Monsters of California (2023) Movie Script

That's one small step for man.
Have you ever looked around
and wondered,
where's all this from?
All the stars,
planets, houses, trees,
like, what is all this shit?
Want to know something crazy?
Time is an illusion.
Physicists say that the
past, present, and future all
exist at the exact same moment.
Like, every possible thing
that could ever occur
is occurring all at once.
So yeah, I guess
I'm going to try
to explain the unexplainable.
Well, it all starts with
me and a couple of friends
fucking around with
the paranormal.
Let's go back to the beginning--
or is it the end?
Are you paying attention?
TOE: My worst trip was probably
when I took three hits of acid
before my brother's birth.
TOE: Yeah.
DALLAS: What do you mean
you took three hits of acid?
Nobody takes three
hits of acid, dumbass.
TOE: What I'm saying
is I agree with you.
Nobody should do that.
I'm ashamed of myself.
It looked like my mom's body
had an entirely other mouth,
except this one had a mustache.
It was eating babies.
Oh, shit.
You all right?
You know, Dallas, that's
actually a story for your aunt
over at The Times.
Print that shit, we all win.
True, you should
get a police sketch
artist to illustrate the crime.
What? Illustrate
your mom's vagina?
What the fuck's wrong with you?
Hey, art is art.
Let's do this.
DALLAS: 3 and 1.
One more.
Come on, come on,
come on, come on.
Ow, Jesus!
Put that down.
You guys hear something?
There it is again.
Here. Can you tell him
to say it again?
I wasn't recording.
Tell who to say it again?
It's not a fucking
sex phone operator.
It wasn't on!
Make them do it again.
Yo, if you shitheads are going
to be summoning demons again,
make sure you do
it nice this time.
Ask with peace,
and love, and shit.
Hey, did you guys see that?
See what?
I swear that fucking
lamp moved by itself.
Oh, God!
This place is haunted as fuck.
Oh, I hate you guys.
Dallas, why are you so
into this shit anyways?
Why do you make us do all this
paranormal shit all the time?
Proving the unprovable, pussy.
Well, that's
just great, Dallas.
Your mom is going to
love that we did this.
She's going to tell Jesus,
and then you are fucked.
Jesus already
hates me brother.
Look, most of the paranormal
locations in my dad's notebook
are scattered all
over the world.
This is like the only one
we could actually get to.
So let's get serious.
Yeah. Well, we've been
here like three times
over the past couple of years,
and nothing's ever happened.
That lamp just
fucking happened.
Yes, Riley, it
fucking scared me.
Dallas. It said Dallas.
Uh, sir?
What do you desire with Dallas?
Do you wish to kill him?
What the fuck, Riley?
Why did you say that?
I don't know. I never talked
to a fucking ghost before.
TOE: Fuck, fuck.
What are we doing?
We're all going to die.
According to my
calculations, the camera
should go off right when that
bag flies near the ghost.
Bag's up.
You really think that fucking
bag is going to do anything?
After all this bullshit,
it better do something.
If we get this
ghost angry enough,
it may take a physical form.
You know, like when people
get shoved, and scratched,
and shit like that by ghosts, it
has to be physical to do that,
So if we light that bag
up with 10,000 volts
of electromagnetic energy,
and then we swing it
at the exact same moment it
tries to interact with us,
we may be able to see more
of its physical shape--
maybe even enough for
a fucking picture.
All right?
So suck my dick.
Let's get started.
I will not suck your dick.
There's absolutely
no reason to do that.
Dallas, ready?
I think so.
Time to piss this bastard off.
Yo, Lucifer, you here?
We know all about
you, cock dick.
You got hanged right in this
fucking room, didn't you?
That's it.
That's it, you demon prick.
You perv.
Why don't you show yourself?
How about showing
all of yourself?
Riley, what the fuck's
the matter with you?
You sound all horny and shit?
RILEY: Hey, demon!
Is that your name?
Or should I say Mr. Asshole!
TOE: Ho, ho.
Sick, man.
And I'm not even that
stoned, but I straight
up thought I was going to die.
And I'm not even hard--
well, maybe I am hard.
Maybe one of you--
I'm always hard when
I fear for my life.
It's just instinct.
My heart's fucking racing.
I can't even lie, that
scared the shit out of me.
That was dope, dudes.
We just made a mad breakthrough.
We should really be
proud of ourselves.
Oh, fuck!
Holy shit.
Toe, get the camera!
Fuck. What the fuck?
Why is this happening to me?
DALLAS: Go get it!
RILEY: No, you get it, asshole!
DALLAS: I'm not going to get it!
You're closer.
The bag.
Why ghosts?
Why ghosts?
Why can't we just be like
a normal group of kids?
Who tied this fucking knot?
DALLAS: What's going on?
I'm trying to get it on!
I just want to get high,
have sex, like normal--
everyone else is having sex.
Turn it on!
It's not working.
DALLAS: What do you
mean it's not working?
It's not fucking working!
Well, make it work!
Why are we fucking
hunting ghosts?
This is so fucked!
Come on!
DALLAS: Are you
trying to blind me?
And why is it so hot?
My friends need me.
It's cool.
Oh, shit!
-It's ready! It's ready!
Ready! What do I do?
TOE: Ow, shit! Shit!
Oh, shit, shit, shit, shit.
I'm coming!
DALLAS: Oh shit!
It's over here!
It's in my clothes!
(SHRIEKING) Get the camera!
Get the camera!
DALLAS: That night,
we started something
that couldn't be stopped.
Three best friends about
to find out something
we thought impossible--
You in the military?
Got a gun?
Why don't they give you a gun?
Hey, they won't give
this loser a gun.
Hey, kid, keep
your feet straight.
I got you a little something.
Dallas, come
help set the table.
One second.
LEAH: Honey, look who's here.
Hey, Dallas.
How you doing, kid?
Hey, Uncle Jim.
Good to see you.
Good to see you too.
How was your
night with the boys?
It was good.
Meg, I need my laptop.
Are you kidding?
Move your shit.
We're eating dinner.
LEAH: Don't use
those words, please.
Chaos as usual?
Yeah. Would you like to
join us for dinner?
Yeah, Jim. Stay.
We haven't seen you in months.
Unfortunately, I
have to get going.
I found some things
of your dad's.
You want me to put
them in the garage?
Yes, that'd be great.
Thank you.
I really appreciate
you coming over, Jim.
How are you doing?
How's everyone holding up?
LEAH: Okay.
If you need anything--
anything at all-- you call me.
I will.
Thank you.
Hey, Dallas, when
you've been looking
through your dad's
stuff, you ever come
across an old military GPS?
It's like a telephone
with Velcro on it?
No, I haven't seen
anything like that.
Well, if you come across
anything like that,
you'll let me know, right?
Yeah, of course.
Good to see you guys.
Take care.
-MEG: See ya.
-LEAH: Bye.
Oh, get your hands
out of that, creep.
LEAH: Listen, you two, I
want peace in this house
when I'm gone.
Meg, don't forget to take
the trash out before dinner.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, hey.
Uh, you okay?
Keep this closed.
Did you find it?
Let's go.
Mom, what are you
all dressed up for?
Actually, I'm going out
tonight, thank you very much.
With who, moron?
Yes, Myron is
taking me to dinner.
And after a year
of dating, I expect
you to be a bit more kind.
Let's pray.
Okay, fine.
Then I'll pray with
your brother and sister.
You guys, I had the
craziest night last night.
I'm serious.
You got to hear this.
It was unbelievable.
You won't believe it.
We saw a real ghost.
I mean it, and I think
I got it on camera.
It was big-- really big.
It moved like an apparition.
It almost killed Toe!
My God, Dallas, shut
up and leave mom alone.
What? What am I doing?
You're constantly
trying to make
her feel stupid for her
beliefs, and it's super lame.
No, I'm not.
This stuff is gnarly.
And if anyone saw what
we saw last night,
they'd feel pretty
different about things.
Dallas, I want you to
stay away from this stuff.
You've been chasing
it for three years
ever since your dad's accident.
And you know what, I'm
done hearing about it.
Whatever your dad did with Jim
in the program or whatever,
it's over.
It's dark, and I don't want you
having anything to do with it.
God damn it.
Why are you so on edge when
you walk through the door?
But you're out all night
chasing invisible monsters
with your friends, and
then you come at us
like we're the weird ones.
Can we just stop and have
a normal dinner for once?
Invisible monsters.
You believe a man in a toga and
Birkenstocks created Jupiter.
Come on.
Most people on Earth
believe in the Bible.
So I guess we are
the crazy ones,
and you are the sole
enlightened one.
I guess so.
Jesus Christ.
Trillions of
galaxies discovered,
and the creator of your universe
is a handsome white dude
that came to this planet
only a few thousand
years ago mind you?
20 billion years after
the planets were created
and millions of years after
life was already here,
but none of that makes sense.
Dallas, now you're
being blasphemous.
But Dad never would have
thought science was crazy.
Well, Dad is gone.
Isn't he?
And he is not coming back.
And I wish you would just
accept that so we could
all move on with our lives.
Look, I love you.
God loves you.
And that's all
anyone here needs.
You don't even
know what God is.
God could be a sea of
energy for all we know.
I guess we still
disagree on a lot of stuff.
And just because
I'm seeing Myron
doesn't mean that I
don't miss your father.
I miss him every single day.
Damn it, I need to
go clean myself up.
Relax your body.
Inhale for 3 seconds.
And exhale. Sigh it out.
Shut the fuck up, Toe.
-You guys.
Shut up, Toe.
Come on, this is important.
Dallas, I'm sorry,
dude, but do you really
think we can contact your dad?
Well, if we do, then I
know he's actually dead.
Come on, guys.
We just did this.
Ghosts contact people all
the time with messages!
Maybe we have to get personal.
You think he's
hiding in the dark?
Dad, if you're
here, let me know.
Come on, Dad.
Just give me a sign.
Hey, man, maybe we should
go skating or something.
Let's get out of here for a bit.
Get off, dude.
Come on, Dad.
You're the one that got
me into all this dumb shit
in the first place.
Why are you so silent now?
What is this?
I've never seen this before.
Oh, my God.
Advanced Aerospace Threat
Identification Program.
TOE: Holy shit.
You always told me your dad
got you into all this UFO shit,
Is that really
what I think it is?
Hell, I never thought
he was this deep.
Neither did I.
What exactly did your
dad tell you he did?
He said he couldn't tell me.
Let me see this for a second.
Oh, this is what
he was looking for.
Hey, guys, come here.
Check this out.
Myers was just
asking me about this.
It's like, some GPS
device or something.
I guess my dad must have hid it.
I don't know.
I wonder if it works.
TOE: What are those numbers?
That's like, software
code or something.
DALLAS: That's
not software code.
These are coordinates.
Just like the ones
in the notebook.
RILEY: Dallas, Dallas!
Hi, Mrs. Edwards.
What I would do
that body, bro.
I'm sorry, what would
you do to my body, Toe?
Hold you tight, love
on you, protect you--
just be your hero and shit.
Like Kevin Costner
in Dance with Horses.
RILEY: Bye, Mrs. Edwards.
Hi, Mom.
We're having bacon?
Pancakes too.
What's he doing here?
Please, not now.
It's fine.
Listen, Dallas, well,
we're kind of celebrating.
Wait, what are you trying
to throw on me right now?
Dallas, honey, sit down.
We have something we
want to tell everyone.
Myron asked me to marry him.
Oh, my God!
What'd you say?
I said yes.
I love Leah, and she loves me.
Yo, excuse me, Boomer,
but nobody asked you.
You don't even
remember Dad, do you?
You don't talk about him.
You don't mention
his name anymore.
Now this?
What the hell is going on?
No, fuck dude.
Dude, you're grabbing
my fucking ass.
They detail a classified
UFO research program.
The Starfish Prime Nuke Test,
the 2003 New York blackouts,
the Tall Route
Race from Atlantis,
the grays, they're all real.
Hi honey, how are you?
Oh, honey, it's
great to see you again.
Stop, you're still pinching!
You're like a blind man
treasure hunting for cock.
I'm trying, dude.
Hey Dallas, how does
this work again?
Riley keeps shifting his weight
so my hand touches his dick.
Well, you got to
distract him with something
like a like a soft touch
to the chest or whatever.
A soft touch to the chest?
Or whatever.
DALLAS: One more time.
I'm watching now.
-All right, ready?
Oh, my granddaughter.
TOE: You have something
on your shirt.
You keep-- stop!
What is that?
Like this, asshole.
Just come at me.
All right. What's up, man?
How are you?
Not good.
-Well, give it back.
-You're broke.
RILEY: How'd you even do that?
YouTube, shitheads.
And a lot of boring days last
summer at the coffee shop.
Do I have your attention now?
TOE: No.
Come on, guys.
Look, there's pictures.
Did you know the government
actually retrieved
multiple crashed UFOs?
TOE: Yo, Dallas, is
your sister here?
Shut it.
I'm just thinking
out loud here.
We should hang with
her more often.
I like her mind.
Huh? Why-- why
would we do that?
It looks like my dad and Myers
were piloting the program.
It says right here their job
was to pursue, track, and engage
unidentified flying objects.
And a man named Dr. Eric Walker
was their program director.
Let me see that.
Let's see.
All right.
Oh, Dr. Walker.
There's not much here.
It just says that he graduated
from MIT with a doctorate
in theoretical physics.
Holy shit.
Apparently he's been
missing for years.
Oh, my God.
That's amazing.
DALLAS: I know, right?
Do you guys have any
idea what this can mean?
TOE: Go ahead, pal.
What's this all mean?
DALLAS: Well, it means
Myers hasn't given
me the full story about my dad.
The government lied,
possibly about everything.
What are you guys looking at?
Nothing, just processing.
DALLAS: Guys, come on.
This is important.
My mom's going to
marry that tool
without even really knowing
what happened to my dad.
Yeah, they might have
lied about your dad's job.
But that doesn't
necessarily mean they
lied about his disappearance.
Dude, disappearing
on the job takes
a whole new meaning
if you hunt advanced
aerial threats for a living.
Either way, I need
the full story--
the real story.
Here, take this device.
The coordinates on it matched
the ones in the notebook,
except these are new ones
we haven't seen before.
Great, more locations
in North Korea or wherever
that we can't get to.
-I'll look into it.
-DALLAS: Thank you.
I think I better give
these documents to Jim.
They weren't just co-pilots,
they were best friends.
So he'll help me for sure.
Dude, what are you looking at?
Have you gone insane, man?
Why in the hell would I let
you creep on my sister, idiot?
Because you care about us.
Because best friends make
sacrifices for each other.
I just want to look at your
sister naked just for a minute.
Please, can I just look
at your sister naked?
Come on.
I want to see them titties.
Come on.
I can't be fallin' again
I am worn a bit thin
I get bored of
the same scenario
A normal shit eating grin
MYERS: Dallas Edwards.
What's up, sport?
I've never seen you here before.
Hey, Jim.
Thanks for seeing me.
Yeah. Come on.
So Dallas, how can
I help you today?
Actually, I did find a
few things in an old box.
Looks like my dad had them
stashed away for some time.
It has been a long
time, hasn't it?
That picture was with
these documents too.
These are classified.
Where did you find these?
So they're real?
You could go to
jail for having this.
According to those documents,
almost everything we've been
told about my dad is a lie.
So I'm wondering, has the
story we've been told not true?
Of course they
told you the truth.
This was a long time ago.
So why don't I look into seeing
if anything has surfaced,
and, uh, I'll get back to you.
Fair enough?
Really quick, do
you remember this man?
His name is Dr. Eric Walker.
I know who he is.
You do?
MYERS: I mean, I did.
He-- it was a long time ago.
He's a different man now.
What do you mean?
Sorry, Dallas.
I wish I could
help you out more.
Another thing-- you find
anything else in that box?
Nothing else.
Then have a good day.
You too.
Hey, say hi to
your mom for me.
We have a situation.
I need a surveillance team
deployed tonight on that kid.
I may have found Walker's
missing hardware.
One time I read that reality
is created by the observer.
Like, if a tree falls in a
forest and nobody's there,
does it make a sound?
Well, now scientists
say that the tree
doesn't even fucking
exist unless there's
someone there to see it.
Think about that.
Can I help you?
Hi. Can I just get a bottle--
Ah! Let me stop you.
I know, you're
thinking pour over.
But, it's crazy, everyone
wants pour over these days.
And really, you just,
like, need a break.
I think a matcha latte
is going to get your day
in the right direction.
Let me sort you out.
Yeah, could I just get
a bottle of water, please?
Hey, beat it.
I've worked here
way longer than you.
Hi. Could I just get a
bottle of water, please?
Bottle of water?
Oh, right.
One water.
Two bucks.
I've never seen you here before.
I just moved here
like seven days ago.
Oh, yeah?
Well, I'm Dallas.
That's an interesting name.
-DALLAS: Kelly.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Uh, random question,
but is the beach nearby?
I actually haven't seen it yet.
Want a tour?
I'll fucking show you
the beach right now.
I don't care.
I'll quit this stellar
career and give you a tour--
be your guide.
Fuck it.
Have a good one.
I dare you.
Come on.
So why are you actually
hiding out in Encinitas?
Oh yeah, you got me.
I'm actually a master villain.
I knew it.
So this is the tour?
We're almost there.
Wait, can I trust you?
What, you don't follow random
dudes into the mountains?
Come on.
You got no issues here.
I follow strange people
into all sorts of places,
even typical San Diego
skateboarders like you.
But I'm so much more than that.
Well, in that
case, I apologize.
You are a deep and
emotionally complex man.
That's more like it.
You are a bit forward,
I'll give you that.
Well, thank you.
We have just about arrived.
Come on, it's just
down this way.
Oh, shit.
Just almost ate it.
Take them off.
Your shoes.
They make it a lot
harder to walk.
Just don't look down.
Look up at the view.
It's beautiful up here.
You want to hear
something kind of cool?
Well, now that you've
got me here, I do sort of
expect to be entertained.
My dad said he wanted
to show me something.
I thought it was
going to be this view,
the tide or whatever.
The water was like
glass that night.
But then, right
above that horizon,
there's this little white
light dangling in the sky.
No big deal, but it moved like
nothing I'd ever seen before.
It was the craziest shit.
Darting across the
sky like magic.
What, like, a UFO?
How do you know it wasn't
a plane or something?
Well, at first
I thought it was.
But UFOs, they have this
certain thing about them.
They don't really fly.
Well, they say they pull and
bend on the surrounding area.
At least that's the legend--
snapping around
from here to there.
To them, though,
it's a straight shot.
How do you know
so much about UFOs?
Are you a weirdo?
My dad used to tell me
a lot about this stuff.
I'm now starting to
think he must have known
a lot more about it than he
told me, because I actually just
found out he was a part of a
super-secret military program
that studied them.
What did he do
for the military?
Well, officially
he was a pilot.
But anything he ever
did was classified,
so I never, like, really knew.
You know what I mean?
Then one day he went
to work as usual
and, uh, just never came back.
I'm sorry.
That's horrible.
Nah, it's fine.
I just go one day at a time--
try to keep my mind
on better things.
What about you?
Why are you actually
in Encinitas?
My dad is sick.
These promising new
treatments at UCSD.
So I'm just partying out here
while he's in the hospital.
We have pathetic
lives, don't we?
I thought this was
going to be fun.
God damn it.
This was like the
worst date ever.
Oh, so you're calling
this a date now.
I'm not sure yet.
I'll let you know.
Yeah. Well, that
meeting was a joke.
Of course it was.
Why, he didn't say anything?
Nothing. He wasn't
about to tell me shit.
What did he say?
I'll look into it.
And then he took
all the documents
and locked them in the safe.
What a douchebag.
At least we still
have the device.
No way I'm letting him get that.
Yeah, he may have
taken those reports.
But I actually found something
kind of interesting here.
So that location
from the device,
I actually looked it up.
Guys, there's some weird
shit happening there lately.
DALLAS: Like what?
Check it out.
It's crazy.
Your dad only had one
set of coordinates
on that military GPS, so
I feel like that's kind of
important to the story I guess.
Please stop guessing.
I'm a scientist.
Man, it's so strange how
my dad had these coordinates
of paranormal hotspots
in the notebook and now
on this device, when they were
supposed to be studying UFOs.
Where is this?
Only an hour East from here.
Sounds dumb. Let's not go.
RILEY: Maybe it's all connected.
You know, like, UFOs aren't
what we think they are.
We might as well
go out there and see.
It's not like your dad's
prick friend at the Navy
is going to help us at all.
This might be dangerous.
It might be frightening.
This might make
me shit my pants.
DALLAS: Road trip.
-RILEY: Road trip.
-TOE: No!
Why are we bringing
some random chick along?
I know, dude.
This is serious stuff.
We're here to investigate,
not finger bang.
Again, that's why
your dad's not coming.
Yo, guys, she's cool.
Trust me.
I'll be right back.
Is that your dick?
Oh no!
-Tickle! Tickle!
-Ow. Stop!
-Let me suck it!
-Get off! Fuck.
So you must be Dallas.
Hi. Yes, ma'am.
And you're taking my daughter
camping with you this weekend--
with them?
Yes, ma'am.
We-- we love camping.
I'm a-- I'm a
camping kind of man.
Will there be
an adult with you?
A licensed driver?
Yes, ma'am. My friend
Toe will be driving.
He's super responsible.
Hey, honey.
Just-- just one--
just one second.
She can't go.
They're assholes.
RILEY: Motherfucker,
let go of me!
Fuck! Are you kidding?
-Get the fuck off!
Good job, assholes!
TOE: What happened?
Her mom heard your dick stuff
and wouldn't let her come.
Oh, is that funny?
Don't get fucking mad at me.
Toe is the one who attacked
my-- my-- my dick and balls.
I'll do it again if I want.
TOE: Well, it was rapey
in my fucking opinion.
Holy shit.
That's the girl?
RILEY: Oh, shit. She's rad.
So are you guys
always this quiet
or are you just scared of girls?
No, we're not scared.
Just, look, we like girls.
We're just protecting
our hearts right now.
Come on, man.
Leave her alone.
How did you two meet anyway?
Well, your friend
Dallas gave me a tour
of the beach the other day.
Hey, do girls stare
at themselves naked?
Toe, cut it out, man.
Is that your name?
No, it's a nickname.
It stands for Theory
Of Everything.
So what's your real name then?
Fire hazard.
So Dallas says you guys are into
like hunting ghosts and stuff?
Is there ghosts or
something in the mountains
that I should know about?
Remember how I told
you about my dad's work?
KELLY: Yeah.
Well, we found
a location in one
of his old military
notebooks that may be--
What does that mean?
TOE: What do you
think about Bigfoot?
KELLY: Wow, that's a pretty nice
coffeemaker for a camping trip.
The fuck is that?
Shut it.
You all will be thanking me
tomorrow morning
when you're sipping
on a hot cup of God's juice.
Hey yo, Riley, what
exactly should we
be looking for out here again?
Lucifer, dumbass.
Well, maybe.
But I'd suggest we
do a night hike--
listen for sounds, look for
footprints and shit like that.
Really, anything the dark
is fun in my opinion.
You guys are fun.
I love this.
I don't.
I think they're
immature and reckless.
They need better mothers.
Apparently there
have been missing
people out here for decades--
like people vanishing
within feet from each other.
It's creepy stuff.
That sounds awesome.
Well, whether you like
it or not, it's happening.
Let me guess, he is
the inquisitive one.
He has been known to be
above average at school.
Not like Toe.
Complete opposite.
I was what the doctors
diagnosed as salacious.
So have you guys ever
seen any actual ghosts?
Well, the closest
we ever got was
Riley's mom in a bathing suit.
What was that?
It's classified.
I'd tell you then, but then
I'd have to fuck your dad.
No, the noise you dickhead.
Did you not hear that?
I heard that.
There's something over there.
Whatever it is, it's moving.
Let's go.
Go where?
To where the adventure is.
Grab your bag.
TOE: Were you
serious about people
disappearing and all that shit?
RILEY: Fuck yeah, I'm serious.
People would be walking like
this close to each other,
and then they'd turn away
for literally like a second
and the person would be gone.
There are rumors of people
seeing shapes, apparitions.
People from all
over the world come
here looking for the bodies.
None of them are ever found.
It's that way.
KELLY: Okay.
So what do we do?
What are we standing here for?
Come on.
DALLAS: Oh, shit.
-TOE: God.
DALLAS: Who's first?
RILEY: You think
something's in there?
DALLAS: I hope not.
Guys, people get
raped in caves.
How the fuck would you
know something like that?
I know all kinds of things.
I have psychic gifts.
Oh fuck, I'm going to throw up.
I'm so high.
We need to go in.
I'm in.
Kelly, if you're scared, I
can wait out here with you.
I'm going in.
Fuck, you said
that awfully fast.
We didn't come all this
way just to turn back, right?
I disagree.
He's in.
Let's do this.
Jesus, what's that smell?
It's awful.
Was that me?
Come on, guys.
Keep moving.
I'm starting to get
a bit freaked out.
Yeah, me too.
Guys, I need to
tell you something.
What's up?
All those missing
person cases,
they're occurring
throughout the world,
and they're all happening
near natural cave systems.
Where's Toe?
Where'd he go?
Stop being an idiot.
TOE: (DISTANTLY) Oh, my God!
Suck my dick, beast!
I will not die tonight!
Oh, my God!
RILEY: What the fuck.
You idiot, get off.
TOE: Bear with
me, I'm in danger.
RILEY: Get off.
DALLAS: Where's the way out?
RILEY: Who the fuck's
unzipping their pants.
TOE: Hold on.
I have something.
DALLAS: Oh shit, it's behind us.
Let's go!
KELLY: What do you
mean it's behind us?
-DALLAS: Oh shit!
-RILEY: Go! Go!
Oh, it's real!
It's definitely real!
-What do we do?
-I don't know.
I don't want to die.
Let's hide in the tent!
Why would we hide in the tent?
Maybe it hates tents!
Why the fuck
would it hate tents?
Just get in the tent!
God damn it.
What the fuck.
We're gonna die!
(WHISPERING) Shut the fuck up.
Shut the fuck up.
Oh, my God, it's his dick.
Shh. Shh.
Stop it.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
RILEY: I think he's gone.
Check to see if it's gone.
Hell no, I'm not checking
to see if it's gone.
What the fuck.
Get the fuck out
there and check.
-You get the fuck--
-Go out the door and check.
-You go--
-Go and--
You go out there.
Just go out the door.
-Go. Go.
Oh, God, no!
Oh, God.
Oh, God, no!
It's still here.
It's still here.
I'm covered in piss.
Is that--
I know you.
You're Dr. Walker.
Never heard of him.
Who are you?
Sir, I smell like piss.
I need a mint--
If you aren't Dr. Walker,
then who are you?
The Bigfoot Hunter?
(LAUGHING) Bigfoot.
Yeah. You're crazy.
Then you wouldn't
happen to know anything
about the Advanced Aviation
Threat Identification Program,
would you?
What about Aaron Edwards?
Wouldn't happen to know
about him either then?
Who's asking?
His son, Dallas.
Aaron Edwards was the best
pilot who ever worked for me.
He was tuned into
the right frequency,
if you know what I mean.
I knew it was you.
The question is, how
did you guys get here?
I'm betting that
you found something
that you shouldn't have, and
you turned it on, didn't ya?
I don't know what
you're talking about.
Give it to me.
Give what?
The GPS.
Look, I know that
it brought you here.
I invented the thing.
What's it do?
We only saw one
set of coordinates.
With the right code, this
will open up coordinates that'll
show you all sorts of things.
I invented this technical
and very expensive
device to track
microgravitational anomalies.
UFOs tend to congregate
in one place.
And when they do, we can
track microfluctuations
in the gravity of
the atmosphere.
You understand?
What was that thing
back there in the woods?
I don't know, a bear.
Hell if I know.
Right, a bear.
We just saw a giant
furry man-thing back there.
What the hell was that?
With sharp teeth.
Yeah, I don't think so.
UFO technology to play
with your perception.
It's a parlor trick.
It's semi-supernatural--
a hologram
of fire, a burning bush.
How about this, a burning
bush that can talk, huh?
Makes you think, doesn't it?
This stuff is going to
alter and shatter any idea
you have about reality.
So my advice, you
just go on your way.
Go back to your sleepaway camp.
I fucking love sleepaway camp.
Wait, doc-- what happened
the night my dad disappeared?
DR. WALKER: I think
the only person who
can answer that is your father.
The night he disappeared,
that's the last anybody
ever saw of him.
Are you kidding me?
That's all you got?
Things that we
don't understand
tend to make us angry,
and they should.
Well, is he dead or not?
I don't know, son.
But now that I think of
it, I may have something
that can answer this riddle.
Here's a map.
Meet me at my place
tomorrow at 2:00--
just north of here
in the high desert.
And don't tell anybody.
You understand me?
You tell no one.
Have a good night.
Sir, we got Walker.
The kids found him.
You guys know I made out
with Kathleen Snyder here once.
Oh, I verified that ass.
Then prove to us she got
diarrhea the next morning.
Oh-- not tonight.
What is this place?
Just a spot we go to
when nothing else is open.
Summer is finally starting
to get a bit better, right?
Yeah, I guess it is.
You know, your friends are--
a riot.
That's a good thing, right?
Yeah, very.
You're really
lucky to have them.
When my dad got sick,
I felt really alone.
My friends just didn't have
that much to give I guess.
That sucks.
Want to know something
kind of cool?
There was this scientist
in Japan who did a bunch
of studies on human intention.
So he wrote down a bunch of
words on small pieces of paper,
like murder, hate,
violence, and then peace,
and hope, and love, or whatever.
And when he stuck
those pieces of paper
to little dishes of
water and froze it,
there were all these different
results under a microscope.
You have my attention.
Well, the bad words--
the negative ones-- they froze
as these ugly, gelatinous blobs
with no form and no shape.
But the good ones, they
froze as these perfectly
symmetrical ice crystals, like
magical microscopic snowflakes.
So I guess what I'm
getting at is, just
by using our intention,
just how we choose to feel,
I believe it can
really change things.
So there's still
hope for your dad.
I think he's going
to be just fine.
You're so stressed out.
I am stressed out because I--
You know, even though
Dallas is the worst,
this is why I come home.
What's going on?
Why do you look so exhausted?
It's a long story.
I got to run.
What is this, an intervention?
Honey, there's something
we need to talk to you about.
Look, I'd love
to chat and stuff--
Myron and I were
talking, and we decided
it would be best to move to
his house in Newport Beach
after we get married next month.
Next month?
-MYRON: Dallas--
We don't want
to wait, buddy.
Are you kidding me?
I love your mom, and I want
to be part of this family.
Excuse me?
But you have no idea
what's going on, do you?
None of you guys have any
idea what's happening.
I'm literally about to
find out what happened
to dad after all these years.
We may finally learn
what actually happened!
I'm this close.
So no-- no--
you can't do this.
Not now.
Do you know how
crazy you sound?
You have no more
information than I do.
Let it go, Dallas.
You know what, you
do sound crazy!
I'm not crazy!
Dallas, what is
wrong with you?
What's wrong with me?
What about you?
You're wasting away,
drinking yourself to sleep.
Crying, going high,
going low, crash-landing
into bed every
night until we don't
even recognize you anymore.
And worst of all, you're just
using Myron to hide the pain.
You are not in charge of me.
Do you know what it's like
to be alone at my age?
You don't!
Nobody to help me raise Roman.
Nobody at all to lean on.
Nobody to-- nobody to love me.
But you are loved!
You're just too damn scared
to face the life you actually
have instead of glue together
a shitty version of the one
you want!
Dallas, listen to me.
Look, you can finally start
classes in LA or Orange County.
You can meet new friends.
This could be the fresh
start that you need.
Oh yeah, and how would
you know what I need?
I already went to your schools.
I went to your churches.
I played sports in your shitty
neighborhood sports leagues.
And now you think
I'm crazy, right?
Dad never thought I was crazy.
Well, your dad isn't here.
You can't marry
that douchebag!
Dallas, come back here.
Dallas, don't leave.
DALLAS: They say
our brain is a transducer.
It converts one thing
into something else.
It takes invisible
energies all around us
and converts them into reality
the moment we think it.
So what do people create?
Or, most importantly, what
do they create when they're
filled with fear and hate?
What have we created then?
All right, I think this is it.
Oh, I'm so hungry.
All I have
are these pot brownies.
You shitheads want some?
I'm good.
You okay?
It's just family shit.
Oh shit, did I just
eat six of these?
You ate six?
You're an idiot.
You know what, stop
eating so much fucking pot.
So annoying.
Okay, these are the coordinates.
This has to be it.
It's like the only
dwelling for miles.
The only people
who live out here are nudists.
Or genius scientists on
the top 10 Most Wanted list.
Any of us even know
why he's wanted at all?
Touching genitals.
20 bucks says he's wanted for
a masturbation-related murder.
Well, let's find out.
Toe, let me out.
Let her out, Toe.
You dropped your map.
You dropped your pocket.
Dr. Walker, are you in there?
Thank God it's you.
Come on in.
Yo, your house
looks creepy as fuck.
DR. WALKER: Anybody see
anything out of the ordinary?
Anything unusual, like a
black car or helicopter?
No, uh, I don't think so.
So Doc, what
are we doing here?
It really is all real.
Oh, all this and more.
They don't want you
to know anything.
KELLY: What is all this stuff?
Yeah, what is all this stuff?
Are you part of a cult?
No. Far from it.
Okay, are we in danger?
I mean, are we going to die?
Well, you don't have
to be so dramatic.
But truthfully, the
answers aren't easy.
However, we do know a
lot more than when I was
working with Dallas's father.
Like what?
Well, for centuries man
has told the story of God--
how God created the universe.
And the universe was
a well-ordered place
with man at the center.
But then man began to ponder--
thinking about a
spiritual world,
a world you can't see but
filled with angels and demons--
a story told within all
the religions combined.
Then came the 1940s and
things began to merge.
We discovered a new life form--
not human, not spirit,
but very very advanced.
We didn't know whether or
not they were good or evil
primarily because
they wouldn't talk
to us, at least not directly.
But lately, they've been showing
themselves more frequently.
And I-- I think
your father saw them
up close and personal on the
night that he disappeared.
So then, like, what
planet are they coming from?
Well, it's a bit
more complex than that.
You ever wonder why the
world is such a mess--
why one part of the
world is Democratic,
believes in free
will, the other part
a loss of individuality?
Its competing races
and the influence
that they have on mankind.
So from the depths of the
ocean, to the far reaches
of any mountain range,
or, hell, up to the--
the dark side of the moon,
they've always been there.
And throughout millennia,
they would pop up every couple
of hundred years,
and they would teach us
something important
about mathematics
or language or science.
But we hear these
voices in our head.
We get these ideas--
an epiphany.
You see, they have
been teaching us
and advancing us all this time.
There's no way the
government was ever
going to tell us this, right?
There's no way people
can actually handle this.
Now, you're using your brain.
You see, these are
things we already knew.
We just didn't realize it.
And the rest of the
world, well, if they knew,
it would scare the
pants off them.
You're saying we
already know this stuff,
which we clearly don't.
So what's the connection?
What am I missing here?
The story you seek--
the entire story-- it's right
there in front of your eyes
hiding in plain sight.
Someone followed us.
-All right then.
-Wait! What about my dad?
You said you had
something for me, right?
-We can't leave it--
-I'm sorry.
We're going to have
to put a pin in it.
I know where the next
landing is going to be.
Everybody, let's go.
Get off the rug!
Climb in. Hurry!
-What's down there?
All right.
Just go!
Go! Go!
Oh shit.
DALLAS: Toe! Let's go!
Come on!
Come on!
All right, guys--
guys-- guys, hold on.
Hold on.
All right, look,
just keep running.
Get to the end of the tunnel.
There's a highway there, Okay?
I'll meet you there,
but don't look back!
Just keep going, Okay?
You go! Just go!
I just realized right now
that guy's fucking insane.
What do we do?
Do we help him or do
we get out of here?
Guys, this might be the most
important night of our lives.
I say we stay.
I mean, what else
are we going to do?
In all honesty,
dudes, I probably won't
remember anything from tonight.
What the fuck was that?
Fuck this, I'm out of here.
Come on, open the door!
What are you guys doing here?
What was that back there?
Better we destroy everything
than let them
get their hands on it.
Who are you talking about?
The agency-- the government
agency that doesn't exist.
It's who your father
and I used to work for.
They're behind this.
Come on!
Come on, get the door!
Come on.
Was that a fucking gun?
Just get the door open for--
Go! Go!
LEAH: Hi, honey it's mom.
Where are you?
I'm starting to get worried.
You should come home.
Listen, I'm sorry about earlier.
I love you.
Hands. Hands!
Show me your hands!
Hey, Doc.
DALLAS: What's happening?
RILEY: Are we going
to be arrested?
Don't worry, you're
going to be fine.
He's taking us to a
place I used to work at.
It looks like you've gotten
yourself into a bit of trouble.
Where are we?
RAM site operations facility.
Never heard of it.
It's because it doesn't exist.
What about my friends?
Where are they?
Your friends are fine, except
for one who won't stop crying.
Dallas, I'm going to need
to know what you know.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
We know about your little
rendezvous with Walker.
The one thing we don't
know is the location
of the upcoming event.
I'm going to need you
to fill me in on that.
I also know you found the
device I asked you about.
I need to know
what's on that too.
Okay, I'm going to
level with you here.
The device-- the thing
is, I don't have it.
He took it.
But if you let us out of here,
I promise you I will do my very
best to not help you at all.
You think you're the only one
that cared about your father?
I was there with him
that day on the airplane!
I lost my best friend, Dallas.
I'm still trying to figure
out what happened that day.
That's why I need you
to tell me what you
know so that we can
make sure nothing
like that ever happens again.
Do you understand me?
Tell me you understand me!
What do you think is
waiting for you out there--
enlightenment, peaceful contact?
What if you find what
you're looking for,
Dallas, and it's bad news?
What then?
According to Dr. Walker,
they may not all be bad.
But they are gods,
Dallas, and they
can crush us in an instant.
They are only good if it
serves their interest.
Walker is leading
you into disaster.
Walker is the only one
being honest with me.
He's not your friend, Dallas.
He's the furthest thing from it.
Ask him why he's on the run.
Better yet, ask him what
happened to your father.
See what happens there.
He already told
me what happened.
No, I don't think so.
Ask him what really
happened to your father.
You want honesty from me?
I don't need to tell
you any of this.
Because this thing
is bigger than you.
It's bigger than me.
It's bigger than all of us.
Come on, Jim.
Just let us go.
This is so fucking stupid.
You can't hide nature.
Whatever this turns out to
be, it's how the universe is.
We can't hide reality, man.
Well, I'm not going
to let you do this.
I already lost your father.
I'm not going to let you
go down the same path.
So if you're not going
to tell me anything,
then I guess we'll never know.
Or we can do this the hard way.
Oh, my God, I was so
worried about you.
I'm fine.
I'm fine. I'm fine.
All right, you guys,
everything cool?
Yeah. Yeah.
Yeah, we're good.
Is he still crying?
He's-- he's been
crying for awhile.
I'm sorry, I'm emotional.
But I did sneak my
phone in my underwear.
Now, I don't know if I'm
getting a signal in here,
but I have been getting
some notifications.
It keeps vibrating.
What did Myers say?
He asked about the landing.
Did you tell him I know.
How is that good?
How is any of this good?
Because it means the event
is still secret with us.
It buys us time.
Look, Dallas, there are options.
There are ways out.
I just got to think.
Hey kid, give me your phone.
Fine. It might
smell a bit weird.
Just give it to me.
What the hell?
Sorry, I just needed a
little piece of metal--
something short and
skinny to open the lock.
Hey, hold on.
I don't trust you.
Look, we went to your shack
because you said you were
going to tell me about my dad.
If I'm going to
keep following you,
I'm going to need
some answers, man.
What is it, Dallas?
What would you like to know?
Why are you on the run?
I see that you and
Myers talked about
something other than locations.
Come on, it's a
simple question!
Simple questions don't
always mean simple answers.
Then start talking.
The agency and I have
a fundamental difference
of opinion.
You satisfied?
No, not at all.
Then I'll make
it easy for you.
The agency feels that the
average man can't handle
the complexity of all of this--
that they're going to screw
up everything beyond belief.
They feel that only the
elite, the most educated,
the most benevolent
should be in charge--
those should be the
ones in control.
RILEY: Yeah, that makes
sense like 60 years ago.
But why keep it a secret now?
Because it was the
right thing to do then.
All programs will rot from
within after 60 years.
Well, why did
Myers make it seem
like you were the bad guy here?
Because Myers is terrified
of what he doesn't know.
He's like an overgrown infant.
But the agency, you
know, they trust him.
They don't blame him because
he's saving lives, isn't he?
And what about you?
You're fine in all this?
How do you cope so easily
if it's all so terrifying?
What are you fucking kidding me?
I'm scared out of
my wits, Dallas.
The fundamental difference is I
wish to understand that which I
do not know, and
I will sacrifice
myself so that the people of
the world might understand.
Listen, Dallas, you and I, we
haven't known each other long,
but I have a feeling that
we're cut from the same cloth.
And I know your dad.
Do you trust me?
Can I take you someplace
tonight and show you
something that will
absolutely change your world?
It's unlocked.
What do you mean
it's unlocked?
What do you mean,
what do I mean?
It's not locked.
It's open.
It's ajar.
What about my phone?
Oh, I broke it.
(WHISPERS) Toe, let's go.
Let's go.
Now, let's see
where they take us.
All right.
All right, hurry through.
This is not a place you
want to stick around.
Toe, let's go!
Do you even know
where you're going?
Of course I know
where I'm going.
I practically built the place.
Guys, I just saw
actual space creature.
Like, real fucking
aliens back there.
All right. All right.
Just contain yourself.
Okay. It's always scary
the first time.
But people can handle it.
You can handle it.
Just think of it it's
another life form.
It's like seeing a squid
for the first time, Okay?
All right?
Just contain yourself, Okay?
Let's go.
Well, which way is it?
Just give me a second.
You don't remember?
Of course I remember.
Hey, I am high.
Get your shit together.
How dare you.
Cry about it.
Maybe I will.
Jesus, Toe.
Shut the fuck up and
let's get out of here!
Guys, guys, guys
we have to go.
Let's go.
Oh shit, there's a guard.
Okay, there's only one of him.
Okay? Just stand your ground.
We gotta get the key
out of his pocket.
Hey Toe, get back here.
No, it's all good.
I'm going to pickpocket the key.
You're horrible
at pickpocketing!
Get back here.
No, I'm great at it.
You taught me.
We're dead.
-He's going to kill us.
-Piece of shit.
I'm Brian.
I'm the new IT guy.
I know we didn't
get a chance to meet
at the orientation or anything.
But anyway, there's
no easy way for me
to say this-- basically,
all the IT guys,
they know about the downloads.
And, uh, you know, you're not
supposed to have that stuff
on government property.
Okay, you dirty, dirty dog.
But I won't give you
a hard time about it.
If I can just see your phone,
I won't tell you supervisor.
Man, who the fuck are you?
-I'm no one.
-How'd you get in here?
-I'm-- I'm--
-How'd you get in here?
Get his keys.
Come on, guys.
Let's get to the tarmac.
Something doesn't seem right.
This is too easy.
But just lay low, Okay?
We've got to get out of here.
Come on.
Oh, my God.
Is that what I think it is?
Holy shit.
Have they reverse
engineered it yet?
Yeah, yeah.
They've been working
on that since the '60s.
I thought Roswell
was in the '40s.
It was in the '40s.
Then two decades later,
they started work on that.
And then they started
work on this thing
called the Locust
in the early 2000s.
Come on. Come on.
There's a vehicle over there.
That's going to be our escape.
I'll drive.
No, you suck at
driving, asshole.
-Fuck off, I'm in charge.
-You're too high.
You're going to drive
at 5 miles per hour.
You know I always drive
considerately when I'm high.
Shut up. Everyone, shut up.
-Are you high?
You drive.
-TOE: Oh, God.
I got it.
Go! Go!
Go! Go!
Look out.
Look out.
No, Toe, stop!
They've got guns.
Toe, you have to turn!
Stop yelling at me!
RILEY: Toe, you suck at driving!
Put your seat belt on.
-Oh, my God.
-You're going to hit them!
Stop! Stop!
Stop! Stop!
RILEY: Stop!
Are you an idiot, Toe?
LEAH: I've called him
over 10 times, Myron.
He's not returning my calls.
I don't understand.
He probably hasn't
checked his phone.
He's probably--
He always has his phone.
Maybe he doesn't have service.
Oh, please.
Where would he be that
he doesn't have service?
-I don't know.
Yeah. We can't find Kelly,
and we thought
she might be here.
Oh, no. You too?
DR. WALKER: Come on, Dallas.
We don't have much time.
I'm going as fast as I can!
Oh shit, it's my mom.
God, she keeps calling.
I can't talk right now.
Just answer it.
-Are you serious?
-Yes! Answer it!
God damn. Hi, Mom.
Not a great time right now.
Oh Dallas, thank God.
Is Kelly with you?
You're never going to
believe what happened.
Okay, listen, I have
Kelly's parents with me.
I'm going to put
you on speakerphone.
Dallas, you have to come home.
We saw a real live alien.
What? What?
We tied up this--
Wait. Wait, you're breaking up.
We can't hear you.
There were lots of--
We tried to hit
him in the dick.
I think Dallas's
dick is handcuffed.
In the cock.
Hey. Hey. Hey.
That's your mother.
I think she's
with sex addicts.
-What are you talking about?
TOE: Whiskey, Tango, Mayo.
Listen up, this
is Captain Myers.
I don't have much
time, so listen up.
Soldiers, this is an order.
I want you to look at
the man next to you.
Love that motherfucker, and
then slowly take him inside--
Get this motherfucker
off the radio.
Shift to secondary.
What the fuck are
you laughing at?
Guys, no matter what
happens, you stay calm.
What the hell?
Do you guys feel that?
What's that?
Dallas, what are you doing?
Dallas, no!
He was called here.
This is his experience.
Well, what do we do?
All right, I'm going
to buy some time.
You guys go.
Go-- go be with him.
You, come-- come-- come here.
Come here.
You give this to Dallas, Okay?
You promise me.
-Okay, go.
Move out.
Check the perimeter.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Threats inbound.
Shadow 1, air defense.
Bogey at starboard.
2 o'clock high.
Call the visual. Over.
Sir, we have two F-18s
inbound on intercept.
We have them on comms now.
Record everything.
Copy that.
Jim, what are you doing?
They're just kids.
Put away your guns.
These are adversaries
we know very little about.
Jim, You and I both know
they're more powerful,
and we can't win.
We have to use the
weapons we have--
free will, morality,
Jesus, Jim.
We've been fighting
this for 70 years,
and nothing's come of it.
Let's go!
Let's go! Let's go!
DALLAS: Whenever
somebody has an experience
like I had, it's hard for them
to understand why they can't
remember every specific detail.
You have glimpses, feelings,
and knowing within,
but it's hard to explain.
And when you do, it kind of
sounds absurd, like trying
to explain a bizarre dream.
DALLAS: All possibilities
are layered within
different waves of energy,
and our mind is the only
thing that can make them real.
So if everything is happening
right on top of each other,
forces of nature can cause
them to bleed into one another.
Sometimes that's a good thing.
Sometimes it's not.
And sometimes, machines are
even used to interfere with us,
and that's not good at all.
But if you could calm your
mind, choose love over hate,
you will connect to
the right frequency.
Because if we don't,
if we tune in to darkness
and give in to fear, someone
else will create a reality here
that suits them and not us.
So it really
doesn't matter if we
call ourselves
Christian, Muslim,
atheist, or just dreamers--
that boxes you in and
misses the point entirely.
Hey, I got you.
You're okay.
Come on.
You all right?
It's all right.
Let's get him out of here.
You okay?
Yeah, I think so.
What you did--
walking towards that craft--
took courage.
It was probably a
stupid thing to do.
Whatever it was, it was a once
in a lifetime kind of thing,
you know?
Look, uh, I'm going to need
you to keep quiet about this.
You going to be good with that?
I'm cool with that.
You're a good man, Dallas.
Everything's going
to be all right.
Hey, Jim?
Do you think my dad would
have done what I did tonight?
I know he would have.
I know this because I saw
him do it with my own eyes.
He was the bravest man I knew.
And he talked about
you all the time.
He loved you.
See you soon.
Bet you guys think
this is pretty crazy.
Let me tell you, I have
had the gnarliest week
I've ever had in my life.
You want to know about the shit?
I can tell you about the shit.
You know, this was
like the best date ever.
Are you calling
this a date now?
I'll let you know.
Come here.
You good?
Oh, my God.
Okay, Dr. Walker had to go.
But he-- he gave me this.
It might be about your dad.
He did it.
-We did it.
-We did it.
We did it.
All right.
Now, where the hell is Toe?
I discovered Bigfoot.
I did that.
I was the first to do that.
And I'll save you all
the trouble, it sucked.
It was absolutely--
Oh. Okay, thanks.
DALLAS: There's a lot
we've been afraid of.
We kept secrets from each other
based on fear of the unknown.
But I've always thought there
was a bright side to all this.
At the end of the day,
what if we learn that we
all come from the same place?
Like, one vast field of energy?
Because that may be what all
these events are truly about.
As for me, I saw an opportunity
to change up the status quo.
Yeah, I've pissed off a few
people in the government
along the way, but I took a risk
knowing it was the right thing
to do at the time.
We're not alone,
and the government
knows a hell of a lot
more than they're saying.
But guess what,
we don't need them.
These visitors have
been here for thousands
of years, for all of us to see.
So if you're wondering, how have
we missed all this happening
around us for so long,
we haven't.
We actually wrote it all down
for thousands of years.
DR. WALKER: The story you seek--
the entire story-- it's right
there in front of your eyes
hiding in plain sight--
a story told within all the
world's religions combined.
I won't open these eyes
Like there's chaos in my mind
Like dreaming of death
or that feeling that you
Get when the disk is corrupt
When we're running low on luck
Yeah, and everyone's
Drugged up,
tripping at midnight
While howling at the moonlight
Dancing with knives
like the fire
it will burn on
high at my day job
I tried to set some bombs
off while smoking some napalm
It makes me want to--
Everyone has crossed the line
Now and then,
you will be fine
I live on the edge
I must be losing my mind
Get out of my head, it's
now the scene of a crime
This world is on fire,
and I am ice
Can't balance things lately
I think we're gonna die
I must be losing my mind
Now, what is this bullshit?
I said we're not alone and
the government knows it
There's idiots abound, and
they're all fucking racist
I'll put us back at ease cause
we need more complacence
We're all going to die
Everyone has crossed the line
Now and then,
you will be fine
I live on the edge
I must be losing my mind
Get out my head, it's
now the scene of a crime
This world is on fire,
and I am ice
Can't balance things lately
I think we're going to die
I live on the edge
I must be losing my mind
I'm staying in bed to
watch the cities ignite
The devil ain't retired,
he's just thinking out loud
Everyone is crazy, and
it's freaking me out
I must be losing my mind
I must be losing my mind
I must be losing
I must be losing
help us, we're losing our minds
I must be losing
I mus--
but if want to survive
I must be losing
I must be
we'll dance
right through the end times
I must be losing
I must be
I must be losing my mind
I must be losing
I must be
help us,
we're losing our minds
I must be losing
I must be
and if we want to survive
I must be losing
I must be
I live on the edge
I must be losing my mind
Get out of my head, it's
now the scene of a crime
This world is on fire,
and I am ice
Can't balance things lately
I think we're gonna die
I live on the edge of
fucking losing my mind
The voice in my head is
now a fatal house fire
The devil made us beg and
then he took away the high
They say that we're crazy
Now, it's sounding about right
I must be losing my mind