Money No Enough 3 (2024) Movie Script

Money no enough
Money no enough
Money no enough
Money no enough
Here you go, $4.
- Boss, the price has gone up. It's $5 now.
- Gone up?
- But I only have $4 with me.
- It's okay, I don't accept cash.
You can use the QR code
and pay via PayNow.
But you don't accept cash?
Times have changed.
The boss's instructions.
There's nothing I can do.
What a nuisance.
Cash is no longer regarded as money.
I've made the payment.
Please. Don't give me a ticket, please.
I'm very poor.
A fine will make my life difficult.
It's not that I didn't pay. I just input
the wrong number for the parking lot.
Do you still win money if you have
the wrong numbers for the lottery?
No. But...
Parking is parking. A fine is a fine.
They are separate matters.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Young man, if you fine me,
all my earnings for today will be gone.
Qiang, what's up?
It doesn't make sense.
It's not like I didn't pay.
I just input the wrong number.
The system has accepted the payment,
but I'm being fined.
It's their idiotic system.
Why should I pay for their mistake?
- Don't be so upset.
- I am upset!
Don't be. A friend of mine was also fined.
He bought a lottery ticket
using the numbers on the fine and won big.
- Really?
- He likes getting fined now.
Each time he gets a fine,
he wins the lottery.
Look at the numbers, they give good vibes.
- Buy a lottery ticket.
- Okay.
- I'm off to work.
- Have a nice day.
- Thank you.
- I hope you get a fine too.
Don't jinx it!
- Good luck!
- Good luck!
Money no enough
Money no enough
Money no enough
Money no enough
You guys must be happy
working in Singapore.
You often get a pay raise.
The exchange rate is USD1 to RM3,50 now.
It's incredible!
But this is hard-earned money.
Can you imagine being stuck at
the Causeway for three hours every day?
And exhaust fumes from motorbikes
shorten our lives by years.
What can we do? Singaporeans don't like
to work in the F&B sector.
- Thank goodness for you guys.
- That was spot on. Look there.
You mean, I cannot take leave.
I'll just quit instead.
Please calculate my wages
and do a bank transfer.
Chen! How could you do this?
Just quit already.
I've been good to you.
I've always been prompt
in paying your salary.
Such a meagre salary,
and I have to work like a dog for it.
Look here, madam.
People are offering $4,000 a month
for dishwashers, and there are no takers.
I only get paid $3,800.
I'm not even Malaysian. I'm a local.
Okay. I'll offer you $8,000,
do you want to take it?
$8,000? For real?
You wish! $8,000!
Why don't you offer me $8,000
and I'll work for you instead?
Otherwise you can leave.
I'm going!
Leave your uniform.
See that? Look at the workers these days.
They're so demanding.
Why did you take back his smelly clothes?
Hey, don't fool around.
Brother! Sister-in-law! They are coming!
Do you know what time it is?
You might as well not come to work.
It's a good thing I'm late.
The Ministry Of Manpower officers
are on their way here.
- Quick, call for help!
- Okay.
I'm sorry, ma'am.
Something urgent's come up.
I can't drive to your destination.
You mind getting out here?
I'll definitely file a complaint.
You're a pile of shit!
Your face is a pile of shit!
Come over, everyone. Come on!
How about the three local staff?
And the other two?
Could you let your boss know
when you are back in office
that F&B operators
are having a hard time finding workers.
He means to share with you
the woes of F&B operators.
We're having a tough time.
Are you aware that the hags out there
are talking about you?
- What?
- Yes.
The busybodies are gossiping
that the authorities are restricting
the hiring of foreigners
because you fear
that the locals will lose out,
resulting in a loss of support.
No, not the votes or support.
Their votes are stable.
Our government is concerned that
we Singaporeans cannot find a job.
So it's controlling
the employment of foreign workers.
The government loves us.
We're grateful for it.
I just thought of something.
There's something I must tell you.
These days in Singapore,
even if I offer $4,000 to a dishwasher
no one is willing to take the job.
With $4,000 I can employ two Malaysians.
It's a pity that the authorities
implemented a cap on foreign headcount.
I beg you.
Please stop protecting the lazy locals.
Many established F&B businesses,
one by one,
are closing down one after another.
Get up.
Do you know
that those in the F&B business
have a lot to say
but no one listens to us.
Since you're here I just want to tell you.
Right behind you.
There's no train station nearby
but your business is doing really well.
The fengshui here must be good.
- Yes.
- When you decide to retire
please sell me the shop.
I like this place.
Do you have the money?
You three look down on me so much.
This shophouse is worth a few millions.
Let me tell you. Don't look down on me.
The lottery winner who walked away
with $13 million prize money
- is rumored to live in a one-bedroom flat.
- Really?
I bet he must have done many good deeds
to receive such windfall.
Hello. Lim?
Why is your voice hoarse?
Are you down with COVID?
You need to borrow $1,000?
It's kind of rush?
I'll transfer the money to you later.
But you have to return it next month.
You're welcome. Okay, bye-bye.
You have enough money to lend to others?
Kindness can bring good fortune.
- I'm kind too, but I'm not lucky.
- Why?
I can't find good workers.
Help me think of a solution, okay?
Both our sons will be discharged
from National Service today.
You can ask your son to work here.
He won't listen to me.
Why don't you tell him? You do it.
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
We've passed!
To celebrate our passing,
I've prepared something special.
This is impressive.
This liquor was flown in.
I specially arranged for it to be airborne
to serve you.
Singapore Awesome Food.
Don't you serve dinner?
We operate as a wine bar.
It brings in more revenue.
We finish serving together and you become
an F&B boss on the very same day.
Isn't your dad also a boss in F&B?
My dad sells Teochew porridge.
He's a boomer.
I heard your dad
is in the logistics business.
You're exaggerating.
He's not in logistics. He's a driver.
Private hire.
Private hire.
Did you think of this concept
during your service?
Of course.
Make money!
Starting tomorrow,
Ian and I will go all out to make money.
I heard it's tough to find a job now.
It's demoralizing.
No need to worry. We hold a diploma
in Info-Comm and Digital Media.
Now is the time of social media.
We'll sell like hotcakes.
Didn't you take the same course?
Why are you working as a property agent?
After COVID, the market reshuffled,
the rules are different now.
I'm trying to learn more things
and be resilient. Hence, property.
Sorry, sister, we're on different levels.
Don't group us together.
What's the difference?
I hear many people are investing in NFand crypto and making tons of money.
But I don't want to do that.
I'll make more money.
Will you help your dad out
with his business?
Bro, my dad is not like yours.
My dad is really conservative.
If I work with him,
we'll just end up fighting.
I don't want that.
Your concept is good.
It's something I'd want to dabble in too.
Come, place your order.
Don't you have classes today?
It's a holiday.
Didn't I tell you?
Oh, right. I forgot.
Father, we have to pray before eating.
Come on, pray with me.
Thank you, God.
Why do you thank God?
I know about your secret prayers
during dinner last night.
And now you're doing it again?
Mother, this food is provided by God.
Without God, there is no food.
God didn't provide you with food.
I bought it with my money from the market.
I worked so hard to prepare the meals.
You don't thank me, but you thank God?
Okay, okay. You've said enough.
Quick, thank your mother now.
Are you happy now?
Father, pray with me.
Why are you smoking in my house?
As long as I'm alive,
you can't smoke here.
Didn't I tell you not to smoke?
Why are you still smoking?
The government deliberately made
cigarettes expensive to curb smoking.
- How do you even afford it?
- Okay, give it a rest.
Roy, you've just passed.
No, not "passed."
What's it called in English?
- Funeral.
- You've just funeral.
It's completion of National Service.
It is not funeral.
Yes, but if you carry on smoking,
it will soon be your funeral.
Hey, relax.
Let me do the talking.
Your mother thinks...
- What?
- No, no.
I mean,
your mother and I have discussed this.
We're getting older
and we want to retire soon.
It's about time
you took over our business. Yes?
If all goes well
with our Teo Ann Kee Porridge,
the money will stream in on its own.
Not everyone can do it.
You two slog every day
and can't even make $10,000 a month.
Father, the shop belongs to you anyway.
Just rent it out.
You can sit back
and make more than $10,000 a month.
This porridge business
was handed down by your grandpa.
The signboard must always hang high.
Your grandpa doted on you so much
when you were a child.
How could you say that?! You brat!
Let me talk to him.
How about this?
You work at our shop,
and we pay you around $4,000 or $5,000.
You just finished your service,
and the economy is bad.
$4,000 or $5,000 a month is a lot.
Our Teochew porridge is old-fashioned.
I won't do it.
You only have those elderly customers
who'll be dead soon.
And then your shop will be obsolete.
And you want me to take over.
After you have taken over
you can make changes with your ideas.
Make what changes?
Teochew Burger?
Swatow Pizza?
Look, we just want you
to make money quickly,
buy a house,
marry Xiao May and start a family soon.
Then we will have grandchildren soon.
Even if I've built a career
I won't buy a house.
How will you get married then?
Why get married?
How else will you have kids?
Why have kids?
Then what will you do when you're old?
Having kids won't make me immortal.
What is he saying?
If everyone starts thinking like you
mankind will be extinct soon.
Father, don't you think
the world is a mess now?
One moment there's a pandemic,
next moment a war breaks out.
Why bring children into this world
and make them suffer like me?
It's responsible not to have children.
Let's not fight.
Everyone's path
is already arranged by God.
God has arranged everything?
Then ask God to cook your meals.
Has God already mapped out
paths for everyone?
- Yes.
- In that case ask God to arrange...
- What did you say?
- Nothing.
Don't take your father to the church.
- You heard me?
- Yes, I did.
- Swear to me.
- I swear.
Let us say the Lord's prayer together.
Our Father in heaven...
Why is everyone saying "Hollelujah"?
Just like Amitabha in Buddhism.
...for the kingdom the power and the glory
are yours now and forever.
Now please stand up.
Please give a big hug
to the brothers and sisters around you.
Tell them God loves them.
- God loves you.
- God loves you.
Father, God loves you.
I love you too.
Hello, handsome.
That's my grandma.
God loves you.
Brothers and sisters,
let us partake in communion.
She called me handsome.
People here are friendly.
Don't read too much into it.
Hello, handsome.
Shall we add each other on WeChat?
I don't have it.
- WhatsApp?
- No.
- No.
Give me your home address then.
I'll write to you.
Have some biscuits.
Dear brothers and sisters,
let us now prepare our hearts
and offer our devotion.
Father, donate some money.
- How much should I give?
- Whatever you like.
Today is my first time.
- Father!
- First time.
Come on, donate.
Tell us more.
How much do you know
about our interior design company?
I've done my research
before this interview.
Your designs are innovative.
- What are your expectations for this job?
- I don't have many expectations.
I don't work on weekends,
and I don't do overtime.
- $4,500.
- $4,500.
- $5,000.
- $5,000.
I might as well give you $8,000.
- I'm okay with that.
- You just wait.
Why don't you give me $8,000
and I'll work for you?
Rolls Royce.
Please stop calling me all day.
I didn't borrow money from you.
I only acted as guarantor.
If I'd known
being a guarantor was this much trouble,
I wouldn't have agreed to it.
If my friend ran away,
you should find him.
Please don't call me again.
Brother, having difficulties?
Do you need a loan?
Didn't you hear me on the phone?
I'm being harassed by loan sharks.
No more loans for me.
No loans then. Do you want to make money?
There's a lot of money in this.
Just deliver goods for us.
No, I can't. I have a daughter.
I'd better stick to regular deliveries.
Those with no guts don't make big money.
Here's my boss's business card.
This is if you want some
for your own consumption.
Delivery service is also welcome.
Come on, let's go for a drink.
Wow, bikinis.
Might as well not wear anything.
Are you Lee Ching Huang?
You use banners these days
instead of spray paint?
We're going green.
These can be recycled.
When will you pay up?
Poor guy.
Listen, I've tried to gather money
from here and there.
It's not a lot but it's the best I can do.
Keep it for emergencies.
Thank you very much.
I have some too.
It's from my fixed deposit.
- But I have a condition.
- I know.
I'll work out the interest for these.
No. My condition is,
don't let my wife find out.
Don't let my wife find out either.
This is my emergency stash.
I'll write you a letter of debt.
We don't need a letter of debt.
What if our wives find it?
Then we'll really be in trouble.
We're brothers. Don't mention this.
You only need to remember it.
I really appreciate this.
- I'll use it to pay off the loan first.
- Okay.
Such a beautiful sea view
is a rare find in Singapore.
So Mr. Low, if you like it...
I do. I like it very much.
Especially you.
Thank you.
How dare you seduce my husband!
We're going home!
Your dad works hard every day.
But all the hard work seems futile.
Many rich foreigners
come to Singapore to invest.
They have brought in a lot of money.
Singapore seems to be in good shape.
- Yes.
- But does it affect us?
Soon the rich in Singapore
will become richer.
And the poor will become poorer.
But, Dad, I still think there are
some things in life that money can't buy.
I feel that money cannot buy happiness.
You are wrong.
When you have money,
people try their best to make you happy.
Rich people will eventually become family.
Do you understand?
It's lovers who eventually become family.
It's a different era now.
Who cares about love.
It's wealth that brings people together.
Those with no money
are like rats on the streets, got it?
Grace is really remarkable.
You know, Dad,
whatever good or bad things come her way,
she'll leave it to God.
She lives a carefree life.
Life goes on smoothly, and she's happy.
How about this?
Grace asked me
to attend her church service sometime.
Shall we go check it out?
Doesn't matter to me.
I'm fine with any religion
as long as it helps me win the lottery.
Okay. Let me talk to Grace.
- Last one, then time for bed.
- Okay.
Heavenly Father, we thank you.
Let us be immersed in your presence today.
May your grace be upon everyone present.
Let the sick be healed.
Let the wounded find peace.
We pray all this
in the name of the Lord Jesus.
We all say amen.
Please take your seats.
Uncle Huang.
This Bible is for you.
A free gift.
You must not tell my wife
I came to church.
That's strange. You've come to church,
not some night club.
What are you afraid of?
No, she worships a different God
from this one over here.
It's like Shaolin and Wudang.
They have different branding.
Anyway I don't care about the branding
as long as it helps me.
If you surrender yourself to God,
everything is possible.
Now I just hope
that everything can settle.
Let us turn to Psalms 138.
Can you help me find it?
Do you have a pen?
Before the gods will I sing praise to you.
Why do you need a pen?
Thank you.
I bow down to your holy temple
and praise your name
because of your love and faithfulness
for you have glorified your name
and your word above all things.
1381 1382 1383
I saw you busy writing earlier
when the pastor was speaking.
Turns out you were not taking notes.
What notes? These are notable numbers.
If these become winning numbers,
it's notable truth.
Christians don't buy lottery tickets.
I'm not a Christian yet.
I can still buy one.
You regard the church
as a Temple of Fortune. Is this okay?
As long as He saves me from my misery
He is my God and I'll worship him forever.
It's so hard.
I'm busy baking.
Chocolate cake. Do you want some?
First prize?
I've got it!
You got piles again?
I thought you just did.
No, I just won the first prize.
It's $30,000!
First prize?
I'm telling you, the last time
we went to church, it was amazing.
I just closed my eyes,
said "Amen" a few times,
and now I've won the lottery.
The Bible is really...
We brought home the Bible the other day.
Where is it now?
Why are you looking for the Bible?
The chapter numbers in the Bible
have strong fortune vibes.
Now I want to open up the Bible
since I have enough funds
to buy more of these.
You sit down.
- Sit down.
- What is it?
Even though I'm not a Christian, I know
Jesus won't bless you with money this way.
- Really?
- Yes.
If Jesus wanted to bless you with
good fortune, He would do it His own way.
Not through gambling.
This is just luck.
Or it's Jesus
giving you a small welcome gift.
You should continue working hard,
do some good deeds.
- When He sees it, He will bless you.
- Okay.
Your money problems
show you're bad at finance management.
This time, I'll keep the winnings.
No, I need this money to pay off the debt.
I'm not bad at managing finances.
There's no finance for me to manage.
It's like managing your haircut.
You need to have hair for it.
How can I manage money if I don't have it?
It's no use talking to you.
This came for you yesterday.
I forgot to give it to you.
What letter is this?
How come you invited us over for a meal?
Did you win the lottery?
Everyone is so familiar with each other.
Just eat whatever you want.
Uncle, Aunty, please order first.
40th anniversary special set meal!
This is a great meal.
What's your deal?
I invited you both for lunch because
there's something I wish to discuss.
What is it?
Xiao May
is pregnant.
Why are you young people so reckless?
We were very careful.
No wonder you're treating us
to a good meal.
Turns out that my daughter is knocked up.
How dare you?
I will be responsible.
It's just that I have no money.
You brat.
Your dad owns a Teochew Porridge business
and you're telling me you have no money?
But I've just completed
my National Service...
And your dad didn't?
It's not that.
I want to find a job
and make my own money.
So can you give me more time?
You guys have everything except time.
I really don't have enough money now.
- Dad, don't be like this.
- It's okay.
Sit down.
Don't say a word, just listen to me.
You don't have much time.
I'll be very clear about what I want.
Buy a house and get married
as soon a possible, understand?
You brat!
You just finished serving
and you got your girlfriend pregnant?
Didn't your officer tell you
to wear a helmet before you fire?
Helmet! Don't you know what I'm saying?
Father, this is no time for joking.
Do I look like I'm joking?
Okay, okay.
Heaven has its own plans.
You weren't thinking of marriage before,
but now you have to.
If the Goddess of Mercy
says you must get married,
then you have to get married.
A new addition to the family
brings good fortune.
I want twins.
Mother, not now.
Now, since you don't have
your own house yet
you can stay with us
and help out at our porridge shop.
I can't do it.
You can.
Or you handle
the wedding expenses yourself.
At Teo Ann Kee,
you won't be working for free.
You will be paid higher
than the market value.
- How much?
- $3,000.
The other day, you said $4,000 or $5,000.
Ask Grace.
She's a Christian, she won't lie.
Yes, I heard you. God heard you too.
$4,000 or $5,000.
Yes, I heard you too.
$4,000 and $5,000, so it's $9,000.
$9,000! Are you crazy?
You wish!
$5,000. Take it or leave it.
You're inexperienced
but you'll get $5,000.
I'm young, I'll pick up real fast.
- Then do you want the job?
- Yes.
Mother, could you inform her dad
that we'll get married
but there will be no wedding banquet?
We won't agree to that either!
You are my only son.
If there's no wedding banquet
it'll be a disgrace to me.
But what about the expenses?
As long as you agree to our conditions
we'll pick up the tab for the banquet.
- Okay?
- Yes, we can!
Aunty, we are okay.
Darling, go into the room.
It's still so early.
Why do you need me in the room?
Look at the phone.
Don't make faces!
I'll beat you up!
My fixed deposit!
Where's my money?
You never listen!
Girl, bring me a bucket of water!
Okay, no more fooling around.
Why is our fixed deposit gone? Why?
I don't know.
- Who took it?
- Not me.
Who took it?
Huang took it.
Why did Huang take it?
Because he's in need of money.
And we are brothers
since our days in the kampung.
I feel bad if I can't help him.
Do you know the interest rate
for fixed deposits is high?
We're losing a lot
by encashing it before maturity.
Why don't you spare a thought
for our family?
I do. I swear.
- Watch me, I'm swearing.
- Then why did you lend him the money?
I didn't know
I'd suddenly become a grandfather.
I don't care. Get the money back from him.
Everything's gone, see?!
Our money is gone!
Get our money back!
Ask him for our money back!
Father, someone is stealing our shoes.
Quick, check it out. Go!
Really? No way! I'll take care of it!
Don't be scared! Don't run! Thank you.
- Don't be scared!
- Don't come back here.
They ran off already. They ran so fast.
I should send them to the police.
Who asked you to gang up with your father
and try and fool me!
Do you know what your father has done?
He took my money from the fixed deposit
to lend to his friend.
The money
was meant for your wedding banquet.
Your father has lent it to Uncle Huang.
But her gangster dad will kill me.
How dare he!
He dares. Her dad is a real gangster.
Mother, how did this happen?
When I met her father...
Brother, check your phone.
Don't disturb me.
Mother, what should we do?
Her father is no joke.
- How do you have so much?
- You forgot I run an online business.
Wow! You are good.
I thought it was difficult. Can you really
make money from online sales?
Because of God.
Yes, yes. Your God again.
Nowadays young people
know how to do online sales.
It's not meagre earnings. It's good money.
Thank you. Love you.
But, Mother, $10,000 is not enough.
What should we do?
Let me think of something.
I've really got no more money.
I won't count on you.
- There is someone who can help you.
- Who?
Where's the doorbell?
This one?
Here it is.
Ian, get the door!
Daddy, get the door.
Use the phone app to do it, silly.
You just need to press a button.
Qiang says he's broke
but he has money for digital lock?
That's just like him.
He always claims that he's broke.
It's all bullshit.
Hui, stop badmouthing me!
You think I can't hear you? You idiot!
Come in.
It's open. Let's go in.
- The main door is opened too.
- Yes.
If you don't have enough money
don't hold the wedding banquet
at a five-star hotel, keep it simple.
Yes, you can hold the wedding banquet
at HDB void deck.
We used to do that before. It's okay.
That was then. We are talking about now.
Void deck is for funerals.
My son is getting married.
We want to hold a banquet,
not a funeral wake.
We want to serve roast pig
and curry chicken.
But you don't have money.
How will you hold a banquet
at a five-star hotel?
Aunty, Uncle, with your current network,
even if you don't have enough cash
you could host the banquet
at a five-star hotel.
- How?
- You've been in business for decades.
You know many big bosses,
suppliers and customers.
They're likely to give you
huge red packets.
That's right. Why didn't we think of it?
My son is smart.
You might even make some money off of it.
Come, come.
I found it.
It's so dusty.
What is this?
This is the book from 25 years ago
in which we recorded
the money received from our red packets.
You've kept the record book
from 25 years ago?
That's awesome.
Those who gave us big red packets
will be invited to the wedding.
- And those who didn't?
- They're stingy.
They must be dead by now,
there's no need to invite them.
Let me check.
People say you keep your brain
wrapped in plastic like it's brand-new.
But you secretly take it out and use it.
What can I say?
When it should be used,
we take it out and use it.
When you shouldn't use it,
we just wrap it in a plastic bag,
and put in the refrigerator.
You see? Isn't it useful now?
Hurry up.
You check and I'll note it down.
Mark Lee, 200.
Was he so generous back then?
It's $20!
- It's $20!
- Your eyesight is bad.
Don't invite him.
Jack Neo, $80.
- It's $8.
- $8?
$8 for a wedding banquet. So stingy.
So stingy. We won't be inviting these two.
Lim Teck. He gave $100. Let's invite him.
It's only $10.
You should get your eyes checked.
His name should be Stingy Teck,
not Lim Teck.
This one is out.
You read it then.
See this?
Melvin Ang, $100.
Two wreaths?
What is this?
What record is this?
Why did you bring this out!
I took the wrong book out.
It's all right.
Be it a wedding or funeral,
they attended and gave good money.
Let's invite them.
You do the recording.
Let me take a break.
You really get on my nerves.
Your brain is wrapped up in plastic again.
Why did I even marry you?
You're late tonight.
Roy and Xiao May are getting married.
That's fast.
- Xiao May is pregnant.
- Pregnant?
Xiao May's father
insists that they get married
and hold a wedding banquet
in a five-star hotel.
- Five-star?
- Yes.
They're worried
they don't have enough money.
They lent me money to pay off my debts,
now they don't have much left
for the banquet.
Didn't you say Roy was an IT expert?
Has he found a job?
He has high expectations.
It won't be easy.
No job, and now Xiao May is pregnant.
Needs to get married, but has no money.
What can he do?
- Dad.
- Yes?
I think the government should create
an interest-free loan
for young people's wedding expenses.
Once they receive their red packets,
they can repay the loan.
What if their red packet money
is insufficient to cover the loan?
Then do a 12 or 24-months instalment plan
and give them time to pay off the loan.
Anyway the government's target
is to promote procreation.
That's too troublesome.
Use the CPF money instead.
When parents are sick,
they can use funds
from their children's Medisave account.
When the kids need money for a wedding
they should be able to use
their parents' Marry-save funds.
- Marry-save.
- Marry-save.
Dad, you're a genius.
These days
it's really tough to make money.
Dad, you're just not aware.
Making money is not difficult now.
There are many ways to do it.
Tell me more.
Nowadays people make money
on the Internet by trading in NFTs,
cryptocurrency, through livestream sales.
They find ways to milk money online.
Then you should do it too.
I'm not too familiar with it.
I plan to take courses on investment.
It's good to study.
Register for the course.
How much is the course fee?
It's about $5,000 to $6,000.
$5,000 to $6,000?
Dad, I know it sounds expensive,
but you think about it,
this amount is your investment in me.
I think it's worth it.
You're right.
If you invest in shares,
the market might crash.
Spend it on lottery tickets,
and the odds are low.
You are right. Let's invest in you.
Go ahead and sign up.
Don't worry about the money.
I'll try to settle the course fees.
You still have ways?
Don't forget
you still have Roy's red packet.
Oh, right.
Please have a seat inside.
Thank you.
Thank you, Uncle.
Thank you!
Big red packet!
Thank you.
Good fortune!
Drink some more.
Your friend!
You're at table 24.
Please take a seat inside.
Please take a seat.
So many red packets.
Do drink some more.
Thank you.
That's about it.
Let's clean up here.
Today, I'm very pleased. I like it.
See you inside.
I'll go in first.
I think that's all of them.
Is anyone yet to arrive?
Almost everyone is here.
Everyone except for your father.
Call him.
No need. He is here.
- Dad.
- Uncle Huang.
Why are you so late?
I had a delivery to make.
Hui, I'm so sorry.
Because you lent me money,
you've had a tough time
planning Roy's wedding.
Here's a red packet.
A small token from me.
It's okay, I know you need it.
Keep it for yourself.
You keep it.
If you don't accept this,
you'll be looking down on me.
Okay, I'll accept it.
I still have deliveries to make.
I won't be joining you.
- I'll make a move.
- Okay, see you later.
- It's about to start.
- Let's go in.
Let's cheer even louder.
Everybody, let's cheer louder.
The handsome groom
with his beautiful bride.
Let's clap harder.
Dear friends, let us wish the newly-weds
a blissful marriage and eternal love.
Let's keep the applause going.
- How much?
- After deducting the expenses
and the service tax...
Oh, my God. We're still $94,85 short.
When your mother and I got married,
we had a surplus of $2,000.
We still have Uncle Huang's red packet.
How much?
It's a lottery ticket.
Who gives a lottery ticket for red packet!
It would be great if I won, though.
There's money inside.
There's $28 and a note too.
Let me read it.
Roy and Xiao May,
wishing you a blissful marriage.
I'm sorry,
Uncle Huang is really cash-strapped.
I hope this System 7 lottery ticket
will bring you lots of good luck.
I wish him good luck too
so he won't come to me for a loan again.
Will he borrow more money from you?
I guess not.
Unless I am wrong.
Yesterday was a big day for Hui's family.
It wasn't right to ask.
But can I borrow some money from you?
There's this course
that Kim really wants to attend.
It's only organized once in a few years.
It's very rare.
Upon graduating,
she'll be more equipped to earn a living.
- How much is the fee?
- $10,000.
The course fee is $5,000 to $6,000,
and the remaining money is for me.
What do you think, Hui?
I'm sorry.
I have no more money to loan you.
You can't treat us like ATMs.
Just press some buttons and you get money.
Our lives are tough too.
I know, I know.
Hui, your son just got married yesterday.
Have you opened those red packets yet?
I knew
you were going to ask me this question.
- I swear.
- I swear too.
After checking all the red packets,
excluding your lottery ticket,
we're still $66 short.
- And 85 cents.
- Right.
That's very precise.
It's hard to earn a living these day.
Look at Hui's restaurant.
What's the time now? No customers.
He told me he used to sell
five pots of porridge a day.
Now he sells five pots in five days.
Those who drive private-hire cars
used to engage private-hire service.
There are so many of them now.
Just grab anyone from the street,
he's likely a Grab driver.
The market's bad overall.
Jacky Cheung concert tickets!
I managed to buy them!
We're having a discussion here.
Jacky Chueng concert.
Each ticket is $400.
No, not $400. It's $588.
I bought this through a friend.
He wants to make $200.
My father agreed.
I managed to buy
eight tickets in the second row.
All seated together!
- Hui.
- Okay.
I know you're going to ask me
how I could afford eight tickets
to a Jacky Cheung concert
when I have no money.
Let me be honest with you.
Only five tickets are mine.
He told me not to tell you.
Three tickets are his.
- Qiang.
- The three tickets are mine.
The tickets are so expensive
I didn't want to go.
But they kept asking me.
They persuaded my wife and son.
They both want to go for the concert.
What choice did I have?
I just consider it family time.
Seriously, these concert tickets
are hard to buy.
- Yes.
- Yes.
It's already a bargain at $588.
- Yes.
- Yes!
- It's currently going for $1,000 online.
- Really?
How about this?
I'll ask Kim
to put these up for sale online.
$1,000 for a ticket.
That's $8,000 in total.
You can consider this a loan of $8,000.
It'll solve my problem,
and you can make some money, okay?
Not okay!
Uncle Huang, I've been waiting a long time
for this concert.
I also want my baby to meet Jacky Cheung.
But this is a good idea.
You can make money
and I can settle my problems.
Okay, if you must watch the concert,
I'll buy eight tickets for you.
What tickets?
- Hilltop tickets.
- Upper level seats?
Those seats
are the furthest away from the stage.
Jacky Cheung
will look as tiny as a booger.
Yes, Jacky Cheung is already over 60.
He'll retire soon.
This could be his last concert.
True. During his concert in Kuala Lumpur
he had a fall.
My heart ached.
I shed tears.
Do you know how much my wife nagged me
for loaning you the money last time?
This time if I get her hilltop seats,
she can only see Jacky Cheung as a booger.
She will definitely kick me off the peak
and I'll break into pieces.
Don't do this.
Don't take away her ticket. Please.
We're friends. Let's not do this.
I can't believe it.
Jacky Cheung is more important
- than our brotherhood.
- Yes.
More important than Kim's future.
I'm such a failure.
I cannot compare myself
to a Jacky Cheung concert.
Excuse me.
Show me the tickets. Are the seats good?
- What's the seat number?
- Second row.
When I sent a delivery
to your daughter's office,
her manager reprimanded her like a dog.
She seems sad. Check on her soon.
I want you to find clients, not problems.
How many times do I need to say it
before you listen to me?
- What are you doing?
- Who are you?
I'm her father.
- Dad, why are you here?
- Don't worry about it.
This is your father, the delivery man?
Who said you could barge into my office?
Is it your father's office?
The parent doesn't know the rules,
so the young one doesn't know them either.
What are the rules for working with you?
Make it clear to me.
The client wants to buy a property.
Well, you know men,
they like to joke around with girls.
They might pat her shoulder,
hug her waist,
treat your daughter like their own.
But she complained
that someone molested her.
He even wants to touch my chest.
Touch your...
Touch your chest?
Explain this to me!
What he really wanted
was to touch the wall,
but you mistook
that he wanted to touch your chest.
You're saying
my daughter's figure is like a wall?
I'm going to nail you to the wall.
Calm down. That's not what I meant.
We are in service industry.
We must be friendly.
If you're friendly,
you make a lot of money in commission.
Don't you want that?
Is this how you teach your agents
to close sales?
Don't get me wrong,
I only wanted to help your daughter.
If she wants to make money,
she must learn the ways of a postitute.
You're asking my daughter
to be a prostitute?
No, your English is bad.
You misunderstand me.
Pos-titude is a combination
of "positive" and "attitude."
The meaning of pos-titude
is "positive energy."
Don't misunderstand me.
So you are a pos-titude?
Yes. I'm a pos-titude.
Many people have adopted
the culture of pos-titude.
So they keep getting promotions.
- Do you know why?
- Why?
Because they know how to take advantage
of the reproductive organ.
He compares my daughter's body to a wall,
and I should hold back? Okay.
Because she does look like a wall.
But he told my daughter to use
her reproductive organ to get promoted.
I want everyone to do well.
Promotion is a good thing.
Reproductive organs are for family life,
not to establish your career.
Then you have the opportunity
to make money.
Officer, if you daughter's boss asks her
to use her reproductive organs to get
a promotion, wouldn't you hit him too?
Tell me.
This is our theory, our method.
He just hit me because of this.
There's no reason.
Why did you beat him up?
Now that manager wants to sue you.
There's nothing to worry about.
Huang had good reason to do it.
The court proceeding takes a long time.
Dad, let's go home and rest.
You go.
Where are you going?
- Sir, do you want to buy tissue paper?
- Go away!
Want to see which of us is poorer?
Can you be beat me to it?
Bro, our work is straightforward.
Every day when we arrive at the warehouse
to collect the goods.
The goods are hidden under the vegetables.
Our customer list is here.
You can start work.
Let's go.
-Money is everyone's favorite
-Everyone's favorite
-Without money life will be shitty
-Life will be shitty
Once you have the money
What do you want to do with it?
Sometimes even I don't understand
-For the sake of money for your own pocket
-For your own pocket
There's really no choice
But to betray your friends
Betray friends
No need to be overly surprised about it
Some people call money "daddy"
Do you know?
-Every month's salary is just enough
-Just enough
-I dare not spend my wages recklessly
-I eat my meals casually every day
-Every day
But why do I still feel miserable
Every day?
Money no enough
Dad, you are home early today.
Money no enough...
What's all this money?
Did you win the lottery again?
No, it's not that easy to win a lottery.
It's my friend from my army days.
We used to be army buddies.
His business is doing very well.
I've been working for him.
He pays me well.
The commission is a lot too. See?
This is my commission.
Is he really so good?
I used to help him a lot in the army.
Didn't you say
you wanted to take up some courses?
Here you go. Go sign up.
Your course fees.
You're giving me this money
for the course?
Yes, it's good to study. Take it.
- Don't you need to pay off your debts?
- I've already settled those.
Didn't you pay the bills
when I asked you to? They sent reminder.
There was a long queue
at the post office that day.
I thought I'd go back another day,
but I forgot.
I have to pay the fine because you forgot.
You guys are annoying.
Dad, you don't have to pay bills
at post office anymore.
- Just pay them with your phone.
- My phone?
Tell me how to do it.
Look, you can use this app
to pay for everything at one go.
Your bills and fines.
That's it.
Why didn't you tell me earlier?
I've been getting fined for late payment.
You guys are really not helpful at all.
We've settled the bills.
Why are you still so upset?
Honey, I don't want to be
a driver anymore.
I can't take it anymore.
Today, a passenger was late
and unwilling to pay the waiting fee.
I had a big argument with him
over a $3 waiting fee.
How should I put it?
I used to be a boss.
People had to put up with me,
not the other way around.
No, I just can't do this anymore.
Just bear with it for a few more years.
Once Ian finds a job you can relax.
It's been a while
and he still hasn't found one.
Always playing games.
I have been looking.
But most of the jobs don't pay well
and there's so much work.
Even the benefits are bad.
Then what kind of job do you want?
Minimal work and maximum pay?
Is there such a job?
Why don't you find a stable job?
Work your way up.
Why don't you do that?
Times have changed.
We don't work that way anymore.
Then how do you work?
The young people now
wait for the right opportunity, seize it,
and go straight to the top,
we don't climb slowly.
What kind of attitude is this?
Uncle Huang had the same attitude
when he was younger.
He wanted to seize the right opportunity,
didn't want to settle for anything.
And what did he get?
He's accomplished nothing.
I don't want my son to end up like him.
You better seize your opportunities
and work hard, you hear me?
Dad, when you were young
did you also waste your opportunities
by not working hard enough?
- You...
- How could you say that to your dad?
And you cannot look down on Uncle Huang.
Kim says
Uncle Huang makes a lot of money now.
He might even be earning more than you.
How could that be true?
- Each of you take three.
- Come.
- Take this.
- I cannot take it.
Why not? Take it.
Go on, take it.
Take it.
She's a Christian now.
Take this.
I want you to take it.
Forget it.
Come on.
Time to pray, everyone.
Dad, Mom, today is your death anniversary.
Your grandchildren
are here to pray to you.
Please keep us safe and blessed
so that our business runs smoothly.
Thank you.
If you don't hold the incense,
you disregard your ancestors.
You're forgetting your roots.
You're praying to your grandparents,
not God.
Your God will still look after you.
Yes, it's just once. Can't you do it?
It's disrespectful to your grandparents.
I do respect them.
But there are other ways to show respect.
I don't have to hold the incense.
My Christian friends told me that your God
will forgive you 70 times 7.
That's 490 times.
Is that true?
Then you've only used it once.
You still have 489 times left.
- Yes.
- It's not like that.
You believe in reincarnation, right?
My grandparents might be reincarnated
and not live here anymore.
So then who are you praying to?
How could you say that?
What if they are still on waiting list
and have not been reincarnated yet?
If you don't pray to them,
they will become lonely souls.
A lonely soul without a family
will become a lonely ghost.
So every seventh month,
people pray for these lonely ghosts.
Do you want your grandparents
to become lonely ghosts?
- It's miserable.
- It's very pitiful.
Grace, I'm telling you one last time.
We Chinese will pray to our ancestors
to keep the family together.
It's to remind us
not to forget our ancestors,
not to forget our roots,
do you understand?
We're a family.
We're born together, we'll die together.
- Die together?
- That's not right.
When we live, we're together.
When we die, we're still together.
- Who wants to die with you?
- Touch wood.
The shoe thief is here again.
I think he's downstairs.
Call the police. Quick. Hurry up
You're ganging up on me again?
No, look, my hand is numb.
Big brother and sister-in-law,
if they don't understand
we must teach them,
otherwise when you pass on
who will make those offerings to you?
- Then your lineage will be broken.
- Yes, it's will be broken.
It's okay, if it breaks
I'll put it back together, okay?
Have you asked
if Father and Mother are done?
So soon?
Just throw the moon blocks to find out.
One, two, three.
Father and Mother,
are you done with your meal?
If you are, give us a sign.
It's a sign!
Father and Mother have finished eating.
They are full.
You have to choose us!
We want Singaporeans to come to Malaysia
to become foreign workers!
Bro, look, this video's got so many likes.
He says he wants Singaporeans
to be foreign workers in Malaysia.
What a joker! He's definitely
not following the foreign exchange rate.
Look at today's exchange rate.
It has gone up again.
We've got another pay raise.
It's really high.
But we're conflicted.
It's good we're working in Singapore,
but what about our friends in Malaysia?
Don't know how they're doing.
I don't understand economics,
but I can make economy fried bee hoon.
I'm great at it.
As for exchange rates,
let's leave it to the big bosses.
Minions like us should just grab
what we can and as much as we can.
- Don't wait any longer.
- Okay.
Bro, Wen told me this bank's exchange rate
is higher than the other banks.
- See? It's true.
- Rice delivery!
Bro, where should I put them?
In the kitchen. Please help him.
Wait a moment.
- You order this kind of rice?
- Yes.
That's broken rice.
It's not good for making porridge.
We've been using that rice for decades.
The rice you've been using
is more expensive.
The one I just ordered
will save us a lot each month.
You're the one who said to cut costs.
I'm helping you do that.
I know I asked you to cut costs,
but you should cut costs where you should,
not where you shouldn't.
If you continue cutting blindly
you'll be cutting away the customers too.
Yeah, yeah, you're always right.
You asked me to take over,
but whatever I do is wrong.
I told you I didn't want to do this.
You see?
He just walks off after an argument.
How is he going to take over?
Enough. Your son
is finally willing to help out.
He's only been here a week
and you two have been arguing constantly.
Watch your blood pressure.
I'm really tired.
Sometimes I feel like just wrapping up
this business and selling it off.
What would you like to order?
What else?
- Roy.
- Uncle Huang.
I almost didn't recognize you.
What would you like to eat?
The usual.
- I'll be at the back.
- Okay.
What else?
There you go.
Sit down. I haven't had a chat with you
in a long time.
Do you order things online?
Online? No, what's there to order online?
- Is this what you're doing now?
- It pays well.
No wonder you dress better now.
Kim bought it for me.
Says it helps with a change of image.
But I paid for it.
I made some money recently.
You've made money now.
Your good deeds from the past
have been rewarded.
Don't be silly.
I used to be naive.
I used to think that by doing good,
I'd reap good returns. It's all a lie.
You only need to do a bit of something
not so good, and you'll make money.
You see, the God you worship,
so many people seek his help each day.
How is he able to handle the load?
- Right.
- There are some shameless people
who think that
by spending a few cents on incense
they can ask God to let them win
$13 million at the lottery.
How is that possible?
If praying to God can bring good fortune,
there's only one mantra I will chant.
What is it?
What mantra is this?
That will do?
But what you're doing is illegal.
If you're caught, you'll end up in jail.
Let me ask you.
What do you fear more, poverty or jail?
But I don't want to be poor.
Both poverty and jail are just as bad.
So when we make money
we must work hard for it.
If we work hard, we won't be poor,
Why must we work hard?
Didn't your school teach you?
Study hard, work hard.
Does it make sense?
Oh, right. You studied IT,
so why are you selling Teochew porridge?
Don't get me started.
Kim told me
that IT stands for Information Technology,
not It's Teochew porridge.
Uncle Huang!
Before I forget, here's the money
for Teochew porridge. Keep it.
It's my treat.
No, I've often had this for free.
I feel bad.
But this is way too much.
Come in.
I came up with the name.
It's easy to remember.
The office is not big.
Welcome, welcome, welcome, a warm welcome
Ian, Kim.
Get to work. They're like cheerleaders.
I didn't lie to you.
These two are here to help me.
This is where
we usually have our meetings.
Sometimes we do our packing here.
He's my accountant.
- He's my store manager.
- I'm in charge of the IT department.
I'm a part-timer,
still figuring out what I want to do.
She's my lucky star.
She doesn't need to do much.
She just needs to sit there
and I'll feel lucky.
And you are in charge of operations.
Your seat is ready.
Don't worry.
If I were doing anything illegal,
would my precious girl,
and the high-EQ Ian be helping me?
My two friends who have gone through
tough times with me.
Fat Dragon, come here.
Have I met you somewhere?
Do you know that your uncle
is an online sales genius?
He's got plenty of ideas
and a very sharp mind.
I vape too,
but isn't it illegal to sell vapes?
Who said we're selling vapes?
There are more here.
And some more here.
We don't sell vapes.
We just adopted the business model
to sell supplements.
I've negotiated the deals overseas.
The HQ gave me
the exclusive distribution rights.
I've given your uncle the popular ones
to sell so he can make more money.
Not inspected by the Ministry of Health.
Is it legal to sell?
Brother, selling drugs
requires the government's approval,
but health supplements don't.
The three of us
have our religious beliefs.
If we do something damaging,
we'll be struck by lightning.
Let me tell you something.
Health supplements are generally consumed
not for results but for peace of mind.
Once a person feels at ease,
the body will naturally become healthy.
- This is a good deed.
- To make up for our wrongdoings.
I'm talking about myself.
Even if there's no problem here,
for years
people have been hard-selling supplements.
Is there still a demand?
The methods may be old
but there are new idiots willing to buy.
Let's head down for coffee.
Don't think too much about it.
Let me grab my bag.
Not bad. When did you do this?
This one? I did it while waiting for you.
Just a casual job.
- Upload it now.
- Yes.
We can't use a celebrity's photo.
There's copyright issues.
I don't care about copyright.
You just go ahead and use it.
I just want it to go viral, okay?
- Good job. Let's go for coffee.
- Just use it.
Oh, right. Ask your fathers to meet me.
I want to return their money.
Kim, prepare two cheques. Keep them ready.
- Let's go for coffee.
- So what should we do?
I just bought this. Year 1819.
- Must be expensive.
- Only around $7,000.
Sweetie, bring me some glasses.
- Have you started drinking?
- You must drink if you do business.
I cannot drink.
- I don't drink either.
- Just learn.
- I can't drink much.
- This one is very smooth. Give it a try.
Hurry up.
I don't want any.
Try some, sister. Come on.
Just drink a little.
Listen, I am sorry about
asking your boys to work for me
without first informing you. My apologies.
I actually want to thank you.
Roy had been fighting with his father
every day at the restaurant.
And our Ian
was playing videogames at home all day.
Yeah, right.
Honestly, the four of you
are my greatest benefactors.
You guys have always been there for me
in my hour of need.
Hour of need?
More like decades of need.
- You have improved.
- I can be profound.
Honestly, though,
when I was feeling hopeless
you gave me food to eat,
and that's why I'm here today.
I wouldn't have made it through
my "decades of need" if not for you.
Come on.
I don't drink.
Just try it.
- I really couldn't.
- What a waste.
- A little bit.
- Just sniff it at least. Come on.
- What a lightweight!
- I'm sorry.
Hey, Hui.
The money I owe you,
I plan to repay it tenfold.
- Tenfold?
- Tenfold?
I want to buy your shophouse.
You want to buy my shophouse?
Last time we had porridge
I said I liked his shop very much.
- Yes.
- I said I'd buy it when I had the money.
You three laughed so hard at me
asking where I'd get that much money.
You remember?
Damn it.
Now I've got the money.
I'm going to buy your shophouse.
The current market price
for your shophouse is $3 million.
But we're long-time friends,
we're like brothers.
So I'll give you $3,2 million for it.
That's an additional $200,000.
If you'd still like to run your business,
that's not a problem.
I'll rent it to you at $3,000.
You'll rent it to him at $3,000?
The rental price for your shophouse
is around $8,000 to $10,000.
Yes, I know.
If you change your mind
and decide to discontinue
you can sublet to another person.
- You'll allow him to sublet it?
- Yes.
What do you think? Think about it.
It's a good deal.
Let him think about it.
That's not a bad deal
considering the current market.
Yes, we've always said we'd sell it
to whoever offers a good price.
And Huang is offering
an additional $200,000.
- So? Are you willing?
- I'm for it.
- That's how it's done.
- Yeah.
Kim, where's that cheque for Uncle Hui?
Okay, here's your cheque.
It's an advance for the purchase
of your shophouse. Keep it.
This is the amount you owe me.
Just consider it a deposit.
The money I owe you,
I'll return in no time.
What's to worry about?
Miss Lin, come over here.
Come here.
Please help Mr. Hui
prepare the Option to Purchase.
Once it's done let him sign.
But the Option to Purchase
should be prepared by the seller.
Mr. Hui is a busy man.
Do you expect him to find his own agent?
We're the buyer, we can handle it.
Just do what I told you to.
Once it's done, let him sign.
Okay, boss.
You two give the ladies
a tour of the club.
The balcony at the back
overlooks the Marina Garden.
There's also a swimming pool at the back.
You can rent some bikinis if you like.
- Take some photos.
- Go on.
Come on, have a drink.
Thank you, but I can't really drink.
Huang, tell me something.
For the money that I lent you,
will you be paying me back tenfold too?
Qiang, why would you even say that?
I'm disappointed.
I'll help you invest that money instead.
It'll be more than 10 times its value,
possibly even 40 or 50 times.
- You'll help me invest?
- Yes.
What kind of investment? Shares?
That's outdated.
This is what people invest in now.
- Cryptocurrency?
- Yes, cryptocurrency.
- It's very popular now.
- Yes.
Do you know how to invest in it?
Let me tell you something.
If you had invested in it last week,
you'd have at least $20,000 or $30,000
in your pocket today.
I bet aggressively on it last week.
More than $800,000.
I make that much easily.
It's $800,000, don't touch it.
Seriously, just bet as much as you have.
But aren't there any risks?
There's always risk in investment.
Am I right?
But the risk in cryptocurrency is so small
that it's negligible.
Is that so?
I guess we could discuss it.
If you have no guts, don't invest in it.
Just take your cheque, and go.
Save all that money
for your retirement, okay?
Let me think about it.
What's there to think about? Hey, Hui.
Roy believed in me.
He's now living in a condo.
He lives in a condo?
- Yes.
- He didn't tell me.
New house.
Baby, please get some drinks.
Brother, you're awesome!
- You live in condo now.
- We're just renting.
I'm saving for the down payment.
Then I'll buy one.
But it's really beautiful.
I'm thinking of selling the shophouse
and helping you with the down payment.
But won't Grandpa jump out of his grave
if you sold it?
He did,
but I called and explained it to him.
He jumped right back in.
Everyone's doing well these days.
God must have heard our prayers.
What God? It's the Goddess of Mercy
who has blessed us.
Don't claim credit for it.
Cold, warm and hot water.
Please help yourself.
Thank you.
Grace, you can stay here
during your school holidays.
I'll set up the spare room for you.
Thank you, May.
What are the two of you doing
in Huang's company?
I'm in charge of operations.
Ian is responsible for IT.
What exactly is his business?
It seems very profitable.
Yes. He's making a lot of money.
We kill people.
And smuggle drugs.
And make a lot a lot of money.
If you don't want to tell us, forget it.
- Yes.
- Mother, you want to have a look around?
- I'll take you.
- I'll go too.
This apartment is really not bad.
Hey, let me ask you two.
Uncle Huang says to invest in...
What's it called?
Creep to come and see.
- Is there any risk in it?
- "Creep to come and see"?
He's talking about cryptocurrency.
Not "creep to come and see," you idiot.
Yes. That.
Many people have made money
investing in it,
but there are also many
who got burnt badly.
It's a tough decision.
If I tell you to invest in it
and you lose money, you'll blame me.
If you make money, you won't share it.
So better not ask me.
But frankly, Uncle Huang has made
a lot of money through this investment.
Made a lot of money?
What's the trading firm
for cryptocurrency? FPX?
Did the Singapore government invest?
- I think so.
- It seems like it.
- I feel better.
- What did the government invest in?
Not every business
the government invests in is profitable.
- What are you thinking of?
- Nothing. We're just having a casual chat.
- What about?
- Nothing.
When we stayed at your house,
you took care of us.
So here's a little something for you.
We're family. Don't mention it.
What about something for Father?
Of course we haven't forgotten about him.
This is for you.
For me?
There she goes again!
Of late,
there are many comments on our platform.
Customers are saying our products
turned mouldy and caused diarrhea.
Six people have complained.
I've processed their refunds.
Why do we need to refund them?
Refund is an acknowledgment
of our mistake.
You should offer an exchange instead
and tell them it's because of their luck
that they received mouldy products.
Do you know even how to do business?
There's no choice. If we don't refund them
they'll expose it on social media.
Yes. There are already
many comments on social media.
They complained about us
saying that we're dishonest.
And that scares you?
If you're scared, just do a live stream.
Tell those customers that we've had
problems with this batch of products
because of an unethical supplier
who didn't do quality control
resulting in bad products.
Then provide them
with the supplier's contact
and ask them
to call the suppliers directly.
It has nothing to do with us.
But we sold those products.
We have to take responsibility too.
The product is theirs,
they distribute it themselves.
When this happens
why should I discuss it with them?
They will accuse us
and we will accuse them back.
Might as well avoid this back and forth
and blame it on them now.
I must let the netizens know.
Someone has to make a sacrifice
for the netizens.
Make netizens feel appreciated
and stay on our side all the way. Got it?
You're being unfair.
You're betraying your friends.
They're just fair-weather friends.
If there's a need, you draw a line.
Next. Anymore issues?
This batch of probiotics is expiring soon.
I think it's best to destroy them.
That's as good as destroying $62,000.
Do you understand?
This problem can be easily solved.
Just change the expiry date,
then sell them to less-developed countries
with lenient import rules.
Put out a big offer.
They are expiring.
Shouldn't we destroy them?
What's the fuss about?
The painkiller you gave me
expired two years ago.
Nothing happened to me.
Change the packaging, add another year
to the expiry date. It's settled.
Don't look at me like that.
And don't pull a long face.
Let me share some good news with you.
I just had a discussion with
Korea's Miracle Water PK-II's head office.
Starting next month,
they'll supply us directly.
PK-II? Isn't Fat Dragon
the exclusive distributor?
I know. I spoke with the Korean boss.
Theirs was just a verbal pact.
They never signed an agreement.
This time,
their big boss called me directly.
They know that 8% of the sales
from Sin-Malaysia comes from us.
He told me this himself.
I'm so thrilled.
He said Fat Dragon is obsolete.
Mr. Li, Fat Dragon brought us
into this business in the first place.
- I know.
- If you just snatch away his business
people will say
we have no business ethics.
You risk our reputation
for the sake of money.
Reputation is only for incompetent people.
Competent people
don't care about reputation.
Those who want reputation
end up with nothing.
Those who don't
will eventually get status and reputation.
Look at me. I used to be so broke.
I helped many people,
I took the rap for it
and landed with a huge debt.
Doing good to others
will not bring you anything.
Don't try to fool me.
But morally...
Morality is something
that adults lie to their kids about.
Adults only preach, but don't practice.
You guys need to know.
If you have money, you have power.
So you're a powerful person.
People treat you differently
when you have money.
But Fat Dragon is a gangster.
Aren't you worried he'll make trouble?
Young man, what era are we living in?
Are you still talking about gangsters?
We're still on the discussion
of expired products.
Those who think we should destroy
the expired goods, please raise your hand.
You young people
want to talk about morals.
Let's destroy the products then.
Now, this loss
is a result of poor management.
Due to negligence,
the company bears 50% of this loss,
and the rest of 50%
will be deducted from your salaries.
Morality comes at a cost.
Do you feel the pain?
I think your heart is hurting the most.
It's cool, right?
Are you still living in an apartment?
Do you have money?
It's against our religious beliefs.
Can you not do this?
Oh, yes.
I forgot that we had religious beliefs.
Today I have something to ask of you.
I'm asking for your help.
Two days ago I took my daughter
to the one-room flat we used to live in.
We saw some elderly people
sitting at their doors.
To put it nicely, they were chilling out.
To put it plainly,
they're just counting their days.
So pitiful!
So I was thinking...
Are those tears?
...they can also have some supplements
to keep them healthy and strong.
They can go out for a walk,
look at the beautiful world.
So I've decided
that this can
and this bottle
and this bottle...
Today I'll sell this bundle
at just $100 per set.
Those who want to do good deeds like me
please leave a comment saying "CCB+1."
All your purchases
will be sent to these elderly people.
Let these low-income senior citizens
also have the opportunity
to take health supplements.
We cannot forget our elders
our Merdeka Generation,
Pioneer Generation.
We must not forget about them.
Everyone, I beg you
to do this good deed with me, okay?
- The sales are fast.
- Same here.
No matter what he says,
the netizens just fall for his tricks.
Your father is using charity
to cheat innocents.
Thank you, Elvin.
Elvin bought three sets!
Thank you, Ivan, for purchasing six sets.
Thank you, Botak Heng, for buying 11 sets.
Thank you. Keep it coming in.
On behalf of the low-income elderly,
I offer a big thank-you to you. Thank you.
I'm so touched.
Qiang, look at him.
He's really popular now.
He asked people to donate
and they really did.
- Really amazing.
- Yes.
Do you remember when we hitched a ride
with Huang that day?
Didn't he tell us to buy this?
We didn't want to.
Look at the price now. It's gone up.
I'm full of regrets.
If we had bought this,
we would've made hundreds of thousands.
What a huge loss.
- Hundreds of thousands?
- I feel the pain.
Good morning, grandpas and grandmas.
A warm welcome
to those attending the event.
We've prepared
a lot of health products for you.
Everyone will get a share.
Please don't rush, okay?
Thanks also to our donors.
If you want to thank me, I don't mind.
Did you hear that?
We want to thank our boss, Mr. Li.
He's our philanthropist.
- Don't mention it.
- Shall we give him a round of applause?
Thank you.
Let me ask you.
They are so supportive of you.
They like you so much.
Do you think there's anything else
you can do for this world?
Actually, the landslides in Malaysia
are very serious.
We also saw from the videos that
many people lost their homes and families.
So I've been wondering
why there is no group or person
stepping forward to help these victims.
So I've decided to do a fundraising event
to help these victims.
So if you want to donate
you can directly transfer the funds
via PayNow to my phone number.
My number is 9-4-4-8-7-1-3-2.
Please support Mr. Li.
- Why did he suddenly start a charity?
- He didn't even tell me.
We can't start a fundraiser spontaneously.
We need a permit.
And he wants them
to transfer to his personal account.
You can't do that.
Look here.
More than 10k viewers.
Only he would do such a thing.
Those with money support with money.
Those with no money, support with
your ability to help these victims.
Thank you, everyone.
Our theme today is "low-income people
can also have high nutrition."
Yes. Even the poor
can take health supplements.
We will not lose out to the rich.
- Everyone, please queue up over here.
- Come on.
Please stand up.
Thank you. I love you all too.
Thank you. Be careful. Watch your step.
- Thank you, Aunty. Remember to take them.
- Thank you.
-Boss, you are a good person
-Thank you, boss.
- Thank you.
- Don't mention it.
Kim, come over here.
Thank you. Be careful.
Be careful on your way home.
Show me that live stream.
Didn't I tell you you need to learn
how to use charity to do marketing?
You see? Now they treat me like God.
Who cares that our products are mouldy?
Even if they care, they can't do anything.
The government, police, media,
they have no control over me.
This is the power of social media.
Young people like you should know.
How does an old man like me
know better than you guys?
Look at this guy's comment.
"I will support you forever. Kisses.
"Do not care what others say.
Just walk your own path.
"Love me forever"?
I can't take it.
Now even I feel like I'm a cult leader.
They believe whatever I say.
If I say that my poop could cure cancer,
they would definitely grab it.
Everyone will place an order. Plus one.
I never thought I could be so powerful.
I'm simply powerful.
Hurry up. Huang is leaving.
He has fans.
He is really famous.
My friends are here.
I'm sorry.
- You want supplements? I'll get you some.
- No.
After you got into trouble,
I thought you'd collapse.
But you became more successful.
Don't jinx it.
We've decided.
- I've got cash.
- You want to invest?
- What is this?
- Cash.
So much cash?
You don't need cash.
You can just transfer online.
I know.
But I don't want my wife to find out.
With cash, there's no record.
And we can touch it and feel it.
Yeah, that's true.
- Where did you get so much cash?
- I sold my car.
I sold mine too.
You guys just had to think it over.
You should have invested
when I asked you to.
Our government also invested
in FPX recently.
That's true.
If you had invested earlier
you could've bought a Rolls Royce each.
And even use your Rolls Royce
for your private-hire jobs.
You're such a joker!
I'll settle this for you, trust me.
- I'll make a move then.
- We're counting on you.
- We didn't get a receipt from him.
- Why do you need a receipt, you moron?
Which one of you is the traitor
who exposed that my products are expired?
Didn't those reporters attend school?
I've said before, it's not an expiry date,
it's a best-before date.
They can still consume it safely
six months after the date.
Why are they targeting me?
Boss, look.
A lot of people are saying online
that we used leftover goods to do charity.
What's wrong
with using leftover goods for charity?
It's like using leftover money
to help the poor.
You went ahead with the fundraiser
without applying for a permit first.
That's illegal.
I raise money to help people,
I give all the money to them,
I don't take a single cent.
Why's that illegal?
Mr. Li, the government is concerned that
some people use fundraisers as a scam.
Hence the requirement of a permit.
The donations
went to your personal account.
The accounts department
needs to keep proper records.
How much money
have you collected till today?
Can we take over this charity drive?
Why should I let you take over?
Can't I manage it myself?
Why are you being like this?
Don't you trust your father?
- It's like I don't know you anymore.
- You're the one I don't know anymore.
- I should give you a tight slap right now.
- Dad, this is Singapore.
The government
will not let you take what isn't yours.
The money is donated
to the victims of Malaysia, not Singapore!
Many of the donors are Malaysians.
What has this to do with Singapore?
Besides, when those registered
charity organizations have fundraisers
they are allowed to charge
a 30% administrative fee.
Check it out if you don't believe me.
We know that, but you're not even
a legitimate charity organization.
The legal ones
charge a 30% administrative fee!
I'm just copying their methods.
They should be grateful
I'm not charging 70%.
Anyway, after I've deducted my 30%,
I'll donate everything else to them.
Then tell us what the total is
and how much the 30% fee is.
Why should I tell you?
I'm protecting the company.
I'm protecting you!
I don't need your protection.
I'm the one who's always protected you.
I don't need your protection.
This meeting is over!
Deities, please bless my business.
There's no secret to doing business.
What's most important is value for money.
What's the term people have been using
lately on the Internet?
Cost-performance value.
I often remind myself
that giving our customers satisfaction
is our business philosophy.
Someone commented that the health products
given to the low-income elderly
are unsold stock from your company
and are close to expiry,
and that you used the excuse of charity
to clear your stock.
Is this true?
The goods I delivered have
a longer validity period than this LP Tan.
No, it is longer than the life of DP Tan.
Just change the expiry date,
then sell them
to less-developed countries.
Put out a big offer.
Come on, don't slander me.
Singapore is country of law.
God is watching what you're doing.
I'm a religious man.
I wouldn't do such immoral things.
There are also accusations
that the collected donations
went to your private account.
You didn't give the money
to the fundraising committee.
Is that true?
I admit I did this,
but I have good intentions.
if the donations were deposited
into my company's business account,
I would need to pay taxes on them.
For every dollar that is donated,
we would be left with only 80 cents.
The funds we collected
were $300k or $500k.
It's not $30k or $50k.
Believe me when I say,
I've given every cent to the committee.
I did not keep a cent.
The legal ones
charge a 30% administrative fee!
I'm just copying their methods.
They should be grateful
I'm not charging 70%.
Really, I didn't make
a single cent off of it.
Since you claim
that you didn't make a profit,
people are asking
that you disclose your records.
Why won't you disclose them?
It's my personal account.
It's private. Why should I show it to you?
Try asking the government
how much they have in the reserves.
Will they tell you?
How can you compare
the two types of accounts?
Why not? National reserves is money.
My personal account is also money.
If the reserves go public,
I'll do the same.
If you guys don't believe me,
I swear to you,
if I've ever cheated anyone of money,
my family will be struck by lightning.
- You happy now?
- Since you claim it isn't a scam,
a netizen here says his accounting firm
will check your books for free
to prove your innocence. Are you willing?
Why are you being so nosy?
Do you have nothing better to do?
I've said it many times already.
God knows what I did.
My deity is watching my books.
What is the problem?
You want me to swear? I swear to you,
if I embezzled the money,
my family will be struck by lightning.
Are you happy now? Are you satisfied?
Excuse me, when you swear,
why do you drag your family into it?
You guys won't be satisfied
if I alone were struck by lightning.
So I include my family in it
to satisfy you.
Why are you media people like this?
You're always digging,
trying to look for things.
I know you are just using me
to get more traffic.
Why don't you open up your books
and let people check them?
Why should I? It's my personal account.
The so-called Internet celebrities,
these platforms,
they're just using me
to create more traffic.
If you need traffic, just let me know.
I'll buy it for you. I'm rich.
What are you gesturing from so far away?
- Bring it over.
- Floor manager, please.
Oh, crap!
Huang has gone crazy.
Something big has happened. Quick.
- Turn on the TV. Turn up the volume.
- What's going on?
What's the matter?
- Why are you nervous?
- Turn it up.
FPX, one of the five
cryptocurrency trading platforms,
has declared bankruptcy without warning.
Panamanian authorities have seized FPX's
digital assets worth over USD 6,8 billion.
Panama Securities Commission
issued a statement on Friday.
Panama Supreme Court allows regulators
to return these assets to clients
and creditors or joint liquidators
but meanwhile,
they will freeze these digital assets.
Will our $100k just disappear?
How could such a big company go bust?
Old man, spit it out!
What $100k has disappeared?
Tell me what it is!
You said the car couldn't be repaired
and you sold it, didn't you?
You used that money to invest in this.
Explain it to me! Tell me!
Is it true? Yes or no?
Come on, tell me!
Yes or no?
Yes or no?!
- Yes.
- Your $100k was also in it?
- Yes.
- You sold your car too?
That car was your livelihood.
How will you make a living without it?
Does your wife know?
Old man, you better be clear with me.
Why did you take the $100k
to invest in this?
Why didn't you discuss it with me first?
Why didn't you ask me at all?
Explain it to me! Tell me why you did it!
Huang said it was a sure bet.
Yes, I can prove it.
The last time we met, he proved to us
that within a short period of time
he made hundreds of thousands.
He told us
that it was guaranteed to be profitable.
Did you think it was like
the durian guarantee?
Even the guaranteed ones
might be dry or infested with worms.
Your brains must be infested with worms!
You morons! You brainless idiots!
Our $100k is gone!
- Sister.
- It's so much money.
It's okay.
Get back to work.
Let's clarify when he gets here.
- You're here too?
- Yes. Are you scared?
That company with a strong profile
just closed down without warning.
You didn't say anything to us about it.
Can you explain to me why?
You're asking me?
Even the government
is unable to offer an explanation.
Our money, when can we take it back?
Hui, the Singapore government
also lost billions.
They can't get it back either.
What makes you think we can?
Listen, the money I invested
is from the sale of my car.
How am I supposed to make a living now?
- Tell me.
- You should've known better.
You didn't even inform me about it.
You see what happens?
Now we're in trouble.
He explained it so well.
The two of us foolishly believed it.
Qiang, your wife just gave you an earful
and you put the blame on me?
I did tell them
that investment comes with its risks.
Didn't I?
I was seated in the middle,
Hui was on my left, you were on my right.
I asked you to think it over.
But you didn't even think about it,
you willingly jumped into it,
and now you're blaming me?
You told us that the risk was low.
That's why we believed you
and jumped into it.
The risk may be low but it's still a risk.
Qiang, Hui, we've been friends for years.
Can't you stop thinking about yourselves
and spare a thought for me too?
You lost hundreds of thousands.
I lost millions.
I'm going to be bankrupt!
- Take some responsibility!
- What responsibility?
Stop fighting!
Sit down.
The two of you have a good chat.
Huang, listen,
I've decided not to sell the shop.
The market is not good right now.
Cash is also not reliable.
Even investments are doing poorly.
So we feel that
it's better to have a shophouse on hand.
We can continue to do business.
When you see that it's profitable,
you want to sell it.
Now something's happened
and you decide not to sell.
Don't forget that you signed
an Option to Purchase. It's official.
It's not child's play. It's not a joke.
Even if we signed the Option to Purchase,
there's still an air-con period.
What air-con period?
He means a cooling-off period.
Yes, cooling-off period.
Who told you that?
My friend did.
Is your friend dead?
There's no such thing.
You've signed the Option to Purchase.
You must sell it to me.
This shop was passed down to me
from my father.
Huang, you're old friends.
Just help us out here.
Let me get down on my knees.
There's no need. Save it.
You still don't get it.
I'm not here today
to ask if you want to sell.
Your shop has already been sold to me.
I'm here to remind you
to finish up the paperwork.
Ms. Lin will be here in a moment
with the document for you to sign.
Once you sign you'll have your $3 million.
Hui, it's $3 million.
Didn't you want to go to Japan
and eat sushi?
Get a tan in Hawaii?
You can do all those things.
Isn't it great?
Huang, your daughter's here.
Why are you here?
We are here to see
how my dad scams his brothers.
What scam?
You're my daughter,
you should be taking my side.
I'm taking the side of justice.
You said that for the sake of money
sometimes you have to cut ties
with your own family.
I did say that,
but I didn't say you could use it on me.
You should help me make money.
No cutting of ties here.
This isn't a movie.
I'm not here for money.
I'm here for kinship.
When you were broke,
you taught me to be kind and just.
Sorry, Dad.
Since I was a kid
these people have been good to us.
They've taken care of us.
You shouldn't scam them
into selling the shop
or trick them into renting it from you
at $3,000 per month.
I didn't lie to them.
I'm really going to rent it to them
at $3,000.
But they don't want to sell it.
How is that my fault?
But you've added a line in the agreement
that says you have the right to raise
the rent to market price after six months,
and if he's not willing,
you have the right to evict him
and rent it to others or resell the shop.
Kim, is this true?
How could you do this?
Huang, I find it hard to believe
that you could be so ruthless for money.
How could you do such a thing?
That's just a condition.
I gave you an extra $200k for the place.
I'm helping you.
You're getting more than $3 million
to enjoy your retirement.
Isn't that good? You can relax.
I'm helping you as well.
You're not helping them,
you're just helping yourself.
You don't think we're aware that
Uncle's shophouse is worth $5 million?
You only offered them $3,2 million.
You can resell it for an extra $2 million
and cover your FPX losses.
An extra $2 million?!
How could you do this?
I lost millions in FPX.
I'm in deep shit. I'm bankrupt.
How could you do this to me?
Huang, you'd betrayed your brothers
for the sake of money?
Have you no conscience?
Uncle Huang, you watched us grow up.
How could you do this to us?
We grew up in the same village.
How could you bear to do this?
Are you still human?
Now everyone is against me.
It doesn't matter, I'm okay.
Hui, you've signed the Option to Purchase.
If you don't sell, I'll see you in court.
Let the judge decide.
Singapore is a country of law.
And you should know that
when the Option to Purchase was signed,
this shophouse became mine!
Are you referring
to this Option to Purchase?
Offer to Purchase? Who changed this?
This is not the document I asked for.
Why has it become the Offer to Purchase?
Boss asked me to prepare
a seller's Option to Purchase
for the Teochew porridge shop.
But I don't think it's right.
We are the buyer.
We can only prepare the Offer to Purchase.
This is going to destroy me.
Do you know that?
Uncle Hui,
let me formally ask you one more time
if you want to sell the shophouse.
- Can we not sell it?
- Yes.
- Then we don't want to sell it.
- We're not selling.
Not selling?
How about the cheque I gave you
as the deposit? Not selling?
The cheque?
The cheque? Here.
I didn't have time to go to the bank.
Here's your cheque.
I'm returning it to you.
And this cheque is not a deposit.
It's the money you owed them.
I can testify to that.
Aunty, Uncle,
I apologize to you on behalf of my father.
Call an ambulance!
Doctor, did my wife have a stroke?
My preliminary diagnosis
is that she might have liver failure.
Does she drink alcohol often?
No, she doesn't.
She take any medicines?
Just some painkillers once in a while.
How about health supplements?
I'll do a thorough checkup of her
and let you know what we should do next.
Thank you, Doctor.
Thank you, Doctor.
Your mother has always been healthy.
Why did she suddenly collapse?
I have no idea.
Baby, Mother has been taking this of late.
Why does she take this?
I bought this product online.
I saw many celebrities endorsing it.
The reviews online are good too,
so I bought it for Mother.
I wanted to improve our relationship.
You bought it
based on celebrity endorsements?
Why didn't you tell me?
It has gone viral
and really attracted new idiots.
Why didn't you tell me?
You were there when I gave them to Mother.
How could I know?
You put them in a paper bag.
I thought they were beauty products.
If you're buying things for my mom,
especially supplements,
you should ask me first.
Is there any problem with the product?
The online reviews are good.
These products are from our company.
They're expired.
- Expired?
- Expired?
You're selling expired products?
Your mom's life is in danger now.
How could you do such things for money?
Our Cerebrolysin capsules
have components of western medicine.
Yes, western medicine is not poison.
Painkillers are also western.
They're not harmful.
Not selling well? Finish our stock
and don't order them next time.
Xiao May!
Why didn't you check properly?
Don't be rash!
It's not your mom who's sick!
Of course you won't understand!
Have you gone mad? This is my money.
I'm frustrated enough as it is.
Do you want to see me collapse?
I told you there was problem with this
and we should get rid of it.
You insisted on selling it.
Xiao May didn't know about it
and bought this for Mother.
Now you have brought harm
to your own friends.
You have harmed my mother.
Is she dead?
She might have had liver failure.
Might have!
She's not dead.
How are you so sure
it was because of my product?
Young man, when you were making money,
did you thank me?
Without me,
would you be staying in a condo?
Yes, you gave me the condo,
but I never feel at ease there.
We made a lot of money,
but it's unlawful money.
We live in fear.
Then give me back the money you made.
Don't you have a conscience?
- I quit.
- Me too.
Get lost, everyone, just get lost.
I quit too.
Why are you quitting?
You are my daughter.
I dote on you. I love you.
And now you're helping outsiders.
I liked you better when you were poor.
You were always helping people,
putting others before you,
even though you knew
you might lose money doing it.
But at that time
I was very proud of my father
who was kind and adorable.
But now...
So what you're saying is that
you were happy to see me broke?
Then let me tell you this.
I will disappoint you.
I'm going to make loads of money
and disappoint you.
Money, money, money!
It's always about money!
It has turned you into a monster!
You'll do anything for money.
You always said you loved me.
So why is it that every time
you do something bad
you have to drag me down as well?
I did no such thing.
- You did.
- I didn't.
- You did!
- I didn't!
You did!
You swore that if what you've done is bad,
your family will be struck by lightning.
I'm the only family you've got!
And you were really doing bad stuff,
so why drag me along to your grave?
Is this how you love your daughter?
It's only for the money.
I say this all
for the sake of making money.
You're my daughter.
Don't you know me at all?
Such statements don't cost me any money,
and a lot of morons fall for it.
I thought you were smarter than them.
Is money more important than me?
Of course!
I've been broke all my life.
Of course money is important to me.
I wonder what I did in my past life
to deserve this.
There you go. You see?
Just walk away!
It's what you do best.
You're just like your mother,
she left me when I had no money.
You'll come crawling back to me someday.
All you women are the same.
Every day, every night
Follow the Lord's path
Let us pray for our sister.
Heavenly Father, you are the good lord.
Please heal our sister.
Also let her family
receive your blessings.
- Pray in the name of Lord Jesus. Amen.
- Amen.
- We'll leave you now.
- All right. Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Thank you, Pastor.
Why did you bring the Pastor here?
I just want Mother to get well soon,
so I asked Jesus to save her.
What's wrong with that?
- But she prays to a different deity.
- The two of you, stop arguing.
Let's see which God is stronger,
and I'll support that God.
I have borrowed the items.
We can start the prayer.
- Palms together now...
- Aunty.
I've just prayed for Mother.
If you do this, she'll be confused.
We've been praying to the same deity.
You're the one who confused her.
- Yes.
- Come, join your hands.
- Quickly, do as she says.
- Bring your hands up.
Not like this. Like this.
Can't you change from this to this?
Girl, you're so ignorant.
You are one family.
You should follow your father.
Pray to the same God.
My father and I pray to the same God.
Brother, you've become a Christian?
She's referring to a different father,
not me.
Not you?
Is she not your birth daughter?
She's referring to the Father in heaven.
I'm her father on earth.
Heavenly Father.
Oh, he's also Father.
Okay, do it quickly now.
Don't waste time.
Grace, can you just listen?
Don't force Grace.
Let Grace's God bless me.
Let your God bless me.
Then I can have
all the Gods protecting me.
It's different.
It doesn't focus on your problem.
It's not as effective.
Grace is still young.
Once I'm gone,
there will be no one to take care of her.
If Grace believes
that her God will look after her
and protect her,
then that is the support she needs
to keep going.
Don't take that away from her.
It's her pillar of support.
Let Grace's God bless me.
Your God protects me too.
I can get the best of both worlds.
I love you.
Jesus, please bless my mother
and help her get better.
Can a stay a while longer?
Let's leave.
My Grace.
Father, don't be too worried.
We'll grab a bite to eat
and head back to see Mother.
Boss! How's lady boss?
We still don't know. Thank you for coming.
Boss, I can see that
you have your hands full.
If you need any help, just let us know.
I will.
You have some nerve showing up here!
We don't need you here. Get lost!
- Your mother's here too?
- Go!
Kim is in intensive care!
Quick, go check!
Doctor, how did my daughter
end up like this?
You didn't know?
- Car accident?
- No.
- She fell into a drain?
- No.
Then just tell me what happened.
Can you say that in Mandarin?
She was struck by lightning.
- What?
- Struck by lightning.
Struck by lightning?
How could that be?
We don't know either.
There are lightning rods everywhere.
We're curious to know how this happened.
- You must save my daughter.
- We will do our best.
Each time you scam someone
to make them trust you,
you swear that your family
will be struck by lightning.
Now it's come true.
But the lightning didn't strike you,
it struck your daughter!
You did all the bad things
and your daughter has to pay the price.
Are you happy now?
Are you happy?
If you hadn't spoken to her so harshly,
she wouldn't have walked away.
Buddhist god of war,
please protect my daughter
and help her cross this hurdle.
Let her make it through
this difficult time.
God is really watching everything we do.
He has heard everything I have said.
Please don't take her away from me.
Please don't take her away.
Take me instead.
She's innocent. She's a good girl.
She has always been a good daughter.
Always was a good girl.
What do you want me to do?
Tell me. I will do anything you ask.
She's a good person.
She's a good girl.
What can I do
so that you don't take her away from me?
Tell me what I need to do.
What do you need me to do?
I apologize to your entire family.
Which room is sister in?
Enough already.
My mother is in this state because of you.
Leave her alone, please.
Why are you interfering?
This is intensive care unit.
We don't need you to go see my mother.
Don't disturb her.
Grab him! Don't let him in!
I'm sorry, sister.
I am really sorry.
I sincerely want to apologize to you.
Get up.
Get up.
Don't worry. I'll take responsibility
for the medical expenses.
How do you want to take responsibility?
My mother's liver has failed!
Yes. What can you do now?
This is a private hospital.
You are already bankrupt.
Your cheques are bouncing.
How will you help us?
- Tell me!
- Father!
The doctor is here.
Those who are not family,
please leave the room.
Doctor, how's my wife?
Should I explain it here?
It's okay, please tell us!
Your wife's liver...
It's confirmed, she has cirrhosis.
You hear that?
What can be done now?
Her liver has failed!
How will you take responsibility for that?
Right now,
the only solution is a liver transplant.
Can the family members do a test
to check if anyone is a suitable donor?
Doctor, how is my wife doing?
Sorry, there's too many of you here.
It's okay. They're all family.
Are any of us a match
for the liver transplant?
None of you are a match.
Huang, thank you.
Say thank you to Uncle.
Thank you, Uncle Huang.
I'm the one who should be thanking you.
Thank you for letting me do this,
or I'd never be able to live with myself.
if I don't wake up from this,
please tell Kim
that her father is sorry.
Don't overthink it. You'll be all right.
Nurse, please tell the doctor
that if the patient needs
a bigger piece of liver
he should just go ahead and take it.
No need to wake me up and ask me.
I don't want to be trouble.
No need of all that.
A small piece will do,
don't over think it.
Nothing to worry about.
Li Qing Huang?
Criminal Investigation Department.
You're under arrest
for selling e-cigarettes
and health products
that contain banned substances.
Please come with us.
Sir, this is a bad time.
My friend is about to go in for a surgery
to donate his liver.
- Do you need to take him in right now?
- Yes. He must save my wife.
If you take him away,
what will happen to my wife?
I know I have committed some offences.
I'll assist you with your investigation.
I won't run away.
- Right.
- Can you give me some time?
We'll be waiting for you outside.
Thank you.
- Okay.
- I'm ready.
Do not blame the heavens for being unfair
Blame others for being luckier than you
That's what life is like
Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win
Do not blame the heavens for being unfair
Perhaps this time it hurt you the most
If life were not like this
How would you reflect on it properly?
Highs and lows
Ups and downs
Through winds and rains, every little bit
Solid and real
No need for you to fall from now on
Coming and going
Walking and stopping
Up and down
Day and night
Waiting for you minute by minute
To start anew from the beginning
Dazed and confused
Muddled and hazy
Alone and silent
Stammering and vomiting
That's not the way to solve problems
Heaven is bestowing a great task upon you
Only one move
Spare no effort for yourself
No matter what, never forget
Please get some rest.
The words of the ancients
Go sit down.
Things will be fine.
Your mother will be okay.
Let's pray for her.
Dazed and confused
Muddled and hazy
Alone and silent
Stammering and vomiting
That's not the way to solve problems
Heaven is bestowing a great task upon you
Only one move
Spare no effort for yourself
No matter what, never forget
The words of the ancients
Welcome, welcome! A big welcome!
Welcome home!
Good luck!
Thank you for coming.
Sister, how are you?
I never got the chance to thank you.
Uncle Huang,
you're the only one in the world
who can say openly to my mother,
"Take my liver."
Yes, your mother took my liver.
No, I mean, I donated my liver to her.
She has recovered,
and I'm grateful for that.
Why does it sound a little vulgar?
I know what you did.
Am I really not left with a single cent?
What are you whispering about?
Tell us as well.
It's nothing.
Otherwise we'll think
there's a sequel to this.
Do you want me to go in again?
Where's Hui?
Hui, what happened to you?
Huang, you're back.
Have you eaten?
Why did no one tell me that you were gone?
Hey, have you eaten?
I see you're back.
Can you all see him too?
If I have no shadow, then I'm a ghost.
So you're back.
That hurts!
It really does!
You gave me a scare.
- Why are you in a wheelchair?
- This thing?
My foot hurts.
I find it difficult to walk.
And why was your photo
placed there like that?
- What is it?
- Look!
Sorry, I took it out
to clean it and air it.
When it's time to use it,
it'll be good as new.
- What a thing to say!
- I know.
Okay, it's finally a reunion.
Everyone is happy.
Let's get changed,
have dinner, take some photos.
In the coming year,
nobody will say, "Money no enough."
We will only say, "All is enough."
Luck! Growth! Wealth!
Please, I don't want trouble.
You don't wipe after taking a dump?
The moment I saw you,
I didn't want to go anymore.
Don't try anything.
There are CCTV cameras here.
What's up? Are you guilty of something?
I know I snatched your business.
I apologize.
You have a big heart.
Don't come any closer.
If I wanted to harm you,
I wouldn't wait till now.
- I would have crushed you outside.
- Right.
Why didn't you do it then?
I was on my way to wallop you,
but I bumped into your daughter.
- Why are you here?
- Isn't it obvious?
Look, I know my father was wrong
to snatch your business.
I'll get him to apologize
and compensate you as well.
Sorry. Please let my father off, okay?
If I let your father off,
how will I uphold my reputation?
If you insist on confronting him,
you'll have to go past me first.
They'll say
Fat Dragon bullied a defenseless woman.
How will you uphold your reputation then?
She's got a point.
Let your father off, huh?
I can think of a way to do that.
She's a goner.
Take her home.
Your home or mine?
What did you do to her?!
Her home!
We're righteous that way.
You're lucky to have a daughter like her.
I am lucky to have her.
But also unlucky.
I lost more than ten million.
You know about it anyway.
Your ten million is still there
but you don't know it.
- What?
- You told Kim to invest in FPX?
I told her not to.
I told her to try investing elsewhere.
Which means
the ten million is still there?
I'm still a millionaire!
Great! I'm still a multi-millionaire!
But there's nothing left of it now.
- What did you say?
- There's nothing left.
- Why not?
- Kim donated everything.
Why did she do that?
She said you earned that money illegally.
She wants to help you gain merit,
so she donated all the money.
It's still better
than dumping into the sea.
What's yours, is yours.
What's not yours, will not be yours.
But it still hurts.
Get over it.
How do you know so much about Kim?
I'll tell you,
but you can't get mad at me.
Don't get mad.
- Dad.
- Good boy.
Kim and I have been together
for more than a year.
You call me "dad"?
You're dating my daughter?
Date my daughter, will you?