Monkey Man (2024) Movie Script

There are no fucking rules!
Sir, Tiger, sir.
King Kobra!
King Kobra! King Kobra!
Tiger, I love you!
King Kobra! King Kobra!
King Kobra! King Kobra!
King Kobra! King Kobra!
Good evening.
That's what I'm talking about.
Welcome to Tiger's Temple.
This is a sacred space.
Because some of us here
are Muslim.
Some of us are Hindu.
Fuck, maybe there's
a closet Christian
hiding somewhere there
under the rafters.
But we here all worship one god:
the Indian rupee!
The winner,
the killer of the beast,
King Kobra!
Look at this maderchod.
Look at this.
That's the smell of victory
right there.
Do you smell it?
'Cause I fucking smell it!
This is a champion. This is...
Fucking hell, guys.
What a night, eh?
You hear that?
They fucking hate you.
It's incredible.
What a night.
what's this fucking stomach?
Too many samosas.
You're the Lizard King,
not the fucking
Samosa King, okay?
This fucking tap!
Aziz, the fucking tap came off
in my hands again, man.
Come here.
Look here. What's that?
That fucking stays on. You know
what my water bill is for that?
Fix the fucking tap. Please.
I ask just for a little bit
of fucking cleanliness.
A little bit of
personal hygiene. Yes, what?
Yeah. All right.
Don't spend it all at once, eh?
Tiger. Tiger, this is half.
What? That's what
you got last time.
What, are you saving
for a better place to live?
You want another 50%, you bleed.
That's why it's called
the bleed bonus.
I need that money.
Then dance.
Don't look at me like that.
You chose the name.
You're like those
little monkeys,
you know, in the marketplace
that go...
with a little pink skirt.
That's you.
Put on a show, get the money.
There's hundreds
of folks out there
that'll do this, eh-- hundreds--
waiting to take your place
if this isn't for you.
Baba Shakti.
Guru, man of peace,
the nation's lion.
Born to poverty
but not held captive by it.
Indeed, Baba Shakti is now
likely to be seen
in the temples of the elite
than at the temples of the gods,
rubbing shoulders
with the rich and powerful.
Are these the simple actions
of a man made good...
I leave politics
to the politicians.
...or the start
of a push for political power
through his endorsement
of the controversial
Sovereign Party?
If I see a God-fearing man
who is doing good for India,
I will support him.
He has dismissed
rumors that his factory...
First class, bro.
Eh! Make it a double.
Lucky, Lucky, Lucky.
This is who you want.
Queenie Kapoor,
the queen of Kings.
Friday afternoon,
she had a massage
and pedicure at Body Tonic.
Most of the mornings,
she stops at a Caf d'Italia
for coffee.
She'll be there tomorrow.
-Ayurvedic wisdom
-is thousands of years old.
-Good job.
Who are we to question the gods?
Yes. On the
dinner table, it was like
a verbal contract.
I don't have any mail.
Yeah. I don't
have any... any mail...
Please, please, madam.
Please, please, madam.
I'm... Ow!
Oh, my God. How can you allow
these guys here?
What kind of a place
are you running?
Where did you find this?
Some men were fighting
over it next to, uh, JV Road
near Caf d'Italia.
I tried to rush in,
and, uh, um...
they fought back and, uh...
-Take this.
I don't...
I don't want charity.
Wh-What I need is a... is a job.
This is Kings.
We just don't hire
off the street.
Where's your references?
Your CV? Hmm?
Look, I don't have time
for all this.
There's my CV.
That's bleach.
Chemical, oil.
Give me the job
no one wants to do.
I'll do it.
No complaint.
This is all I know.
No. Uh, no, no. Listen.
I actually liked this one
from Indonesia.
Is she broken in?
No, th-that's fine, but I just
want to know if, uh...
How quickly
can we get her papers?
Anyone who talks
outside these walls,
anyone who forgets their place,
it doesn't turn out well
for them.
New guy, huh?
What's your name?
Wear your cap properly.
We don't want one of your pubes
in the curry...
I think we met before, right?
I-I don't think so.
You like tequila, huh, Bobby?
Patrn, Don Julio, the one with
George Clooney in the photo?
I just want to clean
the dishes, okay?
Coke? Morphine? MDMA?
Oi, Alphonso, eh,
I've told you many times
to stop hassling my staff.
Quality control, man.
You're gonna thank me
for this one day.
Stay cool, Bobby.
Stay cool, hmm?
Watch my fucking leg, man.
Is this all you got?
Are you sure?
'Cause I got an answer
to every prayer.
You like John Wick?
'Cause this just came in.
The TTI.
Same gun from the movie.
But made in China.
I want something small
but effective.
.38 caliber revolver.
It's a little bit heavy,
but it's got a lot of thump.
You need to be pretty close.
Close is good.
I'll take it.
Staff entrance. Copy.
Copy. Staff entrance secured.
Okay, okay. Don't cry.
You're fucking killing me,
No, no, no. Uh-uh.
Listen to me...
You call Evgeni
and tell that motherfucker
to find another source.
They're fuck all. Fuck all.
Fuck all.
You understand "fuck all"?
No, no, no. No, no.
Listen, listen.
I have a reputation to protect,
What the fuck is your problem?
How many times
do I have to tell you
fucking knock on the door
and enter...
Nishit said you needed me.
I need you
to learn some manners,
you inbred little goat fucker.
I'll have to call you back.
Listen, go to Naqeeb
and pick up some
Kashmiri snowflake.
Good stuff, okay?
None of that cheap shit.
But the problem is, uh,
quality control, it's no good.
Naqeeb has some issue with me,
you know?
I don't know whether it's
the Christian-Muslim thing
-or what, but...
You. Face the wall.
What the fuck
are you talking about?
Tell Naqeeb, if the maal
is good,
we'll buy some more
for Chief Rana.
Get it sorted by the weekend.
He is coming with his boys.
-Hey, Alphonso.
Only the best to
serve the VIPs.
Yeah. Got it.
Alphonso. Alphonso.
Hey, uh, good job with Queenie,
huh? She really respects you.
What do you want?
Um, look, if you... if you...
Look, if you need any help
with the VIPs...
Look, I'm just saying,
if you need someone to go in
-and do the job...
-Does it look like
I need some help
from someone like you?
-Is there so...
What the fuck, man?
Okay, okay. I'm sorry.
Look, you want to make
some money?
-Go on.
come to this place tonight.
Bet on Khan.
You'll make a killing.
How the fuck do you know?
I-I'll be fighting him.
Fuck off.
The monkey will win
the first two rounds
and go down in the third.
What's in it for you?
I want a promotion.
Drill him! That's it! Nice!
--Kill him, boy!
Get it!
Drill him!
Don't just stand there!
Get back, drill him!
Hit me! Hit me!
Come on!
Harder! Hit me!
Don't just stand there, mate!
Give him some of that Kong shit.
Fucking yes! Fucking yes!
Fuck yes! Whoo!
You fucking beauty!
Get this fucking monkey
off here.
Guys, get the monkey off here.
The winner,
the killer of the beast,
Sher Khan!
Make sure the drinks
never dry up.
Eyes to the ground
unless someone calls you,
then you will get over there
like you got
a chili up your asshole.
You see that?
That's the defense minister.
He always has a mushroom steak
followed by a threesome.
This one just likes to watch.
But he's the head
of the tax office,
so anything is allowed,
you know?
A very good evening, Mr. Gupta.
Hope you are having a good time.
Filthy bastard.
looking beautiful today, huh?
Hey... You see
those yellow fellas over there?
That's Mr. Takahata.
He always asks Queenie
for the special menu.
We've got girls
from all over the world, man.
Dubai, Russia, Singapore.
There's a dish
to please every king. Look.
He's about to receive
a gift from heaven.
Here she is-- Sylvia.
Former Miss Lithuania.
She's come down
to guide him to the afterlife.
Come on.
That's Mirza.
The boss of the bosses.
He runs everything
in this town, man.
Drugs, property, import, export.
You name it.
What about the cops?
They're the dirtiest fuckers.
You know what I'm meaning.
And Chief Rana?
Up in the VIP room.
He loves the sugar.
Isn't she beautiful?
I call her Nicki.
Big bumper, nice headlights.
Huh? Come on, brother.
Let's boogie.
-Seat belt, buddy.
-What for?
This for.
What happened to your hands?
They're fucked up, bro.
Car crash. Engine caught fire.
I know what that is.
Too much pocket pinball, huh?
You know what I'm meaning.
But you're living the life, bro.
We're rolling with
the kings now, huh?
They don't even see us.
They're all up there living,
and we're stuck here in this.
That's no life, bro.
So, what are you gonna do
about this, Monkey Man? Huh?
Bought myself a bit
of land over here down south.
-You like that?
What are you doing?
That's red wine.
Yes, sir.
Well, that's a white wine glass.
Who is this guy, huh?
Can we get somebody
over here who knows...
Tell me more
about your trip, baby.
No, no, no, no, no.
I, uh...
I want to know about you.
What's this?
Little birdie?
-It's a sparrow.
-Want to fly away, do you?
Queenie was right.
You are not like
the other girls.
I'll treat you like an angel.
My Indian princess.
We can fuck right here.
Not here, baby.
How did you get in?
No, no. Come.
Come, come. Good girl.
There you go.
There you go. Good girl.
You like that?
That's good. You like that?
She'd better.
It's 4,000 rupees a plate.
This is not the place to work
if you can't handle
that sort of stuff.
It's not a sparrow.
Your tattoo.
It's a koel.
I grew up in the forest.
Every day, I would wake up
to them singing.
Stop feeding that dog.
It's gonna keep coming back
expecting more.
Just gives her hope.
Sit. Sit. Sit.
What the fuck you doing, man?
-For the dog.
-Come on, man. Let's boogie.
Baba Shakti today
held a public prayer
for victims of the ongoing
land disputes,
advocating that violence
is never the answer.
the transgender inhabitants
in Yatana's northern district
have been filmed being attacked
by officers.
Chief of Police Rana Singh
assured the public
that the culprits
will be brought to justice.
You're supposed to be a monkey.
Do you know that a chimpanzee
can rip a fucking
human being's face off?
Get out there and fucking
behave like a fucking beast.
Good girl.
There you go.
Good girl.
Where the fuck you been, man?
I nearly finished it all
waiting for you.
You ready?
Let's boogie.
This guy. Come on.
Hey, Fresca.
Brought you a new boyfriend.
Welcome to heaven, baby.
Only Queenie can go up. Come on.
Get busy.
Here, sir.
Come here, baby.
Who the fuck are you,
you little rat?
Hey! Hey! Bobby, wait!
Get in!
Out of all the fucking cars
in there, you stole mine?
Alphonso, shut up!
What the fuck did you do, man?
-Fuck! Fuck!
-What were you thinking, man?
-Oh, man. Fuck, fuck.
Stop the vehicle now!
Ah, fuck.
-What do I press?
-Put the fucking gear, brother!
Fuck, man!
-Duck, duck, duck, duck!
Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck, man!
Turbo! Turbo!
Fuck. Oh, man.
-Did we lose them?
-Drive! Just drive!
Look out!
Bobby, get up, man. Come on.
I am sorry, bro.
I am sorry.
Stubborn bastard, isn't he?
The boss
is gonna eat him alive.
He's not going to spare him.
You want to fuck, huh?
You want to fuck,
motherfucker, huh?
You bring the police
to my place, huh?
How dare you.
Hey. Easy.
Target in sight.
You're okay.
You're okay.
You're awake.
Isn't she?
Parvati and Shiva.
One half devotion,
the other destruction.
Some people find that...
But we hijras understand it
Who are you?
I'm Alpha,
the keeper of the temple.
Careful! Careful!
Why did you help me?
You should've died
from those injuries.
The gods must have
a greater plan for you.
We all have scars.
I should go.
No. I wouldn't do that.
The police are looking for you.
All over town.
But not here.
They find us too...
Stay with us.
You need to heal.
Maybe she'll speak to you.
Shakti! Shakti! Shakti!
Shakti! Shakti! Shakti! Shakti!
Shakti! Shakti! Shakti!
Shakti! Shakti! Shakti! Shakti!
Shakti! Shakti! Shakti!
Shakti! Shakti! Shakti!
Shakti! Shakti!
Who is he?
He's a nobody.
Just some crazy kid
from the gutter.
People once said that about me.
And now look at you.
You're the nation's lion.
You said he spoke of his mother.
in the great tapestry of life,
just one small ember
can burn down everything.
The very idea of him
has to be extinguished.
Find him.
Before your nobody
becomes a somebody.
The trail of destruction
started with a murder attempt
on Yatana's chief of police,
Rana Singh,
by a terrorist
posing as a member of staff.
A citywide manhunt is underway
for the terrorist
and his known associates.
Security has been raised
for the upcoming elections,
which are occurring on the
country's most auspicious day.
-Thank you.
-So, uh...
Now they are okay.
And that is why
she ran away with the priest.
Funny, huh?
Still can't sleep?
I never sleep.
Voices in your head?
Just one.
Her scream.
It's been inside me
my whole life.
Come with me.
We were warriors before
they drove us into exile here.
The Vedas speak of a tree
that was supposedly planted
by Lord Shiva,
the destroyer of worlds.
I was once like you.
A broken man.
A slave to childhood terrors.
I learned that you need
to destroy in order to grow.
To create space for new life.
Mm. Here we go.
Within its root lies
a potent toxin.
We call it Trishul
after Shiva's trident.
It will cut you open.
Only a weakened man
can benefit from this.
Only a strong man
can survive it.
Are you ready?
The pain...
It will leave you once
it's finished teaching you.
I failed her.
You tried to save her.
You see scars.
I see the courage of a child
fighting to save his mother.
These are the hands of a warrior
who's destined
to challenge the gods.
All your life, you've been
fighting to feel pain.
You need to fight for a purpose.
Fight... for all of us.
It's time to remember
who you are.
As the Sovereign Party
climbs in the polls,
allegations have surfaced
that you destroyed
200 acres of forestland
to build your mega factory.
It's not a factory.
It's a commune.
And what about the farmers
that have been displaced?
The land was barren and empty.
Few families who lived there
have joined the cause.
And workers who complain
of horrible working conditions?
They aren't workers.
They are my disciples.
A surge of sectarian violence
has exploded around the country
after divisive remarks
made by Adesh Joshi.
International leaders
have condemned the violence
against minorities
but have stopped short
of criticizing the candidate
as he climbs in the polls.
Close your eyes,
and you will find yourself
sitting atop a mighty tree.
This is your home.
You are a beast.
Look beneath the surface,
and you will see roots
deep under the soil,
reaching far and wide.
These are the roots
of your ancestors,
the soul of your mother.
Listen to her.
You have nothing to fear.
You've been here for time.
People of Yatana...
...Baba Shakti!
Shakti! Shakti! Shakti!
Shakti! Shakti! Shakti! Shakti!
Shakti! Shakti! Shakti!
Shakti! Shakti! Shakti!
I am nobody.
I am nothing.
I didn't choose this path.
You chose it for me.
Change never comes
without a fight.
I want you to choose
another of God's men.
He's one of us.
He is Adesh Joshi,
leader of Sovereign Party.
He will fight with us,
for us, for you.
The working man,
the poor, the sick.
Shower him with your love
and let our voice be heard
throughout the nation.
They have destroyed
our sacred values.
They have stolen our homes,
poisoned our children's minds.
They have polluted us
with their symbols,
their false idols.
We have been blinded.
Will you stand with us?
Will you bleed with us?
Will you?
Will you?
Tell me what happened
to Lakshmi.
-Are you okay, Lakshmi?
What happened? What happened?
These men put a notice
on the door.
She tried to take it down,
but they beat her.
She's not breathing.
Breathe, Lakshmi, breathe.
Did you see?
Did you see who it was?
Shakti's men.
They said the temple
never belonged to us.
Alpha, where will we go?
If we don't have money,
they will keep doing this.
We cannot pay off some thugs.
We all must pray.
God has a plan.
We have the
election results due to break
during Diwali festival.
Sovereign Party supporters
are flooding the streets
with the party expecting
a landslide victory.
-Baba! Baba!
-Shakti! Shakti!
Ladies and gentlemen!
Are you ready
for a fucking fight?
Put it on the monkey.
On my left,
the still undisputed champion
of all of India,
the s-s-s-s-snake...
King Kobra!
King Kobra! King Kobra!
Okay, settle down.
Settle down, you animals.
Settle down.
From His Majesty
all the way to the deepest,
darkest jungles
of my mother Africa...
I hunted him down.
...darted him myself,
and I brought him
all the way here
for your entertainment.
He's evil.
He's ferocious.
He's a dark destroyer.
I give you...
Do you want to see
these two animals fight?
The snake and the monkey.
King Kobra! King Kobra!
King Kobra! King Kobra!
King Kobra! King Kobra!
Ooh, I smell it.
I smell it.
-What's going on?
Did he fucking knock him out?
Kobra, get up.
You get him fucking up
right now.
I will fuck...
Grab his arms and take him off.
Wow, eh?
That was a surprise.
Fucking lucky kick, eh?
Looks like we got
a cheeky little monkey
on our hands tonight.
Kill the beast!
Kill the beast! Kill the beast!
Kill the beast!
Ladies and gentlemen...
I give you the biggest,
the baddest,
the bone crushing
Bhalu the Bear!
Fuck him up.
Fucking smash his head in, okay?
Get in there
and fucking pummel him.
Go. Go.
Fuck him up.
Smack him in the fucking cock!
Come on!
Drill him!
Drill his fucking skull in!
Drill him in the fucking face!
Go on, smack him, Bhalu!
Come on, then!
Go on, Monkey Man! Yes!
Kill the beast! Kill the beast!
Kill the beast! Kill the beast!
Kill the beast! Kill the beast!
Kill the beast! Kill the beast!
Kill the beast!
Kill the beast!
Kill the beast! Kill the beast!
Kill the beast! Kill the beast!
Kill the beast!
Kill the beast! Kill the beast!
Hail Monkey Man!
Monkey Man! Monkey Man!
Monkey Man! Monkey Man!
Monkey Man!
Monkey Man! Monkey Man!
Monkey Man! Monkey Man!
Monkey Man! Monkey Man!
Monkey Man!
Monkey Man! Monkey Man!
Monkey Man! Monkey Man!
Monkey Man!
Monkey Man! Monkey Man!
Monkey Man! Monkey Man!
Monkey Man! Monkey Man!
Monkey Man!
Monkey Man! Monkey Man!
Monkey Man! Monkey Man!
Monkey Man! Monkey Man!
Monkey Man!
Monkey Man! Monkey Man!
Monkey Man! Monkey Man!
Monkey Man!
Monkey Man! Monkey Man!
Monkey Man! Monkey Man!
Monkey Man!
Monkey Man! Monkey Man!
Monkey Man! Monkey Man!
Monkey Man! Monkey Man!
Monkey Man!
Monkey Man! Monkey Man!
Take a look.
What is that?
Take a look.
-There's a note.
-There's a note.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my, my.
I mean, look at this.
-Who sent us this?
It's money.
Baba! Baba!
Baba Shakti! Baba Shakti!
Baba Shakti! Baba Shakti!
Baba Shakti! Baba Shakti!
Baba Shakti!
Baba Shakti! Baba Shakti!
Listen up, everyone,
if anybody fucks up tonight,
if anybody messes up,
if I get a single complaint,
I'll fuck your happiness.
Stop staring at me!
First course out right now!
It's brilliant. Very good.
Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you.
Ladies and gentlemen,
what an honor it is to be here
with the Sovereign Party on the
cusp of our historic victory.
One day, the maharajas
on these walls
will be replaced with portraits
of each and every one of you.
Hey, smart-ass.
Staff entrance.
We will rid Mother India
of her scars
and make her beautiful
once more.
I would like to acknowledge
the great contribution
of a mighty chief of police,
Rana Singh.
His courage and integrity
has led to Yatana's
lowest crime rate.
-Oh, shit!
There is this one other person
without whose blessing
we would not be here.
My guru.
My mentor.
His Holiness, India's lion,
Baba Shak...
Go! Go! Go! Go!
Get him upstairs.
Get him upstairs.
Hey! Hey!
You motherfucker!
Don't fuck with me!
I'll kill you, you bastard!
I'm gonna blow your fucking...
Finally out of your tree, huh?
Get up.
Did your mother
send you back for more, huh?
Welcome, Queenie.
So, you are the one?
Look at them all.
The triumph of light
over darkness.
The defeat of Ravan.
But Ravan was no demon.
He was a scholar.
A visionary.
He built an empire from nothing.
Why not end this cycle
of violence?
Or we will be trapped in it
for generations.
Do you even know
my mother's name?
Do you know any of their names?
Anger will not quiet
your soul, my son.
Don't call me "son."
These were carved
by a devout follower
who wore them
to prevent his feet
from harming any small creature.
On the side here,
there's an old prayer:
"Forgive me, Mother Earth,
for the sin of injury
which I inflict with each step."
My chariot is here.
You can't.
These people need me.
I'll give you what you want.
I'll do anything.
Forgive me.
Ha-Ha-Have mercy, please.
Only God can forgive you now.
One, two, three.