Monster Hunt 2 (2018) Movie Script

After monster Wuba was set
free by his human parents,
Wuba and other monsters
moved into the wilderness.
But every day, Wuba yearns
for his papa and mama.
Don't think too much.
Don't worry too much.
Everything is great today,
now is the time to dance!
You are my friends. You are my families.
With this joyful song,
now is the time to dance!
It doesn't matter where you're from,
you're welcome to share our happiness.
Dance along! Shake your body!
Taste the sweetness of our cheerful joy.
Move your limbs. Then you
will feel wonderful.
Join us this moment. Now
is the time to dance!
Now is the time to dance!
It doesn't matter where you're from,
you're welcome to share our happiness.
Dance along! Shake your body!
Taste the sweetness of our cheerful joy.
This is the way to dance.
I look slimmer without the human skin!
Did you lose weight?
What's this?
A giant monster!
Sent by the evil Monster King!
A giant monster!
Where's Wuba?
Protect Wuba!
Another one.
I'll protect you!
A four-winged monster!
Honey, swing me!
Don't think about it!
Xiao Wu,
I got it.
Go, Auntie Mo.
Hold tight!
Don't let it fly away!
Hang in there!
We can't hold anymore!
Hang in there!
Yang, Our turn!
Gao, did Wuba get away?
He did.
I hope he'll be alright.
Monster Language.
Barr reporting for duty, Your Majesty!
Monster Language.
Those idiots,
Monster Language.
Can't even capture a little monster.
Monster Language.
Monster Language.
I now order you to find me that thing.
Monster Language.
You must bring it back alive!
Monster Language. I want to see what is
so special about this little monster.
Monster Language. that may change
the human and monster worlds.
Monster Language. I will get the job done,
Your Majesty.
I'm seeing vision again.
My master is blind and
dumb, but he can hear.
He said he has never felt
such a strange pulse.
It's like all the gynecological
disorders in the world
thrown into one body.
Master wants to know
which date is your menstrual cycle.
Does it matter?
You're already a mother.
There's no need to be shy.
He's the mother!
On the 15th of each month...
I eat vegan.
I'm totally fine.
Let's go.
Wait, wait, wait.
Ever since he gave birth,
he's been depressed and losing sleep.
Can you cure him, Doc?
He said,
he's never treated a man
for postpartum depression.
Just treat him like a woman.
That's how I treat him.
When do you usually feel depressed?
When he thinks of the moment
he sent his son away.
The problem is all in your mind.
Take this and boil it
with three bowls of water...
Can I add more water?
It'll be easier to swallow.
Master said, you
must be delirious!
Master wants you
to pour it out after it's boiled.
Then place incense on it.
Your mind is ill.
You should pray to the
sun for positive energy!
I think
you'd be fine if Wuba was still with us.
That was close.
Reveal your true form, monster!
Where's the little monster?
I don't know what you're talking about.
Get her!
Are you alright?
Please hold this for me.
My son!
How awesome!
Thanks for the help.
Are you hurt?
Monster Hunter Bureau.
Are you from the Monster Hunter Bureau?
Are you hunters too?
We're just small potatoes.
I'm Tianyin Song.
This is my wife Xiaolan.
And you are?
Yun Qing, from the
Monster Hunter Bureau.
Sorry, I have to get back.
You keep up the good work.
Take care.
You know...
Yun is from the Monster Hunter Bureau.
Since your father is a monster hunter,
perhaps we can find
clues of his whereabouts there.
Then we should pay a visit.
Let's go!
Do you think Wuba is
afraid of thunder?
Wuba is such a troublemaker.
I think the thunder is afraid of him.
When did you make this?
It's not that I don't miss Wuba.
I just think that
monsters and humans can't co-exist yet.
When I talk to the doll,
it makes me feel like Wuba is by my side.
I'm a level ten hunter! Surrender, monster!
Capture it!
It's... it's a real monster!
Catch it!
Catch it!
Don't move! Stop running!
Clear Water Town.
Stop right there!
He's gone.
Where did it go?
Do you see it?
There it is!
Don't let it get away.
Get it!
It's gone!
Get it!
Stop right there!
Where has it gone? I can't find it.
Don't let it get away.
Search everywhere!
Can't find it.
Let's search elsewhere.
It's gone.
Let's go.
Monster Language.
Where are you from?
Looking for parents?
Place your bets!
Big! Big! Big!
It's a miracle!
15 wins in a row!
What a streak!
For someone who has never lost,
there is no meaning
when you win one more.
Let me help you make it meaningful, then.
One game.
All in.
You game?
If you want to give up,
you can leave with your money right now.
I never let an opportunity pass me by.
Let alone...
one as beautiful as you.
I think we're done.
What is this?!
Lady, do you know where the restroom is?
It must be to the right. Thanks.
Looks like we've got
a couple of swindlers here.
I have to teach you two a lesson.
Don't sling mud at me.
That thing came out from your side.
Looks like you're the one who is cheating.
I should teach you a lesson.
you traitor, I must
teach you a lesson!
Tu? Is that him?
Pay me back!
Pay me back!
Pay me back right now!
Tu is here!
Pay me back!
Get him!
BenBen, why are you flying?!
Where's the ground?
Back up!
Stop him!
Don't you run! Stop!
Get him!
Don't you run!
Corner him on the other side!
Go forward!
He's gone.
Where is he?
What's this thing?
Back in my day, I fought
ten guys at once.
People called me The Killer!
I was worshipped by many,
not for my amazing skills,
but for my integrity.
We agreed on five rounds,
you played fifteen rounds!
You're throwing the book at me now?
Ten taels for overtime!
Ten taels for my nausea!
You sold me out in there,
so ten taels for mental distress!
I worked overtime
and missed a date with my girl,
two wasted theater tickets...
So it's a total of ten taels then.
You screwed up my game
and you now ask me for money?
I despise greedy people...
and monsters.
Lemme tell ya, whenever I come across one,
I won't show no mercy!
BenBen! Blade!
What's wrong with you?
Who would use something this big
to kill this tiny thing?
Get me the small one.
You said you won't show mercy to
anyone greedy you come across.
You can use this to kill yourself.
At least pay me my wages.
If you don't,
I'll have my girlfriend eat you alive!
My girlfriend is a big girl!
You trying to scare me?
How big can she be?
Is she as big as my head?!
You wanna be shameless?
Just remember that I'm fearless!
Take it easy.
I'm a dignified man
with a reputation to maintain.
I'll pay you.
Monster Language.
You jerk.
You'll pay for this.
And you'll have to pay your share, too.
Monster Language.
Go to hell!
Are you happy being this rude?
You're happy to see me dead.
Where did you get the corn?
At Mama Zhang's stall,
opposite the tofu stand at the market.
When you pass by tomorrow,
bring back some more!
You still owe Mama Zhang 30 taels!
She said, if you don't pay her back,
you will have to marry her third daughter.
You mean Cui?
She's twice your size!
Forget it. Tell Mama Zhang
I'd rather pay her back.
Who are you?
Your secret son?
We just met.
Stop babbling!
You're eating my corn.
And you're giving me attitude?!
Farewell, little one!
Monster Hunter Bureau.
Time to get paid!
That monster is just a child!
Thank you!
Next, Hunter Zhang.
The Monster Hunter Bureau is rich!
I ought to be a level three hunter by now.
The wage should be pretty good.
I should get promoted, too.
You should stick to giving birth.
Weapon Workshop.
Purchase on the left, repair on the right.
Don't ask me questions.
I'm busy!
Oh, excuse me then.
A lady?
We're just looking around.
I am...
...the Workshop Master?
How did you know?
You fix weapons?
And your weapon needs fixing?
How did you know?
Did it get damaged in a monster hunt?
How did you know?
Guess how I knew?
I guess you don't need to know.
Should I talk to someone else,
or can you really fix it?
This damaged whip
is the proof of your
ignorance and shallowness.
Why didn't you take good care of it?
This is absolutely not fixable.
Never mind him.
I think you are special.
You look like...
you haven't washed your hair in two months.
It shows that
you don't get caught in small things.
You only care about the big picture!
Gimme that!
I was the one who damaged the whip.
It's mine.
My lady,
I feel like we understand each other.
Since this is yours,
somehow that inspires me,
I've suddenly thought of a way to fix it.
I knew you can do it!
I sense that we share a connection.
The paper soldiers want new weapons, too.
Whatever the lady
wants, the lady gets.
After all, a kindred spirit
is hard to find.
Thank you!
Your place is full of treasures!
Take anything you like.
See you around! Thank you!
Please get my whip fixed soon!
Hey, were you not
happy just now?
How did you know?
Because we share a connection.
Why don't you connect with him instead?
You're jealous!
Zhu's Bank of Gold.
Boss Zhu,
how have you been?
When you owe me money,
you call me Boss Zhu.
When you want to borrow money,
you call me Little Zhu.
Which one is the real me
in that heart of yours?
I have another question,
and you better answer honestly...
When will I pay you, right?
When's our wedding?
"If his debt isn't paid in three months,
Little Tutu...
will marry his beloved Little Zhu."
You signed this marriage agreement
and you even sealed it with a kiss.
You got me drunk and made me sign it.
I thought it was an IOU!
I don't care about the money.
I've checked the calendar
and today
is a perfect day for a wedding.
Not today!
We have to run this by
our parents and a matchmaker.
This ain't right yet!
You just don't want to marry me, do you?
You are a straight up
Pick your favorite girl.
I can pick anyone I like?
You can pick me, too.
Marry me.
Hair dressing.
Please just casually comb my hair.
No need to be fancy.
When will you settle your debt?
I truly want to pay you back.
But I don't have the money.
Why don't you
pick another girl.
Tooth extraction.
Butt spanking.
How about...
Stop the massage!
Three days! I'll pay up in three days!
If I don't, I'll let you
tear me apart
and parade me down Main Street!
Those who claimed to have
found the little monster are here.
Boss Zhu! Boss Zhu!
Boss Zhu!
Handsome reward to anyone
who finds this monster.
Go away!
Tu may die from laughing too hard.
If he dies,
Who's gonna marry me?
Who's gonna marry me?
This is what I want!
Not these!
You're looking for that tiny guy, too?
The one that babbles "wuba wuba"?
Do you know where it is?
We're bosom buddies!
We hang out all the time!
Bring it to me.
Then we can renegotiate
our deal.
Memorial Hall.
Song Daitian.
Don't move!
You're so clumsy!
How could you climb over memorial tablets?!
It's my father.
Hey, don't touch that!
How dare you trespass on sacred grounds?!
That's my father's tablet!
Yeah, that's my father-in-law's tablet.
Brother Yun.
You're Daitian Song's son?
You know my father?
He's my senior.
This is my father's sword.
It proves that I'm his son.
It's true.
You do have his eyes.
Is my father...
already dead?
Brother Song went missing ten years ago
in Clear Water Town.
No one knows whether
he's alive or dead.
Tianyin and I have searched far and wide.
But all this time,
we still couldn't find him.
Monster Hunter Records.
This is your dad's monster hunting records.
I think it may help
you to know more.
Brother Yun,
whether I find him or not,
I'm truly grateful for your help.
We are all monster hunters,
that makes us brothers.
The fact that Brother Song
hasn't returned means
the conflict between humans and monsters
hasn't been solved.
But it is not easy for
any of us to resolve this.
Legend says that
a little monster
can change the situation.
A little monster?
It's the son of the
former Monster King.
It has hair like grass
and it makes a sound when it's happy.
he's gone missing as well.
What can we do, then?
Wait, I've just thought of an idea.
Perhaps we can try that.
Monster Tracking Pavilion.
This is the Sand Dune of Longing.
Monster Hunters use this to track monsters.
When a monster longs
for its family,
it creates a power that will
show the location of the one it yearns for.
Can humans use it too?
I've never tried that.
if there's someone that you yearn for,
you can give it a try.
Brother Yun,
we've lost the spiky,
but we just caught its mother
in the neighborhood.
Spiky monsters are dangerous to humans,
they must be eliminated!
My son!
It's Tianshu Forest!
Hunters, let's go!
Brother Yun,
can we tag along?
Your mother is worried sick!
You... met... my mother?
At the Monster Hunter Bureau.
I saved... a human... why catch... me?
You saved a human?
Who did you save?
Are you here to kill him or catch him?
There's no difference.
Brother Yun!
Which one of you hit my husband?!
Don't let it go.
Brother Yun!
Spiky said he did what
he did to save humans.
Monsters are full of lies.
It deserves to die for
destroying the monster traps.
There are good and bad people,
and the same goes for monsters.
Let's get some answers first.
We won't hurt you.
Tell me, who did you save?
Hunters. Traps.
Hurt children. I saved!
They said. I destroy.
Want to kill me.
Brother Yun, Spiky is hurt.
If we bring him back,
can you promise not to
hurt him and his mother?
The Bureau will make a fair judgement.
Do you know...
that your mom misses you so?
Do you know...
ever since you left,
I have been terrified that
I may never see you again?
There's no greater pain in this world
than being separated from family.
That's why
you can't leave her.
Come back with us.
Go back to your mother.
Wuba Wuba!
I've always said that
you should be more forgiving.
That little radish is so cute.
Why can't he stay with us?
And you forced me to get rid of him.
You're so coldblooded!
Monster Language. Go to hell!
Why are you yelling at me?
If you wholeheartedly wanted him to stay,
why didn't you stop me?
You gotta learn to grow some backbone.
Please don't sell Wuba.
I think Wuba is looking for his family.
What do we get out of that?
Lemme tell you,
other than money,
don't trust anything else in this world.
How can I settle my debts
if I don't sell Wuba?
Do you want Zhu to kill me?
She won't kill you.
She fancies you!
Just marry her, then
Mama Zhang's daughter
will be out of the picture.
You're speaking gibberish.
Wuba Wuba!
Stupid BenBen,
playing hide and seek again?
Wait 'til I catch you.
Little radish!
There you are.
It's been a while.
I really miss you.
You know, I'm here to
take you to your parents.
Are you hungry?
How can you spit on the
person who feeds you?
I have to teach you a lesson!
Why are you trying to hit him again?
Monsters only spit on the ones they like.
But why would he like you?
I should be the one he spits on!
Wuba Wuba, are you
out of your mind?
Monster Language. Mom, Mom...
Monster Language.
Mom's right here, don't worry.
Even though they're locked up,
they can still be happy
when they're together.
What are you looking at?
I'm thinking...
how do we set them free?
Look at them.
I don't think they care.
What if we let them go
and they get caught by other people?
Are they any safer here?
I have an idea.
Why did you set them free?
You've been drinking!
It should be lower!
Higher will look more noble.
It should be lower.
Stop it!
Is this a flower arrangement?
That's perfect.
You miss again!
Go left!
Levitating objects
takes concentration.
What are you thinking?
Did you turn dumb after giving birth?
I'm not thinking about anything.
I'll teach Tu a lesson for you.
Wuba, do you know
when a baby monster
screams out in fear,
who will come to rescue?
Anyone that's been spat
on by a baby monster.
When a baby monster screams,
that person will see what the monster sees.
I've found the little monster.
Let's talk business.
What the... you...
You're so beautiful.
I know.
Gimme a kiss first.
What's with you?
You don't like it?
I like the way you're
looking at me today.
A girl could use some compliments.
Just a few nice words will do.
What the devil?!
You can say no to the kiss
instead of hitting me in the face.
How dare you disrespect our boss?!
You called her a devil!
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean it,
but I just saw
something that's even grosser than you.
Since you don't love me,
then hand over the radish.
We can skip the negotiation.
I think female devils
are just gorgeous.
That's what I meant.
You're heavenly in my eyes.
Do you honestly
like the way I look?
I love it!
Your face today
has the resemblance of...
a butt!
Don't point your butt at me!
Why'd you call my face a butt?
Boss, I'll cut out his tongue.
He's clearly blind.
I should gouge out his eyeballs.
Tongue first!
Eyeballs first!
You've really pissed me off!
I actually do think that
you're gorgeous today,
but I honestly did see a butt just now!
A butt with two little legs!
Do I look like an idiot?
I'd rather trust a devil
than that mouth of yours!
If I can't have you,
nobody will!
Calm down!
You can have the little
radish for free.
If you lie to me again,
I'm going to...
cut out your roots!
It's you who have been messing with me!
I remember the old wound
on your shoulder.
It's time that you should get it fixed.
Let me give you a rub.
Why are you
so aggressive today?
Have a seat.
Take a break.
I'll be right back.
What's up with him?
Stupid BenBen, think
you can fool me?
I just don't want you to sell Wuba!
Did I just see what he saw?
How could that have happened?
Since he spat on you,
you can see what he sees
when he screams loud.
I saw Wuba's hands!
Why didn't you tell me earlier?
You never asked.
Little Zhu.
One day.
Give me one more day.
I'll bring the little
monster to you tomorrow.
I'm done believing you.
Lies are all you have!
Why would I lie to you?
Trust me!
Can you... lend me
100 taels more?
I'll sign another vow for you.
What should we do?
"Little Tutu
will love.
Little Zhu
forever and ever."
Love you.
Fooled again.
Boss, he's lying again!
You're wrong!
Look at his eyes.
Listen to his heartbeat.
And look at the vow
that he wrote me.
Look, boss!
Little Tutu is indebted to Little
Zhu forever. He got you again.
I have it on record, boss.
How many times is it now?
Well, then.
Don't be so sad, boss.
You know nothing about love.
Get some classy paper
and we'll start a new count!
Wuba... sounds like "winning hands".
With a name like that,
you're joining me on the mahjong table.
Tu owes a kid three silvers,
he should be "kurzed".
It's just a pair of hands.
Maybe it's not Wuba's.
You know, my father wasn't very popular
at the Monster Hunter Bureau.
He freed a lot of monsters.
He only captured the bad ones.
It says here the sword
my father left me
can transform into different sizes.
Once it turns bigger,
it works well on huge monsters.
The magic word is Sulusulu...
Maybe Wuba
is trying to talk to me through my dreams?
Eight Wan.
Nine Wan.
Green dragon.
Red Dragon.
I win again!
How come you are so lucky?
How come you have all the tiles we want?
This can't be.
What the...?
You're in my seat.
On no. Not her.
don't you need to help
your mom to sell corns?
How'd you find the time for mahjong?
None of your business!
Eight Wan.
There it is again! I'm seeing things again!
Nine Wan.
What did you see?
Three Circles!
Nine Wan.
This mustache...
is my lucky charm.
I need the luck!
You look familiar...
except that his nose
isn't as big as yours.
This is a nose of fortune.
It attracts wealth.
You've got the wrong guy.
You are... T...
Pay me back!
Don't let him get away!
I just saw Wuba!
Get him!
Don't move! Tu.
Tu. Don't run!
Hurry up!
Don't let him get away!
He's gone.
Split up and find him!
Where's your tiger costume?
Where have you been? Quit slacking.
It's time go get on stage.
Always taking forever with the makeup.
when intermission starts,
don't forget to pass out leaflets.
Speed up!
You won't find who you're looking for here.
These are all performers!
You may want to try somewhere else.
Sorry I can't walk you out.
Have a good night!
Be sure to come again
to watch the show!
You're up.
Everyone's waiting!
Get out there!
The tiger is here!
Lie down.
Get ready!
Stay still!
Hey, bro.
Go easy, alright?
It's my first time.
What a coincidence.
It's my first time too!
Crush rock on chest!
You may want to hit harder.
Bro, don't blame me.
You told me to hit harder.
Get up.
Take him away.
Why are you still out here?
What's with the mess?
Get in!
You again?
Are you a magician or a clown?
Business is tough.
I just do what the boss told me to.
Don't tell me this is
your first time again.
Bro, No worries,
I've been performing this act
for 20 years.
Sorry, bro, I
stabbed a bit hard.
Are we done?
Now, I'm going to saw
this man in half.
Hey, Stop!
He's not really dead.
He's fine!
I'm fine.
Don't cry.
Silly thing.
What a great show.
Look over there.
That little monster.
There it is!
Get it!
Don't let it get away!
Pay me back!
Get him!
Don't you run!
We don't really know where Wuba is.
Where could we start?
We don't know where your father is, either,
but we haven't stopped looking.
Let's calm down first,
Do you really want to find Wuba or not?
Of course I do.
So you just don't believe me, then.
how can you not believe your wife?!
You said you saw a pair of hands,
then later you said you saw some corn.
How do I believe you?
If you trust me, come with me.
If you don't,
then stay away from us
after I've found Wuba.
I know you miss him.
I want him to be with us, too.
But Wuba is a monster.
He belongs in the monster world.
He won't be safe here among humans.
I miss him too...
But protecting him is more important.
How are we protecting him?
Is it not possible for
him to live in the human world?
Everyone wants to be with family.
You think Wuba is any different?
I'm the one who gave birth to Wuba.
You don't have to be responsible.
Tianyin, you've
crossed the line!
I'm Wuba's mother, too!
Outta the way!
Do you think we've
been walking too fast?
He's crippled, after all.
He can't possibly catch up, right?
But why didn't he call out to me?
He could've just yelled,
I'm sorry, Xiaolan!
Is that so hard?
I have a good temper.
I just lose it once in a while.
You agree?
Do I have a short fuse?
Even though they're locked up,
they can still be happy
when they're together.
This little monster...
he either spits or slobbers.
Does he has a jaw problem?
Let me hold him.
Don't bother.
You'll wake him up.
You should be nicer to him.
All your life,
no one else has ever shed a tear for you.
I guess we won't make it down tonight.
Monster Tracking Pavilion.
Let's try this together.
the hot air balloon?
Wuba's not far from us after all!
He's also in Clear Water Town!
I'll go in by myself.
I'll be quick!
But don't stay too long.
I just made this sleigh.
It's perfect for two.
Have a seat.
This is cool.
I know.
Great job!
So many weapons!
We should...
My lady,
I have something special for you.
Thanks for the weapons!
Thanks so much.
Not just the weapons.
You can also have these
popped rice.
Cooked in high temperatures.
It's nutritious and crunchy.
They're delicious.
Take this for the road.
Thanks! We gotta go.
Thanks again!
I have something else for you.
It's portable and multi-purpose.
Use it to shoot out spells
to attack monsters.
Or use it to cook rice.
You can even use it
as a salt shaker.
You're truly talented.
Such an imaginative inventor!
Thank you, but we
really have to go.
actually, I...
Stop right there.
I know what you're saying. I get it.
I, I, I, I get it too!
I don't get it.
Hot air balloon!
Let's try that way.
What do we do now?
What else can we do?
Let's hit the gambling tables!
You could've opened a casino
with the money you've lost!
Never mind.
Where is he?
What should we do now?
Wuba needs to pee!
You've lost weight!
We're sorry, Wuba.
We shouldn't have left you.
We won't leave you again!
Never again!
I'm sorry.
Don't cry.
We'll never be apart.
I promise we'll always be together!
Gimme that!
What are you doing?
Give Wuba back to us!
Mr. Tiger,
Wuba is our son.
You're human and he's a monster.
How can he be your son?
You might as well call
me the son of the cousin
of the husband of the 18th sister
of the Heavenly Father!
Pay your debt, Tu!
Pay your debt!
Finders keepers.
If you want him, Pay up!
How much do you want?
A thousand taels.
What's your problem?
Whose side are you on here?
Don't think that I don't know
about this little monster.
There are people who will pay more.
We don't have that much money with us.
But... the Monster
Hunter Bureau does.
Monster Hunter Bureau?
Is this a trap?
What trap?
You want money and
we want Wuba back.
Shall we?
I'll trust you for now.
If I owe you money, come along!
Let's go.
A thousand taels?
No discount.
We want that big one, too.
He's sold by weight.
A thousand taels per kilo.
Let's go, BenBen.
I don't want to go with you.
You've got your money,
you don't need me anymore.
I'll be just fine.
I don't need anyone.
See you never.
Brother Yun,
thank you
for getting our family back together.
Brother Yun?
This monster doesn't
belong to the human world.
I'm taking him away.
He belongs in the monster world.
The monster world?
I know the way.
But I need a carriage to take you.
I know where to get one.
Follow me.
You're really something, Tu!
Finally got my money back.
You owe me three coins!
Wow, we're rich!
This is for you,
and this is yours!
Let's get candy!
Believe in your luck!
Your jackpot is on the way!
This way please, sir.
You are supposed to be a prince.
As a prince,
is this how you should behave?
What are you doing now?
Why would you pee after you fart?
What kind of habit is that?
Do you know the work that
went into this suit?
Do you know how rare this fabric is?
You absolutely need military training.
Why aren't you eating?
Is it that bad?
She'll be back, right?
Do you know how much I love this suit?
Hasn't anyone told you
not to pee on people's clothes?
This is the entrance to the monster world.
Come here, Wuba!
I should've gone on a diet!
Catch him!
Give me your hand.
It's not that easy!
Wuba's been taken.
We gotta get him!
Where did they go?
This is the monster world.
Be careful!
Be careful of what?
I don't know either.
The big belly monsters
at the clinic!
They were posed as pregnant women.
They are all overweight!
They were the monster hunters
behind Brother Yun, too.
It was a trap for us from the start.
Let's use the weapons from the workshop!
Hurry up!
Don't waste the Workshop
Master's hard work.
Find something we can use.
Watch out!
Don't let them see us.
How can they not see us?
I'm just saying.
Go, hurry!
I can't breathe.
Me neither.
Loan! It stinks!
Hang in there. Wuba needs us.
Why are you laughing?
Did a laugh spell hit you?
Nope. I just find them hilarious.
He's leaving!
Go on. We'll cover you!
Don't be scared, Wuba!
Mom and dad are here!
I'm here, too.
Hang on, Wuba! Or you're gone for good.
He'll be in pieces instead.
What's the difference?
Actually no.
Don't be scared, Wuba!
Mom's here!
I'm afraid of heights!
I'm afraid of ground!
Grab the whip, Wuba!
Hang on tight.
I'm nimble.
Oh my!
Is the sword valuable?
Good thing I have a big tummy.
You're unarmed, be careful!
Magic word. Mi-mi-Po-Ni-Kong-Kong!
Cover your nose.
They are getting stinkier.
What's wrong with your stomach?
Monster Language. Go to hell!
How dare you took Wuba!
I'll crush you with my thousand taels!
I told you, my girlfriend is a strong lady!
And she can fly too!
How do you two kiss?
Just curious.
Found this on the way.
It's so shiny.
I thought it was gold!
Thank you, Mr. Tiger!
Why did you come for us?
Because I realized that...
I can't live without you.
When will you learn?
Stop chatting!
Take me up!
Fly to that monster!
You dummy.
Why didn't you tell me
about your secret weapon?
You never asked.
It's time to go!
It's getting bigger!
How can you leave us now?!
I'm 90mg to call for help.
Come back!
Wuba's going to attack!
That's not working.
Does he have something better?
Why are you doing this?
Because it's an order!
I just saw myself!
Did he spit on you, too?
I understand now.
Anyone that Wuba spat on
will see what he sees
when he screams.
Now what?
How do we get out of this?!
Stay calm.
Let me think of something.
I sot it!
But we need to work together
to make this plan work!
961 it?
Magic word. Mi-mi-Po-Ni-Kong-Kong!
Don't worry about me. Save Wuba!
The sword can transform!
The magic word is
su... su...
Let go of me!
You're up!
Wuba's eyes are closed.
I can't see a thing.
I got you.
Give me!
We were so worried.
I hope that humans and monsters
can co-exist someday.
And that monsters
won't need to wear human skins.
That would be wonderful.
Then I can walk around naked!
You're already naked every day!
You should feel sorry
for leaving us like that!
I'm all about loyalty.
I don't leave my brothers behind.
Here's my girlfriend's cousin.
She's even bigger than Cui.
I have a bad feeling about this.
Ask your girlfriend's cousin
to take Wuba's family back.
I'll pay you double.
No problem. I'll do it for free!
Brother Tu, we have
to thank you for...
No need to thank me.
Thank you, Brother Tu!
Okay, enough.
That's enough out of you, too.
Wuba just said, you
should stop gambling.
Enough already!
That's really enough, guys.
I'll miss you!
Do take care.
Eat more
and be good!
Stop crying, BenBen.
Let's go!
All this time I've known you,
this is the first time I've seen you cry.
Shut up.
I wonder, why hasn't
Wuba spat at me yet?
Simply because he doesn't like you!
Did you see that?!
Spit at him!
Enough! Don't, stop!
Not "don't stop."
I mean "Don't!" "Stop!".
Now I understand
why Spiky's family can be happy
even when they're in jail.
It doesn't matter
if we're in the monster or human world.
What matters most is that
we stay together as a family.
I kind of miss Little Zhu.
She's really not that bad.
Are you thinking about that big cousin?
No way!
That's absurd.
I saw the way you looked at her.
You can't deny.
Was I that obvious?
But she does have a nice figure.
I didn't know that's what you're into.
How about you lend me some money?
I want to take her out to dinner.
She seems to have a big appetite.
It will cost you a lot, BenBen.
Please don't call me
BenBen in front of her?
It sounds kind of weak.
You are strong and fast.
I've been calling you BangBang.
Why didn't you tell me earlier?
You never asked.
I knew that this would happen!
My bad.
You little naked brat!
How do you two kiss?
Just curious.
That's perfect.
Get away from me.
Good take!
I'm swollen.
Do you still need another take?
Switch legs.