Monsterwolf (2010) Movie Script

Well, I heard the last guy
was bagging groceries.
This turned out to be a late night,
and I'm not gonna do it.
I called him.
You got to talk to him.
All right, let's shoot for it.
One, two, three.
[Brakes squeaking]
Aw, man.
[Rain pounding]
Man, I was this close to getting laid.
So whatever you've got
going on around here,
better be good.
Survey didn't say anything
about a rock bed.
Well, there's that, and there's this.
Come with me.
You're not gonna believe this.
[Rain pounding]
Well, there it is.
Yeah, tell me about it.
How does a flame just float
in the air like that?
Anybody else know about this?
Just you.
[Phone ringing]
I'm out.
Sir, sorry to disturb you.
This is Simmons.
I'm at dig site number three,
and we found something
during the drill.
Indian stuff, I think.
- Blow through it.
- Sir?
You have enough blast.
Yes, sir, but we're not even
supposed to be out here.
You take this to city council,
and they will choke us
to death on red tape.
And that is not a metaphor.
I understand,
but what if it's important?
I don't think the world is gonna miss
a couple of pieces
of poorly made pottery.
My kid brings home better stuff
from her art class,
and she's nine years old.
This is gonna take a lot of demo.
And I don't think we're cleared
for this kind of a blast.
From my experience, Mr. Simmons,
once the oil begins to flow,
we are cleared to do whatever
the hell we want.
Yes, sir.
Don't ever call me this late again.
[Machinery beeping]
Are you sure you've got enough
to clear this thing out?
This much C4, it will be like
it never existed.
No way somebody doesn't hear
that blast, though.
Locals are gonna throw a fit.
Yeah, well, the locals ain't
paying you triple time
to get this rig pumping.
Fair enough.
Charge is laid.
Fuse is right.
Five seconds to blast.
Fire in the hole!
[Thunder crashing]
That's impossible.
You know how much C4, I used?
[Wind rushing]
I have no idea.
But I do not have
a good feeling about it.
[All screaming]
Everybody get to the cage!
[All screaming]
[Thunder crashing]
Hey, boy.
Whoa, whoa, hey, hey.
Come here, boy.
Come here.
Come on.
Go fetch!
Stupid wolf.
It's coming back!
[Growling and roaring]
[All screaming]
[Birds chirping]
Matthew, you need to stay
with the coroner.
You know, you do this job long enough,
you start to figure you've seen it all.
Anything on that relic?
Branson thinks it might
be native American.
That's probably pretty obvious.
What are we looking at?
A lot of pieces out there
that just don't fit together.
It's a damn mess.
How many dead?
Six, eight, ten.
I don't know.
You don't know.
Like I said.
It's a damn mess.
Got a murder weapon.
Watch out, man.
That's too big to be a dog.
Or coyote.
You think a coyote could do that?
No coyotes in Louisiana.
I don't know.
Maybe a pack of them went left
when they should have gone right,
ended up down here.
Pissed off, freaked out.
I don't know.
Maybe then it wouldn't take much
to send them into a frenzy.
Yeah, maybe.
Or it could have been a bear.
Where's stark?
He should be down here.
Get a 20 on him.
I'll take care of stark.
It's not good faith
just because you use
the words "good faith."
Stonewalling is stonewalling.
A person only stonewalls
in a negotiation.
We're not negotiating.
We're refusing.
You can't just refuse.
It's un-American.
You realize that you
just said that to me
without a hint of irony?
I'm backing up the money truck.
I am bending over backwards.
What is there to complain about?
Well, for starters,
your methods are an
environmental hazard.
Oh, give me a break.
We're drilling for oil.
That's like complaining that
harpoons are anti-whale.
[Phone chiming]
My attorney arrived.
Mr. stark.
I'm sorry I'm late.
Bad weather coming out of LaGuardia.
They didn't tell me about this.
It's a wild card.
Could go either way.
The guy on the other side
wants to screw you,
maybe he compromises to get
in your good graces.
On the other hand,
maybe he holds the line
to show you what a man he is.
I don't think the way I look
should affect my job performance.
Okay, look, Ms...
Bennet, Maria Bennet.
I'm gonna give you that one for free.
But if you say something
that stupid again,
I'll make sure you're chasing ambulances
for the rest of your life.
The biggest client your firm has
is a chain of grocery stores.
You don't think it's strange,
monzano, amens and breed...
Wynken, blynken, and nod...
Suddenly turned up on my radar?
I did until I read your case file.
So you understand why
I requested a junior associate as point
on the biggest case your firm
is ever likely to see.
You're hoping that because
I grew up in this town
I can exert influence on your behalf.
Our behalf, Ms. Bennet.
Can you?
And will you,
knowing you may have
to screw over people
that you call your friends?
If keeping friends
were my highest priority,
I wouldn't have left this town
three years ago.
I just don't understand
why you didn't call.
It was all last-minute, dad.
I was swamped.
Besides, I'm only here
for a couple of days to work.
For that guy?
That guy is a huge opportunity.
This is how careers are made.
Well, that just doesn't sound
like the daughter that I raised.
I'm a lawyer, dad, not a social worker.
You taught me to be professional.
You taught me that success
comes from focus,
dedication, and hard work.
I'd say I'm exactly
the daughter you raised.
[Phone ringing]
You wanted me to let you know
if the UAE called again.
Three times in the past hour.
Can this day get worse?
They say the sale doesn't go through
until they get the Louisiana contracts.
How's that going?
Almost there.
They're gonna want their
advance money back
if the sale falls through.
Of course, Audrey.
I take calculated risks.
I don't go on suicide missions.
I'm sorry.
It's just, these guys are kind of scary.
Relax, Audrey.
I have everything under control.
Push that perimeter back too.
You know what?
Would you go ahead and just
check this whole area here.
There might be some claw marks
or maybe there might be trackings.
Maria Bennet.
Well, well, well.
How you doing?
Does Yale know you're here?
Hey, what do you got?
TV just broke the news.
We got about ten minutes before
the looky-loos get here.
All right, let get this
perimeter pushed back.
All right, already on it.
What have you been doing out here?
In the middle of the night with a drill?
I can't help you unless
you tell me the truth.
Just get the chief to sign the deal.
That's all I need you for.
These men were very foolish.
These men were unlucky.
What did this?
Coyote or bear is our current theory.
It's a cachina hua'a.
What's he talking about?
A native legend.
I really don't know much about it.
Cachina hua'a is an animal spirit
that defends our people
in times of need.
It's a boogeyman that parents
use to scare their children
into not littering.
You know, "Put it in the trash,
or cachina hua'a will come get you."
It's like that commercial
with the crying Indian.
No, not really.
Are you suggesting
that a ghost did this?
Not a ghost, Mr. stark.
A spirit.
[Snarling and barking]
[Horn blaring]
Aren't you supposed to be retired?
Maria Bennet?
New York City
sure knocked the Cajun
right out of you, huh?
Oh, you're just not used
to seeing me in makeup, Ms. "F."
I ain't used to seeing you
with shoes on.
When did you get back here?
Just now.
I'm here for a couple days only.
Yale know you're here?
Not unless he's psychic, no.
Oh, you here about the oil men, huh?
That's right.
Yeah, you're here to help
tell them they ain't wanted here,
no matter how much green they got.
No can drill here.
Look, you want some
of this extra gator meat?
No charge for you.
Maybe tomorrow.
It's nice talking to you, Ms. "F."
You be careful, okay?
Gators ain't bad enough.
Now we got bears.
I'll be careful.
And stay out the woods.
So did you come back to marry
Yale or something?
No, I did not come back to marry...
Do I even know you?
Maria Bennet!
Oh, great.
I see you.
Hi, chase.
Does Yale know you're here?
I'm calling him.
I have him on my speed dial.
These people wonder why I left.
I'll be seeing you, miss Maria.
Yeah, it's chase.
Yeah, I know you know who it is.
Guess what.
Hey, guys and gals.
Welcome back to live at 5:00.
This is crowley talk.
We're talking about oil drilling
this afternoon,
and Bob wants to weigh in
on the subject.
Hear me on this.
Our town needs that deal.
I got kids in college.
And plus, dependence on foreign oil...
And I say it's time for the tribe,
all due respect,
to step aside and let
this deal go through.
I'm no animal expert,
but I would say drilling for oil
is gonna keep those coy...
Let me guess.
Chase told you I was in town.
Chase, Mrs. Fonteneau, Mom, Burt.
Oh, he just wants to see you happy.
You look good.
Your choice of clothing
is a little interesting,
but other than that you're pretty okay.
"Pretty okay"?
Were you always this charming
when we were dating?
Probably not.
You ain't gonna invite me in?
What's the point?
I'm only here for three days.
A lot can happen in three days.
A lot is not gonna happen in three days.
Besides, my dad is coming over
for dinner tonight.
Sheriff's coming by?
Your dad and I are in a little
bit of a low right now.
How low?
Uh, a warrant for my arrest low.
It's pretty stupid, actually.
It's a difference of opinions
as relating to jury duty.
He thinks it's a civic responsibility.
And you think...
I think making somebody
be in a court room
for eight hours a day
is cruel and unusual.
Gonna be at the water hole later.
Everybody is.
"Everybody," meaning you and chase?
Won't you join me for a drink?
Do me a favor.
Don't tell your dad
where I'm gonna be later.
[Engine turns over]
Did I just see Yale Lewis driving away?
That boy needs to learn
the meaning of civic duty.
How you doing today?
Good, I brought a bottle
of wine for us tonight.
All right, need a hand with that?
Looks heavy.
Do you really think a bear
could have done this?
Come on, honey.
No shop talk, all right?
We've got a team of cops
out there working the scene.
But right now it's my time off.
So let me just enjoy making
dinner for my little girl, huh?
Some day when you have your own kids
you'll understand what this feels like.
Well, it sure smells good.
I'm glad you said that.
I've been making some
improvements to Maria chow.
I think you're gonna
be impressed, all right.
Here we go.
[Phone ringing]
Soy sauce.
That's what we need.
- Mr. stark?
- You busy?
A little bit.
I wasn't actually asking.
It's a polite way of saying
I need you in my office in 20 minutes.
I just sat down to have
dinner with my father.
I'm busy myself.
See you in 20.
Get us some drinks.
Prepare to have your mind blown.
I'm sorry.
I'll call you later.
[Bluesy rock music]
[people chattering]
Did she say she'd be here?
She said maybe.
"Maybe," that's your problem, man.
It seems to me that maybe
pretty much always means no.
Yeah, you're probably right.
I'm always right.
And if you like it,
you should have put a ring on it.
Is that...
Are you quoting songs?
Hell yeah, bro.
There's wisdom in pop songs.
Well, then hit me, baby, one more time.
Mama said knock you out.
Just let it be.
I can love you all night long
till you can't walk
I want to touch
all your naughty places
it gets me hot
This guy gets it, man.
Thank you.
Why am I friends with you?
Well, you are definitely not
bringing sexy back.
No, sir.
What do you got for me?
Well, you're not gonna get
anywhere with Turner
until you build some momentum.
Go on.
Why don't you buy some individual lots?
Land the tribe doesn't own.
Just drill there.
Here's the thing.
It doesn't matter if you find oil.
Pay them as if you did.
When the people see their
neighbors getting rich,
the entire town's gonna back you.
And the tribe caves.
Once we have a deal with the tribe,
the town gets whatever we give them,
and it won't be much.
Audrey, you can go home now.
If you need me to stay...
No, that's fine.
I assume you have a list of candidates?
Oh, yes, I do.
I see you put your ex-boyfriend
on the list.
How do you know...
You think I brought you out here
and didn't do my research?
I know every kiss you've ever had,
from first to last.
[Men chattering]
You're good to drive, right?
Yeah, yeah.
You guys okay to drive?
Oh, man, we can drive.
We... we can drive.
I can drive.
He can drive.
[Slurred chatter]
Hey, man, you got to push that door.
[Engines turn over]
We're going to get another beer.
Okay, let's go.
He knows where he's going.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, let's go.
All right, man.
[Engine revving]
[Slurred chatter]
[Snarling and growling]
[Birds chirping]
That man wastes no time.
Good morning.
This for real, Maria?
They're gonna pay me all this money
for poking holes in my yard?
It's for real.
They tell me I could go
anywhere I want to on vacation.
They're gonna pay for it.
Always wanted to go to new Orleans.
Uh, new Orleans
is three hours away, Burt.
Oh, I know, I know.
I hear you, but when you get
to be old as me,
sometimes you got to throw
caution to the wind.
I'll do it.
I'll do it.
I'll do it.
I better start packing.
Good job.
So I made the cut, huh?
I'm sorry?
Phone's been ringing
off the hook all morning,
saying you people are buying up lots.
That's right.
Well, you could put me down as a "no."
But you haven't even heard
our offer yet.
Yeah, well, see, I tend
to take biggie's view on finances.
What's that?
Mo' money, mo' problems.
See, I don't really care about
you people drilling for oil,
but the one thing that I do care about
is you doing it in my backyard.
If you would just have a look...
So I guess I don't really
need to tell you
where to shove that thing, do I?
Listen, you little...
[phone ringing]
Just take a look at the offer.
You'll change your mind.
We've got to get going.
I'd like to strangle him.
Now, that's a big problem.
[Humming cheerfully]
[Growling and snarling]
I heard we got the lab results
back on that tooth.
Think Turner could be right?
This could be some sort of spirit?
This one is the same as the others.
You sure?
I'm positive.
More and more I'm thinking
this is the work
of a single animal.
Well, how could one wolf take
out nine men in 24 hours?
Judging from these molds,
this ain't no ordinary wolf.
This thing weighs 200 pounds, easy.
What the hell, sheriff?
When did you decide to stop
policing this town?
I don't like your tone there, stark.
Yeah, you and my ex-wife.
You realize how much money
I've lost in the last two days?
This is a major problem for me.
Well, don't you think
it might be more of a problem for him?
You need to handle this, sheriff.
I'm law enforcement.
I'm not animal control.
Oh, come on.
What kind of wolf does this?
You better start asking yourself
why Turner wants us
to think it's a wolf.
You know something?
I'm gonna do you a big favor right now
and just pretend I didn't hear
an accusation in there, all right?
You tell chief Turner
that when you hit somebody,
you better be ready for them
to hit back.
Now what are you gonna do?
I'm taking care of this my way.
There is no "your way," stark.
It's me.
You know the guy we used
on that Africa thing?
I need him.
[Keyboard clacking]
So it's true.
You are sleeping with the enemy.
You came all the way down here
just to tell me that?
No, actually I drove
all the way down here
to give you a meatball sub.
Who else?
You don't understand.
Everything is open in New York
all the time.
I mean, there's two 24-hour museums.
Oh, the perfect thing
for those 4:00 A.M. Picasso cravings.
You're just making fun of me.
A little bit.
I'm just glad you found some
place that makes you happy.
What's that supposed to mean?
Well, I sometimes wonder
if you left town
because of that thing I did.
What thing?
I asked you to marry me.
That thing.
Yeah, you didn't have to move
halfway across the country.
You could have just said no.
I didn't leave because
I was running away from you.
I left to move closer to my career.
Yeah, see, it's kind of funny
how those two things
really don't seem all that
different to me.
Could have followed.
And miss out on back yard
wrestling Wednesday nights?
Get real.
Could your neck be any redder?
Yeah, well, you know what
they say about us rednecks.
No, what do they say?
I don't really know.
I was hoping you'd have an answer.
Still quite the funny guy, huh?
I try.
I'm glad you're back,
even if it is for a minute.
[Helicopter blades thudding]
[Tires squealing]
You want to talk about it?
The accident.
It's what you're thinking about,
isn't it?
What's there to say?
I still don't remember anything.
I remember it was my 16th birthday.
I remember breakfast.
I remember driving with my mom,
and then...
It's just blank.
Three days later I wake up
in the hospital.
I never asked to see her body.
And sometimes I feel like
I'm on the verge
of remembering everything.
And then it's just all gone.
It's like a sick game inside my head.
You'll remember when you're supposed to.
[Helicopter blades thudding]
It's good to see you again,
Mr. Coughlin.
It's just Coughlin, man.
I hope I didn't pull you away
from anything important.
Are you kidding?
I live for this stuff.
What's the sit-rep?
I need you to kill a wolf for me.
Is that a code name or something?
Who's the wolf?
No, I need you to kill
an actual wolf, an animal.
It's terrorizing the town.
It's killed nine people.
You sure it's a wolf?
Honestly, I don't know.
Whatever it is, I need it dead.
So you called me?
As I recall, turning live
things into dead ones
is sort of your specialty.
Yeah, that and my primavera sauce.
No, not seriously.
Honestly, I think I prefer
being the only hard-ass in my life.
Hey, sheriff.
I got pictures of that accident.
Oh, heard about that.
Any survivors there?
No survivors.
Hey, Bobby.
Go make me a photocopy
of that paw print there, would you?
What's the cause of the accident here?
I don't know.
It looks like they swerved
to avoid hitting something in the road.
Well, that's interesting.
Sheriff, that's 12 people
missing or dead,
all Holter Ex employees.
Now, what kind of wolf profiles
its victims?
Look, I hate to say this,
but I think stark might
be right about Turner.
Are people really saying that
I'm sleeping with the enemy?
Well, a few people are saying it.
Okay, most people are saying it.
God, I wish I could lie to you.
Do you think Holter Ex is the enemy?
If you say they're okay,
I say they're okay.
Oh, no, you don't.
I know that "hey."
It's the I'm-about-to-make-a-move hey.
Well, would that be so awful?
Good night, Yale.
[Train horn blaring]
Good night.
I'm gonna go catch that train.
Well, remind me to fire
my security guards.
The men you called in, they're hunters?
I don't know what men
you're talking about.
I saw the helicopter.
If you send them into the woods,
they will die.
I seriously doubt that.
You invoked the cachina hua'a
when you broke our agreement.
You and your people must now
pay the debt.
What agreement?
That you would not drill
during negotiations.
I told you that was a surveying team.
The more people you bring,
the more that will die.
Those men are not hunters.
They're killers.
And they are very good at what they do.
And they'll still die,
and so will everybody else
in your tribe.
What tribe?
What do you call this?
Holter Ex?
That's ridiculous.
Remind me, what does the "C"
stand for in "CEO"?
When there is no one else left,
then it will come after you.
You heard all that?
He's never gonna sell.
Everyone has a price.
Everyone except lunatics.
[Phone ringing]
I need you to take somebody out for me.
Yeah, I don't have a problem with that.
How do you want it?
Up close and personal
or "hand of God" style?
"Hand of God" is always best.
Consider it done.
[Metallic squeaking]
[Phone ringing]
Yale, I think somebody's
trying to get into my house.
Call your dad.
Yes, I'm not sure what it is, but...
[Glass shattering]
Oh, my God.
[Growling and roaring]
[Thunder crashing]
[Glass shattering]
You okay?
No, there's this thing...
[growling and snarling]
Is it dead?
Go, go, go!
[Growling and barking]
[Horn blaring]
All right, I want a lock-down
on that perimeter.
You understand me?
[People chattering]
Thanks, Higgins.
So much for stark's theory
that Turner is the killer.
Still no body.
You ain't gonna find one.
Think about it.
That thing was literally
just hit by a mack truck.
Nothing walks away from that.
This thing did.
Look, I know you're shaken up
about this whole thing,
but the most important thing is...
Like I said.
[Insects chirping]
Eight feet, at least.
Hey, honey.
How's that arm doing?
Oh, it's okay.
Look, Maria, that thing
is out in a ditch somewhere
dead or dying.
I guarantee it.
Look, if everything is all right here,
I'm just gonna go on back to the station
and book that driver, all right?
Book him?
Turns out he's driving drunk.
Do me a favor and take care
of her, will you?
You know I will, sir.
And don't think I'm forgetting
about that jury duty either.
To be continued.
All right.
So are these my clothes?
Good thing I kept 'em, huh?
Hey, Ms. "F."
I heard about what happened.
Wanted to help.
Just didn't know how.
Got gator.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you very much.
This is nothing, baby.
Look, crowley takes care of its own.
You need anything, anything at all,
you just holler, okay?
Thank you.
That was very nice of them, huh?
What's wrong?
I just realized that if
I was in New York.
I can't think of a single person
who would come and take care of me.
Care for taking a drive?
Yeah, let's go.
[Insects chirping]
No, miss myrtle.
I don't think the wolf
is your ex-husband.
No, listen.
I have to go, okay?
I've been on the phone
with you now for 30 minutes.
I've got to go, honey.
Okay, take care.
Hey, come on, officer.
One drink?
You dropped your flashlight.
You know, actually, I'm a hero.
You ought to be pinning a medal on me.
I killed that wolf.
Yeah, why don't you just sit
down and shut up, all right?
Why, yes, sir, sheriff.
Looks like it's gonna be one
of those nights.
Already is.
Are you good here?
Oh, yeah, yeah.
I'll see you in the morning, all right?
"Good night, hero."
"Good night, hero."
Come on, sheriff.
Why don't you simmer down?
Oh, yes, sir, sheriff.
What do you need, Bennet?
Did you hear what happened?
If you're here to ask
for some time off, forget it.
It's not gonna happen.
If you're shook up or something,
I don't know.
Just get over it.
No, I am not here
to ask for some time off.
When I left this town three years ago,
I swore I would never come back.
Why are you telling me this?
I don't know if I've changed
or this town has.
But instead of hating being back
I'm wondering why I ever left.
Am I supposed to reply here?
Or can you just go back to work?
I am not gonna help you
tear this town apart.
What are you telling me, Bennet?
Well, here's the short version!
I quit!
I will see to it you will not
get a job making coffee!
You hear me?
I'm feeling much better.
What now?
Well, someone needs to defend
this town against stark,
make sure everybody gets a fair deal.
Crowley takes care of its own, right?
Damn straight.
[Indistinct chatter over radio]
[Faint howling]
Hey, sheriff.
Sheriff, you hear that?
I guess there's more than one
wolf in these woods, huh?
Yeah, I guess there is.
Sheriff, you don't reckon that's
the same wolf, do you?
Shh, shh.
[Glass shattering]
Oh, lord, I swear I ain't never
gonna take another...
Will you shut up?
[Car alarm blaring]
Sheriff, where are you going?
You stay right in there, partner.
You're safe.
That's the best place for you.
[Alarm blaring]
Who's out here?
[Growling and snarling]
[Dog barking]
[Alarm blaring]
Oh, lord.
What have I got myself into?
Look, I don't know who you are,
but I'll give you a piece
of free advice.
Go on home.
[Snarling and growling]
Whoa there, big fella.
Damn it.
[Snarling and growling]
How the...
[Tires screeching]
All right, gentlemen.
Listen up.
You work in teams, all right?
You use good hunting sense.
No accidents.
Now, you're looking for a wolf,
That means no deer, no rabbit.
I hear of anybody taking a shot
at anything without fangs,
there's gonna be hell to pay.
Am I clear?
Yes, sir.
All right, good.
Happy hunting.
Looks like we're not
the only ones on the job.
Freaking amateurs.
God bless them.
[Engine revving]
Whoa, hey, whoa.
What are you doing?
Guard duty.
What are you guarding?
Didn't you hear?
The wolf came back last night,
killed the driver.
It was a revenge killing.
Animals don't seek revenge, chase.
Not the way I heard it.
Wolf got into the jail cell,
tore him apart.
All the cops could do was watch.
Well, if was in the cell,
why didn't they catch him?
Look, dude, I don't know.
Do I look like a physicist
or something to you?
All I know is what I heard.
That's what I heard.
Are you high?
Yeah, so what?
Stay right there, Wiley.
Hold it down.
Good boy.
Yale, you got any pizza
or popcorn, anything, man?
I'm suddenly starving.
- Shh!
- All right.
Thank you.
He's right.
He's right.
The driver was killed.
Just 'cause I'm high
don't mean I'm lying.
Is my dad okay?
He's fine.
He was there, but he's okay.
Are you guys back on again?
They said that the wolf
was only interested in the
driver, nobody else.
You know, when you say it like that,
it almost sounds like a revenge killing.
We're obviously not dealing
with a normal animal.
My people believe in spirits
that can transform into animals.
New yorkers?
Native Americans, jackass.
- Oh, those people.
- You can't be serious.
How else do you explain what's going on?
Wait, I'm sorry.
Can I just...
Aren't you Mexican?
What are we supposed to do with that?
I mean, even if it's true,
and I'm not saying that it is,
but even if it's true,
what are we supposed to do with it?
I don't know.
But I do know someone who might.
Are you sure you're not Mexican?
The catch of the day is wolf,
although if you happen
to tag one of those rednecks
while you're at it,
you won't hear me complain.
Reports are this thing is huge,
200 pounds, more bear than wolf.
He's out of his element.
Most likely, he's angry, scared,
and confused,
not unlike this schmuck
in the Philippines.
How was I supposed to know
she was a man?
The guy that tags this thing first
gets an extra 50k.
The guy that tags it second
gets a set of steak knives.
And if any of you manage
not to put a single round in this thing,
then you get sent to the Philippines.
Let's do this.
Locked, cocked, and ready to rock.
So this guy is like
your chief or something?
Well, the tribe's chief, yeah.
But he lives in a regular house.
Were you expecting a teepee
or something?
Yeah, right.
You knew we were coming?
I did.
Did you see it in a dream?
Saw you through the window.
Come on.
I remember the first time I met you.
It was the day you moved to crowley.
You were six.
Um, seven.
You remember that day?
Um, I remember a ceremony.
An initiation ceremony.
The day you moved to crowley
was the day
you joined the Choctaw nation.
You're here about the wolf.
How did you know?
That I did see in a dream.
[Insects buzzing]
[Clicking tongue]
What are you doing?
Hold on a minute.
I'm telling you there's no such thing
as a mating call for wolves.
- Shh.
- Put the horn...
[loud droning]
[Droning in distance]
Let it get a few kills first.
That'll slow it down.
[Growling and snarling]
Just put it away and cover me.
Come on.
[Snarling and growling]
[Growling and snarling]
Many years ago, there was
a tribe that lived in this area,
a tribe of mighty warriors, the Atakapa.
All tribes that stood
before them fell, all but one.
The white man was too many, too strong,
and without mercy.
Their greatest warrior,
a brave named Skunomoke,
could not bear to live in defeat.
For many nights, he called upon
the ancient powers.
With ancient and terrible magic,
Skunomoke sacrificed his flesh
to the animal inside.
As cachina hua'a,
Skunomoke brought vengeance
to his enemies.
They tried in vain to hunt him.
But cachina hua'a does not
breathe the air
or drink from the streams.
How do you stop the rain?
How do you kill the wind?
After he took his revenge,
did he become a man again?
No, once a change is done
it cannot be undone.
Turner just filed an
injunction based on the attacks.
No, I just came from the court house.
It's the real deal.
If he pushes this thing through,
we're done.
I'll handle it.
[Phone beeps]
It's me.
You know the other thing
we talked about?
That timeline just moved up.
Change of plans.
What about the wolf?
Gets to live for one more glorious day.
Let's go.
So this wolf is our wolf?
You saw its eyes.
They were definitely
not those of an animal.
So this Skunamore...
Skunomoke, man.
Skunomoke has just been
running around the woods
for 300 years?
Cachina hua'a was a killing spirit
with an appetite for blood
that knows no limit.
As time passed,
the need for vengeance waned,
and it soon became clear that
the creature must be stopped.
But how?
Only another Atakapa warrior
can kill the beast.
To kill a wolf requires
a magic as strong and as dark
as that which created it,
an arrowhead from a bone of an enemy,
an exchange of a life for a life.
A warrior died to stop the wolf.
Magic this powerful rarely
comes without great cost.
Skunomoke sacrificed himself
for the good of his tribe.
And for this warrior,
it was no different.
They carried the wolf to his afterlife,
and an eternal flame burns
in the memory of his spirit.
Legend says that if our tribe
should ever need his power again,
the flame will extinguish as a warning
that the cachina hua'a returns.
What enemies?
There are no more tribal wars.
Holter Ex.
This is war against Holter Ex.
I mean, think about it.
That's why all the victims
work for stark.
That's why the wolf spared you, Yale.
Well, half the state
works for Holter Ex.
What about Burt?
He sold his land
the morning that he died.
I watched him sign the contract.
When did you scope this place out?
Last night.
When do you sleep?
When I'm dead.
Crowell, you're up.
25 meters.
Two clicks to the left.
Got you.
Well, we're gonna have to find
one of these Atakapa
and have him kill it for us.
The tribe of the Atakapa is extinct.
There are none left.
That's not entirely true.
There is one, the last of the Atakapa.
Take them out.
No, chief!
All right, look, I want leads, people.
Anything and everything.
Where's my list of primes?
Working on it.
All right, look, the clock is
running here, all right?
The clock is running quick.
We're running out of time.
This was not an animal attack.
All right, somebody did this.
I want to know who,
and I want to know why.
Higgins, what happened to those hunters?
And please don't give me any bad news.
I got nothing.
No one called it in, sheriff.
All right, somebody get me one
of those hunters.
I want a status update.
Look, Maria.
You're gonna have to stay here
for the night, you three,
all right, until we figure out
just what the hell is going on.
- Can we help?
- I'll let you know, all right?
Look, get me a grid map
of Acadia parish.
Not that one, no, no, no.
Go get the red one, the red one.
Sheriff Bennet.
[Phone ringing]
What the hell is your problem?
No problem.
It's done.
Yes, I know it's done.
You want to know how I know it's done?
Because you made such a mess
it's on the damn news.
You never said, "make it pretty."
You said "hand of God" style.
Since when does God use grenades?
I'm hanging up now.
Don't you even...
[insects chirping]
Hey, what's up?
Suit up.
We're going hunting.
You got to be kidding me.
I'm feeling lucky.
Well, I was feeling lucky.
[Door slams]
Maybe we should just get
the hell out of this town.
Tonight, let's go.
Let's just go to New York.
What are you talking about?
I sold my house to stark
this morning.
That's where I was when you woke up.
I'm not gonna lose you again.
You're one of them now.
Yeah, well, I wish I would
have known that
before this morning.
We just need to find the last Atakapa.
Yeah, how are we gonna do that?
We have access to all sorts
of information here,
birth certificates, dmv files,
census data.
Yeah, well, when we find the guy,
how are we gonna explain to him
that he has to die in order
to kill the wolf?
Just tell him that it's better
to burn out than fade away.
Yeah, that's what I'll do, chase.
We're leaving him here.
[Owl hooting]
[Guns clacking]
[Owl hooting]
[Hissing noise]
Ow! Oh, God.
Something bit me.
Water moccasin.
Med kit in the truck.
I'm on it.
Still feeling lucky?
Just keep an eye on the perimeter.
Where, damn it, where?
I don't know.
I don't know.
I lost him.
It was three o'clock.
Bravo Alpha, you have incoming.
I repeat, you have incoming.
Alpha bravo, say again?
[Growling and snarling]
Let's go.
Don't leave me, no!
Try "skunomoke."
[Computer beeping]
[Keyboard clacking]
Is there a way to make
the search cover a wider area?
[Keyboard clacking]
I got a body.
Light it up.
[Gunfire and screaming]
[Snarling and growling]
[Indistinct chatter]
Sheriff, I think I got something.
Some kind of webcam.
It says it's for bird watching.
It doesn't matter.
He noticed this today.
Higgins, run this plate.
I'm on it.
[Snarling and growling]
Pretty puppy you are.
Got a match.
What is it?
It's rented by Holter Ex.
Does that mean that stark killed Turner?
Got a GPS lock.
It's on the move.
Headed west on highway 3
towards Holter Ex airport.
All right, you heard her.
That's it, I want everyone in on this.
Let's go.
You three stay put, all right?
[Siren wailing]
Where the hell are we going, Maria?
The helipad at the refinery.
[Siren wailing]
[Tires screeching]
It's Coughlin.
Listen, stark.
That thing, whatever it is,
because it ain't no wolf,
is not gonna die.
I got transport prepping at the field.
You want to live?
Be there.
Pickup in ten.
We're leaving.
There's a chopper in ten minutes.
I don't understand.
Just grab everything you can carry.
Holter Ex, let's go.
I got to wait on stark.
You're gonna get stark.
I got to hear it from him.
He's the boss.
Actually, this desert eagle is the boss.
And it says we go.
You got it, boss.
[Sirens wailing]
[Siren wailing]
[Tires screeching]
[No audio]
[Tires screeching]
I remember.
I'm adopted, Yale.
What are you talking about?
That's what my mom told me
on my 16th birthday.
My real mother died in childbirth,
and my father remarried.
My real mother's native American.
She's not Choctaw.
I'm the last atakapa.
I'm stuck!
I'm super stuck, man.
I'm super stuck.
Come on.
[Grunting and groaning]
[Growling and snarling]
It's caught.
You know how I feel about you, Yale.
Don't you forget it.
Maria, Maria!
[Helicopter whirring]
Come on!
Come on!
[Growling and snarling]
[Growling and snarling]
What are you waiting for, you idiots?
Shoot it!
[Growling and snarling]
Shoot it!
Get back here!
Give me the gun.
That's it.
I quit.
[Growling and snarling]
[Gun cocks]
[Growling and snarling]
Shoot it!
What are you waiting for?
Shoot it!
Did you kill Turner?
[Growling and snarling]
You don't understand.
If I didn't close that deal,
they would have killed me.
It was life or death.
Did you kill him?
Please, shoot it!
Kill it, and I'll give you
whatever you want.
I'll make sure you're made partner.
I'll even fund your own firm.
Holter Ex will be your exclusive client.
Please shoot it!
Shoot it, you wench!
[Growling and snarling]
[Dramatic music]
[electric buzzing]
Grandma told you not to drink that.
You know better.
Your hair's starting
to look really good, man.
You've been growing it out
for a while now.
Hello, boys.
Higgins, how are you?
Yale, listen.
I don't know how to say this
except just to say it.
You're under arrest.
- What?
- Stay right there.
Not too much longer, okay?
Okay, yeah.
Higgins, go ahead and
put them in the squad car.
Sorry about this, Yale.
Turns out jury duty
is a civic responsibility.
No, I told you it's cruel and unusual.
Dad, what are you doing?
We are getting married tomorrow.
Well, that's why
I have to do this today.
I can't arrest my own
son-in-law, now, can I?
This is not funny.
You know how much this means...
Honey, relax, relax.
He's not going to jail.
He's going to his bachelor party.
Hey, if he resists,
you put a taser on him.
Okay, but no strippers.
Oh, come on, it's not a bachelor party
without a lap dance.
Okay, no strippers.
You're the boss.
I've been holding on
to this for way too long.
It's not mine.
Your mama would want you to have it.
We won't keep him out too long.
I love you, dad.
[Birds chirping]
[Engine turns over]
[Mysterious crackling]