
13,000 spreads will pop up.
Grab 8,000 of them.
Don't forget, 8,000 spreads.
What the shit does he mean?
Yoo: Don't think,
it'll be someone's mistake.
Spreads are usually under 100.
13,000 means someone's
career-ending mistake.
What'll you do, asshole!
Hanyoung Securities,
Corporate Business If your performance is shit this
month, you're so done!
Amount Exceeded
What kind of an idiot
would do that?
Proceed with the sale?
Kim, look at this,
13,000 spreads popped up.
- Who the hell?
- Is this a joke?
Yoo: Focus!
Grab 8,000 of them,
don't forget.
Purchase transaction complete.
Purchase transaction complete.
Purchase transaction complete.
Financial Supervisor Services
Open it.
Unusual Transaction Detected
Which asshole messed up?
Hanyoung? That's us.
Jesus, Kim! Kim!
Where did he go?
Son of a bitch
I'm not sure, sir,
he's prone to mistakes.
I don't care how much
it costs, buy them all back!
Whatever pops up, buy them all!
Why the hell are you so slow?!
We got something interesting.
We got some spreads, one moment.
- 13,000 spreads?
- Did you see this?
Purchase... Purchase... Purchase Complete
Who is that?
Where is that coming from?
P-P-Purchase... Purchase...
Total Trades: Doh Bong-su - 8,000 shares
Purchase transaction complete.
What order was that?
A client put in an order for spreads.
8,000 of them?
Go check the call record.
It wasn't through the hotline,
but my cell phone.
Give me the phone.
It's an old phone...
This is DM Securities'
VP Lim Jae-hoon...
Did I order spreads? I sure did.
Why are you calling me during
market hours, I'm busy!
Go, go! Very good!
Turn, turn around!
Why didn't you consult me
or Yoo on a big order like this?
I, uh...
You know enough
to think before you act.
You said not to think,
and order as I was told...
I could've missed the order
while asking about it.
Vice president.
I helped him when he was
opening the account,
the order proxy is under his name,
so it won't be a big problem.
Will it be okay?
Sure, the job was
bigger than I expected.
It's not over yet.
Don't forget who got you here.
Expiration day
The stock price flipped in a day.
A bank in Hong Kong sold
securities at below market price.
Doh must be planning
to sell it all.
He got an insider in HK?
Yes, sir, it's not that.
Stock exchange commission,
shit, they take this much?
The Ticket's cut, then divide it by 3...
Congrats, Il-hyun.
Jesus, what the hell did you do?!
- What is it?
- The commission's $50K.
1 -Cho Il-hyun Yo, Raspberry!
You hit the jackpot.
Buy a round.
That's a fortune.
Offshore account in Bahamas?
A new account costs $30K
but it's the safest bet.
Avoid flashy purchases for a while.
But if you need anything, tell me first.
Call 413 from the same caf phone.
Let's meet again in the future.
For real?
They take $30K to open an account?
Transfer Fund
$10 transferred to your
account, balance: $184
Let's see.
Pay off the debt,
a house...
Then the remaining...
Eh? It's not much.
What I mean is,
even if the surgery went well,
Dad has to be checked again.
Give him proper meds too.
I got a bonus, how many times
do I have to tell you, Mom?
Cook him some grade-A beef too.
Ride taxis, you won't
save much riding buses.
Okay, I have to go. Yup, bye.
Where did you get the money
to buy a place like this?
It's like a lease with some deposit.
How do you buy a home with the bonus?
You rise up really
quickly in this industry.
I didn't tell you?
She's a social studies teacher,
so she has lots of questions.
So what then? Go somewhere cheap?
- Forget it.
- Let's go.
- We're already seated.
- Come on, get up.
Let's just eat here.
It must be nice to live here.
Yeouido housing market will never fall.
It's a better investment
than some stocks.
I heard deposit alone is $500K or so.
That's what I'm told.
It's not even money to those
who make $100K a day.
But why do they use
other people to sign?
My pocket.
You should head back.
Your girl is a hottie, Mr. Cho Il-hyun.
Financial Supervisor Services
Han Ji-cheol
- May I use your phone?
- What?
My cell phone's dead...
- Hello?
- What's going on?
Could we meet right now?
It's late, could you
call back tomorrow?
No, no, no!
There's a problem,
can we meet right now?
Yeouido Theater,
go to the last screening.
Some guy came by.
He knew my name, and that I used
the third party you recommended
to sign my new place.
Someone you know?
FSS chief investigator, Han Ji-cheol.
He's called Hunting Dog.
You didn't make any mistakes?
Of course not, I kept my promise.
I tossed the phone
in the river that night.
I didn't tell a soul about it.
Not even my parents.
It felt like he really knew something.
He's been watching me.
He has no evidence, it doesn't exist.
If you're so concerned, should I guess
how he sniffed around?
He probably started investigating
the mistaken spreads order.
Where did this come from?
All ready.
But the perpetrator
already fled the country.
My baby!
The Hunting Dog went after
those who bought the spreads.
And he became suspicious
of a man named Doh Bong-su,
but he's a homeless man
on his 5th year on the street,
and no way to find
the real man behind the account.
He wanted to go after the broker,
but he's only guilty of
serving his client.
Not even the participants
know each other.
Why'd a top investigator
threaten you in a washroom?
If he had evidence,
he'd have raided the office.
If you still don't believe
me, that's too bad.
I'll just have to find another broker.
Wait! Please!
I was a little jumpy, my apologies.
Come to the caf this Friday
for the new job next month.
Wait at the restaurant on the
4th floor until you're called.
Can I get you anything?
Could I use the washroom?
Do you have a lighter I can borrow?
Thank you.
We'll be doing program trading.
It's about ordering multiple
stocks simultaneously.
Combine stocks in a basket,
and select an executer.
Think of it as sending
messages to multiple people.
- Did you see everything?
- Yes.
What? Yes.
Very good.
There's nothing to it.
Text me if you have any questions.
Ms. Park.
How about a dinner as a thank you?
I usually skip dinner.
Maybe a drink?
5 brokers per firm will participate.
They will take a cut
from a third of the share.
KEY.xls is encrypted
Park Chang-gu sent friendship request.
Park Chang-gu?
My apologies for the sudden request.
Not at all. How can I help you?
I need to send an order through you.
Don't be too disappointed,
it's still a large job.
Friend request
Park Chang-gu is Yoo's client.
You're new to program
trading, pass it onto Yoo.
Yoo has nothing to do with this,
so keep this away from him.
No, I learned it from Ms. Park.
I'll try it myself.
Financial Supervisor Services
So who is it this time?
Order mine.
Ours now!
Place mine.
Order placed
Total: $139M
Purchase transaction complete.
As the market roars,
winners and losers are chosen.
I just placed the order
as I was told.
Total transaction amount
is $700M.
Projected profit is $18M.
Your cut is about $1.2M.
No! Stop!
I'm paying you back
for everything you did for me!
Fine, okay, so tell me.
Why are you hiding
this client even from me?
I never hid anything.
You got life-long clients,
be good to your folks.
I didn't earn them, I was born into it.
They keep expanding the
portfolio for no damn reason.
What? What is it?
Did I startle you?
Vodka is the best when startled.
- Shall we have a drink?
- Sure.
What is it?
You're trespassing my home.
- The Ticket.
- Who?
How did you know the
Ticket was a person?
I know everything, don't play dumb.
Hold on.
Hey, sweetie, daddy's working.
Daddy, buy me a tablet!
A tablet? Why does an
elementary student need that?
I just need it.
You wanted to learn taekwondo too.
But I want both!
Then why don't you ask your shitty...
I mean, your new and rich
dad can buy you one.
- Excuse me!
- Sweetie? Hello?
- Excuse me!
- She hung up on me?
Over here! Please come.
What for?
Chief investigator, right?
- Mid-level manager?
- What?
You're not getting promoted
because you're wasting time.
You gotta buy your kid a tablet,
and send her to taekwondo too.
Say what?
You got a warrant?
You don't, right?
That place is only for
supervising, right?
Then bring a cop with you.
If you keep coming by
to threaten me, I'll call them.
Can I help you?
Hello there, remember me?
I moved in very recently.
I'm a tenant here.
He came to see me,
but I don't know who he is.
How did you enter the premise?
Well, I...
You see?
Can anyone just come in here?
Are you the supervisor?
- No, I'm not...
- But look around.
There are kids playing here,
it's unacceptable that a
suspicious man comes around.
If you're not a tenant,
please leave the premise.
Sure, sure.
Let me just give him a present.
You're an interesting man.
This way.
What the hell...
I mean...
They got my face.
Compliance team calls me
too, it's pretty serious.
If they're looking into
it, it's a good sign.
It means FSS is not
interested in investigating.
- It's okay, take it.
- Hey, you.
Don't take pictures.
It's okay.
Can I see the photo?
You took them well.
Take it to your mommy.
Always be confident.
Those who look nervous
are easy targets.
Like you, Mr. Cho.
Why don't you go on a vacation?
Go to the Bahamas and see your money.
Bahamas secret account.
Where my money is stored.
Have a nice day.
Are you Korean?
You don't look like a
fugee, maybe a sailor?
Only two types of people come here.
Sailors looking to invest,
or fugitives looking for an easy life.
A life on the run.
I'm actually on a vacation.
I got lucky thanks to you.
They got a Korean player.
Call me when you're ever in NYC.
Roy Lee
Roy & Sheril Investment
You work in finance too.
Four days of vacation.
It felt like $1.4M could
turn into $14M.
While I dreamt of riding
a yacht with my name on it...
Yeouido turned into a bloodbath.
Because of your transactions,
prosecution office raided us,
taking all of our chat
logs and everything.
Is this a communist country?
Doesn't matter, I'm safe,
there's no evidence.
So, you got the order
from chats and placed them,
but didn't become suspicious,
is that what you're saying?
Mr. Cho.
Fund managers you've never
dealt with suddenly placed orders,
you didn't find that weird?
The thing is,
you've only worked in
administrations, correct?
So what?
You may not be aware of how
things are in operations.
Brokers don't question
fund managers on orders.
If I ask them why they want to
buy or sell at this point,
they cancel the order
and I lose a client.
You know what that means to a broker.
Listen here.
You know your performance
in the past year!
Then you suddenly
had a large volume of...
So you're saying I'm
an incompetent broker.
An incompetent broker shouldn't
accept any good orders,
he's a criminal if his
performance spike suddenly.
When did we say that?
I contributed over $70K
in commission to the firm.
If this is a problem,
I'll get my entire team,
who taught me everything
to apologize and accept
all disciplinary actions.
Then the bloodbath took a strange turn.
Data gathered from
the raid spilled a rumor
about a broker's adultery.
Just as money gets around
at lightning speed,
rumors got around just as fast.
This guy's something.
Isn't he your husband?
- Chae-young?
- Yes, can I...
Huh! Stop! Who is crazy bitch!
Honey! Honey! Stop! Don't do that!
- Stop it!
- Let me go!
Wait, please, I'm sorry.
Why are you sorry?!
Honey, I'm sorry, I really am!
Cho Il-hyun!
Did you support YD and SG accounts?
Take them over from Yoo!
Do it right! No mistakes!
These accounts are too sweet
for someone so inexperienced.
What was your cut this time?
If you took my job, you
should've covered it up.
All the wrong people got the heat,
what did I do?
But you're at fault on this one.
Say what?
I gave you a honey pot, and
now you think you're above me
because you're licking the Ticket's ass?
You're out of line.
What did you say?
You think all the money
in the world is yours?
Do you feel so special
because of where you are?
Must be nice.
I'm jealous.
Have your cake,
and eat it too.
Yoo left Yeouido like this.
And there was another victim.
She slept with every
fund managers around,
but whether out of stupidity
or boldness, she admitted.
If you got anything to
say, tell it to my face.
Double H Gym
Have you been following me?
Everyone knows you workout here.
How about the drink I promised?
Two of this, please.
Change is necessary in life.
Old baggages need to be removed.
Whether they're objects,
or humans,
unexpected changes could create pain.
You bastard...
Making money turns you into this?
Did I ask for this?
Take them back, asshole.
Change also came to Yeouido.
Orders are put in
with trade specialists.
It's an extra layer of
security, but it's fine.
With good action,
there's good reaction.
Blue NTO, 460K shares purchase.
Blue NTO, 460K shares confirmed.
1 - CHO Il-hyun
This looks expensive.
What's all that?
Life is long and filled
with things to enjoy,
and money aplenty.
Is this Cho Il-hyun?
Yes, this is he.
I'm Baek Jong-pil from BK Investment.
Can we meet right now?
Look at the time...
What's this about?
Do you know Han Ji-cheol?
You got the wrong number.
He worked under me.
BK broker, Mr. Baek, committed suicide
What happened to him...
His call history had your
number, in the dead of the night.
I answered it half asleep,
but it sounded like a prank call.
Think carefully.
You guys know each other
well in this industry.
Baek Jong-pil
Do you have a lighter I can borrow?
If you remember
anything, give me a call.
Baek didn't commit suicide!
I don't know anything.
He was your account and made $1M.
Why would he?
A man's dead and you'll
look the other way?
Did the Ticket tell you
to ignore this too?
You a cop?! Keep your
eyes on a damn monitor!
Why are you accusing an innocent man?
I just hate you guys.
How are you different from
thieves and scammers?
Earn what you sow, asshole.
You think I don't want to
give my kids proper education?
Baek and I were supposed
to meet last night!
Who kills himself after
making an appointment?!
He wanted to help me catch the Ticket.
Who'd take the most
heat from us meeting?
The program trading
client list you requested.
Since the order was
big, it's a long list.
Baek Jong-pil
Park Chang-gu
Park Chang-gu?
Brand new $280K Jaguar XJ
in your parking lot,
you purchased it through an importer.
I can lock you up for identity theft.
What's going on here?
What's this? G-Georgia Trust?
What's up with this weird bank?
You deposited $850K four days
after May options expired.
I thought you were
into foreign investment.
This is a violation of my privacy.
Call my attorney right away!
Come on now,
the one you should be
calling isn't a lawyer.
The Ticket.
Think it over, Mr. Park Chang-gu.
What did we do so wrong?
We were just following
the Ticket's orders.
If I save you, what can you do for me?
What will you do?
Our soccer club is not
the same without you.
You left a big position
to fill in our team.
Only as big as my growing tummy.
By the way, your father's company.
Yes, sir.
He dipped into quite
a bit of businesses.
I got a good man on it,
so let's wait a bit.
Thank you.
Hey! What brings you here?
Who addresses you so recklessly?
He's my underling, Han Ji-cheol.
He's a total psycho.
He thinks he's a prosecutor,
poking everywhere,
he can really piss people off.
No respect for his seniors!
That must be tiring.
Allow me to pour you a glass.
I heard he's digging into
a few brokers at DM.
Hanyoung going under
due to spreads mistake,
and there's the...
which one was that...
You should keep clear of him.
Once he bites, he'll never let go.
How can I trust you?
I introduced Cho Il-hyun to the Ticket.
So I should investigate you first.
If you can catch both without
our help, go ahead.
Insider info on stocks
about to nosedive.
CONFIDENTIAL: Signal Tech Forecast
Won't he sniff this out and exploit it?
Park Chang-gu
Excuse me?
He's not in yet.
Did you really make an appointment?
Call 911.
Park Chang-gu
Is this 911? A man fell off a building.
Woo-sung: Any plans today?
How about a drink?
Noryangjin Station, Line 9, 6 PM
- What's wrong?
- Why did you follow me?
Where are you rushing off to?
What's it to you?
Nothing else?
What have you been doing?
I heard Han Ji-cheol
is investigating you!
How do you know that bastard?
Are you looking into me too?
That's bullshit, I'm just worried.
I heard he's a total psycho,
known for not giving up.
What's that got to do with you?
- Did her?
- What?
You think she really likes you?
I don't believe this.
Is it wrong of me to be
rich and screw chicks?
Why can't I, asshole!
Snap out of it for god's sake!
You're being used!
Son of a bitch!
Know your place, alright?
Since when did a rich
asshole worry about me?
You're late.
Next job is naked shorting.
Isn't that... illegal?
Where's the boundary
between legal and illegal?
It's an insolvent corporation
that'll go under anyway.
It's immoral to not exploit it.
As I ramped up scale,
some bad money got mixed in.
What's that about?
Loansharks got involved.
You'll not interface
with them, of course.
As the risk rises, so does the profit.
How much have you made so far?
Didn't you make enough
to last several lives?
But why?
Why continue this dangerous job?
You're thinking too much.
Enough to last several lives?
That's not really important.
I do it for fun.
how big is this job?
It'll be about $20M.
Your cut will be $5M.
During YH MediTech crisis,
you had some fun
with insider info, right?
You were in charge of $5M of $20M pot.
I don't know whether the
fund manager had info.
I simply put in the order as instructed.
Still not sure?
YW Investment's Kim Dong-sin.
Isn't he a married man?
Anyone with money
in this industry has a lover.
It's an open secret.
Your father took out tons
of loans under your name.
When you're in jail,
how will he pay that back?
Restricted Caller ID
Buy 70K shares of Signal
Tech at market value.
70K shares of Signal Tech confirmed.
Very nice!
Il-hyun, are we having
company dinner today?
Sir, that stock is worth
nothing at all.
Isn't Signal Tech a penny stock?
What's the point of
buying up penny stocks?
How much longer?
It's all done.
Buy 80K more.
Buy 80K more shares.
80K shares of Signal Tech confirmed.
Trading started
NEWS: Signal Tech Unknown Factory Fire
So, what's the plan?
The shares are borrowed and sold,
so buy up the shares
when it hits rock bottom.
The steeper it falls, the more we make.
If it doesn't fall?
Then we'll make it fall.
Fire at Signal Tech Factory,
2 dead, 7 injured
Two traders dead in a week,
sign of the market?
Sold at $3, bought at 10 cents,
so $2.90 profit per share.
What if he buys all 7M shares?
Shit, he'll really make $20M?
We have Yoo's location,
proceed as planned?
130K shares so far,
I can't buy 7M at this rate.
Calling me during market hours?
Sir, are you watching
our firm's transactions?
Give me a second.
Where's he going?
Ignoring me, eh?
I don't see any problems, why?
What will you do?
Naked shorting an insolvent company
is a textbook scam, don't you know?
Look the other way,
it's none of your business.
That's weird.
If he makes a ton,
are you hoping for a cut too?
It's already over 4M
shares, will it be okay?
Who told you to stop?
Buy another 100K shares.
I should report to the chief first...
There's no time, click the damn thing!
Don't talk to me like that!
Move aside, I'll do it.
Cho Il-hyun! You're out of line!
You think you're high and almighty?
I'm talking to you, asshole!
Make some money
if you got time to spare.
Cho Il-hyun! To my office!
Just get the account data.
The trades have to go through though.
This'll be investigated for sure!
- What good are you?
- Pardon?
Stick to your own work.
Aside from your father's
account, you haven't done much.
Han Ji-cheol
Answer, dammit!
Why aren't you answering!
A bit more, almost there...
Who the hell?
Unknown Caller ID
Mr. Yoo Min-joon?
Total profit: $20M
Total Trades: Signal Tech - 7M shares
Purchase transaction complete.
All done, 7M shares purchased.
Listen to me carefully.
You know what the profit is,
we can split it half-half.
Who are you?
How much longer will you
eat the Ticket's crumbs?
We can remove the Ticket
and Hong Kong broker too.
Wait, wait, wait!
What's there to think,
we get $11.8M each!
What are you doing?
Decide now!
Come out, let's talk.
I'm at your office building,
just get the account data
and come to the lobby!
Come out!
I got nothing to say, piss off, asshole!
Is he in there?
Make up your mind, Cho Il-hyun!
Get to the lobby!
How did you know my name?
None of the parties involved
know each other.
How do you know my name?
And how did you know where I work?
Why is that important?!
Who are you! You son of a bitch!
Who the hell are you!
I'll handle my damn work,
don't tell me what to do,
you piece of shit
- Il-hyun!
- Hey!
It's him, right?
Grab him!
Get him!
Are you okay? You look injured.
You okay?
- Let me use your phone.
- What?
Come to #708, Yeouido General.
Can I help you?
Ah, you're here.
You two haven't met?
I guess your team
never had a family picnic?
Or Mr. Yoo didn't particularly
like get togethers?
Did you work with him?
I'll show myself out.
I'm sorry for what happened.
Thank you for coming.
What happened?
He was hit by a truck.
He was drunk, airbag malfunctioned.
He'll live but due to brain damage,
he won't live a normal life.
I mean...
why are you here?
I didn't have any choice.
Signal Tech naked shorting job.
It was all a trap set
up by that bastard Han.
The Hong Kong broker
also received the same offer.
He probably tried to get all of us.
...we can split it half-half.
What's there to think,
we get $11.8M each!
I don't like unexpected variables
in the middle of a job.
A variable should be
revenged with a variable.
You handled it well.
For all the pain this job cost,
I'll make sure to bring you
even better result next time.
We'll help liquidate
a few insolvent enterprises.
We dropped the prices already.
Stock codes are 320400,
and 016420.
016420 is Woosung International.
It's a long time coming,
I trust you to do a good job.
Your father's surgery's next week, right?
I sent him the chaga mushroom.
If you're too busy,
you should call him often.
He seemed pretty lonely.
What brings you here at this hour?
- Dinner?
- Not hungry.
Have a bite though, want some?
Can't you answer me?
You're too skinny.
Looks like you don't eat at all.
Good thing you're here,
I made some chicken porridge.
Give me a second, I'll warm it up.
Chicken porridge...
I don't want any.
You always say that.
Don't ask for more later.
Chaga Mushroom
This bowl should be good.
- I don't want any.
- Okay, I hear you.
I said I don't want any!
I told you to throw away
these containers.
I give you enough money!
Stop living in poverty!
Don't come here if you'll be like this.
Oh my...
If you're looking into
3-4 year old accounts,
how are we supposed to
work around here?
Why are you taking pencils?
It's been a while.
Seoul Prosecutor's Office
Securities Crime Unit
Come with us.
There're so many
financial criminals that
the government pulled all
wacky agents from
the prosecution and all
the financial sub-branches
in order to form a joint task force.
Let's take a look. Here and here.
Over here too, right there again.
You pop up way too frequently.
Don't you think it's weird too?
What could this be?
It has all the account data
of your previous job.
There's someone who look
familiar over there.
Ms. Park Si-eun got this for us.
Why didn't you treat her better?
This little thing could
really mess you up.
Obituary: Woosung Int'l
CEO Jeon Seung-mo
The Ticket?!
Naked shorting Signal Tech
Yoo Min-joon - Deceased
Woosung - naked shorting target?
Son - Jeon Woo-sung
So you want to deal?
Hand me the Ticket.
Then I'll make everything go away.
Take care.
- Drive safe.
- Take care.
Thank you, bye.
I was offered a deal.
They'll drop my charges
if I give you up.
So are you saying cops
are hiding outside?
Or they got you to
wiretap my confession?
Are you satisfied?
Will they let me go if I complied?
I'm not a fool.
Get dressed, you'll catch cold.
Next job is $30M.
Get some fresh air after this job.
Hey, mister.
Bosung Investment
Hangover coffee?
Didn't you want a firm
with your name on it?
Is that why you're here?
I'm sorry.
Know your place, alright?
I want you to leave.
When the market opens tomorrow,
Woosung price will rise.
I'm really sorry.
Can you trust me one last time?
I'll buy up your father's
company stock all at once.
My client will make $30M
if I do that before closing bell.
Good, it's a failed
company, have fun with it.
My uncles wanted to
wholesale it to China.
But China is sending us
yellow dust and shit.
You can't just sell the company
because you're desperate.
I'll buy.
Company name's cheesy,
but I'll buy.
Buy up all available shares
of Woosung International.
Once I buy shares in bulk,
the stock will rise temporarily.
Should we sell it now?
Don't sell and wait.
Hold on a bit longer.
It's all over if you sell now.
Okay, got it, let's move!
Sir, we're on the move.
Be more aggressive.
Compliance team's gotta work too.
Restricted Caller ID
Your call cannot be connected...
Do not call DM Securities!
Being in a task force
makes you invincible?
It's part of the
operation, don't interrupt!
You should've sent us a report then!
Cho Il-hyun!
We got a call from FSS, come with us.
- Now?
- Yes.
I'm trading for my clients,
the order is backed up,
give me a minute.
- Mr. Cho.
- Sir, what's wrong?
- Are you kidding me?
- What happened?
- I gotta finish this up.
- I got a call from FSS.
FSS? One second, sir.
He's usually good with
following the rules,
are you hitting puberty?
Don't work too hard!
Woosung International - 9M shares
I'lll sell them all just before closing.
Then you buy them all back...
Stay on your toes,
don't miss your chance.
But you said you'll sell it
at market price.
Who'll buy it when it's so high?
Sell entire batch?
Your dad's company is
depended on a click.
Purchase entire batch?
How can I buy them myself?
I need a client's order.
I got a professional on stand by.
But why'd Roy trade a stock
which isn't worth much.
Because his client ordered it.
I'm the client this time,
it's my money.
You don't work hard cause
I said so? What kind of...
- Don't be too harsh...
- What's your problem?
3 PM already? Good work.
Total Trades: Woosung Int'l - 9M shares
- Let's go.
- Yes, sir.
- Everyone ready?
- Let's move!
Prosecution! Stay where you are!
Hands off of your desk!
Nobody touch anything!
No hands!
Global Investment Firm
Signs Joint Business
- Yes?
- This is Cho Il-hyun.
Woosung International, which was
in the danger of being delisted
on KOSDAQ was given a second chance.
Woosung has experienced
some tough times in the past.
We want to thank the
investors who trusted us...
Roy & Sheril, a firm based in New York,
gave Woosung a second chance in life...
Where's the Ticket?
Did you two screw me?
Wait a little bit.
With this change of plan,
he'll make contact soon.
Mr. Cho.
You made a big mistake.
I'm sorry about that.
Major shareholder wouldn't
sell, so I went in big,
and even the Compliance is on me.
Sorry, you lost $30M because of me.
I told you, I do not like
unexpected variables.
$30M simply evaporated
and you blame the game?
In any case, you'll have to
take responsibility for this.
You'll kill me too?
Now that I'm used up,
I should disappear.
Just like Baek Jong-pil,
Park Chang-gu, Yoo Min-joon.
Should I jump the tracks?
To look like a suicide?
Or will there be a terror attack?
You got a wild imagination.
Contract killing is
not even work nowadays,
why get unnecessary attention?
You think you're the first
trying to get me arrested?
Had I killed them all,
Yeouido would be half empty.
What happened?
I'm disappointed.
I thought we'd be
good partners.
What now? Should we move in?
Stand by!
Hey! Stop!
What you gonna do
without any evidence?
I have no goddamn idea!
I'm gonna go catch him now.
Kill me now!
Try to kill me, asshole!
Make way! Let me through!
Let people get off first!
Ticket, what's your real name?
You're under arrest for
breaking financial regulations!
Even an asshole like you
can hire a lawyer!
- Missed the subway.
- What?
Can you take me
without evidence?
Mr. Han Ji-cheol.
Mr. Cho Il-hyun.
I'll keep it simple.
The next triple witching day
when futures and options expire.
You'll receive a call
the day before.
It'll ring only once during
the market hours, so don't miss it
The account will be made under
Samil Asset's Doh Bong-su.
Keep this account open
and follow the caller's orders.
Simple, isn't it.
Memorize every last word of his.
2 years worth of
conversations between us.
Total 1,470 minutes of 89 recordings,
It's organized by date,
so cross reference with transactions.
You recorded all that?
To a broker, a client's words are money.
Alright, let's get a move
on, goddamn Ticket!
If that's your move, I'll play along.
Arrest him.
Take it.
Stay alive, so we'll meet again.
One moment please! Move out of the way!
- Stay back! Please!
- Walk around us!
Nothing to watch here!
Go home! Get out of here!
Go away!
Walk away!
It's nothing at all!
What the hell!
Where are you going?
You, get off now!
Stop the train!
Where the hell are you going?!
Why? Do I need to go too?
You can leave after
your witness testimony!
I read once in a book,
a witness could easily
become a new suspect.
What did you say?
I'll come back in time, so don't worry.
Look under benches on the platform.
I kept all the phones
I used for the jobs.
Except the first two.
Take a swim in the Han River
if you need those.
I got your daughter a tablet,
so take care of taekwondo.
I have a favor though.
Could you ask him something for me?
Where was he going to use the money for?
RYU Jun-yeol
YOO Ji-tae
CHO Woo-jin
Who cares how many zeros a figure has.
It's still just a number.
I just...
wanted to be rich.