Money Monster (2016) Movie Script

Bells will ring
at the New York Stock Exchange
for another day, on this March 18th.
Okay, here we go. Are you listening?
Are you paying attention out there?
Good. Because it's about to get complicated,
so I'm gonna start out slow
and make it nice and simple for you.
You don't have a clue where your money is.
See, once upon a time,
you could walk into your bank,
and they'd open a vault
and point to a gold brick.
Not anymore.
Your money, that thing that
you bust your ass for...
It's nothing more
than a few photons of energy
traveling through a massive
network of fiber optic cables.
Why'd we do it?
We did it to make it go faster.
Because your money better be fast.
Faster than the other guy's.
But if you want faster markets
with faster trades,
faster profits, faster everything,
sometimes you're gonna blow a tire.
And that is exactly what happened yesterday
at 1:07 p.m., Eastern Standard Time.
After heavy after-hours trading,
Ibis's stock price took an historic $67... by high-frequency
trading pioneer Walt Camby,
disclosed that an algorithm managing
its portfolio suddenly went haywire.
The trading algorithm seems to have
experienced an unexplained anomaly.
A glitch.
Shares of Ibis Clear Capital
getting killed this morning. loss of over $800 million.
- It has gone haywire.
- An algorithm...
- ...glitch...
- ...a glitch...
- ...glitch!
- A glitch.
Okay, so Ibis took a beating yesterday,
but if you've been paying attention to me
for the past 16 months,
Walt Camby has made you a lot of money.
But if you were late to the party,
I'm not going to sugarcoat it,
you got your ass smacked yesterday.
But this is only the first round.
Because this, my friend, is an opportunity.
So here's what you're gonna do.
You're gonna stop whining,
and you're gonna get back in the ring
because this stock is coming back.
You know what that means?
Let's go throw some punches.
My money ain't funny and it keep comin'
I welcome the money and the cash
What do you mean he's ordained?
No, on a plane, Lee. A plane.
All right.
That makes more sense.
Wait, Walt Camby's on a plane?
Can you pick up the pace, please?
It's like dealing with my grandmother.
Come on, I'm not having a conversation
with you through the goddamn door.
All right, I'll leave it open next time.
Wait, now, why the hell would Walt cancel?
He called me from Geneva yesterday.
I don't know. He's on a plane.
And how are we just
finding out about it now?
That is a great question.
You can ask him
the next time you talk to him.
First one's a yes. Second one's a no.
- Mmm-hmm.
- Third one's just a signature.
- Ten minutes, Mr. Gates.
- All right.
- Thanks, Gen.
- Yep.
The fill-in's name is Diane Lester.
They're setting up her remote feed now.
- Who the hell is Diane Lester?
- She is the Chief Communications Officer.
She wrote all the talking points anyway,
so should be fine.
When am I getting
the revisions for the opening?
Ah, we're making some changes on it.
Anybody seen Ron?
Might I get those before the show
or after the show?
You know the drill.
You just point the camera in my direction,
and we'll figure it out together.
It always sounds so simple
and yet so moronic.
All right. Look out,
fellas. Here we come.
- Edgar Rosenthal's office called.
- Mmm-hmm.
- He can't make dinner tonight.
- Thank Christ.
Dinner at the nursing home with my nan
is more exciting than dinner with that guy.
This is the 7th reschedule.
So can I just move it to the TBD list?
Wait a minute, it's the 7th time
he's rescheduled on me?
Yes, that's correct.
That's ridiculous. I'm calling him on his cell.
Well, his office said that he's in a meeting.
- Hey, Freddy, nice call on the yen yesterday.
- Eat a dick, Lee.
Domo arigato!
Lee, this is Diane Lester.
Alan, can you bring
the boom in for me, please?
Ed! It's Lee lacocca.
Listen, I changed my mind
on this whole retirement thing.
Turns out I want your job after all.
Yeah, it's Gates.
Okay. All right, I'll talk to you later.
All right.
So no dinner.
Follow the noise. Diane Lester.
- Memo of, uh, talking points.
- Hello? Hello?
You guys at Ibis can't do anything
right these days, can you?
Look, I'm really sorry to put
you in this situation, Lee.
If it was something we could control,
believe me, we would.
I'm not the enemy here, Diane.
I'm friendly fire.
We know that. If you read my talking points...
Guy's a billionaire.
He owns how many jets?
- ... Walt has already addressed the glitch...
- Five minutes!
'Cause commercial flights, they get delayed,
but private ones,
they get to do whatever the hell they want.
- Ron! Where's Ron?
- I'm not sure. But here's a list of dinners...
We'll be with you in less than five, Diane.
Look at that. I wouldn't invite
any of those people to an audit.
Ron. There you are.
Is that my Canadian commodities data?
- Yeah, yeah. Sorry.
- Mmm.
Sorry, I just ran all the way
back from the Village.
I had a meeting with Tony Biscano
at Licem Pharmaceutical.
Lee, I'll be in your ear.
He gave me this.
- What is it?
- It's erectile cream.
Tony Biscano of Licem
gave you erectile cream?
I guess I wasn't aware of the exact nature
of your relationship.
They've been testing this thing
for over a year
and the approval from the FDA
finally came in last night.
- Mmm-hmm.
- They're sending out a press release...
- And it works?
- Apparently, yeah. Pretty damn well.
- Have you tried it?
- I just got it, 30 minutes ago.
- What the hell are you waiting for?
- You want me to...
We're on in five minutes, aren't we? Put it on!
Uh, Mr. Gates, you need this.
Don't forget your talking points.
Oh, yeah, yeah. Put it on my desk.
Okay, where is Diane Lester?
She's all checked in on remote six.
Who writes this shit?
- Is the graphics package loaded?
- Last one is just coming in.
We are still working off the rehearsal script
for the opening, guys.
But he didn't even stick
to the rehearsal script at rehearsal.
- So, about dinner... Did you...
- Okay, you wore me down.
I'm sorry?
I'll go to dinner with you.
We'll go to Scalinatella's, let's say 9:30?
I still have a boyfriend, Lee.
Just like I did yesterday.
Yeah, he's still a bartender in Hoboken,
like he was yesterday.
- Will this work, boss?
- This is a stuffed parrot.
I said I wanted a live pigeon.
Patty, God damn it.
We don't have a live pigeon.
- Admit it. You're gonna miss this.
- You can't find a live pigeon?
I'm sure there are plenty of
emotionally stunted 7-year-olds
hosting TV shows across the street.
Thank you.
Cover yourself...
Roll with yourself in breadcrumbs
and bring a fucking bird up here.
Jim, can you punch Diane
up on the preview for me, please?
Sure. There she is.
Patty? Patty?
- Hi, Diane, can you hear me?
- Uh, Yes. Yes, I can.
Lee has read the talking points, right?
Because I'm in a tough position here,
and I just want to make sure
that he sticks to the script.
He will. You know us, Diane.
We don't do "gotcha" journalism here.
Hell, we don't do journalism, period.
Scream one is up.
Check. Check. Check.
Money... Money... Money Monster.
About time.
All right, I'm ready.
So, here's a novel idea.
How about you just pick up
some takeout on your way home.
Oh, God, stop. I'm getting depressed.
Get into your most comfortable
pair of pajamas.
Oh, no, no, no. This isn't really
a Friday night for you, is it? Can't be.
- Curl right up in front of the TV?
- Oh...
It's 'cause the idea of television and pajamas
and takeout, good God, it's like...
You get a pool cue, and I want you to
sharpen it down to a fine point.
And I want you to shove it
straight through my eye.
- Hold on a sec, Lee.
- Right into my brain.
You're killing me here, Lenny.
Check your mark, please.
You know what? I drifted and I forgot to lock.
That's it.
I would rather you do that
than sitting at home in my underwear
watching "Suck-My-QVC."
Look at the new guy.
Where's Leroy? Finally canned his ass.
One minute to air.
One minute. Clear the stage, please.
Patty, honest answer.
How many nights a week
do you eat dinner in your pajamas?
Like, on average, over the course
of my life? Or just since James left?
Listen, listen.
Because I haven't eaten dinner alone
since the '90s. That's hand to God.
Well, that's just awful.
That just makes me feel sorry for you.
Why do you feel sorry for me?
Hang on, Patty. Just one second.
Ron, you walking hard or what?
Oh, uh, this stuff is incredible.
I'm talking zero to 60 in, like, 20 seconds flat.
Good, so it's a buy, then.
All right. Put it away and find me
a better lead for next week's show.
Put it away?
- Lee, necklace.
- Yeah. Okay. Thank you.
30 seconds to air. 30 seconds.
Where's my hat?
Can we turn down the contrast
on her a little bit, please?
- How's that?
- That's better. Thank you.
- Fifteen seconds.
- Okay.
Here we go. Good luck, everybody.
- Open on VT 16.
- Ten, nine...
- Coming out of the opening to camera 3.
- ...eight, seven...
three, two,
- one.
- Track rollup.
Here he is,
the wizard of Wall Street himself, Lee Gates.
My money ain't funny and it keep comin'
I welcome the money and the cash
My money ain't funny and it keep comin'
I welcome the money and the cash
At the welcome mat swollen fat
In stupid stacks, the cash
My money ain't funny and it keep comin'...
Thank you very much.
The name is Lee Gates.
The show is Money Monster,
the day is Friday,
and the Dow has dropped a seismic
seven points this morning.
- Ready scream one.
- So what does that mean for the market...
Should you...
Ready cheer three.
- ...or should you...
- Roll.
And the answer is,
who cares about the Dow?
It's a measly 30 companies.
So why do you people
keep paying attention to it?
Well, probably because
our network insists on tracking it.
- Right here at the bottom of the screen...
- Not sticking to the script. large font all day.
- Why does he keep talking?
- And why do they do that?
Sacajawea, Lee.
Because you people keep paying
so much attention to it.
- And the circle just keeps on turning.
- Shut up.
Thank you.
So let's try to ignore it.
Let's try to ignore it for one day.
One day, and talk about the thing
that everybody else is talking about.
Ibis Clear Capital is down another quarter
to $8.40,
but rather than grabbing the third rail
and losing control of our bowels,
we here at Money Monster like to go...
Straight to the Source!
Straight to the source.
As it turns out, Walt Camby is
35,000 feet in the air right now,
but we have somebody
far prettier right here at sea level.
It's his right-hand gal, Diane...
- It's Lester.
- Lester.
Is gonna be on the show
in a little while to explain
not only what went wrong last week,
but, more importantly,
what they're gonna do to fix it.
But first,
let's talk market Movers and Shakers.
Jim, cue clip package two and three
in case he skips one.
Two and three?
You're wondering,
"Should I sell? Should I unload?"
You know what I'm gonna say to you.
Roll balls.
Grow some balls, man! Man up!
Good one.
Man up! Lenny, let me hear you say it.
Lenny, let me hear it.
Look at these numbers. See these?
These are the stock prices
over the last three months.
See these drops?
Get used to it.
It's just the way the market works these days.
Look at this. $3.50 here.
Almost five bucks there.
If you panicked here, you would have sold...
- Who's that guy?
- Who's what guy?
- whiners, you chickens.
- Camera 2.
You know what I'm gonna tell you to do.
Mark, can you pan over?
Do you see that guy?
We're talking about 89% return.
Even the Teamsters get excited
about these numbers.
Somebody didn't tell me something.
Looks like a delivery guy.
Say it. I'm not gonna move until you say it.
- Balls.
- Balls!
There it is! Just under the wire.
All right. Now, for the rest of you,
you know what that means.
It's time for today's
"Can't Miss Stock Tip of the Millennium."
It's the Stock Tip of the Millennium.
Forget the top-rated stocks.
Well, here he comes.
Okay, Mark, stay with this guy.
I don't know who he is.
Alan, there's no chance he's miked,
so just boom him in.
Let's see what happens.
Hopefully you've been listening
to our little birdy.
Where's that stupid parrot?
You got a delivery?
- Don't move.
- What the hell?
Is this a union thing?
Oh, Jesus!
Cut the feed.
Turn those cameras back on!
- Turn those cameras back on!
- Jesus Christ!
Whoever's in there,
turn those cameras back on, right now!
- I can't. Once I turn them off...
- You're lying!
Turn the cameras back on
or I'm gonna shoot him in his head!
Turn the cameras on, Patty! Turn them on!
All right, I'm gonna count to three,
- then I swear to God...
- Do something!
- ...I'm pulling this trigger. One...
- Patty!
Patty, what do you want me to do?
- Turn them on, Patty!
- Two...
- Patty!
- Three!
- What do you want me to do?
- Put it up.
Are we live?
Yeah, we're live.
All right, turn the cameras off again
I'm gonna shoot him in his head.
You hear me?
Everybody understands.
- Don't try any tricks with the monitors.
- Call security.
I got the whole broadcast here on my phone.
If I see anything other than us,
I'm gonna shoot him in his head, all right?
- Do you understand me?
- Everybody understands you.
Everybody understands.
We stay on the air. All right.
- We're staying on the air.
- Good.
No, wait.
He's not picking up.
- Okay.
- Pick a box.
What do you mean?
- I said, "Pick a box."
- What happens if I pick the wrong box?
I said pick one!
- I'm not picking a fucking box!
- Did he say "fucking" on air?
Are you fucking kidding?
Call fucking security!
Hi, there's a guy with a gun in studio 3.
It sounds like a real cute stunt today.
Would you turn on the goddamn TV?
It's not a stunt this time.
- I need help. Help me, help me.
- Jesus!
Stupid son of a bitch.
Pick a goddamn box, Lee. Come on!
Come on, Lee.
Do it!
That's right. Open it up.
Jesus Christ.
Now, pick it up.
Yep. Take it out.
- Now put it on.
- How do I know it won't blow up?
'Cause I have the detonator. All right?
If my thumb comes off this trigger,
then we all explode.
- What if your thumb gets tired?
- You better hope it doesn't.
Now put it on.
- Okay, listen up, everybody.
- Put it on.
If you're not manning a camera
or a boom, get out right now.
Stop what you're doing.
If you're not core-one control room,
get going.
Don't look up. Just go.
Right now.
Button it up.
Sit down.
Something's wrong.
- Oh, my God.
- Breathe, Lee.
I can't catch my breath.
Just stay calm. Don't panic. You can breathe.
I'm having a heart attack.
- Do I look stupid to you?
- You are not having a heart attack.
- Just breathe.
- I can't breathe.
- Just breathe.
- Oh, God.
- Patty, I'm gonna fucking die.
- No, you're not.
You're not gonna die, dipshit. Not yet.
- Fuck you! I'm having a fucking heart attack.
- You're not having a heart attack.
- You're having a panic attack.
- How do you know?
'Cause it happens to me all the time.
Here, drink some water.
That's not water.
Lee, I want you to hear my voice.
I'm right here.
Just keep breathing.
Shots have been fired at FNN
- on the set of Money Monster with Lee Gates.
- Bring it here.
An intruder found his way into the studio...
Turn on FNN, Money Monster.
Lee Gates has been taken hostage.
- Shut those doors!
- Okay. Okay.
I see you.
Hey! Get out of there!
Nobody goes in the booth, all right?
Nobody's leaving from here on out.
Anybody tries anything stupid,
and I start shooting.
All right? I'm in charge.
You! Stay still. Stop fucking moving.
I got something I wanna say.
Patty, what do you want me to do?
Wanna make sure I get time to say it.
Follow him.
All right.
I want everyone to know something.
I might be the one with the gun here,
but I'm not the real criminal.
It's people like these guys!
They're stealing everything from us
and they're getting away with it, too.
Nobody's asking how. Nobody's asking why.
- I didn't steal anything from you.
- Shh!
Be quiet, Lee.
You got to open your eyes out there.
It's not like the government's no help.
How they just look the other way,
since after they're done stealing our money,
they barely even have to pay any taxes on it!
I'm telling you, it's rigged.
The whole goddamn thing.
They're stealing
the country out from under us.
Not the Muslims. Not the Chinese. Them.
- Let me ask you this...
- Shut up, Lee! Shut the fuck up!
Shut up!
I came here to talk! Shut up for two minutes.
All right. Okay.
Jesus Christ.
It's all fixed.
They like how the math adds up,
so they got to keep rewriting the equation.
Which means, the one time you finally
get a little extra money,
you try and be smart about it,
you turn on the TV.
That's how they fucking take it.
They take it so fast
they don't even have to explain it!
They literally own the airwaves.
They literally control the information.
But not today.
- What does this have to do with me?
- Everything, Lee.
This has everything to do
with the both of you.
That's why I'm here. Don't you understand?
Two boxes.
Two assholes.
You didn't just come here for me.
This is about Ibis.
- Goddamn right, this is about Ibis.
- Okay, I get it.
Turn that camera off.
Turn the camera off.
You lost a lot of money.
You went on TV. You said it was safe.
Four weeks ago. You stood right there.
This is what you did. "Let's get into this."
- "Oh, Ibis! Safer than a savings account!"
- I didn't say that.
"Home run after home run...
Oh, Walt Camby!"
- I didn't do that!
- Don't fucking lie, Lee! That's what you said.
I did recommend it, but I never said
it was safer than a savings account.
You want to bet? Come on, let's bet.
You said it was safer
than my savings account.
- I would never say it.
- Come on. Let's bet.
March the 6th, it was the Stock
Pick of the Millennium. March the 6th.
I make a stock pick every single day.
That's a fucking joke.
You got the tapes back there, right?
Fuck off.
Find it.
- March the 6th show.
- We do five shows a week.
Find them!
How many people are inside?
A floor manager, a sound engineer,
and three cameramen on the main floor.
And the director, Patty Fenn.
And five tech guys
in the enclosed control room.
Okay, ESU will be here momentarily.
So, we're gonna need
schematics on the building.
Catwalks, exits, entrances,
the whole shebang.
Got it.
If that's Semtex,
it's enough for a fireball 50-feet from center.
I got a line to the control room yet?
Evacuate the rest of the building.
Once it's swept, nobody in or out.
Come on. Let's go.
Shuttle, shuttle, shuttle.
Diversify, diversify, diversify.
Freeze. There it is. Okay, we've got it.
- Roll it, Jim.
- Rolling.
There it is! That's it.
Let's settle this right now.
At the welcome mat swollen fat
In stupid stacks, the cash
My money ain't funny and it keep comin'
I welcome the money and the cash
The name is Lee Gates.
The show is Money Monster.
The day is Friday, March 6th.
Let's get right to it.
It's the Stock Tip of the Millennium!
Let's see what old
lucky one-arm has for us today.
Ibis Clear Capital.
I know, I've talked this one up before,
but what can I tell you?
I'm in love.
This is Ibis's stock
since it went public 11 months ago.
Look at those curves. So voluptuous.
So full-figured!
I'm genuinely attracted to it.
Not sexually so much,
although after half a dozen vodka tonics
I could talk myself into pretty much anything.
No. I am in love with this intellectually.
Because Ibis is run
by a man named Walt Camby.
Walt was one of the first guys
to tap into the true market potential
of high-frequency trading.
Look at this.
Home run after home run after home run.
And now he has finally gone public.
Folks, there isn't a better bet out there.
Not bonds, not IRAs,
not your savings account.
None of them are as safe as Walt Camby.
Cut it, Jim.
Patty, put the numbers back up there.
Give me another fix.
Come on.
Oh, my God, I'm going weak in the knees.
- I was exaggerating to make a point.
- You lost a bet, Lee.
I made a bad call.
How much are you into Ibis for?
Sixty grand.
Sixty grand? This is about sixty grand?
Pocket change to you, right?
Yeah, it kind of is. Okay, look.
You give me five minutes,
and I can get you 60 grand in cash here,
and I can make you whole.
- That won't make me whole.
- All right. What's a number that will?
$800 million.
It's gonna take me a little longer
to get $800 million here, pal.
That's how much went
fucking poof into thin air, you dumb shit.
So that's what you owe us. 'Cause I'm not
the only one watching your show.
I'm not the only shareholder
who got screwed over here.
You're the only shareholder here with a gun.
You think you're fucking funny, Lee, huh?
Is this funny to you?
Lee, don't provoke him.
You must think I'm so stupid.
Trying to fucking buy me off.
I'm not stupid, Lee.
I walked in here knowing there was only
one way this show was gonna end.
I came in here knowing I'm not walking out.
Sit down.
Sit down.
Where the hell is ESU?
And where's my negotiator?
Negotiator's two minutes out.
- Patty Fenn.
- This is Captain Marcus Powell.
The network confirmed
you can stay live on the air.
Just keep stalling him.
What do you mean "keep stalling"?
Tell him to say whatever it is this guy
wants to hear until we put a plan in place,
whatever it takes to keep him
from setting off that bomb.
Oh, Jesus.
Fuck off.
You have to keep stalling.
Just keep talking to him.
You're good at that. So just keep talking.
Listen, I get it. What happened at Ibis is...
It's a disaster, there's no other word for it.
I can promise you that Walt Camby
is as sick about this as anybody else.
Yeah? Is that what he told you
from his private fucking jet?
Listen, if anybody is gonna
bounce back from it,
it's Walt and Ibis.
This was an isolated incident.
- What's this?
- It's completely unrelated...
What is this? Who wrote this?
- Somebody from my office.
- "Diane Lester."
You see? This is what I'm talking about.
That's your problem.
You just sit there
behind their little fucking desk,
like their little fucking puppet,
buying into their bullshit,
instead of trying to figure out
what really happened.
You know what happened.
It was a computer glitch.
A glitch! A glitch!
It was a fucking glitch! A glitch!
Shut up about the glitch!
All right?
What the hell does that even mean?
You see, you don't even know.
I'm not stupid, Lee. I told you.
People just at home accepting this shit,
they're the stupid ones,
because somehow these clowns
lost $800 million overnight.
And nobody's even actually explained how.
How is something like that
even possible, huh?
How is that even fair?
How's that fair?
It's not a rhetorical question.
I want a fucking answer.
What do you want from me, man?
I don't run Ibis. I'm just a guy on TV.
No, no. Do not do that, Lee. Do not do that.
You don't get to pass the buck today, Lee.
Not today. Not with me.
So, what do we know about him so far?
Name's Kyle Budwell.
No wants, no warrants, no priors.
We sent a patrol to his residence
to locate family.
They won't find anyone. The guy's a loner.
Hundred bucks says this poor shithead
either lives by himself or with his mother.
The real losers tend to stay home
with their mommies.
But, hey, do your thing.
But watch and see, the guy's a loner.
Can you patch this line directly into
the studio PA system for us, please, Patty?
- We have a negotiator here.
- Okay.
Charlie? Patch this line
into the PA system, please. Right now.
It's all about...
It's high-frequency trading. It can...
Let us know when we're on.
Can he hear me?
This is Oscar Nelson.
I'm a veteran negotiator with the NYPD.
No. I don't want to talk to no cops.
Don't think of me as a cop.
Hey, what'd I just say? No cops!
Cut the line! Cut it.
I can handle it myself.
Anybody comes on that mike,
you gonna put a bullet in his head.
You hear me?
- Cut the line. Cut it.
- Cut the line, Charlie. Right now.
Do not cut this...
Two people I came here to talk to.
Him and Walt fucking Camby.
All right, well, then let's get him
Walt fucking Camby already.
All right, so let's get him
Walt fucking Camby already.
Right. Exactly.
Throw him under the bus.
Look, he was supposed to be here today.
He didn't show up.
- It's his company. It's his crash.
- Uh-huh.
So let's see what he has to say.
Right. Yes.
- What happened to the Ibis feed?
- I have no idea.
God damn it.
All right, find me Bree.
Have her call Diane Lester
back on the phone.
I want her back up on that screen.
And find out everything and anything
you can about Ibis Clear Capital.
- Got it.
- Yes, what is it?
I want the PA system available
in case we need to speak to him again.
Oh, right.
Because it worked so well the first time.
Look, just make sure you answer this phone.
We'll be right downstairs
exploring means of extraction.
I have Patty Fenn from Money Monster
on line three.
Marta, when is he landing?
I don't even know which plane he's on,
so I've no way of tracking him.
He took the G-V to Geneva on Tuesday,
but then he sent that to Hong Kong
to pick up Harvey Bergan.
Last location I have for the Learjet
was, uh, Sao Paulo on Monday.
Monday? That's four days ago.
You know how he is with his planes.
When he's in the air, he's off the grid.
Are you telling me that until he lands,
whenever the hell that may be, that he's...
He's completely unreachable.
Which makes this one big clusterfuck.
I have Patty Fenn on hold.
What should I tell her?
She'll call back.
Come on.
Diane Lester's office
is giving me the runaround.
Okay, Bree.
Dave, I need an address for Ibis, ASAP.
And, Bree, try Dan Issa at the SEC.
They've got to be
sniffing around this train wreck already.
Keep stalling, Lee. We're on it.
Lenny, can you come around on this guy?
I'm losing him in a little shadow.
- You kidding me?
- Just move in.
What the hell are you doing?
Director wanted
a better angle on your face.
There's kind of a...
A little shadow.
"A little shadow"?
Patty, "A little shadow"?
He could have killed you
much easier off camera, Lee.
There's a reason
he's interrupted you on live TV.
Look, give me a break, guy.
I'm just trying to do my job.
They tell me to move in, I move in.
All right, where do you want to go?
Well, if you went over there,
it would be good.
- Here?
- Yeah.
See, I'm directing a show back here,
which means you're hosting one up there.
So start hosting.
Okay, first things first.
- What's your name?
- Oh, don't worry about my name.
You're on TV. Trust me.
They're gonna know your Little League
batting average by the time this is through.
His name is Kyle Budwell.
The cops already tracked down his info.
Doesn't even have to be your real name.
Just give me anything I can call you.
Fine. Call me Kyle.
Okay, Kyle.
Got the address.
All right, that's midtown.
Listen, Ibis is ducking our calls.
I say we send somebody there
in person instead.
- All right.
- Alan, see if you can put a mike on this guy.
Lee, talk him through this.
I don't want him spooked.
- Kyle, listen.
- Yeah.
This is Alan. He's our sound guy.
He wants to put a microphone on you...
- Whoa!
- So you can... No, it's okay. It's okay.
You want people
to be able to hear you, right?
- Why, they couldn't hear me before?
- They could... This will be better.
We're tracking down Ron now.
I'm gonna put him on the air with you.
- Kyle.
- Yeah?
I'm gonna send one of my guys
over to Ibis's office
and see if they can
get some answers in person.
We've got a producer.
This kid's name is Ron.
Where the hell is Ron Sprecher?
- Christ!
- Oh, my God!
Ron! This stuff really works!
- What's the stock trading at?
- $4.25.
Shit, shit, shit. Shit. My phone.
No, it's okay.
I need a break anyway.
Hold on.
- Uh, yeah?
- Hang on, Ron.
Hey, Charlie.
Hi, Ron.
I'm gonna put you on the air with Lee.
Lee, you've got Ron.
- Uh...
- Patching Ron in.
What do you mean
you're putting me on the air?
You're going on the air?
- Who is that? Where are you?
- Um...
I'm in my office with, um, Arlene.
Who'd you just tell my name to?
Is that Arlene from Product Placement?
Get off my jeans.
I thought you said the building was cleared.
It was. We walked every floor.
Uh, so, what's up, Lee?
Hey, are you coming back?
Where are you right now?
Oh, I've just been, uh,
going through tapes for tomorrow,
uh, but everything looks good,
so I think we should be in good shape, so...
Holy shit! That guy has a gun!
Imagine my surprise.
Now, do us a favor and get your ass
down to Ibis Clear Capital,
would you, please?
Uh, okay.
I like when he has the strippers on.
Right. Right. Sure.
- Don't be a schmuck, Ron. Get moving.
- Is this for real?
Hey, turn it up, will you?
There's a van and a crew
waiting downstairs for you.
Let's go. Come on. Move.
You should be downstairs already. Let's go!
What's taking them so long?
It's midday traffic.
What are you gonna do?
Got it.
So the home address is outdated.
The family that's in there now
bought it six months ago
from the estate of one Clara Budwell,
a 62-years-old deceased woman.
Ah! Mama's boy. What'd I tell you?
We tracked down the escrow company.
They confirmed all the money from the sale
went to her son. Guess how much?
Sixty grand.
It's a good thing you didn't bet me, pal,
since he fits the profile to a fucking T.
There has to be a current address
with the escrow company.
Somewhere they sent the check to.
- There is, but we need a subpoena to get it.
- Captain.
Get somebody
down to the courthouse, ASAP.
Judge Reiner. He'll expedite.
All right.
We can try to gain access
through catwalks here
or a crawlspace here, and get them out
through the hatch in the control room here.
First, we save the hostages.
Second, we take out the psycho.
Okay, we're here.
Just, uh, give us a minute to get set up.
We've got Ron. I'm putting him up.
Okay, here we go.
We've got Ron Sprecher
reporting from outside...
As if this month
couldn't get any worse.
Ron, Ron, can you hear us?
I'm here outside Ibis Clear Capital,
where their CEO...
Security, there's a man down there
with a camera crew.
Make sure he doesn't get in the building
under any circumstances.
What did Teterboro say, Marta?
I gave them the tail numbers
of both of these planes,
no communication with either.
Okay, I'm gonna down there
and try and buy us some time.
I mean, obviously,
this guy just wants some answers.
So do we.
If we knew how we lost $800 million,
we wouldn't have lost $800 million.
I get that, Avery,
but we still have to say something.
Come on. You know Walt. He's an open book.
I know if he was here...
But he's not here, Diane. He's not here.
Okay, we can't just lock ourselves away here
and do nothing and hope it disappears.
We are a publicly-traded company.
We've got shareholders.
We've got a board of directors
and we've got a CEO, even though
we don't know where he is right now.
So, look,
I'm happy to have this conversation again
when Walt lands,
but until then, it's not our call to make.
So, he's got
the stage all locked up.
These are the exits, front and rear.
Now, the problem is,
this guy's got complete range of vision
throughout the entire studio.
So our only chance for a clean shot
is from these catwalks above the stage.
We're putting a man in position there
as we speak.
What about the bomb?
This is definitely a dead man's switch
here in his hand,
which means, if you take him out
without disarming the bomb first... Kaboom.
Got the warrant, got an address.
Sending a patrol there now.
You see this bulge right here?
That's the wireless receiver.
Now, Captain, if we can destroy that,
then the dead man's switch
is just another fucking switch.
Except, in order to destroy it,
we got to what, shoot Gates?
That's where this guy slipped up.
If he wanted to ensure a kill shot,
he should've put the receiver here,
right over the poor bastard's heart.
But instead, he put it down here
next to his left kidney.
If the bullet's on target, we get to him
quick enough to avoid too much blood loss,
there's a good chance, Captain,
he could survive it.
I'm sorry.
Are you proposing
we shoot the star of a TV show
live, on air, in front of millions of people?
I need you to talk to somebody
from Ibis Clear Capital.
I need to talk... You wanna touch me?
- Don't put your hands on me.
- Andre? It's okay.
- That's, that's, uh...
- Diane Lester. I'll be happy to talk to you.
Do you have an earpiece
so I can hear everyone?
- Uh, yes. Yeah.
- Okay, good.
- Come on.
- All right.
Uh, we're gonna talk to Diane Lester.
She's the PR lady. She's the, uh...
...Chief Communications Officer at Ibis.
Okay, get ready to put her on screen two.
We're gonna put her on screen two.
We're ready when you are.
And go, Jim.
- Here she comes.
- All right.
First, let me start off by saying
on behalf of everyone here at Ibis,
we are prepared to do whatever we can
to get you to put down that gun, Mr. Budwell.
Now, I understand that
you've offered to compensate him
for his losses personally, Lee.
Well, we are absolutely willing to do
the same if it helps put an end to all this.
All right, you walk away now,
double your money.
She knows my last name.
Everybody in the five boroughs
knows your last name by now, Kyle.
No, it's too late for your money, lady.
All I want from you is an answer.
I just wanna know what really happened?
Oh, goddamn it!
Well, the truth is
we don't know.
We don't know why the algo
suddenly went haywire.
And we don't know why the fail-safes
built to prevent...
God, I really hope she has
more to say than "We don't know."
We just don't know.
Are you kidding?
This is all she's got? Are you kidding me?
Are you watching this?
This is getting out of control.
The amount of scrutiny we're gonna get
after this idiot blows himself up
is going to be unbelievable.
You thought it was bad before?
It's about to get 100 times more intense.
Look, don't worry, okay? We can handle it.
Gates is an idiot.
Just stay the course, okay?
I'm working Mambo night and day.
I would like to point out
that this affected all of us.
All our board, our managers,
including myself.
Our pensions were depleted overnight.
- Diane.
- Our savings gutted just like yours.
Wait. Wait. I'm sorry.
Are you trying to make me feel sorry for you?
Is that really what's happening right now?
- No, I just...
- That's exactly what's happening.
I understand you want specifics.
Yeah. So why doesn't
she give him some specifics?
We know this was
a completely isolated incident.
It's what we call a black swan.
It's impossible to predict,
but it's impossible to replicate.
"Black swan"?
That's her memo.
She's reading from her memo.
Diane. Diane.
We both read your talking points.
He doesn't want some PR spin about
what's gonna go right next year.
He wants an explanation
for what went wrong last week.
Right, I understand.
And we believe in complete transparency.
That's why we disclosed...
Where are your quants, Diane?
Where are your quants?
- That's good. Go with that. Get an answer.
- I'm sorry?
- Yeah.
- The quants you used.
The guy who actually designed
the algorithm that crashed.
Where is he?
Is he in that building right there behind you?
'Cause I think
I'd like to ask him a few questions.
No, um, these are our administrative offices.
Our quants aren't...
Okay, then where is he? Is he in Mumbai?
Russia? Yeah, he's in Russia.
They're all in Russia.
I'm not sure.
But if you'd like to talk to someone,
then I can make that happen.
No, I don't want to talk to
some low-level schlub, God damn it.
I want an explanation from you!
And if you can't give me one,
then I want to talk to Walt Camby.
No, I'm sorry,
- but Walt is on a plane right now.
- God damn...
Shit-fucking assholes.
I'm getting so tired of this same old bullshit
over and over again, Lee.
- Wait.
- Don't tell me to wait!
What happened?
He just shot out your monitor on the stage
because you're giving him
the same corporate bullshit!
I'm not.
You have to understand
how delicate of a situation this is.
I'm sitting 80-feet from a bomb!
Don't talk to me about delicate situations!
You have got to wake up
and do the math here,
because it is not adding up to me, either.
Why is that so goddamn hard?
Sorry, what do you mean?
I mean, you better ask some real questions
and get some real answers,
and hurry the fuck up!
I want what happened to make sense!
Do not talk to him like that.
Do not tell him things.
- Right now!
- Don't do anything stupid.
Let me get you some answers.
You need to bargain for more time.
All right?
- Trade something.
- Give me 10 more minutes.
Bargain with him.
Kyle, look.
You give me something,
I give you something. Okay?
That's how this works.
You do something for me,
I do something for you.
Come on.
Give me a chance.
Let me figure this out.
- Fine, you got 10 minutes.
- Okay. All right.
Now what?
I made myself extraordinarily clear
that you were not to go on camera.
You know, I am curious.
Who actually did design that algo?
Why don't we call him together?
Now, you listen to me, Diane. You're a CCO.
And that is all you are and that is nothing.
I've seen a dozen girls like you come and go.
- Really? Girls like me?
- Yeah!
I don't have to stand here and listen to this.
- Well, you're fired, Diane!
- You can't fire me. I don't report to you.
It's not our job to bail out this psychopath!
Do not walk away from me!
I don't report to you, Avery.
Ryan, get me a list of every quant that's
been on our payroll since we went public.
Walt's G-V radioed Teterboro.
Twenty minutes out.
Have a car waiting downstairs for me.
And get me that list.
This is Eagle One
in first position. Proceeding to two.
Bree, I asked for Dan Issa
from the SEC.
I called twice and left word both times.
All right, get me Ron.
Ron, I need you to go down
to the SEC's offices on Vesey Street.
Find Dan Issa. Do not take no for an answer.
You have nine minutes.
Nine minutes?
- Vesey Street's over a mile away.
- Then you better start running now.
Hey, Dave, can you pull up
a stock price graphic for Ibis for me, please?
- Okay. I'll need a second.
- Okay, then put their logo up on the nine-by.
Lee? How many people do you think
are tuned into us right now at this moment?
Millions probably? Tens of millions?
That's tens of millions of investors,
all with their fingers
on their E-trade accounts.
Kyle, you bought Ibis at what, $75 a share?
- Yeah. So?
- What if we can get it back there?
How many times I gotta tell you,
it's too late for your money.
You're not the only shareholder
that got screwed over.
You came here because you had something
that you wanted to say.
You want people
to finally listen to you, right?
Well, now they can.
- Logo's ready.
- Put it up on the big screen.
All right, Lee. Go to work.
Watch what we can do.
I want to talk to everybody out there.
Every single person
that's watching me right now.
And here's what I want you to do.
I want you to go to your computer
and I want you to buy Ibis stock.
I'm gonna be upfront with you.
I don't want you to do it
because you're gonna make money.
I want you to do it
because it'll save my life.
This is ballsy.
The old Money Monster bump.
The old Money Monster bump
on a massive scale.
- Where's my stock price?
- Just got it up.
It's simple math. Value comes from demand.
So if every single one of you
buys a few shares,
then we can get the price
of this sucker up in no time.
And here's the crazy part.
If we do it and everybody invests
just a little bit of money,
the price starts to go up.
And then the algorithms... They start to
take notice, and they start to buy it.
Give it to me on the big screen.
If you can fool them, then the sky's the limit!
Which means that together we can turn
a bad investment into a good one
by sheer force of will.
So, as of right now,
I am moving Ibis from a sell to a buy.
He's gonna call a triple. Ready triple. Roll it.
...and make it a rare...
...Triple Buy!
Come on. Come on.
Come on, you son of a bitch.
Come on, guys.
We're human beings, we're not computers.
We have a conscience.
Refresh, refresh.
- There it is.
- Yeah.
Yes! That's what I'm talking about.
We take care of each other.
It's embedded in our DNA.
Not because an equation tells us to,
but because we feel it in here.
And right now, I need your help.
This looks promising.
We can do the right thing.
But we have to do it together.
Come on. Refresh, refresh.
So, I'm talking to every one of you.
Every single person
that's watching me right now.
I want you to dig as deep as you can
and I want you to ask yourself,
what is a life worth to you?
What's my life worth?
I guess that answers that question, huh?
Detective, one coming in.
Ma'am. Excuse me.
Ma'am. NYPD. You live here?
Yeah. What's the problem?
What's your relationship
to Kyle Budwell, ma'am?
Why? Where is he?
Where have you been all day?
If you don't mind me asking.
I work in a glass box underground
for eight hours a day.
So could you please just tell me
what the hell is going on here,
because you're really
starting to freak me out.
I'm gonna ask again.
What is your relationship
to Kyle Budwell, ma'am?
Why don't you take a wild guess.
Okay, I'll clear a path.
I should've taken that bet after all,
you sack of shit.
This is really impressive, Lee.
I mean, talk about market influence.
Do you want to know
why that shit didn't work, asshole?
Because even you don't buy
your own bullshit.
You believe in money.
You don't believe in people.
Lee, they tracked down his girlfriend.
They don't believe in you, either.
His pregnant girlfriend.
- You got to be fucking joking.
- No, no joke, Lee.
Quantitative analytics.
Look, I have no idea
what you're saying right now.
Does anybody there speak English?
I need the other number
for the guy in Moscow.
Yeah, but he gave me another name.
This one's based out of Seoul.
God damn it. Goodloe.
- Shit.
- I've got it.
Go get me a phone number.
I'm gonna find a translator.
Amy! Amy! Amy!
Bring your security pass and come with me.
Hurts, doesn't it?
Got your fancy education.
Got your millions in the bank.
Think you got it all made.
You're not such a hot shit right now, huh?
You want to sit here
and take stock of our lives, Kyle?
How about we compare scores, hmm?
How about we do that?
Touchscreen. Shit, the touchscreen.
All right. We got Kyle and we got Lee.
Let's start with the obvious. Money.
I got some. You don't, I gather.
So, that's a point for me.
Where you going with this, Lee?
But then there's family.
I'm divorced three times.
What about you? You got a wife?
Girlfriend, then?
Sacajawea, Lee.
You got a girlfriend? That's nice.
The magic of young love.
I think we can both agree
that's a point for you,
since the first number on my speed-dial
is an escort service.
- You don't know anything about me.
- I don't need to know about you!
I know about me.
Seven years, three years, 14 months.
The marriages, they get shorter
and they get shorter,
but settlements, they get larger and larger.
Look at me, Lee.
Hey, Kyle, you see her?
That's Patty, my director,
and she wants me to shut up.
Well, now, she's sick of me, too.
And that's why she took a job
across the street and didn't tell me.
People talk.
They all leave sooner or later, Kyle.
That's just how it works.
So trust me, that's gonna be a point for you.
What about kids?
You got a kid?
One on the way, maybe?
Yeah? She's expecting. It's a blessing.
I have one myself.
She must be six or seven. I have no idea.
I send a check.
Mazel tov on the bundle of joy.
I think we can both agree
that's another fucking point for you.
So, now, look at this.
Kyle. Oh, my God.
We just got started and you're already ahead.
Just... Just stay wide, Jim.
So let me ask you something, Kyle.
What about your life is so much shittier
than the rest of ours
that you get to
throw in the towel early, hmm?
I want to know.
You got a decent job.
You got two hands and two feet.
You got a goddamn kid on the way!
So before you blow me to kingdom come,
I want you to answer one question.
What makes you such a giant fucking failure
compared to everybody else?
You really gonna stand there
in your $1,000 suit
and compare scores with me?
My honest job pays me $14 an hour,
you cocksucker.
So let's start there.
You know how far $14 an hour
gets you here in New York? Huh?
You know how much of that is left
after I pay my rent and all my fucking bills?
I keep paddling as hard as I can
just to stay above water.
It takes everything I got!
And that's before the kid gets here.
How the hell am I gonna supposed to
support him, huh?
How am I gonna take care of him?
You'll take great care of him.
He gets to grow up being the kid
whose old man blew himself up on live TV.
- God damn it, Lee.
- He's the goddamn Father of the Year!
Don't you fucking say
another word about my son
or I'll end this right fucking now.
You hear me?
- All right.
- You hear me?
You want your brains splattered
all over downtown, Lee, huh?
Mr. Budwell!
Mr. Budwell.
Mr. Budwell, please stand by.
Stand by for what?
Stand by for what?
Hi, Molly. I'm Marcus Powell. Come with me.
You think I don't know what you're doing?
I know what you're doing!
Lee, we're gonna put his girlfriend
onscreen so you can talk to her.
It's all a big stall.
And you're gonna keep
your mouth shut until then.
You hear me?
Sitting up there, trying to figure out
how to keep me
from pulling this fucking trigger, huh?
Well, this stupid fuck's
gonna make me shoot him in his head,
and there's nothing
you can do about it, lady!
Just remember our only
goal is to get him to put the weapon down.
Jerking me around all fucking day.
Okay, Matty, go ahead.
- Okay.
- Get in there.
Your 10 minutes were up a long time ago.
Hey. Hey!
You fucking crazy?
What the fuck are you doing?
Kyle? Are you there?
Okay, circle around, circle around
so you get that girl on camera.
- Kyle? Kyle?
- Molly.
- Can he see me?
- Yeah, I can see you.
- Yeah, he can see you.
- Yeah.
- He's not... Kyle. Kyle?
- Molly.
Yeah, Molly, where are you?
- Are you here? Where is she?
- Kyle?
- Is she outside?
- Can he hear me?
- Molly?
- Kyle.
What are you doing here?
- What am I doing here?
- Yeah.
Kyle, what are you doing here?
Why... I thought you were working today.
You are the dumbest son of a bitch
on the planet, you know that?
They told me about the money, Kyle.
You are so fucking stupid.
That was everything we had.
That was every last cent.
You are such a fucking failure, Kyle,
you know that?
You have always been such a fucking failure.
- You sat down in the basement all night...
- Molly, just...
...reading your fucking books, thinking you
are some kind of a smart guy, but you aren't.
You fucking aren't.
And now you go and you do this?
You blow all your mother's money
like some kind of a halfwit
and then you come in here
with a fucking bomb?
Turn it off, for Christ's sake!
You hardly even know
how to use a screwdriver!
That is how useless you are
around the house!
And now you're going
and you're building fucking bombs?
Since when did you become
such a man all of a sudden?
But you're not a man.
- You're a bitch. That's what you are.
- Turn it off.
You hear me, Kyle? You are a bitch.
You cry when we fuck, you pasty little bitch!
Get the fuck off me, motherfucker!
- Don't you fucking touch her. Hey!
- I am seven months' pregnant!
And fuck you, too, Kyle!
This is all your fucking fault!
Why don't you just get it over with
and shoot yourself in the head already,
you chickenshit!
Come on. Just pull the fucking trigger!
Pull the fucking...
Back off, guys. Back off a little bit.
Give us some room. Little bit.
She's gone. You take a deep breath.
You keep your finger on that button.
You hear me, Kyle?
- Give me some sign that you're hearing me.
- I'm fucking hearing you.
Okay, here we go.
Let's take a seat.
Come on.
Come on. That's it.
It's hard to believe
you're the calm one in the relationship.
All right.
It's okay, Kyle.
We've all been there, believe me.
Just take a minute.
You take your time.
Nobody's going anywhere.
Is that him again? Is that the quant?
Translate this exactly, Amy, all right?
Tell him I need to ask him some questions
and if he doesn't talk to me,
then people are going to die.
Fine. Put her on.
- Huh?
- Put her on.
You speak English?
Listen, lady,
I'm not getting mixed up in all this.
I was hired to design a program.
My job was about data.
It was about math.
It was about theoreticals. That's it.
Yes, but this glitch was still a result
of a program you designed.
Wrong. It's user error.
They're only calling it a glitch because
nobody understands how the algo works.
And if nobody can understand the math,
then nobody has to explain the money.
Well, that's why I'm calling you.
I want to understand.
Algorithms make patterns,
they don't break them.
And this algo was designed
to move in and out
of hundreds of positions
in fractions of seconds.
What it wasn't designed to do
is consume large amounts of capital,
accumulate leveraged positions or...
Or hold a portfolio
for any extended period of time.
Wait. What does that mean?
It means
there is no way that this algorithm
could lose $800 million in one afternoon.
It is literally a mathematical impossibility.
So whatever went wrong,
whatever investment went haywire,
it's not the computer's fault.
There's human fingerprints all over this.
Whose fingerprints?
Like I said,
I don't want to get involved in this.
Is there anything you can give me?
Do the math.
You can't find your boss,
and he can't find $800 million.
Where did you say he was coming from?
What a mess, huh?
I take it you've heard by now?
Goodloe started calling me
the second I turned my phone back on.
He and I had a disagreement over strategy.
So I heard.
You did good.
I'm proud of you... Whatever Goodloe says.
Here, I got you some chocolate.
From Switzerland.
Hey, I'll take those
and put them in the back for you.
That's cold.
Amy, can you sit up front, please?
And don't say a fucking word.
She's right. She's fucking right.
She's fucking right.
She's fucking right!
God damn it! Jesus.
Oh, God, why do you always do this?
This isn't good, Lee.
You're so stupid, Kyle.
You're so stupid, you stupid pussy.
She's fucking right.
Now what?
What the fuck am I fucking doing?
Do not...
I'll do it.
You got to fucking do it.
I got to fucking do it.
You stupid piece of fucking shit.
What the fuck am I fucking doing?
I've got to do this.
What am I gonna do? Shoot you?
I don't want to shoot you, Kyle.
I don't want you to die.
What chance do I have now?
There's still a way out of this.
I know there's still a way out.
Tell me one reason
why I shouldn't put this gun in my mouth
and pull the fucking trigger.
Kyle, look at me.
You made a mistake.
That doesn't mean your life is over.
What you need is a plan.
No way any plan's gonna
help me through this.
That's 'cause
you're not thinking straight.
I'm willing to help you if you'll let me.
Step one.
This gun and this vest
is not helping anything.
- I know what you're trying to do.
- Signals get crossed. Things get chaotic.
Innocent people get hurt.
It happens all the time.
If I let any of these guys go then I'm dead.
All right.
We'll find another way.
You got to give me some space.
I need to rethink this.
Is Fox 2 in position? Make your move.
A plan, Kyle.
That's all we need.
We just got unobstructed access,
north side studio.
Repeat. Unobstructed access on the north.
- Go with him. Extraction only, though.
- Sir.
Do you understand?
Extraction only right now.
Listen, I agree with you.
We need to get ahead of this one.
And we're all about transparency, after all.
I'm the CEO, so I'm the one
who needs to make the statement.
We just need to make sure it's on our terms,
not on theirs.
We're all set up at Federal Hall.
We have the run of the place,
we have security onsite,
and no one knows you'll be going there.
We're going in.
We got company.
Three, show me.
Okay, as long as it's controlled.
Give an exclusive to somebody you trust.
I know just the person to call.
That's my girl.
All right, Lenny?
I want you to push in.
Block as much of his view as you can.
Do not make a move.
If he turns around,
we are all gonna die.
All right, Lenny.
You're the last manned camera.
Patty Fenn.
Patty, Diane Lester.
You better have something for me, Diane,
and I mean, right the fuck now.
It's good to hear your voice, too.
Um, I'm calling you to let you know
the information I gave you
might have been incorrect.
What the hell does that mean? "Incorrect"?
Walt is going to make a statement after all.
We're in the car
en route to Federal Hall right now.
We'll be about 20 minutes away.
Twenty minutes? We need help right now!
I'm trying to help you, if you'll just listen.
I'm going to send you a text
explaining what I need from you.
So just keep a lid on it.
Because I'm giving you this exclusively.
Don't screw it up.
Hello? Diane?
Okay, everybody.
We're gonna begin evacuation one at a time.
You first. Follow me to the crawlspace.
We're ready and in position.
Give me the green light, we go.
If we take out the receiver on Gates' chest,
what's his chance of survival?
80% that he makes it.
What's the chance the bullet's on target?
If it's a clean shot, 100%.
Come on, let's be realistic here.
I am being. Listen, 80% sounds about right
to us, to an officer.
So we got an 80% chance of an 80% chance.
Yeah, that's some shit math.
Benson, let me know
when the control room is ready to evacuate.
Now we're talking.
Okay, guys,
how do we find out what Walt Camby's jet
was doing in South Africa?
- We could try the FAA.
- No, they won't help us.
What about, um, the hacker guy
from the Citi security breach segment?
- The guy with the Yoda voice.
- Yes! Yes! Find him. Quickly.
Watch your head. Step here.
Bree, where the hell is Ron Sprecher?
And has he gotten to the SEC yet?
Um, I will check,
but I need to tell you something first.
Okay, hold on. Just a second.
Lee, Walt Camby has landed.
He's on his way to Federal Hall.
He'll be there in less than 20 minutes.
And get this. He wasn't in Geneva yesterday.
He was in South Africa.
So he lied to you. He lied to us.
He's been lying this whole time.
That means you've been lying, too, Lee.
To everybody that's been watching. To Kyle.
Oh, my God.
Where'd everybody go?
Where'd they go?
God damn it!
I knew this would happen.
- Let's go. Who's next?
- Charlie, in the sound booth.
How stupid am I?
Okay. Quick as you can.
Get those hackers working.
It's all your fault, Lee. You so stupid.
This is Dave.
I got your email, Dave.
Help you, we will.
This is Eagle One.
Target is in position.
Bunch of crooks.
Camby's never coming here.
We have to figure out a way, Kyle.
Patty, I really need to, uh, tell you something.
Okay, hold on, just a second, Bree.
No! Damn it! You need to hear this.
Okay. What is it?
Don't stop. Don't panic. Stay low.
I'm so fucked!
- Eagle, Do you have a clean shot?
- I'm yellow. Yellow.
- Are you sure?
- Positive.
They're going to shoot Lee.
I heard every word. I was five-feet away.
Let's go. This isn't voluntary.
- Grab whatever you can grab.
- Jim. Take Jim.
- Let's go.
- Be careful.
I can't catch a fucking break.
I'm never getting out of here. Fuck!
- Just one time. One fucking time.
- They're making us leave.
- Don't stop. It's gonna be fine.
- I'm good. Get Patty.
Look at me.
Don't look up. Look at me.
There is a sniper on the catwalk
at your one o'clock.
Where'd they fucking go?
He's about to lose it, Benson.
- Hold on. I got one lagging.
- Benson, hurry the hell up!
There is a receiver on your vest.
- Two seconds, I pull out my cuffs.
- Don't look down.
If he shoots it out,
it disables the trigger.
Get out of there, right now!
Come on!
- You got a shot?
- Are you green or red?
- Green.
- Take the shot!
- What are you doing? What are you doing?
- Fuck!
The button!
- Are you all right?
- What the fuck?
They're shooting at me, not you!
God damn it!
Just keep your finger on the button.
Lee, can you hear me?
What is this? You been talking to the cops
this whole time?
That's Patty.
Listen to me!
She found Walt Camby.
I'm gonna take you to him.
But you got to trust me.
I got a plan.
Listen, you got to block my vest.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Hey, wait. What are we doing?
- We're getting out of here.
Give me the mike.
Are you setting me up?
You want some answers?
We're gonna get some answers.
Lenny, you coming?
We're coming out!
You mind?
Ah, balls.
Holy shit.
- What's the matter with you?
- I don't like elevators.
Come on, Lenny.
Lenny, where are you?
What did I ever do to deserve
such a loyal goddamn crew, Lenny?
- Not much.
- That's right.
I need a satellite van and an audio package
downstairs in two minutes.
Lenny, where are you?
Jim, where's my feed with Lenny?
I need it right now.
Come on, Lenny.
Patty tells us to stay, we stay.
Okay, Lenny's up! He's live.
Yeah, Patty. It's always Patty.
My first day on the job she told me
I had a penis where my brain should be.
She's right. She's always right.
She stayed here longer
than she should have.
I know that.
The truth is I don't know what I'd do
without her at this point.
But if she was standing right here, right now,
I couldn't admit that.
But luckily it's just you in front of me, Lenny.
You and your...
Your warm eyes and your gentle soul.
All right, get the fuck out of here.
- I got a signal.
- Okay, are we live?
Time to find Diane Lester. Let's go.
- If you're still with us, here we go.
- Come on.
- We're going that way, Lenny. That way.
- Okay.
- Captain.
- No.
We're on the move.
Clear a path.
- That van comes with us!
- Clear the sat van.
What are these people doing here?
Now they've left the building.
They are taking to the streets.
Kyle Budwell and host Lee Gates
seem to be working together at this point.
We're on our way to you now,
but we need something more.
We've figured out where,
we need to find out why.
He's been lying about everything.
Keep him away from the news
until we figure out the connection.
I understand.
Here. You should put your suit on.
I'll come back up for you
once they're all set up.
Jim, throw the feed into my sat van.
You stay with Lenny on foot.
We're gonna go Nat sound from his camera.
Where the hell is Ron Sprecher?
Patty! I just left the SEC.
I've been trying to call you.
Yeah, Ron, listen.
- Yeah, they got nothing over here.
- What?
Ibis's algorithm trades in dark pools,
so all their transactions are concealed.
The one thing I was able to find out was,
on the day of the crash,
Ibis's transaction volume
dropped by nearly 90%.
What does that mean?
I don't know.
How far away are you?
I'm on... Where am I? I'm on Vesey Street.
Bring me what you have, Ron.
I'll meet you at the corner of Pearl and Pine.
Start running. I'll see you in three minutes.
What, three minutes? That's a half-mile away!
I can't run a half-mile in three...
What are you folks doing?
He's not O. J.!
Get off the street! That's a bomb!
Bombs explode.
You don't want to be near them
when they do.
Frank Ross,
reporting from the eye in the sky.
He is safely hovering above them.
It's a rather distressing scene
down here, honestly.
New Yorkers flocking to the melee
despite repeated police warnings
to stay clear of the path of a man
with a bomb strapped to his chest.
Apparently, a lot of people
sharing the feelings
of gunman Kyle Budwell this moment.
They are lining the streets,
they're cheering him on, as if to say,
"Hey, Ibis, show us the money."
...mat swollen fat
In stupid stacks, the cash
My money ain't funny...
They're a bunch of crooks!
Blow 'em all to hell!
Get off me, man! Come on!
Stay close.
Don't let them get a shot at the vest.
Now might be a good time
to tell you something about that vest then.
There's not actually any Semtex in there.
It's just clay. Blocks of clay.
Yeah, I wanted to get your attention,
not blow up a goddamn building.
Stand down. Easy.
Well, they think it's real.
So whatever you do, don't take your finger
off that goddamn trigger.
We're in this together, you dumb shit.
The drama featuring
host Lee Gates and Kyle Budwell.
Wow, this is getting crazy!
Look at all these people!
My phone is blowing up on this.
If Kyle makes it out of this thing,
we got to get him on the show.
And the next time I have a bad day,
I'm gonna come in, "Glitch!"
Diane, why would Ibis's trading volume
suddenly drop 90%?
No, that's not possible.
Ibis's algorithms trade continuously.
Somebody would have had to have
taken the computers offline.
They would have...
Human fingerprints.
If Walt took that $800 million
away from the algorithm,
what did he do with it?
I have his phone. Shit.
He's deleted all his emails.
Try texts.
Mambo... Mambo...
He and the COO keep mentioning
"Mambo" over and over again.
Mambo, like the dance?
- "Mambo"?
- Keep it clear. Back it up, back it up!
Hey! Hey!
Get out of the way! Hey!
Get out of the way!
- We're on it, Diane.
- Stop. Stop. Stop. Patty.
Get this earpiece to Lee.
He needs to hear me.
Great. But how exactly
am I supposed to get this to him?
I don't know, Ron. You're a producer.
Produce your way up there!
I'm not getting anything on the terminal.
I'm gonna do a web search.
Okay, I'm getting...
"Mambo Pizza Place..."
"Mambo Italiano..." I'm not finding anything.
"Mambo Snakes."
"Mamba" snakes. That's not it.
Try "Mambo South Africa."
Try anything South African.
Got it. One sec.
Holy shit.
It's not a program. It's a goddamn person.
Remember Zuccotti Park!
Occupy Wall Street!
Hey, Lee! Lee!
Do it, man!
Come on. Blow this mother up!
Lee! Lee, hey! Lee! Your earpiece!
- Shit.
- Ron!
Do not shoot!
Do not shoot!
Lee, can you hear me?
Camera mike's down.
He's not gonna be able to respond.
- Sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
- Stay where you are!
Lee, are you there?
If you can hear me, put your hand in the air.
Okay. I can see you, but I can't get to you.
What am I gonna do?
We either keep going or we stop.
It's up to you.
ESU, forward.
First window we get,
we're taking the assailant down.
Move them back.
- Stay down.
- Stay behind the car.
Diane, are you still there?
Yeah, I'm here.
Okay. We are on Mambo.
Our van can't get any closer.
So keep Walt there.
Do not let him run before Lee can get to you.
Okay, I'll see what I can do.
All right. Get on it, Dave.
Print out everything you can
on this miners' strike.
- I'm gonna need that, too.
- Okay.
You can hear me now.
Which is good.
I have a lot to explain,
and I need you to listen
very carefully for once.
We're approaching Federal Hall.
Jesus. Is that live?
Mmm-hmm. It is now.
Did you get all that?
And that's before we start digging.
- Ibis is a pig in a prom dress, Lee.
- Got it.
We are trying to find the proof right now.
See if you can get those hacker guys.
Find out what they've come up with.
Now, Lee,
we're making a pretty big leap here.
So if Walt's gonna hang himself,
you're gonna have to hand him that rope.
I'll just point the camera in your direction,
and we'll figure it out together.
Hey. Get ready for a show.
Well, these guys are certainly behaving
like they've got an appointment
with the Ibis Clear Capital CEO.
Which begs the question
on everyone's mind,
where is Walt Camby?
As a curious crowd
assembles outside Federal Hall,
the missing piece of the puzzle...
I trusted you.
Yeah, well, I trusted you, too.
So I guess that means we're both wrong.
What did you do, Diane?
I mean, you know me.
You know me better than my wife.
- You know me better than anybody.
- I'm not so sure that's true.
I have no idea what you think I did.
Save it for the cameras, Walt.
An eyewitness in the crowd
may just have the answer.
Walt Camby?
He's inside. He just went up those stairs
and through those doors.
- You saw him?
- That's right.
Guess there's nowhere to run now, huh?
This story does seem to be coming
to some sort of head down here.
- Hey there, big shot.
- Hey.
- Ready for that interview now?
- Hey.
You're just in time for the show.
How was Geneva?
- It was fine.
- Yeah, I hear it's lovely this time of year.
Can we get him a chair?
Sam, give him a chair.
The Iceland guys just came through
with all the facial recognition data.
This footage goes back months.
Everywhere he's traveled.
There's way too much stuff.
Okay, well, just focus on the last 48 hours.
And cue up the video package.
Can we get everybody outta here?
Young lady, please, exit the building.
Wait a second,
why does she get to leave?
This might be able to help
with your investigation.
This is all her fault.
Go ahead, Diane, walk away.
You're the only reason we're
stuck here with this psycho.
You wanted transparency, Walt?
Well, here's your chance.
Let's go.
Everybody hates you.
Okay, now look, everything is fine.
So why don't we just put the weapons down,
and let's just talk about it.
No, I... I think we can talk
with the weapons up. Right, guys?
- This is Money Monster, coming to you live.
- Back off.
We're here with Ibis CEO Walt Camby.
So, Walt,
now that we have you here in person,
we can finally ask the $800 million question.
What happened at Ibis, Walt?
As we've been saying since day one,
this was an isolated computer glitch.
Goddamn it!
- Glitch!
- He doesn't really like that word.
I fuckin' hate that word!
Oh, not the glitch.
- Cue up video one.
- I fucking hate that word.
And then line the rest of 'em up on my mark.
You tried to convince us
it's all too complicated for us to understand.
But it's not that complicated at all, is it?
It's actually the oldest story
in the book. Fraud.
You took money out of your fund
and you invested it here.
Right here in platinum mines in South Africa.
Does that sound familiar?
I don't have our portfolio in front of me.
I can't exactly...
You really need your portfolio
to know where you put $800 million?
I don't put that much money anywhere.
The algorithms control our day-to-day...
But that's not how high-frequency trading
is supposed to work, is it?
They don't just put that much money
in one place
and just leave it there, do they?
It wasn't the algos pullin' the strings,
it was you.
The miners' union strike here
outside Johannesburg is on its second week.
You. You bought and paid
for a two-week strike.
Oh, come on. This is ridiculous.
The strike had caused
the mining company's stock to drop.
You buy low, you get the strike to stop,
you sell high.
That's the plan.
You make one big bribe to the right guy,
line your own pockets,
and no one'll be the wiser.
You're making accusations
that have no basis in reality.
Video three on my mark.
- All right, all right, all right. One...
- Get it together.
- Okay, it's there. Got it.
- It's defamation, okay?
And there are laws about that.
Go on, Walt.
Tell me about all the laws I'm breaking.
Ready when you are, Lee.
On your mark.
Look, I'll give you this.
There really was a glitch in your system.
It just wasn't the computer.
It was this guy. Moshe Mambo.
We must say no!
We must say no to their businesses!
We must say no to their bribes!
You tried to bribe the one guy
that couldn't be bought.
All they care about is money!
If it takes two years, if it takes 20 years,
we will stay here and strike
until our voices are heard.
There. Right there. That's your glitch.
Because that's what sent
the mining company's stock plummeting,
which sent
your secret $800 million investment
right into the toilet.
Want me to keep goin'?
- Patty. You gotta see this.
- You made people a lot of money, Walt.
You just needed to wreck industries and
destroy economies all over the world to do it.
Okay. Get that ready right now. Lee?
You're gonna say everything I say.
This is insane.
I don't know the first thing
about some South African workers' strike.
I've never even heard of this Mambo.
- Really? Never?
- Really? Never?
Well, what were you two arguing about
this morning?
Then what were you two arguing about
this morning
at 8:02 a.m., local time?
Or maybe they're speaking Swahili
in Geneva these days.
They don't speak Swahili
in South Africa, either.
And this wasn't the first time
you did it, either.
This was just the first time it didn't work out.
You feel that, Walt?
That sticky heat
risin' up the back of your neck?
That flop sweat?
That's fear.
Greed you're already acquainted with.
That's all a great story, Lee.
I'm actually sorry the real one's so boring.
But the truth is,
our computational systems are far too...
You know, forget it. Just shoot him.
Actually, I got a better idea.
Up. Up, up, up.
Take the vest off. Put it on him.
- Yeah?
- Go ahead.
Hold on.
That's just gonna make things worse.
I already told you, back off.
Fuckin' cops.
- Lenny.
- All right.
- Now? Okay.
- Just right here.
Listen, I'm gonna do you a solid.
And trust me on this.
Don't turn your back on anybody.
You're a thief, Walt.
And a crook.
And I want to hear you admit it.
I didn't steal a dime,
- and we didn't do anything illegal.
- Bullshit!
- You manipulated stock prices.
- You don't care what I'm gonna say.
- You bribed people.
- You need someone to blame.
- You broke the law.
- You've already decided it's gonna be me.
What law?
Name one law you can prove I broke.
No, don't look at him.
He can't prove it, either.
This is just business.
And this is how business is done.
- That doesn't make it right.
- Oh, please.
Tell that to the Chinese.
Tell that to the Russians.
'Cause if it's not us, it's gonna be them.
Hell, it already is.
You see, that's the irony about all this.
You only came after me
'cause I lost you money.
Nobody was asking questions
when everybody was makin' a profit.
You just gobbled up every dollar of stock
you could afford.
As long as we kept paying you 18% ROI
every year,
then you could keep bragging to your friends
about what a genius you are.
But, hey, you're not a genius,
you're a stockholder.
I told you what I want.
Yeah, I get it. You want a profit.
That's what everybody wants.
- No, that's not what I want.
- Listen, just give us some time.
We're gonna make every single dime...
I want to hear you admit it,
you son of a bitch!
I think he just did.
No, I want to hear him say that he lied,
that what he did was wrong.
Wrong? What does that even mean, wrong?
You got three seconds till I blow your ass
outta this goddamn building.
- Three.
- What's wrong with makin' a profit?
- What's wrong with being faster...
- Two!
What's wrong with betting big?
Winning isn't wrong...
- One!
- Fine!
It was wrong.
- It was wrong.
- Oh, my...
It was wrong.
It was wrong.
That's all I wanted to hear, man.
- Did you hear that?
- Nice.
Kyle, don't.
Kyle, don't.
- Kyle, don't!
- No! Fuck! Don't!
- God! Kyle, no!
- Stand down!
- Goddamn it!
- I said stand down!
- Get his gun!
- I said stand down!
- Hey!
- Call an ambulance!
- Shots fired. Repeat, we've got shots fired.
- Oh, my God.
What are you doin' to him?
Get him an ambulance!
Get him an ambulance!
Get him an ambulance!
- Hey, hey, hey!
- Get off! What are you...
- Room is secure!
- He can't breathe!
- Hey!
- What are you doin' to him?
Get him an ambulance!
Hey, Kyle, you hang in there, buddy!
You hang in there, buddy.
- You're good to go, pal.
- Yeah.
You're all set.
That kid's a nutcase.
You son of a bitch.
Hey, all right.
- Just sit down.
- You see that? He just assaulted me.
Call a cop.
You got a pulse?
You got anything?
No, sir.
Oh, my God.
They shot him. Did you see that?
Clear for the coroner.
Copy that.
This is Powell. He's been taken out.
Called at 3:58 p.m.
Clear it. Studio has control.
Excuse me, sir.
A quick question.
You had the chance to leave.
Why did you stay?
I was just... I was just doin' my job.
You know, I don't quit
until the director tells me to.
Your name is?
My name is Lenny Libatino. It's...
It's L-E-N-N-Y, not... Not the I-E.
When did you know
you were in danger?
I think right from the gunshot, you know,
but, uh, like I said, I was more interested
in keeping him in the frame.
Maybe I should have got
hair and makeup for Lenny, huh?
Host Lee Gates is
recuperating in a downtown hospital,
along with wounded producer Ron Sprecher.
He is expected to make a full recovery.
How's Ron?
He's out of surgery, he's in recovery.
He's gonna be fine.
- What do you got there?
- Dinner.
I heard you had an opening in your schedule.
So this is a Friday night for you, huh?
...thanks to this
single individual. Back to you, Sherry.
The gunman's name
is Kyle Budwell,
24 years old, a parcel truck driver
from Queens, New York.
Further details about him are still unknown
at this hour, as are concrete motives.
But it's been reported
that personal financial troubles,
coupled with his mother's death
six months ago,
could have been contributing factors.
And regulators are saying,
"Not so fast, Walt Camby."
The SEC just announced
that Ibis Clear Capital
is facing a Foreign Corrupt Practices
Act investigation.
Violations of that act
can carry heavy criminal and civil penalties.
Meanwhile, Vines of Ibis's CEO Walt Camby
have quickly become
an online phenomenon,
variations of which have already racked up
over 10 million views online.
No! No! Fuck!
No! No! Fuck!
No! No! Fuck!
Sherry Benedict, thank you for that report.
We'll come back to you later in the day
as more information emerges.
So what the hell kind of show
are we gonna do next week?
Things aren't
all bad for the Money Monster host,
as viewership of Money Monster,
which had recently slid in the ratings,
skyrocketed after word
of the hostage crisis spread.
Lee Gates may owe that gunman
a debt of thanks.
Well, it may have been an eventful afternoon
outside the actual Stock Exchange,
but it was a rather pedestrian day inside.
The Dow was down nine points, less than...
NASDAQ dropped 13 points,
thanks to a shaky morning in the tech sector.
Wall Street is a casino.
They're gambling with your money.
Your company was called "a great vampire
squid wrapped around the face of humanity."
He found his fame on YouTube, of all places.
I'm hip, blue chip makes glasses connect
Filled with champagne,
toast to the bread we get
The bigger the building,
the bigger the foundation
Peep how Wall Street is pimping our nation
I feel bossy, watch my dough rise
Kick folks in the street,
glad I ain't those guys
The bigger the building,
the bigger the foundation
Peep how Wall Street is pimping our nation
When one wins, someone loses,
that's the chances
It's competition, relieve finances
So far but we reached our consensus
If not, we'll meddle with consequences
Traffic and bills, freeway of exchange
One-way ticket, y'all lose, we gain
USA, wave the flag like gang colors
Bang on, but you'll be glad I came, brother
My money ain't funny and it keep coming
I welcome the money and the cash
My money ain't funny and it keep coming
I welcome the money and the cash
At the welcome mat swollen fat
In stupid stacks, the cash
My money ain't funny and it keep coming
I welcome the money and the cash
Wall Street is rigged like a 14-wheeler
No one gets the plot, and we're not revealing
We got to live like emperors,
we ain't going down
We stay in the 1%, you under it
It's like they sent the hellhounds
On an ice cream cone
how the global meltdown
Financially, they ain't catching me
They can't capture a phantom
they haven't seen
Fuss with your folks all day for crumbs
You work, we play, hooray for us
We're the master puppeteers
with the leverage
Sneak up behind and get a wedgie in
With technology people are obsolete
Fossil fuels is all you are to me
Hugs go out to the world, I love you, fam
Backslide your cash,
I call that sleight of hand
My money ain't funny and it keep coming
I welcome the money and the cash
My money ain't funny and it keep coming
I welcome the money and the cash
At the welcome mat swollen fat
In stupid stacks, the cash
My money ain't funny and it keep coming
I welcome the money and the cash
Call us super rich, we're hero to y'all
We hedge bets, scalp
You give your half off
Trust us, of course we'll give y'all a job
One day you too can live high on the hog
Wrong, you get
left in the hole starving
Hit the margin, so what?
That's your problem
Hoard that bread just like the nasty hooker
Heels crack the concrete,
she walkin' crooked
Lookit, all the assholes you see as stars
All gonna be broke, yep, the world is ours
Put a twist on it too, like a Hefty bag
In the end, it's fittin', what's left is trash
Whistleblowers hiss like cobras
If we sense resistance, it's over
Bull market, bear market
Wild kingdom, yes, you the target
My money ain't funny and it keep coming
I welcome the money and the cash
My money ain't funny and it keep coming
I welcome the money and the cash
At the welcome mat, swollen fat
In stupid stacks, the cash
My money ain't funny and it keep coming
I welcome the money and the cash