Monica Z (2013) Movie Script

Monica ... Leonard Feather. Nice to meet you!
I heard you sing.
- Oh I hope you weren't disappointed ?
- Do I look like a disappointed man to you?... do I?
- Come to New York and sing.
- New York?
You've got the voice, you've got the looks.
I think you can make it huge in the U.S..
- Just tell me when, I come .
- Ok, how about Christmas?
There's an opening at the Christmas and new year
at "Swing 46". You come then.
- No, not Christmas.
- Why not ? Say yes!
Tommy Flanagan Trio is backing.
But you do what you want...
- Really?, do you know Tom Flanagan ?
- I know everybody .
I have all his records at home.
Every single one!
- Well, then I might just say that is a yes then.
How about that? - Yes .
Now we are in Hagfors .
Good morning.
- Hello , darling .
- Hi , Mom.
I missed you .
- How did it go in Stockholm?
- Fine. Have you eaten half of the dough ?
No, it's the fine star
Eva- Lena made.
- Is Dad there?
- Yes .
I 'll tell you something .
There was an American at Nalen yesterday.
A manager from New York.
He wants me to
go over there and play .
That sounds great. When?
At Christmas.
- Have you talked to Eva- Lena about it?
- It was the only opening they had.
You're completely hopeless Monica.
Last Christmas you sang in Copenhagen .
And the Christmas before you quarreled
and broke up with Torbjrn on Christmas Eve.
When will the girl have a proper Christmas?
- I'll do it anyway.
- Yes, I'm sure you will.
- It broke.
- It doesn't matter. It 's fine .
You know the pram in the shop ?
You will get it!
- Already ?
- Yes, why not?
You know what I'm going to do ?
I'm going to the U.S. and sing.
- When?
- In a week.
But I won't be away for too long.
- On Christmas Eve ?
- Yes .
What should we do ?
Now she just disappears again .
We'll look after Eva- Lena .
Hagfors. I connect the call.
- Welcome to New York.
- Thank you .
- This is Tommy Flanagan. Hi, pleasure to meet you!
- Monica. I have all your records. Thank you!
Doug Watkins. Hi. Nice to meet you!
- Denzil Best .
- Hello . Monica. It's a pleasure!
- Man, she's a looker.
- I hope she can sing too.
Hi guys. Why are you standing out here?
They usually don't have adjusting rooms
for our kind in places like this.
you're kidding me? -No!
-That's the dummest thing I've ever heard.
-Welcome to America!
-Then you should come into my room. Come on in!
- I don't think the owner would be too happy with that.
- Tommy is right.
- Then I'll just stand here with you. - Alright.
Then if you gonna stand here with us we might as well reherse with us, right?
One, two ... one two three four
What 's going on?
Get her off the stage, NOW!
You gonna fix another singer Leonard .
The girl cannot be on stage with three negroes .
- For God's sake Sam, why didn't you say something we booked the gig?
-'cause most Jazz singers sing better than they look... ordinarly nobody cares, but Jesus Christ Leo,
just look at her!
How I was supposed to know that she's gonna be
so goddamn... white! Get rid of her!
- Sam, Sam, wait up!
- I said, get rid of her! - Sam...
- Hello?
- Eva -Lena ? It's mom.
Are you in New York? -Yes.
- We are celebrating Christmas Eve.
Merry Christmas to you , my love.
I miss you dearly.
- You get a Christmas gift from me .
- Hello? I can not hear you.
Hey, baby. How are you?
What did you talk about?
Ella Fitzgerald ?
- I have dreamed all of my life about meeting you.
- If you don't have bigger dreams than that, I pitty you young girl!
I am a singer from Sweden.
Can I sing a song to you?
I would like to know what you think.
Well... If you gotta sing, you gotta sing!
That's enough.
What do you know about
how it feels to miss New Orleans?
Why don't you sing about your own life instead of
pretending to be somebody else .
When Billie sang it, she meant it.
Mother !
Hi , Mom.
I missed you .
- I'm "Humle"
- And I'm "Dumle"
Aren't they fun?
Now comes grandpa .
Here you go. Are you happy now?
It was you who wanted to be famous.
Monica from Hagfors
is not good enough for the U.S.
Welcome back Miss Zetterlund. Your mother made sure
that you still have your job.
Hagfors . Connecting the conversation.
Weren't you supposed to be a star in America?
- Marika Nilsson .
- Hey, it's me .
- I'm canceling the tour with Dompan .
- What? Why? are you crazy?
- I can get a permanent job at Televerket .
- You'd rather die than stay in Hagfors .
Yes, but I have
to think of Eva- Lena .
- It's for you , Monica.
- Are you ready for Krylbo , Monica?
Hey . Are you coming ?
I did not tell Dompan that
you are quitting. -Damn!
Come on . You'll regret it for the rest
of life, if you are not going.
- What 's going on?
- I'm leaving.
- What about Eva- Lena ?
- I'll think of something as soon as I am in Stockholm.
How ? You can never support
yourself as a singer in Stockholm.
Maybe not, but I'm done here .
Here, it isn't allowed to think that you are something .
Are you something?
Are you something special?
I'll never set a foot here again!
Hey, baby. Did grandma tell you that
I'm taking the bus ?
Come on . Give Mom a hug.
I thought of something .
The map in the hallway, you know?
Insert a pin in each new city I'm in ,
so you can see where the bus is going to.
I promise to call from each place .
Come on . Don't you want to wave for me?
You are right to travel .
I'll take care of Eva- Lena .
- Who is this?
- Sture kerberg , the new bassist .
Hey, hey.
- Hello?
- Hello . I am in Sundsvall .
- Grandma and I went to swim.
- That sounds nice .
They are calling me.
I have to go.
She didn't have time anymore?
What are we going to do now? - I don't know.
Buy ice cream! -Yes!
Here we go.
I call you, baby .
Thank you.
We will end the evening with "Do you know
what it means to miss New Orleans"
I won't sing this song anymore, because I don't know
a thing about New Orleans, but Dompan can sing it instead.
What the hell are you thinking?
All jazz bands playing the same songs.
It is more real to sing in Swedish.
Sing in Swedish?! But we play jazz!
When you sing with my band,
you sing in English. Come on.
- You were great. Got a light ?
- You were great too.
- What did you say about singing in Swedish?
- Why do I have to sing about New Orleans?
- I've never been there.
- Can I have an autograph?
- What's your name?
- Linnea. Thank you.
I was on tour with Cornelis .
He sings in Swedish.
It is possible.
- You can check writers in Sweden.
- Yes, that would be fine.
- Monica , can we get an autograph ?
- Yes . Where's the paper?
- On the arm.
- Should I write there?
Thank you. Hey.
What are you reading?
Is it not sad that the tour is nearly over?
On the contrary . It's nice to be home .
You think so? I barely know anymore
what "home" is.
- You have a child , right?
- A daughter.
- What should you do now?
- Take my daughter to Stockholm.
She needs to see that you can be what
you will. Or at least try .
- I like your style.
- Thank you .
Hey, little Monica.
What you said ...
... about singing in Swedish ...
I have thought about it.
See this book.
It is Beppe Wolgers poems.
He writes as if it is jazz.
If you like it, then talk to Beppe
at Nalen whe he is there one evening.
Fine. Thank you.
- See you tomorrow .
- Yes .
- What's with you and Sture?
- Are you nuts?
He's not my type.
He is a typical musician.
They might be good enough. However, they are
not the ones that make your heart beat faster.
- It takes more. For us .
- Yes , it does.
There you can see Dompan .
You could sing jazz in Swedish.
The guy who wrote the text , is standing there -
Beppe Wolgers .
You are happy when you walk
flanked by Sweden's most beautiful ladies.
- Beppe, my friend ! Here we come .
- Welcome!
- My wife Kerstin.
- Nice to finally meet you.
I have to go to the kids.
- Can you write more stuff for me?
- With pleasure.
I'm at the cabaret this fall at
Hamburger Brs. Are you coming ?
Theatre is just not for me.
- When Beppe Wolgers asks, you say "yes".
- Say "yes" to life.
- Of course .
- Great! Let me introduce you to the people .
Monica Zetterlund .
Povel, it's Monica Zetterlund .
Monica. A pleasure .
Have you said hello to Monica Zetterlund ?
- Monica.
- Lena Nyman.
Hasse and Tage . Monica Zetterlund ,
the wonderful Monica Zetterlund.
Good to see hello to
the blonde negro from Vrmland forests.
- What a nice compliment.
- You sing great.
Who is it that is staring over there?
- Vilgot Sjman , the director, you know.
- Is it Vilgot Sjman ?
- Do you know him ?
- Not directly. He's making a new film .
It's called "I'm curious"
and it is about sex - I've heard.
What a type.
I'll take care of him.
-Hello, Vilgot Sjman. -Hey, Monica Zetterlund.
You stand there looking curious!
Cheers .
- Beppe want me in his cabaret.
- It is a good idea.
You have the talent . When you sing jazz,
you are cool and sophisticated -
- But privately, you're a completely different woman.
I mean it.
You're funny , popular and sexy .
Utilize both: the ice princess from New York-
- And the brat from Hagfors that
I have just met.
So you will become a big star .
Would you like more than just talk?
Then you would have to take me away from here .
Here's the thing. Wagner.
Good, isn't it?
Wagner thought of you when he wrote it.
That is how it is
to be with you - like a storm.
I have Wagner's complete works .
Don't you want to listen to them ?
- Did I say that I have a daughter?
- No, but it isn't a problem.
I love children.
Yes, but then ...
Then I move in.
- Really?!
- Yes, really!
He is already here .
- Hey, Vilgot. is everything fine ?
- Yes, yes of course.
Thank you, Sture .
Say hello to your parents and say that
I will meet them soon.
I will.
- Are you happy now?
- Yes, I have been so lucky.
What kind is a man that might
take care of other people's children?
Vilgot is not your type.
He's a bit boring.
Boring and intellectual.
- Boring?! Have you seen him directing Wagner?
- No.
Stop. just stop here, a little further,
just before the sign.
- Can't you get her?
- Are you serious?
I'm not setting a foot in Hagfors again.
I have already told you loud and clear.
I'll wait here and smoke a cigarette.
Damn ...
No ...
- Could't you pick her up yourself ?
- I've tried. He didn't want to.
He's crazy .
Come on, baby!
Goodbye, Grandpa .
Come on, baby!
- All of her friends are here in Hagfors, you know this, right?
- She'll find new ones in Stockholm.
- Don't you greet your parents when you come home?
- I'm not setting a foot in Hagfors again.
Yes, I've heard it. Mother is waiting.
She has cooked and put on clean bed linen.
so that you could spend one night with us,
your old parents.
Did you come by car just to say this?
Are you taking care of her from now on?
Or is it as usual ?
- This was the most stupid thing I have heard.
- Singing in Hagfors is one thing.
But Stockholm is it something else entirely.
You're probably home soon .
Get in.
Get in.
Stop! Can we stop?
Why not start a little simpler ?
It is so straight and hard .
Can't we try to start with the bass?
Singing and bass starts ,
then the others come in later.
The bassist in the beginning is so fine. we
start with that and everything else will follow.
- We're trying.
- It can not be combined with this.
- Can we go for a key down?
- Yes . G?
So you start them, yes?
Yes. It 's much more fun .
What do you say, Sture ?
Yes ... that 's it.
- What do you mean?
- It's probably better that way.
- Should I rewrite everything?
- Great !
- So I'll rewrite it . until tomorrow?
- Yes, great. It will be a success.
You should come. It's a big premiere.
It would be great
if father also came.
He can't still be so mad.
Say that all Stockholm celebrities are coming.
He said that? Good.
- No, you don't have to think about it, I'll fix it .
- Grandpa is coming for sure.
I will arrange a hotel. Yes , hotel .
Both grandparents are coming.
PREMIERE TONIGH I should have said no to this.
It's not for me .
Yes, it is exactly right for you.
Now I'm also nervous. Sit down.
It's a completely different crowd.
I'll open another one.
Father is also coming today.
- What is it, Monica?
- Dad is not here.
Don't let him spoil this evening for you.
I will sing
a small jazz melody in Swedish.
" Hamburger Brs - A success!
Monica Zetterlund performed in Stockholm -
- And received a standing ovation.
The show is a total success ."
" ' Sakta vi go genome stan ' is poetry.
and Zetterlund do it justice ."
You should make a record only
in Swedish with lyrics by Beppe Wolgers.
- That sounds good.
- I have prepared a draft for a contract.
- I would like to have more money.
- Why don't you write your own proposal.
- Welcome to Philips.
- Thank you.
"It's brilliant to let Zetterlund
sing in Swedish."
"The song has a new energy and intimacy."
"She sings a Stockholm Promenade,
which is like a light stroking on the cheek ."
"Now we know
that jazz can be sung in Swedish."
Perfect .
Isn't it crazy
to buy a large house -
- When I have an apartment
where we are living nicely?
It is for me and Eva- Lena's sake.
I would not be dependent on a man.
We'll take it.
Good. Once the payment is in,
we'll make an installment payment plan for the rest .
The payout is pretty considerable.
Why are you talking to him?
I'm the one who is paying - in cash.
- Just send the papers.
- Of course . Thank you.
- Are you coming, Vilgot ?
- Nice to meet you .
walk straight ahead.
Trust me. Here.
Are you ready? Now you can see.
It's a castle.
- Here is the living room.
- Everything is big here!
The ceilings are high here, so that you
can breathe. What 's this? Candy .
Here we can dance and play.
The dining room.
Here you can sit.
We 've saved the best for last .
There is one more small room up there.
- Oh... - It's your room.
-But where are you going to sleep
I'll sleep in another room.
You can take a look at it later.
God, it's so nice here!
A drink?
Hi there.
And you have everything ?
- Gunilla, my wife.
- Welcome .
- Monica!
- Beppe.
Hey. It's so good to see you.
And it's so nice to see you again.
What a great house.
We have a housewarming gift.
A gift?
It isn't necessary.
What do we have here?
What a hideous picture of me!
- You're so beautiful.
- Thank you. It will have the place of honour.
- Hello.
- Is this the new girl ?
Shall I take your coat?
- What will you drink?
- A whiskey maybe.
Knock, knock.
- Are you hiding here all night?
- I don't know .
- Come and say hello to my friends.
- Later. I have first to finish.
- It's not so easy with this noise.
- Can't you have a break?
I must finish this.
Would you please take 5 min. to say hello to my friends?
or should I be ashamed of you?
- No, I'm coming later.
- You're such a hypocrite .
Is this for me? Thank you.
-Oh, hey! -hey!
-You look so fine.
Can I help ?
We raise the party level. It will be
nice to be Miss Zetterlund .
What do you think, Monica?
Hello, friends!
May I introduce the wonderful -
- Adventurous,
absolutely adorable Monica Zetterlund.
And here we have the sexy -
- Truly talented
actress Marika Nilsson.
Hello, Marika.
Monica is with Vilgot Sjman .
My girlfriend Lina .
-Hey. -Good evening.
I just hope that Monica does not hear this.
You know how she is. Look at her .
Everyone has to love her.
She is so self-absorbed.
She gets offended when someone
she likes has a girlfriend.
She cannot. She has Vilgot.
-I heard both of your gigs in Stockholm.
they sounded great, both of them. -Thank you!
- Are you listening much to Fitzgerald ?
- Yes . I have always admired her.
- Good morning.
- Good morning. Isn't she cute ?
Yes, she's lovely.
Good morning honey. Did you sleep well?
Sit a little with me.
Are you tired?
It's the best time of the day
when we are here together in the kitchen.
I made it again too thick.
Isn't it suicidal to sing
a jazz song at the Eurovision Song Contest?
- I'm not a Eurovision singer.
- It's just once. You have to understand me as well,
It is enormously difficult to sell
jazz records as things are today.
Now is your chance
to break through internationally .
A little free advertising on television will not hurt.
It is something that you really need.
A chance to reach a large audience, with Jazz,
you shouldn't miss a chance like that.
I would do it ,
but it is up to you, Monica.
Hurrah, hurray , hurray , hurray !
They want me to sing at
the Eurovision song contest .
But I do not know if I should say yes.
What do you think, Dad?
- Yes, but it's so much fun.
- How it's going? how it feels?
-It feels good?
It's great to be able to represent
Sweden in such a big competition.
Eurovision 1963
Good evening, this is David Jenkins speaking
from the BBC television centre in London.
Viewers in the UK
will recognise this building ...
... but it will be less familiar for
the 75 million viewers from the 17...
Exciting, isn't it?
... that are watching Eurovision Song Contest
grand prix of 1963.
On behalf of the BBC, welcome to the
eighth annual Eurovision song contest .
There's a telephone again. Hello?
So that is the final result?
Zero points for Monica Zetterlund -
one of the greatest failures.
It is just before ,
one is ashamed of being Swedish.
"Viewers' verdict: Monica
should apologize to the Swedish people"
- It's just to take the bull by the horns.
- I cannot bear to meet any journalists.
I'll stay here a bit.
I can stay. I'll stay with you.
Go and see if you can get them off.
Beppe, where's Monica?
She is in London for few days.
Have you never felt that
you just can lose it all again?
I'm always afraid they remember -
- that I don't deserve this.
As if it is just an air castle.
A scam.
Now Dad wil say: "What did I tell you? "
- Hold your head high. You were good.
- Do you think so? -You were damn good .
I could sit here all day ...
... But I have to go.
- Do you come at eight o'clock? - Of course!
- Would you bring Lina as well?
Good. See you then.
- Does anyone else want?
- No thanks .
- Vilgot? Should I pour one gor you
- No, It's ok, thanks.
God it's quiet here.
You could go down in the cellar and get few bottles of wine.
Why are you never satisfied ?
Do you know what time it is?
- It's called ambition.
- You didn't get it. I mean this in the glass!
You shouldn't talk about that.
Should we celebrate being last,
and being laughed at?.
Do you remember when you were little and you
and your friends climbed the birch tree?
You always wanted to climb
all the way to the top! Every time!
Then you fell down and nearly died!
While your ... Look at me!
While your friends just climbed up
to the first branch, then they climbed down.
- Because it was dangerous up there!
But you, would always go up!
I can't understand that you don't
listen to what they say to you.
I'm going home now.
Bye Eva-Lena.
- Bye my friend.
- Bye Mom.
A failure.
Zero points. Why was it so bad?
You have to take it for what it is.
A singing competition.
It 's crazy to compete for music.
It's a pity. I think it's such
a great song, with fantastic lyrics.
So, now there will be a party.
Beppe ... Sofia said the kids are not able to fall asleep,
so I 'd better go home.
- Let them be awake and have fun.
- No, otherwise I feel like a bad mother.
What do you mean? So I am now a bad mother
because I let Eva-Lena stay up?
No, I just meant that "I" feel like a bad mother .
I'm careless with time and homework,
but I'm as good a mother as you.
- But it's not what I meant!
- Eva-Lena ! Am I not a good mother? - Yes.
I was only talking about myself.
- Get out of here .
- But I haven't done anything .
Say it straight instead of
always coming up with allusions.
-You don't come to my house to say such things.
-But It's not about you, it's about me! -Get out!
You could put Eva-Lena to bed?
Come on, toots. You've got to go to school tomorrow,
so you should sleep properly .
Good night sweetie.
Shall we dance? take a swing.
Aren't you going to ask me? Come on.
You sit so low.
I lift you up a little.
Come and dance with me.
No, I'm talking to Arne about film.
I'm in the middle of a conversation.
I do not want to dance.
You're boring!
Hey. Where is Lina?
She went. She is going to Malm
for a recording session tomorrow.
-You've found yourself a nice girl. -You think so?
- A bit young maybe, but sweet and kind.
- Why did you kiss me?
- I do not know!
Just because you wanted to?
Well, you're still here, Sture.
I'm so confused.
Monica ... I just want to say that ...
- Monica!
- Yes, yes.
- Yes?
- What's with you and Sture?
- I saw you kissing in the taxi.
- Isn't Vilgot Sjman jealous?!
No, I feel sorry for Sture.
It's only you who wants to be confirmed.
You are so unsympathetic,
When you are scared and in a killing mood.
Scared?! YOU say this? you, who is not able
to stay 3 minutes without hearing applause?
You are begging for love from everybody.
You daren't show emotions...
you have in fact none!
- What the hell do you know about that?
- Like how you talk to Bergman.
- Yes Bergman. Absolutely Bergman...
- What do you know about my relationship with Bergman?
Not even dogs are so submissive.
You're so pathetic !
It has nothing to do with Bergman. you just want to hurt me,
so you don't have to answer my questions.
You get the prize for the
Best pathetic human being.
- But you might hope for better prizes!
- That I do not want to discuss now.
- Where the hell are you going?
- I've had enough .
I am 40 years old. I need a woman,
not a scared teenager.
So take your damn Wagner with you!
Are you just going to leave?!
Nobody leaves me like this!
Monica ...
- Get me out of here.
- Yes , wait.
How I have dreamed of singing this...
imagine singing with Bill Evans .
Why would the world's best pianist
ever want to play with me?
Why not?
You're sometimes beyond my comprehension.
One second you are the world's
most self-absorbed person...
The next is as if you are
losing your enthusiasm.
As if you do not understand how good you are.
Would you come a little closer?
You're so far away.
No ...
Yes? What happened now then?
I can't.
When I asked why you kissed me
in the taxi, you said: "I don't know"
It's not good enough for me.
Me and Lina are engaged.
I'm getting married.
Monica ... What are you doing?
-I 'm not used to being rejected in this way...
-I didn't mean it! -Damn I feel so cheap!
Wait! Sit down! Won't you stay?
Are you asking me to stay after that?
Sorry Sture, but you're not my type.
What are you so awfully afraid of?
Monica ...
Monica, you have a lot going on now.
You have the premiere at "Hasse and Tages revue".
You have just recorded a new LP,
and you're on TV every other minute.
Yes, a lot is happening now.
Mr. Chambers is your new fianc.
Could you tell me a little more?
Fianc is a funny expression.
I have many relationships behind me.
- How many?
- As many as I wanted.
You obviously prefer
self-employed men, soloists.
Are you okay?
He doesn't understand.
- I'm sorry, I didn't ... you know ...
- You can just sit here.
- Or not?
- I like successful men.
But now I'll calm down,
and start a family for Eva-Lena.
- So Mr. Chambers, you like it here in Sweden?
- Oh yes, it's been wonderful to me.
So you gonna stay?
You know I... I don't like to think about those things.
I just uhm... everything is really great right now though.
You look great.
- Monica, are you ready?
- Just a moment.
OK, quiet!
Three, two ...
- It is the same place every time.
- We'll take it from the start.
Three, two ...
- No.
- Stop!
- I've never heard anything worse.
- Eurovision Song Contest broke her.
It's just too bad.
- You are opening another one?
- It's none of your business.
You can drink as much as you want,
but it should be enough with one.
How are you?
- I have heard that you're with Steve Chambers.
- Yes, lightning just struck.
- Would you say something?
- No, I ... I'll see you on stage.
Monica ...
Get out.
Get out , I said! It's over .
"Now I want to settle down
and start a family for Eva- Lena."
Are we done?
Should we take it from the beginning?
O, o, o, all women can struggle
If you want something
just don't stand there and stare
Be like me, be fresh and awake
Keep on moving
Shine the pole
For o, o, o, where all women can ...
Monica ...
Call an ambulance!
Good evening. How are you?
Better. It doesn't hurt as much now.
You had a miscarriage.
It is not dangerous,
but you have lost a lot of blood.
So you must take good care of yourself.
There's a premiere. I have to ...
There is no substitute.
It is dangerous for you
doing theater now.
You leave at your own risk .
Think carefully about it.
Can I get painkillers home?
You get something to for sleeping,
and then we take it one day at a time.
Thank you.
Help me now... If something must happen,
do something now...
So if you want a trip to the stars
Do you aim high among the trees
O, o, o, where all women can struggle
If you want something
you can't just lay down and stare
Be like me, keep swinging
You can always sleep later
For o, o, o...
How women can struggle
Oh my... It was absolutely fantastic.
- No one is better than Monica.
- Yes, it was fantastic.
- How are you?
- Fine. But I 'd better go home.
Go home and rest.
- I'll get someone to drive you.
- Would you? Thank you.
- Should I follow you up?
- No , go home to your fiancee.
It can't go on like this anymore.
You don't feel good .
- Was I bad ?
- No, but you need to take it a little easy.
You shouldn't think that know everything
about me and my life.
I've got everything I dreamed of. And then there are
those who believe that it doesn't cost a thing...
that it's free. But a mediocre person like you
probably won't understand!... Thank you!
There were 1,600 in the audience,
and they thought that I was wonderful .
What if people think you are
wonderful when you are feeling bad?
Close the door.
Why are you here, mom?
Wake up.
Good morning.
I was waiting for the post,
then I fell asleep.
Will you get the newspaper?
Thank you.
Monica is successfull again!
Monica Z - a comic genius
- Do you love me?
- Yes.
- Even if I am what I am?
- Yes.
Come on, Mom, why don't we go in?
You arrived two hours late yesterday.
On Thursday, you didn't even come.
This cannot go on like this anymore.
- You are stressing me out. Give me something .
- You do not get something to drink.
We are concerned that you're not able to handle it.
And whether we should continue or stop.
It is not the first time we try it.
- You asked why I kissed you in the taxi.
- It doesn't matter now.
I did it because I like you -
- And because ... I want to be with you.
I 'll tell you something ...
About men. I have always thought -
- That if I only I get him,
then I'll be happy.
It's so stupid.
And my father didn't even listen to
a single song of mine in recent years.
How can you do this to your child?
But ...
Hey, it's Eva- Lena. Mother sleeps
on the toilet. What should I do?
- Hey, little buddy. How are you?
- Good.
- Where's Mom?
- In the bathroom.
Get your stuff and your jacket,
I'll be there soon.
Monica ...
Father? Are you here?
I'm taking Eva-Lena with me to Hagfors.
Hurry into the car.
Lock the door.
Stop!... Stop the car!...
Tell him he needs to stop !
Monica ...
How are you?
Are you okay?
- Hello?
- Hey, Eva-Lena. It's mummy.
- Hi Mom. How are you?
- I feel much better now.
Marika has moved in with us
so I'm not alone.
I 'll pick you up as soon as
I feel better .
But I want to stay with grandma and grandpa.
No problem, you may stay there.
- I love you Mom.
- I love you darling.
Say hello to grandma and grandpa and say
that I'll soon come to visit.
- I WANT to make a record with Bill Evans.
- And why would he go along with it?
Does he even know who Monica Zetterlund is?
No, but I sent him a tape.
Even if it's successful, you won't sell more than a few
hundred copies of the LP.
Now everyone want to have rock'n'roll .
I want to do something for the soul, not for
the money. Beppe has written a text.
- " Waltz for Debbie " - " Monica's Waltz ."
- Sounds good to me ...
- This is my next album. Are you in ?
- No, not this time.
If you don't pay, I'll do it myself.
But then there are no more
Monica Zetterlund on Philips. This you need to know!
Call from America.
America is calling her!
- Hello?
- Hello Monica. This is Bill Evans.
- How are you?
- Oh I'm fine, how are you?
-Good, thanks. I have your tape. -You got it?
-I got it. and I like it a lot!
I was thinking, I have a gig at the Lenox Lounge coming up.
So would you like to come and sing with me?
- Anytime Bill.
- It's great. It'll be fun.
- Yes?
- That was Bill Evans.
- What did he want?
- That I should come and sing with him.
This is fantastic !
Hey, baby.
What are you going to do in New York?
Have you forgotten what happened last time ?
It's different this time.
- "It's different this time" !
- You do not know what I'm going to do.
I thought that you've got everything you dreamed of.
Don't you ever get satisfied?
I have to try new things.
You don't to try a thing.
Try to calm down Monica.
Stop getting around bewildered .
Do you remember when you climbed the trees?
I did at least get to see
how the world looks like from above.
I feel sorry for you. Do you know that?
- Why?
- You could have been something big.
But you didn't even dare to try.
The view up there is amazing.
That's enough!
- I'm meeting Bill Evans in the United States.
- Bill Evans?!
- It's so beautiful here,
- And so big!
Tiny lights that move.
- Do you see Hagfors?
- No.
- Neither do I.
Because Hagfors is just
a tiny speck of dust in the universe.
Hi, Monica, Arne Thorn. I will present the concert
for the Swedish radio listeners.
Monica! So good to see you.
I'm looking foward to this.
- This is my daughter Eva- Lena .
- Shall we? -Ready?
The city's musicians have gathered to listen
when Monica Zetterlund will sing with world best pianist.
- It will be interesting, Bengt.
- Miles Davis stands at the bar.
Did you hear that? Miles Davis.
Ella Fitzgerald
and Sammy Davis Jr are here too.
Now you are proud to be Swedish.
Don't you want to listen
when your daughter is singing? Come on!
Monica is nervous
back and forth out in the wings.
I put the radio here,
so we both can hear... come on!
The hair is nicely styled.
She lights another cigarette
and looks at the audience
Now comes Bill Evans on stage.
Please welcome to the stage:
Monica Zetterlund.
Thank you.
I wanna dedicate this song to a very special person
in Sweden, his name is Sture kerberg.
I hope he's listening right now.
- Hello? -Good evening, You have an International call.
-Oh Thank you. -Standby, I'll put you through.
-Hello? Who is it?
-Hello, Hi Monica...
- Father! Has something happened?
- No, nothing happend.
It's hard with the sound delay,
so I have to talk a little bit ...
We heard you on the radio,
and it was wonderfull...
I would also ... I want to thank you Monica,
because you have shown me -
- How things look like from the top.
Oh, dad ...
I'm probably going to have to hang up.
It will be so expensive.
Thank you.
- Hello. How are you?
- Good.
Come on, we have to go in.
God, you look so serious!
It's worse than a funeral.
Stop all that!
When one makes the entry of a lifetime,
you have to be a little more cheerful.
Otherwise, there would be no party!