Moon 44 (1990) Movie Script

We're under the attack
by Pirite.
We finally analyzed their system.
The spacecraft are drones!
I repeat, drones,
piloted by robots.
Do you read me?
We'll all be killed.
Mayday! Mayday!
At least we finally know
what we're dealing with.
- Any survivors?
- No chance.
So what's being done about it? Pirites are
capturing one of our moons after another,
and we're going broke. Those bastards used to buy
their fuel from us. - I warned the board before.
We can't defend the mining operation
if you keep cuting my budget!
We're not a military operation like Pirite.
Our money is spent on research, equipment...
There are no alternatives left.
We have to defend ourselves, do we not?
We're listening.
They've already captured
51, 47, 46...
The only one left up there
is Moon 44.
And they'll be next.
It's ironic, we already had
a working defence system up there.
And you cancelled it.
Because too many pilots
got killed in training.
Those pilots were having to navigate
in extreme weather conditions.
Pirite obviously managed to deal with it.
- And so will my men!
Two weeks ago I sent up
a new group of navigators.
They'll make it a hell of
a lot safer for the pilots.
Look, Stevens. Your 'navigators'
are barely out of their teens.
- They're kids.
- I tested them. They're the best!
But, I'm having a hell
of a time finding pilots.
No one wants to volunteer
for the outer zone anymore.
We had to send up prisoners.
Convicts? You're puting our prime
assets in the hands of prisoners...
and a bunch of computer wizkids?
- Baker is right.
As usual.
We can't afford to take chances.
But I've taken certain precautions.
Let me remind everyone...
What's at stake here is not Moon 44,
but our mining shuttles.
Without them,
Galactic Mining is finished.
That's why I've ordered the station
commander of Moon 44
to launch all shuttles
at the first sign of attack.
You gave him control of the shuttles?
But what about the crew?
Mr. Chairman, their only chance to escape
is hitching a ride on the shuttles.
I'm afraid that's impossible.
They'll have to stay and fight.
- They would get masacred.
- We're all making our sacrifices.
Or would you prefer to encourage Pirite,
to go on and on with this takeover?
Ladies and gentlemen...
Mr. Chairman...
Moon 44. We've got a problem.
Contact Internal Affairs immediately.
Get me their best agent.
No one's gonna go up there on a
mission like that. It would be suicide.
Even an Internal Affair's agent
doesn't need to know everything.
Yes, sir.
Welcome to the western quadrant of
Galactic Mining's Earth headquarters.
All passengers
with Alpha clearance...
- Rise and shine, we're at home.
- Fuck you!
You know something, Lieutenant?
You've got a real attitude problem.
Unlock me. Or you'll gonna
have a real problem.
Fuck up and I'll take you
with me, I swear it.
Dad, look!
- Come on!
- But that man...
- I.A.
- Internal Affairs. I know who you are.
Who's he?
That's Lieutenant Gallagher.
- Captain...
You guys will never change.
It wasn't even loaded.
You're crazy!
You're nuts!
God damn cop!
- You really enjoy this shit, don't you?
- No.
Galactic Mining wants you
to enjoy your stay...
...but reminds you to be cautious...
Do not reveal the nature or location
of your asignments to strangers.
Report any of irregularities or suspicious
persons directly to Internal Affairs immediately.
Three months on a
double-bonus job.
- How did you finally catch him?
- What's the difference? I got him.
- You're short!
- Kickback for your next job.
I don't pay kickbacks!
Stone, this is
Brown from Headquarters.
We want to see you immediately
upon your arrival.
This is an extremely important matter.
We've already informed Internal Affairs... relieve you of all further duties.
This is a top priority.
Your records show you graduated
Yeagle Flight Academy with distinction.
Fifth in your class.
- Have you flown much since then?
- No.
Why did you quit the military?
I'm not very good
at taking orders.
Then what made you
join Internal Affairs?
They let me operate alone,
the way I like it.
You've made several requests
for termination of your contract.
- Why do you want to quit?
I arrest them and lock them up...
But your kind of prison system
just makes them worse.
That's no way to change people.
Come on Stone, you want changes,
you do something about it!
You don't quit to... study
classical literature.
What's this all about?
Is this an interrogation?
- No!
We have a proposition
for you, Mr. Stone.
A critical assignment.
You complete it...
...and we'll grant you
release from your contract.
You'll be free
to do as you please.
I'm listening.
Moon 44. The most important
mining operation in the galaxy.
Over 100 mining shuttles
operate there.
Robots, machinery...
Worth billions.
They dig around the clock,
fill up...
Then they shuttle millions of tones
of raw material back here.
And we convert it into solid fuel.
It is our prime income.
Our livelyhood.
Recently, Mr. Stone, someone meddled
with the primal forces of nature.
Someone tempered
with our very existence.
Two of these magnificent shuttles
dissapared in transit.
Lost in space.
A techical defect.
So we thought.
But to our surprise, we found
out they were actually stolen.
We have reliable information from
a navigator stationed on Moon 44.
His name is Tyler.
- A whistleblower?
We want you to go up
and investigate.
- What's the catch?
- Catch? There's no catch.
But you'll have to go undercover
with a group of prisoners.
They're in training
to become fighter pilots.
- Are you expecting an attack?
- Certainly not.
This is mearly a routine
training exercise.
Well, mr. Stone,
do we have a deal?
Jake O'Neal!
Moose Haggerty!
Scooter Bailey!
Come on, come on!
Move out!
Come on, let's move it!
All right, fall in!
You assholes! You think
you've hit the jackpot!
You're gonna come crawling back here,
begging me to take you back!
You gonna lick my stick
to get in here again!
This is Moon 44 base, you are
clear to land at Galileo canyon.
Don't push me!
Automated docking
sequence released.
Manual mode engaged.
Proceed to the dock...
Mining shuttles now clear of
all passengers. Commence operation.
Welcome to Moon 44.
One of Galactic Mining's most
valuable mining resources
for solid fuel. The output
per year amount to...
Do you know this guy?
The loads are transported immediately
back to Galactic Mining headquarters.
- Lewis, who is the Einstein?
- I never saw him in the yard before.
Galactic Mining wishes
you a nice stay.
Up and atom.
- Hey Cookie, new pilots are here.
- No, man, new customers.
- You're sick, you know that?
- Thank you!
Allright, ladies. Come on,
up and atom! We got company!
And how are you today, Alfred?
New arrivals please
assemble in landing dock.
The prisoners?
Fall in!
My name is Sykes.
I am your training sergeant.
Before you men got into
trouble with the law
some of you were pilots.
The company is giving you a chance
to reduce your prison sentence.
I think this is very nice of them.
Do exactly as you are told
and you will leave here free men.
Screw up, and you'll be sent back to prison
for the remainder of your incarceration.
Jake O'Neal.
You're a real beauty, Jake.
Stealing military jets.
- Murder one.
- Self defence.
Is that so?
Do you really think that I care?
Put that damn cigarette out!
Well, Mr. Stone.
I see that you're
an ex-fighter pilot.
Refused orders.
You some kind of tough guy?
- Maybe.
- Shut up!
Now you listen to me, shit head!
And you listen good!
I've been holding my breath for a
long time for somebody like you.
Got anything to say to that?
Answer me when I talk to you.
I think you got me confused with
somebody who takes you seriously.
Shut up, god damn it,
before you piss me off!
- Man's got a death wish.
- No. Man's got balls.
I need sex, not boots, huh.
Hey fellas, looky here.
We got some real pussy!
- That's enough.
- This is your Station commander, major Lee.
May I talk to you, major?
- Sargeant, throw them some raw meat.
- Yes, sir! You've heard the major!
The major is a very kind man...
- Who are those morons?
Welcome to the real world.
Listen, it's a company decision.
Prisoners come a hell of a lot
cheaper than pilots.
Yeah, well, our lives depend
upon those people, major!
- That's the way this company does it's business.
- Well, how can you accept that?
You should just take it easy.
Everything's gonna work out OK.
All new arrivals report
to crew quarters!
Put Stone on the first
training flight.
With pleasure.
Hi! Welcome to Moon 44.
My name is Tyler.
- Shit!
We only have just the one
air conditioniner in the back.
Hi. Welcome to Moon 44.
My name is Tyler.
Have I ceased to exist?
- Do you masturbate a lot?
- Come here, pretty boy!
You wanna move in with me?
Hey, kid, don't worry. Scooter's
a music lover, just like you.
What are you looking at?
Get that rat out of here!
He wants you to play first
trumpet in his band.
Yo, fighter pilot. I want you
to bunk next to me... know, read me bedtime stories,
tuck me in. What do you say?
Hey, hey, hey! What are you
doing, man? That's my bunk!
Would you tell that guy to stop it?
That's my bunk he's playing with.
Was, buddy. Was.
You think you're
pretty tough, huh?
Well, we'll see how tough you are.
Wait 'till the end of the week.
If you're still alive.
Are you threatening me,
- I'm just telling you the facts.
- Hey!
What facts?
What's going on?
- Sarge, these guys stole our bunks.
- Your bunks? This isn't a sand box, little man!
Where's the smartass?
I'm talking to you.
You've got the first training flight.
Good luck.
Felix Stone, report to hangar 3.
What are you waiting for, Mr. Stone?
Have a nice flight!
Open bay doors.
Clear for take-off.
Alright, gentlemen,
step this way, please!
Alright, now listen up.
Stay cool, concentrate, you just
let old Tyler take care of the rest.
- OK. Well, this looks
pretty basic, Tyler.
- Try the red button.
- Red button?
- Starts the engine.
Hey, I'm impressed!
- Okay. Listen up!
- You're the boss.
Our defence system
is based on the
perfect interaction of
pilot and navigator.
You are separated but you
function as one unit.
So these wimps sit on their skinny
butts while we risk our necks?
Your life depends upon you
listening to these guys.
- Great.
- Ready?
Right. Ready.
I'm counting on you.
Alright. Pull her up but....
...take it easy, cowboy.
Cool, let's see if nature boy
can really fly.
Hey, not bad. Listen, we
always get tradeonced here.
So stay away from the
rim of the canyon.
Come right to a
heading of 2-6-3.
Jesus Christ, there's
nothing but walls!
That's why you got me here, pal.
Let me be your eyes.
Get a feel for the bird.
Okay, good. Now turn left.
Good. Now keep copter leveled.
- Right. - You're on-line but
you're hanging too low. Pull up!
- Stone, do you read?
- Roger.
- Watch a robot, straight ahead.
The robot?
The what?
Up, god damn it, up!
Take it easy.
It was a near miss.
That was a near hit.
Now listen, you're heading straight for
the wall. Just pull up! Pull straight up!
Alright, uhm...
Alright, forget it, forget it...
Just let it fall!
- Let it fall?
Do it now!
Good. Alright, but slow down a bit.
This thing turns into a dead end.
Slow down a bit!
- You must listen to his commands!
Listen to his commands!
Hit the brakes!
- Well, this looks like a dead end.
- No kidding?
- You figured that out all by yourself, huh?
- Return to base.
- Brilliant, lady.
- Nice job, Tyler.
Next time use the lighter
built into the dash.
It's right under the red button.
- Where's the ashtray, wiseguy?
Ashtray? What do you think
this is, a limmo?
I'm coming in.
Don't be so hard on yourself.
You didn't do too bad.
- What do you know?
- About flying? Everything!
What the hell's going on
out there, huh?
They ran out of suckers.
That's why they had to go
and draft you guys.
I got news for you, pal.
We're sitting ducks here.
- Oh yeah? Why's that?
- Are you kidding me?
Galactic Mining has lost
one planet right after another.
Everybody masacred in
these surprise attacks.
They don't even know how it happened,
cause there's no survivors.
- How do you like that?
- I don't.
You're the snitch, huh?
- I'm no snitch.
- Your name is Tyler, isn't it?
So what do you know
about the hijackings?
So you are the specialist?
You're supposed to be an undercover
agent, you know, cool, unobtrusive.
But you've been in nothing but
hot water ever since you got here.
Are you gonna cut the crap and tell
me what's happening or what?
What's in it for me?
What do you want?
Well, I discovered that someone was
stealing mining shuttles, right?
I reported it, I got the proof.
That's gotta be worth something.
- How about we split fifty-fifty.
- Fifty-fifty of what?
Don't you guys collect special bonuses
for kamikaze missions like this?
Hi, guys!
What's up?
Nothing, sarge.
I was just debriefing Stone.
- Debriefing him from what?
- The training flight, sir.
- You think you're funny, don't you?
- No... err, yes.
- I mean... if I say no, does that mean I'm funny?
- No. You're not funny, I'm funny!
- Ignore him. Don't show him you're scared.
- I'm am scared!
Guys, we can't just ignore them.
We gotta do something, right?
And what exactly is it
you wanna do, Cookie?
First of all, I'm gonna try
to make some money off of them.
You don't care about anyone
but yourself, do you, Cookie?
- Man...
Is a tough world out there.
I'm just a business man,
trying to survive. That's all.
Bug off!
- Stud, you lost?
- No, I'm not lost.
I came to deal.
I'm the Cookie Man.
Cover all your highs.
Uppers, Downers, Whoopers, Scoopers
Benies, Zonkers, Pinks and Blues.
- Whatever you guys need, Cookie Man's got it.
- Get the hell out of here. We're no junkies.
Did you hear me say
anything about junkies?
Let me tell you...
It's rough up here man.
I'm just offering you a little
something to relax.
Shithead. You get your pill
factory out from my face!
Hey, hero.
I saved you a seat!
- Hey asshole, I'm talking to you!
- No, you're not. You're talking to yourself.
Listen up!
In honour to promote
pilot-navigator collaboration
I have decided to honour our
new fighter pilot with KP.
And our friend Mr. Wisenheimer here
is going to show him the ropes.
Who? Me?
And just to make it a
bit more interesting...
and to avoid KP yourselves,
I would like each and every one
of you to contribute his share.
Gentlemen, if you please.
Why don't you take a little break
and get me something to eat?
Yes, sir.
Right away, sir.
A little rough,
isn't it, Sykes?
Yeah, I'll fix his dinner!
I'll fix his dinner good!
I'm trying to maintain
discipline here.
Of course that's something that
obviously you know very little about.
Beeing a civilian...
...and a woman.
If you're such a great
leader of men... come you're not
an officer?
I mean...
...what went wrong with
your caree, Sergeant?
Just gonna mix in a little of
the old secret sauce.
There you go.
Just like mama used to make.
Give him the potatoes...
Hope the bastard doesn't
shit for a month!
You call this evidence?
Hey, a little louder! I don't
think they heard you back on Earth.
Wanna keep it down a little?
That's not the only evidence we got.
I got plenty more down in shuttle control.
Oh, look.
You got the book all wet.
Oh, oh!
What we got here?
- Wisenheimer?
- Coming!
Dinner for one.
Bon appetit... Sarge.
You trying to get rid of me?
You need one of these things.
Makes the job a whole lot easier.
When we get back, I'm thinking
of selling this thing.
Gonna call it "Mr. Burglar".
Any second now... whoosh!
Has to warm up a little.
"Mr. Burglar". Don't leave
home without it.
Galactic Mining figured their
shuttles had 'techical defects'.
But according to my calculations,
they're dead wrong.
They didn't just disappear into
space. They were stolen!
How do you figure that, kid?
Well, it's based on a little
theory of mine called...
...contiguous geometric mathematical
probability relationships.
Alright, mining shuttle number 112 left
a week ago, no one's heard from it since.
The mathematical probability,
the odds of one of
these suckers getting...
...lost in space...
We're talking 1 to 1429.
That means maybe, maybe like one
every 40, 45 years would disappear.
- Not every month like it is now.
- What are all these units for?
Each one of those is connected
to one in the shuttle.
It's sort of an automatic
flight plan.
Wait a minute. If the shuttles are
on automatic pilot...
and they're not reaching their
programmed destination, then...
That means somebody's tampering
with the computers!
- You got it!
- Well, how?
How the fuck should I know, Sherlock?
That's why we got you here.
Wait, I can... I can tell you
which one's going to be next.
We've got a winner,
number 117.
- 117, right Here.
See this number?
Means in 22 hours, this shuttle
will not belong to Galactic Mining.
This I guarantee!
Hey, Stone,
where are you going?
Hey, Stone!
Wait up, man!
What do you think, huh?
Stay out of it, kid,
I'll take care of it now.
Hey, what, are you kidding me?
Come on, we're partners!
I showed you everything!
- So what?
I'm scared.
I gotta get out of here, man.
I'm a street kid, you know.
A hacker.
I'm not like one of these
corporate eggheads.
I took this job cause I thought
it was going to be fun.
I didn't expect this.
See, I help you...
...and they let me out of my
contract... as a reward.
- Maybe.
- Look, it's obvious there's
gonna be another attack!
I don't wanna die here.
You'll put in a good word.
- And have my bonus.
Forget the bonus, alright?
What do you say?
- Tomorrow.
- Tomorrow!
Where you going, pretty boy?
- Let go!
- Let go?
You don't like me?
That hurts.
But what about one of
my lovely buddies?
Same old shit, Scooter.
- Get away from me!
- Too skinny.
Come on, listen! Back in prison, we
dreamed of a nice pretty boy like you...
...and we turned him into a nice
pretty girl. And we know how to keep
our girls real happy.
Don't we, guys?
Come on, Scooter. He got the message.
Why don't you let him go, ha?
- No, he's just shy.
- Come on, let him go.
Why dont't you
get out of here?
You'll come around, won't you?
- No, no! Help me, please!
- Shut up!
- You got a proglem, Sergeant?
- Yes, sir, we got a problem.
I just saw Stone in shuttle control!
I know. Ston's a cop.
Internal Affairs.
Holy shit.
What in the fuck are we supposed
to do if Stone catches on?
Look, Sergeant.
I don't see it as a problem.
Accidents sometimes happen.
You're not serious!
I mean, first you get me to help you
steal shuttles, that's one thing...
...but what you're talking about
now is murder! - Oh, please!
Spare me. Do you wanna know what the
company's priorities are for this rat hole?
Let me tell you in one word...
Shuttles! That's all they care about!
The god damn shuttles mean more to
them than you, me, the entire crew!
- I don't believe that!
- No?
Well, what have I got the
master keys for?
They've been screwing us
for a long time.
Now it's time
we screwed them.
What happened?
Leave me alone.
- Who did this to you?
- Don't touch me!
- I'm sorry!
- Just don't touch me!
- God damn it!
- Could you just leave me alone?
Those bastards are gonna
pay for this!
I swear to God they will!
Attention all personel! Prepare
all copters for training flights!
Lock all weapons into
unarmed position!
Tag teams will be
as follows...
Team 1: Stone F., Tyler R.
Team 2: O'Neil J., Schultz D.
Team 3: Haggerty M., Kowalski L.
Team 4: Field L., Login T.
Team 5: Bailey S., Follow M.
Alright, let's knock the
systems checkout.
- Roger that.
- Alright, just call them out.
- Come on, Freddy!
- Number 5, Patrick.
- Final check list complete.
- All systems are go?
- All systems are go!
First competition:
Stone F., Tyler R.
O'Neil J., Schultz D.
I'll show this asshole
how to fly!
Attention tech-crew!
Prepare copters for
simulated attack.
Lock all weapons on the
unarmed position!
All pilots...
This is only a training flight!
This is only an excercise!
Only a simulation!
There are no points for hot-shots!
Clear on 3!
Come on, sweetheart!
Make Scooter fly!
Make me feel real good!
- Pull up.
- All ready for fun and games?
- Ready.
Ok, boys, I'm reading you
lout and clear!
Alright, pull her up.
Ok, maintaining speed.
- Ok, bossman, let's fly!
- Cookie! What are you doing on my radio?
- I'm your navigator.
- Fucking piss ant drug bag
for a navigator!
- I'm talking about flying high,
not getting high!
Ok man, pull her up!
Watch your heading,
watch your heading!
Now pull a sharp right!
- What are you doing?
I said right!
- Gimme some news!
- Calm down! He's still hugging your tail.
Jake O'Neal.
How you doing, Jake?
Say your prayers, sucker.
I've got you!
- Sucker's right, bossman!
- Alright, up again!
- Rock formation at 11 degrees.
Watch out!
- Great!
- Damn it!
- Tyler, this is not a video game!
Get serious!
I can't shake him loose!
Where I come from,
they call this flying!
Pull up!
God damn it, up!
- Alright, I got an idea.
- Well, lay it on me!
- When I tell you, pull up
instantly! Got it?
- Right.
- We've got them!
Pull over to the left.
- If you miss, I'll nail your ass!
- Alright, hold still man!
- Steady!
- I've got it locked in!
Okay, Stone.
- Eat this!
- Now!
- Cookie Man!
- Get the hell out of there!
- Jesus!
- O'Neal, cease fire immediately!
- Stone, you alright?
- I'm coming in.
- Stone, are you okay?
- As opposed to what, Ms. Morgan.
- Come on home, Stone.
The training helicopters
shouldn't even be armed!
That's Sargeant Sykes'
He's the best training
Sergeant I've got.
And how come he treats
everybody like shit, Major?
I don't know.
I'll have to ask him.
- Lee here. Come to my
office right away!
Yes, sir.
So much for that idea.
Any other suggestions?
Just calm down.
We've got work to do.
You take care of next shuttle.
I'll take care of Stone!
Just lighten up a little.
I've got everything
under control.
- Come on, sweetheart!
- Slow down.
You know I like it fast.
Come on, honey!
Come on, stop this bullshit!
Hey, don't slow me down.
Honey, come on.
You want fast?
You'll get fast!
Ah, come on, yeah!
I love it!
Yeah, that's good.
That's enough, baby.
What are you doing?
Come on,
cut me back right now.
Marc, he gets the idea.
Hey, what are you doing?
Cut me back,
son of a bitch!
Wait 'till I come back,
I'm gonna break your neck!
Marc, slow that copter
down right now!
- Cut me back! Cut me back!
- Marc!
- Cut me back!
- Marc!
One more act of revenge, and I send
every damn one of you back to prison!
I am responsible for order here!
And by God, order is what
I'm going to have!
And if I don't have it,
I'll make your asses suffer for it!
- Excuse me, Sergeant.
- May I please talk to the men?
- Just who in the hell do you think you are?
You're responsible
for this incident.
If you hadn't left the control center,
that pilot might very well still be alive.
You wanna talk to me about
responsibility, Sergeant Sykes?
Let's talk about the first training
helicopter going up armed!
That's your responsibility,
isn't it?
- Just what are you trying to suggest?
- Sergeant Sykes!
Let her talk.
- Now listen.
I don't really think that any of
you want to go back to prison.
So there is only one alternative.
And that is that you regard what
happened as an unfortunate accident.
- Accident?
Who the fuck
are you kidding?
Scooter was murdered!
- Bullshit!
You know what happened.
These guys started it!
- Are you finished yet?
- Back off, O'Neil!
- Stop fighting!
You listen to me.
I saw the wrecks in the canyons.
You killed a lot of pilots
long before we got here!
We didn't come here to die.
I am sorry about Scooter.
But the program works.
You have to trust eachother.
Refusal to fly will
put you back in prison.
Anyone who wants to stay,
please step forward.
What's up with that, homie?
- Right.
Take him down,
take him down!
Smart boy,
you're not so smart...
If one of my guys...
- You die!
- Hey, hey!
Listen. You cut in my territory
again, you're dead meat!
- You already tried that once.
- That was an accident!
If I wanted to kill you,
you'd be dead!
Are you gonna take this
down to the cell?
Look, do me a big favour and let
me take it in to the guy.
I think he could really use to
see a friendly face about now.
You know, he's not
a bad kid, Sarge.
Look, I just wanna
give him his music.
I know, call it strange
if you will, but the guy feels...
...he can not digest his food
properly, unless he has his opera.
Personally I can't stand this shit!
I like the more contemporary stuff.
Fuck art, let's dance.
You know what I mean?
Sarge, listen to me, uhm...
I promised his mother I'd take
care of him, you know?
Thanks. Thanks, Sarge!
I really appreciate this!
You're prince among kings,
I mean that!
I hope you're hungry!
Call the doctor!
Call him out!
Don't die, Marc!
Just don't die, alright?
- Cookie, we need your help.
- You in some kind of trouble or something?
This isn't some kind of game, Cookie.
You're either in with us or you're against us!
- Chill! Chill down a bit, alright?
- What's the worst stuff you got?
What are you, turning into
an addict or something?
- No.
I'm just gonna get those
bastards, that's all.
Half of yellow
will lift you into orbit.
Real rocket man. Could put
you in the zoo.
I'll take two.
- That would probably kill a horse!
- I said, I'll take two!
Let the expert do it, alright?
Watch this.
Hey, man.
Why don't you turn that
damn music down, huh?
- You don't like my music?
- No!
Enjoy your meal.
What the hell is that?
- That's dumb. Really dumb!
- Stay out it, alright?
Mark was like a...
a brother to me, man.
And I talked him into
coming here.
Hey, that's wrong, man?
What's wrong?
- I told you...
- I wouldn't do that if I were you, Jake!
- Fuck off!
- Leave him alone!
I'll wipe my ass
with you wimps!
Don't mess with my life!
- I said, leave him alone!
- What are you gonna do?
You gonna kill him?
Is that the idea?
You kill him... you better be
prepared to kill all of us.
Cause if he doesn't get you...
I will! And if not me,
then one of them!
We control the food,
the air...
Everything that runs
this place!
If you hurt him,
or any of these guys...
What happened to Moose is gonna
happen to you. All of you!
Only it's gonna be worse!
A lot worse!
You deserve to die,
you piece of shit!
Without these faggots
we don't fly.
And I ain't going
back to prison!
Man, you really zombied!
I'm not surprised.
I slipped you two
double whammies.
Hey, man...
I'm really not like that.
It's just that...
You guys are so...
It's like...
When I was in school...
Everyone used to always
beat up on me.
Oh, man.
Gets real lonely, you know?
I got tired of talking
to my french fries.
But then...
Then... then I got smart, man.
I started selling my home made
stuff, you know...
I was everybody's friend.
It's a nice feeling, you know?
Entry code accepted.
Please enter data.
Flight destination. Shuttles
are programmed to arrive... Galactic Mining headquarters
airport at 0200 hours.
Do you want to change
Enter new destination now.
Mining shuttle
117 commencing liftoff.
What are you doing there, curly?
I'll be needing that.
Like hell you will!
Why did you have to
come here, Stone?
Things were going just fine
until you showed up!
You think I like it here?
I'm just a God damn pawn!
I don't kill people, I train them!
And I'm not gonna take the fall alone!
What the hell is going on here?
- Felix Stone, Internal Affairs.
Lucky for you Mr. Stone,
I happened to stop by.
He was the hijacker.
I caught him red-handed.
Doesn't surprise me.
Look at this.
He must have been the one
who broke into my safe!
I'll take that.
It's evidence.
I'm sorry but I can't
give you this.
You better have a damn
good reason, Major.
I do have a damn
good reason.
It's the only key to stop the
shuttles in case of an emergency.
And what kind of emergency
would that be?
Anything can happen.
- Company orders.
- Is that's so?
I crapped out.
It ain't gonna be your
best for long, that's for sure.
Oh, look, it's the pig.
Hey, Shakespeare.
I always knew there was something
different about you.
You forgot something.
Keep it. Read it.
I already did.
Control to taxy crane.
Are you ready for departure?
How about putting in a good
word for me down at headquarters?
Yeah, sure, I'll see
what I can do.
Pilot Stone, report to taxi
crane for departure immediately.
Hey, look, kid...
Stay out of trouble.
Receiving transmission from
Galactic Mining headquarters.
Code red.
Enemy spacecraft
approaching Moon 44.
ETA 52 minutes.
Enemy battle cruiser,
Medusa class configuration.
Length 6324 feet.
Fully armoured,
28 laser rocket guns...
150 hypersonic attack aircraft.
I repeat: All shuttles
to safety.
- It's you?
- Who would you expect?
Master key accepted.
Reset time of departure now.
Shuttles programmed to...
Let's see what
Lee's been hiding.
- They working?
- Got it!
Enemy aircraft approaching.
Prepare for attack!
It's happening.
- It's an attack.
- Sound the alarm.
- It's not responding.
Well, fix the damn thing
and get in your cradle!
Thanks for coming back.
Moon 44 is under attack!
Man all battle stations!
- Interceptors 2-0-5.
- Got it!
- Alright, pal,
you are on your way!
Stone, you appear two targets,
bearing 2-3-0.
I have visual.
- Move closer, I've got to
get a lock on them!
Pal, you're chasing drones.
- There's not a breathing
body aboard.
Breaking formation!
Alright, stay with them.
Increase speed!
Hold formation.
Steady, steady.
Stay with him.
We got him!
- What the hell is going on?
- We're under attack.
- Who is out there?
- Stone.
- Stone?
You didn't think he'd
leave us, did you?
Stone, what are
you doing out there?
I... I couldn't stay away.
All shuttles
ready for liftoff.
Commence liftoff.
Hey, Tyler, the mining
shuttles are taking off.
Somebody's gotta stop Lee!
- It's OK, I can handle it.
Bandits are approaching the station.
They're comming straight at us!
- I have visual.
- Stone, bearing 2-3-5,
forty degrees!
Stone, are you on?
- Shit!
- Tyler, here I am!
Shit! Stone, you're on your own!
Take your best shot!
- Firing!
Stone, you're beautiful!
Stone, you are doing...
Can you read me?
Stone, do you copy?
Screw him.
He was just a cop anyway.
He was just a cop?
- Hey.
- You son of a bitch!
- Hey!
No more fighting!
No more fighting, alright kid?
All the shuttles are taking off.
Taking off without us.
It means we're
stranded here, fellas.
There's a new wave of bandits
approaching quickly!
Well, you guys, it looks like
it's curtain time for us.
- Come in Tyler!
Come on Tyler, wake up!
- Stone?
Stone, we thought you ate her!
Hey, I just spotted our ticket home.
There's one mining shuttle left.
Load the crew into the taxi crane!
I'm coming in. - Roger.
- Oh, and Stone.
- What?
- Have a cigarette for me.
- Right.
We'll never make it. They're
gonna be right on top of us...
...before we have any chance
of escaping.
No, we can make it.
We need...
I can hold them off.
Tyler, you get everybody
out of here.
Means one of us is gonna
have to stay, guys.
Gee. Well, apparently, I'm
is navigator so I guess...
...that means me.
- Good luck.
- Thanks.
- Alright, let's go!
Let's hit it, let's move!
New destination...
No you don't!
Good luck!
Okay, Cookie Man, you little dirtbag,
let's get this show on the road.
Let's you and me party!
Copter cleared for liftoff.
I can do this. I can do this!
Jake, bandits are approaching
the station.
How do you start this
piece of garbage?
Thank you.
All systems ready.
Bandits are at 6 o'clock.
I'll take care of myself.
Now get the hell out of there!
- Join the others.
- You're trying to dump me, huh?
Still think you can make it
without the Cookie Man.
Come on!
Oh God, who needs this shit?
- Come on.
- Shut the lock!
- It's about time!
- Are you there?
- Yes.
Yes, I'm here.
Wow man, they must
really like you.
There's a whole squadron
comming right at you, man!
Yeah, I got them on monitor.
- Must be your fan club.
- No fans, Cookie Man.
It's our ride home.
Here we go!
This is real bad trip!
You like that?
Come in here, man!
Yeah come on!
Eat this, eat this, man!
Come on!
Get some! Yeah!
There she is!
We've got company.
- Christ, we'll never make it!
Okay, both of you down the hatch!
I'm gonna drop!
- You're kidding!?
He's not kidding.
- He's gonna drop us!
- He's gonna what?
Troop container ullocked.
Ten seconds to drop.
Hit the deck everyone!
- Is everybody ready?
Let's not do that again.
Our crew inflicted heavy
losses on Pirite.
We put up a valiant fight!
Moon 44 was captured.
There were no survivors.
The robots lifted off as planned
but we lost contact shortly thereafter.
Not a trace!
A hundred giant shuttles
don't just disappear!
What about a search party?
In the Outer Zone?
Forget it.
Our gamble didn't pay off.
Is that what you
called a gamble?
Where are the shuttles?
Where's Lee?
- He's dead.
He had sold out to Pirite.
- I don't believe you.
Your God damn order made
it easy to switch sides!
He was my most trusted officer.
- I even told you are comming!
- How could you be so gullible?
What happened to our shuttles,
Mr. Stone?
Where are they?
They're right here.
Programmed by Lee.
The shuttles are conveniently parked
off planet for Pirite to pick up.
We have to thank you, Mr. Stone.
You saved our company.
No, Mr. Chairman, the crew
saved your company.
Remember them? Those people you
had written off as a liability.
Sometimes there is
no choice.
There's always a choice!
- You'll never get away with this!
- Don't do it!
Why the sudden concern
for human life?
I thought your only worry was...
Hard assets.
- Please, I beg you, don't
destroy our future.
Where are you going?
I guess I'm out of a job.