Money Plane (2020) Movie Script

I learned early on in my career
that a job well done has
three critical parts.
- ID badge, please.
- Sure.
It's here somewhere.
Ah, there we go.
First, the right crew.
It takes more than one
flint to make a fire.
Almost got it.
I'm here for a private viewing.
Yes, sir, down the hall.
Two... there's
how things are,
and how things appear to be.
Is it normal for museum
guards to have machine guns?
They weren't there two days
ago when we did the recon.
Alpha, what's the call?
This feels off, but we've
got to stay the course.
All right, which door is it?
Third door on the left.
Other left!
Where is it?
It's hanging on the wall right
when you walk in the room.
I'm in the room, it's not here.
What? You're in the room?
What the hell?
Abort, abort!
We've been compromised, abort!
Three, Plan A is
only as good as your Plan B.
All right, uh... down the
stairs, out the back door.
Oh, shit.
Let's go, let's go, let's go!
- What the hell happened?
- Our network was hacked.
Think it was a setup?
It felt off in there.
There's how things are,
and there's how
things appear to be.
Trust your gut next time.
Yeah, well, whatever went
wrong, we need to figure it out,
but we have bigger
issues to deal with.
We gotta get ahead of this mess.
Yeah and off the streets.
Iggy, take us to Rumble's HQ.
- You sure?
- We have no choice.
Copy that.
Darius Emanuel Grouch...
The Third.
Better known as...
The Rumble.
I am very disappointed.
The painting wasn't there,
someone knew we were coming.
Warhol, De Kooning, Pollock,
bunch of bitches.
How about I just
blow your brains out,
I'll create my own damn Pollock!
Now Asgar Jorn, the
"Disturbing Duckling."
That's modern art, and
now I'm disturbed, Jack.
You a gambling man, Jack?
Not anymore.
Once a gambling man,
always a gambling man.
You bet everything you had.
You had a 50-50 shot, Jack.
Toss of a coin.
One side, in a split second,
you make enough money to retire.
You, your crew, your family...
live the life
they always dreamed of.
On the other side,
you lose... everything.
My, how everything can
change in just a second.
You trusted your gut,
Jack, and it lied to ya.
And I've paid for it ever since.
You owed a lot of money
to some very bad people.
I'm not just a businessman,
I'm an opportunist.
So I bought your debt.
I own you.
Now you're gonna have
to repay me that debt.
Those people would've killed ya.
I saved you, resurrected
you from the ashes!
Now, you have to be
able to trust those
who work for you.
Can I trust you, Jack?
You know you don't
have to ask me that.
Then where the hell
is my painting?
If I had my damn painting,
we wouldn't be having this
conversation, now would we?
Since you didn't bring me
my $40-million painting,
I'm gonna need you to pay
me back... with interest.
Can we just get to the job?
Good man, Jack, good man.
There is a legend
in the underworld,
for those in the know,
it's the called the Money Plane.
Some of the baddest mother
fuckers on the planet
are on that plane,
all craving action,
whatever you wanna wager on,
the Money Plane has you covered.
You wanna bet on a dude fucking
an alligator...
Money Plane.
Untouchable by any government,
because the flight
always takes place
in international airspace.
Word is they have over a
billion in crypto on board,
and millions in cash.
I want you and your crew
to take down the house.
No, no, you got to
be kidding me, right?
Do I look like I'm joking?
Now I'm gonna be fronting
you the money for the buy in,
and I'm arranging cover
stories for you and your crew
to get on board undetected.
This is bat-shit crazy, Darius.
We can't do it.
No, what's crazy is I
don't have my painting,
yet you're here talking
to me, still very alive.
Look familiar?
You're more valuable
to me alive, for now.
That's the only reason, Jack.
You don't bring me back what
I want from the Money Plane,
and you won't have
anything to come back to.
Do you understand me?
I..If we pull this off, and...
Not "If".
"When" you pull this off!
When we pull it off,
that's it, we're square.
And not just me, but my
entire crew. We're done!
Yeah, we're square.
This bag has
everything you need.
All the details, the money
I'm fronting you, everything.
And - as a little
incentive to you,
You and your crew can keep
whatever's left in the vault.
Now go get me my money, Jack.
Have a safe flight.
This is the last one, I promise.
Hey, what happened
to the last, last one?
Well, we didn't complete
the job, did we?
It's not our fault the
painting wasn't there!
Hey, let's stay focused.
What's the job?
We are going to rob
the Money Plane.
It's an airborne casino,
chartered by a bunch
of elite criminals,
who bet on all
kinds of crazy shit.
It operates over
international airspace,
but, apparently, it has
$1-billion in cryptocurrency.
- And we're gonna steal it?
- Yeah.
It's insane!
I love it!
And how do we do this?
I'm going to take on the
persona of a Mr. Phillip Monroe,
he's an infamous
human trafficker,
but he did all of his
business digitally,
so nobody knows
what he looks like.
Well, what happened
to the real Monroe?
It seems Isabella had a
run in with Mr. Monroe
last June in Moscow.
Now Trey, I need you
to go undercover,
you're gonna be my
right hand on the plane.
Copy that.
Isabella, you're
gonna be on board as well
posing as a flight attendant,
I got your cleared
credentials already.
What about me, Jack?
What do I do, who am I?
You, Iggy, you're gonna be
my main man on the ground.
You're gonna be managing
all the hardware,
and basically
controlling everything.
What, tech support?
That's Trey's job!
I know, but I need
Trey on board with me.
Now, there's no security cameras
actually on the plane,
so we're gonna use
that to our advantage.
Once on the plane, we
create a diversion,
so I can sneak off, and
take control of the cockpit.
Trey will represent me,
while Isabella
searches for the vault,
and the server room.
Once located, Isabella
will open the vault.
Trey will sneak in the server
room, and hack the server.
From there, you're
gonna transmit the key
for the house crypto wallet,
and create an untraceable
relay to our main man, Iggy.
Ground support, what a shit job.
Iggy, you're gonna be
awaiting my signal.
Once we're in range, you're
gonna be on the receiving end
of over a $1-billion
in cryptocurrency.
Can you handle that?
Yeah, I got it covered.
Once you've given us the signal
that you've received
the transfer,
then the three of us will
go down to the cargo hold
where we will parachute out,
with all of the money
we took from the vault.
We'll be gone before
anybody knows what happened.
Memorize your files.
Short prep time on this job.
Get a good night's rest.
If we do this right, we can
take care of our families,
and move wherever
the hell we want.
We depart day after
tomorrow, 0500.
Ooh. Direct shot.
I don't fight fair!
I quit your
team, and start my own!
That's not fair, I'm
gonna hit you good.
- There, I got one in.
- I have a shield.
All right you two!
It's bedtime.
Come on Mom, already?
Yes honey, you got to go to bed.
Yeah, it's bedtime
sweetie, go get washed up.
I'll be up for a
story soon, okay?
- But Dad, just five more...
- No buts.
I can't believe you have to
leave on such short notice.
I know, no one's more
upset about it than I am.
Dad, I'm waiting!
All right dad,
it's story time.
- We'll pick this up later.
- Yeah we will.
And all was well in
Sherwood Village.
For now.
So, it's okay to steal
if it's someone bad?
Well, I mean they would
have to be really bad.
So, I can steal all
of Harriet's candy,
because she is mean to everyone?
I'm sure that
Harriet is a tyrant,
but if you stole and
ate all the candy,
well, then you'd get sick,
so wouldn't it be
nicer if you shared it?
'Night sweetie.
You okay?
Yeah, of course, just thinking.
She's amazing, isn't she?
Yeah, she is amazing.
Well, come to bed, babe.
You owe a lot of money
to some very bad people...
I saw an opportunity,
so I bought your debt.
Now you work for me.
To repay your debt, I
need you and your crew
to take down the house.
...go get me my money, Jack.
Oh Jesus.
I almost shot you.
I almost shot you!
Did you pick the lock?
No, Claire told me
where the spare was.
Why do you keep movin' it?
Because you keep using it.
Remind me again,
why did you make me
your daughter's godfather?
That was Sarah's idea.
Well, come on in.
I got that intel you wanted.
Thanks, Harry.
It's suicide,
you know that, right?
It's the last one.
Oh, where have I
heard that one before?
Listen, I got no choice.
I haven't gambled in five years,
since I got my team
into this mess.
Gambling was never your problem.
You know, in the beginning you
were betting on your skill,
not your luck.
You were the best,
one of the best,
at any poker table anywhere.
Then you got greedy.
But when you lost,
when you lost big,
best thing that ever
happened to you.
We got you back.
Sarah got her husband back,
I got my best friend back.
But make no mistake, Jack,
you got great instincts.
You need to trust 'em, stop
second-guessing yourself.
Ever since I lost that
hand, don't know if I can.
It's ironic, isn't it.
Gambling is what got you
into this whole mess,
and now, the Money Plane.
Casino in the sky.
Full of the world's most
dangerous criminals.
You sure know how
to pick 'em, pal
But hey,
if anybody's gonna pull
it off, it's gonna be you...
you and your crew.
Heck, might even be a good time.
I doubt that.
But maybe I can convince
you to come with us anyway?
Not this time, buddy.
I got this thing about planes.
Coming from
the youngest major general
in the United States Air Force.
Hell, I would've made Lieutenant
if I didn't quit to run
around the world with you.
Agh... Feels like a...
another life!
But someday, I'd love to get
back in the cockpit again,
and fly around the
world, kick ass...
Well, here's your chance!
Another life.
Listen, uh... may I ask
you a favor?
Be my backup guy on the ground?
Stay here at the house.
Look after the girls...
I'd owe you one.
Anything for my
goddaughter, right?
And I'm gonna look into
this museum job too.
Something seems off
about that, but hey,
anything goes wrong up
there, I'm a phone call away.
Thanks pal.
Hello, and welcome!
- Crew.
- Wonderful,
you'll still need to place
your weapons in the bin.
Oh! All weapons please.
Mister Monroe. And
this is my associate,
Mr. McGillicuddy.
Wonderful, thank you.
Weapons in the box, please.
I.. I don't carry any guns.
Thank you.
Ladies and
gentlemen, before you board,
you must deposit your funds,
and remember to keep your
digital wallet wristband on
at all times, it'll allow
you to access your account,
and wager freely.
Welcome aboard.
- This is going to be good!
- Nice.
Really nice.
Ladies and gentlemen,
as a representative
of the house,
it is my pleasure to welcome
you to the Money Plane.
I am your concierge, and
I'm here to facilitate
your every desire for
action and speculation.
As you know there are
no cameras on board,
this is to ensure the
utmost discretion.
Rest assured, both
you and your funds
are thoroughly secure.
Myself and my staff
are here on board
to bring you anything and
everything that you desire.
At this point in time,
I wanna introduce
you to my bookkeeper.
Who will go over the
rules of the house.
Thank you.
Good afternoon.
As a representative
of the house,
it is my job to inform you
of our zero-tolerance
cheating policy.
I cannot express to you enough
how important it is for
your personal well being.
There'll be no loud,
aggressive behavior,
which might disturb another
guest, or crew member.
There'll be no fighting, no
murder, no dismemberment,
unless of course, those
things are permitted
within the rules of engagement
for a specific event.
Keeping that in mind,
good luck, and have fun.
Now without further
ado, sit back, relax,
and prepare for takeoff.
Now, that is a smooth takeoff.
Obliged, we employ the
finest pilots in the world.
I know, because I
myself am a pilot.
It's a long flight,
can I give you a nice tip
so we could be friends?
The airplane consists
of the lounge.
That's where you will
find dining and libations.
It also serves as
our sports book,
where you will be
gambling and placing bets
on a series of live
themed adventures.
Next, we have the
main casino floor,
where you'll find
traditional casino fare.
At any point in time,
myself or my staff
can provide you with
a private guest suite
for a power nap, a steam shower,
or if you need to take care
of any personal business.
Please respect the rules
of the house at all times.
May I help you, sir?
Yeah, what's the deal with
the rates for the babes?
What are the prices on this?
The attendants are valued
employees of the house.
They are not for sale.
However we do offer a
wonderful variety of companions
that we can provide
you at any time.
this is amazing.
Holy shit.
A game is about to start.
The American Classic,
Texas Hold 'em,
is about to begin in
the main casino floor.
I've got to find
that server room.
I have to take control
of the cockpit.
It's gonna be a long
flight, let's go.
All right, I'll need to
scan your wristbands,
so you could buy in
to the game, please.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Perfect, please respect
the dealer at all times,
and as always,
respect the house.
Good luck and have fun.
Welcome to high
stakes Texas hold 'em.
It's your first time?
It is.
Me too, I'm Phillip Monroe.
I know who you are.
Kingpin of the largest
human trafficking ring
on three continents.
Now, human trafficking
is the third largest
criminal enterprise,
right behind drugs, and
my personal favorite,
arms dealing.
We met once.
Mr. Vertelli, we
know who you are.
You're the infamous arms dealer
who supplied Iran with materials
to become nuclear capable.
You've got me figured
out, Kemosabe.
But you were already on
the FBI's most wanted list
for selling chemical
weapons in Syria.
Thousands of women
and children suffered.
And here's the kicker,
the Syrian government tried me,
and I was acquitted
by the United Nations,
which makes me an innocent man.
Put a lot of bodies in the
ground in your way to the top.
Look, my granddaddy sold
guns, my daddy sold guns,
I sold my first weapon
before I lost my virginity.
Now, I'm sellin'
nuclear weapons.
Living the American dream,
now who the fuck is this guy?
- I'm Mr. McGillicuddy.
- Well Mr. McGillicuddy,
I'm willing to assume
if some of the women
and children, that you harvest,
were armed by me, there'd
be quite a few less people
trapped in forced labor,
wouldn't there be?
Gentlemen, anything to drink?
I'm good.
Is this gonna be a
thing between you two?
You seem to like it.
Is it really necessary?
More than 50% of of your
victims are sexually exploited,
and you've got a
problem with my guy
hitting on a waitress?
Come on.
I just wanna play some
poker, that's all.
Drinks gentlemen?
Round one to Reid.
Mr. Vertelli, keep
your dog on a leash.
You will not be warned again.
All right, everybody calm down.
Let's play some cards.
Reid, you need to relax
a little bit.
Howdy folks, deal me in.
Splendid. Now we have a game.
Quite the game, ladies and
gentlemen, quite the game.
The table shows the
four of diamonds,
the five of hearts,
the seven of clubs,
and the queen of spades.
All in.
Dammit, thanks for
making me feel alive.
I call.
JR Crockett calls.
I call.
Fortune favors the bold.
Here comes the river.
A pair of sevens.
Full House!
Mr. Monroe please
show your hand.
And a pair of fours.
our winner is JR Crockett.
I'd like to retire
to a room please,
I'm feeling off, transfer
my funds to my associate,
Mr. McGillicuddy, I'd
like him to keep playing
- for me please.
- Of course, sir.
Proceed to the lounge,
I'll makes you're
somebody checks you in.
Thank you.
Mr. Monroe is transferring
his funds to Mr. McGillicuddy,
please make sure that
he can wager freely.
Thank you.
All right, good luck young man.
Your winning allows you
to choose the next event.
Well you know I'm a Texan,
but I can still enjoy
a glass of vodka.
Comrades, who wants some?
Hey honey.
You're not supposed
to be down here.
Rules were meant to be fucked.
You wanna get fucked?
Now, you're gonna have to leave,
or else, I'm gonna be
forced to call security.
You tell on me?
What's in the bag?
Employees only.
- Leave!
- What are you up to?
Wouldn't you like to know?
You got balls of steel, amigo.
What's with the red table cloth?
Easier to clean up.
The game, is
roulette of the Russian variety.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have
a game of Russian roulette,
featuring undefeated
champion, Mr. JR Crockett.
Bets are open.
You know, at first
I thought to myself,
that's a brave man,
then I realized, Mister...?
A fine Irishman.
And I realized,
Mr. McGillicuddy,
that's not a brave man,
he has a secret.
That is a man,
who's ready to die.
Ready to meet his maker,
ready for what comes next,
because you have
placed yourself tonight
at this table across
from JR Crockett himself,
and that I, JR
Crockett, never lose.
I can't lose, I can't be beat.
No shit, or he wouldn't
be here boring us to death
with this speech.
Your blindfold, sir.
You will be playing first.
20 to one odds, any
takers on 20 to one odds?
20 to one odds, ladies and
gentlemen, 20 to one odds.
Give me a cool
million at 20 to one
- on the Irishman.
- As you wish.
Oh hell, where are my manners?
Sir, as the returning champion,
you have earned the
right to play second,
without even a flip of the coin.
Oh, so you got to go first.
Nah, I'm good, you go!
Sir, as the challenger, you
are obliged to go first.
Rules are rules.
But the man wants to go
first, let the man go first.
The man is just
offering a kind gesture,
the rules of the game are clear.
- I wanna to see the book!
- I am the book.
Oh goddammit, give
me the fucking gun.
I can't lose.
It's about time, what
took you so long?
My fucking feet are killing me.
I hate these shoes.
Fucking copilot.
Oh god.
- McGillicuddy.
- Thank you.
Don't worry ladies
and gentlemen,
let me remind you our pilots
are the best in the world.
Rest assured, there's
nothing to worry about.
Come here.
Bravo, can you hear me?
- Loud and clear.
- Good.
- Delta come in?
- Copy.
On plane comms connected.
We have control of the cockpit.
Sit rep.
I'm just in the lounge, putting
something in my stomach.
Hey, you guys feel
that turbulence?
Wait, you're eating?
The cargo hold is strange.
What's strange about it?
Well, it was glowing,
and the door was cold.
Server room.
Get down there as soon as
you can, and check it out,
On it.
I'm gonna establish
with Charlie on the ground.
Charlie's Pizza?
Charlie, we have
control of the cockpit,
I'll be re-directing
the plane shortly
to calibrate locations. Sit Rep?
I'm in position,
everything's unloaded.
Got a few things to set up,
we should be up and
running shortly.
Nicely done.
I mean, I've still got some
more time though, right?
Set up the damn gear up now.
Copy, it will be done
by next communication.
- Over and out.
- Over and out.
Mr. Luck-of-the-Irish himself!
That was quite a game.
And you're in luck once again,
the next event is
about to begin.
Follow me to the sports book.
Right this way, sir.
Yeah, gotta scratch that itch.
- Let me ask you something.
- Sure.
Can I just bet, and not
participate in the next game?
You know pace myself.
- Chill out a bit.
- Quite right Sir.
May I remind everyone of our
zero-tolerance cheating policy.
Oh my, it's almost time for
the first Themed Adventure
- on the flight.
- Sounds riveting.
The house never disappoints.
Our Themed Adventure wagers
are some of the highlights
of the flight.
According to most of
our recent surveys.
So find a seat, sit
back, and relax,
our Themed Adventures
are about to begin.
Final bets, the event
is about to start.
Mr. McGillicuddy, what
would you like to wager?
I'll take the blue corner.
You're a witty young man.
It's a timed event.
17 minutes, very aggressive,
but we wouldn't expect
anything less from you.
17 minutes, fine.
Betting is closed on this event.
Man versus Cobra.
- Hello.
- Checking in on my money!
I'd like to keep this
line open for my team.
Yeah, that's right.
Papa bear taking
care of the kids.
Can't hunt and gather on their
own, textbook codependency.
Speaking of codependency,
what do you want?
I want my damn money, Jack.
Don't do that, don't
use my real name.
Oh right, you're on a mission!
So we'll need some
cool code names, right?
What did you call
your superior officer?
My superior officer?
I was a Captain so
he was my colonel.
Cool, I'll call you Captain,
you call me Colonel.
So Cap, I want an update!
We're maintaining deep cover.
We have control of the cockpit.
Once we locate the
vault and the server,
I'll call you back with updates.
And set up my camera,
Jack, I want my live feed.
'Til the ride was done
I keep driving for fun
CJ's back, and the
lyrical warrior's back
Generation's Tupac back
Good boy, I'm keeping an
eye on you and your crew.
Don't think I'm not.
I'm always watching,
remember that, Jack.
Oops, Cap!
Cheer up, you look pissed.
Oh, hell no.
16 minutes, Mr. McGillicuddy
has won the event
with an estimated
17-minute time of death.
Mr. McGillicuddy
wins another one.
- Nothing yet.
- Keep looking.
13 million Rubles.
And the winner, a-ha,
the winners are Ms. Yamada
and Mr. McGillicuddy.
- You are on a roll my friend.
- Good.
When I was young, I
chopped off arms for free!
Excuse me, I have to
go to the restroom.
What the hell is
going on out there?
Oh man, yeah, my bad.
I'm sick from watching
all these disgusting bets.
Pull it together, man.
Get your ass back out there
before anyone gets suspicious.
After the game, you find
that damn server room,
and you hack that damn server!
Copy that!
Pull it together,
Trey, pull it together.
Charlie's Pizza, come in.
Okay, this gear is kind
of a nightmare, stand by.
Come on.
Come on please.
Come on.
Green light, the gear is set up,
and up and running,
we are a green light,
mission is a go.
Glad to hear it.
The third event
is about to begin.
Bets are closed.
In five,
Whoa, stripped to the bone in
one minute, and 56 seconds.
Won again by Mr. McGillicuddy,
you are on a roll, my
friend, god.
He's got to be cheating,
he's winning everything.
This job sucks.
- Hey.
- What are you doing in here?
I, um, was just.
Wait, don't use the radio!
- Block all communications!
- What?
Do it!
Ooh, that's a good song.
That's how I want it
Seems like they're
having fun upstairs.
Wanna do the same?
She don't know
how to be nice
Oh yeah, now here she comes
She's coming after you
There's nothing you can
do, you get ready for it
Screw it.
You bitch.
Fuck, this is not the same
vault from the schematics!
Looks like biometric, some
upgraded version of that shit.
I can still crack it, but
I'm gonna need more time!
There is no more time!
Jackpot boys.
I'm gonna need some
help packing this up.
Delta, can you break
away and help Bravo?
Copy that, just
keeping a low profile.
- Ooh, hey, hi.
- Looking for you.
Nah, no, thank you, I'm good.
- Come on
- What's all the commotion?
- Drink shot, shot.
- Have a shot.
Come on, have a drink.
Nothing, I'm on my way.
Pack up the money,
you cover your tracks,
get the hell out of
there, stay alert.
Line secure, what's up?
So, something seemed off
about that botched
museum job, right?
So I did some digging.
You were supposed to steal a
painting for Darius Grouch.
Now, "The Disturbing Duckling"
is a privately owned piece
of art, the name on
record is some company
called Bon Global.
Now, Bon Global is
owned by Rumble Corp.
Why would he have you steal
a painting he already owns?
There's more, the
painting was transferred
out of the museum the
night before the heist.
Museum was tipped.
That sounds like a setup to me.
Do we know where the
painting really is?
Sure, currently on display at
the Palazzo Braschi in Rome.
I'll call you back.
We can't take it all, it's
too much money in that safe.
Packed what I
could, one bag each.
It's all the weight we
can jump with safely.
- Copy that.
- Server's across the hall.
- All right.
- Bravo, Delta, copy.
We read you.
Listen, we all knew
this wasn't right,
but now I know for sure.
Museum was a set up.
- I knew it.
- What do we do?
We proceed with the
plan, we're in too deep.
We've got to get
out of this mess
without getting
double crossed again.
Just be careful, be
vigilant, stay alert.
Stay alive.
This mission just got
even more fucked up.
I've been gone too long.
I've got to get back,
someone's gonna get suspicious.
Good call, I better
make an appearance too.
Let's make it quick.
All right, you take wine.
Don't you piss, you hear
me? Don't you piss yourself.
Stay right there,
I've got to take this.
- Yeah.
- Hey, it's me.
Code names, please.
Colonel, this is Captain.
Captain, this is Colonel,
I read you loud and clear.
What's up.
I'm informing you we have
found and accessed the vault.
We're still searching
for the server.
Good, good, you keep
checking the boxes, Captain.
That museum job that went wrong.
We're working on
it, why do you ask?
Well, I wanna find the son
of a bitch who set us up.
Yeah, well, we don't
have anything yet,
but if we do, I'll let you know.
Not if, when.
When we find out something,
I'll let you know.
Please do, my crew and
I'll do that job for free.
- Be in touch, over and out.
- Yeah, yeah, over and out.
can't hear myself think,
will you shut this guy up?
What the fuck did you do?
I told you shut him
up, not shoot him.
You fucked up my terracotta.
This stuff is porous,
don't you get that?
For God's sake, son of a bitch.
It's never gonna come
out, it's gonna stain.
- Hello.
- Harry, what's going on?
I'm training.
I'm sending you an
encrypted message
with some schematics
for a fail safe.
Got a bad feeling about
this, things are going south.
I need you, remember Brazil?
Oh boy, do I remember Brazil.
What happened to Brazil?
You're on a need-to-know
basis, soldier.
trust your gut.
We need to move on to Plan B.
Roger that.
I got to take a break, kid.
Don't eat all my M&M's, okay.
Let's see.
All right you sons of
bitches, let's do it.
I knew there was something
wrong with this guy.
I told you.
Charlie, we are inbound
with rally point location,
are you up and running?
Alpha, green light, sync
on standby, ready to rock.
Delta, how's it coming?
Great, we're just about there
with the sync
And got it!
Transfer in progress.
Transfer and
download in progress.
Alpha, keep us in target range.
All right everyone, keep it up!
Transfer's at 44%, I repeat 44%.
Gentlemen, I'm gonna
have to ask you to return
to the upper deck.
You take care of the princess,
and I'll take care of this guy.
With pleasure.
You really wanna do this?
Okay then, bitch.
Here comes daddy.
Who stole the cookie
from the cookie jar?
Who me?
Yeah., you stole that cookie.
Listen, it's not
what it looks like.
- I like that.
- Love it.
- You like?
- Love it.
Ivan, I can explain.
Halfway there.
Alpha, come in,
transfer stopped.
I can't keep the plane
in range any longer.
We're gonna have to
make another pass.
- Delta?
- Alpha?
What the hell's
going on up there?
I don't wanna be late
before the next card game,
but I got to kill ya.
Hi Princess.
Drop the gun, drop
the gun, drop the gun.
- Get up, get up!
- Get him up, get him up.
Get him up, get him up.
Alpha, abort, I'm sorry.
Bravo, Delta, do you copy?
- Sit rep.
- Get up.
What took you so long?
I was organizing my closet.
Alpha, do you copy,
I'm with Delta.
Everything's fine.
Speak for yourself.
We're out of range, and
the server's been damaged.
Charlie's been compromised.
Darius did it
again, he set us up.
We do not let him win.
Listen, can you
reboot the server?
Download it onto a portable SSD?
If it's stable enough
to handle the transfer.
But the moment the
drive boots via USB,
their security software
will tip them off,
they'll know there's a breach.
Do it, we're out of options.
But they'll be able to
trace it back to us.
Not us, we have a Plan B.
Plan B.
Okay, ladies and gents,
here comes Harry.
Who's next?
Stay still, you bastard.
Come on, I'll tear
one right up your ass.
Sucks to be you, pal.
Hey Harry.
Hey pal, how're ya doing?
Hello, who's this?
What do you mean who's this?
Please hold.
Who're you holding for again?
Need I remind you
who you work for?
I've been up here,
above the clouds,
I don't know, it's given
me some perspective.
I've been thinking, what
if I don't work for you?
What if you were actually
just a little bitch?
And what if this money wasn't
actually yours anymore?
Are you really fucking
with me right now?
Are you fucking with me?
You think you're bad ass, yeah?
The criminals on this
plane would eat you alive.
On this plane, you're a
dime a dozen, Colonel.
I don't give a fuck
who's on that plane.
I'm the baddest mother
fucker on the planet!
I am Darius Grouch
the Third, The Rumble,
and I am taking down
the Money Plane.
- Now bring me my money.
- Please hold on.
Time to burn down the village.
Speed and altitude decreased,
auto-pilot engaged.
Transfer complete,
with the key to access
all the cryptocurrency.
- Over $1-billion.
- And the clock is ticking.
It's only a matter of time
before they figure out
they've been hacked.
Leave that to me.
Now that we have the
funds, what's next?
Let's redistribute the wealth.
We can donate it to anonymous
charities worldwide.
Untraceable, non-reversible.
We'd be giving the money
back to those who suffered
at the hands of these bastards.
UNICEF, Polaris, uh,
refugees of Syria,
you name it.
A little steal from the rich?
- And give to the poor.
- Exactly.
You sure about this, what
about your debt to Darius?
I told you, I have
a Plan B, do it.
A whole lot of people just
got a whole lot of money.
What about the cash?
I don't want it,
split the money.
The same here.
Me neither.
Let's spread the
wealth manually.
Got a call to make.
I hope you have
come to your senses!
Any good job has
three critical parts.
First, you need a great team.
It takes more than one
flint to start a fire.
Second, you need a
proper diversion.
There's the way things are and
the way things appear to be
and the SSD that has the access
key to the cryptocurrency,
we thought it'd be better served
if we dispersed that
digitally to charities
around the world that are
dealing with horrible issues,
like, I don't know,
human trafficking.
You're dead, your
families are all dead,
you, your crew, and
everyone you ever met.
Dead by the time you touch down.
Lastly, if there's no
Darius, there's no debt.
Always have a Plan B.
I don't give a
fuck who's on that plane,
I'm the baddest
motherfucker on the planet.
I am Darius Grouch
the third, The Rumble,
and I am taking down
the Money Plane.
Now bring me my money.
On behalf of the house,
I wanna assure you
that Mr. Grouch's head
will be on a platter
by the time we land.
The House will compensate
any lost funds.
Let's have a new wager.
Who wants to wager
how long it'll take
'til we get notice of
Mr. Grouch's death?
15 minutes at 50,000.
Very nice.
We just did that.
First time for everything.
We never did get that painting.
Well, I guess we have
one last, last job to do.
Payback's a bitch.
You ready?
Let's strap in.
An eye for an eye, Colonel.
I got to jump.
When we pull it
off, we are done.
Yeah, we're square.
Now, go get me my money, Jack.
I'm out, Darius.
Hold on, P-Roach.
Hold on.
Rumble time.
My source has an offer
on your painting.
It seems the publicity
from the heist
drove the price
up to 60 million.
Split four ways, not
a bad retirement.
We'll split five ways.
See you in Paris.
All right.
What are you doing?
I know, you're so silly.
What are you doing?
It's your turn now.