Monster (2023) Movie Script

Firetruck behind you.
Please clear the road.
A fire, a fire.
Come look.
It's a fire.
Don't fall.
If a human gets a pig's brain transplanted,
is it a human or a pig?
What are you talking about?
There's research.
Who told you that?
My teacher, Mr. Hori.
They teach weird stuff these days.
That's not a human being, listen...
It started.
Go for it!
Not so loud.
Go for it!
Wait, wait.
Your water bottle!
The bottom kids support gymnastic
formations, so hang in there.
Off you go.
Over the white line, you go to hell.
That was when I was a kid.
You still are.
Excuse me?
Yes, welcome.
Welcome. I'll take care of it.
I just passed it,
and it was completely burned.
Well, you know,
I could hear the fire
trucks until after 1AM.
There was a hostess bar on the 3rd floor.
Did you know?
I saw a girl in short skirt handing
out tissues to promote it.
And according to what I heard,
Mr. Hori was there.
A teacher in a hostess bar...
Is he lonely?
Word gets around fast
about something like that.
I'm tired.
In the bathroom?
Sorry, I'll make dinner right away.
What? Oh, no, what the...
What are you doing?
What, what? I'm naked.
What, what are you up to?
Against school rules.
About your curly hair?
Was it Kamata?
Did he say something again?
What the hell is this?
Hello. Manager, customer.
I'm home.
Here goes.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday, dear Father.
Happy birthday, to you.
Blow them out.
The cake got smaller again.
Dad would have eaten it in two bites.
He won't eat it, he's already dead.
He can hear you.
Give him an update.
About school and about your friends.
Out loud.
Did they throw dirt over him in his grave?
He was cremated first,
so there was no dirt.
Is he already reborn?
Then I wish he'd come see us.
What if he's reborn as a stink bug?
He's reborn into something more noble.
Like a giraffe?
I'd have to look up at him.
Meet him on the veranda.
I prefer a horse.
He liked horses,
and he could give us rides.
Give him an update.
If I talk to him, you can hear me, too.
Got it.
What is it?
Go see the doctor?
Will you be OK?
Time to get up and get ready.
An experiment.
For Science.
Wait for me, I'm hungry!
What time did Gaku last see him?
He was riding his bike? Where?
Who's the monster?
Who's the monster?
Who's the... Minato!
Your ear hurt?
be like Dad...
Your father was much worse.
He was a rugby player.
He'd come home with a complex fracture
like it was no big deal.
But I've promised your father.
That I'll hang in there until you're
married and have your own family.
Just an ordinary family
you see anywhere is fine.
Until you have your own family,
the greatest treasure...
Mugino Minato.
Come to the exam room.
Let's go.
Come in.
Please, come in.
You'll be fine.
Let's just have them take a look.
Please wait outside for your son.
Can't we get the car back?
If we can't, I'll go crazy
at the police station.
Don't worry.
Mom, did you.
See the X-rays?
The CT scan? Sure.
Everything looked normal.
Oops, I'm in hell.
You're really fine.
Nothing's wrong with you.
What is it?
What's up?
Did something happen at school?
That you're a slow eater?
Why did you cut your hair?
Why did you lose your sneaker?
What happened here?
It's a pig's brain.
My brain was switched with a pig's.
That's what's strange about me,
I'm a monster...
Who told you that?
Was it Kamata? It was Kamata, right?
Who told you that!
Minato, who told you that!
Who said that?
Mr. Hori.
Bye. Bye.
I had been using this at home.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm 5th grader Mugino Minato's mother.
His gym bag was thrown down the hall,
or not allowed to eat lunch because
he wasn't prepared for class.
He's told me these things.
His ear was pulled so hard it bled.
He said, "Mr. Hori, stop, it hurts,"
Mr. Hori told him,
"Your brain is a pig's brain,
you won't learn until it really hurts."
Sorry we're late.
Ms. Mugino, it's been awhile
I was his 2nd grade...
Mr. Kanzaki, hello.
And now?
I teach 1st graders...
That must be tough.
A war zone.
Please sit down.
Please share your concerns.
I just explained to the principal...
The principal has pressing business.
But it's about a student.
What other business...
The principal recently.
Lost her grandchild in an accident.
It's an appointment about that,
but if you insist...
I'm sorry, I didn't know...
Ouch! What, what?
And here's how we tricked her.
Maybe it's faked.
Would you get tricked that easily?
You know it's a lie because it's on TV.
My skin's super supple!
Super supple!
We've kept you waiting.
the concerns that you shared with us,
Mr. Hori would like to
offer you an apology.
Stand up.
In this case, because my instruction,
toward Mugino, to Mugino,
resulted in a misunderstanding,
I feel most regretful.
I do formally apologize.
And, so?
We are terribly sorry.
That's not right.
This isn't right at all.
Please, please wait.
You see,
can't we all sit down?
Please sit down.
My son.
Was wounded by his teacher's cruel remark.
It wasn't a misunderstanding.
We believe his instruction
was not accurately conveyed.
What instruction?
Which one?
We believe his instruction required
the utmost attention.
May I confirm, Mr. Hori?
Mr. Hori!
You were violent towards my son, right?
It seems there was a misunderstanding.
There was no misunderstanding...
My son was wounded
because this teacher hit him.
Do you understand?
We accept your opinion with seriousness.
And we will provide appropriate
instruction in the future.
did you hit him? Or didn't you hit him?
Please answer yes or no.
We have confirmed
that there was contact
between the teacher's hand
and Mugino Minato's nose
That means you hit him
There was contact between
the hand and the nose
The hand?
And the nose contacting like this?
Twisting his arm,
and pulling his ear,
is a lot more than contact
What did you put in your mouth?
Why's he eating candy?
Do you,
understand what we're talking about now?
This is typical of single
mothers like mine, so I know...
Mr. Hori
What about single mothers?
They tend to worry too much...
You're saying I'm overprotective?
We accept your opinion with seriousness
and we will provide appropriate
instruction in the future
I hope you can understand
Mr. Hori
I am terribly sorry
You'll get scolded
What are you doing!
You can't run like that. Be careful
Hurry, go pick it up
I'm getting sesame oil
at the convenience store
Sorry, I'm late. We got a watermelon...
What are you doing?
I dropped my eraser
Do you have a fever?
Did your teacher say something again?
Hello. Hello.
We will reconfirm the facts...
Now! Confirm them now! I mean, I'm asking
Yes. Don't "Yes" me.
I didn't ask you to change "Yes" to "Well".
At this rate, I'll have to transfer
him to another school
You were a good teacher
On parents' day in 2nd grade,
Minato read his composition
That his dream was to
become a single mother
I think he wrote that
because I raise him alone
and he wanted to help me
Everyone in his class burst out laughing
But you didn't laugh
"Be kind to your mother,"
is what he said while praising Minato
So I don't think all the teachers
in this school are awful,
but I do know that the person
at the top is the worst
You don't have a human heart!
I'm sorry...
That's not it
I'm not asking for an apology
Please have Mr. Hori come here
Unfortunately he's out
I just saw him over there
Principal, you just lied to me
You just said he's out
When a teacher is out,
it doesn't mean he's not at school...
Get it together!
You know...
I don't see any life in any of your eyes
Am I talking to human beings?
Can you please answer my question?
About whether we're human?
Fine, just answer that
You have to check your notes?
We're human
In that case,
I'm here because
I'm worried about my child
Could you please deal
with me as a fellow human being?
Just for this meeting,
We accept your opinion
with seriousness and believe...
I'm sorry
Thank you
This is really not a good time
She's here now...
Please wait
Let's go over there
Um, we should go...
Fine, I'll apologize. It's not...
I'm very sorry
A teacher with a school like...
I can't send my child to a school
with a teacher like this
Make him quit
Did I say something amusing? Bye.
Did I say something funny?
Don't get so excited
I'm not excited, just asking for...
Your son is a bully
What are you saying?
Mugino Minato is bullying Hoshikawa Yori
There's no evidence.
Mr. Hori, take it back.
Does Mugino have a knife
or a weapon at home?
What are you talking about?
You're full of crap.
You were at that hostess bar
Oh, I know
You set fire to that bar? You're the arson?
You're the one with a pig's brain
in your head
You really did it
It happens, it does
It's a release
A release
You're Hoshikawa?
Hoshikawa Yori?
You're Minato's friend, right?
Please, come in
This looks like Minato's sneaker
Yeah, he loaned it to me
Just the one?
Just the one
Is your mother not at home?
Won't she get mad,
letting a stranger in your house?
It's fine
Is Mugino still sick with a cold?
Write a letter?
Like we write to kids out sick
How is
your cold?
We are all worried
Yori, here,
this letter here is flipped
You wrote this backwards
Thank you, say, this...
What happened?
Is it a burn?
are you being bullied at school?
According to Mr. Hori,
Mugino often mistreats you...
I've never been bullied by Mugino
What are you saying... And Mr. Hori...
OK, thanks, let's go back to class
What about the teacher?
He's always hitting Mugino
What is that?
The other kids all know, but keep quiet
because they're afraid of him
Let's go back to class. Back to class.
Don't run away, Principal
You lost your grandchild, didn't you?
I heard about it
Your husband was parking his car
and ran over your grandchild behind the car
Did it make you sad?
Did it make you grieve?
That's exactly how I feel now
Good morning
Saori, Saori
You've had it rough
something happened that
should never have happened
Mr. Hori
I inflicted violence on 5th grader,
Mugino Minato
I hit Mugino's face, I twisted his arm
I also used terrible words with him
Good bye
The stairs, he fell from the stairs?
We're not sure...
He fell running from Hori...
Let's go
Mr. Hori? Why's he here?
Didn't he quit?
Why's he here?
Minato fell down the stairs.
Shut up, go home.
Eel keeper!
Where is he? Go home!
The Guidance Counseling Room
Eel keeper!
He was just here
No, no, no
No, no, no
It's OK
Don't worry, it's fine
We're going, Gaku
He was in the bathroom
Typhoon, 50 kms south of Yakushima,
heading north,
expected to land on
southern Kagoshima soon
I saw Dad...
He asked me to tell you
Did he appear in a dream?
He said,
"Thank you for everything, I love you"
I'm just no good
I feel like I don't take care of you
and I feel sorry for you
Do you think Dad's reborn?
I wonder what I'll be reborn as
But you're still totally alive, Minato
Don't talk like that
don't feel sorry for me
What's wrong?
What did you say?
Let's get married
That's a proposal,
you're supposed to make it
Somewhere with a beautiful
view of the night
Night view?
Everybody says it's beautiful,
but it's just lightbulbs
It's bad. The whole thing's on fire
Kamata, Hamaguchi, what are you doing?
It's Hori
Stop filming me! Girl from the hostess bar!
Hirohashi, you too, go home
Burning crazy!
Taking her home! Gross!
It'll burn the whole building down
I wonder if they all went home...
It's like you, Hori. I feel sorry for it
Don't feel sorry for me
It has swim bladder disease
Don't be rude,
my mind and body are healthy
Says someone whose hobby is
sending letters about typos to publishers?
Look at this
I wonder what "fish" fell from my eyes,
a yellowtail or a sardine?
Can't you find a hobby that's more fun?
It makes me squirm with joy
When you're having fun,
your face is scary
I bet your students are put off, too
Try smiling
Your smile is so stiff,
you'll make children cry
And make flowers wilt
Stop trying to act like you're
a good teacher and just be yourself
You don't have condoms
It'll be fine
Don't you teach at school
not to trust a woman's
"Next time" and a man's "It'll be fine?"
It'll be fine
Next time, then
Watch your hands, hey
Morning Morning
Did you eat all your breakfast?
What did you eat?
Corn soup and bread
Sounds tasty. I ate soft noodles.
Soft noodles
What's up, Hoshikawa?
Good morning, my shoe fell off
Thank you
I'm waiting for the parents
to schedule a meeting
You'd better be careful
They're more trouble than their kids,
these days
Do some parents always complain?
They're monsters!
Teachers are being crucified, these days
Hey, little eel
Oh, Principal
I am resuming my duties as of today
Thank you for all of your kind notes
while I was away
Today, on April 25th,
physical measurements
and eye exams for 6th graders
I took time off just
when you started teaching here
Please take good care of your students
"Like player Nomo,
who didn't fear public opposition when
"he joined Major League Baseball,
I also declare
"Practicing my swing on a West Coast beach,
"I've been reborn
"I solemnly swear,
I will marry the idol Nishida Hikaru
"5th Grader, Hori Michitoshi"
Hey, Tanaka, class is starting.
Oh, bathroom.
No need to rush
I have
attended two weddings of women I once loved
Will the kids find it funny?
Sounds like a stalker when you say it
Save your obsessions for the hostess bar
Mugino, hey!
What are you doing?
Mugino, stop!
I'm sorry, you OK?
You OK?
Why do you do this?
What happened? Why?
Playing around?
Pissed off
Pissed off?
How do you think they feel having
their things thrown like this...
How do they feel?
Don't like it
Let's apologize to them
I'm sorry
Oh, no, nosebleed. Nosebleed.
His mom is a single mother. That's why.
My mom was, too
She becomes overprotective
with a shrewd perspective
You're using "shrewd perspective"
in the wrong way
It actually means perceiving
the essence of things...
When things are tough,
don't take yourself so seriously
Do you even remember
your elementary school teacher's name?
No. See?
They're going to forget you,
so don't take it too seriously
I get off early tomorrow,
so let's meet up and go shopping?
Shut up. Don't say that.
2nd tier
Hang in there, hang in
Hang in
OK, 3rd tier!
Oh, hang in there,
1st tier! Don't sway, 2nd tier.
You call yourself a man?
Again, from the 2nd tier
Found him, here he is
Mugino Minato's guardian is here to protest
Protest what?
You're shifty-eyed and creepy, so stay here
I haven't done anything.
I can explain it to her.
We can't let this get out of hand
We're used to dealing with guardians,
leave it to us
Leave it
You may not know,
but Mugino's father died...
I know that, but what does...
In the parents' meeting,
did she say he'll test for middle school?
Yes, she did
If he has to transfer for bullying,
he can't test for any school
I didn't hit him. My arm just grazed him
I can explain that
I stopped Mugino from acting out
If you blame the child,
the parent will become furious
If this gets to the Education Board,
the whole school will be punished
Maybe all of us... But actually...
What actually happened doesn't matter
Start over
Because my instruction...
Well... No "Well" needed
Sit in the guardian's seat
Can you see this?
Yes, I can see it perfectly
Mr. Hori?
Mr. Hori?
In this case,
because my instruction to Mugino...
She placed the photo like
this and said, "can you see it?"
The principal does love this school
But still...
She lives in my neighborhood
There's a rumor that it was actually
the principal's fault
That it wasn't her husband
who ran over their grandchild,
but it was the principal herself
There they were. Thank you, Mr. Hori
What is it?
Excuse me, I'm Hori.
I'm Yori's homeroom teacher
His teacher
I wanted to talk to you about him
Your college?
Excuse me?
I hear teachers don't get paid much
Do you know Mega-City Real Estate?
I used to work there
I see, amazing
It's not amazing, but
maybe for an elementary school teacher
About Yori. I'm sure he's a pain,
you don't have to tell me about
him I'll take responsibility for him
He's not a pain, he's a great kid
No good,
A monster
His brain isn't a human brain,
it's a pig's brain
Which is why I plan to
turn him back into a human
Hello. Hello.
Did you pee?
Who's the monster?
Are you OK?
Are you...
Hoshikawa? Oh, it's you, Mr. Hori.
Hello. Hello.
When I found it, it was already cold
The cat?
I saw it
I saw Mugino toying with the cat
Hey, Hoshikawa? No!
Kida, come here
Can you please tell the Principal
what you told me the other day?
That Mugino might have killed the cat?
What? I never said that
Why do you tell lies?
What are you doing! Hurts.
Did everyone get a copy?
This questionnaire will be filled out
by all the 5th graders
So, all homeroom teachers need to...
What is this?
What is this?
What is this! What is this!
Ms. Mugino has hired a lawyer
It arrived by certified delivery
Bathroom, bathroom
Really think about it
And write down
your honest answer
Have you ever felt afraid of Mr. Hori?
Did he ever scream at you
or grab...
I really haven't done anything
I'm sure
In that case, please stop this
If you object now,
it will only strengthen their case
Then why didn't you...
You are going to defend our school
Let's go, Mr. Hori
A long day for you
Who actually drove that car?
You're the principal,
so to protect your position and your name,
you made your husband take the blame
The principal and everyone
told me to apologize anyway
My apology would satisfy everyone
So I had no choice and
even apologized to Mugino
Have you been busy, recently?
Well, I still have some work to do later
Good evening
You're Mr. Hori, the teacher
at Johoku Elementary, right?
I see you went shopping
I'm sorry. Please stop that.
I'd like to interview you
Please stop that
I think they left
They were taking your picture
Why the pajamas?
Why aren't you staying over?
No reason, you've got a lot going on
I'm fine. A lot of things happened, but...
I wasn't in the photos they took, was I?
Even so, I'll be the only one
in the newspaper
I'm sorry
That hurt
You know I'm innocent, right?
I know that, hang in there
See you next time
Pig's brain! Pig's brain!
It's Hori
Did I do something to you?
I haven't done anything, right?
Yeah, right
Oh, I see
You OK?
I'll call a teacher!
What happened? Hori pushed him.
Hori? Hori? What?
Watch out, be careful!
Mr. Hori! Mr. Hori!
Mr. Hori!
Mr. Hori!
Mr. Hori, calm down!
Mr. Hori!
"Selective Breeding?"
The future...
Mugino Minato
I'm sorry!
I was wrong!
You did nothing wrong!
There's nothing wrong with you!
Please, let me see Mugino
Mugino Minato
Since he was little,
he always woke up crying
He always dreamed that the people
he loved were gone and cried
He's a sweet child
Um, wait...
Have you seen a child, a boy!
A boy? No, I haven't
There's an evacuation order.
Mudslide in the mountain
The old railroad tracks ahead of here.
Go back! Go back!
Stop! Stop!
Hey, you can't!
You'll die up in the mountain! Hey!
Further ahead?
Hoshikawa, you here?
Are you OK?
It's caved in! Caved in!
The train car!
What did he mean by being reborn?
What did he mean by being reborn?
Reborn? Minato!
Window! Window!
Can you hear me? Minato!
It's your mom!
Minato? Mugino!
Minato? Hoshikawa!
When we went to the supermarket,
and I told her to buy whatever she liked,
she refused, saying,
"if I buy my favorite candy,
the candy robber will come"
Candy robber?
She said it was real
That if you looked away,
it'd steal the candy and run away
So, I see
Whatever I say, you say, "So, I see"
I just remembered, last night
I'm going back to school from tomorrow,
so I thought
I should tell you while I can
What about the grave?
They'll get one elsewhere
I thought that was for the best
You're right
A candy robber, huh?
That's a great line
Oh, this...
Stop, stop, it's dangerous!
We're fine. Where are you going?
Stop! Please stop!
It's Hoshikawa Yori. It's not Hoshikawa.
Please stop!
You sound just like him
No, he doesn't
What are you doing? It's Hori, Hori!
Stop filming me! Girl from the hostess bar!
Good morning Morning
What time did you go to bed?
2AM for me
2AM? What were you doing?
Do you ever think sleeping
is a waste of time? No, right?
Why are you talking to an alien?
It's a prank! Surprised? No
Party pooper, party pooper alien
Sounds tasty. I ate soft noodles.
Soft noodles
What's up, Hoshikawa?
Good morning, my shoe fell off
Out loud
Our Future
I wrote this composition
when I was in 5th grade
Never heard of Nishida Hikaru?
Who? Which celebrity?
Oh, tambourines
Kida, you're on music duty, right?
Please go with him
Hoshikawa is, too
OK, Hoshikawa, take this
Please take this
Watch your step. Yes I will.
I haven't touched them,
so they're not dirty
I don't think they're dirty
You might catch my disease
Just surprised you brought snacks
What disease?
I told you
Is your
brain really a pig's brain?
I thought I wouldn't make friends
in my new class, either
We're friends, but...
Don't talk to me in front of the class
OK, I won't talk to you
Well, thanks
Cleaning, cleaning
Is he here yet? Stop that, Daito.
Stinks, stinks
Mugino, hurry, hurry
It's a prank, a prank
Do it
Do it more, more!
Keep doing it, more!
Keep doing it, more!
Here he is
I'll help you. Thank you.
Don't just clean it up, react
Hey, Hoshikawa
Kuroda's mole looks like a black bean
Look at it!
I'll take this. Sure.
Say, "Kuroda's mole is a black bean"
I can't say what I don't think
Why do you take the girls' side?
You a girl?
A girl alien?
My lips are super supple!
Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Cut it out.
I mean it, cut it out
Mugino, what are you doing!
No way, no way
I can't let you out
Just stay there
You can't
What? Do you hear something?
A cat
It's a prank
Sorry for today
Sorry for today
Ever buy a Coke from
the vending machine by the liquor store?
One in every three times,
the Coke comes out hot
No way
Never got a hot one?
I have
Sorry, kept you waiting
Let's go
Blue star creeper
Why do you know flower names?
Because I like them
Kerria! Columbine!
White nettle, celandine
Mom said girls prefer boys
who don't know flower names
That boys who know flower names are creepy?
She wouldn't say creepy. She's a mom
You're right
Girls don't like boys
who are scared of the dark
Let's go
Will you tell?
I won't tell. It would spoil it
All aboard!
Clickety-clack, clickety-clack, clickety...
Is it sunny where you are?
It's sunny here
All aboard!
You put this here
and then tape it like this
Like this
The end of the line
"The fa, ther said, 'No, but, ' then,
"af, ter, think, ing it over,
"he, said, OK,
"and la, laugh, laughed"
OK, next
Fujimori. Yes.
I made mistakes. It's OK.
Look, it's here
A cat
Actually, a former cat
Does it stop being a cat when it dies?
That's true of everything that dies
Left like this, it might not be reborn
Cover its face with dirt, too?
It's already dead
Is it OK?
Will it burn like in California?
Maybe a fire truck will come
Did you burn the hostess bar?
Because your dad was there?
Drinking alcohol is bad for your health
Please, open the door
Please, open the door
Mugino? It's you, Mugino, right?
Let me out
Did you pee?
Who's the monster?
Are you OK?
Why not tell Mr. Hori?
He's kind
He'll just say I'm not acting like a man
You don't want to?
Well, I have a pig's brain
You don't have a pig's brain
Your dad is wrong
My dad is kind.
He promises to cure my disease
When I'm cured, Mom will come back
I don't think you have a disease
He is my dad, so there are things
I just can't say to him
There are things I can't say to Mom,
either, but...
Your dad died, right?
He died on a trip with
a lady, Noguchi Minako
I see
Noguchi Minako was
wearing a tacky knit dress
I see, that's super interesting
Glico. Big Crunch?
Yeah, the universe keeps expanding
Right now, it's blowing up like a balloon
In the end, when the universe
can't get any bigger
It will split, bam!
Will the universe break?
Yeah, time will go backwards.
It will turn back,
so clocks, people,
trains and cats will all move backwards
Beef on rice will turn back into cows,
and poop goes back into your butt
Humans will turn into monkeys,
the dinosaurs will come back
and we'll go back to before
the universe was born
So, we're going to be reborn
That's right
Shall we get ready?
"I'm here"
Maybe here?
If it isn't a horse, I would say, "Wrong"
It's tasty
You eat concrete
Am I a pill bug?
No, you're not
You can't look up at the sky
Am I chubby?
Like king of chubbiness
Am I edible?
You're a gourmet food
I know
One, two
A pig. A snail.
Correct. Correct.
Who's the monster? Who's the monster?
You have an amazing talent
Do I kick?
You don't kick
Do I bite and release a poison?
When you're attacked,
you let go of all your strength and give up
That's not a talent
You stop feeling
Am I Hoshikawa Yori?
My future
Bull's eye
Rugby player
My future...
My future...
Do you think Mr. Hori will notice?
I don't think he will
Oh, wait!
So many. Over here, too
Where else?
Up there, up!
I found a lot!
Ouch. You OK?
It's not your fault
I was thinking about something
It seems like I have to change schools
Grandma's house
So you won't have to worry anymore
Your dad's abandoning you
What a laugh
No, I said it on purpose to make you laugh
I'm not mad
I don't want you to go away...
I'm sorry
Wait, wait, get away
Get away
It's OK
It happens...
To me, sometimes
Hey, you're supposed to laugh!
Over here!
Pass it, Minato!
Pass it to me! Pass it!
Are you friendly with Hoshikawa?
Do you like Hoshikawa?
You two are lovey dovey
Yeah, lovey dovey!
What are you doing? Stop it!
No good! Mugino!
Teacher's here!
You're bandaged
You're OK!
I'm supposed to report you
but let's keep it a secret
Time to make up
Shake hands like men
Time for you both to change
into your gym clothes
Three, two, one
Who's the monster?
Who's the monster?
Who's the... Minato?
Your ear hurt?
I'm sorry
Can't be like Dad
I've promised your father
That I'll hang in there until
you're married and have your...
Just an ordinary family
you see anywhere is fine
own family, the greatest treasure...
Why was I born?
Say... Tell him.
I'm cured of my sickness now
I worried you, but I'm all fine now
Cured of what?
I'm normal now.
You were always normal.
There's a girl you like
near grandma's house, right?
She's Shindo Ayaka
Thank you for playing with him
Thank you
I'm sorry, I lied!
Hoshikawa! Hoshikawa!
Why can't you do what I tell you!
I'll punish you again
Shut up! Stop! It hurts!
We'll have... Confiscated
We'll have a new teacher replace Mr. Hori
If you have any problem at all,
discuss it honestly with a teacher
Is that Hori?
It's Hori
Why's Hori here?
Mugino, Mugino!
Why is he back now?
Is he angry about his punishment?
It's his own fault
We've had enough of his problems
I'm sorry
Who are you apologizing to?
Mr. Hori did nothing wrong
I told a lie
I see
So did I
I used to be a music teacher
My brass band club used
to compete nationally
Hold it this way
Your left hand holds this
Have you ever seen one? You extend this
to change the pitch
And then your mouth here. Loosen your lips
Not bad
Maybe a lighter instrument is better
I see,
so you told a lie...
I, um...
I'm not really sure,
but I like someone
I see
I can't tell anyone, so I lie
Cause they'll know I can never be happy
In that case,
whatever you can't tell anyone,
blow it away
Blow it away
But that's nonsense
If only some people can have it,
that's not happiness
That's just nonsense
Happiness is something anyone can have
Hoshikawa! The Big Crunch is coming
It's safe!
You're right
Want to eat?
Will it take off?
Sounds like it's taking off
Were we reborn?
I don't think that happened
We weren't?
We weren't, we're the same
OK, great