Monster High: Escape from Skull Shores (2012) Movie Script

- Whoa!
- Look out!
Everyone, move!
- Whoa!
Attention, students
of Monster High!
When the bell tolls three,
it will be time for
spring break!
Next time put some muscle into it!
Oh, wait, you can't!
Hey, Howleen. Girls can't throw!
Not a good night to
make fun of me, Heath.
Ghoulia's right. Isn't
this carnival, like,
the perfect way to
kick off spring break?
Totes! Everyone fanging
out, having fun.
Even Headmistress Bloodgood
is getting into it.
If you do all your homework,
I see an "A" in your future.
Oh! Hilarious. That's awesome.
I'm so charged up for our big trip.
Have you packed yet?
- I have nine full suitcases.
And that's just for shoes!
No, Lagoona hasn't told Gil yet.
She wants it to be a surprise!
Is Spectra coming?
- Sorry, ghouls, I can't make it.
My family is taking me to see
some of their old haunts.
Should make for some great
ghost stories for my blog.
Hey, won this for you!
- Oh, Clawd.
So sweet.
- I'm gonna go win more!
Let's go find Lagoona and Gil.
Gil, remember how you said you didn't
have anywhere to go for spring break?
Well, I've got a
surprise for you, mate!
Oh, yeah? I love surprises.
My folks are sending a boat to take
all of us to the Great Barrier Reef!
You'll finally get to meet them!
Meet your parents?
Whoa... Whoa!
Hey, this is fun. Check me out!
Deuce, cheap carnival prizes
don't win themselves.
Happy now?
We need more!
It's a maze, I could
get lost in there.
Oh, the horror! The horror!
- I know!
Even wax statues of normies
look stupid! They're so weird!
Talk about freaks!
- Manny Taur!
You can't call someone a freak
just because they're different!
Now, go apologize.
To the statues?
- Okay, okay!
Aw, Clawd.
So, y'all are headin' to
the Great Barrier Reef?
Awesome, right?
- You bet.
The boat's picking us up at the
catacombs docks tomorrow morning.
Hoo-wee! That sounds like a hoot.
Sorry, I can't join you.
I'm heading to the music
festival in Squalor's Holler.
I'd love to go with you guys, too,
but Deuce and I are heading
to an X-Scream sports camp.
Seven days of shreddin', dunkin',
splashin' and crashin'! Aw, yeah!
Yo, Gil, Great Barrier Reef?
You must be pumped!
Yeah. Whoo-hoo.
Gil's afraid of meeting my folks.
- Oh, right.
Freshwater, saltwater.
I told him no one cares anymore.
Easy for you to say, you're from
the sea. They're gonna hate me.
That's not true. It'll be fun.
Oh, no. I'm sorry, mate.
No biggie. I borrowed that stuff
from my big sister, Nefera, anyway.
- Amazing.
This is the life, huh, ghouls?
- Best spring break ever.
Even though I'm used to
the royal treatment,
this is truly something special.
You're gonna love the
Great Barrier Reef, Gil.
It's the most beautiful
place in the world.
I just wish it wasn't
full of sea creatures.
Gil, you're starting to
sound like your parents.
"Ooh, yeah! A thousand
lakes. No salt in my water!"
I'm sorry, but the ocean is a
scary place for someone like me.
What are you so afraid of?
- Everything!
There's all sorts of scary fish
and monsters that would just love to get
their flippers on a freshwater guy like me.
Plus, the normies have
polluted it so much
that you can't even
see three feet down!
Who knows what lies beneath?
Exactly. You don't know.
Which is why you shouldn't
judge it before you see it.
What's that?
It's an island chain, mate.
- Then why is it moving?
Oh, no! Somebody released a kraken!
Uh, what was that you were
saying about the sea?
"Perfectly safe"?
Where is it? Where did I put...
Kipling! Kipling!
Yes, sir, Mr. Farnum, sir.
Where's my trading route map?
I can't find anything in this mess!
Yes! Calamity Island.
We can sell them gryphon tongues.
I convinced them that
they grant immortality.
But we haven't got any
gryphon tongue left, sir.
We already sold everything
that wasn't nailed down, sir.
Our situation is dire,
Kipling. We're dead broke.
Save us!
- Over here! Please help us!
Over here!
- Please, help us!
Over here!
- Help! Help!
Eureka! Oh, Kipling, look at them.
Glorious, amazing,
hideous monsters.
Almost as hideous as you.
That they are, sir.
- This is it!
The public will pay top dollar to
gaze upon such hideous monstrosities.
We're back in business!
You mean our old freak show, sir?
That's right, Kipling!
Bartelby Farnum's Traveling
Freak Show and Grotesquery!
I think it's time to
invite them aboard.
They see us! Yes!
We are saved! Oh, boy!
Thanks so much, mate!
- You saved us!
It's nothing.
- On the contrary,
it is our distinct pleasure having
you aboard our humble watercraft.
Bartelby Farnum, at your service.
What an interesting boat.
What do you do?
What do I do?
The better question
is, what don't I do?
I sell things, I buy things,
I buy things and sell them.
I sell 'em and buy 'em back.
I find things that need finding,
I hide things that need
hiding and vicey versy.
Got a problem? I can fix it.
Torn coat? I can mend it.
I do what needs to be done,
I say what needs to be said.
All for a nominal fee of course.
But mostly, I entertain.
Ooh! Wow!
That's amazing.
Mr. Farnum? Do you think you could
drop us off at the Great Barrier Reef?
If it's not too far
out of your way.
It would be to my
great delight, madam.
There's no hurry or anything, if
you've got more important things.
Frankie Stein. Pleased to meet you.
You! You, you look just like...
Kipling, see to their things.
I'll be in my cabin.
Can't find it. Must be here.
It's uncanny. Oh...
A spitting image.
The creature has
eluded me for years.
How many times have I scoured
the island hunting for its lair?
And now, this Frankie girl is going to
help me obtain the greatest prize of all.
I took care of our guests.
Everything all right, sir?
Oh, yes, we're making
an unscheduled stop.
Oh, my Ra!
Hurry, hurry! Step right up!
Behold, Skull Shores!
Love it!
- Totes!
Don't be shy.
Feast your eyes upon the most
magnificent, mysterious,
monstrously marvelous island
that time ever forgot!
Check it!
- Totally awesome!
What about the Great Barrier Reef?
This is merely a
temporary stop, my dear,
one night only.
For recuperation and supplies.
And now, may I present to you,
the Skull Shores' only
indigenous people,
the Tiki!
Are they dangerous?
Far from it. The Tiki
people are the friendliest,
most welcoming beings I
have ever encountered
in my multitudinous travels.
Oh, wow.
The Tiki people will show
you to your quarters.
And as an added bonus,
one member of your little troupe
will be getting the royal treatment.
You shouldn't have!
Me? I don't know.
A ghoul could get used to this.
Why is Frankie getting
the royal treatment?
Cell phones not work
on this island.
Pretty sweet, right, D?
- Totes.
It's not exactly the Four
Screamins but it'll do I suppose.
I get my own place?
Finally, treatment befitting my...
Royal stature.
This island is cri-zazy.
I've never seen anyplace like it.
Wow. Who sandblasted your Sphinx?
I don't want to talk about it.
Hey, isn't this place amazing?
You guys notice anything
familiar about all the statues?
Yeah, totally.
But who do they look like?
Somebody famous?
Or somebody we know?
Oh, My Ghoul! My hut is so amazing.
Three stories, monster fruit
baskets, jungle flowers!
It called snow cone.
Trust me, monsters go gaga over.
No, no, no!
These schematics are
illogical! Start over!
Mr. Farnum.
Why do all the statues on this
island look like Frankie?
Yeah, it's kinda odd.
And why are they treating me...
The way I'm supposed to be treated!
Let me answer your question
with one of my own.
Do you like surprises?
Duh. Who doesn't?
- Totes.
- Depends.
Well, I can't say
anything or I'll ruin it.
I can say, however, that all of your
questions will be answered tonight.
Tonight? But what about getting
us to the Great Barrier Reef?
But then we'd miss
the party. Oh...
- What party?
No, I've said too much.
- Party?
The Tiki don't get
many visitors here,
so when they do, they like to
make their guests feel special.
So with my help, they're
going to throw you
the most splendiferous party
the world has ever known!
And you, my lady, will
be the guest of honor!
- What?
Seems the Tiki have become
quite enamored with you.
Oh, wow.
I've never been the
guest of honor before.
This all sounds fintastic,
but we really should be going.
My parents are gonna be worried
sick if we're not there soon.
Oh, okay, I suppose I'll just
tell them the party is off,
break their precious little hearts,
not to mention ruin your friend's first
chance to be the guest of honor.
But if that's the way you feel...
All right, I guess we can stay.
But just for tonight.
That's the spirit! We'll
set sail in the morning.
Mr. Farnum,
I was wondering if I could take a peek
at some of the maps on your boat.
Just so I know how close
we are to me home.
My boat? No, there's
no reason to go there.
We're very close,
missy, I assure you.
Oh, um... All right, then.
That was too close.
Make yourself useful for once
and keep an eye on them.
Yes, sir. Mr. Farnum, sir.
Hey, Kipling. Wanna play?
I better not. I'm
not like you guys.
My mask could slip. And Farnum
says I'm too horrible to behold.
Oh, don't be silly. We're
all monsters here.
I... I can't.
I'm tellin' you, mate, something's
fishy with this Farnum fellow.
I know he's hiding something.
We need to sneak onto his
boat and find out what it is.
You're being paranoid.
This island is great.
I was thinking we could just spend
all of spring break right here.
There's a nice lake.
I can't believe you. You're just
afraid of meeting my family.
They won't like me, Lagoona.
I'm a freshwater freak to them.
It's all in your head, Gil.
They are modern monsters.
That's not how they feel.
Okay, you're all gonna need to look
your best for the party tonight.
This is a foundation.
Apply liberally. And voila!
Turn that frown upside down.
I am royally exhausted.
What terrible jobs did
the Tiki stick you with?
I was decorating. It was fun!
Decorating? Decorating?
They made me cook and clean!
Oh, my Ra! Are you laughing?
- No.
Okay, yeah!
What? You're scared? That's
what it sounds like to me.
Why else would you say
that it's too risky?
Unless, you like those
freaky monsters, don't you?
Good! Then that settles that!
Are you wearing makeup?
Come now, it's almost show time.
For tonight at the feast,
we shall finally catch
the Beast of Skull Shores!
They're leaving. Now's
our chance. Let's hurry.
Great idea. I don't wanna be in
the sea any longer than I have to.
Whales go the bathroom
in here, Lagoona.
Welcome, welcome! The show
of a lifetime is about to begin!
Wow. Check it out.
I know. The salad
bar is off the fang.
Anyone seen Gil and Lagoona?
I think they went for a swim.
Find them!
This place is giving me the wet-willies.
- Look.
This is the island we're on!
There's something on this
island he's trying to catch.
But what?
Let's get our fins out of here.
- Wait.
The Beast of Skull Shores:
The Greatest Monster of Them All.
That normie scientist
looks a lot like...
There she is! Our guest of honor!
That should so be me.
Your ceremonial necklace, my dear.
And now, the show can begin!
Ooh. Ah.
Let me begin at the beginning,
and tell you the tall tale of the
mythical Beast of Skull Shores!
What's he talking about?
- It's just part of the show, enjoy it.
For hundreds of years,
a horrible beast, tall as a
skyscraper, roamed Skull Shores,
rampaging and terrifying the Tiki!
The Tiki, bless their hearts,
tried to beat it back
from whence it came!
But they were no match for
its sheer size and power!
Legend has it there was one person
who could soothe the savage Beast!
The Tiki, desperate to save to their
village, did the only thing they could do.
Offer her to him!
- Whoa!
In hopes his rampages would end!
What's going on?
He's using Frankie as bait!
Come on, we gotta save her!
Can I come down now?
Yeah, come on, this is
getting a little too real.
Oh, patience, my dears, for
the real show has just begun!
Just a show, huh?
We've got to warn Frankie!
Okay, here he comes!
Whoa! Whoo! Ha ha...
I didn't know they had
garlic on this island.
And me, without a
40-pound breath mint.
Oh, no, it's okay. Really.
It's not that bad.
Heath Burns has way worse breath...
- Just as I predicted!
on Monster Taco day.
- Beauty has calmed the savage Beast.
I'm sorry.
You know, you're not so scary,
when you're not all crazy roaring
and knocking trees over.
At the ready. Now!
No! What are you guys doing?
Stop! You're upsetting him!
We got to save our ghoul!
Stop them!
After him!
I can't believe that thing took Frankie!
- Me, neither.
No, I mean I can't believe
it took her over me!
Come on! We've got to help Frankie.
We're too late.
- We've gotta find her! Let's follow Farnum!
So, uh, where are we going?
Oh, my ghoul! Oh, my ghoul!
Oh, my ghoul!
Go ahead! Run! Hide!
But this time I'll find you!
What happened?
Sorry, sorry, sorry.
Well, aren't you cute? I'm Frankie.
I'm Andy.
Nice to meet you. So, how
did you... Oh, my ghoul!
We've got to get out of here!
- Why?
That beast is probably still around
somewhere. We've got to get out.
It's okay. You don't
have to worry about him.
Why not?
- Because, I...
I'm the Beast.
Okay. Didn't see that coming.
Pretty brilliant, sir,
you puttin' a trackin' device in
that necklace you gave Miss Frankie.
Brilliant, yes, sounds like me
and it's going to lead
me right to my prize.
Not to be a gloomy
ghost or nothing,
but what are we gonna
do when we find them?
That thing's enormous!
Scent's getting stronger.
Gotta be close.
I don't like this!
Is upsetting. Good creatures
like Tiki helping Farnum.
You right. Farnum play on they fear
of the Beast to manipulate them.
Must be way to get out of here.
I don't know. It's
always been this way.
I grew up the only monster
in a normie town.
They didn't understand me, and
that made people scared and angry.
Yeah, I get that.
When people get angry at me, their
intolerance, the negative energy,
it does something to me and
I turn into the Beast.
Everywhere we went, same old
story. It's ruined my whole life.
I'm so sorry, Andy.
Finally, since I didn't
fit in anywhere,
my parents decided to send
me as far away as possible.
But there was a storm, shipwrecked.
And you ended up here,
at the end of the world.
As remote as it gets.
So I figured I wouldn't change
into the Beast anymore.
Until I met the Tikis.
Their fear started the cycle again.
It's like, wherever I go, I
can't get away from the hate.
Oh, you poor creature.
We're getting near the Beast's lair,
Kipling. I'm going to be rich!
They will travel far and wide to be
disgusted by this hideous beast.
That bloke Farnum's got
a trackin' device.
If we keep followin' him, he'll
lead us right to Frankie.
Yeah, but what are we gonna
do when we find them?
I dunno, but we'll
think of somethin'.
I'm not sure if this is
the best plan, Lagoona,
confronting them
straight on like that.
Maybe we should wait and
think about this some...
Don't just stand there. Nab her.
I'm sorry.
- Gil! Help!
I, uh...
Don't leave me!
This island's actually
pretty cool, huh?
Yeah, when you're not being
chased by a crazy man.
Do you ever think about leaving?
Where would I go?
You could go back with us!
To Monster High!
I don't know.
Where we come from,
you're free to be yourself.
You can let your freak flag
fly and no one will care.
They've never seen someone like me,
someone with my, you know, problem.
It's not a problem, though. We...
Frankie, as scary as
this place can be,
your world is even scarier.
That's some boyfriend you have.
I love the way he so bravely ran for the
hills the second you were in trouble.
He's right.
I knew Gil wasn't the
most courageous monster,
but I never thought he would
just hang me out to dry.
You never know.
Sometimes things aren't
always what they seem.
Like you, mate?
On the surface, you're just
one of Farnum's goons.
But I bet, underneath that mask
is the face of a kind, sweet...
- No, no, don't!
Mr. Farnum says I'm too
horrible to look at.
He says no one will like me if
they knew what was under here.
And you listen to him?
We're all monsters,
mate, nobody's perfect.
It's what's inside that counts.
Maybe if you kept better company
you would realize that.
Kipling! Let's keep moving.
We're getting close.
Farnum's gotta be looking for us.
We should get you back to your
friends so you can get out of here.
Hey, more of my statues!
Why are there so
many on this island?
Ah, uh...
It's kind of embarrassing.
Hello, I'm like, the
queen of embarrassment.
One time, my stitches came out in
the middle of fearleading try-outs
and my leg hit the captain
right in the head!
A long time ago.
That girl came here with scientists
that wanted to capture me.
But she was different.
Around her, I felt so comfortable
and happy and safe that
I never turned into the Beast.
Did you build the statues?
Yeah. It sounds silly,
but just being around someone
that looks like her keeps me me.
And when I saw you... I'm sorry.
Hey, now, don't be sorry.
You couldn't control it.
I'm sure everything will
work out just fine.
Hey, we hungry. Need food.
What kind of two bit
operation you Tikis running?
Must go! Must get to
Frankie and others!
You right. Should not
leave them like this.
Am very disappointed in you.
Is not Beast you should fear.
Is Farnum! When was last
time he do anything for you?
Hmm. Thought so.
You want forgive?
Help me stop Farnum.
Frankie's perfume. They're close.
They're close, boys.
He's too dangerous for us
to take him head on, sir.
We're not going to. They are.
Listen up. You all will
attack him from the front,
create a little diversion,
and we'll swing around from
the back all sneaky-like
and cut off his exit! Go!
Oh, no. He's found us.
- Frankie?
You found me!
- You know them?
We all came to this
island together.
Well! Who's the jungle hottie?
Hurry! Before he gets away!
Farnum! You gotta get out of here.
- No, I won't leave you.
But he doesn't want us,
it's you he's after. Go!
Ah-ha! There you are!
- Frankie!
Tell me where the Beast is!
- Never!
Tell me or I'll be forced to use...
- Stop!
Jig is up, Farnum!
Tiki done being your wood
puppets. Let my friends go.
You really think a bunch of freaks
can stop the great Farnum?
Metal bolts?
There's my prize!
Not so fast!
You will submit to me, or I pull all
the electricity right out of her.
Your choice.
Now that I've squashed your little
rebellion, you can chain him up.
And I'll be out of your
woodchips for good.
He has won.
I'm so sorry!
Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle.
That's why I could never find you.
To the boat!
It was a distinct pleasure using
all of you for my personal gain,
but I must bid you a fond...
- Lagoona!
Gil! You came back!
That's right, Lagoona.
Farnum, let my friends go!
Ha! You and what army?
A saltwater army.
Put me down! I'm Bartleby Farnum!
Mr. Farnum!
- Wait, Kipling! Don't...
Our boat! It's fixed!
The kraken felt really
bad about what happened,
so he fixed it in record time.
Helps when you have eight arms.
Come on, let's get back
to Monster High.
How'd you do it, mate?
I thought about everything you said.
It was time I faced my fears.
So I finned up, and swam
to the Great Barrier Reef
and talked to your parents.
- You did?
Once I told them what happened
on the island, they were furious.
Your folks, they're actually
very nice monsters.
I told you.
I'm so proud of you,
love. You're my hero.
This whole thing made me realize that the
thing I was most afraid of was losing you.
You were right. The ocean
is quite beautiful.
I'm really sorry the Beast
got away, Mr. Farnum, sir.
On the contrary, dear Kipling,
Frankie is still has
the tracking device.
She and her friends are
gonna lead us right to him!
That transforming mutant
is gonna make me rich!
Good Golly Miss Creepy Crawly!
I had so much fun at the
Squalor's Holler festival!
We went so big! I was all like,
"Whoa!" and Clawd was like, "Boom!"
I got sick the first day, and
spent the whole trip coffin.
Now Andy, don't be so nervous.
- I can't help it.
Every new place I've ever
gone, it's been a mess.
When they find out I'm different,
they're gonna hate me.
And when that happens, well,
you know what happens.
Andy. Monster High is different.
You'll see.
- You're gonna fit in here just fine.
Yes, you will.
- You're cool.
In fact, don't be surprised if
nobody even notices you at first.
It's from Spectra,
the Ghostly Gossip!
"School Ghouls Just
Jazzed for Jungle Boy!"
What is that, I don't understand.
Relax, Andy, remember, there's
no such thing as bad press.
No, no, no. I don't understand
what that magic box is!
Oh, boy, it's going to take a while
before you get used to modern society.
Attention, students
of Monster High.
I want to personally
welcome you back...
Oh, no! It's a woman
trapped in that box.
from spring break and I hope you're ready.
- I'll save you, ma'am!
So, Andy, how'd your first day go, mate?
- Pretty great.
I mean, it's gonna be a while
before I get used to everything.
But I have never felt so
comfortable in my whole life!
Everybody here has been so
nice and welcoming to me.
I haven't been agitated once.
Attention, students.
Please gather in the auditorium.
I've called this assembly to welcome
you back from spring break.
And we have a special
treat for you.
A presentation on tolerance.
Without further ado, I give you...
Greetings, boys, ghouls
and monsters of all ages.
In one brief moment,
I will provide for you a show
of such colossal proportions,
a sight of such epic magnitude,
that no one who bears witness today
will ever be the same again.
Hey, does this guy
seem familiar to you?
Totes. But where from?
But first, I want to tell you
what a special place you
have here at Monster High.
What an astounding collection of oddities.
- Oddities?
Each and every one of you,
a magnificent specimen.
Specimen? Who is this dude?
Looky here, a boy
who lights on fire.
And here,
a girl who can freeze
anything she touches.
I don't think that's
appropriate behavior, sir.
This lecture is not
promoting tolerance!
Mayhaps I misspoke.
"Intolerance!" Yeah! That's it!
But the most unusual specimen
of all is right here.
Isn't that right?
You look like you feel
right at home here.
That's because they haven't
seen the real you.
That is enough! I want you out
of this school immediately!
But Headmistress Bloodgood,
the real show is
just about to start!
You feel how angry and scared
they are, don't you, Andy?
You ready to give these
good folks a show?
It's Farnum!
I've seen all I need to see.
Somebody needs to
stonewall this guy.
Stay back!
Now, Andy, let them see
who you really are.
A giant, monstrous freak!
Andy, please, it's
going to be okay!
Everything is going to be okay!
Put her down!
Do we really need to go up so high?
Andy, bring the girl down!
Look at you, you
magnificent, hideous beast!
You're even a freak among
the freaks, aren't you?
That's a lie! Andy
don't listen to him!
Face it. You don't belong here.
Let me save you like I
saved Kipling here.
So grotesque he was afraid
even to go outside.
But then I found him,
gave him a home.
Let me do that for you, Andy.
Come with me.
- Andy, don't do it!
What you need is to
stay right here.
That's it, my boy.
You've made the right decision.
Wait! Andy, don't go with him!
It's okay, Frankie. Farnum's right.
It's time I accept who I am.
He's not right!
Monsters aren't freaks to be gawked
at and judged. Including you.
But look what happened! I broke
apart the school. I almost hurt you.
But, Andy, you didn't.
Look, I know you have your issues.
But who doesn't?
None of us is perfect.
But that's what makes Monster
High so electrifyingly awesome.
We figure it all out, together.
This is where you belong, Andy.
Bravo, bravo, madam.
A fine speech. You have a future
in the entertainment business.
But face it. You are
all freaks! All of you!
And you will never
be anything else!
Andy! Kipling! Come.
Frankie speaks the truth.
You are not a freak,
Andy. And neither am I.
It's you who's hideous, sir.
Well, I'm not taking it any longer,
how you treat me, how you treat
everybody who's different.
I'm putting a stop
to it. All of it!
Kipling! Put me down this instant!
Whatever you say, sir!
Boo! Get outta here.
- We don't want you here.
We don't need you here!
No! No! I'm a freak!
Think this is the freak we're pickin' up?
- Gotta be.
Don't you know who I am?
I'm Bartleby Farnum!
Wow, that was really brave
what you did back there.
And Gil should know.
Thank you. I must admit I
feel a little uncomfortable.
I haven't been without
my mask in years.
Hey, who's the new kid? Super cute.
I think you're gonna like
it here at Monster High.
Attention, students. I'm afraid
I have some terrible news.
- Oh, dear.
Due to the extensive damage,
I'm going have shut down
the school for repairs.
Spring break has been
extended for one more week.
And I know just place to go.
Cut, cut. No, no, no. Like this.
All right, okay, and action!
This beats the fur off of
that X-Scream sports camp!
I feel you, bro!
- Yeah!
We should have spring
break here every year!