Monkey Bar Mafia (2010) Movie Script

Good morning.
- Good morning.
What football cards
can I get for $2.50?
This one.
Not those ones.
Not those ones.
Maybe you got some
at the back?
Oh God!
Today is his first day.
How do we know
we can trust him?
Because I trust him.
He is my best friend.
best friend.
After you Corey.
You said
we could trust the last one
and he took half our stock
to move to a different school.
He didn't even
know who Jesaulenko is.
Jet is gonna be good,
I promise.
You got the plane ones.
Do you have
any holographic ones?
Bring him in.
This one.
I don't know
anything about you.
Hi Jet.
What happened to your face?
Just football.
What do you mean
just football?
I ran into the goalpost.
Shut up!
I set up a meeting,
but don't stuff it up.
you remember last summer
when I told you my uncle
sent money from Switzerland
and thats how
I got my new bag.
I don't have an uncle.
Me and my friends
make more money
then you
probably can imagine
I got people everywhere.
You just have to know
where to look.
down there.
Come up with cents,
he is one of our regulars.
And down there
it just looks like
a buddy system, right?
Older kid
helping a younger kid?
He is about to take his entire
football card collection.
I can feel the beans.
What about Corey,
Corey Leoni.
He runs
the whole organization.
And there is
one thing he loves
football cards!
He is only missing 1 card
from his collection.
The graceful player
of all times.
Got it.
Good morning boys.
We don't talk to teachers
without authorization.
I got it.
This is your class.
Meet me at the bell,
at recess, 11:03.
I bring them with me than.
Jet, this is Veedo,
Head of Security.
And Joe, Head of Training.
Hi, I'm Joe, Head of Training.
And boys
this is Jet.
Nephew to the principal.
Sorry, he doesn't
cope well under pressure.
Lets move.
They are inside.
Welcome Jet.
Ryan tells me
you want to be one of us.
Be impressive.
What happened to your face?
You should see
the other guy.
Please, sit down.
We are in position.
Last week teachers
confiscated a football card.
The greatest player of all times.
Yes. It is the only card
I need to complete my set.
What are you doing?
Trust me.
I head your back.
The Jesy card is
somewhere in their offices.
But we can't locate it.
Only the Principal
knows where it is.
That's where you come in.
Go, go, go!
So I have to find out
where the card is gentlemen?
but she mustnt suspect you.
If she has any idea
you are working for us
she wont
tell you where it is.
To avoid suspicion
we get you captured
in the next teachers raid.
But how can you possibly know
when and where they will strike?
They are already here.
They knew we were coming,
there is only 1 here.
Is it Corey?
this one is already ours.
So you are in?
Oh good.
Whats their plan?
They want the card.
The Jesa card.
You know
footy player ever.
Do you mean this one?
Yeah. Thats it.
I had no idea.
I feel like
we should be able to
use this information
You don't have a plan?
Only Julie
you brought me here
to get you information.
What is your
plan after that?
Here is what
we are going to do.
Thanks Jet.
Thank you aunty Julie.
I love you too Jet.
I see you then.
What are you doing,
you just made it worse!
What are you talking about?
I saw you
at the surveillance!
I didn't trust you from
the beginning dirty snitch.
- Stop!
Where is it?
You gotta move to a person.
She is going to move it.
I had to get it somewhere safe.
That's the one
place we can't get to.
In the last hour
he done more for us than
Ryan is ever been able to do.
Its time.
Right, here is the plan.
The janitor arrives
every day at 1:30.
Thats particularly precise.
At that stage,
fights will break out
all over the playground.
Hey you!
- Giant Jack!
Julie, you need to hear this!
Transitions of you.
Get to higher command!
I got to go.
What do you think I'm,
some kind of a superman?
With the teachers out the way
we have smooth
passage to the hallways.
We post guards in every entrance
to secure the perimeter.
Once we are inside,
we shut off the power.
To disable
the surveillance cameras.
I have 2 suspects here.
Where is my backup?
How is it going down mate?
There is no one in here.
I spoke someone in force.
We need help at.
Sorry Mrs.
You open this door
right now!
Once the bells
signal the end of lunch
we will have 5 minutes
till the teachers come back inside.
Then we use the key we stole
from the janitor weeks ago
to get in the Principals office.
It doesn't fit.
What do you mean it doesn't fit?
It has to fit!
Another fail.
Everything works until
you are part of the plan!
It's early.
Everyone start your timers!
5 minutes to get out!
There is no way in.
We should just leave now.
There must be a way.
But there is no time.
why didn't you think of that?
You don't check on Joe.
4 minutes.
Very good.
Give it up Corey.
What are you doing Jet?
He is making, a big mistake!
I'm not.
It's over.
I trusted you!
I know! I'm sorry.
You are the
reason he is here Ryan.
Shoot him!
Ryan shoot!
He is my best friend.
I thought he head my back.
I do.
Then put the slingshot down!
I'm not kidding!
Put it down now!
But I thought
you headed my back.
You are so week Ryan.
What are you going to do?
Shoot your own best friend?
Do you really think
you get away with it?
Did you really think
that you could stop me?
I outsmart these teachers,
every single time.
And I don't plan
on stopping now.
I got the card and a minute
till the teachers get here.
And there is nothing
you can do about it!
They are already here.
No! No!
Get your filthy hands of me!
He is with us.
Great job boys!
Oh thanks.
What's going
to happen to the others?
Ah yes, detention
in the canteen!
That will keep their
lunchtimes occupied.
But I'm willing to give you
a 2nd chance though Ryan,
thanks to Jet.
Thanks so much Mrs big shot.
I... I love you too Ryan.
I didn't
never mind.
See you then.
I suppose I don't really
need that card anymore.
Oh its OK, I don't want it.
I did put it in here somewhere.
Come James.
Hey! Dont push in!
Hey, you missed a bit!
And there is no escape.
So, get to work!
Right, who is next than?
What can I get for $2.50?
The End
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