Monster High: Electrified (2017) Movie Script

[computer dings] Hi, there.
I'm Draculaura and, well,
I'm a monster.
Oh, but don't be afraid.
We're not what you think.
We're nice and normal and weird too,
and we all go to
a school together and...
Let me start from the beginning.
At first it was just lonely
little me and my dad,
flapping around in our
very big, old house.
But then I met Frankie.
And then I met Clawdeen.
[no audible dialogue]
And together, we decided to
turn our house into a school.
Monster High.
A place where every monster is welcome.
My Dad gave me an ancient monster
transporter called a Mapalogue.
We used it to rescue monsters
from all over the world.
[no audible dialogue]
I've made so many
fangtastic new friends,
and now Monster High
is filled with students.
And you're welcome to join us too.
All you have to do is... Draculaura,
official Mapalogue emergency.
We found another ghoul.
Come along.
[together] Silvi, exto monstrum!
[crickets chirping]
[car alarm blares]
- [woman] Come on!
- [girl] Did you see it? It's over there.
- [boy] Where'd it go?
- [woman] Have you seen it?
- [woman] Maybe it climbed the fence?
- [man] Nah, wolves can't climb.
Let's check the other side.
Hi. We're your
Official Welcoming Committee,
and we would just like to say... Huh?
Where is she?
[werewolf] Down here.
Help me, please.
They've got the place surrounded.
- [man] You hear that?
- [together] Huh?
- [girl] What's going on?
- [boy] It sounded... electrical?
So rude. I think we'd
better do something.
Of course. But will we still
have time for a bite before...
- [woman] There. In the alley.
- [crowd chattering]
[girl] Where did it go?
Ghouls, let's move.
[electricity crackles]
[girl] Whoa, hey. Is there a blackout?
What's going on?
Ah! What was that?
- [shrieks]
- [whistles]
[man] I see something.
- [growls]
- There!
- [girl] Don't let it get away.
- [man] Go, go, go, go!
Ah, thank you.
- No worries.
- No problem.
- Our pleasure.
- Happy to help.
It's what we do.
Uh... [scoffs] Who are you?
[clears throat]
Hi, we're your
Official Welcoming Committee,
- and we would like to say...
- Uh, ghouls?
I think the normies figured
out they've been tricked.
Time to go.
Don't worry.
We're monsters too.
Come on.
- [gasps]
- Okay.
So now, as your Official Welcoming
Committee, we would just like to say...
[together] Welcome to Monster High!
[thunder strikes]
[electricity crackles]
[girl] Have you read Chapter 13?
[girl] Is this right?
Frankie is really amped up
about this science project, huh?
Have you seen it? It's a...
It's a... amazing.
[chuckles] Isn't it?
You have no idea what it is, do you?
No clue. What is that thing anyway?
It's a ultra-high-density,
direct current capacitor
for storing high levels
of electric energy.
- Neat.
- It's like a super battery.
I'm trying to put all that
electricity... into this.
Imagine only having to charge
your phone once a year.
Oh, and for the normies,
electricity is everything.
This device is really going to
change their world for the better.
- [gasps] Amazing.
- Fascinating.
[Moanica] Why would you
want to help normies?
They've never tried to help us.
- [yelps]
- How do you work this thing, anyway?
- [chuckles]
- Moanica, don't touch that.
It's not...
- [girls] Whoa.
- ...done yet.
[school bell rings]
You wanna go see Ari?
I hear she's performing right now.
Isn't it great?
Just look at all these monsters.
Together, under one roof,
making friends with each other.
Looking good.
[gurgles] Ooh!
And it looks like the new ghoul
even made a friend.
It's hard to believe that
just a few short months ago,
Monster High didn't even exist.
Yeah, it's strange to think just last year
I was hiding with my pops in Bavaria.
I'd never seen another monster.
Now I can't even take two steps
without bumping into o...
Oh, my ghoul. I am so sorry.
I didn't see you there.
Yeah, I get that a lot.
When you're the daughter of
the Boogey-man, you kind of, well,
fade into the shadows.
Fascinating. You're Twyla, right?
What are you doing here all alone?
Uh, I like to hang out here
during lunch.
- [Frankie] All by yourself?
- Sure, I like my alone time.
Hey, I like alone time too!
Come with us.
We'll be alone together.
Have you ever
Yes! Ari!
Looked in the mirror and said
You're amazing?
You can always be alone
at an Ari concert.
Alone with the music.
The smile on your face
You're the best!
Don't be afraid of your glow
No more hiding in the...
Isn't Ari just creeperific, Twyla?
Uh, Twyla?
[music continues, faint]
Guess she's not a music fan.
Maybe she's just shy.
Oh, I feel terrible.
Oh, oh! We should throw
her a party to apologize!
Yes. Like a really big, big party
and invite the whole school.
Yeah, I would hold off on those
invitations, Draculaura.
Just the way I am
Wow! All right.
Man, I wonder what it's like
to be up on stage like that?
Deuce. We should totally
start our own band.
Yes. Yes.
I am liking this idea.
Bonesy? Skelly?
You in?
[guitar riff]
Yeah! That's the spirit.
[imitating air guitar]
Hey, I play a lot of instruments.
Ooh. And I've loved music since I was
a seedling. Can we be in the band?
- Oh, and Woolee.
- Depends.
Can you ghouls do this?
[imitating air guitar]
[imitating air guitar]
Oh, they're good. They're in.
[air guitar riff]
But while all of us monsters
find spiders like Webby here
- to be charming and wonderful creatures,
- [chirps]
it is important to remember that whenever
a human sees a spider, they do this.
[clears throat]
Any questions?
"Ahh!" Got it.
Very good.
Then we are moving on to our
next Humanology subject,
Now, who can tell me what human
beings think about the dark?
- [Draculaura] I know! I know!
- [boy] I got it.
[boy-2] I got this one.
Professor? Professor Dracula, I know.
[Dracula clears throat]
Clawdeen Wolf.
Huh? Oh, uh...
- They think it's clawesome?
Because it is?/ - Absolutely...
Humans are scared of the dark.
[all laugh]
What's to be scared of?
Look out.
There's some darkness behind you. Ahh!
Yes, yes. I know it's peculiar,
but it's true.
Humans can not see in the dark
like vampires or werewolves.
Normies are afraid of the dark.
Professor Dracula?
If the humans are so scared,
then why don't they just
suck up a lightbulb like Gob?
Listen up. You monsters and ghouls
need to take this seriously.
We must learn about humans so that
one day, we can happily live together.
Ha! I say we should learn about normies
so that we can get back at them.
For making us hide in the first place.
Moanica, please take your seat so
we can continue with the lecture.
Oh, I've already heard plenty,
Professor Dracula.
And thank you for the lesson.
- It was very... enlightening.
- [students gasp]
Come on, zomboys.
I just got an idea.
Here's a song about a seorita
You know who I mean
You'll be lucky to meet her
Be in the class
Makin' a fool of the teacher
Moanica no-show
Ora comprendo
Always the center
in the "dormamental"
- Hey!
- [music continues]
Top of the class,
as if you need to ask
She got the lingo Now wave, mi amigo
Let the beat go for me and my amigo
Feel the beat, yo Stamp
your feet, yo [groaning]
Hola, te amo, mucho gusto
Me and my boys don't worry
Let the beat go for me and my amigo
[groan] Feel the beat,
yo Stamp your feet, yo
Hola, te amo, mucho gusto
Me and my boys don't worry
All the monsters in the school
They'll be comin' up
Need to know that there'll
be time to be growin' up
Lessons hittin' you harder
than a coconut
Gotta focus your mind
Always be on time
I got plans that
only I can figure out
Got the brains to pull 'em off
without a doubt
Now's the time to jump on up
and scream and shout
Me and my boys, we're gonna
show you what it's all about
Let the beat go for me and my amigo
Feel the beat, yo
Stamp your feet, yo
Hola, te amo, mucho gusto
Me and my boys don't worry
Let the beat go for me and my amigo
Feel the beat, yo Stamp
your feet, yo Ha!
Hola, te amo, mucho gusto
Me and my boys don't worry
[Moanica] You two, read all those.
You three, gather some of these.
You... get me a mummy mocha.
[voice] Hmm. What do you
think they're up to?
I don't know.
Oh, uh, who said that?
- Twyla?
- Hey.
You want me to keep an eye
on those zomboys for you?
I could see what they're planning.
As class president,
this is my responsibility.
But thank y...
Okay, you are really good at that.
Maybe you should keep an eye on them.
But you let me know
as soon as you find anything.
Whatever she's up to, I'll deal with it.
I've got a feeling
something big is on the horizon.
Was that thunder?
[banging] Uh, sorry.
Runaway drum kit.
We're starting a band!
[banging continues]
And... she heard a noise.
As she headed down the dark tunnel,
slowly, she turned around.
But what she saw wasn't a ghost at all.
It was...
- ...a human!
- [all scream]
[laughing] You got me.
Come on, Frankie.
Let's play truth or scare.
Huh? Okay.
Truth or scare?
Hmm. Scare.
You have to...
...kiss Webby.
- [groans]
- [laughing]
Clawdeen, you're next. Truth or scare?
Yeah, um, I'm gonna go with truth.
Oh, I know. I know.
What's your biggest dream?
What do you want to do when we
don't have to hide from humans?
Well, um, when I was a were-pup,
we lived in a dark, dingy den.
There was no style, no art.
But then Monster High found me.
And I discovered how good it
made me feel to be creative,
and to create for others too.
So, my dream is to open a salon.
A place for everybody,
humans and monsters alike.
And I want to be the head stylist
that makes them all say...
Whoo-hoo! Yeah, nice.
Clawdeen, that's a spooktacular idea.
- You should do it.
- [scoffs] Yeah.
Maybe someday.
Or... right now?
Now? What, like, now now?
Think about it. Opening a salon is the perfect
next step to revealing ourselves to humans.
We could all work there
and get to know them.
They'll just think we're in costumes.
She's right.
Nothing makes someone open up to
you like sitting in a salon chair.
But, ghouls.
- I mean, where would the salon even go?
- [Frankie] I know!
The abandoned power station
where I used to hide.
It's the perfect spot
for such a voltageous idea.
This is all happening so fast.
- What if I'm not ready?
- [all] You're ready.
Ah, um...
Okay, let's do it.
Let's turn the power station
into a fierce salon!
Um, it looks nice.
[object bangs]
And... like I should
be wearing a hard hat?
I know, I know. It might
not look like much now.
It's perfect!
I can see it now.
Reclining lounge coffins
in the waiting area here.
A row of styling chairs
with crystal skulls over there.
And in that corner?
Wait for it. Fog machines!
This here and up there...
[screams] Huh?
Oh, we should probably
do something about that.
It's going to take a lot of work
to get this place ready.
You're sure you can do it, Cleo?
My family built towering pyramids
that have stood for eons.
Trust me. I can do this.
[thunder rumbles]
[panting] Um...
Ah. No.
[groans] No, no, no, no!
[grunting, growling]
Wrong! All wrong.
Uh-oh. No, no, no, no, no, no, no! No!
I can't do this!
Everything okay in here, sweet pup?
I'm designing looks for the
salon's big opening night.
But nothing is good enough.
What about this one? This is good.
Mom, that's just a sleeve!
Well, it's a very nice sleeve.
You don't understand.
When we open for the normies,
everything has to be incredible.
What if nobody likes what I do?
Clawdeen, being creative is hard.
You have to open up your heart
and show it to all the world.
Painful, yes.
But joyful too.
I believe in you.
You just need to believe in you too.
You can't rush great art.
[sighs, chuckles] You're right.
I have all the time in the world
to make these looks perfect.
Hey, Clawdeen, a question.
Um, is it all right if I tell some of my
old normie bandmates about the salon?
Well, of course, Ari.
Great. And is it okay
if they post about it online?
Um, sure. I mean, we want a lot
of normies to come to the salon.
Okay. Good.
Because all of that already happened.
And now my fans are posting about it.
And then more fans re-posted it.
[phone dinging]
Again... and again... and...
Ooh. Again! [dinging]
So... you're saying that...
We're going to have hundreds of normies
at the salon opening this weekend.
Right. Hundreds of normies.
This weekend.
Wait, this weekend?
Everyone was so excited and
then I got excited and, well...
Now can I panic?
Officially, as your mother,
I'm supposed to say no.
But, yes, I would probably panic.
[grunting, growling]
[zomboys grunting]
[shutter clicking]
[phone dials, rings]
[Frankie] Hi.
He-Hey, it's Twyla.
We need to talk.
[thunder crashes]
[Frankie] Wow. This is good work.
Digging tools, the Tesla coil,
electrical equipment.
And who has a zom-bake sale in the
middle of nowhere during a rainstorm?
Ooh. Brownie.
Don't eat that. I checked.
Yeah, it's like 90 percent dirt.
What could they possibly be up to?
I feel terrible asking, but...
can you keep watching them?
[chuckles] It's what I do best.
Just... please be careful.
- I don't want you to end up in any kind of danger.
- [thunder rumbles]
- [clangs]
- Whoa!
[gasps] Oh!
You know, like now, for instance?
- [grunts]
- Twyla!
I'm okay. I...
- [thunder rumbling]
- Whoa!
[electricity crackling]
You saved me, Frankie. Thank you.
Don't mention it.
Frankie, um, are you okay?
Whoo! [chuckles] I'm all right.
A little lightning never hurt anybody.
I mean, never hurt a Stein anyway.
But from now on,
what do you say we meet indoors?
Huh. That's never happened before.
Well, that was a lot of lightning.
You sure you don't need some help?
No, I'm fine.
Listen, we're having another ghouls' night
tonight upstairs. You want to come?
Uh, I think I've already had more
excitement than I can handle.
Thanks though.
Okay, well, if you change your mind,
you've got my iCoffin number.
Huh? Hmm.
[electrical humming]
[electrical humming]
Good morning, Twyla!
That was quite a storm last night, huh?
Yeah. Um, that electricity thing
still happening to you?
It's no big deal. In fact,
I woke up full of energy.
Hmm, right.
Hey, so I'm going to go spy
on that zom-bake sale.
I'm pretty sure those guys
are hiding something.
Be sure to call me when you find out.
Of course. I will.
Well, at least it's a nice day!
- [whistles]
- [speaks gibberish]
Oh! [grunts]
[speaks gibberish]
[speaks gibberish]
[bird squawking]
[clears throat] Hey, guys!
The creepateria has
brains for lunch today.
[blows raspberry] Brains?
Brains, brains, brains, brains?
Get back to work.
You can sleep when you're dead.
[grunts] Or, well, you...
you know what I mean.
No more breaks until all that
electricity is in there.
Frankie's science project.
What are they up to?
[shutter clicking]
[grunts, mutters]
[zomboy groans]
- [gasps]
- [shouts]
Come on, ghouls.
I don't care what your boss said, Rene.
That price is outrageous
for cuticle scrapers.
Hey, be careful with that!
Aunt Nephthys hates to be woken up.
Rene, I wasn't born yesterday.
I was born 6,000 years ago.
- [barks]
- Don't worry about how that's possible.
Worry about my cuticles.
Hey, mate.
Where does this go?
Oh, just over there by
the hair dryers for now.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Heel. That is not a toy. [barks]
Ha! Got ya!
Hi, this is Twyla.
Please leave a message.
Come on, Twyla.
Why aren't you answering?
[Frankie] Hey, Cleo.
I... I'm sorry. I... I know
we have a lot going on here,
but I have to step out for a few.
Everything all right, Frankie?
It's nothing I can't handle on my own.
I just... I just
need to check on somebody.
Oh, do whatever you need to do.
Lagoona and I will be fine over here.
We have everything under control.
Excuse me.
Welcome to the very first jam session
of Raythe and the Silent Screams.
- And a one and a two and a...
- Whoa. Wait. Hold up.
We are not calling the band "Raythe
and the something something."
Skelly said we were
gonna be the Rolling Bones.
We should name the band
something more powerful.
What about Thunder and Frightening?
[electric chord]
No, I like Raythe
and the Silent Screams.
Now let's jam.
Um, you can't just name the band
after yourself, Raythe.
One, I'm the lead singer.
Two, it's an awesome name.
Three, let's jam.
Ooh, what about Ghoulish Intentions?
Oh. Oh. Oh.
What about...
Raythe and the Silent Screams?
[talking overlapping]
- [Deuce] This is a team effort.
- [Raythe] It's a band.
[Venus] That's the worst name
in the history of names.
- Whoa.
- Okay.
Look, I'm still the new ghoul here,
but I know this isn't
what Monster High is about.
We didn't start this band to argue
over something as silly as a name.
We're here to make
awesome music together.
Monster music.
Silvi's right. We shouldn't
be fighting like this.
- My bad.
- I'm sorry.
Besides, the band should be
called The Howling Army. [howls]
- What?
- [Raythe] This is a team effort.
- I know what I'm talking about.
- No.
[all overlapping]
[Deuce] The Rolling Bones! Come on!
- [Draculaura giggles]
- [Clawdeen] No peeking.
Okay, ghouls. Here goes.
- Oh, Clawdeen.
- I knew you could do it, Clawdeen.
- [Draculaura] Creeperific!
- You really like them?
Mm-hmm. Oh. I can't wait to wear
these at the salon opening tonight.
They are fangtastic.
All my inspiration was thanks
to you and the ghouls.
But I still think there's
something missing. [door bangs]
[rapidly] Hey, ghouls. Sorry I'm late.
I just got this big burst of energy,
so I decided to walk around
the school 14 times.
You know, after I did the
Humanology reading assignment.
Um, who broke Frankie?
And then I did the rest of the
reading for the next two semesters.
Hey! Look at that, Clawdeen!
Those looks are so voltageous.
I knew you could do it!
Do I sound like I'm talking fast?
I'm talking fast, aren't I?
Frankie, Frankie. Slow down!
How many mummy mochas
did you drink, huh?
Why I've never been so full of energy.
That's a great idea. I'll go get us
some mummy mochas. I'll be right back.
Oh! Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Why don't we sit down for a minute?
[Ari] It's like there's too
much electricity inside her.
She's all amped up.
- Oh!
- Oh, no. My dress!
This is what my outfits were missing.
A power station salon
deserves electric fashion.
I'm electric
Doing my thing
I'm electric
I'm gonna light it Light it up
I'm electric
Like lightning
I'm electric
I'm gonna light it Light it up
I'm electric
Can you feel the magic?
Like lightning Ah
I'm electric
I'm elec-lectric
I'm gonna light it Light it up
I'm electric
Can you feel the magic?
Like lightning Ah
I'm electric
I'm elec-lectric
I'm gonna light it Light it
up Shock, shock, shock
Everybody got a light Got to work
your dream And show me that starlight
If you see some, touch that, whoo
From your cap to your
sneakers, baby, it's a keeper
Be a leader Don't be a follower
We're like a star
And everybody holler
When I walk in a room
people be groovin'
Who's that girl?
It's me, I'm illuming
I'm electric
Can you feel the magic?
Like lightning Ah
I'm electric
I'm elec-lectric
I'm gonna light it Light it up
I'm electric
Can you feel the magic?
Like lightning Ah
I'm electric
I'm elec-lectric
I'm gonna light it Light it up
Okay. [chuckles]
[Ari] Presenting...
Miss Clawdeen Wolf's
Fierce Electric Fashions.
- [scattered comments] What is that?
- Look at those ghouls.
- Check it out.
- Shock and awesome.
Oh, wow.
[boy] That looks great.
Awesome. Hey, check that out.
[Silvi] That's cool.
- [girls] Look at those ghouls!
- Oh, my goodness.
- Like, like!
- Check it out.
It's like a party, but also a dress.
Can I get one? Can I get one?
Oh, my gosh. Get me one.
We're really turning some heads.
- [giggles]
- [Raythe] Hey, Clawdeen.
You look, um... I mean,
you and the ghouls are like...
You're very...
Did I mention that we started a band?
Thank you, Raythe.
Frankie, are you okay?
It still feels like there's a
little electricity left in there.
Maybe I can...
Watch out!
Look out! Whoa!
What... What is it?
I guess it's a "Znap."
Znap znap.
Well, it is very nice to meet you, Znap.
- [zapping]
- Gah! Ooh!
Maybe we can just bow?
Znap znap znap.
Ooh! Oh!
Aah! [giggling]
So, ghouls, now that we
have our fierce new looks,
what do you say we head over to the power
station and see if Cleo's ready for tonight?
Let me catch up with you.
I have to check on something first.
Are you here?
[line ringing]
Oh, come on, Twyla.
Where are you?
[ringing continues]
Something's not right.
[beeps] [Frankie] Hello?
Twyla? Are you there?
Wrong number.
[electric crackles]
Are you still fiddling with that thing?
I thought you'd be done by now.
Is it finished?
Can we get started?
[scoffs] Finally.
I know what you're up to, Moanica.
Oh, really?
You're stealing all the electricity.
I figured it out.
I mean, we're underneath
the power station.
[wolf barking]
[barking continues]
[giggling] Yes!
[all laughing]
You're going to use
Frankie's science project
to take all the electricity
out of the power grid.
[laughing] Mira.
And they say Frankie is
the ghoul with all the brains.
[zomboys] Brains?
No, there... [sighs]
there aren't any brains.
You know, you can steal the electricity
to ruin the big salon opening,
but it won't stop those ghouls
from following their dream.
Oh! [chuckles]
I don't care about their little "salon"
or their misguided "dream."
Ruining that is just a bonus.
Professor Dracula said
that normies are afraid
of the dark, right?
So when we use this bad boy
to take all of their electricity...
Total darkness!
And when the normies are
good and scared...
the zomboys and I
will go out into the world
and show them how truly "scarifying"
we monsters can be!
Right, zomboys?
[muttering, chuckling]
Hey! Be scary!
Uh... Bleh!
[sips, mock roars]
This is the night
of the zomboys!
[electricity crackling]
[machine powering down]
[metal clanks]
Impressive... fail.
[growls] Ayayay.
[whispering in Spanish]
What was that?
I thought you zomboys said
you knew what you were doing.
Um, eh?
[yells, grunts]
I've gotta get some air.
[muttering in Spanish]
[both grunt]
You wouldn't happen to know
where Twyla is, would you?
Who, me?
How should I know where that
shadow ghoul likes to sneak?
If you do know where Twyla is,
I'll find out.
Znap znap znap!
"I'll find out."
[mock laugh]
Yes, Frankie.
You'll find out where Twyla is.
Time for plan B.
[line ringing]
Release the Boogey-girl.
She's free to go.
Uh... [stammering] Me and you...
No, I'm... [sighs]
I'm not mad at you anymore.
You're still my zomboys.
Ahh! [groans]
Yes, we can get ice cream after
we finish the night of the zomboys.
Ooh! Ooh, ooh.
Go now.
Um... Yeah.
All right. So it's settled.
The name of the band is
Howling Thunder and Frightening
featuring Raythe and Deuce
and the Rolling Bones
and Woolee.
You know, there's no way
that's going to fit on a T-shirt.
Hey, Howling Thunder and Frightening
featuring Raythe and Deuce and
the Rolling Bones and Woolee
isn't about T-shirt and making money.
It's about our message
and monster alternative.
Um, monster alternative?
I thought we were going to be
playing heavy metal!
No. H-T-F-F-R-D-A-T-R-B's and Woolee
is a monster alternative band.
Guys. Guys.
Doesn't it make more sense for a
monster band to play goth rock?
Great, now we don't even agree on
the kind of music we're gonna play?
Bonesy, Skelly, what about you guys?
[playing jazz music]
Smooth jazz?
Only my mom likes smooth jazz.
Metal is the only cool kind of music.
How many times do I have to say it?
Monster alternative for sure.
- Goth is totally now!/ - Everyone on the
Monsternet loves monster alternative.
What? Oh, come on.
- [arguing continues]
- [playing jazz]
[all playing at once]
Hey, Frankie!
- Twyla!
- [panting]
Where have you been? I've been
looking all over for y...
It's Moanica. She had her zomboys dig
a tunnel under the power station.
Znap! Znap!
- W-What's that?
- Znap znap.
I'll explain later.
Why on earth are they digging a tunnel?
Because she wants to steal all the
electricity, all the light, so she can...
What are you doing here?
I came looking for you.
I can't have our big salon opening without
one of my best ghoul friends there with me.
Oh, no, you shouldn't
go back there now...
Clawdeen, your dream is
becoming a reality tonight.
You go make sure everything is perfect.
I'll meet you there soon.
Okay, but don't be late.
Ah, I am so excited,
I can't stop howling.
Now, where is this tunnel?
Hmm. That's odd.
There are usually zomboys here.
- Z-Znap.
- [struggling]
Frankie, I know you want to
take care of this on your own.
But listen. That cavern
is swarming with zomboys.
I am more than capable of
outsmarting a few zomboys.
That salon means everything to Clawdeen.
I'm not letting Moanica
ruin her big night.
Then I'm coming with you.
[Frankie] So how far down does this go?
[Twyla] A long way.
It's really dark.
Good thing I'm my own light source.
[zomboys laughing]
[Ari] Hello. Hello, everyone!
Thank you. Thank you all
for coming to our grand opening!
I'd like to introduce Clawdeen Wolf,
up-and-coming style genius!
[crowd cheering]
Welcome to Fierce!
[woman] This is amazing.
I love the monster theme here.
Check out the styling chairs.
Pretty cool. Yeah.
It's really out there, you know?
- [woman] Makeover.
- [man] Whoa! They got a deejay.
[woman] This track is fresh!
- I love it!
- [man] I give this place an 11 out of ten.
[woman] Their monster
makeup is so realistic.
Forget their makeup.
Did you see those outfits?
Mummy mocha?
- [woman guffaws]
- [man] Can you do my hair like a werewolf?
Wow! Look at my monster hair.
[man] Super stylish!
[woman] It's Tash!
She got a monster makeover.
Oh, that is so cool.
That looks amazing!
Oh, man.
Did you see they have a fog machine?
Check out my hair. This is awesome.
I'm telling all my friends
about their monster style.
[children giggling]
Uh, are you sure this looks good?
Oh! Absolutely.
It makes you look at least
10,000 years younger.
I'm not so sure about that.
Love the new look, Dracula.
Well, what do you know?
So do I.
I'm very proud of you, Clawdeen.
Thanks, Mom.
Something wrong?
Frankie should be here.
Just wondering where she is.
I'm sure she's around here somewhere.
[Dracula clears throat]
Could you...
Wait. There's lots of zomboys up ahead.
Seems pretty quiet.
[whispers] Be careful.
[zomboys groaning]
Let go.
No, no.
what do you think, Frankie?
I think you ruined my science project.
Oh, I'm about to ruin
much more than that.
I'm taking this whole thing apart
before you can do any more damage.
I don't think so.
It's time for the night of the zomboys.
[zomboys] Yay!
Time for the normies to be afraid.
And they will be,
when I shut off all the lights.
There are billions of watts
of energy in that power grid.
Obviously there was no way my project
would be able to store
that much electricity.
[chuckles] Yeah, I kinda already
figured that out. Thanks.
But... that got me thinking.
Where under earth would I
find something...
or someone...
that is capable of absorbing
that much electricity?
[both chuckling]
You let Twyla go because you
knew she'd lead me down here.
You need me to make your machine work.
Yep! [chuckles]
[electrical crackling]
No! Frankie!
[cackling continues]
Testing. Testing, one, two.
Hello, Monster High.
We are Howling Thunder and Frightening featuring
Raythe and Deuce and the Rolling Bones.
- And Woolee.
- Who wants to hear some heavy-ish metal
monster alternative goth rock with
subtle undertones of smooth jazz?
And there's some polka in there too.
[giggles] Yeah!
I said a one, a two, a one, two...
[all playing at once]
Uh, guys? We never practiced any songs.
Yeah, I was meaning to bring that up.
Whoa! Whoa! What the?
- Huh?
- Ow! Hey!
- Uh, what?
- Whoa.
What's all this then?
It's kinda cool.
Hey! Where's my electric outfit?
[electric crackling]
[both gasp]
- Is there a blackout?
- What's going on?
What? Wha...
- Crikey!
- What should we do?
- Whoa!
- [nervous chuckle]
- Excuse me.
- [woman] Come on, you guys. Let's go.
Um, nothing to worry about, people.
Just a little technical
difficulty on our first night.
If I could direct your attention
to the table in the corner.
Please help yourself
to some refreshments.
- Oh!
- Whoa!
This is not okay.
[cackling continues]
She can't hear you.
[machine powering down]
[metal clattering]
[all gasping]
[zomboys groaning]
[all gasp]
- [groans]
- [squeals]
[normies screaming]
[clears throat, groans]
Hey, wha...
What the? Moanica?
- Boo!
- Zombies!
What's happening? I didn't
get my hair done yet!
Are you scared?
Well, you should be!
Because monsters and zombies are real!
And tonight...
[zomboys groaning]
Will somebody please help him?
Por favor.
[clears throat]
And tonight...
under the cover of perpetual darkness,
me and my zomboys are
going out into your world.
And we're going to do terrible,
"scarrible" things!
That's right.
We're gonna tie your shoelaces together.
We're gonna put salt
in your sugar bowls.
We're gonna do a lot of this.
[both groaning]
That's right. Run!
Because this is the night
of the zomboys!
What have you done?
[all grunt]
[Clawdeen] Moanica!
[zomboys groaning]
- Huh?
- Blah!
[both laughing]
[car alarm wailing]
Well, if you don't count the whole
"zombies stealing the electricity and
falling through the floor" thing,
I'd say tonight went pretty well.
Ghouls, it's Frankie.
What happened?
It was Moanica.
She used Frankie for her plan.
So much electricity.
She's in... shock.
We have to get all that
electricity out of her.
Znap znap!
Frankie, whatever you did
before to make Znap,
can you do it again?
Znap, can you wake her?
Znap znap.
Znap znap.
Znap znap.
[electric crackle]
Hit the deck!
- Znap!
- Znap znap!
Znap! Znap!
Znap znap!
Um... [chuckles]
All right, ghoul. You are back.
You're okay.
Oh. Thanks to Znap and you ghouls.
And you were right, Twyla.
Oh! Um...
I can't do everything on my own.
[chuckles] Znap!
Znap znap znap.
You're right, Znap.
With Moanica and the zomboys
out scaring all the normies,
there's no way they'll ever trust us,
unless we do something.
Moanica has hundreds of zomboys
out scaring those normies.
It'd take an army to stop them.
Znap znap znap znap!
Znap! Znap!
[zomboys laughing]
[car alarm blaring]
It's... It's beautiful.
[car alarm blaring]
So proud.
Oh! Eh.
Hey. Ghouls.
Think you could turn
the outfits down a bit?
They're kinda messing up the whole dark
and scary mood we've got going here.
Moanica, stop.
We're not going to stand by
and let you do this!
And you think a few shining fabulously
designed outfits are going to stop me?
Thank you?
[snaps finger] All right.
Now either grab a roll of TP
and help us decorate,
or get out of the way.
Because nothing stops
the night of the zomboys.
Znap znap znap!
[all laughing]
Znap! Z-Znap!
- [screeching]
- [screaming]
- Ha!
- [groaning]
Hey! What about the
night of the zomboys?
- [laughing]
- [gasps]
That's for making me part of
your evil science project!
Znap! Znap!
[blows raspberry]
[both scream]
Oh, come on!
Have fun running away.
See you at school on Monday!
Znap znap!
Znap znap!
[laughs] Znap!
Oh! Sweet!
Ahh! Amazing!
Oh, znap!
Ah! Stop that!
You are in so much trouble.
[speaking Spanish]
Okay. Here we go.
Let's clean up this mess you've made.
Time for zom-beautification!
Get it? Zombie beau...
Forget it.
That's a... Oh!
Does anyone know how to say,
"That's what you get" in Zombie?
[all laughing]
Oh. Sorry, mate.
Nobody's gonna come back
after that disaster last night.
Maybe... after the salon is fixed up,
we could have a grand re-opening?
Right! Even better than before.
You ghouls are sweet, but let's face it.
When those zomboys
popped out of the ground,
my dream was as dead as they are.
What... What are you doing
just standing around?
Trying to come up with a
new dream for Clawdeen.
Ooh! How about
something with music?
There's a band here at Monster High
and from what I understand,
you do not have to be
very good to get in.
No, I mean, why aren't
you getting ready?
Um, remember?
Last night when the zomboys
crashed the party?
I don't think I heard a single one
of them compliment our decorations.
Um, haven't you looked outside?
- Huh?
- Huh?
Look at all the normies!
But the zomboys...
Everyone thought it was
all part of the opening.
They loved it.
Your salon is trending
all over the Internet.
Monster style is officially
the next big thing.
Well, what are we waiting for?
Let's get ready to meet the humans.
The dream is still alive!
[cheering continues]
We're electrified
We're electrified
When it's dark outside
We don't need no light
We're electrified
Yeah, we're electrified
There's no place to hide
'Cause we're burning bright
Yeah, we're electrified
Yeah, we're electrified
When it's dark outside
We don't need no light
We're electrified
Yeah, we're electrified
There's no place to hide
'Cause we're burning bright
[playing smooth jazz]
[zomboys jeering]
Boo! You stink!
[Moanica laughing]
You're terrible!
[jazz continues]
[music stops]
- [laughing]
- Boo!
Yeah, we're electrified
Yeah, we're electrified
We've got all the power
In the world tonight
We're electrified
We're electrified
Go ahead Turn out the lights
'Cause you know we're electrified
Yeah, we're electrified
We've got all the power
In the world tonight
We're electrified
We're electrified
We're burning through the night
[cheering, laughing]
[light applause]
[girls vocalizing]
[vocalizing continues]
[vocalizing continues]
[vocalizing continues]