Monsters: Dark Continent (2014) Movie Script

Put a bullet in a monster.
That was supposed to be our war.
But you better know your enemy.
I never wanted to be a soldier.
But what else was I gonna do?
Shift rubble and deal crack?
Fuck that.
So when the army came looking I signed up.
Now it's my blood.
The monsters out there have
been walking through cities.
Smashing 'em down. So air strike's been
hittin' them hard to clear 'em out.
Make the world safe.
Trouble was all those bombs
had torn up the locals, too.
And that just made
a whole lot more insurgents
just wanna fucking kill us.
So the troops on the ground,
we're out there taking them down.
Stop them gettin' in the way of us
bombing the monsters back to hell.
Sergeant Frater was one of them.
They worked him undercover in deep IZ.
He killed a lot of people.
There it was.
He was a fuckin' lion.
Hands! Let me see your hands!
- Down!
- On your knees!
Hands on your head, interlock your ankles.
Do not move.
Check the vehicle.
They have clearance.
Sir, welcome to Camp Renegade.
...going on right now through
outer space community.
Fragments of the satellite
have been found in the Middle East.
We will fight those who oppose peace
in this world, human or otherwise.
I never had a family growing up.
Only thing here for me was my boys.
But none of us wanted to stay in Detroit.
We've been roaming around here like
stray dogs since we were kids.
Now we're being shipped out together.
Hey, man. You all right?
Closest thing I got to family is Frankie.
Frankie home?
When I was small,
every time I'd skip out on my foster home,
I'd climb through
Frankie's window and hide out.
He was like a brother.
- Frankie, come on, man.
- Shit!
Hey, Mikey. 'Sup, buddy.
- 'Sup, Mike.
- 'Sup, Leena.
He can be a dick sometimes.
Y'all hanging Aces tonight?
If anyone fucked with me...
Probably just a house party.
...Frankie would take a bat to him.
You should hit up, Stacey.
You know she's been asking about you.
- Oh, yeah?
- That's a good idea.
Frankie, come on! We're late, man.
Give you something to remember while
you're out there killing alien invaders!
We wanted our war...
and we were gonna get one.
We were gonna have the best fuckin'
fight of our lives.
What do you want?
Breathe, baby, breathe.
- It's...
- Breathe, baby.
It's your daddy, what's up? What's up, kid?
Aww, he don't like me. He don't like me.
It's OK. It's all right.
Take him.
You drop him, I'm gonna smack
the shit out you, you know that?
Watch your mouth around my child.
He don't understand.
I ain't having nothing
vulgar around my angel.
- Mm-hmm.
- No daggers of the devil that will pierce his heart or soul.
- You understand me now?
- OK.
My warrior, with arrows in his hands.
Preach, baby, preach.
You know what I'm saying?
They will not be ashamed when they
meet their enemies in the gate.
- Amen, sister. Amen.
- Amen, brother.
Yo, Seanie,
you got everything squared away here, man?
Good to go?
Where? Where are you going?
Nowhere, just gonna go kick it, that's it.
- Shut up, Frankie.
- You're gonna kick it today?
- Yeah, I was planning...
- Sean...
It's the last night before we deploy...
You're going to have to start
acting like a damn father. boys wanna take me out.
I don't see what the big deal is.
All I'm saying is
you're coming and you're going.
You're coming and you're going.
- One day you'll come back and find we ain't gonna be here.
- You always on that bullshit.
You always on that
bullshit, like your mama.
- I'm just sayin', one day...
- Chill, man, Kelly...
...we ain't gonna be here.
Come on...
We had all grown up in
the same neighborhood,
but I met Williams and Inks in training.
And since we got put in the same unit,
it went beyond friendship.
Just wanted his daddy, dog, that's it.
Our lives were in each other's hands.
We're going to bring
Seanie back, all right.
He's cool, we got his back.
Yeah, well,
you need to tell him he got a reason
to get his black backside here early.
Now you go. Go on and rest, all right.
- He's beautiful.
- I know.
Come on, men.
What's the matter, baby? What's the matter?
I just want you to come back early.
I will.
- You know that.
- Mm-hmm.
Look what we did.
Yeah, look what I did.
I know, I know.
You went and made me a son.
Big boy, you strong, ain't you? Strong.
Protect your mama while I'm gone, OK?
You know I got your back out there,
though, right?
- Out there? You fucking kidding me?
- What?
I'm always the one
that's got your fucking back.
Remember that kid who used to
always beat on you in school?
- Connor Clancy.
- Yeah. What about him?
The hockey game.
You scored the winner
and you were celebrating.
He was calling you a...
You know, whatever...
Called me a "welfare baby".
You lost your shit, man.
Started... tearing, biting at him.
Clancy, he's just laughing at you, bro.
That's when I have to come in
with a fucking hockey stick...
Takes two dads to pull you off...
Fucking go to work on the little prick.
By the time I'm finished, he's lying
in a pool of his own piss and blood.
- Hmm.
- Never looked you in the eye again though.
That's a long time ago, man.
You ain't no welfare baby, Mike.
You got a family.
Fuck anybody says you don't.
Oh, fuck.
- Shit.
- Yeah!
- Got him!
- Hey, man.
How do you like that...?
And the crowd goes wild!
People don't get it.
They don't get what courage is.
We'd all die for each other.
And we could all stay in the same places,
in the same fucking bar
and have a few laughs.
And not being nobody the rest of our lives.
But we wanted to come back with a story.
Fuck this place, man.
This was our home.
It was our last day.
So for those last few hours we needed
to forget about what was coming.
We just go tear the fucking place down.
- Get him, boy!
- Get him, get him.
Fuckin' bring it on, man!
Come on, bring it!
Get the fuck out the way! Move, move!
Come on, get the fuck out of here.
Fuck this, let's bounce
before the Feds come.
What the fuck you mad for?
You put your dollar on...
You deserve to lose.
Everybody lost. What's
the point of having a fight,
if you're gonna shoot the fucking winner?
No, I get it, man,
I get it, you love the monster.
- Fuck you.
- No, you love that little monster pussy.
You wanna pick it up around eight,
take it to a nice restaurant,
maybe a glass of wine, catch a movie,
walk it home...
finger that bitch on the porch.
- Fuck off...
- Gonna go get your sister.
I'm just saying, why drop the hammer?
Gotta give the crowd what they want, baby.
Let's make love, not war, baby.
Man, look at the size
of them, motherfuckers.
They're right on your nose, sir.
They're at nine o'clock.
...requesting air strike.
Hey, yo...
There's a lot of bitches arming up.
One of them...
Look like giant fuckin' sand crabs, man.
Firebomb one of those, you'll burn up
a whole lot of hodgie's women, man!
Battle damage assessment: 100 percent.
I want all these Humvees
cleaned out by 0800.
I am Staff Sergeant Frater,
this is Sergeant Forrest.
Area team leaders, welcome to the IZ.
That is the sound of air strikes
hitting monster herds.
It could happen any time of day.
You didn't choose to come here on vacation.
Make yourself at home.
This is now your normal.
Everyone of you is going to
have to make decisions
there is no right answer to.
You have the gift of aggression
and you will have to act.
Do not let your emotions control you.
Sergeant Forrest.
Now I'm going to break it down to
you like you're in kindergarten.
We have Goliaths imbedded
in built up areas.
We bomb them, there's collateral
and the hodgies get real pissed.
So what we're dealing with is IEDs,
suicide bombers,
rocket-grenade attacks and ambush.
Now we will take down monsters
when we encounter them,
but our main focus is to close
down this insurgent activity.
That means recon in non-permissive areas,
and maintaining contact with the locals.
Now, when you're not in the shit, you keep
your gear, your rifle and your balls clean.
Your body and your rifle
are a one-weapon system.
Now I'm not going to lie to you.
I think you're a bunch of... weird-looking,
ugly, raggedy ass motherfuckers.
Stand up, private.
- You're tall, ain't you?
- Yes, sergeant.
Standing up there all tall,
looking like JJ out of Good Times.
Sit down.
And you, you sad-looking motherfucker.
What's wrong with you looking all sad?
Like you was wishin'
you was in team My Little Pony.
We are not.
You are part of team Tiger Shark.
On your feet.
- Who are we?
- Tiger Shark!
- I said, who are we?
- Tiger Shark!
- Who hunts and kills all the prey?
- - Tiger shark!
Hey, Rodney Peete... 4th down baby.
Rodney Peete?
How the fuck old are you, sergeant?
Old enough to be your daddy, bitch.
- Whatever, man.
- But your mama not good-looking enough for you to be my son.
Get open! Where you at, man, get open!
- Get off me!
- Who are you talking to?
Talk about my mama again, man.
You stay... you stay where you are.
Remember who you're talking to.
- You watch yourself.
- I'm watching, man.
- Remember who I am.
- I know who you are, man.
- What you gonna do?
- You wanna try that on me?
Man, I'm from Detroit.
What the fuck you gonna do to me?
- You wanna try...
- What you gonna do to me?
Say that again! Say that again!
- Come on! Come on!
- Keep left!
Come on, man. What are you doing, man?
Get the...
My nigga, my rookie.
That's the fire.
That's the fire, right there.
We need that out on the field.
"The thumb stays in the ass while
other fingers roam the front.
I wonder if this is what
being tied up is all about?
The insanely sensual and erotic
feeling of being wide open,
so vulnerable, and absolutely
urgently craving a wild
and unrelenting fucking..."
Goddamn, Sergeant Forrest.
Your wife has got a way with words, man.
Did she write this shit
about her boyfriend?
- Look at them tig 'ol bitties.
- I'm trying to drive, kid. Come on, man.
My woman's not fucking around on me.
One word: Sybian.
Sybi... what the fuck?
Eight point five inches,
two inch rubber attachment. Floor mounted.
Zero point five-nine horsepower, 6,500 RPM.
She saddles up. Powerful vibrations.
It comes in pink and black. I went black.
Yo, you serious?
What, you mean, you didn't
buy your boyfriend a fuck replacement?
- Shit.
- Shit.
- Man, you?
- Dog, I bought your sister a pregnancy test, man.
Pull it over, Williams.
This is not good.
It was our first patrol.
This corner shop belongs to the people
who run this street, on the other side.
The two guys here?
I think we were all scared.
Anyone said they weren't
was a fuckin' liar.
And nobody wanted their family to get
a knock on the door after day one.
But they were easing us in.
We needed to get out there and
build up trust with the locals.
Maguire, you tell Charlie,
keep your head on a swivel.
You're watching our six.
Come here.
OK, what's your name?
Ali. OK, I've seen you before.
Let's take a nice picture
of you, all right.
OK, good.
That's it. Look down the camera.
All right.
- Good. Good.
- You a good boy?
All right, I want you
to stay a good boy. OK?
OK, kids here. Heads up.
Watch your weapons, watch your sidearms.
Hello. Hey.
I'll take it here, all right?
Yeah? Peace signs, you like peace?
You a good boy? You behave yourself?
How we doin', Parkes?
Just form up, get on line.
Link up!
Heads up! Formation! Heads up!
I wanted to protect them, but it already
felt like a losing ballgame here.
Renegade, Tiger One.
Possible signature activity
at target location.
Standby for confirmation.
We probably blew the shit out of
their main water supply last night.
We should hang back for more recon.
Those are the same containers
they use for IED's.
We wait 'til nightfall,
we go down, take a closer look.
We finish this now.
Copy that.
Monsters surround, but
they ain't scaring me
In the land of sand,
where they only speak Ara-be
Far from home, I know they be missin' me
My girl on the phone is dreamin'
of kissin' me
Out here with Sergeant Forrest,
he ain't no Gump
Got my rifle in my hand makin'
motherfuckers jump
From the D, you know, hoes and thugs
Lay it down like a king,
chasin' giant sand bugs
Still looking good from over watch.
Renegade, three fighting-aged males
approaching, I'll stick to them.
Get something in the air.
Roger, sir. Good copy.
Talk, too, One-Zero-One
I got movement.
Target 20 meters to your right.
Stay back! Do not come any closer!
Stay back!
Get out of here now!
Do you understand that now?
Do not fucking move!
- OK, OK, OK.
- Open his jacket. Very slowly.
Open his jacket right now.
I have a clean shot.
What's going on down there?
All right, he's clean. Do not engage.
Copy that.
What the fuck's he saying?
OK, this is his farm. He's a farmer.
He says he has lost
his children and his family.
He says the bombs killed his
cattle last night.
All right.
You tell him I understand.
We regret his losses.
We're here to improve his situation.
He was given a chance to evacuate.
They all were.
He says, "Improve?
You don't improve the situation.
Do they fire rockets at your children?"
he says.
He says, "Who asked you to come here?
You have supplies.
Do we have fighting you?"
Are there insurgents here?
Are there insurgents here?
Ask him now.
He says if he speaks
they will cut his throat.
He says, "Listen to me.
All of you listen to me."
Shut him up. Shut him up right now.
He says, "This is my place."
He says, "This is my land.
You cannot remove me from here," he says.
He says, "You cannot remove me,
and you cannot remove the monsters."
OK, he says, "They are under the Earth,
with the dirt."
Shut him up!
He's becoming a motherfucking hazard!
...please advise... north of your location.
Fifty meters...
Shut up! Shut him up!
Back up!
Back the fuck up!
Get him quiet! Deal with him!
Back the fuck up!
What the fuck are you doing?
Get on line!
On line!
Fuckin' love this shit!
...two one, you have green light.
Target, MTR, in range. Fire in the hole.
- Fuckin' saved your life.
- That's fuckin' bullshit, right there.
I know that.
You have fun out there, guys?
Does anybody wanna explain to me
why nobody got eyes on that civilian?
On another day he's a walking bomb!
These people are smart.
They are used to fighting a superior force.
They will engage!
Now I don't wanna be wrapped
in stars and strips
because you're not doing your fucking job!
Concentrate! Put your fucking bottle down!
Maguire, watch your fucking step!
I will fuck you up!
Now I got a daughter back home, and I
can't have her father think about that.
Parkes, look at me!
You say a fucking word,
I'll smash a rifle in your face,
see how you fucking like it!
There is a code of conduct out here.
You will honor it.
This war is real.
Get that in your fucking heads, right now!
You understand that?!
Get it in your head, right fucking now!
Boom backed that fuckin' thing right out!
- Fuckin' A.
- That's exactly what we came here for, Mikey-boy.
- Killing monsters, baby! Whoo!
- Damn.
Did you see my... got
to work on that fucker?
We wasn't like that when
we was kids, right?
Oh, man, when we first started.
You were.
It's like they're taking
them off the street.
Maybe the sounds of mortar rounds
not putting you to sleep anymore.
Maybe you need the sounds of home.
See your little girl.
Are you fucking serious?
What, are you going soft on me?
Me? Soft?
Listen, the last time I was home
me and my wife fucked so hard...
...the neighbors called the police.
I'm serious. The dog was wailing.
Lights going on up and down the street.
Car alarms sounding.
Local TV crew came to watch.
That was some night.
I'm telling you that, right now.
Maybe that's what you need.
I'm all right, pour me a drink.
Pour your own damn drink.
And while you're at it, pour me one.
I've gotta take a leak.
My ship's sailed, motherfucker.
Damn, redneck.
Hey, it's me.
How's Janey?
Um, she's not so good.
She's, um, she's not
doing so well at school.
She's having trouble sleeping, you know.
Go get her for me.
I'm not gonna get her, it's 10:30 at night.
Let me talk to her, go get her for me.
I'm not gonna get her.
I'm not waking her up at 10:30
at night so she can talk to you.
She's gonna have fucking nightmares, OK?
...can you go put the phone next to Janey,
for me please?
I'm not going to wake her,
I'm not going to say anything back, OK?
I just want to hear her breathe.
It was hard to imagine
Frater outside of war.
This was his eighth tour.
Didn't seem like he was even
afraid of death anymore.
Guess that's how you survive out here.
We'd been on the ground
for 12 weeks and ten days.
Gone on 42 patrols,
killed one monster
and watched a lot of others burn.
Now we got the mission.
Listen up. Five hours ago, we lost comms
with a unit in Altair Desert,
which as you know, is deep IZ.
There's a dense population of MTRs,
air strikes
and hostile insurgent activity.
It is our job to go in,
find them and get them out.
Now their last known location
was Altair Village.
And this here,
is the unit's evacuation cooridor.
This here, is one big hot zone.
So we'll fort deploy
by chopper 12 klicks out.
Take two Humvees,
we got the rest of the way by road.
Now they're just like us,
it could be any one of you
out there in this position.
I pulled down photo IDs
of the men we're looking for.
I want you to burn these four mens'
faces into your heads.
Because we're not coming
home with out them.
That is my job to get you back safe.
If anything should happen, I'll do my best
to get you out of there by road, or by air.
Is that clear?
Want one of you guys
while you still have legs.
Shit, MTR!
Right side, right side!
Seanie, MTR!
Coming up back!
Look at that thing. Would you look at that?
Oh, shit!
Did you fucking see that?!
Oh, my God!
Yeah, Mikey!
Roadkill, baby! Who is it?
Whose house is it?
Oh, my God. That little
thing's fucked. Yeah!
One down, ten fuckin' million to go, man!
Chirst, where the fuck did he go?!
- Sean!
- Williams!
We fucked!
- Williams!
- Sean!
Move it!
Go, go, go, go, go!
Stay with me, man. Stay with me.
You look good. You look real good.
Maguire, get that gun in the fight!
Stay with me, baby. Stay with me.
We're good.
- Fucking piece of shit.
- Real good. Real good.
We're going to get you
out of here, Williams.
You're all right. Breathe. Breathe.
Seanie, you're good. You're good.
Forrest! You with me? Forrest!
Forrest... are you with me?
You with me? Forrest.
Forrest, you with me?
How you doing, Seanie?
It's all right.
I gotta go and see my baby.
Look at me! Parkes, look at me!
If I break contact, compound 200 meters.
Mike, get him up!
Come on, man, help me.
One, two...
Watch my six!
Move in! Move!
Are you fucking with me?
Are you collecting your fucking...?
Check those buildings. Check the buildings!
All right,
morphine's gonna kick in now, brother.
You'll be feeling no pain.
No pain.
Mikey, we clear?
I don't have the fucking
gear for this, man!
Lucky bastard, you'll be home tomorrow
getting sucked off like a war vet
by my fuckin' sister, yeah.
Cease fire!
Cease fire! Cease fire!
What the fuck are you doing?
Can you even see what you're firing at?
Can you see the enemy?
- No, sergeant.
- Well, you watch me.
Watch the impact of my round.
- Did you see that?!
- Mm-hmm.
All right, then lay down effective fire!
Yes, sergeant!
- I'm thirsty, Inks.
- What?
Cool, baby, cool.
On your right!
Keep breathing. Keep breathing, there.
Renegade this is Tiger One.
Request immediate...
8-5-6-2-4-4-1-2, break.
Tiger One, be advised,
we have no access to your position.
Evac with you in 27 minutes.
Fucking negative!
We'll be dead in 27 minutes!
I said immediate evac! Over!
Tiger One,
we're pushing a drone to your position.
- Fuck.
- Five minutes out.
- How is he, Inkelaar?
- Can't get a fuckin' vein, sergeant.
You gotta use laser guns... fucking arms...
I don't know what to do.
You have to keep trying.
All right, you keep fucking trying.
- Maguire, move!
- Seanie, give me a vein!
Cover the back, Maguire.
That's it, Sean...
- I'm gonna fuckin' get it.
- - I'm going down, man.
- I'm going down, Inks.
- No, baby, baby, you're doing real good.
- I'm dying.
- You're doing good. You're doing really good.
You're doing just what you need to do.
Just keep breathing.
Keep breathing, you're beautiful.
Maguire, I said cover the fucking rear!
Cover the fucking rear!
Renegade, here's our location...
I repeat,
we need immediate close air support, break.
It's not going.
I'll fucking get one...
No... No, man.
Sergeant, I...
I couldn't get it, sarge.
I couldn't...
I couldn't...
Ah, fuck.
Tiger One.
Drone is on station.
I say again, drone is on station.
Tiger One, move to compound...
All right, break contact.
There's a secure compound.
It's not far.
We gotta cover each other, two-by-two.
Help me lift him.
Parkes. Parkes. We can't take him.
Fucking, no..
We're not fucking leaving him!
If you carry him.
They will fucking mow you down trying.
- I'm gonna fuckin' carry him!
- They will mow you down trying!
Based off his situation,
he will get picked up.
- You're fucking sick, sergeant.
- He will get picked up.
You understand me?
Inkelaar, Maguire, you clear our exit.
Now fucking guard it, go!
One minute out.
Fucking bullshit.
Fuck this bullshit.
Left side, clear.
Sergeant, more... to yours.
Impact in five, four, three, two, one.
You're clear for egress. Godspeed.
Move it!
Last man!
Get fluids in you, now. All of you.
Inkelaar. Inkelaar.
Those IEDs.
Were they for the monsters? Or for us?
Renegade, Tiger One.
Renegade, Tiger One, prepare to receive...
- Frankie...
- Fuck! Shit, I'm fuckin' hit!
Frankie, stay down. Stay down!
Mike, is Inks hit?
Fuck, man.
Stay down...
Parkes... Parkes.
You follow what I do. You follow what I do.
Follow what I do. Follow what I do.
What the fuck's going on?
I'm gonna help you...
Frankie... Frankie.
No. No.
Get your fucking hands off me!
You watch.
Like we watch.
Get your fucking hands off him!
I will fucking kill you!
Get your hands off him!
No... no! No!
Frankie... Frankie.
Frankie, you gotta stay awake.
OK, you gotta stay awake for me.
Somebody help him!
Oh, God, sergeant!
Shh, Maguire. Maguire, look at me.
Look at me.
Look at me, Maguire.
Keep looking at me, it's OK.
It's OK, shh.
Frankie, you gotta stay awake for me,
man, OK?
I'm sorry... I fucked up, Mike.
No! Frankie!
Look at me, man. Look at me, don't go.
Frankie, look at me.
Don't leave me!
No, fuck!
Fuck. Fuck.
I'm going to clear the building.
There's two bikes out back.
You meet me there.
We do what we need to do right now.
Look at me.
Parkes, you're in shock. You're in shock.
Now you listen to me,
you do what I tell you.
Come here.
Look at me. Look at me.
Look at me. Where are you?
We're up,
80-90 klicks east of the extraction point.
We're going to find these lost
men and bring them home with us.
Not with us, there's men behind already.
I'm not leaving four more.
We might not have enough gas.
We might have enough... enough ammo.
All right. We're gonna be OK, Parkes.
If you listen to me and you do
what I tell you to do.
We will complete this mission.
All right, we'll complete this mission.
You ever been outside of Detroit, Parkes?
I never been anywhere like this.
You have family?
What does your father do for a living?
I don't know.
You don't know?
Never met him.
The thing I keep with
me when I'm on tour... this walk.
I do it every time I get back.
I don't get picked up
from the barracks, I...
I take the bus.
First thing I do,
I walk straight over to this
piece of shit Korean
liquor store on the corner,
because they've got the coldest beer.
And then I walk to my house,
drinking the beer.
I get to my front door... wife answers.
My daughter,
she stands right there next to her.
And the last time I got back,
I got to my door,
I could see it in my daughters eyes.
It was just for a moment.
But she was scared.
She didn't know who the fuck I was.
Why don't you just stop?
Sit on your porch...
...with your kid and drink cold beer...
...for the rest of your life.
I came here to keep her safe.
You think we're doing that?
Yes, I do.
It's a school bus.
It's a school bus.
Look for water. Look for water.
Ah, fuck.
He's alive.
He's alive.
What do we do?
We leave him here. Or
we help him on his way.
Help him on his way.
You think he's in pain?
Yeah. I think so.
Fuckin' stop!
Fucking mess...
Stop it.
Fuckin' stop!
Where you going?
Lower your weapons.
Put your weapons down.
This boy is dying.
We just found him.
It's the monsters.
Yeah... two days.
Look what they did to you.
How did you let them do this to you?
I never had a fucking chance.
Bang... Bang...
I'm not fucking scared of the monster.
What is that thing?
Are those spores?
It is.
It's releasing spores in the ground.
What, you think this is a fucking game?
You took an unacceptable fucking risk,
There's four soldiers out there.
I'm going to find them and bring them home.
The only thing keeping you alive
is this mission, you understand?
You jeopardize my position,
I swear I'll take the necessary action.
You understand me?
You fucking understand?
Oh, you're holding hands
with some village girl.
Get your mind opened, is that it, huh?
Yes, sergeant.
Come here. I want to show you something.
- Come here.
- Get the fuck...
Come here, I wanna fucking show you...
Get the fuck off me!
Now look it! Huh?
You're not a fucking hero.
You don't get to feel.
You do the mission.
You do not deviate, you do not question.
You move on.
Get on your feet.
There's a settlement that's close to here.
Our men will be there.
I will complete this mission.
Now get on your fucking feet, private.
All right, check him.
What are you doing out here?
It's OK.
You see that?
It's just a baby.
- Hey!
- Hey, come here.
Come here, come here.
Come here, where did you get that? Huh?
Come here... Where did you get this?
Where did you get this?
You show me. You show me. You show me.
Who killed those men?!
Who killed those fucking men? I wanna know.
Who killed those men?
Tell me!
Come here.
You fucking get in here.
Get in here!
Get back! Why am I fucking here?!
To connect fucking bodies?
Why are those men lying out there?
I wanna know why!
Why are those men lying out there?
Why am I fucking here?!
Why am I not in my fucking house!
I don't know who my fucking
daughter is anymore!
Fuck you people!
I'll put bullets in your fucking head!
I don't know who you are!
Put your weapon down! Put your weapon down!
Put it the fuck down, now!
Why am I here?
Tell me!
Tell me.
Tell me!