Monster High: Frights, Camera, Action! (2014) Movie Script

We are monsters, we are proud
We are monsters, say it loud
'Cause tonight, we're gonna
leave our fears behind
We're in it together
Stepping out and we're
letting our spirits fly
Stay fierce forever
Freak out if you dare
Your best nightmare
Don't stop rocking
your right to fright
We are Monster High
We are monsters, we are
proud We are monsters
We are Monster High
I can't see!
Watch it.
Sorry. Excuse me. Coming through.
I am not brave enough
to be your Queen,
but the heart tells me I must.
I am afraid to claim my throne!
But I am not afraid to reveal
my affections for you.
Well, one of you.
Be with me, Princess, and my
chiseled chin, not Edweird.
No, Princess, forget Alucard, be
with me and my dazzling dimples.
Oh! Her Majesty and Alucard
will make such a regal couple.
Try dusting your eyes. Edweird
is the clear choice for her.
Look at Edweird.
Love the dimples.
Naw, I love Alucard's chin.
If they could only see that
there is more to me than beauty
and royal destiny, but alas,
I have a secret.
I am not the ghoul you think I am.
Vampire scaritage requires you
to reveal all of your secrets
before your coronation as Queen.
Oh, my ghoul!
Totes fake! Vampire
royalty has no such rule!
Hey, sit down! Trying to
watch a moo-vie here.
Yeah, you're blocking my
view of Veronica Von Vamp!
She's hot!
This is the best boovie ever.
And Veronica Von Vamp as the Queen?
Please. She is a disgrace
to vampire scaritage.
Hauntlywood got it all wrong!
Well, sorry! But I know how
this really works, I was there!
Did you know vampires haven't had
a proper Queen for over 400 years?
But this is totally fake!
Quiet! I'm watching a movie!
Thanks for talking the whole time.
Make way.
It's her Royal Fakeness!
Draculaura, you owe me a movie.
Sorry if I got carried away, but that
Veronica, she just frosts my fangs.
You better get used to her.
The Vampire Majesty boovies are
the most popular ever made.
Popular does not mean good.
Well, I loved it. And her.
But the real story is so
much more fangtastic.
I should know, I did
grow up in Transylvania.
At the Vampire Royal Court.
We don't usually talk about it.
I had to leave in a hurry.
How is it that there hasn't been
a Vampire Queen for 400 years?
Yeah! Tell us all the
voltageous details.
Especially the romantic parts!
Well, after the last
Queen's reign ended,
the search began for
the next ghoul in line.
I love this!
They used an ancient jewel,
the Vampire's Heart,
that was supposed to magically
lead the way to the future Queen.
The search has gone on for 400
years, but they haven't found her.
- So the Queen could be anybody?
- And anywhere?
Yep. Now wouldn't that
make a much better boovie?
I'll say...
Youch! Hoodude!
Sorry, Heath, I still can't
control my voodoo powers.
Maybe you're secretly
the Queen, Draculaura!
Wow! That would be cool.
That would be clawsome!
Whoa, Clawd Wolf, dating royalty.
Allow me, Your Royal Highness.
Would you prefer the diamond
or gold crown, My Queen?
Come on, Frankie, I think I'd
know if I was really Queen.
But I choose diamonds.
They go with everything.
Hear ye, hear ye! Make way
for Queen Draculaura!
- See you later.
- Okay. Bye-bye!
Text ya.
Please, you the Queen?
You don't even have your
vampire powers yet.
I never said...
You think that you're all bat,
but what have you ever done?
You two better watch your fangs!
Don't fret, love. It's what you
think of you that's important.
Do you want me to unleash
a plague on them?
Because I have a new amulet
I've been dying to try out.
Thanks, ghouls, but I can
fight my own battles.
You'll be Queen when trolls fly.
They're right, I have never
done anything important.
That's why I don't have all
my vampire powers yet.
What do you mean?
Gory got hers a couple
of hundred years ago
by saving a Vampire
Lord from a sunburn.
SPF, like 1,000.
I haven't done anything even close
to that. I may never get my powers.
Draculaura, you have something
amazing in you. I feel it, in here.
You are going to surprise everyone!
I hope. Thanks, Robecca.
Master, the Royal Court of Vampire
Dignitaries seeks audience
with you at once.
Very well.
What seems to be the problem?
Lord Stoker, we demand to know how
the search for the Queen is going!
You've had 400 years! Where is she?
We think you're enjoying your temporary
role as our leader much too much!
I assure you I have everything under
control. The search for the Queen...
Is taking too long!
We need a true leader! Vampires
are forgetting their scaritage!
We just heard that Vampire Prep,
our most prestigious vampire
academy, is on the verge of closing!
The Vampire Court has voted.
If you do not find a new Queen by the
end of the week, you will be fired!
Well, you're in luck because
I already found the Queen!
- Really?
- Really?
Yes! I used the Vampire's Heart
and, just today, I found her.
Isn't that right, Ygor?
No, no, you lost the
Vampire's Heart when...
Ygor means, yes, Master.
Ooh, ooh, ooh!
Yes! In fact, her
coronation is next week!
Queen! Queen! Queen!
Good. We meet the Queen
next week, Stoker.
Or it's daylight for you.
Next week? Ygor, have
you lost your mind?
No, Ygor still keeps
it in this little jar.
How are you going to
find a Queen in a week?
The Vampire's Heart was stolen by
your niece 400 years ago when she...
I don't want to find the Queen!
Right! Because...
Remind Ygor why again, Master.
Because once we have a Queen,
I will no longer be in charge.
Ah! Yes.
I am the only one who knows
what's good for vampires!
What I need is a fake Queen,
one I can control and
bend to my will.
Yes, Master!
There! She's perfect!
The daughter of Dracula,
with all his enlightened ideas
about monster equality.
I remember her from court.
She was always so naive,
insecure, and feeble,
I imagine she doesn't even
have her vampire powers yet.
You won't have the
courage to question me,
isn't that right, my new Queen?
Okay, Daddy.
Yes, I know to floss my fangs!
I'll call you in six months.
Okay. Smooches! Love you!
Six months?
Yeah, business trip, Antarctica,
six months day, six
months night, you know.
Oh, make way, it's her
Royal Fakeness.
All hail Queen Draculaura!
Class! Class! Settle down, class.
Today we'll be continuing
our discussion of history.
This is your scaritage!
The journey to the Boo World.
Londoom was a stopping point
for immigrating monsters.
They left their homelands
for many reasons.
Probably because they were
an embarrassment to their kind.
Or 'cause they made up
stories about being Queen.
Stop torturing me!
Don't spook until you are
spook-en to. Detention!
Could this day get any worse?
Attention, Draculaura, report to the
Headmistress's office immediately!
Hashtag, "In trouble, again. "
I am so, so sorry I yelled in
class, Headmistress Bloodgood, I...
Draculaura, you are...
...the next Vampire Queen!
Me? But I'm...
You are the chosen one!
Lord Stoker!
What are you doing here?
I was led to you by
the Vampire's Heart!
See how it glows in your presence!
I really am the next Queen!
All hail Her New Vampiric Majesty!
Headmistress Bloodgood,
Gory has been
picking on Draculaura all day...
All hail the Queen.
Thank you. Hearing
that never gets old.
Um, they mean me.
I'm the next Vampire Queen.
- Wow.
- Amazing!
Draculaura's the Queen? No way!
I mean, uh, no way
I won't be the first
one to say congrats!
Have I told you how much I love
that outfit, Your Majesty?
We must leave for
Transylvania, immediately.
Wait, no, I can't be Queen, it would
mean leaving all of my friends,
and Monster High is my home.
What if I never come back?
Draculaura, listen to me.
Yes, being Queen is difficult for
one of your limited abilities.
But you are important.
Don't worry, I will take care
of all the messy details.
The Heart chose you for a reason.
It is for the good of your people.
I'm important?
I've always said you were!
Can my ghoulfriends come?
Oh! I've always wanted
to see Transylvania!
Of course!
The Queen needs her
to attend her at the coronation,
which is next week,
so let's hurry it up, ah?
Please, please, can they come,
Headmistress Bloodgood? Please!
It would be dead-ucational.
Well, I suppose it
would be a good chance
to learn about your monster
scaritage in person.
Transylvania, here I come!
All right, yeah! Woo-hoo!
Sorry, Gory, you'll be at the
Vampire Court when trolls fly.
I should have seen that coming.
Hate to be a bummer, Draculaura,
but Ghoulia, Frankie and I have
a major claw-culus
project due next week.
We're totes happy for you.
Wait, I have to tell Clawd!
Tell me what?
Am I in trouble? Did I bury
something I wasn't supposed to?
Hey, sweetie, remember how we joked
about me being the Vampire Queen?
Right, that was hilarious.
You're not laughing.
Yeah, well, turns out, I kinda,
sorta am the next Vampire Queen.
And I have to leave for
Transylvania. Like, now.
Wait! So, I guess that
means we're... We'll be...
Yes. We'll be apart for seven days!
That's like a month in wolf time!
Who will take me on walks?
Oh, Clawd! Oh, you'll be fine.
You're a good boy.
Who ruvs you? Who does? I do!
Now, fetch!
Come, we must leave at once!
Your throne awaits!
- Voltageous!
- Clawsome!
What's happening with Draculaura?
Draculaura is the Queen?
- So long!
- Goodbye!
Goodbye, everyone.
I'll see you at my coronation.
Come on, ghoul!
Your throne is waiting!
Goodbye, Draculaura!
Good luck!
Goodbye, Draculaura!
Monster High will miss you!
I'll miss you!
Your tomato juice, Your Majesty!
Bow to the Queen!
Thank you. Ghoul, get up!
You don't have to do that.
It's tradition.
As my dad always says,
"Traditions can change. "
And as Master says, "Traditions
must never change,
"and that traitor
Dracula's ideas are... "
Enjoy your juice.
So, tell us more about
what it was like
to grow up in the Vampire Court!
All that history.
Sixteen hundred years of aristocracy
is nothing to brag about.
Egyptian royalty has shoe sales
that last longer than that.
Oh! The Vampire Court
was totes amazing!
The beautiful dresses!
The grand balls!
I used to sneak downstairs with
my best friend, Elissabat,
Lord Stoker's niece, to
watch the Vampire Waltz.
We all had so much fun. Well, except
for that old crankypants, Stoker.
Yeah! Looks like he
hasn't smiled in 400 years.
Stoker wanted control over
all other types of monsters.
The whole court was divided.
My father, Hexiciah Steam,
arrived in Transylvania then,
just before the great split,
when the more, open-minded monsters
emigrated to the Boo World.
Stoker and my dad
did not get along.
You see, my dad's very best fiend
was Lord Stoker's younger brother.
So what happened to him?
Did he head off on a
mysterious expedition
and no one has heard from him since
or something like that?
Yeah. Exactly like that!
Wow, good guess.
I feel like I know this story.
Well, his only daughter, Elissabat,
was put under her Uncle
Stoker's authority.
There was a big argument between
Stoker and my dad about her future.
Poor Elissabat, she wanted to be an
actor, but Stoker put his foot down.
He said that she had to stay at the
court as a vampire-in-waiting.
So your dad helped her?
He tried. But then, she disappeared
just before we fled Transylvania.
We are now entering Transylvania.
Next stop, Castle Dracool!
Glamorous Vampire
Court, here I come!
Behold, Castle Dracool!
- Magnificent!
- O-M-Ghoul!
Well, it's no pyramid.
It looks just like the one in
the Vampire Majesty boovies.
Ygor's not allowed to see boovies.
A vulgar waste of time. Bleh!
I haven't been here in forevs!
Such memories!
Come on, ghouls,
I'll show you around.
Whoa! Oof. Ah!
- Ooh!
- Whoa!
Yay! Hoo hoo! I forgot how
wonderful this castle is.
So dark and dreary! I love it!
Grand, I say!
Nice, as far as castles go.
Lord Stoker has sent Ygor to
bring the new Queen to his study
to hear the rules.
Well, duty calls.
- Later!
- Good luck!
Queen problems, am I right, ladies?
Wait in here, My Queen.
Do not touch anything.
Master gets very grumpy.
Ah! Ouch!
The Vampire's Heart!
What are you doing?
You ever heard
of knocking? So rude.
What are you doing with that?
You didn't find anything else, did you?
I just touched the Heart,
but it didn't light up.
Vampire scaritage
says it always glows
when the true Queen touches it.
What gives?
No need to worry your
pretty little head.
I just have to change
the batteries and it...
Batteries? Oh, my ghoul!
It's a fake!
Wait, then that means
I'm not Queen?
The people need to be told!
I command you! Stop! What
the people need is a Queen.
And you are just the
ghoul for the job.
Why me? Why not try to
find the real Queen?
Because you will do as I say!
I will remain in charge, of course,
and in return you will live a
life of luxury as the Queen.
Not a bad deal.
This isn't right.
Dear, Draculaura,
aren't you tired of monsters
like, what was her name,
that Gory picking on you?
Don't you want to matter?
To go down in history as a
famous, important vampire?
Don't you want to finally
get your vampire powers?
Well, yes, I do, but...
Good! Then you shall
serve as my puppet.
All you have to do is jump
when I pull the strings.
What do you want me to do?
Your first order of
business will be
to stop the intermingling of
vampires and other monsters.
You and I will turn
back the clock to
a time when vampires
ruled the world!
There will be strict
rules to ensure
that we return to our former glory,
as the most respected and
feared monsters in the land.
Do we have an agreement, My Queen?
I don't think you have a choice.
And that's reason 104 pyramids
are superior to castles.
Reason 105...
Draculaura? What's wrong?
Nothing, except I'm
not the real Queen!
But the Vampire's Heart?
At Monster High, when
you touched it, it glowed.
You're the Queen.
Lord Stoker faked it.
The real one is gone.
And Stoker chose me to be the
Queen because I'm just a nobody,
who will do whatever he says.
You still get all these
clothes though, right?
I mean, being a fake Queen is still
better than not being royal at all.
Never thought I'd say this,
but Cleo has a point,
the vampires have been without
a Queen for a long time.
- You'd still be helping.
- No!
He wants me to make vampires
rule over all other monsters!
We won't be allowed to be friends
with anyone but vampires!
That's horrible!
Wait, if you're not the Queen,
then who is?
Only the Vampire's Heart knows,
and it's been missing for...
Wait! Maybe this is how I can help!
How I can finally do
something important
to make a difference to my people!
If I find the Heart,
I find the Queen!
And she can put a stop to Stoker!
Yes! Right on, ghoul!
As long as you get
to keep some shoes!
Oh, though, how am
I going to do that?
I have a strong feeling that there
are clues here, in the castle,
but where?
Stoker's study. He went batty when
he thought I going
through his stuff.
I'll distract him while you
sneak in and search it.
Great idea! Time to kick some bat!
Hello, Stokey.
It's Lord Stoker, My Queen.
Have you made your decision?
I have.
I will be your "Queen. "
It's too good to pass up.
Excellent. I think this
will work out well.
I was hoping to go
over some questions
about the whole being
Queen part thing.
Ask if you must, but make it quick,
you have an appointment with
important vamp-bassadors.
Oh, this won't take, uh, too long.
Okay, just look, should I wave
with my left or right arm?
It does not matter.
Okay, okay, then I'll do
right, how does that look?
Now, do you want me to wave
from the elbow or wrist?
Because I was thinking I could do
a fun combination of jazz hands...
Wave however you please!
We have no time for this,
I must present a Queen to the
vamp-bassadors, let us go.
Okay, I guess I don't have to
be that convincing of a Queen
for the vamp-bassadors.
Wouldn't want it to seem fake.
I suppose a little more
preparation could not hurt.
Oh! Great! This will be fangtastic!
Okay, let's pick out
a coronation outfit.
I like pink, it's my favorite color.
What's yours?
Okay, how do we sneak in?
That Ygor guy's not exactly the
roundest gizmo in the gear,
but he's not leaving that door.
There has to be a secret
passage, but where?
Hey, hey. ghouls!
Did ya miss me?
I'm good! I'm good!
What are you doing here?
I stowed away. I just couldn't wait
a whole week to see
all the royalty.
So you've been hiding in
the armor this whole time?
Oh, no, I've been everywhere. This
place is loaded with secret passages.
Here we are!
Lord Grumpypants' study.
Elissabat. Stoker's niece!
You sure they're related? I mean,
that ghoul is actually smiling!
Draculaura's father.
Whoa! Let me see! Whoa!
Wow! Neato!
"Dear Count Dracula,
as my father's beast friend,
"I beseech you. I have discovered
"that I am the next heir in line
"to be the Vampire Queen.
"If my uncle finds out, he will
use me to control all vampires
"to ensure our supremacy
over other monsters.
"I do not want to be a puppet.
"But he is too strong. "
"I am too young and weak to stand
up to him, so I must flee.
"Since the Vampire's Heart is the
only way to find me, I must take it.
"I can only trust you,
Count Dracula,
"to be its new guardian
until another Queen arises.
"Meet me in the Fog of Doom,
where the Globe meets the Tower,
"and I will leave another
note for you in the crown.
"Elissabat. "
Wow! A major clue!
But I don't get it. "Fog of Doom"?
Here, Londoom!
But I don't see
anything about a crown.
Scooch over, ghoul,
crowns are my department.
It's obvious she's talking
about the Crown Jewels
in the Tower of Londoom.
Come on, let's show
this to Draculaura!
Girls' bathroom. BRB, Lord Stoker.
Make it quick!
What did you find?
Who the real Queen is!
My old friend? No!
Yes! And we know where she went!
My older sister, Clawdia, is
studying dramatic writing there!
She knows Londoom like
the back of her paw!
Enough of this!
The vamp-bassadors await.
Ygor, fetch the Queen!
My Queen, Ygor is to take
you to the vamp-bassadors.
Just a sec!
Ah ha!
Hi, Draculaura!
Come on!
How do we get out of here?
Below the castle there's
dock with a boat.
We can sneak out to
Londoom on that!
You are coming with Ygor!
Master will be angry.
Where is the Queen, Stoker?
We are waiting.
The monarchy must be restored!
Stoker, you didn't
lie to us did you?
Because you can be replaced!
Uh, just a moment.
The Queen has had a
makeup malfunction.
Please, wait here.
He he.
- One escape boat.
- Ugh!
It'll take us a century to get
to Londoom in that old thing!
How about a steam ship?
All aboard the SS Robecca!
Let's go!
It's not first class, but it'll do.
Hang on, everyone!
Our very own royal
vampire adventure!
Oh, I'm just like
Veronica Von Vamp!
Except, I'm a boy
and not a vampire.
And no one's fighting over me...
Can't you make this
thing go any faster?
Only four days until
the coronation!
I hope I get to meet a vampire
prince like Alucard from the boovie.
Oh! He is monstrously hot!
Hot? So not.
The cute one is
Prince Edweird, duh.
What are they arguing about?
I can't even tell those dudes apart.
And here's a picture of Elissabat.
Thanks for the web search, Ghoulia.
In the meantime, we're on
the way to Londoom! Laters!
- Cheerio.
- Good.
Draculaura isn't Queen,
which is bad for her,
but she gets to come back to Monster
High, which is good for us.
I don't know how to
feel about this.
I don't think so, Ghoulia.
It's better if people
don't know Draculaura's
looking for the Vampire's Heart
or Elissabat.
Uh uh uh. Y'all know
I don't like secrets.
Unless I'm in on 'em.
Whatcha got?
Londoom! Now we just have to find...
Veronica! Ugh! I can't
seem get away from her!
Ooh! They're making a
sequel to Vampire Majesty!
We're on a quest for
real vampire royalty.
Yeah, not some Hauntlywood phony
who doesn't know a thing
about vampire scaritage.
Robecca, come on.
Oh, sorry, coming!
My sis said she would meet us
here. At the Globe Theatre.
Cool statue! This must be the
first ventriloquist act ever!
That's no dummy.
That's William Spooks-Fear.
He was the most famous
playwright ever.
For 400 years he's
been inspiring actors,
directors and writers, like me.
Hey big sis! Thanks for helping!
Sure! We wolves are
known for our loyalty.
Come on, you're just
in time for the tour.
But, Master, they
could be anywhere!
Not anywhere, Londoom.
Follow her and bring her back!
If that ghoul flaps her fangs
about the Vampire's Heart... reign of power will be over!
Yes, Master!
Here it is, the crown.
Uh! Not impressed.
I mean, where are the scarabs?
Hmm. I don't see any clues.
We're gonna need to
take a closer look.
I have an idea, but it's tricky.
Cleo, you keep watch
while Clawdia tells
the guards she has
a thorn in her paw.
Then Robecca will let out
a burst of steam to cover.
And what do I do?
Hoodude, you just wear the crown?
That bloke is stealing
the Crown Jewels!
Get him!
- Hoodude!
- Ah!
There's no clue in this crown!
Oh, no!
Oh, here you go!
Sorry, guys. He thought
it was a souvenir.
I told you the gift shop
is downstairs. Silly boy!
This doesn't spin right. I could feel
that we were on the right track.
What exactly was the clue?
"Where the Globe meets the Tower,
"I will leave another note
for you in the crown. "
Elissabat's not talking
about the Crown Jewels.
She means that crown.
Back at the Globe Theatre.
A crown can also mean
the top of the head.
Or, more relevantly, a skull.
I think I like the regular
kind of crowns better.
I can't explain this, but I feel
like I've been here before.
It's a map, and another note!
"Count Dracula... "
"It is too dangerous here.
"I'm taking the Heart and
fleeing to the Boo World.
"Here is the map to
my destination. "
New Goreleans!
My father took me there
when I was just a little ghoul.
And that's where my father lived
when I was under construction.
She must have taken
the Heart there.
We have to go find it!
Next stop, New Goreleans!
And I'm going with you.
Really? That'd be
totes appreciated.
Mom and Dad would shed their fur
if I didn't keep an
eye on you ghouls.
Besides, this will
make a great story
someday and I'm gonna write it!
Yeah! That's how you do it!
Whatevs, flea bag!
Edweird is cuter!
As if, litter lover.
You can't see the obvious
awesomeness of Alucard?
It's right in front of your face.
Duh, yeah! Totally.
See? Everybloody likes Alucard.
Sorry, I'm on Team Edweird.
There's just something special
there that Alucard doesn't have.
I don't even know which
one you're talking about.
How 'bout you, Twyla?
Who do you like?
Come on, looks don't
make the monster.
I can't just crush on a shadow I've
only seen on the silver scream.
I mean, it's what's in
his heart that counts.
You can't judge a bat
by its wings, right?
Okay, officially, ignoring you now.
Anyway, Edweird, purr-fect!
Yeah. He's purr-fect.
He's gorgeous.
Na-uh! Alucard all the way.
He's way better.
Oh! The cutest.
No one else thinks they look alike?
I can't wait to get
to New Goreleans!
- Wow! Look at that.
- Fancy
Now these monsters
know how to party!
Master, they've arrived
in New Goreleans.
If they locate the Vampire's Heart,
then they can find
the rightful Queen.
We cannot let that happen.
You know what to do.
Yes, Master, I won't
let you down. Oops!
Ygor? Ygor!
Sorry, Master.
There's nothing here.
Maybe this old map is out
of date or something.
No. The answer is here,
I can feel it.
I think somebody needs to
have their gears checked.
Ghost ship!
Awesome, right?
What is this place?
Oh, my Ra.
I've read about this ship.
It was a floating theater
called the Bijou on the Bayou.
Check out all the old
props and scripts.
Oh, yay!
You know, every place Elissabat
tried to meet with my Dad
had to do with a theater.
Ghouls, I think you
should look at this.
We don't have any time to
watch your dance...
What is it?
Sweet suffering swamp moss!
Hey, y'all are in my shot.
Who are you?
I'm Honey Swamp.
Pleased to make
y'all's acquaintance.
What are you doing here?
I'm making my student film about the
famous Bijou on the Bayou theater.
We're looking for an ancient,
valuable artifact.
Do you think it might
be on the Bijou?
Well, so many great actors, writers
and directors have toured through.
Ya know, the boovie star
Veronica Von Vamp
gave her first performance here!
Ain't she a peach?
Oh, yes.
No, not a fan.
Oh, no!
We can't go back without the Heart!
Ygor good!
Ygor bring the ghouls
to you, Master.
Excellent, Ygor.
Don't worry, ghouls.
I got friends in low places.
Come on. Y'all go first.
I wanna catch this on film!
Low angle, track the action and...
Ygor, you brainless
lunk! Stop them!
Yes, Master.
I'm sorry about the
Bijou on the Bayou.
It ain't nothing to
worry about, y'all.
It's a ghost ship.
It'll rise up again on
the next full moon.
So we have to wait a whole month
to find out if the Vampire's
Heart was even on the ship?
Didn't anyone see anything
remotely resembling a clue?
Whoa! Hold on there! Let's rewind.
I took some amazing shots
of the Bijou on the Bayou.
Let's check the footage!
There! That wax seal,
it's Elissabat's!
"Lord Dracula, as long
as I have the Vampire's Heart... "
"Its glow will lead others to me.
"I cannot wait any longer,
so I am steaming onwards.
"I have found someone
we both trust,
"an eternal friend,
"and given to their care... "
"... the Vampire's Heart. "
The Heart could be anywhere.
This is a wild ghost chase.
I can't stop Lord Stoker.
So much for helping vampire-kind.
Wait a minute. In literature,
everything has a reason, a purpose.
Nothing is coincidence.
If I were writing this,
I would use a literary device.
Foreshadowing or symbolism perhaps.
Or what about just
putting it on a poster?
Well, not super subtle, but I
guess if it served the story...
No. There, on the poster!
Veronica Von Vamp!
The Vampire's Heart!
In the boovie?
My wheels are clicking.
Elissabat must have given
the Heart to Veronica.
They were both here in New
Goreleans at the same time.
Whoa, whoa! Confused here.
Why would my dad trust that
vamp-poseur, Veronica?
One way to find out.
I do believe Honey Swamp and
I are thinking the same thing.
Uh-huh. Time to take this story to
- Hauntlywood!
- Hauntlywood!
- Hauntlywood!
- Let's go, ghouls!
Wow! They're off to Hauntlywood!
This is so exciting!
I wonder if they will see
any boovie stars. Like...
- Alucard!
- Edweird!
- Alucard!
- Edweird!
Ghoulia right, this "which boy is
cuter" argument is totes cray-cray.
We better do something or it's the
Ghostfields and McFangs all over again!
Don't they seem the
same to you guys?
Nyeh. Can't tell them apart.
Couple of dudes.
How dare you compare
Alucard to Edweird?
He looks like he has bat breath!
Those are fighting words!
Now that I got your attention,
I gotta say, this has gone too far.
Yeah, cool it!
Now back in Gnarlston,
we solve our differences by having
a good old-fashioned trial.
We settle this in Cute Court.
Hauntlywood, get ready to
meet Monster High!
Come on! Let's find that star that leads
to the Queen of the silver scream!
And action!
Fun, fun, fun
Hauntlywood, here we come
Let's have some fun
Fun, fun, fun
Hauntlywood, here we come
Where my Ghouls at? Hey, hey, hey
Black carpet, moonlight
So excited screams
come true tonight
Frights so bright
and cameras flashin'
Here we come
Frights, camera, action
Fun, fun, fun
Hauntlywood, here we come
Here we come
Hello. We're looking
for Veronica Von Vamp.
We just told you. Veronica Von...
No, ya big pin cushion, your name.
Hoodude Voodoo.
Nope, not on the list. Thanks
for stoppin' by. Buh-bye.
I got this.
No! You give me your name
because I am Cleo de Nile!
That's de Nile as in the de Niles.
And one call to my father
and I'll have you transferred to
the night shift in Fright-beria
for the next 100 years if you don't
open that gate this instant!
Uh, um... Yes, ma'am, I mean...
Miss de Nile!
Right away! Here you go.
I am impressed.
Yeah, being a diva is
like Cleo's super power.
Okay, ghouls, it's a big lot.
Let's try to find
Veronica fast before...
Anybody realizes we
don't belong here.
Yeah, that.
Why would the Heart be in
that den of mediocrity?
No decent vampire would dare
take it to such a place.
I heard the Vampire Majesty
boovies are clawsome!
I would really like to
see my first boovie
if you...
I will fly out immediately.
Then we will bring Draculaura
back to be my puppet Queen,
and I shall remain
in charge forever!
I have her now.
O-M-Ghoul! Is that?
Yes! The famous
die-rector, Scareantino!
Hey! Watch out!
Ah! Whoa, whoa, whoa, oh!
Mr. Scareantino! I wasn't looking.
Nice going, Viperine!
Gear me, I... I am fading to black.
Let me wind that for you.
Opening shot! Zombies to the left!
Zombies to the right!
Cue the music!
Enter the hero! But who?
Hmm. Gotta dig up some old star
and resurrect their career!
Note to self,
pack a shovel. Ninjas!
Why didn't I think of that?
Put it in the movie!
Oh no. No, no, no!
I can't be late again.
I'll get fired from
the boovie for sure!
Looks like you could use a hand.
And a paw or two.
I got your scare-spray right here.
Thank you so much! I am Viperine.
I owe you guys, big time!
All rise.
The honorable Judge
Twyla is presiding.
Cute Court is now in session.
Each side will now make
a case for their hunk.
Your Honor, Alucard's
adorable face and great smile
makes him clearly
the cuter monster.
If you want purr-fect face, you
just have to look at Edweird.
Pale skin, blue eyes.
The boovie is black and white,
you don't know the color!
And you wouldn't know cute
if it bit you on the neck!
Alucard is the cute one!
Edweird is hideous!
Order! Order!
I still say they look the same.
Can't tell the dudes apart.
Yeah. Dudes.
Whoa! Oof!
Okay, I'm good! I'm good!
Oops, missed!
Hey, could you throw that in
with the other typewriters?
In creative frustration?
Sorry about that.
Just going through a
little writer's block.
It can't be!
That's Scary Stone, the most amazing
scream-writer in Hauntlywood!
Ms. Stone, if you
have writer's block,
my friend Clawdia is a writer.
She can help.
This new werewolf movie?
It is chewing me up.
You've changed the
"Wwwwwwooooa!" to "Aoooooowwww!"
So authentic, so raw, so wolfy!
It's brilliant!
You have got to help me with
the rest of the script!
Wow! It's always been my scream
to be a writer in Hauntlywood.
See you later! Write lots of words!
Oh, goodbye guys,
I hope you find the... Whoa!
- Have fun!
- Oh, do have fun!
Okay. Bye, bye.
Where is camera two?
My underwater camera?
Really, made of stone?
That's your excuse!
Oh, come on, I can't make this
without underwater footage!
Excuse me, I think I
know who can help.
Go on! This is your scream!
Yup! There's nobody better if you're
talking about a camera and a swamp!
Why I can rack a focus while changing
lenses on a backtracked Steadicam.
What does that even mean?
All right, I'll try you out.
You go, ghoul!
She's going to be great.
And action!
And cut!
I love it, I love it!
I'm looking for a triple threat!
Where we gonna find someone
with the pure raw talent
to handle this part?
You wanna triple threat?
Here I am.
I sing!
I dance!
Jazz hands! And I act.
You got the job!
- Hoodude, even your scream came true!
- Awesome!
In Hauntlywood, triple threat
means dust, mop, sweep.
Oh, well, at least I'm in showbiz!
Ha cha cha!
Let me get this straight,
you say dimples are better
than a chiseled chin?
No, chiseled chin!
No, dimples are better!
Ghoulia, what does science say about
dimples versus chiseled chins?
Wait, are you telling us
that they are the same actor!
Digitally composites! to seem
like two different boys?
No way.
What an unexpected development.
Twice as delicious.
Order in the court!
Order in the court!
In the case of Alucard
versus Edweird,
I find that you can't
judge a bat by its wings!
Case closed!
Cute Court is hereby adjourned!
Totally called it!
Yep, same dude.
I knew it! And they
called me crazy!
Oh, they actually did, you know.
Okay, I guess dimples are cute.
And I could see getting
used to a chiseled chin.
What is it, Ghoulia?
Couldn't be, could it?
We're close, ghouls, I can feel it.
This way.
Veronica Von Vamp.
We have to get into that trailer!
Oh! That'll be easy, except for
those two huge bodyguards.
"Looks like you could use a hand. "
You work on this boovie?
Yeah. Thanks to you,
I didn't get fired.
Can you help us meet Veronica?
Leave it to me.
Viperine, plus makeup crew.
How come so many of you?
We have to make Miss Von Vamp
very, very, very, very, very,
pretty for her next scene!
Uh, yes, ma'am.
She's not here.
Well, then I guess we wait.
A trailer this classy
shouldn't be wasted.
No! I can't rest until we find her.
Do I know you?
The Vampire's Heart!
It's here!
Sorry, you're looking at a
fake, this is Hauntlywood.
It's only a prop.
We're very sorry for
intruding like this, but...
Well, I can always sign
an autograph for a fan.
Uh, sorry, not actually a fan.
In fact, I think that your
stereotypical portrayal...
Not the time!
Now, you tell me,
why are you looking for it?
Because the Heart will
lead us to Elissabat,
the rightful Queen of the vampires.
Wow, I haven't heard that
name in a long time.
The vampires need a Queen.
Quickly. And Lord Stoker chose me,
but then I found out that his
Vampire's Heart was a fake,
so I decided to find the real one
so it could lead me to the real
Queen, who is, in reality, Elissabat!
So, I need help.
What if she doesn't
want to be the Queen?
Everything we stand for will
be undone if Stoker rules.
The vampires need her.
All monsters need her.
If Elissabat were here,
she would probably say that she's
just one ghoul, nothing special,
and maybe she doesn't think she
has what's needed to be Queen.
I get that. It takes
courage, heart.
And I know she has it.
Listen, not all of us were
meant to do great things.
She should be proud that she was
born to do something so amazing.
Look, I want to help, really, I do.
But I promised Elissabat that
I would keep her secret.
Then, you can you tell her,
from Draculaura,
and this is big, that
she ran away once,
but I will find her, that
I will never give up.
This is how I can help.
How I can do something big.
Something important!
And when she's Queen,
she can help everybloody.
This is a turning point
in vampire history,
and her duty calls, to
help monsters everywhere!
Ready on the set, Miss Von Vamp.
I must go.
Please, Miss Von Vamp,
if you know where Elissabat
is, you have to tell her.
Elissabat disappeared
a long time ago.
I want to help, but...
Fur-rific. The Heart's a fake, and
Veronica's not gonna help us.
What are we gonna do now?
I'm sorry, it seemed
like you were so close.
Yes. Elissabat is close.
I can sense it.
Then we keep looking. Come on!
I've got you, Your Highness.
My Queen is found at last.
Is this in the script?
Now, this is how it will be.
You will return to Transylvania.
You will take your
place at the court.
And you will obey me.
I love the gritty realism!
Keep rolling!
No! I am so close to
finding Elissabat!
Ha! She is gone, and you will be
Queen whether you want to or...
I think not!
I insist.
And what gives you the authority?
I am the Prime Monister
of all the vampires.
And I am Veronica Von
Vamp, boovie star.
And you are in my studio.
I protest!
I have never been
treated like this.
Well, then, it is long overdue.
Draculaura, your people need you.
No! They need the true Queen.
Monsters everywhere
are counting on her.
I am counting on her.
You won't be able to boss
her around! No way!
Well, hard to say. She's not here!
You will not use
that tone on my set.
Veronica, if you know where
Elissabat is, please, please, help.
You know where...
Draculaura is right.
It is time. The vampires need
their real Queen, Elissabat.
Yeah! Veronica is talking
about Elissabat!
Veronica is...
What? Say again?
I remember Elissabat, who, more
than anything, wanted to act.
Only on stage,
and in her imagination,
did she have the strength to lead.
But my friend Draculaura
has reminded me that you
need to have courage
to face your fear, to
overcome it, to help others.
I did?
Yes, this is a turning
point in monster history.
Did she tell ya?
No, no what?
It is time to raise the
curtain on a new act.
Veronica Von Vamp is,
and always was...
That's right.
I am...
The Queen of the vampires!
I knew she was close!
Yup. She fooled us.
Just goes to show...
You can't judge a bat by its wings.
That's right!
Robecca, take my hand.
- Oh!
- Bleh!
I gave the Vampire's Heart to your
father, Hexiciah Steam, to keep safe.
So he put it in the
safest place of all.
It led you ghouls to me.
Lord Stoker, for your crimes
against the vampire crown,
you are banished from ever
holding official office.
Boys, show him the street.
But I'm the boss of everything.
Tonight is my new boovie premiere,
it will also be my coronation.
And you are all invited.
And cut! That's a wrap!
Off to the edit bay!
This is Spectra Vondergeist,
blogging to you live
from the famous Hauntlywood
Groaning's theater
for the premiere of Veronica
Von Vamp's new boovie.
I am being told via telepath
that the star of the boovie,
Veronica Von Vamp, is arriving now.
With her is Draculaura.
What an entrance.
Whoa! Ooh!
Oh, Miss Von Vamp, may
I have your autograph?
I'm so flattered.
Would you honor me
by being my date?
Draculaura! She's here!
Oh, Clawd, I missed you so much!
Do you like that? Good boy! You
missed your ear being scratched.
I don't think so.
You're not on the list.
Oh! I, uh...
I just wanted to be the first one
to congratulate Her Majesty,
my niece, the Queen.
Yeah, how about when trolls fly.
I, um, just wanted
to see the boovie.
Veronica, in recognition of
your dead-ication to acting,
the members of the Boovie Academy
are proud to present you
with the Silver Claw!
Thank you.
You know, I have made boovies
about the Vampire Court,
but I have never before revealed
that I actually grew up there.
I would like to
dead-icate this award
to the person who made
this evening possible.
So this is for my
friend, Draculaura,
who taught me that you need
to think beyond yourself,
in order to really help others.
At this turning point in Vampire
history, my duty calls to me,
and I am here to help
monsters everywhere!
What's happening?
Draculaura, you got
your vamp-powers!
You did it!
Ghoulia's right!
Finding Elissabat and saving the
vampires was your big thing.
Hey, what are we waiting for?
The boovie is about to start,
with my favorite royal actress,
Veronica Von Vamp!
So you're Elissabat playing Veronica
playing all of those parts!
You have to be the
greatest boovie star ever!
Thanks. I can't wait to make the
next sequel at Castle Dracool
with my new screenwriter,
cinematographer and makeup artist.
Is this seat taken?
Look at that chin!
He's sitting with me!
Wow! Dimples!
He's sitting with me!
Chill, ghouls,
hunk sitting with me.
Hush, everyone,
the boovie's startin'!
Not all of us were meant
to do great things.
She should be proud that she was
born to do something so amazing.
I told her that!
Hoodude Voodoo
scream-test take one!
I'm singin' in a stain!
Just singing and flinging!
And singing...
Hoodude Voodoo scream-test take 47!
There you are, my
precious Vampire Heart!
No! That's not ours!
We needs to gives it back.
No! Get away! It's all mine!
I'm sorry. Is it broken?
Was it a real heart?
Hoodude Voodoo
scream-test take 752.
Ar rar rar rar!
Oh, the humanity!
Okay, can I do that take over again?
I wasn't feeling that one.