Monster High 2 (2023) Movie Script


Hey, ghouls.
Check this out.
Can we talk about
my favorite werewolf?
Clawdeen Wolf.
She is funny and fierce
and has a big heart.
She always stands up
for her friends.
Clawdeen came to Monster High
with a big secret.
She was hiding the truth that
she was half wolf, half human.
To go to a monster school
that hated humans--
but when Monster High
faced its biggest threat...
What have you done?
Think of it as extra credit.
From now on,
true monster heart
will mean exactly that, who
you truly are on the inside.
You changed the world,
baby cub.
By owning her humanness,
being her amazing true self,
she transformed Monster High
into what it is today,
a place that accepts
all monsters of all kinds.
Oh, my Ra.
I seriously can't believe
some random ghoul
in Scary Indiana made this.
A million likes?
Clawdeen's famous.
999,000, OK?
Let's not get crazy.
Who are all these new kids?
Freshmen, like us last year,
only not as fabulous.
Here you go.
- Hey, Draculaura.
Great party.
Got to say goodbye to
summer in style, ghouls.
- Yeah!
- Thanks.
- Hi.
- Lagoona.
Where have you been?
I was playing sea pong with
the serpents in your moat.
I might have eaten one or two.
Before rants
and lectures bore,
protect my father's
hardwood floor.
- Thanks, D.
- Of course.
- Uh-huh.
I'm en fuego.
Well, not literally.
I'm pacing myself.
Will there be dancing later?
There usually is, right, D?
It's always a crowd pleaser.
Speaking of crowd pleasers,
any sign of the world's
newest Eek Tok star?
Not yet.
But she better get here soon if
she knows what's good for her.
Moe, again?
Bad hair day?
Yeah, they've just
been on edge lately.
Because they're bored.
You never let them out, bro.
Let your light shine.
Heath, no flames!
I said no flames!
Yes, sir.
Dad, you're embarrassing me.
Your birthday will
be nothing like this.
Only the most important
monsters will be there.
Dad, I told you,
I just want something small
with my friends.
I heard you.
And one day,
when you're older,
you can pay
for your own parties
and then you can throw them
any way you like.
I have to take this.
It's my brother.
I finally got a mobile.
Hello, Dadu.
How are you?
They're here.
You're late.
Nice to see you too.
I just had to pick up a friend.
Hi. It's me.
I'm the friend.
The Boos are back.
This is going to be--
all: The best year ever!
Come on.
Come on.
This is amazing.
- Why, thank you.
- Clawdeen.
It's really her.
Hi, Clawdeen.
Uh, do I know them?
No, you silly wolf.
It's that Eek Tok video.
Everyone's seen it.
- Hi.
- The alpha wolf arrives.
How's it feel to be famous?
Yeah, I--
I think I might have
liked it better when
I was just one of the pack.
Well, you better
get used to it.
You're the big monster
on campus this year.
Come on.
The new kids all
want to meet you.
- Right.
- Go say hi.
- Hey, Clawdeen.
- It's her.
It's Clawdeen.
Under the pressure
Everyone's watching
New year, no secrets
But I still feel
under the pressure

So what do we call
you two now?
Clawdeuce? Deucelean.
- Funny.
- Yeah.
Back here in my scene
Like walking in a dream
I'm where
I'm supposed to be
But I don't feel like me
I thought that
I'd want this
Why do I feel so restless
Don't let it show
Don't let them know
So excited
A little bit nervous
Try to hide it
beneath the surface
So excited
A little bit nervous
My heart goes
boom, boom, boom
What if they see
right through

Time to take a chance
If not now, then when
My heart goes
boom, boom, boom
Boom, boom, boom

Frankie, you play pool?
It's new.
I got some upgrades
this summer
to juice up my mental abilities
with some supercharged monster
abilities just like you all.
That was yesterday.
So you're all new again?
It's confusing.

It's a whole
new world for me
Better get my mind
on my feet
Got a power, new design
Will it ever feel like mine
I got everything I wanted
So why do I feel so awkward
Don't let it show
Don't let them know
So excited
A little bit nervous
Try to hide it
beneath the surface
Keep on fighting
I know it's worth it
My heart goes
boom, boom, boom
What if they see
right through

Time to take a chance
If not now, then when
My heart goes
boom, boom, boom
Boom, boom, boom
I finally feel like me
Who I am supposed to be
So why does my freedom
not feel free
Oh, no, nothing's easy
Tell me, tell me,
is it ever going to change?
Step out of the shadow
of my family name
My heart goes
boom, boom, boom
What if they see
right through

Time to take a chance
- Time to take a chance
My heart goes
boom, boom, boom
Boom, boom, boom
My heart goes
boom, boom, boom
Watch us light up the room

Time to take a chance
If not now, then when
My heart goes
boom, boom, boom
Boom, boom, boom
Yo, I just found
Clawdeen's Eek Tok
dubbed in Turkish
by a kid in Istanghoul.
- What?
- No way.
Look at that.
Our little wolf's gone viral.
Look at the likes.
Oh, my ghoul.
Oh, and the comments.
It's time.

Hello, all my new
ghouls and banshees,
And poltergeists.
Monster High welcomes you.
So my hair guy was like, hairspray?
And I'm like, no, never use it.
And he goes, it'll look great.
And I was like, OK.
Bad idea.
Even the scissors melted.
Now I'm, like, totally
banned from the salon.
I've been banned from salon
since birth.
My hair doesn't grow
on account of it
being from a dead person.
And I have Undead
Civilizations after lunch.
- So do I.
- Oh.
I'll save you a seat.
- Gracias, thanks.
What is it?
Calm down.
Tora's back?
Oh, my Ra.
She's back.
- What?
- Who's back?
You know, her.

Monster High, I missed you.
That's, like, a you move.
Who is she?
Toralei Stripe.
She studied abroad last year
in Scaris, France.
Growls, ghouls.
- What's up, Toralei?
- Hey, Tor.
It's been a minute.
Hello, Toralei.
Cleo, you look ferocious.
And how was your year abroad?
Did you catch any
cute Scaresian mice?
Oh, I caught creatures
much bigger than mice.
- Oh.
- She said she ate them all.
I'm Frankie.
And can I just say,
you are totally clawesome
and intimidating,
yet still approachable way.
Frankie, do you always
just speak every thought
that comes to mind?
- Yes.
- I like it.
And you must be
the famous human.
Human and wolf.
Name's Clawdeen.
Love, did you know that cats
have a far more nuanced
sense of smell than dogs?
Meowchachino, please.
And what I smell above all else
is a human at Monster High.
You better get
used to it, Tor.
It's how things are now.
And Draculaura,
the witch with fangs.
You're funny.
I have no sense of humor, love.

- Monster High's changed, Tor.
- And for the better.
It's strange coming back.
It's like everyone's
forgotten how dangerous
the world really is.
Different doesn't
always mean dangerous.
I was attacked by witches
in France.
They had daggers made
of wraith silver.
Draculaura never mentioned
wraith silver to you.
It's a witchcraft-forged
lethal to monsters.
You have no idea
how painful this was.
I protected my pack
that night,
and I intend
to do the same here.
We also protect our pack.
We just think more monsters
deserve to be in it.
You could come
hang out with us.
This Friday is game night.
We have a lot of board games.
Classic Toralei.
I guess she doesn't
like board games.
Free mops.
Get your mops.
Hey, Growlwool.
Hi, Fantasma.
Hope you got that
roommate you wanted.
Seriously, you're amazing.
You remember everyone.
Got to make
everyone feel welcome.
Who did that for us?
I think we did.
Oh, right.
I remember I was
so overwhelmed,
I thought the Coffin Bean
was an actual legume.
My new electrical system.
Sometimes it's a
little too responsive.
The other night,
I accidentally shocked my mom
and gave her a perm.
She looks good.
Clawdeen Wolf.
It's really you.
I'm Demi, Demi Bouvier.
Did you get my DM on Eek Tok,
or Spook Book, or Grum Gram?
You're the reason I'm here.
I'm ghost and human.
And you inspired me
to own all of me.
I'm solid most of the time
until I get excited.
I used to think I couldn't
tell anyone, but not anymore.
I know the feeling.
I made these.
They're human-monster
pride buttons.
We formed a Pride Club.
Would you sign one?
Oh, wow.
I made that too.
Ghoul has skills.
- Oh.
- Oh. Sorry.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
No, my bad.
Hey, you've got Monster Lit
with Ogre Oberlin.
I hate to break it to you,
but her homework
is legendarily brutal.
Well, uh, nice to meet
a fellow victim.
I'm Ellis, by the way.
And I'm Frankie.
Pronouns, they/them.
I'm made from a collection
of dead people's body parts.
I'm just one years old
this week.
Uh, nice to meet you.
Hey, I'm kind of starving.
Where can a vamp get
a bite around here?
Take the path to the main hall.
But watch out for the pizza.
Make sure they hold the garlic.
Oh, and the anchovies, please.
both: Because they're gross.
I'll see you around, Draculaura.
- Yeah.
He's a vampire too.
I noticed, Frankie.
All students are to report
to the Clawditorium
for a special assembly
immediately after dinner tonight.
On a related note, dinner
will include piranha soup.
Please eat it
before it eats you.
We mean it.
Thank you.
This is delicious.
I don't know.
I think you're just hungry.
OK, there's no time
anymore to eat, to think.
There's always somebody
who needs something.
fun, but exhausting.
OK, come on.
Hand them over.
Oh, come on.
I don't want
to turn to stone.
- Fine. Fine.
Thank you.
You good?
You look tired.
Yeah, I've been arguing
with my mom a lot lately.
Gorga whatever thing again?
Hey, she can't
just expect you
to up and leave school
for a whole year.
It's not fair.
It's what gorgons do
to come of age,
a ritual year to run wild
and find yourself,
some meditation,
some self-reflection,
with a lot of running around
and terrorizing
the countryside.
See, that doesn't
sound like you.
Yeah, and I keep trying
to tell my mom that,
but she just--
she hates Monster High.
She calls it my little cage.
Well, I, for one,
am glad you've decided
to stay in your cage.
But how about a break
for everyone?
Uh, I mean--
um, this is not a good idea.
- I--
- Glasses, please.
All right.
Take your seats, please.
The assembly is about to begin.
And vampires, do not hang
from the rafters.
You're drooling on
the students below you.
- Hey.
- Take a seat.
- Oh, how's student council?
- My head hurts.
Hey, Clawdeuce. Focus.
When did that catch on?
Good evening, students.
It's a new year and a new moon.
And Monster High
welcomes you back.
Is that normal?
The school's kind of alive.
Don't worry.
It's mostly friendly.
In the manner
of our four founders,
we embrace prefecte electio,
the naming of this year's
student leader, your prefect.
As always, your school
will choose the student
it finds most worthy,
an inspiring leader
honorable in both
word and deed.
Yeah, except the school
always just picks
the most popular kid.
Let the candidates
be revealed.
- That's our cue.
As we look to a new year,
we welcome
the elements of change:
fire and water.
Power of fire.

Power of water.

House of spirits,
show us your choices.
Clawdeen Wolf.
Way to go, Claw.
- Wow.
- Yeah, Clawdeen!
- Whoo!
- Way to go.
Competing with Clawdeen
for prefect will be...
Toralei Stripe.
It's on, Kumon.
Oh, you know it.
So how exactly do we compete?
OK, it's very simple.
These are tally skulls.
As you can see, they start out
pretty equally at first.
But the school is watching
to see who's the best leader.
It's how the school scores
a prefect competition.
It'll observe you
for the next few days
and then make its choice.
First one to the top wins.
My mom was prefect.
I never thought I'd walk
in her shoes like this.
This is huge for you.
Prefect is the voice
of the whole student body.
Am I even ready for this?
Toralei, were you excited
to be chosen?
Of course,
I'm thrilled to be chosen.
And I already thought
of my slogan,
"Protect Monsters,"
because that's what
I intend to do.
Tell me, what do you call
an oblivious lycan?
An unaware-wolf.
Oh, yeah.
That's good.
She can't win.
She can't.
Show what's good
with no mistake,
and on this page,
a likeness make.

"The only way to have
a friend is to be one."
Now we have a slogan
of our own.
Thank you.
I really need to get that
under control.
- Hey.
- Ah!
Toralei just told
the Gory Gazette that,
is a filthy human habit
that puts all monsters
at risk."
They want Clawdeen
to comment.
Why, that catty little cat!
Cross my heart,
which is in a jar in my room,
I will handle the press for you
as your campaign manager.
- Thank you.
- All right.
We'll need to hit the press
back with a statement
something along the lines of--
OK, we can't let some cat
with trust issues
ruin Monster High.
Let's win this.
"Filthy human habit"?
Oh, I'll show her
a filthy human habit.
Dirt and dust and ash and mud
form an ugly hater's mug.
Not too shabby.
- Oh! I was--
- It's OK.
I get it.
But I know something
even better.
Check it out.
Bone and breath, hand in heel,
make another one as real.

It's an automaton,
just a dumb copy.
They're hilarious,
but no smarter than the mask
it's made from.
- That's--
- Witchcraft.
It's why I transferred here.
Ever since I heard about you,
I thought,
maybe it'd be safe
for someone like me.
It was.
But now--
Less so.
It's so unfair.
Monsters are always afraid of
what they don't understand.
They try to make
you think it's you.
"One day, you'll understand."
You should hear my father.
"One day when you're older,
you can do it your way."
Well, I do understand.
And I want more.
I want them to see
what we see,
that witchcraft
can be beautiful.
When I was younger,
I used to go to the library.
There was a dusty corner
stacked with
old forgotten books.
And one day, I found this
little spell book there.
It just spoke to me.
And I knew--
That you could
never tell anyone.
I think you get it.
I think I might.
I wish there was
a spell I could use
For what?
To make all of this
pressure go poof
What they expect of me
is not the plan I see
And that just makes it hard
to make a move
I comprehend,
and I sympathize
You do?
It's like we're
living parallel lives
I guess we are.
'Cause they don't
The power in our hands
And maybe they're
too old to recognize
Look at you and me
on the same side
Loving this bewitched
state of mind
It's too powerful to hide
And there's a reason
we've got magic
And I know what
to do with mine

Try it.
It's easy.
Bone and breath,
hand in heel,
make another one as real.

I can't believe there's
someone like you
I know.
Who's going through
what I'm going through
It's crazy.
The fact that you relate
And witchcraft is our fate
Imagine everything
that we could do
Look at you and me
on the same side
Loving this bewitched
state of mind
It's too powerful to hide
And there's a reason
we've got magic
And I know what
to do with mine

And I know what
to do with--
Know what to do with--
Know what to do with mine
We have to get back.
I'm glad you're here.
You too, Ellis.
can I ask you something?
I think we're past
the asking to ask me
something stage.
I'm wondering about
my upgrades.
Emerson said the purpose
of life is not to be happy.
It's to be useful,
to have it make
some difference you were here.
That's totally you.
I was just hoping with
my new upgrades,
I just--
I mean, I thought
being more monster
could help me do that too.
You wanted to be
more monster
because of Ralph Waldo Emerson?
I don't know.
I think I may read
too many books.
Frankie, I'm sorry.
One second.
Cleo is hammering me
with campaign questions.
OK, there.
I'm done.
Almost done. Sorry.
I know you're super busy.
We'll talk tomorrow.
Please let Bloodgood
be asleep.
Please let Bloodgood be asleep.

You missed curfew.
What are you doing here?

What's happening?
So my new eyes are
having focusing issues.
I mean, just yesterday,
I thought Heath was a candle.
But I'm pretty sure
those were witches.
Who turned out the lights?
Well, this has been quite
the evening, hasn't it?
A portal was breached
right before Frankie fried
the entire campus power grid.
Sorry about that.
To open a portal,
that would require incredibly
powerful witchcraft.
Oh, thank goodness.
Oh, come on.
Why would witches
invade your room?
I don't know.
I wasn't there, I--
And where were you?
Off partying with your coven?
- What is going on here?
- Are you OK?
this is a private meeting.
It doesn't concern you.
Head mistress,
Monster High was attacked.
That concerns all of us.
And as prefect elect,
I'm entitled to know the facts.
And as the other
prefect elect,
why don't you mind
your own beeswax?
Do you think
it's a coincidence
that witches came looking
for the one student
known for practicing
Enough. It's late.
Return to your dorms.
hear me out, please.
Witches and witchcraft
are dangerous.
And I think you know it.
We can't just live in fear
of what we don't understand.
We're better than that.
If you play with matches,
you get burned.
We need to protect monsters
and ban witchcraft now.

Let this be a warning
Your safety is at stake
Better protect
your families
Ancient enemies awake
The witches are among us
You never know
who you can trust
If you only knew
what's coming
I think you'd be on the run
You should be afraid
Look out for yourself
You should be afraid
Look out for yourself
When we believe,
we are stronger
We can come out
of the shadows
Hate only fuels the fire
We come up right high
You don't know
what you don't know
You don't know
what you don't know
You don't know
what you don't know
I've got scars
to prove it
They don't know
what they're doing
This magic, they abuse it
And we're all going
to end up losing
You should be afraid
Look out for yourself
You should be afraid
Look out for yourself
When we believe,
we are stronger
We can come out
of the shadows
Hate only fuels the fire
We come up right high
You don't know
what you don't know
You don't know
what you don't know
You don't know
what you don't know
You should be afraid
when you sleep at night
You should be afraid
of the deathly cry
You should be afraid
Yeah, you know I'm right
- She's right.
We're not safe.
Never safe, never safe,
never safe here
You should be afraid,
better run and hide
- Wait, you don't need to hide.
- Sorry, Clawdeen.
You should be afraid
here in Monster High
You are safe at Monster High.
You should be afraid,
yeah, you know I'm right
You don't have
to be afraid
Never safe, never safe,
never safe here
All right!
You've both given me
a lot to think about.
I firmly believe in inclusion.
But if witches can somehow
sense witchcraft,
if that's drawing them here,
then until we know more,
I'm enacting a school-wide ban
on all witchcraft.
Now, everyone to bed.
I'm sorry.
Good morning, Monster High.
Fearleading tryouts continue
on Skull Field at sundown.
And prefect selection
has begun.
The candidates are set,
and the sands of choice
are pouring in.
Who will our great school
choose this year?
Find out in two days.
No. Seriously, two days.
I'm fine, Dad.
You don't need to worry.
You're my little ghoul.
Of course, I need to worry.
If there's any more trouble,
I'm bringing you home.
End of discussion.
Dad, no.
That's totally unreasonable.
Oh, that's my mobile.
Love you.
You OK?
It's not just me
I'm worried about.
There were other witches now.
That transfer student, Ellis--
There's another
witch vampire?
He's pretty cool, actually.
We've been talking.
You've just got to win this
prefect thing and end this.
- Hi.
Hey. Um...
What's up?
What's wrong?
Toralei's pulled ahead,
and not by a little.
- What?
- How?
I don't know how.
No part of me has
ever been popular.
This can't be happening.
We have to stop her.
How do we stop her?
What do we do?
Draculaura, think about it.
Witches broke in
looking for you.
What if they were somehow--
I don't know,
drawn to your magic,
like Bloodgood said?
I had nothing
to do with this.
I know that, but no one's
thinking rationally.
So we need to make them.
I could research
the good witch crafters
in the world and then
post it on Eek Tok.
No one's listening.
They're just afraid.
Right, so that probably
wouldn't be helpful.
Then maybe posters.
So what are you saying?
witchcraft is banned,
so can't you just play along
until I win
and we can sort this out?
That's a good point.
Play along?
You mean go back
in the broom closet?
No, that's not what I said.
I just--
I'm a witch.
This is who I am.
No apologies, remember?
That's also a good point.
If Toralei wins,
I won't be able to make a case
for acceptance at all.
I get it.
You have monsters to protect.
Wait. No.
So that's a no
on the posters?
- Oh. Hey.
- Hey.
Can we talk?
It's like everyone
gets to be their best
authentic selves, except us.
It makes me wonder,
what are we even
doing here at all?
I need to tell you something.
Just promise me you won't
totally freak out.
Yeah. OK.

I'm not a vampire.
I'm a human--
a human witch, to be precise.
No, no, no, no.
That's not possible.
- OK.
Uh, you're freaking out
a little.
- Were you part of the attack?
- No. That wasn't me.
Then what do you want?
There are different witch
factions, different covens.
Some--most, actually,
want war to destroy
the vampires.
They're the ones
who tried to kidnap you.
But my mother, she's different.
She leads the Salem Coven.
Your mother is Queen Zamara?
And she wants peace, like you.
She sent me here to talk to you
before the others found you.
It's just my timing was a mess.
This war is so old.
Not even the undead
remember how it started.
A vampire fell in love
with a witch.
He wanted to be human for her,
so she made him a gift,
a mortality spell
to grant his wish.
But when he cast it,
something went wrong.
It didn't make a vampire human.
It killed vampires instead.
Thousands died.
It was a mortality curse.
The vampires
blamed the witches.
And witches blamed vampires.
And centuries of bloodshed
and revenge have followed.
If we can work together now,
we can end this war forever.
My mom wants you to join her
and make the case for peace.
Just hear her out.

There's only one
of two ways to go
And one of them
feels impossible
But I know what feels right
I feel it deep inside
And I think that the time
is getting close

Let's go meet your mom.
Good morning, monsters.
Werecat volleyball is canceled
until all claws are trimmed.
We mean it this time,
or no more balls.
There's a casketball team
bake sale
in the main hall at lunch.
And all witchcraft is banned
until further notice.
Go, Demons!
- Is she up?
- I haven't seen her.
What's that?
- Wait, she did what?
- Shh.
She ran away.
- Why?
She said she's going
to meet with witches
and talk about peace.
- Oh, my Ra. She's gone rogue.
People are not going
to be happy with her.
- Except for Toralei.
- Yeah, witch party?
That cat's going to be stoked.
Draculaura is now
a political millstone.
Cleo, you've got
to cut her loose.
This is not how we win
the prefect race.
Sorry, yeah, but that's
not the worst of it.
She says it's supposed to
fool people into thinking
she's here, but sick.
So it looks like her,
like a clone?
She made it to play sick
and cover for her.
But all it does is play sick, badly.
So when Bloodgood knocked--
Good morning, ghouls.
What a surprise.
So early.
How you are, headmistress?
Miss head-- good-- good--
head miss--
- I'm good, dears.
Is Draculaura here?
I know yesterday was tough,
so I just wanted to check in.
Um, she's sick.
That kind of sick.
Been there.
Feel better, dear.
- Oh, man.
- So Bloodgood bought it?
We're in the clear?
Yes and no.
It gets worse.
Draculaura, are you home?
Mr. Dracula.
Is my daughter there?
- Went out.
Frankie, are you not well?
Just, um, allergies.
And I ate cheese.
Well, actually, it's better
I speak to you two.
After all the horrible
business there,
I thought it might be
nice for Draculaura
to celebrate her birthday
the way that she wanted.
So I canceled the big party
I was planning.
And I'm coming tomorrow to
throw her a little soiree
for just her good friends.
She turns 1,600 at midnight.
She will come of age
into full vampireness
exactly as she had hoped.
She's going to be
so very pleased with me.
You're coming here?
- Tomorrow?
- OK.
So basically, we have
less than two days
to bring Draculaura home before
she flakes on her own party
and is busted for
sneaking off campus
and conspiring with witches.
And destroys
her life forever.
- Good times.
- Yeah.
You sarcopha-got to be
kidding me.
I'm calling her right now.
She left her phone.
We can't even track her.
"Royal pain"?
So where do we even
begin to look?
Aren't there, like,
a ton of covens?
3,017 on six continents.
There was one in Antarctica,
but it got ransacked
by bewitched penguins.
True story.
So probably not that one.
It's OK.
I know where to start.
I probably should have
used less oomph.
Breaking and entering is
never good for campaigns.
Ellis is missing too.
If he left with Draculaura,
there might be clues
to where they went.
Spread out.
- Keep watch.
- Right.
And if someone comes, eat them.
Yes. What?
Just-- just whistle
or knock at the door.
And then take
a little nibble?
No nibbling.
His suitcase is still here.
So he left in a hurry.
There's something under here.
Five digits--that's called a
postal code in the human world,
colloquially known
as zip codes.
My parts don't know this place.
98134 is in a place
called "Seetle."
Why would
a Monster High student
have a secret return address
in the human world?
Who is this guy?
Only one way to find out.
As campaign manager, I'm
aiding in this criminal action
under protest.
Clawdeen, Cleo's right.
It's too dangerous out there.
Believe me.
I know.
I'll be careful.
Fine, but you have
to be back by dinner.
We're making 400 Clawdeen Wolf
campaign cookies.
We're using my cake printer
to put your picture on them.
- You have a cake printer?
- Uh-huh.
And you have to hand them out
for dessert.
This is the kind
of student approval
that you need to get back
in the prefect race.
I know.
I know.
Why do you have to go alone?
Can you do this?
That is still very cool.
You guys wait here, OK?
I'm the human.
This is my job.
One more thing.
I'm sending this
little gal with you.
Her name is Bastet,
after the Egyptian goddess
of protection.
She can detect magical energy,
which might come in handy
for finding witches.
Good thinking.
Thanks, Cleo.
See you all at dinner.
Be safe.

Coleman Eves.
Yo, I just saw her.
She's here.
Dude, I'm not arguing
with you right now.
- Shh.
- You guys are being too loud.
Yeah, um,
just because my
human senses are weak,
doesn't mean they don't exist.
I asked you to wait for me.
Well, technically,
we never agreed.
- We're here to help.
- I said this was a bad idea.
Yes, it's too dangerous.
That's why we're in disguise.
Sunglasses are
not a disguise.
Claws, I couldn't
let you do this alone.
All right.
Well, uh, keep your hoods up
for your own sake.
And just try to
act unnatural, OK?
- OK.
- Yeah.
OK, are you getting this?
Loud and clear.
Coleman Eves.
Green is the color
of tomorrow.
What's that sound?
It's Heath eating.
Dog meat is fire.
No, it's not dog.
The name, hot dog was coined
in the 1860s
when German immigrants
began settling
long thin sausages which they
nicknamed dachshund sausages,
like the dog breed.
Dachshund is fire.
OK. Enjoy.
It looks fancy in there.
Coleman Eves--
It is fancy.
Fueled by timeless
botanical secrets.
Wait. Guys.
What's happening?
Guys, I think Bastet
senses magic somewhere.
Actually, everywhere.
Coleman Eves?
It's an anagram.
It's an anagram?
What's an anagram?
It's a word or phrase
that uses the same letters
to spell different things,
like a secret message.
Salem Coven.
Wait. The company's a coven?
The mother of all covens
from the Salem Witch Trials.
The Salem Witch Trials?
In 1692 colonial Massachusetts,
200 people were accused
of practicing witchcraft.
19 witches were executed.
So humans treat witches as
bad as they treat monsters?
Yeah, and witches
treat monsters worse.
Clawdeen, get out of there now.
Draculaura is here alone.
Well, we need
a better plan than walking
right to the mouth
of a coven.
- Coleman Eves.
- Clawdeen, what's happening?
- To live is to grow.
I know someone who can help.
Come on.
Hi, Mom.
- Ellis. Hi.
Darling, you're back.
And, oh, my.
- Oh, um...
- Oh.
Not a hugger?
Forgive me.
daughter of Dracula,
princess of vampires,
and budding practitioner
of our own magical arts.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
You too, your majesty.
Oh, that's very proper.
We don't really go for
titles around here.
It would freak out
the stockholders.
So just call me Z.
Um, OK. Z.
Ellis tells me we have
a common interest--peace.
Monsters and witches
aren't so different.
We've always been persecuted by
those who don't understand us.
- Are these potions?
- No.
Those are herbs.
Magic herbs.
Just regular herbs.
We learned a few things.
People are terrified
of illness and death,
so we used our craft to design
longevity products for them.
So you're profiting off
of the fears
of the very people
that used to fear you?
Try this.
It's turmeric, jasmine,
and dandelion-infused
rejuvenation elixir.
Your secret botanicals?
Well, it wouldn't be a secret
if I just told, you would it?
I know.
It's terrible.
I've always suspected
it's the dandelion.
But it is guaranteed to
add years to your life,
not that you need it.
This is the type of know-how
that we can share with you.
We can help each other
if we could just
get past our conflict.
I'm not what you expected,
am I?
You're definitely not.
Draculaura, I see
so much potential in you
to be a leader,
to change the world.
I think it is time that
you learn your true power.
Tomorrow, witches from
all over the world
are coming here for a conclave.
It has always been my dream--
I can speak to them,
explain that
not all vampires want war, that
there are reasonable voices
on our side too.
That could make
all the difference.
You are even more impressive
than I expected.
Thank you.
We have a beautiful guest room
set up for you.
Melissandra will show you.
So rest up.
We have a big day tomorrow.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Right this way.
See you later.
For the record, I think
this is a terrible idea.
Good to see you too, Dad.
Thanks for coming.
Always, little cub.
Hey, gang.
- Hey, Mr. Wolf.
- Hey, Mr. Wolf.
- What's up?
Let's see if we can
find your friend.
Anybody hungry?
Dude, you just had,
like, nine hot dogs.
Dachshunds are small,
right, Frankie?
No, you're going
to get us caught.
Heath. Heath.
It feels like ages since
I've hung out in your work van.
It has been.
And the rules haven't changed.
No eating over the keyboard.
OK, Coleman Eves is one
of our bigger clients.
A little mysterious,
but they pay well.
It's a crazy good
security system.
- Can you get us past it?
- I hope so.
I helped build it.
Since Draculaura
has no pulse,
it should be easy
to spot her
using biometric
security filters.
All these years,
I've never actually
hunted someone using my tech.
It's like we're on
a secret mission,
and I'm the guy, the tech guy.
I've always wanted
to be the guy.
I know.
Dad, can we...
Oh. Right.
Sorry. OK.
Look at this.
- Yes.
OK, let's see where she went.
- Cleo, hey. What's up?
- Things are a disaster.
Dinner's over.
Abby and I had to hand out
the cookies, which completely
backfired because
it made you look like
an out-of-touch elitist.
Hey, how do witches
bake their cookies?
In a coven.
We are literally
feeding her material
to use against us.
I'm sorry.
I just need you to cover
for me a little longer.
I need you here.
Oh, also, not-real Draculaura
isn't helping.
how are you feeling?
She is ill.
Look, I'm trying, Cleo.
Try harder.
Find Draculaura,
and bring her home now.
And let's win this.
I will.
You all right?
It's just...
there's a lot going on.
You sound just like your mom.
She always had a lot going on.
How did she do it?
I mean, she was a hero.
She won prefect.
Everyone loved her.
What's so funny?
Your mom was a lot of things,
but well-liked by everyone
was not one of them.
She did what she thought was
right, even when it was hard.
That doesn't always
make you popular.
OK, are you ready
for some good news?
I think I found her.
That's, like,
his 15th hot dog.
He's a beast.
- Yeah.
He's, like,
the ultimate monster.
You both are, actually.
Oh, I'm ultimate, all right,
except the only way
I can coexist with non-gorgons
is if I keep my snakes and eyes
covered every minute.
So I guess I'm too ultimate.

When Comos happened,
I felt like
the opposite of ultimate.
I couldn't help my friends.
I didn't have any
real monster powers.
Now I do,
and I still can't seem to help.
Are you kidding me?
Do you have a mirror?
Frankie, all you do is help
all the time, OK?
You always show up
with your whole heart.
And you do right
by the people you love.
Forget upgrades.
You've always had
a monster superpower.
Hey, an amazing one:
Thanks, Deuce.
Yo, these humans got
the food thing down.
Dad found her.
We're going in.
- Sweet.
- Oh.
Uh, sorry, Heath.
You're staying here.
I can't disable
the fire alarm.
That is less than sweet.
Go now.
You're clear.
We're in.
Just the right amount
of oomph.
OK, good.
Cameras are looped, but they'll
auto reset in 10 minutes.
Be quick.
- Thanks, Dad.
I'm a little nervous.
Are you nervous?
- Dad, which way?
- Left.
And then your first right.
She's in the East wing,
room 208.
I'll guard our escape.

This company is huge.
Coleman Eves' products
are sold around the world.
Their botanical formulations
are valued at half $1 billion,
and no one even knows
what's in them.
Boss is really on a roll.
Quick, hide.
This is going to be
quite the party.
Big day.
Big, big day.
"On her birthday,
she will finally become
the voice of lasting peace"?
Can Draculaura
really end the war?
- Are you OK?
- I'm fine.
Didn't you get my note?
I did,
but you have to come back
to campus, like, right now.
Your dad's coming for
your birthday tomorrow.
- He is?
- Yeah.
I can't.
I'm speaking at
the Witch Conclave.
I don't think
you're hearing me, OK?
Your dad is going to lose it.
Bloodgood is going
to have to expel you.
This all ends badly.
I've got a chance to make
the world a better place
for all witches and vampires.
I can help everyone.
Isn't that what you've
always talked about?
Yeah, but...
in every story
I've dreamed about my life,
you are in them all.
I understand
I'm being irrational
But I can't
leave you behind
Claw, I made up my mind
Couldn't you fix
the world's problems
Like, some other time
No, this is the time
But if you stay,
you can't go back
Don't you think
that I know that
Draculaura, please
Don't you see I got a
chance to change the world
And to end the fight
An eternity of war
that can end tonight
And it only feels wrong
because you know I'm right
You know I'm right
Just don't tell me
that it's over
Because I can't let go
You've been there for my
highs and my all-time lows
My head says you're right
But my heart says
you're wrong
Don't ask me
how I know this
I just know this is not
How our story goes
This is not how
our story goes
This is not
how our story goes
So you would help me
turn my back on my legacy
If it was you,
I know what you'd do
You'd talk about protecting
the ones you love
And bringing peace
But I know if you were in my
shoes, you wouldn't hesitate
- Wait.
- You would demonstrate
You would show the world
how you shine
OK, maybe I would
You would.
And now, it's my time
I'm not saying
that it's over
But I have to go
I've been searching
for a purpose
And I finally know, know
My head says you're wrong
But my heart
says you're right
This can be the ending
I just know
This is not how
our story goes
This is not
how our story goes
This is not how
our story goes
I can't watch you two
fight like this
And I can't
fight my destiny
There's so much
I've changed about myself
But I didn't
just do it for me
I did it for us
The power of three
So we could become
What we said we would be
And now you're
saying that's gone
Just don't tell me
that it's over
- Oh
- Because I can't let go
You've been there for my
highs and my all-time lows
My all-time lows
My head says you're right
But my heart
says you're wrong
Don't ask me
how I know this
I just know
This is not how
our story goes
This is not
how our story goes
This is not how
our story goes
I guess this is
goodbye for now.
I guess it is.
Keep this with you this time.
Good luck with prefect.
Call me when you win.

Good afternoon, monsters.
Who is most worthy
to lead Monster High?
Final prefect speeches
are about to begin.
Don't be late.
I mean it.

all: Hey-hey, ho-ho,
every witch has got to go.
Hey-hey, ho-ho,
every witch has got to go.
Hey-hey, ho-ho...
Oh, my Ra.
Listen to them, Clawdeen.
You have to tell them
what they want to hear,
or else they will
eat you alive.
That--that was
a little scary sounding.
Pep talks are new for me.
But seriously,
they will eat you alive.
all: Ho-ho,
every witch has got to go.
Thank you, fellow monsters.
Toralei Stipe.
Thank you, Toralei.
Now, please welcome
our second prefect candidate,
Clawdeen Wolf.
Go, Clawdeen.
Witches are the enemy.
Witches are evil.
The only good witch is
a dead witch, right?
Humans said that
about witches too.
They feared and hunted them,
just like they feared
and hunted monsters.
If anyone understands
what it is like to be hated,
to be persecuted, it's us.
That's why we need to stand
against ignorance,
against fear and stand up
for the marginalized
and misunderstood.
My best friend
practices witchcraft,
and I'm proud of her.
She is one of us,
and she is good.
So I'm standing up for her
and for anyone,
monster, human, witch,
who believes that
ancient prejudices
are less important
than who we are now.
Who's with me?
My best friend
practices witchcraft,
and I'm proud of her.
Come in.
She is one of us...
I got your text.
What's up?
Listen, I'm sorry.
I have to go.
I believe in peace.
I do.
But right now, I have
to get back to school.
But why?
My friends, they need me.
And I need them.
I'm sorry.
That's not possible.
I'll come right back.
We can still speak
to the conclave.
It's funny.
As smart as you are,
you still think
you're a guest here,
when actually,
you've been a prisoner
all along.
Our original idea was to
just kidnap you outright.
Ellis was just there
to open the portal.
But when your friends
got in the way,
well, we had to improvise.
So it was all a lie.
It was a means to an end.
Take her.
I have very special
plans for you.

Thank you, students.
A reminder--
What's your game, Wolf?
- Sorry?
- You're up to something.
What's your angle?
- No angle.
I just finally found my truth.
- Mm.
- Congratulations.
You win.

What is it?
Something's wrong?
Bastet is still at the coven.
She's sending a warning.
- It's Draculaura.
- What's going on?
- Our friend is in trouble.
- With witches.
Wait, I overheard them explaining
how Draculaura will be...
- Come again?
- It's French.
"The voice of eternal peace."
- Yes. Yes.
But there's another
"the voice of eternal rest."
The mortality curse.
Wait, the spell that started
the vampire-witch war?
The story says
a vampire cast it.
It was too powerful.
It ended eternal life.
But it's just
a legend, right?
How could a spell that
powerful exist and no one know?
There were rumors
back in France
that witches
were searching for it.
The mortality curse is real.
And they figured out
a way to cast it again...
Using Draculaura.
"The voice of eternal peace."
This was their plan all along--
to kill all vampires.
They said it would happen
on her birthday...
When she comes of age
at midnight tonight.
I told you, Wolf.
Let go of me.
What is this place?
The heart of Coleman Eves.
Oh, she was just
a tiny seedling
when she was pulled from
the very soil of hate itself,
Salem, Massachusetts 1693.
- 19 witches died at Salem.
- Yes.
Their lives were ended by
fear and ignorance, by hate.
Zamara, listen to me--
Wraith silver.
Isn't it clever how
it only hurts monsters?
Why are you doing this?
I'm sure daddy told you
that old story
about the mortality curse?
Turns out it's real.
And tonight,
you get to cast it.
You'll kill us all--
my father, my family.
Now you get it.
You see?
I wasn't lying.
I do want peace.
But what better way
to achieve it
than by destroying your enemies
once and for all?
Mom, we were just going
to blackmail Dracula.
This-- this was not
part of our plan.
This was always
part of my plan!

Dad, what's happening?
Have you found her?
- Yes, and it's not good.
They've got her in
a subbasement lab of some kind.
Sweetie, they've got a cage.
We have to call the police.
And say what?
You know those nice folks who
make your smoothie powder?
They're actually witches
holding a vampire
in their creepy
basement layer.
Dad, we need you.
You're the guy.
OK, I'm the guy.
I get it.
I'll be ready.
I'm coming with you.
Draculaura's one of us,
and I can help.
I know a thing or two
about fighting witches.
Plus, I have a score to settle.
That could come in handy.
Come on.

Move it, stud.
I can't drive stick.
We've been watching you
a long time, Draculaura,
nurturing your passions.
Did you think it was an
accident that you found
that spell book as a child?
It was all for this moment.
The mortality curse can
only be cast by a vampire
who's come of age.
I told you you would
learn your true power.
Happy birthday, by the way.
- Please.
If you do this,
this war will never end.
All monsters will come for you.
It won't just be
vampires anymore.
Ellis, tell her.
- Mom, please.
Ellis, one day,
you'll understand.
No, you do understand, Ellis,
right now, today.
So aspirational,
and at such a bleak time.
And goodbye.
And now it's time
a second spell.
And I control
your mind as well.
Minutes away.
Tick tock.
Tick tock.
They never learn.
OK, everyone got the plan?
Yeah, we're going down.
You're going down.
You're going way down.
The lab is to your right.
And I'm turning all cameras
back to live in 30 seconds.
Be ready.
- Thanks, Dad.
OK. You heard the man.
Have fun.
- Oh, we will.
Ready to make some mischief?
I say we start small.
There's someone in G. Smoke.
Pull it up.
It's a little smoky
down here.
You want to send someone?
I can feel it on my eyes.
Yeah. Something's
happening down here.
Let's go.

The smart move
is to come quietly,
but you two don't look
that smart.
I guess a gorgon's not much
without his killer eyes.
you don't know gorgons.
Coffin thumbs.
I'm here at your school.
Where are you?
Hi, Dracula.
- Where is my daughter?
- Oh, she's fine.
She's comfortable
for the moment.
What have you done?
If you hurt her, I swear--
Shh, shh, shh,
no time for empty threats.
You only have
a few minutes left.
You see, she's casting
the mortality curse--
- Which in seven minutes...
- Zamara.
Will end you
and all your kind forever.
No, no. You don't have
to do this, Zamara.
I just wanted
to see your face
when you and your daughter
suddenly age
and turn to dust.
- No!
- We have a situation.
- No. Talk to me.
- Help me!
- She's been bitten!
Get her out of here.
I will handle this myself.
- Listen to me.
- Goodbye, Dracula.
Zamara, Zamara, Zamara!
Make sure she keeps chanting.

Stay here.
No one gets in.
- Understood.
- No one.
She seems tense.
You're going to regret that.
Yeah, I'm not feeling regret.
More of a thrill, actually.
See ya.
Come on.
We're out of time.
Frankie, I can't do it.
Come on!
Parametric blocks are
coded to unique users.
You know that.
- There has to be a way.
- Think.
Locks. How do you break
an unbreakable lock?
I've got it.
Two of my favorite books.
What are you doing?
Advanced Electrical Theory
and Applied Monster Physics.
Get down.
Please stop.
We are just trying
to save our friend.
Ellis, please.
Well done, Ellis.
And you two, I am impressed.
I really am.
It's a very delicate spell.
The slightest touch
would have woken her.
You almost succeeded.
But now, children,
the fun is over.
It's time for you to die--
I can't hold her.
Wraith silver.
- You can't touch it.
It'll destroy you.
Draculaura, please wake up!
We're out of time.
No! No!
No, Clawdeen!
Stop, please.
There's got to be another way.
I can't hold her.
She's too strong.
Clawdeen, wake up.
Clawdeen, don't leave me.
I think she's dying.

This is so good.
I can't handle it.
Literally, like,
two whole days.

I am the reaper.
I've come for you.
I'm not ready.
- Clawdeen.
- Frankie?
Clawdeen, wake up.
- Frankie!
- The dead must rest.
Surrender, Clawdeen Wolf.
That means...
That I have a choice.
- Clawdeen.
- Frankie, I'm here.
Clawdeen, don't leave me.
Don't leave me.
Wake up.
Please wake up.
Please wake up.

Deuce, she's awake.
Hey, you.
You OK?
Still in one piece.
Oh, man.
More or less.
Let's get you up.
Come on.
- You good?
- Yeah.
What happened?
It was all Draculaura.
When you woke her,
it was unbelievable.
Yeah, she opened up a major
can of witch butt whooping
on everyone.
It was fantastic, witchcraft
used by the good guys.
Apology accepted, Tor.

both: I'm sorry.
Duty calls.
What did she do to you?
Are you hurt?
Are you all right?
Dad, I'm OK.
Everything's OK.
And I've got a few
high-profile prisoners
for you to deal with.
Oh, I will.
I most certainly will.
My little ghoul
is growing up...
so quickly.
- Hello, Dracula.
Still with the cape?
- Hey.
It's a cloth.
Superheroes wear capes.
Uh, I'm sorry.
I had no idea.
I know.
But you did the right thing
when it counted.
Thank you.
So how about we make this
the beginning
of that new era of peace?
See you around, Ellis.
See you around, Draculaura.
Nice moves, D.
Not too shabby.
OK, tell me exactly
what happened.
She can summon bats.
It was fire.
I think I finally got my
new upgrades under control.
I always knew you would.
Looks like you got that
party you wanted after all.
It's perfect.
all: Whether born or hatched
or spawned from slime
Today's the day,
your special time
13 moons have
come and gone
And so we sing
this birthday song
13 moons, 13 moons
13 moons again
Make a wish.
Bloodgood's about to announce
the prefect results.
I'm OK.
Come on.
Let's go.

Attention, students.
Let's see if I got my wish.
In our school's grand
tradition of prefecte electio,
the moment has come.
This year's
student prefect is...
Clawdeen Wolf.
Hey, Kumon.
You protected your pack,
even when the school
hated you for it.
That took guts, prefect.
Looks like you've got
a few scars of your own now.
Well, I guess, we finally
have something in common.
We're werecreatures, Wolf.
We share the moon.
I guess we do.

Clawdeen, photo op.
Yeah, just a sec.
Say shelfie.
both: Shelfie.
Where's Draculaura?
Ayo, D, we got
to cut that cake.
You know, I feel like
I got to see a little
of the real gorgon out there.
It was kind of cool.
- I got to be honest.
For the first time in a while,
it felt like me.
And I've realized something.
I've realized I need to leave.
Yeah, the Gorgodian.
I'm going to do it and go
figure out who I really am.
But that's a whole year.
Yeah, it is.
But Monster High.
I can't imagine it without you.
No, I can't imagine
Monster High without you.
This is who you are.
You found yourself.
Now it's my turn.
I'm here for you always.
I'm counting on it.
When you're
following your heart
Know your friends
are never far
Who's been there
from the start
You know who
your monsters are
I know now
Figured it out
It's all about
Standing up for
what you believe
So powerful
My inner wolf
I'm meant to be
the friend that you need
The world might change
No turn turning back
But look around
You found a pack
Dancing with you
in the dark
Making magic, making sparks
Who's been there
from the start
You know who
your monsters are
Never let you fall apart
Every smile and every scar
Who sees your truest heart
You know who
your monsters are
You know who
your monsters are
Tried to be tough
and level up
But I'm enough
I always had
the power in me
Why walk alone
Through the unknown
I should've known
I'm stronger with you
all on my team
The world might change
No turning back
But look around
You found your pack
And that's a fact
Dancing with you
in the dark
Making magic, making sparks
Who've been there
from the start
You know who
your monsters are
Never let you fall apart
Every smile and every scar
Who sees your truest heart
You know who
your monsters are
You know
who your monsters are
You know who
your monsters are
Friends, you can fly to
with your problems
Monsters are
The ones who stay
until you solve them
Monsters are
The kind of heroes
you can count on
Let's show them
who we really are
Dancing with you
in the dark
Making magic, making sparks
Who's been there
from the start
You know who
your monsters are
Go, Frankie.
Go, Frankie.
Go, Frankie.
Go, Frankie.
Thank you for saving me.
I think we all
saved each other.
Per usual.
I guess that's just
what best friends do.

Friends, you could fly to
with your problems
You know who
your monsters are
The one to stay
until you solve them
You know who
your monsters are
The kind of heroes
you can count on
You know who
your monsters are
You know, you know
You know who
your monsters are

- Out of my way!
- What?
The dead must rest.

And I will not
be cheated again.
And action.
Can't stop the chills
But check it out
You don't have
to be afraid
Know that there's a friend
Through every challenge
That comes our way
Showing you the courage
And saying you're enough
So come on, say,
hey, things change
But yeah,
it's in the breaks
That make us who we are
So don't beat yourself up
We gotta get there
Got to carry each other
Try as one,
we can't be lost
We never walk alone
We gotta get there
Build it up forever
Shine as one
- Action!
We never walk alone
We gotta get there
- I'm special
- Hey. Hey.
That's a wrap on
"Monster High 2."
- Let your light shine
- Whoo!
It's your superpower
And under the surface
We're all the same
Mm, gorgeous.
Sing this together
Everywhere, we gotta shine,
we gotta glow.
we make mistakes
We just learn
how long it takes
What are you doing here?
We gotta get there
Got to carry each other
Try as one,
we can't be lost
We never walk alone
We gotta get there
- Last scene together, guys.
- Last scene together.

Time for a party!
Got to carry each other
All right, guys.
Going through the portal.
Hey, Growlwool.
Hi, Fantasma.
Oh, I hope I got--
you got that roommate
you wanted.
Hey, Vladislav.
You're amazing.
You remember everybody.
Got to make everyone
feel welcome.
Who did that for us?
I think we did.
Oh, right.
Steve Valentine here.
I'm on the set of--
what movie are we doing today?
- "Monster High 2."
- "Monster High 2."
And hello.
Who are you?
I'm Salena.
She's new.
Hey, guys.
We're in the Clawditorium
ready for a speech
from our girl, Clawdeen.
Bloodgood's about to announce
the prefect results.
I'm OK.
Clawdeen, don't leave me.
Wake up.
Please, please wake up.
We have a tree
growing in our school.
Cool stuff.
Do you have trees
in your school?
I don't think so.
Wake me up.
Wake me up.
My heart goes boom, boom, boom.
My heart goes
boom, boom, boom.
Boom, boom, boom.
Boom, boom, boom.
My heart goes
boom, boom, boom.
My heart goes
boom, boom, boom.
My heart goes--
Boom, boom, boom.
Salena, my heart goes--
Boom, boom, boom.
Together with
the whole makeup crew.

This is the
making of a monster.
Together forever
Sometimes it's not
how the story goes
This time it's not
how the story goes
Finally, I'm complete now
How did you do that?
So how you gonna
answer this question
Figure out how
a story stays alive
We're the powerful three
So why am I
powerless inside
What happens tomorrow
The future's just
blank within my mind
No words for me to find

Time to face the time
Together forever
Sometimes it's not
how the story goes
This time, it's not
how the story goes
Not how the story goes
all: And that's a wrap on
"Monster High 2."