Monster Mash (2024) Movie Script

Mmm, delicious.
You can go.
Good night, Mistress.
Thank you, Pia.
You don't belong here.
Well, it's a shame, dear.
You'll only find me here.
Who's there?
I'm Dr. Victor Frankenstein,
You belong to me now.
You've made a grave mistake.
My father will come for me.
Then our goals align.
Oh, it's you.
I can't eat that.
Well... we shouldn't
let it go to waste.
You eat it.
It's all yours.
Hey, where have you been?
All right.
Could you try not
to break it next time?
Oh, I'm fine.
I'm fine.
Your... heart?
You got to get into
the catacombs tonight.
Because we need the heart.
All right?
What are you hanging around for?
What do you want?
Girl... safe.
What the hell do you care
whether she's safe or not?
She's nothing to you.
That girl is nothing more
to me than a piece of bait.
I have no bad intentions to her.
I promise you that.
You stay away from her.
Go tonight
and do what you got to do.
Thank you.
You seem to be lost, my friend.
I suggest you go back
the way you came.
How did you come
to possess this?
This belonged to
my long dead queen.
This was lost in the great fire
that consumed
the great temple of Karnak
4,000 years ago.
This is a forgery.
A fake!
Why are you doing this?
Please, no.
I'm sorry, master.
The only reason you are alive
is because of your
duty to me.
When you fail that duty,
you forfeit your life.
Please, master.
I beg forgiveness.
You were supposed to
watch over us, and yet...
you saw no one.
Heard no one.
I was tired last night.
She drank too much and
I must have fainted.
-Forgive me.
A stranger came
into my home
and took away my
child and you,
my dumb little cattle,
slept soundly through
all of it.
Please, master, spare me.
I would hate to think
that you had a hand in this.
Tell me who took her.
I... I don't know, master.
Do you have any idea
who would be so bold
as to take away my Elisabeta?
I... I know she's been
secretly seeing Mila,
but I was not supposed to tell.
Mila Severine, the witch?
The very same, master.
For what?
I don't know, ask Mila.
Oh, shh. Shh.
You continue
to be... useful.
Please, master,
don't kill me.
The heart of
Ramses the Third.
Nothing short of
a modern miracle.
Hey, hey.
Well done there, Boris.
You can go now.
Here you go, love.
It was from the gentleman
at the bar.
I will gladly accept.
Oh and here...
for your close
close-lipped beau.
How did you know I
was going to ask?
I keep my ears open.
I'm not a psychic,
just a good listener.
Thank you for this.
After that, he's going to
be begging for your hand
by the new moon.
I wish you a happy union
and many fat babies.
I owe you.
I'll remember.
Fairly bold of you, Count.
You rarely make
public appearances.
I can sense your unease.
My mother always taught
me to respect royalty.
The Syzgany people are
at your service.
I'm here about my daughter.
She came to see you.
Not to be indelicate,
but she did.
And it shall remain
between me and her.
Tell me what you spoke about.
A promise is a solemn oath.
Someone has taken her.
What idiot would
incur your wrath?
That is why I have come.
But as to why she would have
any business with your kind
is a mystery to me.
You say that like
it's a bad thing.
I wouldn't eat if
I lived honestly.
If you were responsible for
what happened to my daughter,
I would feast on your insides
without a moment's hesitation.
No need for threats.
I'm on your side.
So tell me what you spoke about.
My word is my bond.
And I gave her my word.
I cannot share why she was here,
but I could talk around it.
So talk around it, witch.
She was looking for a way out.
She was looking for a cure.
I had nothing to do with your
daughter's disappearance.
You should know
I considered her friend.
Is it possible she wanted
to be taken?
What happened to her
was not by her design.
And you found no remains?
She lives.
I can sense her.
And I found this.
It wasn't Elisabeta's.
Does it mean anything to you?
It's forgery.
Clever one, but forgery
Would you look into it for me?
For her?
I know you have your ways.
What kind of friend would I be
if I abandoned Elisabeta
in her hour of need?
I'll ask my spirit guides.
You know, she blames me
for her mother's passing.
Her feelings for you
were... complicated.
What else could I do?
Watch as they grow old and die?
I loved them.
Her mother could not stand
the burden of this
new way of living.
You call it living, but I don't
think Elisabeta ever did.
I could not stand an
eternity if I lost her.
She is the last mortal thing
I was responsible for.
I must find her.
You could pay Ramses a visit.
He may be able to help you.
Why him of all creatures?
Because this forgery is
of Egyptian make.
I'll starve.
Wait, wait.
What's your name?
What are you, Boris?
You don't smell like him.
You smell like me.
Like the dead.
How is that possible?
May I touch your face?
No, no, no, no hurt.
I, I saw what he did to you.
When I touch someone,
I can see things,
feel things.
I can't shift into creatures
of the night
or mist like my father,
but the one thing I can do that
he cannot is read minds.
Share people's memories.
Let me out, and I will rip
your father into a thousand
bright red pieces
for what he did to you.
What is it?
Don't trust vampires.
Please, I just want to...
Boris, wait!
Show yourself.
I sense you, old friend.
It is a shame to see
you wasted like this.
Who would seek your
immortal heart?
What good would it do?
Tanna leaves.
Rise, Ramses.
Despite it all, to your friends,
you were always kind-hearted.
A heart.
Too desiccated.
Needs to be fresh.
Must find it.
That should do it.
I'm sorry, my friend.
I tried, but your
curse is stubborn.
But my blood is
stronger than curses.
Rise, Ramses.
I command you!
Osiris be praised.
Osiris had help.
Vlad Dracul.
You shared your blood with me.
Do not worry.
If I don't bite,
you won't turn.
Blood is life.
I owe you mine.
Don't consider me ungrateful,
but why are you here?
Long story.
Tell me...
What happened to you?
Someone came.
A big man.
But it was not a man.
He took my...
My heart.
It does not fit.
Because it is not yours.
Whose is it?
Concentrate on recovering
what is rightfully yours.
And recover it, I will.
The creature will pay dearly.
The creature that...
wore this.
This is how it drew me out.
It is a forgery,
but I was fooled.
Something similar
belonged to my bride.
Why would he seek
out your heart?
Many reasons.
Immortality, for one.
Didn't work for you.
When the heart is removed,
the magic goes with it.
I, however, am a
cursed weapon of Anubis.
And I have other ways
to stay alive.
You knew this much.
And again,
I am in your debt.
Have you seen him before?
He was a stranger.
Did he say anything?
He did say one thing.
Who's that?
Where have you been?
All right, come here.
Tonight, you're going
to this address.
That's the one and
only Invisible Man.
And he's a bad man.
So, if he happens
to get killed,
it's not going to be a problem.
I just need a piece of his skin.
It will reappear
when it's disconnected
from his circulatory system.
You're going to need this.
Get a nice long piece.
More than one if you can.
Put it in here.
Okay, and bring it back.
Oh, hell.
I'm coming,
I'm coming.
Hold your horses.
Friend or foe,
answer quickly.
Well, that's rude.
You weren't invited.
You don't want to do that.
Who sent you?
Was it Tobias?
I told him I'd pay
him on Sunday.
It's Friday, for God's sake.
Good for the money.
I never welsh on a debt.
Getting serious, now, huh?
My magnum opus is at an end.
If all goes well,
death will be conquered
and I'll be fully
a god among men.
-Why are you doing this?
A stout and a red.
Very nice.
You know, my skin gets dry, too.
I would suggest a
little sheep's milk,
if you do not mind the smell.
You can just rub
it in and...
Thank you, dear lady,
I don't think sheep's milk
would suit me.
You never know.
My aunt Selma, she used
to have the driest skin.
That will be all.
She's right, you know.
Sheep's milk is a miracle
cure for dry skin.
My grandmother swore by it.
Do you think it would cure
being dead for centuries?
Worth a try.
Allow me to draw your
wandering attentions
to the pressing facts.
If this Frankenstein is in
possession of the bracelet...
Then this Frankenstein is
in possession of Elisabeta.
Which means we have
a common enemy.
Yes, but who in
Hell's dominion is Frankenstein?
I haven't the foggiest notion,
but luckily I just dug up
someone who may.
I have always found
necromancy so distasteful.
Lucky for us, Mila doesn't
mind getting the hands dirty.
In her day, Browning was
a world-renowned medium.
She was so powerful that
even in death
she could be called upon
to consult the other side.
She walks between worlds.
She likes to say
corpses are forever.
Good evening, Miss Browning.
It's you, Mila.
How you've grown.
You look just like
your darling mother.
We're searching for someone and
I was hoping you could help us.
I'll do my best.
Does the name Frankenstein
mean anything to you?
I knew a man.
A foreign doctor by that name.
He was famous in his homeland.
Infamous, really.
And where is he?
Is she asleep?
I'm searching the beyond.
Whereabouts unknown.
It's like he's been cast
from our purview.
He's blind to all third eyes.
He's being punished
for playing God.
Playing God?
He made a man and gave it
life against God's will.
What could this
Doctor Frankenstein want
with a vampire
and an immortal heart?
Whatever it is, he was willing
to kill me to get it.
And who knows what he
is doing to Elisabeta.
Elisabeta was taken alive.
Whatever he needs from her,
he won't kill her for it.
She still lives.
She still breathes.
I can sense her life.
Resurrection is what
the others whisper.
Perhaps he wants
to become a vampire.
There are easier ways
to damn your soul.
And why would
he need my heart for that?
A warning.
What he attempts...
must be brought
to an end immediately.
What is he attempting?
He seeks to make death obsolete
so he can create...
a homunculus from immortals.
It's a foul, twisted thing,
an unkillable abomination that
will wreak havoc on the world.
We cannot allow him to continue.
He must be stopped.
Then tell me where he is.
I will tear him apart
if you just point the way.
Mediums are limited by what the
spirit world allows them to see.
Yes, I see.
They tell me he seeks
the unseen man.
We must go.
I thank you, ladies.
I think we have the right place.
Help me.
Who did this?
Big fella.
As an ox.
Was it Frankenstein?
How... do you know that name?
Will you heal?
Not any time soon.
I'm raw.
I can't move.
Will you allow me to share
my blood with you?
It will heal you.
Will I... you know?
You will not join
the Legion of the Undead.
Oh, good.
Put it down.
That's incredible.
Hey, Griffin was
a genius, wasn't he?
Did you kill him?
It's all right.
It was good.
I.... good?
You're nothing more than a
human hammer, mostly useless,
except when
I need to make a dent.
I'm going to need you tomorrow
night for another job.
Until then you can
get out of here.
Go, Boris.
I can barely stand
to look at you.
I... scare?
No, I'm not scared.
I suppose I'm just annoyed.
Have you been crying?
Did he hurt you again?
I'd be happy to.
I can read your
thoughts, remember?
I'd be more than happy
to read to you.
Come on now.
Hand it over.
Ah... I feel like a new man.
You feel better.
As good as I will get,
I suppose.
Now, I'd put some
solid cash on a wager
that there is a reason
Count Dracula
and the exalted Ramses
rushed to my door
at the appointed hour
of my death.
A zombie sent us.
Come again?
Frankenstein is why we are here.
First I heard that name was
when the big guy cut me up.
And you have no clue who he is.
Wish I could help you.
Obviously, he knew you.
Well, I am reclusive, but
not without some notoriety.
And the thing only
wanted your skin.
Didn't offer an
explanation or nothing.
I'm sorry
we didn't arrive sooner,
save you some trouble.
I'm happy you showed up at all.
I'd have died if you hadn't.
I'm sure Frankenstein
expected you to.
Listen... No one takes my skin
and walks away with it.
If you're aiming to bury
this guy, I'm in to help big.
So he wanted Ramses' heart,
your skin,
and my daughter.
What for?
He's collecting
outsiders like us.
I'm not a fan of that
term personally,
but following that
line of thinking...
Is he done or
will there be others?
Who else is there?
There is one man.
A beast.
You mean Charles Conliff?
Isn't he dangerous?
Uh, yeah.
That is why we need him.
If he isn't a target,
then he'll be an ally.
I hope he doesn't hold grudges.
I think I owe him some money.
Today, the butterfly has flown,
but she was not
here to see it fly.
And sorrowing, I wonder why
the empty shell is mine alone.
Perhaps the secret
lies in this.
I, too, found
the chrysalis,
and death
that robbed me of delight.
was but the radiant
creature's flight.
What means?
the poem is about
a butterfly's chrysalis, yes,
but it's also
about a mother
grieving her dying child.
Sometimes pretty things
can also be sad things.
Like you.
Boris, why won't you
let me go?
Why am I here?
I am your friend, yes?
Please, tell me.
I won't be mad at you,
but I need to know.
Please, will you tell me?
My father...
You don't need me here.
You need my father's blood.
He was damned by
the devil himself,
and that is the power source
that Frankenstein requires.
When I kill Frankenstein,
I will not even give him the
honor of drinking his blood.
I will let him
spill himself dry.
I will water the roses
with his blood.
Boris, come!
I... go.
It's where you're going.
Almost finished.
Now, take this.
I need the arms and the legs.
And the last piece.
So now you think
this Frankenstein
wants something from me?
It's a safe bet.
You'd likely be a target.
No one's been here
besides you guys.
Either we beat the devil here,
or we are wrong.
Either way...
You need my help.
Yes, strength in numbers.
So, what's the plan?
Find Frankenstein's
lair, infiltrate it,
and get my daughter back.
Personally, I'd like
to skin him a little too.
And rip his heart out.
I got nothing against
this Frankenstein.
But it does sound fun, I'm in.
However, we still
need to find him.
Therein lies the rub.
You smell that?
Smells rank.
Dead flesh.
And it draws nearer.
Welcome to the party, pal.
You broke into
the wrong house, pal.
Dracula coming.
Good job.
Now, you go get
the castle defenses all ready.
Did we get him?
We are too late.
Poor Charlie.
He took his arms and legs.
He's collecting parts, remember.
What the hell does he
need his arms and legs for?
That remains a mystery.
And he left this.
His hands were probably full.
It would not have
worked on the bead,
but this is steel.
It holds memories.
With blood magic,
we can track the owner.
You know someone who can
wield blood magic?
I do indeed.
Help him.
Bleed for him.
He does not need it.
-He doesn't need it?
-Look at him.
Just wait.
You shouldn't be here.
Father will be angry.
Ask your father to read to you.
Not read.
I'm sorry he
treats you that way.
I know how you feel.
I sometimes feel like
an accessory to my father.
Just another useless trinket
that he can take notice of
whenever it suits him.
No, Boris, wait.
Keep me company.
So, how does that happen?
It's one of the side
effects of lycanthropy.
I can be chopped up to bits
and regrow it all back.
-Like a lizard.
Like the devil.
Well, one thing's for sure,
we don't have to worry about
you on the battlefield.
I have returned to
sooth parched throats.
And for you sir.
And how about you, handsome?
Anything to drink?
Actually, I am a bit thirsty.
You'll attract attention.
He's fine. Thank you.
Mila. Hello.
Lillian, go ahead back
to the other patrons.
No one is drunk enough.
What took you so long?
A lady must prepare.
This is the whole of
Candlewood village.
You'll be able to pinpoint him.
And let's hope he's close so
I don't get lightheaded.
Perhaps a drink first
to fortify the blood.
Couldn't hurt.
I'm ready.
The axe.
Highgate cemetery.
He smelled of death.
Makes sense.
Frankenstein waits for
us in a cemetery?
Plenty of body parts there.
Why is he messing with us?
Well, Highgate cemetery sits at
the foot of Candlewood castle.
Once a stronghold
for the Turks.
He waits for us there.
It won't be easy.
I have always said nothing
worth doing is easy.
Then let us not keep
the devil waiting.
I'm not really hungry.
You drop it off though.
What's that?
What is that?
What is that?
Let me see.
Let me see.
You've fallen in love
with the devil.
-She's beautiful.
She will eat you alive.
Give me that thing.
Get out of here.
Go find something else to do.
Elisabeta is near.
I can sense her.
Ra be praised.
Gentlemen, I look forward to
plunging into hell with you.
The gate is iron.
Charles, would you?
I got this.
Elisabeta. I'm here.
What's wrong?
Did something happen?
Listen, Boris.
You're my friend, yes?
And would free me
if you could.
If I tell you something, do you
promise to keep it between us?
My father, he's arrived.
I can sense him. He's almost
at the castle threshold.
Free me, and I will make
sure he spares you his wrath.
Get Dracula.
What? No.
Take doctor.
No, please, please, Boris.
I beg you.
Free me and we end this.
Why would you help him?
He's cruel to you.
He hates you.
He turns his back on you.
He treats you like a hammer.
You've said it yourself.
Now is your chance to prove
that you are more
than just this hammer.
Decide for yourself.
Decide to help me.
He love me.
He doesn't love you.
Are you kidding me?
Boris, wait, please.
Stay close.
Who knows what
they will throw at us?
We know very little about
What if we run into
the big guy again?
Odds are we will.
We should come up with
a plan to take him down.
Kill him.
That is the plan.
Well, okay, sure.
Speak of the devil.
Where is Elisabeta?
I show.
We all go.
Yeah, so that's
not going to happen.
No, no, we go together.
Or we resist.
Griffin, blow a hole in him.
I kicked a hornet's nest once.
This is what it felt like.
Silver bullets deliver
serious stopping power.
I... failed.
You did.
My friends, it would appear
that luck is on our side.
But the moon isn't.
Going in without
my wild side, boys.
Something's not right.
You hear that?
Frankenstein has studied
the Pharaoh's ways.
Meaning what, exactly?
I believe in this day and age
they call them booby traps.
All right, well,
we find another way.
This is the direct route.
We will not detour.
Stand back.
So is it safe?
Ladies and gentlemen,
this is the Fright Break.
Your heart may not be able
to stand
the shocking conclusion
of this film,
so we're giving you a chance
to stop watching now.
You're a brave audience
to have lasted this long,
and we won't hold it against you
if you decide to leave
before it's too late.
Don't say we didn't warn you.
Wolves collide in five...
four... three...
two... one.
Good luck.
Thanks, pal.
It didn't get you?
We're going to have to rely
on reflexes for this one.
I got this.
What if it's silver?
Whatever it is,
it won't touch me.
It should be clear now.
We must hurry.
Something tells me we should
not be seen by the mirrors.
I could go, but then again
I'm not altogether transparent
without clothes.
Right. I get it.
My turn.
Try it now.
The coast is clear.
This way.
I can smell her.
Smells like a trap.
What choice is there?
We will go this way.
Meet you at the top.
Hurry up.
Freezing my biscuits off.
Hear me.
Follow my voice.
Father? Is that you?
Come on. Come on.
You bastard.
Keep them teeth to yourself.
I'm will fight you with every
fiber of my being.
Oh, yeah, little girl?
Come on.
Get up there.
Get up there.
Your blood will paint a
thousand of my portraits.
Have a way with words,
don't you?
I'll have my way
with your veins.
You better settle down.
Your daddy's on the way.
You will regret having
crossed my path.
Elisabeta, I'm coming.
Stop right there.
Frankenstein, I presume.
The honor is all mine.
Honor is something you
are in short supply of.
Are you all right?
I'm fine.
Did he hurt you?
He couldn't possibly
hurt me.
I think I probably
could pretty easily.
Stop right there.
You will pay in
excruciating agony
that will feel like centuries
until your heart stops
from sheer panic.
Or you will die screaming.
Not before I take her first.
Why have you done all this?
Sit down over there
and I'll let you know.
I refuse.
Then she dies.
Sit in that chair,
and we can have
a civilized conversation.
Do it now.
Get over there.
Very well.
What is this?
The key to my new life.
If the goddess Hathor
guides my ears correctly,
the voices came from down here.
How can you be sure?
Yeah, it's like an
echo chamber in here.
Was not he dead?
Hey, where's Frankenstein?
Yeah, we're gonna need
a little bit more than that.
I wasn't expecting him to run.
Do we go after him?
Tell me.
Because I'm dying.
My body's giving up on me.
So, you are collecting pieces
to create a new
body for yourself.
That's correct.
I'll make a new body...
out of all the greatest
monsters that ever lived.
It will not work.
You are not God.
I'm close to it.
You're closer to meeting God
than becoming him.
Boris, help me.
Hey, hey, hey.
This is not about you.
Hurt her?
Yes! Please, Boris, he hurt me.
Please, get me free.
Don't listen to her.
She can't even feel any pain.
Let me finish this.
Boris, he's going to kill me.
Back off.
You break promise.
I break no promise.
Stop listening to her.
It's too late.
It's too late for all of you.
You're all going to die.
Lead the way.
Well, hell.
Where did Dracula go?
You've all come.
You've got friends
in low places.
Why... kill?
Boris, I feel like I should
say that I'm sorry,
but he was going to kill us.
I'm sensing something.
He's transferring
his consciousness
to whatever is under
that blanket.
I'm sensing something, too.
Get back.
I got this.
Get back!
Father hurt.
Father hurt.
I know.
You have to believe me when I
say he does not care for you.
I'm sorry, Boris,
but it's the truth.
Friend... good.
Yes, good.
Frankenstein is going
to destroy the village
if we don't hurry up.
Join us. Help us.
If that thing is the sum
of all of our parts,
this fight ain't
going to be easy.
Not to mention
it's the size of a building.
If it has the best of us,
it has the worst of us.
Our weaknesses.
Yes, but it still has my heart.
That may be too great
of a challenge,
even for all of
our efforts combined.
Easy is boring.
Let's kill this thing.
As long as it has my heart,
it is invulnerable.
So a giant immortal.
We're going to need
something bigger.
Father, you're alive.
I am revived, child.
Ramses, you said that once
the heart is taken out,
the magic goes with it.
But like you said, we're going
to need something bigger.
Mother always said your pride
would lead to your death.
She was wise,
but not always fair.
Leave this to me, and I will
drag this thing back to hell.
I wasn't expecting him
to do that.
We have to help him somehow.
There's nothing more we can do.
It's up to Dracula now.
My father doesn't stand
a chance against that thing.
Especially if it
can heal like Charles.
They're coming this way.
It's weakening.
If we can keep it on the ground,
we may be able to
carve its heart out.
I'm up to the task.
It's going to kill him!
We have to do something.
I... hammer!
Hit him again!
That's his chance!
Rest in pieces, Frankenstein.
Here we go.
Here we are.
What do you look like
under those bandages?
Want to find out?
I am engaged to be wed, sir.
Thanks to you.
You ordered milk?
Correction, goat's milk.
It's good for the skin.
What's wrong?
You look nervous.
Hey boy, you ever
been drunk before?
Oh, it's wonderful.
Cures nervousness.
This will fix you right up.
Come on, there you go.
Damn right, it's good.
That's right, down the hatch.
I heard you sought
out the cure once.
I did.
I was lost.
But now I'm found.
Despite my outward
behavior... you know.
I know.
Pity it took a madman
to bring you all together.
You all have so much in common.
Things like us always
hide in the shadows.
Well, maybe we
should change that.
You do realize we kind of
saved the world, right?
We're like heroes.
No, no.
Let's not make a habit of this.
I disagree.
I think it suits us.
I propose a toast.
Here now, we gather as friends.
Yesterday, we were apart.
And tomorrow,
we may never meet again.
But here, in this moment,
we are together and safe.
It is rare, but tonight,
my heart is full.
I've lived for centuries,
and yet today,
I discover kinship.
I thank you, and I honor you.
And with that, I propose a toast
to heroes and old friends.
And new beginnings.
To a new era...
of gods and monsters.