MoniKa (2012) Movie Script

This morning I am using a
really bad hangover woke up.
Until I realized that I
had no bad hangover.
My life was just so crappy.
It is six thirty in the early morning clock.
What are you getting?
Or do you want on anything beyond
Wait, wait a minute. Stay tuned.
I'll tell you now something: If you
could see what I see here,
you would understand
that it does not play any violin,
how late it is at this moment.
Do you understand?
You have to come here, Amigo.
Look, she has here
a little friend for you, okay?
So stay loose and book
a flight to Vegas.
I'll send you the address right now.
- You're in Vegas? - Yes, in Vegas.
No, I can not. I have a casting
and still other shit to do.
Put your ass on a plane
and come forth immediately.
I said,
I've got something to do, man.
Vegas, Fremont Street in 2110,
The right is yours, brother.
Come on.
I need a drink.
Actually, I have nothing to do.
Also, no casting.
If I'm going somewhere hinfahre,
then it can also be fun, right?
Furthermore, one must indeed something
do with his life.
a little adventure, just how it is.
Welcome to Las Vegas,
ladies and gentlemen.
The local time 16 clock 43, and the
temperature is 41 degrees Celsius
Perhaps the time is now ripe yes.
Maybe I meet a nice woman.
dreams, premonitions,
Visions, whatever.
I have already
all my life,
as long as I can remember.
Now I only know
that I am ready to make a change.
Actually, I'm ready for anything.
You can let me out here.
Here it is good.
The rest is for you.
What 'ne Klitsche.
Second-rate film actor.
Comes straight from a cheap production
from another State
and does what he
after a rotational always makes.
He rents a car,
moves towards home
and makes the move Party
with any women,
until he has squandered everything.
He gets anywhere
one or two on the booth.
It was not his
first stop in Vegas,
but I was the first time here.
I am also an actor.
Or was.
I've never done that so far as Double.
Do not have given me so much trouble.
You have booked the bridal suite,
it seems to me.
Come on, open up.
Come on, Double, it's me!
Oh man.
Do not disturb!
Oh, really?
Really, Double!
Hello. - I'm Monika.
Written with "K".
As the President?
My friend...
- Double, yes, I know.
You know him? Best.
- He fucks my friend Andrea.
A fine thing. Super.
So I just came back from LA..
- Yes, I know.
Come on, let us
go to the bar, have a drink.
The two go back there afterwards mostly.
I live next door here. So is Andrea
met with Double.
You live here in a motel?
No, I'm just hatched here.
A long history.
Oh man.
Are you coming?
For all I need
no more to come now!
I find.
Where were you, asshole?
You nervst genuine.
I'm really sorry, brother.
Such tones I do not even know you.
- No, I'm serious.
"No, I mean it"
are also entirely new sounds.
Moment, wait. Since someone
else is talking out of you, huh?
So what are you doing at the current
Meters, Double. What's wrong with you?
I want to explain it to you straight, man.
We have a horrible night behind us.
This is Andrea.
Hi. You know, I was with...
- Your best friend was shot.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Oh, my God. Has Monika
they also knew? Because I was...
My God. No!
Do you have to start it?
What to start?
Do you sometimes loose, man.
I was last night
together with Monika. - Stop it.
Why such a trash talking, boy?
Her best friend Monika
Today was murdered night.
She has copped four shots.
Right here next door.
Oh well.
I just came from over there, okay?
I was just over there in her room.
What were you doing in her room?
The cops have sealed it.
I was there just in it.
If you were there,
have seen you need it.
What you see?
Then have seen have, how it looks there.
- What are you talking about?
Of this.
Now the fun stops, Double, okay?
I swear to you.
I was with her all night.
In this room here.
Just in this one.
I do not know what this is?
But I put that shit ends here.
What are you doing?
No, you can not go in there, Double.
Do not go there!
Double! Double!
I do not care. - Oh God.
What happened here?
- I'll go over again, brother.
Oh, my God.
The girl?
My cash?
You have the little folded,
without asking?
She did not talk, Eli.
Do you think now she's talking about,
you pea brain?
Get the mosquitoes. - I will.
Get the mosquitoes!
We need your birdbrain
a little pimp, what?
Or yes, sunshine?
Eli, the woman wanted me to...
That was fucking stupid of you,
recklessly and amateurish.
Now to listen to justify you,
pull off and get me my money back!
So good.
Now let us
first thing to go feed.
Hey, he's back.
Are you feeling better champion?
Again HQ dam?
I do not know, man.
Thank you.
Do you say it to me.
I mean, I'm dreaming?
Last night I was
with my dream wife.
The perfect woman.
This was the perfect night, Lord God.
And now you tell me
that she was already dead,
before this happened?
I do not understand
why do you say that again and again.
Quite seriously. Do you hear please on it.
You're making really finished.
Do not tell me you were with her.
- Damn it, I was with her!
I do not spider yet.
It is perhaps only
one of your dream stories
you already had in college,
do you remember?
The difference between dreams
and reality disappears with you.
There are not just dreams, okay?
I have premonitions.
- Premonitions? - Visions.
Maybe it was a vision? - No...
It was not. That was...
- That was her spirit.
Oh, my God,
you were with her mind.
- She was not ready to die.
Maybe they had to
and bring to an end,
what they started for Leanne.
Second. What?
Hang on, how do you mean?
Do not listen to Andrea,
it has a small shot.
No, ye do not understand?
So it has been.
No, it was not a ghost.
So what does not exist.
Do not tell me what it is or not.
Not after that night. Let them talk.
Go on. It's okay.
Please. I want to know from you,
how you meant that.
Red on.
Tell me everything. Okay?
Leanne was her sister.
And she has...
No, she had this friend, this...
Terry Jo, a madman.
A drug dealer.
So one who everywhere here
sold on the streets of drugs.
And outside in desert places.
In the beginning it was just pot,
but then was it Meth
And Leanne has started
to take it, okay?
Eventually Terry Jo was
you just overdosed and they...
She died in it?
Yes. And Monika had tried
her away from it.
From the fabric and Terry Jo,
but it was too late.
When she learned what Leanne
had happened, what had happened to her...
A week earlier,
a week before her death,
Leanne was with Monika
and told of a big drug deal
the Terry Jo
should settle for his boss Eli.
So a crazy Englishman,
of like a cowboy lists.
Terry Jo babbles
interruption of this deal,
to the eleven forty-five
scheduled to depart at the Mann Street.
Is supposed to be a bombastic deal.
She knew the place and time,
because he's told her time after sex.
Eleven forty-five. Did it said a thousand
times, over and over again.
Tuesday at eleven forty-five
at the Mann Street.
Whenever he had sex,
he had a big mouth.
He trusts me to the cause.
Me! Eli trusts me to the cause.
He has described her everything minutely.
135 thousand.
Do you know how much food that is?
He was like a little boy.
- You know what? This is so much material.
This Monika knew
and she wanted Terry Jo do.
Her father was in Vietnam
in a special unit
and after a long police officer
near Vegas.
She found pleasure in the shooting.
He taught her everything.
She had nothing against
and not afraid of anyone.
So sets out to the guys
surprise at the place of delivery.
Terry Jo's been there before,
but to pee times.
I'll go piss.
Monika has not notice anything
and runs through the thing.
Oh shit.
Oh God! Fuck!
She sees no Terry Jo.
- Shit.
But finds the money for it.
Then appeared on the other cars.
When Terry Jo comes to the car,
are all dead and the money is gone.
Fuck! Shit!
Terry Jo had to Eli
and confess to him what happened.
135 one thousand U.S. dollars
is a heap of coal for people like us.
But there was something
the Monika did not know.
And that is, Terry Jo a few days
previously Leanne as a Hi-Tech Smartphone
had a birthday.
In which they had all the names
Phone numbers and addresses stored.
Eli tear your ass up when we
can not find the money. - Shut up.
And then you showed up.
I need to get some fresh air.
Get out of the room.
Get out of this town.
I can not stand it here any longer.
Wait a minute.
Do you think she's still alive?
Not alive and not dead
What are you doing?
It reported to the cops?
I do not know, man.
Should I Report,
I fucked a dead? Yes?
I can not now.
I am sometimes away for a while.
How's it going?
Can we please go to the city?
I want to go dancing and have a drink.
You want to go dancing?
Okay. Then let me have fast
the stinking waste rausbringen.
Well, and then we go?
- Then we go dancing.
All right, let's...
Double JayJay? Wow.
Really great, what are you doing.
The mess I'm sorry, man.
Where is my cash, you starlet?
Fuck you in the ass.
You make me beforehand before but,
how to do this, okay?
It's beautiful here, is not it?
We can thus no longer meet.
Oh no?
So is a figure of speech.
Yes, I've heard that before.
Not a nice phrase.
You have to tell me what's going on.
I have no idea.
I just little.
I can not remember anything more.
At anything? - What was it.
What was what? - What was for you.
I saw both of us.
And something that has not happened yet.
What does that mean?
It means that I see things.
Does that mean you have visions?
Something like that.
I have premonitions, probably.
I have both, you know?
I dream things as well.
Really hard.
And I do not know
how to arrange everything.
Maybe we can help each other.
I want to know
what has happened in the past.
And what do I do?
- Sounds like you'd have to forget it.
They say that you were dead.
Assassinated would.
This seems to be the case.
But I'm not a ghost.
People talk to me, take me.
Are you undead?
Looks like it.
I'm probably because of them still there.
Because of my sister.
I want to accomplish,
what I started.
She was with the wrong people.
You'll tell me,
where the stupid money is.
Because I know
she betrayed it to her stupid girlfriend.
And I know that their
stupid girlfriend has told you.
If not you tell me
then I'll break more ribs,
until you no longer have unbroken.
And there is no more to break,...
Then... I'll make you your pretty
Cheap Movie Actors face a,
to even it there is nothing left.
No, that's good, wait.
I'm telling you.
You can even ask Monika.
Namely, it is still alive.
I swear.
I swear to God.
My Best Friend
has it namely fucked last night.
Last chance starlet.
I told you,
fuck yourself in the ass.
Our friends are perhaps in danger.
Why? - Because everyone who
knows anything, is in danger.
These guys are fucking dangerous.
Believe me, I know.
They killed Leanne.
We were both adventurous,
but I was more after my father.
I had his self-control,
which stemmed from his professional
and from which,
what he had been through during the war.
Leanne was younger, and discipline is
something the Younger always less understand.
She began to take drugs.
And that was more important to them
over time when our family or college.
I wanted to take her away from it.
You have held like an animal.
Already clear.
Hey, boss!
Hello? Over here.
What fr'n drink do you want?
- Two beer, okay?
From what kind of a neighborhood
you come from?
I'll be right with you, boss.
What can I do for you?
How about a Tequila?
Blanco, only the finest.
Coming right up.
Salt, lemon?
Do not run away,
I need another one, yes?
You want to know's what?
Something like that.
Not enough. One more.
Sure, partner. The whole night.
We have the whole night.
One more.
An even more.
Por favor, Master.
now you've found me after all.
Holy shit.
I need a drink.
I still want to have one, please!
One more of this stuff here.
What's the magic word?
- How about now?
You know what?
Now we're through here.
I am far from through here.
- Yes, you are.
You know exactly
I'm not done yet.
Because I know that you
anyone a glass fail, right?
When I was here yesterday
I've been drinking a lot more,
and you always have beautiful
nachgekippt, my friend.
What are you talking the hell?
I'm talking about you last night
have given me a lot more.
Of this I red, my friend.
What is this nonsense?
I've never seen in my life.
And I remember all faces.
Pour me another one, asshole!
Stop it. You have just
Booked your flight home, pal.
Where are you?
Boy, did you leave the door.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
This is not true.
What's going on because, cursed?
You do not want a lawyer?
- No, I do not want a lawyer.
Since when have you been
because even here at the motel?
Since Monday.
Do you know Mr JayJay long?
My dear, long lifetime. Okay?
What about Andrea? - Hardly known.
Do you know Monika Lana?
The answer came late, huh?
Man, the answer came late,
because I had to think of something.
Oh yeah? What, please?
That she was killed.
My God!
Where are your driver's license,
Your wallet and your return ticket?
Everything in my backpack.
Who is Double? - JayJay.
- Where is your backpack?
The thing have stolen, as I said.
Who has stolen?
- That I have to say a thousand times.
That asshole of Terry Jo's it!
Let's be calm.
Do you have a cell phone case? - Yes.
May I, indeed?
Nothing since your arrival? - No. Double is
anyway the only one who called me.
How did he get the name?
- Two Jays.
How... What...
How, how, what?
JayJay. Two Jays stupid, man!
Calm down, you hothead.
Again to Mr "two stupid Jays".
Who is that?
Jason Johnson. Nothing?
JayJay Johnson.
As the actor?
Oh, my God. Yes, exactly.
Can you tell me what he was
willed in this shithole?
I do not know, man.
He did such a shitty descent.
He had a funny taste.
You saw the bride,
which was at him.
Okay, so you want us to buy,
that a movie actor as he
descends into crack whores motels, yes?
Yes, and that you came from LA to at
JayJay to live in the crack-whores-Motel.
Listen to me,
Crack whores motel to say?
We say crack-whores-Motel
as often as we like it, asshole!
What you're telling us here
is far-fetched.
I'm sorry for you!
Tells me by times,
I've told you shit!
Now listen to me sometimes.
I've reported here. Okay?
Why do not you go and talk draws
with the bartender in "Atomic Lounge"?
I have sat in front of him three hours
and filled me with tequila.
Do you smell that, you Snoop!
If you did what, then locks me
for the murder of my best friend.
Do you just not forced to!
Otherwise, I reckon,
we're through here.
Grab the types.
I'm sorry, man.
I'm really sorry about earlier.
I have no explanation for this...
But what I, 67 mice.
The we can both drown.
The precious stuff.
Yes, thank you.
How's it going?
Reagan, get out of here.
Come with me!
Hey! Out of the car!
Come on!
Get out already!
Shit! - Thank you.
Monika, come on, come on!
Climbing ever! Come on!
He killed them.
Andrea, Double.
Both are dead
I'm sorry, Reagan.
I'm so sorry.
Yeah, me too.
Why do I have no idea what happens?
I have to hide.
You're not sure.
You are just as wrong.
To me you do not worry about.
I'm already dead
You told me, she's dead
Have they folded, you said.
- Yes, I have said.
It is also totally absurd.
I've seen them.
I have seen it, Eli.
Seen with my own eyes. She's it.
What are you talking about for a plate?
You can believe me.
I'll tell you no shit.
I just want to tell, I've seen them,
seen her in the fucking eyes, Eli.
You get a soft pear, sunshine.
You should be more
deal with selling drugs
and do not take this stuff so often.
I pay your shitty Villa
and your wacky clothes.
And you bring us the cops into the house.
Do you find me my money.
And if you can not rely on, trust
I's someone different. Have you got that?
Hisses from.
Have you got it?
But yeah.
All right. Then hissing from.
Yes, I...
Hisses from!
Not like this.
However,'s okay.
Skin already out.
It's okay. All chic.
Have a nice day, guys.
Terry Jo?
Jamie, Jimbo...
La Playa Casa.
We have called the La Playa Casa,
because I with my sister
actually always wanted to live on the beach.
That was a kind of
Insider-joke between us.
In the desert you can
do not live at the beach.
That was really funny.
You ought to visit with my parents.
Would you come with me?
Get to know you?
I'd find really nice.
I think she would like you.
You silly, du
La Playa Casa.
They think I'm dead
They believe
their two children are dead
Are we indeed.
How should I explain it to you anyway?
Not at all.
Parents will never doubt that
her child in front of them when they see it.
I geh Wait here.
Oh God, Mom
She looks like you.
I'm sorry, but your daughters
come to her mother.
Here is Monika
at the high school graduation ceremony.
She was a good student.
Her little sister,
her little sister. - Thomas.
What a nonsense.
Has her life thrown away.
Are not stunningly beautiful.
Real Thing, right?
Thomas, please.
Create them elsewhere,
my boy. Where do nothing happens.
Walk away with her.
Way out of this hole.
I do not want to lose again.
I create them from here.
We promise.
She is off.
Give her already.
I'm still here.
Who am I speaking for?
- You know.
No, I have no idea.
If you do not touch someone
see your money again never.
I do not get.
- You heard.
Then you will see
Your money is not back.
If you even think about it,
again to touch people,
close to me,
I swear to you,
Your lousy few bucks
to blow up the chimney,
You small intellectual asshole!
You cursed, stupid whore!
Reagan come, sometimes with.
I need a drink.
What's the matter,
have you seen about a ghost?
I have nothing. I'm okay. Thank you.
I do not know, I...
Also a beer?
You're welcome.
Reagan, come with time.
Where are we going?
There rear.
That is,
what each kill everyone.
That for which Leanne
and our friends had to die.
You yourself also.
When I have finished,
what should I do
then you bring the bag
and they are giving my parents.
I want them to get the money.
And tell them it comes from her daughters.
Yeah, okay.
Yes. I will. Sure.
How did you find out you the job?
Such trees like this one
are anywhere in the area,
and you march directly
to the sand hole.
Is a breeze for me.
That was my playground when I was little.
I know every stone here.
Since I got the first kiss.
And since my dad has
shooting taught.
I shoot well.
Oh yes. You can with weapons
very good deal.
I know of no woman,
so well to handle it.
I wanted to the police.
Oh well. The cops?
Yes. I always wanted to
fight against the bad guys.
Daddy was twenty years cop
and before seven years paratroopers.
I have of him.
What has stopped you?
has come off the rails.
She began early to drink
and to party.
And in college
it started with the dope.
And guess
who has supplied thereby.
Terry Jo.
This stupid pig she learns
know in Atomic, he gives her Meth
She comes on it fully.
I knew how it is to them
and she had it taken away,
before our parents mitkriegen what
or before it goes.
So I met with her, picked her up.
We talked and the police stopped us.
She had enough meth here,
to hike for five years in jail.
I took it on myself and put it in
my bag before we were searched.
Why did you do that?
I thought of our father.
If I'd say it's mine...
You have sacrificed yourself.
So did you but your dream job,
So everything that you wanted to make,
a messed up once and for all.
It would have been better
if I were purely hiked instead Leanne.
She was my little sister.
I would have died for them.
It went so well.
You have concealed it.
Thanks to my father.
From public reasons.
But I could not
come into the police service.
Leanne has still not stopped.
She was in too deep.
Then she told me how Terry Jo started
abzuzwacken a few dollars of each deal,
to his addiction and his
costly lifestyle fund.
And every time
he took it a little more.
But one day
he had kept too much.
And Eli got it out.
- I swear to you, I have nothing.
You dirty, small, cheaters!
- No! I have nothing!
Then told Eli Terry Jo,
it was Leanne and not him.
And Eli said Terry Jo,
he should take care of it.
Finally, he missed her
personally an overdose.
At the she dies.
I am sorry.
What's for lunch?
- Be not always so curious.
Get out!
Come out here!
No. - Come on!
- No, please do not. - Shut up!
Hi, Thomas.
How's your daughters?
Looks as if a
the two would have surprised you.
You have looked at photos.
Only you and your wife, huh?
Such very pretty little girl.
Yes, really!
What very pretty little girl.
Oh, my God.
Come, come.
Well come on. Come on!
Hurry up!
Oh, my God.
Eli! Terry Jo!
You're both dead!
I'll make you flat!
Do not threaten me
All done.
I have thought so.
It's just not over.
Not for you.
Eli, I told you,
I wiederbeschaffe you your money.
Did you say, sunshine.
Have I heard.
But lately, my dear,
I'll make me some worried about you.
When I came over in 1986,
after that shitty WM for England,
I've got you
taken under my wing.
But lately, what's going wrong?
You just make too many mistakes.
Too many goddamn fault.
Sometime soon
are no other people there anymore,
which one can be blamed.
You know what I mean.
My Daddy gave me
tells the story of your beautiful country.
Since then, I dream a dream.
The American dream.
I'm warning you.
Do it to me indeed is not broke.
By tomorrow I will
see the 135 giants.
Is that clear?
Is clear. See you tomorrow.
Here is Terry Jo.
- Ah, yes. Hey, man.
Listen, I need the money,
that you owe me.
I did not, brother.
Listen now and write with, man.
I want the coal,
you owe me.
Please, man, listen.
I have the money.
You have to have it!
Dude, I know I've said
you have until next week to
but it is sometimes different.
- At the moment I do not got it, man.
You've got fabric
and not paid, you ass!
man, I do not have the money.
Next week, as agreed. We promise.
Next week it's too late!
It's all right. It's okay.
Hey, What's up, people?
Hey, have a nice day.
Hey, ho. All chic.
Hi, ma'am. How's it going?
Everything okay here?
I so want a cupcake.
I so want a cupcake.
And a side of fries, okay?
I assume the same still
a milkshake to do so.
And you bring me with a coffee.
Yes, I want a cupcake
and a coffee.
Get me Terry Jo.
Okay, boss.
What will become of us?
I have got used to you.
I will always be there.
Since you've found me after all.
What a crock.
What a crock,
all this shit.
God bless America.
Eli, I...
I've... Let's say,
not so famous message.
But, please, listen to me.
Do not make thee a kiss-ass.
I can not suck-off, man.
Eli. Come on.
Please, do not let... I have... - Hey!
Stop trying to take on an
to make damn idiots.
If I do not come back,
see you after.
Diving someone of those on, lie to him.
With bulls in the area
not so fast to count.
Are you sure you want to do it?
For the first time in life. Yes.
Where is my money?
The woman has them.
The woman, boy is dead
I know.
I know it sounds crazy.
It is beyond me how this works,
but it is still there.
Believe me, it's still there.
- The woman is dead
You are right. You are right.
You're right, yes. And I swear to you,
I bring you back your mosquitoes.
I, I...
I can not manage it unfortunately today.
Give me a week. - No!
I want my fucking mosquitoes away!
Neither tomorrow nor yesterday
or damn next week!
I want my mosquitoes away!
Come on, open the door, man.
The money is there, boss.
But not dead
The pea brain was right.
135 thousand dollars.
Your mom and your dad
should burn in hell, you cunt.
I got it.
Fuck. Shit!
Lord God! Damn! Caught!
You stupid bitch!
Totes, stupid bitch!
Damn, you got me...
Only keep the peace.
Comm shit.
Come with me.
There he is. Go!
Okay, okay.
Wait here.
Come here, Monika!
Want to give me a chance?
Come on, Monika!
Come on!
I have a problem!
Do you know?
Come on,
give me one more chance!
You mean one that
as Leanne has got from you!
Or about my parents?
This kind of opportunity?
Or as Andrea and Double?
Alright. Okay.
You lousy wanker.
Fuck it.
Asshole! Here!
Come on!
Come on.
You wanker.
Double Your friend JayJay
has cried like a little girl...
And what now?
Is time that I leave.
Mission accomplished.
Turn around here.
Take me back.
Where to?
Back to where we met.
Just think of me.
Will stay with me no choice.
Sir? Mister?
Hey, Mister!
Mom says you should come.
Oh shit.
Oh, my God.
Bad dream?
Goes like this.
Was a nice evening yesterday.
You can dance well.
Yesterday we went still.
Ging's in the dream about me?
I think so.
Double did you prep a few lines.
All right.
Great. Wunderbar.
Only one question remains:
Was it all a dream? A Vision
Or one of my
damn premonitions?
I need a drink.
I need a drink.