Monkey on My Back (1957) Movie Script

Come in.
Come in, Sullivan.
Sign here, Ross.
This is Barney Ross, a voluntary patient.
Dr. Sullivan is in charge
of the Withdrawal Ward...
and he'll take care of you.
That's all that's necessary.
This will be home
while you're on withdrawal, Barney.
lt's all right.
l'll be back in half an hour, at shot time.
-l get a shot?
-That's right.
Twice a day in smaller and smaller doses
until you don't need it anymore.
That's why we call it the Withdrawal Ward.
Just take it as easy as you can.
l got no crowd rooting for me this time,
l'm on my own,
a junkie,
Me, Barney Ross,,,
the guy that couldn't lose,
That's what l always told myself,
Well, l got a different kind of fight
on my hands now,,,
different from the time l fought McLarnin
to win my title back,
Keep moving, slip his left jab,
and watch his left hook.
That's how he beat you last time.
-Listen, will you, Barney?
-Yeah, l'm listening, Sam.
-Hiya, Champ.
-Hey, Big.
How did you get in here?
How you feeling, Champ?
l just thought l'd stop by and wish you luck.
Don't worry about me, l'm feeling fine.
What are the odds on Dancin' Boy
in the fourth at Belmont tomorrow?
-6-to-1 to our best customer.
6-to-1. $5,OOO right on his nose.
Grow up. You already fought one title fight
just for the bookies. Lay off the betting.
This ain't betting.
This is banking. l know what l'm doing.
Sure, you knew what you were doing
when you lost $1 2,OOO on the World Series.
And when you dropped
$5,OOO shooting dice.
Sam, that's enough already.
-lt's a bet, Big.
Bets? You're worrying about a horse,
while McLarnin's ready to tear your ears off.
They're betting 8-to-5 he'll do it.
Okay, Barney, your public is waiting for you.
-Come on, Harry, let's go.
-Spit out the gum.
lt's a bet, Big.
Okay. You win this round. Would you mind
concentrating on the next one?
-Relax, Sam. We know l'm a winner.
-Sure. You know you're a winner.
l know you're a winner,
but we still gotta convince McLarnin.
Kill him, Barney!
Go on, Barney.
Come on, Jim!
Come on, Barney!
The crowds yelling and the photographers
taking my picture weren't new to me,
Now l had my title back
and l was the king again,
Hello there, Sam.
-Good fight, Champ.
-Thank you very much.
Good evening, Mr. Ross.
We have your table ready.
-Hi, Barney. You look great.
-l'm fine. Thank you.
Right this way, Mr. Ross.
-Hiya, Champ. You look great.
-Thank you.
That's for you, honey. Here, Mary, sit down.
-Sit down, Francie.
-Thank you.
-What's this?
-Like it?
lt's so cute, Barney. It's adorable.
That ain't nothing but the package.
Look inside.
Diamond earrings.
You shouldn't have.
Sure l should.
l'm just nuts about my buddies.
A guy's gotta be nuts
to give out diamonds and cuff links.
Pi, you gave me this, didn't you?
Diamonds are good enough for me,
they're good enough for my buddies.
Besides, presents are for birthdays,
ain't they?
-lt's his birthday!
-Happy birthday, honey.
So, naturally, we wind up with the presents.
l'm so sorry. It was an accident.
l hope l didn't hurt you.
My fault. l shouldn't have led with my skull.
l hope l didn't hurt you.
-Honey, that's been tried by experts.
-Please forgive me.
You know something? She's a cute girl.
She sure gave you something
to remember her by.
So she's real cute. So what?
Right now you're with me.
Excuse me a minute.
-Hey, Louie.
-Yes, Mr. Ross.
-That girl. What's her name?
-Which one?
The third from the end.
-Cathy Howlett. She's new here.
Do me a favor, will you?
Send her some flowers.
Roses. My compliments.
Thank you.
l thought l'd never see Cathy Howlett again,
Only, there was a pair of brown eyes
l couldn't get out of my mind,
Pick it up, will you, Champ?
It's getting on to lunchtime.
-Who's hungry?
-l am.
lt's bad for me to wait so long for my eats.
Makes me nervous.
Stay with me, Mush.
You'll hold up for another 12 or 15 miles.
l gotta take out some insurance against you.
Mr. Ross, not again.
-You all right, Champ?
-You didn't hurt yourself?
Why don't you watch what you're doing?
A grown-up dame rolling a hoop.
That's for kids. Don't you know that?
Lay off, will you, Mushy?
The lady happens to be a friend of mine.
Some friend. Knocking you down
right in the middle of the park.
Here, lady. Go roll your hoop.
May l have it now, please?
l won't let it go fast again.
Better not.
l think maybe l better keep it, dear.
l'll be careful, Mommy. l really will.
-ls she yours?
-Yes. This is Noreen.
-This is Mr. Ross.
-Hi, Noreen.
The nice man who sent Mommy the flowers
because she kicked you in the head.
Looks like you done better
than your mommy.
l'll have to buy you
a diamond necklace and a new hoop.
Say you're sorry and say goodbye.
No, wait a minute. Don't go in a hurry.
-We gotta eat, too, ain't we?
Let's eat here.
l ain't dressed for the Pump Room.
Are you off your rocker?
You gotta take a rubdown.
You wanna catch a cold or something?
-Got any cash with you?
-l always have cash.
-How much?
-85 cents.
That's a big help.
-l hope you're in the chips.
-Yes, l have $10.
l owe you $10.
-l've got 15 cents.
-We're loaded.
You go with Mushy in the car.
Get anything you like. You're in charge.
Now you take good care of him, lady.
And don't let him cool off too fast.
l don't like it.
-lt's funny. l never figured you were married.
-Why not?
-l don't know. l never figured it, that's all.
-Well, l'm not.
As it happens, not anymore.
Let's walk. Don't cool off
you'll catch a cold. l don't like it.
But l wanna talk to you.
Let's talk and walk.
You got a pretty good stride.
Dancers have to
keep in training, too, Mr. Ross.
-All right. Barney.
Cathy was something brand-new in girls,
l saw her again and again and again,
Come on in.
Mama, we got here.
-What's the matter?
-We got here, Mama.
So you weren't fooling me.
Mama, this is Cathy.
Cathy, this is my mother.
Delighted, Mrs. Ross.
Me, too. l'm pleased, l'm sure.
You better be pleased, Mama.
l'm gonna marry her.
That's nice.
Cathy, you just get used to the idea.
Barney's a very nice boy...
-but he does things all of a sudden.
-That's beginning to dawn on me.
You just sit down.
l got a nice chicken for supper,
with noodles.
-Let me help you.
-No, tonight you are company.
l'll call you when it's ready.
Five straight passes.
-Still gonna let it ride, Barney?
-You can't lose with a winner. Shoot it all.
l just got my lawn mowed.
-Can you let me have $10,OOO?
-Anything you say, Champ.
You need grass, l got it.
That's all right, son. Keep the change.
Barney, there's a limit to the amount
of punishment one small stomach can take.
-Are you kidding? l train on this stuff.
-Noreen's not in training.
Watch this bird coming up.
He's a pretty good hitter.
-You got 2.5-to-1 he don't hit.
-You got it, Big.
Two-and-a-half to what, Uncle Barney?
Lollipops, honey. Big, green lollipops.
Next time l'll give you odds, Big.
What if he hadn't hit, Barney?
What if you had lost?
So the next time
there'd be icing on the cake.
What are you doing here?
l thought you were gonna
pick me up at the club.
l'm getting to be the number one baby-sitter
on the North Side.
-Here, let me put her to bed.
-No, l'll take her.
This is Chicago's own station of music,,,
presenting two hours
of the latest recordings,,,
for your listening pleasure,
What's this?
A little caviar, a little chicken, lax
a little champagne. Nothing but the best.
Sit down. l serve well, too.
Why the celebration?
Big day. Two winners at Hialeah.
And l'm gonna get married.
-Just like that?
-Just like that.
You're serious, aren't you?
Why do you think l've been hanging
around so often?
-Barney, wait.
-Who wants to wait?
Who wants a girl? l want a wife.
-lt's not that simple.
-What's complicated about it?
All you gotta do is say yes,
we'll go downtown, get a license--
-l'm afraid.
-Of what?
-l've never told you about Noreen's father.
-Who cares? l never asked.
He left me before Noreen was born.
l'm all she's got.
-l'm not like you. l can't afford to gamble.
-But who's asking you to?
Don't you see?
Everything you do is a gamble.
lt's the way you're made.
lf we get married, it won't be you,
it won't be me, it'll be us.
And l can't afford to gamble.
Honey, everything's a gamble.
It's like l told you.
l'm on top 'cause l play for the big stakes.
ln my life, you're the biggest.
So don't try to say no.
lt won't do you no good.
Barney, l love you.
Please give me more time.
You said you loved me.
That's all l heard. Nothing else.
Now you keep this, honey.
-Before long, you're gonna wear it.
-l hope so.
Let's drink to that.
How much l hope so.
That's gonna be my last one for a while.
l start training tomorrow.
-Another fight?
You gotta get time off
and come to New York.
This'll be a good one.
-Nice guy. Henry Armstrong.
-l'll be there.
Good luck to that, too, Barney.
That's no way to wish me luck. Come here.
for 14 rounds
this has been a tremendous battle,
armstrong seems as powerful now
as he did at the opening gong,
and this'll go down in the books
as a sensational upset,,,
unless Ross can come up
with that one big punch,,,
to put the challenger away,
Come on, Barney!
He can't go on much longer.
Why don't they stop it?
Kill him, Barney!
Better not take his mouthpiece out.
His head will cave in.
This is one of the greatest displays
of raw courage ever seen in the ring,
But it's almost impossible to believe,,,
that Barney Ross remained on his feet
after taking such inhuman punishment,
lt's one round to go,
and the big question here tonight is,,
will Barney Ross still be in there
on his feet at the finish?
The cuts are bad, Sam.
How about it, Barney? Let me do it now.
Sam. You throw in that towel...
we're through.
Thirteen years we've been together.
Would l ask you to do anything wrong?
l'm trying to save you from taking the count.
l'm not gonna be knocked out by a towel.
Get the right up, Barney. The right.
armstrong has Ross
up against the ropes now,
His famous, million-dollar legs
have always carried him out ofdanger,,,
but obey his will no longer,
You're pretty lucky, Barney.
No bones broken.
But you're gonna have to watch that left eye.
l wanna see you in my office tomorrow.
Different from other nights, huh?
No mob around, whooping it up.
You need those guys
like you need a hole in the head.
They turn their backs on their own mothers.
Don't knock them, Art.
They know when a guy is through.
My legs are gone.
And they're what kept me on top.
Why even think about it?
A good night's sleep, maybe tomorrow--
A good night's sleep
won't change my mind, Sam.
l'm quitting. l'm a champ, or l'm nothing.
And you can't be a champ without legs.
l'm quitting. This is my last fight.
lt's all right, Mama. Nothing's busted.
Hiya, Cathy.
Jeez, you look like a million bucks.
-Aren't you gonna kiss me?
-With this face?
-l was so proud of you.
-Was you?
So proud.
Do you really mean this was your last fight?
You never wanted me to be a fighter.
It's about time l listened to her.
Do me a favor. Take her back to the hotel.
l gotta take a Turkish bath.
We'll be waiting for you.
Come on, Mrs. Ross.
Barney. We'll have a nice breakfast for you.
All the things you like..
cream cheese, lax, bagels.
Bagel. Mama....
No bagels, Mrs. Ross.
My poor Barney. Losing he's not used to.
l'm glad.
l'm glad it happened.
Don't hate me, Mrs. Ross. l'm not heartless.
But maybe now
Barney and l will have a chance.
Maybe he'll turn his back on that whole life.
l better get in the shower.
At least that's on the house.
You got nothing to worry about.
Your end of the purse is better than $40,OOO.
-You mean Big Ralph's end of the purse.
-You owe all that?
You can't win all the time.
Don't worry, kid. You can have my share.
Sure, kid. Anything we got.
Thanks, fellows. But no.
You can finance me to the Turkish bath.
-Hey, soldier. Call it.
You win. Nick, this round's on me.
-Barney, it came up tails.
-Sure. Have fun.
Drink up, boys. Have fun.
Honey, how you doing? Doing all right?
You want a sandwich? Some more coffee?
You owe me 10,OOO doughnuts
to go with the coffee l've already had.
-Okay to cash this, boss?
-Whose is it?
That soldier sitting over there.
Yeah, sure.
For $10
l guess we can keep our boys happy.
You know, if a smart guy had this place,
he could open his own bank.
We're doing all right, Sam. Ain't we, honey?
-Are we?
-Are we? Even Big Ralph's happy.
And with him backing the joint,
that takes plenty.
-You sent for me?
-Yeah. l got some info, Lew.
Pencil, Sam. Lady Teazle,
in the fifth at Arlington tomorrow.
$1,500. Right on the schnozzola.
Why don't you bet him to place?
All your horses been coming in second.
l don't bet seconds. l bet winners.
You want a piece of my action, Sam?
No, thanks, Barney. l'm like you.
l don't know anything about horses.
l'll just have another one.
Charlie! Bourbon and soda for Mr. Pian
and $1,500 for me.
Get it out of the register. There's the marker.
Make it two bourbons, mine straight.
-Cathy, you--
-Why not?
-Everything's on the house, isn't it?
-Yeah, sure.
Go on, beat it.
Charlie will give you the dough.
l know it's none of my business.
But l always do like you tell me.
Big Ralph's gonna get sore.
-Big Ralph. What's it to Big Ralph?
-What's it to Big....
He's only backing you in this joint
so he can get back the money you owe him.
Don't worry, Big Ralph's sublimely happy.
Barney just told me so.
Cathy! Come on, Lew.
All right. l'll take care of it.
-Cathy, what's gotten into you?
-Not a thing.
l just don't like losing
any more than you do.
Losing? What are you getting at?
Nothing you'd understand.
Trying to shove me around!
l'll shove you around any time l feel like it.
lt's a fight. Gotta bust up a fight.
Excuse me, l'll be right back.
Come, fellows. Wait just a minute.
Left just in time.
He almost had one on his hands right here.
The stupid, stubborn meat-head.
He's not satisfied he burned up yesterday.
He has to burn up tomorrow.
Bourbon straight.
Bourbon, soda.
He's all yours, Sam.
You're not walking out on him?
Not walk. Run. l'm running away.
l'm not going into the new show at the club.
l've got a chance to go on the road
with a musical.
And l'm going.
l don't blame you, Cathy, but....
-This is gonna bust the kid wide open.
-lt's gonna bust me wide open, too.
But l've got no choice, Sam.
He's making up
for not being champion anymore...
by bigger bets, bigger grandstand plays.
Anything to keep the roar of the crowd.
That means more to him than l ever will.
l was such a fool, Sam.
l thought that when he was through
being a fighter...
things would be different.
Well, they are. They're worse.
lt's a disease...
and he's incurable.
lt's all right, folks.
These two guys just wanted to fight so bad
they couldn't wait.
Bye, Sam.
Down the hatch.
Make with the handshakes to each other.
That's it.
Why, Mr. Ross! She's moved.
Moved? Moved where?
She took the little girl to her grandmother's.
Then she's catching a train to Kansas City.
Going on the road with a show.
-Didn't she tell you?
-Maybe she did.
Maybe l ain't been listening lately.
Big Ralph's been calling all over town,
Iooking for you.
What's he want?
Who knows? He's inside, waiting.
Hi, Big. You wanted to see me?
Sit down, Barney.
lt's okay. l'm all right up here.
What's on your mind?
You're through, Barney.
l mean you're through around here.
What do you mean, l'm through?
l own 25O% of this joint.
You can't throw me out.
-You got $22,OOO?
-No, l ain't got $22,OOO, but that don't mean--
That's what these markers of yours come to.
All right, so what?
So l had a little tough luck.
-You can carry me, can't you?
-l'm tired, Barney.
Carrying you is heavy work.
l let you get in too deep
when you were champ.
There was some excuse for it then
but there ain't none now.
l'm tearing these up
and taking over your 25O% of the joint, too.
Drop in any time, kid.
There's always a drink on the house.
But no more cash from the till.
l invited a couple of Marines here
for dinner tonight.
That's to make sure they get it.
Thanks for the use of the hall.
l miss you, Cathy,
You were right to walk out, l know that now,
Being in the Marines
has taught me a lot of things,
Believe it or not
in this outfit l'm an old' man,
an old man at 33,
and l'd trade every one of those 33 years
iust to hold you in my arms once more,
l hope l can get leave to see you
before l get shipped out,
Come in.
l wanted to meet you at the train,
but l couldn't get off in time.
Sure, l know. There's a war on.
How did you get away from the show?
They gave me a week off.
Guess l'm not irreplaceable.
Just let me look at you.
When l got your wire, l couldn't believe it.
-But you're here.
-Yes, Barney.
You're really here.
l only thought l could ever leave you.
Hold me close.
lt's better than the dream.
lt's no dream, Barney. Flesh and blood.
l wanna put this on now.
l thought maybe you threw it away.
That's why l went out, and l got this.
So it isn't for somebody else?
What do you mean? It's engraved, too.
''For Cathy, for keeps.''
For keeps.
l'm some lucky Marine.
A trip to heaven on a 72.
Then came hell,
Only, on the maps
they called it Guadalcanal,,,
that stinking, crawling jungle,
You could never see a Jap,
They were like ghosts, spitting death,
ln every tree, a hidden sniper,
Behind every bush, a machine gun,
That's a gook. We've found him.
Tell it to Snowball. Give our position.
lceberg calling Snowball, Over,
lceberg calling--
You guys stay put. l'll have a look-see.
Radio's busted.
Hold it, Spike. You heard what the man said.
Maybe the Lieutenant got it.
-l'll take a look.
-Okay, Pop.
Barney, he's dead!
-What are you doing here?
-l'm just waiting for you.
You picked a hell of a place to wait around.
Let's move out.
-Get back, Barney...
l've bought it.
Not while you're still talking, you ain't.
Hang on, boy.
You're going for a ride.
-Thanks, Pop.
-For nothing.
Thanks for nothing.
l was just using you as a shield.
We're through, Barney.
Not as long as we got these, we ain't.
How many grenades you got?
l can't move, Barney.
l can't move!
Shut up.
Hold your fire! Don't shoot!
You won't trick me, you bastards!
l'm dying! We're gonna die!
Come on, you!
Get off my buddy.
Give it up, Barney.
Got any other good ideas?
Alone, maybe you can get back.
Stay here, the Japs--
Shut up. We're sticking this out together.
Don't you worry, Spike.
We'll get out of here.
We'll make it, you'll see.
-Thanks, Barney.
-Go to sleep.
Morning came, but l didn't know it,
By that time the malaria had gotten me,
and l was off my rocker with fever,
We were somewhere between the lines,
lt was just a question of
whether our guys would find us,,,
or the Japs,
Hold your fire! Hey, Mac, you idiot!
You won't trick me, you rats!
The screwy goon is trigger-happy.
He must have killed 30 or 40 Japs.
Brother, l'm sure glad he ain't all there.
His aim ain't too good.
Corpsman, over here.
Look out for the birds.
Look out, Spike! We stopped them all!
Give him something. Stop that screaming.
-Give him a shot.
-We stopped them all!
-We stopped them!
We stopped them!
Take them up.
The top of my skull's coming off.
When those guns start,
Iet's get out of here to the back of the lines.
No back of the lines in Guadalcanal...
and the top of your skull would come off
no matter where you are with that fever.
We'll do everything we can for you.
l'll look in again on you later, son.
Malignant malaria. Critical.
Fever.. 104.5.
Keep him under opiates
until we can evacuate him to New Guinea.
That was the start,
The only thing that could
drown out the guns,,,
and sing me to sleep,
They shipped me to New Guinea,,,
but the pain in my skull didn't make
no allowance for changes in climate,
There was only one thing that helped me,
Corpsman! Where are you?
Right here. You don't have to holler.
l've been ringing this thing.
Where have you been?
Listen, buddy. l'm all alone on this watch.
l got a lot of ground to cover.
Yeah, l know.
My head, it's killing me.
They said it'd be better off
when l got to New Guinea.
But it ain't. It's worse.
You gotta give me something.
-You had your sedative two hours ago.
-No, they don't do no good.
-l need a shot.
-Nothing doing.
-No hypos, not without orders.
-The other night man don't wait for orders.
Give me something.
l need a shot.
Easy, Mac. Just take it easy, okay?
finally, the sun shone again,
l was being shipped home,
l was going stateside,
The worst of the malaria was over,,,
but l was taking home something else,
a craving that had to be satisfied,,,
a craving for morphine,
Tell me something.
How much morphine are you getting?
Hardly any, Doc, hardly any.
Just, like, when the pain's too tough.
You don't have to tell me about that.
l know what malaria can do to a man.
lt's doubly bad for you.
You see, any illness seems
twice as severe to a man like you...
who's always had perfect health.
l know, you've taken terrific punishment
in your time. But that's different.
You always had the roar of the crowd
to kill the pain.
That's quite a narcotic, too, Barney.
Lifts you out of all your troubles.
Morphine's a bad substitute.
You think it can give you a lift?
All it can do is lift you right into hell.
Doc, l'm not looking for any lift.
l just gotta get away from the pain.
Let me ask you something, Barney.
How many men do you think
have been wounded in this war?
l don't know. Plenty. Thousands, l guess.
Tens of thousands. Hundreds of thousands.
And a large proportion of them
have been given opiates to kill their pain.
But that's only an emergency measure.
Your emergency is over, Ross.
-No more narcotics.
-Yes, sir.
for days, l tried to fight the craving,
l tried to remember what the medic said,,,
but l was hooked,
Now l realized it, l was hooked,
l needed the stuff
more than l'd ever needed anything,
lt didn't make no difference
what l had to do to get it,
Daddy, will you help me with my homework?
l have a composition to write for English.
-Right up my alley. You got a good angle?
-Pretty good.
Now, there's this Marine
and he's on an island...
and there are just thousands of Japs.
Daddy, are all Japs so little?
Are all Japs so little?
Well, sweetheart, to me they looked
about 16-feet tall, with teeth like this.
-And you know something?
-l loved every one of them.
-You did?
-l loved them for getting me back home.
-Oh, Daddy!
Tea is ready. l have to go home soon.
Come on, Cathy.
l'll fix it for Daddy.
Man, ain't this the life?
Three beautiful native women
waiting on me hand and foot.
-And here's a tip for the waitress.
-Oh, Daddy!
-You put it in.
-All right. We'll fatten up his chops.
l'll get it.
-Sam. Come on in.
-Hi, everybody.
This is Mr. McAvoy.
-McAvoy? Spike's old man!
-How are you, Barney?
Cathy, you've heard me talk about Spike.
This is my wife, this is my mother.
Mr. McAvoy, give me your hat.
Please sit down.
-Maybe you would like a nice cup of tea?
-Mama, tea?
How about something a little stronger?
l'd like some bourbon and water
if it's no trouble.
No trouble at all. It's a pleasure.
Had a bit of a job tracking you down...
until l thought of your former manager,
Mr. Pian here.
Glad to see you.
Have you heard from Spike?
He's getting along fine.
Just got these pictures from him yesterday,
from Australia.
He says that the steaks there
are magnificent. The girls, too.
He looks great.
He's a very handsome boy, Mr. McAvoy.
-He takes after his mother.
-You're going to have a lovely place here.
-Thank you.
-We're lucky we found it so fast.
-How you gonna pay for it?
What do you mean,
how am l gonna pay for it?
How does anybody pay for anything?
Get a job.
You got one. Mr. McAvoy.
Mr. McAvoy, Spike and l are friends
and all that, but you don't owe me nothing.
l owe you the world, Barney.
But, as it happens, this isn't my gratitude.
l can use you.
My business is public relations.
-Hotels, nightclubs, entertainers.
-That's right.
Our job's getting their names in the papers.
When it comes to the press...
there's no man in Chicago
who has more friends than you.
lt's a good business,
and you're a natural for it.
-Drinks on the house. It's a celebration.
-Thank you.
What a wonderful, cock-eyed world.
Ten weeks ago, l'm up to my neck in mud,
and today l'm a big businessman.
To the big businessman.
l was able to do without the stuff
for a little while, and then it hit,
-What a wonderful day.
What a wonderful night.
Mr. McAvoy, that dinner and everything.
He can't do enough for you.
Honey, sometimes l think
l must be dreaming.
Our own home, you with a wonderful job.
Barney, do you know that
this is the first time we've all been together?
-Honey, are you catching cold?
-No, it's nothing.
Barney, do you realize what this job means?
We'll be able to save about $50 a week.
Honey, you are catching cold.
-Cathy, baby.
-Barney, what is it?
Cathy, l don't know how to....
l love you.
Barney, what's the matter?
ls it the headaches? Is the malaria back?
Hold me. Don't let me go.
Don't ever let me go.
Walk, walk,
Walk it off, walk it off,
Walk, walk,
Hey, sonny boy. Say--
Don't touch me.
Anything for you, neighbor?
Don't be afraid, neighbor.
l know what it is
to have a head full of snakes.
-lf you buy me a fix, l'll get you one.
-Go away.
You're all the way up the pole, neighbor.
You better shinny down.
We belong to the same club.
You're wearing your badge tonight.
Go away!
All right. You're having the party.
Hey, mister.
Where's Daddy?
l wanted to kiss him goodbye.
He had to leave early this morning.
Who broke the mirror in the bathroom?
lt was just an accident.
You run along, honey.
-Okay. Bye, Mom.
Police Department.
Missing Persons.
Hello, this is Mrs. Ross again.
Is there any news?
Thank you.
Where have you been? l was so worried.
l was just walking, Cathy, that's all.
Just walking.
-l was frantic. l called the police.
-No, you must never do that.
You must never call the police.
lt's just the malaria.
You got no idea what it's like.
lt's like thunder and lightning going off
inside your head, and you gotta get out.
You gotta get out and walk it off.
Barney, don't do it again, please,
not without me. Let me go with you.
Never again, Cathy.
l'll never do it again.
What do you mean,
the opening of a new hotel ain't news?
You're my pal, ain't you?
Forget the paper shortage.
Next week, l'll chop you some trees.
Yeah, l'll do that, too.
Well, that's settled.
Barney, you've really racked up a score.
Our clients have got more newspaper space
in the last four months...
than they have any right to expect in a year.
-Don't you think l'm not grateful.
-lt's nothing.
Thank my friends.
l wrote Spike if you keep up the way
you're going, l'll have to make you a partner.
-There's a Mr, Rico to see you,
-Have him wait.
-Yes, sir,
l have an office full of people, Barney.
-Have him come in.
-Send Mr. Rico in.
Yes, Mr, Ross,
Hi, Champ. Very nice.
-Really, you're set up very nice here.
-What are you doing here? Get out.
Take it easy, Champ.
This is just a friendly call.
-Get out.
You don't seem to understand
that in this business...
the customer is never right.
-You gotta talk nice to me.
-Well, what's on your mind?
-You think this is going to help you?
-l like candy.
Have some.
lt's very funny,
but all of my customers seem to like candy.
l guess sugar's the only thing
that tastes good to them.
Quit stalling. What are you up here for?
Well, you've got a lot of fixes on--
You owe me over $1,400.
l didn't ask for credit. It was your idea.
Sure. l'm glad to oblige.
But, like the man at the finance company,
l like to check up on my clients.
Don't worry, you'll get your dough.
l'm not worried.
You look like a good, sound investment.
Don't bank on that neither
'cause l'm nearly through with the stuff.
Are you?
You haven't seen me for almost a week.
That's what's got you worried.
No, l'm not worried.
l told you, this was just a social call.
But you're not feeling well.
l'll come back another time. So long.
Miss Prentiss got mad
and said we'd all stay after school.
Then Josephine Walker started to cry...
'cause she'd promised her mother
she'd look after the baby...
'cause her mother plays bridge
on Wednesdays...
-and that made Miss Prentiss still madder.
-Shut up.
-Who cares about Miss Prentiss?
Sorry, baby.
Aren't you going to eat your dinner?
l'm finished, Mommy.
What's he so mad about?
Honey, he's just having
one of his headaches again.
You call me when you're ready
to do the dishes.
Barney, when are you gonna see a doctor?
How many times l gotta tell you
a doc can't do nothing?
l gotta wait for the bug to wear itself out.
That's not what Dr. Phillips said.
He's sure he can help you.
He begged me to bring you--
What are you doing?
You talking about me behind my back?
He's your friend. Sam took me to him.
He only wants to help you.
The guy's a quack. All he cares about
is the $10 he gets out of you.
You could at least try him.
You've got to do something--
Shut up!
Don't shout so. Noreen will hear you.
What do you want from me?
l do my work, l come home,
what do l get? What?
lt's late. l gotta go.
-l gotta see a fellow.
-Who is it?
-lt's me. Open up.
Come on in, Champ.
l've been expecting you.
l thought you were a little too cocky
this afternoon.
Rico, l'm in a hurry.
That figures. You're all in such a hurry.
Now, me, l got patience.
l made this come out three times last week.
-l nearly got it made again--
-Don't stall me. My head's busting. l need it.
Eat a candy or something.
l nearly got this made.
You shouldn't have done that.
l don't like rough stuff.
-l'll kill you if you don't give me a fix.
-No, you won't.
Now turn me loose, gently.
l got it all ready for you.
Thanks, Rico.
Not so fast. l'm on a cash basis.
-l'm jumpy, Rico. l'll pay you Saturday.
-Saturday, no.
That's a nice watch you're wearing.
What are those, real diamonds?
Yeah, l guess. l don't know.
l always wanted a watch with real diamonds.
l can't. My manager gave me this.
l'm all choked up.
Nice catch.
''To Barney Ross. Always a Champion.''
That's a laugh, isn't it, Champ?
Wake up.
-What's eating you, boy?
-l just don't like being touched, that's all.
-What's the big panic about?
-That's what l want to know.
-What did you do to Steve Richards?
-What do you mean?
He said you were in his place last night.
He's a client, ain't he?
l'm supposed to keep in touch--
You're not supposed to pop him in the nose
when he refuses to lend you $1,OOO.
What on earth's eating you, man?
You're a mess.
Past four months
you been a liability, not an asset.
-You disappear three, four days at a time.
-l've been sick.
l told you, l've been sick.
Well, then, do something about it!
Go away someplace!
-l told you not to worry about money.
-l ain't going nowhere.
Barney, face facts.
You're not doing any work.
You've drawn your salary
eight weeks in advance...
-your expense accounts are ridiculous.
-That's what's hurting you?
lt's been costing you a buck.
Okay, Barney, play it your way.
But get yourself a rest.
And don't come back
until you're on your feet.
-You'll get your salary, just the same.
-Keep your salary.
l don't want no lousy charity.
Get yourself another boy!
Rico, open up.
Let me in, Rico. l know you're in there.
Open up! Rico!
He ain't here. Get out!
Where is he? l gotta see him.
l gotta find him.
How should l know where he is?
You wanna bring the cops down on us?
Now you get out of here!
Barney, what is it?
You act as though
you can't stand to have me touch you.
Oh, no. Nothing.
You just surprised me, that's all.
Every time l come near you, you flinch.
Act as though
you can't stand to have me around.
l've been sick.
ls that it?
-ls it just the malaria?
-What else?
You haven't kissed me in six months.
Barney, is there another woman?
Cathy, how can you think that?
You're the only woman in the world for me.
What can you expect me to think?
You disappear for days.
Night after night, l wait for you to come
home, and it's like waiting for nothing.
What kind of thoughts do you think l have?
This isn't a marriage. This isn't a home.
l know it. You're right.
We're gonna make it a home again.
We're gonna make it a home again.
Ain't nothing gonna never separate us.
You'll see
things are gonna change for the better...
and l'm gonna change, Cathy.
Just don't rush things.
l need you. Try to understand.
l have tried, Barney.
Sometimes you make it very difficult.
l'll get it.
-Mrs. Ross?
My name is Rico. Is your husband in?
Hello, Champ.
Cathy, would you excuse us?
We have some business to talk over.
l told you never to come here.
l heard you were looking for me,
so l went up to your office--
-l need some stuff. Let's go to your place.
-Not so fast.
Today is collection day. $2,700 you owe me.
$2,700 ?
-The books don't lie.
-But l gave you the watch.
That was a present.
Don't worry, you'll get your dough.
l know. Only, they told me at your office
that you weren't expected back.
-So start scratching.
-Rico, l only got $8.
But don't lower the boom on me
'cause l'm a good customer.
Your lady, hasn't she got any jewelry?
Will you stop worrying about money?
l said you were gonna get it.
lf l do, then we go on doing business
at the same old stand.
lf l don't, then l'll be around tomorrow
with a couple of my friends.
l'm risking 10 years of my life with every
move l make. l wanna get paid for it.
Now, if l don't
then my friends will break your wrists.
First one, then the other.
lt'll be so hard for you to give yourself
a shot with two broken flippers.
Let me up, Rico.
You don't understand, Champ.
The torture hasn't started.
You'll have the monkey
on your back tomorrow.
What am l gonna do?
l don't know. Use your imagination.
There's always stores
and filling stations to be held up...
purses to be snatched.
Listen, boy.
Just stay away from high windows.
l don't want you taking any dry dives.
Not until l get my $2,700.
Barney, what did the man want?
Just business, Cathy.
Are you coming to bed?
Yeah. Be right there.
There's a 50-cent piece under the sink.
-l need the money, Cathy.
-Why do you need it so badly?
l need it. It's nothing.
l believed everything you said this morning.
l wanted to believe you so much.
You got any more dough?
l've got $12 in my purse.
That's all you've got?
You can take this, too.
l won't need it anymore.
So you're running out on me, too?
l don't need you. l don't need nobody!
Just one shot, that's all l need,
Just one shot,
a candy store,
a place where l can flush out
another member of the club,
another bird with a hot arm
and a sweet tooth,
There he was,
another guy trying to fight off
the end of the world with a gumdrop,
Hey, l've been waiting for you, neighbor.
l ain't done nothing.
Take a good look, neighbor. Can't you tell?
Yeah. You're jumping, too.
Who's your pusher? Where is he?
l know you.
-l've seen you someplace before.
-Forget it.
Where's your pusher?
l know that face.
-You're a big shot.
-Forget that. l'm in a hurry.
-l'm in a hurry.
l'll help you.
Only, my pusher, he don't come out
until he knows the money's waiting.
There. Satisfied, ain't you?
-l gotta telephone.
Wait here, neighbor.
You got here, Benji?
You ain't got a monkey on your back.
You're carrying a gorilla.
-Save the jokes. You got it?
-Where's the cash?
What happened to you?
l was robbed.
Why did you come back here?
l forgot how much l love you.
Don't say it, Cathy. Don't even think it.
l'm dirt. l stink.
l don't belong in the same world with you.
l smell of the sewer. l'm something to hate.
l only hate you for one thing.
Why didn't you tell me it was dope?
-You know that?
How long?
This morning.
Why didn't you tell me, Barney?
Why did you try to hide it?
Did you think l wouldn't understand?
Honey, you didn't give me a chance
to understand.
l couldn't tell you. l was afraid l'd lose you.
lt's not too late.
Not while there's any hope. That's what
l learned while l was away from here.
When l found out what it was
that had destroyed us, l had to come back.
You mean you'd live with me the way l am?
Then what are you trying to say?
Not the way you are,
but the way you could be.
You think l could make it?
You think l could beat it?
No, you can't. But the man l married can.
l always bragged l was a winner, didn't l?
Well, l wasn't.
Not even in the ring, l wasn't. It was just
the legs and the speed God gave me.
lt wasn't me.
And the gambling, that was because
l kidded myself, too. And the dope.
l told myself l was a winner.
l could kick it anytime l wanted.
l've kidded myself into losing
all down the line.
But l ain't kidding myself now.
The dope's stronger than me.
ls it stronger than we are?
l'll make you a promise, Cathy.
And this one l won't break.
lf l don't lick it, you won't have to leave me.
l won't come back.
-Not now, Cathy. If....
When l come back.
This is what they meant
when they talked about kicking the habit,
No control of myself,
a thousand little, hot, branding irons
at the end of every nerve in my body,
l could only hope
that God was in my corner,
-First week's always pretty rough.
-l'm okay.
Don't make it too tough, Barney.
l told you,
you can have an extra shot to tide you over.
l'm okay, Doc.
l never quit after one round in my life.
l'm okay.
all the hell of withdrawal was the easiest
because l was fighting something,
l had something to lick,
But now the craving's gone,,,
and all that's left is fear,
fear that the craving will come back,
fear that maybe l'm onlysafe
while l'm in here, and there's no temptation,
Each minute's an hour, Each hour's a day,
Each day's a week, Each week's a month,
Each month's a year,
and all l can do is sweat them out,,,
and wait, and wait,
and hope, and pray,
Come in.
-You wanted to see me, Dr. Latham?
Barney, how long have you been here now?
Four months, six days, four hours,
30 minutes.
How long do you think the taxpayers
are going to support you?
What's eating you, Doc?
You did a big thing
when you came in here voluntarily...
publicly admitting your addiction.
lt may give courage to a lot of people
just like you.
But we have no room for you.
No kidding, Doc? No kidding?
Is this on the level? Am l going home?
Am l really cured?
So far as we're concerned.
But you have to know it.
You have to remember it
every waking hour of the rest of your life.
Once you walk out of here,
it's strictly up to you.
Hey, Sully.
Have you heard the news?
They're tossing me out.
Yeah, l've heard.
-ln my book, you're still a champ.
-Can l call my wife?
-No outgoing calls. You know the rules.
You and your rules.
They're great. Great!