Month of Madhu (2023) Movie Script

need to talk
come out
what do you actually want?
what will you give me?
I never thought of seeing your face in my life
but I am unable to see her face
that is why I am asking you again
will you give divorce?
or not?
I thought she will return to me
my drink is over
let me refill
let me refill my drink and come
I will be back right now
are you the one not allowing her to return?
tell me! are you the one not allowing her to come back?
is it you?
ya, pick up
ball, ball
random shouting
inaudible arguement
Hey! is it confirmed?
nods yes
you are done
now, you are a gone case buddy!!
i'll tell you something, don't take me wrong
well, I don't give a shit even if you take it wrong this time
i don't think this happened without their knowledge
..and if they say they don't know anything of this, then that is surely their audacity
you both have been together for around 3-4 years, right?
you think no one is aware of this but everyone around knows what's happening
I had many people come and ask me
suppose, something goes bad and you both decide to break up
then won't she get married to someone?
here is the list
I'll ask Nagesh to deliver them by evening
I'll ask Nagesh to deliver them by evening
Hey Nagesh! deliver these at his house in the evening
you suddenly decide to break up..
then she would marry someone else, right?
won't they inquire? or you think no one will tell them?
this is all a plot and they will finally pull you into deep shit
phone ring
I'll send them
Nagesh, when you go home for lunch, deliver 2 liters of oil at aunty's house
I told him, he'll get it
I told you a lot of times before
leave it there
you don't know her so don't talk!
fine, I agree I don't know her, but I know about you, right?
I know what kind of a person you are
and how far you would go if you own someone
and that's exactly my fear!
do you remember our Chinna Seenu mavayya?
...from Gopalapatnam
you'll recognize if you see him
in those days, he looked exactly like you - like a cinema hero!
when he got crazy marriage proposals, he asked them to fuck off
he fell for my aunt
now they have a chit fund business
and this fellow is roaming as a collection agent, at this age!
what else can he do? his life has become pathetic
It's better to die than to live such a life
leave all this
I need money
I need to pawn this
what the..! why are you getting into all this?
keep this matter shut and do something
this market belongs to my maternal uncles and relatives
I need to go to Bheemili tomorrow morning!, here its a risk
today is Friday and no one takes out a rupee
tomorrow by the time they open the shops and start business, it will be 11 - 11:30
where are you going so early?
I think there's time for college, right?
you crib that I make Idli everyday
so I made raw mango rice today
why don't you eat and go?
I have got work
I need to copy notes on the way
I will drop you, wait
I am on leave today, anyway
I will go with Manju, dad
I need her notes to copy
give it - I'll put some pickle
I need her notes to copy
give it - I'll put some pickle
let me drop you at Manju's house then
where are you going? not coming to college?
going out, will talk in the evening
with Madhu?
I feel something is not right
at least for today, don't scare me
do you have any sense?
what are we going for?
when did I ask you to come?
I started at 8 o'clock itself, on the way..
right from 4PM, you will start eating my brain
that you need to go home
everything is going to fine with us, right?
who knows?!
2 buses have already left
if I say we shall go on a bike, you say you are afraid of it too
let's go, there's a bus, move.
go, get in
never left the city without telling at home
will you come to my home and talk?
and after that?
you want me to marry and have kids?
shall we see if there is another way out?
so, you want to keep it?
Radhakrishna sent me
are you Rama?
you were to come early in the morning, why are you late?
it was an unexpected delay
is she a major?
yes, she is
sometimes, even when the girl is a major, it becomes a police case
actually, we don't do it for college going girls like her
but because I know you..
did he tell you about the money?
3500 rupees
yes, he told me
should someone be here?
how long will it take?
you don't need to be here
she will anyways be under anesthesia
it will be 5 PM by the time everything is complete
you can then take her out and give her something to eat
ok, I will come in the evening and pay the money
I am hungry
wait till evening
are you leaving now?
anyway, you will be taken inside now
I will come in the evening to take you
there is raw mango rice in my box today
you like it, right?
why don't you eat it and go
when a gel is applied on the stomach
and checked with a sonometer
the heartbeat should be heard
then we can confirm the baby
come in
what are your monthly dates?
by the 3rd or 4th of the month
how many did you miss? 1 or 2?
is this the time to come?
they are men
they don't understand all these calculations
but you being a girl, shouldn't you keep track?
another week later
and you should have had to stay in the hospital
its fine, by God's grace, you at least came now
is a lady doctor not available?
there is no such thing among doctors
you will feel drowsy
don't panic
be relaxed
leave both your legs freely
akka, when did you last come to India?
when I was 13..
oh what a coincidence!! I am 13 now!
do you like it?
I don't remember
I have a feeling you will like it
I don't want to tell you what to do
one week
just behave, ok?
let's hope she follows her own advice, am I right?
Madhu, please! you promised, alright?
so happy you came
how are you?
I got a nice bottle for you
this is so cool!
oh my God
all the flowers
this is very cool
where will the wedding take place?
here, in our mango farm
Madhu, have a good sleep
we have a cocktail party tonight
am I not invited?
if you feel its necessary, you will have time for everything
its not just the home, we should take care of our body too
isn't our body a home in itself?
by the way
where is the bride?
let me see
if she knows all this
when her daughter is blowing up like a balloon
what is she doing?
I can't do this Vivek!
I fucking can't do this anymore!!
hey!! after all the video calls, we are finally together
oh my God, I can't believe you are getting married!
I'm so happy for you!
aren't you excited that I'm here?!
I have a headache Madhu
anyways, you will be here, right?
will hang out
I came just because its your marriage
so that I can vibe with all the young people
I can't wait to party hard tonight
you didn't invite me for your bachelorette anyway
at lest you can introduce me to some cute guys tonight!
why are you so desperate?
first of all, will aunt allow you?
she'll say no if I ask
so I don't tell her
so what else?
was it Vivek on the phone?
I know its not my place
you should never let a man treat you that way
I have a lot of work with you
I'll be right back
hi aunt
God bless you ma
while everyone is down there
you being the bride, what are doing here alone?
didn't they tell you I was coming?
I have a headache and lied down
I would have come to see you once I was fine
its your marriage - why are you so dull?
what are those puffy eyes?
are you partying hard?
marriage is an important event
you need to be careful
you need to be even more careful while choosing the man to marry
don't know! we all trust your choice
these days, does it look good if we carry out inquiries and all?
Vivek's family is 'well to do' aunty
better than us
dad must have told you
many people have money
but only a few have class
you are going to be a part of another family
take our 'class' along with you!
cousin! come on cousin
come on, come on, come on
no, I don't do all that
that's a rule, that's for you
ok fine
I love your dress
love your bag
love your pants
I need something
a little less painful
which means?
yeah, like something that doesn't burn
that's some good stuff!
when my bava is such a handsome guy
I should definitely flaunt
looks like even the Americans like tall, dark and handsome guys!
very much!!
what are you guys talking?
why didn't you tell me I had such a beautiful 'Sister in law'
you said she's a little girl
bava, am I looking good?
oh! you look hot!
then marry me too!!..
fine, let's do it
why are you going overboard?
does everyone need to know that you are drunk?
hissing impatiently
one more
don't you know?
why did Deepak come here?
did he not propose to you once?
that was a long back
now, he's just a friend
will he gift you a puppy worth 40 thousand if he's just your friend??!
but you promised not to talk about the past
this is not your past but my present, get it?
are you guys okay?
this is not your past but my present, get it?
are you guys okay?
can I help?
I can't take this public scene every time
if this is how you want to behave, confirm it right now
I don't have a big enough heart to be friends with your ex-boy friends
I have helped a lot of couples
I'm an expert
Madhu! stay out of this
leave us for sometime
seems like I have seen you somewhere
your face looks familiar
oh! is it?
that's so sweet
everyone here is treating me like a stranger
I came from America yesterday
and will go back in 4 days
Madhu, Madhumathi
Madhusudhan Rao
that's so cool!!
did you want some?
go for it
just take it
anyways, so
I just got here
for my cousin's wedding
and I don't even know her that well, but
I don't know, they all seem really close
and they don't seem to like me
I don't know what it is
and my mom!!
don't even get me started on my mom
this is wierd..
my wife sent me a divorce notice
she says she doesn't need me anymore
you still love her?
nods 'yes'
feels like someone is ripping me from inside
can I get some more drink?
I got you
don't worry, don't worry,
just stay here
that's so sad, I am sorry!
you know?
when I see you
I have a feeling
that someone has hurt you real bad
I saw you (mimics smoking)
you think I can have a drag?
thank you!!
thank you!!
so tell me
what actually happened?
it was a Monday
I went to our Ramesh's shop and brought 3/4 kg mutton
I took the package and kept it in the kitchen
...and then?
who knows?
who knows?!
she just left
didn't come back
your people must be waiting for you
no one is bothered about me there
that's why I'm here!
to be honest
I feel pity when I see them
shall I tell you a secret
very soon
am going to become famous
I don't have the time to care about opinions
the world has much to seek from me
before this,
you were saying you would become famous, right?
by doing what?
I don't yet know
I'm just going with the flow, for now
you know what?
in India,
you are my first friend
give me your phone
I'm not going to steal it
this is my number
if bava doens't satisfy you
use this
if you don't satisfy bava
use me
TV program playing in background
those are not peanuts, they are cashews
please stitch his shirt pocket
he is wearing it shabbily
I'll do it
what's the hurry?
is he going to put a pen in his pocket and go to work?
is he not going to drink?
what else can he do?
his wife was to look after him
but she's busy filing court cases
he's not the one to share his sorrows
he'll get drunk and bear it all himself
he went to the office fully drunk and they threw him out
if I was given dad's job, I would have been careful about it
I would not have to sit at home and pedal the sewing machine like this
because you are crying like this
we have accommodated you and your husband here
what else do you need?
shut up
bava, come here
give me some money
I don't have any, I gave everything to Jyothi
I don't...
that's for an emergency petrol
I know you won't wait for an emergency
why find fault with his wife?
if we were in her place
if we had such husbands, then we would have probably realized
your father used to drink
did I leave him?
if I did leave, where would you all be by now?
a woman should find ways to be together
not to get separated
missed call for gas booking
I gave it
hand it over to my neighbour, Padma please
inaudible chatter
yes, I am fasting. shouldn't I have tea also?
come with me
the doctor appointment is in the evening madam
wouldn't I feel hungry?
please be gentle ma
sister, please don't
Mr. Ramam
these have expired
yes ma
this belongs to Ramani madam's acquaintance
should be ready by evening
...and how did I know?
we already spoke about the topic
he was like, she might or might not fall for me
you see that!!
bloody bugger!
what should we do to him?
you should have got your lipstick on by now and did some reels, what stops you today?
yeah, stop it now
I asked you to attend the function, did you come?
I get it - why will you come to our function?
look at the baby's photos
she's so cute!
baby's voice from the phone
look at her cheeks, so cute they are
aunty! its me Manju
is Lekha there?
oh, is it, aunty?
okay aunty
okay aunty
she's down with fever since 4 days
if it doesn't subside by tomorrow, they will take her to the hospital
why did you come home?
I will meet you once I feel better
cannot talk to you now
grandma is sleeping too
I know grandma can't hear
and you too, do not have to talk
just listen to what I say
I feel like doing something
but unable to figure out what to do
I don't like seeing you like this
and I hate it when I don't see you at all
its all a lie
you don't even think of me at all
I've been thinking of this for the last 4 days
I may not be an extrovert like you
if there is something inside me, it would be evident
and I thought you knew it
did I do all this knowingly?
isn't it the first time for me too?
I can't stop what is happening with me
I am unable to tell it to you
I am not able to share it with anyone
I understand that this is solely my burden
you don't have to do anything
you actually cannot do anything
I keep running behind you like a crazy girl
you don't have anything for me
how do I deny it?
don't tell me anything
bury everything inside you
don't ever let it out whats on your mind
I tell this as my right, don't you get that?
you said you'd bear it like a wife
what happened?
the lies I've told at home to meet you - they have all turned out to be true!
I feel like I've betrayed everyone
we don't have to betray anyone
I have love enough to marry you
but I can't go beg for it
decide if you really want me or not
if you want me, persuade your family
if at all, they agree
you know where to find me
hey Madhu!
be with sister and help her out
keep attending to all her needs till the marriage is complete
okay right?
my head's got jammed, baby
everything looks blurred
look straight, smile please
oh! you smile only for the photos and not when you see me?
do you have any shame?
did you forget the scene you created when you were drunk yesterday night?
I've lost my voice shouting with you
and you expect me to smile?!
a quarrel means both of us shouted on each other
we shout but at the end you cry and isolate me
look down and see if the lunch is ready
I'm hungry
first, let's eat something
for the last 4 days, I've been feeding only alcohol to my body
are you having a private party here?
is it over?
I need more
we've got pot but no paper
I always have that problem
let's go get it then
hello aunty!
Vasuki right?
you remember me?
of course I remember
Manohar and I are good friends
we have met during your internship also, right?
you seem to remember everything
Bindu keeps telling about your memory
actually, we should have come for your wedding too
but couldn't make it
where is your husband?
show him
who is the lucky boy??
we lost him in an accident aunty, its been 3 years
oh! I'm so sorry
I didn't mean to hurt you
actually its been long since I've met you
I didn't know what was happening with you
I'm sure you are strong
take care ma!
bava, give me your car keys
give her the keys
I should have stopped with straightening
this color looks over done
straightening and all, Ramaakanth did these 3 years ago
what's the fun if you don't even color it
if someone looks at me and laughs
you are dead!
we shouldn't go overboard
girls will be scared even to approach us
ok, wait wait - stop!
I think he can help us
I love your hair, by the way
um, I was wondering
do you know where I can find rolling papers for tobacco?
I'm not sure what you call a rolling paper in Telugu
by paper I mean
for rolling...
thank you
how much should I give you for this
like, pay you?
you're the best!
thank you so much
I got the goods
you dind't see me? I was calling you from the other side
Madhu! I didn't think it was you
I was thinking of you the other day - as in what are you doing
lets sit somewhere and talk
I'm not drinking like before bro
its been 2 months
when situation forces, I have a beer, that's all
take this as one such situation and lets have a beer
the signal is ours, go
you used to play cricket, right?
do you still play?
you remember?
in college, when you hit those sixes
girls used to cheer from their terraces
don't ask
we were never good with studies
I played cricket thinking I'd get a job in sports quota
but later I understood
that I wasn't good with cricket either!
a car showroom has come up at our spot
you must have seen
huh! everything has changed
I wonder if this is the same place we grew up
it's me and the sea who remained unchanged
isn't that what you all think?
no, nothing like that bro
if so, why don't you take my calls?
I feel scared to tell you anything
one doesn't know when you would shout
you are the only one who knows very well about me
you tell me
do I get angry without reason?
in Balaram's party
you became very wild
what do you mean by wild?
nothing, leave it
our guys panicked, seeing you
who is it who panicked??
were you writing holy books when I was drinking??
don't worry
childhood friend
he's always busy and got no time to meet
he doesn't even take my calls
one should not forget friendship
is what I was stressing
you carry on
how's your family?
elder one is in 4th standard
the younger one is in 2nd
they are tough!
they are always quarreling and make my life miserable
I don't have it
diplomacy - like you all have
I don't know how to live
if there's anything inside me, it becomes evident on the outside
why all this facade?
what point should I prove by living such a life?
ya tell me
coming, wait
you switch on the cooker
I'll be home in 30 minutes
ok, bye
get the bill
brother, a half for me
I don't like this bro
how were you back then?
we all wanted to be like you
I still remember
it is still not too late
if not that, find another job
who the hell do you think you are?
advising me?!
I didn't mean it
you followed and hung with me for tea and cigarettes!
did you forget?
you are working to fill your own stomach
not to impress anyone
I don't work because I consciously declined it
not because I cannot work
get lost
get the hell out
every idiot has an advice to offer
all set for the big day?
before going into the mandapam, take blessings from grandpa and grandma
if you want to eat something, do have it right now
you will exhaust a lot of energy sitting there, okay?
aunty, one moment
what happened?
you look anxious
are things between you and Vivek okay?
I don't know how to say this
I look up to you aunty
we all do
I am worried about Madhu
she's my sister and I can't ignore things, right?
she grew up in US
though I expected to be modern
I though she'd be on the line, fearing you
but after spending the last 3 days with her, I understand
she's crossed that line long ago
she got sloshed in the cocktail party and disappeared with Vivek's friends for 2 hours!
we searched for them
yesterday during the Haldi ceremony
she forced Vivek's friends and took them out to smoke up
they got struck in traffic and only returned in the evening
Vivek was very upset
we've been arguing on it since morning
he's talking nonsense aunt
he says "its fine if you don't have money but should have some class"
he asked me to completely get rid of any such things before I move on with him
I can't say anymore
what the hell are you upto Madhu?!
do you know where you are?
is this a wedding gift?
is it a gift at all ?!
is this the one from our house?
oh, sorry! that was blue
did Bindu show this to you??!
what a bitch!
mind your bloody language Madhu!!
this is not America
people are laughing at your actions
they are laughing not at you, but at me!
I know you don't like me
we all know why
I am not like you
I don't think like you
that's your problem, right?
I don't wanna be like you
you like scaring everyone
I like mingling with everyone
you don't have control over your food
don't care about your body
you don't know how to talk to people
and you say you are special !
is this your specialty - embarrassing me?
you have not experienced anything with this perfectionist image you have
and you can't digest when I do experience things you don't
and we all know this is because of menoapuse
your mood is all over the place
you are mean to everyone
and now you try to blame it on me!
you know what, Madhu?
I am not ashamed of you
I am ashamed of myself
you know why?
because I'm the reason for your existence
how did that 'Redrose Raju' get 3 thousand followers overnight!
and here we are - dying to get to 12 thousand followers
we need to promote our account anyhow
that prick Divya also joined his batch
having a girl in the gang gives us a different level of feel and reach!
your girl seems to have left
what do you mean?
she's not from here
she's gone
you've got no chance, forget her
if that were the case, I would have forgotten by now
she keeps coming into my thoughts
it means there's something else
I somehow feel I will meet her again
dad! I wanna stay back
I feel like staying here for some more days
Madhu, what are you talking?
we are at the airport now, alright?
Shekhar! this is my limit
I can't entertain her tantrums anymore
I have seen what she did in the week we were here
if you feel its your responsibility to put your teenage daughter on the right path
bring her with you
if not, leave her
you are being impulsive
what will you do here?
the wedding is complete and everyone might have left by now
there are no one except your grandma and grandpa
you will get bored, girl
you love me, right?
let's go home, come
let's go
what happens if we go home dad?
people in the US think I'm an Indian
and people here treat me like an American
no one owns me
not even mom!!
I feel like staying here
want to meet people
want to understand them
my university starts in a month
exactly Madhu!
I don't know if I'd get this chance again in my life
and I'm asking you to leave me in our own country, right?
you love me, right?
you know - I do
please let me stay back
one month
oh my!
bro, see
we used to call him "condom tummy" remember?
he was barren (on the head) then
now he got a hair bit placed
he got married
he is on a rage now
back then when we bought cigarettes at Swami's store, he used to ask for a spare cigarette remember?
he used to roam on his dad's scooter, didn't have his own bike
now is driving an electric car!
and that 'muscle' kiran
Srilakshmi's younger sister
Srilakshmi's sister Sravani was with him
she was very arrogant then
she rode up with a lot of guys
one day when Kiran's dad wasn't at home, he called her home
she was so drawn that she actually went
but his dad came home and thrashed his ass out
such a fellow
after marriage and arrival of his wife
once his wife came
she turned everything upside down
she set everything up in his life
I hear that he's got a 3 acre land at Madhurawada and has set up an IT company
he doesn't know anything about Iso, what about it?
yeah, what about it
who's benefiting?
will he give you anything?
then, what's the point bro?
you know how he reached that point?
we know what he did to reach there
I very well know it
you think we can't do the same?
we can't do the same bro
no, no
can't we do it?
I didn't mean that
can't we do it?
I say - we don't intend to do those things
we don't think so
yeah, be clear!
rumbling laugh
yeah, tell that
do we treat anyone like that?
we bring others up along with us but never push one down and step up on him
we aren't brought up like that
ya, exactly
did someone teach these things to us?
no, no
why will we think so?
and why are you telling me?
am I new to you?
why are you telling me?
hi guys!
are you having your lunch?
it's a good time, you know, with your blood sugar and all
I'm also kinda hungry
I don't want the bread
I'll have maggie
thank you!
there is cake left in the fridge right?
I need it please
it's so good
thank you
bring that brochure
Manohar uncle's daughter
opened a yoga studio here
why don't you go there till the time you are here
you might get in shape as well
why do I have to slim down?
I like it this way
people like me the way I am
oh, wait
is this on the beach?
may be I'll check it out
so good
give me some money if you have
FM radio playing
water packet
looks like I've seen you somewhere
your face also seems familiar
what are you staring?
didn't recognize me?
the last time we met
you were in a lot of pain
I felt really bad for you
I'm staying here for another month
I will call you
we can meet up some time
do you like scotch?
I'll get a bottle for you
try it
ok? shall I go?
its time for my yoga
are you following me?
no, no
you just came across me
doesn't sound real, somehow
you came across me that day, remember?
its the same today too
you sound shady
you can call me that
going to yoga?
the mat says so
your hairstyle is nice
why don't you give me your instagram ID
I won't tell
if you are interested
I'm clueless on what to search for
that's fine
I'll find you
I'll send you a request by evening
my ID is "goforgopal"
if you aren't scared of the bike, why don't you get on?
I'll drop you at the yoga center
not scared of the bike
I am scared of you
it's because of this color that you noticed me, right?
we will go and come in a jiffy
I'll drop you
indiscreet instructions
change your legs
your right foot...
parallel to the mat
bend towards your left
arms straight and forward
close your eyes
arms together
you all sit on the exhale
so you stayed back, is it?
had some unfinished business here
what a cool spot
I know, right
so I'm seeing you tomorrow?
honestly! I thought I'd just check it out once
but once I'm here, I feel like coming back again
do you have an instagram?
can I have your phone number?
we're friends, aren't we? family friends
that was so peaceful, isn't it?
I am Madhu
I'm Vasuki's friend
I'm only here for a month
so, are you headed somewhere?
ya, just to the beach road
same! do you think you can give me a ride?
ah, um...
I know
it's a little bit, out there
I usually don't trust new people in new places
so, I don't know why I'm asking
I told I will find you
am I a thief for you to find me?
we met twice but you disappeared without giving your number
you are truly a thief
I am like that
I love to disappear
what will you do if I give you my number?
I won't do anything
I will show you the city
I am a part of this city
I will show myself to you
what should I save your name as?
you say I disappear
save my name as "Angel"
we meet daily at the studio, don't we?
what's the need to meet in a coffee shop and talk?
you are very serious when in the studio
I thought you might loosen up a bit here
are you like this?!
you make people talk even if they aren't willing to?
why so serious?
it's so good when you talk
OK, tell me
I think you are super hot
and I've a girl crush on you
ok! ok! seriously
I've a crush on Daksh
I think I really like him
you just met him
I know, but
with some people, no matter how long you are associated, there's no connect
like my mom!...
and with some others, its an instant connection
you try and then only do you know, right?
if something works or not
nice (hairstyle)
I did this morning
it took, like, 2 seconds
if not for the whole of the Karthika month, do it at least on Mondays
its good for women
you are already unwell
do you believe in God?
nods 'yes'
Hey Mahesh
why sit here when there is so much empty place around?
if not to make the ladies feel uncomfortable, why don't you find another place?
the gold rates are shooting up everyday but you seem to shine bright
I've got no siblings
I got to wear what ever I have
looks like your business is prospering along with our hospital business
I don't hope for people to become patients, but yeah
by God's grace, I'm content with what I have
I've recently bought 200 sq. yards of land near Yendada
see you around
so that's it girl
that announcement was for you
how many days will you be like this? shutting down all the paths around you
think of it
sister! I will come to work in the noon tomorrow
I've a court hearing at 10:30 in the morning
you know I'm coming, don't you?
can't you send off your friends a little earlier?
feels like I've walked through their looks
do you get what I'm telling?
do you know??
I know to eat you!
shall I eat?
shall I?
first talk to me for sometime
are you even talking to me these days
ok, speak out
you know our Padmaja akka?
didn't I tell you she had a lover?
Srinu saw them at the theater, it seems
she never used to watch movies, you know!
is it good?
I know
you know?
how do you know?
you told me
you don't listen to anything I tell, do you?
I do
where do my Guru Murthy mavayya's family live?
Chinna Waltair
Murali Nagar
do you understand, why I keep telling you about my family?
leave it
you'd get angry if I say anything
you get angry in a snap, just a snap, don't you?
don't mess up my dress! I need to go home
then, take it out
earlier, we decided it would be once in a month
now we are meeting twice per week
is this all correct?
who will tell?
who will tell if this is correct or not?
aren't we supposed to know?
then why are we born as man and woman?
for this??
for this also
i feel brave now
but when you aren't by my side, I feel scared
when you shout on me, I feel scared even when you are with me
am I not shouting because I love you?
why? can't you take it?
can't you? huh?
you feel deserved?
tell me if you shout as my man
I'll take it as your woman
when the judge asks, I'll tell him that she has left you as you're jobless
what will you answer if they ask why you lost your job?
OK! this medical certificate tells that you have asthma and can't work in a workshop
did you come drunk?!
who told I'm drunk?
is that why, your face is like that
yesterday your wife's lawyer called me
she says your wife is working for a private hospital
she apparently can't keep visiting the court every now and then
so she wants us to decide something quickly
if not for her, at least answer me
decide on something quickly
this March, its going to be 3 years since you started getting her notices
she'll come back brother
silly thing!
she's testing me as I have ignored her
what was the actual cause of the quarrel?
it was a Monday
I went to our Ramesh's shop and brought 3/4 kg mutton
I took the package and kept it in the kitchen
ok, what next?
who knows what happened?
she just left
she didn't come back, even till now
who the hell knows!
did she tell me and go? who knows?
how many times ever I ask, is this what you'd say?
did she tell me and go? who knows?
how many times ever I ask, is this what you'd say?
who knows?!
will this be done by 12 pm madam?
I'll need 1 hour to reach the hospital from here
once you are in the court, there is no point tracking time
hey! button up
Ma'm, its your turn
Sir! come
your honour! its not possible to prove things practically in the court all the times
the same goes with my client's mental health too
we understand that Mr. Rao is always in a drunken state
its because of this alcoholic condition
he is always in an unpredictable state where his actions can't be predicted
this puts my client Lekha through severe mental stress
she tried a lot of times to persuade him to stop
but she was never sure if he was even listening to her
keeping in mind, the mental grievance of my client
I request the court to grant the divorce from Mr. Rao and deliver justice to her
Your Honor!
as the public prosecutor claims
my client Madhusudhan Rao
is not a perpetual alcoholic
he's got some petty health issues
the related medical reports have been submitted to you
due to those health issues, he's lost his job
in those times, instead of supporting him as a wife, she deserted him
that made my client undergo severe mental stress
as my client desires
I request the court to order her to reunite with him
after listening to the argument on both sides
the case has been adjourned to the 4th of November
see you
again in November? that's 3 months from now madam!
unless there is a dowry harassment or domestic violence involved, the case won't stand strong
you don't listen to what I say
why all this? keep calm and think once
there is no point being alone in a marriage! I'd rather be single
Chalapathi sir!
ya, tell me
I didn't see the ring on his hand today
that's my father's
his memory
he must have pawned it for some reason
can you please find out
if he at least tells me where he pawned it, I shall pay and get it back
please help me with this
why all this fuss?
why don't you come to a settlement?
settlement, for what?
because I loved him?
I'm going to tell you something. close your eyes
I love Madhu !
Hey! I'm going to tell you something. close your eyes
I love Madhu !
why are you not talking?
you knew it before ??!
oh! shouldn't I understand?
I doubted you the day you got your dress customized
did you think over it?
heard that he's a big drinker
doesn't your dad drink? doesn't your brother drink?
all these aside
I know Madhu from 4 years
I don't need to know about him from others
4 years - you mean from 10th class?!
I don't know why, but you scare me!
how long did you go?
tell the whole thing
get lost, you fear for everything
that's why I shouldn't tell you about everything
you like me, don't you?
then why don't you express?
you should keep expressing
I do like you
she comes at 4 pm and asks me "have you eaten?"
if you are hungry, you should ask and get served
that day, Raji pinni called you for the feast
I was there
if you flog your mind with all these things, you'll die soon
then, I'll sleep in that room, all alone
moans 'yes'
why don't you buy a scooty?
mom and I will use it
we have to depend on you for every small work
you can't even ride a bicycle properly
why do you need a scooter?
for you to fall and break your knees?
take it
I don't need
Srinu gets a bike as soon as he joins college
and I have to walk in the sun?
is he your only child?
did you find me somewhere?
when you took those bottles up into the room, seems like Nataraj uncle saw it
how do you know about this?
I was there when he told this to dad
you should have told me about this then itself
back then, we weren't talking
that's why you should behave well with me
leave all this, shall we once smoke a cigarette?
it is not going to happen
I know we can't, so lets go eat panipuri?
don't stamp
ya, I won't
a laddoo for my laddoo
I'll eat the laddoo and then eat you also
today I need to go home early
give it to me
get on the bike
let's go
we are not going there! I really need to be home early today
that's okay
Aruna aunty is 3 years elder to you
she wears punjabi dresses without any fuss
what stops you?
mom, they say that people with big ears are good fellows
does that mean that people with small ears are crooks?
according to you, are my ears big or small?
is it only at home or you blabber the same way outside also?
either at the college or at the tuition
if any boy stalks you
inform Srinu or dad
don't just talk whatever you feel
got it?
why is Idli like this mom?
don't give me that look - its Idli today also
you are not able to digest anything else mom
is it fine?
did you put eye drops yesterday night?
I called up the medical shop guy
he said he would give me a discount
he's not taking my call now
wait, I'll switch on the geyser and come
mom, where's uncle? has he left?
ya, why?
the other day he came to the school and took 100 rupees
promised me that he'd return 200 rupees today
did he give it to you?
huh, let go
go change your clothes
hey Madhu
come here
there was a ring to your finger
where's it?
sold it?
your wife is anxious for it
who needs rings and all?
if I were a man of money, the situation would have been different
tell her that
did you ever admit anything?
you'll first bluff it out
as I knew you since you were young and seeing your mom's face, I took up this case
you both are playing with me!
if needed, I would take some money from someone like you
but will never lay hands on a woman's money
I am volatile, it seems
she says she is not safe when with me
and she remembers this only now!
may be your wife thinks you are an alcoholic
whom are you talking about?
you declare I'm a drunkard?!
don't talk above your age
you have anger issues too!
may be, that's why she's left you
have you ever thought of it?
who are you?
where did you come from?
You are talking nonsense?
First, go from here.
First, go from here.
I mean
I brought this for you
but you need to do something first
what's that?
sit properly
be still, be still
hands resting
open palms, open palms
breath in
now breath out
loose your belly
close your eyes
it will tell you when to hold it
breathe in
now breathe out
breath in
head straight
breath out
now are you angry?
you know
if someone shouts on me
first I'm afraid
and then even I get angry
I mean, I used to get angry
not any more, you know
I'm just
I'm so much more grounded now!
now my anger surfaces only when I see my mom
that's the last bottle
I don't have liquor at home
don't come here from tomorrow
I too don't come daily
its all dark here
its not good
don't come, okay?
we shall repeat all the tests after 3 months
so that we know how effective the medicine has been
ok, take care, you can go
Lekha! one minute
if we have to test a patient, we test their body
how will we know what is in their mind?
according to her, her biggest issue is your future
human body has some age based limitations
you work in the hospital
I don't think I need to tell you
you might have a lot of time in your life, Lekha
but some decisions have to be taken in time
hope you can understand
get the tests done and then see me
bro, are you sad?
hit the gym, bro!
look at me, I've started going to a gym
my size was XXL, now it has become so loose
there's a guy named Sathish, our local boy
he just kills it in the gym
just come in the morning and handover your ass to him
it'll be crazy
see me?
see this change
he said this
every morning, have some lukewarm water with honey and lemon
all the fat is removed
I've also started walking
I saw Srivalli when I went walking
you remember, right?
you know, don't act
she's a big slut
they say, once her husband caught her
and he screwed her hard
who'd leave it bro?
it is not correct, is it?
when in college
she strayed with a lot of guys, that's ok
she should have at least stopped after marriage, right?
she didn't
he screwed her so hard
she didn't come out for a week
my relatives live in the same apartment
why are you not taking my calls?
if I may ask
I told you I won't come to the coffee shop that day
but you took me by force
and you called Daksh there
that was so awkward
I thought we were friends
I thought I can share things about Daksh with you
what's your age?
I'm 19
but I'll be 20, in like 3 months
I'm 29
either I'm too old for you or you are too young for me
Madhu! I'm in a different phase of life Madhu
please! I don't want new friends
can I call you akka (sister)?
coming Thursday is my birthday
you all have to come without fail
I've got no one outside
all my acquaintances are right here
its my 40th birthday
I've got none to even celebrate it
so I've decided to celebrate it myself
Lekha gaaru
you have to come without fail
murmurs 'yes'
thank you
if you ask him who he likes
first is his mother
next is father
next is his sister
then its you
and after that comes my number - 5th
I'm 5th!!
last year on my birthday, when I fought with him
then he said I and his family are same
if we have to go to a movie
I should go there first
buy tickets and wait for him
he'll come lazily after the movie starts
and he'll drag me out even before the movie is completed
why's that?!
because smoking isn't allowed in the theater
doesn't he look stylish when he smokes?
I tell him the same thing
I'll get one more for you
what's that speed!!
at least you should be mindful, right?
I hate when girls are so talkative
why is she so glued to you?
we should mind the surroundings
and if he gets angry, he won't talk to me for a week
it was only once
it happened before too
I got ice
I know about his anger
he is stubborn
oh God
I can't handle it
that's why, when we fight
I'm the first to talk
hey Bhushan
you know that I think of him more than myself, don't you?
you tell him to be good to me
listen to Bhushan
yesterday night, I again applied mehindi for you
smell it
there are no insence sticks here, just the fumes of burning bodies (people howling)
if we wish, we can use each of these graves as our bed
(howling continues)
you sit down
brother, sit calm
calm down
I will kick you
shut up
come out and you'll see
hey! will you have fryums?
you don't want anything?
give him a fryums packet
you go
hey Gutta
yes brother!
come here
he's the madafcuker who started it
he is satty's friend
arrogant fellow
Satty knows him?
brother! you came to cinema, what's the matter?
how's the first half?
Upendra's cinema is never dull
how does he play?
plays well
nah! he plays like shit
its brain fucking!! as always
brother, can I have a cigarette please?
brother, match box?
fcuk off
okay brother!
God is great
God is great
if you hurt someone and nurse just the surface wound, the inside still remains the same
how long will you keep me away like this?
you should decide that
I did not get near you
yeah!! bro
movie dialogues and people howling
hey shut up
keep your mouth shut!!
argument intensifies
indiscreet shouting
we also paid money
how much did you pay?
what do you mean?
they also shouted, why don't you react for that?
get out
indiscreet abuses
he's an old prick
at least he gave the money back
oh! so we are drinking with that money?
he's a weak old shit piece and so I let him go
else I'd have beat the shit out of him, then and there
if we accept someone as ours, we buy him a ticket and take them to cinema
why the hell was he great in returning the money?
now you say we are drinking with the same money and also reminding me of that shit
old fellow!!
slapped you hard on the face
who slapped me??he could not even touch me
I saw it dude
I don't know what you saw?
will he be alive if he hit me?
I'd have punched him deep into the ground, there itself
he just managed to scratch his nail on my cheek
it's just a small one
there is nothing to see here
turn a bit
hey! listen, now you'll get slapped
stay calm
I told you its a small scratch
you at least saw what happened!
some people here see everything but don't react
he was just beside me
I hit that fellow
he couldn't pull me away
and that fellow hit me in the meantime
even I get requests like
"Bhushan - take me for an egg puff" from girls around
I never went with any of them, you know?
just because if a girl comes into my life, I won't be able to spend time with this fellow
hey bro
cool down buddy
why should I cool down?
it's okay, don't cry
it should have happened with you! then you'd know
I don't need anybody
was he there with me at birth?
will he be there at my death?
I don't need any help, I will go alone
you told me right?
you told he plays cricket in Suri's team
if I find him in the ground tomorrow, I'll bury him right there and I need none of you there
so you don't want us to come?
no need, fuck off!
remember, how was he back then?
if someone stared at him, he would have given that fellow a couple of blows
his mother put a coral ring on his finger and since then he's cooled off!
they all said you wouldn't come, but
I had belief that you would come
I knew this bakery, but
never came in
the puff here is good
Lekha, I am not sure if I'd get another chance to speak to you
so I gather courage to tell you this
I know what all happened in your life
forgive me for knowing all this without your permission
I can wait any longer for you
that's fine!
if you agree, I wish to talk to your brother on this
Lekha, if you like it
I'd use each day of my life for your happiness
this is all for myself
why because
I think of you more than myself
since its your birthday today
I feel like telling you something
never love anyone more than yourself
Happy birthday!
I keep asking but he doesn't say a word
hey bro!
he's not answering me
bro, where are we going?
he won't speak, leave it
hey Madhu!!
look here boys
ball, ball
inaudible discussion
have you lost your mind?
he's the one - catch him
when I asked for a hard mysore pak, why did you get the soft one?
you never get what I ask for?
you get what you like
Lekha, do you know a man named Madhu?
do you know Madhu, who belongs to "relli" street?
yes or no?
to meet him, do you go to his friend's room in Uppada?
2 months ago, did you both visit a hospital in Bheemili?
so, what I heard is true?
I don't know what else you heard
but what you said till now is true
thank you
you said your kids would come
they went on another work
thank you aunt!
how's mom?
I came last Sunday
you weren't at home
Vadina made chicken for me
I know
you are angry because your prediction came true
that's okay
speak only after your anger subsides
what's this new thing?
a Rajesh who apparently works in your hospital
came to my office saying he wants to marry you
20 years ago, despite of all our warnings
you married Madhu
now you seek divorce from the same man
and you don't have proper reasons to support your decision
it is 20 years of pain
I can't explain it to you in 20 minutes
I don't intend to, either
what about that Rajesh?
I know only as much as you know of him
I am trying not to fiddle with your matters
I didn't understand why you liked him then?
what makes you let go of him now?
don't assume that mom will always be with you
20 years have anyways passed
if you make little adjustments
he will be there for you
else, you will remain alone
rather than being alone in a marriage meant for 2 people, I feel its better to be single
Srinu, I promised to dad that I would be happy
when I look at his photo everyday
it feels like I'm being questioned!
just because a wrong happened in life
how can one run away from life itself?
I feel like dad said this too
how's the laddoo?
it's very good
let me eat and tell
how many babies does it take to paint a wall?
how many?
depends on how hard you throw them!
that's so horrible (laughs)
oh my God!
what's worse than
10 dead babies in a trash can?
I have no idea (laughing)
one dead baby in 10 trash cans!
woh! (wonder)
(staged laughter)
ok, wait! so you are a writer?
you definitely look like a writer
I too write
but I write for myself
but why writing?
I don't know
somehow, since I was a child, I felt this was my work!
I feel like saying a lot but don't like to talk much
I like talking
you can say what you feel inside
I do say it too
why are you looking like that?
I know a girl like you
not outside
but in my story
tell me about her
I'm just starting to get acquainted to her
getting to know her
are you flirting with me??
if you say so
did the girl eat?
don't eat my brain, I said I'll come
open the door when I call
what's your position bro?
eh! she'll come back to me
for that medical shop fellow's birthday, she went to a bakery with all others
do you know this?
I'll tell you something, if you don't feel bad
if you divorce her today, they both will roam merrily on a scooter in front of your eyes
listen to what I'm saying
why do you always lay at the beach?
there is so much sand in your clothes
because of that sea air, your cough doesn't subside
the salt is not enough
is it only because of the sea air?
not because of the cigarettes?
even Tinku coughs when he comes out of your room
ya Madhu
need to exchange some dollars
will you take me?
Rishabh always wanted to get married
have family
32 years
cardiac arrest
he was travelling solo on a flight
what are the odds?
its been 3 years
nothing has changed
that's it with love, Madhu
going in
coming out
not everything is in our hands
people are going crazy looking at our reels, you know!
what do you mean by "mabbulu idipothunnayi"
clouds clearing, it means
oh I like that!
I'm gonna use it
first time in my life, I feel I should have known more English
I would have conversed more with you, right!
no! I will remember you like this
Shady, I need a help
you need to take me out one night
is it!!
when and where? tell me!
I will tell
when the time comes
are you always like this?
thinking more, talking less
like a mystery man
are you always like this?
in the moment
not thinking about anything
like a kid
do you think I'm a kid?
do you think I'm big?
so, what do you think of me?
sister, oh! here you are
here are your reports
Lekha didn't come today, she's on leave
got some urgent work, apparently
I think a lot about you
when I grow up as you are
I also will be like you
so you will not change till then?
be like this
at the beginning
looking at you was irritating
but now
I think I'll miss you
I got very used to your noise
ok! wait right here
I think
I think I'm onto something
just stay right here, I'll be right back
oh my God!
you guys are always so cool
namasthe madam
ok, come - let's go
where are we going?
nearby, please sit
just come
get going
bye Angel
what are you making me do?
how was your sex life with Rishabh?
if I may ask
no you can't ask!
why are you distancing me?
am I not an adult?
don't I tell you everything?
okay! ok, fine
I'll tell you my secret first
if you insist
but you have to promise not to tell anyone
pinky promise
I've never had sex
like true "sex"
I have been saving it, you know?
for someone special
and I think I have finally found my person
ok, now you should tell
how was your sex life?
it was good
now that your body suddenly lost its supply of sex
how do you manage?
what do you mean?
I have a plan
don't freak out
I have a friend
who is experiencing a heart break
he's older than you
he must be around 40
I know him well
he will handle you very carefully
trust me!
I somehow say something and she says yes
why are you grumpy now?
whom did you ask before you told her?
did I tell you that I will meet your Yoga teacher?
it was hard for me to make her accept this
don't flop the plan
if everything works out well
the dry spell would end for both of you
and you will thank me, later
why do you do all this?
can't you stay put?
you are my friend, right?
before I leave, I wanted to see a smile on your face at least once
tell me
am I wrong?
will you try talking to that boy once?
after all she's our girl, right?
too much fuss on this will be a problem for us
if he is the only one, we can do something and stop him dad
she is going in search of him!
do you feel better after you told them?
I didn't tell it because I am angry on you
I did it because of my pain
I didn't know what to do
I researched about Madhu
he is not a right match for you in any sense
not one person said good things about him
moreover, they sympathize with me!
I am not sure how much those people know about Madhu
I only know that Madhu loves me
I understand that, as a brother, this is hard for you to accept all this
but I have belief
don't block me on this Srinu
I thought you still are far away from taking such decisions
when people say you have grown up
I could not believe
but now I should believe
don't know why but I am a little tensed
just as carefree I will be when I am with you
I feel the same with Madhu, dad
he will protect me like you
I believe
I understand your fear
believe me
my happiness is my responsibility
all these days, you bunked college and roamed outside
don't you feel anything??
I know I am hurting you
but I could not find another way, mom
every time I lied, I would tell myself that one day I will tell you the truth
sorry mom
you want to say something?
you were right beside me and did so much?!
none in our family had this
where did you get this braveness from?
did you ever love?
love someone and you will become brave yourselves
it was a love marriage, right?
now that you have differences, how can you blame him alone?
he is not at fault
he has been the same, always
I am at fault
thought he would change
waited for a long time
I myself have changed
I asked you to settle this, not for me
you don't want him
he awaits your return
how long will you both drag this?
speaking out of my vast experience in the court
if wife and husband are at logger heads
its useless for both
I don't want to confront
I want to be free
to hate a person in court, whom I have loved all these years
its hard
at least for your longstanding love
give him another chance
I have lost it
lost patience
only after I lost it
I realized that love also has patience
don't drink directly
she will think you are an alcoholic
some soda, some water
just for today
okay, keep drinking, I will be right back
is there more alcohol?
no hurry, come at your leisure
are we doing this really?
I still can't believe it
we are going on a double date today
I'm so excited
is where I lived with Rishabh
every corner of this house, reminds me of him
you did not want to meet him outside and that's why I brought Madhu here
are you really going to do it with Daksh today?
I think so
look at you!!
why are you wasting this hotness?
I know its impossible to get over your husband
but if he sees you deprived like this, will he be happy?
he just wants you to be happy
trust me!, think of me as your messenger
I won't go until you go
I expected a lot
I really want to be with Daksh
okay guys, I have to go
careful, I will be back, ok?
lets sit
Madhu told me about you
she told me about you too
nice house
when did your husband pass away?
how many years since your husband died?
3 years
3 years since my wife has left me
you do Yoga, I heard
it shows
I will have a drink for myself
ya, have one, its good
I am excited
I am afraid also
shall I come along? you will feel better
where will you come?
I am going for a date
I told you right?
writer boy
Yoga class
excitingly, he stays in a tent
the cool guy!
anyways, I wanna thank you so much for dropping me off
it really means a lot shady
call me if you need to be dropped back at home
I'll come pick you
don't worry, Daksh will drop me on my way back - bye!!
so what kind of wine is this?
am I supposed to hold the glass like this?
two fingers and your thumb
twirl it a little
smell it
good, right
do you stay here?
I am
for now
we will know it then
do you always talk like a writer?
I like it
writer is the word I tell myself
no one else has accepted it
are you waiting for validation of your talent?
I thought you were better than that
everybody needs validation Madhu
they just don't accept it
every time I talk to you
my mind gets stimulated
and it really turns me on
she told me about you
but didn't expect her to suddenly bring you home
I also came with a hated on my wife
its been ages since I have had a peaceful drink like this
oh! I didn't mean it that way
when did you first meet your wife?
I waited for her at her 10th class board exams and expressed
her hands were shivering but she kept staring at me with those big eyes
there were greeting cards back then
the music ones
did not know a single girl till then
and not a single one after her
did you tell this to her anytime?
do I have to tell?
doesn't she understand when beside me?
should I fight with the outside world or at home?
do you have the habit of showing your anger on someone else?
Rishabh is my only love
surely, I will not meet a person like him again
I am basically, a shy type of person
I don't talk so easily to anyone
but he made me to express myself
because he was very expressive
if he felt sad, he cried like a child
he laughed along with me
everyday, as I woke up
he assured he was with me
he left without telling me
if I get a chance, I wanted to tell him
that its hard to live without him!
that I am clueless
I want to rightfully ask
why he did this to me
you still have a chance, don't you?
your wife, must be somewhere around
if she's loved you all these years, there is surely some love left
hold her hand
and tell her
that you can't take it anymore
all this is very complicated
we don't understand all these things
I am not sensitive like your husband
I was not raised like that
I loved her the same way my dad loved my mom
I may not be expressive like your husband
my love, anger and desire
were for her to see
she didn't like it
she left me
I think I am in love with you
I, really like you too, Madhu!
aren't we on the same page?
I really don't want to be your boyfriend, Madhu
why? you...
you said you were lonely
that's my choice Madhu
why? what's wrong with me?
ok, listen
we can make it work
long distance - is that what you are thinking?
we will face time daily
be in reality Madhu
you came for a vacation and will go back
why do you complicate matters?
I thought you made love to me!
I felt used
don't try to victimize yourself Madhu
who fell for whom?
and let me tell you something
you were really loose and easy
hey Madhu!
I know you wont take my call, so called you from dad's phone
please mom, I cannot talk to you right now
Madhu, please don't hang up
I really need to talk to you
how are you?
some unknown motherly instinct
are you okay?
I am like you expected, mom
I am exactly like how you think I will be
you won mom
what you thought of me is correct
I don't know what I want
I don't know why no one loves me
I feel so unwanted right now
is it really that hard to love me?
I don't want to win over you
I want to help you win
I thought you will understand when time comes
may be this is the time
let me tell you something
I really love you
I am your mother
I will love you till I die
tell me what happened
she was very talkative during childhood
now she has stopped talking altogether
even I have stopped talking to her
we are all busy with our own lives
where do we have time to think of our siblings' life?
Madhu has become a bane in her life
need to talk, come out
let me refill my drink
you are not allowing her to come back?
is it you?
listen to me
don;t tell this to dad
some secrets should stay with girls
they should stay with us
you remember?
when you were a kid
we both were best friends
you used to tell me everything
I want to be friends with you again Madhu!
come immediately
come home
hey! come here
do you think its a police station or what?
your brother went to ask about you
and he was hit black and blue
he's not a human but an animal
we should not leave him like this
lets go in
the police asks to file a complaint
for attempt to murder
look at him once
what's left in him?
I knew it before
you would be on the same side one day
I wonder why he (Srinu) interfered!
he went to get his head smashed
not only he, you too hit him right?
both drank and fought like dogs in the bar
if you file a case, he will too
he has nothing to lose
you are a government employee, why do you want all this?
take him away
bro, heard Madhu has left
why are you silent?
this time, I feel she's really left
why do get into fights and get hit
if you are angry on someone, you show it somewhere else
need bath water
since childhood, despite warnings, you grew up with stubborn people
they all have changed at different points of life
but you stayed the same
I used to hate Lekha in the beginning of your marriage
that's because she loved my son more than me
as years passed, she started loving your stubbornness too
I lost anger and gained courage
like me, she doesn't need reasons to love you
but you tested her patience to a level where
she mirrored the stubbornness back to you
after many years, I fear again
that no one will love you once I am gone
she lost patience and became hard headed
we know the reason for it
go to her once
find out her problem
talk lovingly
don't forget
those who love us madly are also stubborn
next week when we go to Bezawada, I will tell you then
we are going, aren't we?
please, please, no one will say anything to you there
no questions, I will take care
what will they question and you will take care??
its not that I cannot work
its my choice not to work
got it?
why are you fighting with me dear?
am I not on your side?
I am already in a bad mood, don't irritate me
didn't you get proper cards?
who played??!
they day your game turns out nice, you take me near
else you push me away
are I and the game of cards equal for you?
don't talk shit
did you see?
did you see? see me playing cards - did you?!
I didn't mean
don't talk - shut up and don't talk
I didn't mean...
just keep your mouth shut
I fear seeing you, dear!
yeah, fear me then!
I pawned a ring
got the receipt?
I don't have it
do you remember the month?
in March?
they liked each other
and shared it with everyone
then the horoscope didn't match
by horoscope I remember
how many times do I remind you to ask your mother about your birth star?
are you always blabbering?
talk less
hey dear
do you know what I want from you?
be with me
listen to what I say
talk to me
what's your fault?
you loved like you knew
I loved you like I knew
isn't that it?