Monster High: The Movie (2022) Movie Script

[eerie music]

[upbeat music]


- Awesome!

- Whoo!
- Dude, look out!
- Oh, no--[grunts]
- [laughs]
[all gasping]
- Whoops.
- Doggie?
- Hi.
- [screams]
- That's my cue.

- Which way?
- Did you see it?
- Where did it go?
- I don't see it.
It's gone.
- That was crazy.
- Did you guys hear something?
- What was that thing?
- Was that a girl?
- It wasn't a girl.
It was an animal.
- Come on, let's go.
- That was crazy.
- It looked like a werewolf.
- Whatever,
let's get out of here.
- It was terrifying.
[soft music]

- [grunts]
- No, no, no, no!
- Dad?
- Clawdeen!
Freeze! Right there!
Close your eyes.
- Huh, Dad?
- Sorry, sorry.
No, no, no, you're fine.
You're fine, right.
- What is happening?
- Nothing, just,
just you wait for it.
And okay, all right.
Okay, open them.
[party horn honks]
- You threw me
a birthday party?
- I tried to,
but you came back so early
from your hike.
Look, I made a cake.
Don't judge.
- [chuckles]
Thanks, Dad.
Really nice of you.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
- Okay, good.
So I made that tofu jalapeno
casserole you like
with extra almonds this time.
- Dad, listen.
There's something I've gotta
talk to you about.

- What's this?
- That is my acceptance letter
to Monster High.
- Honey, we talked about this.
- Mom had an amazing time
when she went there.
- Your mother
was a full monster.
I'm human, and I'm sorry,
They don't accept
half monsters.
- Well, they accepted me.
I have been living
my whole life in hiding.
I mean, I can't even go to the
park without getting chased.
- You were chased?
- Yes, and maybe
I'll have better luck
in the monster world.
That's all I want,
a chance to belong somewhere.

- You've gotta find your place
in the world.
I get it.

My little girl is growing up.
- So is that a yes?
- Make a wish.
- [chuckles]
[exciting music]

- It's here?
- Yes,
it's right here somewhere.
- Monster High is a bunch
of trees?
- No, there's a--a thing.
It glows.
Your mother showed me.
- Where, Dad?
[leaves rustling]
[shimmering tone]

- Right here.
- Whoa, you found it.
- No...
it found you.
This is as far as I can go
being full-blown Homo sapien
and all.
Oh, you need your stuff.
Don't forget to wear
your re-fanger every night.
Did you remember
your claw clippers?
- Yes.
- School supplies?
- Uh-huh.
- Your phone charger?
- Mm-hmm.
- And all your clothes?
- My clothes,
I forgot all my clothes.
- Really?
- [laughs] No, Dad.
I've got everything.
You don't need to worry.
- You say that
like there's a button
I can push to turn it off.
Oh, sweetie.
I'm gonna miss you a lot,
like, an unhealthy amount.

- All right, I'm doing this.

- Remember,
the school is serious
about keeping humans out.
You've really gotta keep
that part of you secret.
And if anything goes wrong,
you can always come home.
I'll be awake, like,
until you graduate.

- I know, Dad.

- I love you!

- I've spent my life
in the shadows
Creeping 'round the corners,
trying to find a home to land
I've spent my nights
feeling lonely
Dreaming of what could be
But this is where
I take my stand
I might be nervous,
but I'm an optimist
It's an adventure,
ready to take the risk
Looking for monsters,
looking for family
Could this be what
I've been waiting for?
[clock chiming]
Oh, shoot, I'm late!
[indistinct monster chatter]
This is what
I've been waiting for
Here I am
I'm coming out of the dark
Not afraid to show
my secrets or my scars

This is where
I'm finally free
This is where
I'm meant to be
Here I am,
I'm coming out of the dark
Out of the dark
- No, Draculaura,
your performance here
must be exemplary.
I was top of my class here,
as was--
- Your father, and his father,
and his father
going back a thousand years.
I got it, Dad, no pressure.
- No, there is pressure.
They're all still undead.
And don't think
they won't call me
all the time
asking how you're doing.
- So this is it
back at school
Still living by his rules
How can I find some air
to breathe?
I'm not a king,
that's him
And no one tells him no
I just need a chance
to find my wings
- Hi, name's Frankie,
Frankie Stein.
Kumusta ka?
Name's Frankie.
I'm 15 days old.
I might be nervous,
but I'm an optimist
It's an adventure,
ready to take the risk
I see the monsters,
they look like family
all: This is what
I've been waiting for
- Here I am,
I'm coming out of the dark
Not afraid to show
my secrets or my scars

This is where
I'm finally free
This is where
I'm meant to be
Here I am,
I'm coming out of the dark
Out of the dark

- Cleo!
- Lagoona!
- Welcome back, bestie.
I just saw Deuce.
- I don't care.
We broke up over the summer.
- What?
I'm sorry.
You need me to eat him?
- No, it's fine.
I'm so over him.
and totally over him.
- Deuce, bro, welcome back.
- Keith, what up, man?
- I got a feeling
this year is gonna be hot.
Hey, ready to make
some more mischief?
- [yelps]
- Yeah, I, uh--
I missed you, man,
but I'm actually
switching things up this year,
trying to avoid mischief.
- Yeah, that sounds terrible.

- I might be nervous,
but I'm an optimist
- It's an adventure,
ready to take the risk
- I see the monsters,
they look like family
all: This is what
I've been waiting for
Here I am,
I'm coming out of the dark

Not afraid to show my secrets
or my scars

This is where
I'm finally free
This is where
I'm meant to be
Here I am I'm coming
out of the dark
Out of the dark

- Hi, Abbey Bominable,

- Clawdeen Wolf, freshman.
- Mr. Gorgon!
I've got my eye
on you this year, Deuce.
- Won't be any trouble from me
this year, headmistress.
- Gorgons are always trouble.
- Oh, my uncle Stan got turned
to stone by Gorgon.
Aunt Rita had
to put him in the yard.
- Hm.
- I'm just psyched to be here,
headmistress, changing lives--
- [clears throat]
- And changing undeads.
We're making a difference.
- Mm-hmm, well,
let's see how you feel
after a few hundred years
of classes, Mr. Komos.
Now, if you'll excuse me,
I have to chat up
a rich alumnus
so we can pay our salaries.
Drac, welcome back to campus.
You look so dead.
- No time for flattery,
The founder's council
has heard credible reports
that witchcraft is secretly
being practiced on campus.
- Oh, dear,
that's very serious.
- It is an abomination!
We must do all we can to keep
this disgusting human practice
away from our children.
- I assure you we'll do
everything in our power
to root out
this abhorrent behavior.
Oh, and thank you very much
for the generous donation
last year.
Always a delight.
[feedback squealing]
- Attention, students,
class schedules will be
delivered to dorm rooms
tonight by gargoyle.
If you are unhappy
with your schedule...
- Hi.
- Do not provoke
your gargoyle.
They will bite.
- Excuse me, how are we
supposed to find our dorm room?
Did they email us
something or--
- You don't find your room.
Your room finds you.
School is alive.

Okay, that always
gets the freshmen.
- Sorry, it's just you have
some dirt in your teeth.
I'm Clawdeen.
- I'm Ghoulia.
- Hi, Ghoulia.
Can you help me find--
- Okay, school is alive.
- Oh.
School's alive.

Can you help me find my--
[dramatic music]

Wow, this is for me?
- I know, right?
This school totally
customizes our rooms for us.
It's so cozy.
I'm Frankie,
pronouns they/them.
I'm only 15 days old.
- Hi, Clawdeen, she/her.
Nice to meet ya.
- My full name
is Frankie Stein.
I was just created
by my parents,
but not in the way
that others are created
by their parents,
like werewolves.
I was actually made
in the lab using some
of the world's most impressive
historical figures as parts.
Did you know that the word
werewolf comes
from the old English "werwulf,"
although many believe
the original origin
is the Norse "varlfur,"
which is hard to say.
It means "one in wolf's skin."
- I did not know any of that.
- I didn't know
I knew any of that.
I've got a bunch of famous
brain parts in my head,
like Einstein, Marie Curie,
Plato, some lady named Liz
who apparently
invented the internet
but didn't get any credit.
I guess I've got
all the knowledge too.
Oh, sorry, loose joints.
- So is it just us
creeps in here?
- I don't think so
'cause there's
there's also that.
[dramatic organ music]
- How can you tell
if they're home?
- Maybe we knock.
- Never knock
on a closed coffin.
- Hi, I'm Clawdeen,
and this is Frankie.
And we are your new--
- Roommates.
Welcome, I'm Draculaura.
Is this your first time
sharing a dorm room?
- Yeah.
- Yes, it is.
- Okay, great.
Let's talk ground rules.
And don't take this
the wrong way.
I'm just a private person.
This side of the room is mine.
That side is yours.
Got it?
- Yeah.
- Wow.
Do you think of this as,
like, a house or a bed?
- Okay, okay, out.
My side. Remember?
You know, the type of monster
who loves to be surrounded
with others
so they feel a real sense
of connection and community?
- Yes, that's why I'm here.
- Yeah, I'm not one
of those monsters.
So please,
keep to your side of the room
and I won't have
to suck all your blood out.
And no garlic,
even garlic powder or anchovies
because they're gross.
- She's fun.
- I'm not even sure
I have blood.
Well, first day
of class tomorrow.
I'm all charged up,
or I will be.
[electricity zapping]
[soft music]
- Remember,
the school is serious
about keeping humans out.

- Good morning,
Monster High!
Classes begin today.
A reminder to all amphibious
students to hydrate often.
[bell ringing]
- I can't believe it, school!
Here we are,
walking down a hallway
with other kids
like in the movies.
This is so cool, Frankie.
- This is all very confusing.
Most of my human parts
were self-taught
or grew up
before schools existed.
Am I walking right,
high school-ish?
What kind of movies did you
watch to prepare for this?
Also, what's a movie?
- Cool, these are our lockers.
- 'Cause this is who I am,
this is who I am
- I cannot wait
to decorate mine.
- Someone
who can understand
- I'm so happy
we're locker buddies.
- 'Cause I can be
my true self, yeah
- Look! How fun is that?
A vending machine
with, like, snacks.
Jellied Newt Eyeballs,
okay, not my jam,
but still fun.
- Look alive, ghouls.

both: Wow.
- Hey, broski.
- Hey, man.
- What's going on?
- Lagoona, how do I look?
- As spooktastic as always.
- Knew it.
- Hey, Deuce.
- Hey, Cleo.
- Your hair is fire, Heath.
- Thanks, totally ignited
my pillow this morning.
Smelled like burnt cheese.
- It wasn't a compliment.
It's scorching my gauze.
Please step back.
- Happy to.
- What's up?
- Oh, I just wanted to say
I'm officially totally good
with our breakup.
Fabulous, actually.
I have a long list
of other interested creatures
just waiting to date me.
- It's good to see
that you've moved on, Cleo,
and that you're still
the same impressively
self-involved monster
I broke up with.
Hey, Heath, wait up, man.
- He totally wants you back.
- Check out
the walking jigsaw puzzle.
- Hi, I'm Frankie.
I'm made from a collection
of dead people's body parts.
- And that hair,
there's a reason
a dead person let you have it.
- I totally disagree.
I love the hair.
- Aww, who's this lost little
doggy with her purple claws?
- Who you calling little?
- Okay, let's go
before she gives us mange.
[soft music]
- Clawdeen, there is
a very attractive monster
staring at you.
- Oh. Uh--
- Hey.
Standing up
to Cleo like that?
Courageous move.
I'm Deuce.
[snake rattles]
- You're a Gorgon.
- Oh, yeah, but not necessarily
that kind of Gorgon.
I've got a strict
no snake bites
or turning anyone
to stone policy.
Thus, the slightly
pretentious glasses.
- It's a good look.
I'm Clawdeen.
- I'm Frankie.
I'm 16 days old.
- Nice to meet you both.
And don't listen to Cleo.
She's got mummy issues.
She was wrapped in linen
for a thousand years.
Not great for the heart.
I should know.
I dated her.
- My heart belonged
to a dead fisherman named Earl.
- You dated her?
- Uh, yeah,
but I'm trying not to be
who I was anymore,
if that makes any sense.
- Weirdly, it does.
- Anyways, I'll see you around.
- Clawdeen Wolf, please report
to the headmistress's office.
- Ooh, the headmistress,
she is so terrifying.
- I said Clawdeen Wolf,
to the headmistress's office!
- I got this.
- Cool.
[clock chiming]
[deep growling]
- I hate Mondays, too.
So early in the week.
- 100% pure ogre bone,
very rare.
It was given to me
by Joan of Arc after her death,
of course,
which was on a Monday.
- Is there a reason I'm here,
Headmistress Bloodgood?
- Yes, right.
I just wanted
to welcome you personally.
Your mother, well,
a true monster heart
if there ever was one.
Out of respect for her,
I would like to bestow
upon you a great honor.
Founder's Day is
in a few weeks,
the day we celebrate
the opening of the school
when we liberated ourselves
from the tyranny
of human society.
There's an annual dinner,
very exclusive,
for the school's most important
and generous officers,
and I've selected you to be
the student ambassador to it.
- Really, me?
- Yes, many of the guests
were friends with your mother.
You'll represent
the student body,
say a few words about yourself,
your family.
- I'd be honored.
Wait, uh, my family?
- Which reminds me,
you didn't mention your father
on your application.
[tense music]
[heart pounding]
You do have a father,
don't you?
- Oh, yes, his name is...
- Pierre?
That's not
a very monstrous name.
He isn't human, is he?
[heart pounding faster]
Humans are the enemy,
always have been.
We can't have any
at Monster High,
only true monster hearts.
- No, not human.
He is all werewolf.
Pierre Wolf, he's French.
- Hmm, French werewolf,
that's pretty rare
and very fascinating.
- Yep, huge teeth, great cook.
Oh, and his growl has this
adorable French twang to it.
- I do love a monster
with an accent.
I look forward to meeting him.
- Wonderful.
If you'll excuse me,
I need to go to bed.
- Oh.
- Yes.

- Strange girl.

[both screaming]
- Hello, bathroom!
- Sorry!
[toilet flushing]
Deep breaths.
You're a monster.
- Knock much?
- I'm sorry.

[heart pounding]
What is happening to me?
- Yeah, I used to work on
Maul Street, private eekquity.
It's good money,
but just wasn't for me.
I wanted to give back,
you know,
so I quit,
and I came here.

[school bell ringing]
- Hey, dude!
- Broski?
[light music]
- Hi, Frankie.
- Oh, hey, roomie.
I got a phone.
It'll help me build
a healthy social network,
which is essential
to a successful
high school experience
according to several
hundred articles I just read.
- Yeah, go long, Abbey!
- Yeah, heads up!
All right, sweet catch.
- Yes, I love football!
Do we eat this now?
- After the game, Abbey.
We eat the foot after the game.
- Oh, good that's not my foot.
- All right!
- Um, listen, in that
amazing brain of yours.
Have you ever heard of
the monsters randomly changing?
Like, I don't know,
maybe into something crazy,
like a human or something?
- Nope, don't think so.
Actually, yes, I do.
I know all about it.
It only happens
to part monsters.
As they get older,
usually during adolescence,
their true nature starts
to appear
when they experience
fear or anger,
the fight or flight response
can temporarily transform them
into human form.
Wow, I know so much.
It's awesome.
- Yeah.
- Oh, hey, fellow students!
Hello, fellow students.
I also have a phone.
I said I also have a phone.
- I think they actually
communicate with each other
using the phone, you know,
social media and stuff.
- Oh, that makes sense.
I need some social media.
You're a genius, just like me.
[bell rings]
- [snoring]
- Heath!
- Ah! [farts]
- Ugh!
- Dude!
- Excuse me.
- Okay, I'm Mr. Komos, and I
know what you're thinking.
History, supes boring, right?
Why don't we start
with some fun local history,
the history
of Monster High itself?
Who can tell me
when Monster High was built?
Yes, you.
- Name's Frankie,
pronouns they/them.
The school was built in 1071.
- Frankie, point you.
And who can tell me
why Monster High was built?
- Frankie, again.
- To be a safe place
for all monsters
to be their true selves.
- Wow,
you all are killing this.
Who can tell me
what the greatest threat
to monster kind is?
Could we give Frankie a hand?
Would you mind?
Okay, Frankie,
I'm just gonna assume
that you know all the answers
before I even
ask the questions.
Let's hear from you.
- Humans. Humans are the
greatest threat to monster kind.
- Exactly right, which is why
they are banned
from Monster High.
Here, we only accept those
of true monster heart.
- Mr. Komos, quick question.
Are all humans bad?
- Thank you, Clawdeen.
That actually brings me
exactly back to my point.
I'm gonna share
a little history
about how bad humans can be.
- Please tell me
he's not gonna sing.
- [strums guitar]
Have you ever heard the story
of dear old Mr. Hyde?
- And he's singing.
- Half-human and half monster,
whom everyone despised.
It's a cautionary tale
that should never be forgotten.
His secret was his undoing.
Then things turned out
really rotten.
Give me a beat!
[stomping to beat]

Mr. Hyde, he tried and tried
to fit in with his kind
Monsters hated human Jekyll
And humans hated
the Monster High
Could you imagine being both
and neither at the same time?
Mr. Hyde,
he was truly cursed
'Cause we know monsters are
the best, yeah
And humans are the worst
Humans are scariest,
smelliest, and hairiest
They're all a bunch
of creepy freaks
We're the coolest
of the cool
We all know
that monsters rule
Clap along if you agree
Don't be afraid to show
Your true monster heart
Don't be afraid to show
Your true monster heart
Okay, okay, okay, yeah,
go ahead and let it out
You know it's time to shout
Do what us monsters do
and show your true
Show your true
monster heart
all: M, O, N, S, T, E, R
Show them
who you really are
- I said
all: H, U, M, A, N, S
Humans are the worst,
and we're the best
- Mr. Hyde was put on trial,
his crime, hiding the truth
all: The truth
- No one would believe him
'Cause his heart
was half untrue
- Untrue
- Rules are rules
and when monsters chose
To enforce the rules,
it got gruesome
- It got gruesome!
- No one ever had his back
Hyde was shunned,
that's a fact
They were scared
'cause he was half-human
- Wow.
- Ugh.
- Humans are unbearable,
all together terrible
- Just a bunch
of freaky creeps
- Humans smell like
dirty socks
- We all know
that monsters rock
- Clap along if you agree
- Don't be afraid
to show your true
True monster heart
Don't be afraid
to show your true
Your true monster heart
Okay, okay, okay, yeah
Go ahead and let it out,
you know it's time to shout
Do what these monsters do
and show your true
Show your true
monster heart
all: M, O, N, S, T, E, R
- Monster!
all: Show them
who you really are
- Let's go!
all: H, U, M, A, N, S
- Ugh.
all: Humans are the worst
And we're the best, hey
- Hey!
- Yes, Clawdeen.
- So what happened to him?
- Great question.
After he was kicked out
of Monster High,
he was hunted down by an angry
mob of humans and killed.
See, who says history
isn't cool?
[bell rings]
Oh, okay, awesome class.
Do not forget, your first
report is due in two weeks.
- See ya.
- Two weeks, not three.
- Later, later.
- Later, hey.
- That was awesome.
- Hey, thank you.
Frankie, high five.
- Sorry, I don't know
what that means.
- Oh, it's an act
of celebration.
You just put
your hands together.
- High five!
- Good enough, okay.
- Hi, question,
for the first report,
I was wondering if I could
do it on that Hyde guy?
- Mr. Komos, can I just say
how excited I am
to be in your class?
- Oh, and that's great,
Cleo, thanks.
- You wanna do your report
on Hyde?
I think that's really cool.
- I also have some questions
about the report I was--
- I'm just gonna help Clawdeen
here for a sec,
but I'll be
in my office after lunch.
Why don't you stop by then?
- Thanks.
- No, thank you.
You were saying?
- Yeah, this whole Hyde story
seems cool.
I'd love to learn more.
- The magic words that
every teacher loves to hear.
He was super smart, had this
incredible scientific mind.
He was always trying
to cure his humanness.
Rumor has it
that he built a secret lab
right here on campus.
Though, no one ever found it.
- Did he ever figure it out,
how to be fully monster?
- According to legend, yep.
Made a potion that could ixnay
his human side,
but he was kicked out of school
before he could take it.
It's probably still there
in his lab,
along with all
his other cool research.
- Imagine finding it.
- I love that
you're so into this.
You know, he kept
meticulous lab journals.
- He did?
- Yep.
Marked by his signature
clasped hands.
I've heard they're still
in the science archives.
Might be a good place to start
researching that report.
- Okay, perfect.
Thank you.
[curious music]

- Clasped hands, Hyde's symbol.

[faint whispering]
Somebody there?

Okay, Ghoulia, you got me.
Seriously, this isn't funny.
[heart pounding]

Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Ah, ah, ah, ah.
[heart pounding louder]

- Hello?
- [screams]
- [screams]
- What is this?
- Magnesium carbonate.
It's very calming.
Honestly, I don't see
what the big deal is.
- I am a real, live,
living human.
Half of me is.
- This is why you asked
about monsters transforming?
- Yes, and you heard
what Mr. Komos said.
It didn't turn out
so great for Hyde.
- Wow, this is a pickle.
How can I help?
- Okay.
So this Hyde guy,
he might have a cure
for humanness hidden
in a secret lab somewhere
if I can just find it.
I hoped his old lab journals
might have some clues,
but there's just
full of gobbledygook.
- No idea what gobbledygook is,
but it sounds delicious.
Oh, that's not handwriting.
That's code.
- How did you--
- Alan Turing's cortex.
He cracked the German code
in World War II
and saved the world.
He was awesome.
This is definitely
Hyde's diary.

"I've never felt so happy.
I feel like I finally belong."
- I can relate to that.
- "I need to hide my work.
It's too dangerous working
in the school lab."
- Where did he hide it?
- What's this?
Delimited degrees,
minutes, seconds.
They're map coordinates.


Coordinates point here,
the campus graveyard,
but that's strictly off-limits.
- True.
So we sneak in
under the cover of night, baby.
High five!
We'll need to work on that.
[howling in distance]
- Is that written in blood?
Who does that?
- It's not coming off.
- Scrub harder, Greigor.
- Thanks, that's useful.
- I'm so confused.
I thought our students
were above this type
of pathetic vandalism.
Not cool.
- Let's hope
it was only a student.
- Oh, who else would it be?
Looking good, Greigor.
- The school
sent an invitation
to parents' weekend.
It was addressed
to Pierre Wolf.
- Oh, yeah, about that,
we definitely need
to keep the fact of,
you know, you under wraps.
- I dig it.
This is, like,
the first time in my life
I'm actually dangerous.
- [laughs]
- An international man
of mystery.
- Hm.
- Otherwise, you okay?
- Yeah, I made a friend.
In fact,
we have plans later tonight,
and I'm even giving a speech
at a big alumni dinner.
- Wow!
- Yeah, apparently,
it's a big honor.
They chose me because of Mom.
- That's very nice.
- Yeah.
[door shuts]
Gotta go to bed, Dad. Love you.
- I love you too, Clawd.

- Oh, hey, Frankie.
- Oh, hey!
This thing is so inventive.
All of the genius parts
of my brain love it.
It has a flashlight
and compass.
We'll need that tonight.
And who invented
the selfie cam?
It's like a mirror in a camera.
And I love being
constantly connected.
I've signed up for eight
social media platforms.
Of course, I haven't
actually figured out
the whole connected part yet.
I don't have any followers.
Wait, I just got one.
- Oh, yeah, that'd be me.
Now, we can beasties online.
Night-night, ghouls.

- You know what?
Forget about her.
I'm gonna follow you right now.
- That doesn't count.
- Oh.
- Ooh, cute Gorgon.
- Hey, Clawdeen, Frankie.
How's it going?
- Deuce, hi, good.
[heart pounding]
- Hey, you're giving the speech
at the Founders' Day
dinner, right?
- Yes, right.
- I usually help out at it.
So I've heard a bunch
of student ambassador talks.
If you wanted to jam
on your speech sometime,
maybe I could help.
[heart pounding faster]
Wow, that sounds...
- No pressure.
Just, you know,
if you wanna hang out--
- Gotta go, bye.
- I'm with her, so--
- Okay.
- You okay?
- You know that whole strong
emotion fight or flight thing?
Apparently, Deuce triggers it.
He really triggers it.
- Oh. I wonder why.
Oh, is it because you like him?
- What--no! Stop!

- Your intense emotional
reaction makes perfect sense.
It's so interesting
when monsters
are attracted to each other.
My spleen wrote a lot about it,
It was Shakespeare's.
- I'm not attracted to him.
- I mean, I totally get it.
He's handsome, nice--
- No, no, no, no, no--
- A little dangerous--
- No, I don't like him.
- Too loud.
- Not like that.
He's, you know,
just a nice guy.
- Hi, I couldn't help
but overhear
you have a crush on Deuce.
- Much too loud.
- No, I don't.
And it's none
of your business anyways, Cleo.
- Well, allow me
to offer a little advice.
- Please, don't.
- Forget him.
Don't get me wrong.
I know how you're feeling.
Even I was once
a little naive mummy's girl,
believe it or not.
- Not.
- You can trust me, okay?
I don't bite, but Deuce will.
- I don't like Deuce.
- Okay.
Well, good, 'cause he's way
out of your league.
- Perfect skin in its place,
put a pimple on her face.
- You don't stand a chance,
little puppy.
- Cleo, oh, my.
It looks like you've got
a new friend there.
- What?
- Whoa.

- How did--
I never get pimples!
I have perfect skin!
- Attention.
Curfew is now in effect.
Students, for your safety,
please report
to your dorm rooms
and stay there.
Nocturnal feeders,
please report
to the cafeteria.
No more eating in the halls.
- That's our cue.
[adventurous music]
[howling in distance]

[rattling fence]
- What?
- I know. [laughs]

- Wow, werewolf powers
are cool.
What else can you do?
- Well, there's super-hearing,
super-night vision,
super-smell, though
that's not always so great.
- Oh, hey,
it's my uncle Phil's grave.
He died sad and alone.
I have his thigh.
I wonder if I have
his social skills, too.
Can I tell you something
personal, Clawdeen?
- Frankie, you literally know
my deepest, darkest secret.
- My parents designed me
to be brilliant
at everything, and I am,
except this whole
making friends thing.
My brain has all these parts.
- Mm-hmm.
- I know it works differently
from everyone else's,
but I feel like there's
a rule book for all this
that I never got to read.
All of my social media apps,
I've literally made one friend
beside you, and it's Cleo,
and that's only
to make fun of me.
- Frankie, I've been alone
my whole life
so I don't know anything
about that rule book either.
All I know is I'm your friend,
and I like you, and your brain,
and all your parts.
- Thanks, I think all my parts
needed to hear that.
- [groaning]
Will you get off my bed?
I'm trying to sleep.
- Sorry, Ghoulia.
- [groans]

- Okay, the coordinates point
right inside this
very secure-looking
stone structure.
- Hm.

- There's no knob or handle.
- Or even a keyhole.

- Wait.
- What is it?
- [sniffs]

- Power potion,
bring me motion.

- Unexpected.

- [sniffs]
[shimmering tone]
- What?
- Uh.
Come on.
Holy mother of Minotaur!
- What are you doing here?
- What are you doing here?
Is that witchcraft?
- What?
No, definitely not.
- It is, isn't it?
Wait, you made that pimple
appear on Cleo's face.
- No--yes, yes.
Just please don't tell my dad.
Vampires have been at war
with witches for centuries.
He'd kill me
if I wasn't undead.
- Our lips are sealed.
- You can actually stitch mine
shut if you'd like.
- Really?
- How did you learn how
to do this?
- Well, it's not easy.
You've got to practice a lot.
- And smelling it
makes you float?
- Yeah, it's called
a power potion.
It's supposed to lift you
way off the ground.
Though, right now it's more
of a pathetic potion.
It's missing something.
I just don't know what.
I'm not very good yet.
- You seem pretty good.
I know everyone says
a filthy human habit,
but I love it.
- [chuckles]
- Wait, what are you doing here?
- Uh--
- So you're half-human,
and you need to find a potion
made by a dead
half-monster scientist
that may or may not be
in a secret lab
behind that locked door,
all before the Founders' Day
dinner next week?
- Yup.
- Wow, you summed it up
really nicely there, yeah.
- Hm.
- That is complicated.
Man, my secret is big,
but yours is apocalyptic big.
- Yeah, I'd get kicked out
of the only place
I've ever really belonged.
- What's this?
[mysterious music]
- A palm print?
There is a lock.
It's just some kind
of biometric hand-reading lock.
If Hyde made this,
he was ahead of his time.
- We did it.

Um, okay.
Your parents didn't happen to
give you Hyde's hand, did they?
- Frida Kahlo's.
You should see
my self-portraits.
- You know, there's probably
a spell for that door.
- Wait, you'd help me?
- Here, the perfect spell,
mist of releasing.
- Sounds like a laxative.
- It does.
- Oh, no, it's a powder spell.
Seriously advanced.
I can't even pull off
basic cauldron work yet.
I'm not sure
I'm gonna be able to do this.
- So you practice.
You put your mind to it,
you can do anything.
You've got this.
And we're here to help.
- Really?
- Yeah.

- What's wrong?
- It's just, I never thought
I'd see another monster
actually be supportive of this.
It's cool.
Okay, so we practice.
Let's give it a shot.
So I've been
hiding the truth
'Cause I know
they don't approve
But now I'm spilling
my secrets around you
- Felt like I didn't belong,
part of a pack, now it's on
Goodbye to living a lie
now I found you
- Putting the pieces
in place
So good to finally say
all: It's like, oh
We'll be makin' 'em
I believe in us
So, yeah, we can own it
just by being us
Put us all together,
there's no getting in our way
No messing
with the three of us
- Taking the sum
of our parts
Using our brains
and our hearts
Now finally someone
who's speaking my language
- I like not being afraid
- We're gonna do it our way
- Don't need permission
from no one to
all: Change it
- Putting the pieces
in place
So good to finally say
all: It's like, oh
We'll be makin' 'em
I believe in us
So yeah, we can own it
just by being us
Put us all together,
there's no getting in our way
No messing
with the three of us
It's like yeah, after
everything we've been through
Yeah, taking the power back
to live our truth
Put us all together,
there's no getting in our way
No messing
with the three of us
- Put us all together
- Put us all together
- Put us all together
all: There's no getting
in our
- Put us all together
- Put us all together
- Put us all together
all: There's no getting
in our way, way, way
Yeah, put us all together,
there's no getting in our way
No messing
with the three of us
- Ahh!
- Okay.
- It's totally fine
if it was an accident.
- Oh, I mean, it still looked
like it was part of the spell.
- Oh!
- Right.
- Why didn't you just fly
with your bat powers though?
- I didn't think of that.
[all laughing]
[ominous music]
- Good morning, Monster High.
The casketball tournament
pep rally has been moved
to the clawditorium.
[water splashing]
- Go Demons!
- Used to flying solo
It feels strange
and fun and new
Trusting in a trio
And joining in a crew
'Cause you know the truth
in my secrets
And you've got the words
when I'm speechless
- Okay, for the mist
of releasing spell,
there's a few ingredients
we need to find.
- Like a scavenger hunt?
I love it.
- Okay, most of these are easy.
- Mm-hmm.
- Witch hazel, rosemary,
but a couple are harder.
Powdered mace wing, ogre bone--
- Ogre bone?
- Yeah, why?
- Bloodgood's mug,
it's pure ogre bone.
- We just need to find a time
when she's out of her office,
then shave a little bone
off the mug.
- 9:17 a.m.
- Huh?
- Every morning at exactly 9:17,
she leaves her office
and uses the bathroom.
She's very regular.
Okay, don't worry,
it's not like I have a thing
for tracking everyone's
bathroom habits or anything.
My brain just
remembers everything,
including everything
that everyone does ever.
Did you know
that you moisten your lips
every 32 to 34 seconds?
- What?
- So tomorrow, Bloodgood hits
the lavatory at 9:17,
we sneak in and shave the mug.
- There, you just did it.
34 seconds.
[clock ticking]
[birds cawing]
[tense music]

[stomach growls]
- Oh.

- So weird, 9:17 exactly.
- Okay, you have five
to seven minutes.
It varies, naturally.
- Okay, you two keep watch.


[clock growls]

- Four minutes.
- What's taking so long?
[toilet flushes]
- [humming]
Oh. Good morning, Scary.
- Not Bloodgood!
- What? Stall her.
- How?
- Chat her up,
make conversation.
- Okay.

- Headmistress!
- Oh, hello.
- How was the bathroom?
Was it fun?
- That's a personal matter,
Now, if you'll excuse me.
- Oh, wait.
- Yes?
- Speaking of bathrooms,
did you know
that the flushable toilet
was invented in 1596
by Sir John Harington?
He happened to be the godson
of Queen Elizabeth I,
who, as we all know,
became one heck of a ghost.
- Fascinating.
Headmistress Bloodgood,
I have the minutes
from today's
student council meeting.
- Please just put them
on my desk, Cleo.
- Certainly.
- Mm-hmm.

- No--
- Well, that was informative.
- And did you know...
that the oldest toilet
in the world
is still functioning,
4,000 years after it was built?

[clock growls]
- Hey, Cleo!
You're in the wrong place.
All the helpless kids
you like to insult
to make yourself
feel better are elsewhere.
- Don't Cleo-patronize me.
I need to drop this off
on Bloodgood's desk.
- In her office?
- Yes, as that's where
her desk is.
Now, out of my way, bat girl.
- Okay, Cleo.

[gasps quietly]
Oh, no.
[clock groaning]
- What?
- Change your body,
change your face,
put another in your place,
though inside the same,
you'll be changed outside
while others see.

- What?

- Who's there?
[both scream]
- Oh, my gauze.
Headmistress Bloodgood.
- Yes, it's me--I.
It is I, Headmistress Bloodgood
in the flesh.
What are you doing
in my office?
- You just told me
to drop these on your desk.
- I did?
- Yes, just now in the hall.
- Oh, sure.
Totally--I mean right.
- How did you get
in here so fast?
- Uh, well, uh--
I've had lots of highly
caffeinated scorpion blood.
Speeds me up.
[slurps] Mmm, that's nasty.
Hoo. Anyway, run along.
I have important headmistress
business to attend to.
[soft music]
And, Cleo?
- Yes?
- Be nicer.
- What?
- Be nicer in life.
This whole mean mummy queen
of the school thing,
it's not cool.
Cut it out.
I'm watching you.
Got it?
- Yes, ma'am.

- Beat it.
[clock growls]

- This is weird.
- Imagine how I feel.
[exhaling] Oh.
- Be nicer?
- Worth a shot.
- And, since manufactured paper
didn't appear in Europe
until the 15th century,
it wasn't until 1857
when manufactured toilet paper
became available
and--can't talk, see you.
- Ah--
- Ms. Wolf?
- Yes?
- How's your speech
coming along
for the Founders' Day dinner?
- Oh, right, yes. Amazing.
Gonna be a big hit.
- Excellent.
- Which is why dragons
were so misunderstood
until the treaty of 1375,
which is
when people realized...
- How we doing?
- We're almost there.
Powdered mace wing,
witch hazel, rosemary.
Who knew mayonnaise
would be so hard to find?
- Mayonnaise? On it.
[bell rings]
- Oh, okay, guys,
awesome class.
Do not forget,
for your research reports,
please take notes so
that you can cite your sources.
Hey, Clawdeen, your report
outline was due yesterday.
You okay?
You still writing about Hyde?
- Oh, yeah.
Sorry, I just--there've been
some setbacks in my research.
- Well, look, I need it
on my desk by tomorrow, okay?
- Thanks.
Yes, tomorrow for sure.
- You got this.
- Thank you.
- Your portrait has been quiet,
Why haven't you called?
- Kids use the phones
nowadays, Dad.
- Ah, phones.
How's school, princess?
- Everything's going good.
I'm learning a lot.
- What score did you get
on your first exam?
- Oh, you know, good.
- What exactly
constitutes good?
- A 92.
- 92?
You may as well have failed.
- I tried, Dad.
I really did.
- You must apply yourself
more diligently, Draculaura.
Shape up, or there
will be consequences.
- Nice talking to you too, Dad.
- He's tough.
- Just a bit.
- He'll come around eventually.
You're plotting
your own course here, not his.

- I'm gonna tell him,
look him right in the eye
and say,
"Dad, I practice witchcraft.
"Yes, I know vampires
and witches have been at war
for centuries,
but it's who I am."
- Wow, I could never do that.
For the first time in my life,
I feel like I belong somewhere.
I'd lose everything
if they knew the real me.
- We are quite a pair.
- [chuckles]
So what do we do?

- We fix it, all of it.
We're gonna find this potion,
and I'll tell my dad the truth
on my own terms somehow.
- Yeah, we will.
But until then,
I do know one thing,
being able to talk
about it makes it better.
- It does.
- I found mayonnaise!
[upbeat music]
[bell rings]
- Attention, all students.
Monster biology is canceled
until further notice.
Please return all stolen limbs
to the biology department,
and if you've eaten the limb
and cannot return it,
please digest it
and disregard this message.
- Okay, let's see.
Just one more ingredient
left to find, and it's a doozy.
Snake venom.
- The only native snake species
to Monster High's ecosystem
is a giant swamp viper,
but they're 40 feet long
and tend to bite your head off
if you get too close,
but I could probably get
another head, so I'm game.
- No, I know where
we can find some.
It's just not gonna be easy.
- Here I am
- Pretty sure this is better
than sunlight
What's the opposite
of panic attack?
- Hi.
- Hi.
You gonna run away again?
- Not this time, hopefully.
I was wondering since
you have the inside scoop
on these Founders'
dinner speeches,
maybe I'd take you up
on that offer to work on mine?
- Deal.
[creature growling]
- Cool spot.
- Right?
There's no cell signal,
so nobody comes
up here anymore.
It's peaceful.
- So you come here
to gather your thoughts?
- Yeah, I do.
[both chuckle]
Monster High can definitely be
a little intense at times.
Your mom was a big deal
here, right?
- Uh, yeah.
- See, I'm the first one
in my family
to ever go to Monster High.
Gorgons aren't exactly
the most beloved of monsters.
- Maybe it's
the deadly snake hair.
- Are people that shallow?
- Yes.
[both laugh]
- Yeah, they are.
- So are they
really super poisonous?
Think I could see them
for a sec?
- Not a great idea.
You know, that's the thing.
You know, deadly hair,
deadly eyes.
Everyone makes assumptions
about me, you know?
- I get it.
Believe me.
- In the last few years,
I was headed down a dark path
so I changed things up.
It's like I know
what I don't wanna be.
Now, I just gotta figure out
who I am.
- A guy like you,
you can be anything.
Heck, you could run
for student council.
- Well, who'd ever vote
for a gorgon?
- Well, me.
You can totally do it.
"Vote for the candidate
with killer hair."
It has bite.
If you want it, go for it.
Just believe in who
you really are,
not who people
expect you to be.
[upbeat music]
- Easier said than done.
Asking for a friend
who's got some insecurities
Acts like he's so confident,
but it's just make-believe
Wanting to be myself,
but, no, it ain't easy for me
- You mean your friend.
- Right.
He wants to feel less
like he's some kind of freak
something about when I look
In your eye-eye-eyes
- You?
- Yeah.
Makes me feel like
I can be my real self
Oh, I'm so sick of trying
to be somebody else
Can I tell the truth,
feel like I can trust you
Now, imagine never taking
these glasses off.
No one trusts me.
Teachers think I'm sleeping.
- Could I see you without them?
- Ooh, dangerous.
- I just wanna see
the real you.
- Had a lot of fake friends
in my life
Who never had my back
- Oh, yeah?
- But I can tell
that ain't you
- Who would ever, who would
ever do a thing like that?
- Ooh
Feel like
I can count on you
- Yeah, I feel
the same way, too
- Ay-yi-yi,
something about when I look
In your eye-eye-eyes
Makes me feel like
I can be my real self
Oh, oh, oh, I'm so sick
of trying to be somebody else
Can I tell the truth,
feel like I can trust you
So how's the real me?
- It must be so hard
never being able to stare
into somebody's eyes.
- Especially a wolf like you.
both: Ay-yi-yi
Something about when I look
in your eye-eye-eyes
Makes me feel like
I can be my real self
Oh, oh, oh, I'm so sick
of trying to be somebody else
Can I tell you the truth,
feel like I can trust you
- I have to admit something.
I didn't just wanna work
on my speech and hang out.
I did, I did, but there's also
something else I need.
- What?
- Snake venom.
I can't really talk about it,
but it's important.
- Snake venom from my snakes?
- Yeah.
- Well, why didn't you
just say so?
All you had to do is ask.
Okay, the trick is not
to look them in the eye.
They're a little feisty.
- Really? Oh.
- Yep.
All right, guys, be nice.
She's a friend.
[snakes rattling, hissing]
- Hi.
- He has a snake named Mo?
- Yeah, and let me tell you,
you don't wanna mess with Mo.
- So he just gave you
the venom?
- Yeah.
- It was that easy?
- Yes, we're friends.
- He is so into you.
- What?
- Totally into you.
- No.
- Definitely into you.
- Really?
- Yes.
Now let's open that door.
- [groans]
- Okay, mace wing.
Now the ogre bone.
Mm, just a pinch.
- And now it just says,
"Mix ingredients well."

- Okay, let's hope this works.
Bring the power to my fist,
release the hold
with gathered mist.

- Try again.

- Bring the power to my fist,
release the hold
with gathered mist.

I guess I'm just
not good enough.
- Oh.
- So we try again tomorrow.
- Right, right.

- Well, well,
what do we have here?
- Oh, sparks.
- What's the punishment
for students
out after curfew, Mr. Komos?
- Per ghoul code,
one month detention.
- That's right.
But we have a much more serious
problem, don't we, students?
The fundamental values
of Monster High
have been betrayed.
Our unnatural order
has been offended.
- Headmistress, I can explain--
- Witchcraft.
- Wait, what?
- It has been reported
that you, Draculaura,
have been
practicing witchcraft.
- In my mortal life,
I studied with Heka,
god of magic and medicine.
I know an incantation
when one's thrown at me.
- Thank you, Cleo.
Open your bag, please.
- [sighs]
[tense music]
- Witchcraft will not
be tolerated at Monster High.
- I'm so sorry.
I'll never do it again.
- What will your father think?
- Please, you can't tell him.
- You've left me no choice.
And you two, encouraging her.
You should be ashamed
for not living up to
the standards expected of you.
[growling and shrieking]
- What is that?
- It's like the school
is screaming!

- Oh!
- Look out!
- [screams]
- Is everyone all right?
Is anyone hurt?
- I'm all right.
- [panting]
- You saved me.
- You're welcome.
- Go to your rooms now.
Use the south stairs.
I didn't wanna believe
that this could happen again,
but these signs, it's
the school itself crying out,
and it can only mean one thing.
There's an untrue monster heart
among us.
- A human?
- Yes.
And if we don't find out
who it is
and get rid of the threat,
the school
could tear itself apart.
- The Founders' Day dinner
is tomorrow.
Do we postpone?
- It's such an important event.
The donors that keep
this school open.
- Keep the dinner,
I'll help find the human.

- Bloodgood really
is terrifying.
- Draculaura, I'm sorry.
It's me.
I'm the one
destroying the school.
I'm putting everyone in danger.
I'm sorry for all of it.
- She'll be okay.
[somber music]
[howling in distance]

- Here I am,
I'm coming out of the dark

Was it all a mistake
To show my beating heart?
- Goodbye.
- Is there nowhere
I can be free?
Is there no place
I'm meant to be?
Here I am, I'm crawling
back into the dark
Back into the dark

[soft music]

[wings flapping]
- Ow, sunlight.
Not my favorite.
- What are you doing here?
- Nice, you get me busted,
and you're the one
with the attitude.

- I'm sorry about your dad.
- He'll forgive me someday.
I have eternity on my side.

- I think we've almost
caught up to her.
Oh, hi.
- How did you find me?
- You didn't turn off your
"Find my Fiends App."
It's alarmingly accurate.
- That's right.
We're friends, remember?
We're not letting you run away
when you need us the most.
[heartbeat pounding]
- If I go back,
I just put everyone in danger.
Let's face it.
I'm not monster enough
for Monster High.
[heart beating faster]
Look at me.
I don't belong here.
I don't belong anywhere.
- You belong with us, Clawdeen.
- But I don't know
how to stay with you!
both: Clawdeen!

- Wait, is that...
- It looks like...
- It sure does.
- So you think?
- I don't know.
- It's worth a shot, right?

[gate creaking]

- Look at you.
You are so handsome.
- The Founders' Dinner.
I totally forgot.
- My dad's coming.
Aren't you supposed
to give a speech?
- Yes, to honor my mother.
Let's just get this done.
- Madam, silver is your color.
Drinks inside.
Enjoy your evening.
Any trace of the human?
- No, not yet.
- Hello, welcome back.
So wonderful to see you again.

- Now, what?
Do we need to freak you out
so you turn human?
- Pretend I'm Deuce.
- What?
No, I think I've got this now.
[heartbeat pounding]
- It's like
you have a superpower
that makes you less powerful.
- Hopefully not for long.


Holy headless horsewoman!
It worked!
- It just needed a human hand.
- Hyde's secret half.
- Let's do this.

What is this?
- It's just a tomb.
- An ogre's tomb,
from the looks of it.
Hey, it's Agmon the terrible.
- No.
No, no, Hyde's lab is here.
It has to be.
He locked that door
to protect it.
There's gotta be another door.

- Hey, look at this.
Under the monocle,
it's Hyde's code.
- What does it say?
- It says "push."
- It's a button!
- It's an eye.
- It's a button.
- It's an eye.
- It's a button.
Try it.
[eyeball squishes]
- It's an eye.

- And a button.
- We're both right.
- Great.

- We did it.

- There's a switch.

[electricity zapping]
[machinery whirring]
- Wow.

- Hyde kept busy.
- Is that calcium chloride?
Ammonium nitrate?
Oh, is this plutonium?
Oh, have I died again and gone
to mad scientist monster heaven?
- Stay on mission, Frankie.
- Can I just make one teensy
inteensy little explosion first?

- Hyde's code.
It's his formula.
No more human.

I'm free.
- Remember, the school
is serious
about keeping humans out.

- We found it.
- That's fangtastic!
- High five!
- What's wrong?
- If I drink this...
it's like I'm erasing him.
- Erasing who?
- My dad.
My secret half is him.
Do I really wanna
just give up who I am?
- No, you don't.
[all gasp]
- No--
- Mr. Komos, we can explain.
- There's no need to explain,
I was worried
this was your plan.
do not take that potion.
Trust me.
I know what it's like
to feel like an outsider,
to have to keep secrets.

I'm part human, too.
- What?
- Really?
- Yes,
and giving up who you are,
this isn't the answer.

I know a better way.

Thank you.
all: No!
- No!
- What are you doing?
- [grunts]
I haven't been
entirely forthcoming with you.
- Mr. Komos?
- Nope.
Komos was
my mother's maiden name.
My name is Hyde.
Hyde Junior, technically.
I was named after my father.
- You're Hyde's son?
- That's what I just said.
Try to keep up, Clawdeen.
You listen so well in class.
I have been looking
for this place
ever since I arrived this year.
I found the lab journals,
of course.
Cracking that code--
I've got to admit,
I was stumped. Whew!
That was pretty genius
there, Frankie.
[dramatic music]
And opening
that door was clever.
Dad didn't pass down
his alter ego.
So without a true human hand,
I was never gonna open it.
Clawdeen, you get an A+.
- So you just wanted
to turn a monster, too?
- So you could stay
at Monster High?
- [laughs] Oh, I don't wanna
stay at Monster High.
I'm going
to destroy Monster High.
[clothes ripping]

[laughs] Ohh.
See, this potion doesn't
just turn you into a monster.
It turns you
into the ultimate monster.
My dad was a smart man.
His formula was
gonna be his revenge
against all those monsters
that ruined his life.
Though, of course,
he was expelled
before he could take it,
so I'm here to finish the job.
- Ahh!
- Draculaura!
- [laughs]
[bat screeching]
- What have you done to her?
- I've stolen her powers.
Her very monster essence.
It's perfect.
And tonight is
the perfect night.
They're all here--
and all the school's
most prestigious officers.
Once I've brought down
Monster High,
I'll move on to those
that actually killed my father.
Oh, man, I feel good!
Look at this rockin' bod!
- Quick, run!
- Ahh! Ahh!
- [groaning]

- Hurry.
- He's not gonna stop.
- I'm so weak.
- We need to get her help
and warn everyone.
[Hyde Jr. screams]
[glass shattering]
- Wait, no! He locked the door.
We can't get out.
- Very smart, Frankie!
You can't get out.
[pounding door]
- Draculaura!
No, no, no, no, no.
- What do we do?
- Quick, call someone.
- Okay.
- Clawdeen!
- How?
- You haven't used your phone
as a phone yet?
- I just thought
it was for social media.
And the only friends
I have in here are you two.
And well...Cleo.
- Cleo?
Go live!
- Okay--
[slams door]
[phone chimes]
- What's this?
- Cleo, we need your help.
Mr. Komos is
actually Hyde's son.
He's gone psycho!
He's here for revenge
to destroy Monster High.
We're trapped,
and Draculaura's hurt.
Please get help.

[slams table]
- Bloodgood,
I find it
highly disrespectful...
[cell phone buzzes]
- That she would be so late.
- I know.
I'm mortified.
Clawdeen's been
such a conscientious student.
Any word from her?
- Uh, no. I'm sorry.
[phone buzzing]
Cleo, I can't talk right now.
[pounding on door]
- That door's not gonna hold.
- All right!
- Gotta get out of here.
- Enough fun and games!
- Hey?
- Huh?
- I can try the spell it again.
The mist of releasing,
I have some left.
- Your powers are gone.
- My monster powers.
Witchcraft is different.
Help me.
Come on.
[shouting, pounding]
Bring the power to my fist,
release the hold
with gathered mist.

- You did it!
[pounding on door]
- Clawdeen, Clawdeen!
Is she okay?
- I don't know.
Komos did this.
He can take our powers.
- What?
- Oh, my Ra!
- Where's Komos?
- Why is he doing this?

- You know, you kids are really
starting to annoy me.
[cracking neck]
- Is that Komos?
- Yes.
- Oh, good, we have company.
[wind shrieking]
- What is that?
- The school is alive!
- Ugh, and it's not happy.
- Wow, that is loud.
This school is so weird.
- I wouldn't do anything you
don't want the world to see.
- Oh, don't you worry.
I'm gonna do exactly
what I want the world to see,
destroy this school.
- You'll have
to get by us first.
- Not a problem.
- Mr. Komos--Hyde, please.
You don't have to do this.
- Clawdeen, I'm sorry you got
mixed up in all this.
You're just like me,
an innocent victim
with no place in the world.
But what can you do?
- Leave her alone!
[snakes hissing, rattling]
- Ohh-hoo-hoo-hoo. Close.

- [groaning]
- No.

- Deuce!
- Deuce, no!

No, no, no, no.
- At least I finally got
to stare into your eyes.
- No.
[heartbeat pounding]
[pounding intensifies]
Ah! [grunts]
[snakes hissing, rattling]
[all gasp]
- I knew there was something
about her.
[wind shrieking]
- One less thing to destroy.
- [sobbing]
- Clawdeen.

For Deuce.
- Oh, my gosh!
Friendship, sacrifice.
This is all so touching.
All my dad wanted
was to stay here,
where he thought he belonged,
but everyone betrayed him
just because his blood
wasn't true enough.
Well, it's vengeance time.
So if you'll excuse me.
- No.
- Clawdeen?

- Kinda hard to take my monster
powers when I'm only human.
- What are you gonna do?
Don't you understand
what kind of powers I have?
- Yeah, I know exactly
what powers you have.
- No, no.

No, no!
What have you done?

- Think of it as extra credit.
- Yes!
- That's what I'm talkin' about!

- [gasps]
- She's okay!

- [gasps]
- Deuce!

- Clawdeen?
- Yeah.
- Wow.
- This way!

- Draculaura!
Oh, my little demon.
- I'm okay, Dad.
I'm okay.
- Thank bats.
- Headmistress Bloodgood,
it was Mr. Komos, he--

- You're human?
- Yes, I am.
I'm monster, and I'm human.

This is the real me.
[soft music]

- Clawdeen!
You okay, sweetheart?
- It's all right, Dad.
I'm ready to go.
I'm not gonna hide
who I am anymore.
The world's gonna see me
as I am.
It'll be okay.
Just gonna say goodbye
to my friends.
[indistinct chatter]
- There she is.
- Hey.
- Clawdeen.
- What did they say?

- Clawdeen Wolf, please stop.

- Headmistress Bloodgood--
- Your father's not here
to take you home.
- Wait, what?
- You were never the problem.
Komos was.
The school is clearly now fine.
We've been wrong
all these years.
An impure monster heart
was never about being human.
You've demonstrated
as much true monster heart
as any student I've ever known.
Your mother would be proud.
- She would be so proud.
- Today we are rewriting
the school charter.
We no longer revile humans,
at least not all of them,
no matter how tasty
their veins may look.
- We're honored to have you
as a student here.
That is,
if that is what you want.
- Really?
Yes, that's what I want.
[all cheering]
- Silence!
Headmistress Bloodgood would
like to make an announcement.
[upbeat music]
[phones beeping]
Again with the phones.
Does nobody paint anymore?
- Hello, Monster High.
I am proud to announce
that a new moon has risen
over these hallowed halls.
From now on, true monster heart
will mean exactly that,
who you truly are on the inside.
And so I ask you to join me
in welcoming our first--well,
second, but first officially
known student with human blood,
Clawdeen Wolf!
[cheers and applause]

[howling together]

- Won't hide behind a lie
another single day
Won't run away
I won't pretend
I'm confident and strong,
I'll always be okay
I'll never
doubt myself again
- You changed the world,
baby cub.
- Come on.
Let me show you my school.
- Okay.
- Hi, I'm Frankie.
- Hi, Frankie.
I'm Apollo.
- This is me so here I am
Not ashamed,
come and catch me if you can
What you see is
what you get now
And I won't change a thing
Yeah, I'm sorry,
I ain't sorry
'Cause I like being me
[all yelping]
- Frankie, be in my story?
- So no more waiting
on the sidelines
No more hiding on the inside
No apologies
Love it or hate it,
I'ma just be me
Say no more,
don't need your approval
What for, breaking all
the rules so no apologies
Love it or hate it,
I'ma just be me
- A vampire practicing
witchcraft is simply not done.
So you must be
the very best witch ever.
- Yes!
- No one's built
quite perfectly
But who cares,
I am everything I need
- Fitting in is overrated
So don't just play some part
- Never copied, duplicated
Just be who you are
all: So no more waiting
on the sidelines
No more hiding on the inside
No apologies
Love it or hate it,
I'ma just be me
- Hey, I'm running
for Student Council.
- Oh, you're gonna kill it.
I mean, be great.
all: So no more waiting
on the sidelines
No more hiding on the inside
No apologies
Love it or hate it,
I'ma just be me
Say no more,
don't need your approval
What for, breaking all
the rules so
No apologies
Love it or hate it,
I'ma just be me
- I think I've cracked the code
to this whole
having friends business.
- Yeah?
What is it?
- It's simple.
You just need really good ones.
all: So no more waiting
on the sidelines
No more hiding on the inside
No apologies
Love it or hate it,
I'ma just be me
Say no more,
don't need your approval
What for, breaking all
the rules so
No apologies
Love it or hate it,
I'ma just be me
[upbeat music]
- I'm addicted
to the madness
- She's the one,
the key to destroying
the vampires once and for all.
Bring her to me.
- Yeah,
we run to the thunder
- Here I am
There's no turning back
Here I am
I know where I'm at
Nothing left to hide,
I'm coming alive
These are my monsters
and this is my vibe
Here I am
Oh, yeah
Here I am
Here I am
- I know what it's like
to hide in the shadows
Never let anyone
Open up the doors
or look through the windows
All my life
I have been waiting so long
To embrace the light
that I find somewhere
That I can belong
And come out of the darkness
I'm ready now

Ready now
- Action!

- Whoops! I--

I look around and see
A world that's
waiting for me
Where I can fit in
And make some real friends
- What?
- I'm gonna run
through your halls
I wanna do it all
This is my moment
I wanna own it
I always dreamed
Of a perfect place
like this
Where I'm not afraid
To be seen
Oh, and I can just be me
This is who I am
- Oh, whoa, oh
And it feels like
for the first time
My life can begin
- Oh, whoa, oh
- Action!
- Deuce, no!
- This is where
I'm meant to be
And I don't have to hide
This is who I am
- Oh, whoa, oh
And I feel like
for the first time
I fit in
- Whoa, oh, whoa, oh
- Draculaura!
- Draculaura!
- Draculaura!
- Draculaura!
- Draculaura!
- Draculaura!
- Draculaura!
- Draculaura!
That's how you do it.
- [laughs] Here's the entrance
to the graveyard.
They're setting up a bunch
of stuff,
but this is what it takes
to film a movie,
especially this one.
- Oh, oh, whoa, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh,
oh, oh, oh
Whoa, oh
- I feel so high
off the ground
And I feel my heartbeat
is pounding
Finally, you don't wanna
ever leave
'Cause now I know where
I'm supposed to be
This is who I am
Oh, whoa, oh
And it feels like
for the first time
My life can begin
Oh, whoa, oh
So I step out
into the light
'Cause this is where
I'm meant to be
And I don't have to hide
This is who I am
Oh, whoa, oh
And I feel like
for the first time
I fit in