Monkey Enters Lanka (2022) Movie Script

The world's fastest growing crime
is abduction and human trafficking
In 201724 million victims
were estimated worldwide
Those who don't know history
are doomed to repeat it
This film is based on a true event
Due to years of cultural
adaptations across Asia
Elements may have been
subject to artistic liberties
Lanka, a once prosperous land
ruled by the wealthy king Kubera
now stands robbed and
overthrown by a tyrant king
Women from all corners of the Earth
are being snatched against their will
to satisfy Ravana's lust
and perverted thrills
Let go of me
Let go of me
Where is your leader?
If your leader is so powerful
Why can't he face us?
We will fight our way out of this!
I was only beginning to witness
Lanka's sad state of affairs
but however much I want
to, I cannot yet interfere
for the reason I was here
were for matters else
for a dear friend.. Lord Rama
I had promised to help
His beloved wife has been
missing for almost a year
a matter, no loving couple could ever bear
Don't worry
They say that
Ravana cannot rape anyone,
he needs their consent
This is due to a curse...
Once Ravana tried to molest
a girl called Vedavati
to escape him
she set herself on fire, her
last words cursing him...
That if he dared rape anyone again...
he will burst into flames and die
Since then
they say he is afraid to molest anyone
All clues pointed towards
Lanka's tyrant king
if I find the princess here
the hellish planets will shudder
at the havoc I will bring
My only sister is dead
Curse you Ravana
you filthy pig
may your wives, lands and riches
burn before your very eyes
You may wonder
just exactly
who am I?
My feats have made even
Yama, the God of Death cry
I have acquired many
names over my long life
But none of those matter to me any longer
I am the servant of Rama,
here to help find his wife
Mother, does Ravana really have 10 heads?
Please, leave me
I do not like this
I will torture you into liking it
The aura was dark everywhere I turned
for men had abandoned righteousness
with lust they burned
Lust leads to greed, greed leads to anger
anger leads to suffering, which
was clear amongst Ravana's Lanka
Listen to me very carefully
that lady has driven our king to madness
there is some divine power in her
You mean the one in the
Asoka gardens right?
As soon as I saw her, I knew it was Sita
I was looking at a divine
soul, the universe beneath her
So you see
every living being is a
fragment of the ultimate
there is the supreme soul
and the energy force of nature
that nature is feminine
Never undermine your own nature as a female
The soul doesn't have a gender
I hope that makes you happy for the morning
Although her distress of
separation from Rama was clear,
her golden aura radiated more
than the gold paved city for
which she didn't seem to care
the way you talk of Rama, almost
makes us fall in love with him too
We have never heard of such an
ideal man, ideal king, ideal husband
where you left us last was where you stayed
in the forest and saw the golden deer
Do tell us more
the very day I saw the golden deer
was the very fateful day I saw
Lord Rama for the last time
when I saw the deer
I was hypnotised
with desire
desire of ownership
the very trait that leads to one's downfall
my loving Rama went to catch it for me
that's when your...
Oh no! The King is coming
Run! We will be killed if caught here!
Upon seeing Ravan, I realised
what had become of him
this was a man who had
fallen to his own ego
Sita, Sita
beauty of all beauties
whose face glows more radiantly
than the sunrise by this tree
if only you would look at me
I would make all my wives
your handmaidens immediately
Oh why?
Why does she not see this handsome Ravan?
And his might?
And put up this uneccessary fight?
I stayed awake the entire
night and wrote this for you
Will I turn away again without your love?
You know many women die for my glance
yet you still stick to your
old, traditional marriage vows
speak, please
say something
Can a lotus flower grow
in the light of a firefly?
You do not know of Rama's radiance
you are but an insect in comparison
nor have you faced his arrows in battle
You clearly displayed your
so-called might when you abducted me
only, and only when I was all alone
to you women are objects
but in the kingdom of Lord Rama
every woman is treated as a Goddess
you have offered me one too many insults
Have I not been a gentleman to you
waiting for your consent
Name me one king
who has as much wealth as I do
You could have anything you desire
The wise do not find
happiness in material things
They find their joy
looking within themselves
Alright, I'm getting tired of this
Pleasures conceived in the
world of the senses alone
have a beginning and an end
and eventually lead to misery
nothing material is permanent happiness
And please be honest
You are no gentleman
the real reason you have
waited for my consent
is because of your curse
that if you were to make love
to one without her consent
you would burst into flames
How do you know that?
Whose been speaking behind my back?
Speak up
Who told you this?
How do you know this?
Who has been speaking behind my back
Speak up
I have given you too much luxury
You are my property now
You belong to me
Do you understand?
I should behead you here
I do not fear you
or your blade
strike now...
and you will only relieve me from my sorrow
of being separated from my Lord
O Ravana
there are many concubines
for you to enjoy today
Why waste your time with her?
Do what you will with Sita
but in one month, if she
doesn't accept me willingly
I will draw my sword again
and this time
her head will lie at my feet
and so will all of yours
and so will yours
Look my husband has taken a liking to you
if you don't give in, he will kill you
I don't understand
this kingdom has everything
you would ever want
it can make your dreams
come true, just say yes
that is all you have to do, just give in
just compromise
This poor soul has endured a
lot of sorrow, torment and pain
I wanted to liberate her immediately,
so it didn't happen again
right now, if I make any move I
put the mission and her at risk
I must be stealthy and wait until
night, so the task can be accomplished
these moments felt like the
passing of an entire age
I couldn't wait to tell
her of Rama, cheer her up
and then show these demons my rage
Only one month left
Haven't forgotten me have you?
The once beautiful Surpanakha
who any man would die for
turned down by the handsome Rama
for you
after what his brother did to me
watch and see what my
brother Ravana will do to you
To the very personification
of nobility and righteousness
Glory to Rama
Darling to his citizens and
adhered to by many sages
Glory to Lord Rama
Whose heart belongs to princess Sita
Glory to Lord Rama
What trickery is this?
Who now searches heartbroken
for his beloved wife Sita
and sent this monkey to find her
Glory to Lord Rama
Please don't fear me divine Mother
I came as Lord Rama's messenger
I've never seen you in Rama's kingdom
Who are you?
How do you know my Lord and his anthem?
I have many names, but he calls me Hanuman
you may do also
much has happened since you went missing
now armies of monkeys are in search
parties spanning all corners of the Earth
helping Rama find you
Lord Rama?
Search parties looking for me?
Is it really true?
My Lord hasn't forgotten about me?
Divine Mother, I know it is hard to believe
but Lord Rama was confident I
would be the one to find you
and so he gave me this ring to
present to you as a token of trust
How is he?
He must have been so distraught
from my sudden dissapearance
by bodily health he may look well
but I can barely begin to describe
his distress, being separated from you
He loves you twice as much as you love him
he asked me to deliver this message
Ever since I have been separated from you
Everything has become its reverse
Fresh and tender leaves
on trees look like fire
The moon scorches like the sun
Lotuses look like spears
Fragrant breezes sound
like hissing serpents
I long with all my heart to see you again
Divine Mother
it brought much sorrow to my heart
to see the pain in the eyes of King Rama
and now after meeting you today
I cannot bare to see another in pain
of being separated from their loved one
I wish I could take you
back with me right now
but I see no practical way of doing so
O Hanuman
I'm so grateful for you
You have delivered me from my sorrows
I worry for the state of
several other women here like me
I do not wish to leave them as they are
I wish to wait for Lord Rama
he will help bring reform to this society
Indeed, I have seen the state
of women in this dark kingdom
yet, you had the strength to fight back
Now that you have been located
Await Rama's arrows fill these skies
and wipe out these demons
I will insure you and
Lord Rama reunite soon
just begin reciting his glories
and before you can be
finished, we will be back
I'm so pleased to have met you
and to hear of my husband
but if I were to recite all his glories
it would take me years
please don't make it that long
take this
he will know it is mine
May I ask, Hanuman?
How do you know Lord Rama?
What brought this alliance
between man and monkey?
He came to us seeking for help
and my kind, we never turn anybody down
as you know
the rules state
Rama is forbidden from entering any city
I have witnessed myself
how he doesn't need a kingdom to be King
he is the loving friend of the
poor, and treats all equally
all my monkey friends now serve him
and will be ready to lay
their life down for him
O Hanuman
But Hanuman
have you seen how big and
ferocious the people here are?
Some apparently have battled
beings on heavenly planets
I worry
For yourself and your...
do you think you have the
strength or experience in warfare?
Even Lord Yama, the God of Death,
shudders when he hears my name
I am sworn to help and
protect those who come to me
and those who pledge
allegiance to Lord Rama
What you are about to witness now is just
a teaser of what my army is capable of
Let me insure no demon torments you again
until I return with Lord Rama
Once Ravana is done with Sita
who do you think he is going to pass...
Fruit thief in the Ashoka
gardens, kill it immediately
Hand me the weapon of
Lord Brahma (Brahmastra)
I hope you all become better
men in your next lives
Once I've crushed your filthy skulls
I shall slay this beast and
prove that I am Meganath
Son of Ravan
You and you
prove yourselves
Don't you worry, it's not over yet
I purposely fell to that weapon
as towards it's creator I have much respect
Strip off his armour
and take him to the King
Who are you monkey?
And how dare you injure my men?
Have you not heard my name
and trembled with fear?
I am here as the messenger of Lord Rama
Have you no heard my Lord's
name and trembled with fear?
He who single-handedly
defeated mighty tyrants
mightier than you
Foolish monkey
You dare threaten me, the mighty Ravan
with a name of a mere human being?
Impotent monkey
I am not the least troubled
by your provocations
Nor by your Rama
How dare you steal fruits from
my garden and injure my men?
The theft of a mere fruit enrages you
Yet you have no problem with righteousness
to abduct human beings against their will
How dare you?
Regarding your men
They attacked me with intention to kill
I attacked back
Self defense Ravana
It's Lord Ravana
Heed my advice
Return the princess Sita
to her rightful husband
and give up your evil ways
Man is never beyond redemption
My King is compassionate
He will forgive you
I require the forgiveness
of a mere human being?
You know, Ravana
If it wasn't for your ego
Your sense of "I, I, I, Me,
Me, Me, Mine, Mine, Mine"
You could be a great King, like Rama
Ravana will be damned, before he
takes advice from a lowly monkey
Just who do you think you are?
Do you not know where you stand?
You have been caught by the great Ravan
You have not caught the
messenger of Lord Rama
The messenger of Rama let himself
be caught to get a good look
at the fool who waged
war with his mighty Rama
What I mean is
It is I who has captured you
I will have you tortured and beheaded
Choose your words wisely
Fool, there is no weapon on Earth
or any other Heavenly
planet belonging to any God
that can harm me
I could finish you right now if I wished
But as a messenger I would
be insulting King Rama
since I am missing a mandate from him
Kill this creature immediately
Forgive me your grace
I'm sorry to interrupt
But, it is against all
statecraft to kill a messenger
Vibishan, my brother
what good timing
What do you suggest that
we do with him then?
Well, you might be able to punish him
but we cannot kill him
A monkey's tail
Is it's most precious possession
If he were human I would have defaced him
Such that he would not show
his face again in a crowd
But as we are dealing with a monkey
How would he show his bottom
to the rest of the pack
Bind his tail to rags and set it on fire
The fire does not burn you
It is all in the mind
I will make sure your protected from it
You have proven yourself as a yogi
and kept your vow of celebacy
I grant you the 8 supernatural
powers (Ashta Siddhi)
and 9 abilities (Nava Niddhi)
Now Arise
Remember your promise to Rama
(Please come to us, O Rama)
(Will you come to save us, Hare Rama)
(Please arrive soon, our beloved Rama)
(Not only Sita, please know
we too await you desperately)
Hanuman, my dear friend
You are twice as dear to
me as my own blood brothers
I know you will be the one
to find my beloved Sita
I trust in you
Remember how you shook the
heavens as a mere child
Remember that title you once held
Great sage, Equivalent of heaven
Hare Rama
O fools of Ravana
Slaves of arrogance
Is this all you have got?
Lord Ravana
I'm sorry I failed you
Please spare my wives and daughters, please
I will leave you at the mercy of Lord Rama
Just know that I could
have killed you today
If he had permitted me
But my mission was only,
and only to locate Sita
But when I return with the mighty Rama
you better be ready to surrender
Lord Shiva has come to free us all
Soon Ravana will prepare for war
But at least for now, Sita
wouldn't suffer anymore
As I watched the biting
flames leave Sita untouched
I realised something which will be told
through many ages to come
Sita wasn't the one being saved from Lanka
Lanka was the one being saved
By Sita
(To Be Continued)
Lanka is now known as Sri Lanka
Written and Directed by Saie S Surendra
Based on the epic Ramayanam, Ramacaritamanas,
Ramakien, Bhagavad Gita and Journey to the West
Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram
Sita Ram Sita Ram Sita Ram Jai Jai Ram
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare