Monster Grizzly (2023) Movie Script

Dinner's ready.
Babe, this isn't funny.
Holy shit!
I thought you're off today.
No, tomorrow.
It's getting worse.
I saw the weather.
It's getting bad out there.
You may need to stay at my place.
Yeah, I drove off the pass
and it snowed over again.
The snowplows just went
through at like 2:00 a.m.
Yeah, it seems to be blowing too hard.
I don't think I'm gonna make
it back to the rest today.
Like I said, you can stay in my place.
Only if you want.
I want.
Well, I made you coffee.
Are we out of a spoon, look?
So, where's Tom?
I don't know, I've
been trying to reach him,
but I can't get a hold of
his cell or his radio.
I think the storm's blocking the signal.
Yeah, my cell is down, too.
And the damn radio's useless.
Why, what's wrong?
I saw something on the road today,
and I wanted to talk to
him about it.
You can tell me.
I'll wait for Tom.
Then I can tell you both at the same time.
Suit yourself.
Patience is
not one of your virtues.
No, it's not.
And I think I've proven that.
Besides, how long have we been dating?
Maybe that's what I like about you.
Speak of the devil.
I thought you were off today?
No, tomorrow.
We're out of Splenda?
I'm gonna get fat.
Just drink it without it.
Not hardly.
Oh hey, Flower wants to talk to you.
What about?
I saw something in the
road on the way here.
A dead elk in the road.
No, not a man-kill, a predator-kill.
Well, in this kind of weather,
there's gonna be a wolf around.
- A mountain lion?
- Yeah.
I thought the same
before I got out of the
truck to move the elk.
I checked the carcass.
It was still warm.
What time was this?
About an hour or so ago.
Up on the pass?
About five miles up.
Out by Old Mose.
It was a little creepy.
I was sure that the mountain lion
or the wolf was nearby.
And then I saw this.
Can you text me that?
Why isn't it hibernating?
It's the dead of winter.
Blizzard warning this morning.
Say it again.
I don't have a signal.
Stony, can you hear me?
You gotta get out here.
I just saw.
Are you sure?
Olivia also
Madison, you have winds
that are gusting over 20 miles per hour.
We have a dead body,
Ingrid's place up on the mountain.
Maggie just called it in.
We have breakfast.
it feels cold in Chayene,
look at what's happening.
Stony, check the cabin.
- Flower, stay with me.
- Right here.
Flower, stay with me.
Oh, my God.
Only a white would be out
in a blizzard like this.
We got some customers for you.
I'm gonna kill Tom for talking me
into running for coroner.
Who else, man?
There's not another
funeral home for 300 miles.
Is that Tom in there,
sitting warm and cozy
while you stand out in
negative 40 degrees?
That's him.
Some boss you have.
Will you open up the back porch?
Thanks, man.
It will take a couple of
days for the bodies to thaw.
I'll put them in the cooler
until we can examine them.
At this point, can you tell
if it's a wolf or a lion or a bear?
Not at this point.
Flower found a track.
And a bear sign at least
14 feet up on a tree.
Well, you've got anecdotal evidence
it's a bear, likely a big one.
I'll be able to confirm
this once the bodies thaw.
They're too frozen for
me to do anything now.
I do have one big question though.
What's that?
If it is a bear, why
isn't it hibernating?
And if it isn't hibernating,
why is it killing and
not eating what it kills?
Warning this
morning for seven portions,
You can just draw a line
between I 94 and I 90
right in the middle, that's
the spot that you wanna avoid.
All the way through Chicago,
push through Northern Ohio into western
Minus 50.
That should be cold enough
to send our bear back to his cave.
Yeah, Night horse got me thinking.
Bears only kill to protector their feet.
So, why did it kill the
antelope on the road
in Breedan route, but it didn't eat 'em?
I got coffee.
Still no Splenda?
So, what would make the bear wake up
from the deep sleep of hibernation anyway?
Maybe he didn't sleep.
It's February, it's been
winter for four months.
Well, we're not gonna
learn anything tonight.
Let's go ahead and turn in.
I'll take the couch.
Flower, you can take the cotton cell
and you can sleep
In the other cotton cell.
No, you can sleep in the
chair in the other room.
Okay, Tom.
I can take the other bunk.
If he bugs me, I'll.
You could easily get frostbite.
Let's talk about this bomb cycle.
Hey, are you awake?
Yeah, I am.
Yeah, I'm exhausted,
but I can't sleep.
Is it the bear?
I don't know.
No, I think it's being here with you.
Having some fantasies, are we?
A little jail sex in a wild night?
I mean, now that you've mentioned.
You're gonna reduce me to that?
To what?
Your fuck buddy you'll
just put out whenever?
You really think I'm that guy?
You're a man, aren't you?
And you're a white man.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean that.
It's just, isn't it a little
typical of you, Stony?
Sorry, I wasn't trying
to hurt your feelings.
I know you weren't.
The problem is I like you,
so that makes this all even harder.
Is that still a no?
Getting kind of thirsty.
I can't drink that.
It smells like a good lighted on fire.
I'm gonna try this.
I can lit it on fire.
Oh, my God.
I'm gonna go tell somebody about this.
Weather warning this morning.
My water catches fire!
My well water.
What about your well water?
I lit a match.
It starts on fire.
What catches on fire?
It's the damn fracking.
Your water catches fire.
The damn fracking.
They're forcing hydraulic
pressure down in the bedrock
and rupturing it and
it's the damn oil sands
polluting my groundwater.
You gotta do something about it.
Come and check it out, I'll show you.
But why are you telling me?
I don't have jurisdiction over that?
Well, get me somebody who does.
I don't have jurisdiction.
You gotta call the fed or the state.
You gotta come out there
and do something about it now!
Mose, I can't do
Two miles down the road, come on.
Mose, I can't do anything about that.
You have to call the state or the fed.
Geez, I've got grizzly
bears and now I've got
Just two miles away.
Come on, Tom, I voted for you.
You gotta do something about this.
You want me to vote for you again?
Mose, I appreciate
that you voted for me,
but I don't have legal jurisdiction.
The tree huggers told
us this would happen.
The tree huggers told
us this would happen.
Well then, can you
do something about it?
- We can't do anything.
- We can arrest him.
We can't arrest him.
- We don't have jurisdiction.
- Why not?
'Cause we don't have jurisdiction.
Okay, you gotta come down
and at least check it out.
All right, fine, we'll
come down and check it out.
Are you going back there now?
- Yeah.
- Okay, fine, we'll go.
We'll come in a little bit
and we'll check it out.
- Great.
- Okay.
- You'll see.
- All right, fine.
All right.
Weather warning this morning.
I got grizzly bears and
now I've got fracking.
Hey, you're off today.
You're gonna go to the res?
I don't know.
You know, I wish you
just stay at my place.
I'm sure you do.
- I've been thinking.
- Hmm?
The bear, I just,
I can't stop thinking about the bear.
Me, too.
Want coffee?
Thank you, Darlene.
Can I get you guys anything else?
- Nothing.
- No.
Did you sleep well last night?
Just a little distracted having you there
and us not being able to...
I slept like a rock.
Even with me there?
Even with that.
Stony, women don't think like me.
We're not always allowed for sex.
I know.
It's hard, I like you.
Oh, really?
My life is boring.
This town is boring.
The only person I talk to
on a daily basis is Tom.
I work day and night in a
town that's like this big.
I get that.
If I'm not dating you,
I'm dating one of my people,
and that is difficult.
So why is this so difficult?
Too much drug use and alcoholism.
So let's be more.
I don't know.
You can think about it.
You have a condom?
Oh, yes.
Good boy.
Nothing like a nap in the afternoon.
Bright out here.
Nice of you to make it long lunch.
We had dessert.
I'm glad to see you have
your priorities straight.
They were, in my opinion.
Hey, are you going back to the res?
Yeah, I'm heading back over there today.
Okay, would you check in
with the tribal police chief?
I can't get him on the phone.
Let him know about the bear.
Yeah, I'll let him know.
Okay, right, you're going with me.
Boy, he lives up on the
mountain, doesn't he?
Does he keep livestock?
No, not at all.
Then he's gotta be
around here somewhere.
His jeep's still here.
He's gotta be here.
Tom, come here.
There's blood.
He's dead.
Oh, my God.
All right, we'll take this
body down to the coroner
and I don't even know what to do next.
Well, you gotta warn the public,
which means you get to call the media.
Oh God, I hate the media.
You and everyone else.
All right, well, we
gotta do what we gotta do.
So basically, what we're telling people
is we have a rogue grizzly bear
that's running around the
countryside attacking
But have you contacted
federal authorities?
Well, the grizzly bear's,
it's a new situation
Wouldn't Game and Fish, let's say,
have better resources for handling this?
Well, I don't know.
The problem that I have is
it's a very fluid situation
So what you need to tell me is
you have not contacted them yet.
Well, not yet because
it's a very fluid situation.
We've gotta
Sheriff, what is your plan
for dealing with this grizzly?
You haven't contacted authorities.
I'm hearing nothing from you today.
Well, what you have
to understand is that
this situation is fluid and
I have got only so many
Four innocent lives have
been lost to this grizzly bear.
And you mean to tell me
that you have no plan?
Essentially, what I'm hearing is
this blood is on your hands, Sheriff.
Look, the situation is fluid
and I'm doing the best I can.
I can't help that it's this way right now.
But we've only got a small department.
We've got a rogue grizzly bear out there,
and it's just something that we're
Wouldn't you say that this
We're done.
Thank you, but
But I have a couple more
No, thank you.
That went well.
Well, she went right for me.
Yeah, I didn't think of it either.
This is, when's the last time
that the Department of
Interior came up here,
except to go over a river snail.
Ah, the endangered
Snake River, Physa snail.
Hey, there's good news.
24 hours, you'll be viral.
Hello, auntie.
Well, hello, Flower.
I'm glad to see you.
Me, too, I've missed you.
What brings you by?
Just came to say hello.
And to warn you.
Warn me?
There's a rogue grizzly
roaming and attacking.
It's a monster.
Super big.
And apparently, it's hungry for people.
I haven't seen any bear sign.
Are you hungry?
I do have bacon, fry bread and beans.
You read my mind.
Are you still seeing
that white boy, Flower?
Do you like him?
Why do you see him?
He's a white boy.
Don't you wanna be with
one of your own people?
I know, auntie, but I can't find
a Blackfoot man who's not on drugs.
And I will not be with someone
who is a drug addict or an alcoholic.
And the men on the res are.
I know.
They're without hope.
Their pride has been broken.
Auntie, when I make a baby,
I want to bear a Blackfoot child.
But not now.
When I was your age,
I thought aim would make a difference.
I thought it would generate pride,
but that never happened.
Casinos don't bring pride, only money.
Flower, you remind me
so much of your mother.
She was a wonderful woman.
She was a proud Blackfoot.
You're so much like her.
She never married.
She refused to marry a drunk,
unemployed, or an alcoholic.
And whatever you do, I know
you'll make the right choice.
Are you sure you won't come
down until we get this bear?
No, child.
I've been here 50 years.
Nothing's gonna run me off,
not even a bear.
Can I get you anything?
I could use some sugar, some coffee,
and some toilet paper.
Makwa, if it's my time, it's my time.
But is it yours?
Hey, auntie?
Well, no question it's a bear.
What a fucking bear.
Look at the tracks.
We have to hunt it down and kill it.
Let's get her out of here.
And, do you wanna wait in the house?
All right, let's do this
as gently as possible.
I get down to Boise today
and get the M.E. to do a postmortem.
We all have no doubt as to cause of death.
Tom, what are you gonna do about this?
Between you and me?
I don't fucking know.
Well, you have an apex
predator on your hands
and you need to find someone who knows
how to deal with an apex predator.
Where the hell do I find this person?
Colo University, I guess.
Find yourself some guy who's
an expert on grizzlies.
I said I'm the bear expert you sent for.
You're a bearer?
What are you, 15?
I'm 34.
I have a PhD in Mammalian Biology,
with a specialty in Ursus
arctos horribilis, grizzly bear.
- No shit.
- No shit.
Hey Tom, I've got a...
This young lady was just telling me
Can I help you?
I was just
- She was just.
- I was just.
You were just?
She's our grizzly bear expert.
No shit.
Well, when you've both lifted your jaws
off of the floor, we can start.
What is she doing?
How the fuck would I know.
Tom, we've got another storm coming.
Can you take me to the other houses?
Yeah, let's go.
I wish I knew what she was doing.
Same here.
You gotta keep an eye on that storm front.
That's gonna be a bad blizzard.
We can go.
Okay, we can go.
What can you tell me?
Well, we've got a massive.
Ursus arctos horribilis grizzly bear.
It's a male bear.
A female would never leave
her den during the winter.
During the winter, they gestate.
They're growing a cub inside them.
They breed in the fall
and then they gestate during hibernation.
So this bear is a male.
There are more than 1500
grizzlies in all of the US.
The most, some 45,000 are in
Northern Canada and Alaska.
This male grizzly is not hibernating,
which is strange.
Bears gorge food in the fall
to store up for their winter sleep.
This bear is not hibernating,
which is strange.
Bears gorge food in the fall
to store up for their winter sleep.
They sleep the entire winter and actually,
they gain muscle while sleeping.
So this bear should be out cold.
That's the question.
First, I need to see if
we can find some scat.
Scat, shit, bear shit.
No shit.
No shit.
Well, despite the meat,
grizzly mostly eat a vegetarian diet,
like berries, crops, insects.
They eat salmon and other
meat when they can't.
I need to see this guy's scat.
Something tells me I won't
find much meat in it.
So this bear is attacking every animal
and human in its path and not eating them.
Like a temper tantrum?
Could be, I'm not sure.
We know this bear is attacking people.
It appears he is not eating them.
I wanna know why.
Well, do bears attack
out of rage or anger?
It's rare.
Even more rare is another hypothesis.
Bears get rabies?
Yeah, but it's rare.
The prints are huge.
This bear is at least 10 foot tall.
That's two feet taller
than a typical bear.
And for the depths of the
tracks, he weighs a half ton.
Look at the blood.
That's Auntie Winona's blood.
Was she intact?
She was torn to pieces.
This is a big bear.
A big bear.
Well, well, well, look who it is.
Papa Smurf.
How's it going, Alec?
You ridden any fast black horses lately?
No, sir.
I've been chasing white lines
up and down the interstate
and dodging snowflakes.
How you doing, Tom?
- Hi, good to see you.
- Good.
This is Giuliana, she's our bear expert.
- Pleased to meet you.
- Hey, I heard
you had a bear problem going on.
Yeah, I guess you did
How's that working out for you?
Not great, I heard you
didn't get over the path, so.
No, sir, you know me,
I don't throw a chain.
I quit doing that years ago, so.
So have you seen him?
The bear, no.
No, that's why I'm in here.
Venture out.
I heard he was not real
pleasant to deal with.
The sonavabitch shows up
somewhere and disappears
and shows up somewhere
else and disappears.
We had to get this lady here.
She's from the university in Boise,
trying to help us figure out
how to trap him or kill
him and he's a ghost.
No shit.
Yeah, can't find him anywhere
and then we find a dead body.
You remember old Mose?
- Yeah.
- The bear got him.
- Oh, no kidding.
- Yeah.
- That's too bad.
- Yeah.
And Auntie Winona of the
Got her, too.
- No kidding, that's too bad.
- Yeah, bad.
Sad to hear about that.
Yeah, so, this is where we are.
I just came by here to see
if anybody's seen anything around here,
but apparently nobody has.
Well, like I say,
I'm kind of stuck in here
'cause of the snowfall, but.
Well, if you hear anything,
if you hear anybody who's heard anything,
would you shoot me a line?
I would you be
the first one to know.
So that's it, really.
She was torn in two by a
multi-blade swipe of a claw,
a grizzly claw.
Can you estimate the
length of the claws?
At least eight inches.
That's four inches longer than normal.
A typical grizzly claw is about
the same as a human finger.
- That's fucking huge.
- Yeah.
It's like a Bowie knife.
No shit.
Five claws for each paw.
That's the Bowie knives.
Thanks for the update.
Oh, and well, I'm thinking of it,
can you please check all
of the victims for rabies?
Just trying to eliminate
that reason for the attacks.
Okay, will do.
Did you get a release on
Aunt Winona's body today?
Yeah, they're gonna release
the body tomorrow morning.
Tom, you need to kill this fucking bear.
Skye here.
Barely got away from the bear last night.
What happened?
She hid in the basement.
The door was too small
for the bear to breach.
Eventually, it wandered off.
So he's not hunting for food.
How do you know?
A hungry grizzly, especially this size,
wouldn't be stopped by a door frame.
I've seen hungry grizzlies tear down
an entire wall of a house,
just to get a fried chicken
someone left on a countertop.
So, what does that mean?
I don't know.
Not yet.
It's a wonder that
Skye got away last night.
We have to find it and we
have to kill this bear.
Hey, Wally.
Got a minute?
Yeah, I'm gonna have lunch.
You can have your minute there.
All right.
Do you have kombucha?
You know, fermented tea
with bacteria and yeast.
Ew, why would we serve that?
Because it's good for me.
You know what's good for you?
Hamburger and fries and a cup of coffee.
We don't serve fermented bacteria tea.
Do you have vegan beef?
Look, do you wanna eat or not?
I'll have a burger and salad.
I'll have the same.
So, my boss saw the TV.
I'm not surprised.
Here I am.
So what happens now?
Gotta capture and relocate the bear
to more remote area.
Capture and relocate?
Those are my orders.
This bear is a fucking monster.
It's killed four people.
It almost killed a child last night,
and you wanna capture it and relocate it?
The department's got a
policy of capture and relocate.
I've got a policy of
protecting the people
of Makwa County.
What are we gonna do if you capture it
and relocate and it comes back?
I don't think it will.
Well, what's gonna happen,
you know, you preserve wildlife species,
what am I supposed to do?
My job is to preserve human species.
Well, we're gonna try and take it
as far into the mountains as we can.
Here you go.
Thank you.
How'd that go?
About as bad as can be expected.
And I have one question.
What's that?
What the hell is kombucha?
I got some data here.
I've triangulated the
bear attacks we knew about.
Look here.
The average range of a grizzly,
it's 10 to 20 miles a day,
if they're hungry.
The most a grizzly would travel in a day,
it's 40 miles, but that's extremely rare.
This bear is bigger.
That's capable of considerable distance,
but the attacks are only 10 miles apart
as the crow flies from each other.
That means he's marked his territory,
and he's no straying from it.
So we need to set up a perimeter,
and work it in grids.
The fracking rig is dead
center of that grid.
You old enough to drink?
You wanna card me, Sheriff?
I just might.
I see you, Tom Dansen.
I see you.
See me what?
You've got the weight of
the world on your shoulders.
It's my job to carry the weight.
Who are you?
There's not much to me.
Two wives, two divorces.
No kids.
30 years married to the job.
You're not what I expected.
You're not what I expected.
How so?
When you called the university
and they sent me here,
I don't know, I was expecting
you to be different.
Different how?
You're my first sheriff, so
I didn't know what to expect.
You're like out of the old west.
You're not like my peers,
living my age.
You're solid.
You take charge.
Solid, that's a word.
You're like one of those
cowboy movie heroes,
like from the old movies.
You're a man.
Oh, that's good to know.
I mean, real man.
A masculine man, and masculine men
are in short supply these days.
Yes, that is true.
Masculinity has declined
over the past 30 years.
Testosterone levels are down by 80%.
Men bone density is shrinking.
Men are becoming soft.
Air conditioning, sedentary jobs,
online gaming, online porn,
cell phone computers.
Men are not seeking mates,
so their hormones and
pheromones are decreasing.
My head just exploded.
It's not that
complicated, really.
The natural order of the
mammalian species is this:
You have an apex dominant
male and a fertile female.
The female picks the apex dominant male
to preserve the species.
Darwin, there you go.
So human males have begun to feminize
in the past 30 years.
They don't hunt, gather, provide.
They live in cities, eat processed food,
jerk up to porn.
As a result, females seeking for mates
are struggling to find a male
who they can have babies with.
The trend is fewer
marriages and fewer babies.
What does that have to do with me?
Well, you are the first
man I've had in my life
who fits that apex dominant male.
Kind of like a grizzly.
Oh, God.
You are.
Like my colleagues at the university,
they're all vegan,
sandal-wearing puff balls with mean buns.
I've tried dating older colleagues,
but they have their own problems.
Yeah, like 40, 45.
Oh, old.
I mean men that are not boys.
My friend says that I
have a daddy complex.
I think I'm a granddaddy complex.
It's not that at all.
I'm a fertile female of my species.
I just feel nothing when I'm
the presence of my peers.
No attraction.
No animal instinct.
No admiration.
No desire to meet them or know them.
That's why many women my age are turning
into relationship with other women.
We don't struggle with those issues.
We just struggle to survive.
That's why you trick me.
It's hormonal, basically.
You are my first contact
with a primal man.
I can't tell if you're
trying to seduce me,
or put me in a test tube.
A little bit of both.
Yeah, what?
We've got another grizzly kill.
He's been dead only a couple of hours.
So cold he probably froze to
the ground in like 30 minutes.
Well, so much for catch and release.
What's that?
Oh, never mind.
Is it the same bear?
Unless you have a family
of 10-foot tall angry grizzlies,
I would say so.
Hey, he's frozen solid
and the blizzard's getting worse.
I can cut him out.
No, that tarp him
and we'll come back and get
him when the storm breaks.
You take Giuliana back to the office.
I don't want you guys
out here in this storm,
and I don't want you out
here with this bear out here.
So you guys go.
I let you talk me into
running for coroner.
Where the hell is music?
You made it.
Yeah, apparently.
- Tom.
- What?
We saw the bear!
Tom, it's a big fucking bear.
It's a really big fucking bear.
It's late.
You think I can make it
down the street to my motel?
No, I'm gonna walk you.
It's not safe.
Take that.
You might need it.
No shit.
I need to up the heat.
It's not warm enough here.
Well, there aren't many heaters
that can keep up with a storm like this.
What are we, 40 below?
That bear is terrifying.
It's a true apex predator.
It's a monster grizzly.
I thought of something.
That bear could easily
tear down this door.
If you leave me here,
I won't have a rifle to protect myself.
I can leave you the rifle.
There's only one thing.
What's that?
I have no idea how to shoot.
I was thinking maybe,
you can stay
and protect me?
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
I guess we did it.
Yeah, I guess we did.
I don't regret it.
I don't understand it.
You're not at all
as you think you are.
Oh yes, I am.
If we were on Instagram,
you'd be Appriah.
Oh, don't I know it.
It's still storming.
Yeah, it's a bad storm.
Well, if we're snowed in,
we could...
Oh no, no, no.
Oh, come on.
Sheriff, are you out of your comfort zone?
Only just a little.
Who are you?
What do you mean?
I mean, your accent.
Where do you live?
Where are you from?
I live in Boise,
and I am from Colombia.
Ah, okay.
But how'd you get here?
Well, growing up in Colombia,
I became intrigued with apex predators.
You know, like anacondas,
But then in college, I
discovered grizzly bears,
and I just get nuts about grizzly bears.
And since there are no
grizzly bears in Colombia...
I came here to get my masters
and my PhD in mammalian biology.
This is way beyond the
things we did in college.
But you know what?
We got a monster grizzly out there, you.
You make me feel safe.
How so?
You are my apex predator.
You have winds that are gusting
over 50 miles per hour.
Combine that with about
eight to 10 inches of snow,
it is blinding, it is brutal,
and it's just not safe to be driving.
Did you get lost?
We got snowed in.
There's fresh coffee.
What's the word on the weather?
Negative 50 at the peaks.
Negative 30 in the valleys.
All the roads are closed and
nothing is going anywhere.
But the shelters are in place
in the communities and in the cities.
What about the grizzly bear?
Jesus, it's just gonna be a
month before this thaws out.
It makes no scientific sense
a grizzly can be out in this.
They hibernate all winter.
Oh, my god.
That's it.
The ground.
The ground.
The ground at the fracking.
It was thawed.
It was mud.
I don't understand.
Ground was thawed.
It was mud, it was above freezing.
- How?
- Fracking.
It sends boiling water down to the ground
and heats it up.
The bear's lair must have been
close to the fracking break.
That is a critical theory.
What did the people
at the fracking rig say?
I forgot to tell you about that.
The fracking rig was deserted.
Did the crew leave?
Or get eaten?
And you know what?
The overall snow projections
Oh shit!
Are we really going to the rig in this?
I'm having second thoughts.
Let's wait for it to let up.
Probably a good idea.
Yeah, we can't even get
through until the files come.
Yeah, let's go back inside.
Look at this.
Thermal scans by the
geological survey show
ground temps are up three degrees celsius
in the past two years.
That is huge.
Huh, shit!
I have my charger in the car.
I'll be right back
if I don't freeze or blow away.
Is it here?
Shoot the grizzly's hand down.
You shelter inside.
No, I'm going with you.
- Can you shoot?
- No.
Then you're staying here!
Some kiss my ass.
I'm going with you.
No, jeez!
All right, here's a gun.
I'm taking off the safety.
If you see the bear, you point it at him
and you keep pulling the
trigger until it's empty.
Go inside.
All right, let's go.
It's all right, I'm here.
I'm here!
- Tom?
- I'm here.
I'm here.
Oh my God.
Who's the apex predator now?