Monica (2011) Movie Script

'Mr. Jaitley, will you please
tell us who is responsible for it?'
Whatever has happened
with Monica Jaitley..
'Mr. Jaitley,
I am Anil Sharma from Zee TV.'
You tell me, who do you suspect?
No! No, please, no.
I don't have anything else to say.
Go. Please go.
'Still the question arise that did
you have any idea about it before?'
'Mr. Jaitley,
please reply my one question.'
What do you want to ask? What?
'Did you have any idea or
indication about this incident?'
Look, what was destined
to happen has already happened!
I have nothing more
to say about Monica.
Come on, I will also take a leak.
Hey, how is your
flow longer than mine?
A person should be
tall to squirt a long flow.
Raise your heels and
you too squirt a long flow.
What's great about it?
Quite simple, you know.
I have got it. Raise your heels and..
Got it! - Understood?
Very good.
But don't understand more, otherwise..
..we will have to cut
you down to size as well.
Come on.
"I am still young."
"I am still young."
"I am still young."
"Everyone who has come
to meet is a hazy shadow."
"They look unknown,
but they found a place in my heart."
"Don't leave me alone,
there is darkness around."
"The life is a quandary,
there is no peace."
"I have lost myself somewhere."
"I have lost to myself somewhere."
"I have lost myself."
"I have lost to myself."
perhaps there is someone outside.
Raj! Raj, don't disconnect the call.
I am not done yet.
Hi, Monica.
"Papa says I will become famous."
"My son will do such a great thing."
Hey, what's this?
You have made me miss the opening.
I wanted to watch Aamir
Khan's opening scene.
We are late because
of me or because of you?
You can't decide anything on time.
It is important to test
our destiny for every new thing.
"The groom will come
along the wedding procession."
"The night will be
colorful." - Oh, dear.
"I will dance in a
state of exhilaration."
Am I wrong?
I just want to be friends with you.
Hey, keep sitting quietly.
"There are no sorrows
when we are alone."
Monica! Monica!
Monica, where are you going?
But what happened? At least tell me.
Tell me.
What happened? Monica?!
Look, we have this diary with us.
She has written everything
in it about that theatre incident.
Didn't she ever tell you anything?
You were her mother.
You should have known what had
happened with her during childhood.
'So you have returned?'
'The school was over long back.'
'Where were you till now?'
'I have forbidden you so many times..'
'..not to go around with that girl.'
'To hang around with your
friends daily, going for movies..'
'..we don't approve of it,
'There is no effect on her.'
'She is least bothered to study.'
'She hangs around with
friends the all day long..'
'..and goes to watch movies
in the evening. Are you deaf..
..that I have to shout at you?'
'If you continue such behavior..'
' it,
you will repent a lot one day.'
'Amidst all the legal turmoil,
today at last Monica Jaitley's..'
'..Murder Case is presented
in the court formally.'
We want justice for Miss. Monica.
We will never tolerate
any injustice being done to her.
It is not good to defame
anyone without evidence.
Give justice to Monica Jaitley.
The main accused of this case, Mr.
Sandeep Mishra..
..who got the others punished
as an advocate till yesterday.. he is going to stand
in the witness box as a culprit.
'Mr. Mishra, last year on 8th May,
exactly one day before..'
'..Monica's murder, Mr.
Chandrakant Pandit..'
'..and Mr.
Vora come to an understanding..'
'..that Mr. Vora will quit his
post of a minister of Uttar Pradesh.'
'He comes to Delhi to meet Mr.
Chandra to give this assurance.'
'And you call Monica to
Lucknow and she is murdered.'
'Mr. Mishra,
was Monica an obstacle in this deal?'
Okay, Mr. Pandit, we will meet
again tomorrow evening in Lucknow.
Once again, welcome back.
And I mean it.
Sir! Sir, it's Mr.
Mishra's call from Lucknow.
Mr. Pandit,
congratulations for your post as a CM.
Everyone here is
impatient to meet you.
Mr. Mishra, I am impatient too,
till father's soul attains salvation.
Look, nothing should
go wrong at the last moment.
Rest assured.
Everything is under control.
And yes, Monica.. - Monica?
What's wrong with her?
What else?
I have called her here to Lucknow.
So you have found her?
Where could she have escaped from us?
She had to come back to us.
'On one hand Mr.
Sandeep Mishra's arrest gives an..'
'..indication of
differences between him..'
'..and Mr. Chandrakant Pandit.'
'On the other hand,
his silence clearly proves..'
'..that the pressure of some people
is forcing him to remain silent.'
Honorable Judge, the prosecution
will try to prove three.
..things in this court.
Number one: How was Miss.
Monica Jaitley murdered?
Number two: Who killed her?
And number three: Why did he kill her?
According to the police report,
on 9th May, 2007..
..around 5:15 pm,
Monica was attacked with a dagger..
..and a piece of wire
at her parents' house.
Just after some time of her murder,
her parents found her dead.
The time those murderers
had come to kill Monica.. she
was talking to her husband..
..Mr. Raj Jaitley over the phone.
Who do you think..
Who do you think
is responsible for this?
There are no fingerprints on it,
but it is the same dagger..
..which was stabbed on
Monica's body for six times.
And this is that wire by
which she was strangled to death.
Exhibit A and Exhibit B.
The murder weapons.
Mr. Raj Jaitley,
why had Monica come to Lucknow?
Point number two:
Who had killed Monica?
Honorable Judge, the prosecution
is still alleging Mr. Sandeep Mishra.. the main accused because
it was Mr. Sandeep Mishra..
..who has made the last
phone call to Monica's cell phone.
Besides it,
according to the statement..
..of sub-inspector Mr.
Hanumant Singh..
..Monica was spotted for
the last time at hotel Deepshikha..
..with Mr.
Sandeep Mishra during a raid.
Honorable Judge, the medical
and other reports too prove..
..a physical relationship between
Monica and Mr. Sandeep Mishra.
Why did Monica spend that
night with Mr. Sandeep Mishra?
This fact had a deep
connection with this murder.
But the most important question is,
point number three.
Why was Monica killed?
What is the motive of her murder?
So, Honorable Judge,
the prosecution will try.. prove that Mr. Sandeep Mishra..
He had not planned this murder alone.
On one hand there are two
murderers who committed this murder..
..and on the other hand there
are some high-profile people..
..on whose orders Mr.
Sandeep Mishra got her murdered.
Honorable Judge,
these is exhibits C, D, E and F.
These are three tapes in Monica
Jaitley's voice and this dairy.. which the names of those
three persons are mentioned..
..on whose orders this
murder has been committed.
I will request the court to
file a charge-sheet in the names..
..of all three of them.
And those three names on whose
orders this murder was committed.
Pamela Gerewal, industrialist
Asim Ray editor, 'Morning Star'..
..Mr. Chandrakant Pandit,
ex-minister of telecom.
I object, Your Honour.
The exhibits which the prosecution
is presenting right now..
..the honorable court or the defense
didn't have any information about it.
Long live..
Chandrakant Pandit - Silence!
Silence please.
Please approach the bench.
Kindly meet me in my chamber.
'The public prosecutor
has created a sensation in..'
'..the court today by presenting
three tapes of Monica Jaitley.'
'The three names mentioned
in these tapes are..'
'..Pamela Gerewal, Asim Ray and Mr.
Chandrakant Pandit..'
'..the party member of the district.'
Mr. Mathur, what is this joke?
Are you sure that the
prosecution has enough evidence?
Mr. Chandrakant Pandit can become
the chief minister of this district.
And you are implicating
him in a murder case?
I am just questioning him.
- On what grounds?
Monica! Monica herself
is the evidence.
Your Honour, these exhibits
can't be made the proof.
Because the tapes can
be fake and the diary..
The diary can be someone's
trick of mind too.
Mr. Mathur, till now you
don't even have the identities..
..of the persons who
have committed the murder.
What is the police doing?
Can I ask you something?
What is their importance in this case?
Because, Honorable Judge,
nowadays you can get such murderers..
..anywhere by offering them a
meagre amount of Rs. 5,000 to 10,000.
These unemployed villagers,
these youth of universities..
..can cross any limits to please
their political bosses nowadays.
Why don't we arrest the
people who take advantage..
..of their circumstances
and helplessness..
..and force them to do such work?
And it's.. and it's really a shame.
But that is the law.
Nobody is guilty until proven.
Thank you, Your Honour.
I will appeal the
court to present them.. the defense witness in the court.
But I..
No political drama will
take place in my courtroom.
You can call them, Mr. Verma.
Don't sensationalize this
case to get the headlines.
Right now the party member Mr.
Chandrakant Pandit..
..has reached here and we would
like to ask him a few questions.
Long live.. - Chandrakant Pandit.
Long live.. -Chandrakant Pandit.
Sir, we would like to know..
Long live.. - Chandrakant Pandit.
Long live.. - Chandrakant Pandit.
Long live.. - Chandrakant Pandit.
Mr. Chandrakant Pandit has come.
Mr. Pandit. - Mr. Pandit is here.
Some decision will definitely
be taken today. I think so.
It's okay.
You took a long to show
throw your weight, Raj.
There's a right time for everything.
And then, it passes away.
Raj, give an application to me too.
I will get the CBI inquiry made on it.
After all I too want..
..Monica's murderers to
get the severest punishment.
Trust me.
My name is Mr. Chandrakant Pandit.
I have never seen you before.
But I knew your daughter.
Believe me.
I really regret her death.
Take care of Raj.
He needs your support.
He is very upset.
Please be seated. Please. Sit down.
Did he have any affair with his wife?
No. He used to get a Rakhi..
..(a sacred thread that a sister
ties on brother's wrist) tied by her.
That's why her husband and
brother are embracing each other.
Really? Then did he know that
his wife was going around with him..
Sit down. Sit down.
Oh, darn!
Oh, darn! Oh, darn! Dammit!
Honorable Judge, I have come
to thank you that you exempted me..
..from personally appearing
for the hearing of this case.
Thank you.
By the way, my statement
is with the defense council.
But still I want to assure the court..
..that I won't accept the post..
..of the chief minister
of this district..
..till Monica's parents
don't accept me as innocent.
Till then on every
hearing of this court..
..I will try to be
personally present as.. ordinary Indian, as a common man.
Jai Hind! May I?
Mr. Pandit, why are you called...
..all the way in this dispute?
- Please, sir. One comment.
Just one question.
Please reply one question, Mr. Pandit.
Mr. Pandit, reply one question.
Please reply before going.
What should I say?
You can definitely say something.
She was your friend after all.
How about your first meeting?
How the heck can she
just die and become a murder?
How much coverage should a story get.. many words it should include,
will I have to tell you?
Be thankful that only
this much news is published.
A journalist is killed.
The whole community
is bound to stand together.
Huh! Community? My foot!
I am leaving.
Be seated.
My father had died in the same city.
The people forget about it.
They will forget her too.
'We have got her photo clicked now.'
'I will be blessed
if her wedding is fixed.'
'Mona's father,
I am still telling you.'
'Are you listening to me?
Don't make any delay.'
'Even if she passes her B.A. exams..'
'..will any prince come to marry her?'
'You will not understand.'
'Nowadays there is a
demand of educated girls.'
'How much is the charge?'
'Eight copies for Rs. 60.'
We always kept on talking.
We never heard her words.
I regret they are the parents
who bid the first price..
..of their daughter in our country.
But Mr. Raj Jaitley,
you had a love marriage, right?
'Something which you never were,
which I couldn't become.'
'Both of us would have
exchanged our complaints.'
"This slight pain which
is pricking my heart."
"Someone ask my heart
how special it is."
"Why does it make me desperate
in the form of desires?"
"Why does it make me
see the scene of future?"
"I have lost from myself somewhere."
"I have lost from
myself somewhere." - Raj!
"I have lost from myself."
"I have lost from myself."
She hated him.
Actually she was impressed
by his hero-image.
But after marriage, she hated him.
I am sorry,
Raj, that I have to say all this.
'Raj! Raj! Raj!'
'What has changed, Raj?'
'Do you think I am blind?'
'Can't I see everything?'
'You don't love me, do you?'
'You are jealous.'
'You are jealous of my success.'
'You are jealous, Raj.
You are jealous.'
'I hate you.'
Her parents were insisting
on her to marry..
..and she met you at that time.
Charming. Topper in the university.
Wasn't it enough?
- I don't know why she married me.
'When beggars die,
there are no comets seen.'
'The heavens themselves
brace for the death.'
'..the death of princess.'
'What the heck is this, Monica?'
'I am sorry, Raj.'
'I'll do it again.'
'No. You won't do it again.'
'I said I am sorry, Raj.' - Just..'
'Just because you are my wife,
it doesn't mean you can..'
'..mess up the scene
and get away with it.'
'Raj.. - Don't Raj me.'
'Don't come here till
you learn your lines. Go.'
Sanju! What is it? - 'Mr.
Raj.. Please come here for a minute.'
'Improve the sound of the thunder.'
'Beat it loudly. It sounds so dull.'
'Raj, he is Chandrakant Pandit.
- Hello.'
'And, Chandra, he is Raj Jaitley,
my director. - Hello.'
Perhaps I have come at wrong time.
I hope I am not disturbing you.
No, no. It's okay. It goes on. Come.
I am a director,
so I should maintain discipline.
How are you?
My cast. - Hello.
He is Mr. Pandit. - Hi.
But wives. They don't understand.
They start crying on every matter.
Please come. Please.
Have a seat.
By the way, Sandeep praises you a lot.
He doesn't have an option.
He is my friend after all.
Sanju, bring tea.
Raj, you have a wonderful combination.
- Pardon me?
To direct these plays
along with journalism. - Oh!
You are very famous in our city.
It's nothing.
Sandeep was saying that
both of you had done law together.
Then I was selected in LFS..
..then I went away and
I couldn't complete law. - Yes.
Now I visit here very few times.
I always have a posting outside.
By the way, I too have performed
many plays here with him.
Really? Then you too will
have to show me your acting.
You will not have to
buy your ticket for that.
I am thinking of learning politics.
I am ready.
Julius Caesar.
It is a strange co-incidence
that you are told to.. Cassius' role in this drama?
Your Honour,
I am still unable to understand..
..what is the relationship
of that play with this case after all?
There is a connection, Judge.
Ironically Monica learnt
her first lesson of politics..
..through a play,
Julius Caesar, staged by her husband.
Along with the time
and circumstances..
..the changing faces
of the friends and foes..
..are portrayed
perfectly in this play.
But Monica was unaware
that one day her friends and..
..sympathizers will become
a reason of her death.
Mr. Sandeep Mishra was
one of hers and her husband's.. friends,
but he backstabbed her one day.
I object, Your Honour.
Mr. Mathur! - Your Honour!
You were a good friend
of Raj before Monica..
..and you used to help
him from time to time too.
Professionally that is. - Yes.
Quotation case, perhaps which
was the biggest achievement..
..of Raj's career,
its credit goes to you too.
But you had handed over
that file to Raj at last.
Yes, you can say
that I had helped him.
But what after that?
Raj didn't become the editor
in spite of getting this success.
Look, I could have just helped Raj.
It was not in my hands
to make him the editor.
It was not in your hands,
but definitely in Mr. Chandra's hands.
After all, his father was the chief
minister of the province that time.
I object, Your Honour.
The line of questioning
of the prosecution is irrelevant.
The age of 34-35 years
is not more, Judge.
But there were many ups
and downs in Monica's life..
..during this short duration of life.
I am just trying to
examine that first twist..
..from where she got estranged..
..from her husband Raj.
'Sit comfortably.
There is quite space.'
The benefit of Sandeep
Mishra's connections.
That time Raj too didn't
find anything wrong about it.
What turn does a party,
a night brings in a person's life..
..sometimes he himself
is unaware of it.
'Hi. - Hi. I am Monica.'
'It's a pleasure meeting you.'
'And you regret it.'
Pardon? - Oh, hi. How are you?'
'I am fine. Thank you, Mrs. Renu.'
'Son, Arjun, please meet uncle.'
'So why are you hesitating
to say your name?'
'Hello, my dear.' - 'It is your name.'
'Say it with confidence.'
'Hi. I am Chandrakant Pandit. - Hi.'
'I always tell her..'
'..but confidence is
the last thing she has.'
'And do you know why, Mr. Raj?'
'You need a backing for it.'
'I have a backing behind my voice.'
'My father's popular folk songs.'
'But what is her backing?'
'It depends on High Command.'
'If they wish, they will hire you.'
'Hello, father.'
'How are you, Mishra?
- I am fine by your blessings. Hello.'
I'll introduce you to my dad.
Please come.'
Look, when it comes
to the parliament... depends on Chandra's capability.
..I'll not give recommendation..
..the rest,
it depends on the high command..
..that he should get
this parliament or not.
'Daddy, he is Mr. Raj Jaitley.'
'Pleased to meet you, sir.
- How are you?'
'Mrs. Jaitley.'
'Hello.' - 'My wife.'
Many times the men don't hesitate.. present their wife like a trophy.
It happens many times.
And people like Sandeep
Mishra take advantage of it.
'Oh, Monica, you are here?'
'We were searching for you outside.'
'Come on, let's go out.'
'Chandra wants you.'
Judge, Monica didn't know
that her natural reaction..
..that is to slap Mr.
Sandeep Mishra for his misdeed..
..may prove so fatal for her.
Because if she would not
have slapped him that time..
..Raj would have become the editor..
..and he would have been
leading his life happily with her.
Objection, Your Honour. - Sustained.
Mr. Mathur, don't comment
on what would have happened..
..and say what actually has happened.
Now Monica is not alive
to say whatever that had happened.
But yes, he has described
her in great details.
According to him,
on the night of 8th May..
..Monica herself came
to meet him in a hotel..
..and agreed to sleep with him too.
Judge, that Monica who had
slapped him in a crowded party..
..she became ready to..
Miss. Pamela Gerewal.. had met Monica for
the first time at a party, right?
Mr. Srikant Pandit
was the CM that time.
And respectable Mr. Vora?
Okay, when you had met Monica,
you were in a dilemma..
..why isn't Vora able
to get your small work done?
Okay, what next?
What do you mean by next?
Oh, I am sorry. I mean when, where..
..and how did you meet Monica again?
Actually that time Monica was for me..
..she was just another girl.
But then she had come to Delhi..
..where I often paid
visits from Mumbai.
Okay, did you remember
a small meeting of Lucknow?
I mean after her name was published.. the important
bylines of the newspaper.
In fact she had become
National Theme's Golden Girl.
Yes. At that time her
editor was MJ because..
..she had joined Mr.
Asim Ray's newspaper later.
Am I right? - Right.
In other words, she was useful to you.
Anything wrong with that?
No. Not at all.
Monica was really talented.
Even before she became
a talented journalist.
Anyway, you must have good knowledge..
..about her other talents too.
Oh yes. Julius Caesar.
I had watched her acting in that play.
Of course that play
was staged in Lucknow.
I think that was our second meeting.
And the third?
Okay, when was that meeting
when you had slept with her?
I object, Your Honour.
My client's character
is being stigmatized.
She is blemished.
It's an assassination
of her character.
It's an assassination
of her character.
And what about the assassination..
..committed on her orders?
On the orders of the ex-minister..
..of this province, Mr.
Srikant Pandit..
I object, Your Honour.
My prosecutor friend
is crossing his limits.
Yes! I am crossing my limits because.. was a cold blooded murder!
'The time this bomb blast occurred..'
'..chief minister
Srikant Pandit was..'
'..present on the stage of a play,
'Julius Ceasar' as a chief guest.'
'His tragic death has
brought an uprising..'
' the political
imbalance in the province.'
'On one hand one party
is in support of his..'
'..son Mr.
Chandrakant Pandit, on the other..'
'..Mr. Vora's name is becoming
popular at a great speed.'
'It is believed that this rise in Mr.
Vora's popularity..'
' because of industrialist
Pamela Gerewal's backing.'
'Oh, I am sorry.'
'That's okay, I was just leaving.'
'You can come and shut
the door behind you.'
'We have met before, right?'
'Yes. Hi. I am Monica.'
'That's right. The journalist.'
'What happened?
You have not become one yet?'
'Actually.. I mean..'
'Yes or no?'
'Yes, I cover that university.'
'Oh, my, my!
You have progressed a lot.'
'Would you like to work for me?'
'Pardon me?'
'Would you like to work for me?'
'My husband is shifting to Delhi..'
' I will have to do
whatever work is available there.'
'You have something.'
'Inform me when you come to Delhi.'
'Pamela Gerewal and
Asim Ray's arrival with..'
'..Mr. Chandrakant
Pandit once again proves..'
'..that according to the changing
circumstances of politics..'
'..the enemies become friends too.'
'In such a situation, chief
minister Mr. Vora's silence too..'
'..indicates about
a political compromise.'
'From Lucknow High Court bench..'
'..I, Kashif Siddiqui from 'ETV'.'
Oh, Mr. Pandit has come.
- Mr. Pandit has come. He has come.
First I would like
to apologize to the court..
..that I involved Miss.
Pamela's name..
..with late Mr.
Srikant Pandit's assassination.
I pricked some old wounds.
Because of which today Mr.
Chandra himself..
..had to come to the court.
I am very sorry.
That won't be necessary, Mr. Mathur..
..if you don't exaggerate this
matter in your further investigation.
I didn't have any intension
to do this, Honorable Judge.
Because I know very well
that this case is not against..
..Mr. Srikant Pandit's murderers.. fact it is fought
against Monica's murderers.
I am aware of that.
But still I really regret to say,
I will be helpless.. narrate that incident here too.
Mr. Mathur!
I am not making any allegation,
Honorable Judge..
..but it is a pointed to be noted..
..that Miss.
Pamela's mobile company didn't get.. operation permit in UP till Mr.
Srikant was alive.
Objection, Your Honour.
Mr. Mathur, I warn you.
Judge, I was just trying
to present some facts.
What connection does
it have with Monica's murder?
It does have a connection,
Honorable Judge.
Unfortunately Monica
was trapped in a big scam.
A telecom scam.
I object, Your Honour.
My prosecutor friend
is trying to make..
..wrong and baseless
allegations one after another.
We still have to get the CBI report..
..regarding late Mr.
Srikant Pandit's murder case.
It will be wrong to give
any comment in such a situation.
Mr. Mathur.
Honorable Judge, now the prosecution
wants permission to ask..
..a few questions to respectable Mr.
Chandrakant Pandit.
Mr. Chandra..
..which post had you resigned..
..before you came to Lucknow?
I was the telecom minister in centre.
So you quit the centre to
become a chief minister, right?
Okay, I'll ask this question later.
Let me ask about Monica first.
I am sorry, you had met Monica.. the time of your father's death.
After that you met Monica
in Delhi after a long time.
Did you find any changes in her?
Any change?
Yes. A lot.
Monica had completely changed.
'May I come in, MJ?
- Come in, sweetheart.'
'Come right in.'
'I have something very exciting
lined up for you. - Shoot.'
'You are the special correspondent..'
'..of this newspaper from today.'
'You must be kidding. - No kidding.'
'But interviewing Chandrakant
Pandit is no joke.'
'After his father's death,
he couldn't become the CM of UP..'
'..Vora proved more
intelligent than him.'
'But when the party told
him to ask for something else..'
' please him at the centre,
he asked..'
'..for the post of
a telecom minister.'
'That would be interesting to know.'
'From a member of Rajya
Sabha (Council Of States)..'
' one becomes a
minister all of a sudden.'
'His first day in office,
you are going to interview.'
'You are the best, MJ.'
'But you will have to prove.'
'Come on, Monica,
I was just telling you to celebrate.'
'So alright, let's celebrate.'
'Oh babes. - Yes?'
'You have met him earlier too. Right?'
'He was not ready to give
his interview to anyone..'
'..but when I mentioned your name..'
'Two-three years ago. Just like that.'
'But he still remembers you.'
'Won't forget to ask him that.'
'Why only Monica?'
'Why not Raj?'
'Though Raj is a better
journalist than Monica.'
'Don't you like Monica?'
'Mr. Mishra, there is a great
difference between Raj and Monica.'
'On one hand where Raj considers
this special correspondent..'
'..this post, this interview
as his right, his ability..'
'..on the other, Monica will
consider it as her accomplishment..'
'..her achievement and her success.'
'Which she has got from and
she will be indebted to me for it.'
'That's why it's Monica and not Raj.'
'Let me talk to MJ.'
'May I come in? - Hi.'
'Hi. I am Monica.'
'We are not meeting
for the first time, right?'
'I am not telling you my name,
I am making you hear it.'
'Right. When I had heard it for
the first time, I couldn't hear it.'
'I will remember it now.'
'How are you?'
'How do I look? - Ravishing.'
'What will you have?
Tea or coffee? - Anything.'
'Anything? We don't get a
thing called anything at our office.'
'In that case, a coffee.'
'Send in two coffee.'
'So how is Raj?'
'Quiet depressed actually.'
'He couldn't make
any friends in Delhi.'
'He has taken a leave
of one year to write a book.'
'Thank you.'
'Bad money. Bad politics.'
'Then I will definitely
have to meet him.'
'Because now I have a relation
with money and politics both.'
'Okay, now ask. - What?'
'This is too much.
You are a journalist.'
'It's your job to ask
questions and it is my work..'
' always be prepared
with an apt reply.'
'Come on, shoot.'
'Mr. Chandra..'
'Chandra is fine.'
'Okay, if that's how you want it.'
'So Chandra, how do you find Delhi?'
'Delhi is still far now.'
'But this is Delhi.'
'This is the place where
everybody wants to be.'
'Delhi, the Centre. Right?'
'My father was the
CM of UP for 15 years.'
'Then how can it be my Delhi?'
'Do you know who killed him?'
'..let me tell you something.'
'A politician can never get
any punishment from the court.'
'And if by mistake sometimes..'
'Even if he is punished sometime..'
'..the politician makes use
of that punishment for his benefit.'
'The biggest punishment
for a politician is infamy.'
'Expose him in the print,
his political career will be over.'
'And this is called..'
' him a political death.'
'This is your strength.'
'I hope you are with me.'
'All the way.'
'Anything important?'
'Shall we discuss it at dinner?'
'You have had enough. Stop it.'
'I was thinking we will
celebrate my promotion.'
'But your drink and your
book is all you care for.'
'Eat. Eat.'
'Eat. Eat.'
' Eat.'
'You smell!'
I know what will
be your next allegation?
Monica and I didn't have
any relationship except friendship.'
And should we consider
it as your official statement?
Of course.
Mr. Chandra, when and which
turn the relationships take.. closed rooms,
why and how they take.. is always
difficult to prove this.
Yes, but some co-incidents
are definitely formed..
..on the basis of suspicion.
Like you became the telecom minister..
..Monica became the special
correspondent all of a sudden..
..then the news published in
newspapers continuously against Vora.
Was all this a co-incidence
or the idea of your sharp mind?
Monica became a front line journalist.
You made her reach to great heights.
She had connections in
the important galleries of Delhi.
And the poor girl
considered her success.. the result of her ability.
Perhaps that's why when
the genie created by you..
..went out of control, she was killed.
I object, Your Honour.
Honorable Judge..
.. I don't have any objection
on prosecutor's comment.
He could be right.
If you see from outside, it
seems I had made Monica successful..
..and then I got her killed.
I have a burden on my heart,
Honorable Judge.
That perhaps I understood
Monica's ability and helped her.. became the reason
of her destruction.
I will be obliged to
Monica's parents for lifetime.
He messed up our lives
and he is getting away!
He has ruined our life.
'Thank you very much once
again for a lovely evening.'
'In fact I should thank you.'
'Why don't you come in? Have coffee.'
'No, I should leave now.
It's very late.'
'I don't come to know how the
time passes away with you nowadays.'
'You know what,
the news of our link-up..'
'..will be printed in
your newspaper very soon.'
'And how sad that it won't be true.'
'You know what,
before meeting you I used to think..'
'..that the politicians
are really cheap.'
'You know those who exploit others.
Especially the girls.'
'They don't spare anyone.'
'But after meeting you I
feel politicians can be trusted.'
'Thank you.'
'Before your trust is shattered,
I should leave.'
'No, please come in, in fact..'
'..Raj will be very glad to meet you.'
'In fact both of you
can have a night cap..'
'..I will not have to
make the coffee too. Come in.'
'Please be seated.
I will go and find Raj.'
'Raj, come on, get up. Get up!'
'Come on, get up!'
'Come on, get up.'
'You are drunk.'
'Raj! Raj, get up.'
'Raj! Raj,
I know that your book is rejected.'
'But there are always
other publishers.'
'Look, can we just talk
about it some other day?'
'Raj, get up. Chandrakant
Pandit is here to meet you.'
'He wants to meet you.'
'You just go and sleep
with that Chandrakant Pandit..'
'..and whoever you want.'
'Is that clear?'
Just Leave.
'Is that.. clear? Clear?'
'Very.. very clear.'
'Raj can't take rejection.'
'I am sorry.'
'Good night.'
Why not?
Come on.
Raj, it's me speaking.
Don't disconnect the phone.
I know that..
a huge gap has cropped up between us..
..which I cannot fill.
..I want to try one last time, Raj.
If.. If you would wait for me.
I.. I.. I am in Lucknow.
After I finish.. what I started here..
..I want to come back.
If you.. - Monica,
it's just not possible for you.. come back from
where you are, Monica.
I was at fault as well.
Maybe I couldn't look after you.
I don't know.
Raj, don't disconnect the call.
Maybe someone's outside.
Don't disconnect the call.
I will be right back.
I haven't finished speaking yet.
What's the point in
thinking about all this?
If she hadn't gone
to Lucknow on 9th May..
..or then if she
had escaped then what?
If this hadn't happened
then what would've happened?
Crap. Crap.
Why don't you just cook
up your own bloody story..
..because I just don't give a damn.
Rail ticket,
bus conductor's testimony..
..and the statement
of the lady from Nainital..
..whose guesthouse she was
living in is before the court.
But as parents can you tell us..
..why Monica fled
from Delhi to Nainital?
Did someone try to
kill her in Delhi as well?
What story was Monica writing..
..which seemed as a threat
to these influential people?
Are you sure Monica isn't in the city?
Yes, in fact no one
knows where she is.
I knew she was a fast one.
This was bound to happen.
It's your wish how long
you want to stay or not.
But you will have to
pay six months' advance.
Do you write poems? - Yes.
There's a room with attached toilet.
There is a computer in the room.
You can use that.
There is a phone in the corridor.
But you will be charged per call.
And listen.. no boyfriends.
Can I please see the room?
Hello. Hello. - Raj.
Where are you?
Where the heck are you?
Which hotel room
are you speaking from?
Give me its number.
Don't worry,
I won't do anything for free.
I will pay you.
I shall pay for services rendered.
Raj, Isha.. - Since when
did you start caring for Isha?
Isha, your mother's calling.
She is asking about your well-being.
You left her alone.
Did you take her to Lucknow?
Your mother called and
said that you are missing.
Don't worry about Isha.
I will look after Isha.
Of course, of course.
She is your daughter.
But I can look after her.
You understand?
I know she isn't my daughter.
I know that.
What do you know?
What do you know?
What do you know?
You don't know anything.
'Hi, Ritu. - Hi, Monica.'
'You know I am getting married.'
'I am pregnant. - Pregnant.'
'But that's good news, isn't it?'
'I am pregnant. - That's great.'
'Why are you crying?'
I have to abort the child.
- What are you saying?'
'I have to kill the child.
- Listen.. don't do anything stupid.'
'You know..'
'..Raj always wanted a child.'
'But couldn't have one.'
'I have a suggestion.'
'Come see me in Lucknow.'
'Everything will be fine.'
'It didn't happen.'
'It didn't happen.'
'I know.. it's not his child.
- What are you saying?'
'I cannot understand anything.'
'I have to kill the child.'
'I have to kill the child.'
'I have to kill the child..'
'I am sorry.' - 'Monica.'
'Monica. What the hell did you do?'
'I could've have
got married like Ritu..'
'..and led a happy life.'
But the story of everyone's
life does change.
'I never realized
when I became a pawn..'
' Chandra and Vohra's battle.'
'After exposing Pamela
and Vohra's nexus..'
'..I was considering
myself a good journalist.'
'But I couldn't see that..'
'..Chandra was only
taking revenge from Vohra..'
'..for his father's death
by making me write all this.'
'He didn't have any
attraction towards me.'
'He only wanted Lucknow back.'
What are you saying, Mr. Mishra?
Panditji is thinking
of coming back to Lucknow..
..and I should explain
brother Vohra that..
..he should descend from
his post and compromise.
As long as brother Vohra is there..
..Panditji won't be able
to cross Delhi's border.
And I am saying this.
Maharaj. Gopinath Pande.
Panditji is a novice.
Ask him to stay in Delhi.
And let me tell you a secret.
I had taken the contract
of Panditji's father.
I severed his body and disposed it.
And you wanted to hear me say this,
didn't you?
So listen carefully.
Do you think I am scared of anyone?
Let them do whatever they want.
Driver, stop the car.
Mr. Mishra will get down right here.
Mr. Mishra.
You forgot to apologize, Maharaj.
Mr. Mishra. Mr. Mishra.
Panditji is like my brother.
Mr. Mishra. Mr. Mishra.
Listen to me. Please.
It was a mistake.
Mr. Mishra. Mr. Mishra.
Chandra, you..
You just killed somebody.
And you..
You are very coolly making tea.
I am saying something..
I like you.
It's best.. if it stays that way.
What happened?
They will kill me.
It's possible that
it was just my illusion..
..about that man following me.
But they want me dead.
This isn't my illusion.
Madam, coffee.
You normally have black, don't you?
Hey! Hey!
Hey, listen!
Stop. Call him.
- What happened, madam?
Call him, I want to talk to him.
Just call the person
that just went inside.
He just went inside.
What are you talking? Just call him.
Madam, no one went from here.
Madam, what is the problem?
Just call the man
who just went inside.
He just served me coffee, damn it.
This is a bar, madam, no coffee.
How about a drink with me?
- No, thanks.
What is happening?
Was he..
Where have you been past so many days?
Rohit, just tell me something please.
No, first you tell me why
you aren't coming to the office.
Rohit, just leave that.
Just tell me one thing.
- We are all worried.
Cut that, will you?
Just tell me is Ramdev there?
- Ramdev?
Ramdev who? - The same
Ramdev who works in our office.
Our tea-seller.
- I can't believe this.
Firstly you have been
missing for 10 days.
And today you call
up and ask where Ramdev is.
Please stop fooling and tell me,
it's urgent.
Tell you what, Monica?
Tell me is Ramdev there?
Of course he is here.
He is standing right in front of me.
Are you sure? - Do you want
me to order your black coffee?
She just called and asked for Ramdev,
that's it. - Yes, sir.
You may go now.
Monica. - Yes.
What is going on, Monica?
Where are you?
Running away like this
is not going to help.
Look, take my advice and come back.
Why do you feel I
am not in Delhi, Ray?
Did your goons tell you
whom you sent to kill me?
Or else..
Ramdev, he told you.
Who told you that, tell me?
What are you saying, Monica?
You.. you are not making any sense.
And what killers
are you talking about?
Just because we had an argument..
..doesn't mean I would
want to get you killed.
I haven't dreamt at all, Ray.
I fled leaving Isha crying.
Because I had to leave.
Oh come on, Monica.
I thought we had it going.
Didn't we work like a team?
Just because I screamed at you..
Okay, okay.
Tell me one thing.
Shouldn't you have consulted me..
..before publishing the
article you wrote about Vohra?
And then, you knew very well..
..that the story was against Pamela.
But no.
You had to go and do what
your lover told you to do.
I had to look after myself.
What did you get by doing that?
Did he support you?
Did he give the child his name?
After exposing Vohra he dumped you.
Now you tell me who
wants to get you killed.
Me or him?
I will certainly tell
you who wants to get me killed.
Even if that's the last story I do.
And you think your
story will be published.
Aren't you making the
same mistake which MJ did?
'You want me to publish this..
this crap..'
'..just because you want it.'
'Who the heck do you think you are?'
'You were just a sub-reporter.'
'I put you on to Pandit.'
'And after one night in bed..'
'..he would have had nothing
to do with you, nothing.'
'If you weren't the special
correspondent of this newspaper.'
'He used you.'
'He used you so that he can
defeat the opposition through you.'
'And now you think you
can have your way with me.'
'You think you can do anything..'
'..just because you have
direct access to his pants.'
'He may be a freaking God in bed.'
'But me.'
'When I do people they are done.'
'Trying getting laid someone else.'
Even he thought that
he isn't just my editor..
..but the owner of my life.
Darn you.
And then I found you, didn't I?
She will be found.
I had to shoot in self-defense.
Otherwise he would
have killed the girl.
Any kind of enmity with anyone?
Put him in the car.
Put him in the back of the car.
You didn't tell the
police anything about it..
..but there is something
you are hiding from me.
Otherwise no one
can ever think about..
..burgling The Hive Guesthouse.
This burglary,
the phone calls are because of you.
I am warning you.
If you try to do anything wrong..
..then I can call
the police back again.
Raj. - Monica, where are you?
No, you don't have to tell you.
But.. I thought that
I would come pick you up.
I thought you are fool.
You turned out to be
more foolish than I thought.
What are you thinking of doing?
You will blackmail them
and they will be scared.
And the information
you are trying to gather..
How do you know what I am doing, Raj?
- You are forgetting.
You forget that technically
I am a journalist as well.
I know..
you don't need anyone's help..
..but may I just tell you
that today you need my help.
You need my help. Understand?
Not to expose them. No.
To find yourself,
Monica, you are lost.
Monica, you are lost.
Where are you?
You need me there by your side.
Tell you what, Raj, hang up.
I am so sorry about it, Raj.
I wish you had called earlier.
Greetings, Panditji.
You are elder to me.
You can call me Chandra.
In politics one is
honored not by their age..
..but by their lineage.
We have your father's blessings.
I will feel blessed
if I can become like him.
You have taken a step ahead.
You just need to
reach your destination.
Isn't it?
I need your support, that's all.
The newspaper headlines
are telling a different story.
That's not called asking.
She hails from Lucknow.
That's why she writes emotionally.
Isn't that her name? - Yes.
By the way such names
are not heard for long.
Come, let's discuss
some essential things.
As a responsible and
loyal worker of the party..
..I would like the
High-Command to focus on..
Uttar Pradesh is very
important for our party.
Mr. Vohra is certainly a
responsible and experienced person..
..but today in Uttar
Pradesh we need zest..
..and enthusiasm more than experience.
All the workers of UP are thinking..
..who can bring this zest
and enthusiasm in Uttar Pradesh.
Hello. - Hello. Hello.
Why doesn't anyone speak?
Why do you keep calling
here so frequently?
Listen, did you give
anyone this phone number?
Then who keeps calling so frequently.
I never received
such blank calls before.
Today I saw a man getting
murdered, Chandra.
In the middle of the road..
he was killed brutally.
Can you tell me who could
have killed him, Chandra?
Where are you?
Why don't you try walking
on the road alone for once.. a common man?
You will be scared.
You won't know when someone..
..will appear suddenly and kill you.
It happens with common people,
Monica, where are you right now?
Are you fine?
You know very well where I am.
Who gave you my number, Chandra?
You keep calling to scare me,
isn't it?
Who calls?
Who calls?
Who calls, damn it?
What are you saying?
- You are pathetic.
You very well know where I am.
Why don't you show yourself?
Show yourself.
You are a coward.
That's what you are.
Dirty dog.
Monica, if I had known
where you are right now..
..then maybe.. - Then maybe
I wouldn't have been alive.. say this.
You have failed,
Chandra, because I escaped.
You know why?
Because I am a survivor.
I am a survivor.
And if you want to get me killed,
You will have to
face the consequences.
Because you may not
want to hear the story..
..I am going to say, Chandra.
Don't threaten me, Monica.
Because I have nothing to hide.
And as far as getting you killed.
I don't need anyone to do my jobs.
It just.. happens.
People understand..
my likes.. dislikes.
Regrettably.. didn't keep this in mind.
Best of luck, Chandra, you need it.
Congratulations, Panditji.
Now you have the High
Command's support as well.
Now Lucknow is in
the palm of our hands.
There are some things
that can interfere.
Alright, Chandra. So be it.
Pam was right.
This happens to be a
highly-classified file, sweetheart.
And he.. has given you this file.
I know that Swami very
well who teaches Pam yoga.
He has done all this.
To defame Chandra in
front of the High-Command.
I am impressed.
Swiss Bank accounts.
Direct sanctions
of the Telecom Ministry.
The kickback files
from the PMO office.
Smart Pam.
Monica, you are forgetting that
the minister you are going to expose..
..his party is in power.
This could be suicide.
Or stardom.
Okay, I will show you something, baby.
I have a second option as well.
These files which I can publish.
What is this?
This is what I am
giving you is the truth.
And what you gave me is a lie.
Pam and Vohra want to
trap Chandra in a telecom scam.
Funny thing is he
knows this very well.
But the tragedy is that
he can't prove his innocence.
Monica, I have some
tapes which can prove..
..that Chandra didn't take
any kickbacks, or any money.
And all the Swiss accounts
that you are showing me..
..are false, fake.
The papers are forged.
This deal was absolutely genuine.
You are brilliant, Ray.
- Cut the praise.
Let's talk about the price.
Look, Monica,
I need funds to run this newspaper..
..and you need.. a Asim Ray..
..who can prove your false story true.
Ask Pam to fund me.
So that I can be the owner
of this publishing house.
After that I will make
you associate editor..
..and maybe.. partner too.
And the truth?
If Chandra is right,
then shouldn't you support the truth?
Will you?
Do you like flute?
To play the right tune, my dear.
You need to know which flute to pick.
I didn't know.. why should he?
You know what your problem is, baby.
That you.. in spite of everything..
..are still a middle-class girl.
You want to get out
of those lanes of Lucknow.
But you can't leave the
baggage behind. - Thanks.
I am warning you.
Your weakness will
take you down some day.
You tell me.
I was the one who wanted
to sleep with Chandra.. the first place.
I initiated this
relationship and not him.
And if I have a child..
..and he doesn't want
to give her his name.. do I blame him?
who the heck does he think he is?
I mean it should be
your choice and not his..
..whether you want to give
your child his name or not.
Not the other way around, okay.
And anyway..
you were not just sleeping with him.
You were also in love with him,
weren't you?
And he made you realize
that you are special.
And you are special.
Whether it's your body or your mind?
People should know its worth.
I know you are not saint.
You are one heck of a witch.
But then, all of us don't
fall in the same category.
Life is a witch.
By the way I say..
to heck with Chandrakant Pandit.
She is your child.
You are the mother and the father.
But if you do decide that..
No, the father's name..
..should be Chandrakant.
Then he better be on his knees..
..begging you for that honor.
But this is possible only when.. have the parrot
in which his life dwells.
Parrot. - Parrot.
Parrot. - Yes, parrot.
Parrot. - Parrot.
Yes, this scam will nail him.
Just get out!
Get out of my house. - Listen.
Listen to me.
- I don't want to listen to you.
Quiet! - Go away.
Leave me. - Listen to me.
Leave me.
Just shut up. - No.
And listen to me. - How dare you!
On whose orders did you publish this?
Telecom deal.
Swiss Bank Accounts. Kickbacks.
Where did you get
all this information?
On whose orders did you publish this?
Pamela Grewal. - Shut up.
Pamela Grewal!
I am not telling you.
What do you think?
She is more powerful than me?
Oh God.
Don't tell me.
Don't tell me.
Is she sleeping with you?
Tell me. Is she sleeping
with you? Tell me!
Shut up. I will kill you.
Monica. You know how much I love you.
I am sorry.
Listen to me.
You should have married me.
You know how much I love you.
Yet you did this to me.
You.. witch.
You.. witch.
Get out!
Just get out!
I hate you.
Oh no!
Pick up. Pick up. Damn it.
Don't.. Don't hang up.
You said that you will marry me.
Didn't you say it?
I believed you, idiot.
I betrayed Pam and Vohra for you.
I gave you all the proof.
Because you said
that you will marry me.
But you went back on your words.
You went back on your words.
You rogue.
You just used me.
Just stay.. wherever you are.
Because.. have to die later.
Hello, don't.. don't.. don't hang up.
Hello. Hello.
Hello, why don't you speak?
Hello. Talk to me.
Who the heck is it?
Hello. - Monica. - Sandeep.
Sandeep, save me.
Chandra will kill me, Sandeep.
You are Chandra's friend, aren't you?
You are my and Raj's friend as well,
aren't you?
Please save me.
You can save me, can't you?
You can save me.
Please save me.
Please save me, Sandeep.
Yes, I can save you.
But on one condition.
- I.. I.. accept anything you say.
Do you agree sleeping with me?
Put it up here.
Mr. Mathur, what are you doing?
I am trying to find
the answer to the question.
Your Honour.
Everyone has their area of interest.
For example.
This is Chandrakant Pandit's area,
meaning politics.
This is Pamela Grewal's area,
industries, meaning money.
And this is Asim Ray's area,
journalist meaning media.
When these three areas merge..
..then there's certainly
some give and take.
And this gives rise to an area..
..which the three
of them use together.
Pardon me, Your Honour,
I could've explained this verbally..
..but I..
But when these three areas merged..
..then Monica became
a common area of interest..
..which the three
of them used together.
But again..
again before we reach the conclusion..
..that the three of them together..
..exploited a helpless
woman lets be fair to them also.
Because we know that..
..Monica always tried
to extend her area of interest.
Her ambitions.
But if we see this carefully,
Your Honor..
..the more Monica
increases her limits.. reduces the limits
of the other three.
And Your Honour,
that's why the three of them decided..
..and found it better
that either they..
Or.. they unite.
And in both conditions..
the one who disappears.. Monica.
Close the door.
Get up.
Move back.
Take it off.
Sandeep, please.
I said take off your clothes.
Sandeep, please.
You witch.
Your Honour,
even if Monica had succeeded.. flee on that day
she would have still died.
She went to Nainital..
..thinking that no one will
be able to recognize her, find her.
But their fear didn't
leave her alone there as well.
She came back.
After coming back she made some tapes,
wrote dairies.
Wonder why she felt
that those diaries, tapes..
..would come in handy to save her.
But that didn't happen.
For them it was blackmail.
Sandeep Mishra.
He did promise to compromise with her.
But didn't fulfill it.
And Monica Jaitley
was brutally murdered..
..on 9th May, 2007 at exactly 5:15 pm.
Your Honour,
the murderers of Monica Jaitley..
..are present in the court.
The prosecution rests his case here.
The court will hear the
defendant's appeal after lunch.
The court is now adjourned.
Long live. - Chandrakant Pandit.
Long live. - Chandrakant Pandit.
Long live. - Chandrakant Pandit.
Long live. - Chandrakant Pandit.
Long live. - Chandrakant Pandit.
Long live. - Chandrakant Pandit.
Long live. - Chandrakant Pandit.
Long live. - Chandrakant Pandit.
Long live. - Chandrakant Pandit.
'Regretfully I can
neither accept my crimes..'
'..nor can I accept my daughter.'
'If I was given a little
more time to live..'
'..then I would've
asked what was my crime.'
"I am still young."
"I am still young."
"Life asks me to
stay by death calls me."
"One wants me to say.
One wants me to go."
"How do I say that
the story isn't over yet?"
"My desires,
wishes are yet unfulfilled."
"I have lost myself somewhere."
"I have lost to myself somewhere."
"I have lost myself."
"I have lost to myself."
"I am still young."