Moon Crash (2022) Movie Script

What's the current depth?
Two kilometers.
We have a resistance
flow reading
on seven of eight sensors.
That's high.
That's normal.
But we are on a deadline.
So let me know when
it's gets to eight.
- What?
- Let's go full torque.
We've gotta slow it up
so it won't crack!
Look, we're a half mile from...
Bobby, I don't wanna
hear it, okay?
We should be two miles
into solid ore by now.
I just... want to have a good
report by the end of this job.
Well, I'd like to make it
home by the end of this job.
Bobby, I know you need this
bonus just as much as I do.
Okay. Fine.
But, look, I'm not
going full throttle.
The guys up there, they're
the ones that do recon and Q.C.
Not us.
Okay, fine, I'll do it.
Dominic! Dominic, come on!
Okay, who runs this shift?
I don't, but I...
I do. I run this shift.
This thing can do
Quad-Level, easy.
Dominic, we've got all sensors
going off south east!
We've hit a major fault line!
Shut down the drill!
Uh... uh...
Oh... come on.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Thanks for squeezing me in.
It's good to see you.
Yeah. Well, you
know, sometimes it pays
to know a planetary scientist.
It certainly does.
Your hair is different.
Oh, yeah. Doing a lot of
things different these days.
Looks good.
Thank you.
We should probably get inside.
I've got a really busy day.
Yeah. Yeah, listen.
What do you think...
I don't know. Dinner tonight?
Just so I can thank you for all
of this and we can catch up?
Maybe go to that...
that little Italian place
we used to go to, you remember?
Um... Like I said,
I have a really busy day.
Rain check.
Sure. Yeah.
So I have been telling
my team about
everything your Aerospace
firm's been doing on the moon.
They're really excited
to share ideas
and swap war stories.
Right, but are they
excited enough
to share your observatory's
solar power plant?
I mean, come on.
My Nevada facility
really needs that boost.
Well, that's why we're here.
So why don't we start off with
a tour of the observatory
and we can show you
what we're working on.
And then maybe, if there's time,
we can take you
to the solar power plant.
It's just a couple
miles up the road.
Sure, sure.
Wait, wait, wait.
Listen, I want to
thank you for meeting up.
I know I'm not always
easy with... meeting up.
But... I am trying
to get better. I really am.
Thank you.
Thanks for saying that.
Um... let's...
You can count on me.
We really should get inside.
Right this way.
We just upgraded our largest
telescope, actually.
I'll show you that in a minute.
Oh, by the way,
did your team take my advice
on installing solar sails
on Mojave Team's heliostats?
I mean, come on, we're not
staying on the moon, right?
Right. So there's some things
you're not doing differently.
Still pushing everything
to the limit, huh?
No, go ahead.
This is Steve.
Wait, slow down!
Taurus Mining
Corporation's space team,
they drilled too fast,
breaking a trillion
newton meters.
When they hit ore,
a fault opened.
Are there any casualties?
Is my brother okay?
Yes, many.
The numbers are still
And the ship?
Still intact,
but it's in bad shape.
It's unable to reenter Earth
in its current state.
And, sir... the debris.
It shot out rapidly
during the collapse.
It's accelerating on
a trajectory towards Earth.
The size and force
means some of that debris
is close to Earth impact.
There must be
signal interference!
We have multiple warning
signals, messages from JPL,
Sawyer Aerospace,
everyone warning us about it!
N.E.O.s are headed
towards Earth
and projected here in
the Mojave Desert.
And there was
no advance warning?
It was generated in deep space!
This is caused by a mining
accident on the moon as of 7:50.
Okay, okay. Emergency protocols!
I'm on it!
Go, go!
A meteoroid, sir,
headed straight for Earth.
You're saying that
I caused a meteoroid to...
Steve, wait!
Some of the faster-moving
moon fragments
are already impacting
around the globe.
No, no, no, Steve!
Including your
current air space.
Repeat, that's impact imminent!
Impact imminent, Steve!
You gotta get down. Steve!
- Can you hear...
- Steve! Wait! Get inside!
Are you okay?
Yeah, I think so.
It must have hit
the Pisgah Crater.
It was a dormant cinder
cone volcano.
But with an impact like that...
All right, come on.
We have to get outta here!
- No, no, no, no!
- Come on! Right now!
- No! Get inside!
- Why not?
That's why!
Come on!
Let's go!
We're reinforced and built to
handle almost anything.
So we'll be safest here.
We can also
monitor the situation better,
and hopefully, help somehow.
Thank you.
Any word on your brother?
Logan and his crew
are still alive,
but the ship is wrecked and
they're stranded on the moon.
There may be other survivors,
but no confirmation yet.
Carrie, what do we know?
We're running models to get
as many estimates as possible.
But we're dealing with
very little warning.
Our systems should be
able to handle it
but this is the first time we're
dealing with this in real time.
We've just had a major impact on
the crater, and a full eruption.
Okay. What does the lava
flow trajectory look like?
We should be okay for now,
but we may not be if there's
a second larger eruption.
Well, we can't stop a meteoroid
if we don't have the equipment.
Agreed, but with
a trail of meteors
heading toward Earth and...
And a rather large meteoroid
on a collision course
with this planet.
By the way, everyone,
this is Steve Sawyer.
His team of
international astronauts,
including his brother, Logan,
are stranded in a
ship on the moon.
We need to confirm the
timeline on the N.E.O.
Carrie? Run a collision
ETA model, please.
Estimated collision, 12 hours.
We're still finalizing location.
A collision this size,
we are done here.
It won't matter where it lands.
It'll be complete annihilation.
Carrie, call Sawyer Aerospace.
Those are the codes.
No response.
All right. Just keep trying.
Call on the launch pad
outside the lunar mine.
I need to debrief Logan and
see if there is anything
he can do on the Lunar-side.
Look, my brother
will do whatever it takes
to save humanity.
But he will not
allow me to rescue him.
Hello? Yes, I copy.
I have Kyle from
Sawyer Aerospace!
Sawyer Aerospace, this is
Mojave, Lidar Observatory,
do you read?
Kyle! Can you hear me?
Steve, we've yet
to make contact.
But we're working with local
and national authorities...
Now the...
Kyle? Can you hear me?
Come in!
Try again, try again!
Sir, there's no response!
I'm sorry, Mr. Sawyer.
I just got confirmation
that Sawyer Aerospace
has been destroyed.
Steven, I'm am so sorry.
I know how hard...
You worked for this,
but we have to move quickly
if we want any chance
of stopping this meteor.
With the facility gone,
Taurus Mining Corp
has their base of operations
in the same facility...
we're flying solo here.
Okay. So how can we help?
Carrie, try and get the Luna 5
ship to respond, please.
Carrie, before you do that,
let's see what we're
working with here.
Did you do a N.E.O.
threat assessment?
All agencies
confirmed the meteoroid
is roughly the
size of Manhattan.
Plus, that corresponds with what
our Lidar render provides.
The explosion will result
in several waves
of debris following
the meteoroid.
Look, look. We need
to figure out a way
to get to the N.E.O.
before the fragments
start hitting us first.
If you can get the D.O.D. on,
we need to advise them that
the new base of operations
is here at the observatory.
Sir, I have Luna 5.
Put 'em through.
Luna 5 on the line.
I'm right here, brother.
I can hear you loud and clear.
Steve. It's good
to hear your voice.
We're still trying to
figure out the situation.
But our O2 reserves are
looking a little light up here.
We're gonna get you
out of there, okay?
I appreciate that, but worry
about Earth first.
That's why we have you.
General Madden from the Pentagon
is on open communications.
Carrie, I need you to keep the
Luna 5 line open and listening.
Okay. I'm on it.
Go for Steve Sawyer,
General Madden.
Steve, we're at Code Red
N.E.O. threat alert.
And the government
doesn't trust you to come up
with a viable solution
to stop the meteoroid
because they believe this
accident is your fault.
Sir, I have my brother,
Captain Logan of Luna 5
on the comm as well.
He is on the moon and,
hopefully, able to
offer some insight.
We have never encountered
an accident on this scale
nor could we have predicted
a mass of this size
headed towards Earth.
We've done good work
together in the past
building the lunar bases
on the Moon.
I know that
you're a man of your word.
I know you didn't do this,
but the mining company
that you work for did.
Sir, I'm asking you
to please let me help.
This is what I do!
I have my orders.
They're to follow
military protocol.
We'll be working with
about 1000 other contractors
and every country on Earth
to try to stop this thing.
Look, I will take your
suggestions into consideration.
But you need to tell me
everything you know now
because the authorities,
they want nothing to do
with you or any of your ideas.
And I'm not sure
they're even going to allow me
to contact you after this.
General, I... please.
They're going to have me
initiate a global defense
using nuclear weapons if
there are no other options.
We have only
ETA 12 hours to impact.
Sir, that's impossible!
I know, I know.
I'll start putting an
emergency action plan in place.
I've been trying to get
the Joint Chiefs and the U.N.
to listen, to be open to your
input, but they won't budge.
Even if you come up
with viable solution,
you're probably going to have
to implement it on your own.
Logan, did you get all that?
Initiate Plan 5L.
Yes, on it.
Reserve power, shields up,
initiating rescue contact,
and warning
systems of nearby ships.
All right, listen.
Focus on board lasers and
assess any current equipment
that we might be able
to use as defense.
But as far as stopping
a cobalt meteoroid,
it's extremely conductive
and susceptible to
electromagnetic forces.
I see only two courses
of action here.
We either blow
the damn thing up...
Or we push it away.
I vote we push it away.
I vote that, too.
All right then.
Let's get to work.
Good luck, and I pray you
fix this thing
before the government
does it for you.
Steve, can you hear me?
- It might...
- No.
It might just be
a poor connection, okay?
But let's try the
other room, okay?
Let's go, let's go.
Steve, can you hear me?
Captain, we've lost
all main power aboard the ship
from a massive EMP.
We've got a limited supply
of backup power,
and not nearly enough O2 or
thrust to get us back home.
So I don't know how
we're gonna stop this thing.
But we have to do everything
we can to get off of this rock
and help them save Earth,
or there isn't gonna be
a home to get back to!
If we don't lift off soon with
the moon's current position,
we may run out of oxygen
before we reach the Earth.
Well then, I suggest
we get going.
Logan! Look!
They must have survived
the initial blast.
Nina, prep
the decompression chamber.
Let's get them inside.
Jing, let's guide them in.
No, wait!
The outage already
sapped some of the backup power.
With our O2 low,
it's gonna be tough enough
for three people.
We can use the tanks
in our suits
to cut our loss on
the way back in.
Good, 'cause we're not
leaving them out there, Nina.
Okay, but with so much
debris floating around,
someone could get
knocked into space.
We need to reroute power
to the tether
so you're tied to the ship.
Nina, I'm lighter than you.
If I'm on the tether,
it'll eat up less power.
Great. Jing and I will go.
You get power to the tether.
Be careful.
Keep your tanks a minimum
and keep an eye on your levels.
And come back the
second you hear a warning.
I cannot get back
to Earth without you.
Here's extra O2.
Keep in touch on the radio.
They use a separate battery
and won't eat up power.
Great. Thank you.
I've got it, thank you.
10 meters straight ahead.
I see them.
Stay there!
We're coming to you!
It's okay!
We're here to help!
Logan? Jing?
Do you copy?
I'm heading out there!
It's okay!
I got you!
Come here, let me lock you in.
Let's go.
Catherine, right?
Let's go home!
Home is about to be destroyed.
Get 'em, get 'em.
We need to contact Luna 5.
Is there any way to
boost the signal here?
The debris field around
the area is too thick.
Try to detect
their tracking beacon.
They should still have battery
reserves even after that EMP.
If they have power left,
it should still send a signal.
I have a faint one now,
but it's going in and out.
Okay. Then let's try
Morse Code.
An imminent threat
has been detected.
The General's back on the line.
We are prepping an
international nuclear response,
but we can only see the leading
edge of the debris field.
If you have any solutions, this
is the time to mention them.
The D.O.D. is very
happy that the EMP
didn't hit us on Earth as well.
General, this
is Dr. Amanda Sawyer.
Tell them not to
celebrate just yet.
The debris cloud will detonate
any nuclear weapons
before they reach
the meteoroid behind it.
All incoming N.E.O.s
regardless of size
will bring all the fallout
back to Earth.
The largest N.E.O.
was already set
to annihilate the entire planet.
A nuclear fallout of
this magnitude,
what small chance we had of
saving this Earth
will be nonexistent.
ETA is now less than 12 hours.
The field's leading edge
is continuing to approach
on the southwest U.S. and
now moving coast-to-coast.
The U.N. and Joint Chiefs
won't delay a nuke strike
without a clear,
viable second solution.
But NASA says there
might be a pocket of gas
inside of the meteoroid.
Is this something
we can fire upon
to maybe push
the N.E.O. off course?
Uh, no. No, not at
this stage, General.
NASA might be correct,
but any gases trapped in
the cobalt are frozen solid.
Sir, before the EMP
hit the moon,
we were looking into
another course of action.
But we need Luna 5
and Logan's help.
We need to get him back
on the comms now.
Short of a close
proximity response, Mr. Sawyer,
I can't see another way.
And that is exactly
what I'm proposing,
a close proximity response.
Make this quick, Steve.
Logan's ship, Luna 5,
is on a landing site
near the collapsed mine.
It has access to the materials
we can use to deflect
the meteoroid away from Earth.
There is massive surface
cracking near Luna 5.
The area's unstable.
Those cracks correspond
with steel beams
supporting 3,000
miles of cabling.
If we collapse the beams...
Logan can engineer
an electromagnetic pulse
from the moon's surface.
And with no atmosphere
on the moon
to interfere with the pulse,
the full blast of the
pulse should be enough
to push the meteoroid's
trajectory away from Earth.
You sure this will work?
Sir, it will magnetize
the meteor,
altering its polarity.
Basic laws of attraction.
You put enough stress
on two objects
and it changes their
relationship and trajectory.
So it's reversing the dynamic,
pushing the N.E.O. away.
But we have to be careful
because the interior
of the power station
is pressurized for
breathable air for the miners.
It could explode back outward.
Yeah, that's, uh...
That's a good point.
The collapse itself could
generate a wave of wreckage
following the EMP that
might push the N.E.O.
toward Earth even faster.
It's a big risk.
Look, it's total
annihilation regardless.
Do what you must.
But remember,
you're on your own.
I will deny talking
to you if I have to.
Understood, sir.
Send a signal through
to the ship.
Bombard Logan with frequencies
until one of them cuts
through the debris field.
And please let them know
to prep the ship for the EMP.
The human body isn't...
it's not a great conductor,
so they'll be fine as long
as they're on the ship.
But they absolutely
have to shut down
all the power for
a momentary electrical surge.
I'm on it.
Luna 5, this is Mojave Command.
Do you read?
Luna 5, this is Mojave Command.
Do you read?
This is Captain Logan Sawyer,
over. We read you.
Logan, it's me.
Tell me you're okay.
Yeah. Well, we're okay so far.
We got two survivors from
the ore mining company.
It's my fault.
No, it's not your fault, Steve,
but we got bigger fish
to fry up here.
We got a damaged ship.
And a cloud of fragments
continuously headed
towards Earth before
the major N.E.O. strike.
Logan, look, if you can find a
way to sever the support beams
holding the cables under
the mine's power station,
we can generate an EMP to
knock the N.E.O. off course.
But you absolutely have
to be careful.
Too much force and we'll push
the meteoroid to Earth too fast.
Do you remember
that time you wanted
to make your famous hamburgers?
And I had to drive you all
the way across town
so that you could get
the good meat from Romeo's?
And on the way,
my phone slipped out
and got wedged under
the brake in Dad's car?
Yeah. Yeah, I remember.
You rolled through
a four-way stop.
Yeah. And what did I do?
Instead of focusing
on the brake,
you actually stepped on the gas
to get clear of the danger.
That's right.
Because with some problems,
it doesn't help to slow down.
And that's what
we're gonna do here today.
We are gonna step on the gas.
Look, I know you like to do
things your own way, brother.
But maybe this time,
just don't be too stubborn.
Well, I promise that when
it is time to put on
the brakes, I will.
And, hey, if I...
when we pull this off,
I'm gonna want you to cook me
up some of those burgers
that I loved so much.
That's a deal.
Get down! Get down!
Stay down! Stay down!
I think we're okay now.
Let's go out of here.
We've lost our entire network.
We have no communication!
It's earthquakes induced by the
increase in volcanic activity.
The edge is moving
coast to coast,
which means the range will reach
across the Atlantic and
impact the entire globe.
Who knows how many grids
it'll take down with it?
We cannot lose access to
our shared network now!
It's the only thing that
connects us to anything.
We need to reconnect our
comms to run on solar power.
Can you do that?
Amanda, we've got nothing!
The underground cabling between
the solar power station
and the observatory must
have been severed!
Okay. Well, that power station
is just over three miles away.
We're never going to
make it when
there's another
eruption imminent.
Where else are the N.E.O.s
projected to hit?
The last report I received,
it showed additional alerts
from our Madrid observatory
showing other moon fragments
headed towards Barcelona.
Other moon fragments are
imminent worldwide,
but have yet to be pinpointed
to an exact location.
The more damage done to Earth,
less resources we have
to stop the meteoroid.
We need Logan back online ASAP.
Down, down.
Stay down!
- Is everyone okay?
- Yeah.
It's okay.
It's okay!
We gotta get out of here!
- Is everyone good?
- Yeah, I think so.
- Go!
- Let's go.
You okay? Go.
Steve, are you there?
Steve, do you read us?
Captain, their signal
is totally dark.
They have no radio
communication at all.
Okay, their last correspondence
was about collapsing all of
the power grids here, right?
To bring all of
the power modules together
to essentially create an
electromagnetic pulse, right?
Is that possible?
You're asking us to blow
those beams underneath?
There's a
fusion-powered arc welder
in Portal Nine power station,
about 100 yards from our ship.
If you cut that main title,
it'll snap upward like
a Venus Fly Trap.
It could crash
the whole ship on takeoff.
Okay, then we're gonna have
to time it perfectly.
Listen. Look, if all
of the power lines
tied to the beam come together,
it'll essentially whip an EMP
straight at the meteoroid.
Yes, assuming nothing
impacts the timing.
Listen, we are 20 degrees
north of the mine.
So a pulse from here
will knock it off by 20 degrees.
Yeah. That's enough for
it to miss the Earth.
Great. Dave and Christine,
patch us into
the main power line
outside the ship.
Cut that beam in
the power station
and then get back here as
soon as you possibly can.
Once we're below surface,
it will get us more gravity,
and traction to maneuver fast.
- Yeah?
- You ready?
Let's do it.
Jing, try and connect me
to Mojave again.
How's our voltage on the ship?
We're running at 30 percent.
We need you to patch us in.
We're at a patch above the grid.
The port is active.
Nina, let's prep for launch.
Copy that, Captain.
This is gonna be real close.
Let's get inside and do this.
Dave and Christine!
As soon as you cut that tie,
let us know so we
can rev the engines!
You don't have to ask twice,
The main tie is a custom
joint graded at 100,000 pounds.
If we cut it back 80%,
it'll give in about a minute.
How long did it take them
to get to that port?
It took them 30 seconds
just to get halfway.
Dave, what if you cut it to 50%?
No can do, Captain.
The load bear
is t.i.s's-squared.
At 50%, it would hold about
a half an hour
if we're lucky but
that's way too long.
Logan, at that rate,
the meteoroid will be crossing
back to our flight path
before it misses Earth.
We'd run out of oxygen.
They can cut it to 75%.
Dave, cut it to 75%
Dave, if this section of
the electric station survived,
there might still be
people in here.
Christine, what are you saying?
We send out a distress
call and wait a bit?
And haul the survivors up
to the ship?
Christine, we have to
cut the line and go!
We don't know if the
barracks collapsed
into the mine or not.
What are you doing?
Christine, I'm getting
an emergency rescue signal
on your radio.
I'm calling anyone and everyone
that needs to get home, Captain.
They don't have the time.
Good! Get as many as you
can and get here quick!
You heard him.
We have to find a more stable
communication source.
Look, I can't leave.
I have to verify if Logan
is even sending that EMP.
Okay, I'm gonna check
the telescope now.
It's got an emergency battery.
The magnification reaches within
two square miles of Logan.
So we should be able to
see what they're up to.
But the feed
between the telescope
and the monitor has gone dark.
You'll have to go to the roof
to connect to a physical port.
If Logan is initiating our plan,
he only has about a minute.
He'll get it done!
No! I go.
I'm the only one
who knows how to operate
that telescope fast enough.
Then I go with you.
Okay. Carrie, just
keep monitoring activity
and we'll be back as soon
as we can. Be careful.
- Okay. Will do.
- Okay.
- One, two, three, ready?
- We're going to have to...
One, two, three!
Okay. We have to move fast.
Toxic gas levels in the air
are getting dangerously high.
Go back!
No. I'm the only one who knows
where everything is, okay?
Just be careful.
You heard the timeline.
Christine, we have to go.
I say we cut it at 70%.
Buys us time before it gives
while we search for survivors.
No man left behind.
Christine, no!
I'll be back by
the time you're done.
Christine, come on! No!
Power's at 85%!
Circuits are still holding!
Prep for launch!
Dave, what's our status?
We're at 60%!
Christine, we're at 75%!
We gotta go!
Dave and Christine,
I am engaging
the manual hatch
on the stern of the ship!
Get here now!
30 seconds!
There's no-one.
They must be dead!
Come on, Christine,
we got to go.
Let's go! Come on!
Hold the lines!
We're on our way!
Please be careful.
I don't know how stable this is.
Here, here.
Thank you.
Careful. It's like walking
through a minefield.
Yeah, okay. This leads us up
to the telescope cables.
I oversaw the installation
of all of it
so I know where it is.
Here. All right.
I think I see the problem here.
No, no, no!
Don't touch it!
The voltage is dangerously high
and you could get electrocuted.
We have to be careful.
Just give me a sec.
These wires are too thick to use
a conventional twist connector.
But these clamps have AC
and audio/video capability.
They can reconnect any
severed connections.
Here you go.
Watch out!
You okay?
- Yeah.
- All right.
Cable two.
Connect this...
That's... that's it!
That's Logan's ship!
No! Looks like Dave and
Christine didn't make it.
Nina, there's a huge
crack beneath the ship!
Go for launch!
Lift off!
He's clear, he's clear.
It didn't work.
Go for Madden.
Yes, we acknowledge the
meteoroid is accelerating.
Whatever attempt the Luna 5's
remaining crew on the moon
have made to stop the
meteoroid has...
has failed.
Look, tell the Joint Chiefs
that it's gonna take
at least 200 gigatons of TNor the equivalent of about
10 million Hiroshima-sized bombs
to stop the meteoroid.
And surrounding debris field
will carry all
the nuclear fallout straight
back down to Earth.
In here!
Now close the door.
- You okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
We both saw the EMP
hit the meteor
before the power
station wreckage.
Even caught up to it.
That has to get us something.
It's polarity had to have been
affected, at least marginally.
With the stations
circuits fried,
we can gaze into
a telescope all day long.
It won't do us any good if we
can't communicate with anyone.
Logan's track is
still the best ship
in the closest range
to stop the N.E.O.
We haven't been able
to assess what other weapons
or power sources here on Earth.
What about a gravity tractor?
No. Logan's ship might get
close enough
that even if he began
circling the meteoroid
hundreds of times,
it would take years for...
to create a gravity tractor.
Logan's ship might be
completely disabled
after getting another
direct EMP hit.
In which case, his filtration
system might be damaged
and he'll run out of oxygen.
We gotta get outta here.
- Okay.
- Can you get up and walk?
Okay, okay.
- This way.
- Yeah.
That blast fried almost
all our circuits.
Our strike didn't work.
I had direct visual on it:
The wreckage from the implosion
shot out of the power station.
And, by my calculations,
is pushing
the meteoroid straight at
the Earth even faster.
Logan, we have to do something.
Remember, the Defense Department
still wants to nuke it.
That nuclear blast will kill us
and everyone on Earth.
There we go.
Look at this, Jing.
There is one sustained
signal here,
an intense polarity.
That's in the exact quadrant
as the meteoroid.
That's right.
Which means the pulse
didn't magnetize it enough
to knock it off course.
But it is magnetized.
Unfortunately, it's under
Earth's gravitational pull now.
Which means the angle
of incidence to stop it
from striking Earth
is 50% greater.
We're gonna need
that much more power.
My leg is pinned!
We don't have much
time here, Carrie.
One more quake and this whole
building's gonna come down.
Can you wiggle your toes?
Um... um, yeah.
Here's what we're gonna do.
We're gonna lift this up
and then slide you out.
Come on, come over here.
On the count of three.
Ready? One, two, three!
Slide her out!
Slide her out!
Get out. You out?
I got her.
Okay. she's clear.
Okay, we gotta get her
to another location.
Can you stand?
Um, yeah, yeah, I think.
Here. Put your arm around me.
Ready? Let's go.
Let's get you to the bunker.
There's supplies, water
and food for four weeks.
You've gotta get as many
people down here as you can.
But you'll you my help!
No, no.
All right. We have to get
to the solar power station.
They have resources there.
Electric, radio.
We can regain communication
with Logan and General Madden.
The solar power station
is three miles from here.
We might have to go
on foot, okay?
You're safer here, okay?
Okay. I understand.
Set her...
set her up here.
Here. Watch her leg,
watch her leg.
Okay. I got you.
Got it?
Yeah, okay.
Got it?
It's not ideal, but, believe me,
it could come in handy.
I've been wracking
my brain about something.
What about the electricity
in the solar power station?
Could that produce a pulse?
We would need an
entire engineering team
to form a circuit
large enough to do that.
Even an electrical bolt
would not make it
through the atmosphere.
Right, a circuit.
We need a big enough circuit
to give it another shot.
But there's nothing that
size anywhere near here.
We'd need something the size of
a large Hadron
Collider to do that.
So we get
a large Hadron Collider.
I know the director of CERN.
I can give him a call when
we get to the power plant.
Yeah, I know you do.
We had dinner at his house.
You remember?
With the cobalt
in the meteoroid,
it would be conductive
enough that a pulse
wouldn't even be effective.
Well, we have to try.
I mean, it's that or
we sit around
and wait for the
end of the world.
Good luck.
I got it, I got it.
Go! Just go!
She's equipped with
everything we need.
You're always prepared.
I'll give you that.
We're got satellite radios.
I don't know if we'll be able
to get any reception.
With all of the
atmospheric interference,
we're gonna have to find a
clearer place with less ash.
The whole network is down.
- Look out!
- I see it! I see it!
Oh, no!
The tires!
We can't drive any further.
You all right?
There's a police call box
on the highway just up ahead.
We should be able to call.
They could patch us
through to CERN.
- You okay?
- I got it, I got it.
The sheriff runs a security
detail at the observatory.
If he's still at the station,
he should be able to
patch us straight through.
Yeah, I know the sheriff, too.
He helped me fast-track
the permits
for the power cables
running to the observatory.
You did that?
Yeah. You were working
18 hours a day
trying to get the observatory
up and running.
You asked for my help, remember?
Yeah, I remember.
All right.
Yes, this is
Steve and Amanda Sawyer
from the observatory
for Sheriff Parda.
Yes, Sheriff, I need you
to patch me through
directly to CERN Laboratories
in Switzerland,
if you can get a call out.
Yes! CERN Laboratories.
It's a matter of life and death.
If CERN doesn't take it out,
then maybe my brother
can send an EMP
by rerouting power
from his Lidar.
Sir, we will do whatever
we have to do to fix this!
Thank you.
Thank you, sir.
He's contacting CERN to enable
the electromagnetic pulse.
So I'm taking it that
the visuals aren't very good,
which is why we have to help
my brother via a telescope?
Yeah, with the
ash and the daylight,
it makes the visibility
pretty tough.
But this scope has digital
surveying functions.
So we might be able to
get it's trajectory.
Secretary General, we have
a 19-degree trajectory change,
with real-time adjustments,
now at 23 degrees.
The N.E.O. has changed course
and another non-nuclear strike
will neutralize the threat!
Secretary General, stand by.
I'm receiving a priority
call from Switzerland.
General Madden.
Slow down, doctor.
What's happening?
Doctor, the Sawyer team has
already attempted a strike.
Hundreds of miles?
Doctor, the U.N.
is about to launch...
Secretary General,
you hold that launch!
Was that a nuclear explosion?
Doesn't resemble an explosion.
It looks like
an electrical arc on the Earth.
Bozhe moi.
It's incredibly large.
Jing, have we
reestablished connection
with the Mojave Observatory?
Negative, Logan.
And the I.S.S.
reports heavy damage
all throughout that region.
I mean, it looks like lightning,
but it isn't subsiding.
There is an immense charge.
Jing, can you get
a reading on its velocity?
It's in the ionosphere now,
but its position is fixed,
drifting 10 degrees northeast.
They must have sent a charge up
to try and stop the meteoroid.
According to my calculations,
the electrical arc
didn't do much.
It went right
through the cobalt.
And with the Earth
rotating under it,
the Earth's magnetic field
is changing its trajectory.
Look, it's moving 10 degrees
northeast which puts it right...
San Francisco!
It's starting to pull objects
from orbit toward San Francisco!
The pulse we sent
from that LHC in Switzerland,
it didn't work.
I have a trajectory
heading on the fragments.
The pulse slightly
changed the direction.
The scope's telemetry projected
a longitude and latitude of...
Steve, meteors just
hit San Francisco!
All of the EMP disturbances,
they're increasing the Earth's
tectonic activity even more now!
It's still two miles
to the powerplant.
What's the ETA on the impact?
The last recorded ETA
was at the observatory.
It was two hours, but,
I mean, with the new trajectory,
couldn't be more than an
hour and a half at best.
Steve, I think
it's time to call Madden.
Maybe we have to do
the nuclear strike.
I don't want the nuclear option.
I don't either!
But at this point,
if we can save some people,
it's better than nothing!
You know what?
Maybe a half an hour ago,
they would have, but not now,
not with the nuclear
fallout and the meteor.
I'm gonna have them patch me
through to NASA.
I'll see what they can do.
Damn it!
The earthquake
knocked out the land line.
Our last chance is
the solar power plant.
Okay, that'll get us power
and communications.
Not going to be able to breath
much longer out here.
We need to reach Logan...
see if he has
anything on his end.
Maybe they have some
high-capacity explosives
or something like
that to help us.
I don't know.
Anything's worth a try.
Let's go.
We've got a visual.
Closing in on the primary N.E.O.
It's a start,
although it remains to be seen
what our ship can do,
if anything.
Well, there is
some good news here.
I've double-checked
these coordinates.
And it looks like
we might we have knocked it off
by about 16 degrees.
If we can do it by another 20,
we'd be in the clear.
- Can you confirm that, Jing?
- Yeah.
Nina, we had a group of, what,
10 miners in here yesterday?
12, all demolition teams.
Great, excellent.
Go check and see if there
are any Semtex, C4,
plastic explosives, any kind of
propane canisters, anything!
They took everything with them
when we dropped them off!
Check again, Nina!
Thee are no explosives
on the cargo manifest!
Listen, we don't have
enough thrust
to effect this
thing with our ship.
But the Lidar there does
that it began accelerating
in the last blast from
the power station.
It slowed down by about 4%.
That means it might
have reversed its polarity
in the last pulse.
You're on the right track.
If we can find a way
to produce another pulse,
we can knock it
farther off course.
But the debris field
is too thick
to get a vector
change simulation.
Try a spectroscopic reading!
Spectroscope is rendering
a clear horizon line!
We are 900 miles out
from the N.E.O.
I'll hit retrograde
thrusters at 500.
Good. Try and get hold
of Steve and Amanda
at the Mojave Observatory!
See if they can help
us with this!
Luna 5 to Steve
and Amanda Sawyer.
Come in, Sawyer team!
Luna 5 to Steve
and Amanda Sawyer!
Damn it!
Logan, we need
a course of action!
I know that and
we'll come up with one.
But for now...
just keep heading
toward the primary N.E.O.
Steady everybody!
Logan, we're getting a
signal from NASA's D.C. line!
Uh... Logan Sawyer!
This is Captain Logan Sawyer!
Come in!
Logan Sawyer, this is
General Madden at the Pentagon.
we are standing by
ready and willing
to do whatever is
necessary, General.
Your brother relayed
a message about
creating an EMP using
the Lidar on your ship.
The Lidar?
Because it's a light-generated
pulse along an optical cable,
and not an electrical conduit.
General, that...
that would involve
some serious risk
to both spaceship
and my crew, sir.
We are within 500 miles
of the primary N.E.O.
Take it out now, Captain Sawyer.
Do it now...
before the imminent strike.
We lost his transmission.
We're too close to the meteor
right now,
it's blocking the signal.
Jing, how many kilowatts
do we have available?
Okay. Direct all 70 kilowatts
toward the optical antenna.
Logan, are you sure
you want to do that?
It's not a direct conductor.
It will feed back
and blow us up.
- It will blows us up!
- The surface isn't conductive,
but the mirrors are!
Right, Nina?
He's right. They're
mirror-polished fulleride.
They're super-conductive.
We should be okay.
Let's do it!
Retrograde to stop! 13%.
You know there's a chance
this will still blow us up.
True, but I don't want
to live knowing
I let everyone on Earth die.
We're sure making a lot
of tough choices here.
But some are better than others.
Come on! Strap in!
Let's go! Strap in!
Power is ramping up!
I never thought I'd run
the max on a 70-kilowatt circuit
without anywhere to escape.
I didn't either,
but we do what we have to do.
Shield your eyes!
The light from the
Lidar could blind you!
On my count!
In five,
We're at 110%
- Three...
- 120%
- Two...
- 125%!
Step it back, Nina!
It's running too hot!
Something's happening
with the N.E.O.
I've got a visual on the N.E.O.
and a craft nearby.
Looks like there's been an
electrical arc and an explosion.
Steve, I think it's Luna 5.
You telling me Logan
fired an electrical pulse?
I mean, that was our Plan B.
I don't know if it worked,
but I mean, looks like he was
thinking what we were thinking.
That'll lead back to the ship.
We have to send a rescue detail.
After three EMPs in a row,
that's gonna take days.
I understand that,
but I have to do something!
We keep moving forward
and we stop this thing.
Come on.
Come on!
Let's go.
Our entire system is toast.
We might as well be
in a shipping container.
We have no air filtration now.
We'll run out of oxygen before
the meteoroid even hits.
My last reading on
oxygen was about 50%.
Captain, we need
a rescue detail.
It will take us hours
to repair this.
There is something
colliding with the hull.
If it were meteorites,
they'd be piercing the hull.
A satellite.
A heliostat drifted by us and
attached itself to the hull.
Oh, God.
You okay?
You okay?
The earthquakes
are getting worse.
And more frequent the
closer the meteoroid it gets.
We have to get in
touch with Logan.
- Steve, we alre...
- Right now.
Just hear me out.
Assuming that his ship survived,
he's the key to all of this.
He's still close
enough to the meteoroid.
He's the only one.
If we can get one of these
radios up to the ridge line,
we may be able to break through.
I don't know.
If we can't get a full signal,
none of this means anything.
But we can still do Morse Code.
We've can keep moving
and we can keep trying
as we move.
Send Morse Code
through the comms?
If one of us gets injured,
then the other one
just keeps trying
to direct the meteoroid.
But, Amanda, come on...
I know.
You don't know Morse Code.
Here, quick.
Breathe, breathe, breathe.
What is that?
Logan's name, okay?
In case you're
the only one left.
You need to know this.
Let's hope
it doesn't come to that.
Come on. Come on.
Let's go.
Let's get up there.
I got it, I got it.
Nina, see if you can tap into
at least enough reserve power
to get something going
to the comms.
Even if we get the ship
to start again,
the satellites will eventually
breach the hull.
Hey, that's Morse.
Is it the observatory?
It's Steve and Amanda.
They're asking if
we can restart the ship.
No. Tell them we're
lucky to be alive.
The ship is dead.
Ask him why heliostat satellites
are attaching themselves
to the ship.
You okay?
Yeah. Okay.
Let me try.
Leave your mask on.
He's alive!
The ship is dead.
Satellites keep sticking
to them.
He said they've lost
all power in the ship.
It's completely dead,
but heliostat satellites
keep sticking to the ship.
My company deployed 80% of
those heliostats into orbit.
If they're striking the ship...
That means it's magnetized...
The satellites, too.
And if they're magnetized,
it means they share
the same polarity.
And if they share
the same polarity,
then that means
the heliostat mirrors
will be pointing in
the same direction.
The whole ship will act as
a massive mirror in space.
Logan can reflect the
sun's rays toward the meteoroid
and the concentrated light
could destroy it.
If he can adjust
his rate of descent
by 45 degrees between
the Earth and sun...
Okay. I'll tell him to
slow his descent
by any means necessary
and let those babies
stick to the ship.
I got you! I got you!
You okay? You okay?
- Yes.
- Okay.
Amanda says the
satellites are polarized.
Yeah. They're all
facing the same direction.
Logan, she's right.
Their polarity and ours
are the same.
Nina, pull the manual
air evacuator
on the stern of the ship.
The wall is open.
That's half of the air,
but we're slowing down.
Morse Code.
She's saying we should redirect
the satellites manually?
Yeah. That's what we're doing.
Because the
satellites don't have any power.
We're using the last of the air
in the ship
to turn the ship and
direct the satellites
at the meteoroid.
I'm keying a response
letting them know
we have the satellites
and the ability to aim them.
But how will
that stop the meteoroid?
Because each one of
those mirrors
has the ability to focus
thousands of degrees of heat.
The combined energy
will create an explosion
on the meteorite's surface.
So it will either
push it off course
or blow it apart.
That's right.
All right!
We're almost lined up.
Heat reading of
4000 degrees Fahrenheit.
Logan, the ambient heat
from the satellites
is giving us a reading
higher than the reentry!
Stay the course!
We're three degrees off!
We're gonna hit Earth!
Captain, that beam is at least
as hot as an X-ray laser!
Secretary, our planetary team...
We will end
the threat, Secretary.
But not without authorization
from the President of
the United States!
I understand the U.N.'s
eagerness to act.
But accuracy is just
as important as speed.
You're actually going to
hack the U.S.'s cyber assets
to prevent us from
acting independently?
The terms are clear,
Secretary General.
Thank you for your candor.
Get me the CIA Director,
Code Theta.
Request full CIA hacking
contingent on standby
to breach the U.N. data
cloud firewall on my orders,
code name "Killswitch".
Contact POTUS on a secure line
and tell her
I am attempting to delay
a global nuclear strike.
Sawyer team the concentrated
light beam
has destroyed the monument
and burned the land outside
of Rapid City, South Dakota.
Initial reports suggest there
are no fatalities.
Minor injuries and
smoke inhalation.
They are evacuating the area.
Groundfall estimates
show major impacts
in Madrid, most of
the eastern seaboard,
Mexico City, and Tokyo.
The bulk of the debris field
is entering the atmosphere
and impacting with a wide range.
Fatalities are in
the hundreds of thousands.
Come on.
We should be
100% course-corrected now.
Let's try again.
It worked.
Wait a minute.
The pieces are coming
back together.
He made contact.
The particles, they're being
pulled back towards the core.
And with the surrounding rocks,
it's gonna make the
meteoroid twice the size!
They're being induced
into a state of reaction.
I thought N.E.O.s
were held together
by gravity and friction.
Some are,
but something like cobalt,
it can be ionized like water.
Let me show you.
It's called
Van Der Waal's force, okay?
So these rocks are the molecules
making up the magnetic
polarity of the meteoroid.
If you super-heat them
like Logan just did,
the meteoroid breaks apart.
But it's still subject
to the freezing temperatures
in space, okay?
And then in the expansion
and contraction,
the molecules float free
and align their charge.
We're in the stage of
Emergency Level Five right now.
They've already initiated the
international nuclear strike.
We have to get
to the power station
and take cover right away.
Steve, listen to me.
If there is anything
you want to say to Logan,
you need to say it now.
Come on.
I'll try Morse code.
What do you want me to say?
Just say, "Logan, are you okay?"
I'll never forgive myself if
he doesn't make it out of this.
It's not your fault!
He's up there because of me.
No! I know Logan!
Logan doesn't do anything
he doesn't want to do!
He's up there because
that's where he wanted to be!
He's up there because
I put him there!
Stop it!
You gave him an opportunity!
He got to go up there!
He got to live his dream!
Besides, in case you
haven't noticed,
it's not exactly safe back
on Earth either!
He's probably equally
as worried about you!
That's Morse.
My brother?
I'm here! I'm okay!
I'm here.
We're okay!
We have full signal from Mojave!
Yes? Logan, we're here!
He's there?
How you doing, brother?
Boy, are you a sound
for sore ears.
I'd love to get my crew home,
but I know you still need
our help up here
or there won't be
a home to get back to.
So how do you feel
about saving the world?
I'd love to, but, uh...
I'm afraid we're
running on fumes up here.
Okay, the beam's working, okay?
We just need you to redirect it
toward the meteoroid's path.
The closer you can get
your ship,
the more intense the light beam
hitting the meteoroid will be.
We'll be with you every
step of the way, man.
All right.
Let's set the thrusters for 50%.
I'm getting an incoming signal.
Put it through.
Hey, Steve?
General Madden.
I did everything I could.
The U.N. initiated
a nuke strike.
I repeat, imminent strike!
General, there's still the
issue of the nuclear fallout!
They believe the
nuke strike will carry
the fallout past Earth
enroute to the sun.
General, please.
You said you would do everything
in your power to help us.
- Please!
- I know this is difficult.
The countdown's already begun.
Every single nuke
is knocked off course
and detonating prematurely.
I kept telling them
this was a risk
I did my best to hold
off the nuclear strike,
but there was too much
international pressure
to initiate the launch.
I'm looking at it right here.
The only good news is that by
not hitting the primary N.E.O.,
most of the fallout
is dissipating into space.
But the meteoroid
strike is imminent.
I repeat, strike is imminent!
Seek shelter if you can!
We have to find a way
to warn Logan
before we do anything else.
The solar power plant
is half a mile from here!
We can go, let's go.
Let's go.
Logan, the Geiger counter
in the ship
just spiked by 50 roentgens.
It's too late!
They tried to nuke the
meteoroid, but id didn't work!
Jing! Jing!
Can't breathe...
I'm okay, I'm good, I'm okay.
I'm good. I'm good.
We're all nearing the red zone.
We have to get to our suits now.
Jing, slow down, slow down.
Conserve your O2.
This is gonna take all
of us to do this.
I'm gonna go out and
take care of the repairs.
Do you have enough O2?
I'll be fine.
I'll take care of the ship.
You guys get the air filtration
system running in here.
It'll buy us some time, okay?
Logan, good luck.
Is that what
we're selling here today?
Nothing ever scares you.
Jing, I am terrified.
I'll see you in a few.
Logan, I can pull
up your O2 reserves
on my spacesuit's monitor.
I don't plan on being
out here long.
Hold on a second.
I've got live battery power
on one of these satellites.
They must have
a back-up fuel cell.
Once we blast that meteoroid,
we just might be able
to jump-start the ship!
if I remember correctly,
each satellite mirror generates
30 megawatts per square meter.
We might have just enough
of these satellites
still here to create
the directed heat we need...
if I can just
get these things...
Captain, your O2 reserves
are now 23%.
I know how much air
I have left, Nina.
What's our ETA to impact?
I'm sorry, Logan.
The last blast took out the
signal to our cloud database.
That meteor...
must be almost inside
Earth's atmosphere.
If I can just get these
Oh, no.
Not the fuel cell!
Oh, no!
- No, no!
- Nina.
Keep the air for yourself!
Oxygen level, 19%.
That makes two of us.
There you go.
Even split. 50-50.
It will only last us
about half an hour.
Listen to me.
I know that
Logan is our main pilot,
but you have experience
piloting the craft.
No. I can only run
the directional protocols,
monitor the emergency systems.
We can't land without Logan.
We can try and
find a way, but...
Oxygen at 14%.
It isn't zero.
What's that?
That's not Morse Code.
No. It's an automated alarm
that sounds when an
astronaut's biometrics go dead.
That's Nina.
That's Jing.
And I just lost a brother.
Amanda. Amanda...
It's gonna be okay.
Are you okay?
Here, baby.
Breathe, breathe, breathe!
Please. Please.
Is that Steve and Amanda?
It's Logan!
He's still alive!
I'll contact the surface.
I'll let Steve
know he's still alive.
Logan said we might be
able to wire the ship
to the power on
one of these satellites
and jump-start the ship.
There's no time to waste.
We start the ship
and we go and get him...
But we still have the meteoroid.
We can't keep fighting
without oxygen.
Let's not give up
the fight, then.
Please, you come back to me.
I swear I'll come back to you.
I can't...
I can't do anything
without you, baby.
Please breathe!
That's it, that's it.
Breathe, keep breathing.
It's almost here!
We can't stay here!
Stay with me.
Please stay with me.
I'll get you out of here,
I swear to God I'll get
you out of there.
How much time?
15 minutes to impact.
We gotta go, Honey.
We gotta go.
Even if we had another weapon,
an EMP, or the largest
solar array in the world
we couldn't stop that thing.
Don't say that.
Don't say anything.
Come on.
Put your arm around me.
I need you to tell me...
where the communication hub is.
It's in the central
power junction.
It's okay.
It's all I need to know.
Come on.
Come on.
If I can just get some power...
to the satellite...
I can still aim beams
at the N.E.O.
The emergency override switch
to the solar panel array
is over here.
We can use that to
move the panels.
It's Logan!
He's still alive!
He says he's trying to break
into the satellites
to get to the solar
to run his suit, but...
He's running low on oxygen.
I never wanted any of this.
I got tangled up in distractions
when I should have
been focusing on us.
I got distracted.
Let's step on the gas.
He's in.
He's able to tap
into reserve power.
And we have access to
the most powerful
solar ray
we can create right here.
I know what
you're thinking, Steve,
but even with the meteoroid
at terminal velocity,
we couldn't generate
enough heat to affect it.
Listen to me.
We have to go faster
than terminal velocity!
If we can create
some sort of power
behind Logan's position...
Step on the gas.
With enough solar light
from Earth and space,
it should be able to
generate enough heat to...
to break the meteoroid
into enough pieces
that it won't
fuse back together.
You took my advice?
You had the PDCO
install solar sails?
Well, we had to get to Mars.
The outside of solar
sail is mirrored.
So if he turns it inside out...
The reflection will be
the size of a football field.
O2 levels at 7%.
And if I can just aim this...
with the back side out...
If we turn the solar panel array
all in the same direction...
it'll create the burst of light
we need to hit the meteoroid
from the front as well.
These are just like the
solar farms on the moon.
We should be able to
adjust the entire row
with the servo lever...
Maybe with both of us we can
at least adjust one row.
The whole thing would
take a whole day.
It's Logan!
He's headed straight
for the ship!
Get to the
decompression chamber!
We'll open it manually!
Shock waves on its way.
That blast is gonna
take everything with it.
What are you talking about?
Get down! Get down!
Not everything.
Thank you.
Are you okay?
It cleared the planet
and the fallout.
We did it?
We did it.
Steve, can you hear me?
Steve, it's Logan.
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Steve, Steve, come in.
Steve, if you just saw that,
then you know
the coast is clear.
You had me worried there
for a little bit, brother.
Wait. How did you
get full power?
Oh, don't you worry about me,
little brother.
Jing and Nina here helped me
snag one of those solar sails
from one of
those rogue satellites
that were attached to the ship.
They managed to wire up
just enough
of these solar panels
to fire up the ship
while I was flailing
around in space.
The air filtration
is running full blast.
Plus, we put heat panels
from the satellites
to reinforce the hull
for reentry.
I told you sometimes
you have to go full throttle.
I'll show you full throttle.
Hey, guys!
I couldn't stay underground
knowing that you two were
out here saving Earth!
I saw the explosion!
You did it.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
We did it.
You know what
I'm in the mood for?
One of those Romeo's
prime cut burgers.
You got it.
You got it.
Steve Sawyer?
It's Madden.
Hello, General.
You've shown skill
and determination.
You've shown willingness
to confront
difficult choices
and to communicate them.
You've shown intelligence
and experience.
And, above all,
you've shown true leadership.
Because you took
full responsibility
even when you knew
it wasn't your fault.
And you brought
your team together.
I'll submit a full report
describing the recklessness
of Taurus Mining Corporation
and your attempt to get them
to comply with safety protocols.
But please know,
none of this was your fault.
And I consider it an honor to
be counted among your friends.
You heard the man, Steve.
You wanna fire up that grill?
Let's go.
Let's go.