Money for Nothing (1993) Movie Script

# My bills are all due
and my baby needs shoes #
# And I'm busted #
# Cotton is down
to a quarter a pound #
# But I'm busted #
# Gotta a cow that went dry
and a hen that won't lay #
# A big stack ofbills
that gets bigger each day #
# The county's gonna haul
all my things away #
#'Cause I'm busted #
# They got the change
of a nickel,y'all #
- # Busted #
- # Hey #
#I've been to my brother
just to ask for a loan #
# 'Cause I was busted #
# Said I hate to beg
like a dog without a bone #
- # But I'm busted #
- # Oh, well, well, well #
- # My brother said #
-# Hey, there ain't a thing I can do #
- # Well #
- # My wife and my kids
are all down with the flu #
- # Said it's true #
-# And I was just thinkin'about
calling on you #
# 'Cause I'm busted #
# 'Cause #
# Well, I am no thief
but a man can go wrong #
# When he's busted #
# Well, you know the food
that we canned last summer is gone #
# And I'm busted #
# See the fields are all bare
and the cotton won't grow #
# Me and my family
gotta pack up and go #
# I'll make a living
Just where I don't know #
# 'Cause I'm busted, oh #
# Oh, I'm busted #
Tired of being busted
all the time.
# I need some money
Yeah #
# Oh, money #
# My bills are all due
My baby needs shoes d
# And I'm busted d
# Sent out of town
like a dog without a bone #
# 'Cause I'm busted #
# I try and I try
but still nothing gets paid #
# That big stack of bills
gets bigger each day #
# They're trying to take
everything I own away #
# Yeah #
# 'Cause I'm
I'm busted #
# Without a dime #
Yeah, 42
We're en route to Atlantic City
Check, 42.
You're running behind schedule.
# don't have a dime #
# No money #
# So broke #
Shipside orders, three plus one.
- Jimmy O'Connor and Timmy O'Connor.
- Here
- Wilhelm.
- Right
Chilled cargo, containers.
Camden Marine terminal.
- Rivera.
- Yeah
- Hoffman. O'Hara and Wolkin. Hanratty.
- Yeah
- Eddie
- Uh-huh.
- Rudolph. Jackson
- Yeah.
Final call.
Concentrated O.J., six plus one.
- Benvenutti. McClaghan.
- Yo.
- Jefferson.
- Yeah.
- Whoa, there you go
See what clean livin' can do?
- Shut up
NotJoey Coyle
Joey Sullivan Come on
- Let's go, Sully.
All right, that's it today.
- That's two weeks
almost we ain't workin'
I can do twice the work of that
old geezer Sullivan, so he must
got somethin' on you, right?
Yeah, he's got four kids
he's gotta feed
That's what he's got on me
Come on, find me a slot
Pad a gang if you have to Half a day
You ain't gonna put me to work,
you know, front me some cigarette money
Hey, a man who can't buy
his own cigarettes,
shouldn't be smokin', should he?
You-You always get philosophical
on me when you don't gimme work
Come on, William
I got so many holes in my shirt,
when I walk down the street, I hum
Hey, little brother!
Tuna fish?
What do you want from me?
Tell it to Eleanor I'll see you later
How's it goin'?
Are we lost or what?
- Jesus, man
- Shortcut to the new highway
- Joe, what do you want to do now?
- Same thing we always do:
Drive around all day
with our dicks in our hands
This is gettin' boring,
you know
- dd
- Joey, my father don't want
nobody smokin' in this car
I'm glad we're
clearin' this up
Damn lighter
don't work no how
- Yeah
- Got my half of that sandwich?
Take the big piece
Joe, there's more celery
in this than tuna
You know what
I don't understand.
Your own brother
can't even give us a Job
That's Billy Always got to prove to
everybody that he's fair all the time
It's like- It's like a-acute integrity,
you know what I'm sayin'?
Fuckin' wearin' me out
It's not my fault
if the city don't fix the roads
Things'll get better,Joe
You know?
Things always get better
Before you know it,
we'll be eligible for retirement
Down at Atlantic City
sippin' on margaritas or something
Forty years'll go by in no time
Hey, pull over That thing there
It might make a good toolbox
- It's a piece of crap
- Pull over Stop the car
Come on, stop the car!
Joey, hurry up
and get your little box, all right?
Move it!
Go! Go!
- I thought you wanted that stinkin' box
- The hell with the box
Joey, what the fuck are you doin'?
- Joey, what the hell you got?
- Somethin' on its way to Trump
TaJ Mahal in Atlantic City
- What is it?
- 12 million
12 million what?
that's my mom's crucifix
- She'd be-
- Aaah
Joey, is that real?
That looks like
it's real,.Joey.!
Don't-Don't touch it,.Joey. You don't
wanna get your fingerprints on it.
Don't touch the money.
It's all- It's all
hundred dollar bills
I think these are unmarked!
- You don't find that kind of
money Just lying on the street
- I Just did
- It don't belong to us
- Finders, keepers, Kenny
Joey, look at the bag It says
"Property of the Federal Reserve"
- That makes this a federal offense.
- Kenny, think about it
- Did we hurt anybody?
- No
Did we steal it
from anybody? No
Are we giving it back?
Hell, no!
Possessin is nine-tenths of the law
You know what I'm sayin'?
It's-It's their negligence
It's their-
Oh, ah, 11:00, 11:00.!
- Shit,.Joey.
- Drive straight. Drive straight.
We're busted,.Joey.
- If we're caught, we're busted.
- Don't drive slow.
- Don't drive slow
- I'm not,Joe
Joey, I ain't gonna be nobody's
cell bitch for a sack of dough
What the hell
are you doin'?
Are you insane?
There are cops
back there
Joey, listen to me
We walk over to the cops
We say, "Cops,
look what we found"
We give 'em the money.
You know there's gonna be a big reward.
Then we'll be big heroes
and we'll be big shots.
All right? We'll be the guys
who found the money
Kenny, who wants to be famous
for being stupid?
- Kenny, Kenny, we're keepin'the money.
- You're keepin' the money,Joe
Kenny, you're gonna regret this
for the rest of your life
- Half of it's yours Drive the car
- Shut up!
All right This is what's gonna happen
I never gave you a ride home
I never saw that money,
all right?
I want you to swear on your
father's grave that whatever
happens, I'm not involved
I swear to you, Kenny
- Please drive the car! Fuck it
- Joey, get out of my car.
I'll see you later
- Hi,Joey
- How ya doin', Mrs Breen?
Anybody home?
Is that you,.Joey?
- Yeah, Ma
- I thought I heard you come in.
I could do with a hand
to carry in the laundry upstairs.
Be right down, Ma
- You look worried
- No work
Well, it'll pick up
Your father always
used to say
"Theresa, someday our ship
is gonna come in.
And when it does, wejust have
to be careful we're not at the airport. "
You worried
about money,Joey?
- No
- You sure?
Yeah I'm all right Really
- Sure you're all right
- Ma. Ma. Ma.
- Take Monica to the movies
- Mom Ma
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Me and Monica,
we're all done
Well, then you're gonna need it when
you get back together again Yes, yes
Joey, what happened
to the bedspread?
I put it outside in the thing
when I was doin' the other thing
Let me help you with the laundry
- Somethin' fell What fell?
- My key
Lick your fingers,Joey!
This is
your lucky day
Ninety-one, clear.
I watched them secure the doors
No way those bags
could've Just dropped off
So do you mind telling me
where they are now?
Do you have any clue where they went?
Did theyjust fly away?
Pat Laurenzi,
South Detectives
It's been 48 minutes
- since I placed the call.
- How much money's missing?
$12 million
Are these the two drivers
in question?
He's the driver
I'm the hopper
Hopper What is that?
Do you hop around?
- I hop out and get the money
while he wait in the truck
- Detective Laurenzi
I don't want tojump
to any conclusions before...
you complete
your investigation
But our equipment is inspected
on a weekly basis
This obviously
involves human error
or criminal conspiracy
Did the alarm malfunction?
The door's locked.
The men carry guns.
An alarm system would be
an unnecessary redundancy
See, this never would've happened
if you hadn't cut us back
We used to have
a third man ride in the back
- Lock me in Yeah
- Lock you in?
I ask for a detective
They send Houdini
The trucks they give us ain't fit
to carry clothes to the Salvation Army
You're terminated
Both of you
I'm on the Job 14 years
when you still in school
It was Just me, your father
and two Puerto Ricans
and a converted milk truck
Look, I got a family to support
I'm 52 years old I can't go
and start knockin' on doors now
You should've thought of that
before you fucked up.
In our top local story tonight,
Liberty Bell Courier announced
$12 million fell out
of the storage compartment
from one of their armored trucks
during a delivery run.
Did I hear that right?
A million bucks fell off a truck?
Our reporter Lois Bowden filed an
earlier report from South Philadelphia
where police are concentrating
their efforts to recover the lost loot
- Losing
$ 1.2 million isn't as easy-
- Anybody want more fish?
- But it can happen
- Joey, shhh, I wanna hear this
Standing beside me is Steve Hrbek,
vice president of Liberty Bell Courier
Mr Hrbek,
how could this happen?
I can't give any reason
for this unfortunate mishap.
I can only say that something
went seriously wrong.
- I'll say
- Even though they are rare,
you find that incidents...
like these
do occur in our business.
Usually the money is recovered
before the story hits the evening news
but obviously in this case,
that didn't happen.
Is there anything
you'd like to say to the person
who found the money?
It's not yours Give it back
Reporting from South Philly,
this is Lois Bowden, Channel Five news.
In other news,
60% of Philadelphians we polled...
said they would leave
the City of Brotherly Love,
if given a chance.
Who conducts all these polls, hmm?
Nobody ever asks my opinion
That dumb S.O.B.
who found that money...
- he don't even know what he's in for
- What's an SOB?
- Never mind
- Well, lucky stiff
He did no more
than the politicians
He picked up his.
They got theirs handed to 'em.
It ain't against the law
to find money.
- It is to keep it
- What are you talkin' about?
Happens all the time
down at the docks, right?
Guys tryin'to take home
unclaimed merchandise.
- They're always doin'it
when no one's lookin'.
- Burn 'em at the stake
- You don't understand anything,
you know that?
- No
You don't take something
if it's not yours You Just don't
A lot of people got money
problems, they don't steal
This guy, he finds this money
Pennsylvania law says if you
find somethin'worth over $200
and you don't try to return it...
you're committing a crime,
same as stealin'
And you get up
to five years in prison
You get five years?
Yeah, for findin'
some money
What are you,
the attorney general?
If I found that loot...
all them garbage cans up there,
I wouldn't have to be pickin'
out of'em no more
I'd order me up limousines
two feet longer than anybody else's
I'd build me a house
way up on top of the hill
And they'd say, "Man, you live up there?"
I'd say, "Yeah, I live up there"
They'd say, "How you live
way up there?" I'd say, "Man,
it could happen to any of us"
- You know what I mean? Heck, yeah
- That's a hundred dollar bill
If I found a million dollars,
I'd buy more shoes than Imelda Marcos
- The rest I'd probably waste
- Not me
I got a condo I can't sell
The bank's gonna repossess it
I got a Porsche I can't drive
The insurance is too high
I got a girlfriend who likes to drive
through the south of France
and drink
ten dollar cappuccinos
If I found a million dollars, I'd put it
up as collateral to get out of debt
- then borrow more money.
- dd
There's a gentlemen
staring at you
- Oh, yeah?
- I think so
Do you know what you could buy
for $12 million?
- I'm gonna come back
and have a drink later
- Okay
Could I have a vodka and cranberry?
Stoli, with three limes
I was sitting here
a minute ago
- Can I get a Rolling Rock?
- We only carry imported
- All right, run a tab.
- Okay I need a credit card
I'm applyin' for one
It's okay
How's everythin'
goin' at the bank?
Joe, get it right We're not a bank
We're an investment firm
- I thought we decided
not to see each other anymore
- Yeah, we did
Come on, Monica, I know
you think I'm here-
I don't need a glass
I know you think I'm gonna try to talk
you into sleeping with me
And that we're gonna get back
together and then we're gonna
break up It's gonna be a mess
I just need your help...
in an area of your expertise.
Expertise in what,Joe?
Here's a question, seriously
Is there a way for a guy
like me, a guy who's stuck
to walk into your firm
and invest a big chunk of change?
A million cash,you know.
Whatever. What kind of
questions are they gonna ask?
What kind of questions?
They'll need to see picture ID,
your social security number
- That's all I need?
- If it's less than $10,000
Anything in excess, we're required
to notify the Treasury Department
Is there a way for me,
you know, and you maybe, to
move around the commas and
the zeroes so that the IRS
doesn't find out about it?
a guy like you is never gonna
walk into my office with a million cash
All right
I mean, who you kidding?
Look at you, you're still wearin' the
same clothes as the last time I saw you
Check, please
- I got it
- No, no, it's on me
That'll be $975
Hey, you know,
some money fell off an armored truck
There's a police alert now
for suspicious characters
spending hundred dollar bills
If Joey Coyle has a hundred dollar bill,
you can rest assured it's his last one
He's a good lookin' guy, that guy
You know that guy?
Can I get a pack ofTareytons?
Can you make it two?
So, what do you think?
Do you think this guy's gonna make it?
- I hope so, but half the town
is looking for him.
- Yeah
- Well, he better go to the other half
- Yeah. $5.20.
- Keep the change
- Thanks
Hey, here go that guy
who gave us that money.
- Hey, man Come on, man
- No, I'm all right
dI heard my father say
I'd never come to much dd
I think if I found
that money, I'd give it back.
You know what my horoscope
said today, Bobby?
It said, "Beware of strangers
bearing gifts because what is
free is too expensive"
Ain't no missin' money
Government's so deep in debt,
they arrange an accident
money fallin' out of the back
of an armored truck
so they can bail out the S & L's
- Hey,Joey
- Hey, Lindey
Did Dino make his run tonight?
You lost too, huh? Everybody
took the Sixers with the points
- I need a Rolling Rock
- If I found that
million, I'd go to the dentist.
Then, I'd get rid of that
horrible rug in the den
But, first, I'd go to the dentist
Joey, treatin'yourself royally
on my money?
- Your money?
- My money.
You owe me at least
a full tank of gas
for all them rides
home from the dock,.Joe.!
You hit me up for a ten-spot
the last time you took out your bitch
- Whoa Her name's Monica
- All right
Thank you Really
- Hello, Lindey
- Yo
Bud Light
Hey, Dino,
I got that ten-spot I lost on the game.
Hey, Lindey! So, what would it cost
to buy the house a drink?
What are you gonna use
for money, deutsche marks?
Like I was saying,
how much is it gonna cost...
to get everybody in this bar so drunk
they're pissin'out their ears?
- Four hundred bucks.
- Four hundred bucks? Everybody?
Everybody, including me!
All right, then, there's
gonna be no more bitchin'
about this man Dino Palladino
How he comes in here every night
and he books your bets and...
- he doesn't pay off
because I'm livin' proof
- C-notes.
Not even Atlantic City can provide
what Dino Palladino provides
to the South Philly
gamblin' community
- All right,.Joey.
- Put your money away.
All right, comin' up
Who's next?
No loyalty
You bet against our Sixers?
Ah, it wasn't B-ball
Picked a pony
- It's a pony
- A pony?
- You and me
- Let's not panic Lorraine,
take care of those guys
- What do you got? Two Bud's
- Talk to me, baby
I need a fresh beer.
- Lock the door
- Go
- Let's see it
- Go, go!
- Let me see it
- Go
Joe, listen I know mooks
that have spent their whole lives
trying to figure out a way
to pop an armored car
In my book,
I look up to you
All right, so we're
just gonna walk in
we're gonna launder it,
and we're gonna walk out
That's right
You'll get it tonight,Joe
And now, you gotta do me a favor
When we walk in there,
let me handle it...
'cause I've done it before
I've done all this shit before
so let me handle it
Don't bullshit me,
all right?
You ain't never even seen
$12 million before tonight
Why you come to me?
Huh? I mean, go to Monica
Go to your girl.
She works in a bank
You walk in that place with that kind
of money, they'll handcuff you to a desk
I came to you
No one saw you
picking it up?
You and me
are the only ones that know about this
Piece of cake
So, when I swap the hundreds,
I'm gonna get back tens,
fifties, anything I want?
- I-It's gonna be okay with this guy?
- The guy's loaded
He collects every bet in South Phil
What else do you want,Joe?
- Is that his car?
- Yeah, one of them
He's a real connoisseur
- Yeah, he knows his shit, huh?
- Yeah
- Joey,Joey, gimme a minute
- In here or out there?
- You want me to walk around? Stay put
- No, no S-Stay put
So, are we gonna
go out tonight?
- Yeah, we'll go to Angelo's
- Mr Goldoni?
- I brought the guy that found
the Liberty Bell money.
- Where is he?
He's right over there
Yeah, maybe Nevada is
but we're not Nevada here.
- That's himJoseph
- Bring him in the office
- Five and a half
to five on the play-offs?
- Move to even
- He's close to clean
- Cover.
Yeah, this is Corky
The thing is what it is
- You keep four,.Joe.
- Slow down Slow down
You're gonna break
the sound barrier
Now, for every 400,000 I give you,
what are you prepared to give me?
For every four you give us,
we give you back three
Joe, he's
giving you $300,000
- I'm giving him four
Joe, it's not a matter of...
what you want us to give you,
it's how much you wanna give us
Now, I'll tell you what. For the 1.2,
I'll give you back a million.
That way
you save 100,000
Yeah, but if 12 costs two,
how come four costs one?
You keep four,.Joe.!
I take eight, give you back
seven out of the eight, same
as I would three out of four
It's the same thing
I- I-I don't get it
Really, I don't You get it?
He's taking one from four
He's not taking anything
from the eight
except his vig
of his first four
- It's pretty clear
- I don't get it. I'm sorry.
Is that how much I'm gonna give you
or how much you're gonna give me?
In terms of empathy, in the sense of
putting oneself inside
the skin of another person,
I admire that man
He was an inventor.
He had imagination.
He was a bit of a fatso,
but he was sexually active
And of...
all of the Founding Fathers
whose faces appear
on hard currency
he's the only one
cracking a smile; Ben Franklin
Why's Ben smilin'?
He was smart enough
not to be president
He lived in a tree house
for a period of time,.Joe.
What are you tal-
What are you talking about?
What has this got to do
with launderin' my money?
He was a playful man
He flew a kite
- What was on the end of Ben
Franklin's kite, historically?
- A piece of string
What was on the end of the string?
- Dino?
- A kite?
A key
A key A key!
He caught lightning in a bottle!
The same way
you did,Joe
The same way you did.
That doesn't happen to too many
people in their lifetimes,
but it happened to you
Think about it.
What are you gonna do?
You can give us the money
and spend it while
you're young, enJoy it
Or you can dig a hole,
stick it in...
and hope that it's still there
when you dig it up.
It's up to you.
We do this tonight
It's the weekend It'll take maybe two,
three-three days at the most
Three days?
- Three days It's not like a week
- He said we could do it in one night
- That's a lot of money to count
- Joe, there's only six here
- Where's the rest?
- You said we could do this in one night
- You said you were bringing 12
- So what, that's my business
- So what? It's my business
- It's my business
- Shut up!
- Shut up
- You shut up
Okay, the man has a right
to be cautiousJoe
you give us the six tonight,
we'll give you back the five,
then we repeat the process
So I get
my first five before I get you
your second six?
That's the deal
That's it
- Okay,Joe Okay
- Done
Now, is there anything you want,Joe?
Anything you need? Tuna, anything?
No, no, I'm not hungry
Uh, I Just gotta get home
- Gotta get home?
- Yeah
Dino, give him your shit box
It's a Cadillac
Take care of my money.
- Let's check this area
- I already checked it
Well, check it again
If I found that kind of money,
you'd never hear from me again
Twenty-four hours
- and not a single clue.
- That's because $10,000
isn't enough reward
You might not catch the guy
who stole the money...
but you'll probably
get his neighbor
This is South Philly,
Mr Hrbek
If you weren't familiar with
the neighborhood, you wouldn't
even know that street existed
If somebody in one of those
row houses got $12 million
believe me, they're gonna talk
to somebody
Is that how you solve crimes in South
Philly, Detective? Waiting around
for the crook
to tell the wrong person?
You know somethin'?
You guys are in business
because people can't be trusted
And if we don't find that money
to everyone's satisfaction
you might not be in business
for too much longer
Now, both your drivers passed
their polygraph test with flying colors
And the insurance company
knows that the accident happened
due to equipment malfunction
so you can forget
about a settlement
Raise the reward
It costs money
to find money
Mr Hrbek
I'll double the reward
$20,000 is still below
the going rate of a row house
Well, I'm not familiar with the price
of real estate in South Philly
Well, maybe you should
read up on it
You come up with 50 grand,
somebody's gonna talk
No, no, the reward stays at 20
- You guys are still issued
rotary phones?
Yeah, you Just put your finger
in the little hole around
the number and drag it around
It takes a little longer
but it still works
Thank you
Ladies and gentlemen
Ladies and gentlemen
Get in
El D
Real leather seats
You're doin' good,Joe
Comin' up in life, huh?
It's a nice car
I've been doin' some thinkin' I want
you to be straight with me on somethin'
- Will you do that for me?
- I think that's always best
Now, nobody died in your family,
so I know you didn't inherit any money
- No, everybody's healthy
- I'm glad to hear it
And I checked the paper
You didn't win the lottery
No, I wouldn't waste my money
on a government racket
And you're not a big gambler
Here and there,
a little bit, you know
Joe, I want you
to do me a favor
Can you show me what
$12 million looks like?
I could arrange that
It's like you dream
of somethin'like this happenin'
and then it happens...
- and-and you feel numb,
you know what I mean?
- Mm-hmm.
Think about it, whatever you need,
like medical, take care of your family.
I mean, even after that,
you know, anything.
that needs to be done...
can now be done
I mean, that'll really work
on your brain, you know what I mean?
I mean, what'd you want? Anything in
the worid Where do you wanna go?
- To Paris for breakfast?
Anything, it doesn't matter
- I would love
to go on vacation with you
Now we can go to the Caribbean, you
know Take one of those cruise ships
- Yeah
- Take some mambo classes
Two hundred extra for mambo
And we could use some new clothes
to go on the trip with, you know
Yeah You need some clothes
- Not the five and dime, come on
- Oh, she wants the top of the line
Yes, I do And, you know, I've always
wanted to continue my education
- College?
- Mm-hmm
- That's gonna take money
- Yes, it will
That's for college
And this is for uh, for uh,
your-your breeding and your grades
Excuse me?
Look who's talking
God, you know, I thought I had
a decent Job taking home $350 a week
I'd be, I'd be a grandmother
by the time I earned $12 million
You'd think a life's worth of toil would
amount to more than this, you know
- And all this is only half the money
- Half?
- Yeah
- Where's the other half?
It's bein' washed
Yeah Washed
- As in laundered?
- Yes, as in hand-washed, laundered
So we can spend it while we're young
That's the idea
Who did you give the rest to?
A friend
Someone I know?
You might
- I went to Catholic school with him
- You went to Catholic school
with 400 people.
Don't tell me Dino
Not Dino Palladino
The one and only
So, he's the only one
who knows besides you and me?
- Except for Kenny
- You told Kozlowski?
Kenny was there when I found it
Dino doesn't know because
Kenny says he wasn't there
You know what I'm sayin'?
That's Just great,Joe
So, it's Just, you know, basically,
Dino, Kenny, me and you
- This is great
- Where you goin'?
Look, I'm not stickin' around when Dino
and his boys come for the rest of it
Those guys will slit
your throat for five bucks
Those guys are businessmen
like everybody else
- Yeah, right
- All right,you're so smart...
I come to you for advice
the other day and you wouldn't
even give me the time of day
What are you gonna do if a
million-two drops in your lap
and you gotta change it?
I'll tell ya what I wouldn't do
I wouldn't give $600,000 to some
small-time hustler,Joe
And I wouldn't go spend
a fortune to show off to some girl
who already
gave up on you.
You're saying you're only here
with me 'cause of the money?
- Hey, you kids Hey, wait a minute!
- Cops! Come on, let's go!
Hey, come here!
Hey, come on back.!
- Oh, hey, hey, hey, come here
- No
You wanna wear these?
Gimme that
You got a hunting license, son?
You don't need a license
to hunt rats
Well, I guess you've never heard
of the Endangered Species Act?
- It was only a rat
- Well, I Just seen another
dead rat right over there
- Were you around here on Friday?
- No, I was in school studyin'
- Oh, yeah, I bet you were
- I was
I don't think so You saw
a yellow metal tub fall off
the back of an armored truck?
- I didn't see squat
- Put it this way
You tell me what you saw,
I'll give your bow back
If you don't, I'm gonna break it
I might've seen someone pick up
somethin' that don't belong to him
Was he tall? Short? Thin?
Fat? Blue? Green?
- He was a regular-lookin' white dude
- Like somebody from the neighborhood?
- Yeah, I might've seen him before
- What kind of car was he drivin'?
Shitty Gray fender needed paint
Chevy Chevelle
- A shitty Chevy Chevelle?
- Yeah
You sure about that
or you Just guessin'?
Of course I'm sure I spent all winter
sleepin' in back of one
Get outta here
- Loose in front.! Score.!
- Yes.!
Brind' Amour.!
- You weren't there, remember?
- Joey, this has turned into a big deal
- You saw the papers?
- Yeah, but it's okay
- The priest is talkin'
about it in his sermon
- It's a moral issue
Murray the cakeman keeps talkin' about
they're gonna catch you this weekend
- He said they're gonna catch
"the guy" this weekend
- Forget about the cakeman
You Just need a drink
You need to relax Drink up Lindey!
- This thing is makin' my stomach hurt
- Coyle.!
- Buy me a drink
- Yeah,Joey, buy us a drink
- Two more
- With all your winnings?
- What is he talkin' about, "winnings"?
- Uhhh
- He's Just bustin' my balls
- So why you buy him a drink?
- 'Cause he's an asshole
- So you buy him a drink?
- What is that?
- Tequila
- What do I care?
- Ohhh, tequila
- Happy days
- Salud.
- Ahhh You're beautiful,Joe
- Yeah
I'm curious What race was it
that you won your money?
- Why you curious?
- Relax
- What race was it?
- Uh, it was the seventh at Philly Park
What was the name
of the horse?
- Nice
- Dumb Luck
- Lindey, you got Friday's race results?
- Yo.
- I can fish it out of the garbage.
- Why you bustin' my balls?
I want to pin it up
Look at this, 20,000
Twenty-thousand reward.
I find a million-two,
I'm gonna give it up for 20 grand?
- I don't think so
- What was that? The seventh
race at Philly Park?
- Yeah
- Dumb Luck?
That's the horse
Joe, there ain't no horse
named Dumb Luck
You can't believe everything
you read in the newspapers
Joe, I usually believe it
when they're payin' me off
You know, I think it's some sort of
strange typo or somethin'
They don't have any typos
in the racing section
How could 22 guys
take a leak at the same time?
- Prostate, maybe
- Guess it must be goin' around
- A hundred dollar bill
I'm looking for 12,000 of these
- You know, it's funny but
I seen Ben Franklin standing out
by the Liberty Bell
and he was handin'out hundred
dollar bills to every tourist in town.
Dunleavy, let's not make
a hero out of a jerk.
What makes you think the guy
who found the money's a Jerk?
'Cause he's got the cops
lookin' for him
You wouldn't happen
to know where he is?
- We should tell 'em
He's gonna find out anyway
- You wanna know who found it?
It's Kozlowski
- That him?
- That's him right there.
Is it true what they say?
- You know about the money?
- If I found the money, I'd give it back
Yeah, yeah
I believe maybe you would
- Yes, I would
- You must be the only one
around here that would
I would
I got an idea that whoever found
that money is from this neighborhood.
Maybe it's someone
that everyone knows.
Well, here's my card
Anybody wants to talk
- Anybody?
- Yeah, I'll take one
You never know.
- Why- Why'd you take his card?
- Shut up
I can do for you?
- Joe, you owe me
- What do you call that?
- Call it what you want.
- You gonna keep your mouth shut?
- Hold on, hold on Wait 'til he leaves
- Why'd you give him the money?
- He Just left
- Why did you give him the money?
Just sit down
- Kenny, Kenny
- I wasn't gonna be involved
Now, you're draggin' me down
Nobody is goin' down, all right
Nobody's goin' down!
- No-
- Way to go,JC
You neglected to mention
the Chevelle
Joey, he knows
about my father's car?
- You got this idiot involved with me?
- I'm not-
- I had nothin' to do with it
- Shut up! Shut up!
Will you fuckin' relax? We're in the
street and there was a cop in there
- It's all over the radio
- What?
- The Chevelle Shut up!
- You got my father's car on the radio?
- The keys.
- You got my father's car
on the radio,.Joe?
- My father's car is on the radio?
- Gimme the keys
- Gimme the keys.
- The radio's broken in the house
- They don't listen to the radio.
- Joe, gimme the keys.
All right
We're gonna get the car painted Yeah,
we're gonna make it look brand new
Joe, gimme the keys
Joey, gimme the keys!
What the hell are you-
No I don't believe this
You said that I wasn't
gonna be involved with this
- Joey, there ain't
no paint shop around here
- Go and pull over
- Joey, where's the paint shop?
- Kill the engine
Joey, what are we doin'?
Please, kill the engine
I'm gonna make it up to you
Joey, this is
my father's car
I'll buy him ten new ones
- Open the door!
- No.!
- Kenny, get out of the car.
- I'm not gettin' out of the car
You wanna go tojail?
You wanna see your father go
tojail? Get out of the car.
- No!
- You're gonna suffocate in there
How am I gonna get a paramedic
out here during a football
game? Get out of the car
- No.
- You get out of the car,
you big dumb Polack!
- I'm not gettin'out.!
- Get out, Kenny.!
Kenny, I'm not playing with you. Get out
of the car right now.! It's not a game.!
He's locked in, huh? I'll show you
how to get him out of the car
- I'll show you.
- It's my problem.
I'm takin'care of it.
- He can't go nowheres I got the keys
- I got no time to breast-feed
this motherfucker
- Hey, come on, whoa
What-What are you gonna do?
- I'll give him a haircut
- That's about it
- It's my problem
I'm gonna take care of it
Take care of it
I'll give you five seconds
One Mississippi
two Mississippi
three Mississippi
Go on
Take care of it
No,.Joe. Aaah.!
Joe.! Don't.! Aaah.!
Joe.! I'm gettin'out.
- Don't hit me Don't hit me
- Get out.!
Hey, Dino, you got any idea
when my money's gonna be ready?
Fuck You were in the room
What did he say?
- That's tomorrow night
- That's right. Now remember,
to get the five for six...
you need to change
the whole 12
Say that again
To get the five for six,
you need to change the whole 12
That's the deal you made
That's exactly not
the deal I made
- That's the deal-
- You tell me to my face
that that's the deal I made
- Say it right to my face,
"That's the deal you made"
- That's the deal you made
Joe, you lied to me You lied
to me about the car You lied
to me about douche bag there
I mean, what the fuck do you think
I do for a living, sell shoes?
Come on This is serious shit
These people are not to be fucked with
Now, I don't wanna see you
at Dempsey's or anywhere else
You're gonna go home, lock the door,
draw the curtains and stay home,Joe
And then tomorrow,
bring the other six,Joe
You got it?
It's all clear
- Is somebody there?
- Yeah, Ma
Joey What time is it?
What are you lookin' for?
- I was Just rustlin' through
some of Dad's stuff
- Come here.
Sit down
You know,Joe, your father,
he misses you very much
Look at you
You don't take care of yourself
I'm all right, Ma
Just a little worn out
- Mmm
- So, how do you know he misses me?
We communicate
You do?
We still talk
All the time
Has he said anything
about me lately?
He knows exactly
what's goin' on with you,Joey
He didn't tell you
how it was gonna turn out did he?
Do you think Dad would be
happier if we moved him out that
that scummy cemetery
out there under that freeway?
And we move him out in the country,
you know? Someplace nice
With some birds and some trees,
you know A river Somethin'
whatever you're gonna give
your father, you already
gave him while
he was still alive.
Do you need anything, Ma?
No, thanks, son
- I gotta go out.
- Mmm
- Boo! Got you!
- Jesus Christ!
- What are you doing in there?
How'd you get in there?
- I picked the lock
- Why'd you go in there?
What are you lookin' for?
- I was Just playing a trick
Get outta here
Don't do that sort of thing!
Stay outta my room!
- What's the matter? What did you do?
- I didn't do anything
Tell her to stay
outta my room.! All right?
- Get out, you hog
You been in there for an hour
- I'll be out in a minute.
- Come on, Kate Cut it out
I'm comin' out right now
Hurry up
- You gonna forgive me?
- No
- You sure?
- Stop it
All right, all right
Just quit bugging me
Damn it!
- Whoa!
- My god!
Joey!Joey, what happened?
Are you hurt?
Joey, did you find
the Liberty Bell money?
- Mom, look It's a real
hundred dollar bill
Did you find that money,Joey?
What does it look like?
- You been lying to us?
- I did not lie
I Just didn't
tell the whole truth
So what are you all
lookin' at?
Here, Billy
Here That'll fix the ceiling
Billy, redo the entire house
And pay off
the mortgage
Here, let's buy Ma-
Ma, we'll buy you
a summer house
on theJersey shore
With your own
private fishing boat.
With your own
private dock
Katie.! Katie, Katie needs, uh...
braces, right?
And, uh, she wants,
uh, a new bike
And she wants
to go to college
I don't want to be rich
if I have to go to school!
Eleanor wants
a new wardrobe and a new TV
Go to Iowa and visit relatives
you never even knew that you had
W- W-W-Wait a minute
We don't need no money
that don't belong to us
Let them talk!
- I'll take the bike and a few hundred
- No, you won't
- Get in your room right now
- She wants the bike!
Joey, if the old man
taught us anything
he taught us you don't
get somethin' for nothin', right?
No such thing
as a free lunch
Then what's that
in my hand, Billy?
Billy, the old man is dead.
Remember what it was like
when he was alive? Remember that?
Workin' 18 hour days, his hands all
busted up He couldn't even make a fist
Three, four glycerin tablets
at a time to keep his heart pumpin'?
- You remember that? Yeah?
- Yeah, I remember
And if you know what's good for you,
you Just leave the old man out of this
What good did it do him?
What good did it do him?
His son is drinkin'
in the same bar stool that he was
Joey, you're gonna
clean this mess up
and we're gonna go down there tomorrow
morning and give that money back
Give it back?
What are you, nuts?
What do you think I got
to look forward to in my life? What?
I measure my life
in unemployment checks, Billy
I'm 26 years old and I live in the same
room right down the hall from my mom!
What do I got to look forward to?
What about my family?
What about my future?
I got nothin'!
I can't even get my own goddamn
brother to give me work!
Shut up! Shut up!
I do my best for you!
- Yeah!
- The best I can!
- You son-of-a-bitch!
- Hey, hey! Break it up! Break it up!
- I'm keepin' the goddamn money!
- You're givin' it back!
- You are givin' it back! You hear me?
- Eleanor! Stop it!
- I ain't givin' shit back!
- You son-of-a-bitch!
Eleanor, take your husband to bed
- You're givin' it back!
- Shut up, Billy! Go to bed!
You're givin'that money back.!
I want you outta this house
if you keep that money.
Stop it!
JoeyJoey, everybody
needs money to live
but not
this kind of money
No, Ma It's found money
The answer to our prayers
Your father used to say to me,
"Be careful what you pray for
You might get it"
You gotta give
this money back,Joey
I ain't givin' it back
I'll say a prayer
for you,Joe
And that's when I seen
these guys push the car in the river
How many?
Two, three, four?
Two, three, could have been more
But it was definitely couple of few
What did
they look like?
Bent noses Mobsters Guys that
look like they're up to no good
- Then what happened?
- Then they left in a fancy Caddy
That's the wrong car
What? Oh, oh, oh!
What do you- What do you- Excuse me!
What do you mean "wrong car"?
That's a Dodge
We only pay for Chevelles
What are you talkin' about?
Where's my cash?
- What?
- My cash. My money. My reward.
Take it up with Hrbek
Liberty Bell
You know, I took off
from work to be here
That's what I get
for gettin' involved with cops?
- Hey, frogman!
- Yo.
Right here
- Monica!
- Oh, god
Discount from book on an IPO
with great cash flow
Sully and Sons wants to lay off
half a million shares
- Monica, are you listening to me?
- I-IPO Great cash flow
- Right Check and see if Sully
settled on that last trade
- Yeah
Joe, if you're not here on business,
I don't have time for this
Miss Russo, I'd like to invest
$600,000 'til later tonight
Now, any interest you might
make on that investment...
is yours to keep
Joe, it's taken me three years
to go from receptionist to new accounts
Get my own desk
It's all clear now
So in three more years
you're gonna get a new desk
that's gonna be five feet away
And if you really
kiss ass
you're gonna get
your very own key to the toilet
Listen,Joe, I don't kiss ass
I busted my ass to get where I am
So don't be disrespectful
Buy two first class tickets
I don't care where Anywhere
As long as it's out of the country
What do you expect me to do?
Risk my life for you?
W- Where do you get off coming in
here to my place of work?
You're crazy
Meet me at Dempsey's Bar
at 11:00 Don't be late
What if I don't show?
Well, you'll be
that much richer
I love you, baby
Monica, yes or no I'm still
waitin' to hear on that
Did Sully settle on that trade?
- Maybe, maybe not
- This kind of opportunity
doesn't happen every day
Busted windshield
It's anybody's guess
if it's a Chevelle
You want me
to bring it up?
No, let's come back tomorrow
Yeah, bring it up
- How're doin',Joe?
- Hi
Hi,Joe How you doin'?
You guys got my half mil
broken down as agreed?
Well, to get five for six,
you gotta
you gotta show me
the second six first
You're changin'
the deal on me
- No, we're not
- Joe, let him see it
Let him see it.
What the fuck
is this shit?
I want my money
All I want is my money
Just give me my money
It's my money
We're doin' you a favor What the hell
are you doin'? Put that down
- It's my money
- All right Bring him his money
Dino, bring him his money
Every penny
You know, the only
real question with money is...
do you posses it
or does it posses you?
Shut up And I don't wanna hear about
Ben Franklin havin' sex in a tree house
I think that,
uh, the ink
from the bills
is seeping
into your bloodstream,Joe
And it's, it's...
affecting your equilibrium.
- Got your money,Joe
- Put it on the ground
Against the wall Get against the wall
Put your hands against the wall
Lie down
Put your legs
up in the air
You gave me quarters?
Well, the deal was
to break down
the money,Joe
You did not specify
what denominations
You evil son-of-a-bitch
You give me my money or I'm gonna shoot
you You're gamblin' with your life
- Joe, don't be a punk, huh?
- Legs up!
They're up
You're not gonna shoot me
- How do you know?
- Because if you shoot me...
you got nothing,
You got 600,000 bucks
squirreled away somewhere,.Joe.
Go home
Put the gun down,.Joe.
You'll be able to carry more money.
- Philadelphia
police.! Open the door.!
I was wonderin'
when you were gonna get here
- Don't Don't
- You didn't do nothin'!
What did you do to my car?
- That's enough Leave him alone
- Get outta here!
- What did you do to my car?
- It wasn't me! It was Joey!
- Joey, who?
- Answer his question
- Answer it.!
- Joey Coyle! It was Joey Coyle, Dad!
- It was Joey Coyle!
- Joey Coyle did it, huh?
- Get in the house!
- He made me do it
Don't hurt me, Dad, please
- I'm sorry, Dad! I'm sorry!
- Go be sorry in the house!
- I'm sorry.!
- Get in the house.!
Yeah,you'll be sorry.
Joey Coyle
found the money Hey!
Joey Coyle found the money! Yo!
Monica show up?
She don't come around
much anymore
We guarantee
every day good rates, interest-
- What time is it?
Well I see All right
Where you goin'? Come on, sit down.
Have an eye-opener.
Why not? Sure
See if my brother
wants a drink
What are you gonna do,
make phone calls here?
Your brother
wants to buy you a drink
- What time did you say it was again?
- Now?
- Yeah
- Now it's 11:32.
There are developments tonight in the
case of the missing armored car money
Authorities are saying they're
a step closer to recovering...
$ 1.2 million that
fell out of the armored truck...
a few days ago
near the Port of Philadelphia.
- Now here's Lois Bowden
with the latest details.
- Standing next to me...
is Steve Hrbek
of Liberty Bell Courier.
Steve, what can you tell us?
I'd like to take this moment to
officially increase the reward
from $20,000 to $50,000
for any information leading to
the capture and conviction
of.Joseph.John Coyle.
Again, the new reward
tonight is $50,000.
- Yeah, that's right $50,000
- Thank you, Mr Hrbek
Right now, police aren't saying much
about this man,.Joey Coyle...
who they believe
found the money.
But they have released a police sketch
of what he looks like.
They're describing him
as a white male...
age 26, about six feet tall
and weighing 190 pounds.
Dark hair and a tattoo
on his right bicep.
If you have any information
on the whereabouts of this man...
you are asked
to contact police.
- Now back to you, Don
- Thank you, Lois
The police hot line number
to call if you have any information...
is 555-6023.
In other news tonight,
a massive relief effort is
underway to help the victims
of new flooding in Bangladesh.
- Nearly 10,000-
- Come on, everybody Belly up
I'm buying
Where is he goin'?
I'm Ned Cochran.
C- o...
You can't do this You can't
sell him out for money
- c-h-r-a-
- Gimme the phone Gimme the phone, man
- You can't do this
- $50,000
- buys us each our own row house
- No! No!
Where's your loyalty,
Say it is so,Joey
You are the greatest
in the worid!
Don't worry about it,Joe
We'll keep you out of Jail
You need a place to hide,
you come stay with me anytime, huh?
Unless you wanna
come home with me,Joey
Here's toJoey Coyle
South Philly's favorite son
Hey,.Joey, how 'bout a little?
My wife's pregnant.
All right, guys, get outta here.
What time do you open-
Joey? Joey, are you hit?
Get up Are you all right?
- Are you all right? Answer me!
- Yeah, yeah, yeah!
- Hey, hey, he's down
Forget it He's down
All right, go,
you gotta go Go!
Go I'll take care
of this Be smart,Joey!
That's him. Stop.!
Here Keep the change
- Joe!
- You are late
I'm sorry I'm so glad
you're still here Where's the car?
- There
- You don't know what I had to
go through to get the tickets
- Yeah, blah, blah Where's the money?
- You see, I got the money
- We're going to Nassau
first thing tomorrow morning
- But where is the money?
- It's in the suitcase
- I can't go to Long Island
I gotta get out of the country
Nassau's in the Bahamas
It is out of the country
- It's got friendly banks too
We need passports to get in
- Friendly banks?
I had to bribe my cousin
Frankie to give me his
- I need coffee
- Look, give me the keys
and I'll get you coffee
- You need rest, baby
- I don't need rest I need coffee
Whatever you say
Let's get out of here Come on
I haven't slept
in four days
I need coffee
- I'll buy you a double espresso
- I don't need a double espresso,
I need coffee
The preferred weapon
in South Philadelphia
- Who's firin' off guns in the bathroom?
- All I remember was a
wham wham, wham
That's about it
- And then somebody
smacked you in the head
- Yeah
- Who was it?
- How the hell would I know?
This kid Kozlowski, he says
you know somethin' about it
I don't know no K-Kowalski,
Kozlowski I don't know no one
He knows you And he said you pushed
his car in the river What about it?
You know, I could nail you
right now for car theft
You got nothin'
Me, Dino Palladino,
says to you, you got nothin'
pour me a drink
Gimme a C.C.
Palladino Palladino
- Is that with one "L" or two?
- Two L's
Your parent's used to have a grocery
store on South Street, didn't they?
My old man used to sell
wholesale to that store.
- You know me now?
- Laurenzi?
Yeah, he had the best ravioli
in the city The very best, man
- He sure did
- That's funny
- Drink up
- Hmm
Look, Laurenzi
I didn't need this aggravation
The putz came to me
I swear on my mum
Can we do a dance here?
As long as I get
all the money back
there's no reason for me to bother you
or any of your friends
- No names
- That's right No names
- You Laurenzi?
- Yeah
You got a photo ID?
I got somethin' for ya
- Where is the coffee?
- Come on, put your head up
- Come on,Joe What's your name?
- The fat man
- What's your name?
- Francis Santos
- That's not your name
- Francis Joseph Santos
- Date of birth?
- Uh, 5I9I68
- What's my cousin's date of birth?
- 9I5I68
- Occupation?
- I'm a money smuggler
- Come on,Joe! Occupation!
- Ow! I'm guy goin' on vacation!
Look,Joe, come on
Get it right, all right?
I don't wanna get caught
We got one shot here
Where you goin'?
You're not counting, are you?
Monica, do not touch that money
with your hands
until we get
the coffee I ordered
Joe,Just shut up, all right?
I gotta concentrate
We got plans to make
I gotta make the plans
Don't count it again
Don't do it Don't count it again
Monica, Monica, Monica
Five, eight, three, four,
nine, three
six, eight, two,you know
what I'm sayin', I've been there.
Joe, please You're makin' me lose my
count, all right? Just order the coffee
Hello, room service?
What do you suppose it's going to take
to get the coffee that I ordered?
You know what I'm saying?
Because, uh, we have to catch a plane
and I can't go to sleep.
What do I want
with my coffee?
Uh, a slice of hope
- Just bring the coffee
- Joe.
You Just told 'em we're gettin'
on a plane That was stupid
We're in an airport hotel All right?
Everybody here is getting on a plane
If I didn't tell them I was
getting on a plane
they're gonna call cops and we're
gonna have a cage in the lobby
You know what I'm saying?
So Just let me handle it
Now Just,Just let me rest
Joe Come on
- We gotta rinse this stuff
- In the morning
- Come on, you gotta get up
- Huh-uh
Joe, come on
- Is your scalp burning yet?
- No. No, it feels natural.
I don't want you to go bald
Come on, stay up
Come on, get up Keep me up
Come on, get up
Come on
Get up
Come on
Get up Up Now
Come on,Joe
Where's my money?
It's over there in the fridge
You mind puttin' that shade back down?
Money in the fridge
In the fridge Here's money
Feels light, though
This is all of my money?
In a plastic Hefty bag.
The serial numbers
are sequential
This isn't the money
that fell off my truck!
You get money from the Mob,
it's money that needs to be laundered
Nobody ever said "wise guys"
were dumb, Hrbek
You can't allow them
to get away with this
What do you suggest we do,
give it back? Go ahead Take it back
It's f- $440,000-
I had $ 1.2 million.
Where's the rest of my money?
You know something, Hrbek?
You're a real Jerk
Laurenzi here
Yeah, I'll be right there
What's up?
What, what?
Who was that?
Where you goin'?
where you goin'?
See Ben Franklin discover electricity
at the Colonial Wax Museum
See Ben Franklin discover electricity
at the Colonial Wax Museum
Uh, see Ben Franklin discover electricity
at the Colonial Wax Museum
See Ben Franklin discover electricity
at the Colonial-
Don't do this
Don't do it, all right?
You don't belong here, do you?
That's all I'm saying
That's all I'm saying, okay?
Don't, don't do it
It's not fair, all right?
Get out of here Really
- Joe, he's Just a guy in a costume
- It's not fair
This is Palladino's car
They gotta be in there
We got five international flights
departing in the next hour
We gotta move
USAir to Nassau
Yucatan Air to Cancun
Air Luxembourg to Brussels
USAir to Toronto
And Air Roma to Frankfurt
Thanks, Miss Russo
May I see your passport, Mr Santos?
- Date of birth, please?
- 9I5I68
It's our custom in the Bahamas
to put the day ahead of the month
In the US, it's done
the other way around
- What month were you born?
- Ninth month
- Joe, tell him your birthday
- Excuse me Who's Joe?
Me I-I'm Francis Joseph Santos
and she calls meJoe
so I don't get her confused
with her brother Frankie
- What month were you born?
- I was born in the ninth month
of September on the fifth day
of the year of our Lord, 1968
Okay Would you put your luggage
on the scale, please?
- It's a carryon
- That's too big to take on board
I'm gonna- I'm-I'm gonna
go to the gift shop
Mr. Dan Logan.
Your party is waiting for you-
Miss Russo
Don't forget your tickets
Thank you
Carmine, you take Roma
Vicki, Lux Air's down there
I'm gonna be at Yucatan
- Along with these candy items,
could I get these hose, please?
Out of $100
And, uh,
these ten papers, please
Okay, that's $488
Thank you very much
Please do not leave...
- personal belongings unattended.
- Would you like your receipt?
Unclaimed luggage
will be removed by security.
Philadelphia police
Suspect not on Yucatan
Still boarding Air Luxembourg, over.
Air Roma's delayed.
Engine trouble. Over.
I'm goin' over
to USAir right now
- Where's the suitcase?
- In just a moment...
we will begin boarding
USAir Flight 1727...
service to Nassau, Bahamas.
At this time, we would like to board
families traveling with small children.
Please step back
Do you got any keys,
jewelry, a watch maybe?
It must be my earrings
This happens all the time Okay
- Can I give this to you?
- I'm not sure.
Why don't I let-
- Thanks
- There you go Now you
Yeah,yeah, I have it.
Take off the belt
The plane is leaving soon
You don't have to take that
out of your pants right now
Let me tell you somethin'
One size does not fit all
What are you talking about? I wear
them all the timeJust deal with it
I understand that you wear them
and what I'm dealing with
- You understand what I'm saying?
- Joe, please Come on
- Yo, yo, yo! Whoa, whoa, whoa!
- Philadelphia police
We are now ready
to begin boarding USAir Flight 1727...
service to Nassau, Bahamas.
- Joe
- USAir first class and
Priority Gold members-
- Can we go now? Is it
all right to get on the plane
- Yeah
...passengers with seat assignments
in rows 15 through 30...
you may now board
through gate B-8.
Here we go
Ladies and gentlemen.
This is the final boarding call
for USAir Flight 74...
service to Toronto, Canada.
All passengers
should be on board at this time.
- Take the money
- Why?
- They're lookin' for me, ain't they?
- Okay
You're confirmed in 6-A.
And 6-B, sir
Everybody freeze
Joseph John Coyle
Turn around
You're under arrest
I'm Frankie Santos
I'm a guy who's goin' on vacation
- Joey!
- Coyle! It's all over, babe Don't move
Drop the bag, honey
Put the bag down right now
Drop the bag.!
Right now.!
Free money!
Joey, run.! Go.!
I can't believe
you Just did that
Walk this way, Coyle.
- How you feelin',Joe?
- Feel pretty good
A little tired, really
Out of the way here, please
Get airport security down
here to clean all this up
Yeah, airport security? Close off
USAir concourse The entire concourse
- .Joey.!
They act like they all know you
Yeah, it's
a real freak show, huh?
Joey, would you do anything
differently next time?
Yeah, I think I'd go red instead
of yellow and definitely do the eyebrows
.Joey, what advice would you give
to somebody who found that much money?
Eat a good breakfast
It's gonna be a long day
Hey, lady Were you with him
when he found the money?
Hey,Joe I hope
I still have a Job
Mr Coyle, if you found the money again,
would you still keep it?
Uh I don't know, you know?
What do you think? Maybe I'd get lucky
Come on,Joey, people want to know
Would you really do the same thing again?
I think I definitely would
And next time I find a million bucks,
I'm gonna know what to do with it
- Free.Joey Coyle.!
- Yeah, free.Joey Coyle.!
Free Joey Coyle! FreeJoey Coyle!
- # That's life #
- # That's life #
# That's what all the people say #
# You're ridin'high in April #
# Shot down in May #
# But I know I'm gonna
change that tune, oh yeah #
# When I'm back on top
Back on top in.June #
- # I said, oh That's life #
- # That's life #
# And as funny as it seems #
# Some people get their kicks #
# Stompin'on a dream #
# But I don't let it
I don't let it get me down #
# 'Cause this fine old worid #
# It keeps spinnin'around #
# I been a puppet, a pauper,
a pirate, a poet #
# A pawn and a king #
# I been up and down
and over and out #
# I know one thing #
# Each time I find myself #
# Flat on my face #
# I pick myself up
and get back in the race #
- # That's life #
- # That's life #
# I tell you
that I can't deny it #
# I thought
I'd say it later on #
# But my heart
ain't gonna buy it #
# And if I didn't think
it was worth one single try #
# I'd hop right on a big bird #
- # And then I'd fly #
- # That's life #
# That's life
That's life #
# You know I can't buy it, no #
# I been a puppet, a pauper,
a pirate, a poet #
dApawn and a king d
# I been up and down
and over and out #
# I know one thing #
# Each time I find myself #
# Flat on my face #
dI just pick myself up d
# Yes, I pick myself up #
# Don't you know
I pick myself up #
# And get back in the race #
- # That's life That's life #
- # That's life #
# And I can't deny it #
# Many times
I've thought of cuttin'out #
# But my heart just
ain't gonna buy it #
- # But if there's nothing
shaking come this July#
- # Come this July #
# I'm gonna roll myself up #
#Roll it up
Roll yourself up now #
#I say I'm gonna
roll myself up #
#I'm gonna roll myself up #
# In a big ball #
# And die, oh #
# I tell ya that's life #
# And if ya win ya gotta play ##