Monkey Farm (2017) Movie Script

[ Suspenseful music plays ]
-[whispering] CatchMeKillMe.
-[sobbing] Oh, god!
-Oh, my god!
-[sobbing] Oh, fuck!
Should we keep going?
-Run! Run!
-[Speaking indistinctly]
[ Ominous music plays ]
[ Static crackles ]
-Okay. I think I got this.
Why am I always behind
the camera again?
-Because you're good at it.
you're the only guy I know
who could operate that thing.
-Okay. I think we're ready.
Ryan, come on, man.
You look fine.
-Yeah. You're supposed
to say that. You're my brother.
-Look, I'm your brother
and I give you noogies
and harass you at other times,
but I'm not your girlfriend.
I'm not supposed
to compliment you.
-Well, thanks
for the compliment.
-Yeah. Yeah.
Well, are you ready?
I'm feeling kinda nervous.
-Why are you nervous, dude?
-Well, we're going
around all day,
talking to doctors
and scientists,
talking about stuff that's way
out of my league. It's...
-Ryan. Ryan. Ryan. Look at me.
-intimidating, man.
-I'm your brother.
You got this.
-Are we ready?
-Yeah, we're ready.
[ Birds chirping ]
All right.
We're gonna get set up.
Yeah, okay. Let's get set up.
Dr. Bennett, would you
please mind explaining
why you're against using animals
as medical test subjects?
-Well, do you know there are
certain medicines and products
that are harmful to animals,
but very valuable to humans?
Aspirin, for instance.
It was almost shelved
because it proved
dangerous for animals.
Now, can you imagine
what would've happened
if aspirin was completely taken
off the pharmaceutical list?
-There would be no way
of lowering the risk
of organ-transplant failures
or heart attacks.
-So, you're against
animal testing.
Is that correct, Dr. Gomez?
-That's correct.
I am against animal testing.
You see, the protocols
used in animal testing
are often cruel and painful
to the animal subjects.
They are force-fed,
or deprived of food and water.
They are physically restrained
and inflicted
with painful burns and wounds
to test the efficacy of healing
remedies and products,
and then, when they're done,
when they've served a purpose,
their necks are broken,
or they're asphyxiated.
-I had no idea.
-In the case
of cosmetics testing,
they'll take a rabbit
and they will incapacitate
the rabbit
and attach clips to its eyes,
so that it can't blink away
the product being tested.
And those clips will stay
on its eyes for days.
Or, in the case
of chemical testing,
like pesticides, herbicides,
and things like that,
they'll expose the animal to
lethal levels of toxic chemicals
to see how much will sicken
or kill the animal.
I had no idea.
-There you go.
That's the problem.
Most people have no idea
about what's going on behind
the closed doors of these test
facilities and laboratories.
-So, is there anything else you
would like to add, Dr. Gomez?
-There is.
Millions of animals are burned,
crippled, or poisoned every year
in laboratories
around the world.
92% of all experimental drugs
tested safe and effective
on animals
fail in human clinical studies
as being unsafe,
ineffective, or dangerous.
Funds and resources
should be focused
on animal-free alternatives,
alternatives that are more
ethical, humane,
and inexpensive.
One such alternative
would be the microfluidic chip.
It's a silicon or polycarbonate
chip lined with human cells
and replicates the function
of human organs.
It can sort, pump, and mix.
With technology like this,
we no longer need
a whole living-body system
to conduct experiments on
and researchers
can't claim that they do.
-Thank you very much, Doctor.
-Thank you.
Your project
is giving a platform
to a wide variety
of differing opinions
and, for that,
I am eternally grateful.
You see, it's time
the world knows.
It's time the world
can see what's going on,
whether we're gonna continue
living in the dark ages
of clinical research,
or whether we're gonna step
into the enlightened world
of advancing technologies.
Go set up over there.
All right.
Get these lights
for the perfect shot
and not make them fucking
fall over, so here we go.
Hey, Sienna!
Can you explain
for the fine folks at home
what exactly we're doing?
-I'm trying to start Ryan's
4:00 video chat.
-Oh. What time is it now?
-It's 5:00.
-I'm computer illiterate.
-In 2017.
-Yeah. What can I say, man?
I'm behind on the times.
-Oh, I know what you can say,
and it's, [mealymouthed]
"Do you want fries with that?"
Real mature. Real mature.
-Hey, Max.
Could you come in here, please?
-Mighty Max!
-Hello, Max.
-Hello. Taking a shit.
-[laughing] Sorry.
-I can't figure this out.
-Hey, babe.
-That one --
-Gunner, be professional!
-I didn't know saying hey
to my lady was unprofessional.
-Do you not know
who you're talking to?
-Yeah. Have you still not
figured it out yet?
-I've tried everything.
Maybe this computer just isn't
compatible with video chat.
-Babe, we've used
this exact computer
to video chat
like a million times.
-Well, what if you
deleted the app?
I don't know.
-Hold on.
Has anybody checked the Wi-Fi?
-Yeah. Why would
the Wi-Fi be off?
Because I shut it off.
-Wait, why?
-I thought it would make
for an interesting segment
in our film.
-Ah, here.
-Go go go go go, go!
-Dr. Reeves,
-[Dog barks sharply]
very, very sorry.
Thanks again for joining us
tonight, Dr. Reeves.
More than happy to help.
-Now, you're a doctor
in what, exactly?
-I'm an oncologist.
I treat cancer patients.
-Well, I imagine that must be
very difficult for you.
-It can be,
but I do my best not
to let my emotions get
in the way of my work.
-Mm-hmm. Understandable.
We spoke on the phone
a few weeks ago
and I wanna thank you
very much again
for taking some of your time
to help me with my project,
but I don't wanna take up
too much of your time,
so do you mind if we just
go ahead and get things started?
-Like I said, I'm glad
I could help you
and, yes, we can get started.
-All right.
So, Dr. Reeves, where do you
stand currently on using animals
as subjects for medical
and chemical treatments?
-I mean, it's a very
double-edged blade, isn't it?
-On one hand,
you have to realize that, yes,
it's helpful to human
beings, undeniably.
No other living thing
on this planet
has the closest anatomical
structure to humans
than apes, specifically.
A human body
is extremely complex,
so much so that cell
cultures in a Petri dish
cannot provide
sufficient test results
or prove that a cure
or product is effective.
Testing a drug for side
effects, for example,
requires a circulatory system
that's going to carry the drug
to different organs.
-Now, studying
interrelated processes
is also best done
in subjects
with endocrine systems,
immune systems,
central nervous systems,
something that humans
and apes have.
Then again, despite
what proponents insist,
cell cultures in a Petri dish
or in vitro testing
are not exactly useless
or insufficient.
They can even produce results
that are more relevant
than animal experimentation.
Now, the same thing is true
when using
artificial human skin
as a test subject,
instead of animal skin.
Virtual reconstructions
of human molecular structures
done through computer models
also have the capacity
to predict toxicity
levels of substances,
so no need to poison animals
to collect data
and draw conclusions.
And, when testing
for adverse reactions,
administering small doses
on humans,
also known on microdosing,
also offers an alternative.
Combine that
with blood analysis,
results will be produced.
Now, what needs to be
noted here, though,
is that these alternatives
are less expensive
than animal experimentations.
In-glass testing, for example,
only costs $11,000,
which is less than the $21,000
currently for an unscheduled
DNA synthesis.
A phototoxicity test
that does not use rats
only costs $1,300,
which is almost $10,000 less
than its
animal-based equivalent.
Now, these show that animal
tests are wasting plenty
of government dollars
allocated for research.
-So, what you're saying is that,
with a little more time spent
using Petri testing or in vitro,
that we could replicate
the same results,
that a body without
a circulatory system
isn't necessary?
-A little more time
and a lot less money.
Now, the government has
a tendency to waste funds,
just to be a little
more flashy, it seems.
-Hmm. Now,
personally, how do you feel
about animal testing,
not as a medical doctor,
but as a human being?
-I've heard people say,
"Since animals can't talk,
that means they cannot reason."
It's not a question of whether
they can talk or reason,
but whether they suffer or not,
and I believe that,
if animals could talk,
they would probably demand
the same ethical considerations
we, as human beings, require.
-Incredible, Doctor.
Incredible. Um.
-I do have a question for you,
though, Mr. Cornish.
-Have you considered going
to the primate sanctuary
there in Arizona?
-I'm sorry. The what?
-Primate sanctuary
in River City, Arizona.
Opened back in the '70s,
originally for
government testing,
but, due to some
concerns raised
by local
animal-rights activists,
purpose of the installation
was changed from test site
to sanctuary, or so they say.
-Yeah, I've -- I haven't heard
anything like this.
This is news to me.
-Well, it wasn't open for long
after the transition.
It seemed they changed
the name,
but not the actions that took
place inside the building.
Shortly after,
funding dropped out,
and, well, to my understanding,
now it stands as about 40 tons
of abandoned concrete.
Are you near River City?
-It's currently about 40 miles
northwest of where I'm sitting.
-Might be something
that interests you,
if you could find
some old employees
or records on the place.
Could prove to be fruitful
to your efforts.
-I really appreciate
this information, Dr. Reeves.
Is there any way
that I can reschedule
an interview with you at all?
-Oh, absolutely.
-All right.
Thanks very much again.
-So, what's the plan?
-Uh, probably have
Sienna and Scarlett
make some phone calls,
see if we can dig up
any information
about former employees.
If that falls through,
I'll look up some old
newspaper articles online,
see what I can dig up.
-Wait. So what if we
actually go down there,
check out the facility,
record it, and then see like
what kind of environment
the apes were kept in?
-Gunner, you're brilliant. Ah!
-Wait, though. Did he ever
mention when they shut it down?
-Let's just hope
it's still standin'.
-Hey, Scarlett.
What are you doing?
-Well, it says here that
the facility was open
and running by 1981,
but then would be closed
permanently by 1995.
-Click on the image
search over here.
See if there's any recent
photos of the place.
-There is, actually.
There's about a handful here,
some as recent as 2 years ago.
-Well, then, as of 2 years ago,
it still stands.
What do you say
we go check it out?
-That's brilliant because
if we check it out,
did you know about how mental
facilities back in 1800s, 1900s,
they found and exposed the cruel
ways they were treating people?
-They exposed it completely!
Can you imagine, if we went
to that facility,
[pounds table] to-day,
and we exposed
how they're treating animals
and the cruelty that they have?
It'd be great!
-That is so hot.
[ Both chuckle ]
But, I hate to admit it.
Gunner's right.
I mean, we could blow
the top off of this thing!
To be able to go there
and see what their life was like
when the facility was
still open and operational?
I mean, this is unheard of.
-[whistles] Hello. Wait.
You hate to admit?
-Because, if you're right once,
then you're right more often
-and, trust me,
we cannot have that.
-Okay. Okay.
I hear you loud and clear.
-Nobody who's worked there
is accessible.
No names, no addresses,
so, basically,
everything's wiped off the map.
-Do we have good news,
at least?
-Well, I just got off the phone
with the county recorder
and he mentioned that the
building is still standing
and it's actually
considered an abandonment.
-Guys, this is incredible.
You realize that,
if we go through with this,
we're gonna be something that
nobody's ever done before?
-I always knew you were
something special.
-Uh, uh, am I special?
-In a window-licking
sort of way.
-Whoa, cut that. We can't have.
That's not PC.
-[laughing] Fuck PC!
-You kiss your mom
with that mouth?
-I do a lot more than that
with my mouth.
[ Laughter ]
And to think,
she was scolding me
for calling her babe on-camera.
-I love that girl.
-She's a wild one.
What can I say?
- A wild one
All right. We are on our way.
Got this nice, hefty camera bag.
We got two GoPros in here that
we're gonna slap on the girls
and I've got this beast of a rig
that we're gonna film
some beautiful B-roll footage
on. Isn't that right?
-Yep, but, girls, please,
be gentle with my cameras.
Don't break 'em.
-I heard GoPros
are more or less indestructible.
-Yeah. Let's not test that.
Just be gentle
with them, please.
-Can do, Captain.
-Yeah, babe?
-Look at me.
-I am.
-[as Muse]
I am the captain now.
[ Laughter ]
-I'm not sure I can do this
all day with you two.
-Don't act like it's torture.
You love us.
-Help! I need an adult!
-There are no adults here.
-No kidding.
-Well, we're here.
-All right, guys.
Let's get the gear
and get goin'.
We got a long day.
-All right.
What we got going on here:
getting our gear ready.
Hello. All right.
Hey, Max. Are you gonna
come with us, man?
-You know, something
about a long-ass hike
just doesn't appeal to me, man.
I don't mind being your wheels.
I'll probably just take
a nap or something.
-All right.
I mean, suit yourself.
Oh, hi.
-How do I look?
-Well, that harness definitely
accentuates your breasts.
-Well, yeah.
That's what they're called.
-Maybe in the classroom,
not in real life.
-Well, pardon me.
I'm a gentleman.
-Sienna, please, tell Gunner
that they are not
called breasts,
-For real?
-unless in the classroom
or in the hospital.
-Oh, this is gonna be good.
-No, she's right!
I mean, tits, boobs,
dirty pillows, hooters,
the girls, but not breasts.
Who knew my girlfriend
was such a pervert?
-Oh, yeah.
Okay, knockers.
You're right. You win. I get it.
-Don't say knockers.
-Ha! [laughing]
-That's gross.
-I can't win.
-Oh. Oh, shit! Oh. Oh. Ohh!
A little bit of a --
What'd you say again?
-I said, "How'd you get down
there so quick?"
-Side step like a mountain lion.
-Yeah, or a cow.
-You're a cow.
-Come on.
-Why did I sign up for this?
Hiking is not my bag.
-It's not any of our bags, hon.
-Why are we doing this again?
-Well, Google Maps said
the regular road is trash.
It's the only straight
shot through,
is following the river here.
The things we do for love!
-Ha, wait.
Did you just say
you love me on-camera?
-I said no such thing.
-Pssh! It was totally
implied, though.
-Girl code!
-Is that even a thing?
We've got about 3 miles north.
We're gonna come across
an old cement tunnel.
It's gonna be
on our right-hand side.
Once we head through it,
be about another half mile
'til our destination, so let's
not waste any more time.
-You heard him, girls.
-Yeah. Yeah. I'm coming.
-Dude, why are
you filming that?
-Dude, it's a helicopter.
Why wouldn't I?
What's it doing here?
-I'm not sure.
-Save us!
-Stop, Scarlett.
-Real, real mature.
-All right, guys.
We're almost there.
-This is brutal.
-Babe, are you okay?
-Yeah. I just --
I need some water.
Can we take a break?
-Hey, Ryan. Yeah.
Can we take 5 here, bro?
-That's fine. Here. Heads up.
-Thank you.
-This is so incredible.
-It's just graffiti.
It's not even like
it's that good.
-Please. It's so raw and real
and passionate,
like open
for the world's display.
Select group of artists.
-It's actually really pretty.
Girls have a thing for this.
-Ryan, we'll never understand.
We're just troglodytes
in their eyes.
[ Bird tweeting nearby ]
-Hey, you guys be careful
down there. All right?
-Yeah. I'm not your --
-I'm a professional, Gunner.
I do this every day.
-Yeah. I'm not your mom,
but okay. Yeah, sure.
-How do you skip rocks?
-Like this.
[ Melancholy tune plays ]
-Are you feeling okay?
-Yeah. I'll be fine.
-You sure?
-I think so.
-We can take like a 30-minute
break here if you want.
I mean, that's not a problem.
-Have lunch, you know?
-Yeah, maybe.
Sid we bring lunch?
-I hope somebody did.
Yeah. Let me ask Ryan
about that, okay?
Hey, Ryan. Did we remember
to bring lunch?
-Bless you.
-Thank you.
-Oh, no.
-Oh, you're a dumbass.
Yeah, skip your rocks --
[mockingly] Huh-huh huh-huh
huh -- while we go hungry.
-Does anybody have any water?
-Yeah. Where's the cooler?
-Oh, shit.
Did I leave the cooler?
Wait, Scarlett.
Do you have my bag?
-I don't have your bag.
-Hey. Did anybody forget
the camera?
-They're probably
at the tunnel.
-We can just go back.
-All right.
-Let's talk about
something more important.
Look at this, guys.
-I take it this
is the entrance.
-Yeah. It looks like someone
was in too much of a hurry
to open the gate
the last time they left.
-Oh, no. No. No.
Don't say that.
Gave me the creeps
so bad right now.
-Let's go ahead and check out
this small building over here,
-Yeah, might as well.
-get footage.
Couldn't hurt.
-Get out of the sun.
-And the grass.
-Watch out for snakes,
you guys.
-Now you got a camera.
[ Rooster crowing,
dogs barking, in distance ]
-This was definitely
a facility.
[ Birds chirping, dog barks ]
-I'll take a vowel for $200?
-Oh, my god.
-What is that smell?
-I don't know. That's bad!
-Ooh. [coughing]
-Something is definitely dead.
-Smells like Ryan's
downstairs mixup.
- I've got a mangina
-Ah, crap.
-Let's check this out, you guys.
-Oh, now we're a joke.
-Careful. Watch your step.
-There's tons of glass.
-Place is definitely secure.
[ Glass crunching ]
-Watch your step, guys.
I don't want anybody
to get tetanus.
-I don't even know what to say.
-So much glass.
-Ryan, does that look
entirely safe, man?
-[laughs] Probably not.
There's a whole step missing.
[ Whimsical tune plays ]
[ Crinkling, dust falling ]
-Dude, Ryan.
-Whoa! Oh!
-Careful, man.
-[laughs] Definitely not safe.
Looks like we've still
got a ways to go.
[ Suspenseful music plays ]
-All right.
Guys, we are actually in
one of the main buildings
of the monkey farm facility.
It's rather old
and it really doesn't look
anything like
its former self, but,
doesn't seem like there's
anything too interesting.
-Place is a dump.
-Yeah. It's so gross.
-Well, I say interesting.
Well, that's interesting.
[ Laughs ]
Ryan, is there anything
up there, anything at all?
-Plywood and medical equipment.
There's not too much.
It's not really worth our time.
-Not even with the camera? No?
I'm thinking we should
just head back down.
-Oh, okay.
-Well, you can tell it was
pretty nice at one point.
-Must've been some facility
back in the day.
-I know. I just didn't wanna
touch anything.
-Place sure could use some TLC,
if you know what I mean.
-Yeah. You know me.
-All right. So where next?
-All right.
Let's check somewhere over here.
-Anybody need to use the can?
[ Laughter ]
-I mean, I would not wanna
-sit on that.
-Do you guys prefer
to watch, or not?
I don't think I have a choice.
-I don't know.
You know, voyeurism's
not really been my thing.
-How do you guys have
to use the bathroom?
We don't even have water!
-Good point.
-There are some sinks
-Very good point.
-up here, though.
-Some urinals on the ground.
Look at these
tiny little urinals.
-I doubt it.
Is there any water running?
-Check. Yeah. Check the sink.
-Good idea.
-We're all friends.
-It doesn't.
-It didn't even move.
-No. Didn't even move.
-I feel the creepy crawlies
on me right now.
-Don't say that.
-No, I'm saying it.
-Check out this hole.
Where does this lead to?
Let's put the camera up there.
No. That's not really
worth our time.
Here I was thinking there was
gonna be some shaft.
-No. I can totally --
We can get Sienna
down there, right?
-Oh, my gosh. What? No.
-You would totally fit.
You can get down there, right?
-Oh! No.
-Oh, come on! Come on!
-There could be
some crucial evidence.
-Come on. Lookit.
It's a tunnel that could lead
to your wildest dreams.
-You guys are crazy.
It was worth a shot, right?
-I'm starting to question
what I see in you, Gunner.
-That's me, every day.
-All right. I suppose let's move
on to the next building.
-All right.
Where to, El Capitn?
-[Banging on door]
Hello! Anybody here?
So I just had
the stark realization
that someone else
might actually be here
and I'm feeling really
uncomfortable right now.
-Hey. Hey. There's no way.
This is such a remote location.
It's not possible.
-Just keep a lookout?
-Hey. I'll protect you.
-Aw. Thanks, Gunny.
-Yeah. It's a combination
of Gunner and honey.
-You guys coming?
-Uh, yeah. Sorry. Let's go.
-You know what, Scarlett?
This place was
probably pretty once.
-I told you so.
-Guys, this doesn't look
like a test facility.
-Maybe these were
living quarters
for the staff
who worked onsite.
-Oh! Ryan!
-Goddamn it, Ryan!
-You little shit!
-You almost gave me
a heart attack!
-You scared the hell out of me!
-Sorry, babe.
-Oh, my god.
-I'm not really sure what
this building was
and it looks like it
could've been a set of dorms,
but to be honest,
it looks like a huge bathroom.
this was a bathroom once
'cause you literally did
scare the piss out of me.
-What I don't get is
why does everything have
to stink around here?
-Do you wanna see this room
and check it out?
-Tell me about it.
-Or this one. Hello.
-Guys, this place makes me
really uncomfortable.
-Isn't 13 unlucky?
-Oh! And that's probably
why the door is closed.
[ Laughter ]
-Unlucky 13.
-Don't go in there!
-Yeah, dude! Ah!
-There's a bird.
-I am not. No. I can't.
-Bad juju. Bad juju.
-Oh. There is a bird.
-So that's what's behind
door number 13!
-door 13!
Mua ha ha ha ha ha ha!
But seriously, let's keep going.
-[gasp] That room's dark.
-Yeah, seriously.
-You know what, Ryan?
-You know,
I'm your older brother,
but I hate that
you're taller than me.
You'll get over it.
-That is a really nice couch.
-Oh, my gosh! It is.
-For that condition of a room.
-Let me check it out.
-It's pretty.
-I got the fancy camera,
after all.
Oh, shit! This is comfy!
Ryan, come on!
-Don't sit on there.
-Prop yourself up
on this bad boy.
-You suppose they were
outta here in a hurry?
-It looks like they just
literally picked up and left.
-Yeah. It's the unsettling part
about this whole thing, is --
-What the fuck was that?
Did you hear that?
Okay. Let's go back
to the girls. I'm not. I'm not.
-No. Nope.
-Where'd they go?
-Oh. [laughing] Yeah.
-Oh, gross!
-Guys, seriously,
try not to get too far ahead
'cause we don't know
what's out here.
-Okay. Good point.
-Yeah. I don't want you to get
attacked by the rabid pigeon.
-I mean, there's mold and...
I mean, this place
hasn't been used for years.
-Don't mind me.
-Should we open this door?
It's just like
a place out of --
No, don't open the door.
We don't know what's behind it.
-If I can make it out of this
place without spores
in my lungs,
I'll be a happy camper.
-Aw, did you have to say that?
-Open the door.
-I have asthma!
-Don't breathe.
-I didn't say kick it.
I said open it.
-Don't breathe.
-Oh, that smells like a --
-Not gonna choke this time.
-Why is there mold?
-Why? Is there --
Do you guys notice, too?
It doesn't look like this place
has just been run down.
It looks like some of it's
been broken into,
beaten up, destroyed.
Like something came through
and just wrecked everything.
-But then there's dust.
-Oh, look.
There's more rooms down here.
-Is it a kitchen in there?
-The one beauty
of the building.
-Is there food or water?!
-Maybe we can find
an administrative building
around here somewhere,
that might have some documents.
-Maybe there's some water.
-This looks like hobos
are camping out in here.
-Yeah. This --
-So this is definitely where
-it looks like
someone actually lived.
-Scarlett, look,
there's a couch.
-I just got chills sent
down my spine.
-Oh, yeah.
-Couch number 2?
-Ryan, what did I say
about kicking doors?
-Oh, the upholstery
on this is magnificent.
-[Southern accent] That's a nice
lamp! I like that lamp!
[ Laughter ]
-That's a nice lamp.
-My defense mechanism,
you know.
It's how I'm coping with this.
-Careful. There's glass still.
-Fear is in the eye
of the beholder, or laughter.
-All right. Well, that's
enough messing around.
-Let's look for some evidence
or something.
-Maybe an administrative
building or...
a file cabinet or something.
I mean, there's gotta be
something around here.
-I did see a couple of filing
cabinets down the hallway.
-All right.
-It's worth looking at.
-You now mention them?
-Yeah. Let's check 'em.
-No. This place
has crazy fire damage.
I don't see the point
in bringing everyone in here.
-It might have
something that we need.
-I don't know.
It looks just like
the last building we were at.
-How about this?
You two stay here, and Gunner
and I will go check it out.
We'll meet right back here
in 5 minutes.
-Whatever you wanna do, babe.
-It'll just be a minute.
All right?
-Uh-huh. Bye.
-[sultrily] Bye-ye!
-Stay safe, you two.
-Have fun!
-Be careful.
-At least she got
a hug goodbye!
Yeah. Like that matters.
So, you know, it kind of looks
like Sienna was right.
It's the exact same layout.
-Yeah. I really hate to say it,
but I think
this place is a bust, too.
I mean, with all of the smoke
and fire damage in here,
I'm pretty sure
it's safe to say,
if there was any damning
evidence, it's all gone, by now.
-So, that said,
what's the plan now?
-I don't know.
I mean, I suppose we could
stay here and keep exploring.
There's one more building on the
other side of the property,
but, it didn't look
really promising.
-Well, I mean,
since we're here,
we might as well give it a go.
I mean,
-You're right.
-just check it out.
-Oh! On that note, though,
do I get to tell Sienna
she was right,
or do you do that, on-camera?
-Look, we'll just tell her that
the fire damage was too much
and we couldn't make it
all the way through.
You're such a bullshit artist.
-I didn't notice this place
when we came in.
-Yeah, I caught a glimpse of it
as we were leaving
the first building.
The roof is what caught my eye.
-Yeah. It doesn't look like
it's in very good condition.
Can't we just peek through
the door and call it good?
-Yeah, probably. It doesn't
look like a very big building.
-What do you see?
-A bunch of paperwork.
Paper, everywhere.
-Great, paper. Paper, Ryan?
-What makes you so happy
about all this?
-This is clearly one of the
rooms they did testing in.
This paperwork might have
something to do with that.
-All right.
-All right, well, let's --
-Let's get started.
Let's put it together,
see what we can find.
-Here's your beginning slot.
-It's everywhere.
It's absolutely everywhere.
-Well, I have a folder,
so we can just put it in this.
-Okay. Here, grab some of these.
-So much reading.
-We'll fix it up later.
Pick it all up.
-Are we rolling?
-Uh, yeah.
The camera's on, man.
-All right.
-Okay, so apparently,
there was a primate subject here
filed as 19113191514,
otherwise known as Samson?
-Okay, well, we knew this was
a test facility for apes,
so, what's the big deal?
-Hold on, Gunner.
We're getting to that.
Go ahead, Scarlett.
Well, here, they describe
Samson as a chimpanzee
which would be the largest
ever on record,
at almost 6'0" tall and with
a weight of over 200 pounds.
-Samson was found
in a community of chimpanzees
which were found
on Douglas Peak, which is a part
of the Tabletop Mountain
in South Africa,
which was roughly 33 miles away
from the Koeberg
Nuclear Power Station.
-Samson was extracted from the
group due to his immense size,
which they initially believed
had some correlation
to the community
being so close
to a nuclear power facility.
-Chimps aren't native
to that area, though.
I mean, you know that.
I mean, baboons,
up into the early '90s,
but never any chimps.
-Well, do we have any idea what
would've made 'em migrate?
-I don't know,
but they couldn't have migrated
almost 3,000 miles.
It's impossible.
-That's a good point.
-Well, it could have
something to do
with the simian
immunodeficiency virus outbreak.
It could've happened
on a very large,
undocumented scale,
which would have caused them
to migrate further south
than normal.
-Wait. Wait. Wait.
It says here that Samson
displayed a greater
cognitive thought
than other chimps on record
and he quickly began to groom
himself after the humans
who surrounded him
on the property,
even to the point of modesty,
of wearing human clothes.
-[laughing] So, next,
you're gonna say
he learned to speak English.
-No. No. Actually, while he
apparently became very human
in his behavioral patterns,
he never actually spoke English,
but did learn some version
of sign language.
-Okay. Okay. What else?
-Well, that's it.
There is nothing else.
All of this here, it's all
with Samson's name on it,
like he was the only animal
in this entire facility.
-So, you're saying
this entire facility,
this single facility,
was for a single ape.
-It certainly seems that way.
-[Indistinct voice on TV]
-But that's none
of our business.
-You know, a mysterious
amount of paperwork, an ape.
I feel like the gears
could be switching
and turning into something else
on this project, direction.
-Well, how do you figure?
-Well, you have
this deserted facility,
an enigmatic ape running around.
I mean, this could turn
into something much bigger
than we ever anticipated.
-Well, we can't forget
the bigger story here.
I mean, we're the voice of the
voiceless in this documentary.
I mean, it may be interesting,
but we can't lose track.
-We really don't wanna end up
too far down the rabbit hole.
-As alluring as all of this is,
I think it's best if we stay
with the project at hand,
-[Slams cup]
-finish this up,
and maybe come back
to this monkey farm
in a few months or so.
-I think you're fucking crazy.
I mean, we've got this facility
and this Samson ape.
It raises so many questions
and it's like
you guys just wanna blow it off,
like it can't be a part of this.
-Honestly, I think you're
trying to make this
into one of those
horror documentaries
that you're always trying
to make me watch.
-No. That's not the point.
This is just --
could be so much bigger.
-Gunner, you're being a dick,
all right?
-Well, if that's the case,
where do we go from here?
-You guys talking about Samson,
the monkey farm?
-Yeah. Why?
-Where do I start?
-Uh, now's good.
-All right. My name's Jimmy.
This is my boyfriend, Beckett.
We've been at monkey farm
a couple times.
Trust me, you don't
wanna go there.
We've been around the area.
Place is creepy.
-We just came from there.
Didn't seem that bad.
-Consider yourself lucky.
-But why?
-It's a huge place
and, at night, it just --
it changes.
It's like a giant maze.
-Yeah, it is a large campus.
I feel like,
when we were there,
we got turned around
a couple of times.
-No, you don't understand.
It has a mind of its own
at night. It changes.
It's...kinda like "The Shining."
-Okay. It's a big,
abandoned building.
[laughing] I'm sure a lot
of people would say
it's like "The Shining."
Right, guys?
Right? Right?
-I've never seen "The Shining."
-He's never seen "The Shining."
-And it's me. I just forgot --
-Never seen "The Shining."
-So do you know
who owns the property?
-Some caretaker, something
like that, or what was it?
-It was a caretaker.
-A caretaker.
-A caretaker. A caretaker?
-Yeah, a caretaker.
-For that shithole?
We didn't see no caretaker.
-No, you don't understand.
He's insane.
If he finds you on the property,
he'll shoo you off
by shooting a gun at you.
Last time that happened,
I freaked out
and I haven't been back since.
-What about you, Jimmy,
have you been back?
-I've only been back once.
Me and my buddy Dave went.
It was completely dark,
pitch-black. It was raining.
There was a shit-ton
of lightning.
Shit was fucking crazy.
So we're out,
just hiding and shit.
We're that fucking scared,
we're just hiding completely,
and the lightning just like
illuminated the fucking field.
It was insane. And then,
when it illuminated the field,
that's when we fucking saw it.
-The caretaker?
-No, Samson.
-Why are you so close?
-Oh, uh.
So, I mean, with the lightning
illuminating it and everything,
you could just see a silhouette.
How do you know it was Samson?
-You can tell it wasn't
a fucking human.
You can tell it was
fucking something
other than a fucking human,
like a monkey almost.
-It was hairy.
-Did you report it
to the police at all?
-What the fuck
would the police do?
They'd believe my fucking story?
We're already trespassing
in that fucking field.
-Well, have there any --
Have there been any
other reports about Samson?
Has anyone else seen him?
-I mean, it's urban legend,
for the most part,
but I guarantee
some people have seen it.
-Okay, but do you know
anybody who has?
-I mean, I've heard online
and shit, but, I mean, he's --
We've experienced
some crazy shit, there.
I mean, I believe it was
Samson, hands down.
-There's a Facebook
and a YouTube
dedicated to Samson, actually.
These two really weird guys,
I think they're father and son,
they post every few weeks
and it looks like
they're filming on a potato,
but they treat Samson as if he's
a Sasquatch or a Bigfoot.
-I don't -- I don't mean
to correct you, but,
Bigfoot and Sasquatch
are the same thing, so.
-Right. Anyways,
I'm sure they'd love
to talk to you about Samson.
You can get in touch
with them through Facebook.
-Okay. Well, should we,
should we do that, guys?
-Pretty sure Sienna said
it would be in...
this room.
-Oh, man, I'm getting
huge rape vibes.
-[scoff] Does everything to you
have to be rapey?
[ Pounds on door ]
-Um, yeah. Roger?
-Uh, is it okay if I set up?
Okay. All right.
-Go ahead
and introduce yourself.
-I'm Roger Miller.
I am a skunk-ape hunter.
Behind me is my son
and partner, Henry Miller.
He is a skunk-ape expert.
-And what exactly
is a skunk ape?
-A skunk ape, or cabbage man,
as we like to call them,
is a cryptid.
Uh, they inhabit Florida,
North Carolina, Arkansas.
Most of the reports have come
from Florida, though.
-Uh, so you're
a skunk-ape expert --
-Hunter, skunk-ape hunter.
Henry is the expert.
Yes, I've been tracking him in
the southern part of the country
for most of my adult life.
-Do you have anything
to show for it?
-A few things:
hair, casts of footprints,
sad, and some video footage.
-What is...sad?
-Heh! Sad is skunk-ape dung.
It's a pretty potent fertilizer.
-Um, okay.
You said you had
some video footage.
-I do.
-Uh, did you bring any of that
with you today?
-Yes, I did.
-May we see it?
-This is the footage.
-Yes. In fact,
this is the clearest footage
we've ever gotten of him.
There he is.
It was actually
taken locally at a place
the kids call the monkey farm.
-Well, the footage does, indeed,
show a man-sized figure.
It's almost too grainy
to really make out.
-That's because the skunk ape
was in motion.
-Yes, I see that.
-That's why we couldn't make
out any defining features.
-Couldn't you just invest
in better equipment?
-I'm not a movie star.
I'm a hunter.
-Well, yeah, but did you
actually shoot this skunk ape?
-Well, no. By the time I dropped
my camera and grabbed my gun,
he was too far away
to get a proper bead on.
-You said you've spent
most of your adult life
hunting the skunk ape.
Care to explain any further?
-I will tell you this:
I don't know where
that skunk ape sleeps,
but I do know he had
impure relations with my wife
-[Stifled chuckle]
-and, when I find him --
and I will find him --
I will kill that skunk ape.
I'm sorry. I don't follow.
Is that why your son,
Henry, is so...big?
[ Laughter ]
-What are you boys doing?!
-Oh, man, hey.
-Are you hunting
that skunk ape,
you miserable motherfucker?
I oughta jump over that camera
and bash your balls in!
-Get the GoPro.
Let's get outta here.
-Man, we didn't --
We didn't mean to offend you.
We're just curious.
-Go go go go!
-Curious? I bet if I told you,
if you put your head in fire,
you could see hell, you'd do it!
-It was just a joke, man.
-Fuck you, fairies!
-Okay. Holy shit, this is some
leprechaun shit over here.
-What the hell just happened?
-I don't know, man.
-Let's get the hell out of here.
[ Chuckle ]
-I just thought we were
on the same page
about this documentary.
I mean, we were supposed
to be telling something
really important to the world,
and now I feel like I'm
on a damn monster hunt.
-I don't see how you don't see
the bigger picture here, Babe.
I really don't.
Samson is the poster child
for animal testing.
I mean, they built an entire
facility around him, and, what,
they just abandoned the entire
project and the facility?
-It's pretty obvious
what happened.
-[scoff] If it's so obvious,
then please, enlighten me.
-Samson died!
There was no more reason
for the facility to be open.
-You heard firsthand accounts
that Samson is still
on the property.
-Oh, my gosh.
Eyewitness accounts
from a skinny stoner
and some hillbilly folk.
Even if Samson was still alive,
what would we do?
-I don't know. Rescue him.
-How would we do that?!
We don't even have
the right equipment
for that kinda stuff.
-We'd locate him and,
I don't know,
call the police, something.
-I don't even know why
we're talking about this.
Samson was found
in the '70s or '80s.
Like, he's dead, dude.
-You know that monkeys
can live up to 45 years.
-We're not talking
about a monkey.
We're talking about an ape,
a man-sized ape.
Whatever, Ryan.
I'll go on your monster hunt.
-He's not a monster,
Sienna, he's an animal.
And he may need our help.
I know this makes
you uncomfortable,
but you just gotta see
the bigger picture.
Has that been
on this whole time?
-Goddamn it, Ryan.
-I'm sorry, Sienna.
Come on!
Goddamn it.
-So I think we got
everything covered.
Uh-oh. Who's that?
-Guys, guys, guys.
-Is that a cop?
Okay, shh!
Put the camera down.
-Help you folks this mornin'?
-No, we're just out
for an early-morning hike.
-Filming a nature
documentary or something?
-Ha! I wish. Just testing
the camera equipment here.
-Now, uh, you wouldn't be
lying to me, would ya?
-Why would I do that?
-Well, you see,
I got a call about 4 days ago
of a group of young folks,
like yourselves,
trespassing out here
on government property,
might even had a camera on 'em.
-That is a coincidence.
-Let me tell you something,
I don't believe in coincidence.
I'm gonna paint a real
clear picture for you.
You can either pay attention
to it or not.
If I see this car,
or any of you out here again,
I'm gonna write you
all a citation for trespassing.
That's $500 each.
-Loud and clear, Deputy...
-Now go on.
-[Profound exhale]
-So, now what do we do?
-I don't know.
Come up with a Plan B.
-Don't worry. I got us covered.
-How so?
-Well, he said he didn't
wanna see this vehicle.
He didn't say anything
about the battle van.
-[as Schwarzenegger]
The battle van!
-You mean that old U-Haul
that your dad never returned?
-That's the one.
[ Laughter ]
-That's what we're going in?
-That's what
we're going in.
-Battle van.
-Battle van!
-So we just start walking now.
-Yeah, same.
-Yeah, we should probably go.
-That was close, guys.
I'm fricking shaking here.
[ Shuddering ]
Good thing he didn't
find my weed.
-You brought that shit with you?
Come on!
-Trying to be professional, man.
-I think he's still out there.
-Yeah. He's still out here.
Let's get a move on.
-Yeah. Let's go.
[ Keys jingling ]
[ Beep, engine starts,
beep, beep ]
-Henry, we don't need you
to shoot anything.
We just need you
to come out and see
if you can help us track Samson.
Yeah. I know, the chances of us
finding him are slim, but,
you're an expert tracker, right?
Look, I'll pay you.
How does that sound?
-Samson's probably dead, and
he's offering to pay this guy.
-Mm, I think your boy Ryan's
too busy chasing ghosts.
-Yeah. That works.
So, when the time comes,
will you need us to pick you up?
All right. All right.
Sounds good.
All right. We're all set up.
Where is Scarlett, anyway?
-Oh, she's working, but she
should be out pretty soon.
-[scoff] And she probably
didn't wanna show up
'cause your haircut
makes you look like a dick.
-Oh, come on, man. I just like
cutting my hair short.
At least I don't look
like a hippie.
-Whatever, Major Payne.
-What do you guys think
about my haircut?
-I don't like it.
Some people like dicks.
-You are what you eat.
[ Snaps fingers ]
-Yo, Ryan!
-Yo, get your ass in here!
[ Keys jingling ]
-What's up, Gun?
-I got a big problem
with last night.
Do you wanna know why?
-You called Henry to help us
in our investigation.
Don't you see anything
wrong with that picture?
Let me refresh your memory.
Few weeks ago,
hotel, crazy father,
-crazy son,
almost fucking
ripped my teeth out.
-Gun, calm down. I know.
I was there.
-Yeah. Yeah. You were there.
So why are you like,
"Yeah, hey, bro, Henry,
let's just hang out
and search for Samson now
'cause I'm
a professional, huh"?
-So things went a little
off the deep end
during the interview.
It doesn't mean
that they're not the closest
experts we can find
on anything regarding this.
I mean, how many people
do you know
go out in the middle
of the fricking desert
and look for giant beasts?
-You're right, crazy people.
And, yeah, part of me thinks
we're fucking crazy
for going on this expedition!
First, it was supposed to be
about animal research.
Now we're off about some ape.
I don't know what's going on
between us, but it's, you know,
I'm going crazy here, and now
you wanna hang out with crazy!
-Calm. down.
Just breathe, all right?
You know, I get it.
If it was just me and you --
If it was just me and you,
I'd be fine, but we've got our
girlfriends involved in this
and we're gonna go out in the
middle of nowhere with Henry.
You wanna see
this video I found?
They're -- they're --
they're normal, right?
Come look at this video.
Look at this.
You ready for this shit?
[ Tranquil tune plays ]
-For the last 25 years,
my son Henry and I
have come to this place
to issue a challenge
to the cabbage man
and, for the last 25 years,
that challenge has never
been answered.
-Weah weah aqu aqu no!
Clmate! Clmate! Clmate!
iHora! iQu hora?!
iQu hora?! iQu hora?!
Clmate! Clmate! Clmate!
-Okay. Look at that face.
That guy's gonna be out with us
in the middle of nowhere.
We got two apes:
basically, this guy
and the ape;
and his fuckin' dad!
Oh, let me guess, his dad's
not coming? Is his dad coming?
-Most definitely not.
-Is his dad coming, too?
-Tell me.
-Fuck no!
-Dude, you saw how Roger
snapped at the fuck--
at literally nothing!
I'd much rather
have Henry there.
I mean, Henry, he was somewhat
respectful, all right?
You know, sure,
he's a little intimidating,
imposing, whatever. We --
Neither you or I are...
even close to that.
-Okay. Okay. Okay. Here.
-Like --
I'll go along with it for a bit.
He's big. He's burly.
He's got weapons, supposedly,
'cause they hunt these things.
-Roger hunts. He's the expert.
Anyway, he's a big mofo.
Samson is gonna be
presumably a big guy, big ape.
We need somebody big,
somebody to help us
in case shit goes down.
-Now you're starting
to see --
-Yeah, I get it, but,
I don't trust this guy.
-[scoff] It's not a matter
about trust, Gunner.
We're paying him.
We are paying him with mo-ney,
all right?
And when you pay somebody for
a service, you get that service.
And that's what I expect
out of him, you know?
-Okay, Ryan.
-He was professional
over the phone, all right?
He was professional
while we were there.
His dad?
A little off the deep end.
-You don't have to tell me
about professional!
I'm your older fuckin' brother!
Okay? Look. We'll get his help.
We'll go out there,
we're gonna get this done,
and we're gonna be done
with this.
I don't care if we don't find
nothing out there that night.
We're done looking
for this mythical Samson
that supposedly exists.
Is that clear?
-Is that clear?
-That's...fucking fine.
Whatever. [sigh]
Just call Scarlett
and find me in the morning.
-Goddamn it, Ryan!
-Do you mind if I set
this camera up on the...?
-Okay. Thank you.
Pardon my reach.
Okay. Just make sure I got
a good shot here,
and I got...
-Hey, man, you got
a haircut, too?
-Gunner, come on.
-My name is Ryan Cornish.
This is my brother Gunner.
We spoke on the phone earlier
about the documentary
concerning animal testing.
-Yes, I remember.
How would you like to begin?
-You can start by introducing
yourself to the folks at home.
-My name is Dr. Jasmine Gertz
and I'm a neurologist.
-Honestly, I was expecting
someone a little...
-[chuckle] Well,
-Both: yeah.
-[sigh] I get that all the time.
Don't worry.
I'm quite used to it.
-So, I know you're very busy.
I don't wanna take up too much
of your time, so do you mind
if I just jump right in
and ask you some questions?
-By all means.
-Where do you stand
on animal testing?
-The short answer?
I'm for animal testing.
-Do you care to explain at all?
-The majority
of medical breakthroughs
that have happened
in the last 100 years
were direct results of animal
research and experimentation.
Insulin, for example,
was discovered
through an experiment
where dogs had
their pancreas removed.
The Anderson Cancer Center
animal research
also associated
the hepatitis B vaccine
with experimentation
on chimpanzees.
Without these experimentations,
thousands, if not millions,
of diabetic patients
and those with hepatitis B would
have been killed every year.
The same facility also stated
that the chimps serve
as humanity's only hope
for finding
a hepatitis C vaccine.
-So, I spoke with your
colleague, Dr. Stewart Bennett?
And he said that
we shouldn't really too much
on animal testing,
as some animals reject,
uh, medicines, like aspirin,
that are very beneficial
to humans.
Uh, do you have anything
to say about that?
My colleagues are mostly fossils
that learned the majority
of their techniques and
treatments from a bygone era.
Animal experimentation is not
only beneficial to humans,
but also to animals.
If the vaccines
were not tested on them,
a lot of them could've died,
from rabies,
infectious hepatitis virus,
anthrax, feline leukemia,
and canine parvovirus.
Remedies for hip dysplasia
and glaucoma
were also discovered
through animal testing.
But the real highlight
is that vivisection
helped keep endangered species,
such as the California condor
and tamarins of Brazil
and the black-footed ferret,
from becoming extinct.
This is why the American
Veterinary Medical Association
endorses animal testing.
-Okay, but, if the AVMA
endorses animal testing,
then why are
so many doctors against it?
-I'll say it like this:
You can't teach an old dog
new tricks.
-Okay. That --
that was great, so, um,
I'm gonna go ahead
and turn this off.
[ Beep, beep-beep-beep ]
So, off the record,
what do you know
about the monkey farm?
-The monkey farm?
-I'm a neurologist.
I don't dabble in urban legends.
I have real patients to see.
This interview is over.
-Thank you, Dr. Gertz.
I think we blew it.
-Hey, we're good to go.
I've got you connected
to the laptop
and I'm using the girls' phones
-to connect to their GoPros.
-Dude, that's awesome.
-And, of course, my phone,
for anime porn
and fail compilations.
-Uh, okay, I mean,
as long as you just don't get
your guy grease
on everything, please?
-Guy grease?
-Ah, well, you did say
you were gonna watch porn,
-I was joking!
-All right, well,
are we good to go?
-We're good.
[ Continuous buzz-rumbling ]
-All right.
-Listen and listen good.
The last time Pa and I
were here,
we saw Samson
in the medical building.
If you hear anything,
see anything,
hit me up on the walkie-talkies
and I'll come running.
-Henry, we didn't get
a walkie-talkie.
-Hit me up on my cellphone
and I'll come running.
-All right.
-Okay, but what's
that loud sound I'm hearing?
-It only happens at night.
-This building over here?
It's like a large,
concrete labyrinth
and Samson is the Minotaur
and he will rip your head off.
If you see anything,
hear anything,
don't freak out
and don't run away.
-[yawns] Excuse me. [chuckle]
-Did you bring one
of those guns for us?
-I am really freaking out, okay?
This place is creepy
and I really don't think
we should be here.
-Look, do you wanna go
back to the van?
-Babe, do you want me
to go with you?
-N-no, no babe,
that-that's fine.
-Yeah. I mean,
we're already out here.
-Yeah, but you're all alone.
-It's fine.
I'll just run back to the van.
I --
I don't wanna slow progress.
-You guys have made it
this far.
Just do what you need to do
and we can leave.
-Okay. Just give me
a kiss, then.
I'll see you.
-Okay. Okay.
[ Kiss ]
-I j-- I just don't think
she can handle it.
-You think everything's
gonna be all right?
-She seemed to be okay
with it, so.
-She's walking back by herself.
-I know. I already feel
bad enough about it, but, maybe
the fresh air will help her.
She's gotta get back.
-All right.
Hold on to this.
I like to hunt in the dark.
You guys go that way.
I'm heading this way.
-All right. We'll hit you up
if we hear anything, Henry.
[ Thunder rumbling ]
[ Buzz-rumbling continues ]
[ Crickets chirping ]
-She'll be fine.
She's a grownup.
-I'm really worried about her,
but, I mean, this --
We came out here to do thi--
-This place is a whole
lot creepier at night.
-Yeah. She means like
[ Sinister music plays ]
really fuckin' scary now.
-Yeah. I can see that.
So, hypothetical situation here:
if we do find this Samson,
[ Eerie notes play ]
what are we gonna do?
-Call --
-Did we think that far ahead?
-Call Animal Control.
I don't know.
-Hello, Animal Control?
Yeah. I'm trespassing
and I just happened to so find
a 50-year-old chimp.
Can you just come?
[ Glass clattering,
feet thumping ]
-What -- what was that?
Is anyone here?
-Ryan, stop.
-[annoyed] What?
-Don't go any further.
[ Eerie music plays ]
-I'm just going --
-I have a really,
a really bad feeling.
-I'll be fine.
[ Clicking ]
I don't see anything.
-Can we just go?
-Just because you can't
see something
doesn't mean it's not
out there, seeing you.
-Yeah? Well,
[ Click ]
I can't really see.
It's too dark.
Does that camera
have night vision on it?
-Okay, yeah, but if you think
I'm stepping in there
by myself...
-[scoff] We didn't come
all this way for nothing,
did we?
-Yes. We did.
-Bullshit, dude.
[ Eerie music plays ]
Look, I'll stand in there
with ya and,
if anything happens,
I can pull ya out and, like
a couple bats out of hell,
we can leave
and never look back.
-You're not leaving until
you're satisfied, huh?
-You know me.
-I hate you,
and I hate this so much
right now, but, okay.
Let me see if I can get
my night vision on.
[ Powerup whine ]
-Oh, fuck.
-Nothing. Can we go?
-Just a minute.
-I'm only in this hallway
because you said
you'd be by my side, man.
Now I gotta be honest:
I feel like really shitty
that we left Scarlett
and now I gotta be here 150
fuckin' percent for my brother
for this project
that he's obsessed with.
-[Exhales forcefully]
-You know what?
No. Hell, no.
You wanna get this footage,
you do it yourself.
-I'm sorry, Gunner.
I...didn't mean to upset ya.
-No. No, man. I'm done.
-Just get through this
one building with me, please!
Just this one.
-Guys, let's just go.
-I-I'm with Sienna.
Let's just go.
-All right. Whatever, whatever.
Let's just go and get it done.
-All right.
-[ Unzipping, grunts ]
-Let me get my night vision off
'cause it's not helping
that much.
[ Click ]
All right.
[ Suspenseful music plays ]
This place is just --
Okay. Just slow it down, please.
I'm really nervous.
-It smells like dead animals.
-I gotta go in the front
because I got the camera.
I get it, but just bear with me.
-Man, this place is a wreck.
-And you still think
Samson's here?
-I mean, you said it earlier.
This place
is just different at night.
-Oh, jeez.
I don't like it at all.
Scarlett's not here.
I just -- ugh. Okay.
-Didn't think I'd be working
with three fraidy-cats.
-Very funny. This is just not
the time to joke, Ryan.
I know, younger brother and all.
I'm supposed to be the more
mature one, but come on.
Just, please, can...?
I don't even wanna be here.
We're on our way out.
Can you just -- Can you
just be mature, for once?
-Yeah. Thanks
for humoring me, folks.
-Can you stop it, guys?
-[Prolonged exhale]
Of course, now I'm really
missing Scarlett.
-[scoff] We'll be fine.
-Uh, uh,
Who -- who are you?
-Who am I?!
Who are you?!
-You're trespassing!
This is my place!
What's your names?!
-My name is Ryan Cornish.
This is my brother Gunner
and my girlfriend, Sienna.
-We're filmmakers.
-Yeah. Camera.
-Yes, sir.
-You think you know
the story of this place?
You think you know his story?!
-We were just leaving, sir.
-Oh, you no longer
have that right.
-What -- what right?
-The right to make your own
decisions, choices,
-I'm sorry. I don't understand.
-You don't understand.
Nobody understands!
We were led to him!
It was guidance!
We brought him here!
We studied him!
At his feet!
We voted!
And then, like you,
the protesters came,
and the Feds!
-What's he talking about?
-I don't know.
-Everybody wanted to take him.
-He's got a gun.
[ Breathing heavily ]
-Suppose you're filming this
for your Facebook.
-No, just a movie.
-Yeah, documentary.
-We're sorry. We didn't
wanna upset anybody.
-Please don't come any closer.
-Give me that camera.
-No. Uh!
[ Sinister music plays ]
-Oh, my god.
-Run. Go, go, go!
-Go! Go!
Go, go, go!
-Go, guys, go!
-[Shouting in distance]
[ Running footsteps ]
Sorry. Sorry.
-Flipped over the fuckin' door.
-[All panting]
-Oh, god.
-Aw, shit.
What the hell's he doing?
-Okay. Cool.
I did not bust my palm up.
-You all right, man?
-We're good. Yeah.
-What the hell was that guy
going on about?
-[All panting]
-Oh. Ah.
-I'm not coming back here.
-Okay. Okay.
-Stupid --
-We're supposed to call Henry.
-Anybody got?
Can anybody call him?
-I can't.
-Fuck. Hello. Henry?
-Why is this flashlight...?
-I don't know.
-Hold on. Hold on.
I'm gonna put you on speaker.
-I'm here. You guys,
you go back to the van
and I'll meet you there.
[ Gunshot ]
-Wait. Did you hear that shot?
-What was that?
-Oh, god. Follow the shot.
-Henry, Henry,
meet us at the van.
[ Distorted tune plays ]
-[Sniff, cough]
[ Sniff ]
-Um, hey, Max?
[nervous chuckle]
Um, I
seem to be a little lost.
Um, could you come
and get me?
I...think I'm at a garage.
[ Suspenseful music plays ]
[ Laughing ]
You wouldn't be able
to respond, now, would you?
Um, but, if you could come
and get me,
it's a really big garage.
You can't miss it.
Uh --
[ nervous chuckle ]
You know, on second thought,
I-I think I'm gonna wait
inside the garage.
Yeah, [laughs] inside.
[ Door squeaks, thuds ]
[ Gasping ]
[whispering] Oh, my god.
[hitching breaths]
It's Samson.
Max, can you hear me?
Aah! Help!
-Aah! Aah!
[ Thud ]
[ Crackling ]
[ Munching ]
-Keep going, guys.
That sound was this way.
-Shit, I turned off my light!
[panting] Wait up.
Oh, god. What is it?
-That's Henry!
-No fucking way.
-Oh, shit!
-That happened
because we came here.
We need to --
-You're really gonna
do this now?
-Oh, god, no!
-Whatever. I'm scared!
-I'm scared, too,
but our best bet is
to just make a beeline
for the van, no stopping.
-Where'd his shotgun go?
-I don't know. We just have
to get outta here, now!
-Let's just. Let's just go.
Let's just go.
-[panting] Fine. To the van.
-Oh, my god.
-I don't recognize this place.
-Neither do I.
-I-I-It looks familiar.
It's kind of different,
but I think we're
on the right trail.
It's gotta be headed
to the right direction.
-I was gonna use Maps,
but it's dead.
-Shit. Mine's dead, too.
It died right after
I called Henry.
-Mine's broken.
I didn't even bring it!
-So you're saying that we're
[chuckling] out here
with no form of communication?
-Well, looks that way,
doesn't it?
-No! Gunner!
-No! No!
[sobbing] Oh, my god!
[ Electricity crackles ]
[sobbing] Oh, my god!
Oh, god!
-Shut up!
-[sobbing] Oh, fuck!
Shouldn't we keep going?
-Run, run!
-Get to the van!
Get to the fucking van.
[ Panting ]
-Gunner, hurry up!
-Sienna, wait up. Wait up.
Wait up. [panting] Slow down.
Slow down.
Slow down. Slow down.
-Come on, we gotta go!
-Slow down. Slow down.
[panting] Look.
Do you even know where we're at?
-I don't know.
-[Both panting]
-Okay. I think that --
I think -- I know we got
turned around, okay?
But I think -- I think, if we
just keep heading this way,
we can get back to the underpass
with all the graffiti.
-[Both crying]
[ Crickets chirping ]
-Okay. I think I've got
my bearings here.
I know this -- this --
this forest is thick.
We got off the path, but --
-Okay. Um, okay, I think,
if we keep going this way --
Sienna, Sienna, if --
if we keep going this way,
I believe we can get to the
underpass with the graffiti.
I-I just -- I have a feeling,
so let's just keep going.
I know we can make it.
That's what Ryan would want.
And let's start
calling out for Max.
-[sobbing] Max!
-[bellowing] Ma-a--!
[panting] Oh, it's getting
so thick over here,
but we just gotta keep going.
I know. I just know
it's over here.
-You go ahead.
-Yeah. Yeah.
Let me lead the way.
It's getting really bad.
Just hold on to me.
Be careful.
There's a big branch
right here. You got it?
[ Wind whipping ]
Okay. All right.
Careful, careful.
-We need to hurry!
-I know. I know, but --
[ Wind whipping ]
All right. It's a little
bit clearer. Come on. Come on.
[ Brush crackling,
branches snapping ]
-Please don't!
-This way, this way.
-Slow down. Slow down.
-Okay. Here. Grab my hand.
[ Brush crackling,
branches snapping ]
-Where are we going?
-I don't know!
I just -- I think the --
the underpass is over here.
-[gasp] Oh, my god!
-No, no, no.
-Come on! Come on!
-No, that can't be.
-Go, go, go, go!
Gunner, Gunner, slow down.
-[sobbing] We're gonna --
-What are we doing?!
-We're gonna be okay.
We're gonna be okay.
Let's go!
Just keep it --
Keep it together. Come on.
That thing's right
fucking behind.
Okay. I think -- I think we're
going the right way, still.
-You have no idea
where we're going, do you?
-I think. I don't know!
I mean, I don't think this is --
Fuck, what was that?
I don't think this is the --
This isn't the time to be --
Oh, shit!
-No. I think I recognize this.
-Are you sure?
-No. Come on!
-Okay. Fuck!
Fuck, do you hear that? God.
-The sun's gotta be coming up
any minute now, right?
We've been out here
for fucking hours!
-Just shut up!
[sob-wheezes] Come on. Come on.
If you know the right way,
just go.
-I'm gonna go.
-Something's behind us. Go!
[ Scampering footsteps ]
[ Brush crackling ]
What is it?
What is it? You got it?
Oh. Oh, shit.
I'm caught on something!
[grunts] Help me.
Come back here. Help me!
-No! [sobbing] I can't!
-Help me! Oh!
-[gasp] Okay,
we just gotta keep going.
[sob-laughs] We're almost --
We're almost back at the van.
-How do you expect me
to keep going?
[ Continues indistinctly ]
-We just gotta stay calm.
Ryan died, and --
[sobbing] I don't --
We're almost back.
We just --
We just gotta keep it together
and we'll --
Aggh! Aah!
Don't go to the monkey farm!
[ Crack ]
Oh, my god.
-[Growling, snarling]
Max! Max!
Where the fuck am I?
Max! [sobbing]
Please help me!
Oh, my god.
[ Gravel crunching ]
Max! Max!
[ Sobbing ]
Max! Can you hear me?!
[ Panting ]
[ Gravel crunching ]
[ Panting ]
Max? Max? Please. Please.
[sobbing] Oh, my god.
[ Panting ]
[sobbing] Max!
[ Panting ]
[ Panting ]
Where the fuck am I?
[ Sobbing ]
Max! Please help!
[ Sobbing ]
[gasping] Max.
[sobbing] Somebody, please.
[ Panting ]
[gasping] Max! Max!
[sobbing] Please help me!
Oh! [hyperventilating]
[ Growling ]
-Oh, my god!
No! No!
[ GoPro crunching ]
[ Horn blaring ]
Aaaaah! Aaaaah!
[ Clattering ]
[ Birds chirping ]
[ Engine rumbling ]
[ Tires screeching ]
[ Tires screeching ]
[ Glass shattering ]
-[gasp] Max! Max! Shit!
[ Tires screeching ]
-[Continues growling]
[ Tires screeching ]
[ Crash! ]
[ Clattering ]
[ Suspenseful music plays ]
-Ever since the time of Darwin,
evolutionary scientists
have noted
the anatomical similarities
between humans
and the great apes,
including chimpanzees,
gorillas, and orangutans.
Over the last few decades,
molecular biologists
have joined the fray,
pointing out the similarities
in DNA sequences.
Previous estimates
of genetic similarity
between humans and chimpanzees
suggested that they were
98.5% to 99.4% identical,
which leads some to question
why we use the great apes,
our cousins, as approved test
subjects for new and unproven,
sometimes even harmful,
medicines and surgeries.
My name is Ryan Cornish and I'm
here to answer that question.
Is that it?
Am I done?
[ Monkey screeching ]