Monga (2010) Movie Script

What's your name?
Why did those mad dogs pick on you?
For a chicken leg
Want me to go with you?
Not the first time anyway
l can go by myself
Three schools in two years, huh?
Missed classes for half semester
when you were in Grove Town
You been busy, huh?
Lots of business going on?
l'm telling you,
you better behave,well
and finish school here
Don't mess around
Uh-huh, what you mean by uh-huh?
Taking shit uh-huh, huh?
Gambling, eh?
You've got some guts, huh?
Hands forward, forward
(The new guy)
(On the dike, tomorrow after school )
(Bring NT$3000 to pay your respect)
(Or else...)
What the fuck
You need some beating
Boss Dog Boy
You eat my lunch everyday
My nanny says l've become too skinny
Too skinny?
Your nanny's blind or somethin'
What you eating that fast for?
Hey, Grove guy
Haven't paid your bill this month?
lt's OK, you can pay with a chicken leg
Collected by me, Mr. Dog Boy
Welcome, you're now listening to
Mr. Lee's ''Hour of Sensibility''
This is a barbequed chicken leg
from the Grove guy
'' What the fuck is meaning?
All l know is brotherhood.''
Don't run!
Dice go!
You need only five
Again, again
Hit it
So many of them picking on one?
Where the hell is this fag from?
Just got transferred
See how far you can go
Get him up
Go ahead and run
You fucker keep running!
You run fast
Playing dumb in front of your daddy?
What're you doing?
What about that?
Not bad
Where's your manners?
Scar, cigarettes
This is a beauty salon, not a barber shop
What's wrong with him?
l'll tend to your wound in a minute
Sister Ling
What's this for, no
You have already sent
so many flower banquets
You also spent quite a lot
when you took over the business
How could you say no to my cash gift ?
Bye, Sister Ling
Pay 50 bucks to get through
Want to be friends?
Fuck off
Did you get that chick yesterday?
She ran away
l beat up the newbie
what's that to do with you Temple Front?
Excuse me, Mr. Boss Dog Boy
Just a notice
From now on,
his business is my business
His enemy, is my enemy
Whatever people owes him
l'll get it back for him
Whatever he doesn't want from people
l will give it back for him
Would you please tell me
Did you pick on him yesterday?
Dragon Lee
Don't pick on me
when my cousin is in jail
Pick on you
Just like you called up those body
builders to pick on him yesterday?
Making him pay respect, huh?
This is your turf, huh?
Now, nobody is picking on anybody
Now l am asking you, fair and square
Did you pick on him yesterday?
How nice, everyone's here
l, Dragon Lee, is here,
no one dares to hit back, so be my guest
Do me a favor, the new guy
Can you make it quick,
10 minutes have passed
You don't really need that much thinking
lf you don't fuck'em up today
One day they'll fuck you up
My name is Chou Yi-Mong,
friends call me Mosquito
l moved to Monga when l was 1 7
l became a gangster,
because of a chicken leg
All this fighting, is there a meaning to it?
What the fuck is meaning?
Your daddy only know brotherhood,
never heard of meaning
Since l was little,
l had no father, no friends
l was bullied by
all the neighbors and kids
Until l met my brothers
My life seemed to have some meaning
What the fuck is meaning?
All l know, is brotherhood
Dragon Lee
The only son of Geta,
the boss of Monga Temple Front
A street prince born with a silver spoon
As the son of a gangster boss
all the kids respect him as the big brother
Since he's little
he's been the gangster force on campus,
maintaining the orders
So much so, that the word Brotherhood,
in his definition
Has everything to do with Power
( Protection fee, 500 )
However, the one who really has
what it takes to be a boss, is him
Monk, real name Ho Tien-Yo
His family owns
a Buddhist Accessory Shop
When he's 5, a fortune-teller
determined that this kid
was to become a gangster
( Your boy is destined to be a gangster )
His dad therefore asked his best friend
Geta to look after him
Monk is extremely intelligent
Showed amazing talent as early as
in elementary school
He can finish test papers
for 4 people at once
Each year,
he won six championships at school:
writing, speech, reading, spelling
calligraphy and art
( Boss, the high mountain tea
you ordered is here )
Because he has high lQ,
and he's resourceful and well-mannered
Comparing to any of us
Monk does everything with
more ease and professionalism
Growing up with Dragon
Monk only cares for Dragon
The way l see it
His definition of brotherhood is
lncomprehensible to others
A-Po, Huang Wan-Po
An underdog
who knows best about survival
( l've been a butcher all my life )
( How come my son is such a coward? )
He claims that he's killed 233 pigs
Done 107 women
Kicked 375 people's asses
( 376,379... )
Brotherhood for him,
is a means to hustle around
A truth only idiots would buy into
The idiot A-Po refers to
Would be Monkey
Monkey, real name Hou Chun-Sheng
His dad died soon after he was born
His mom ran away with some man
( On my white horse )
His grandpa raised him
( Through three territories )
( This is my line, who the heck are you? )
( l am Chun-Sheng )
Just like me
Monkey was often bullied as a kid
What's different is
When he turned 10
He Suddenly realized
that he was good at fighting
Since then,
he's the one beating people up
No one can hit him
lt was in the same year
That Dragon recruited him,
and he became a gangster kid
l took on three all by myself
You're talking shit
The highest record we ever made
was to pick up a mass fight
among all gangs in Monga
lt was that night
that five of us became sworn brothers
and formed the Prince Gang
Were not born on the same day
But are willing to die on the same day
Shall anyone think twice, will be punished
by the Master God of Monga
To have the limbs broken
and die an ugly death
What do you want to do the most in life?
Join the gang, be the boss
You wanna replace me?
lf l become the boss,
then you'll be the boss's boss
Sweet talker
What if you ain't in the gang?
lf Monk wasn't a gangster
he could get a PhD and win Nobel prize
Anyway he's gotta be someone big lah
lf l ain't in the gang, what would l be?
Eighteen Copper Men conquer the world
with Shaolin Kung-Fu
Famous traditional kung-fu medicine
Go back to sleep
What about you,
what you wanna do the most?
Me, l wanna go to Japan
And do what?
Go see the cherry blossoms
So ''romantico''
My dad sent home a postcard
from Japan before he died
On it,
there's cherry blossoms all over the sky
He got passed on some kind of disease
two months after he got there
He probably died not even
knowing l was born
Have you ever seen cherry blossoms?
Look, cherry blossom
Here, to your dad
Fuck! What you splashed on me with?
Pee, of course
Bitch, asshole
You can't get me, won't get me
Don't go.
What you had was broken
Got you a new one
Takin' off
Not sleeping yet?
What's going on?
How's school?
Ok, nothing special
Just the way it is
(Notification for Absence without Leave)
l've never asked you to get good grades
All l want is that you graduate
Graduate from high school, that's it
ls that too much to ask?
with the Temple Front
hooligans all the time?
Will there be a future
for you sticking with them?
There's no such thing as future
for someone like me
Say that again
l wouldn't have survived school
if they didn't watch my back
You don't steal, rob,
or do anything unspeakable,
why do you need them to protect you?
What about you?
Aren't you doing the same thing?
We just moved here, and you already
hooked up with the Mainlanders
What kind of mindset's that?
Don't you also
need someone to watch your back?
We're sworn brothers now
l never had any friends since l was little
This is the first time
Happy birthday
How do you know it's my birthday?
l have my way to find out
Let's go celebrate
Move it
How's it?
Take a look
Not bad huh, do you like it?
Dragon, big bro
Come, come. Come on in
Woo-hoo! Love birds
Get lost
lgnore them
Mosquito, Mosquito
Drink up
l'll puke if l drink more
Are we brothers or not?
Monk, Mosquito, come on, dance
Hurry up
Get movin'
Let's go
Dance with them
No, l can't dance
Hate, love, commotion in my heart
This trap, trap, trap, why me?
Hey, isn't it time to give our
b-day boy the present?
Aren't we going to get some squid soup?
Let's have it to go, you go get it
Remember to tell the owner it's
for the Temple Front
This way he'll add extra squid, hear me?
Hi, 5 squid soups to go,
it's for the Temple Front
Five to go, for the Temple Front
Temple Front
Damn Temple Front,
don't run! Knock him dead!
Don't run!
Temple Front! Get him!
Don't go
Kill him!
Wow, they're coming, coming, coming
Wow, super fast, 9 minutes 35 seconds
(The priest undertaking fear
expel ceremony for Mosquito)
Hey, sorry about the squid soups
Should l go get them again?
Get them again?
What you laughing about?
Jeez, you're unbelievable
You almost got killed
and you're going back there again?
Hey Monk, enlighten him
This is the Temple Front, our turf
Monga, Since the Ching Dynasty
to the Japanese Era
has always been
the busiest commercial center of Taipei
lt's like a gold mountain
full of opportunities and dreams
ln places like this,
all kinds of people mixing together
Someone needs to maintain
the order and allocate the interests
That's where a ''Block Boss'' steps in
The streets and lanes are their borders
Each takes care of things big
and small on his own turf
Each protects the civilians on his turf
Some say there are
over 70 block bosses in Monga
And some say over 30
But no one knows
for sure the actual number
Haven't you been asking
why we fight all the time?
You get it now?
Boss Dragon
Anywhere in Monga
mention Dragon's dad's name
No one dares to touch you
Because we, the Temple Front,
are Monga's most powerful
lf you run into those from the Back Alley,
No need to say anything, just hit 'em
Didn't we kick their ass the other day?
And also those at the night market tonight
Dragon Bro
Have a cigarette
No l'm good
Give it to others
Hey Dragon, what's your dad's name?
Didn't l just tell you, Geta (Wooden clogs)
The one that shielded off the sword
with two clogs
Hey Dragon, your dad is really cool
Hi, good day, good day
Boss Geta
Come here, eat
Time to eat lah
Lazy dude shits and pees a lot
You use the toilet whenever it's time to eat
My belly hurts, what can l do?
Hey your kid is big
you should go and register
She wouldn't marry me
Come on, meal time
The kitchen ceiling is still leaking
what did you do to fix it?
if l still have to wear
this shower cap when l cook
You'll be the one that's leaking
Ok, ok, take a break
clean up and eat
Wow, braised pork
Oi, watch out for the hygiene,
not with your hands
Come and eat
Come on, eat lah
Come and eat
ls this the way of the gangster?
Not exactly what l imagined
This, is the real Taiwanese gangster
Vulgar and powerful
No, l'm good, you go ahead
Get you some rice?
No, l am fed up
l just lost 16,000
to that Mei-ji bitch
lf l don't get it back next time
along with the interest
l'll write my name backwards
Mom, this is my sworn brother, Mosquito
Hi there
Alright, you guys carry on
Boss, it's taken care of
How'd it go?
Kept wailing
Ok lah, go sit down and eat
Have a seat
Riot at the Rocky Bay Prison
They even sent in the SWAT team
lt's turned into such a big deal
Take some of this
This reduces your internal heat,
have some
Get some more
Dad you're home
You were saying
Wim-Kian's uncle
Which uncle is it?
Well it's Dog Boy's dad
Oh, Doggy
Wim-Kian is raised by Doggy
He'll get even for sure
You better watch out
Uncle lost 200 grand
at the Temple Front bookie
He told them
to collect from you when you come out
But they insisted on
chopping down one of his fingers
What you doing?
Hey where the hell are we going?
Just chill, you'll know in a minute
Where's Monk?
Boss Dragon
There's no way he'd come for this
He's not interested in women
Try saying that to him next time
if you got the balls
lt is true
He is Monk
a monk should be vegetarian and celibate
Exquisite Tower
Tower is exquisite,
there are 13 stories in the Tower
A temple in front of the Tower,
an old monk in the temple
The old monk is the Master of six pupils
Auntie has prepared
swallow nests and shark fins for you
Pick one you like and enjoy the tonic
Feed yourself well, so you'll be strong
Auntie, my dad doesn't let me
come to Treasure Borough,
you know that right?
l know lah
Cow Dung
Yes ma'am
No one knows
Boss Dragon was here, got it?
l know lah
Auntie, get him a good one
my treat
Sure, leave it to me
Little handsome, come, your turn
Wait, l'll wait, they go first
First timer, huh?
Auntie will get you
a pretty one in a minute
Make you lose your virginity tonight
Then take a red envelope for good luck
Auntie come in for a second
Take your pick
Don't be scared
You scared the shit out of me
how can you sell this kind of product?
What you lookin' at?
l'll dig your eyes out
Her, l can do with her
Did you go to
Show Shang Elementary School?
Didn't you always carry your lunchbox
in a washing powder bag?
You're confusing me with someone else
Why do you want to be a hooker?
What about you?
Why do you want to be a gangster?
Can we talk first?
What's your name?
l'm Mosquito
Thanks, come again
My name is Ning
Stop pouting
l'm not pouting
lf you wanna see ''Fatal Attraction''
we can do it next time
How was it?
How was what?
Was it good?
With that birthmark girl yesterday
None of your business
l don't want next time.
l wanna see it today
Hey what's the fuss about?
Everybody wants to see this one
Everybody, everybody.
lt's everybody again.
No idea
Fuck, mad woman
What do you want?
Picking on me or what?
l am not picking on you
lf only you did what you promised
The ''Project A'' sequel is what l wanna see
lf you don't like it, then leave
Excuse me, l am Dragon's friend
You guys had a fight?
He asked me to come look for you
He wants to apologize
He didn't earlier
because the other guys were there
You understand, right?
Men don't like to look bad in front of friends
He asked me to come get you
He's waiting for you in the back
Come this way, in the back
This way
ln the back
l just wanted to enjoy a movie with him
And he invited those guys again
l don't understand
Why does he have to be like
this all the time?
He's in the back
Come, come here
You know why?
Because Dragon Lee is a freakin' fag
Without those guys around all the time
He'd be scared shitless
You got me?
Gotta go
See you tomorrow
Have you seen Hui?
Fuck, you're shitting me
Boss, l am not lying
that chick is real hot
Show me tomorrow then
Sure, l'll take you tomorrow
l have no idea what you're saying
l didn't do anything
Didn't do anything?
Then why did you run?
Gimme a break, you guys got weapons
Who wouldn't run when they see you?
Who knows,
maybe the Prince Gang is just
itching to beat someone up
Fuck, you're full of shit
A man is responsible for his actions
How come there's such garbage like you?
l didn't do nothing
l'm being framed
Some fucking bitch set me up
Shut his mouth
Hey you can't be serious
To be a man is to be serious
First, l will seal your mouth
And then left eye
Then right eye
Left ear
Right ear
Left nostril
Then drive you into the mountains
Dig a hole, throw you in there
Pour in vitriol, and then fill up the hole
Monk, you can't do this
What you gonna say to my cousin?
Why do l have to explain to Wim-Kian?
l don't belong to the Back Alley,
l am from the Temple Front
Are you fucked up in the head?
Besides, having done something like that
You are the one
who should figure out
what to say to Wim-Kian
Stay away from me
Don't you come closer
What the fuck,
what the fuck are you doing?
Fuck, what you doing
Seal it
Seal his mouth
Fuck, don't fuck with me
What the fuck
Seal the eyes
This is enough
Dragon, Dragon
Fuck, let go of me
Let go of me
He fucked my woman,
don't you know that?
He fucked my Hui
Yeah, l know
l'll do it
No need to worry
l'll take him to the doc l know he'll fix it
lt'll be alright
Thank you, see you again
Auntie, l want Ning
Ning is with a customer at the moment
l'll get you a prettier one
Hey A-mei
lt's ok, l'll wait
So faithful
Handsome, come in, don't go away
Come again soon
Who did this?
lf l collect less than 30 cards
One whip for one card short
What you sorry for
You didn't turn me into this
What's up with you?
Can l spend the night here?
How many more do you need?
l'll buy them all
l bought a lot
Even one for Dog Boy
Sorry, l forgot that he can't eat
How could this happen?
Didn't you say it's no problem?
Could be too much in the nose
Where is it?
The yo-yo
The five of you, try to fly
when you still don't know how to walk?
Blackie and l only went to the South
for a couple of days
You already made such a big mess
When the day comes that l'm gone
Would that mean
the end of Temple Front?
The Prince Gang my ass
Lost your mind for a Mainlander chick
Dragon Lee,
you really think you're a prince?
man's life is worth nothing for you?
You can kill
when you can't even kneel properly?
Look, if you fall again
l'll beat you to death
l'll be your page boy if l don't
Boss, l made this mess
lt's got nothing to do with them
lt's all my fault
Fine, get up
All of you, get up
All get up!
You are good
l wouldn't know if you didn't tell me
lt's your fault
lt has nothing to do with them
You are good
You are good
How come you're so good?
So good
You are really good
Really good
Heading back?
Boss Masa
Boss Masa
He almost wasted him. God forbid
He meant to kill him or what?
When kids make a mistake,
they should be disciplined
You haven't changed a bit, so naive
Don't you know what kind of person he is?
We're brothers for so many years
We're like family
Family? lf only he felt the same way, too
Secretly hired someone
to chop off your hand,
and took your place
And now, he fucked up your son
when he got the chance
Don't talk about this in front of the kid
Come, come outside
Hey, why aren't you sleeping?
What's going on?
What he just said, is it true?
Chou Ling-Wan, your registered mail
Be right back
l'm takin' off
Got enough money with you?
l will
Sorry about that
No worries
Your son is very good-looking, going out?
Pre-graduation trip
He's graduating?
You are really lucky
You're too kind
We Stepped into the World of Grown-ups
And There Was No Turning Back''
Sweeping Blade
Stabbing tube
Samurai 8-feet
Samurai 2-feet
Edged stiletto
Whenever you have time,
take them out, feel them and clean them
Befriend them
When you are in trouble
Your friends will support you
Get it?
Hurry up, you're falling behind
Son of a bitch, fuck
One, two, three
That's how it's done
Hey, l just took a piss
What age is it ?
They all use guns now
What's the point of practicing these?
Come on, when the guns are loaded
Do we have the time to turn around
and get our 2-feet, 8-feet?
Our asses are already getting shot at
What the fuck did you say?
Boss Geta
Guns are evil things imported
from the West
They are for those who don't have balls
Weapon for the lowly
To establish oneself
in the underground society
One depends on his fists and knives
l won't let the five of you
lay your hands on guns
You hear me?
Hear me?
Let's go
Take your shit and let's go
Yay! The training camp is over!
Black Dog Bro on the mountain top
He is the young master of the ranch
Hard working night and day
His huge ranch takes up
the whole mountain
His singing is loud and cheerful
He sings non-stop all day long
His songs are so beautiful
His nice singing voice got him famous
l hear his voice but can't see him,
yo le yi li
Throughout the whole mountain
there is his voice, yo le yi li
The voice is pure and lovely, yo le yi li
Yo le yi, yo le yi li
Thank you
Applause please
Boss, what an incredible night
Both bosses of Monga Temple Front
and Back Alley are here
Masa is here?
Good, l'll go have a drink with him later
Sure, sure
aren't the Back Alley guys our enemies?
Of course
Then why Boss Geta said he'd go drink
with the boss of Back Alley?
Oh, they are buddies
They are buddies?
They were sworn brothers
Like the five of us
One day you'll get your own block,
l'll have mine
Our subordinates fight
when they see each other
But for us on the top, when we meet
having a drink is a must
You'd better watch out
l'm not scared of you
lf you don't tell what's on your mind
Who will ever know?
Sometimes l really want to
Just let out all of my sorrow
Stepped into the underground
l shouldn't have
Now that l want to undo my mistakes
Who would understand?
My love if you know my heart...
Hey, homeboy, what a coincidence
l was about to go have a drink with you
Who you with?
Wim-Kian, he just got out
Came to welcome him back
How long was he in there?
House Cleaning Operation,
it's been three years
Three years already
He brought a Mainlander with him
Said the Mainlander
took care of him in there
Brought him to introduce to us
Lately l heard those Mainlanders
want a piece of Monga
Oh, gimme a break, don't think too much
l can't even speak ''Mandorin''
With them,
there is nothing we can talk about
Hey homeboy, l'm thinking, seriously
Couple of events happened
to Wim-Kian's household
lf you can, would you come and say hello?
His uncle cheated in games,
l handled it by the book
His cousin raped a woman
l sorted it out for him, too
The street, and business, the rules,
l did everything right
Why should l apologize
to a youngster for things like these?
Nah, you know it
Wim-Kian is like a mad dog
l don't care what kind of dog he is
lt's your dog, train it yourself
Geta, nowadays the Grey Wolf's gang
is doing very well
Boss Masa, please stop teasing me
Did l say it wrong?
Dragon, make a toast
Boss Geta's son
My son
Dragon, handsome fellow
Bro. Grey Wolf
Grey Wolf, he's the most promising among
the younger generation in Monga
We should watch our back
or soon we'll be history
Boss Geta, look
For the past 3 years when l was in there
thanks for taking care of our boss
And people in my household
One day l, Wim-Kian
will do my best to repay you
Now that you're out, you should be happy
Saying all this nonsense is useless
Alright, come on, drink up
Here, everyone, cheers
Cheers, everyone, drink up
How's your boss doing overseas?
He's in good shape physically,
but he's kind of depressed
lt's hard not to get depressed
Mainlanders are indeed different
That Grey Wolf,
he moves a finger and the cigarette comes
The glass gets refilled
as soon as it got empty
lt's like they were telepathic
And the whole group
stood still in the back all night long
Tall and straight like the Military Police
My legs got sore by just looking at them
Sigh, Monga is hopeless
So maybe you should
join them if you like them so much
You shitting me?
They just look more impressive
Wouldn't we look cool if we act like them?
l think they look phony
Yeah, bunch of fakes
You know that Grey Wolf?.
You know him personally?
No, my mom does
Your mom's sleeping with him?
Fuck, shut your face
Ah-ha, something fishy here
lf your mom doesn't want him
give him to my mom. He is her type.
Shut up
ls it good?
Hmm, it's good
Then l'll bring some more next time
Did you have a tough time
in the mountains?
What's up with you?
You look not yourself today
l ran into someone l don't like
Who was it?
My mom's ex, before she married my dad
My mom said she'd been
with him since she was 16
But one day
He left without a word
And disappeared until a few years ago
Are you gonna disappear
like him someday?
You're scared that l'll disappear?
Why call me silly
l won't
What did you say?
Something nice that
l'm not gonna say again
Hey boss, a barbequed chicken leg
OK, OK, right away
l'll get one more then
Boss, have a chicken leg
Come, sit here
You grew up without a father?
That obvious?
Leave us;
kids shouldn't listen to adults' discussion
Boss Masa
l heard you've been working
with the Mainlanders,
why didn't you tell me?
Who is talking such nonsense?
Words spread fast
Gimme a break
l can't even speak Mandarin
how do l work with the Mainlanders?
You really buy that shit?
Seriously, no?
They did talk to me about it
But l haven't agreed
That means yes then,
and you're still playin' dumb with me?
l've told Wim-Kian about this
lf Boss Geta doesn't agree
then l won't do it
Our Monga is an old town
We have our own way
and traditions in managing this place
We don't want to work with outsiders
Masa and l are no exception
l understand
How about this?
ln the beginning l won't show up
And you two bosses
still handle everything
We can observe each other for a while
Until we've reached certain level of
understanding and trust
Then we'll go from there
The business l run outside of Monga
lf you are interested, please let me know
l would love to have you join me
Thanks a lot
l think we better stay in Monga
with our small business
We don't know much
about the outside world
We are not interested in running around
What about Boss Masa,
what do you think?
My position is very simple
Whatever Boss Geta says
l do my best to follow suit
Yeah, you are the shit now
Dozens of block bosses,
with losts of grease to go around
And then
Fucking old asses getting in your way
Look at your bosses:
drink all day, the women, a great life
Eventually, they will suck Monga dry
lt's such a wonderful land, what a waste
Look at our Big Boss
He's got brains
He doesn't sleep,
he spends his days thinking
Thinking about how
to develop the organization
Now, as soon as he gives an order,
it'll be like cell division
We'll no longer be just a gang of hundreds
But tens of thousands, l am telling you
Guns will be brought in by sea in boxes
Halls will be established one after another
And you
Hanging out on your block
Selling toilet paper and selected tea,
collecting fees
Getting turned in every now and then
Times are changing, bro
Do it right
We set up a hall in Monga,
and you'll be the Boss
Each of us needs our own stage
The world is going to be ours
lt's gonna be diffiicult
if there's only one hall for the entire Monga
The two major powers in Monga
Are our Back Alley and the Temple Front
We've got our own blocks on each side
You won't have any problem with me
But if you wanna make this work
You'll have to include the Temple Front
Otherwise you'll have to
deal with all the blocks behind them
lt won't be easy
lt's gonna be a tough fight
You got someone from the Temple Front?
l still remember four years ago, right here
You were against over a dozen
from Da Dao Cheng
l saw them beating the life out of you
Still you wouldn't give in
l owe you for that
No need to thank me
lt was because you've got balls
lf you weren't tough enough
Even if you got beaten to death
in front of me 100 times
l wouldn't give a shit
Really, l owe you a lot
And that thing about the Dog Boy
l am fully aware
Dragon messed with
somebody's girlfriend four years ago
But you took on the heat
Can we spare Dragon?
What? You want to protect your brother?
l am afraid that
we are losing the entire Monga
you know that?
lt's like the last years of Ching Dynasty
All the foreign powers
have surrounded China with
their firearms, canons and ships
That old empress Tz'u-Hsi still thought
she could bring them all down
That's exactly what's happening in Monga
Our Boss Masa
puts on fancy clothes
and fools around everyday
And your Boss Geta is a stubbern old fool
The future is knocking on the door,
and Monga is still asleep
They all call me mad dog
They are right
But l had been thinking a lot
during the 3 years in prison
My boss turned me in
during the Big Crackdown
That Dragon, you took on the beating
every time he screwed up
That's the kind of fate for people like us
Now the Mainlanders are asking nicely
to do business with us
The proud old folks
refused right on the spot
When the time comes,
who's put on the frontline?
No one else but you and me
lt's guns in their hands
You really think you can
fight them with a stabbing tube?
Don't feel ashamed
to work with the outsiders
You really think l'll let
the Mainlanders take over Monga?
Look who's thinking for Monga
Shoot, talking is useless
Holy crap, all that wind, and now the rain
ls the typhoon really coming?
Boss Masa have a good night, come again
And you, don't run around, be good
Ah, you came for Auntie Ai as well?
Boss Geta is here
with all of his Temple Front
brothers, to pay their respect
Please bless them, so that they are safe,
healthy and prosperous
Homeboy, rest in peace
l swear right here, on my name
That l will find the murderer
To do your vengeance
My condolence, take care
Boss Geta
l have mobilized everyone
in the Back Alley
l've also notified Taoyuan,
Chungli and the South
Boss, if you can help us find him
l'd very much appreciate
We have to get A-Chung
l want him kneel in front of our boss,
and pay back with his life
l'll help you find A-Chung
But we don't need to kill him
l'll find out if he's the murderer
Who knows? Maybe it's your own man
who did this, then frame him
Boss, how can you say this?
Are you saying that
our men killed our own boss?
Fuck, l'd say someone
from you Temple Front killed him
Don't move!
God is watching, we all know what we did
Boss, got news from the Back Alley
They said A-Chung
is spotted nearby the Watergate
Now they and the Da Dao Cheng
people are all out to get him
l heard A-Chung is around Watergate
Everyone, go get him now
OK let's go
You go with them
Boss, what about you?
There's nothing to worry about,
l'm on my own turf
Go, hurry
Boss, you're closing
Everybody's out to get A-Chung,
not much business around here
All of the Temple Front went?
Your Boss Geta, l think he stayed
Then please make two for me
Sorry, come early tomorrow
We came all the way from the South,
can we just do a brief prayer?
Boss, boss
Anybody here?
Call the ambulance
Hurry call the ambulance
Call the ambulance
Anybody here?
Boss Dragon is gone
l told Dragon not to come today
lf Dragon shows up today, he will die
Those bastards want our Dragon dead
They want us dead
they want us at the Temple Front all dead
Can't you see what's happening?
l'll go find him
You stay right here
l don't want him back,
l don't want him here
Don't you go get him
our Geta will understand
Madam, madam, calm down, have a seat
l don't want him back
don't bring him back
Who is it?
lt's me, me
lt's OK now
lt's me
lt's time, can't wait anymore
Who will hold the memorial tablet then?
l'll do it
Geta or Masa, take your pick
Goddamn sons of bitches
How dare you, getting all despicable
in front of Master God
You two go from the back door
Go now
lf you don't kill them today
One day they'll kill you
l want them to pay with their blood
Why are you pushing me?
You think we're their match?
How on Earth do you think
we can do anything about it?
Boss Geta is dead, Boss Masa is dead too
Aren't you humans?
Don't you have any feelings?
Do you even have feelings?
Don't you be stirring things up
How do we revenge
without knowing who did it?
lt's Wim-Kian, must be him
Everybody knows it,
but no one dares to touch him
No! Stop it!
Stop it, Monk
Stop it
At this point, revenge is suicide
Besides, Dragon can't stay in Monga
You three
take Dragon to the Philippines,
lay low for a while
l'll stay and investigate
We need evidence
l'll stay too
Do you remember,
the night Boss Geta died
You were all sent to find that A-Chung
Have you ever thought
it could just be a smoke bomb?
The thing, l want it done tomorrow
OK, no problem, leave it to me
Get some rest Boss, l'm heading off
Monkey is involved in an armed assault
Now the police suspects that
the gun in his possesion
is the same one that killed
the Back Alley boss
You pathetic liars
My Monkey is still at school
What did you take me here for?
l gotta hurry home
and cook for him
Fuck your sorry ass
Dragon, don't do that
Let's go
lgnore 'em
Why are they like this?
Because Monkey killed Boss Masa
Apparently Boss Geta
ordered Monkey to do it
so he could take over the Back Alley
Then they in turn killed
Boss Geta and Blackie
Temple Front did something like this
The gang has lost people's respect
What are you talking about?
Monkey didn't kill Boss Masa
Then you go explain to everybody
What is the reason that made
Monkey become the scapegoat?
Something to drink?
l am just here to ask you a question
Then l'm out of here
Have a seat
Hey you guys take a break,
Grey Wolf Bro. has a meeting
Why did you leave my mom
in the first place?
Something went wrong
Had to get away
Then why didn't you explain to her?
Because then she would
have waited for me
Didn't want her to waste her youth waiting
Then, if you were given a second chance
Would you stay with her?
We only live once
l've run out of my chances
You still have a chance
lf something happens to me,
please take good care of her
What are you talking about?
l'm warning you
Your mom went through hell to raise you
You owe her your life
You get me?
But Boss Geta died in my arms
l can never forget how he died in my arms
You know what?
Whichever way the wind blows
The grass bends along
When l was young
l thought l was the wind
But eventually it cost me dearly
Then l realized we're all just grass
You are still young, you've got options
Go to the Philippines
and lay low for a while
What's gonna happen in Monga
nobody knows
l need to speak to Monk
l've made up my mind,
l'll go to the Philippines too
l'll be in the Philippines
for a couple months
You haven't served in the military,
how do you get out of the country?
Unregistered boat
l will be back soon
l've asked Auntie how much you owe her
l'll figure out a way to get that money
When l come back
l'll get you out of here
l'll take you to the movies some time
How's that possible
lf l get caught, they'll break my legs
Auntie promised me, personally
She'll tell them
that you're going for abortion
Grey Wolf, that's it then, we're heading off
Scar, see them to the door
Yes, sir
That's it
There's no problem right?
Don't worry
You need to do it nice and clean
Don't leave behind anything
that'd make us lose sleep
He already agreed to get on
the boat with them
And then,
what are we gonna do when he's back?
Mom, l left some savings in your closet
Why in my closet?
Deposit it in the bank,
and you can earn interest
Then you do it for me
Boss Geta, excuse me,
please lend me your 2-feet
Bless me, and help me to find the truth
Boy, go get the car
l'm leaving everything to you
OK, take care
Let's go yeah?
Let's go pray to the Master God for a sec
What you talking this shit to me for?
l'm afraid you won't be able to
explain to Sister Ling
Explain to whom?
l'm a goddamn gangster,
who am l answering to?
He's not my son for God's sake
Get the car; we're going to Monga
He's not here
Oh, earlier he told me
to deposit money for him
What's up with all this money?
All his regular clothes are gone
Why is the postcard l sent you
in Yi Mong's closet?
How could you keep me
in the dark for so many years?
Shut the door, go shut the door
What are you doing?
Yeah, Mosquito, what you doing?
Stay where you are
l want to know something
Tell us
Are you sending us to the boat
or to Hell?
What the fuck?
There is no boat, right?
Mosquito, can you put down the knife first?
lf there's a misunderstanding,
we can sort it out
There's no misunderstanding
Tonight, there is no boat but trap
Thre's no way we're
getting to the Philippines
Explain, what's going on?
What's the deal?
Why did Mosquito say something like that?
What's the situation?
Mosquito, have you lost your mind?
Say it!
We swore to be brothers,
at the very same place
And now one of you's
putting a knife against my neck
Another one is starting to doubt me
What the fuck is this?
lf you've go the fucking guts,
tell the truth in front of the Master God
lf l misunderstood you
feel free to give me a stab
But if you are the traitor
who sold out the Temple Front
l want you to pay with your life
Sell out?
How could that be Monk?
Can you please stop this shit? OK?
Stop acting like this
l saw him with Wim-Kian
and Grey Wolf, with my own eyes
Your mama
Not my day
Times are changing
The outside world is changing
lf we are as stubborn as the old bosses
we'll be dead sooner or later
The entire Monga will fall into their hands
l met with Grey Wolf and Wim-Kian,
was to save Monga
To save
The Temple Front
So, did you kill my dad?
You're the one who killed my dad?
Kill them
Everything l do
is for you
Have you seen Mosquito?
Go get everybody
Should we go take a look?
lf you got on the boat,
then we wouldn't end up like this
Why didn't you just get on the boat?
Why are you making me do this?
Go ahead and kill me
lf you don't kill me today
l will kill you tomorrow
l never understood
what's the point in all this fighting
Now l am even more confused
You're my brother
but l have to kill you
Because this is the street
Because we're gangsters
Whoever gets in the way dies
There's no other choice
lf this were the way of the street
Then l am not a gangster
l am in this for friendship
l am in this for brotherhood
Guns are weapons for the lowly
You thought l was going to embrace you
So you opened your arms
At that moment
You chose to believe in me, didn't you?
You thought you were in this as a gangster
But like me, you're here for friendship
and brotherhood, too
You thought Geta was a decent man?
He wanted to become the Boss
So he chopped off my dad's arm
Did you know how he treated his brothers?
What's good in the cinema lately?
Dumb Recruit is pretty funny
Mosquito, are you OK?
Dragon, Dragon
Hurry, let's go
Look, something happened
Go look for some guy called Mosquito
Where's my ear?
Some say
Joining the gang is like getting a bad lot
You end up either living in exile
Or getting brutally murdered on the streets
But that year, me and my brothers
we all believed joining the gang
using violence to gain control
was the way to rule
The only way for survival
Why do the four of you want to recruit me?
Because it takes five fingers
to form a fist