Moomins and the Comet Chase (2010) Movie Script

With our fingers
we make million holes
We run and we fall
into pot holes
On a mission
to savor the world
We peek at the sky
through tree holes
Oh, damn it
The comet
comes hurtling down
On a precious plot of earth
Like the bugs
in mother's flower bed
We walk on long legs
over the seabed
On our mission
to save the world
We need milk and cakes
and a warm bed
Oh damn it
The comet
comes hurtling down
On a precious plot of earth
Grey leaves are too much
For any mother to handle
A father must pull
His black hat down over the eyes
Mornings in Moominvalley
were always beautiful,
as the first rays of the summer sun
brought all the colors to life.
But today, everything was grey...
not just the trees and the rivers
but the sky and the ground.
Even the Moominhouse.
Everything was dull and lifeless.
Is it night or morning?
The rose bush is all grey.
It's covered in dust.
This is terrible.
I wonder if Mr. Muskrat
knows what happened.
'Morning, Mr. Muskrat.
What's happening?
Why is everything grey?
Well, who's to say?
Ah, who knows what things
will look like
in the last days
before the end of the world.
The end of the world?
Good morning, darling.
Mmh! Absolutely, dear.
Good morning!
Mamma! Mamma!
Every, everything's turning grey and,
and Mr. Muskrat says that
the end of the world is coming.
Come and see!
What did he say?
What a sight!
Now Moomintroll, did you do this?
Mr. Muskrat says
something strange is happening.
He says the universe
is huge
and planet Earth is so small and--
- Now, now, I'm sure
Mr. Muskrat knows a lot of things
but he does tend to look
on the gloomy side.
So hush!
We don't want to worry Sniff.
Thank you, Sniff.
The Muskrat was a philosopher.
He read big books
and thought deep thoughts.
He was often so wrapped up
in his thoughts,
that he forgot where he was.
'Morning Muskrat.
- Hmm?
Sit down!
Have some breakfast.
Hmm. Hmm.
- You look worried. -Hmmm.
What's that you're reading?
I've observed some
ominous signs in the sky.
Woo, how can I explain?
Oh! Perfect!
Let's say these buns
are the larger planets.
This sugar bowl can be the Sun.
This piece of bread
is the earth.
And all around is the vast
emptiness and darkness of space.
The sky's not empty,
it's full of bright stars!
Indeed, madam, there are stars,
but they are far, far away...
as far as this: Ughh!
Eh, relatively.
And there are so many
that in the great scheme of things,
it hardly matters if a comet
strikes the earth
and were obliterated.
Oh, no!
- A single comet
could wipe us out
just like that!
I don't wanna be blit!
orblit... Ah, wiped out!
I just found a cave and I have
a secret friend that meows and I,
I don't have time
to be wiped out.
Perhaps you could retire to the hammock
and do some private thinking.
Uyyi. Hm.
Is a comet coming?
That's horrible!
Moomintroll began to understand
how small we all are
in the infinitely vast, dark universe.
He sat there picturing our poor,
little planet Earth
innocently orbiting the Sun.
But till--
Moomintroll, what's wrong?
Oh, ho ho,
there, there children,
this book is all about the universe
and the Solar System.
Mr. Muskrat was
Come with me.
I'll explain how things really work.
But how?
Let's say this coffee cup
is the Sun.
Now, this pebble will
represent the Earth.
Now these pebbles
are comets.
Alright Moomin,
try hitting the Earth with 'em! ...Ha!
That's easy!
Huh! You missed!
You should have aimed
at the Sun.
Well you see,
The universe is very big.
The Earth is very small.
It's not easy
for a comet to hit us.
But what,
what if it's angry?
Dear, Muskrat
has frightened the children
with his stories about
the end of the world.
Maybe they should
visit an observatory.
A what?
An observatory.
It's a special place to look at the stars.
There's one in the Lonely Mountains,
a little ways down the river.
Hmm, that's a good idea!
What'll we do?
Children, Pappa and I
think you should take a trip.
to where scientists look at stars.
They work in an observatory.
But first, we have to build
a raft for the river trip.
Yipee! Yipee!
We're going on a trip!
The-the scientists will know if
there really is a comet coming this way.
And-and maybe they can tell us
where all this dust comes from.
Moominpappa had been to sea
so he knew all about building a raft.
Looks like you'll have
fine travelling weather tomorrow.
How can you tell?
From looking at the night sky.
Can you see the comet?
Forget the comet for now.
Yes, come on in
for your bedtime snack.
That night, the stars
twinkled brightly,
just as they had always done.
Early next morning,
the family hurried
down to the river with
anything and everything
he two young adventurers
would need for the trip.
Thanks Momma, I'm not sure
we'll need the umbrella.
Moomintroll was thinking
how much fun it would be if
if Snufkin and Snork Maiden could
come along too.
But, maybe next time.
You don't often see a raft
as good as this.
If I do say so myself.
That's everything.
Bye, Mamma!
Bye, Pappa!
Here I come.
One small animal ready for
big adventures.
Here, catch!
Carefull Sniff!
Oh! Uhh!
Uhh. help!
I'm swimming!
I got you!
Have fun, and stay safe!
And be sure to be
back by Sunday,
I'm baking a cake
for dessert.
- Bye-bye!
Keep to the middle of the river!
Don't worry!
And if you see a large building with
a round roof, that will be the observatory.
We know!
Bye, now!
It's hard to see a river without
wanting to hop on a raft
and go with the fow.
I'm bored.
But it's not for everyone.
It smells like something's burning.
Oh look Sniff, Hattifatteners!
They're out late this year.
Mamma says that Hattifatteners
never get where they're going
and always want
to be somewhere they're not.
They say nothing
and care for no one.
They travel on and on
in an endless quest.
Look Sniff,
something that isn't grey.
I thought the observatory would
be bigger than that.
It's a tent.
An ordinary yellow tent.
And someone's living in it.
Really? Who?
Hi there!
Would you happen to have
any coffee on board?
Snufkin!! Ha-ha!
Did you say coffee?
We have a jar full of sugar too
and look at this great raft we built!
Very nice!
I was hoping we might
bump into each other.
Where have you been
all summer?
Oh, here and there,
I've been wandering.
Coffee and sugar.
Thanks Sniff!
Now where are you two headed?
To the observatory
in the Lonely Mountains.
We're going to look
at stars.
And talk to the scientists
and find out when
the end of the world will come.
Because Mr. Muskrat says
there is a comet
and it's coming straight at us.
You never know,
comets come and go as they please,
maybe it won't
even get here.
But if it does, and I bump into it,
I'll never know,
I don't know what a comet is.
A comet is a star
that has gone crazy.
Most stars just go round and round
in their orbits
but a comet can show up
Even here.
Oh, no!
Oh no, no, no, no,
no, no, no.
Wretch, wretch, and if it does come,
what will happen? Wretch, wretch!
Oh, disaster!
The Earth will be smashed to pieces!
Oh no, oh no.
I feel sick.
I have to lie down!
When will it get here?
Well, not tonight, for sure.
So relax!
As for the exact date, the scientists
at the observatory will be able to tell us.
Hey, how about a walk
before dark?
There's something special
I want to show you.
This way!
The promise of something special
made Sniff forget all about the comet.
Snufkin seemed to be completely at home
in these parts.
We're almost there.
It's a ravine full of garnet.
Are they real?
I don't know!
But they sure are beautiful.
- Oh! -Oh!
- Oh!
So beautiful!
Like thousands
of small comets! - Oh!
Are they all yours?
If I say so!
The way I see it,
I can own anything on Earth,
even the Earth itself.
If I say it's mine,
Eahh, Snufkin,
ah, do you think I could have
a few garnets?
Ha, ha, ha, ha.
Go ahead,
take as many as you want.
Get them down here
and there...
Just, eyah!
Eahh! Ha-ha-he.
Here we are, and...
Ogh. Uhh.
Ohh! Ohh.
And here.
There are so many!
Oh, and there's a fine one!
Just a few more.
Are you coming up soon?
It's getting cold and damp.
Not yet!
There's so many of them!
I'll gather as many as I can carry.
Hahh! Hhh.
It's huge!
Sniff turned around and ran.
He ran and ran
as fast as his little legs could carry him.
Help! Help!
Ah! Oooo!
Ah! Ah!
What's going on down there?
All those precious stones
must have driven him mad.
Ugh, Uhhh!
Give me your paw!
Eh, eh, eh, ju. ju, ju. Ju--
There, there, it's all over now.
Now don't cry, you're safe now.
But-but the garnets,
I left them there.
I don't even have one!
Life gets complicated
when you want to own things.
I like to look at things and
walk away with them inside my head.
That way I'm free to have fun
and travel light without any luggage.
Those garnets would have
fit in my backpack.
Wretched wretch!
What a day!
I wonder what's going
to happen tomorrow.
Our friends slept soundly
in Snufkin's tent.
They were bright and chipper
in the morning.
Snufkin decided to join them
on the trip to the observatory,
because he'd never been
there before.
They packed everything
onto the raft
and tidied up the campsite.
Alright, where to?
We're off to the observatory.
Mr. Muskrat said that
a whole bunch of professors live there,
and all they care about
is the stars.
So, if the comet's coming,
they'll know about it.
It must be quite lonely
zipping around in space.
Always in a hurry,
nowhere to go,
like a lonely Hattifatten.
Boy, I can't wait
to look through a telescope!
Hey, the current is getting stronger!
The rudder is slipping!
I-I can't keep the raft on course!
Hang on!
Maybe we can manage together!
We can always stop now,
I want to go ashore.
Not going to happen, Sniff.
The river's got other ideas!
It's gone wild!
Hold on tight everyone!
Looks like we're in for a rough ride.
Why is it so bad?
Someone turn off the tap!
The water's going too fast!
Ah! - Ooo!
- Ahhh! - Oooo!
Whoo hooo!
- Ohwh!
We made it!
- Oo, that was fun!
Are you still there?
I think so.
This is something to tell Mamma!
Oh, no!
That doesn't look good!
The sides of the mountain had
closed in on them to form a tunnel.
And it was getting
narrower and shallower.
Oh, no!
Now, we're in trouble.
- Ohhh!
- Ahhh!
- Ahhh!
Watch out!
The mast could
tip the raft over!
Oh, there it goes!
Oh! - Ohh!
- It's-It's too slippery!
I can't hold on!
- I got it!
Give us a hand, Sniff.
I'm coming!
Oh, there it goes!
It's a shame
to lose a good mast.
The current is getting
stronger again.
Oh boy! I don't know how
we're going to make it this time.
Aww, oh no!
I can't bear to look!
Oh! My ears!
My ears touched the roof!
Keep your heads down!
Oh, watch out!
Ahh! Ohh!
I'll help you, Sniff!
Give me your paw!
Just a little more.
That's it!
- That's too much adventure for me.
You're safe now, Sniff.
The mast... is... stuck!
Oh, no!
I don't like the look of this.
Let me tell you,
that I'm really tired of you
and your adventures
and comets and all of it!!
I said I wanted to go ashore.
When you're as small
as I am--
Hhh. Listen, Sniff,
our adventures always end safely.
You know that.
Hey you two,
look, up there!
Didn't I say we'd be safe?
Look Sniff!
How do you figure that?
I'm not a fly, I can't just fly up
through a hole in the roof can I?
Besides, I can't stand heights.
They make me dizzy.
To cheer up his friends,
Snufkin took out his flute.
and started to play a tune.
The tune flew higher and higher
and finally flew up through
the hole in the mountain.
And up there,
someone heard it.
An eye appeared in the hole.
-Help, save us! - Save us, help!
- Help! - Get us out of here! - Please!
There are small animals in distress
down here!
What's all this noise?
I can hardly see down there.
Well, they must be
very rare insects.
Perhaps a new species.
I'll try to catch them
in my net.
Good, good. Just a bit more!
C'mon, lets
get our stuff in here.
Ahhhh, you'll fit in there too!
Ohh... great grasshoppers.
Hhh... very heavy insects.
Ugh! Uhhh!
- Hooray!
- Oh, boy!
Umm. A good catch at last!
Now what rare specimens
do we have here?
- We're not specimens!
We're adventurers.
He saved our lives!
- Did I?
I didn't mean to.
I was looking
for some rare insects
that were making noise down there.
Come look at this!
The raft.
There it goes!
and we could have been on it!
Ugh! I want to get out of here.
Excuse me,
Mr. Hemulen,
could you tell us
the way to the observatory?
I have no idea.
I'm a collector,
and my own interest is with insects.
Why do you
want to go there, anyway?
We are looking for comets.
Comets? Comets?
Comets, you say?
What are they, comets?
What do they look like? Are they rare?
You could say that.
They show up
once every hundred years.
They're red with a tail.
Ah! Extraordinary!
I must have one in my collection!
And tell me, what do they feed on,
these strange comet insects?
Ha-ha-ha! Ha-ha-ha. I'm not sure,
but I think they eat Hemulens.
Oh, listen, here young man,
science is no joking matter.
You should be
ashamed of yourself!
I refuse to stand here
and be insulted.
I shall withdraw.
Good day to you!
Hah-ha-ha! He thought a comet
was some kind of bug!
Oh, we left the coffee pot
on the raft,
so we'll have
to make do with pancakes.
Mmm. Reminds me of home.
And Mamma's kitchen.
The second day
of the journey was over.
Moomintroll looked up
at the night sky.
Searching it for a rogue,
red star,
that could be heading
straight at them.
They continued on
towards the observatory
and soon reached
the Lonely Mountains.
Majestic peaks towered
over the valley floor,
where our three friends lay asleep,
snug in their tent,
until the cold grey
morning mists crept in,
nipping Moomintroll's nose.
A bit of morning exercise
will warm me up.
Huh! Ahh!
Owa huh!
Today we climb
the highest peak.
Up there?
Can we see the observatory from here?
Yes! There it is!
Yes, it's up on the very top.
An observatory needs to be
as close to the stars as it can be.
Ha-up, aah!
Hey, yeah! Huh up ha! Huh up ha!
Mmmh! Tea!
I was afraid we'd left it on the raft.
Heh, heh. Here's the kettle.
That's good teamwork.
Mountain climbing
is hard work.
We need a good, hard breakfast
in our tummies,
so we can make it
all the way to the top.
Aaagh! Remember, that we're
doing this at your risk.
Aw! Ugh!
Oh, my legs are too short!
They don't reach the ground.
And don't forget,
I get dizzy with heights.
Don't worry Sniff,
if you fall, the lifeline will catch you.
- Uhh!
- There!
Come on!
The higher up they climbed,
the steeper it got.
Everything around them
was ancient, enormous and lonely,
terribly lonely.
- - Wooooooo!
Well, be careful!
We're coming to a cliff ledge.
Oh, look!
Down there!
Something shiny.
You see it?
Far down the cliff face,
lay a tiny circle of gold.
Hey, that looks like...
could it be Snork Maiden's
ankle bracelet?
She must have been here,
picking mountain flowers.
Oha! Flowers.
She must have lost her ankle bracelet
and not been able to find it again.
Such a shame!
Lucky she didn't fall off the cliff too!
Lower me down!
We gotta get that
bracelet back.
She must be missing it.
Leave it!
She'll be fine
without it.
I've got to get it for her.
She'll be lost without it.
Lower me down.
Ugh ah!
Ugh ah!!!
Ohh, boy!
Ah, ohhh!
Oh, ahh!
Hey up there!
The rope's caught.
I'm dangling.
Sniff, come down and help!
Why me?
Typical! The smaller you are
the bigger the danger you have to face.
Hey, it's untangled!
Thanks, Sniff!
Ahh! There it is!
Snork Maiden will be so happy.
He found it!
Aaah! Okay!
I'm ready!
- Pull!
Thanks for the help!
I'm so glad
we found this for her.
Look! Not a scratch!
The friends clambered higher and higher
up the mountain.
Soon, they were up in the clouds.
Up, up, up,
when will we ever reach the top?
and I thought clouds were
fluffy and cozy, but it's
cold and damp, like fog.
I've had enough of this trip.
Sniff, don't you want
to look through the telescope?
Oh! There's going to be a storm.
We'll have to find shelter!
Well, strike me pink!
You see, we're above
the clouds now.
It's so peaceful here.
At long last, they had reached
the goal of their journey.
The Lonely Mountains Observatory.
Now they would finally find out
the truth about the comet.
But suddenly they lost their nerve.
Oh, what do you think
about those professors,
personally, I never trust in people
who keep their heads in the clouds.
And if there's no volunteers,
I say we draw lots
to decide who'll go in
and ask about the comet.
Close your eyes!
Moomintroll drew the shortest stick.
He would have to go and
put the question to the scientists.
He opened the door shyly,
and peered in.
Good evening.
But, no one noticed
The scientists were
completely engrossed
in their
astronomical calculations
and didn't hear a thing.
The hypotenuse divided by... hmm...
humm... hmm... hmm....
Ah-hem, ah-hem.
Good evening.
Hmm... hmm... hmm...
Where was I?
The 'nuse divided by...
Excuse me!
And the 'nuse divided by ah--
Oh, what am I saying?
Mr. Professor!
I just wanted to ask--
The lens is smeared!
Who has
been diddling with...
Hm? Yes?
Did someone say something?
- What?
- Are you back again?
Now, now, leave young lady,
- Alright...
But thank you for the flowers.
It wasn't me!
Hm? No, it wasn't you.
I see that now.
You're quite bald.
The other one had a tuft
of yellow hair on her forehead.
Snork Maiden!
She was asking about
a lost ankle bracelet,
or ring, or something....
But here at the observatory,
the only rings that interest us
are the rings around Saturn.
Gave me a bunch
of mountain flowers,
but we are far to busy for bunches
of mountains or flowers.
When Moomintroll heard that
Snork Maiden was fine, -Yah! Ha-ha!
he was so happy that he quite forgot what
he'd come to ask about. -Yippee! Yippee!
Hoo-hoo! Hurrah!
-I have no time for people
who run around
asking hundreds of questions.
when there's
a comet to deal with.
Well, what did they say?
Is the comet coming?
When will it hit?
- Oh, I forgot to ask about that.
But Snork Maiden's been here!
She didn't fall off that cliff!
Out of the way! You've got
Snork Maiden on the brain.
Once again,
I'll have to do this myself!
Hey there professor!
- What now?
Sorry to barge in, but I hear that
you're the most famous
expert on comets in the world.
Do you now?
Well, this new comet is
an unusually fine specimen!
I'm considering having it
named after me.
But please,
come and have a look at it.
Sniff was the first small animal
to ever have the chance to look
into the world's biggest telescope.
Oh, it's gi-ginormous!
- Yes, isn't it fascinating?
- Oooo!
And our view of it will
get better everyday!
Yes, but, but what happened
to its tail?
Well, the comet is coming
straight at us, with its tail behind it,
so we can't see it.
Isn't it beautiful!?
- Oh, huuu!
Yes, and terrifying!
It's dark out there,
pitch dark.
In space, of course!
It's enormous and full of stars!
What about the comet?
It's fire red.
And it's coming straight at us!
When will it hit us, then?
Oops! Forgot to ask!
The professor was just about to
finish his final calculations.
Moomintroll and his friends
nervously awaited the result.
Er... ah... er....
nah... er...
er... times... and enneerni...
ni... minus ni... ha
The exact time?
The comet will reach
the Earth in
four days, four hours, four minutes,
and forty-four seconds,
or possibly,
four seconds later.
That's on Sunday!
We have to hurry back home!
We'll be safe at home!
- Let's hope so.
We have to get home by Sunday!
Mamma's baking a cake for Sunday.
What care I for dessert,
I, who have seen
a comet through a telescope!
Oh, the comet, the comet!
Mamma and Pappa
will take care of that,
if we can just get home.
But first, we have
to find Snork Maiden.
She doesn't know
that I found her bracelet.
You are pathetic!
Is everyone ready?
We're heading home
quick as we can.
Hey! Don't pull so hard!
May I remind you that I have seen--
- Hurry up!
The comet's coming!
Mmm. The clouds look like
raspberry and whipped cream.
Are you the same person who
said they don't care about dessert?
Listen, there will be no raspberries for
anyone if we don't watch where we're going.
You'd think that going down the mountain
would be easier than climbing it.
But, in fact,
the opposite is true.
Wa! Ha! Ohh!
Oh!!! Oh, oh, oh!
Oh, I can't get up!
Help! Help!
Calm down!
Slow down, Moomin!
You can't outrun yourself.
Oh! -Oh!
- Ahh!
- Ohohh!
Moomin, you're rushing along
like some crazy comet!
If we're not careful,
the next time we might fall off a cliff!
You're right!
Why don't we camp
here for the night?
The friends had
a hard day behind them
and a long way home
ahead of them.
Countless deep gorges
and unknown dangers
still lay between
them and the Moominvalley.
the next day,
the comet was even bigger
and the weird reddish color in the sky
even stranger.
In the eerie light,
the Lonely Mountains seemed
lonlier than ever.
If Mamma could see us now,
she would be so proud.
Aww! I don't ever want to see
another rock in all my life.
You said it!
The mountains are too high,
the valleys too deep
and I'm always left
hanging in the middle.
Careful, now!
By the feather in my hat!
Look how far we still are from
the Moominvalley!
We have to pick up the pace!
We're in a hurry!
Oh, no!
This is too much!
Isn't it someone else's turn
to carry the tent?
I think it's time
to lighten our packs.
It is a good tent, but we should never
grow too fond of our belongings.
Toss it away, Sniff.
I promise you'll feel
lighter at heart at once.
Toss it away, Sniff!
Throw it over the cliff?
But it's a cozy place to sleep,
You could give it to me and then
I'll have my own tent.
But you have your cave.
That's much better than
an old tent!
That's right!
Goodbye yellow tent!
- Ha ha ha ha! -Ha ha ha!
- Ha ha ha ha ha!
Now, the only thing left
is the frying pan.
But since we have nothing left
to fy in it anyway...
Goodbye, fry pan!
Don't you feel
a whole lot better now, Sniff?
Ha-ha-ha, ha, ha!
No, I feel terrible.
I'm dizzy. I feel sick!
I have to lie down.
Oh, not again!
We don't have time
for dizzy spells.
Siff, come on!
We have to keep going!
Naw, let him lie there
and be sick for a bit.
But get better quick!
Auuugh! Aahhh!
Have you ever rolled rocks
in the mountains?
But it sounds like fun!
Here! I'll show you how.
One... two... and...
Rock rolling was a great skill.
The rocks bounce down the slope,
- Yippee!
smashing into other rocks
that started to roll too.
Then it all echoed
off the mountain walls like thunder.
This rock is perfect!
There, there, little one,
you'll be fine soon.
Now, now.
Careful, Moomintroll.
You're too close to the edge!
Moomintroll, come back!
- No!
No! No!
Come back!
Grab the rope!
Grab the rope!
L-leave me alone!
I'm busy getting better.
Pull me up!
- Sniff!
- I said leave me at-- Huh-ohh!
Hey! I'm better!
- Grab the rope, Sniff!
Now what's all the fuss?
If you don' hold on
to the rope and pull,
you'll be feeling worse
than ever --Ahh!
- Help! Help!
- Moomintroll fell over the edge
and he'll drag us both down into the gorge.
- Help! Help! Help!
Ahh! Ahh!
Sniff! The rope!
Rope? What rope?
Oh, this rope!
Of course!
Wretched wretch!
What can I do with it?
- Pull!
- Oh, here, yes!
- Pull!
- So one small, and...
- Pull the rope!
That's it!
Rrh agh!
Aww! Ughh! Aw!
Ohh, boy!
- Whoah!!
Oy, Ugh! Heh!
Oh... boy!
Uh! Ugh! Uhhh!
Mamma would have loved
to have seen that!
I don't think so.
Hurray for me!
I rescued Moomintroll!
I am a hero!
Small, yes!
But a hero none-the-less!
Thank you, Sniff.
Thank you both!
We've been very careless!
You certainly have!
We weren't thinking!
What if we rolled all those rocks
straight down on Snork Maiden?
Then, she's as flat
as a pancake,
and her flowers too!
Don't say that!
We have to hurry!
Look up there!
Look how much bigger the comet is!
When it hits, we'll all be flattened.
You're not kidding!
The whole Earth will be flattened.
We've got to keep going.
Come on!
Moomintroll, Sniff and Snufkin
set off once again.
The excitement of rock rolling had
made them forget the danger for a minute
But now they wished the way home
wasn't quite so long.
If you're going to be
struck by a comet,
it is nicer to be at home
when it comes.
The trio trudged on.
All they could think about
was getting home to the Moominhouse
and sitting on the veranda,
telling Moominmamma and Moominpappa
about their adventures.
But they couldn't help but notice
that the comet was glowing
brighter and redder
in the dull, red sky.
The Hemulen, however,
had too many troubles of his own,
to be bothered with comets
or anything else, for that matter.
He was soaking his sore feet
in the water
and had put a cold compress on
the aching bump on his foot.
Ohh! What a life!
Ohhh... help!
It's starting again!
- Hello.
- Oh, hello again.
How are you doin'?
- Oh, it's you!
I thought you were
a landslide.
This morning was terrible!
Rocks as big as houses
flying everywhere!
Ah, I'm afraid, we happened
to throw a few rocks
down the slope
as we were passing by.
Such a temptation when the rocks
are so big and round!
Do you mean to tell me
that you caused the rock slide?
I might have guessed!
You're either popping out of the ground
or bringing the mountain down around you!
It would be safer for everyone
if you just stayed at home!
Terribly sorry you got such a bump.
Oh, save your apologies!
Are you still here?
Haven't you done enough damage?
He didn't notice that
the sky is all red.
The sky could have polka-dots
for all I care, goodbye!
And don't let me see you again!
We better go,
I think he wants to be alone. -Hmm?
Why is the water so low?
I don't understand.
Um, that's odd.
I wonder if it has something
to do with the comet.
Now they entered the
great, green darkness of the forest.
What's wrong with this?
I'm trying to find
the shortest way to Moominvalley,
but the compass has gone haywire.
It's broke.
- Look!
- Well, by the feather in my hat!
Maybe the compass
is afraid of the comet too.
We'll have to go on instinct.
I never put much faith in compasses,
they ruin your natural sense of direction.
Did you know that you can find your way
by looking at moss?
It always grows on
the north side of tree trunks.
It stays put and doesn't wobble around
like a compass needle.
This place
is so big and dark.
You go first!
Thank you, Sniff!
Um! Augh!
On second thought,
It's worse than having
something scary behind you.
Me first. Me first!
Ugh! Ugh! Next, that's it!
I've had enough of being bossed around.
- Oh! -Oh! Oh...!
- Oh! - Oh!
Ohhh! Ehugh!
- Ha! Ha!
- Sniff!
I'm sorry,
but my legs are shorter than yours,
and I can't keep up!
You get this rope away from me!
Sniff, c'mon!
We have to keep going!
- Don't tell me what to do.
And don't do things I don't like.
Enough! Enough, settle down you two!
We still have a long way to go.
I've had enough of this trip!
Did you hear that?
- Help! Help!
It sounded like somebody
screaming for help.
Somebody help me!
Yeah, I heard it too.
Maybe it's a little creature that's
lost in the forest. - Help!
Help me!
It's Snork Maiden!
- Help!
By my snout!
We have to rescue her! Hurry!
- Help!
Help me!
Snork didn't know what to do.
The poisonous bush of the dangerous
Angostura family
had put its claws around his sister
and wouldn't let her go.
- Woah! Woo! Whoah!
- Woah, whoa!! Ooo! oo! Ohh!
You stupid tree!!!
Let me go,
you stupid tree!
Sweet thundering pickles!
Help! This ghastly bush is
gobbling up my sister!
I'll make that moster let her go.
Just you wait!
Take this, to be on the safe side.
And try to make it angry,
Angosturas are very easily insulted.
You thimble!
You flat-foot flibbertigibbet!
You're an ugliest crumble
of wrapping paper!
You reek like legal jam!
Finally, it let go of Snork Maiden.
It turned every one of its angry red eyes
on Moomintroll
and attacked him instead.
Cloud-headed ninnyhammer!
You can't tell a sweet--
- You're doing great!
Keep it up just a little bit longer!
Tell him Moomin! You tell him!
Go on! Go on!!
Ohh! Augh!
Let me... go... you big...
...big... ferrnopolis.
Oh! Oh!
I'll help you my hero!
Oh no!
What have I done?
I've killed Moomintroll!
He'll be fine!
- Don't worry Snork Maiden!
Take that you winklepiicker!
That oughta do it!
Now you won't have anything
to fear from that bush.
Oh Moomintroll!
You are really brave!
You fought like a lion!
And boy,
you know a lot of insults!
Snork Maiden,
I'm so happy to see you.
And I have something for ya!
- Ahhh!
I can't believe it!
I thought it was lost forever!
Could you put it on for me?
Thank you Moomintroll!
My sister has talked about nothing but that
wretched piece of jewelry for days now.
I've tried to explain about the comet
and our dire predicament,
but oh no, she just kept going on and on
about her ankle bracelet.
It's insufferable!
Ah! Heh!
Ahhh! Mm! He! Mmmh!
I do hope you at least,
are as concerned
by the imminent impact
of this ominous comet as I am.
You bet we are!
It will hit us on Sunday,
and I saw it through a telescope.
We must convene
a meeting at once!
Gather round everyone,
and sit down.
Item one: We know that
the comet will hit us on Sunday.
Item two: Why does no one
ever pay attention to what I'm saying?
I don't know.
Has it always been that way?
The friends continued towards
Look, a signpost!
We came from there.
And it says,
in that direction there's a shop.
Do you think they'd sell lemonade
in a shop like that?
We should be hurrying
straight home!
But... Maybe,
maybe we can have a quick look.
This little forest roam deserves
its own tune.
The road to the shop
wound pleasantly through the forest.
Snork Maiden kept stopping to admire
at her reflection in the puddles.
Look edible to you?
- Who knows.
It was a fine little shop
There were signs
advertising licorice,
beeswax candles and porte rhymes.
They have everything you
could ever need!
Snork Maiden!
But Snork Maiden had found a mirror.
Knit one, pearl two.
Ah! So many customers!
What can I get for you?
- Lemonade please.
- Red, if you've got it.
I call it comet lemonade.
There you are!
Eh. Ahem!
Do you have exercise books
either with lines or squares?
Just a moment.
One never tires of squares, does one?
Here, take a peek.
The red one's nice, isn't it?
Thanks, but there are
more squares in this one.
I could use a new pair of trousers,
but they mustn't look new.
Yes, of course.
What about these?
- Mmmmm.
They're a bit short.
Here, we'll just roll down the legs.
don't they look terribly new?
By tomorrow,
they'll be a day older.
Now, what'll it be for you young man?
- Mmmh?
- I would like a tiara.
A tiara?
Well, that's an unusual request.
What would that be for?
He's going to give it to Snork Maiden!
Silly Moomintroll,
he's in love!
Ha-ha-ha, ho,
Don't be silly, Sniff.
There's nothing silly
about giving a lady jewelry.
But that's something
you're too small to understand.
Hello! I was admiring myself
in the mirror ball.
Did you miss me?
Why not give her this
instead of a tiara?
Ah! It's beautiful!
- Oh!
- Oh! - Would you happen to have any...
- Hello!
medals for sale?
Indeed, what?
Stars to hang on the chest.
Heroic gentlemen like such things.
Oh, I see!
Medals, hmm?
I'm afraid that we don't.
Then the shopkeeper remembered the box
of holiday decorations on the top shelf.
- Well?
- Ah, it's perfect!
I love it!
Thank you!
It's for you, Moomintroll.
For rescuing me from that
poisonous bush.
Moomintroll was speechless,
it was the first in his life.
-Hip-hip-hurray! Hurray!!
-Hip-hip-hurray! Hurray!!
I have something for you too.
Now you won't have
to look at yourself in puddles.
Ha-ha-ha-ha! Look! Look!
She's blushing! Heh-heh-ha!
Ah! It's so beautiful!
Ahem! So how much do we owe you?
Just a minute!
Let me add it up. Mmm. Mmm.
Mirror. Medal. Exercise book.
Thank you.
Oh dear! We've run up quite a bill!
Oh, no!
I don't have any money.
Do you?
- I don't even have pockets.
- No. No. -Let me see. -No.
No money there!
And none here.
I think I's better
let the trousers get older.
Thanks, but we
won't take anything, after all.
We have no money, you see.
But the gentleman returned the trousers.
They would have cost exactly as much
as your other purchases combined.
One thing cancels the other...
so you don't owe a thing!
Are you sure?
I mean...
can that really be right?
- Huh?
- Huhh?
Eh... ha-ha-ha...
- Mmmm.
Of course it's right.
I keep the trousers, don't I?
How wonderful!
Thank you.
-Bye-bye! - Bye! -Bye-bye! -Bye!
-Happy trails! - Bye-bye! - Bye-bye!
They said goodbye to the shopkeeper.
And set off once again
in much better spirits
than they'd been in for days.
Sometimes you need to take a break,
just to take your mind
off your troubles...
especially comets from outer space.
The next morning was very hot
even though you couldn't
see the sun in the sky,
because of the approaching comet.
The heat, and the long walk
towards Moominvalley
were exhausting.
And no one felt like talking.
Eventually, they came to the seashore.
Why can't we hear the sea?
I can't smell it either.
There's a rotten smell.
You're right!
The sea...
It should be right here!
- It's gone!
Why is the sea gone?
Oy! Maybe some one punched a hole
in the bottom and all the water ran out!
Comet has dried up the sea!
The beautiful sea gone!
No more swimming, no storms,
no ice to skate on!
And the sea shore isn't
a shore anymore!
It'll come back, Snufkin.
I'm sure it will!
Once the comet's gone away.
Now let's all calm down!
I'm thirsty.
Ah, it looks so hopeless.
How are we going to get across?
We can't walk all the way around
in two days.
We must hold a meeting!
I graciously accept the positions of
chair and secretary. -Eh, eh...
Item one: How shall we get across?
Any suggestions?
Maybe we can walk.
I know, I know,
Why don't we fly?
Okay, with what?
Don't be ridiculous!
Your proposals are unanimously rejected.
Propose something else.
- Hmm. - Hmm. - Hmm.
- Hmm. - Hmm. -Hmm.
I got it!
We'll walk across on stilts!
That way we'll make it on time.
On stilts you can take long strides
and step over cracks in the ground.
That's a great idea!
C'mon! We have to find some stilts!
There's nowhere like the seashore
for finding things.
Everyone looked for pieces of wood
to use as stilts.
Then, they had to learn
to walk on them.
Eh huh-huh-huhh!
Uha... I can't keep my balance!
- Eh...
- Take longer strides!
Go easy at first,
don't think,
Ah, ah-ah, help!
When everyone had
practiced enough,
They climed down
to the dried out sea bed.
Oh, I like stilt walking!
I don't think at all... -No kidding!
...just feel.
Well, you didn't hurt yourself,
did you?
Moomintroll, I'm not
made of glass!
Here's a small jump!
Good, good!
So, that's what the sea bottom
looks like.
I'll never swim again!
It's so quiet and desolate here,
like after a disaster,
rather than before.
L-look, a wreck!
That was once a proud ship,
sailing the seven seas.
Let's take a closer look.
- Weeeee! Ha-ha! Ha-ha!
Ha-ha! Hah!
Here, let me help you.
Ha-ha-ha! Ha-ha! He-he-he!
Do you think the sailors had time to
leave the ship before it sank?
Of course!
They had life boats.
At least I think so.
- Oh no!
Let's go on.
There's no time to lose!
I bet there's a
treasure hidden in the wreck.
Did you say treasure?!
Hang on now!
There's something shiny!
- Where?
It's a dagger!
It's made of gold and...
wth real jewels on the handle.
Ah, it's magnificent! Ahwa!
- En garde! Ah! En garde!
Wa! Aaaaah!
I'm coming!
Help! Help!
- Hold on!
Woah! Wo! Whoahh!
- Go on... go on!
- Help! Help!
- Snork Maiden, where are you?
Snork Maiden!
- I'm coming!
Ah, okay, okay,
I-I gotcha!
Oh, Sniff and his jewels!
Nothing but trouble! Ahhhhahh!
Why... I understand,
I too love beautiful things.
Oh, do you think
there might be pearls down there?
- I don't know. It's so dark.
- Diamonds? Hhhh!
There could be all kinds
of danger here.
Ahh! It's perfect!
Thank goodness my bangs
didn't go frizzy!
Hey Snork Maiden, how are you doing?
I'm fine.
Moomintroll saved me again!
I was just checking
that the mirror wasn't broken.
Ah! Watch out!
The poisonous bush
followed us!
Oh no!
- But it wasn't the bush...
it was the most fearsome monster
in the sea,
a giant octopus
- Oh no! Help me!
emerging from the darkness
- Help! Help me!
and closing in on Moomintroll.
- Help!
Maybe I can distract it.
Ah, eh, oh, ohhhhh! Oh! Ohhh!!
Well, don't you come any closer!
H-help me!
Keep your slimy tentacles
away from me, you big ugly lunk!
Take all that, you monster!
And that! And that!
Grab ahold of this.
Snork Maiden,
now you've saved my life.
I'll say!
That was so clever of you.
I didn't think about it...
I just did it,
but I'd like to save you from
an octopus every day.
Well, maybe that would be
wishing too much.
Come on, I've had enough of this place!
Off we go!
Night fell
and they didn't want to spend
the night out on the seabed.
Come, maybe we can sleep up here.
They decided to stay up on a cliff,
that had probably been a small island
before the sea disappeared.
Yes, the sea...
Moomintroll wondered if
it would ever return,
but then he thought:
Mamma will surely know how
to put everything right.
The night felt very short.
It was not a pleasant morning.
The comet was now glaring in the sky
and surrounded
by angry shooting flames.
-Ah! - Ohh, it's my lucky day,
I thought the dagger was just a dream.
Mmh! Hah! Maybe we
should keep going.
C'mon everyone, let's keep going!
Mud... mud... and more mud!
Can you manage?
- Sure!
- Good!
C'mon Snork Maiden!
- C'mon! -Hah!
You know what?
I don't think we need these stilts anymore.
Look! What's going on?
- Oy!
Haniful, it's me Moomin!
Don't you recognize me?
Oh, of course, sorry!
Are you Moomin?
Everyone has left Moominvalley.
We're not going to stay there and
wait for the comet to hit.
How do you know it's going to fall
in Moominvalley and not someplace else?
That's what Mr. Muskrat said.
The Moominmamma and Moominpappa
are still sitting on the veranda, waiting.
I don't know what for.
What for?
They're waiting for us!
How strange!
All our friends and neighbors,
that we haven't seen in so long
they don't even have time
to stop and say hello.
They're afraid.
You're right.
Even the Hattifatteners are
running from the comet.
Being a comet
must be terribly lonely.
I suppose we are
unusually courageous.
When we're home,
no dangers can touch us.
We made it! We got across!
Grass and trees!
Finally, we're out of the
stinking mud and seaweed! Ahhh!
Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Awwh!
Whooo! Soon we'll be home! Ahh!
Oh, oh, hello Mr. Hemulen!
What's all this fuzz and rush?
Crowds of people everywhere
and not one of them can
just tell me what it's all about
Oh, my stamp collection
is in a dreadful state!
Are you related to the Hemulen
that collects insects?
What? How dare you!
That must be my cousin on my father's side,
an absolute nincompoop!
We're no longer on speaking terms.
I have nothing to do with him anymore.
Oh, why?
He has a one track mind:
Insects, insects,
that's all he cares about.
You don't believe me?
The end of the world could be at hand,
and he'd never notice.
But it is coming!
Tomorrow at 8:42 pm!
It's taken me a whole week
to organize my stamp collection!
And now, what am I to do?
You can come with us.
You and your stamps will be safe
in our first-class cave.
Now, come on!
My first-class cave,
if you please!
Is that the wind I hear?
Hmm. I don't think it's the wind--
Oh! It's a swarm of locusts!
Go away! Ahhh!
- Ahh!
Ohhh! Oh! Stay away!
Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!
Shoo, wretched specimens,
shoo I say!
Oh, why don't you flly away to my cousin,
He llikes insects like you.
Ohh, Ooo, you don't think
they eat stamps do you?
Ahh! The beautiful forest!
They're gobbling it all up!
I remember seeing something
like this in Egypt, once.
They're flying off now,
they didn't leave much.
That was disaster number one!
Comets are always
harbingers of disaster.
Get away! And stay away,
you little mosters!
Well, I hope they haven't
eaten Mamma's garden too.
What would we put on our pancakes if,
if all the strawberries were gone?
C'mon, let's hurry on!
Suddenly, a wind started.
First it came in gusts, but it picked up.
And soon it was a full-forced gale.
- Huhh!
Disaster number two!
Now it's a tornado!
Oooo! Ahh! Ooo!
Take my paw!
So that I won't blow away!
Have no fear! I'm he... he... here!
Oh! My stamp collection!
My stamps are blowing away!
Oh, why do you say that I'm
always crabbing?
Now come back, I say!
I have an idea!
Take off that dress!
- Why, where are you putting me?
Oh, my!
Oh, no! Here it comes!
Grab hold of the dress,
we'll use it as a baloon to fly home with.
It's a good thing
Hemulens don't wear trousers!
Don't let go now!
We're being blown
straight towards the Moominhouse.
Thank goodness the wind
is blowing in the right direction.
Ah, I'm glad someone's happy!
We're landing!
On something soft...
I hope.
- Oh boy! - Here we go!
- Ohhh!
Oh, that wasn't soft!
Is everyone still with us?
I'm here!
Though I feel more like some poor bit
of wrechage left over by the storm.
Oh, well that would be an improvement.
Now, at the risk of being pushy,
would it be too much
to ask to get my dress back?
It's hanging just above you.
Thank you for letting us use it.
Very kind!
My hat seems to have
made it through in one piece.
Uh! Oh, no! This one
has to be boiled to be cleaned.
Oh, where's Snork Maiden?
Right here!
And I still have my mirror!
All is well!
I have my pipe and flute
and hat... and a
feather in my hat!
Oh, and my stamps,
my poor, poor stamps!
The friends were exhausted
and fell fast asleep
in the branches of the big tree.
Tomorrow, they would be home.
It was Sunday.
The comet now filled the sky.
We're home!
We're home!
I knew we would make it!
We're home!
Oh, it's good to be back here.
Oh, come here,
my darling Moominchild!
I'm so happy to see you!
Dear, you're so thin an dirty.
Oh, oh! I'm so happy to see you!
Mamma! Pappa!
We visited the observatory!
And I've been in a fight!
I-I fought a huge poisonous bush
and I won!
I... I had to hack off
it's branches because...
the tree had caught
the Snork Maiden but,
but I rescued her.
- Moomintroll saved me!
- So brave of you!
Here, these are for you!
And the we walked on stilts...
across the dried up seabed.
And flew here on Mr. Hemulen's dress!
Mr. Hemulen collects stamps.
How do you do?
Oh, then you might be interested in a
stamp collection that blew here yesterday.
It had all got wet,
so we hung it out to dry
Can it be?
Can it be my precious collection?
Oh, my stamps!
My lovely stamps!
My lovely stamps!
Not a single rare specimen
has been lost!
Alright, time for breakfast.
Say hello to Mr. Muskrat.
- Hello again! - Hello!
- Hello!
But where's Sniff?
Kitty cat,
where are you?
Kitty! Kitty!
Where have you gone?
Puss, puss, puss!
Mr. Muskrat says that the comet
will fall in the kitchen garden tonight
and then.... Oh! Well... so...
I haven't bothered to weed at all!
And you looked through the telescope,
did you Sniff?
Yup! I sure did!
And you can all come hide in my cave
when the comet comes.
Ah! There's no hiding from the comet.
You'll be obliterated regardless.
Now, I shall retire to my hammock
to allow my final thoughts to crystalize.
Goodbye, all!
Well, well!
Perhaps we should pack.
How much can
we fit in to your cave?
The comet filled the sky.
There's so much I need to take!
Oh, I must take the... well, was this...
ooo, at least the yellow ones!
Now then, now then,
we must have an evacuation plan!
You can't just decide everything
on the spur of the moment!
We won't have to this time.
We are in too much of a hurry
to make slow decisions.
I will just bring my flute and pipe,
that's all I need.
Whatever you say!
Sniff, dear, could you carry
the cake up to the cave?
We don't dare put it on the wheelbarrow.
- Yes!
Uh! Ohhh!
- Ugghh!
For the love of waffles,
I can't understand it...
how have I collected so much
junk over the years?
Oh, dear!
Where is the yarn
for Moomintroll's scarf?
Oh! He'll be so
handsome in red!
Hurry, Mr. Hemulen,
If you stay here, you and your stamps
will go up in smoke!
Oh, there's too much happening.
Ahh! Too much! Too much!
Thank goodness we made it in time!
Eh-eh-ahem! Pardon me.
It-it was getting hot
in the hammock,
so I thought it might be
slightly cooler in here.
I doubt it, but come on in!
Have a seat!
Whoo! It is hot!
Goodness gracious!
But, where's the cake?
Mr. Muskrat, would you mind
getting up for a moment?
I sit, where I sit.
But... but... but...
you're sitting on our cake!
What? How embarassing!
Now I'll be sticky for
the rest of my life, I suppose!
I only hope I can bear it
like a man and a philosopher.
The cake that Mamma baked in my Honor!
Ha! So it was for Moomintroll
and not for me?
Well, I don't care about your old cake,
I'll go and find my kitten
she's the only one
who cares about me.
Oh, how could I? Of course I should have
put "to my dear Sniff" on the cake too!
Sniff was so hurt
that he quite forgot
to be afraid of the comet.
I don't give a hoot
about them and their cake,
or about comets,
or about cats, either.
I don't give a hoot about anything!
So there you are!
- Meooow!
Aww! Why didn't you come before?
- Yeoww!
Aww! I've missed you.
Aww, my sweet little kitten!
Why is Sniff taking so long?
Huh! I'm going to go get him!
Hurry back, darling!
Sniff, where are you?
Where are ya?
Moomintroll's looking for me.
Huh? Aw! Help, the comet!
We'll be squished!
Come on, we have to hurry!
Sniff, you found the cat!
Now quick!
We have to get to the cave.
Only a few minutes left!
Ohhh! - Owhh! -Owh!
- Waohh! - Ohh!
They ran as they had never run before.
And above them, the comet
was hurtling down, closer and closer
to the terrified Earth.
- Hurry! - Hurry!
- Quick!
It's here!
Oh, my!
I tell ya--
Stickiness and misery!
Watch your balance...
now here comes the tide!
Ahoy! Ahoy!
Oh, in the tank!
The water's receding!
And the comet!!
Has the world ended?
No, I don't think so,
the comet probably
just brushed us with its tail
and then zipped into space again.
Look! Everything's still here!
And the sea is back!
They stood gazing at the world
that had just been saved
from destruction.
They felt how much
they loved it all.
The sea and the woods
and the rain and the winds,
the sunshine and the grass and the moss,
and how impossible it would be
to live without it all.
And then, they thought
Let's go home and have
a nice cup of tea
and lots of pancakes with strawberry jam.
With our fingers
we make million holes
We run and we fall
into pot holes
On a mission
to savor the world
We peek at the sky
through tree holes
Oh damn it
The comet
comes hurtling down
On a precious plot of earth
Like the bugs
in mother's flower bed
We walk on long legs
over the seabed
On our mission
to save the world
We need milk and cakes
and a warm bed
Oh damn it
The comet
comes hurtling down
On a precious plot of earth
Grey leaves are too much
For any mother to handle
A father must pull
His black hat down over the eyes