Monsternado (2023) Movie Script

Well, this is weird.
No, no, no, no, no.
North is supposed
to be that way.
It's supposed to be months
away, years away, decades away.
Oh, no, no.
Oh shit.
Pilots flying into
the Turks and Caicos
have reported
sightings of what seems
to be an unusually large
grouping of waterspouts headed.
Northwest to the
Eastern seaboard.
Whoa, hang on.
What did she say?
The woman on the
TV, the reporter.
Oh, right, something about some
water tornadoes or something.
(OVER TV) The size and
number of spouts reported
seems inaccurate but is being
investigated by the Weather.
Storms of this nature are
unusual this time of year
but not uncommon.
Come on.
See, Amigo.
There's nothing to worry about.
No, Floyd.
Offseason storms are exactly
why we should be worried.
The sudden appearance
of the Northern Lights
over the Bermuda Triangle
are why we should be worried.
Why is no one worried?
My bro, you have got
to breathe, all right?
This triangle fixation was going
to be the end of you, my man.
Seriously, who thinks this
much about triangles all day?
That's all you're talking
about, these triangles.
Floyd, shh.
(OVER TV) Whatever is happening
is causing quite a stir
with sea life.
Fishermen from
Maryland to Florida
are reporting their nets
are filling at record rates.
Of course, the fish.
They're terrified.
That's why they're running.
We need to go.
We all need to go.
I'm not going
anywhere, all right?
I just got my unemployment
cheque, my car's in the shop,
and I'm not leaving the couch.
Floyd, have you not
been paying attention?
This is what I've been
tracking for the last 20 years.
I've squandered my entire
family fortune on this.
Have you zoned out
the whole time?
Something is coming.
Dude, the last
guy I rented from.
He said aliens were coming.
Nothing is coming.
Something's coming.
And it's bringing
all of hell with it.
is a secure line.
Code 237585.
Give me Travis Love, Department
of Homeland Security,
and tell him it's an emergency.
Are ready?
I'll be all right.
Are you ready?
Here we are ladies.
To another night on the grind.
To making our daddy's proud.
Am I interrupting anything?
Just a little snack
before we get to work.
Oh, Pamela doesn't need a snack.
She is the snack.
I heard that.
A girls' night is
going to have to wait.
We've had the call.
We have got the big
fish on the line.
This is it.
He isn't going to
know what hit him.
Oh, and we're going to
learn from the master.
Oh, I'll take that compliment.
But you two are already a
couple of real man-eaters.
And we are hungry.
Oh, yeah.
So when's it happening?
Any minute now.
You girls are going
to be ready to roll?
I just need to make
some adjustments.
Oh, yeah, we're primed,
primped and packing.
I love you two.
The feeling is mutual.
Very mutual.
It looks like somebody wants
to get his party started.
Girls, go get cozy in the lobby.
I'll be right in.
Let's make this a
night to remember.
Hey, sweetie.
Yeah, this is Pam.
Why don't you get
cozy in the bar?
I'll be in soon.
I hope you're ready for
a night of your life.
(SINGING) Make me breathe.
Hungry again.
God damn it, Travis.
Why are you wasting
our time with this?
This is the third time we've
had this nutjob in here,
each time more
ridiculous than the last.
Yeah, nutjob.
It says here you were
kicked out of MIfor plagiarizing research.
That's a lie.
What does that even matter?
Everything I laid out
is happening right now.
The shifts in the tide,
the change of the magnetic
pull on the agonic over
the Bermuda Triangle.
I'm trying to save
lives, General.
You pompous son of a...
Hey, Matt.
General, when I joined
FEMA as Director,
I promised to do
things differently.
And part of that
meant reaching outside
of the typical
circles of research
in order to get a jump
on natural disaster.
This guy is too outside.
Matt, Matt.
Look, during my tenure,
FEMA's response time
has been cut in half, OK?
My approval rating
is through the roof.
So maybe I know what I'm doing.
Now, Matt here was the smartest
guy that I went to MIT with.
So let's just let him finish.
Thank you, Travis.
But we're wasting time.
The anomalies that
I've laid out,
they're going hyperactive today.
The waterspouts
out there, they're
about to divide
and make landfall.
Sorry to interject, but
we've run operations
through the Triangle for years.
Waterspouts are not uncommon.
The pressure systems out there
are perfect for tornadoes.
Yes, indeed.
But these spouts aren't
affected by the weather above.
It comes from below,
gravitomagnetic surges.
Just look at the
seismic activity
coupled against the
magnetic activity.
The magnetism doesn't start
tornadoes or waterspouts.
No, not on Earth, but on
Mercury and on the Sun.
And I've been tracking the same
occurrences over the Bermuda.
They're whipping up spouts at
speeds of 300 miles an hour.
That's four times
as fast as normal.
So we need to evacuate?
Yes, immediately.
But that's not all.
It's about my
archeological findings.
Just take a look.
I swear to god.
What's he going to
bring up next, huh?
Find Atlantis?
Did you find Atlantis?
No, we have no proof
of Atlantis existing.
But I found shards
of pottery and bits
of an obelisk that
were brought up.
And they talk about weird
magnetic occurrences,
and the fissures I talked about.
But that's not all.
They talk about
massive creatures,
prehistoric beasts, monsters.
That area has brought up more
prehistoric aquatic fossils
than anywhere else on the globe.
We pulled up a megalodon
jaw on our anchor once.
Yeah, I read about that.
And that's not all.
I had sea turtles,
plesiosaurs, dinosaur, orcas.
A what?
Prehistoric alligator.
What else?
There were giant squids,
and octopuses, octopi, huh?
That's not what we
have to worry about.
It's the carbon dating.
It doesn't go back to
the Cretaceous period.
These findings, there are only
100 or decades of years old.
I thought we were getting a
briefing on a weather report,
Travis, not a
goddamn fairy tale.
I don't need to
stand here and be
condescended to by this loser.
A loser?
I have scientific proof.
Get this guy out of
here and send out
a standard alert telling people
to board up their windows
or whatever they need to do.
Let's all just
take a deep breath
because last time I checked
FEMA was under my jurisdiction.
The last time I
checked, FEMA's funding
was under my jurisdiction.
So get this nutjob out
of here and put out
the goddamn message.
You see, General,
these spouts are only
a fraction of what you
need to worry about.
You need to worry
about what they're
bringing up from the deep.
Get them out of here.
Get these things
out of my sight.
I don't want to look
at them anymore.
I'm sorry I shouted at you.
It's OK, dad.
Well, that could
have gone better.
Well, I'm sorry, man.
But I'm not here to win friends
or make approval points.
I don't think there's
any danger in that.
You could have held off using
the word beasts or fucking
No, I couldn't because I've
been shunned my entire career,
and I finally have something
legitimate to tell them,
and they won't even listen.
I'm listening, OK?
I'm on your side, bud.
I get it, OK?
You've had a rough ride
these past 20 years,
but let's see this
thing through.
OK, now how much
time do we have?
I don't know.
Half hour, an hour?
Every minute up...
There as a minute
I wasted tracking the storm.
And these spouts, do
you think they're going
to have these things inside?
I don't know.
It's a hypothesis.
It's yes.
And it's going to
be bad, real bad.
OK, I'm going to need a minute.
Find us a car.
Find a car?
Hey, sweetie.
You must be Clive.
Clive, daring, in the flesh.
Well, well, well,
you look even better
than the photo the agency sent.
That's rare.
Well, I am glad you
like what you see.
Bloody like it, sweetheart.
I know you'll make me have a lot
of fun tonight, a lot of fun.
Bartender, give my
girl here a drink.
What are you drinking, babe?
Oh, not for me.
Why don't we go upstairs
and get this party started
the real way?
Now you're talking
daddy's language.
Keep the change, mate.
Maybe don't send time.
(SINGING) Oh, you
always in long as hell.
(OVER TV) As you
can see behind me,
we have multiple
waterspouts incoming.
And this is the largest
grouping ever reported.
We have gotten word from FEMA
that a severe storm warning is
in effect, and so please stay
indoors and away from windows.
Back to you in the studio.
And we are out.
Do you know what?
I think we should get
ourselves to safety pronto.
Not a chance in hell, Kiff.
The last time you
did this, you made
me miss the cops shooting
that looters dick off.
We have the chance of a
lifetime to cover this.
We need to get closer.
Go, go, punch it.
The further away... if we can
get from the coast, the better.
Yeah, you're going
to hate me, Matt,
but I'm going to have to go
back to the coastal airstrip.
That's right towards the storm.
And we wasted an hour talking
to those government assholes.
Yeah, well, I didn't
realize it was this bad, OK?
Look, I've just had word
my assistant is going
to be waiting with a plane.
I can go fly straight
to the Pentagon
get around all of
Wilson's red tape.
What about me?
Come on.
I've been naughty.
You need to, sweetheart.
You teach me innocent.
As you can be as
rough as you like.
You love that?
Let's get to know you.
You dirty girl.
There's plenty more
where that came from.
Who is at the door?
You've been a very, very bad
man, Clive, very, very bad.
So I have to order
in some extra hands.
Oh, I love where this is going.
Oh, thank you, Pamela.
I think we are going
to like it a lot more.
Yeah, we really, really, really
like talking down that boy.
What the fuck?
Agent Pamela Rasey from the FBI.
This is Pepper and
Tina from Interpol.
We have been tracking you
for the last six months.
We have got you
on drug smuggling,
we have got you on rape, and
we have got you on murder,
and the thing that
we fucking hate
the most, human trafficking.
Fuck you.
You're an asshole.
Pam, let's speed this up.
The storm is getting angry.
Yeah, copy that.
I'll let the team know that we
have target acquired and ready
for extraction.
Bitch, she's got nothing.
And if think that you know, I'd
never seen a fucking jail time
because my network extends
all over the world.
I said shut it, Clive,
or I'll shut it for you.
Hello, Donovan.
Donovan, thank god.
You cannot be serious.
Well, what the hell are we
supposed to do until then?
We need backup now.
Pam, we got to move.
Damn it.
What's happening?
The roads are flooded,
the trucks are stuck,
and the chopper can't
land on the roof
is too goddamn dangerous.
We're on our own.
That's going to be a problem.
And a fucking timing.
We can't just leave him.
Can't we?
No, on me.
This is a fucking beaut.
We're the only ones
down here, Kiff.
Our Channel 7 is going
to shit themselves.
Are we rolling?
Listen, Karen, I
got a bad feeling.
Start rolling.
All right, I am rolling.
We are in the shadow of
these quickly approaching
They are massive,
and they seem...
Zoom in, Kiff.
Zoom in.
They seem to be
full of creatures.
I have never seen anything
like it in my life.
Karen, stuff is coming
out of these twisters.
We got to go.
Keep rolling.
Damn it.
Karen, you can stay
if you want, but I'm
getting help out of here.
Get back here.
Why are you stopping?
You can't do that.
Actually, I can because
it's an election year, Matt.
And I give a shit
about approval points.
I figured I'd kill myself
a couple of monsters,
maybe boost my approval rating.
Every crisis needs
a hero, buddy.
Now get out the fucking car.
Get out of the fucking car.
Get out of the fucking car.
All right.
But I've got the calculations.
I know how to stop the thing.
I can disrupt the agonic line.
And why do you think I
want to do that, huh?
FEMA is in the
disaster business, OK?
The more monsters to kill,
the more approval points.
Do you understand?
You son of a bitch.
Thousands of people will die.
Oh, I'm so sorry, Matt.
You should have learned
your lesson at MIT.
Don't leave your
research where people
can get their hands on it.
It was you?
You fucked me.
I share everything with you.
I showed you all my research.
And you were the
one who did this.
You're fucking lied to me.
Don't be so surprised.
You made it too easy, Matt.
Honestly, it was like
shooting fish in a barrel.
It was embarrassing.
Now this is the point where I
say good luck, buddy, friend.
But we both know we're
not friends, right?
Now get out the fucking way.
You don't leave me
here with nothing?
No, not nothing, Matt.
You've still got Floyd.
Fuck you.
Fuck you, Travis.
Oh, no, no, no.
I'm sorry, folks.
But I'm locking you in.
It's far too
dangerous out there.
My cousin called me and
told me that there's
sharks and gators and
all kinds of crab killing
people on the streets.
What a load of bullshit.
You're telling me
there's sharks on land?
My cousin ain't no liar.
He drinks like a fish, but
he's as honest as they come.
You can't do that.
You can just lock us in.
It's illegal.
You're right.
But so is Grady.
Look at the TV.
Well, I am not staying here.
I'll find somewhere safer.
Come on.
Ugh, I don't think so.
Grady, go ahead and let them go.
OK, but it's the last time
I'm unlocking the store.
Good luck to you.
If you all want to
leave leave now.
We should... not to leave.
No, no, don't leave.
Now what do we do?
I don't know.
What the fuck?
You can do whatever
you want in your rooms.
I just don't need you to...
The FBI, honey.
We're just leaving.
The door's locked.
It ain't safe.
I'm sorry.
It's too dangerous.
The storm has intensified.
And it may be hard to
believe, but there are
prehistoric sea creatures and...
Come again?
What the hell are
you talking about?
The news.
OK, that is pretty bad.
Well, that's an understatement.
OK, well, we need to
change directives.
And let me contact Donovan.
Keep the loverboy here covered.
On it.
Hey, are you all right?
What's going on?
It's OK.
Can he breathe?
No, I can't.
[LAUGHS] I think the
question you want to ask
is, does he deserve to breath?
Laura, can you breath?
Look, do you have
a room or maybe
a cage somewhere
for unruly guest?
Like, I said, you
can do whatever
you want to in your room.
Well, our room doesn't exist.
And she asked you
a fucking question.
Put that away, will you?
Are you crazy?
What are you doing?
I think she's having
cardiac arrest.
She's having a heart attack.
I am sorry.
What the hell happened?
Oh, my god.
She's dead.
I wouldn't go that way.
Fucking Travis.
I missed that flight.
What the hell is going on?
I tried calling multiple times.
There's a storm, and there's
sharks and alligators.
Why are there women
with guns in my lobby?
Where's Laura?
She's dead, Don.
There was a mishap
with a gun, and she
went into some kind of shock.
And I think she
had a heart attack.
Did you call an ambulance?
The lines are dead,
internet, everything.
The alarm's going
off all afternoon.
I go to sleep for
a couple of hours,
and this whole
place goes to shit.
What's the plan?
[LAUGHS] Plan?
There's no fucking plan, Don.
Oh, I sealed the doors.
Why did you do that?
I told you, the giant creatures.
Kelly, there's no such thing
as giant creatures, OK?
There's no such thing.
You keep telling yourself that.
No, no, no, you don't
want to go this way.
Open the door.
Open the fucking door!
No way, man.
Open the door, Grady.
No, I already said I'm not
opening this door again.
I'm not letting in a
bunch of crabs and octopus
and all sorts of fucking
sea creatures in here.
There is no way there
are sea creatures.
Guys, let him in.
Fucking shut it.
Shut it.
What are you gonna do with that?
I'm going to shoot everything
that comes through that door.
Nothing's getting
through that glass.
That's the same stuff
they have at SeaWorld.
We put that up after Katrina.
It can hold up to
eight feet of water.
Bullet proof too, even
thwarted a drive-by.
Nothing's getting through there.
Let's fallback.
So you're with FEMA?
No, I'm a contractor.
I'm a scientist.
My name's Matt.
Are you the manager?
Yeah, I'm Don.
And this is our
maintenance guy, Grady.
And Kelly here is my assistant.
I'm the head concierge.
What exactly are
you scientist of?
This is going to sound
weird, but my specialty
is what's going on right now.
Well, then I guess
we're lucky to have you.
Thanks for letting me in.
What's their deal?
I don't know about the ladies,
but the guy stayed here before.
He has a lot of escorts, too.
We don't usually disclose
information about our guests.
Isn't that right, Kelly?
Listen, do if word got out about
the storms or the creatures
at all?
I don't know about
nationally, but the local news
is reporting it.
What did they say?
I can show you.
The front desk DVR, I saved
the last couple of hours
from the weather feed.
Do you want to see?
Yeah, that'd be great.
Show me, please, yeah.
No offense, Matt, but how
did a scientist and a here?
And if you knew about all this,
why don't you tell anyone?
I was on the way
to the Pentagon.
I had a double-cross on
the way to the airstrip.
Well, that sounds like a trip
to Washington, all right?
Why were you going
to Washington?
I was hoping to brief the
president about the storm
and the creatures.
Do you the president?
No, not me, my
friend, ex-friend,
the one who double-crossed me.
Thanks for recording this.
Appreciate it.
Well, I'm a bit
of a weather nerd.
Pause it right there.
Can you zoom in on the back?
Yeah, you see how it's moving
along the agonic line, right?
It's going to hit the
geomagnetic fields,
and then it's going to split and
multiply and then head north.
Waterspouts don't last
long on land, not even
once that strong.
And spouts don't move
along magnetic lines.
No, these aren't
like normal spouts.
They aren't affected
by weather patterns.
These are magnetic,
and they're going
to continue north and
continue to build energy
until they potentially hit the
North Pole unless we stop them.
Let them finish
that little meeting,
and then we're going to get
Clive locked up somewhere safe.
He should be out there
with those things.
Don't hurt him.
We need him in one
piece for the trial.
I'm sorry, but this whole
situation is freaking me out.
We all saw that giant
fucking crab, right?
Can we stand up and take
control of the hotel, please,
or something?
Right now our mission
is this piece of shit.
We're just got to let them take
care of their own protocols,
and if anything gets in
the way of our operation,
then we'll reassess.
What the hell is it now?
What was that?
No, honey, it's
not going to work.
Oh my god.
Holy shit.
What the hell are you doing?
Look, Tina panicked.
If the two-ton octopus is
trying to suck the living
shit out of you.
We'll do that.
Look, it's under control.
I said the glass
is strong, but it's
best we don't try and test it.
Like I said, it's under control.
Maybe it's best we don't
leave our only protection
in the hands of the
angry prostitutes.
Excuse me?
What about this guy?
He's all tied up.
He looks strong.
He'd probably help us
when the time comes.
You don't fucking touch him.
And we're not prostitutes.
Escorts, call
girls, call people,
I just think it's a liability
that you're packing.
Don't judge a book by
its cover, asshole.
And you are?
My name's Matt.
Matt, well, you sure have
a way with women, man.
But I am Pamela
Rasey from the FBI.
This here is Pepper, and
this is Tina from Interpol.
Sorry, I...
This is Clive Delaney.
And you are right, Don.
He is strong.
He is really strong.
He's killed three people
with his bare hands,
and that is just in the time
that I've been trailing him.
So yeah, he probably
won't be much help to you
unless, I don't know, you
want to buy some children?
Yeah, he's a real piece of shit.
Then why'd did you
bring him into my hotel?
Because guys like him
don't like to be arrested
by undercover prostitutes
in front of their families,
do they?
Well, I'm glad we have
Charlie's Angels here,
but Matt is a scientist.
Well, that's one book I could
definitely judge by the cover.
And he knows all about
the weird storms.
That's great.
But what about the rex-sized octopuses?
Yeah, I know about those too.
Please enlighten us.
The storms aren't
like normal storms.
They're like flare-ups
you see on the sun.
And these ones originated in
the Bermuda Triangle, a place
we know very little about.
I know it's bad news.
And in my 20 years
of geological study
that led me to
archaeological study
because all the stuff that
was coming out of there, proof
of prehistoric life,
but nobody believed me
because it didn't
fit into museums
narrative of historical order.
So there's politics in
the science world too?
There's politics in all of it.
I've been forced out of
libraries, everything.
They laugh me out of
my own symposiums.
I bet.
Oh, I guess you're having
the last laugh now.
I'd be laughing a whole lot
more if I wasn't so scared.
Well, what can I do here?
Shut up.
Listen, there are dozens
of those things out there.
God only knows what's going
on in the rest of the city.
Sir, the last transport
is ready to roll.
Go ahead and get on it, Meghan.
I'm not going anywhere.
The majority of spouts
have passed us by.
But, sir, it's hell
on Earth down there.
Hell on Earth is
in Iraqi POW camp.
Do you think I spent two
years getting my toenails
pulled off to get
taken out by a storm?
You don't know Abernathy Wilson.
Sir, the monsters
Matt warned us about.
I have it covered.
But sir...
I said I have it covered.
The military has to know.
Is that who you were
checking in with earlier?
Well, of course, the storm
has ruined any chance
of them getting to us.
And well, the comms have
gone out with the storm.
Yeah, of course, they have
because it's a magnetic storm,
and it's going to render
anything digital completely
Our only chance is maybe
using a shortwave radio.
Matt, I keep a shortwave
radio with my tools.
I left it over these tower.
Yeah, that'd be a big help.
We can you get a message out,
but without the government
shortwave passcodes,
they're not to listen to us.
Right, ma'am?
Well, I learned
Morse code in basic.
But shortwave codes and
they're from inside.
Tina, Pepper?
Don't look at us either.
Interpol phased out
shortwave years ago.
Well, there has to
be a way, right?
Matt, what about your
government friend?
Oh, he's dead.
But he did leave me some codes.
I have him in my go-bag.
Of course, I still have Floyd.
Who the hell is Floyd?
Then we'll go to
the tower and wait.
Oh baby.
Oh baby.
[INAUDIBLE] It was a good job.
You look, like you
want to fucking mouth.
Open it.
You're off it now.
I ain't going to fucking happen.
I My fucking ticket out of here.
And you lady, you should know
you're coming with me as well.
Bad move, Clive.
Yeah, you don't have the codes.
I'll go and get your A
list, please, science boy.
I've got [INAUDIBLE]
all over the case.
[INAUDIBLE] for the military's
got their dicks out there.
Now you hurry up, you hurry
up, you put your hands up,
you put your hands up,
and you get on the floor.
You fucking little slag.
Don, it's locked.
We're dead.
The elevators?
There are up, but they
shut down an emergencies.
Of course.
They told me that
you've got the key.
I don't.
I can get them.
There's a spare set
behind the front desk.
West Tower, there's a stairwell.
We have to go up
to the fifth floor,
and there's a hallway
that connects over.
To the stairwell.
Yeah, let's go.
Come on.
You get everyone to the stairs.
I'll hold off the crabs.
You can't shoot
through the shells.
It won't work.
But you can't hurt them.
Aim for the eyes.
They'll pop like water balloons.
OK, I got it.
Now, move.
I got this.
I got this.
We're here, you bastards.
Keep moving.
I'll be right back.
No, Pepper.
No, where are you going?
Kelly, don't.
Let him go.
These people are crazy.
Don, Matt knows
how to stop this.
He's a nutjob.
You heard him.
As if his roommate
has government codes.
Let's just find Grady
and get out of here.
Pepper, stop.
If the crabs got
Tina, she's gone.
They can crash 10 times her
body weight with their claws.
I don't need a fucking
science lesson.
I'm sorry.
It's just the odds of hers...
This is my first
You talk to me about
the fucking odds.
I'm sorry.
I don't... I'm not
good with people.
I don't know how to...
Oh, you're terrible with people.
You lab coat guys,
you're all the same.
When the shit hits the fan
you're fucking useless.
You think me?
Well, I know about women
in the Bureau, too.
I know you all have
FBI daddies and you're
used to strong, decisive men.
Which you are not.
No, I'm not.
And you're mad.
And you're allowed to be mad.
And you can be mad at
me, but that's fine.
But right now, what
we have to process,
no one in the
history of the world
has had to process before.
And you'll process later.
Now we move.
Can I ask one question.
Why do you help government
and people that hate you?
Because I took an oath.
I wouldn't end up to be another
loser in a basement yelling
at the internet.
Fair play.
Why do you put yourself in
the path of dangerous men?
I took an oath too.
All right.
Follow me.
Oh, come on, 6939 megahertz.
You tune it in.
Tune it in.
Aye, aye, Captain.
You can let her go.
I can run the radio
just fine on my own.
Better for the Morse code.
I thought you said we weren't
contacting the military.
My best blokes are
plucked from the military.
They make the best
smugglers, and they monitor
that channel for me 24/7.
Now you get on that
machine, darling.
You tell my blokes that
I'm alive and where we are.
You do a good job, I'll
get you out of here.
I might even let you be
my girlfriend for a while.
You do what you have to.
You'll be fine.
Have you done it yet?
[INAUDIBLE] someway.
In the meantime, I bet
you'd give me a little kiss.
When my mates respond,
tell me how long
it's going to be
before they get here.
Right, right.
In the meantime, how about
you give me a little kiss?
Yeah, come on.
Damn, girl.
Look, go open the
door for the others.
I'll tie him up and
keep an eye on him.
Thanks, Grady.
If he moves, I give you
permission to pop him.
Go take the radio to Matt.
The faster he gets the
word out, the faster we
have a chance of being saved.
Thanks, Grady.
I like your message, by the way.
Oh, you understand that?
Telling his friends at
the feds were on to him
to turn themselves in
and release the girls.
Nice touch.
Are you ex-military?
Indeed I am.
I thought so.
Come on, guys.
It's this way to
the other stairwell.
Is Tina...
She didn't make it.
I'm sorry.
She was one of the good ones.
Fucked up.
This shouldn't happen.
Well, it's happening.
So we need to stay
vigilant, guys.
Scientists like Matt
should have a forum.
There's a podcast,
and it's all about...
Enough about the podcast.
We get it.
We need to keep moving.
I keep hearing noises
in those vents.
It could be the octopus.
They might be following us.
In the vents?
That thing was as
big as a trunk.
Yeah, well cephalopods can
constrict their bodies.
Into a space, just
an inch to cross.
Yeah, and one that size,
a vent would be feasible.
And then we move.
Where to?
This way.
We need to get to
the other stairwell.
That way, we can hook up to
where Grady left his card.
That sounds like a plan.
Then we can get the jumping
inside and get the radio.
He still got the gun.
But I'm going to lead.
I am not losing anyone
else on my watch.
She is such a bad ass.
Yeah, she really is.
OK, from now on, be careful.
You're too important
to lose in all of this.
Pam, Tina, here,
I have the radio.
Oh, did that sting?
So that girl whooped
your ass, good boy.
Fuck you, geezer.
No, fuck you.
And I've seen you in here before
acting like you run the world.
What the fuck, man?
That hurt?
Because it felt good to me.
You like being in control.
Well, I'm in control
now, motherfucker.
I'm the guy who
cleaned up your messes,
and tonight you're the mess.
You're going to kill me?
But you better [INAUDIBLE]
me cause if you don't I
will fucking kill you.
Yeah, you know they tried
to kill me, Granada, Iraq?
Now I do the killing.
Well, come on, dude.
Bring it on, big boy.
Come on.
I don't think you
realize just how much I'm
going to enjoy doing this.
And I'm doing this
nice and slow,
just like I did in Guantanamo.
I wrote the handbook for Gitmo.
And tonight, I'm using all
my greatest hits on you.
Crazy, mate.
There is out.
I ain't fallen for
that shit, Clive.
No, I'm not kidding.
There is something bad.
Now shut your mouth.
Turn the fuck around.
Oh, did you hear that?
We have to keep moving.
I heard it too.
It's Pepper.
It's Pepper.
She broke free.
I have the radio.
Pam, do you know?
No, we know.
Now get your ass down here.
OK, I'm coming.
Hurry up.
I know.
Yeah, I have Tina's gun.
Where is Grady?
Oh, he's with Clive.
He's safe.
I overpower him, and
I have the radios.
How did you pass the crabs?
Oh there was... They got scared
by this fucking crocodile.
What croc?
Fuck you.
No, no, no.
Come on.
Oh, thank God you are alive.
Oh, shit, shit, shit.
Come on.
I don't need to be comforted.
I just need to get my shit
together and leave out of here.
You're allowed.
Don't talk to me.
So fucking pissed.
My friend just got mutilated.
Well, I am.
She died getting you radio.
You're going to step
up and make it count.
It's not your fault so
we're just gonna focus.
Pamela, that's... we
just need to breathe.
And we just stop for a minute.
One minute.
Get your breath backed
on, then we move.
Move where?
The whole place is infested.
The tunnels.
What tunnels?
When they were excavating,
they found these old Civil War
tunnels, the historic landmarks.
So the contractors
had to integrate them
into the buildings foundation.
Then let's lock it out.
And they hook up with the
army base that's on a cliff
about half a mile out.
The trouble is they built
it like a maze on purpose.
Making a map, smart move.
Let's do it.
But Pamela, it goes
deeper underground.
I'm worried the only
place that Matt's going
to get a signal is up here.
He's not going to get
anything down there.
Well, look, I'll
help you make a map.
Matt, you try and
get some word out.
Kelly, you stay here.
And if you see or hear
anything, you scream.
Good luck.
I got it.
You two go.
Never met anyone like you.
At college, none
of my professors
went anywhere near fringe
science or conspiracy theories.
And now the government is
releasing videos of UFOs.
And look, for once
it's a real one.
Very real.
Floyd, this is Matt.
Can you hear me?
Oh, shit.
I can't even believe you had
a plan to end all of this.
I don't know if I had a plan.
I had some contingencies.
The spouts themselves
can easily be disrupted.
And I'm guessing you can
knock them off their axis
with the EMP.
Exactly, yeah.
And what about the contingencies
for the cephalopods
and the dino suckers.
You know your stuff.
Weather geek, science geek.
Yeah, well, that one wasn't
too scientific, I'm afraid.
Then what was it?
I figured if we
have enough weapons
to blow up the world a few
times over a few prehistoric sea
creatures should
be a piece of cake.
The easiest answer.
Floyd, it's Matt.
Floyd, can you hear me?
Matt, oh-oh-oh.
Oh, Matt, this is Floyd, man.
Holy shit.
Floyd, it's Matt.
Floyd, can you hear me?
It's Matt.
Listen mate, you were
right, all right?
There are monsters
and they are stores.
They're going to get me.
I need your help.
The shark's everywhere.
Man, I believe you.
I believe everything
you've ever said.
You were right about all of it.
Floyd, by the front
door, there was a go bag,
did you happen to
have grabbed it?
Of course, I got your go bag.
A walrus crushed my
PlayStation, Matt.
Come on.
Very good, man.
Take a look in the bag.
There should be a folder
marked Travis Love.
Do you see it?
There is going to be
some codes in there.
You need to read those
codes to the government.
Yeah, I found it.
OK, good.
All right, there's a
government code in there.
And there's a frequency code.
I need you to turn the
radio to that frequency
and then put in the
government code.
That should open a clear
line of communications.
Can you handle that?
Yeah, OK.
Yeah, I can do that.
Yes, excellent.
Then there there'll
be a folder there.
It's full of contingencies,
EMPs, creature suppression.
You need to read all of
that to the government.
You got it?
OK, dude.
Thank God, Floyd.
Listen, man, the fate of
the world is in your hands.
I can do this.
I got this.
I know you could, man.
Thank you.
And call me back
on this frequency
to make sure it all
went through, OK?
Good, buddy.
He really is going
to get through.
Matt, my arm.
Shoot it.
I don't want to shoot it.
Fucking shoot it.
Yeah, I am shooting.
Shoot it.
I can't penetrate the skin, Don.
It's too thick.
You can do it.
Just do it.
I have got this, Don.
I have got this.
Do it.
Holy shit.
Thank you, dear Lord.
For a second there,
I thought I was...
I'm completely turned around.
Yeah, me too.
What's in here?
Oh, god.
This is all water.
This is coming up
from the ocean.
And that would probably
be a bad thing.
Real bad.
Come on.
Oh, shit.
Why have you left you're spot?
Where is Don?
It was a giant snake.
I took it out.
And then there was just tons
of giant spiders and creatures.
I didn't think anything
could get in down here.
That's obviously not the case.
And now you guys have
gone the wrong way.
We're going to have to
double back on ourselves.
What is that?
Oh, no.
Are you saying...
It's that Don's?
This is our map.
Yeah, OK.
Well, I didn't have a choice.
This is our only way.
Look, guys, we've got
to get out of here.
Guys, run.
Get out there.
Guys run.
Go, go go.
If can here me, I'll
meet you at the tower.
That was close.
I've never seen a
shark that big before.
No one in 3 and 1/2
billion years has.
It's the second one
I've seen today.
Floyd, saw something
though, right?
About Floyd, he barely
even pays his rent on time.
It's not like he's a
reliable friend or anything.
Is there such a thing?
We have to go back for Pamela.
She said let's head to the
towers then she would find us.
I know, but she'll never get
past that meg on her own.
She can go the
tunnels the other way.
Come on, Matt.
Make a decision.
To the tower.
Come on.
Two bullets, of course.
It's locked.
Come on, good buddy.
This is Floyd.
Come in.
It's Floyd.
Floyd, we were underground.
What happened?
The military, man, they
believed everything I said.
I read all your reports.
And what did they say?
They said that they got it under
control, I just hang tight,
and help is on the way.
Oh my god, Floyd.
You did it.
You fucking did it.
Yeah, I did.
Well, and Matt get this, they
thanked me for my service.
That's incredible, man.
That's incredible.
Yeah, I asked if they
could wipe my records,
and they said no problem.
Not in those words exactly,
but they were pretty cool, man.
Floyd, you fucking rock star.
Yeah, can you let
my family know?
But you can tell them.
No, Matt.
No, I can't.
I don't think I can.
What's happening?
What's going on?
The sharks, man.
They're there... yeah, the
sharks are all over me.
Floyd, get out of there.
Go, go.
Dude, I can't.
They've got me.
All right, this is it.
I think this is the end.
I bet I'll fuck us, shit, shit.
Come on.
I am sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Now I really have nothing.
That's not true.
Before tonight, I
used to hate people.
I really hate them, talking
to them being around them.
But now that all my
predictions are coming true...
They're all you need.
Uh, Matt, you're
squeezing a bit too tight.
It's not me.
Stay rigid.
Don't go limp.
Don't go limp.
Yes, Matt, yeah.
Dig your fingers into
the suction cups.
Yeah, fight it.
Keep fighting it.
Keep fighting it.
Fight it.
Give me your hand.
No, no, no, no, no,
no, don't let go.
Don't let go.
No, don't let's go.
No, no, no.
Matt, Where's Kelly?
They got her.
They followed us.
They knew.
They're smartest
animals in the ocean.
They have an intelligence.
I am going to be so fucking
clever all the time.
Said stuff like it's
the devil's triangle,
and it's going to
be hell on Earth.
This is worse.
This is so much fucking worse.
It seems so much
easier on paper, huh?
I just met Kelly tonight.
I get it.
She made me feel important.
Do you have somebody
to go back to?
Sort of.
But I hadn't even
thought about him
until you asked me
something earlier.
Why do I put myself in the
mouth of dangerous men?
When you asked me that I
didn't even think about him.
I didn't think about Clive.
I thought about Mitch.
After seeing people
die tonight, there
is no way I'm going back to him.
Well, maybe there
is a bright side.
Pamela, you were meant to be
mine tonight, weren't you,
you slippery bitch?
And I hate it when I
don't get what I paid for.
And we're splashed out in
the whole package with you.
And I'm going to get
every single penny's
worth, sweetheart.
Fuck you.
Get outside.
Get us out of here.
Go on.
Go on.
Go on now, get in there.
You killed the man that
was going to save us.
You never stood a chance, love.
Do you know what?
I couldn't wait to kill you
when I thought you as a protege.
Now I know you're a fed.
I'm going to enjoy it even more.
Fucking do it then.
Yeah, after I get your kit off.
Fuck you.
Move on.
Keep going.
Keep going.
Keep going.
Oh yeah.
Oh, I said it.
Go on.
Go get them out.
You stupid fucking twat.
What were you thinking?
She was going to be a hero.
You are not a hero, pal.
Get up, you asshole.
Feds can't get in now, Pamela.
You know that.
They'll kick you out.
You know this.
And all of this would
have been for nothing.
Now are you willing
to risk that?
I don't think so.
You're gonna have
to see this through.
I'm sorry.
Are you going to
tie me up again?
I'm not going to throw you
off but that thing will.
Oh, bollocks.
Matt run.
Keep moving.
Look, are you OK?
I don't know.
I've never been
in a fight before.
My ears blown off.
I can't hear anything over here.
You're a fucking hero, Matt.
You're my hero.
I've seen what he does to women.
It's over now.
This is far from over, Matt.
I know.
I know.
But if I can get to
the top of the tower,
maybe we get a signal.
Floyd got through.
If I could tell
them where we are...
Floyd got through.
Well, let's get to
the top of the tower.
Come on.
Let's try it.
OK, come on.
Matt run.
Get in here.
[COUGHING] My heart's beating
out of my fucking chest.
Just breathe.
Look, give me the radio.
Let's tune into my channel
It's our contingency plan.
It'll be fine.
Hello, this is
Agent Pamela Rasey.
I'm with Matt.
Do you copy?
Hello, is anybody there?
Can you hear me?
The radio's gone dead.
It has gone dead.
They got the message.
Floyd, you son of a bitch.
He did it.
It's incredible.
But the spouts are only
part of the problem.
Matt, right.
Oh my god.
You really thought
of everything, Matt.
Yeah, I did it.
But the others...
I know.
Matt, do you read me?
We have your location, and we're
sending help to rescue you now.
Yeah, we're at
Amber Marley Point.
We're in the tower, at
the top of the tower.
(OVER RADIO) Copy that.
Envoy inbound.
The President sends his thanks.
Stay safe.
The President even
knows who I am.
You really kept true
to your oath, Matt.
And then some.
You're a fucking hero.
Are you OK?